Did I mention Iron Mike?


When John Tortorella was hired as Rangers coach, I spoke about the comparisons to Mike Keenan. In short, I said the similarities were his tough-guy, no-friends-needed approach, his aggressive style of play, and the way he would hold players accountable.

Where he didn’t compare was in the nutty department. Not that I don’t think Keenan is brilliant in his own way. He truly is. But he’s way out there sometimes.

So last night, here was Torts doing his Keenan impression A-Z. First he sat out Sean Avery. Never mind the magnitude of the game, or that perhaps a sit-down chat might achieve the desired result. No, Tortorella felt he needed to be scratched, perhaps as much a message to Avery as to everyone else.

Then, in Game 5 of a playoff series, he sent out Blair Betts, Colton Orr and Aaron Voros for a power play after the Rangers’ high-priced, supposed skill guys gave up a short-handed goal, and he explained that the top players cannot assume they will get the premium ice time and assignments based on their reputations and resumes. Very Keenan.

Finally, Tortorella (Getty photo, above) had a meltdown himself, a loss of discipline just like Avery and Scott Gomez — who took a retalliatory penalty 1:16 into the game, as if the whole Avery/discipline thing had flown right over his head.

Here is Yahoo.com’s story with photos and video links on Tortorella winging a water bottle at a fan, then threatening him with a hockey stick. And here is TSN’s video of the incident.

Now Tortorella — if he’s not suspended — has to put Avery back in the lineup. He is stuck with this clown for three more years, and if he can’t play now, then Glen Sather will have to find a way to get rid of him over the summer. Good luck with that. Remember, no other team wanted him at half-price in March when he was on waivers.

Some thoughts:

1) Interesting that Henrik Lundqvist, an Avery friend and supporter, had his worst game of the series.

2) Chris Drury was worse than awful, one hand or not. He was directly toasted on the short-handed goal and on Alex Ovechkin’s highlight-reel goal, and was a tidy minus-3 in 7:21 of ice time.

3) Gomez was worse.

4) Is it possible the power play has actually gotten worse?

5) Rangers goals in the last four games: 1, 0, 2, 0. Against a rookie goalie and a team not known for its defense. Still want to debate the skill-level? 

6) When you see Ryan Callahan and Brandon Dubinsky still playing after everybody quit, two letters come to mind: C and A.

7) I still think the Rangers can/should/maybe even will win this series. Momentum doesn’t carry over from game to game (see all three of the ongoing Eastern series). But they are not beating Boston.

Here are the official game summary and event summary for Game 5.

I may not be able to post again until my pregame from MSG Sunday morning. In the meantime, get out in this nice weather and away from all those thoughts about Game 5.

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  1. Agree with many of your points. I just wanted to point out that Avery has three more years left on his deal.

  2. “When you see Ryan Callahan and Brandon Dubinsky still playing after everybody quit, two letters come to mind: C and A.”

    Couldn’t agree with you more. Too bad they don’t make enough money to get those letters here in New York and will likely be gone before the undeserving slackers who have those letters leave. I would be shocked if Cally doesn’t get an offer sheet this summer.

  3. we should refuse all PP’s period…

    they cannot score if you do not shoot from closer the n40 feet…

    Carp with the hyperbole on TOrts on suspensions.. You talk about suspensions all the time…Way to much.

    Avery will be in SUnday, they will win 2 to 1 and move on.. Cally, dubi, are keepers.. morris, mara, antro, and zherdev are near the end of the ranger careers…

    this team plays in slow motion on offense and the PP, the PP cannot even get it in the zone…

  4. cally will be a ranger do not delude yourselves…

    zero chance he leaves, bet me?????

    he is not getting $4 mill a yr. they will work something out…

  5. jcl206, thanks. I’ll fix that.

    Stuart, you can’t ignore possible suspensions when the league is reviewing an incident. I don’t think he will be suspended, I do think he will be fined, and I don’t think I can brush it under the rug.

  6. Hopefully these idiot refs read that story of the Flyers prospect, and realize if they don’t call the game fairly, they’re gonna be lying dead somewhere in the Pine Barrens. With Pauly Walnuts Mara, and Christopher Moltidrury burying them.

    Aves should have played last night. That was a mistake. Maybe the result would be the same. But we were getting pushed around last night. Cally was getting picked on by Erskine, and Dubi was getting picked on by Brashear. Orr didn’t do anything, all he did was take runs at the star players which was good, but he didn’t fight Brash, or Erskine, which is his god damn job. Voros didn’t do a thing either, fuggin wimp.

    Last night is the main reason why Dreary shouldn’t be playing. He’s supposed to be a “defensive player” and he makes a retarded play that leads to a shorthanded goal. What a fuggin idiot. Stay home, this team doesn’t need a loser who doesn’t care aboot the team. He scored one goal, and now he gets to take the rest of the series off, like he did for most of the season. Gomer played like he had a stick of his ass. Everybody sucked, including Hank.

    If they lose game 6, they lose the series

    I agree with you Carp. I cant see Nyr beating Boston, unless somehow these guys do something amazing, like show up. They cant score a goal against a kid who hasn’t played more than 10 games, so how will they beat Thomas, who shut them out twice this season ? Depressing.

    It’s gonna be another long boring, hot, garbage, piece of crap summer. I fuggin hate this time of the year. No hockey, all the good tv shows end, sweating every fuggin day. Stupid summer. If summer was a person, id McSorley him to death !

  7. CARP

    a lot of good points except for the one i don’t completely agree with.
    it’s not just a matter of NO SKILLED PLAYERS!!
    something is wrong with the mental make up of these players.
    yes, you need skilled players who can zig zag and score
    and find a sliver of daylight between the goalie’s arm and goalpost
    these players refuse to act like NHL players. they refuse to give the extra effort. the continue to make DUMB plays. they refuse to head to the middle of the ice and normally take shots that my mother — bad back, shoulder and knee! — could make!!!

    we were having problems with offense and the power play last year with Jagr, Shanahan who shot 80% of the time into the goalies chest from the face off circle, and Straka. so, there’s something else with this group of players that needs to be addressed.

  8. I hope our Ranger fans don’t try to retaliate on the Caps coach & look like fools on national TV.
    I hope we have more class than that.
    The way to get back – WIN THE GAME !!

  9. Where was security during all of this? Torts has a right to coach his team and not get crap thrown at him. Security should have gone in there and tossed that guy immediately…or does that only apply for the home team? If security isn’t going to stand up for the team, I’m perfectly fine with Torts doing it.

    Avery is fine, and with a proven 15-20 goal scorer locked up for 3 years at a mere 1.9/per, he’s the least of our troubles. How about our 2 7 million dollar men failing to get a measly 60 points? That’s absolutely terrifying.

    Zherdev needs to go. He missed a wide open net even I would have scored on. Big time players playing small, small time players playing big. The story of the NY Rangers

  10. Joe in DE, your first point about security, etc., is why I don’t think he will be suspended … but he will be fined.

    And to repeat a point I made in an earlier post … the guy who metes out discipline is Colin Campbell, who as Rangers coach once had a very similar run-in/meltdown with a fan during a playoff game in Philly. So Campbell knows what it’s like. PS, he was fined, not suspended.

  11. Repost-
    The best players for the rangers have been there young core players who they drafted. The players idiot Sather signed through free agency are horrible. The Rangers better be able to sign there young players, if they can’t than the Sather has to figure a way to dump gomez, drury, redden and rosival to free up the cap space to sign there young players. If he can’t, the rangers future doesn’t look good..

  12. Carp,

    Have to agree with you about the lack of skill players, and disagree with JPG. While a team can win without a flashy player such as Ovie, the Rangers need players who can carry and control the puck around the ice. Ovie was able to make 3 of our players look just AWFUL yesterday, and I’m not sure that we have anyone who can even get by one good defense men.

    Remember when Zherdev was going to save us? Its a shame that he doesn’t try with hands like his, his hands are some of the best in the league, it just doesn’t translate into points. I’m happy I went against my whim of a Zherdev jersey at the start of the year and went with a Dubinsky Jersey instead.

  13. read the GIlroy article in the daily news, a great article..

    the fans need to bring this team home sunday. they need to be loud and get all over the caps.. I saw that bearded 50 + yr old guy giving it to Torts..

    avery helps, he gives them speed, and toughness. he will bring his A game SUnday.. Cally and DUbi also are no worries.. need to get the russians to wake up……

  14. Carp, you make a helluva lot of sense.

    Its a little surprising, the schizophrenic reactions here – when the Rangers win = Euphoria; when they lose = Doom and Gloom. Its the nature of a playoff series folks, Ebb and Flow, home team often wins with a boost from the fans. Its like alot of folks are watching their first playoff series and ain’t sure what’s happening.

    That said, the effort Friday was a joke, the usual 4 excepted. I have no problem with Torts behavior – was it ideal, of course not. But it was a reaction, it was SOMETHING. Too many current Rangers just coast around, with no drive, no heart.

    I think they will win tomorrow, and move on and be out again in Round 2. Then, I think either we have a significant roster turnover during the summer, or Torts says Eff this, I ain’t coaching this bunch of heartless losers, the usual 4 excepted.

  15. Name (required) on

    “So whenever you tell me how HUGE of a fan you are… I will tell you right back… no you are not. Peace…”

    The peace part makes you sound so poetic..I’ll take the high road on this one.

  16. Just finished the Rodent’s Rant (I know, late start) – yup, right on, as usual.

    For the PP, how about we put Zherdev on the point? He can skate, he can handle the puck, he can shoot and he can pass. The problem as I see it is no one on the blueline has ANY lateral movement. They can’t create space for themselves. Zherdev can. Let Zherdev bring the puck over the line and set up the PP. No one else is doing s**t.

  17. Carp, your points are dead-on, especially about Drury and Gomez being god awful.

    As far as the power play goes, what can be done that hasn’t been tried already to get it functioning effectively?

  18. Hey Carp… according to Larry Brooks, it’s not Campbell who decides coaches disciplinary actions, but the Commissioner himself.

    While I agree with you that he probably won’t be suspended, I think the chances are a little higher that it’s Gary’s call all the way??

    …and I’ve agreed with you since day one about this… this team is at least two goal scorers away from ever being ‘dangerous’ in the playoffs! I’m fearfull that with our current salary cap situation, there will be no way to trade away any of our blue chip prospects for an accomplished goal scorer… there’s no way to trade Gomez, Drury, Redden or Rozsival even if we wanted to trade away those guys to loosen the cap belt.

    I think the Rangers are going to be a poor scoring team for many seasons to come??? =(


  19. alex b (the poster formely known as czechthemout!!!!) on

    Carp- disagree with you calling Avery a clown. He took one stupid penalty I get it. Mara took two stupid penalties in the same game. Without Avery in the lineup,we looked flat and had zero energy.I’m worried more about the fact that the Caps played like crap yesturday and were ripe for the picking and we let them get a second life. Against a team like this,it can be very dangerous.

  20. I wonder if bringing up Anisimov would help stoke Zherdev and Antro, to have another Russian around. Orr clearly is a non-factor in the playoffs, so he shouldn’t even play. He has his place in the regular season.

    As far as the PP goes, it is clear to me at this point that it is a personnel issue. There just aren’t enough people who know how to move the puck effectively and finish. That and a lack of PP point man. Morris and Rozsival should be moved if at all possible. Mara, as much as I like him, is a big maybe for next year.

    NYR better show up to play Sunday.

  21. Sean Avery and John Tortorella are two peas from the same pod.

    Ask yourself, would you rather have Sean Avery on the ice, or Sean Avery behind the bench?

    Fire Tortorella.

  22. TSN Has A Ovrektion on

    Carp – as a reporter, who would you prefer? Kennan or Torts?

    They were embarassed last night. Nuff said, let’s move on to Sunday. Like Torts said, i’m sure everyone is excited that its a Sunday afternoon so they don’t have to put it off.

    You all watched Game 4 where the 1st period was the Rangers banging everyone around. They must repeat this in Game 6 to have a chance. Get it done boys!

  23. GardenFaithfulinFLA on

    “That said, the effort Friday was a joke, the usual 4 excepted.”
    THe usual excepted – what effort?

  24. Avery himself agreed with Torts decision for being benched. He said that he felt worse than anyone about it and understood the coaches decision… and that he wanted to play but would do whatever Tortarella thought was best for the team.

    Alex B: he had been teetering on the edge of sanity throughout this entire series… and while he’s on the edge, he’s very affective… as soon as he went over that edge is where he got into trouble… and it was more than one bad play.

    As far as playing Anisimov over Orr… I understand the though process… but Orr is valuable to have in the lineup as a presence as long as Brashere is in the Capitals lineup…


  25. lobster- u mentioned antropov in the last thread, why do you think burke took a 2nd roundr for him. with all his points, he doesnt do much else. very slow, and against a speed team like washington, hes ben rather ineffective. but he did score a bunch of goals for us during the stretch run, so im ok with keepin him next season. zherdev is the one who is just flat out horrible. that whiffed onetimer last night put the icing on the cake for him as far as im concerned. avery would not have made a lick of difference either. we need a team effort. voros sucks yea, torts should never even consider playing him again, ever!!! im happy torts took our loser “top skill guys” off the pp, cuz it has gotten worse not including the shorty. i think after this game, it would be pretty hard to believe we dont give a much better effort sunday, and if we fall short, u can kiss this one goodbye.

  26. Nothing can save these guys now (callups, Avery back in, backs against the wall feeling, etc.)…

    For the record not all of us were euphoric after the wins. I think it’s clear as crystal that we’ve been outplayed the ENTIRE series. Hank has been the difference. No one can argue that.

    But he can’t win ’em all by himself and he can’t score…


  27. thank you riche! im not the only one who was not that thrilled by our victorys. it was more or less surviving than winning.

  28. GardenFaithful/Mike,

    Yup, I meant the usual 4/5 guys you can count on to battle – Dubi and Cally, our future captains, Staal, Girardi and Shoe.

  29. Stuart -I usually agree with everything you post on hre, but one disagreement I have is that Antropov should probably be signed for next year if its not too pricey, he is a bigfoward with great hands and he can move pretty well for a big guy.. the last few games he hasnt done much offensively obviously but he has hadto play with one-handed Drury the lst few games, I dont think that is whohe should even be playing with if Drury was 100%.. Him and zherdev could spark something but someone was sayin torts is probably reluctant to doing that bc of defensive liability, but antropov has been backchecking well these games in the playoffs as far as i see, makes a lot of pokechecks coming back when its a 2 on 2 and hes the the 3rd man back for us breaking up a play, not coasting back as some others do often. I think he is getting a bad rap from you and some other today and yesterday, he needs to have someone on his line with him to generate offense, not drury and naslund

  30. Dubi or not Dubi on

    Riche, couldn’t agree with you more. By my count, the Rangers have outplayed the Caps for a total of TWO periods out of 15 played. Without Hank playing unbelievably, this series would have already been over. That is also a statement to the people complaining about him having ONE bad game. Seriously guys, you don’t score 3 goals in 4 games and split against one of the top offenses in the NHL because of luck.

  31. I agree with all of your points. We are god awful. The whole team. And we have this clown for 3 more years when nobody would take him for nothing and at half his salary. I am very concerned about this series now.

  32. Jimmy from Toga on

    Avery is a clown? Can you honestly say that without avery we’d even be in the playoffs? Come on now. He took two stupid penalties, ok i understand that. But how everyone else get off the hook when they take penalties? And you cant tell me that the ref’s aren’t specifically blaming avery for every little altercation he gets in. Behind Cally and King Henrik, Avery is the most effective ranger when it comes to doing his job. He’ll be back next game and will be the difference maker.

  33. It is interesting that both Rangers head coaches this season have questioned the leadership in the room. Renney apologized for not convincing Sather to keep Jagr and Shanahan and said that was a mistake. Tortorella said last night the top guys were not doing their job. He also said that Dubinsky has “no idea how to be an NHL pro.” That is an insult to the team leadership as well. Last year Dubinsky was being mentored by Jagr, and Shanahan was helping the young guys as well. Gomez constantly talks about his mentors on the Devils. Have we heard once this season about any mentoring going on? Maybe it’s there, but one would assume the press would have written about it at least once, especially since we have heard about Jagr and Shanahan mentoring players for the past 3 seasons. No matter what happens in the playoffs, the leadership on this team is seriously lacking.

  34. I fall somewhere in the middle of the “No way Avery should have been benched” discussion. On one hand, the Rangers aren’t winning that game with him the lineup. On the other, you could just see the confidence growing in the Caps last night without having to worry about #16.

    Somebody mentioned it earlier: their bigger players were taking liberties with our younger/smaller guys and Orr doesn’t drop the gloves once? God forbid Voros tries to spark the team and stand up for somebody (even though his fighting abilities are terrible).

    As for our PP, everything has been tried but I can tell you right now that our current “dump & chase” strategy is absolutely the worst. Last night, one of two things happened literally every single time:

    Scenario 1: Redden takes a slap shot at the red line, the opposing goalie stops it behind the net, an opposing defenseman sends it up the middle of the ice. Repeat for 2 minutes.

    Scenario 2: Gomez tries to gain speed at blue line, softly puts it in corner, only one of our players cares enough to chase it, the Caps somehow outnumber us on our own PP, the puck is cleared.

  35. i gotcha benny. i knew what ya meant. its sad that its those young inexperienced guys that are performing. our vets are not leading this team. they need to score goals, they need to get the team fired up and be the ones to get the team back into it. i knew we had a hard time scoring goals, but imagine if we played a team with better d and goalie? we played much better in the regular season and we were actually scoring about 3 a game on average. they really are not showin up for this. i cant think of 1 standout player or play from this team except hank. maybe callys been our best and thats not even close to being good enough. and he only has 1 goal too.

  36. zz- exactly. i dont agree with alot of the vs. announcers but they were dead on about us not having any retrieval of the puck once it gets dumped in. first of, the caps could send 1 guy in on 3 of ours and still enter the zone, but us, on a pp, cannot do that with all 5 of our guys trying. its so embarrassing to see this. we were never this bad during the regular season, and the playoffs is when you crank it up. they dont look interested. they look like they might be partying all night before games. im tellin ya man, somethin isnt right. it looked like they threw the damn game.

  37. “For the PP, how about we put Zherdev on the point? He can skate, he can handle the puck, he can shoot and he can pass. The problem as I see it is no one on the blueline has ANY lateral movement. They can’t create space for themselves. Zherdev can. Let Zherdev bring the puck over the line and set up the PP. No one else is doing s**t”

    That would be good, if Nicky Z didn’t cough up the puck every time he’s on the ice.

    I say put Gomer on the point. He does nothing down low, and cant make a clean pass, let him try and set up Staal, or Girardi on the point. Take Dreary off the PP for good, healthy, or injured, doesn’t matter, he sucks.

    The PP is just pure garbage. These guys don’t know what they’re doing.

    Rozi seriously needs to get traded. How can you not be willing to shoot, if the coach is telling you to do it. We’re paying him to do absolutely nothing, but cost this team games. Hopefully Torts convinces this fat idiot Slats to trade him, and hopefully a team is dumb, and willing to trade him. Id take a box of condoms for the guy, at least we know Aves would have protection against the NYC hookers.

  38. mike in ia,

    I said that exact same thing yesterday… about playing a team with a decent goalie and defense.

    Even if we win this series these guys can’t keep playing like this. They’ll get embaressed.

    (Although I’d be totally humilliated leaving the whole game up to my goalie and getting thrashed 4-0 TWICE by a rookie)

  39. orr- i posted this last night but you didnt see it. ok, if you had a choice between having megan fox as your girlfriend/love slave, or the rangers winnin the cup this year, which one would you choose?

  40. rob M antro at a couple of mill for a year or 2 is fine with me.. he is a 20 goal scorer and they have about 3 of them.But that is what he is worth a few mill MAX>> He is far from a dominating player.

    zherdev at the point is not a bad idea who ever posted that.
    I cannot beleive he has melted down to the level he has, and with 1/2 a drury it kills..

    there cap situation is not great but not as bad as some may think. mara also did have 2 moronic penalties the other night he knocked d0wn bradley about 15 feet from the puck.

    mara and morris are gone they do not need them for next year and can save about $3 mill over there replacements…

    It is to late to do it but I said many times this year scrap the checking line(zero offense) and go to 4 skating lines..if they would have had a 4th line that played 12 + minutes a game with guys with some skill like korpedo, sjustrom, AA, or others it could have helped,

    Orr brings nothing especially in the playoffs when fighting is almost non existent and if you have not noticed they have no huge offensive weapons….they have pop guns no uzi’s

  41. yup riche. i knew wed have trouble scoring but not this much. we could barely get a decent shot on this kid last night. i dont think hes had to make 1 huge save compared to the 20 something huge saves hank had to make.

  42. Paul Mara's beard~(formerly I miss the 78-79 Rangers) on

    After last night, I would not be a bit surprised if the Rangers lost this series.

    This team looked like boys playing against men last night. It was humiliating.

  43. I talked early in the year about Z at the point (before we even thought Renney would get canned).

    Now I’m not so sure. The idea that he creates space and can pass/shoot is true but he’s certainly a liability for turnovers.

    Either way though anything different couldn’t be worse? Could it?

  44. im hopin this offseason slats surprises us and waives redden or burys him in hartford. we could throw gilroy in his spot. then dump morris and mara, put potter and sauer in their spots, that’ll save us a lot and then dont resign zherdev, and get a nice size scoring winger for gomez and promote artie. he could play 3rd line center. we need to keep betts and shoe. i feel they deserve to be here over alot of other guys on the team. its hard but if sather is willing to do it, we can get some good things done for next season

  45. If you wanna get to Varlamov, Avery needs to learn how to speak Russian.

    Every time Avery said some stuff in Varlamov’s ear, he would ask Ovie what he said. I’m sure Ovie said something like “he said congratulations on your win last night, best of luck, and he also apologized for accinentally bumping you”

  46. oh wed have 25 shortys against if z played point. if he ever regains his confidence and grows the f up already and stops his pouty moodswings maybe he could be the number 1 wing for gomer. but already 3 coaches have given up on him and its not coincidence. hes 24 not 18. but maybe the guy is bi polar or somethin. who knows. these guys are still human. maybe hes got emotional issues.

  47. well as we witnessed in game 4, we can come back and play a good solid game and limit their chances but thats about all this team can do against such a superior team. i hope we win, but its gonna be a quick 4 games in boston if they cant figure out the pp. you figure if we had a good pp, half our offense probs would be solved. 5 on 5 ok, we suck but on a pp last nigt, i think the caps got more and better chances than we had.

  48. Redden Still Hibernating (Artist formerly known as JAY G) on

    I say get rid of Zherdev after this season but for next game bring up Anisimov and Sanguenetti. I think you bench Korpedo and Morris. The reason being Korpedo has been invisible with the exception of a few bumps along the boards and the pk (so good he can be replaced) and Morris who has been playing the worse I have seen since we acquired him. Morris is getting beat to every puck out worked and can’t remember the last shot on net he’s been credited with.

    With Anisimov, play him on Zherdevs line, maybe the two can speak russian to each other and formulate some chemistry and goal scoring chances. I play Sanguenetti and tell him to lay out one of the Alex’s and tell him to shoot the puck every chance he has while in the offensive zone. I know it’s a little late in the series but the guys mentioned in this paragraph could be more helpful than the other two.

  49. Redden Still Hibernating (Artist formerly known as JAY G) on

    I prefer Iron Mike over Torts although they do seem interchangeable. I just was waiting or Shoney to rip that grey haired fugg a new arse. Actually surprised he didn’t jump over the glass and get in the fans face a la 96 playoffs when he almost kicked Trottiers ass.


  50. Notice: to all of you Coach Renny haters out there – POINT PROVEN!! A lot of that 12 game losing streak WAS the players – TORTS is great, but he cant actually score for this team. Neither could Renny –

    Their play last night was BEYOND awful – that was not an off night – that was the play of a team that does not deserve to be in the playoffs –


    I agree with the above assessments: C or A for both Cally and Dubi !!!!!!

  51. Dubi or not Dubi on

    I know I’m not Orr, but I choose Megan Fox! I don’t think I’d survive a playoff run where we won 16 one-goal games on the strength of Henrik. I think I’d probably have a heart attack some time in the conference finals. Conclusion: Would be dead and would miss the finals if the Rangers won, so might as well live in bliss with Megan!

  52. No Country For Old Rangers on

    The power play is amazingly bad. You’d think with all these “savvy veterans” they could at least move it around and get a couple shots on goal. This team quit after the first goal against. There was no fight, no hunger, no desire (except for 24 and 17 as usual) I do think NYR takes it tomorrow night but it’s scary to watch a team throw away a game in the playoffs.

    I dont care how crazy and how much of a reactionary Torts is, he’s the man for the job. I’m thrilled that he’s the coach and I wouldn’t have expected him to react any differently last night. I’m glad he flipped out. At least he shows emotion and actually cares. Hopefully it was a wake up call to the bums who are mailing it in. Would he be allowed in the MSG if he’s suspended?

    Gomez has 2 things on his mind: golf and chasing tail in nyc.

  53. So Avery took some bad penalties. Bench him in the third period. You just don’t bench him for game 5. You just completely shocked your whole teama after an important win.
    Why now? Now Tortorella is facing a suspension? Looks like he can’t control his own temper.

  54. I wish there was someone else who could play for:

    Zherdev, BLOWmez, Captain Crutch, Antropov, Redden, Avery, Naslund, Voros, Rozsival…ah hell, why don’t we get rid of everyone except Dubi, Cally, Henrik and Freddie?

    i cant stand it anymore!

  55. No Country For Old Rangers on

    It would have been great if that other Saddam Hussein looking guy in the Rangers jersey went after the Saddam that Torts was fighting with

  56. No Country For Old Rangers on

    “Good job by our fans. Our fans are one more player for us. They do what they have to do for us,” Capitals star Alex Ovechken said Saturday morning at the team’s practice.

    Some real class from a Russian ass.

  57. Dubi or not Dubi on

    As much as Naslund hasn’t been great in this series, he has actually played much better and with more passion than he did in the regular season (Probably the only FA signing who has). I think he’s just old at this point and needs to be more in the role of special teams player with only a handful of shifts outside of that.

    I’d still like to give Z another couple years (Datsyuk didn’t really hit his stride until his mid 20s) and I don’t want to risk him being awesome elsewhere! Antropov I can do without – he’s just SO SLOW!!! Morris is awful, Kalinin played with more passion than that stiff.

  58. dubi- same here bro. i only said this about winning the cup this year. but lets make it interesting. another cup for us fans before we die, or megan fox or the sexy seducing woman of your choice until you die?

  59. True fans bleed RW&B on

    Nobody was worse than drury. He was not only useless, he was the biggest detriment to the team. Minus-3 in 7 minutes on ice is absurd.

  60. Redden Still Hibernating (Artist formerly known as JAY G) on

    The most impressive part of Ovechkins goal was that he lost control of the puck after dekeing Morris and kicked the puck with his left foot to his stick before shooting it on net. While he was trying to control the puck, Vorros jumped on his back. Damn that was a great goal.

  61. No Country For Old Rangers on

    Ovechkin scored that goal on a team that had absolutely quit so I cant give him too much love. Congratulations for getting by a useless, broken down Drury and a coasting Nik Z. He made a nice move on Morris but the goal was meaningless. They quit at 1-0

  62. KC – where did Torts say Dubinsky has no idea how to be an NHL pro? That’s the first I’ve heard this – kinda shocking, considering how well Dubi’s been playing.

    Dubi/Mike – man, that’s a dilemma – Fox or The Cup! I have to choose Megan, cause we don’t deserve the Cup this year – maybe in a couple years when Grachev and co come up? ;-)

  63. Have to agree with the Nasland comments above, he’s definitely raised his game a bit, although not enough to score consistently. I also like Antropov, especially if we can resign him for $2.5 – 2.75MM per. He doesn’t make a difference every game, but he’s worth hanging onto – he’s someone other teams have to worry about, and we don’t have enough of those types of players.

  64. lobster- agree. keep cally, doobs, hank, freddy, betts, korpi, staal and girardi. and avery. dump voros, redden, gomez, zherdev, naslund, drury, rozy,

  65. Milbury just ripped Torts…if someone threw somethin at that fat man he wouldve done the same thing

  66. Milbury has no credibility. He rips on other people because he has failed epically at everything in hockey.

  67. GardenFaithfulinFLA on

    I understood what you meant. I was just asking other than the usual 4/5 guys (our future core) – what effort? From what I could see last night there wasn’t any effort. None.

  68. Why does Eddie O keep talking about not the time for Carcillo to fight? Shut up! He dominated that fight! The goal had no correlation to that.

  69. Send in the Clowns on

    agree with some of your points, Carp . but I completely disagree with you calling Avery a clown. what are the Rangers with him, something like 60-30? and below .500 without him. give me more clowns if that is the result.

    and you did not mention the horrible game by Rosival who caused that shorty goal more than anyone by falling down like a beginner.

    also, you should know that Mike Murphy, on NHL Live, said that HE handles the eastern conference discipline when it involves possible conflict of interest for Campbell

  70. Mark Eaton now has more goals in the playoffs than any Ranger. MARK EATON! And he’s from DELAWARE!! C’MON GUYS!

  71. I hate how the idiots at NBC treat Darren Pang like some sort of goaltending guru.

    The guy had 27 CAREER NHL Wins. 27! With a save percentage well under .900

    I know his career was cut short by injury but give me a break. This midget was a garbage goalie and he’s even worse as a tv analyst.

    NBC is awful. NHL telecasting is at an all-time low.

  72. “Good job by our fans. Our fans are one more player for us. They do what they have to do for us,” Capitals star Alex Ovechken said Saturday morning at the team’s practice.

    After reading this I hope the Ranger fans make tomorrow a living hell for all Caps & coaches.
    What a arshole !!

  73. No Country For Old Rangers on

    I don’t know Tony, I think Davola might be a Devils fan along with Dave Puddy

    Mike in ia- almost as bad but not quite. the flyers actually get shots on goal during the PP.

  74. MIKE

    That’s a tough choice, but i gotta choose Megan Fox. She’s fuggin HOT !!!

    I love Nyr hockey, but im only 19, barring some unforseen incident, ill be around for a long time to see them win the Cup. Plus getting to do it with Megan Fox is like my own personal Stanley Cup. Cant beat that.

    BTW – Flyers SUCK !! And Carcillo just blew this series for the Flowers. He shouldn’t have fought Talbot, and sure enough, 20 seconds after the fight, Malkin scores. And now the game is 4-3 Pens. Real shame.

  75. No Country For Old Rangers on

    Great point Tony, can’t argue with that.

    Yeah I would like to see this series (PIT/PHI) extended. At least give me some overtime here

    Hate Fleury

  76. yea i mean 20 seconds later malkin scored and it was all pens after that. he is a dumbas. he was so happy and tryin to get the fans in it, but he gave the pens life. thats why teams who are way ahead never engage in fighting or anything that could give the other team some energy. now its 5-3, game over. horrible game thank god im not a flyers fan right now. blowin a 3 goal lead at home and to lose like that. well, we did it last year in game 1 so its phillys turn i guess.

  77. No Country For Old Rangers on

    Historically, I hate the Flyers a bit more than Pitt. But between the current incarnation of these two teams, it’s not even close. As nice as it is to see the Flyers get bounced, it’s so aggravating to see Cindy and Femmes move on. Hate Shittsburgh

  78. Liza from LA on

    Your post made complete sense… until you called Avery a clown and implied that it was a mistake to have brought him back. You just outlined how Avery is not the only one who has made mistakes in this series or who has acted out and you follow it with that comment? It just seemed very misplaced.

    I love reading this blog and I respect what you do and how much insider information you give the readers but you seem very fickle on the Avery issue.

  79. I’m eager to see/hear the crowd reactions tomorrow, I don’t think it’s going to go well.

  80. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Someone on here posted a comment I couldn’t fathom Torts saying about Dubi. They said Torts criticized Dubi for “having no idea what it is like to be a pro” and while Torts did say that, he didn’t mean it as a slight to Dubi. He meant it as a slight to Dubi’s previous mentor’s (ie. Renney)… entire text below:

    * Q: Has it been a process with Dubinsky, to learn what he needs to learn?

    Tortorella: With Dubie – and we’ve talked about this during the regular season when I came in – I don’t think the process has started with a lot of the players, at least with this coaching staff. It was very difficult to start the process the way I’d like to see it done, coming in in the last 20 games. Dubie’s one that I’m really looking forward to sinking my teeth into. I think he has a tremendous upside. I think he can do a lot of things.

    I don’t think he has a clue what it is to be a pro. I don’t say that in a negative way, it’s just I think he has a lot to learn. And we can’t force-feed that in the last 20 games, fighting for our lives to
    get into the playoffs. So he’s one of the players that I look at with our team when we start next year, that they’re going to go through the process to understand the other parts of the game. And that’ll make them better people and better players.

    There’s a ton he has to learn. But he’s been pretty good for us here. These situations, the more playoff games you can play – and we’ve got a number of young kids playing in here – the more playoffs you play, that really helps the process. So this is good stuff for some of the young kids we have with the Rangers. I think we have a lot of work to do, but we couldn’t dive into it when we were at the end of the year with 20 games left, trying to get into the playoffs.

  81. ha no country. ggod on on crosby. didnt see your post but i looked at fleury and saw a face with teeth. no lips

  82. No Country

    Well said on the PHI-PIT thing. No question the hate on the Flyers is older and deeper, but this Pitsburgh team is really easy to despise.

  83. wow, good stuff to look forward to with that comment from torts. i didnt get why he said that and didnt see the presser so i didnt get what he meant. but yea i think also he is tryin to say that the leadership on thsi team is prety non existent. i havent seen any of our leaders really step up and do things like jagr did last year or even close to that. drury had a nice goal in game 4. more luck than anything but thats it,out of him, gomez and naslund, and redden too. none of them look like they want it bad enough.drury is not captain material. hes a great 3rd line defensive center. thats it. 22 goals this year. pathetic. gomez with 16. even worse. naslund had more goals but is too soft. out of the 3 nazzy has been better but not by much. i think doobs cally and staal are all leading this team more than the other 3. even betts and shoe are kickin it up a few.

  84. Crosby’ playoff beard reminds me of Bud Bundy trying to grow a beard so the ladies think he’s more of a man.

    Everyone kept telling him, “You got some dirt on your face”. That’s what i keep thinking every time i see him.

    Also, to follow up on the Fox vs Cup debate, i should say that Fox will last a life time, Cups only last a year, unless you win it back to back. Not saying that it’s not sweet, but how many of you 1994 Ranger fans are tired of that Cup ? It gets old after a while, and you want a new one. That’s how i feel aboot it.

    CARP, seriously, you should add a pic of Megan Fox on the blog. I could have used that last night.

  85. i hope avery comes out with a vengeance tommorow after watching the caps and their fans have their way with us. i expect msg to really boost us up tommorow too. feed off the crowd and avery does his thing, a strong game from hank and our offense is really due for a 3-4 goal game and even if they dont i expect hank to be much better and we will close this thing out. it’ll be a close, nerve racking game but we should win. gotta get that first goal. we dont look like we have the luxury of trying to play catchup all game. they have been playing good d on us and their goalie has relatively had it easy compared to hank.

  86. Send in the Clowns on

    I don’t think it is good D on their part as much as it has been very poor efforts offensively by Z, Antro, Drury, gomez, Naslund, etc

    those guys have to step up and provide some effort in the offensive zone. it is ridiculous to have a CLOWN like Poti stopping them

  87. orr- im with ya but i like olga kurylenko from the new bond movie and she was in hitman and max payne too. she is smokin hot too. also after her comes fox and then in 3rd comes alba

  88. Drury,nasland,zherdev,and those 2 on D,need to be gone next year,,,,,,Having said that I think we win tomorrow and move on to Boston>Only to lose in 5…

    Or win in 6 I can’t make up my mind…,.,.,.,.,

    Oh ya Avery stay’s^^^^^

  89. clowns- its been a mixture of both our offense being putrid and their d playing a little better than were accustomed to seeing. their d was awful in game but has been better since. but yea, its no excuse. our forwards are not winning battles and whenever they get the puck, they fling it around like they dont know what to do with. our d on the point and when pinching in hasnt helped the cause. mara and moris are just as bad as redden and rozy when trying to kep the puck in and they are not physical enough on the caps forwards

  90. Dubi or not Dubi on

    Orr, I’m glad I’m older than you just in case she doesn’t dig younger gentlemen. I think I might pick her unless the Rangers had a Lamoriello or the guy from Detroit as their GM for my lifetime – That would mean that they’d have a chance every year. Of course I’m not sure I want to know what you’d do with a picture of Ms. Fox during a dud of a game…

    Mike, I’m down with Olga too. Definitely not ugly.

    So I will re-ask the question in light of these recent developments: Would you pick Olga or Megan OR The Rangers winning at least one cup and having a great GM who never retires or dies?

  91. you could see their d backin in in game 1 and givin our guys great shots at jose, but i think since the goalie change they have been beter at stoppin us and not letting us get good chances on him. and the few chances we had last night we blew it. especially zherdev. he was playing better than game 3 and 4 but he missed a wide open net. he seems like every game he plays he loses more and more confidence and its not like hes playing against lidstrom. hes playing against 3rd string d men and hes not doin anything. i realize its his first playoffs but why is it that bobby ryan is kickin ass for the ducks, and plenty of other first timers to the playoffs are doin fine? he seems like hes got emotional problems or something. low self esteem maybe

  92. “Sean April 25th, 2009 at 2:38 pm

    Notice: to all of you Coach Renny haters out there – POINT PROVEN!! A lot of that 12 game losing streak WAS the players – TORTS is great, but he cant actually score for this team. Neither could Renny –

    Their play last night was BEYOND awful – that was not an off night – that was the play of a team that does not deserve to be in the playoffs –


    I agree with the above assessments: C or A for both Cally and Dubi !!!!!!”

    but in the same instance Torts is getting the most out of this team by allowing players like cally and dubinski to not be scared about being the 3rd man up high.

    this team needs a gaborik and to dump drury redden and rosival

  93. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    What if you already get those kind of women then it’s an easy choice, no?

    * So I will re-ask the question in light of these recent developments: Would you pick Olga or Megan OR The Rangers winning at least one cup and having a great GM who never retires or dies?

  94. no, i think i would take another cup with a good gm in all honesty. i have a pretty good lookin gf, not nearly as hot as olga, but i have a prety good imagination. now if i could get olga with her money too, then sry rangers!!

  95. ok, how bout this. hottie of your choice with all her money, or, rangers winning the cup before we die and crosby gets traded to the thrashers where he spends the rest of his career never making the playoffs again

  96. boring day. freakin thunderstorms on my day off!!! stuck with the kid today and shes cryin to go to the park. and no rangers today!! forced to watch spongebob or face the wrath of screaming n kicking all day

  97. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Only if you included Brodeur’s career ending with early with him being recognized for the whiny/diving over-rated player that he is…. then it might be a deal.

    …if Drury, Redden, and Rozsival are the first players moved by that figurative new GM.

    Done deal!

  98. Soo annoying. Next 15 hours at MSG, Dead tonight followed by the anti dead (I hope) new york rangers hockey.



  99. Send in the Clowns on

    all the Rangers lines have to constantly cycle the puck behind the Caps net. that would keep it against the end boards, kill time, tire out their D, and keep the puck away from the dangerous caps forwards. and then if they do get the puck they have to go 200 feet to score.

    if the game tomorrow is played more than 50% in the caps zone, the rangers will win

    but if the puck is again constantly in the ranger zone, and they are chasing the caps skilled forwards, then all bets are off

  100. Olga is hot, but im a big Fox supporter, and always will be. Alba is my number two, even though she’s a tease, and is marries, with a kid. Keeley Hazel is pretty hot, she’s a brittish chick with big real boobs.

    British chicks have some amazing knockers. I don’t know much aboot the Brits, and what they do for fun, and the sights to see where they live. All i know is as they grow older, their boobs grow bigger. Ad that’s a good thing.

    She’s from Nuts magazine, i think it’s called. Everyone she youtube her, for sure.


    I wouldn’t do anything. Im the master of my domain, and have been for quite some time. My hands are glued to this keyboard, and nowhere down south !!

  101. Colin Campbell on

    you know, i saw that confrontation, and the black security guard did a terrible job. first he was late getting there. then, he allowed that big fat slob to continue to rant and taunt Torts and the rangers while the dumb security guy just stood there facing Torts and the glass, but that allowed the drunken fan to stand behind him and continue his tirade. instead , they should have immediately gotten there and removed him from the area. that would have prevented the worst of it.

  102. Had this happened in MSG, that fan would be dealing with the guards behind closed doors

  103. True Fans – thanks for posting that about Dubi/Torts, it makes much more sense now!

  104. “Had this happened in MSG, that fan would be dealing with the guards behind closed doors”

    Yeah, Dancing Larry would give him a lap dance, and ruin his life. That guy would consider suicide after a scene like that, and regret ever throwing anything.

  105. oh yea orr- hazel is hot!!!! love british boobies too. love all boobies but love the bumpy brail pinkies!

  106. Carp,
    While I read your blog because you do provide useful current information at many times I can no longer deal with the miserable negative person that you are. I know this will not mean anything to you but I feel sadness for anyone who needs to be around you for any length of time because the constant negative vibe & you various biases that come across in your writing get old very quickly. I would suggest that you look in the mirror & write what you see not what your write points that fit your agenda, while ignoring others that do not. All that being said I will no longer be reading your musings because of the negative agenda that is behind them.

  107. truefans- lol sometimes i do post about 10-15 in a row. i know im addicted to this blog. used to hit the other blogs alot but basically just here now. i went to dellapinas old blog and all i saw was fighting non stop! at least when we get into arguments here we dont hold a grudge on each other.

  108. Carp

    After 5 games:

    Rangers 3
    Capitals 2


  109. paul- please come back from time to time to let us know how your quest for the utopian blog site is coming along. no but seriously, ya know carp is not a ranger fan ok. and whats said on this blog about a certain team he puts up with because he knows its just a good rivalry and doesnt take it personally and you shouldnt either.

  110. Dubi or not Dubi on

    Paul Shane, most of the people here are negative too (Read: Realistic).

    At the rate we are going, I think it’ll be either Olga AND Megan PLUS their money or Rangers Cup/Great GM/Crosby in NHL Siberia/Brodeur discovered/Bettman getting crushed to death by Shaq while sitting in the front row of MSG watching his favorite sport.

    Since this is all theoretical, I want it all! Everything in that paragraph will be mine!!!

    I will say, if I ever won an uber-mega millions, I’d seriously consider buying as much of the Ranger’s as I could!

  111. Dubi or not Dubi on

    WAIT I FORGOT SOMETHING!!! I want to get Joe M as far from an MSG broadcast as possible too! He’s terrible! On top of having terrible insight, he’s got an annoying voice! How can you have a job that requires a non-annoying voice when you have such an annoying voice?! Oh wait, Michael Kay…

    Too many exclamation points, I need to lay off the coffee, wait, I don’t drink coffee. I’m nervous about the G-men draft, not gonna lie.

  112. well, why arent they talkin about beer being spilled on torts?? ya know, the guy is not a 17 year old kid. hes a grown man throwin beer on him. and ya know what, after boudreaus comments, i hope he gets some 80 year old smokers big goopy brown and green bloody chunk of lung spit at him

  113. dubi- you buy the rangers, will you consider signing me as reddens replacement. i used to play d for a few years and was pretty good. kinda like a stay at home d man with a hard shot. i did play pp and pk. only had 2 goals a season though. it wasnt 82 games though, lol i wouldve had 3. no but id probably be better than redden and i used to check hard at least. reddens idea of checking is rubbing up against the guy

  114. ohh yea almost forgot, the hot babe in the new transporter 3 movie!! shes a russian babe too or definitely eastern euro.

  115. mmmm ok, i guess 7.5 aint too bad, will you throw in a $10 million signing bonus if i give crosby and brodeur career ending injurys??? i am 6’1″, 225 lbs!!!!

  116. Paul. I’m sorry to hear you’re leaving. I am also sorry I am not allowed to be negative after an embarrassing 4-0 loss in a crucial game. So sorry I don’t cheer for the team I cover and try to paint them as Stanley Cup favorites. I’m not being a smart aleck. I am not convinced that this team is very good, and I’ve never wavered on that. But I believe I’m fair and I give credit when and where it’s due, and most of the people here — who tend to get a little negative during and after a game like that — seem to appreciate the honesty.

    To all who think I went too far calling Avery a clown, OK, maybe that was harsh. But you tell me that what he did in Game 4 wasn’t ridiculous. And you tell me why 29 other teams wanted no part of him at half price.

    Jimmy, I gave Avery full marks for his play down the stretch. No, they probably don’t get into the playoffs without him. He was one of their top three or four players from the time he arrived until his meltdowns in this series.

    Orr, I don’t think it’s a good idea for me to post photos like that … but feel free to link a few yourself.

    jpg, I don’t disagree with you on the something inside that’s missing from a lot of the top players. But even if they all had huge hearts, there wouldn’t be enough skill on the roster to score enough PPGs or ESGs.

    TSN has … I think purely as a reporter, with no personal attachment, Keenan was more fun because he’d day anything. Tortorella is far more guarded and short with the media. Keenan would rip guys openly, would tell you what he thinks about this and that and everything, almost all the time. Plus I really liked the guy. But I also like Torts … although much more so when he was an assistant coach here and he had more time and patience for the news media.

  117. Carp, what is your prediction for tomorrow. I am asking for you to forget about your initial prediction. What do you honestly think about tomorrow’s game? Is this going to a game 7 or is this series ending tomorrow?

  118. Nasty, toss a coin. I sure expect a one-goal game that tests all of your hearts. I don’t think that Game 5 loss will undo the Rangers or have anything to do, actually, with Game 6. Obviously Lundqvist will be a huge key, and I don’t see the Rangers all of a sudden busting out and scoring five goals.

  119. I would say I pretty much agree Carp. I think it is going to be a one goal game too. And the fan in me is saying that the Rangers will take care of business tomorrow. If nothing more than to save their wives and first born children from the evil henchmen that Torts hired to hold them hostage. He told the team, “Win, and you will see your loved ones again. Lose, and you will all be living in the Rangers Tour Bus with Voros and his parents.”

    I think we have to play smart and go for it at the same time. If you play scared you will lose angry. Plain and simple.

  120. I agree. This is the best blog I have even posted on, hands down. Carp and Jane are simply the best, like Tina Turner. Ha. Sorry, I had to. But it is true.

  121. Thanks guys. I hope you’re not comparing me to Tina Turner, and I hope even more that you’re not comparing me to Ike Turner.

    New info just came available, so a new post is up.

  122. “Now Tortorella—if he’s not suspended—has to put Avery back in the lineup. He is stuck with this clown for three more years, and if he can’t play now, then Glen Sather will have to find a way to get rid of him over the summer.”
    “Clown” ??? You kidding me…

  123. Torts got what he deserved on

    Didnt we learn a lesson from Ron Artest?

    No matter what the fans do, you cant do what he did. Teams get ripped on the road all the time…

    The fact that he threw the water bottle was icing on the cake…He is bush league..and wont be able to help you know.

    Any fan at MSG can say or do whatever they want today…if you throw beer, Im sure you will be dealt with…

    There is nothing on tape of anyone throwing beer on Torts by the way…and if Torts started squirting me through the glass..he would of gotten my beer too…

    Im sure captain Drury will step up and lead this team to a -3.

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