Tortorella suspended (updated)


Rangers coach John Tortorella was suspended for a game for throwing water on a fan, etc. in the Friday night game in Washington. Here is what the league had to say in its release:


NEW YORK (Apr. 25, 2009) – The National Hockey League announced today
that New York Rangers coach John Tortorella has been suspended for one game
for squirting a fan with water and throwing a water bottle that struck a
fan during Game 5 of the Eastern Conference Quarter-Final Series with the
Washington Capitals Apr. 24 in Washington.

The incident occurred 6:33 into the third period.

“While it is a difficult decision to suspend a coach at this point in
a Playoff Series, it has been made clear to all of our Players, Coaches and
other bench personnel that the National Hockey League cannot—and will not –
tolerate any physical contact with fans,” said NHL Senior Executive Vice
President and Director of Hockey Operations Colin Campbell. “We do not take
this action lightly. It is the result of an entire day of investigation and
evaluation that included the retrieval and review of videotape of the
incident and discussions with Mr. Tortorella, other Rangers’ bench
personnel and a number of other people, including the security personnel at
the Verizon Center.

“That investigation revealed that Mr. Tortorella squirted a fan with
water before Mr. Tortorella was doused with a beverage.

“While, in these circumstances, it always is easy to allege
mitigating circumstances, the fact is we do not tolerate contact with our
fans in this manner. That is communicated before each season in a memo that
is issued by the League to all of the management, coaches and players of
every team.

“The Sept. 8, 2008, memo entitled, ‘SUPPLEMENTARY DISCIPLINE
REMINDERS FOR THE 2008-09 SEASON,’ included the following section regarding
Contact With Fans:

Even where a fan is verbally abusive, intoxicated, or profane,
Club personnel should either ignore the conduct or, where appropriate,
seek the assistance of police or security personnel at the arena.

This prohibition extends to all forms of physical contact,
whether it be direct physical contact, the throwing of objects (including hockey sticks
and other equipment), or even the squirting of water. While the latter form of
conduct may have, in the past, seemed to be of a minor or harmless character,
such conduct may serve only to incite and provoke an unruly fan and may ultimately
lead to unforeseen consequences.

Accordingly, please be on notice that all Club personnel
(management, coaches, trainers, and/or players) who engage in any
form of physical contact with fans, including the squirting of water,
will, on a going forward basis, be subject to discipline in the form
of a suspension. The Club involved will also be subject to a fine.

The suspension was issued pursuant to the Commissioner’s authority
under Section 6.3(j)(1)(a) of the NHL Constitution.  Tortorella will miss
the Rangers’ next game – tomorrow afternoon vs. Washington.

EVENING UPDATE, 10:35 P.M.:  With the Rangers’ minor-league team eliminated from the playoffs tonight, it is assumed that one or two of the members of the Wolf Pack coaching staff (Ken Gernander is the head coach at Hartford) will join Jim Schoenfeld on the bench for Game 6.

Here is the Rangers’ official reaction:

New York, April 25, 2009 – The New York Rangers have issued the following statement in response to Head Coach John Tortorella’s one game suspension:
“We disagree with the suspension and will have no further comment.”


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  1. LMAO!!!! Now we have 2 Sean Averys! They are multiplying. At least it is entertaining… Hmmm, he sat Avery and did something stupid himself, I don’t know about you guys but I love this coach!

  2. NHL IS A JOKE! on

    Cap fans can rejoice in the help sent from the NHL, in a quote shortly after the announcement Colin “I Love Ovechkin” Campbell said “We have to get the Caps back home, I mean set and example”

  3. Lol, the NHL will do whatever it takes to screw the Rangers so they can have Ovechkin and Crosby. On that note, LETS GO RANGERS!~ =]

  4. Ironic that Jim Schoenfeld will take over behind the bench … the Jim Schoenfeld who was suspended for one playoff game in 1988 while behind the Devils bench.

    Ironic that Colin Cambell, who had a very similar incident with a fan, handed out the suspension … although if we’re reading this correctly, Tortorella squired the fan first then got doused, then tossed the bottle.

  5. this team is imploding. What a year we have to talk about. We have a fantastic start, then we dropped WAY off the map, we fire our coach because he “lost” his players, hire a more fiery coach, barley make the playoffs, somehow take a 3-2 series lead over the #2 team, bench the only guy who shows some passion and life, and that very night, our coach gets involved with a fan which then leads to his suspension! I don’t think any screenwriter could right this stuff. Maybe Uncle Glen should consider selling this story. Ugh. What did Ranger fans do to deserve this? Anyone have the number of a good therapist, Dr. Kevorkian maybe?!

  6. No real way to cut it…Tortorella made a completely boneheaded, asinine, stupid move.

    Then again…

    Think anybody will be talking much about Sean Avery tomorrow now that Torts has lost it and got suspended?

    What if this whole thing was orchestrated by Torts to divert attention and challenge the so-called “leaders” of this team to man up and earn their salary for the first time this series?

    Yes!! BRILLIANT!!!

    LOL…I’m too busy laughing at this. Maybe Schoeny should just bring a box of donuts to the rink tomorrow.

    How completely embarrassing to be a Rangers fan right now.

    But still, I’d rather have a coach who loses it then one who you have to put a mirror under his nose to see if he’s alive.

  7. this league is such a joke. why would tortorella decide to just randomly go after a random fan without being provoked whatsoever? when a fan crosses the line, he/she should be free game. same thing with avery and that lady in nashville earlier in the year…right, i’m sure every fan is completely innocent and did nothing wrong. you just have athletes and coaches that decide to get on your case for no reason at all., right? unreal.


    What a sh*t-show.

    I can’t for the life of me understand why Avery didn’t play the last game. I know he’s talking the talk of “agreeing” with the coach but seriously, Avery or Voros – it isn’t even a question which one gives you a better chance of winning the game. That is a bad coaching decision any way you cut it.

    Particularly since we watched Voros take stupid penalties all season. It was inevitable that Voros would take a penalty last night, which he did. Given how good the penalty kill on this team is, I’d rather take two Avery penalties every night and at least have a chance at some offensive upside versus one Voros penalty and hands of cement.

    To add insult to injury, Tortorella’s suspension makes the whole team look bush league. It’s a disgrace.

  9. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    The team looked awful last game anyways.

    They can choose to add this to their ultimate, fateful, demise. OR, they can use this as motivation to say Eff the League, Eff the caps fans, Eff the damn reffs who have given the Rangers the advantage in one game this series… If Sean Avery’s in the lineup, you can sure bet he’ll be saying “eff’em, lets bust some heads…!”

  10. That sucks, but I don’t think it’s going to affect too much. Shoeny is a good coach, the personnel will stay mostly the same, the message is the same. Win, now.

    Does seem hypocritical from Campbell though, but given how erratic league discipline is handed out, I’m not surprised. We still have the upper hand on the series, and as long as we don’t let Washington’s momentum to continue, we end this tomorrow.

  11. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Hahaha. Rangers news announcement:

    The New York Rangers have decided to sign Tom Renney and Perry Pearn to one game contracts. This move comes in light of the suspension John Torterella received April, 25th, after an altercation with a fan.

    Before his arrival in New York, Tom Renney forwarded a brief statement to the media. It said:
    “Voros is in, Prucha’s out, we’re going to play our system. 1-0 shootout win, boys.”

  12. I think if Avery plays a good game and the Rangers win, he should talk to the media for the first time in this series and say that this should be a lesson for Tortorella about being disciplined at a crucial time in the series.

  13. ThisYearsModel on

    Colin Campbell and this league office continue to be an embarrassment. Something like that happens in the Garden and the fan is ejected by the goon squad and the Rangers are held accountable. No way the league wants the Caps out in round one.

  14. Take a step back for a minute…and Tortorella really does come off like a world class schmuck in all this, doesn’t he?

    Oh, well…sleep tight fellow Rangers fans.

    Remember…None of this is affecting Chris Drury’s nap.

  15. No Carp, don’t talk to Torts about THAT. Ask him questions about the GAME. I mean it really is the ultimate in hypocrisy – my players need to be discliplined but I don’t.

  16. RICK this is an NHL joke, ans the ‘world is round’ for Tortorella & Avery. There is a lot more to this story. Buttman is doing his usual slanting , to help the craps and overthetopchkin. Brought to you by nbc.

  17. Well, actually, since the game is at 2, that does interefere with his nap. But it certainly won’t ruin his Christmas – er. weekend.

  18. Its funny how they come to the conclusion that Torterella squirted the fan first when they were questioning the security and people involved at the WASHINGTON arena.
    Of course they will say Torts started it.
    So the water bottle bounced off this fans shoulder…onto the woman behind him….back on the glass and then on the ground a few steps up….That’s one magic water bottle

  19. I mean really, I just don’t get it. The Rangers are up 2-0. The Caps don’t seem fazed and come back to win game 3. Then the Rangers steal game four and suddenly it becomes abundantly clear that Avery, Lundqvist, and the rangers are completely in the Caps’ heads. The psychological edge belongs entirely to the Rangers. yes, Avery almost cost them game four. No, he didn’t actually cost them the game.

    So Tortorella then benches Avery and in the wake of the ensuing humiliating defeat, exhibits a stunning loss of self-control – a lack of discipline that he expects from his team – and gets himself suspended for the most important game of the year. Within 48 hours, this team has gone from up 3-1 on the Caps to a complerte laughingstock that is expected to lose.

    I guess Torts was right, momentum changes really quickly. but I know you don’t believe in that, Carp.

  20. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    In the NHL’s defense, it says they also talked to Torterella and reviewed as much tape as they could get their gnomey little fingers on. The league would not have suspended Torts if there wasn’t substantial evidence that he was the provocator and not the recipient of provocation.

    That said, I want to re-post and thank Carp and Jane for what they do making this the best blog on the web. I’ve read alot of Rangers blogs the last 4-5 years and this is DEFINITELY the go-to blog if anyone reading this is looking for a place to read regularly. Props.

  21. This league is a fuggin joke. Torts is guilty by association. This league continues to screw Nyr in every way imaginable, with the ridiculous penalties against, the moronic suspensions, and now you can add this. I honestly think this piece of garbage Colin Campbell is still pissed that he got canned by this organization, and he continues to take it out on them.

    Torts hasn’t done a god damn thing, this is his first time in a situation like this, besides getting thrown out of a game for arguing with a ref. Yet, he gets suspended, and not fined, that tells you all you need to know.

    And what happens to the guy who threw the bottle ? NOTHING !! He doesn’t get fined, he doesn’t get arrested, he gets away with throwing a bottle, for that reason alone Torts shouldn’t have been suspended. Such BS. I hope Colin Campbell falls down the stairs and breaks his legs. And i hope Buttman chokes on some Crosby candy, and cracks his head on the big Ovechkin statue he has in his house. Douchebags, they’re all douchebags !


    I came up with fugg, don’t believe anyone who says otherwise !!!

  22. Bring in Gernander….bring in Graves, bring in Messier, bring in the Fog,,,bring in the Cat,,,bring in Espo and his New Years tuxedo….

    heck, bring in Reggie Dunlop

  23. I think the suspension is dumb…but let’s face it. Out of the four major sports, coaching probably means the least in hockey. This should not affect the game plan at all. And Schoeny has the experience behind the bench at least.

    That said, even if Torts was behind the bench, I have a sinking feeling about the game tomorrow.

  24. Domi28
    April 25th, 2009 at 7:00 pm
    OH Great, are they kidding me
    Read this


  25. I’m surprised Colie the Moron didn’t wait until 3am to make the announcement.

    Campbell was a failed coach with the Rangers and has been a complete joke in his NHL office job. Yes, I stand by that assumption he was a failed coach.

    He was handed a Stanley Cup Championship team and fucked it up. His hatred for Russian players in particular cost us Sergei Zubov.

    Hey Colie!! Wanna know the difference between peanut butter and jam??

  26. My brother has been talking about a conspiracay theory so that the league could get Cindy Crosby and OV together in a series.

    Up until I heard this I thought it was all BS.

    Now I am starting to wonder. This is all to coincidental. It sounds like something too well scripted.

    That being said, it all smacks of one of the biggest ironies ever…Torts suspends Avery for not being disciplined and the league suspends Torts for not being disciplined in the very game he making a statement about disciplining the league’s bad boy. I mean you can’t make that stuff up. Or can you? Or can Vince McMahon?

    I am waiting for Mr. T to show up tomorrow with the Hulkster.

  27. “Remember…None of this is affecting Chris Drury’s nap.”

    I bet his wife woke him up to tell him, and now he’s all pissed at her for doing that. He doesn’t care aboot these things, he just wants to get enough sleep to wake up early for the Rock Of Love Bus reunion.

    We should bring back Tom Renney for a game. At least if Nyr loses, we can go back to blaming him, that was fun, i kind of miss that.

  28. This is the biggest in the world. In game 1 everyone saw the bald Caps fan screaming at Torts in between the glass every time the camera was aimed at Torts. After that scene they should have had more security there, but no!! Now somebody else did something and Torts gets suspended! P.S. Huge Avery fan here but everyone knows he should have been scratched or at least benched half the game. As far as the “humiliating” nonsense everybody else is talking about and the “laughingstock of the league”, dont forget we’re in New York and we dont care about the rest of the league!



  29. ORR, I believe you coined that, ahem, phrase.
    LIQUID, the Fog is dead and Reginald is busy tomorrow, but the rest are available. I think.
    brian, Mike Pelino was retained by Sather but pretty much fired by Tortorella, who wanted no remnants of the previous staff on his staff. My understanding is that Pelino has been scouting.
    How about Trottier? He was suspended once for sending Oliwa out to brawl at the end of a game in Columbus. Not sure if he was the last Rangers coach suspended. Anybody?

  30. Chris lives in such a fog I wonder if he’ll notice Tortorella isn’t on the bench.


  31. I can’t believe some people think this is the NHL unfairly singling out the Rangers- if this was the Canadiens headed home for game 6… of course the league would take the same action! What a joke- the only honest thing in that release is when Campbell said they “do not take this action lightly” because now they might have to dole out the same medicine to one of their darling teams. Would be fascinating to see Ranger fans storm Cap bench tomorrow in effort to start altercation with AO- then what would the league do? C’mon if Alex clubbed old lady with his stick NHL would say replay showed it happened on follow-through.

  32. the fact is that even if Caps win the series, they would not face Pens next unless Canes beat Devils

  33. Orr — Heck with calln’ dose bums — I say call up Steve Carlson, Jeff Carlson and Jeff Hanson! Puttn’ on the foil!

  34. NEWMAN

    Are you kidding me ?? You’re realizing this now ?? Im not trying to be a jerk, but cmon, it was clearyy obvious 20 SECONDS INTO GAME 1. You don’t call a player for holding, when he pushes someone, IN A PLAYOFF GAME !!

    It’s not paranoia, i truly believe they want the Caps vs the Pens, and they’re doing everything they can to get it.

    That’s what makes this series so sweet if Nyr can win, it’s like our own Stanley Cup victory, eliminating one of Buttmans fav teams, and ruining it for them. Im amazed Nyr has the lead, cause after game 1, i really thought, the league was gonna do everything they could to screw us. It’s starting to get worse now, with this. How desperate.

    I don’t care what Torts did, he didn’t go into the stands and attack this guy, so he shouldn’t have been suspended, just fined.

    To bad that Flowers prospect is in jail right now, maybe he he would have considered “taken out” Campbell.

    Fuggin hate this league !

  35. RICK you think buttman is logical? He must hate Dolan by now.His main squeeze is sissy crybaby, the wet one.

  36. abindy
    April 25th, 2009 at 10:56 pm
    I can’t believe some people think this is the NHL unfairly singling out the Rangers- if this was the Canadiens headed home for game 6… of course the league would take the same action! What a joke- the only honest thing in that release is when Campbell said they “do not take this action lightly” because now they might have to dole out the same medicine to one of their darling teams. Would be fascinating to see Ranger fans storm Cap bench tomorrow in effort to start altercation with AO- then what would the league do? C’mon if Alex clubbed old lady with his stick NHL would say replay showed it happened on follow-through.

    That is total BS. Im surprised the NHL did not suspend or fine Ovechkin when he did that dance with the hockey stick vs. the Ligtning.

  37. Carp, they shove Ovechkin and Crosby down everyone’s throats every chance they get. all day has had up a poll with highlights about “Ovie’s” greatest goals. Yet I see nothing about Lundqvist after game 4. I never see the guy in an ad or a promo. Bettman and the NHL have their favorites and they are not the Rangers. Doesn’t mean there’s a conspiracy, but they don;t care at all if the Rangers are in or out. They do care that “Ovie” is.

  38. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    I’m going to disagree with you slightly on the “wanting the Rangers to make long post-season run” thing. Perhaps, against most teams, you’d think they’d want the TV ratings from NY. However, I was reminded of this article I read last year… btw: it’s pretty great, uses some real numbers and it starts with an Aaron Voros hit on Eric Staal! haha.

  39. As much as I want to disagree with suspending a coach in the middle of the playoffs, that type of behavior can’t be allowed. It makes not only the NHL look bad (although Bettman does a fair job of that himself), but it also makes the Rangers organization look bad in the process.

  40. To continue, they want Ovechkin and Crosby over the NY market because exceptional individuals draw far more attention from the non-routine hockey watchers than exceptional teams. Alot of the NY market will watch anyway. What they want is Joe Cool in LA to watch his boy “Ovie.”

  41. This better fire up the losers on this fuggin team. Your coach just got screwed by the league. Fuggin respond.

    As for security, like i said, most security guards NEVER do their job. They sit around all day staring at chicks, even underage chicks. Believe me i saw it first hand at Best Buy !!

    I hate Washington, the city, the team, their fat humpty dumpty coach, who looks like a pedophile.

  42. Joe in DE
    April 25th, 2009 at 11:06 pm
    Caps better bring umbrellas to MSG.

    Caps better bring the vaseline after we open varolmov


    You agree with the suspension ??? Don’t you think he should have been fined instead, since this is the first time he’s been in trouble with the league ?

    Unless im missing something from his Bolts days.

  44. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    What if the entire Garden starts throwing water cups and bottles at the caps bench? Does Ovie go crazy a la Ron Artest in pistons vs. pacers a couple years back?

    If he goes to certain ice and does another mock-stick salute after the game, I think the fans should pelt him. That was disrespect.

  45. Showing how no guards were prompt to remove the jerk fans at the Verizon Center, I declare OPEN SEASON on Bruce Bodureau, NOT. We have more class than those ROCK YOUR @SS RED FANS

  46. True Fans Bleed RW&B
    April 25th, 2009 at 11:11 pm
    What if the entire Garden starts throwing water cups and bottles at the caps bench? Does Ovie go crazy a la Ron Artest in pistons vs. pacers a couple years back?

    If he goes to certain ice and does another mock-stick salute after the game, I think the fans should pelt him. That was disrespect.

    Ovie does not go crazy, instead Boudreau will send Brashear into the stands.

  47. Im so pissed, this is the main reason why there should be pics of hot chicks on this blog, like Megan Fox, and Keeley Hazel.

    Put Jonas Brothers for the chicks or something, or what ever they’re into these days.

  48. ORR !! What Is It Good FOR ??
    April 25th, 2009 at 11:10 pm

    I think the black guy was a security guard. It said so on the bag of his jacket. Unless you’re talking aboot someone else

    Meanwhile, that guard who is suppose to throw out drunken bums instead mouths off at Tortorella, they’re arena is a circus.

  49. That is outrageously inappropriate Joe. I’m sure you’ll be banned and you should be. Sinking this blog to a whole lower level.

  50. the black guy was taunting Torts….there is 2 of them one is clearly security the other one is not.

  51. The guy that Torts was trying to hit looks like a cross between Charles Manson and Stan Fischler.

  52. Joe
    really don’t need the racist comments.

    the guy was a security guard and it looked as
    if the WHITE guy wearing the WHITE shirt was the one having it out with Tortorella.

    like Orr mentioned,
    what’s happening with the guy who started it all?
    i thought something similar happened in an NBA game and the person lost their season tickets.
    where was security at this time?
    and also,
    what a complete ***face moron!!!!!!!
    his team is WINNING by FOUR FREAKIN’ GOALS and
    he taunts the opposing coach. what a jerk!
    on the youtube video, the announcers (Ferraro and someone else) basically said that they wished the glass would have come off and we would have seen how courageous the idiot really is.

    what a crazy frustrating season. sorry folks, but i feel bad for Tortorella and this nutcase of a team he inherited. i don’t think he realized how much of a mess it really is.
    hopefully, a number of matters will be corrected over the summer. pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeze!!!!

  53. I just wanted to check the blog before bedtime, just woke up from my nap. I know you guys are all upset about this, but you really shouldn’t be. Mother’s day is in 3 weeks and I’m certainly not going to let a little nothing like this ruin mine.

  54. Torts suspension is justified; a memo was given explaining what not to do and if done, what will happen.

    I can’t believe people here are crying about a conspiracy, as if the NHL paid that homeless looking guy to taunt Torts?

    Torts did something stupid and needs to pay the price. When you are a “Professional”, you learn to ignore what is being said by unruly fans.

    If Humpty Dumpty would have done that at MSG, I am sure we would be calling for a suspension.

    I bet you there will be some kind of lawsuit by that lady.

    True Fan, I am sure security will be tight tomorrow, as I can see that happening. I also agree with you regarding Ovie disrespecting the Rangers and the fans with the mock salute. But, the Rangers should make him pay for it by beating the Caps tomorrow!


  55. Laurel Babcock on

    Carp, you crack me up. Get some sleep buddy. Long day tomorrow (argh, 90-degree sunny day, NBC and a day game). Not fair!


    Hahaha, i told my dad the same exact thing, Manson, and Fishler.


    I know what you mean, that’s how Security guards are, they never do their job. Im surprised people don’t walk into arenas with guns or some weapon trying to kill a player, cause they would probably get in easily, even if the metal detectors went off, they’re too busy to hear it cause they’re trying to show the other security guard where the chick with the nice ass is.

    Id like 5 minutes with the guys that were taunting Torts. Id go all Son of Dad on them !



  58. Good old John should practice what he preaches. Never should have sat Avery. He’s 20% of our team at any given time. How many games have the Ranger’s won since Avery has joined the team??? If we lose this series, it’s Tort’s fault. I’m really getting quite pissed off with this team. What are all our high priced players doing during this critical series. If Henrik doesn’t play God, we lose. It’s a big one tomorrow. We’re in capable hands with “Eat another Donut” Schoenfeld. Go Rangers.

  59. JPG

    I think the team will be different next season. Torts might tell Slats that he needs to get rid of a couple of guys.

    Another thing is, he doesn’t know our prospects, and now he’ll get a chance to see them. So maybe a few guys will be able to knock off some of the losers on the team.

    If we’re lucky, Rozi gets traded, and we dump Morris, and Del Zotto, and Gilroy take their spots. I like Mara and wouldn’t mind him back but if we cant have him, id love to have Komisarik, unless he got extended already.

    BTW – Anybody think Nicky Z is gonna get traded this summer if he doesn’t show up for the playoffs ?

  60. The NHL would clearly love for the caps to win the series. With such said, the Torts suspension is justified. I was a little angry over it at fist, but even though what occurred to him was ridiculous he should have kept his cool. O well, I will be in sec. 420 tomorrow hoping for a Rangers win.

  61. Hey Carp,

    Do you all realize that Tom Renney is still under contract? Wouldn’t it be something if he made a 1-game return!

  62. Remember the Rangers didn’t fire Renney from the organization. They just removed him from coaching duties, and can return to the team in some capacity in the future.

  63. fell asleep and woke up in the Middle of a dream called The Garden is Burning…Torts is Martin…will be played by winkler..Avery is Reggie… will be played by any 12 year old

  64. Sorry to interrupt but I have 2 tickets for Sunday’s game that I suddenly can’t use. Will sell for face value. Club Level 94, row L. Call 612-965-6525. Thanks

  65. Name (required) April 25th, 2009 at 2:29 am
    I’m a huge Rangers fan, I stay up til f@cking 4am in Europe just to watch these games bud..guess what not only do I admire the Devils, but I want them to win (except for when they play us).


    Name (required) April 25th, 2009 at 1:15 pm
    “So whenever you tell me how HUGE of a fan you are… I will tell you right back… no you are not. Peace…”

    The peace part makes you sound so poetic..I’ll take the high road on this one.


    You know what I find poetic, is you when you say things like this “guess what not only do I admire the Devils, but I want them to win *(except for when they play us)*.”

    Let’s see, Rangers plays against Devils… you supposedly root for both teams…Rangers score…you cheer… Devils score…you cheer… any of the team wins …you still cheer! I guess you were right…the “high” road is what you should stick to.

    P.S. The Torts is burning! Carp you got strike out twice in the past two days… Avery was scratched and Torts is suspended. Rough stuff man…

  66. What a load of HORSESHIT! The NHL is trying to fix the goddamn series so that the Caps win in 7 goddamn games. I hate that shit franchise!

  67. “We disagree with the suspension and will have no further comment.”


    the best way to comment is to beat those bastards tomorrow, and stick it up bettman’s arse

  68. ZzZz 13 ZzZz where are you!!??? says Greg L. on

    Torts gets the call and finds out he is suspended , he looks over to Avery and see him looking back at him with a big grin and says ” BooWhaaaaa “

  69. Hopefully this doesn’t serve as another excuse if the Rangers lose Game 6. I would love to see a defenseman absolutely drill Ovechkin, like Stevens on Lindros, at some point in these playoffs. Tough part is that he’s impossible to catch.

    Someone may have to research this, but I believe Schoenfeld was 2-0 as Rangers coach one year (I remember an OT win)…I believe he was the interim when Trottier was suspended several years back.

  70. No Country For Old Rangers on

    Yeah the NHL ain’t what it used to be. Neither is the future or rock and roll

  71. Ok, i could want wanted to get to 100 x bush league, but i’ve gotta have fun … bottom line is that the NYRangers are complete and utter BUSH LEAGUE … we’ll lose 3-1 tomorrow

  72. this league is a joke.. I saw Milbury hit fans with there shoes..

    a fan harrased and threw something at a coach and he squirted water on the fan and gets suspended.

    why dont bettman and his doofs just give ovechkin and cindy the rounds.

    they think they are magic and bird>…


  73. ZHEREDEV is not under contract after this season so how can they trade him????

    the nhl is a joke……….

  74. Wow, what a Cluster*** this is. The fan in me says this is proof the NHL hates the Rangers. The sh**ty refereeing, Torts suspension, etc. Except I’ve seen the same sh**ty reffing in other series also. Its seems incidental contact is anything but these days. And I thought this was a contact sport.

    Scary Thought of the Day – I bet if you looked inside Gary Buttman’s house, you’d see some mighty scary s**t. Farm animals, small bound up children, I wouldn’t put anything past that slimy little b*****d. Just look at him, you know he’s been abused his whole life, and rightfully so.

  75. Is the NHL kidding me? Did Torts really go after Caps fans while being frustrated with game 5 or did the drunk red necks bring it on? How about putting a big fine on Wash for having insufficient security by the NYR bench?

    As much as I criticize the MSG honchos, the place is run with class. I can’t remember the last time, since the Dinglebury in the stands incident, that NYR fans have caused a disruption with the opposing teams bench.

    And what’s with the “official” MSG statement reguarding this? Hey Dolan, “ASSHOL3” can you stand up for your coach?

    Way to go into a tough game 6!

    F-Caps fans
    F-em all

    LET’S GO RANGERS!!!!!!

  76. tommorrow you will see clowns go on NBC and talk about this situation like they have clue.

    one clown is milbury, the irony of that is pathetic….

    NBC is joke and the NY is a big market arguement is bullcr-p..
    60% hates NY, they are redneck morons… watch the Pens for a month and tell me they do not get calls????

    this hurts the rangers and if they get a too many men on the ice penalty I am goind balistic.. the hacks; clements, emrick, milbury, pang, it is a little network of middle age goofs…….what a friggin joke, a water bottle!!!!is that manslaughter!!!!!!!

    what a JOKE..

  77. nevermind all this petty bettman/cambell bull… give hank 2 goals & he’ll do the rest in the garden…sidenote; if i was ref in the ov stick lighting move I would have given him a 10min misconduct for the hell of just to screw with the worst commish ever…GO RANGERS

  78. Someone should pee in a beer cup and spill it all over Washington players! If anyone is willing to donate for the tomorrow’s game ticket… I’ll be more than happy to do it myself.

  79. ZzZz 13 ZzZz where are you!!??? says Greg L. on

    games on at 2pm , whats that canada time?..12 noon or 11am?

  80. Wow what a clusterf*ck. You cant make this up can you. Lets hope the team uses this as a spark and Avery responds to the sitting positively otherwise it gonna be a long summer. If they lose this one I would have to say Caps in 7.

  81. No Country For Old Rangers on

    Call me crazy but without Torts breathing down his neck, I think Zherdev will come out and play a great game. It is 2:49 in the morning though.

  82. This is a major blow.

    This team has had little to no offense game-plan. I think the Caps are going to throw the kitchen sink at the Rangers, and Jimmy Shoen has no clue what to do in this new NHL.

    Rangers might as well play goon hockey…try to kill Ovechkin..

  83. Actually the guys on versus all expect the Rangers to have a great game and close out a “very vulnerable” Caps team today. Jones, Engblom, et al all seem to think Schoeny will use Torts’ suspension as motivation, that Avery will also come back and play out of his mind and the Rangers will compete big time. Man I hope they are right because I am going and cannot sit through a garbage effort.

  84. Dubi or not Dubi on

    Bettman and Campbell, you pieces of absolute garbage. F up our sport, OUR SPORT, and then pull some bush league crap like this. Basically they suspended him for SQUIRTING WATER. THIS IS THE PLAYOFFS! Maybe that’s why guys like Zherdev don’t understand what the playoffs are all about when the NHL has no f’ing clue. So pissed right now…

    Would have been interesting to see how Shoney would have made forward and defensemen changes alone in the game huh… Then they’d be all over the too many men penalties.

    Have I mentioned I’m pissed? I seriously fans need to boycott a few games and DEMAND that Bettman is fired or else we won’t come back. Of course we should do that with Sather too but the dumbass companies will still buy all the seats.

  85. Dubi or not Dubi on

    This is also a call to ALL Rangers fans to dump as much crap as they can find on the caps during the game. If bandwagon fans who pay $20 a seat can do it, so can we!!!

    I’m really hoping to see Shoenfeld light up a ref or two in this game… Maybe he can even go Ftorek on them and throw a bench and say something like “Remember the bench? That’s why you became a ref you donut eating [obscene noun]!” Just a suggestion…

  86. So many people are howling about the CAps being “given” the game.

    I cannot believe that these folks are actually watching what is taking place on the ice. Except for Lundqvist, the Caps have been making cottage cheese out of the Rangers all over the ice. They are so badly outplaying them that the Rangers look like a sub minor league group. It’s almost a joke to watch the Ranger “stars” meander thru their game while the Caps are flying.

  87. I can’t help but continue to repeat this: I think John Tortorella made a tremendous mistake in benching Sean Avery on Friday. The Rangers were up 3-1 and were completely in the Caps’ heads. Yes, Avery took terrible penalties and was playing on the edge. But they survived it and even thrived on it. The Rangers’ PK is the best in the league – they draw confidence as a team from it and they did that Weds. Avery absorbed a huge amount of punishment all series long on behalf of his team and teammates. They are loyal to him and they wanted him in that lineup.

    They probably would have lost the game anyway, but now they take the ice in complete and utter chaos tonight, and not just because of what Torts did but because Friday night was such a huge debacle. It didn’t have to be and I think Avery being scratched certainly had something to do with the Rangers suddenly playing just as passively and terribly as they had in the days leading up to Renney’s firing.

  88. And fran, as it stands now I’d say the Rangers are very lucky to have taken 3 games off the Caps. I never thought the series would even go 5 or 6 games, and not because the Rangers would be winning it. But all of a sudden today is the second of three chances that the Rangers have to win one game and advance to the next round. You want “us against the world” while you’re up 3-2 in games? guess what – that’s exactly what the Rangers have. Believe it or not I do think there’s a good chance they win this thing today somehow and advance.

  89. Torts means nothing on

    Torts means nothing to this team and their gameplan.

    The only thing that matter is Henrik…He will need to pitch a shutout..he will probably see close to 40 shots…

    Rangers might get two goals…they will be lucky to get two. The offense is a joke…7 goals in 5 games…thats not a cold spell…thats a statistic.

  90. Johnny LaRue on

    I’m still trying to figure out why nothing happened to coach Sourpuss from the Devils last year when he got mad and threw sticks onto the ice in clear violation of rules.

  91. imploding from within on

    Along with the Ranger Players inability to hit the net with pucks it has been reported that Tortorella missed the intended fan and hit an inocent bystander with the water and the shot the water bottle itself ” Hi and Wide”.
    All part of the same practice sessions from a team with Zero Offense.
    This Rangers Team will be a part of one of the biggest meltdowns in history loosing a game 7 to Washington in DC next week. Here are the disapoinments Gomez, Drury,as these horses were brought in to lead and provide scoring in the post season. Zerdev is Kovalev without Talent!

  92. Torterella should do his best Bobby Valentine impersonation, sitting behind Vali at the end of the bench.

  93. This One Will Last A Lifetime on

    My comment on the Coach T actions taken by the NHL, and you can quote me. ” I disagree with the decision”

    My prediction for today: Coach Schoenfeld will guide the team to a victory. Pelino or Gernander on the bench, but not both.

    Zherdev scores today.

  94. I am ok with Torts behavior. Renney would have shaken the fan’s hand and offered him his tie.

  95. Remember the Rocket Riot! Have fun storming the castle! NHL OFFICES: New York 1251 Avenue of the Americas New York, NY 10020 .

    Dubi or not Dubi is right!

  96. That official statement from the Rangers sounds like it was written by Sather himself. I can see the conversation:

    Ranger PR guy: Glen, the organization wants to release a statement. Any thoughts?
    Sather: Why are you interrupting my spring vacation with this crap? Just tell them we disagree with it. If you need me Sunday afternoon, I’ll be on the boat.

    I’ll bet “classy” Tom Renney would never be involved in something like this. Sure he couldn’t coach his way out of a paper bag, but he was intelligent and so well spoken. Oh and he was nice to the media which is very important. Bring back Renney!

  97. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Something is to be said for the Renney-Drury era, most boring shyte ever! God, how I hated that team.

    The new Tortorella-Avery era is everything, but boring!

  98. NHL MEMO TO GARDEN FAITHFUL – NEW YORK (Apr. 26, 2009): Make it rain

    Brink your umbrella

  99. Boudros?
    Hey Boudros?
    Hey Humpty Dumpty?
    How do ya like your beer? On your head?

    How can we miss this guy?

  100. There is no doubt buttman and his moron’s want the caps to advance because of OV. What I don’t understand is torts telling avery to play the game and don’t do anything stupid and to be discipline and than torts does what he preached to avery.

  101. Torts is fiery, so he had to do what he had to do…
    It lies in the italian roots and the blood pressure arises from time to time…

  102. Mother Teresa on

    He, my guys and kids…
    I am preaching all the time

    “Be lovely to everybody”

  103. i remember watching game 2 on tv and this fan behind the rangers bench in a caps shirt was fingers-in-the-mouth-whistling thru the seam in the glass as hard as possible right in tortorella’s ear. he didn’t do anything but i thought, “i’d kill that guy if i was torts”

    so i guess he finally had enough of that jerk after 3 games of harrassment. too bad he didn’t go mike milbury on him.

  104. All these people piling on Torts are hilarious. According to a fan in the Record today, the guy was making lewd comments about Torts’ wife and daughter. I’d love to see all these assholes (media and otherwise) wagging their fingers and saying “tsk,tsk” keep their cool when something like that happens. And the guy said that the fan threw beer at Torts first.

    Godd for Torts sticking up for his family, Let’s Go Rangers, stuff this series up Bettman’s ass today.

  105. What is this the WNHL?

    The NHL should spend more time figuring out how to market someone other than Ovechkin and Crosby and maybe more fans in places like Phoenix would come to the games b/c they would actually know a few names.

    Anyone who says that “torts should practice what he preaches” isn’t looking at the chain of events properly.

    I think Torts intentionally did this to get the team riled up. Guys like him and Keenan like to mind screw the players. We should rally around this.

  106. Maybe Torts should of benched himself anyway…

    “Riding Henrik to the promise land,” is not a coaching strategy I agree with.

  107. Brandon, you’re not the only one who thinks there’s a possibility that Torts did this to put the spotlight on himself and off his struggling team.

    The thing is, though…who are the “leaders” on this team who will step up? Drury, other than a lucky goal, has done little except help the Caps in this series. Gomez hasn’t done anything since early in Game 1 and obviously isn’t too broken up about it. He’s more concerned with coming up with another dumb joke to say to John Giannone. Naslund has played better but he still makes you wonder just what they call a Captain in the Pacific Northwest. Redden, Roszival, et al..

    I can see Avery, Dubi, Callahan and Staal stepping up. I can see Betts and Sjostrom giving their all on the PK. But by and large this group’s “leadership” is horrifically lacking.

    Just remember Mumbles Drury talking about playing Game 5 “Like we’re down 1-3” and then going out and playing like it was an exhibition game. Yeah, crack leadership.

    It’s gonna come down to ONE guy today. HENRIK. And let’s not pretend otherwise: Hank LOVES Tortorella.

    I’m hoping they come together for Torts and FINALLY put together a 60 minute effort. But they can’t do it while being bogged down by the heartless mercenaries on this team who falsely wear the “C” and “A”

    It’s all on Henrik today. I’m hoping he comes through.

  108. Like Cervantes once said, “Fortune may have yet a better success in reserve for you, and they who lose today may win tomorrow.” Of course, he would have said this on Friday, as everything seems to be falling at the seems. But I see the Rangers bouncing back today. Alot of benches/short playing times for game 5 will hopefully put a fire under some players’ asses and we’ll see us move onto Boston where Lundqvist will not only need to stand on his head, but he’ll need to float, resurrect Jesus, and do blackflips to win that series.

  109. PruBelongsOnTheIce on

    CJP April 26th, 2009 at 10:52 am

    “Just remember Mumbles Drury talking about playing Game 5 “Like we’re down 1-3” and then going out and playing like it was an exhibition game. Yeah, crack leadership.”

    Maybe you mean an exhibition game that wasn’t for the Victoria Cup Night Light. That’s the most fired up I’ve seen him in Blue.

  110. And the WWE playoffs continue……….

    If these NHL clowns ruled baseball their favorite players would get 5 strikes; pop-outs would be overturned after a conference…

  111. Mother Teresa on

    Complete Record article…
    “Scott Wolke, a 28-year-old Pequannock resident who was sitting just behind the Rangers’ bench Friday, said the Capitals’ fan had been verbally abusing Tortorella, including making comments about Tortorella’s family. Wolke said Tortorella and the Rangers requested the security guards keep an eye on the fan but the fan continued verbally abusing Tortorella even after assuring the security guards he would remain calm.

    “During a stoppage, it appeared to me that [the fan] either spit through the glass on Tortorella and/or sprinkled his beer through the glass on him,” Wolke said. “Tortorella then became incensed and turned and started screaming at him and then grabbed the Gatorade bottle and squirted through the glass right on him.”

    I don´t stand those kind of people…As I preach again:
    “Give peace a chance”

  112. I really believe that Hockey is such a great game that it succeeds “in spite” of the NHL

    This is the league that introduces the hated “in the crease rule” where you cant be in the blue paint before the puck; they enforce it every game calling off goal after goal….until OT of game 6 of the Stanley Cup finals…where they ignore it-award the cup to Brett Hull and then change the rule…

    They use video to review a penalty…only on Sean Avery…they invent a rule in the middle of a playoff series…They market the fighting and crunching hits of the game and hand out suspensions for….fighting and crunching hits…

    You can fine someone or suspend them…fine them in January suspend them in the playoffs…

    A Travesty….

  113. Do as I say not as I do. This reminds me a the anti-drug campaign years ago where a parent confront his kid about his drug use. The kid angerily yells “I learned it from you ok!!!!”.

  114. Think about it…

    Ok, the four blind mice referees all miss the Mike Green head shot on Freddie Sjostrom in game 1….

    Campbell and his disciplinarian squad have the right to review the tape and hand out a suspension for an elbow to the head because…

    Head shots shall not be tolerated right?


    Water squirts shall not be tolerated…a full throttle investigation must be launched…suspend the coach and release a morbid statement

  115. The way I see it the Rangers have two ways to respond to this:

    1) They can use it as an excuse and lose

    2) They can use it as motivation and win

    I’ve waited all season for them to step up and show me something. They’ve failed every time.

    Now would be a great time.

  116. Hey
    Hartford was eliminated yesterday
    any chance of Ansimov getting the call and Nicky Z getting water sprayed on him in the stands??

  117. Wow, I missed a lot during Friday’s game. Another shutout by Varlamov, Valiquette seeing action, and Tortorella doing something that should not be a suspendable offense, especially not in the playoffs. Hopefully, the players can rally behind this; they need to play better somehow from what I heard about Friday. I’m sure Avery will be back in there and hope Anisimov can play now that the Wolf Pack have been eliminated. We’re lucky that they have stopped playing and that we can use their coaches instead of having Sather possibly behind the bench. AHH!

  118. Play scared and lose angry. Let’s Go Rangers!

    I want to see hitting and puck possession right from the opening faceoff. I want to see desperation today. From EVERYONE! This is the biggest game of the year as far as I am concerned. Do it for Johnny! Do it for Johnny!

  119. Anyone know the people sitting around the Caps bench today? I’ll pitch in a few bucks for them to arrive loud and dripping wet; I’ll even prepare a few “your Mother is so ugly..” jokes for them…maybe some Elmer Fudd jokes for Bruce “west and wewaxation” Boudreau

  120. They were all incidental elbows…guys with huge heads comin right at me…what would you do?

  121. newman- we still should win though even without torts for 1 game. its still gonna be the same lineup, shony will get these guys pissed and fired up at home. i think this actually gives us an advantage psychologically. maybe the team gets angry and plays their best game of the series. but then again, we still have the worst offensive players in the world. it will be a 2-1 win, 50-15 shots advantage and we’ll be vshorthanded at least 10 times

  122. Hey Kaspar

    Similar thing happened to me too… i was coming home late one night… and suddenly asphalt just came up and hit me right in my face! Weird sh*t man…

  123. CCCP
    They gotta stop using that asphalt…Foam padded streets and sidewalks….thats the way to go

  124. kaspar- yea they couldve suspended him for game 7 if it got to that point or game 1 of the next series if it got to that, but why suspend him at all? especially in the playoffs? i know hes the coach and not our best player, but if the rangers had any kind of emotion, theywould go out today and play the game of their careers today. play like the sharks did last night.caps dont have anyone that comes close to the defense on the ducks, we need to score 4-5 on varlamov. dont just win. win big!!!! lol ok im done dreaming

  125. Kaspar:

    I know this may sound dumb, but I say the fans behind the washington bench just shower their coach with compliments. Kill them with kindness. It’s like a couple years ago when some frogs up in Canadia land booed the stars and stripes and in return the american fans (when they got a home game) cheered the canadialand theme song!

  126. “A crate of bubble gum has been spotted outside the garden”

    Hahaha, preparations have been made !!!! He’s coming !!!!

    Go Rangers !! Win it for Torts !!


    Is that true ? If so, i hope that Craps fan gets hit by a truck, and dies. What a classless loser, say that to Torts ‘ face, and watch what happens.

  127. Regarding this article & likewise prejudice against the New York Ranger
    ONce again, it shows ineptitude of the NHL
    and the desire of Colin Campbell to undermine the Rangers at every chance. When the Rangers do well so does the NHL but the league can not see that. Bettman still thinks he runs the NBA where stars are more important than franchises

    LIKE last year:
    Never in my life have I ever seen or heard of any organzied professional league, change a rule not only in midseason BUT During The PLAYOFFS!
    Only because of the Rangers, Only the NHL!
    no wonder why the league that has such a difficult time promoting the GREATEST Sport!
    Sour grapes from Colin Campbell who got fired by Rangers still prevail over common sense.
    just amazing

  128. all this after we were linked to that bullsh*t washington post article about how unruly and trashy msg fans are.

  129. He’s no Hollweg ill tell you that. How many mascots in sports are willing to kill a player on the other team.

    We all took it for granted, but we should have appreciated it more. Mwahaha.

    Poor guy, i think he’s playing with the Marlies, or what ever they’re called. Which proves how dumb of a coach Renney is. He’s the only coach in the league that would play him.

  130. Anybody who does not think the league wants Caps and Pens does not know Bettman and campbell.
    Campbell does what ever he can whenever he can to mess up the Rangers _- what Colin did to the Championship Rangers ( a team that could have one 1 or 2 more cups is disgusting)

    Bettman thinks he is charge of NBA still.
    He thinks he needs Superstars to attract the young kids
    Not realizing that the sport itself and storied fanchises drive the league and attracts fans

  131. Why doesn’t Boudreau get a game for not controlling his goon? How does 6 games for that hit help the Rangers? We still lose our best faceoff guy and our best PK guy..big deal the Caps lose Brachear

    Avery taps Tim Thomas on the head, the 4 officials watch it on the jumbotrom and call the penalty after he has gone to the bench..unprecendented move; why wasn’t the same done here?? None of these four officials saw that cheap shot?? And then to see Fat Bill McCreary yuking it up with Braschear after the game infuriated me..

    no equal justice in the league.

    total cheap shot. The guy broke his orbital bone and has a concussion..his career is probably done but I guess we have to focus on Avery’s stupid antics and not the cheap shots to the head we see on a regular basis.

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