Just a game


That’s what the Rangers are saying, pretty much — that Game 5 has to be treated as just the next game in the series, not a potential clincher, no what-ifs, none of that.

Killer instinct? Yeah, you need that. And, yes, historically there are many cases where if you don’t close out a series when you have the chance it comes back to bite you at some point. Maybe you run out of gas earlier, or maybe you get more banged up. To win it all, it’s important to do it in as few games as possible in this tournament-of-attrition.

That said, the Rangers can’t project any further than Game 5 or they will be in trouble, and in a way, having Game 4 go the way it did — being such a battle, having Washington all over them for so much of the game — maybe it will be easier to focus on the task at hand and not look beyond the present.

John Tortorella:

“I think our guys have had a pretty level head on them as we’ve started playoffs here, and we’ve had some tough times through our first few games here and we’ve had some good times. But we haven’t gotten too down and we haven’t gotten too high, and that’s the key. We’re playing against a very good hockey club that we know doesn’t feel it’s out of it here at all. So we need to just keep on playing. It’s about playing the next game and preparing for the next game and do the best we can. We’re not looking at what the numbers are as far as winning and losing. We’re looking to get prepared to play another game.”

Henrik Lundqvist:

“I think it’s importan that you don’t think it’s a close-out game where you can advance. you have to think of it as, maybe, Game 1, or something. You have to focus on what you have to do, not so much, ‘What if we win?’ or ‘What if we lose?’ Just focus on what we have to do.

“(Game 4) was definitely a tough game, but we got it done. I think we feel we could play a little bit better, but I don’t think you can battle any harder than we did, because we played as a team and we worked so hard we got it done int he end. It wasn’t pretty, but in the end we got it done, and nobody really cares.

“I think, especially, the first couple of games we were very focused on what to do, and yesterday we were locked in on what to do, and not so mich on what’s going on around us. You have to break it down a little bit and not look at the whole picture. For me, it’s stop the next puck and that’s it. Further than that, I don’t want to think. That’s my approach tomorrow.’

Tortorella wouldn’t say anything about whether Sean Avery will play in Game 5 (of course, he will) after those two undisciplined penalties, nor would he talk specifically about Avery. But it sure sounded as if he was talking about Avery when he said this:

“If we keep on flirting with the discipline problems we’ll lose. And not just one game. Momentum changes, and we’ve been flirting with that all series long. A big part of our situation last night is I thought our penalty killing was just outstanding, along with some great goaltending at key times. But you cannot keep going to the well like that, with the lack of discipline that we have shown at times, and expect to continue to compete in the series. We’ve gone there too many times.”


Kenny Albert — he’s been getting a lot of notice here because he’s so good with the numbers — is writing on MSG.com today that the Rangers have been up 3-1 in a series 12 times and have won every one of them. In eight of those series, the Rangers won in five. In three the opponent won Game 5 and went down in Game 6. Only one went to Game 7, and that was June 14, 1994. You might remember that game … against Vancouver?

For all the 3-1 stats, see the post-game thread from last night, or click here for the NHL’s playoff record book page.


Everybody practiced today. Should be the same lineup tomorrow.


The NHL announced its Norris Trophy (best defenseman) finalists: Zdeno Chara, Mike Green, Nick Lidstrom. 

Redden was fourth. (just wanted to see if you’re paying attention).


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  1. 3 QUESTIONS :

    Beth – did you watch the game ?
    Sally – how was that date?
    No country4 old rangers – still got your job ?

    I’m one happy old man today !

  2. REPOST:
    April 23rd, 2009 at 12:56 pm
    There is a difference from what you see on TV then being they’re live, all of you that watched the game on TV missed the dirty plays that got no call such as Dubinsky gets the stick twice to the head by Kozlov and no call, Avery was a loose cannon last night because he sees between him getting hit as well as the teammates he wanted to bring to that edge, I disagree with his actions on the last 3 minutes of the game, however on the chase for the puck to prevent the icing and the guy gets clipped and Avery is penalized, well then why was Ovechkin not called for Monday 2 hander on Roszival that broke Rozy’s nose.
    Before jumping on the Avery lynch mob just remember the dirty hits that were not called on the Caps.

  3. No Country For Old Rangers on

    So far so good Tony but havent seen my supervisor yet, I dont think it’s grounds for firing but we’ll see. I’m going with the classic “last minute car trouble”

  4. Can’t go to the well of goaltending too much? That’s their entire season.

    Words really can’t describe how incredible Hank has been. I’m simply amazed.

  5. No Country For Old Rangers on


    Doddie or Nasty- What’s the email to send the “during” beard photos to?

    Thanks and thanks for taking the time to set that up

  6. I am not so much defending Avery’s action last night, as I am defending Avery himself. Look, I was just as shocked and annoyed as anyone last night when he took the penalties. But hockey is a big game of ifs and whats and almosts. What if we didn’t get the deflection for our first goal, what if Ovies shot didn’t hit the post and went it. So what I am saying is, so what if Avery took the penalties. It didn’t cost us the game.

  7. Carp, when I read the heading for this post, I thought “Just a Game” meant that Avery was getting just one game suspension. Is there any word on that?

  8. The irony is that as Rangers fans spend countless hours today discussing Sean Avery and his penalties from last night….

    Avery is probably thumbing through the Louis Vuitton spring catalog as we speak….

  9. EVERYONE READ THIS ABOUT ZHERDEV!!! AND IF IM WRONG, LETS ARGUE!!! Im not disagreeing with most things said about him. He has become a loner, prob on and off the ice. His dissapearence is sad and due to a lacking effort. But someone think back to progression over the season. Used to be excited to dominate games like regular season start and other points. Torts came in past the halfway mark of the season and decide to do what he has been known to do, try to bench/punish a player, to make them learn, realize potential and then they use their unique skill to be a star. Obv this has worked in the past (see Vinny, st.louis, richards, etc) when he has had full seasons to mold players, intime for playoffs runs. However, he has to be stupid to think he can do the same in the short period of time he has been here. Zherdev seems like hes a sensitive dude, as most russian forwards are mentally complex. This experiment in making Zherdev amazing this season through life lessons is terrible idea, as he could have waited to next year. If torts stopped singling out Zherdev, reducing his role to a 3rd liner when in fact hes prob the only true first liner on the team (but doesnt have other 1st liners to play with) he would still be putting up decent playoff numbers like the reg season and putting in the effort (tho your all dumb for thinking callahan like effort, its not his game) but more importantly being excited like he was when he started his career as a New York Ranger. I really blame Torts, just sad. And if he doesnt go to KHL, and signs with a team looking for a winger for a 1st line wont EVER suprise me him netting 40g 50a type seasons.

  10. But you can’t do that! The stuff that happens — deflections, posts, etc. — you have no control over those. Discipline, or lack of discipline, is within your power. It is discussed at meetings and on the bench. Lack of discipline is something you CANNOT have. And this guy has shown a lack of discipline in several instances now. He should be buying cars for Blair Betts, Fred Sjostrom and Henrik Lundqvist on the penalty kills.

  11. That “What if” theory about Lundqvist/Varlamov switching places is so ridiculous come on Carp. You could sit here and say a million “What ifs”, What if Chris Drury doesnt score that goal with 7 seconds left in the Buffalo/Rangers series 2 years ago. What if Mike Richter doesnt make that glove save in game 7 of the finals, What if we won the lottery the year Crosby was in the draft (THANK GOD we didnt, i love hating him too much too root for him), What if, What if, What if… The point is, Henrik Lundqvist is a Ranger, and the best Ranger.. and Ovechkin is a Capital and the best Capital.. and I woudlnt rather any other position than goalie be the best player on the team, most important position in sports, and we have one of the best. So can we stop trying to think of ways why we dont deserve to win when we finally start winning?

  12. Tony, I still don’t believe you will keep those promises.

    Looks like the Avery situation was reviewed. They don’t announce fines. Not likely a suspension. But I don’t know any of that for sure. And Avery maintained his four-game playoff streak of not being interviewed.

  13. Zherdev’s essential problem was captured in the sequence right before Mara’s goal. He did a drive-by on a glorious chance in front, giving himself no chance to deal with a rebound —– almost certainly because he was not excited about paying the price for being in that area and was eager to leave it as quickly as possible.

    I haen to like Z. But if that doesn’t change, his critics have every right to question him.

  14. No, they’re doing one award each day to get maximum publicity out of it. I looked at the chart. Redden was fourth.

    … just want to see if anybody’s paying attention.

  15. I’m thinking of introducing my Aunt Olga’s Mustache to Paul Mara’s beard…what does everyone think of that?

    I need feedback….or a machete

    thank you

  16. Boss, agree with you on the Z being a loner. Looks like he does not feel like he is a part of this team anymore. You could see it in his body language on the bench and as they get off the ice after games. I wish Kovalev gave him a call with some advice.

    Its horrible to see how he just does not look like he cares when he is out there. Even from a selfish perspective he should at least be playing for his next contract.

  17. Redden fourth, hah..
    I’m all for playoff beards but Mara has been growing this thing for months and even when its only a week old its disgusting, he is sick in his head someone get him a mirror

  18. Rick,

    At the beginning of the 3rd period, it looked as if AO & Green were sitting on the bench bickering. Sam & Joe commented on it but I haven’t heard anything regarding that. Have you?

  19. is there an offensive defenseman award like the defensive offeseman award?

    if not, there should be, because green shouldn’t win a norris…he should win the offensive defenseman award if it existed

  20. Avery is a clown on

    Sean Avery is one of the least respected hockey players in the league and in the last two games he has shown you why. I am a die hard Rangers fan but the guy is a complete mess and a risk to this team. I hope he gets suspended for his actions and at least give the PK a break. Six penalties in the past 2 games… hardly room for that in the playoffs.
    The guy is CLOWN! And all you who want to defend him should join the circus!

    When it comes to Avery you guys really miss the point. He hasn’t gotten ANYONE off their game!! HASN’T drawn one retaliatory penalty. I have NOT seen one legitimate argument as to why he is playing SO poorly. He’s a joke and the Rangers need their players to be SMART because they HAVE BEEN OUTPLAYED badly for a lot of this series. Just look at the shots. Hank can’t stand on his head every night for the next 7 weeks.
    And the argument that Tortorella will reign him in is BS… he hasn’t done it yet.
    Say what you want but the guy is KILLING your team right now.

  21. Rob F

    good point….It’s time for a Bobby Orr award anyway…I mean who the hell are Norris and Hart and Selke?

    What about Aunt Olga’s mustache?

  22. Unemployed Steve on

    Kaspar, is Aunt Olga’s mustache a handlebar type? I think that is the perfect match for Mara’s beard.

  23. I love this blog because everyone has their own opinion. I like Sean Avery and what he brings. I know many don’t. And the world goes round. Let’s Go Rangers!

  24. Rick or Anyone

    A co-worker of mine was curious about how the 2nd round seeding goes. I told him that if the Rangers win they will play Boston. He asked well what happened if the first two teams in the EC were eliminated – would there be a reseeding of the teams which are left. I tried to explain it as best as I could. I actually looked in the rule book – but any type of playoff standings arent in there. Is there anything official I can find so I can forward it to him? Much appreciated.

  25. Mako- Rangers would play the highest ranked team remaining from the EC.


  26. Unemployed Steve on

    Mako I don’t know where the rules are but I always thought the highest seed # plays the lowest seed number

  27. MAKO

    forward him this thread:


    get seeded to


    based on the original standings


  28. Avery is a clown- ur a moron. This team wouldnt be where they are right now if it wasnt for him. They would not have made the playoffs. Hell they would not have made the playoffs last year or the year before that either. Acquiring and reacquiring Sean Avery were the two HUGEST moves in Rangers history. Otherwise the non-playoff streak may very well have been at 10 years and counting.

  29. I agree 100% with Boss on Zherdev.He’s been the only example made…When has gomez or Drury sat? Redden? Avery? Look at all the ice time our “top” guys get and how little production they get for that time.How do you have any confidence in your game? He had the most points on the team this year,with alot less ice time.How many points are you supposed to rack up playing less than 10 minutes a night.It’s a joke.

  30. No Country For Old Rangers on

    Avery is a Clown- How is he killing our team? He’s taken a few bad penalties but last time I checked the Rangers were up 3-1 in this series. Not exactly being killed

  31. Thanks guys =D – that is what I told him and he was unsure. I will forward it to him. Thanks all very much. Some ppl are thickheaded ;)

  32. Mako
    if the Rangers win they play Boston.Period

    I love Avery because he gets evreyones juices flowing…

    His jerk-idiot attitude single-handedly turned the Rangers-Devils rivalty in our favor….from late 2007 until last years playoffs we owned them as they concentrated on Avery-hate instead of Hockey

    but he’s not for everyone…that I can easily understand…reggie Jackson was a real jerk but….

    By the way Aunt Olga’s mustache is like the Lanny McDonalds

  33. So, are we rooting for the Devils tonight in hopes for an Eastern Conference finals with them, or do we want Carolina to kill them off?

  34. The Rangers biggest move was getting Wilf Paiement….

    No, actually it was getting Guy Lafleur

    Wait, i take that back, it was either Marcel Dionne or Guy Lafleur……

    Or maybe Tim Kerr? Possibly Blaine Stoughton ? Luc Robitaille ? Perhaps Petr Nedved? Pavel bure?

    No, it was definitely getting John Ogrodnick!


  35. Shoryuken has you beat on that one Kris.. and we made the playoffs without Avery in 2005…
    I’m still an Avery supporter though, he is an idiot nobody can deny that but he brings something to this team that is needed, he just cant take those penalties last night especially with the lead it was boneheaded.. I believe a few of the calls in game 3 were questionable like the interference and high-stick calls..and I didn’t have a problem with what he did toward the end to the goalie, the game was over in game 3 when he did that. I just have a huge problem with what he did in game 4 in the 3rd period. Besides that he has been effective his whole stretch as a ranger in 2009.

  36. HAHA Redden fourth, nice Carp

    I still like Avery and know how important he can be to the Rangers. He just needs to play smarter though, there is no room for error against the Caps or any playoff team for that matter b/c sooner or later, they will make you pay.

    Avery takes a lot of crap from opponents and gets no help from the refs so his job isn’t the easiest, but that’s still no excuse to lose complete control of your emotions, especially late in a game being up by just one goal.

    Do you think Torts will sit Avery for a few shifts in Game 5 to make a statement?

  37. In the Canes/Devils series I cant seem to figure out what would be better for us so when in doubt, root against the Devils… The Devils winning the series would be good bc we all woudl love to see them in a series in the 3rd roudn if it came to it.. But at the same time, does anyone think the Devils are going to beat the Penguins? I think the Canes would probably have a better chance to win that series and that is who I think we should want eliminated the most, the pens.. so lets root against the hated devils and marty tonight

  38. I wonder if “Avery is a clown” is actually Marty Brodeur


    Only if you can trace his IP to WiFi from the International House of Pancakes.

  39. Nasty

    I was all for NJ getting bounced – but in all honesty – as I said from before the playoffs – I DO NOT WANT the Rangers to play the Pens. So, whoever comes out of that series – I would love THEM to pound the pens. Although “IF” another NYR/NJD EC final were to happen – I would mind that at all ;)

  40. No Country For Old Rangers on

    Come on guys, we all know the biggest move in Rangers History was bringing in Eric Lindros. Followed closely by Mike Dunham

  41. No Country For Old Rangers on

    HAHAH good one Pavel. I think Marty’s pre and post game meals consist of the McGangbang and a large diet soda

  42. Also on Avery, I dont think we will see Avery out in the 3rd with 5 mins or less to go now, I dont know if he should hav been at all in the first place in a 2-1 game like that, matter fact you can bet the mortgage there will be a tight leash on him and that he won’t see end of the game icetime like that in games to come

  43. Acquiring and reacquiring Sean Avery were the two HUGEST moves in Rangers history.


    Could be the funniest thing I’ve ever read in Rangers history.

  44. the Avery hysteria is a little much.

    again the guy made crewd comments about a ex girlfriend he did not kill anyone.

    yes he took 2 moronic penalties in the 3rd period and got lucky he did not lose the game.. these penalties were not suspendable penalties. Jurcina acted like he got shot, which was partly a fake job.. Avery needs to get it under control. Yea let’s take him out of the lineup since we have 5 other good skating, tough forwards, that are easily interchangeable.

    SPorts fans get real, we are winning this series on Henriks back, and guts alone. They have scored 4, 1, 0, and 2 goals in 4 games…Avery often a jerk, can play hockey, he is not a mass murderer so let it rest please……………..

    I would bring up AA or someone else for some added depth but having Zherdev not play the whole 3rd period and having a 1 handed Drury does not help a offensively challenged team.

    the good news is many of the core young guys are playing smart, hard, and getting good experience….

    BTW mara and morris will not be on the team next year, there is zero chance of them being back nor should they be back…

  45. Are we really discussing who we want to face in the EASTERN CONFERENCE FINALS already? Ever since I exclaimed “I can’t believe we’re going to sweep these guys!” as Mariano Rivera toed the rubber in the 9th inning of Game 4 of the ALCS, I have become a much more superstitious sports fan. So all this talk about who we want to face is making nauseous.

    With that said, what an atmosphere last night at the Garden. Was at both games and the energy level (not surprisingly) wasn’t even close.

    All hail the KING.

  46. Tony – I did watch the game. Carp got lucky, I don’t have to blame him for a loss..

  47. I think Avery has been a good aquisition this season (eve though I thought he would’nt be) BUT he needs to be seated when he takes stupid penalties, just like everyone else. And remember, he is not a first liner. Not even close, but he is an asset when he is doing his job without the screw ups.

    As I’ve said before; Rangers need a checking line. Think about it; Avery, Pahlsson, Drury/Korpi. That would kill…

  48. Avery was a liability last night. Other nights, he’s the reason we win. As long as the latter occurs more than the former, I can deal. Torts will flip the hell out on him and I don’t thin it will be an issue for game 5. Avery is going to take penalties, it’s just part of his game. Show me a team that doesn’t take any penalties and I’ll show you a team that is weak, soft and scared. I’d much rather kill a minor here or there and punish the opposition with checks and forecheck pressure. Also, though he can’t use it as an excuse for last night, Avery gets a lot of reputation calls.

    I think Avery could be a bigger factor in a series against Boston than Washington. Thomas hates him, Varlamov doesn’t realize Avery just called his mother a whore. Lucic hasn’t displayed a high level of discipline either. But let’s win game 5 then deal with it

  49. Drafting Hank
    trading for Avery

    Do we win a cup without Keenan as coach??

    91-92 and 92-93, with Mess. were just additions to the curse for all the ups and downs…

  50. Patrick Brennan on


    It’s a post game analysis with Ron MacLean and Don Cherry, Hockey Night in Canada talking about Avery. I highly recommend watching it, as they rip Torts and especially Avery a new one, but bring up some good points.”

    Does cherry make his own suits?
    I cant think of ANY company in the world making hideous crap like this schmuck wears!!!

  51. Patrick
    I get to watch cherry on HNIC all the time

    He loves anyone who just break heads like old-fashioned good old boys…. Chris Simon and Todd bertuzzi

    anyone with a personality he hates

    Avery, AO,the french, any europeon and American

  52. Nobody said we are going to the ECF, someone just brought up the Canes/Devils series… we still have to win one more hockey game just to win THIS series, everyone still knows that, and that it will be the toughest

  53. Patrick Brennan on

    Kaspar…I feel for you!!!!

    Looking at that A$$clown might drive me away from hockey!!!

  54. did anyone noticed that Zerdev was benched a few times in the 2nd and 3rd in favor of Callahan for being absolutely useless?

    I just cant see Sather putting another 3.5+ into him next year

  55. He calls lundqvist Lundstrom THREE different times, how does MacLean not correct him on any of them either

  56. I have been an advocate of Avery from the get go and the rangers record with him in the lineup we know is phenomenal andhe makes the games a lot of fun to watc, But… What he did las tnight in the third period was dumb and selfish. it reminded me when Theo Fleury hadhis anger management problems amongst other things and was jus tplain reckless out there. I hope Torts straightens him out either by given him a talk or by sitting im in late in games for a bit.

    The Mouth

    Ranger Crisis # 23 McPhee vs Tocchet


  57. Don Cherry makes me appreciate Barry Melrose, and that speaks VOLUMES!!!!!!! Because Melrose is a joke too.

  58. Hypothetical:

    Playoffs are over, you’re GM – would you rather pay $3.5mn/4yrs to a restricted Zherdev or $3mn/2yr to a free agent Kovalev?

  59. did anyone noticed that Zerdev was benched a few times in the 2nd and 3rd in favor of Callahan for being absolutely useless?

    I just cant see Sather putting another 3.5+ into him next year


    I cant either but I hope someone offers him that

    someone here did the numbers once ( Doodie??) and I think that kind of offer yields three pix

  60. Soft goal???? Give me a break man. Ovie has probably the hardest and best shot in the league. Nobody was stopping that one. Hank was screened too.

  61. No Country For Old Rangers on

    Gotta sign Antro. Bye bye Zherdev.

    I hope Zherdev signs with the Icelanders

  62. True fans bleed RW&B on

    I’m a big avery proponent but last was the first time I thought he was awful. He flirted with disaster. Wtf Sean…! Get ahold of yourself!

    I think he was bored because he hasn’t been a factor, but what possessed him, twice?

  63. Patrick Brennan on

    “Is anyone else concerned about the soft goal Lundqvist gave up to Ovie last night?”


  64. You guys understand that part of Cherry’s schtick is to purposely mis-pronounce europeon names don’t you?

    Part of his euro-put down persona

    Does it all the time

  65. No Country For Old Rangers on

    Soft G April 23rd, 2009 at 2:27 pm:

    “Is anyone else concerned about the soft goal Lundqvist gave up to Ovie last night?”

    Is anyone else concerned about ignorant douchebags on the blog?

  66. yeah hard to Zherdev to do much in 6:59 Carp but, he didn’t play in the third because he wasn’t doing anything when he was on the ice… Let him walk…

  67. No Country For Old Rangers on

    Hank is more than making up for the softies he let in down the stretch

  68. Good post Carp. Thanks for the update. Who do you think takes the Norris? The only thing I’m certain of is it won’t be Lidstrom. That’s a surprise for me, seeing as how in years past, I would be able to say “I am certain that Lidstrom is winning the Norris.”

    Best European player of all time? I think so.

    Anyway, if I had to say, I give it to Green. It is so close though, that the only thing that makes me give Green the edge is the record he set for consecutive games with a goal by a defenseman. It just gives his season a little bit of a historical push.

  69. True fans bleed RW&B on

    Soft goal, this is the ice hockey blog for the nhl new York rangers.

    You must be confused.

  70. Is anyone else concerned about the Lanny Mcdonald-like mustache my Aunt has?…..I know Lundqvist isn’t

  71. True fans bleed RW&B on

    I’ve watching lots of hockey and its funny what you guys call lundqvist soft goals are called impossible saves for other goaltenders.

    Hank makes it all look so easy. He went through a funk with a bad 5 hole and then dropping too early. But the only bad gaa last 30 games which I remember went under his armpit blocker side from a bad angle. He’s been solid all year, not as amazing as he is now, but we’re all jaded.

    Hank almost never let’s in a shot one on one. 95% of goalies do. Ovechkins goal went through Morris and off the post last night, btw.

  72. 22

    My parents did that “crazy orange-yellow-lime green” wallpapering and paint to my bedroom in the late 70’s…I actually had three friends blow chunks in there, on three seperate occasions, because they couldn’t handle the alcohol and colors!!1

    people began warning others “don’t party at his house”

  73. I would make the argument that Green does not deserve the Norris, because the award is for best overall defenseman. He has been far and away the best offensive guy in the league and his 31 goals (plus that goal streak are highly impressive), but his defense is very suspect. I didnt get too many games to see him during the regular season, but during this series he takes very long shifts, plays out of position to deliver hits and pinches far too often. I think his plus/minus would be horrible if he werent on such an offensive team.

    I think it’s between Chara and Lidstrom (well in my view). both of these Dman are better overall than Green. Chara is better than Lidstrom in the physicality department but i think Lidstrom is the better offensive player, with the ability to skate better nad make crispier breakout passes. Chara has a wicked slapshot though. Both players play on very coached and balanced teams.

    I like Lidstrom a lot so i’d like to see him win it, i think with more points and better P/M than Chara he deserves it, but i can also easily understand Chara getting it. He’s been instrumental to the Bruins resurgence and he really is a beast with that big body.

  74. Shoryuken (Redden gets a clean slate for the Playoffs)
    April 23rd, 2009 at 2:49 pm
    Euro Players:

    1. Jagr (utterly dominant in his prime)
    2. Lidstrom (practically owns the Norris)
    3. Hasek (best euro goalie)
    4. Kurri (have to include him, not as a ranger though)
    5. Forsberg (also have to include him)
    6. Kaspar (toughest SOB you ever met)

  75. I’d like to see Mara eat a bag of Zeppole at the Italian Festival at St. Barts church, with all the powdered sugar all over the place. Ha.

  76. I agree with jcl about the overall best defenseman point, but I think this award is really given to the best offensive D-Man every year, just look at it in the past, except that just about all of those that are picked for this that have great offensive stats are great in their own end as well, not the case with Green though. I think the race will be very tight between Chara and Green, and I dont even know who I think will win the ballot. Chara should win it since it should be based on best Offensive & Defensive D-Man overall, but I think many writers will overlook Green’s weakness defensively bc of the record and bc of being the first D-Man to score 30 in 16 years (Kevin Hatcher)

  77. Patrick Brennan on

    “I’d like to see Mara eat a bag of Zeppole at the Italian Festival at St. Barts church, with all the powdered sugar all over the place. Ha.”

    Better yet…He should partake in the ice cream eating contest they did for rangers tix on monday!!!

    Imagine that beard in a big a$$ bowl of ice cream? LMAO!!!!

  78. No Country For Old Rangers on

    Mara’s wife has a terrible case of rug burn on her inner thigh area.

    Too racy?

  79. Makes you wonder why is their a Selke for best defensive forward cough::BLAIR BETTS::cough, but yet they dont have a best Defensive D-Man award, which is what they are out there to do, defend. Back to the selke, Betts will probably get screwed by a popularity contest vote for either zetterberg or datsyuk but man Betts better at least be a candidate, who knows if he will even get the recognition for that. This year alot more people around the NHL have taken notice to him but I dont know if it will be enough to get into award consideration. But all of us see him every night and see what he does.. Need him back next year

  80. I forgot to add that both Lidstrom and Chara are the leaders of their teams, with their consistent quality play and in the locker room, as evidenced by the C on their chest.

    However, being objective from personal preferences, it would be a shame if Chara lost.

  81. Cherry- He talked about Ken “the rat” Linesman like he was a Lady Byng finalist. I guess he thinks Bobby Clark was a clean player too?

    After that glove save on Semin by Hank, do you think he’s shut the door on the high glove side weakness?

    Kaspar-remember the battles Lanny McDonald had with Barry Beck?

  82. I think now that Torts is the coach Sather won’t make quite so stupid signings. Hopefully Torts has a big say in who we get.

  83. Avery is a clown on

    Kris – Acquiring and reacquiring Sean Avery were the two HUGEST moves in Rangers history.

    If that is what you think then you are the biggest joke in Blog history.

    Last I have noticed the Rangers have not gotten past the second round of the playoffs since Avery has been in blue. And did nothing against the Sabres two years ago in what could have been a real run to the Finals.

    He has done nothing in these playoffs because he concentrates on being a clown rather than playing hockey. He’s an imbecile, play and simple, he has to act like an ass… the same way he hit Tim Thomas in the back of the head.. It’s a BS move, grow up.

    He keeps it up and it’s only a matter of time because he burns the Rangers. Only reason it hasn’t so far is that Hank has been incredible.

  84. Avery is a clown on

    Remember the battles Lanny McDonald had with Barry Beck?

    Actually, I do. There was one incident where Beck checked MacDonald so hard into the corner boards where the opposing team comes out that the hinges on the door broke. The second period had to be halted with 4 minutes left. They sent the teams to the locker room and decided to make it the second intermission. Ice was resurfaced and the “third period” was 24 minutes, with the teams changing sides after the 4 minutes remaining was up.

  85. My life couldn’t be any happier right now! My fiancé is leaving for Washington to visit her mom until next Wednesday… I just got my Sultan SumoSac (Bean bag, that thing is HUGE and mad comfortable 54 x 54 x 42)… tomorrow I’m picking up my baby Sony XBR 8… the Rangers are up 3-1 in the series and I just quit my job! There is a God… Sometimes :)

  86. Kaspar
    April 23rd, 2009 at 2:51 pm
    Shoryuken (Redden gets a clean slate for the Playoffs)
    April 23rd, 2009 at 2:49 pm
    Euro Players:

    1. Jagr (utterly dominant in his prime)
    2. Lidstrom (practically owns the Norris)
    3. Hasek (best euro goalie)
    4. Kurri (have to include him, not as a ranger though)
    5. Forsberg (also have to include him)
    6. Kaspar (toughest SOB you ever met)


    Dont forget the Finnish Flash ;)

  87. By the way…my brothers and I were getting all giddy and childish and calling Semin by his real name, pronounced, “Semen”.

  88. No Country For Old Rangers on

    Yeah CCCP! that kicks ass, I really wouldnt mind if the Ms. took off for a week.

  89. No way does Lidstrom get the Norris this year. Detroit has had serious defensive issues throughout the regular season, and has allowed almost 1 more goal against per game than last year. Granted Osgood and Conklin haven’t held it down as well as Hasek did in the regular season last year, but Detroit has still suffered on D and goaltending is only part of the problem. Mike Green had a tremendous offensive year, but his rover style has hurt Washington as well and made them vulnerable to the odd-man rush. Chara has been a force. He hits, creates stifling defense, scores big goals and is the anchor behind Boston’s other-worldly goal differential. I don’t see how Chara doesn’t get the nod this year

  90. What sacrifice can I make to the gods for a game 5 win so I can actually enjoy my weekend?


    3 chickens?

    A goat?

    My neighbors Mutt?

    A trip to Lourdes?

  91. Shoryuken

    no, the girl actually didn’t come with it… that thing is so comfortable that once you sit on it you forget about everything lol

  92. CCCP
    I’ll do it!!

    just to wake up Saturday and know we made it to round 2…what a feeling that would be!!

  93. i agree… that would be a great feeling! But what you be willing to sacrifice to get to the round three? :P

  94. No Country For Old Rangers on

    We can beat the Bruins and if we are fortunate enough to play the debbies in the conference finals…who knows what can happen

  95. I think Chara will win the Norris easily because I think many voters think the way I did when I voted in the day … that offense only doesn’t cut it. Now, if you get a guy who does both, scores and defends, like Leetch did, like Bourque did all those years, and even Lidstrom, then he usually gets it over a pure defender. I’d love to see a defensive-defenseman award. Kevin Lowe might have won it a few times.

    Mike Green has been dreadful in his own end in this series … when he bothers being in his own end.

    Who do you think would win the award for being the most pure defensive defenseman?

  96. Even though it’s obvious that Torts isn’t a Zherdev fan, and the fact that Zherdev has been invisible so far in the series, I can’t believe Sather will let him walk. He’d end up with nothing to show for the Tyutin deal.

  97. Bobby-Blueshirt on

    As much as I wish it weren’t true, I can’t see us getting past the bruins. Who do we REALLY have that’s any good aside from Henrik? The caps have been floundering around and their suspect D and lack of goaltending is what’s letting us win… but I’ll take it!

  98. On Zherdev, first I disagree about the loner part. I think you might be reading too much into his body language.

    But I do think he’s done in this organization if he doesn’t pick it up fast in these playoffs. He hasn’t earned any minutes, and he’s having his minutes reduced every period.

    And with the Rangers’ cap situation as it is, I wouldn’t be surprised at all if the Rangers let him walk … I don’t know if they can go to arbitration with him or not; I’ll have to check. Maybe they can trade his rights. But it won’t bring back anything close to Tyutin after the way he’s gone this second half and playoffs.

  99. I think alot of the talented offensive defensemen in the game play as good as anyone defensively as well, guys like Lidstrom & Chara can shutdown any forward in the league, obviously not Green, Niedermayer can, Bourque could, Leet could, thats why these guys all deserve Norris trophies theyve won, because they play both ends tremendously, NOT mike green, I agree with you Carp that Chara should win this Norris trophy

  100. Duncan Keith and Shea Weber are both awesome I think they are Norris material in years to come

  101. what about Mara’s 2 penalties? I love how he gets a pass but Avery’s are world ending.

    no, before you ask, I like Paul Mara. I am just pointing out that his penalty,especially his second one heading toward the corner when he just mugged the guy way before they got near the puck was just as dumb as anything Avery did

    oh, I forgot. he gets a pass because he has a beard and because he took a hometown discount, and because he is a good miked up story. oh, I see.

  102. By the way…that best d-man question I completely blew off the western conference….yeah Regier is good so is Steve Staois of the Oil, Pronger, all six Canucks guys Ohlund, Bieksa etc,….tough call; guys who dont score get ingnored on dee so I tried not to include Weber-he is definetly Norris-worthy ( seinfeld) one year soon

  103. As frustrating as Z is, we would not have made the playoffs without his points. He was leading the team up until Gomez stepped it up… that tells you something about his skill (and work ethic, unfortunately).

  104. IF we close out this series and win, it will just prove the point that ANYTHING can happen.

    Everyone, including Carp and Jane has us pegged for dead in this series, and where are we now? Up 3-1 with Game 5 tomorrow, winning one goals game, against the most offensive player if not team in the Eastern Conference, and holding ht eleading goal score and the leading scoring defensmen to 1 goal and zero goals respectivly.

    So not that I’m delusional or anything, but say we take this series.

    Then we play Boston and Antropov or Zherdev or Gomez or Naslund or Dubi really step up and start scoring consistently? Then what do we think?

    Hank is already confirmed as an elite goalie. Can he best Thomas in a one goal game? probably. Can he steal games in Boston? Absolutely

    Im just saying teams with as little talent offensively as ours have come up big when there backs are against the wall.

    And we beat Boston in the regualr season, and lost what? Two one goal games to them? I still feel we have better odds beating Boston then we did in Beating Washington.

  105. Mara-thon– if Mara takes his penalties in the 3rd and Avery earlier, we’re talking about Mara today. You also forgot that he scored.

    Anyway, it’s all good. We’re up 3-1 with a real good chance to pull off a tremendous upset. Tough challenge tomorrow night.

    I work my 2nd job 2-night, I’m wondering if the scruff on my face gets as bad of a reaction as at home.

  106. Sally and the Stanley Cupcake on

    Tony, I had a really nice time, thanks!

    The guy isn’t a sports fan at all, but I’ll try my damndest to turn him into one. He didn’t mind at all that I completely ignored him for the 3rd period or that I kept trading insults with the Bruins fan next to me!

    Redden for the Norris! Nice one, Carp!

    I hope everyone’s enjoying their Thursdays. Only 1604 minutes until game 5!!!!

  107. Avery is a clown –
    How can you call yourself a clown and not know who Bozo is?

    “ERIC: Hey, man – what are you hassling me for? This is just a gig, it’s not my life. I don’t know who Bozo is, what – is he a clown?

    GEORGE: Is he a clown? What, are you kidding me!?

    ERIC: Well, what is he?

    GEORGE: Yes, he’s a clown!

    ERIC: Alright, so what’s the big deal! There’s millions of clowns!

    GEORGE: Alright, just forget it.

    ERIC: Me forget it? You should forget it! You’re livin’ in the past, man! You’re hung up on some clown from the sixties, man!”

  108. No Country For Old Rangers on


    The Sein reference is a little too obscure and out of context

    I still havent figured it out

  109. No Country For Old Rangers on


    I love it man. I’m with you 100%, I think this team can win or lose to anybody in the league and with Hank playing lkike this I think it will mostly be wins. I like our chances against boston and lookout if we somehow magically play the NJD in the conference finals

  110. No Country For Old Rangers on

    How about when Jerry’s dating that girl who loves to eat meat and he orders “just a salad” and it echos in his head a couple times

    just a salad…just a salad…just a salad

  111. One of my favorite Jerry lines ever:

    Kramer wants him to go to an operation with him ( the junior mint episode)

    “Alright! Let me just finish my coffee and we’ll go watch them cut open this fat bastard”

  112. not John Cena, Jurcina on

    that effin pansy jurcina. I just saw on Rangers rewind on msg why Avery went after him.

    near the end of the second period, on one 30 second sequence, jurcina crosschecked Cally in the back near the net and got no call, and then went into the far corner and crosschecked Dubi twice face first into the boards, and got no penalty.

    THAT is what obviously set Sean Avery off to exact revenge on him. sure, he should have waited for a better way to do it, but I can now see what was going on on his mind. when he saw jurcina, he saw revenge for his young teammates.

  113. No Country For Old Rangers on

    That’s the one that George buys the the “fat bastards” art in hopes that he will die and the value will skyrocket, right? brilliant

  114. Yes no Country
    A classic episode for all charectors….

    Not John Cena
    I’ve been saying this all day.. The Evil Genius of Sean Avery ( not Steve Avery ) will prevail

  115. No Country For Old Rangers on

    Cosmo asking the doctor to move over because he’s obstructing his view of the operation. Amazing.

  116. not John Cena, Jurcina on

    also, isn’t it interesting that you can get a penalty after the whistle on an icing call, but if you are tripped on an offsides call, like Drury was, then no penalty, unless of course the rangers were doing the tripping, then I’m sure it would be different


    The Rangers are the most hated team in hockey right now…….No one wants Torts to win, no one wants Avery to win, and no one thinks you should be ahead in this series if it wasnt for Lundqvist…

    The only thing that makes the world fair is that your beloved Yankees wont sniff a title for the 9th year in a row…

    Come get some of the Bruins.

  118. Mikey, left for dead? That’s a little harsh. I think we would have said Caps in 4 if we were leaving them for dead. I did write that I thought their undoing would be their ability to score more than one or two goals a game (and so far: 4 vs. ThreeOrMore, 1, 0, 2.).

    Mara-thon, I think Mara gets a pass on those because 1) they were in the defensive zone and 2) they were defensive plays — not punching a guy in the face or hatcheting a guy in the helmet/neck, both in the offensive zone. And 3) the beard.

    The “just a game” line is in the back of the limo, when “O’Brien” is discussing his book, “The Big Game.”

  119. Johnny LaRue on

    While you’re waiting for the next game you can watch six straight hours of Lucy.

    There’s I Love Lucy…

    The Lucy Show…

    Here’s Lucy.

  120. yea that was a CLEAR trip and the puck was not over the offsides call had not been made yet, drurys legs were completely taken out by the stick… and the 3 plays by jurcina is a good point, how not one of them get called is beyond belief, especially the 3rd/last crosscheck on dubi

    but we won so who cares.. just play smart in game 5 and dont retaliate (Avery).. Mara’s two penalties were both unnecessary, he has to use his head a little bit more too, good call on whoever mentioned that

  121. No Country For Old Rangers on

    Also when Cosmo gets in the limo and almost blows their cover by calling Jerry”O’brien” and George “Murphy” is great.

    Kramer (pointing to Jerry): O’Brien. Long time no see. How’s tricks, Murphy?

  122. People seem to be missing the point here — at the end of the day, what’s important is that we won. Who’s to say that if Avery doesn’t get those penalties that the Rangers don’t find a way to blow it anyway, defending against the Caps 5-on-5. There are no guarantees in life, but there’s karma, Kramer! Avery is a “key” ingredient (certainly not the main one but still a key one, and I ain’t talking vanilla here) to the Rangers success. Deal with it!

  123. Doodie Machetto
    April 23rd, 2009 at 2:43 pm
    I’d like to see Mara eat soup


    I’d like to see Mara eat cotton-candy

  124. UESBlueshirt on

    Oooh, we’re quaking in our boots RIPPED IN THE MEDIA. Big words from a fan of a team that just won its first playoff round in 10 years.

    You notice that all the Rangers-Bruins games were 1 goal affairs? Rangers had an even worse record against the Caps and you’re seeing how that series is turning out.

  125. not John Cena, Jurcina on

    exactly. the Ranger PK is so good, that let’s pretend Avery was actually doing the team a favor by taking those penalties. they got the crowd and the team fired up again, and it was more demoralizing to the Caps that they could not score.

    but seriously, yes, bottom line, they won, and a lesson hopefully learned by Aves

  126. No Country For Old Rangers on


    How do you feel about Curb Your Enthusiasm? I think it’s almost on par with Sein.

  127. upsets a-brewin' on

    after the Rangers dismantle the Bruins, it will be R.I.P Bruins, not ripped

  128. My favorite lines from the limo episode:
    “No, nobody ever gets shot in the city.”

    And “What are you, Mannix?”

    No Country. I don’t have HBO, so I wasn’t a watcher of CYE, but my brother-in-law got me a DVD set and I plan on watching it after the playoffs. What do you think of it?

    I’d like to see Mara eat a small, furry animal. But how could you tell?

  129. Sally and the Stanley Cupcake on

    CCCP April 23rd, 2009 at 5:04 pm

    Doodie Machetto
    April 23rd, 2009 at 2:43 pm
    I’d like to see Mara eat soup
    I’d like to see Mara eat cotton-candy

    I’d like to see Mara bite the head off a live moose.

    April 23rd, 2009 at 4:54 pm

    “Rangers are the most hated team in hockey…”


    Good. That is exactly the way I want it to be. Boston fans are already intimidated. Perfect!

  131. Curb your enthusiasm is hillarious.. if you liked seinfeld there would be no reason to not like curb
    the best is when they take the black family into their home, Leon is great
    oh yea and Susie, Jeff’s wife is funny as hell too, shes always pissed… definitely watch that dvd set

  132. Hey Carp, I was just checking my predictions from your April 12 blog, and it looks like I’m doing pretty good so far.

    has anyone else looked back at theirs to see how close they came?


    joe April 12th, 2009 at 11:49 pm

    rangers in 6

    canes in 6

    pens in 5

    boston in 5

    sharks in 7

    wings in 5

    chicago in 7

    vanc in 5

  133. Curb with Larry David is great. I think it’s not for everyone.
    A black family with the name “Black” moves in with him.LOL
    How about the episode :”Are you my caucasion ?”

  134. No Country For Old Rangers on


    CYE is great stuff. It’s pure over the top Larry David style hilarity. It’s semi-autobiographical with Larry playing himself and appearances from Richard Lewis, Ted Danson who all play themselves. I think most Seinfeld fans really enjoy it. Let me know what you think! The first season is great

  135. CYE is great stuff, but because it’s on HBO not eveyone sees it 9 times a day like Seinfeld.
    Besides how can you beat :”I’m Cosmo Kramer, the Assman!”

  136. Best comedies:
    1a. Seinfeld
    1b. Arrested Development
    2. Curb Your Enthusiasm
    3. The Office (prior to this season)

    AD is the most sharply written show of all-time. Highly recommend spending the $50 or so to buy all three seasons. After watching and re-watching, you gain a real appreciation for its genius.

  137. Is it just me or does it look like Martin Brodeur and Tim Thomas were seperated at birth?

  138. Sally and the Stanley Cupcake on

    Noah, you can watch every episode of Arrested Development on hulu for free.

    Best. Show. Ever.

    “Como estoy?”

  139. I’m [O’]Brian, and so’s my wife…

    Oh no, it’s the Judean People’s front…

    What ever happened to the popular font Reg?
    He’s over there

    I have a vewy gweat fwend in wome names biggus…

  140. Sally, good call…completely forgot the entire series was on Hulu. That’s like robbery!

    [about Lucille 2’s relationship with Buster]
    Lucille: She’s been a family friend for years. It’s just…creepy!
    Michael: Mom, I think you might be overreacting.
    Lucille: She changed him as a baby!
    Michael: Ok, that’s – that’s about the creepiest thing I’ve ever heard.
    Buster: That’s why she didn’t look surprised.

  141. Acquiring and reacquiring Sean Avery were the two HUGEST moves in Rangers history. Otherwise the non-playoff streak may very well have been at 10 years and counting.

    lmao!! the biggest moves in rangers history huh?? wow. so youve been a fan since 07 i gather. because obviously you havent been following the rangers for very long. im not even gonna comment any further. that statement says it all!!1

  142. no country- i love seinfeld and cye too! richard lewis is hilarious on that show too. and yea, i do enjoy it more because i can see some seinfeld type humor in it.

  143. curb your enthusiasm is great. i dont have hbo, but i bought every dvd. “you know what my father would call a guy like that? a shmo-hawk. “hes a freaking shmo-hawk!” haha so great.

    season 7 in the works and everyone from seinfeld will be in an episode!

  144. Sorry if this is a repost, but has anyone read the Caps’ comments today? http://www.nhl.com/ice/news.htm?id=419792

    They go a little far IMO in arguing that they are losing solely b/c of Henrik. Here’s an example:

    “Last year we were playing against a team that was more about the hockey team than the goaltender,” Caps forward Brooks Laich said. “This year, the goaltender is really the star of their team. The reason that they’ve won three out of four is he’s stood on his head. Sometimes he can be in your head.”

    They should give us some credit for our D and PK. I mean, how many shots were blocked in Game 2, 30?

  145. Quite frankly, we are 3-1 because of Henrik. Sorry, but if we had Vally, Dunham or Weekes, we would have been swept or 1W-3L.

    The shots that were not blocked, Henrik needed to make some really tough saves.

    How many teams w/out a superstar goalie win a 1-0 game against a high offensive team? or even a 2-1 game?

    But, our PK has done some great work, as usual.

  146. how about that “classy” Brodeur? he threw a fit, slamming his stick twice into the boards the other night.

    and tonight, he causes another collision by coming way out of his net , and then whines that HE got hurt. so he then butt ends the next guy he sees near his crease,and gets a penalty.

    I hope Aves can work his routine on fatso again this year.

  147. Patrick Brennan on

    Anyone here go to a Rangers Viewing Party in Hoboken?
    I’m thinking about going to the one tomorrow…..Wondering how the place is!

  148. People hating on the Rangers, wow…what else is new? That’s right; the star of our team is our goaltender. He is a superstar and playoff is his time to shine. I don’t understand what’s the problem here? Isn’t it always about how well your goalie plays come the playoff time? Henrik is our advantage, I don’t disagree… but it is really annoying when people talk about the Rangers as if he is the only reason we up in the series. Caps players and their coaching staff have a long way to go in the maturity department.
    Guys like Callahan, Dubinsky, Avery, Sjostrom, Mara, Gomez, Naslund and captain hook Drury (and the rest of the team) guided by Torts (you know, the real hockey coach) leave their heart and soul on the ice each and every game in this series. And Henrik does what a top world class goalie supposed to do at this time of the year…steal games for his team. Maybe this will be a good lesson for the Washington organization… cockiness is a real b.tch.
    Good teams find ways to win. *LGR!*


    “People hating on the Rangers”…. good sign. They are beginning to take us seriously!


    BTW, does anybody have game time superstitions… like wearing somebody’s jersey or sitting in a lucky seat….eats? I have a theory that the Mets and Rangers seldom win on the same day. Luckily the Mets are struggling.

  151. CCCP was real accurate with that last post… “Isn’t it always about how well your goalie plays come the playoff time?” YES, Isnt one of the reasons the Sharks lost games 1 and 2 Jonas Hiller? YES! He has played awesome, playoff hockey is HIGHLY dependent on goaltending, just because ours is FREAKISHLY good should not be a reason for teams to bitch and complain about us beating them. we still have 18 skates alternating shifts out there playing on the rink. Marty Brodeur is supposedly the best goaltender of all time or one of them, but when teams lose to them I dont hear them saying “Well if they didnt have Marty Brodeur we win this series” Every team has to have SOMEBODY back there in the net, and that somebody has to play great for their team to win in the playoffs, plain and simple. Lets finish this up tomorrow pleeeease so we can all have a sick weekend friday night celebration, how sweet that would be. LETS GO RANGERS

  152. No Country For Old Rangers on

    Flyers shut out Cindy and Pens

    The friday night celebration would indeed be sick if we finish it up tomorrow.

  153. Yea would love to see that series go the full length to 7 games, have some injuries thrown in there, and as much as I hate both teams’ guts, I’d love to see Cindy & crew sent home early in round 1, but not sure philly can pull 3 straight wins off.. its hockey though so anythings possible

  154. Chico Resch is so far up the fatsos a$$ its beginning to scare me. I hope Chico got some air to breath in there…

  155. Cam Ward made 41 saves on 42 shots in a 1-0 loss and the was not one of the 3 stars… Real classy move by the prudential center writers or whoever decides those types of things

  156. Linda, countin down til gametime on

    I am awaiting a reply from the company that came out with the Avery Rules tshirt, about the possibility of a “Mara’s Beard” shirt. I should know something by tomorrow, but if you guys were serious, send some ideas to me so i can give them something definite (IF they can do it). my email is

    Anyway, it seems as if the Caps just can’t keep their mouths shut when it comes to tweaking the other team. Not to take ANYTHING away from Hank because he “IS STEEEEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLAR”, but they can’t seem to contain Cally, Dubi, Sjoooo or Korpi, they haven’t solved the PK unit, hell even Redden is makin some plays! I guess when you have a choice between threeormore or the rookie, you kinda covet the awesomeness that is Henrik Lundqvist! Hopefully the guys who DONT play goal will use that as a lil extra, and come out like gangbustas tomorrow!! Have a really impressive first 10 minutes and maybe get a nice goal or two, that’d be zazzy!

  157. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    I’m going to the game tomorrow… should I wear my Avery jersey?! oy veh.

  158. Yeah, the Caps have been talking up a storm and acting like punks the entire series. Yawn! what else is new. So far it’s gotten them nowhere. Absolutely nowhere. Defense and penalty killling and goaltending win championships and right now the Rangers are doing those things better than the Caps are, pure and simple.

  159. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    In fear of someone calling me a sexist (again)… that “guys” should also have a “…and gals” after it.

    I must apologize to the ladies, Linda, Sally, Greg Zzzzz.

  160. hey Linda

    here are some ideas for the mara’s beard shirt. I hope that company picks up the idea. I think its briliant!

    The Beauty is the Beard.

    Mara’s beard can whistle.

    Mara’s beard got its own parking spot.

    Mara’s beard wants cotton candy.

    The Beard we can believe in!


    “You talkin’ to me?”

    “You get a beard. You become a beard”

    I’m on a roll here… my creative genius is working full time today! lol

  161. How about this tshirt…..

    Beard Science (A pic of Mara’s beard with Kelly LeBrock wearing a Rangers jersey and a bikini bottom…stuck in it)

    Kelly from 1985 not 2005…..lol

  162. Sundin's Ghost on

    “Avery is a “key” ingredient (certainly not the main one but still a key one, and I ain’t talking vanilla here) to the Rangers success. Deal with it!”

    Oh yeah. All “key” ingredients score 1 goal in 17 games on the first line. Avery has actually gotten worse as a hockey player since his last time here. Who can’t score more than 1 goal in 17 games with 16-20 minutes a night?! It’s hilarious. Tortorella puts him in a position he could most likely succeed from and not only doesn’t he succeed, he’s actually screwing it up now!

    Speaking of “dealing with it,” Avery fans should deal with actual numbers and stats instead of empty glowing praises of how he helps the team or how they win with him, just because you say so. If you ever had to argue that platform in a court of law, you’d be laughed out of it.

  163. ZzZz 13 ZzZz where are you!!??? says Greg L. on

    Zherdev is not playing very many minutes at all because he pisses around with the puck and loses it ( I usually roll my eyes once a game when Zherdev make a blunder) He has so much potential that at his stock going down , Sather will re-sign him at a bargan price!! Sather is not shy to take a chance on a player with so much upside ( see Avery )

    Petr Klima played for the Detriot Redwings and later got dealt to Edmonton oilers back when the oilers were winning thier last stanley cup of the 5 they won . Petr was benched for the game ( for being a Zherdev/Kovalev type)and in like triple overtime , Oilers coach ( muckler?) put in Klima and wilth his moves and fresh legs won the game!!!!

    Zherdev is young , give him a break , let Torts Bench him , what ever , this guy has played a hell of a lot for us and scored some and set up alot…he is a quality player that is struggling . It’s not time to throw him under the bus , like some of you are doing to Avery.

  164. ZzZz 13 ZzZz where are you!!??? says Greg L. on

    truefans , wear your Avery Jersey and your pink leotards again . It suits you just perfect.

  165. Sundin’s Ghost…

    First of all, do the Rangers have what you consider a NHL caliber bona-fide first line? Last year, Avery was playing with some guy who wore #68 on his back. I am sure that dude opened the ice a little bit more for Avery to skate…

    Secondly, this Caps team are pacifists…They were 2nd to last in NHL in fighting majors (28 total)…..So obviously, the matchup of Avery vs the Caps is not the best…..Avery’s job in this series is to provide the Rangers with some puck possession down low, to provide passes from behind the net, to get in front of the goalie for screen or garbage goal.

    Has Avery had a bad series? He has alot of room for improvement….And yes, he took untimely poor penalties the past few games.

    When the Big Bad Mofo Bruins in black and yella roll into town (actually, our wagons will head to beantown)…..Sean Avery is a guy who will be in the trenches against a team that once had some schmuck beat our fans with a shoe……

    Avery vs Bruins is alot better matchup….That is where you will see his value, especially for a Rangers roster that really is missing alot of pieces to the puzzle…

  166. Linda,

    I’m sending you an email with a pic attached that I think would make an awesome shirt. My email is drewlisl.

  167. ZzZz 13 ZzZz where are you!!??? says Greg L. on

    nicely put Liqqy . Avery and all 18 skaters are need in some way or another down the line or next game . It’s up to Torts to place his pieces accordingly.

    Mara’s beard had trouble getting through customs a few years ago ..you see his beard was only 10 months old and it hadn’t been in the country for a full year to have citizen ship.

  168. I’m just curious, does anyone know any viewing parties that will allow someone under 21 to go to? All the ones listed on the rangers site you need to be 21 and over.

  169. Carp, I am glad F-Troop is one of your favorites, mine too. It is one of the great forgotten sitcoms of all time.

  170. Avery has speed, has a very underrated shot, and crashes the net.. he is an important ingredient to our success… He will not be on the ice in a situation like last night again, where we are leading by a goal with 3 minutes to go. Tortorella will be smarter about it, but during the course of the 60 minute game, he makes alot of important plays… he is an a$$hole we all know that, but he is a very good hockey player too, when he plays smart with his head he’s a great player. And he might just put one in the net tomorrow night to silence the critics…

  171. is anyone interested in going to Stout’s for Game 5? I am trying to get a bunch of us all together to watch the game…let me know if you are down

  172. Patrick Brennan on

    I’m going to Hoboken viewing party…Anyone else going there tonight?

    Hey Carp…Any idea who the alumni guest in Hoboken is?
    Last time I looked on site it didn’t mention that.

    And no dude, there are no mentioned viewing parties for under 21 since they are all held at bars.



  174. Rob M
    April 23rd, 2009 at 2:20 pm
    He calls lundqvist Lundstrom THREE different times, how does MacLean not correct him on any of them either

    because he doesnt his damn name either. they obviously hate ovechkin, but then a little mind game avery did with him puttin the stick on the throat, like he had a machete attached to it, was nothing!!! it was stupid but nothing! you know they dont even follow this series because they dont even know the star player on the rangers name. the guy isnt a rookie. hes been our star player for 4 years now. the media in every outlet are being told to rip avery every chance they get. you gotta think that aver will not be in the nhl for much longer if buttman has anything to do with it. forget torts not wantin him, or sather, but the league itself is already in the beginning stages of ending this guy.

  175. but as long as hypocrites like dingle cherry are gonna keep blastin every thing he does, its only a matter of time until one of the leagues goons go out and give avery the career ending injury that they all have been droolin to see. watch. it could happen. im not sayin it will, but he will soon be a target for not only the zebras. and as far as torts goes, well, after that dumb penalty, yea, he shouldnt be out there after that, but bi guess he trusted aves and it bit him in the ass. now im not an avery hater. i love avery. love his crazy style and all. but if we had lost game 4, it wouldnt be a stretch of the imagination if we didnt see avery for awhile.

  176. I cant work today
    Its brutal
    There’s like 10 hours to go
    people around me are talking about their new cell phone or Madonna’s adoption of a kid or little league practice….

    Don’t they know whats going on?

  177. rob m- he is a great player,but he isnt scoring and he hasnt gotten under the skins of these euros as i thought he would. i thought he wouldve been a bigger factor than he has, but its ok. i know that without avery, we wouldve lost a few of those games that were needed to get in the playoffs. it has given us a mental edge against some tougher teams and he will do more good than bad. he was not a factor like the past 2 opening round series the last 2 seasons, but yea, he scores a goal against these guys, i think it will get under their skins a lot more. i think because maybe he hasnt gotten any goals yet, or directly or “indirectly” caused a few goals for us, it hasnt really bothered the caps. but you just know he will do somethin soon to help us instead of continuingly puttin us shorthanded.

  178. kaspar- how do u think i feel? im in iowa with people talkin about how many cases up busch light(watery piss yuck!!) they are gonna buy for their weekend camping expedition or their frisbbe golf tournament!! ahhhhh kill me now!

  179. well Im actually happy I have a fellow Rangers fan here with me at work.

    Sorry about your Jackets Kaspar. I really thought they were going to win last night.

  180. I actually think WE are going to score some timely goals tonight. I think the Caps are going to have some defensive breakdowns because they are going to be trying to bring EVERYONE in to the picture to score some goals, and we should get some odd man rushes the other way because of this. I don’t want to get in to a run and gun with them tonight, so we have to be smart and not get caught up in that, but I think it might play to our advantage if we play our cards right.

  181. Blocked Shots
    Game 1 NYR 21 Caps 10
    Game 2 NYR 29 Caps 13
    Game 3 NYR 13 Caps 13
    Game 4 NYR 16 Caps 7

    just because someone was asking and I didn’t see if they got the numbers…

  182. UESBlueshirt on

    Lucks Run Out? Considering 4-0 was the biggest margin of victory in any of the 8 games the teams have played this season, I’m going to go with no.

    Face it, the Caps while highly talented individually (certainly top 3 or 4 in the league along with Pitt, Detroit and San Jose) essentially rely on their top players to do all the heavy lifting.

    Now while every team to some extent does that there hasn’t been any talk of the Caps 3rd and 4th liners stepping up to pick up the slack. The Rangers have gotten goals from all over their line up, in fact no Ranger has scored more than once. The Caps solution is just to shoot more and more.

    They found the seams in the Rangers D in Game 3 and their skill was definitely on all-out display but it seems they’re obsessed with trying to get Ovechkin/Semin/Green/Backstrom to score the goals that they forget there are 3 other lines of forwards and 2 other pairs of D that can also contribute. Even if the Caps were to pull off a minor miracle and come back to win the series they will certainly face teams that can match them in skill and generate offense from all over their line up.

  183. Lucks Run out? on

    7 goals in 4 games hardly is “all over their lineup.”

    Caps have controlled play, but havent found the net the way they need to. If the Caps can score 9 goals in the next 3 games…they can come back….tough task considering they scored 8 goals in 4 games.

    I would bet that the Rangers can only muster up 6 goals in the last 3 games if it keeps going.

  184. Mako
    I was just about to shed a tear for the Jackets last night but my girlfriend snapped me out of it

    “stop it already!!…its bad enough you get depressed about the Rangers…don’t start pulling that Sh** for another team too!!”

  185. Agra

    Can you find out which body parts were used more for blocking the shots?

    Shins, Elbows, Feet or skulls????

  186. Lucks Run out? on

    Your right they dont award wins for controlling play…But controlling play is supposed to create wins…I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

  187. HAHAHHA Kaspar

    Im lucky mine mostly stays away from me when they play and knows what kinda of mood i’ll be in when they lose LOL

    Yeah I really thought they were going to pull it out. I kept on checking the score. I said “Poor Kaspar” when I saw the Wings go up 6-5. Sorry man…

  188. Patrick Brennan on

    “Im lucky mine mostly stays away from me when they play and knows what kinda of mood i’ll be in when they lose LOL”

    Same here!!!!

    She’ll look at the score and only talk to me if rangers are up, if they’re down…she just walks away!

  189. Patrick Brennan on

    A goalie playing like a “brick wall” would have it 2-2. I am simply unable to come up with an adequate comparison to Lundqvist for having this series at 3-1. What do you think? Godlike? Inhuman? Holy f***ing s**it like?


  190. Lundqvist has been great, there’s no doubting that, but I think the execution game plan of keeping Ovechkin out of the middle has been the real key. Very rarely has he been given the space to charge the middle and create – he’s mostly been relegated to the wings where he becomes an ordinary player. If the Rangers can succeed in shutting down the middle of the ice again tonight they will close out this series.

  191. Yeah, my wife stays away when they are down also. And if the children try to walk in, she rushes in a panic to get them, like they are about to walk in to traffic or something.

  192. I’ve got the HD TV in the basement. I’m married 3 yrs and my wife has never gotten over her fear of my 155lb. Great Dane. So when a game is on I tell her I’ll be downstairs and the dog will be out of the cage. Works every time.

  193. YOu know I jsut noticed how EVEEYONE in the playoffs is having a horrible Power Play percentage.
    Detroit is obviously hte highest, but if you look around the league, no one is really lighting the lamp with any consistency.

    That may be due to the PK of each team stepping up, but can you beleive there are other teams WORSE than us on the man advantage in the playoffs?

    And Im so excited for tonight its not even funny
    My B-day is on Sunday, and I think the best gift the Rangers could give me is NO GAME 6!!

    LEts go Rangers

    My beard is Itching like crazy!!!
    Will I shave?
    NO, becasue now its considered one of my psycopathic personal reasons that we are winning

    When are we updating the beard pics, if at all?

  194. Patrick

    LOL She got me tickets for my b-day for the last game of the season and pretty much sat there texting her friends and ate $20 sushi. I was making friends with the fans around me LOL But she FINALLY got into it in the 3rd.

    Im glad we have our own apartments – becuase during that 11 game slide – I was a miserable bastard LOL

  195. Patrick Brennan on

    Good wording mako…My wife told me the same thing…during that slide she said i was being a miserable bastard and hoped renney would be fired to turn the season and my mood around!

  196. HAHAHAH Yep – she was VERY happy that Torts was hired because I have been wanting him to coach the Rangers since last season. She said “You got what you wanted… Are you happy now?” I said “I dont be ENTIRELY happy until they win the Cup”. She rolled her eyes & laughed and said “whenever that will be – great”

  197. gardenfaithfulinfla on

    My ex used to joke around whenever the Rangers lost that he wasn’t gonna get any. Needless to say, he was a very happy man in ’94! lol ;)

  198. like hell he hasn’t gotten under their skins. he has taken norris trophy nominee Mike Green right out of the series so far. he hit him with a huge check into the bench, he skated behind him at the blueline to give Gomez the path for his goal, and green is a minus 3 and has been totally taken off his game by Avery

  199. 4 hours and 45 minutes more of this nightmare we call having to work before the game!!!

    CCCP and Andy, got your emails, great ideas! Replied to you both, and also waiting another reply from the company.

    Carp, I loved F-Troop also!!! Cracked me up to see that on your list!!

  200. 4 hours and 45 minutes more of this nightmare we call having to work before the game!!!

    CCCP and Andy, got your emails, great ideas! Replied to you both, and also waiting another reply from the company.

    Carp, I loved F-Troop also!!! Cracked me up to see that on your list!!

    another thing…any woman that’d make you shave your playoff beard is just being brutal!!!

  201. sorry about the double post!

    lmao @ faithful…i’ve already told my fiance to NOT call me between 6 and 845!! (i’m an hour behind you guys!) He says ‘why not?’ I tell him DUDE THE GAMES ON!! cant have you jinxin me with a damn phone call!!! I hope I’m bouncin off the walls with euphoria when he gets home at 945 heehee

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