Tortorella not in the clear yet


I’ve just been told by somebody very plugged-in that it remains possible that John Tortorella will still be suspended for tomorrow’s Game 6.

And this is my speculation: That he might be allowed to coach tomorrow and be suspended for a game later on. Again, this is all my imagination working, but it’s possible the NHL doesn’t want to attach any measure of guilt to Tortorella where there could be legal issues regarding his throwing a water bottle at a fan or fans.

But the main point is this: He has not been cleared by the NHL at this point.

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  1. Repost:

    I would say I pretty much agree Carp. I think it is going to be a one goal game too. And the fan in me is saying that the Rangers will take care of business tomorrow. If nothing more than to save their wives and first born children from the evil henchmen that Torts hired to hold them hostage. He told the team, “Win, and you will see your loved ones again. Lose, and you will all be living in the Rangers Tour Bus with Voros and his parents.”

    I think we have to play smart and go for it at the same time. If you play scared you will lose angry. Plain and simple.

  2. Repost #2:

    I agree. This is the best blog I have even posted on, hands down. Carp and Jane are simply the best, like Tina Turner. Ha. Sorry, I had to. But it is true.

  3. Carp, Let’s say he is suspended, who goes behind the bench with Schoenfeld, possibly Glen cause he has coached before?

  4. ZzZz 13 ZzZz where are you!!??? says Greg L. on

    AVERY AVERY , if Torts can be there , can Avery come out and play?

  5. ZzZz 13 ZzZz where are you!!??? says Greg L. on

    I mean if Torts CAN’t be there can Avery come out and play!!??

  6. Colin Campbell on

    and the drunken fat slob and the clueless sec guard both get off scotfree, eh?

    btw, it would be the ultimate irony if Avery is back in and Torts is out due to lack of discipline

  7. No Country For Old Rangers on

    Paul Shane gone? What a tremendous blow to blog. How will we recover? Should we take tomorrow off in observance of this sad day?


  9. i just feel bad for the guy. you know how hard it is to find that perfect blog youve been searching for your entire life. god knows i spent countless nights sitting alone in front of my computer with a bottle of scotch, just crying and saying why god????? why???? then carp came along and swept me off my feet

  10. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Anyone here look at the pitts vs. flyers game (in philly) stars of the game?
    Crosby had 2 goals, went 20-13 on the faceoffs, +2, played more time than any other penguin besides Gonchar, and WAS NOT a star! Snubbed by the Philly writers! hahaha.
    1. Malkin (2 assists, no goals, 3-4 faceoff, +1, 5:30 fewer minutes on ice).
    2. Fedetonko!
    3. Briere!

    The Philly writers purposely snubbed crosby, that’s awesome.

  11. and jane too. who could forget that magical day she came into all our lives with her sweet little sensibilities

  12. Fugg the league, and fugg that stupid idiot chick that says she got hit with the bottle. I bet it’s just BS, and she’s just trying to get the league to get Ovechkin to meet her, where she can seduce him with her cottage cheese fat ass, and get knocked up by OV, since apparently he bangs anything with a pulse down in Washington.

    Fugg em all !

    Good for Torts, he did the right thing, if the garbage security wasn’t staring at all the underage chicks thinking dirty thoughts and actually did their job, then maybe this whole thing could have been avoided. Blame goes all around !!! If it hit a kid, i can understand.

    He should get fined, that’s it.

  13. well if torts is suspended tommorow i mean what does that entail? can he be at msg at all? between periods in lockerroom? can he text “im gonna rip your heart out if you take a late 3rd period penalty again to avery between periods?” or will he sit in the stands behind the caps bench and pour beer on humpty dumpty?

  14. Colin Campbell on

    Hawks up 3-0 already. after an inspiring national anthem like that, who wouldn’t come out flyin’ ?

  15. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Colin, “BELIEVE it means cannot?” You run the show! Is it, or isn’t it?! LoL

    Btw: this is the BEST Rangers blog on the planet, or at least in those languages which I can read! Go Carp! Jane! Rangers!

  16. i think when tnt plays r rated movies with numerous expletives, its hilarious the stuff they come up with to dubb over the bad words. i was watchin snakes on a plane and samuel jackson said something like ” ive had it with these monkey lovin snakes on this plane, im tired of this monday to friday bs”!!!

  17. well if he cant be in the building can reeny step in?? lol just kidding guys!!! dont kill me! but hey, it would be funny and id cheer for him! i mean it would be a little cool. lmao i gaurantee it would be the 1st ot game of this series thats for sure!!

  18. Colin Campbell on

    true fans, you know us NHL league execs, we aren’t sure about anything except higher ticket prices and screwing the Rangers

  19. Oh dear. Well, I guess Colin is a true front office guy now. Tomorrow is gonna be real interesting.

    P.S. Hey Paul, I think you’re still lurking. That’s fine. Just stay outta here. Geez.

  20. it would be funny if Avery is the head coach tomorrow. he puts himself back in the lineup, and proceeds to score 2 goals while also changing lines and squirting Boudreau

  21. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    How bad ass would it be if Avery plays the game, scores a goal or two (game winner would be nice) and says afterwards that he did it for his coach?!

    That’s the kinda stuff movies are made out of people.

  22. Not surprised that Torts got suspended…especially considering the disdain the NHL, Colie Campbell and Buttman have for the New York Rangers.

    But man, if this isn’t a complete clusterf*@^

    I am hoping this will be their rallying cry. Their moment to finally put together a 60 minute effort and show what they can do.

    But, sadly, the “leadership” of this team has been a joke all season long. Gomez, Naslund and Captain Useless. I don’t see any of them stepping up.

    Hell, wasn’t it Drury saying “We need to play like it’s 1-3 them”? And then come out and play like you couldn’t give a shit if you lost or not?

    You really gotta take a step back and laugh at just how ridiculous things have become now. And it’s ALL on the shoulders of Torts.

    HE made Avery the big issue with sitting him for a game…and it doesn’t strike me as a smart move to sit one of the few guys on your team who actually plays with passion. Now he’s made a complete ass of himself and gotten himself suspended in the playoffs!!

    Avery came close to a meltdown in Game 4. That’s all we heard all over the NHL and in the media.

    Well, Tortorella had a complete meltdown in Game 5.

    If I wasn’t so damn depressed I’d be laughing my ass off.

    Screw it…i’ll just keep laughing.

    Let’s see how the “leaders” on this team respond tomorrow. Should tell us all we need to know about the heart of this team.

  23. What a sh*t-show.

    I can’t for the life of me understand why Avery didn’t play the last game. I know he’s talking the talk of “agreeing” with the coach but seriously, Avery or Voros – it isn’t even a question which one gives you a better chance of winning the game. That is a bad coaching decision any way you cut it.

    Particularly since we watched Voros take stupid penalties all season. It was inevitable that Voros would take a penalty last night, which he did. Given how good the penalty kill on this team is, I’d rather take two Avery penalties every night and at least have a chance at some offensive upside versus one Voros penalty and hands of cement.

    To add insult to injury, Tortorella’s suspension makes the whole team look bush league. It’s a disgrace.

  24. Laurel Babcock on

    Paul, If you’re not Paul Shane, then I apologize. See Carp’s previous post….

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