Torts talks discipline, then loses his


Here is a story from, with video of John Tortorella winging a water bottle at a fan in Washington during Game 5 last night.

And here is TSN’s video from the incident.

Could Tortorella — who scratched Sean Avery for lack of discipline — be suspended of fined by the NHL for this incident, which followed him allegedly being doused by a fan’s beverage?

I would think a suspension is unlikely, but a fine probable. Don’t forget who metes out justice for the NHL: Colin Campbell, who as Rangers coach had a near, similar altercation with a fan in Philly during a playoff game. Campbell knows what that moment is like. I don’t think Tortorella will be suspended.

But Torts has his hands full with the fallout from the Avery decision, because a whole bunch of his players showed a lack of discipline in the 4-0 loss that sends the series back to the Garden for Game 6 Sunday afternoon.

I’ll have a post late Saturday morning, and then a heavy schedule. So that could be the only post of the day. We’ll see.

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  1. that was a series changing loss…

    Henrik sucked, and he has to be better…the rest of the team is a bunch of bums, so we know we cant count on them to do anything in game 6 or 7.

  2. Drury 7 minutes tonight. Zherdev 15 +.. Sportsfans mara may be a nice guy but he will not be on the team next year. nice guys are good to have but fans and coach’s like effective players. mara and morris play less then roszi and dedden!!!Think about that statement and 1/2 you fans want these 2 guys back….

    zherdev, drury, and antro have done zippo this series.. zherdev and antro will not be back either nor do the ydeserve to be.

    torts has to count on 2 2nd yr forwards(cally and DUbi) and a 2nd yr d man and a 3 rd yr d man(staal and girardi) to carry the team….Think about that!!!!!Gomez invisible basiaclly, drury(hurt), that is a sad sad situation.

    they still can win this series if they play hard, smart, and get some breaks and henrik plays well…

    Voros stinks people avery the insane avery is still better then VOros!!! No guy has more then 1 goal in the series for the high flying rangers…………

  3. So I just wanted to give a public shout out to the guy that helped me with the Rangers trivia tonight. I went to the Hoboken bar with my friend this evening. And there was trivia going on. Who/How many on the current Rangers roster has gone on to win the Cup? I said three, Drury, Gomez… I froze and couldn’t remember the last one. Then some random guy shouted Redden from somewhere in the bar.
    I won BUNCH of Rangers stuff, including the most exciting part being a Ryan Callahan signed puck. =D

    This -may- make up for the fact that the Rangers got mauled tonight.

  4. After watching the preview and John Giannone announcing the breaking news that Sean Avery was a scratch and Voros was in, I knew we were going to fall apart. I wonder if that was Sean Avery wearing a John Tortorella mask.

    Take this lose and learn something from it. Oh, one final note for all the Avery haters, you all know that when he is playing, the caps know he is a pest, our pest so therefore we better dress Avery in Game 6.
    I am still sticking to my guns, Rangers in 6.

  5. Hey Guys. It doesnt matter. No way the Capitals win 2 games in a row. Torts may look like an idiot by punishing Avery for not controlling himself and then doing that suspension deserving move, but we are still better with torts then Rengay. ANyways I am getting pumped up for Sunday. I think Schoenfeld will be the coach and get the boys going. Im upset its a day game. We SUCK in day games. I think we will win but it is a MUST win. Then I get to watch the Devils Play. They will take Carolina. Devils are so Deep. ANd if Marty plays the way he played last game they will be unbeatable. Here is to a Ranger and big Devil victory on Sunday. LETS GO DEVILS an LEts Go Rangers (Until the conference finals) No chance for Carolina!

  6. Redden won the Cup? Thats news to me…I thought Ottawa lost to the Ducks a few years ago

  7. Actually sitting Avery was a smart move for tonight. Avery would of have to battle with the opponents as well as they’re classless lowlife fans.

    Avery hopefully observing this game and knows what he has to do for game 6

  8. I believe so, LIQUID. I take that back, I know so and that is why I predicted before this series began, Rangers in 6

  9. What an @ss bruce boudreau is, chuckling about the Tortorella incident with one of his fans, comparing like something from Slap Shot

  10. Only Dreary & NoGomez won Cups….

    Avery won a shopping spree at Galeria mall once….for Best dressed LA King

  11. A Local Fan

    “Devils are so Deep.”

    yeah, Devils are as deep as the underwear up your a$$. Go to bed kid…

  12. Torts throwing shit back at fans was dumb and a double standard….

    Now Avery is gonna scratch Torts….

    with his finger nails

  13. One thing that Avery does well is his appearance on the ice fears his opponents and they get unfocused about the game and instead look to find where Avery is.

  14. Tortorella’s interview is priceless ” ask me something about the game, come on ”

    One interesting note, Voros 12 PIMs

  15. Caps aint worried about where Avery is on the ice other than to prevent him from scoring….

    Current Caps team is not built to be physical in a way to retaliate.

    Avery got some rest tonight…Was able to mend some wounds too….

    His greatest accomplishment will be scoring a goal, a big goal on Sunday afternoon…..

  16. CCCP Does that make sense? Anyway yeah I said their deep. They have Shannahan Holik and Brian Rolston on the 4th line. I would say that is deep. Stop making fun of me. I am 27 years old and have a good job. I just like the devils and the rangers. The devils a little bit more right now. But I like the rangers too. no chance washington wins two in a row. Go Rangers (until the conference finals)

  17. Henry Lundbark is swiss cheese now.

    Everyone knows that without Lundberg the rangers are nothing….Got he got pulled!!! pulled!!!!

    7 goals in 5 games….You dont win a series that way…no way…

    You Yanks fans remember the Red Sox dont you? That Yankees team was way better then this AHL Rangers offense.

  18. My last name is Bradley…Matt Bradley…The #1 star of tonights game, and I would be the leading scorer on the Rags in this series…

  19. Domi28,

    Me too. I dont know why we didnt resign him. He doesnt get too many points but he is a beast for the Devils right now. he does all of the little things and is so Smart. He was also the one to keep Avery in check! Stupid move. DO you guys think Torts will be suspended? Will Avery Play? Go Rangers (except on the conference Finals) Caps have 0 chance of winning two in a row. Long Live The King!

  20. Caps have no defense, so therefore when Sunday Bloody Sunday comes, I hope Boudreau greases Varlamov with Vaseline because he will be opened up.

  21. Ah, a washed up caps fan. Enjoy your win tonight, after Sunday You can rock your @ss red from the spanking the Rangers will give to your caps.

  22. No Country For Old Rangers on

    I hope some crazy fan dumps a jar of mayonaisse on Boudreau’s head on Sunday. Though he’d probably lop that sh*t up. tubby bit*h.

    I’m trying to keep it all in perspective. We took it up the rear but we are still in good shape. This series has been back and forth and we are going back to the garden with a chance to close it out here. it looked a lot like we saw a team unraveling last night though.

    Gomez looks like he doesn’t even want to be out there. his lackadaisical play and “who cares?” attitude disgust me. He just gives up. He would be better suited for the Pro Beach Hockey league. Maybe the Salsa needs a center.

    How about Zherdev coasting during the Ovechkin goal? That guy is so bad it blows my mind. I’m nice with him in NHL 09 though.

    Good night friends. At least we know we are guaranteed a better effort on Sunday because it can’t get any worse.

  23. No Country For Old Rangers on

    Your cool with me A Local Fan, just keep the Devils love to a minimum

  24. A Local Fan

    Stop refereeing to yourself as one the Rangers fans when you clearly a Debbie fan. I find it very disrespectful.

  25. No Country For Old Rangers

    We didn’t take in any rear, simply put tthey needed to get a win at home since they had none before this game.

    Gomez plays better with Avery on the line as well as Callahan.

  26. so, wow is all i can say I have been at work all night and just found out the rangers lost. Today is a very bad day in rangers history getting blown out the way we did. Im pretty upset with torts sitting out avery, but wil c if what were paying torts is worth it cuz if avery comes out sunday playing good then we cant complain. btw we cant be mad at torts for what he did the fan started it and yes u all say he must be the better person but we were getting our asses kicked and emotions where running high so cut the guy a break.
    Well i hope we can turn this around on sunday and put on a good show for the garden faithful, there is just something about msg during a playoff game lets end it here and move on to the next round. LGR

  27. No Country For Old Rangers
    April 25th, 2009 at 1:48 am
    Your cool with me A Local Fan, just keep the Devils love to a minimum

    Yeah, a itsy bitsy minimum

  28. No Country For Old Rangers on

    Domi, you dont think we got it up the a$$ tonight? We were outplayed in every facet of the game.

  29. I expected us to lose tonight, figured since we beat them at they’re house twice in Games 1 & 2, they had to win sometime at home.

  30. No Country For Old Rangers on

    Yeah I wasn’t really expecting a win either but that game was disturbing in a few ways.

    Nice to see the Yankees lose in heartbreaking fashion though. That made me feel a little better

  31. You got to have confidence with this team, look in gm 3 he were beat 4-0, then gm 4 we beat them. When Avery comes back on Sunday, he gets Mike Green off his game.

  32. You got to have confidence with this team, look in gm 3 we were beat 4-0, then gm 4 we beat them. When Avery comes back on Sunday, he gets Mike Green off his game.

  33. Mike Green? No one cares about green. Lundberg is swiaa cheese now. The reality has hit him that..”Oh my god…I am the goalie of a crap team, with garbage fans that throw stuff on the ice and leave early” I am doomed.

    Another 4-0 loss in game six..get ready….

  34. Mike Majeski on

    You can’t blame the loss on Avery sitting, the angers simply laid an egg tonight. However, I am firm believer that Avery brings some cohesion to the Rangers offense. While he may not put the puck into the net, he will make that hit or set up a play that will lead to a scoring chance or a goal.

    The Rangers have had a great PK so far this series, so it is worth the risk of putting Avery in. You know the refs are going to blow the whistle on just about anything he does, but hopefully our PK will hold up.

  35. No Country For Old Rangers on

    yeah ok Ug, feeling pretty cocky now? i’m guessing you probably had a few too? you crapped your pants after game 4. HANK is gonna break your heart on sunday. talk sh*t all you want, i shouldnt even pay attention to you

  36. Name (required) on

    Local Fan:
    The Devils are the Red Wings of the East, any knowledgeable hockey fan will tell you that. They’re a team that if you cut one tentacle off, another is simply there to replace it.

    You find it disrespectful that Local Fan is both a Devils and Rangers fan?? I’m a huge Rangers fan, I stay up til f@cking 4am in Europe just to watch these games bud..guess what not only do I admire the Devils, but I want them to win (except for when they play us). And yes, the Devils are deep, Green for Salvador = game winning goal (with no Lagenbrunner, who btw would be every Rangers dream for a point on the powerplay!)

  37. Still Gotta Fire Sather on

    I just hope that everyone who got on me after Game 4 for not bowing at the greatness that is Chris “-3 in 7 minutes tonight” Drury posts in here the next few days…

    90% of the people here wanted Drury to sit for Game 4 because he was contributing absolutely nothing, then he scores a fluke goal and people get brainwashed again…after Drury’s miserable Game 5 performance, is there anyone left that doesn’t see that he’s only hurting the team by playing injured?


  38. No Country For Old Rangers on

    It’s probably bad that Torts flipped out like that but it was f-ing awesome!

  39. A complete embarrassment from top to bottom. Putrid, no-show effort from a bunch of overpaid millionaires who should know better and who have no offensive talent whatsoever. And the Caps’ didn’t even play well, not at all. And Tortorella? That is completely ridiculous. I knew this guy would demand accountability, but I’d also hoped he might have a shred of class or integrity. Going after a fan in the stands? What are we, white trash? I can’t recall feeling more embarrassed to be a fan of this team. If they’re going to blow a 2-0 and a 3-1 lead in the series – and I still think that is more likely than them winning the series – they’d better at least show up and put forth an all out effort and not embarrass the organization.

  40. Carp, Joe Davola. I have a hair on my tongue; I can’t get it off. You know how much I hate that? Of course you do, you put it there. I know what you said about me, Carpiniello. I know you badmouthed me to the execs at NBC, put the kibosh on my deal. Now I’m going to put the kibosh on you. You know I’ve kiboshed before, and I will kibosh again

  41. Dubi or not Dubi on

    Drury plays 7:21 and was a team leading -3. REAL CLUTCH! At least none of us can say he was invisible…

    Is it sad that on a team of rich players, the best players again were Dubi, Cally, Staal, Girardi, and Korpi? Maybe I can’t count Dan-O because he makes a couple mil/yr, but still. Those guys shouldn’t be the best players, much like how Torts said that Avery can’t be their best player. As far as I’m concerned, that makes each of the big four that much more expendable.

  42. Dubi or not Dubi on

    As for Rangers fans throwing stuff on the ice in game 3 – I refuse to pay those prices for a sporting event and frankly, if I WAS gonna cough up all that money and the Rangers play like that (And the refs ref like that) I think the least I’d want to do is throw my douchey thunderstix on the ice.

  43. well….that was embarrassing. don’t think i’ll be going to game 7 if there is one. we left with 8min left because there really was no point in being there. we kept our jerseys on afterward at the bars and just got berated by drunk people, but gotta keep the hope alive.

    caps fans are so clueless though, during warmups down low a bunch had avery sucks this, avery sucks that held up to the glass and he wasn’t even on the ice. clueless. after the water bottle/beer incident they kept jawing at Torts through the glass at the bench…they had to keep a security guard next to him the rest of the game.

  44. Awful game but the series is not over folks. I predicted before the game that they would have a letdown after game 4’s exhausting win. But:

    1.Drury was awful! He is hurting this team.

    2. Gomez taking that stupid penalty was ridiculous! This guy has been a bust for sure. Someone earlier said that he needs to shoot more…that’s the last thing we want him to do, unless we want a shot in the Caps’s skates, or stick

    3. Antropov looks like he gives you a burst and then just stops…it’s like he has no stamina, or fortitutde or something. He has got to do something!

    4. Good move by Torts benching Avery. THose of you who disagree, what has he done in this series? he has been very ineffective, hasn’t scored any points, and made about as dumb and costly penalites that you can actually make last game. I thought his teammates, or tortorella were gonna kill him!

  45. steve trac (sec 303) on

    If anyone needs tix, Sec 303, row D, seats 9-10 (isle) for sale to Rangers fans only.

    $300/pair emailed to you.

    steve at blacks4 dot com

  46. This group was just that last night. A group not a team, no leader no pride. They were way soft, I

  47. I know some of them are banged up, but is this is the best they could do? Have they no pride, they play like they have no pride. Maybe this was a good thing,it might shock them enough when they see how bad they were they might come out of it.

  48. The Rangers have gone downhill since the signing of Drury and Gomez 2 summers ago. Power play has collapsed, offense has collapsed, they don’t make anyone better — they were both horrendous signings. Compare the stats from the past 2 seasons to the previous 2 seasons. If Sean Avery is the only player that can save this team, that’s sad.

  49. Will some one please explain to me why Ranger management seems to think that Voros is a better player and offers more to the team than any of the forwards in Hartford could.

    If this is true, God help the Rangers – they have no future.

    Being brain-dead seems to be a trait that infects both the players and management.

  50. The desperate team usually comes out on top. The Rangers were not desperate last night. As much as they say it is a must win game before the game, they know in their hearts that if they lose there will be a home game coming up. The Craps were desperate and played like it. They lose, they are done. We have to be desperate tomorrow night. We lose, we’re done. That’s the way they will have to think because it is true.

  51. After that gutless performance last night ther eis only 1 way to look at the series now. CAPS WIN IN 7!

  52. I have to put this loss on Torts

    1. The team was obviously not mentally ready to play this game. There was a lack of intensity from the opening faceoff right through to the end of the game.

    2. What is Torts doing throwing stuff into the crowd and getting into it with caps fans? What the fuck? Coaches have no reason to do that… and what kind of message is that sending to the players on your bench? That their coach can’t keep his head in the game?

    3. As if #2 wasn’t bad enough, that happens in the game Torts scratches one of his best forwards because he lacked discipline in the prior game. What a joke. You want to see some discipline? How about we start with the head coach refraining from throwing stuff at fans during the game. Not to mention our players clearly didn’t get the discipline message Torts was trying to send by scratching Avery.

  53. Chris I agree Tortorella better get a grip. Imagine if Avery got into it with a fan. They won game 4, they lost game 5. Avery didn’t play in 5.Avery can’t get all the blame or credit, but he belongs in the lineup. The coach needs to coach too, not just try to show who’s boss. Avery & Tortorella need to get it together, and help finish off the Craps. It’s the playoffs, not the regular season. This is WAR!

  54. Patrick Brennan on

    They NEED Avery on the ice tomorrow!!!

    He may take dumb penalties but his presence is needed!

    This team better come out tomorrow and play like they are down 3-2 or we’re losing in 7!!!

    Had fun in Hoboken last night and won a gift bag and gave away a stupid thunder stick that was in another bag I got since it’s bad luck!!!

  55. Actually, this loss is all on Sather for assembling the most offensively challenged Ranger team of all time. Even the Devils in the mid nighties with their trap were better scorers.

    Gomez (Got 3 points against Theodore, wow…one was a goal he shot right at Theo, plus an awful penalty in the last game)
    Drury (One flukish goal)
    Redden (…)
    Rozy (Same as Redden)

    Truth be told, it’s always going to be up to Henrik whether or not this team wins.

  56. I’m gonna agree with most people here and agree on a few points:

    1. Gomez, Drury, Naslund, Rozi, Mara, Morris, Antropov, Zherdev…NONE of these players has shown ANYTHING in this series. Gomez hasn’t done anything in 4 games and I highly doubt he’s bothered by it. Drury’s LUCKY goal doesn’t cover up the fact he’s killing the team (-3, Mr. Clutch). Mara, who I was a BIG fan of, needs to shave the dumbass beard and try to be a man on the ice. He hasn’t got a freakin clue lately. Zherdev has already left the Rangers…why even bother putting him on the ice? Antropov plays like it’s a slow motion practice. Morris belongs in the AHL. Just disguting all around effort.

    2. Betts, Sjostrom, Dubinsky, Callahan, Staal, Girardi…it’s a damn shame we’ve got guys on this team playing hard every shift, busting their asses, and not ONE of their higher paid teammates so much as TRIES to match their competition level.

    3. Hank…All world one game, putrid the next. Hate to say it, but we spoke long and hard about how this was his one chance to steal a playoff series. He left up two ridiculous softies to start the game and immediately put them in a position they could never come back from. Not entirely his fault that the team played like garbage…but that better be his lone bad game.

    4. Tortorella….Your emotions and your ego cost you this game. What Avery did at the end of Game 4 was stupid. Yes. It almost cost you the game. Yes. BUT IT DIDN’T. Chew him out in the office, cut his ice time…but you DON’T bench a guy who’s one of the few players you have who will give it all on the ice. If the Rangers lose this series, it’s gotta be looked at as Tortorella’s blunder that cost them dearly.
    Would they have won with Avery in the lineup last night? Don’t know…but they’ve shown they are a far better team with him in the lineup.

    If the Rangers win tomorrow, then it might be looked at as a good move to control Avery’s antics. If they lose…we saw a head coach do a mid-season “message” during a playoff series that cost his team.

    Keenan did that once…and the Rangers nearly lost their Championship because of it. Thought Tortorella was smarter than that.

    Still…coming home tomorrow…you KNOW the Caps are gonna get the calls…

    Must Win Tomorrow…No way do I see the Rangers winning Game 7 in Washington. It’s gotta happen tomorrow.

    AND FOR GOD’S SAKE…IS IT TOO MUCH TO ASK TO DRIVE TO THE DAMN NET?????????? This kid’s had the easiest shutouts I’ve ever seen in my life.

  57. miserable miserbale game last night but i loved how torts got pissed and threw the water bottle, made me think this guy is born to coach NY lol
    and everytime i see Z on the ice he comes out like hes gonna do something big and ends up giving the puck away, hes gotta play harder ASAP because if he doesnt i hope they kick his ass to the curb

  58. The only thing more bush-league than our team are Caps fans … I live 2 blocks form the Verizon Center, so I speak from experience

  59. I truly feel that Henrik will have to pitch a shut-out to win this series…It’s that simple.

    I think the Rangers are worn out. Avery may give a spark tomorrow.

  60. everyone here seems to be hating on the fact that torts lost it, hes only human like the rest of us and we knew when he was coming in that he was an intense coach aka the opposite of renney so something like that happening i dont see as such a bad thing..everybody makes mistakes and sometimes our anger gets the best of us
    hopefully last nights game will be fuel to the fire that we burn the crapitals with

  61. The Rodent says it all:

    “If you’re going to win, go ahead and win any way you can. But if you’re going to lose, at least lose with pride. Friday’s performance was shameful, disrepectful to your fans and a humiliation to the sweater you wear. Y’all behaved like a bunch of mercenaries – in it for the buck – simply going through the motions.”

  62. I think Antropov’s knee is still hurt. He is just not skating well. It was really noticeable watching in person at the Garden. Amisinov should be put in the lineup. I don’t see how it could hurt. Move Drury to wing if you still want him in there and get one of the other do-nothings out

  63. I think it was Avery who dumped the beer on Torts head. This is an internal issue for the Rangers to deal with.

  64. I can’t believe people are getting on Torts. Everybody was sick of Renney’s drone after a loss. We wanted fire. We wanted accountability. Torts sitting Avery is accountability. Torts getting pissed off is fire. We’re still up. I want Torts fire to translate into his team tomorrow. Let’s go Rangers!!

  65. What makes you think the Rangers have a glimmer of hope tomorrow?

    Varlamov is now a better goalie in this series…and the Rangers have 7 goals in 5 games…2 in the last 3.

    The best team always comes out on top in a 7 game series…your seeing it happen now.

  66. Boy, how much would we pay to see #68 take the ice tomorrow?

    How much better would things have been – particularly with Tortorella now as coach, who shares Jagr’s philosophy that the best defense is a good offense – if instead of Redden and Naslund the Rangers had signed Jagr and Shanny and let anyone other than Redden be our 6th defenseman for a few hundred thousand bucks?

    I won’t get into the Drury and Gomez signings because at the time they seemed smart, although we did go into that UFA period needing a #2 center behind Nylander and signing 2 #2 centers and ditching our #1.

    Team has gone nowhere but backwards since game 5 against Buffalo, 2007. No way they make playoffs next year unless major changes are made. MAJOR.

  67. Name (required) on

    Flyers Draft Pick
    KOSICE, Slovakia – Kosice police arrested 23-year-old forward Ladislav Scurko on Thursday. The Slovakian player is suspected of murder and has confessed to it, the police announced at a press conference on Friday.

    Scurko is suspected of having killed referee Marek Liptaj with 14 knife stabs in January 2008 at a highway roadhouse. The corpse, buried in a forest, was discovered in December 2008.

    The police didn’t reveal the motives for the crime, but announced that Scurko will face a jail sentence of 15 to 20 years.

    The 2004 sixth-round draft pick of the Philadelphia Flyers played for his hometown club, Spisska Nova Ves, and the Western Hockey League’s Seattle Thunderbirds before beginning his professional career with HC Kosice of the Slovakian Extraliga. He won the league title with his club earlier this spring.

  68. Dubi or not Dubi on

    22 – we wanted accountability from the guys making $7 mil/year, that hasn’t happened yet. Drury was the worst skater on the ice last night and his lazy play directly led to the first goal but HE won’t be benched tomorrow.

    Bandwagon? – I’m sure there are some actual Caps fans out there, but you can’t say that all of a sudden attendance doubles and there isn’t some sort of bandwagon going on. Also, if Varlamov was facing the same shots Lundqvist has been stopping all series (except yesterday), he would be crying on his plane ride back to the minors. Yeah, two shutouts with no shots coming from within 30 feet, REALLY AWESOME!

  69. Way to set an example Torts. Scratch Avery for going over the line, then proceed to do the same exact thing yourself.

    That’ll earn the respect of your players.

  70. Lauren – I don’t think Redden won a Cup – lost one, but didn’t win one. Tortorella would have been the 3rd.

  71. Ugly. Ugly game.

    That no offense thing is killin’ us… again. No PP… no shots on a weak, rookie goalie.

    We suck in afternoon games, and national TV games.

    I’m scared.

  72. We are going to win tomorrow by a score of 3-2. Dancing Granny told me so last night in my dream/nightmare.

    Enjoy the nice weather. Regroup. Eat some good food. Drink some cold beverages. Take a deep breath. Count to 10. Take another deep breath.

    Let’s Go Rangers!!

    If anyone has Twitter and wants to add the ol’ Nasty 1 as a friend, my Twitter name is ngibson31.

    I kind of like it. It is easy and not as annoying as a myspace or facebook.

  73. Name (required) April 25th, 2009 at 2:29 am
    Local Fan:
    The Devils are the Red Wings of the East, any knowledgeable hockey fan will tell you that. They’re a team that if you cut one tentacle off, another is simply there to replace it.
    You find it disrespectful that Local Fan is both a Devils and Rangers fan?? I’m a huge Rangers fan, I stay up til f@cking 4am in Europe just to watch these games bud..guess what not only do I admire the Devils, but I want them to win (except for when they play us). And yes, the Devils are deep, Green for Salvador = game winning goal (with no Lagenbrunner, who btw would be every Rangers dream for a point on the powerplay!)


    I don’t mean no disrespect but if a person calls him/her self a “HUGE” Rangers fan and uses lines like “I admire Devils and want them to win” in the same sentence… that only tells me one thing… if you know what I’m saying… I don’t dream for any Devil to ever come and play for NYR… I don’t care how good that player is… I just don’t. I can’t stand Bobby Holiks and John MacLeans and now it’s washed out Scotty who’s taking all the space. But I have to deal with things like that because I don’t control who comes to play for this team and who goes. What I do control though is my loyalty to the New York Rangers and my dislike (is as soft as I could put it) for the team across the river and another one across the pond. So whenever you tell me how HUGE of a fan you are… I will tell you right back… no you are not. Peace…

  74. The Caps fans threw a pizza box into the Flyers celebration game 7 last year. Everyone’s team has crazy fans. Only NY fans show up when the team sucks, and people in Washington didn’t even realize they had a hockey team until the Caps got good. Apologies to the few current Caps fans that remember Peter Bondra and Ali Iafrate.

    Redden has played decent this series, but there still isn’t a player on this team that knows how to shoot off the pass. I’m almost looking forward to the offseason so we can get rid of these clowns, but then that means that Sather is going to do something worthwhile.

  75. People that compare Tort’s behavior to Avery’s is somewhat off base. I dont condone what Tort’s did, but there’s a difference letting the emotions get the best of you when your team is dogging it and getting spanked 4-0 and a guy who takes dumb penalties with less than 10 minutes in a game that you’re up by one. Avery’s actions were selfish and very stupid to say the least.

    What Torts did was dumb too, but give me a break…just because some of you are mad he scratched Avery doesnt make his actions similar to Avery. Avery could have cost the Rangers Game 4.

    Had Avery played, the entire third period he could have played like an SOB, and I would have loved it, especially given that none of the rest of the Rangers showed any passion. Afterall, the game was over after the 1st.

  76. Hopefully these idiot refs read that story of the Flyers prospect, and realize if they don’t call the game fairly, they’re gonna be lying dead somewhere in the Pine Barrens. With Pauly Walnuts Mara, and Christopher Moltidrury burying them.

    Aves should have played last night. That was a mistake. Maybe the result would be the same. But we were getting pushed around last night. Cally was getting picked on by Erskine, and Dubi was getting picked on by Brashear. Orr didn’t do anything, all he did was take runs at the star players which was good, but he didn’t fight Brash, or Erskine, which is his god damn job. Voros didn’t do a thing either, fuggin wimp.

    Last night is the main reason why Dreary shouldn’t be playing. He’s supposed to be a “defensive player” and he makes a retarded play that leads to a shorthanded goal. What a fuggin idiot. Stay home, this team doesn’t need a loser who doesn’t care aboot the team. He scored one goal, and now he gets to take the rest of the series off, like he did for most of the season. Gomer played like he had a stick of his ass. Everybody sucked, including Hank.

    If they lose game 6, they lose the series.

  77. The best players for the rangers have been there young core players who they drafted. The players idiot Sather signed through free agency are horrible. The Rangers better be able to sign there young players, if they can’t than the Sather has to figure a way to dump gomez, drury, redden and rosival to free up the cap space to sign there young players. If he can’t, the rangers future doesn’t look good..

  78. Embarassing.

    Renny would have never dreamed of doing that.

    Class Act we have behind the bench.

    what a joke.

  79. Why can Artie Anisimov not be brought up last night to play for avery, I rather have a guy that has played 1 game with us and hasnt pracitced with us all year like him than have Voros out there who practices with our team every night, he brings NOTHING to the table, NOTHING, Anisimov has 39 goals in hartford, guys like cally and korpo never did that and they are turning out good, so whats the hesitation for?

    Still confident for game 6 at the garden we just have to regroup.. really was glad to see valiquette in net for the third i thought that was a no-brainer, to avoid risking injury for move but might hav been the only smart move by Torts all game long… cant sit avery, and i feel like everytime i looked up Voros was out there, including the power play LOL

    and lastly, how can ANYONE root for both the devils and rangers and call themselves a fan? can we have that guy thrown out of this blog for that alone,thats disgraceful

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