Game 5: Handshake time?


John Tortorella wouldn’t say today what his lineup tonight will be. But it’s crazy to think he might sit Sean Avery, isn’t it?

He won’t. Or, I’ll be shocked if he does.

Thanks to reader “mosesjd”  who notified us of this alleged minor incident between Sean Avery and Ray Ferraro, who was working Game 4 for Canadian TV.

According to the story, Tortorella was ticked at Avery for that squirt, and he obviously wasn’t happy with Avery in the final 10 minutes of the game.

Whatever. I’m sure it will be the same lineup tonight, including Paul Mara’s beard.

I “borrowed” this from Steve Zipay’s blog … and I say “borrowed” because a few days ago Zipay wrote about blog-authors who straight-out steal stuff from other blogs and don’t give credit. Zip and I had a good laugh over it the other night. He wasn’t talking about me or Jane.

But he wrote this in his blog today, Tortorella talking about Nik Zherdev:

Another player trying to stay out of Torts’ Chateau Bow-Wow, Nik Zherdev, made a rare appearance at today’s optional. Zherdev played less than seven minutes in Game 4. “With Nik, I’m not gonna get into being critical of him in this venue, but some of it has to do with what we did with the lines, too,” said Tortorella. “I changed the lines around, some guys fell out of the mix. I thought Zherdev, early in that game, skated pretty well. He’s one of the most talented guys we have, we need him to score a goal in this series if we want to win it or keep competing in it, so he’s gonna be back out there, I don’t know what the lines are gonna be as the game starts.” (Aside: Why not Antropov and Zherdev together to get Z going? They seem to have some kinship. Probably worried about defense.)

While waiting for the puck drop here’s something to read: had this nice story about how Brian Leetch still looks up to his younger brother, Eric, an Army captain.

Jane and I will be stopping in at the best seats in the house, the comments section, during the game tonight. Enjoy, and behave.

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  1. Yay, I’m never first! But I am gone….thanks for telling the world about the Fox tonight….:) see ya post game, happy, I hope.

  2. Gomez comes out of his shell and gets the OT Winner. Avery adds a goal and an assist with Dubinsky scoring the other goal. 3 to 2 with the Rangers winning a close one and Henrik stealing the game with 41 shots and 2 acrobatic saves on Ovechkin.

  3. I’m pumped! It’s only the first round and I’ve got knots in my gut.


    I hope the Mara’s beard doesn’t get called for a too many men penalty.

  4. I believe mara’s beard would be called for being “too manly for men” as opposed to too many men

  5. LGR!!!!

    No way Avery sits. Though, if the game is close in the 3rd, don’t expect to see him on the ice too much.

    Who’s going to Stout? I’m leaving soon.

  6. ZzZz 13 ZzZz where are you!!??? says Greg L. on

    Alright!!!! NICK KYPREOS!!! You tell ’em man , Good ol Nick sure was fired up about the dummies saying to sit out Avery!! Avery in our line up is needed and ya don’t teach a guy a lesson in the playoffs when yer up 3 -1 …NOWAY!!! Avery plays and we just keep this ball a rollin!!

  7. I think if we can withstand the initial push from the caps, the crowd will quiet down and we can sneak one or two in as they start squeezing their sticks a little more…

    If avery can just skate hard and skate away from crowds after the whistle he can be key.

  8. ZzZz 13 ZzZz where are you!!??? says Greg L. on


    H E L L Y E A H !!!!!!

    Rangerssssssssss kick the living S**T outta these punks!!!
    Been pritty busy today , time to relax , hey wait I never saw “the mouth” latest crisis!! be right back…btw good vids Mouth!!

  9. ZzZz 13 ZzZz where are you!!??? says Greg L. on

    Rangers , RAAAAAANGERS!! woooowhooooooooooo!!!! Jingle bells …jingle bells…

  10. I’m stoked and I’m wearing my same exact Rangers pajamas as I was wearing the other night. Let’s hope they bring luck!

  11. ZzZz 13 ZzZz where are you!!??? says Greg L. on

    Rags???!! yo Sepemous …better watch that saying ’round here. Last guy who used “rags” was acused of being a low life Devils fan.

  12. weather the storm the first 10 mins. need to be tied or ahead after 1. toughest win is the 4th. please god make it happen

  13. Huge game tonight, as per usual in a road playoff game the first ten minutes will be crucial for Henrik and the Rangers.

  14. ZzZz 13 ZzZz where are you!!??? says Greg L. on

    yeah , the mouth does good stuff , he flaps alot on his crises show but seems a lil quiet on here. Maybe his fingers can’t type as fast as he can talk?

  15. ZzZz 13 ZzZz where are you!!??? says Greg L. on

    ORR , are you in that beard contest? I’m wondering if that one guy is you…

    I owe you guys a “trip report” from my attending the Ranger game the other night. You won’t believe what a great time the wife and I had. the Garden and the crew are simply the best.
    But for now, let’s concentrate on THIS game. LET’S Go RANGERS.
    Dubi will be the man tonight

  17. wrong move. he is in the head of the caps. mike green for one is off his game. this could come back and backfire for series

  18. I can understand if they had someone other than Voros, but is Voros playing 5 minutes a night better than Avery playing 5 minutes a night?

  19. I understand trying to send a message but Voros and Orr will not combine for 10 minutes of ice time, what is the point of this? You can bench Avery for a period if you want him to know you mean business.

  20. We’re up 3-1 so despite those penalties, having him in the lineup is clearly working…Voros=disaster….at least it will bump the ice time of Korpi and Sjo

  21. Voros will have to step it up. Maybe this will be his time to be like he was when he first started

  22. Mike D.

    Who cares how many points hews got. As long as he does what he does best… annoy the fck out of opponent. I don’t even know what to think here… Drury is hurt… Avery is out…Voros is in… I think my beard just went gray.

  23. I’m really torn on sitting Avery. I think I would feel its the right move if it weren’t for the fact that Voros is a PENALTY MACHINE himself!

    At least with Avery you get his skill to go along with it. I’m going to break my TV when Voros takes the penalty that allows the Caps game-winning goal tonight.

  24. dumb move because the second penalty was as much Torts fault for putting him out there in the first place in a defensive situation with 3 mins left

    Voros sux.

    I like Torts, I hate renney, but this is not smart. you play Avery, but reduce his ice time until he re-earns some trust, and make the point without putting a lesser player like Voros in there.

  25. as some of you are aware i am not the biggest fan of avery and obviously his penalties in game 4 were awful but i think this is a bit too aggressive of a statement here by torts….he did indeed take the penalties but we were able to kill them off and now we are basically going with 9 forwards, an injured drury and two guys in voros and orr who wont play more then 6-8 minutes….hopefully dubi/callahan/sjostrom/korpedo got their rest in because they are going be out there a whole bunch

    not second guessing, not playing monday am QB this is not a wise move here……

    Avery could go a-wall now….i mean if we win what happens? if we lose what happens?

  26. Maybe Voros will chip one in tonight and Avery will remain out of the lineup for the remainder of the playoffs. Then we could hopefully get rid of him over the summer.

  27. lol…..avery to sit game 5?

    guess you really don’t have a clue carp


    what a comlete joke

    if this is torts answer, something has to give.

    strap his ass to the bench, right beside Orr, but don’t cut off your nose to spite your face…BAD MOVE if Avery doesn’t play.

  28. Let’s not play Saturday night Quarterback with Torts. Let’s see what happens with the move he made. Hopefully we will not have to play Monday night Quarterback.

  29. I like the message Torts is sending here by benching Avery, but I’m just worried about his replacement. Voros is known for taking bad penalties and he certainly doesn’t have much skill or speed.

  30. Thinking about this further . . .

    It is a great move if Avery really learns a lesson from sitting. If he comes back, and is less of a liability going forward this will have been worth it. I think Torts is taking the long view here… win or lose tonight, the Rangers aren’t going anywhere in these playoffs without an effective Avery who is not taking stupid penalities. This is Torts’ chance to get that message through to him.

  31. This One Will Last A Lifetime on

    Where is this “Avery Out Voros In” news coming from?
    Not a good place to make a bad joke. But if its true, wow another bold move by Coach T.

    I personally always seem to be on the exact same page as Coach. Zherdev needs to score for the Rangers to win consistently. Great, out of this world, goaltending will win some games. Role players chipping in from time to time will win some games. But Zherdev is our best goal scorer and we need him. He also needs to play better to stay in the lineup. I agree with Coach.


    Rangers are up 3-1, and can play much better than they have.
    (especially offensively and the PP)
    Caps are down 3-1 and can’t play much better, and can’t keep playing their top 2 players 30 minutes (29 and change) and their next best 3 forwards 23-24 minutes per game. It will catch up with them. Maybe tonight. Maybe tonight they look tired and burnt out. As you know, my glass is always half full.

  32. Sundin's Ghost on

    I’m more impressed with Tortorella right now than I have been with any Ranger coach since Keenan. These are the hard, unpopular, but necessary decisions that a championship coach makes.

    Way to go Torts!!

  33. see u all sunday at the garden. 4-1 caps. voros will play 6 min tonight with 1 penalty miminum.

  34. torts is really benching avery? that is just absurd. i realize he’s pissed about the last 10 minutes of wednesday’s game but benching him is ridiculous. the guy’s a spark plug. he makes this team go.

  35. I think Torts is more concerned with not coming across like a push-over, there’s no way he believes that Voros will provide more than Avery in any part of the game: skating, energy, and points.

    Maybe Torts is upset that Avery squirted his TSN buddy Ray Ferraro with the water bottle.

  36. this is for you orr- what would you rather have, megan fox as your girlfriend, or the rangers winning the cup?

  37. ZzZz 13 ZzZz where are you!!??? says Greg L. on

    Avery responded to Torts with Torts so called saying ” Wrong Answer!” so Avery was benched.

  38. ZzZz 13 ZzZz where are you!!??? says Greg L. on

    Torts is so Tough , he scratches Avery and forces Paul Mar’s beard to “shave it!!!” all in one day.

  39. Sundin's Ghost on

    “he makes this team go.”

    Haha! He has one goal in 17 games on the first line! Where do some of you come up with this stuff?

  40. Sundin IS a Ghost on

    Green, Pothier, Erskine, Varlamov, Semin etc all just got about 6 inches taller and more focused thanks to this dumb move.

    it is not punishing Avery, it is rewarding the Caps.

  41. Tortorella will have a short shelf life in NY if he does in fact bench Avery for Voros and pulls that stuff continually …

  42. HOLY CRAP!!!!

    I cant believe it. It takes some set of cojones to do that. But AGAIN my issue is if you sit Avery & Zherdev for said reasons. Why not sit Gomez, Drury & Redden????

    Like everyone on here knows. Voros is very guilty for taking DUMB penalties and honestly he doesnt have much skill & speed like Avery does.

    I dont know how to feel about this move….

  43. i feel sick……time to pop open newcastle #1…….the only positive i see is that the caps aren’t getting any cheap calls now tonite….i understand sending a message and having him play a few shifts with betts and orr and playing keep it simple stupid hockey but this i feel like is i hate to say it a bigger story ie like the nhl/rangers want this sh–on the front page…..orr plays 5 minutes voros 5 minutes….damn dress him though he is a skilled forward-

  44. Maybe they took a vote and Henrik, Cally, Dubi, Betts, Drury,and all the D voted him off because they were tired of killing his dumb penalties.

  45. This is more of a case of Sjostrom or Korpi over Avery. Voros will get very few minutes on the 4th line.

  46. ZzZz 13 ZzZz where are you!!??? says Greg L. on

    WAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! rewarding the Caps!!!!! ..nooooooo don’t say that!!!!! GuLp!

  47. Does anyone have a link for this game??? I’m studying in Ireland and need to watch!!! Plus whats better than Rangers playoff hockey and Guinness?!?! Hope Voros brings his A game tonight (if he even has one)….LET’S GOOOO RANGERS!!!

  48. Sundin IS a Ghost on

    well, stinkin’ NBC will have their game on Sun now. maybe they orchestrated this

  49. I remember in ’94 I went to the game in the Meadowlands with the lovely wife when Keenan benched a lot of our best players. I was pissed because I was at the game and wanted to see my favorite players play. Healy played in goal and Leetchy hardly played 5 min. for the game. Remember how they responded the next game? WE WILL WIN THIS GAME… Messier!!

  50. idiot for sure. voros is a waste of life. avery keeps the caps thinking especially green. watch green explode tonite. he was in there heads no question about it.

  51. wow, he got balls, but cmon torts, i’ll hate you if voros kills us with penalties and we lose. ya gotta wonder if avery mouthed off to him in the lockeroom or somethin. you know torts didnt like him but cmon the guy is capable of turning the momentum in our favor much better than voros. and voros takes bad penalties all the time. hes been sittin for over a week!! like hes gonna come in and score one off his left ass cheek like in october. bs.

  52. Do you guys honestly think that the Caps are going to win this game just because Avery is out? Gives another guy a chance to step up to play with Cally and Gomez on the first line. Voros is going to sit right next to Orr and play 5 minutes. I think this is a wonderful move, and agree with the person who said first rangers coach since keenan with balls to do something like this. Quit crying about there being a game 6 and lets go out there tonight fired up and do it!!!

  53. Jane McManus on

    Wow. I suspect if Avery didn’t learn from NHL mandated anger management therapy, being benched for a game…

  54. Was he maybe just staying off the ice for the warm up…??

    But that fact that Voras takes dumb penalties and is soooooo slow…this is 2 steps backwards.

    I hope Sjostrom and Dubinsky play like rock stars!!


  55. deja (paul maras beard's beard) on

    anyone who wants voros in over avery please please please stop rooting for this team cause you make me feel ashamed to be a fellow ranger fan

  56. sundin- makes ya wonder if torts was “told to sit aves” or else the refs will call any little thing on us to make us lose. like they dont do it enough already. but still. makes ya wonder if behind the scenes alot of stuff we dont know about influenced his decision, besides his pride

  57. god help us if this blows up in our faces in the short and long run



    I cant wait for the game to start. I dont know about this Avery thing. Voros sucks pretty hard but I think we will be okay.

    We take this tonight. Voros with the hat trick…pfft, yeah right lol.

  59. Why is everyone assuming this game is lost b/c Avery is not in the lineup? I’m his biggest fan, but it is not as if he was lighting the lamp in the first 4 games. We still may lose tonight, but it won’t be solely b/c of this move.

  60. deja (paul maras beard’s beard)

    yes I agree 100% very good!!

    Sit avery’s ass on the bench, not in the press box.

  61. If Voros does nothing Slats should bring up Anisimov for a couple of games. See what he does. Either way, Torts should keep Avery as far away from this team as possible.

    Usually Avery becomes useless or a liability (or both) by the second round. This year he’s proving to be a mess earlier on.

    I don’t care for Torts much, but his decision to scratch Avery is the right one.

  62. I dont think anyone wants voros in over avery but do you realize what avery did in the last 10 min last game? everyone on this blog would be killing avery…henry stood on his head and to be honest rangers got lucky with a post too…wake up avery brings a lot to the table but without looking it up when was the last time he scored playing on the first line

  63. If we win, Torts will be called a genius for sitting Avery. If we lose, there’ll be a lot of second guessing. I’m glad I don’t get paid to make these types of decisions; I only get to watch.

  64. Everybody was pissed when Renney wouldn’t bench guys for dumb stuff, and now you’re pissed for Torts doing what you were pissed at Renney for???????????? Maybe I had too many already

  65. it also means more line juggling, and the forwards are having enough trouble jelling without more disruption

  66. How is this rewarding the Caps, Avery almost cost the Rangers game 4 and possibly the series with his dumba$$ penalties. Good move by Torts, and what has Avery exactly done this series besides the 7 minor penalties, not even on the score sheet boys.

  67. Wowowow! I am totally, completely shocked. But I admire Tortorella for doing it, because he’s stuck with this clown for two more years and better to lay down the law now.

    Holy freakin’ mackeral!!!

  68. i come up with it because, like it or not, the guy is a sparkplug. when he skates hard and chases pucks up the ice and gets a shot on goal it energizes the fans and the whole team gets pumped. he definitely goes over the top alot of times but you can’t deny that avery is valuable to this team.

  69. Thoughts:

    Avery took aggressive penalties. Voros takes lazy ones.
    Avery has some offensive talent. Voros has none.
    Washington has no need to look over their shoulders now.
    We just told them that “Oh well, if it doesn’t work, we’ll play him in game 5.” This is the equivalent of “Mailing it in.”

    Please Torts, I hope you are omniscient and I am missing something.

  70. I hate to say this, but on paper, there’s no way our line-up should be eliminating a team like Washington. I guess this is why we play the games, eh?

  71. i cant take another tight game. if we win i wanna win big. weve been fedin off hank and now its time for gomez, naslund, drury, ZHERDEV, and co. to start scorin some freakin goals. i know a wins a win, but we gotta start scorin because boston is no freakin joke and they have more than 2-3 goal scorers on their team.

  72. he is poison….

    team fist…

    I keep hearing Torts didn’t like what Avery had to say…

    good thoughts Phil

  73. right, Brian. but the haterswill continue to ignore and downplay the record which shows they win about 2 to 3 times more than lose with Avery. and are below .500 when he does not play.

  74. Nothing matters except the Rangers winning. If they win, good move. If they don’t, bad move. Ridiculous to discuss further.

    Now, how about the players that will matter? Gomez — get off your ass! Z — that goes double for you! Redden — earn your $$ with a timely PP goal! Hank — keep it up!

    Go Rangers!

  75. JBytes April 24th, 2009 at 7:02 pm

    Official prediction: Caps 4, NYR 2.

    In your dreams Crap fan!!

  76. yea ovechkin needs to get a life if he’s going on fan forums to see what people are saying about him…insecure?maybe?

  77. If I were coach, I’d dress Avery, but keep him on a very short leash. Let’s face it, without him, we’re a very “nice” team to play against.

  78. good for Brian Engblom !! he just said it exactly right. dress him, play him less, and reduce his ice time if necessary, but do NOT sit him out.


    HOLY CRAP!!! Between almost not gettin the lucky coffee and now seein that Passenger 34 is in the lineup….my stomach already hurts!!!!!! WOW, ballsy move by Torts, and whoever said the caps were gonna play 6 inches taller is totally right!!! But ya know, Torts could be playing EVIL GENIUS here, get his message across and Aves comes back focused. Engblom just ripped Voros…I expected that.
    The media are gonna concentrate on this move IMMENSELY, I am sure don cherry will have something interesting to say.

    Johnny LaRue, nice Grizzly Adams reference! Mara right now looks like the unabomber! Its too much!!

    *LETS GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO RANGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*

  80. i love engblom. jones youre a stooge!! kiss torts ass some more huh. what ya think hes gonna plant one on ya like esa?? freakin dipstick. i wish enblom would beat the crap outta him during intermission. and replace him with soto

  81. Sundin's Ghost on

    You tell ’em Bob. The hypocritical squirming and wiggling in here is hilarious.

    1. Avery doesn’t score.
    2. And has now become a penalty liability.

    This is good for Avery’s career, too. He’s always walked over soft coaches like Renney. John Tortorella is the boss. He’s made that clear as day today. Tom Renney never made that clear.

  82. There hasn’t been a single penalty that Avery took that resulted in a goal against us. Naslund, as I remember took bunch of lazy penalties that resulted in a goal against us.

  83. Why is everyone so angry over Avery being scratched, let’s not forget how he almost cost the team game 4

  84. Yes but Voros is always good for a dumb penalty, even with his limited ice time. Ala Game 1 and his dumb interference penalty.

  85. I’m with you Newman!

    This may be a bad move. He doesn’t do it all on his own but he does his job very well. That’s more than you can say for a lot of the guys on this squad.

  86. Wow. I didn’t think he would do it. This team needs him. I figured Torts cussed him out pretty good and tells him how close he is to being benched, but I didn’t expect this.

    We can still win this one. Go Rangers!

    Go Dubinsky

  87. jbytes i’m with you. let him dress but don’t let him start and play sparingly. at least you have him to use if you want him then.

  88. Ovechkin, i thought, chopped Gomez after knocking him down. He could have gotten a penalty, too. But Gomez has to know not to retalliate, especially given the Avery stuff.

  89. that really didn’t look like much. the refs have been calling ticky tack crap all series.

  90. rick that doesnt change the fact that that was charging by ovechkin of you read the rule on charging

  91. wow, nothings changed. a continuation of game 4. long night if they dont start workin

  92. are these asshat versus announcers gonna go on and on about avery all freakin night? AAAAAAAAAAAW SHEEEEIT! damn damn damn

  93. deja (paul maras beard's beard) on

    saw that coming a freaking short handed goal too jesus christ game 6 here we come

  94. VOROS IS NOT REPLACING AVERY!!!! Just because Avery is sitting and Voros is playing, doesn’t mean Voros is in for Avery. Voros will not get Avery’s minutes or line position. So saying that Avery is being sat for Voros is STUPID!!!! Voros will sit on the fourth line and somebody else will take Avery’s minutes and spot. Enough with the Voros for Avery garbage.

  95. SHORTY?!!!


    amazing. pathetic. horrible. terrible. brutal. sickening. disgusting. lame. sucky. craptastic.

  96. just an observation: everyone has been raving about how great varlamov has been. and while he has played well, he really hasn’t had to stop too much…

  97. its gonna be a 60 minute pp for the caps. i just hope we dont get blown out because then hanks lost his confidence

  98. deja (paul maras beard's beard) on

    wow are you really going to blame dru for that when rosie fell down on defense god you guys are terrible

  99. deja (paul maras beard's beard) on

    how quickly everyone forgets drurys game winning goal in game 4

  100. I’m not blaming him for the goal, i’m jst questioning if a goal with an alleged broken hand should be playing on the PP.

  101. theyre just skating harder. we look like we just played a full game already. how do the caps play so hard every game and we play renny hockey every game and they have 10 times the energy we do?

  102. wonder who sits next game after the bad penalty by gomez and the blue line trippin rosi…

    oh yea, it’ll be voros

  103. Mike…

    Kinda like how he responded in Game 4 after 3?


    I’ve counted twice for Blowzival, the first resulted in the goal.

  104. Still Gotta Fire Sather on

    “wow are you really going to blame dru for that when rosie fell down on defense god you guys are terrible”

    yes Rozsival fell, but Drury, because he’s injured, couldn’t do ANYTHING to stop Bradley…someone healthy would’ve had a shot

  105. ZzZz 13 ZzZz where are you!!??? says Greg L. on

    seems like where missing someone ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………AVERY!!!!!!!!

  106. ZzZz 13 ZzZz where are you!!??? says Greg L. on


  107. so torts says we cannot take penalties, good job coach. way to get the guys to listen

  108. Dubi or not Dubi on

    so since drury’s lazy play cost the team a goal, does that mean he will be benched next game?

  109. wow.. a too many men penalty…amazing

    sorry if i’m very slow responding tonight, the comp is slow to begin with and now i have to enter my info before each post

  110. deja (paul maras beard's beard) on

    i was just like jesus dont tell me voros is gonna score here


  111. i would have pissed myself if passenger 34 scored!!! sorry if thats too graphic


  112. deja (paul maras beard's beard) on

    anybody else getting the feeling they want to try to win this at home?

  113. 4th liner Matt Bradley.

    yeah, the guys who applauded the sitting of Avery, let’s hear now what a great move it was.

  114. deja (paul maras beard's beard) on

    and the yankees are losing 1-0 to boston i cant win on any channel

  115. lmao chris

    we might hit 2000 posts tonight with the potential for a bad game here. still plenty of time left, but right now they look like they are being steamrolled


  116. i already know the outcome when i saw voros on a 2 on 1 and shoots it way high on a bad angle. think aves woulda pased that?? but maybe aves watches this and gets extra pumped for game 6 and 7?

  117. Still Gotta Fire Sather on

    Voros for Avery, playing a one-armed worthless Drury on the PP…I love Torts but come on

  118. Well the good thing is Voros almost scores, and there is plenty of time left. Adversity is a good thing in a long run. Let’s see what we’ve got.

  119. Sundin's Ghost on

    “yeah, the guys who applauded the sitting of Avery, let’s hear now what a great move it was.”

    You think Rozisval falling down and Henrik falling asleep had anything to do with Avery? Do you also believe in unicorns and elves?

  120. ZzZz 13 ZzZz where are you!!??? says Greg L. on

    It’s playofff hockey!!!! dudes and dudettes , washington is scared …we can win this.

  121. deja (paul maras beard's beard) on

    hahahahhahahahhahahahahhha arron voros on the power play!!!


  122. sundin lol. yea avery had nothin to do with them scoring twice. it was because they came to play and we came to play around

  123. lol cccp…this could be a very light blog tonight if that was the case!!!

    i still shudder every time i hear potis name…

    nice penalty bam bam!!! avery must be either freakin hysterical laughing, or microwaving kittens!

  124. SG, you are an Avery hater. i’ve read your posts the last couple days. the record speaks for itself, you certainly don’t

  125. deja (paul maras beard's beard) on


  126. deja, and we thought renny was bad. voros on the pp huh? wow torts. im confused man.

  127. All right, I’m going to go find something else to do for a bit. I’ll check back in a little while.

  128. hank looks shaken. rangers need a leader. paging drury? oh yea he only comes through once a series

  129. Jay,

    I do NOT wanna see Dubi fight anyone, he can’t fight. I do wanna see Orr and Brashear though.

  130. deja (paul maras beard's beard) on

    kind of a weak call joe kind of?!!!!!!!!! rangers best defensive first period of the series really?!!!! really?!!!! i didnt know giving up 2 goals almost 3 was an example of great defense omg where is a golden girls marathon when you need one

  131. Dubi or not Dubi on

    the thing is that at least avery might do something interesting in a game like this… without him in there there isn’t much to look forward to

  132. we barely score 1 goal a game. we need 1 before the period ends. give them some confidence heading to the second.

  133. these versus guys are pretty much openly rooting for the caps! very lame. how about some unbiased announcers please?

  134. The Rangers have shot themselves in the foot with missed goal chances. Cally in game 3, Gomez in game 4 and Dubi just now.

  135. how can we never spend more than 2 seconds in their zone? their d is supposed to suck??

  136. deja (paul maras beard's beard) on

    federov lost it and zherdev gave it back how about we sit z not avery omfg

  137. Linda
    April 24th, 2009 at 7:37 pm
    these versus guys are pretty much openly rooting for the caps! very lame. how about some unbiased announcers please?


    let those guys eat each other out. bunch of fcking mofos.

  138. Johnny LaRue on

    Don’t you have to shoot the puck towards the net in order to score? Why are the Rangers not doing so?

  139. Caps have been shooting high all game. The first goal lundvist shoudl have had and the second is inexcusable

  140. ZzZz 13 ZzZz where are you!!??? says Greg L. on

    haha yeah like this weak Washington thinks it has a chance?…NOWAY …1 softie , big deal…Rangers can handle these guys…OUR PK is the BEST!!

    GO RANGERS!!!!!

  141. deja (paul maras beard's beard) on

    id like to see john tuturro coaching this team as billy martin instead of torts right now

  142. I can not wait to see the look on Tort’s face when a reporter asks, Do regret benching Avery?

  143. I hate Zherdev more than Redden. With Redden you know he’s gonna screw up, you’re hopeless but with Zherdev, he has the talent but he is lazy and can’t finish and he still somehow gets you slightly excited but always disappoints.

  144. i know torts has us playing aggressive, but i honestly do not see it, besides maybe when he first got here. the caps arent that good that we arent able to have any kind of sustained pressure. i see their d men skating faster than ours. is that their d or our o? please shoot more on this rookie!!! my god hes not that good

  145. PATHETIC. I agree with the Avery benching, maybe he’ll clear his head but the Rangers need to show up. Especially Gomez and Drury, fucking waste!

  146. The good news is that we still have forty minutes left. The bad news is that Ovechkin hasn’t woken up yet.

  147. i gotta admit the caps are way freakin better than us. we really shouldve been eliminated already. maybe this game sends a not so subtle message to the team that you cannot sit around and see if hank can do headstands!!

  148. Alexander Ovechkin on

    Hey guys. Just wanted to stop by between periods to see what you were saying about me….

  149. Can I just say… Ryan Sheckler. I’m sick of seeing that little skateboarding douche and his douchey commercial. Little bastard.

  150. Still Gotta Fire Sather on

    “has anyone seen Antropov?”

    I’m a big Antro fan but he’s playing with Voros The Worthless and Captain One Arm, he couldn’t have much worse linemates, not much ANYONE can do on that line

  151. Despite the current score- I hope everyone realized that there was a moment there where we had the following players on the ice:


    All Ranger draft picks- taking the long-term view (or long-term historical memory) I’m glad we’ve got young blood and we aren’t counting on free-agent signings exclusively.

  152. what the is wrong with this team? why bother winning 3 if you don’t wanna win the 4th. Voros Rules, D has played good, Hank will get better as the game goes, but the offense is like a boy scout troup on a camping trip without a leader to show them how to set up a tent or start a fire…Avery should be playing, Drury should be in a suit standing next to Torts

  153. Phil
    5-0? You’re joking right? If Torts would have played Avery, the Caps would have seen him on the ice and just skated off, waving the white towel. We would have won the series and the Caps would have actually asked if they could go back and forfeit game 3 so that we could have swept them.

  154. i hope torts puts the pk unit on the pp for the rest of the series and if we get further. but damn if you even think for a second we will have to work for a win to advance. i know we already lost, but i just hope we dont get blown out, and hank, the one save you could be asleep for, you miss? everyones bad tonight. hope we get ready for game 6 and end it. cuz if we dont, i’ll bet you we lose in 7

  155. After that 1st period debacle, I am gonna head to Bed, Bath & Beyond with the wifey…

    I really hope I have enough time to hit the Home Depot

  156. well first things first i think that as one of the strongest periods the Rangers played all series… and for that there down 2-0 haha

    Secondly Voros couldnt hit water if he fell out of a boat

    and finally i think Staal played a phenomenal period and if the rangers can stay at even strength and maybe get a PP goal they can end it tonight hopefully…

  157. you gotta love joe/sam-the rangers played their best 1st period…haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa come on guys-too many men on the ice penalty-seriously these guys have been playing hockey since they were 5 seriosuly wtf…..roszival fu———————————- joke….great leadership by our captain there……got fu—damn it skate hard to the puck and take a hard swing at it….absolutely embarrassing

    while we are on absolutely embarrassing gomez call on ovechkin EMBARRASING, antropov call EMBARRASING

  158. yea i’m with ya there vinrock. i really wonder what’s coming out of torts’ mouth right now. probably every word in the book haha.

  159. True, well your point stands, but girardi was a free agent signing. Still, I kinda count him in the same way since the rangers are his first team

  160. Linda misses NY @ playoff time on

    aaaaaaaaaaaaargh ! thank God that calamity of a first period is over. that was the HOLLWEG MEMORIAL PERIOD! now maybe they’ll get their crap together and decide to play hard!

    lol @ Redden coming out of hibernation

  161. I like the Avery benching, lets face it this team isnt winning a cup so Torts is making a point going forward. Its too bad it wasnt Redden or better yet Gomez.

    Hank looks hurt almost which is scaring me to death but atleast I will get to take advantage of my game 6 tickets.

  162. ZzZz 13 ZzZz where are you!!??? says Greg L. on

    Ov sucks , he watch both goals from the bench!

    If this is the best Washington has ….I know now why Torts put the message today. He thinks we have a few games here and getting that last win could come as early as tonight!

    Why get all upset , oviously we are down 2 -0 . Good for everyone who contributed and let this be a wake up call!!
    I say we still take this game .

    Hope that Avery learns to keep the “new Avery” new again.WE NEED the new Avery , always have.

    Washing fans are scared sh**less , Rangers got a tiger by the tail , time to slam it a few times ans Knock it out. Shake their hands and go on to Boston.

  163. Need to shoot the damn puck and not try to skate around everyone like dubi did. No shots on goal until 7 min in…see you at the garden on sunday!

  164. i think maybe everyone got so used to hank bailin them out that they figured they can just show up and play and everything would be fine. well, the caps got their 2 lucky breaks they have been waiting for and i doubt we will even score 2 to tie it. it could be a blessing in disguise and you gotta believe that come sunday, they have to at least establish a forecheck. they barely can get the puck in on the pp, but whats worse is that the caps get more shots on our pp than we do!! i thought were supposed to be an attacking team? 3 shots in 20 minutes!!! wtf? are they that much better than us??

  165. Linda misses NY @ playoff time on

    almost 7 pm and its still 82 degrees out!

    ok, they launch the comeback now!!!! (unless gomez takes another penalty in the first minute and a half)

  166. I doubt we can come back from this 0-2 deficit. Again, we had no offence in the regular season; why do we expect it to magically show up in the playoffs?

  167. Still Gotta Fire Sather on

    it’s the playoffs, and Torts need to put the best lineup out there for each and every game because every game is a must-win…this isn’t the time for a “message”…a lineup with Voros/without Avery and a one-armed Drury getting regular minutes (and PP time, we saw how that worked out on the 1st goal) isn’t gonna cut it

  168. ZzZz 13 ZzZz where are you!!??? says Greg L. on

    HAHAHAHA washington!!?? come on!!! This game is still so Early , Rangers have more class and more “team unity” than anything washington can come up with.

    Hank let in a softie and I know it sucks , I hate being down but all in all we look like the better team and I am very positive we will prevail. Carp , I bet my series predition beats yours. :)

  169. If this is the best Washington has ….I know now why Torts put the message today. He thinks we have a few games here and getting that last win could come as early as tonight!

    greg- if this is the best washington has?? you should be saying is this all we have? did you see our pp? honestly, have you ever seen something so bad in any sport, not just hockey.


    play this line to start and see what happens. LETS WAKE THE EFF UP BOYS.

    Micchelletti, or whatever the spelling is. Great period, stop reminiscing about the ST. Louis days ya jackass

  171. Linda misses NY @ playoff time on

    TONIGHT is the night the power play wins the game for us… I’ve been sayin that all series, one game the pp would win it for us!!

    HOLY CRAP exactly what did they put in my coffee!???

  172. ZzZz 13 ZzZz where are you!!??? says Greg L. on

    Rangers!!!!!! Love OUR team man , watch ’em grow!!!

    Need to score!!!

  173. No Country For Old Rangers on

    I missed the first because of some wonderful California traffic. Looks like I didnt miss much though. Brutal.

  174. we spend all day in their zone but get nothing on net. nobody crashin the net. they send 1 guy in against our 2 d men and they almost score

  175. linda- lol that was game 1 remember??? we got 2 pps! that was it hun! i hope we can get a few though. we gotta get somethin on this goalie

  176. Linda misses NY @ playoff time on

    voros on the ice is upsetting the balance of life in the universe

  177. were doin fine defensively. thats not the problem. but do these guys practice shooting and forechecking?

  178. Linda misses NY @ playoff time on

    ;-) mike!!!

    Torts literally looks like his blood is boiling! Would these two guys STOP massagin each other while talkin about avery again!

  179. deja (paul maras beard's beard) on

    i counted it that was 8 seconds in the offensive zone were improving!!!

  180. Can’t even gain the blue line…I’m going to the bar, maybe if I’m drunk it won’t be as bad

  181. Linda misses NY @ playoff time on


    it was a bug in the system Rick, I rebooted the computer and its all sweet now!

    well, let me take that back..SONOFABITCHINBITCHES!!!!!

  182. this should maybe be a wakeup call that yo u cant rely on hank for 1 goal or less every game…

    we dont have a single goal scorer on this team outside of callahan.

    paging glen sather

  183. I wouldn’t mind seeing Avery right about this time. We need someone to stir the pot a bit.

  184. lol do u see these guys trying to handle the puck? they are so bad! its like the special olympics

  185. deja (paul maras beard's beard) on

    that third goal was in no way hanks fault so dont even go there that was an incredible shot

  186. So who thinks we stand a chance Sunday? Avery back in the lineup? And are the Caps fans really chanting Henrik like that? Jokers.

  187. Sally and the Stanley Cupcake on

    Hey guys, I made it.

    Spent the last 3+ hours at the vet with kitty Gomez, who injured his back/legs (we think?) and has a 105.6 fever. I’m enjoying a much needed beer.

    Not sure how much of this game I’m going to be able to stomach…

  188. Not a good sign…I don’t see the Rangers’ offense mounting a comeback in this one.

    BTW…Caps fans are ridiculous chanting Lundqvist. The guy has been a rock all series, he’s only human though.

  189. maybe no handshakes tonight unless we score a goal soon. my god i cannot believe lundqvist didn’t let that quasi-breakaway in

  190. deja (paul maras beard's beard) on

    ps game 6 is on nbc guys

    and that was a foul ball youve got to be kidding!!!

  191. No Country For Old Rangers on

    Sorry to hear about your cat, Sally. Hope he feels better. Don’t let him watch this disgrace on the tv.

  192. mike in ia,

    I thought you were leaving?

    Jay G,

    He’s beyond horrible. All show, no finish.

  193. Linda misses NY @ playoff time on

    they are making varLAAAAAAAmov look like an effin superstar. Can someone blast a shot past this freakin guy or what?! damn this lack of offense!

  194. No Country For Old Rangers on

    Anybody else think the boys were partying a bit last night? I heard “Hank the Tank” was doing tequilla shots until sunrise

  195. Sally and the Stanley Cupcake on

    For sure, Mike.

    Thanks No Country! He’s on too many drugs to notice how bad this is.

  196. tommy- i see a caps win sunday. unless we send out our secret weapon voros again!!! its hard to see us winning when were losing badly this game and the caps are still applying tons more pressure than we are. usually its the othert way around

  197. Linda misses NY @ playoff time on

    thankfully Sally has arrived! I hope lil gomez is better soon!!!!

    there is no stomaching this game right now girl!
    wow these bandwagon caps fans are ridiculous

  198. Aight puck possession Tortorella, You stiff. Good decision to scratch the only guy with a heartbeat.

  199. Rick Carpiniello
    April 24th, 2009 at 7:54 pm
    Do the Rangers have enough offensive skill to even overcome a two-goal deficit against a rookie goalie?


    OF COURSE!! We have Zherdev and Gomez, Drury and Redden, Rozi and Naslund!! Voros and Orr! sigh…

  200. No Country For Old Rangers on

    This is exactly where we need Avery to throw around some cheap shots and piss off the Caps. This game is a lost cause anyway, Voros should take a run at ThreeOrMore Jr.

  201. wow vs guys are trashin us so bad buts its true. jason- no im not leaving but thanks for keepin tabs on me.

  202. SteveTheBear on

    Holy crap, I know this is the least of our problems but how many times do I need to hear the VS guy say “here they come” on a Caps rush. It’s like he has no other way to describe them coming into the zone.

  203. 1-0 sawwwwks. mike lowell robbed the yanks with a pretty sweet grab. would’ve scored 2 runs if it got through.

  204. You would think with all that experience that Redden could recognize it’s Ovechkin and not go fishing for the puck; take the body on him? You would think that. But that’s why he has as many Norris Trophies as me.

  205. Time to start wondering how another shutout affects the rest of the series.

    On the bright side, I chuckle every time I see deja’s screen name.

  206. Linda,

    you work for Walmart? Isn’t their headquarters there?

    Btw, Drive the porsche hextall drive the porsche.

  207. No Country For Old Rangers on

    7 shots in over 30 minutes of hockey? I dont care who you play, there could be a freakin empty net down there and we’d still be losing. Excuse me while I go throw up

  208. Linda misses NY @ playoff time on

    no,i dont work for little china!
    i think their headquarters is in arkansas.

    Sally, Avery is a prucha tonight

  209. This game is such a sad reminder that the Rangers don’t have 1 skilled, reliable offensive player, and maybe only one (Staal) of any true quality beyond Hank.

  210. No Country For Old Rangers on

    Hey Carp, what was that about momentum not carrying over from game to game?

  211. yea arkansas. same
    , southern states begin with an A.

    Umm Shave Mike Greens head.

    Also, some of the Caps have red highlights intheir hair.

    Can you say weird.

    Staal is playing another great game. Does he ever have an off day.


  212. Linda misses NY @ playoff time on

    Chris F.
    April 24th, 2009 at 8:23 pm
    This game is such a sad reminder that the Rangers don’t have 1 skilled, reliable offensive player

    and there it is in a nutshell boys and girls. we pay seven million dollars for guys to win faceoffs and get lots of assists…any play defense like the living dead (oh wait he only gets six million)

  213. I deserve a stick to the face. I drafted D wright fourth overall in my shmantasy draft.

  214. hell ya no country. thee worst playoff game ive ever seen the rangers play. i think they partied way too hard last night. no legs at all. ” i have no legs!! i have no legs!!!

  215. deja (paul maras beard's beard) on

    this anti smoking commercial with this woman with amputated feet and fingers is really what i want to see right now…at least she still has her middle finger

  216. Lundqvist is a God on

    Can’t decide which is more disturbing….that commercial or VOROS on the Powerplay…

  217. Vorros better plant his ass in front of the net or i’m calling Torts and asking him to dress Carp next game.

  218. Sally and the Stanley Cupcake on

    LOL @ “Avery’s a Prucha”

    I feel like I have almost as little heart invested in this game as the Rangers. Yawn.

    What time is the Sunday game?

  219. No Country For Old Rangers on

    Yeah exactly, I was trying to emphasize your point in a backwards way

  220. Linda misses NY @ playoff time on

    glad i didnt see that commercial…it’s bad enough watchin this game!

  221. when do the rangers just say f this im gonna go ballz out and score a goal? even if its just 1

  222. deja (paul maras beard's beard) on

    Red sox 1 Yankees 0 2 on 1 out ransom at the play top of the 4th

  223. Linda misses NY @ playoff time on

    i swear its almost as if they are regarding the puck as a freakin hand grenade tonight…what a disappointment

  224. These VS. guys are truly ridiculous. Are they wearing Caps jerseys?

    Oh, Z! You suck!

  225. Zherdev in a nutshell. And with that ladies and gent. you let that kid walk. He’s not worth 4 Million.

  226. deja (paul maras beard's beard) on

    maybe on a power play lundy can play the point and vally would play in the net

  227. the caps could pass a 200 footer fluttering thru the air and their teammate would get it right on is stick, but zherdev cant handle a onetime pass from 15 feet away

  228. deja (paul maras beard's beard) on

    YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! rbi double for cody ransom games tied at 1

  229. Speed Ranger on

    That Zherdev fan signifies we’re about to be shut out, folks. I hope Avery is laughing.

  230. Linda misses NY @ playoff time on

    Chris, and just think, Sunday we’ll get to see/hear emerik, milbury,and that entire Godforsaken NBC crew. Torture

  231. No Country For Old Rangers on

    Avery is probably at Sak Fifth Avenue buying fashionable clothes right now.

  232. deja (paul maras beard's beard) on

    hahahaha and now ovie scores go throw yourself into the boards you douchebag

  233. Jay G, I’m just breaking your chops … but your prediction up top may have been the worst prediction ever.

    Drury, nice effort there near the blue line. Morris, too.

  234. Linda misses NY @ playoff time on

    best play ever by Voros! i love how he kept wolfensteincula from bouncing up and celebrating like a 15 year old cheerleader. That’s Voros’ contribution to this game

  235. Linda misses NY @ playoff time on

    Chris, I was thinking how come federov humping zherdev NOT a penalty?!

  236. deja (zipays beard) on

    im beating you to it new york examiner stop “borrowing” my reports without giving me credit lol

  237. No Country For Old Rangers on

    THIS is how we play without AVERY. I hope a lesson was learned. Maybe the whole “just another game” mentality should be re-examined

  238. JAY G
    April 24th, 2009 at 5:42 pm e
    Gomez comes out of his shell and gets the OT Winner. Avery adds a goal and an assist with Dubinsky scoring the other goal. 3 to 2 with the Rangers winning a close one and Henrik stealing the game with 41 shots and 2 acrobatic saves on Ovechkin.

  239. Why are we afraid to check people??? Gomez looks like he is avoiding people on purpose… hit somebody!!!!!!!!!!!!

  240. Hahaha. so you’re going to call me out when you post tomorrow to recap (no pun) tonights game. I guess it was just wishful stinking.

  241. ZzZz 13 ZzZz where are you!!??? says Greg L. on

    Nice moves by OV , give him his due , but all said and done , we NEED Avery , like bad!! Penaties?? who cares , we are the best at killing them. Avery draws penaties but ok ok hes not here . Hank’s having a bad game , ok so what , I am NOT convinced Washington is better than us!!

  242. Linda misses NY @ playoff time on

    i swear to God i hope lundqvist kills someone in the lockerroom right now..honest..just take the freakin goalie stick and do a hatchet job on someone

  243. No Country For Old Rangers on

    Carp- Have the NYR ever come back from 4 down in the third? Regular season or playoffs?

  244. this is the most embarrassing game ever. this team should not represent new york. leave hank and staal and relocate the rest of the crew to somalia so they could play against 30 lb 12 year olds. leave hank and staal and bring up the whole wolfpack team and start over. get rid of sather. somebody please get rid of him!!!!

  245. Avery not playing really messes my head, no, the other one. He is our leader and we win with him, Torts made a big mistake, cute and all.

  246. This is probably a good time to mention that I’m twittering the NFL draft tomorrow, follow me at Janesports.

    Now you can all turn off the television and sleep til Sunday…

  247. Linda misses NY @ playoff time on

    April 24th, 2009 at 8:39 pm
    Would it be possible for Joe Mich to stop fellating AO?


    its against his religion!!

  248. Vally is coming in. I don’t blame Henrik. he was due for a below avg performance, and was owed some goal support from his team. instead he gets whiffer Z and Ranger vets like rosival, drury and antro and gomez etc, who were just awful all night

  249. I live in Calif. so I am stuck with Versus, man thye can say all they want tonight Henrik has faced about 20 shots…

    the 2nd goal obviously was a joke.

    I notice Gomez is doing is amazing how slow they are on getting offense going.

    1st goal roszi fell and drury stunk, 2nd goal hank mistake. Dubi should have scored but moves at my speed there was no goalie and you have a blowout.

    means nothing for game 6, avery will play in 6. voros is a pylon on skates…

  250. Give it up or Jane twittering the nfl draft. that has to be the worst 5 hours ever!!!!

  251. Linda misses NY @ playoff time on

    Breaking news:

    Glen Sather chokes on cigar
    Jim Schoenfeld named Rangers GM
    Film at 11

  252. “Chris April 24th, 2009 at 8:37 pm

    you must be brain dead then”

    I’d take heart over a brain any playoff game.

  253. greg- avery wouldve done nothing ok. the team is not there mentally or physically right now. i honestly think theyre throwin the game. i cant think of anything else to rationalize this. hmm, pavel, where are with your conspiracy theories? just look at it, we have what, 8-9 shots? in 40 minutes? do you really think theyre trying to win this?

  254. the problem is that once you give life to the Caps offense, it will be tough to get the genie back into the bottle.

    game 6 at MSG is do or die.

  255. -The Craps put Threeormore back in for the third, but he only allows three. No problem, there is always Sunday Thanks To Henrik!!!!!!!!!!!

  256. deja (zipays beard) on

    hahahha michael kay just said that elsbury banged it hard to cano ugh the small joys i have to take from this awful night

    i really love this biz markie heiny commercial

  257. -The Craps put Threeormore back in for the third, but he only allows three. No problem, there is always Sunday Thanks To Henrik!!!!!!!!!!!!

  258. -The Craps put ThreeorMore back in for the third, but he only allows three. No problem, there is always Sunday Thanks To Henrik!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  259. Devils score 3 goals on Cam Ward to tie the game

    Jackets come back from two goals, twice against a Cup Winning Vet like Osgood.

    Rangers cant score a fuggin goal against a guy who hasn’t played in ten games yet.

    What a bunch of losers. Dru sucks, he scored a big goal, so like always he uses it as an excuse to take it easy. Gomer has disappeared since game 1, where Therodure made him look good.

    Hank is terrible tonight, and just looks shaky overall. You can argue that most of the goals are not soft, but he just doesn’t look like himself tonight. This looks like december Hank.

    Aves shouldn’t have been benched, a lot of good it has done. Still dumb penalties being taken.

    See you at game 6.

  260. put valley in rest hank. funny thing is we have 10 shots but the caps goals werent that pretty. drury is a clown

  261. What a perfect goal by AO a guy with no heart loses the puck (Zherdev) and a guy who is all heart takes it down the ice and scores. Not a good decision to sit Avery and Gomez- oh yeah Gomez is playing- how did this once dynamic player turn into Cliff Ronning?- Seriously, Torts pulled a real rock by sitting Avery- might just be the turning point of the series- I can’t imagine another team that would have done that to its instigator- hope the real Avery returns Sunday. Thjis is a terrible excuse for a playoff game but at least the Caps are putting an acceptable effort forth. Hope we haven’t seen the last Ranger win of this series…hell, hope we haven’t seen the last goal!

  262. I just grabbed the tv off of CallyTally’s head and took it home….turned it on, and it works!!

  263. Benching Avery: understandable.

    Replacing him with Voros: stupid beyond belief. Is there any sane person on this earth that thinks that Voros is better than any of the forwards in Hartford?

    If he is better, than all of the forwards in Hartford should be released, because they obviously have no future with the Rangers.

  264. Linda misses NY @ playoff time on

    i hope there’s a repeat of Tuesdays deadliest catch

    Watching versus commercials, you’d think the pens won the cup last year.

  265. Torterella called the Game 3 loss “a spanking”; I wonder what he’ll call this one.

  266. Not my own website, just you can search for me on Twitter and follow my stream of consciousness — like that woman with no fingers is disturbing, or that the Rangers have never come back from being down 4-0 in the playoffs. At least I thought I heard Trautwig say that. Did Dougay just say they should not play the third period?

  267. alex b (the poster formely known as czechthemout!!!!) on

    As someone who is a big Torts fan, I think he really imploded today in terms of his coaching. Scratching Avery was a stupid stupid move!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. I get why he did it but this team is just not the same team without him in the lineup,sorry. The sad thing is that the caps came out flat tonight and looked ripe for the taking. The is just apathetic display by the so called “stars” of the team. Gomez has done nothing for 4 games now.Drury is playing one handed and it shows. All, I repeat all of the dmen are playing like shit. Torts is coaching like Renney tonight. Putting in Voros today has been as effective as putting in my 13 year old daughter today. Again I just want to stress that they are letting a team off the hook that came out like they were ready for golf reservations and now they are back in the series. I hate to say it but this game and tort’s bone headed decision to bench Avery maybe what loses the series for the team. causes the Rangers

  268. Speed Ranger on

    If the rest of the team hates Avery, at least they rally together on the PK to cover him. Rangers are 14-22 since he rejoined the team (or 14-23 if I hold this post for 40 min)–

    Tell me Avery’s benching is not the baseline reason for this loss. I admit my bias, but I’ll listen to a good arguement.

  269. yea no doubt. we lose sunday we are done. why do we put ourselves through so much stress for these guys if they play like this?, ive been watching the rangers for 20 years and ive never had such contempt for some of their players before like i do for most of these guys.

  270. I would maybe argue that psychologically they shouldnt bench hank.. but the way they played its already psychologically destroyed

  271. BANJ April 24th, 2009 at 8:53 pm

    Now I’m going to miss my friend’s Talldega party Sunday afternoon.

    ha.. no way im missing a second of talladega for this teams piss poor efforts

  272. Sorry, meant to add that unless Zherdev has an injury we don’t know about Rangers need to move this guy “with extreme prejudice”. Good to see that no effort second period produces white flag from coach- change in goal for third- actually Torts already had waved the flag when he sat Avery- made NHL proud I’m sure.

  273. Rick,

    If the Rangers had a PP all of next week, how many shorties would they allow?

  274. Linda misses NY @ playoff time on

    lmao @ “Rangers, once again, will reorganize.” versus just sucks

  275. Thanks for making us lose Torts, by sitting out Avery, my wood shed Mudge Boy, Him and Banj.

  276. wow. they are so blatantly throwin this game. theres no freakin way they are tryin to even get a goal here

  277. Lundqvist is a God on

    This team does not deserve to advance…I hope they lose in 7. Put this bullcrap team out of its misery…lets get to offseason and retool

  278. Linda misses NY @ playoff time on

    i had the opportunity to GO to talladega Sunday, free tix and all…too bad the fiance just hates ANYTHING that could be remotely fun lol

  279. ORR !! What Is It Good FOR ?? April 24th, 2009 at 8:47 pm

    “What a bunch of losers. Dru sucks, he scored a big goal, so like always he uses it as an excuse to take it easy. Gomer has disappeared since game 1, where Therodure made him look good.”

    Dru is good for the Little League World Series and the Victoria Cup

  280. alex b (the poster formely known as czechthemout!!!!) on

    I would like someone to tell me why Sags or MDZ(eliminated yesturday) would not have been a better option as a seventh dman pp specialist than Voros?

  281. PruBelongsOnTheIce on

    Chris F. April 24th, 2009 at 8:55 pm

    “If the Rangers had a PP all of next week, how many shorties would they allow?”

    That depends, is Virus on the PP?

  282. deja (zipays beard) on

    oh look the rangers are losing 4-0 so now sam and joe are caps fans pathetic how about you talk about the guy having 72 shots in 4 games puck hog

    somebodys gotta jump in there so he doesnt get killed

  283. Linda misses NY @ playoff time on

    hello fake deja…i should have realized it the zipays beard name

    holy crap brashear is playing! damn i swear i dont remember his name being called all game!

  284. deja (zipays beard) on

    please somebody tell me how that wasnt blown dead long before it ever went in

  285. deja (zipays beard) on

    in this game does missing a wide open net actually count as a good chance? unreal

  286. if i was hank, id tell sather, trade me, or put some hockey players in front of me.

  287. jobas not great but looking better than I would have expected this early in the season

  288. PruBelongsOnTheIce on

    Rob April 24th, 2009 at 9:01 pm

    “Best players
    Avery, Callahan, Dubinsky, Betts, Staal,

    Drury, Zherdev, Antropov,”

    Avery???? hahaha

    You missed a few on that second list. And I’d put Sjostrom on the first.

  289. No Country For Old Rangers on

    yeah…NOW they start to skate. pathetic.

    Nachos and Beer=comfort

  290. Linda misses NY @ playoff time on

    off the stick of redden….how appropriate

    so far, under torts, only avery and zherdev( for a few periods in a few games) have fallen under Torts ‘accountability” mantra. But Gomez, Drury and Redden havent, and they are the leaders? Its bs that leaders arent held accountable, especially when they underperform the way these 3 have

  291. PruBelongsOnTheIce on

    I’m sick of seeing them raise their sticks to celebrate before they realiz they missed the empty net. Gomez has done it at least twice this series.

  292. alex b (the poster formely known as czechthemout!!!!) on

    Z is useless. He needs to be scratched Sunday.

  293. wow fans throwing water at john tortorella and that prima donna reporter wrote about how unruly msg fans are compared to washington fans

    what a joke

  294. Linda misses NY @ playoff time on

    wow, i finally have a stalker. I’m sure guys don’t want to see that referenced though. Sure you can do better.

  295. Torts was ready to kill that guy. Maybe he should suit up…at least he’d have a pulse.

  296. I thought Torts was all about discipline. now he’s arguing with a drunken fat slob behind the bench. he is giving fodder for criticism of him not doing as he says.

  297. Is it weird that the security guy behind Torts has a nametag that reads “J. Dolan”?

  298. No Country For Old Rangers on

    If we lose this series, there is no doubt in my mind that the next team the Caps face will light up Varlamov.

  299. Linda misses NY @ playoff time on

    hmmmm Torts was a bit “Avery like” with that fat ugly drunken caps fan of 3 days wasnt he

  300. Linda misses NY @ playoff time on

    No Country, that’s gonna be hysterical to see. They’re thinkin he’s the 2nd coming right now.

  301. Dubi will be called for a charge. He’s the only one who seems to be playing with heart out there.

  302. With Henrik outta the net…let Orr and Voros get freaky and hurt someone

    The only thing voros will hurt is himself.

  303. PruBelongsOnTheIce on

    LIQUID April 24th, 2009 at 9:13 pm

    “With Henrik outta the net…let Orr and Voros get freaky and hurt someone”

    Voros isn’t hurting anybody but himself. Remember what Bradley did to him?

  304. No Country For Old Rangers on

    It’s hard to believe NYR scored those goals in game 1. What was wrong with them?

  305. well – if the rangers lose the next game at msg, kiss this postseason goodbye – thoughts?

  306. PruBelongsOnTheIce on

    Rick Carpiniello April 24th, 2009 at 9:14 pm

    “There are about five guys who haven’t given up.”

    Including Pru?

  307. deja (zipays beard) on

    Carp- are any of the 5 actually on the rangers or are you talking about on the caps wanting to score more?

  308. alex b (the poster formely known as czechthemout!!!!) on

    I agree Carp! Notice that the 5 you sppeak of are not any of the mercinaires hired by Sather.

  309. Still Gotta Fire Sather on

    “so who thinks we get 1 on varlamov tonight? or is it another shutout.?”

    Drury knows Varlamov’s weakness, it’s “clutch 15 MPH change-up wrist shots”, so Drury will score 5 goals and we’ll win 5-4…Bettman will immediately cancel the rest of the playoffs, award Drury the Conn Smythe, and the NYR media will declare Drury the greatest Ranger of all-time

  310. PruBelongsOnTheIce April 24th, 2009 at 9:16 pm

    Rick Carpiniello April 24th, 2009 at 9:14 pm

    “There are about five guys who haven’t given up.”

    Including Pru?

    please quit it with the prucha crap. he sucks

  311. Linda misses NY @ playoff time on

    Rick Carpiniello
    April 24th, 2009 at 9:15 pm
    The Capitals security arrested Avery for dumping a beer on Tortorella.

    sheesh we cant even get Mara beard jokes going tonight cuz everyone bailed!!!

  312. PruBelongsOnTheIce on

    Chris April 24th, 2009 at 9:17 pm
    “please quit it with the prucha crap. he sucks”

    Unlike the Rangers? eat me.

  313. deja (zipays beard) on

    prucha had something like 8 points in 14 games with the yotes yeah that guy sucks.

    right now he couldnt be any worse then any of the guys on the ice right now


  314. mike in iowa on

    its the varlamov era!! its underway!! can these vs announcers suck the caps ass anymore???

  315. what’s torts gonna do on sunday? bench 1/2 the team. everyone is taking bad penalties…no discipline.

  316. Speed Ranger on

    HA! Sam just said “You don’t want to do anything stupid now.” — NOW?! Really, what’s at stake NOW? I’d have thought taking a bad penalty the first minute of the game, Gomez, would be when you wouldn’t want to do anything stupid…… Oy Vey.

  317. PruBelongsOnTheIce on

    at least we know antropov and morris won’t be back next year. avery on the other hand, any way we can cut him and pay him half of half of his salary? Or did he just not take his morphine? We know Gomez the clown couldn’t make him happy. He must not like clowns like that.

  318. If we ever had the capabilities to clone Ranger players…it would be Dubi & Cally. Major props to Betts & Shoestring…who have been relentless on the PK.

    This series will go 7 games….and it will not be a happy ending. We simply lack any forwards that pose an offensive threat.

    Redden-Rozy-Morris & Mara look awful. Rozy looks like he’s skating around with a dirty diaper on. Derek “Deke Me” Morris should be a goner this summer. He hasn’t shown me a damn thing in this series. That’s twice in two games Morris has been molested by Ovie. How many times are we going to see Paul “Captain Lou Albano” Mara rim the puck out of the zone? I can move my bowels quicker than it takes Redden to get up ice.

    Gomez hasn’t completed a pass since Christmas. Voros is just a Shower Of Sh*t.

    ahhhh…this too exhausting. I’m done for tonight.

  319. Speed Ranger on

    Mike, Deja and Linda are being reported, I have a child posting here with me tonight. What is wrong with you.

  320. Callahan, Dubinsky, Staal, Girardi, Valiquette maybe. Possibly a few others.

    Gomez quit around Game 2.

    I can’t even think of a good Mara’s Beard line. Try to come up with them tomorrow, gang, because we’re going to need stuff to talk about.

    No, no 1,000 tonight.

  321. Linda misses NY @ playoff time on

    Voros is just a Shower Of Sh*t.

    Best line of the night!

  322. No Country For Old Rangers on

    Varlamov is making routine saves and the Vs. guys are just showering the praise on him. Give me a f-ing break, my high school team could have given a better effort against the caps tonight.

  323. How cool would it be if a reporter asked Torts this question in post game –

    “Torts, now that the Avery benching backfired tonight, do you feel that he may play on Sunday?”

  324. Linda misses NY @ playoff time on

    another 2 minutes of torture what a crappy way to start a beautiful weekend

  325. PruBelongsOnTheIce on

    lol that’s the worst thing I’ve heard!! playing Zherdev so he gets confidence!!! It’s the playoffs!

  326. yeah, those other players sure got the message about bad penalties all right. sure they did

  327. Still Gotta Fire Sather on

    we all know Drury was absolutely worthless/helpless on the 1st goal against, but did you know that CHRIS DRURY IS -3 IN 7 MINUTES OF ICE TIME, WORST ON THE TEAM…when will someone, ANYONE, blogger or writer, come out and say that he needs to sit in the best interests of the TEAM? why doesn’t Torts see this? why are the fans the only ones to see this? why does Drury still get this free pass?

  328. Linda misses NY @ playoff time on

    schoenfeld will be coaching game 6 because Torts will probably kill anyone who asks him a question like that!

    If they say young varlamov, or ‘he’s only 20 years old’ one more time…………..arrrrrrrrrrrrgh

  329. I have no problem with sitting Avery. Gotta teach him a lesson.

    I have no problem with sitting Hank. Gotta try to spark the team.

    I have a MAJOR problem with this team not f**king throwing shots on an untested rookie goalie, and half-assing it all night long. Why not put this game away and get some rest before the next series? Why drag it out? F**king lazy lazy lazy *#^$s

    Regardless of what happens for the rest of the playoffs… even if they go deep… I want a complete personnel change next season. Keep Hank, Cally, Dubi, Staal. Eff everyone else.

  330. Varlamov was “player of the game” because we didn’t put any shots on him. You can put me or Carp in net against the Rangers tonight and we’d have a shoutout as well.

    (Sorry Carp…)

  331. Now we gotta be subjected to Butch goring …

    who looks like his face got melted off like the evil guy in Raiders of the Lost Ark…..when he opened up the ark at the end

  332. No Country For Old Rangers on

    Captain Drury just guaranteed a game 6 victory. Anybody think he’ll back it up with a hat-trick?

  333. Hanny, those changes aren’t happening in the salary cap era. Almost all of them will be back.
    And I used to play goal … I would have won this game 4-2 in place of Varlamov.

  334. mike in iowa on

    yea you report me and linda and deja. go ahead and you’ll find out that it wasnt us posting that crap.

  335. I know we played absolutely awful tonight, but we’ve seen that momentum DOES NOT carry over from game to game and if we were told that the Rangers would be up 3-2 going into game 6 at MSG, we’d be on cloud nine…Averys gotta be in Sunday

  336. Linda misses NY @ playoff time on

    normally i’d have laughed at that Raiders comment, but last friday, a 19 year old and 16 year old were burned to death after being hit by a drunk driver who is possibly in the country illegally. It happened literally 1 minute from my house.

  337. CCCP, please refrain from calling our team “BUNCH OF FCKING REDNECKS”. Rednecks are *TOUGH*, you know?

  338. God, imagine if we just had Semin or Backstrom how much more fun this team would be to watch? I’m not even bothering to dream of an AO…

  339. mike in iowa on

    carp- no doubt we cant score. we cant even get scoring chances. it really is sad that weve seen this team play much better in a meaningless game in october. this is the playoffs and this is the effort they give. sometimes i really wonder if they threw this one. i cant understand how these guys were so bad. even hank. idk sundays a new game but is it possible they just cant compete with them? every single game so far has been so one sided even in the wins.

  340. What surprised me the most about the game was that Cally was invisible! He is never invisible.

  341. Someone’s blasting James Brown’s “I Feel Good” during Captain Crutch’s interview.

  342. Linda misses NY @ playoff time on

    chris drury, redneck from CT. Ryan Callahan, redneck from Rochester NY. I like it!

  343. “Hanny, those changes aren’t happening in the salary cap era. Almost all of them will be back.”

    I know, but a lad can dream, can’t he?!

  344. alex b (the poster formely known as czechthemout!!!!) on

    One more thing to say. We have only score 4 goals in the last three games,I think we are due for a big offensive explosion on Sunday. However,if Avery is not in the lineup again,they will be flat again and all bets are off!

  345. Still Gotta Fire Sather on

    “Man, Drury seemed pissed when that music game on lol”

    he should be more pissed at his -3 in 7 minutes of ice time

  346. Linda misses NY @ playoff time on

    was he using renneys line generator tonight! i just saw some odd combinations out there.

  347. Drury always pulls out those same analogy’s….

    “If someone told us we would be coming back home leading the series 3-2…I think we woulda taken it”

  348. PruBelongsOnTheIce on

    he can put avery in the front office with tom renney. that seems to be where the unwanted junk goes. maybe he can give voros a desk job.

  349. Linda misses NY @ playoff time on

    Torts picked up Aves mantle tonight ;-)

    what a lifeless game by most of the team. Can I dream that somehow, Sather gets rid of Redden as my bday present this year?!

  350. I think Drury was pissed because he wanted to sing “I feel good” despite his -3 in seven minutes. My gosh was he bad.

    Colton Orr should have beaten the bejesus out of who ever turned on the music after a game like that.

  351. mike in iowa on

    after seeing zherdev in this series, if i were sather id pay someone to take this waste off our hands. and it looks like that brilliant trade sather made in july will go down as another dud in the history of sathers tenure here. and colombus is a new team that can raid the rangers talent and give us crap in return. senile old sather. when are you gonna leave us?? leave ny and never look back!!!

  352. As has been stated before, there is no momentum from game to game, but god damn that was about as frustrating as the 10 goal stars game. Drury would be better off coaching and Z would be better off in the Womens 18 and under league

  353. Kalinin over Morris is interesting…but would you rather have Kalinin/Morris or Kalinin/Redden?

  354. Linda misses NY @ playoff time on

    for some reason i was under the impression that everyone here was somewhat mature, especially since most of the posters here at least have a love of the Rangers in common. I guess i was wrong.

  355. ha they probably were thinkin hank would make 55 saves and they would win 0 to -0. they shouldve brought some pink floyd for this game

  356. I for one loved this game. No Avery, and Queen Henrik gets pulled. Ovie made the D looks like fools. Love it love it love it. Lets go Caps!

  357. PruBelongsOnTheIce on

    good question. Redden’s worst is behind him. but if we could have gotten Morris for Redden straight up (see my sn) I’d have done it.

  358. Did I hear Trautwig say “quest for the Stanley Cup”? Gee, I was think more along the lines of “quest for a lousy goal”.

  359. Call up Mario Marois….

    then say his name fast 10x to a techno back beat and you would have a pretty cool dance tune

  360. Still want to know what a Mudge boy is, and you need a good laugh, fans on other Rangers blogs hate Lohud, they say its a hockey dating service where nobody talks hockey.

  361. Linda misses NY @ playoff time on

    thats pretty funny whichever mike you are. as much as i enjoy zips blog, it’s a sword fight over there, and so overrun with trolls i don’t even post there anymore. they have some really good guys there, a few i think post here on occassion, but sometimes its just way too serious. don’t take that the wrong way though. you guys are serious too, but it’s also fun to be here.

  362. after game 6 Rangers will raise their sticks on

    I predict the Rangers will win Sun 3-1

    and go on to Boston

  363. If Henrik does not play like a wall, this team will lose. He is the only reason why we are still in it. We cannot score, we cannot hit, we cannot forecheck and keep the puck in their zone.

    I am just so disgusted right now!!!

  364. Alrighty Rangers fans…

    I demand that you all step away from the computer and do something fun or relaxing……

    Seee yaaaa Sundayyyyyyyyyy

    Rangers in 6 (my original prediction)

  365. ZzZz 13 ZzZz where are you!!??? says Greg L. on

    Well I predicted Rangers in 6 and noooooo one said Rangers in 5 so this loss is yes , written off.



    AVERY , the MSG croud screams out!!!

  366. I said if Voros played over Avery I’d watch PBS tonight…..I didn’t; I should have.

    Monumental F**K up

  367. I am sure this has been touched upon; but, sitting Avery was a mistake and could have given the Caps the momentum changer to take the series. Really, a sad moment in NYR history tonight. [i think it goes w/o saying that they need Avery] Question is whether Torts can recover as a coach of NYR next year/ever from this. WOW.

  368. “Regardless of what happens for the rest of the playoffs… even if they go deep… I want a complete personnel change next season. Keep Hank, Cally, Dubi, Staal. Eff everyone else”

    I spoke the exact same words tonite except no abbreviation for the the Eff

    Cally and Dubi were the only ones with fight

    Goddamn travesty

    Orr and Avery have a little spunk too…one of them would have at least run the rookie goalie..tried to rattle him

    lifeless sh*ts

  369. Great job Torts… that away to give life to the Caps… bench your best player (not saying much) for undisciplined play …. What is worse is you bench Avery for undisciplined play then you try to go after fans in the stands… nice … great example …

  370. JRG: I agree wholeheartedly and stated before the puck was dropped that Torts is going to have a short shelf life in NY making these bone-headed decisions

  371. There’s a lot of clueless people commenting tonight. Look at our record in 06-07 without and with Avery. Look at our record in 07-08 without and with Avery. Look at our record in 08-09 without and with Avery. If at this point you think its coincidence you have your blinders on. He might not score goals but hes a big part of the aggressive forecheck that Torts wants to employ. Avery had a bad 3rd period in Game 4, so what? He still was effective early on. 12 of the PIMs in Game 3 were nothing penalties in garbage time and the others were caused by battling for the puck and were in the heat of the battle– penalties that anyone could have taken. Naslund and Mara have took much worse interference and stick infraction penalties over the series. Nothing was stupider than the Pothier slash, but when the rest of the team isn’t disciplined he shouldn’t have singled out one of their best players. And hell, he was one of the few people who did show up for Game 3.

    I’m also shocked that people want to dump Avery so quickly. Probably the same people who wanted Jagr out. How’d that work out? Some people just can’t get off their high horses.

  372. mike, which blog is making fun of us? we’ll send a couple of Boneheads over there. I am really curious, though.

    Maybe they should put Hank and Valiquette on the power play.

    I was shocked by Tortorella benching Avery, but I don’t think that was a wrong move, nor do I think it had any bearing on this game. Now, though, Tortorella has to patch it up and get Avery back to being effective … or their relationship has to end.

    And, JRG, there is no momentum from one game to the next. Look at any of the three Eastern series still going on.

  373. PruBelongsOnTheIce on

    on YES a little girl stuck her head up in front of the camera and it looked like something out of the movie the Ring

  374. See it starts with attitude and emotion…even body language

    right after they killed the first PP; they won a faceoff in center ice…instead of driving the puck into the Caps zone they passed it back into their own; then did the obligatory take it behind their own net to get set up…

    I asked immediately “this is how they’re playing tonight?…no attack?…just take it easy and let them bring it?”

    ….and thats where Avery comes in…no he wont score 5 goals but he’s smacking the rookie goalie; he’s being an a**hole…

    I dont think he has scored any goals against The Devils to speak of since he arrived in 2007 but just knocking Brodeaur on his butt late in 2007 set a tone…it was the biggest turning point in that rivalry since the Graves goal in ’97…no respect for Marty…no respect for anyone

    Its not the goals..its more and the Rangers record with him speaks for itself

  375. The idjits on this site never disappoint —— the fact that this team is up 3-2 in this series is a miracle. If Renney were coaching, the series would already be over in a sweep by the people wearing red.

    Torts did the right thing tonight in benching Avery. Just as he will do the right thing on Sunday in playing him 20 minutes.

    Memo to idjits: The Caps are much better than the Rangers. They have far better players, up and down the lineup. Is this a difficult fact to assimilate? Hello??

  376. Carp, really? Out of his whole career (including Dallas) since he came here in 07, the only thing he ever did that was clearly selfish was the slash on Pothier. It was ONE mistake. Don’t tell me that Gomez or Mara or Naslund or even Lundqvist haven’t lost it once in a while. Avery still makes us more good than bad. He pushes the puck into the opponent’s zone, he has the speed to mount an aggressive forecheck, he can distribute the puck pretty well (although we don’t have anyone to finish), he can block shots, he can play defensively. Perhaps you didn’t pick it up, but in Game 2 TSN was showing Avery blocking shots and he lifted the stick of Caps players who had point blank shots a few times too. Hes not just a one dimensional guy. If we actually had a first line he’d be even more effective than he has been for us this season.

  377. u all are way overestimating avery’s presence. we have no offense, two good defenseman and our goalie was bad tnte. avery running his mouth wasnt gonna change this result. id still play him next game and sit drury/voros and bring up anisimov (no way torts does that tho)

    barring an unlikely run to the cup id trim as much fat as possible off this roster in the offseason (which is just about everyone over 26 not including hank and betts)

  378. good night all…..i am as emotional as anyone-we had some ups we had some downs……bottom line is we are up 3-2 with a chance to close it out in game 6 (yes tonight reminded me of pre-season hockey) but we are still up 3-2 and if you were a realistic ranger fan going in you would have taken this


  379. Pru … agreed …

    Is Drury the worst Ranger captain ever ??? In my lifetime (70’s on) he is … I rather have Kisio …

    Can we just give the freakin team to Messier and let him run it … be GM, coach whatever … just give it to him .

  380. Pete,

    You are looking at the sensationalized media aspect of Avery. Avery’s yapping isn’t his asset. Its his speed and aggressiveness that makes him a good player.

  381. Voros is as big of a waste of equipment as Anson Carter. I understand to an extent the scratching of Avery but could they not call up someone who could score like Anisimov?

  382. Still Gotta Fire Sather on

    Carp my issue with benching Avery is that it’s the playoffs and this isn’t the time for “messages”…EVERY game is a must-win, so you need to put your absolute BEST lineup out there for every single game…

    do you really think benching Avery would’ve been the right move if this series was 2-2 instead of 3-1? Torts set his lineup as if he had a 3-1 series lead, which is WRONG…

    no Avery wouldn’t have scored 5 goals, no Avery wouldn’t have prevented 4 goals, and no Avery wouldn’t have stopped Captain Clutch from being a -3 in 7 minutes of ice time, but still, you win or lose in the playoffs with your BEST 20 guys…and without Avery (and with Voros + a one-armed Drury) we didn’t play with our best possible lineup

  383. I just got home. I am sad.

    If I don’t get tickets to the game on Sunday, a buddy and I are looking for a good place to go watch the game. Anyone on here doing anything?

    I know Molly Wees is usually a good place to go.

  384. If you told any of us that we had a chance to end this series at home in game 6, we all would have taken that in a second. There is no reason to be in a panic about laying an egg. Washington is a better team than we are and consistency is not a strong suit of ours, but I know Torts will get these guys up to play on Sunday and I know Hank will take care of business. We end this series Sunday. Lets Go Rangers

  385. um no i am not discounting avery’s ability but this series he has been reckless. was benching him drastic sure, but avery doesnt change this result and voros is bad but is he the reason we didnt score or is it possibly that we don’t have talented offensive players?

  386. Raider, Cheers to that.

    Goodnight all. Losses like this, for me at least, are easier to take sometimes, rather than it being close, or blowing a lead, and losing a heart breaker.

    That is just how I am though. I don’t know if anyone agrees or disagrees.

  387. when the other team is more talented you have to play harder.

    the PP is so bad no words can describe it.. Gave up there first shorty in a while.

    offensively they are totally lost. Varlamov has to make no difficult saves.

    there only chance is a 1 or 2 nothing Henrik masterpiece.

    Lucky VOros showed such good discipline, same with gomez on the penalty 2 minutes into the game…

  388. What a non-game this was. They may as well have not bothered appearing at all.

    Strangest game in an awful long time. Very weird game.

  389. We gotta come back with a better effort on Sunday. Terrible start in this game, we never got setlled, looked bad the whole game. Dubi, Cally, Staal, and Girardi were our only good players in this game.

    I also felt it was the right decision to have Vally play in the third, give Hank some rest.

  390. BTW mara and morris are nothing. put it this way roszival and dedden are way better then them!!!

    that is all you need to know. Mara is a good guy but he is a nothing D man, his shot is very innacurate,he is just totally avg.

    Morris is not a winning player, the Ovechkin goal he has to hit the guy, how can he miss him…

    all you need to know is torterella is counting on dubi, cally, staal, and girardi… 2 of them are 22, the other 2 are 24…

    they need a healthy drury and a productive zherdev and antro to have any offense.. the bloom is also of the antro flower….

    pray for 2 goals on sunday and henrik to be out of his mind..

  391. There was a report afterwards that several players were angry at theSean Avery benching, especially considering he has tried really hard to fit in and behave. With all the penalties we took tonight, who gets benched for the next game..In passing, we have a GMHC hockey summer league at Chelsea Piers coming, I will let you know how to join.

  392. Haven’t read all 800+ posts, and I am bent.

    Good call scratching Avery Torts!(not)
    Gomez, way to lead the team, and keep things under control!(Scratch him next)

    What a ******* mess!

    Yeah, this team really responded to making an example out of Avery. PFfftttt…

    Oh well, LGR!

  393. M I S S I N G I N A C T I O N:

    – Gomez
    – Naslund
    – Zherdev
    – Drury

    We’re these guys scratched tonight too?

  394. Carp you suck btw
    You never take a stand on any issue
    Worst of all you are a professional writer that can’t spell.. LOL hate that

  395. Hey, mister phony at 11:26

    Just wondering, why did you even bother? Was it just because you can?

  396. Mister phony, you spelled ‘coronary’ wrong. Typically, assholes like you always screw up on some detail or another.

    Yer welcome!

  397. Still Gotta Fire Sather on

    “Gomez, way to lead the team, and keep things under control!(Scratch him next)”

    ^^^ this always kills me, what about the “Captain” leading the team and keeping things under control? what about Drury’s “we need to treat Game 5 like we’re down 3-1” speech? was Drury’s -3 in 7 minutes of ice time part of that plan? stats for this series:

    Gomez 1G, 2A, 3PTS, -2

    Drury 1G, 0A, 1PT, -4

    not saying Gomez doesn’t deserve to be ripped right now, he does, but how could you mention Gomez without mentioning Drury also? there’s always such a disparity between how much heat Gomez takes compared to Drury…take away Drury’s fluke goal and he’s done absolutely nothing except hurt this team by playing injured

  398. Who cares about Avery. Lundqvist sucked tonight, and he better be good, or this series is O-V-E-R.

    For those of you saying that the Rangers have done well, you are wrong…Henrik has done well, and when he sucks, the Rangers suck and everyone knows it.

    Varlamov has WAY better numbers now…

  399. How many shots on goal tonight??? 20? That’s it? 20 G-damn shots?

    They have a 20 year old in goal, and we have yet to test this guy at all. It is sickening how inept our offense is.

  400. Torts Suspended on

    Torts wont be on the bench on Sunday. He threw a bottle at Caps fans and thretened them with a stick.

    Not gonna fly with the front office.

  401. Earlier today, there were a lot of people – A LOT OF PEOPLE – drinking the blue Kool-Aid regarding the Rangers.

    I apologized for killing the buzz before I launched into my rant about how if the Rangers didn’t step up their offensive game, and actually play with passion in the Caps’ end, that they would not only lose Game 5, but ultimately the series.

    I was told to “take my head out of my @$$” by more than one person.

    Gee, I guess I really don’t know what I was talking about.

    Wednesday was a great performance by Lundqvist, BUT EVERYONE ELSE PLAYED LIKE CRAP OFFENSIVELY.

    Do you realize that in the last 4 games of this series, two Rangers have actually shot the puck into the net. Callahan and Drury. Mara’s goal was a freak own goal/deflection which was so fluky they had to change the official scoring on it 3 times to get it right. WE HAVE 3 GOALS IN 4 GAMES. TWO OF THEM INVOLVED SOMEONE ACTUALLY SHOOTING THE FREAKING PUCK INTO THE NET.

  402. Why don’t all you people who were yelling at me earlier for being realistic about this hockey team just let that sink in. 3 goals in 4 games. 2 direct shots into the net in 4 game. Shooting the puck into the net is the object of the game, right? I know hockey’s a complex sport, but……..

    Look, I hate being the “told you so” type….but I told you so. This team is in deep, deep trouble. They are so out of sync offensively (let’s not even bother talking about the power play) that it’s really hard for me to see how they can recover. I think the Caps are too powerful and are going to win this series in 7.

    It’s a shame because the Rangers really should win it. But I just don’t see it happening.

  403. Rick Carpiniello
    April 25th, 2009 at 12:14 am
    Donkey, you are a jackass.

    How’s that for taking a stand?

    Did I spell that correctly?



  404. I just read Steve Zipay’s blog, where it was noted that Tortorella chucked a green water bottle at the fan who doused him with beer, and threatened the fan with a hockey stick, which was wrestled away from him by Jim Ramsay and Jim Schoenfeld.

    Surprised that MSG didn’t have a shot of that incident.

    Torts will probably be fined, but I doubt suspended for Sunday’s game.

  405. By the way, Colin Campbell, as Rangers coach tried to whack a fan in Philadelphia during a playoff series, and since he’s doling out discipline these days, it’s doubtful Tortorella will be suspended.

    Thanks, CCCP.

  406. If the Rangers show effort, they usually are not embarassed. Yes, they might lose, but not like tonight.

    Weird game. Nothing good about it.

    That means Game 6 is going to be fantastic, and NYR is locking it up at home.

  407. Carp – Beukeboom did a great job at Brazen Fox tonight – spoke on a mic in between periods, great turn out at the bar, very crowded. Never made it close enough to say hello for either you or me! Gave away playoff tix, fun atmosphere but bad game for it.. Still looks like a huge dude, and hope the Rangers keep sponsoring these things at bars in the area. Game sucked but it was still a lot of fun.

  408. If Torts wants to bench Avery now during the playoffs well he is the coach, but why weren’t Zherdev, Redden , Roszival during the last 6 weeks of the season when they played very uninspired hockey?

  409. Reginald Dunlop on

    FRANK BROWN could’ve played net for the Caps tonight and given up only one goal…..think it was Mara’s shot from center ice wouldve handcuffed him…..effort to get to the net was brutal, too much cruising and watching the guy with the puck instead of busting to the net….

  410. I rememebr when Nicky Fotiu went into the stands at the Joe Louis arena in Detroit back around 1984 or so, after a fan threw beer at him. He was restained but beleive he took a suspension.

  411. Reginald Dunlop on

    oh yeah…….temper temper carp…..playoffs are all about staying under control ……and jackass was spelled correctly…ha ha ha

  412. Reginald, you nailed it … except I think Frank might have done a couple of those spin-o-ramas, and probably knocked one into his own net. Are you going to Game 6?

    Thanks, Jive.

  413. Has this team played any competent offensive hockey all series for more than a spurt at a time? Really, their only good period was the 1st period of Game 4. Other than that, they have been dreadful.

    Benching Avery was just an awful move. You take the good with the bad, but you need him out there. For better or worse, he’s our first line left wing and he and Gomez have pretty good chemistry.

    Someone on this team outside of Lundqvist needs to step up. One of the veterans really needs to come up with a huge game on Sunday. Someone needs to inspire this team to skate much harder, play much smarter (no more than 3 minor penalties should be their statistical goal, because right now they’re averaging 7 per game) and score some freakin’ goals.

    Damn this is tough to watch. And I don’t see it ending well.

  414. Reginald Dunlop on

    yep will be there…….don’t know where my seat is yet…ha ha ….but figured on being there anyway….

  415. Way to steal genuine details from other blogs Carp
    At least if you copy it verbatim we don’t have to see your 3rd grade editing skills!

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