A chance to clinch


See. There is no momentum from game to game in a playoff series. None. If there was, the Rangers would have lost Game 4. 

That’s why I’m not ready to put this series in the books yet, especially since Washington was such a dangerous opponent last night.

The Rangers played a very good, very gritty game. But they won only because their goalie was other-worldly. 

Some thoughts:

1) In the previous thread, reader Nasty 1 made a great point. Put Lundqvist on the Caps and Varlamov on the Rangers and this series is over, 4-0 for Washington. Varlamov, good as he’s been, fumbled a bunch of simple shots in Game 4, and if Lundqvist had done the same Washington would have had more than one goal, for certain. Dubinsky on Hank: “I think if there’s ever a doubt in your mind that he’s the best goalie in the world, he’ll prove it to you if you watch his nightly performances.”

2) The captain was OK. He scored the game-winning goal, which made him one of the stars and stories of the game, but he really couldn’t do much. So the goal was his big contribution. But the other was that he stepped aside and that let John Tortorella (not that he wouldn’t have done it anyway) put Dubinsky back at center on the second line. Dubinsky had another great game — he filled that role wonderfully in Game 1, too. Tortorella on Dubinsky: “He’s played well and that’s why he’s getting put into the position he’s being put into. That’s the way it has to be. It’s not about experience, it’s not about paychecks, it’s not about draft picks or where you were (drafted) or who you are. It’s about getting the job done. And I’ve leaned on him quite a bit, him and Ryan (Callahan), in some key situations.”

3) Other stars: Fredrik Sjostrom had a fabulous game, drawing two penalties and getting a short-handed chance all while killing penalties. He and Blair Betts are unbelievable on the PK.

4) Avery. I will never understand the people who actually defend those last two penalties. They were stupid, selfish and undisciplined. I especially don’t get the few who use the “he lost his balance and his elbow/forearm accidentally hit the guy in the head” excuse. He played like a punk on those two plays, and it could have cost his team the series.

5) I guess Rally Towels work better than Thundersicks. Also, we get it, we get it. The Bronx is Burning. OK!

6) Paging Scott Gomez and Nik Zherdev.

Here are the official game summary and event summary from Game 4. I’m off to practice. Back later.

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  1. (repost)
    “Not exhonerating Avery at all but I would have thought Torts might use someone else at that stage.”

    Do it once, it’s Avery’s fault.

    Do it again, it’s Torts’ fault.

  2. UESBlueshirt on

    Oh I love the “if they switched goalies” fantasy. How about if we switched Zherdev for Ovechkin?

    If you’re going to rely on one player to be the difference maker in a game and a series it might as well be your goalie. He’s the only guy that plays the full 60 mins anyway.

    The Rangers look like they know that everyone else has to do their bit and a hero can come from anywhere on the bench. The Caps are leaning on their top line and Green but don’t look like they have an answer if those players are not producing.

  3. Considering the offensive game of the Caps, easily some of the best players in the world, we do play a very good tight defensive game, when we play like we did in game 1,2,and 4.
    I give credit to Renney for teaching this team how to play in its own zone.
    I think the addition of Morris has also done alot, we have 3 solid pairings and a mix of youth and veterans.
    On the other hand, our offensive game is soooo weak. I think there is a foundation but alot needs to be addressed.

    And Right now Hank is earning every dollar of that big contract…HAIL TO THE KING!

  4. 3 more years of “stupid, selfish and undisciplined” penalties Carp.

    Get used to it.

    When he plays within the rules, he could be one of the biggest bargains in the league. When he plays like he did in the 3rd period last night, he’ll beat you before the opposition even has the chance.

  5. Avery likes to do those subtle slashes and it backfired on him twice. I’d rather him stick to using his mouth when antagonizing. Luckily for us (and Avery), he usually bounces back very well from a bad game.

  6. Zherdev is making it easy to let him walk after the season is over. Antropov is the more productive of the under achieving Russians. Gomez is making easy to justify a contract buy out. He is, at best, a #2 center. Since this team already has two other #2 centers (Drury and Dubinsky), Gomez is beyond expendable. His trade value is nothing due to his contract and play.

  7. dshea19, I disagree. Gomez is our best playmaking center. We’d have to dump Drury’s contract (yes I know he’s unmoveable, just speaking theoretically) and get HOSSA.. Gomez would have a 70 assist season.

    I’m hoping Zherdev tears it up so he signs a big offer sheet from a no-name club with lottery picks.

  8. Del Zotto and Tavares’ team was eliminated from the OHL playoffs the other night… I guess Tavares is excited about the upcoming draft!

  9. Carp –

    The only difference in this series is Hank – the fantasy analogy is a perfect one. Goalies carry you in play offs, and Hank is proving that he is one of the elite.

    Avery needs a tune up from Torts- although I hope he may get that from some of his team mates.

    We seem to be getting out muscled all over the ice at times, but the guys are keeping their cool and playing their game – at least defensively last night. While they have worked their tails off, they really need to step up a bit more in the cornors – they seem too willing to give the outside to protect the middle – that only works when we can break the puck out quicker –

  10. Carp
    before I read your post…let me know if there any puns in it…I can’t take puns

    Avery’s penalty was on purpose…I love what he brings to this team but to say he didnt mean to swing at Jurcina is foolish…he did

    He needs to be smart enough to know that as soon as a Cap gets hit by him they will crumple to the ice in mock-agony…thus drawing penalties and condemnation league wide..

    Its all a bunch of BS really…but he ( and his coach) need to be smart enough in the last 5 minutes to understand this…The refereeing is abysmal but you cant play into their hands…

    League wide mandate: penalize Avery
    Player response: hit hard and clean dont use your hands or stick
    coaching response:If your winning dont put him out there with 3 minutes left…the refs are practically salavating and the opponents are ready to flop around like soccer strikers

  11. I don’t know Pavel, I think Gomez was a great playmaking center. I think $100.00 bills have taken away his ability to see the ice. I see more effort from Drury than Gomez.
    And Gomez has been anything but spectacular in this series.
    Gomez is being out played but Cally, Dubi, Sjo, Betts, Drury, Staal, Rozi, Morris, Korpedo…and others who seem to want it more.

  12. BTW, where is Bob? He was the guy who was saying Betts sucked and should be gone. Without him, where would our PK be and where would we be. ‘Nuff said on that.

    One point I forgot to add in my Zherdev rant that someone on the previous post mentioned….he never goes into the dark and dirty places like the corners, camping in front of the net, etc. He is just a heartless player. Sad we gave up Toots for him. No room for a guy like Z on a playoff team. Glad he is an RFA beacause someone will like this guy and hopefully bid him away and get us draft picks.

  13. As much as Gomez does nothing, I still somewhat like him. And I don’t know why. He moves so well through open ice and not a single person on our team can do that. Regardless of sucking or not, we need someone to move it. With that said, I think he needs to shoot more. I know he’s not a scorer, but Gomez coming in with a full head of steam and ripping a shot with someone on net is bound to work. I like when Gomez shoots.

    My brother and I had a conversation about who to keep at the end of the year between Zherdev and Dubi. And we were very upset that we both agreed Dubi would be the one to go. I would personally like to thank Zherdev for being so bad that it’s not even close to a decision.

  14. i disagree as well with regards to gomez…we all know he is not a goal scorer-get him a winger who can put the puck in the back of the net….maybe torts lets gomez play tomorrow with naslund…naslund really has stepped up his game here in the playoffs

  15. why would the series be over 4-0 if they switched goalies? i seem to remember game 3 being a shut out.

  16. Potivin ripped Avery on


    Does Jurcina on the ice with blood dripping from his face count as a flop?

  17. The thing that pisses me off about Avery is that I defend him to everybody. I truly believe he gets the short end of the stick all the time from the refs. I do believe that people could practically murder him and get away with it. But then he puts on the performance he did last night and I couldn’t be more infuriated.

    When you play the style of game Avery does, you need to expect it to a certain extent. You need to expect the refs to look the other way sometimes. Fair? Not at all. But that’s the way it goes.

    You can’t, absolutely CAN’T, lose your cool or take stupid penalties. It just makes things that much worse. Avery let down his team and the fans last night. Those that stick up for him all the time.

    I’m just happy that Torts is behind the bench. Hopefully he’ll kick his ass back into shape.

  18. Doodie Machetto on

    “Avery likes to do those subtle slashes and it backfired on him twice.”

    He shouldn’t be doing that late in a game when the team is winning. Totally unnecessary and VERY stupid.

    “why would the series be over 4-0 if they switched goalies? i seem to remember game 3 being a shut out.”

    If you think Varlamov is the reason the Rangers got shut out in game 3, man, I don’t even know what to tell you.

  19. Potvin
    In a drunken stupor I once walked into a metal street sign that the town had idiotically positioned facing north when I was walking east ( I was singing “singing in the rain” at the time) I sliced my face pretty good..

    I remained standing

    I also cut myself shaving 14 times this year and never fell

    Jurcina got run into 10 times last night and fell when he got slapped

  20. Zherdev is gradually playing his way onto a plane home and Gomez has been OK, but i think when he doesn’t have a winger to take the drop passes and wire them to the top corner he looks more ordinary. If he was on $3-4m a year no-one would care, but he’s not so we expect more.

    Dare i say it……our D-men are earning their paychecks a bit more….

    Also is this Gilroy kid any good? Are we going to see him next year?

  21. Don’t you have to make an offer to a restricted FA to get the draft picks? I don’t know if teams are going to be so hot on Zherdev based on how he hasn’t shown signs that he’s going to blossom. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him go to the KHL.

  22. Broadway I am completely with you. I stick up for Avery non-stop because he is extremely talented for that kind of player. But then, like you said, he betrays us and does stupid crap like that. Keep your stick down. You can’t be taking dumb penalties late in the game when your team is up. Plain and simple.

    And honestly, this is some of the worst officiating I’ve ever seen. Rangers have been flat out tripped, held, shoved, beaten with a crowbar…it doesn’t matter, they will not call a thing. And if anyone thinks they’ll call one against a guy who does something to Avery is insane. They need to see a beating heart on the ice for a penalty to be called. And that my friends, is a joke and the officials are a disgrace.

  23. Paging Scott Gomez ya.

    But Zherdev??? The guy played 6 minutes. What do you expect him to do??

  24. Dubinsky has lost his mind:

    Proof #1 (From TSN.CA report)
    NEW YORK – Henrik Lundqvist had his teammates digging deep to describe his performance that put the New York Rangers on the verge of advancing in the Stanley Cup playoffs for the third straight year.

    “He’s like Tina Turner,” forward Brandon Dubinsky said, “He’s ‘Simply the Best.”‘


  25. And the talk of getting rid of Zherdev.

    Smart, lets get rid of a 24 year old who was SECOND in Goals, SECOND in Assists, and SECOND in Points on our team and who has NEVER played in the Playoffs before.

  26. Well now that we know that Varlamov gets fooled by soft shots maybe we can have Gomez take all the shots.

    Kidding, sort of. And I bought a Gomez jersey last year. His pass first instincts are doing a whole lot since Game 1. Last year in the playoffs he had no problems going to the net with and without the puck. It’s a shame because his speed does create problems for the other team. Along the boards is where he’s the least effective because of his size.

  27. We can win this series on the backs of Duby, Cally, Shoe and Betts…but against Boston, Antro, Gomer and Z are going to need to wake up. Caps D is lazy and dont fundamentally break out not to mention shakey goalie play. Boston is the exact opposite, they have no divas who cry when things go wrong, they just go out and battle. I’m hoping game 5 is a repeat of game 1. Also, Aves needs to be slapped.8 penalties in 4 games. Enough said.

  28. The Rangers dodged a bullet last night. Lundqvist single-handedly stole the game. Still want to trade him, guys?

    Unless a disaster occurs, the odds are that the Rangers will be playing the Bruins in the next round. To be successful, they really have to suck it up. The Bruins are a far more talented and physical team, who will be well rested.

    But, on the other hand, I and others did not see the Rangers making it to the second round. Extending the Rangers season is good, no matter what happens. You never know – the King may steal another one!

  29. Pavel – Gomez is supposed to be our best play making center. He has the most assists, but play makers elevate the play of the guys around them. Gomez has not made anyone better. Heck, everybody keeps talking about getting a winger for him. Haven’t they tried out Jagr, Naslund, Zherdev, Straka, Shanahan, and a host of other warm bodies? None of those players had a statistical boost when playing with Gomez. I have to question the validity of someone being called a playmaker when they have to be paired with particular people to make plays. Gomez is mostly invisible. Hossa will score with anybody. Gomez won’t suddenly make Hossa a better player.

  30. To be up 3-1 while having scored only 7 goals is proof that the world is going to end before this series is over.

  31. There’s a reason Z only got 6 minutes last night, and not because he’s been tearing it up for the past month or so…

    I’d be fine dumping him. He has a lot of promise, sure, but being 2nd in any offensive category on this team (one of the lowest-scoring in the league) doesn’t say much. And his complete lack of fire, passion, or clutch ability in the playoff race and the first 4 games of this series makes him a waste. That $4m can be better spent elsewhere.

  32. Rob(the first) on

    If there is any doubt about not resigning Zherdev, i think he answered all those questions in this series. He has been dreadful, first playoff series or not, he has no heart.

  33. Funny story from last night… I was in the office until about 10pm, so there was no watching the game for me… My “office” happens to be an audio post production facility, and my “desk” is a $100k audio console… So anyway I am finishing up a project late last night, and listening to the game during final mixdown… Avery takes that penalty, and my girlfriend, who was watching at home, calls me to tell me to remind me what my console is worth and not to smash it if the caps score

  34. Rob(the first) on

    Look for him to head back to Russia, should have known when hitchcock didnt want him, he is a pretty good surveyor of not just talent, but talent as it pertains to being able to make it in this league, and he just does not have a chance.

  35. Gomez’ 54 assissts last year was 2nd most in career…his 42 this year on this punchless team is about par for the course

    problem is when you pay someone $7M per year you want Crosby numbers….but don’t think he’s failed…he is what he always is and always was you just expect more…why?

  36. Yeah, I definitely cannot hate on Gomez and I agree with Kaspar. Gomez is not a big goal scorer he feeds them the puck, of course we expect a lot more since of his contract but what can you do. Zherdev on the other hand is a punk, there is no way all that skill from the beginning of the season is gone… IMPOSSIBLE.

  37. I shuddered in disbelief as this game ended in our favor. The only reason this game didn’t go to OT was our crossbar and our post. The game could easily have been 3-2 Caps by the end of the 2nd. But it wasn’t, and that seemed primarily due to the fact that we actually played tight D in the slot and up the middle for most of the game (which was played in our zone). Unlike last game, there were no cross-ice passes right in front of the King, no breakaways compared to last game. If we score first on Friday, we may send this talented team packing.
    If they do, they seem to be able to hold leads pretty well against us. When we pressure them, their defensive composure falls apart.

  38. Carp- nice CYA introduction!
    “The captain was OK. He scored the game-winning goal, which made him one of the stars and stories of the game, but he really couldn’t do much.”
    Key there is he scored the game-winning goal. Actually, it’s the biggest goal of this series as that was must win game. Folks, why is it so difficult to understand that the performance Drury gave last night is exactly what we bought in the off-season, albeit overpaid for??????? Those are the types of goals he has made a career on. Stop thinking he’s this magical ray of sunshine that’s gonna put up 50 goals in the reg season.

  39. Kaspar-

    2nd that motion…..take a look at his stats as a devil…..i think gomez plays hard everynight, the team relies on him to rush the puck up the ice all game long…..we need someone with a shot on this team, our dman dont shoot on the PP, everything gets ssent to gomez and lets just say gomez’s shot is not Ovechkin-Like

  40. Was Jane at the game? If so was she watching from Mara’s beard. I didn’t notice any posts from her.

  41. How’s this for logic:

    Put Ovechkin on the Rangers and Zherdev (both teams “most talented” forwards) on the Capitals and this series is over 4-0, Rangers.

    No offense to Nasty (whom I enjoy most of his posts), but I think comments like that are meaningless, especially in a salary cap era.

    Their best player is a forward. Our best player is a goalie. Our best is beating their best.

    That’s all you really need to know.

    If and when the Rangers win this series, they will not face a tougher offensive opponent the rest of the way. So, if you can weather the storm for one more game, it’s a different ball game next series and beyond.

    It’s hard to evaluate the Caps game b/c it’s so one dimensional… Shots, shots and more shots.

    The whole trading players notion, this series would be, could be, should be, is nonsense.

    They spent their money one way. We spent ours another. The result is what it is.

    If the Queen had balls, she’d be in the King, pun intended.

  42. And this one will last a lifetime on

    Carp: For once I agree with most of your post and for once found it a tad more insightful, yet once again very flawed. You cannot ever write “if we had him instead of him” or we switched player x with player y, if making an analysis. If we traded Green for Mara or Morris we would have swept. If we traded Zherdev (our highest regular season scorer) for theirs, we would have swept. Our goalie is our goalie and their goalie os their goalie. How many cups might the Flyers have won in the past 30 years if they ever had a world class goalie. Didn’t Fluery steal the series from the NYR last year when we were outplaying the Penguins every game?

    Zherdev came from Columbus where they never made the playoffs, every year. I think he is just a “deer in headlights” and needs some basic psychology to get him to perform in the moment.

    Paging Antropov “the beast” as well.

    I like that Torts changes the lines alot, whatever the reason. Drury hurt, Zherdev not playing well, etc. I like Cally with Gomer, but I hope Avery gets moved up the top line. I like Dubie centering second line. Korpeedo earned alot of extra ice time last night.

    We are up 3-1 and we still are not playing very well. We are playing hard, with effort, not well, especially offensively. When we get going offensivly (like most of just the first period last night), we will be a tough out for anyone.

  43. Joekuh - Its amazing how much Nik Zherdev reminds me of Robbie Cano on

    I just read in the stats that Dubi won 15 of 17 faceoffs. WOW.

  44. I don’t think this is the case, and I really hope it isn’t, because I am a HUGE Avery supporter and fan, but does anyone think maybe Avery was mad that the coach made the comments, “If Sean is our best player, we are not going to win the series.”?

    I seriously doubt that is the reason for Sean’s actions last night, but you never know when it comes to his brain. The guy is just wired differently.

  45. Gomez and Dru are basically $4-$5M per year players getting paid higher than their talent level…..

    You cant throw more money at someone and think they’ll become better then what they were when you decided to throw the money at them in the first place…

    Someone above mentioned not giving up on Nicky Z because he scored 24 goals and he was only 24…I agree about not giving up…If we can sign him at 2-2.5 fine…if not then maybe we can get a couple of 18-19 yr olds if he gets an RFA offer…t

  46. “1) In the previous thread, reader Nasty 1 made a great point. Put Lundqvist on the Caps and Varlamov on the Rangers and this series is over, 4-0 for Washington. ”

    Didn’t that noob commie goaltender post a shutout and go 6 periods without getting scored on? Think the Rangers win one game there.. just sayin.

  47. What is the time line is finding out if a player is suspended? Should we have heard something by now if Avery was in fact suspended?

  48. All of this “what if” business

    What if(like the Penguins did) the Caps used one of thier hi draft pix for a goaltender 3-5 years ago when they were purposely bottoming out?

    its no one else’s fault they didnt draft one until …what? last year?

    to have AO, Semin, Backstrom, Green all together may have been overkill on the “offensive” side

    Pitt took Crosby-Malkin-Staal along with Fluery and Letang and Whitney

    No…Their goaltender can still turn it around… but if he doesn’t then its just poor planning on Mcphee’s part to have a crop of offensive talents maturing with each other without the backbone in place

  49. Patrick Brennan on

    So do the craps stick with vladablahblah or go back to threeormore tomorrow night?

  50. as bad as the avery penalty was (moreso the punch to the face on the icing), washington didn’t score…

    so now, moving forward, avery gave the washington d something to think about in the corners..he might have broken that guy’s nose last night and only gotten 2 minutes…and washington didn’t score

    horrible, selfish penalties? absolutely…i was PISSED when he took them

    but now, a day later, maybe that first penalty had an upside given the results of the game…we’ll see i guess

  51. I agree that Avery took some bad penalties, but if I look at it objectively, here’a guy who gets beat up every game, can’t draw a call, is under an intense microscope and can’t even be his “real” self before, during or after the games.

    Talk about A LOT of fustration bottled up waiting to explode.

    I can see why he does it.

    It’s not undisciplined. He’s just channeling the energy the wrong way.

  52. “craps.” “vladablahblah.” “threeormore.”

    when did we all fall in love with puns and plays-on-words? why can’t we use the real names of players and teams?

  53. Patrick Brennan on

    Adam….It’s a blog…We’re all seeking entertainment…This isn’t a novel we’re writing here. : )

  54. “Paging Gomez and Zherdev” indeed. I’d be more than shocked if #13 is on this team next year. He is invisible and totally ineffective. Even worse his comment of it being his first time in the post season and the playoffs being so much more intense just proves what a wuss he is. As for Gomez who knows? He seemed to appear and then disappear more this season than David Blaine.

  55. If you break a guys nose on an icing touch-up with a deliberate back hand…you get suspended.

    For his sake he better hope he is not on the ice Friday. If the league wont punish him…the Caps finally will step up and do it themselves.

  56. I LOVE Lundqvist’s quote: “I’ve said it before, that’s why they pay me the big bucks, being there to stop the puck. It’s fun.”

    That’s a nice jab at the salary cap killers of the team!

  57. Kaspar,

    the Dubi comment comparing the King to Tina Turner refers to her song, “Simply the Best.”

    Gomez/Drury — they are getting overpaid for the reality of their value, especially in a cap world. while i’d be happier seeing Sather go on a permanent golf vacation and leave the g.m.ing to Schoenfeld, in those circumstances i can see why he got both of ’em — people thought that Gomez would break out from the devils system while Drury had a really good year in buffalo. it was believed that one would do even better and the other to do just as well plus be the clutch performer.

    as far as Z…yes, i see waaaaaaaay too much inconsistency there. kind of like Kovy Jr. with much less interest. i think Tortorella has made up his mind. hopefully, Sather doesn’t disagree. sure, he may blossom elsewhere but that’s the chance you take of a player finally maturing
    which reminds me
    saw an interview with Jamie Lundmark two or three weeks ago. he’s doing pretty well with Calgary and mentioned that it took him a while to finally get his head wrapped around with what it took to stay in the NHL.

  58. #35

    I remember a few people tossing around the idea..it wasnt like they thought Hank was bad…they thought the Rangers were bad and would get worse because of assinine signings that lock us in for years to come….

    If you think the Rangers are contenders you would never want to trade Hank

    but what if something happened like for instance we bottom out and are 3-4 years away from contending?

    Some people thought ( and maybe still think) that we are doomed in the next few years to at best mediocrity…if that happens then Hank becomes a redundant luxury

  59. Avery’s penalties last night were atrocious and obviously could have cost his team the game and maybe series. He should know better by now. But talk of a suspension? Give me a break. The way he’s been mugged every game he should have court ordered police protection on the ice. How about Brodeur’s actions and referee bashing after the Debbie’s loss the other night? Amazingly no talk of any league fine or action against his ranting and raving. The old Bettman double standard.

  60. “Can I ask who in their right mind wanted to trade Henrik?”

    Doodie M, the floor is all yours.

  61. Anybody see the Gilroy interview b/4 the game started? Must have been nervous cause his voice was cracking more than Peter Brady’s.

  62. 1. While I agree that Hank has stolen much of this series for the Rangers, and that it is still very far from over, at some point – and maybe this point will not be until the Rangers have actually won the series – some credit has to go to the rest of the team. In games 2 and 4, the Rangers did a superb job of eliminating both second chance opportunites and lateral passes that the goalie has no chance on. Every time a loose rebound or loose puck found it’s way into the slot or crease last night, there was a Ranger there on the puck. And the penalty kill, too – yes, your goalie is your best PKer but the Caps aren’t getting looks at wide open nets, which is a coverage issue.

    2. Obviously if the Rangers can play more of game 5 the way they played the first period of game 4 they hav a much better chance at winning. There will be storms to weather – the Caps are the most offensively talented team in the East – but the defense and goaltending I talked about in #1 are exactly how you beat a team like this.

    3. Getting ahead of myself but I think Boston is a much less formidable opponent than the Caps. Not saying the Rangers will beat them but they just don’t have the kind of unstopable offensive talents that Washington does. They do have better defense and goaltending but if the Rangers can play a better puck possession game they will stand a good chance.

  63. Yeah, I don’t think he will be suspended, but I was just curious about the time frame. Like when we would hear something.

  64. Avery played a great game yesterday UNTIL he took those 2 bonehead,selfish, inexcusable penalties, with the game hanging by a thread & his team desperately spilling their guts trying to hang on against a far more talented team (HANK excluded). This has happened too often in the past few games & perhaps he needs to SIT next game.
    I love the guy, he’s been our heart & soul, but his recent actions can’t be condoned, & his teammates are probably having a hard time trying to have his back. Anyone who thinks the butt end to the face was unintentional is DELUSIONAL!
    I understand that opponents get away with murder & far too many non-calls for what they do to him, but his diving & embellishing certainly does not help him win the Refs favor.
    He needs to remember how to irritate & annoy without the stick work & other stupid, dangerous stuff, & STOP hurting his team.
    If he tones done his stuff, he can be very effective, AND after a time will start being given the respect from the refs and really help us. If not, he is a liability at this point, & can’t be trusted when the game is on the line.
    Kudos to the effort of the team, diving after pucks, blocking shots, picking up men in the scoring areas, & desperately trying to help Hank. What an effort against a vastly superior team, that also played their hearts out!
    Playoff hockey at its best!

  65. LAst night was one of the loudest games I have been to.

    IT was definitely the towels that won us the game! hehehe

    I was sitting right behind Hank, and let me tell you he WAS standing on his head
    Unbeleivable game he played.

    And a win is a win is a win is a win
    I dont care how it looks

    3-1 baby, 6-1 in lat 7 games including last 3 reg season games

    Who knows, if we finish off the Caps on Fri or Sunday, we could possibly see one of the best goalie against goalie series in a long, long time

    And yes it is a grogeous day today!!!


  66. anyone have any thoughts on my comment on avery’s antics at 11:08? do you think they might benefit in wrapping it up next game?

  67. The best part about winning tomorrow means we won’t have to watch a 6th game on NBC. Hey Sally, how was the date?

  68. “Anybody see the Gilroy interview b/4 the game started? Must have been nervous cause his voice was cracking more than Peter Brady’s.”

    Hey 22 maybe Buddy Hinton was threatening him again

  69. I couldnt even concentrate on the game last night. All I could think about was Sally and her date too.

    How did it go Sally ? Was it King Henrik who showed up at your doorstep or was it a frog like Jose’ Threeormore ?

  70. Rob F

    I agree with your Avery observation

    he is the “Evil Genius”….the series is a tapestry, one minute leads to the next and one game sets up the next

    Let them come out and Kill Avery next game…maybe one of our cough-cough snipers will have extra room

  71. AO doesn’t hit the post on the PP and Caps win in Ot and everybody would be calling for Avery’s head today. Me too. I hope Torts gets him back to using his skating skills and not the crap.

  72. @mikeyNJ

    You know whats crazy…The Caps have given up less goals then the Rangers…

    Henrik has been so good, but Theo/Varlamov have a better GAA.

    It’s not the GAA that is so good…it’s the save %.

  73. 22figure8…but that DIDN’T happen…you are correct but that didn’t happen

    and i think avery’s first penalty might actually be beneficial to the rangers at this point…the way i see it:

    1) washington will be looking to kill him next game


    2) washington might be looking over their shoulders a bit more when going into their own corners


    3) nothing is different, which doesn’t set us back any

  74. Torts is gonna reverse psychology Avery by giving him more minutes in Game 5. He will tell Avery to play exactly like he has been, but more intense, and to not tussle after the whistle, unless it is with his mouth.

  75. Does everyone see now why Ken Hitchcock and Columbus traded Zherdev? Zherdev is young but is in this league since 2003. I said when Torts took over Z would be finished here. He does not like to be prodded, this is why Columbus got rid of him. He started to sulk and be a loner there when Hitchcock came in. Hitchcock is a hard as* too. Zherdev looks like he is a 25 goal 60 point man, not bad in the NHL but not a go to guy because he is invisible for long stretches.

  76. To those defending Zherdev…
    there is a reason he was only given 6+ minutes of ice time…He sucked!
    Is there anything you can point to so far in the series for Z to be rewarded with more ice time? I haven’t seen him hit, I haven’t seen him go into the corners or hang in front of the net…nothing! He’s soft!

  77. LIQUID
    But what if Avery does a reverse-reverse psychology trick on Torts?

    What if starts running Hank and cutting open Dubi and Staal?…while wearing plaid short pants suits with goofy devo-like glasses on instead of his uniform….yelling out crap like “Mike Modano doesn’t love me!”

    Then what will Torts do?

  78. I agree about Avery getting in to their heads with his actions. I don’t necessarily agree with them at that point in the game, but I do think it got in the heads of the Caps and their coach. I also think that the team likes Avery, and that is why they killed those penalties off for him. Our PK was simply AMAZING last night!

  79. also – we are winning this series, not only because of lundqvist, but because of torts

    torts knows lundqvist is our best asset, so he has the team play the game accordingly. he is simply outcoaching boudreau.

    do you think renney would be instructing to watch for those backdoor passes? pfft no way, in fact, that’s a big factor in how the rangers have gotten eliminated against these highly skilled offensive teams the past few seasons

  80. “Let them come out and Kill Avery next game…maybe one of our cough-cough snipers will have extra room”

    Kasper, our “sniper” cough-cough Zherdev is benched for lack of effort, and for draging his ass around the ice for only 6+ minutes.

  81. Avery is a clown on

    Sean Avery is one of the least respected hockey players in the league and in the last two games he has shown you why. I am a die hard Rangers fan but the guy is a complete mess and a risk to this team. I hope he gets suspended for his actions and at least give the PK a break. Six penalties in the past 2 games… hardly room for that in the playoffs.

    The guy is CLOWN! And all you who want to defend him should join the circus!

  82. Shoryuken

    That was a fun post you just put up about Hank

    George Carlin wanted to replace the word “kill” with the word “F***”

    so headlines would read:


  83. Zherdev has the skill, but lacks the heart. I wish he could give the skill to Callahan and Dubi. At this point, Zherdev has been around long enough to know what he is going to be. The talent to be a star, the work ethic and heart to be a 2nd/3rd liner. If he gets paid more than 2.5 mil per year, he is being overpaid.

  84. I think we can all agree that avery’s penalties last game were undisciplined and wrong. However, the fact that we killed them off, and, hopefully he isn’t suspended, is gonna be a positive for us. Whoever said hopefully avery isn’t out there for game 5 is 100% wrong. One of the reasons avery is effective is so he CAN be out there in game 5. Chances are that the caps are gonna be looking for a little payback. Thus far this season, avery has been very good about staying cool when it is dished out to him, and drawing penalties. I think the caps are being set up to take some very important penalties in game 5, and my prediction is we’re going to win it on one of their retaliation penalties on aves.

  85. Kapar, hahhaa, that would be pretty funny…

    Since it was brought up about swapping players from one team to the other, and how the results would be different…

    I would say that the Caps and AO would loveeeee a guy like Sean Avery on their team. Someone like a Ruutuu (take your pick of either brother, they are both pricks), Chris Neil, Jordan Tootoo, Darcy Tucker, etc.

    It would take the pressure off the guys like AO, Semin, Backstrom, and Green and the limelight they are in every single game.

    I am not saying you need a prick to win championships, but Claude Lemiuex has practically more rings than he has fingers on one hand….

  86. With all due respect, Carp… but the 1st Avery penalty was very very borderline. The 2nd one was absolutely a penalty, as with the majority of Avery’s calls. A lot of them are weak… but they are penalties none-the-less

    Any player in the NHL that is busting their ass down the ice who then attempts to make a body-check on the end boards at any kind of an angle will have their bodies (hands/arms included) whip around like that. Hell, Cally does it multiple times a game… its called physics. The fact that the guys head was down by the top of the endboards (note: this means averys hands werent even high up) was sheer dumb luck. That was 100% a reputation call.

  87. Avery is a Clown,
    I partially agree with you,
    When Avery plays like Avery can, he is a smart, skilled player. When he gets carried away and self-destructs, he is dangerous to his own team.
    Avery is not a steady controlled even keeled player like Dubi or Cally. He acts on pure emotion…a good thing sometimes, a very bad thing sometimes.
    Torts will reign him in.

  88. dshea19,
    I disagree, our 2nd a 3rd liners have more heart and guts than most 1st liners. See Callahan, Dubinski, Betts, Sjostrom, etc.
    Zherdev has no guts, his work ethic is terrible. He completely shy’s away from physical contact.

  89. I’m not on board with all the Z bashers. It is his first playoffs, he’s still a young kid, and he did put up stats for us through the regular season. He seems like he has so much potential, if someone could get in to his head and fix a few small problems. He’s one of the few guys we have with some pure scoring skill, even if he doesn’t use it that often and comes with some flaws, if we don’t have him, who becomes our finesse player? Sjo? The only thing that worries me is that someone said he’s been in the NHL since 03, that seems like a long time to still be playing like a rookie. I bet it comes down to what torts thinks he can beat in to Z’s head this offseason.

  90. Something I don’t think was discussed here (or maybe not lately)….

    THe Caps did not make any moves during the trade deadline. Obviously, many people thought they needed goaltending help since they gave up around 244 goals in the regular season.

    But what is interesting to note, I think that they are lacking a experienced leader type player with skill.

    For example, the Penguins went out and got Billy Guerin and the Bruins went out and got Mark Recchi. Maybe the Caps big mistake was not adding a player who could guide them and the young team.

    Don’t get me wrong, I am not unhappy about this….lol, I just figured I could be a better GM than George McPhee

  91. If we could only meld Orr and Zherdev together and call the new guy “Zorr”…
    That would be cool AND effective

  92. Let’s not make it like we’re getting away with bloody murder here because Hank is “stealing the series”. How many times have the Rangers been on the other side, especially in the last handful of years? I’d argue we outplayed both Buffalo and Pittsburgh shift for shift.

    Plenty of goalies have won games, series and Cups on their own. We don’t need to make excuses for ourselves.


  93. both penalties were very well deserved and no..physics have nothing to do with it..point is you must as a pro hockey player be able to cotrol your body as well as your stick…im sure more than 50% of high sticking penalties can be labeled as “physics” but they are not…dont get me wrong i love Avery and everything he does on the ice but sometimes he has to go back to basics and play smart hockey… GO RANGERS!!!

  94. Brandon

    The Caps could have drafted Hank themselves 8-9 years ago…they passed thru ten rounds

    screw ’em and their Huets and Theodores

  95. Staal Wart – I totally agree that the Rangers have tons of players with heart. All of the guys you mentioned are guys that I think the Rangers should re-sign without a moment of hesitation. Those are the kinds of guys you win championships with. Zherdev has more talent than any of them, but completely lacks the heart to be more than a 2nd/3rd line tweener. His skill alone gets him the point production of a 2nd liner. I just wish he could give his talent to Callahan and Dubi. They have the heart to do something special with it. I must have worded my last post poorly if you think I am defending Zherdev. I see no reason to sign him right now. Heck, it seems like Grachev will be the player we have been waiting for around here. I wonder if he can make the team next year. If so, he has the skill to be a 20+ goal scorer as a rookie. He has the heart and work ethic to be something that the Rangers fans will love for years to come.

  96. It is not the goal tending, it is not the play of our team D or PK. It is our beards. The beards bring power and luck. Doodie and I tried to carry this team last year, but it was only the two of us. Now, we have many. We are stronger. We are Mara’s Minions. Bow down to us.

  97. No Country For Old Rangers on

    Last time I checked the NYR were winning with AVERY in the lineup so when it’s all said and done, who cares what he does and who he slashes. That’s his game. He has to be smarter and conceal his cheap shots better but we are clearly a superior team with him in the lineup and even if he doesnt show up on the scoresheet, he does a million intangible things. So please stop the nitpicking. This guy belongs on the ice. Torts will straighten him out for game 5. In Torts we trust.

  98. If Mara took a slap shot to the face trying to block a shot……not only would the puck be lost in that beard…

    but the puck would be the one who actually gets hurt

  99. Instead of MSG doing the Mic’d up, they should just send a video crew into Mara’s beard so us fans can get a whole new angle on the game.

  100. Yes, Avery’s penalties last night were bad ones that could have cost us. I will not defend what he did and I am a HUGE Avery fan. That said, keep in mind that when every opposing team has had the opportunity to mug, hit from behind without any possible call in his favor, he got frustrated. I’d be frustrated too. Yes, he was wrong and he will be more careful. But the double standard is absolutely appalling. The refs look and see Avery get checked from behind and hold that whistle. Bottom line the Rangers are still a much better team with him than without him, despite the 2 bad plays last night.

  101. I doubt if the young European players on the Caps care about Avery at all — Avery once said it’s the veteran North American guys who hate him the most, and he does seem to easily get under the skin of guys like Brodeur or Gary Roberts. European guys seem fine with him. Besides, the Caps are more worried about Mike Green playing badly and the fact that they can’t score — it’s Lundqvist they’re worried about, not Avery.
    It’s amazing how well the Rangers are doing with virtually no offensive power.

  102. Seriously, all of the people coming down on Avery. How do you feel about Mark Messier or Cam Neely, or Adam Graves? Now, I am not putting Avery in the same category as them, but what I am saying is that, all of those players have done far worse than Avery. Messier was a dirty player earlier in his career and even later on, with elbows and stick infractions, as were Graves and Neely. Avery has been beaten and battered in this series and I think he has had enough. If you want to mad about “when” he took the penalties that is fine, if you want to be offended by some of the things he has said, then fine. But the fact of the matter is that he is a good hockey player and he makes this team better, and there are many other players who do and have done far worse than him. So next time you want to hate on the guy for giving someone a cheap shot, or a questionable cheap shot, think about who some of your favorite players are, because chances are they have done something similar.

  103. I know i am looking ahead a little bit here but my problem with the possible Boston series is this….
    I have more faith in Lundqvist then in our offense.
    I knew we had a better shot finishing 7th and facing Washtington first becuase my confidence in Lundqvist is high and the fact that Washington lacks in the defense/goalie area, that was our best bet.
    Now if we face Boston who has the best defense/goaltending we really have to rely on our putrid offense to get some goals!
    I think that is going to be a big problem (considering we win this series of course)

  104. Nasty 1….

    Dont forget about Wendell Clark !

    If Avery grew a beard like Mara’s….he would get penalized 2 minutes for high-bearding…..Refs would make up the rule right on the ice.

  105. Shoryuken (Redden gets a clean slate for the Playoffs) i think Kovalchuk wanted to kill Rozie as well before…hmmmm

  106. Actually, they should throw Matt Gilroy into Paul Mara’s beard….just so he can get some on ice playoff experience

  107. And the #1 reason that Hank is stealing this series for the NYR….

    Through 4 games, the Craps have outshot the NYR…. 149 – 99.

  108. Nasty – Bottom line is Avery was undisciplined and stupid last night. Why can’t you just admit that? He didn’t do much of anything to help the team last night, he only wanted to make me have numerous heart attacks at the end of the game giving the 2nd best power play in the league time to work at the very end of a game we are winning by 1. I felt real bad for the poor girl and her father that were next to me. It was intense!

  109. I told my wife last night why I wasn’t shaving. After the game I showed her Mara and she looked horrified. I said “don’t worry” and she said “you’re shaving?” I saig “no, I can’t grow a beard like him.”

  110. I think you have to put Avery’s antics into context, he has yet to get to the level of any of the following on ice trangressions –


  111. rangers in take it in 5, win 4-3. Caps take a bad penalty mugging avery in front of a ref. late in the game stall bounces one in from the point to win it.

  112. JJP – just becuase Avery hasnt gone to actual assault doesnt mean he still isnt costing our team a helluva lot!!

    Im really not an Avery hater…but after last night i’m real frustrated with his play.

  113. I wouldn’t put Graves/Lemieux on that list. Graves wasn’t trying to intentionally hurt Mario. That is also one of the few times where knocking out the other team’s star player was a detrimental thing. All of a sudden, Jagr blossomed and killed the Rangers by himself.

  114. Richtergirl….Dont be a playa hata!

    Without Avery, we would all be on the “Twilight: New Moon” blog….instead of playing playoff hockey….

    Well, not me, everyone else here though

  115. The Z debate continued….Zherdev has no points in 4 games and barely has a hit. Fine on the no points but no hits either? I mean Naslund at 36 yrs has more hits than Z. That’s just not right. And Z is in his 5th NHL season. How long do you give him? Compare him to Dubi in his 2nd season. It’s not even close. And those saying Z was our 2nd ranked scorer this year in the regular season. Who gives S about that? Joe Thornton in San Jose was like top 5 in the league in scoring and has 2 pts in the playoffs and has been invisible. Thornton too sucks in the postseason. Why do you think Boston punted him? This case should be closed now. Z is never going to get it.

    Say what you want about Gomer but he is sort of in line with what he did in the regular season.

    LIQUID good point about trade deadline moves. I mean the Rangers clearly got stronger too!

    On Avery, the reason you cannot get in his grill too much (a few backhands to his head would suffice) is because if you notice when he comes out of the box and gets the puck, his adrenalin is racing and his legs are moving. He makes a rush up the ice, he goes into the corner, he gets the team (and the crowd!!) totally fired up. (Until he does his next stupid thing…admittedly.) But he is a spark plug. Sometimes too sparky, but MSG and the players do get energized by him. That cannot be doubted.

    Brandon good point on the goaltending too. There are 6 guys on the ice for a reason. Hank is where we build our foundation. The Caps build their foundation around OV. It is what it is. Some say OV steals games by himself. Hank can steal games by himself too. But the team blocked 16 shots and a lot of the Caps shots were from 40-50 feet out and unobstructed.

    Team effort built around Hank. I am fine with that.

  116. to jump in on this whole zherdev gomez thing… what i like the most about gomez is that he’s extremely creative with his passes and can fine a rush lane. that doesn’t translate to 7m a year but that’s not his fault sather gave him the contract.

    zherdev is all finesse and CAN be very good. but i think he’s lazy and picks his spots in games and the season. i’m hoping that another, full year under torts will get him in the right mindset. he has a lot of upside but he’s lazy at times. that might be why he only played 6 minutes last night.

  117. The Rangers could be a dangerous team if they can come up with some clutch PP goals. Since they haven’t done that during the season, there is no reason to expect it to start happening now.

  118. I didn’t like the timing of Avery’s discretions but both players he fouled took liberties with him. I think the Caps will think twice about the extra sticks and and fists they have been throwing his way. I’m sure both players are sore today. That flying backhander was dead on. He will be in their heads and surely they need to try and forget but I bet they won’t. I have to agree with Nasty. Messier, Graves and Howe 3 of my favorites were every bit as nasty(pardon the pun). My biggest complaint about the Rangers is the tentative moves by the defense. They get the puck start to break out and they try to reverse course and cough up the puck. Stahl and Girardi have not been confident at all.

  119. Z is a typical Euro. He gets knocked down and lays there, looking at the ref for a call instead of getting up and back checking.

  120. agree with Messier11

    Avery takes dumb penalties, always has & always will.

    He kills his own team’s power plays with them.

    Last night he almost Hollweg’ed the series.

    There’s no defending him but it is in the past and fortunately didn’t cost the Rangers the game.

    Lundqvist may have played his best game ever last night. Let’s hope he can stay strong for Friday and we get some offensive bounces again.

    Before all is said and done the power play needs to start producing goals or at least generating offensive momentum for the Rangers, it is almost depressing to watch.

  121. No Country For Old Rangers on

    Doddie or Nasty- What’s the email to send the “during” beard photos to?

    Thanks and thanks for taking the time to set that up

  122. RangerFan, I like the use of Hollweg as a verb: “He almost Hollweged the series.”

    Chris in MA, give me a break. Swinging your elbow/forearm into a guy’s face on that play is an accident? Is that why he immediately left the scrum and went all the way down to the other end of the ice? The only problem I had with the call is that it seemed to be the result of the refs and linesmen meeting because the player may have been hurt. I think that was Tortorella’s problem with it, too. But that’s a penalty, 100 times out of 100, especially when somebody under the microscope does it.

  123. No Country For Old Rangers on

    Also- can we now say that Hank is better than Richter or could we have said that already?

  124. There is a difference from what you see on TV then being they’re live, all of you that watched the game on TV missed the dirty plays that got no call such as Dubinsky gets the stick twice to the head by Kozlov and no call, Avery was a loose cannon last night because he sees between him getting hit as well as the teammates he wanted to bring to that edge, I disagree with his actions on the last 3 minutes of the game, however on the chase for the puck to prevent the icing and the guy gets clipped and Avery is penalized, well then why was Ovechkin not called for Monday 2 hander on Roszival that broke Rozy’s nose.
    Before jumping on the Avery lynch mob just remember the dirty hits that were not called on the Caps.

  125. EVERYONE READ THIS ABOUT ZHERDEV!!! AND IF IM WRONG, LETS ARGUE!!! Im not disagreeing with most things said about him. He has become a loner, prob on and off the ice. His dissapearence is sad and due to a lacking effort. But someone think back to progression over the season. Used to be excited to dominate games like regular season start and other points. Torts came in past the halfway mark of the season and decide to do what he has been known to do, try to bench/punish a player, to make them learn, realize potential and then they use their unique skill to be a star. Obv this has worked in the past (see Vinny, st.louis, richards, etc) when he has had full seasons to mold players, intime for playoffs runs. However, he has to be stupid to think he can do the same in the short period of time he has been here. Zherdev seems like hes a sensitive dude, as most russian forwards are mentally complex. This experiment in making Zherdev amazing this season through life lessons is terrible idea, as he could have waited to next year. If torts stopped singling out Zherdev, reducing his role to a 3rd liner when in fact hes prob the only true first liner on the team (but doesnt have other 1st liners to play with) he would still be putting up decent playoff numbers like the reg season and putting in the effort (tho your all dumb for thinking callahan like effort, its not his game) but more importantly being excited like he was when he started his career as a New York Ranger. I really blame Torts, just sad. And if he doesnt go to KHL, and signs with a team looking for a winger for a 1st line wont EVER suprise me him netting 40g 50a type seasons.

  126. I think Z does not feel like he is a part of this team anymore. You could see it in his body language on the bench and as they get off the ice after games. I wish Kovalev gave him a call with some advice.

    Its horrible to see how he just does not look like he cares when he is out there. Even from a selfish perspective he should at least be playing for his next contract.

  127. Avery is a clown on

    When it comes to Avery you guys really miss the point. He hasn’t gotten ANYONE off their game!! HASN’T drawn one retaliatory penalty. I have NOT seen one legitimate argument as to why he is playing SO poorly. He’s a joke and the Rangers need their players to be SMART because they HAVE BEEN OUTPLAYED badly for a lot of this series. Just look at the shots. Hank can’t stand on his head every night for the next 7 weeks.

    And the argument that Tortorella will reign him in is BS… he hasn’t done it yet.

    Say what you want but the guy is KILLING your team right now.

  128. “I wish Kovalev gave him a call with some advice.”

    Funny you mention that, but if you were old enough to remember when Kovalev first played for the Rangers, it was EXACTLY like Zherdev is. He was a creator on a team full of gritty types. It wasn’t his style. As soon as he moved on, he became the big goal scorer, because he was given the freedom to create. Zherdev’s style won’t work under Torts. Nothing wrong with that, we just need different personnel that fits his style.

  129. Amazing how fast everyone has turned on Avery. He is what he is and you have to take the good with the bad. I think that since he’s gotten more comfortable, he’s become more of a loose cannon. It’s like he’s off probation. The guy CAN play when he doesn’t pull this crap. Torts needs to sit him down and tell him, either you cut it out, or you won’t play. Avery thinks he can do no wrong. The problem is, even if he tones it down, he’s a target for the refs, and that makes him a liability at this point. Being that the alternative is Voros, I think we have to suffer with Avery and hope he plays and not goons it up.

  130. Put Zherdev on Detroit and let him flourish. I have seen this act before. It was called: Alexei Kovalev… Frustration In Motion. If Zherdev was going to turn into something for the Rangers, I would have more patience. However, this is too much like Kovalev’s time here… except that Kovie has more heart.
    I just don’t see Zherdev blossoming for the Rangers. Also, he isn’t going back to the KHL. They are going broke. If the Rangers can sign him for a good price, then keep him. However, not at the expense of Dubi, Callahan who are coming up on RFA status. Then the Rangers also have to deal with Korpi and Sjos RFA contracts along with Betts. Not to mention Anisimov may be ready to be promoted. Zherdev has been in the league long enough to have matured into a better player. When does it become unrealistic to expect him to do more than he has done before? He was given the chance to be the #1 winger and he was a big “meh” with the responsibility. The talent isn’t the issue. He doesn’t have the heart or mental toughness and attitude to be more than what he has shown.

  131. Avery is a clown – Yeah, Sean is really KILLING the team. I guess that’s why we’re leading in the series 3-1.

  132. I hate how everyone pisses and maons about Avery’s stupid penalties, ok the guy took 2 bad penalties, we won the game did we not. Im sure he cuold take them back but he cant, these things happen, but guess what we still won the game and showed that even when Avery does F up we can still win and maybe its just me but the rangers Wins when avery is in the line up is much higher, so stop complaining about him and complain about the penatlies they dont call on Semin (tripping dubinsky), Ovechkin’s charges (Every so often there obvious) and many others that the rangers dont get called… Avery sees this shit not being called and he starts crossing the line, but he will learn, hes been good all year dont start going crazy already.

  133. Nik Z. should not be given one more second of ice time. The six minutes of ‘gift’ time he’s getting on the ice would be better spent giving playing time to a kid that will give 100% and benefit from the experience. The only reason I think he’s on the ice now is to rest players who may already be at their limit. He strikes me as a construction worker who walks around with the best tools that are always shiny and new-looking because they’re never used!

  134. Do you think Tort will sit down Avery tomorrow night? I’m sorry but he was totally out of control. I like him but was cringing the last ten minutes and hoping nothing went in.

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