Temper, temper (updated)


Seeing Marty Brodeur’s tantrum the other night (I know you guys liked that one) and Sean Avery’s meltdown Wednesday got some of us to talking about players famously losing it. And it immediately transported me to one incident.

In the 1980s, Tony Granato was one of the great pests in the game. He could spear you and he could accurately do so to various, ahem, body parts. Well, this one night he was giving it to Marty McSorley (not one of the most level-headed players in history) of the L.A. Kings.

Finally, Granato caught him in the, uh, especially painful and annoying area, and McSorley, who was about twice Granato’s height and weight, with an NHL suspension rap sheet to match, predictably flipped. It took both linesmen to wrestle him across the ice and into the penalty box. They finally got the door closed and McSorley grabbed the top of the glass and began shaking the entire glass and sideboards until he was finally ejected from the game. Then, on the way to the exit doors, McSorley decided to make one more attempt to get at Granato, tossing the linesmen (I think Kevin Collins was one of them) like a ragdoll in the process. Eventually all three officials got McSorley to the door, but he hugged the side of the door and they had to pry him off it before they could close it. He was still going nuts once they got him safely off the rink.

That’s not the story, though. This is: A year or two later, Granato was traded to the Kings. His wife, upon learning the news, said to him — with her eyes wide open — “You can’t go there. That man is there and he is going to kill you.”

Do we live in Bizarro World? The Devils sell out their first three home playoff games and the Yankees don’t sell out the first homestand in their brand new palace?

The Rangers will host four viewing parties tonight, with special guests and giveaways. Here are the basics, or for more you can click here. 

WHAT:   New York Rangers viewing party to watch Rangers vs. Capitals
                live coverage on MSG Network at 6:30 p.m.
WHO:       Glenn Anderson at Black Bear Bar & Grill
                Jeff Beukeboom at the Brazen Fox               
                Nick Fotiu at the Blue Moon Mexican Café
                Pete Stemkowski at Stout
WHERE:    Stout, across from Madison Square Garden: 133 West 33rd Street, New York, NY.
                Black Bear Bar & Grill:  205 Washington St, Hoboken, NJ
                The Brazen Fox: 175 Mamaroneck Ave., White Plains, NY
                Blue Moon Mexican Café: 1444 1st Ave. (corner of 75th St.) New York, NY
WHEN:   Friday, April 24, 2009 @ 6:30 p.m.

Hey, guys, if the wife/girlfriend makes you shave, why not snap a photo first and then later on you can send it as your “after” shot. You never know how the vote will go. Plus, if you entered you might as well stay in the contest for the duration.

We’ll be back with any updates that happen later, including the NHL’s awards finalists. Then a pre-game post for your commenting pleasure, as usual.


MORNING UPDATE, 11:33 A.M.: Looking to kill some time before Game 5 faceoff? Jane McManus and Ernie Palladino are doing a live video chat on the NFL draft today at noon. Access it here.

You can read their blogs, also, at: http://jets.lohudblogs.com and http://giants.lohudblogs.com. I recommend both.

NOON UPDATE, 12:03 P.M.: Every year I used to write “who cares?” instead of giving my vote or opinion on the Lady Byng Trophy candidates. Why? Because, while I appreciate sportsmanship, I don’t think you want a “gentlemanly” player on your team. Anyway, here are the NHL’s finalists for the award: Zach Parise, Martin St. Louis and Pavel Datsyuk.

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  1. I am not shaving for ANYONE!!!!!!! ANYONE I TELL YOU!!!!!!


  2. That Mcsorely deal was was one of the top five worst in Rangers history, But Mcsorely was a monster of a fighter in his career. His epic brawl against Probert may be the best fight ever. thanks forthe heads up on those viewing parties.


    The Mouth

    Ranger Crisis # 24

  3. Yeah I wish so too. Im going to miss most of the game because I have to drive out to PA – but I will be listening.

    Did you twirl the end of the ‘stache when you said that or wring your hands together? LOL

  4. Mouth, you’re right about the trade, and right about the Probert fight. Thanks for the link.

    I should have pointed this out Wednesday night or Thursday … Drury and Gomez and a bunch of the other Rangers have shaved.

  5. I’m so pissed, I have a campout tonight, and I’m going to miss tonights game and possibly sundays game. I have the DVR set for both games…but it still sucks…bad!

  6. If my girlfriend tells me to shave I tell her that that puts the jinx on the Rangers and they might get bounced from the playoffs as a result. This could lead to me being in a bad mood for the rest of the year which will result in going out to dinner ZERO times in the rest of the calendar year. This usually ends that discussion.

  7. MY beard is starting to seriously grow over the side of my face. It rules. My boss asked me to at least comb it. I’ll be at Stout, wish Buek was there! But it was a lot of fun last time. Should be fun again.

    Carp r u doing beard update shots or just before and after?

  8. My Aunt Olga’s mustache hooked up with Mara’s beard last night; chatted on the phone, seemed to really hit it off..I’m happy for the both of them. Hopefully they’ll meet face to hairy face after the playoffs..

    Torts wont allow Blind-hair dates during post season

  9. “Hey, guys, if the wife/girlfriend makes you shave…”

    Then you’re a punk.


  10. I shaved, BOOOOOOOO! The whining was unbelievable. Oh well.

    I remember Bill Goldsworthy going totally f’ing nuts in the penalty box fighting with the fans. I don’t remember if it was in Minnesota but he got so many penalties that the Rangers were shorthanded all night.

  11. How many people will be at Stout tonight? If it’s a good crowd, maybe I’ll head there for the game…the usual crew I watch with isn’t around.

    Hands up if you’re going to Stout!

  12. So here is a question. I have a student who asked me today if I would like to go to Game 6 at the Garden if there is a game 6 with him and his family. The kid is pretty annoying. Thoughts?

  13. Patrick Brennan on

    No Stout since I’m in NJ, I’ll be heading to Black Bear in Hoboken.

    Anyone going to Hoboken?

  14. Please can we cut the crap about the Jets and the Giants. This is a Rangers blog. You don’t hear me pitching all different sorts of non-Ranger stuff on the blog. Please. It’s annoying. Rangers Rangers Rangers. No football crap. No baseball crap. ANNOYING!

  15. I definitely would have gone, but my buddy is having a BBQ since the weather is nice, and then when the game comes on we are going to stick the kids with the wives and then go down in to the man cave and watch the game, shutting out the outside world.

  16. hey Brennan, did you used to play street hockey at Jefferson playground with Timmy Flatley? If you did, you know what I’m talking about. If not… nevermind!

    To all: If the woman makes you shave, kick her to the curb. THAT IS NOT LOVE! lol… The Rangers need your support and you need hers.

  17. Patrick Brennan on


    There should NOT be a game Sunday after we win tonight…. :)

    No RF, don’t even know where Jefferson playground is.

  18. Glen Anderson is a pseudo-Ranger!!! He took Mike Gartner’s spot on the ’94 Cup team!!! What, he scored 2 goals in the playoffs? He’s a Ranger alumni?? He’s a Sather sycophant so there’s no way I’m goin’ to Hoboken but definitely going to the Brazen Fox in White Plains to meet Beuk!!! He is sorely missed and loyally remembered as a Ranger!!! By the way, Carp, if the Rangers do win tonight or Sunday, will you give them props or will you do it begrudeonly, sticking to the fact that they don’t score? Or will you say that they proved you wrong and are moving on despite only scoring 7 goals (plus whatever they score tonight)?

  19. That is exactly what I said to the young chap. I said, “Son, I am going to say no.” And he said, “Really Mr. Nasty 1 Sir? Why?” And I said, “You see son, that was just a silly not very well thought out question to ask ol’ Mr. Nasty 1.” He then said, “But Mr. Nasty 1 Sir, what do you mean?” And I then finished the exchange with, “Listen son, you are young and you have a lot to learn, but there is no need to ask me to a game that won’t even be taking place. I hope you understand what I am saying, because I am not going to explain it to you. Now go get out there and play some football with the rest of your mates. Go on now.”

  20. aight, thanks for replying — used to play w/a pat brennan like 100 yrs ago, big rangers fan

    I’m thinking Avery with a Gordie Howe hat trick tonight and Antropov with the game winner — bring on da Broooons!


  21. Artie-Art — agreed. Never a fan of Anderson’s and never considered him a true Ranger. Might as well be Larry Patey in Hoboken.

    Watching at home but I’d choose Beuk or Fotiu. 2 of my all-time favorites.

    Too young to remember Stemkowski as a player but I’ve met him at MSG. Great guy.

  22. my friends will be attneding the met game tonight. so im waiout my sually people as well for nyr. i might check out stout

  23. Staal Wart – I’m going to miss tonight’s game because I’m singing, but at least I can watch the replay on MSG. Hopefully they clinch tonight because I will miss at least the third period of Sunday’s game to watch some performances at school.

  24. Last night I ate dinner at 7pm
    Then I had seconds off my beard at 8:45 courtesy of the wife telling me “You have food on your face”

    Got to love the sloppy seconds

    Wait, Carp don’t suspend me from the blog!!

    Its prett impossible to not eat or drink anything at this point wihtout having to wash my face afterwards, and I’m loving it!

    But Now I carry and Acme Comb with me wherever I go

  25. Nasty 1 – It seems like a win-win if you say yes. If there’s a game, you get to see a potential clincher. If not, then you don’t have to hang out with the annoying kid. If his family is there, hopefully he won’t be too bad.

  26. if the SJO fits on

    Bernie Williams was at Brazen Fox last Friday. That place gets mobbed on Fridays. Thinking about going just to meet Beuke. Hmmmm….Decisions , decisions…where do i go to drink for this game?

  27. Rick,

    They may have been announced as sellout but there’s no WAY the Devils games were sold out. I was at game 2 at the rock (i love playoff hockey) and the lower bowl looked more sparsely occupied than the MSG purple seats on a Tuesday in November…and it was near silent in there.

  28. Artie-Art, I will give them all props if they win this series, but even though my prediction will have been proven wrong, I think my analysis — which was pretty basic — will have been correct. They will have won despite their pathetic offense.

    But just because I picked Capitals in 6 (can’t happen, can it?) doesn’t mean I was hoping they’d lose. As I said, I picked against the Giants in every step of their Super Bowl run two years ago. As a predictor, I’ve been wrong before, and I’ll be wrong again (probably in the next round). That doesn’t mean the analysis wasn’t sound.

  29. CARP — you can’t bash Avery’s behavior and vote “Who Cares?” about the Lady Byng, too.

  30. Carp, your analysis was spot-on.

    And everyone, I need to bring it back down to earth here…hate to be a buzzkill on the day of the game, but…

    If this team continues to play the way they are, they’re not going anywhere. They will lose this series in 7, in fact.

    Having Lundqvist stand on his head is no way to try and win playoff hockey games. There are 4 or 5 guys on this team that need to step up big time and start taking the game to the Caps. Antropov, Gomez, Avery, Zherdev…hell, I’ll throw Marc Staal in there too (he’s shown an ability to transport the puck).

    Ya know, when Tom Renney was the coach, this is how the Rangers won games all the time and everyone had a huge problem with it. I thought they were supposed to turn into a skating, offensive, puck-possession team under Tortorella. I’m not seeing much of that this series. Looks more like the sit back and counter approach of Renney. And it’s a bad approach.

    I was at the game Wednesday night, and I’m sorry to sound spoiled, but it was really difficult to enjoy it. The constant onslaught by the Caps was just dreadful to watch. The Rangers looked like an AHL team out there, save for Hank.

    Like I said, the Caps might be demoralized, but this series is not over. And even if the Rangers advance, if they don’t pick up their skating and forechecking game, they’re out quickly in round 2 (as usual).

  31. reginald dunlop on

    Carpy, that was the first night with brand new glass installed…Red, who was in charge, was freaking out as McSorley tried to rip the new glass from the posts…plus the distinguished penalty box attendant who still works in the garden was making his once and only appearance in the penalty box that night…he gave up the penalty box assignment after that for the comfort and safety of the press box…and word on the street is, Marty still asks about the little guy in the corner of the penalty box and how he’s doing……ha ha ha

  32. “Glen Anderson is a pseudo-Ranger!!! He took Mike Gartner’s spot on the ‘94 Cup team!!! What, he scored 2 goals in the playoffs? He’s a Ranger alumni?? ”

    I agree. I hate that they hold him out as a former Ranger. Why not just have Brian Noonan out there while we’re at it?

    Get real. He’s not a Ranger, the same way no one remembers Gretzky as a member of the Blues.

  33. How come there aren’t any reports from practice yet? Just curious, it seemed like the other game days we would have had something to hear about by now?

    Especially with all of the bug-a-boo about Avery… TSN is making such a big deal out of whether or not Torts is going to play him… OF COURSE HE IS!!

    TSN also mentioned this morning that it’s been Lundqvist and the shut-down pairing of Staal and Girardi that has kept the big guns of Washington stymied… no mention of the fact that Rozy and Redden have had a lot of time out there against them as well.

    Let’s Go Rangers… can’t wait to get to 7:00!!


  34. speed ranger, yes I can. Because I don’t have a major problem with most of what Avery does, and I have given him full marks for being a total factor in getting them into the playoffs, for being one of the best four or so players on the team down the stretch. I have a problem when Avery gets selfish and stupid in playoff games, when he puts his team in short-handed situations for no good reason as he did in Game 4, twice. There’s a very obvious and definite line, and when he crosses it, he’s just a punk. When he straddles it, he’s a very effective and valuable player.

  35. 22Figure8 –

    Haha, well Monday was an unmitigated disaster, so I’ll give you that. My apologies.

    My point is that over the course of two games at home, where the Rangers have been a pretty good hockey team all year, they were dominated for 5 periods (they were good in the 1st period on Wednesday). That’s not a recipe for success. I know those games are behind them, but it’s hard for me to see the Rangers reversing this trend.

    The saving grace, for me, is that if they make it past Washington, then the toughest team (in my opinion) will be in their rearview mirror. But let’s cross that bridge when we get there.

  36. WOWZERS!!!!!!! HAHA, Carp just pretty much summed up Avery as a Ranger!

    Don’t make Carp angry. You wouldn’t like him when he’s angry.

  37. What a suprise on the norris finalists,again no Redden or Rosi,what a rip off,And Avery being snubbed for the lady Bing is unexcusable.

  38. Rob C
    The Rangers absolutely changed styles when Torts took over…night and day

    The games against the Caps this series does seem like a revert to the Renney days but keep this in mind

    This is the Caps with AO they’re playing

    Renny games were coached this way against the leafs and the Thrashers and the Lighening

  39. You wouldnt want guys like Wayne Gretzky, Mike Bossy, and Pavel Datsyuk on your team? They have won the Lady Byng trophy.

  40. reginald dunlop on

    obvious in the fact that you could bump into him and not even know him and hes been there almost 25 yrs….quick glimpse of him going the other direction quickly in the you tube video posted above…ha ha….

  41. Im gonna make a prediction that this board will be going nuts tomorrow about the officiating if the Rangers lose tonight…It could get really scrappy and ugly from Washington…

  42. Rob C

    You are 100% correct. This series is by no means over. Rangers need to pick up their forcheck, a lot, and play smart hockey, not like the 300 penalties they took on wednesday. Forecheck wasn’t around after period 1 on Wednesday. Hank can only stop so many. At any moment Caps could score 5-6 quickly.

    I’m not even thinking about next series yet. This series isn’t over, not even close.

  43. Hell, if I get gentlemanly guy like Parise, Datsyuk, or St.Louis on my team, I’d love a team full of gentlemen!

  44. Rob C,

    I don’t really understand your analysis. No offense, but you sound like a miserable and depressing person. Some good news, it’s supposed to be 80 and sunny this weekend. Take a walk outside, get some fresh air and enjoy the sun. Sounds like you need to get out more.

    If the Rangers looked like an AHL team, then that means the Caps got beat by an AHL team… no?

    We’ve won 3 games, not 1. So the analysis of, “if we keeping playing this way, we’ll lose in 7” really doesn’t hold much weight.

    Hockey is a complex game. There’s a lot going on out there other than Henrik standing on his head.

    Is he the reason we’re up? Sure. But, we’re not getting dominated in every facet of the game like you make it out like we are.

    This is the most offensively talented team in the NHL, point period.

    We’re doing a great job limiting second chances. Henrik is making every first save and we’re taking away second chance opportunities. Not to mention, we’re cloggin up the middle, which makes it awfully difficult to score from outside.

    Furthermore, we’ve capitalized on our chances, something we haven’t done in years. I dont care how we’re scoring, all that matters is we’re winning. At the end of the night, you only need 1 more goal than the opposition.

    I love how you say we’ll be a quick out in round 2. I’d argue that this is the toughest team we’ll face along the way; reason why all the “experts” picked them to go to the finals.

    We’ll be able to get a more sustained forecheck going when we don’t have to play such a defensive minded game against the threat of a prolific offense. If anything, we’ll probably possess the puck significantly more against any other team in the East.

    In summary, try taking a half glass full approach; if you can’t enjoy the weather, I recommend making a trip to the Rub & Tug to relieve some stress….

  45. I don’t know why I am bringing this up, or why it even matters to anyone, but I hate the opening to the Boomer Esiason show. I hate everything, even down to the music. I like the show though.

  46. Carp, any word on the BlackBerry friendly version of this blog? Just curious
    Nasty 1


    Only if your BlackBerry can grow a beard

  47. Rob C, I agree with Brandon.

    I will add: You have your head in your rectum.

    Game 3 looked like Renney’s team. We sat around, waited for the Caps, and were lethargic with no hitting. It was over in the first after Cally hit the post.

    In the other games (the ones we won…you know, 3 out of the last 4) we were hitting, taking it to them, pressing their D for turnovers, and being aggressive. Did Lundy stand on his head? Sure.

    “Having Lundy stand on his head is no way to win hockey games?” With that statement you either show your ignorance or your stupidity, I am not sure which. See Cam Ward and the Canes. See Johan Hedberg and the Ducks. See MAF last year against us in Round 2. A hot goalie can carry a team a LONG LONG way.

    Is that really the way I want it? No. But I will take it. Torts is a smart guy and knows how to get all that he can out of his team.

    Let’s face it, the Caps have more skill than the Rangers. That is why it is hard for them to be a puck possession team against guys like OV, Semen, Backstrom, Nylander, etc. But they don’t have heart (too Euro) and they don’t have a better goalie. I like our chances.

    And BTW, when we had Renney-style there were plenty of games where we lost because of a few bounces this way or that way despite playing good hockey. When you play aggressive, attacking hockey, you get more bounces (see Drury’s goal, see Mara’s goal).

    So Rob C, drink a beer, smoke a Dubi, or go play in traffic. I don’t care which but stop with the negativity…you’re killing my Rangers buzz.

  48. OK, here goes again :
    If we win tonight I will stop making fun of how Carp’s wife dresses him & I will definitely stop trying to take a peek under Jane’s skirt. PROMISE………..

  49. The ducks got significantly out shot in the first 3 games of there series and no mention of this meaning they shoud not be up in the series.

    NJ gave up I think 19 and 18 shots the last 2 periods last night, but no harping that they were outplayed badly.

    WHy are the Rangers victories less deserved???Really anyone in there right mind think the Rangers could open it up against the Caps????THe rangers had the 27th best offense during the regular season…

    Before last night Osgood had a 960 + save %, were they winning solely because of the goalie?

    My only point is why do the rangers never get any credit???Obviously the Caps have more talent but the Rangers are giving them more then a good contest so far….

    Dubi and Cally have played very well in this series…Dubi is 22 yrs old………….

  50. Brandon,

    It’s weird because normally I’m an optimist when it comes to the Rangers. But I just hate the way they’re approaching these games.

    Yes, they really have been great defensively. They’ve blocked shots, limited second chances, got in passing lanes. I agree with all of that. And I know how complex a game hockey can be. Like I said, I’m usually an optimist about this stuff, but it’s hard to ignore how thoroughly the Rangers were dominated on Wednesday.

    I think they’re capable of playing better and I hope they do tonight.

    Also, I totally agree 100% that Washington is the best offensive team they’ll face all playoffs. I keep telling myself that if they can get past this series, I really love the rest of the potential matchups. But they need to win this one first against an incredibly desperate and talented team. Won’t be easy, and it won’t happen if Washington continues to domiante like they have.

  51. “he was still going nuts…”


    That was great Carp… intentional or not.

  52. Unemployed Steve on

    Brennan – you are gong to Hoboken from Brick to watch the game? There are some fans down here….I know it won’t be as rowdy and most places will have baseball on.

  53. stuart, good points. everybody is making a big deal of the shots (149-99). but you have to remember that the Caps shoot from everywhere all the time. And part of the disparity is that the Rangers don’t have offensive weapons, don’t transport the puck well, have a pitiful power play.

    That said, Lundqvist is the MVP of this series, and if you watched Game 4 you saw long stretches where the Caps absolutely dominated (Game 3, too), and you didn’t need to look at the shots-on-goal to know it.

    Now I have to go mow the lawn. Carp is getting upset!

  54. who’d win in a fight…

    maras beard or quennvilles ‘stache!?

    Thanks to Andy and CCCP for the t shirt ideas! It seems you can create your OWN shirts with this company, but I am sure we couldnt use any kind of logo ( either team name or logo, or uniform logo) because that would infringe on copyrights. I’m guessing using “Mara’s Beard” would be ok since his name isnt trademarked or copyrighted, and they DID make the Avery Rules shirt!

  55. Come on, please tell me the Boomer show’s music bothers someone else too?

    It gives me this really stupid feeling when I hear it.

  56. Patrick Brennan on

    Unemployed Steve…I live in Brick but work in Raritan Center, so i’m basically half way there and would rather go to Hoboken to watch it where I know I can also HEAR it rather than listen to bad bar music or baseball sound while trying to watch the rangers.

    Should be a fun night!

  57. I didn’t even know Boomer had a show. No clue on the Blackberry thing. I’m leaving that up to Jane.

    Good point, that there may/will be baseball on in these bars because the Yankees are in Boston tonight. So beware.

  58. If I were a complainer about these games and why we’re winning them and shouldn’t be… I’d be more worried about how the Caps defense is limiting us to so few shots/goals, with a rookie goaltender in there.

    Sure Washington is an offensive juggernaught… we’re doing a great job shutting them down… but they’re doing the same to us with very little in the way of defensive talent.

    THAT, concerns me.

  59. The devils haven’t sold anything out. I know for a fact that a friend of mine who runs a sports facility in nj was given 300 tickets for each game to distribute thru his youth leagues. I’m sure this practice is in place at most facilities that the devils associate with

  60. I should add that I understand their Defense ias their offense controlling the puck.

    It just strikes me as scary that we we’ve scored so little in this series with the rookie in goal.

  61. Here’s what we need tonight. We need to do every thing exactly like we did on Wednesday.
    That means:
    Beth – watch the game !
    Sally – get a date !
    No Country 4 Old Rangers – quit your job !

  62. Patrick Brennan on

    Unemployed – You from Brick? I’ve been looking for a good sports bar down there for a long time ever since MVP’s closed down in Aberdeen a long time ago!

  63. Carp the rangers have to play a defensive game because there cannot even set up on the PP…

    I would like them to just call no penatlies and the rangers would be better off at 5 on 5 the whole game….

    The caps are offensively much more dynamic and dangerous but I wonder what the shot differential is if you eliminate both teams PP?????

    One PP in the 3rd the caps had the puck in the zone down low for the whole 2 minutes have the rangers done that this year on the PP??

    Obviously Henrik has been the best player on the ice, all I am saying is that usually is the case when your team wins.

    game 4 philly/pitt, pitt won, philly out shot them by about 18 shots..Look at the stats for the year rangers had one of the best shot differentials in the league!!!!!!!!Detroit had the best.. The better performing teams should have the shot differential but that did not hold true for the rangers during the regular season.. Look at the shot differential of the ranges vs Panthers, rangers was much much better, they finished with I think 3 more points then the Panthers….

  64. goalies have been stealing playoff series forever.

    roy stole the series agaisnt the kings for the canadiens when they won like 3 OT games.

  65. Defense wins in the playoffs.. detroit scored 6 last night but almost every game is 3 goals or less.

    look at the NJ series…

    the problem is a injured drury and zheredev not doing anything and a feeble offense is even worse then usual.

  66. Unemployed Steve on

    Brennan – Yes I am. I don’t know of any good sports bars down here. The bars are all the same, a bunch of TV’s and like you said bad music being played.

  67. Thanks Carp.

    Jane, do you know of any news regarding a BlackBerry friendly lohud site?

  68. ZzZz 13 ZzZz where are you!!??? says Greg L. on

    R-R-R-Rangers!!!!!!!!!!! today is the day !! No pulling Pittsburgh tonight!!!

  69. gardenfaithfulinfla on

    April 24th, 2009 at 12:57 pm
    Only if your BlackBerry can grow a beard

    Wouldn’t that be a Blackbeardy.

  70. Missing “The Dead” tonight to see this game I think. Will go tomorrow though… it’s @ MSG anyone got ne tix?

  71. Well folks, I am off to Friday assembly. Enjoy this beautiful day and let’s hope for a HUGE win tonight.

    LET’S GO RANGERS!!!!!!!!!!!

  72. Carp, you don’t want a gentlemanly player on your team? So you never wanted Graves or Leetch to be Rangers?

    U can argue Graves was no gentleman on the ice, but Leetch certainly was

  73. Rob C.
    the game was so hard to watch on Wednesday that I had to get up and watch it again Thursday morning…
    I’m not disagreeing with your observations on the Rangers play, but I had to see Hank make those saves again.

  74. gardenfaithfulinfla
    April 24th, 2009 at 1:54 pm
    April 24th, 2009 at 12:57 pm
    Only if your BlackBerry can grow a beard

    Wouldn’t that be a Blackbeardy.


    You’ve been waiting all day to do that haven’t you?

  75. Patrick Brennan on

    Steve-I tried Mulligans last year only to be standing in a corner with a few other ranger fans watching a game with of course music background so it sucked! Intermission i went home and watched!

    I wanna try out the new one on hooper..that new pizze place thats a sports bar too

  76. Riche’ It’s not the caps defense limiting the Ranger’s offense it’s their offense. The caps have been stealing the
    pucks the defense has been has been coughing up inside their own blueline. If the Ranger’s complete better breakout passes and quit trying to skate it out I think they will perform much better. I hate to look past the caps but the Bruin’s defense will be much stronger than the caps. By the same token the Bruin’s offense will look much tamer.

  77. Oh man, you can take NOTHING away from Hank. I honestly stood up and cheered as if the Rangers had scored when he made the glove save in the second period. He played about as well as Richter ever did when he was at the top of his game. That was special to watch.

  78. Steve and Riche
    If goaltending is the most important position I’m beginning to think that a puck rushing/first pass defender is the second most!

    We know the Rangers do’nt have one and they suffer badly for it

    Watch the Sharks and redwings and even the Pens and see how they have a push that begins from the rear…almost as if the forecheck press starts with their dee-men

    No matter what Torts has done to improve our forecheck..and it has worked…we still don’t get that…thats the biggest disappointment about Redden…screw his defense…he was always iffy there…its that “Press” that he isnt leading


    enough complaining

    Lets go Hank! I mean Rangers!!!

  79. Unemployed Steve on

    Brennan – I have not been to Mulligans and do not know the new place you are talking about. I am on the Pt. border so I don’t go to the other side of town much to go to bars. Usually I watch at home.

  80. Because I am clearly crazy I’m on 95 right now driving to the Verizon center. How can I say no to game 5? I’m shocked there were still good seats available! I’ll represent for all who are not as crazy to make the drive. GO RANGERS!!!

  81. Unemployed Steve on

    Erin, when you get there find the fan with the horn that starts the Let’s go Caps chants and break it…lol

  82. Patrick Brennan on

    Shove that stupid annoying air horn up any of his available orifices! Your choice!

  83. Carp, your analysis was right on about the feable O-fence, under both coaches no less, which actually backs up what you’ve said from when you took over this blog. Our team is made up of 2nd and 3rd line offensive players and asking them to compete with top nothc scorers is impossible to ask. But, when playoff hockey starts, and I don’t care what era it is, D fence and a hot goalie are much more prominent and important than having AO or Crosby or Richards or whoever on your first line!!! It’d be great to have them, but their talent is more on display during the 82 game season than in the 2nd season. Unless ur name is Jagr and then you save your energy for the 2nd season!!

  84. I’m on it!! I hope he’s sitting next to us. I’m thinking there will be quite a few other rangers fans there to get my back.

  85. hey Carp

    I got a quick question for you. Do the Rangers players know about our fan blog “Beard Contest?”
    And does Mara know that “Mara’s Beard” is already a living legend? Thank you.

  86. I love it!!!

    Pavel Datsyuk steam rolled around 6 of my Blue Jax this past 4 game sweep….

    The guy does it all and is never mentioned along with the igilnas and Crosby-Malkin-AO’s….

    But Lady Byng is just about penalty minutes; not opening car doors (trunks not included) for a woman…so…in theory if Sean Avery took no penalty minutes but scored with 13 women and called 14 sloppy seconds he could win the Lady Byng

  87. Are these viewing parties worth it or are they too crowded? I am thinking of rolling to Stout.

  88. Patrick Brennan on

    ok I’m out and heading to Hoboken in a few hours….

    Anyone coming to Black Bear come up and say hi and buy me a beer!
    I’ll be in the new lundy jersey with hat and beard!

  89. JRG-

    stout will be rocking and rolling but will probably be jammed…..

    bluemoon is a good old fashion bar-one of the few hockey bars left-they have about 6-8 tvs and trust me the only thing on will be rangers caps-there will be no baseball on there…..tvs are not that best-they still have some old non flat tvs kinda like the luxury boxes in the garden but


  90. Thanks Seth! I have been to both places I could walk to Blue Moon from my apt. but the guys I am meeting are from midtown and NJ so i figure Stout is the better option.

  91. No Country For Old Rangers on

    It’s a beautiful morning in California friends

    I can’t wait to see the look on Ovechkin’s face right before the ceremonial handshake!

    Thanks for the update doodie.

    Tony, I’m off today so hopefully that doesnt throw off the mojo

    Carp likes spicy chicken

  92. JRG-

    ENJOY, ill be focused on my couch!!!! slam a fewe newcastle’s….i drank smithwicks at the garden monday….moved over to newcastle at the garden wednesday…newcastle tonight, 940 SWEET CAROLINE BLASTING IN THE APARTMENT


  93. No Country For Old Rangers on

    Only in America does a meaningless regular season baseball game take precedent over a potential series clinching nhl playoff game.

  94. So WE WIN TONIGHT, Does the team give the “Stick Salute” before or after the hand shake? And who does the center ice chest bump with Avery?

  95. Pete, fair point … i think I’d take Leetch or TGO on my team (and no, Graves was not a gentlemanly player). I guess what I’m saying is they reward guys for not being very rugged, and I don’t care about an award for, basically what it comes down to, fewest penalty minutes by a good player. Let’s put it another way, how much better would Gretzky or Leetch have been if they had a mean streak or could fight?

    Artie, I agree about that. But 1, 0, 2 isn’t enough in the long run. Hank (and any top goalie) will win games like that in the playoffs, but it’s going to be hard to win 16 that way, if not impossible.

    CCCP, I was thinking of printing out all the Mara’s beard comments during Game 4 and letting him read them. I’m sure he’d get a kick out of it. Problem is, during the playoffs, it’s rare when you get a few moments with a guy alone with all the media swarming.

  96. ZzZz 13 ZzZz where are you!!??? says Greg L. on

    Alrighttt , hockey season!!! Why does it feel like hockey season….?? were still playing hockey and it is SNOWING!!!!

    Snow is a falling right now!! hockey and snow …awsome!!

  97. Snow?? Good God. I just mowed my lawn. I feel like it’s 90 degrees.

    Maybe we should get out the Festivus Pole. It has a very high strength-to-weight ratio and it requires no decorating.

  98. Paul Mara's beard~(formerly I miss the 78-79 Rangers) on

    I wonder what the league would say if Avery did the Brodeur stick attack to the boards. He’d most likely be put back in anger management.

    Yet, no one says a word against the ‘greatest goalie to ever lace up the big pads’.

  99. Paul Mara's beard~(formerly I miss the 78-79 Rangers) on

    ZzZz 13 ZzZz where are you!!??? says Greg L. April 24th, 2009 at 3:21 pm

    Alrighttt , hockey season!!! Why does it feel like hockey season….?? were still playing hockey and it is SNOWING!!!!

    Snow is a falling right now!! hockey and snow …awsome!!

    Greg, you lucky dog. It’s 83 degrees here and I hate it. I miss winter already – yes, I’m serious.

  100. Paul Mara's beard~(formerly I miss the 78-79 Rangers) on

    Drury stinks. I want him off the team. Buyout his contract as soon as possible.

    **Reverse jinxing here.

  101. Patrick Brennan – if you feel like driving to Toms River you can go to the Spot.. It’s on Route 9 smallish bar but if you can get there and get a table all the tables have TVs and you can watch the game

  102. “Yet, no one says a word against the ‘greatest goalie to ever lace up the big pads’.”

    Ug, reading that makes me ill.

  103. Paul mara’s beard

    reverse jinx

    I hate Jagr and Lecavlier and I hope they dont play with the 2009-10 Rangers, who trade Redden and send Rozi to KHL…and bring back yours truly for 1 more run!

  104. Carp – the worst radio team in baseball??? They make listening to a Yanks game on the radio incredibly boring I think..

  105. No Country For Old Rangers on

    Yeah Rob C, ESPN and Mr. Bettman are both to blame. As are many dumb Americans who need to see points scored every 20 seconds in order for a sporting event to hold their interest

  106. Carp
    Since none of us can get as close to the team as you…anything you can do to let the team know aboot our crazy love and support for the them would be great!

    The print out after game four would be legendary! They should hang it up in the Rangers locker room to raise the spirit of the team! Also, do you think it’s possible to take a good picture of Mara’s beard for T-shirt prints? (I hope I’m not asking too much)

  107. I heard the radio giving final scores this morning for babseball….12-8, 10-5 etc etc…without flinching this announcer rolled off these beer league scores

    what happened to this frickin game?
    10 runs used to make me run to look at the boxscore now? screw it..it happens 6 times a day

    Jim Bouton and Bill Lee are both involved with a “Vintage Babseball” league…they play with like 1800’s rules..no gloves, no swearing, dead ball, umpires dress in white…supposedly they tour the country playing games…I’m gonna check it out one day

  108. Rick – I’ve heard/read a couple of TSN people refer to an incident in which Avery reportedly squirted Ray Ferraro with water. Yet, I haven’t heard anything about it from the NY writers. I would love to see this addressed.

  109. Steve,

    That’s exactly what I was saying in my post at 1:29pm

    I understand that the Caps offense is controlling the game… I’m still just concerned about when we do get the puck how little we do with it.

  110. moses, I hadn’t heard that. I did see Ferraro at the game. I Googled it. Nothing. Where did you see/hear that?

    CCCP, that might be taking it a bit far … and then there’s the danger that he doesn’t want those shirts made without his permission and all of a sudden there’s a lawsuit.

    I do know that plenty of people who work for the team read the blog regularly.

  111. Rick – Here’s a link to the TSN blog item mentioning the incident: http://www.tsn.ca/blogs/darren_dreger/?id=276110

    The other mention I heard was during an interview between Scott Laughlin and Pierre McGuire on the morning show on XM radio yesterday morning.

    I guess you can’t go about asking Avery about it, now can you?

  112. Did you guys see this:


    Adam Graves is even in on it… yes the real Graves.

    I had a good one going two years ago… I wish I could do it this yr. but with work and all I couldn’t. Whah!

  113. Darren Dreger from early this year

    “I think Sydney Crosby’s scoring problems have to do with the shape of his blade, he really should switch to a curved blade”

    Darren Dreger recently after the new coach has a great run

    “Obviously the way Therrien was coaching this year was holding back the big two, since Dan Bylsma has taken over, and removed the Reigns the Pens are playing an uptempo agressive game again”

  114. “Nobody’s going to believe it, but, you know, I like to go to our fan club message boards,” Ovechkin said after the Capitals’ practice Thursday afternoon at Kettler Capitals Iceplex in Arlington, Va. “They say, ‘OK, like, what’s next?’ ‘What do we have to do?’ ‘Trade him.’ ‘Build new team.’ It’s kind of an interesting situation.”

  115. You know, Bruce Boudreau...President of the Lundqvist Fan Club on

    “Their goalie is playing a little bit out of his head, and I don’t even know if it’s out of his head — it’s normal for him,” Caps coach Bruce Boudreau said. “It’s the way he plays.”

  116. ZzZz 13 ZzZz where are you!!??? says Greg L. on

    Go Rangers!!!! Yeah snow Mr Maras’s beard , dont be jelous , snow sucks!!! It’s almost hit the freezing point aroung here and tonight it will go to – 2 celcious.

    Carps mowing his lawn and I’m catching snow flakes off my tounge!! What a world we live in!!! I was so hot a few days ago ..now the weather turns to this!!?? No wonder im crazy!!


  117. noonan — I’m seeing the Dead at izod on wednesday, had prior commitment for tomorrow night so cant do MSG

    maybe they’ll open with Feel Like a Ranger err… Stranger!

  118. moses, thanks. I’ll post that link on the game thread.

    Matteaunov, push/propelled mower. No rider.

    CCCP, you know what they say about lawyers: 99 percent of them give all the rest a bad name (just kidding … my brother’s a lawyer).

    Miami, I must have missed it … could you define your use of “bush league?” thanks. I mean, I know what bush league means, but I don’t get the way you use it as a verb.

    noonan, watch out for those mushrooms.

  119. I’m not sure why everyone thinks Washington is a scarier matchup than Boston. Boston was 2nd in goals scored and 1st in goals allowed. They can score when they want to. They trap and make it very difficult to score. It’ll be an incredibly hard series, much harder than this one. Also much tougher to watch, too.

  120. No problem, Carp. By the way, never mentioned this, but I am a proud owner of one of the most “nightmarish” books ever written. (Hint: It is set on 33rd St, Circa 2000). Good stuff.

  121. Even though I like the Devils more I still like both teams (I hate the Islanders though) I think the Rangers will take this series 100%. There is no reason to really watch anymore!! What the capitals are going to win 3 in a row? Yeah right! We have this one in the bag.
    As for the Devils.. if marty plays the way he played last night they will win the Stanley Cup.. Of course Hank has been unbelievable but the Devils are obviously so much deeper.I mean their 4th and 3rd line centers had better seasons then The rangers top two centers! one of which is David Clarkson who our top line wing ( Avery) called a bone headed minor leager. too bad clarkson had more points this year then avery has ever had. Anyways Go Rangers tonight and until the conference finals!

  122. nice, RangerFan. I heard there was false demand for tonight’s show so tickets will be going for a little over $25 in the lot if you get there early. Stuck at work though.. :(

    Hope to get an unobstructed seat for -$100 for tomorrow.

  123. The only reason the the Devil’s filled up their arena is because they gave away the unsold tickets to all of the kid’s street hockey leagues around NJ. They may count them as sold, but they are not. They give the town leagues blocks of tickets to give to the players for free. It’s nice, but it is done to fill up the arena.

  124. Hey guys, my friend and I want to drive to White Plains to meet Beuk. Anyone know how long they are staying for? Or they just leaving as they please?

  125. RICK –

    I must admit I slowly but surely turned it into a verb …

    Def: To turn in a performance that is low par in comparison to what one is capable of

  126. Joe T. While I am a Devils and a Rangers fan I think it is so stupid how the only thing the rangers fans can say about the devils is their lack of fans. The rangers play in NEW YORK CITY and are an ORIGINAL 6 team. People in New Jersey grew up Rangers fans so what are they going to do? Switch? The Devils have made the playoffs 12 years in a row and have 3 Stanley cups since the rangers last won a cup. I am envious of their winning. It is pathetic that our only comeback is we have more fans. Wooopty Do!

  127. A local fan:
    “The Devils have made the playoffs 12 years in a row and have 3 Stanley cups since the rangers last won a cup”

    It’s too bad nobody cares….

  128. Matteaunov,

    Exactly my point. Us ranger fans dont seem to care about winning. We care that we have more fans. Since I am a bigger devil fan then Ranger fan that is ok… I personally just like winning and have Marty there for us. All-time winingest goalie. The king will get close one day but he has to play better during the regular season. All three devils goals had better Goals Against Averages and Save Percentages. Go Rangers until the Conference Finals!

  129. I can’t wait for tonight! We are going into Washington and we are going to rock the Caps in their house and move onto round 2. Another thousand posts tonight right guys? Haha, I will be here.

    Let’s go Rangers!!!

  130. Unemployed Steve on

    If a Stanley Cup is won in the Prudential Center (or Continetal Arena, or Brendan Byrne arena) but nobody is there to see it is it really a Stanley Cup win???

  131. Matteauonov and Unemployed Steve. I am a rangers and a devils fan. But who cares if the rangers have more fans. I guess nobody saw it so the devils really didnt win the cup. Steve maybe your stupidity is why you are Unemployed. This is a great arguement that i started. All Ranger fans care about is that they have fans. Devil fans (although there really arent to many) want to win. but i guess we didnt win those three stanley’s. But why are we arguing. I love the Rangers.. Just the devils a tad more.GO RANGERS until the Conference Finals!

  132. A local fan is your typical Devils fan masquerading as a Rangers ‘fan’ as well in order to get in a few positive nuggets about the Devils without looking like a homer. I’ve seen them many times.

  133. Debbies won 2 and a half Stanley Cups you can not count 1995 since it was only half of a season

  134. Happy Festivus Carp. I’m gonna try to brave the Fox if only for a quick glimpse of Beuks….I imagine it will be a tad, um, lively there. Hey Jive, give a shout out….

    Tonight is gonna be great or a killer. Let’s send positive vibes huh?

    Hey Carp, sure don’t miss work but looking forward to getting back for the next Report. Whee! Let’s go Rangers!

  135. Johnny LaRue on

    My kids’ school sends out emails all the time saying that they are giving away Devils tickets.

    Are they going to pay for my parking, gas and food? So these tickets are going to cost me like a hundred bucks to use. This is a bill for a hundred dollars.

  136. I don’t get it. How can you be a Rangers and Devils fan? That seems genetically impossible.

  137. I don’t know how anyone likes Chico Resch, he has got to be the biggest Brodeur groupie I’ve ever seen

  138. A local fan

    “This is a great arguement that i started.”

    sure…if you don’t pet yourself on the back no one will.

    “All Ranger fans care about is that they have fans. Devil fans (although there really arent to many) want to win.”

    Hey kiddo, what gives you that impression? Ask any Rangers fan anywhere… but lets not go too far…ask anyone here on the blog what we care about the most… and you’ll get a very educated answer. So please keep your “I am Rangers fan but Devils tickle my pickle more” crap for your buddies in Newark. Stay in school kid.

  139. Hi guys my name’s Matt, i’m a yankees and red sox fan, giants and cowboys fan, Rangers and devils fan, and a Knicks and celtics fan.

    Seriously though, it’s physically impossible to be on both sides of a rivalry. Your either neutral and don’t give a crap, or you pick a side. There’s no both.

  140. Are there no Debbi blogs? I mean do you have to come here?
    Your like serving 2 masters by liking both teams…
    I serve only the Rangers…
    F*** the Debbies!

  141. ZzZz 13 ZzZz where are you!!??? says Greg L. on

    Im a Ranger fan and Rangers only …my province has no NHL team and I have adopted the Rangers the day Messier signed on!!!

  142. Get back to this side of the river….Let’s Go Rangers. I’m outta here, off to grab a seat (ha) at the Beuk party. Carp, I think you break a grand in posts before the puck drops.

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