Up 3-1 and going to D.C.


First the numbers: 

In the history of the Stanley Cup playoffs, 229 teams have gone up 3-1 in a best-of-seven series, and they have closed it out 91.3 percent of the time. Twenty teams have come back from 1-3 — although it has happened 18 times in the last 22 years, the last in 2004, and three times in 2003.

You have to give it up at least a little bit to the captain. Chris Drury playing with what is likely a broken hand — somebody in the pressbox said he won the game “single-handedly” — did two things. It gave Brandon Dubinsky more minutes on the second line, and he contributed mightily (as he did in that spot in Game 1, which Drury missed), especially on the first goal.

Then Drury scored the game-winner.

That happened when the captain took Derek Morris’s hard cross-ice pass and found himself breaking down the left side, but with only one hand the best he could muster was a knuckleball of a wrist shot that barely reached the net. The pace and the drop of the soft shot may have fooled Varlamov, though, because he juggled it. Lauri Korpikoski had one shot at the loose rebound, and Drury jumped on the second, putting it behind Varlamov from a bad angle in close, the 47th playoff goal of his career, at 2:23.

Drury said the guys were chuckling about the first shot, but it sure inspired them when he put in the second.

“Huge,” Mara said. “Dru’s been awesome for us and he’s battlign through some things (with which) a lot of players probably wouldn’t be on the ice. But he’s our leader, we follow him, and he’s come up with clutch goals for many years now. And he was huge for us tonight.”

This is what John Tortorella said:

“That was great. He’s an easy guy to play for and he’s a very important guy in the lockerroom. He’s much healthier within the past couple of days. I think he’s got some things figured out. Is he all there? No. But we had to make a decision: Do we take him out or do we stick with him and give him time in certain situations and see what he can give us versus bringing in another player, and that was the call. I felt Chris was healthy enough to add, he felt he was healthy enough to add, not jusy put the uniform on. He was honest with me, and I thought he did some good things for us, and obvously he scored the winning goal. That’ll help him. In playoff hockey, the lockerroom is a very impirtant thing as far as the camaraderie and I think that was very important for our team for Chris to do something like that in this game to more or less band together with him.”

Tortorella didn’t sound too happy about the penalties, especially those by Sean Avery — the last two were very undisciplined, and the last one could be reviewed by the league (he hatcheted Brian Pothier across the neck and was lucky Pothier wasn’t injured because it could have been a major penalty and a certain suspension).

“I’m not going to talk about that stuff with you guys. I have issues with a number of things that went on tonight but that will be in the lockerroom. We’ll just keep that in the lockerroom.”

He sounded more unhappy with those who committed the penalties than who called them.

“We fought and we scrambled at times and Hank had to make some big saves. It’s just a matter of finding a way to get a win. It took us the whole 60 minutes to get a win, but it is a win. We’re going to have to try to improve in a number of areas, starting with our discipline. I don’t know how many penalties we had, and no just Sean. That’s just too good of a power play to be in the box.”

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  1. Still Gotta Fire Sather on

    somebody in the pressbox said Drury won the game “single-handedly”

    Carp you see what I’m saying? does this guy know that Lundqvist was on the ice tonight? did he see the contributions of Dubi, Cally, Sjo, Betts, etc.? between this and Joe Mich saying “he shot it slow on puropse!”, there’s a reason for the Drury backlash

  2. JAY G April 22nd, 2009 at 11:14 pm

    JAY G April 22nd, 2009 at 3:48 pm

    Watching the clock at work tick away slowly so I can get my ass to the Garden in time for a bite from the gourmet (cough bullshit cough) food MSG has to offer.

    Tight defense and a lucky bounce for the Rangers. Those are the headlines tonight.

    Wow, I called the game tonight. Tight D and a pair of lucky Ranger bounces. I am soo good.

  3. come on, Carp. he did NOT “hatchet” him across the neck. he got his stick up after Pothier interfered with him and spun him around, the stick made contact with pothier’s face shield in a mild way. that is why he only got a 2 minute penalty. it was no way like you describe, or the refs would have given him more.

  4. Still Gotta Fire Sather on

    (re-post from the other thread)

    Lundqvist is literally stealing this series from the Caps…we’ve been outplayed at many points during this series and the Caps offense has been completely dominant at times, but Lundqvist is the ultimate neutralizer…he should get the Conn Smythe just for us being up 3-1…

    love seeing the kids (Dubi, Cally, Korpedo, Staal, etc.) and the role players (Sjo, Betts) really step up in the playoffs…

    let’s not get too overconfident though…2 posts for the Caps and a million great chances over the last 2 periods, this series could easily be 2-2 right now…

    and if there was any moment that symbolized my dislike for Drury, it’s when he took his weak 17 MPH wrister (before he scored on the rebound), and after the goal Joe Mich says “maybe he shot it like that on purpose!”, like a “clutch change-up wrister” is now in Drury’s arsenal…it was good to see him score, but it was fluky, Varlamov should’ve held onto his first shot…he can’t shoot, he can barely carry the puck, and Drury losing the faceoff with an injured hand directly led to the Ovechkin rush/goal…Drury playing hurt can only hurt us as we (hopefully) go deeper into the playoffs…

    one last thing, it sucks that Torts has basically crushed Zherdev’s soul…has Zherdev been invisible at times? yes…has he made bad decisions with the puck? yes…but just like with Renney, it really is unfair that Zherdev gets singled out for benchings/line demotions when almost EVERYONE on this team has deserved benchings/line demotions at some point, even in the short time Torts has been here…

    we need ALL the offense we can get if we’re gonna go any further in the playoffs, and hate it or love it but Zherdev is one of our most talented offensive players…how is playing him 7 minutes (and no PP time) really gonna help us?

    overall a great win though, we really needed that one

  5. Hey
    Anyone remember when the Rangers won game 4 against the Pens last year?

    Drury was playing with the “upper body” injury…I think an injured shoulder plus had been cut open in game before…he was the best player out there…so much so that Jagr( who was playing his last game at the Garden) when he was getting the “Jagr Jagr” chant from the crowd went over to Drury and raised his arm up in the air and pointed at him for the crowd to see

    Classy move by Jags and what does it say about dru?

    Over paid? yes

    But give it up for the guy already…we scored 3 goals in last three games…he scored one of them…injured…and a game winner…a playoff game winner

  6. UESBlueshirt is a dumbass. He thought his tickets were for tonight but they are for Game 2 Round 2

    Anyway, my fiancee works for Vitamin Water who also endorses David Wright and Daivd Lee. Just for the record I am a huge Mets fan and I forced her to watch tonight’s game and told her that out of all the current NY premier athletes (aside from the 08 Giants which are different since they play a single game not a series) that Henrik is currently the best. Through her I have an autographed Lundqvist and Daivd Wright jersey and I cherish the Lundqvist jersey many times more than Wright.

  7. alex b (the poster formely known as czechthemout!!!!) on

    I’ll stipulate that this was Avery’s worst game as a Ranger.
    He took a stupid stupid penalty. The first one was a bogus call in my opinion.It was a follow through at full speed and he lost his edge.That said,why don’t all of you Avery haters, who have chomping at the bit to come on here and mouth off about him just STFUP!!!!!!! He WILL BOUNCE BACK and score next game and be alot smarter too.

    This was once again a very poorly officiated game. The calls were so one sided it was pathetic. The calls on Naz,Rozy were bush league. I counted at least a half dozen penalties that should have been called on the Caps but were not.Obviously,Bettman has given a directive to the refs to ease up on the Caps.

    THE KING IS JUST AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This was probobly the best game I saw him play ever!!

  8. I have been saying all along that this series will come down to goaltending. This is what we are witnessing, how good our goalie truly is. He easily is top 3 in the league. 1.Marty 2. Luongo 3. Henrik.

    Keep the tempo up on Friday and get some dirty goals. Close em out boys. I’m tired of Ovechkin and his circus carney bullshit.

  9. Sally and the Stanley Cupcake on


    Rangers win AND you guys made it to 1000+ comments. What a momentous occasion!

    Linda, somehow I managed to enjoy the whole game and have a great date at the same time. I think we’re all winners here… :)

    Friday baby!

  10. Um sather the joke is because his hand is hurt so he one it “single” handedly. real genius post there

  11. I think Avery is underrated as a player. Every time he takes control of the puck he is hard to knock off the puck, we saw that with Erskine all night. He tried bumping sean off the puck behind the net or in the corner and Sean kept the puck moving. I know it’s nothing big but from a scouting perspective it’s one of the attributes they look for when grading players.

    He has upper body strength the similar to Gravey, he was hard to knock off the puck. I remember in 2002 he came into training camp up like 10 lbs of muscle, you couldn’t knock him off the puck around the walls.

  12. Dubi gets crosscheck-pushed twice in a row face first into the end boards, and NOTHING is called. the league says it does not like message sending by players, but the refs are certainly sending the Rangers a message, that they will screw them at every turn.

  13. Still Fire Sather

    I disagree about Nicky Z

    Cup winners like Hitchcock and Torts both gave up on him and so did a gum chewing coach…he doesn’t seem to elevate it at all..the puck or his game…plus in the playoffs where one mistake can be crucial do you really want a guy out there who’s idiotic back passes in the offensive zone always…and I mean ALWAYS!!…lead to 2-3 breakouts for the other team in every game?

    I had a lot of hope for this guy but now I hope someone offers him $4M a year as an RFA and we get pix for him in the summer

  14. Still Gotta Fire Sather on

    “Um sather the joke is because his hand is hurt so he one it “single” handedly. real genius post there”

    when it comes to Drury you can never tell…Lundqvist basically won the game for us tonight and a lot of different players made huge contributions, but the majority of this entry is quotes about Captain Purple Heart…carry on with the Drury love, I’ve said my piece, and you’ll see what I mean as we get deeper into the playoffs

  15. Sally, did your date have an interest in the Rangers game? If not dump him!

    Just kidding, glad your two existences worked out for you.

  16. even the TV guys made the comment that Zherdev skated by the net on that play and made a weak reaching tap of the puck instead of stopping hard at the net and forcefully banging the rebound in.

    he just has no drive and intensity, he is all fancy skating and fancy stickhandlimg on the perimeter with no finish.

  17. agree kaspar. hes 23 years old and plays like hes 50. no passion. i guess theres more to it though because all 3 coaches he played for seem to have no tolerance for his careless play. he scored 1 more goal than cally this year but we all love and talk about cally. if he had half of callys work ethic and passion hed be a 40 goal scorer, maybe more. i hate seein the guy stink it up all the time. i sometimes feel bad for him, but theres plenty of young guys in hartford with half his talent that would kill for his job.

  18. I know we haven’t been happy with Drury’s performance during the season, but that’s behind us right now. He came through big time today; we need to recognise and respect that. If it were a certain #11 who did what #23 did tonight, we’d be haling him “The Greatest Leader in Sports”.

  19. Still Gotta Fire Sather on

    Kaspar- I totally agree with you, in fact I’m leaning towards hoping we let Zherdev go this summer, but I was hoping that Torts would get AT LEAST as much out of Zherdev as Renney did, but he’s only gotten worse…we’re just not gonna get very far with our offense as it is now, and at least in the short term (playoffs) I was hoping that Torts could help Z gain confidence and find his game, especially with us DESPERATE for offense…

    if Zherdev isn’t part of our future, so be it, but if Z was on his game he could still help us win right now

  20. Leetchhalloffame on

    Zherdev done as a Ranger if Torts has any say. He has disappeared since the coaching change and for that matter before that.

  21. Still Gotta Fire Sather on

    Zherdev has been horrible though, and I definitely understand why Torts has given him this treatment…I’m just saying I wish it didn’t come to this because we could really use the Zherdev from the first few months of the season right about now

  22. It’s funny Carp mentioned that somebody in the pressbox said Drury won the game “single-handedly” b/c that was also what one of my friends said too.

    It makes me wonder if people are watching the same game as I am. I think Lundqvist won this game for the Rangers and of course the PK was right behind him, making the Caps’ deadly power play go 0-for-6.

    That being said, of course Drury did come through for us tonight and you got to respect the guy for being such a warrior playing w/ his mysterious injury.

  23. JAY G….

    I sorta enjoyed the MSG Chicken strips and french fries from Ranch 1…..the dipping sauce selection is pretty solid

  24. examiner- the guy meant it as a joke because hes playing with 1 hand. so “single handed”. thats why he said it

  25. “still gota fire sather” should really think about whetehr he knows hockey or not.. he writes “and Drury losing the faceoff with an injured hand directly led to the Ovechkin rush/goal…Drury playing hurt can only hurt us as we (hopefully) go deeper into the playoffs…”
    UGHHH , people are REACHING REAL DEEP to find ways to hate on Drury, its DISGUSTING.. he WON the faceoff back u F***ING MORON… Ovechkin busted through his wing, whoever it might have been I forget, and scored on a 1 on 2 on sick shot, he was DUE for a goal.. you are an IDIOT for even TRYING to blame drury for that goal, so kill yourself… yes he had a weak shot on the primary shot before his goal, but did he bury the rebound? YES whether or not varlamov should have caught/covered it, he buried the rebound topshelf, while playing hurt, so all you drury haters please shut the hell up cuz its ridiculous, hes scores a game-winner in a HUGE playoff game and there are still naysayers, please go kill yourselves all of you, Lundqvist was the difference all night NO SH!T but if Drury doesnt score that goal we might have had to play OT, so SHUTTTT UPPPP GOD DAMN

  26. ZzZz 13 ZzZz needs to Rule like he did in the season!! says Greg L. on

    Sally , your date couldn’t have been that great if yer home right now!!! …haha

  27. ZzZz 13 ZzZz where are you!!??? says Greg L. on

    Rangers in 6 was my prediction ,,um can I change it to 5!??

  28. If any of you have EVER played hockey before, you cant expect zherdev to bury that goal, you have to give credit where credit is due, Varlamovs pad was nowhere near the post when Zherdev was about to try to bury the rebound, when you are playing the game you are just thinkin about putting that puck in the net period, we can all sit here and watch the replay and yell WHY DIDNT HE LIFT THAT PUCK but when you are in the actual game all you want to do is get your stick on a puck that is sitting on the line like that and most of the time you dont think your going to have to elevate it at all to score a goal… it looks a lot easier from where we sit than from where they are in the actual moment… but everyone is an expert when they are sitting in front of their computer screen.. zherdev is eventually going to do something for this hockey team in terms of goals/assists.. but in the offseason I cant lie, as much as I like him I woudl love to bring back Antropov before him, bc of how important the size is, and bc of how much confidence I have in Dubi/Cally becoming great players.. but if we dont bring back Zherdev, it will show what a big mistake it was shipping Tyutin to Columbus.. and I really hated giving him up, so I;m hoping we somehow bring back Zherdev so he can somehow prove that he was worth giving up Tyutin, who was basically a clone of Girardi, with possibly a little more offensive ability, not ready to just let our compensation for that player walk away

  29. No Country For Old Rangers on

    Jay G- do you really think Marty is not only better than Hank but the best in the league? I have ALWAYS felt that Brodeur was the most over-rated player I’ve ever seen.

    I said it before and I’ll say it again: You put Richter, Cujo, Belfour or even a Vernon or a Kolzig on the Devils for 17 years and they would have had every bit as much success as Brodeur. Not saying Brodeur isn’t very good, but I’m sorry, this talk about him him being the best ever is a joke! Let him play just one damn season in front of an average or below average defense and see if he still looks like the best ever. Think about how good Clemmensen looked when Marty was hurt. A team like the NJD will always make their goalie look good.

  30. Linda, ready for the win and 1000 posts! on


    I am excited for you that your date went well AND you got to see the game! Please say your date’s a fan!!
    And Greg, she didnt actually SAY her date was over..wink wink…BOOW CHICKA WOWWOW!!! YOU GO SALLY!!!

    *LETS GO RANGERS* WOOO HOO!! Still amazed at the mighty awesomeness of Henrik Lundqvist!

  31. About the 2 Avery penalties in the last 8 minutes: the first one (punch to the face on the icing call) seemed like an accident. The second one was just stupid and detrimental. He knows they’re looking at him harder than everyone else, yet he did it anyway. I stand by Avery but that was dumb.

    Mara’s 2 penalties were stupid also. The first one was a hard hit (and a penalty) but the second was just awful and served no purpose.


  32. Linda, ready for the win and 1000 posts! on

    Great job gettin over 1000 on the game post!! Everyone enjoy your Thursday and start gearin up for FRIDAY!! WOO HOO

  33. No Country For Old Rangers on

    People need to stop taking the Drury “single-handedly” comment so seriously.

    Obviously HANK was the most important player on the ice the entire game. It’s just an irresistible double entendre for sports writers

    That being said, hats off to Drury. The guy showed some guts and some clutch tonight. You think Aaron Voros buries that bad angle shot?

    I’m sticking to my original pick of RANGERS IN 5. Cant wait for Friday

  34. No Country For Old Rangers on

    I agree Rob M, giving up Toots for Zherdev will look pretty bad if this guy doesnt step up real soon. I was hoping that playing against these elite russians would bring out the best in him

  35. Still Gotta Fire Sather on

    Rob M- your mancrush on Drury inspires such passion, it’s hilarious, go easy bro…you’re a clown and you really need to put that intensity towards some good use, like working harder to finally get your GED…

    MY MAIN POINT was that ANY player who plays injured and brings NOTHING to the table is only hurting the team, no matter how much of a warrior you are…

    BECAUSE Drury is hurt, he can barely shoot, he can’t stickhandle, he can’t be effective on the PP, he barely even plays on the PK now, and he can’t win faceoffs…so please explain to me how this WON’T hurt the team going forward?

    we got lucky, Varlamov flubbed his 20 MPH wrister and he was able to score a very big goal (see? I admitted it)…but yeah ignore my main point- his overall play the last 3 games and how ineffective he’s been and focus on that 1 goal, no prob

  36. Still Gotta Fire Sather on

    it’s also funny how 90% of the people who post here wanted Drury to sit for this game because of his ineffective play, but now I’m the bad guy and should “lay off” Drury…

    be honest, if Varlamov doesn’t flub his shot and if Drury doesn’t score, was Drury’s performance really ANY different than his performance in Games 2 & 3 when almost everyone agreed he should sit?

  37. No Country For Old Rangers on

    Still Gotta Fire- I agree that he has been mostly ineffective but that was a monster goal he scored, albeit kinda lucky so he gets a pass from me and 99% percent of ranger fans

    What else can they do though? I rather have a blind one-armed midget out there than voros.

    Torts knows what Drury can bring and is using him very cautiously and he obviously had him out there at the right time. In Torts we trust.

  38. Hey Carp, Do you see less ice-time in the future for Avery? I find it hard for Torts to just sit him, because when he’s playing his game he is very effective. He just can’t be given the opportunity to blow the game for us again.

  39. Sundin's Ghost on

    Anyone think Avery is going to last three more seasons with this team? I would bet you cash money he doesn’t last all of next season.

    Look, Sean Avery isn’t a murderer or criminal, but he can’t control himself. He has one single goal in his last sixteen games on the first line and has given the Capitals six power plays in the last two games alone. He works hard but is not a very good player, and is now burning through the second, third, fourth and fifth chances people have given him. Time to give up. I hope they waive him in the off-season.

    Again, remember, ONE goal in his last sixteen games where he got around 18-minutes of ice time per game. He is not a very good hockey player and not worth the trouble.

  40. Torts knows what Drury can bring and is using him very cautiously and he obviously had him out there at the right time. In Torts we trust.


    Watching Torts in the post game really did a lot for my faith in him. He knows whats up with Drury, on all accounts. Really hard to hate on Chris tonight, really hard. The guy was battling hard when he was out there, then I cursed him SO loud when he “fluffed” that shot on net that was literally about as strong as my backhand… yet 2 seconds later he’s somehow burying that huge goal.

    I do think he got hurt again shortly after that also tonight. Didn’t see much of him at all later on.

    Torts knows whats up though, more so than I thought RE: Drury.

    And honestly, I’m really happy for Chris. I hate him SO much on this team, but he deserved it tonight… unfortunately I don’t imagine him being much of a “force to reckon with” going forward… hopefully something starts to rub off on his teammates though.

  41. At the game last night . The loudest ever. We’re playing with house money now. Got to win 1 out of 3 games. Worst officiating this year. Missed (2) calls behind the Ranger net towards the end of the 3rd period. Proves that grit, great goaltending, the best Pk in the league and coaching can defeat a far more talented team. Callahan & Dubinsky were fantastic and Rosy had one of his best games in years. Still have to play as if we’re behind 3-1 in games on Friday night

  42. loneranger, i think you mean end of the second period with the interference on dubinsky and the boarding on callahan, right? Anyways the atmosphere are the garden was outstanding tonight, i lost my voice halfway through the first and you could feel the whole place rocking on every play. Not only that, but the 1 goal games are getting ridiculous! They never make it easy for us, always has to be a heartstopper with Lundqvist stealing the show. I’m more hopeful that we shut them down in their building friday for my own health than our chances at the series!

  43. Name (required) on

    1. Our Captain is playing with a broken hand
    2. No name defense
    3. No 30 goal scorers in the line-up
    4. 2 lines are almost “youth”
    5. No big star names
    6. Our “Ovechkin” is Henry
    Sure we’re going to get outplayed..but we sure won’t get out-coached.
    By the way, anybody else have an onset of angina last night..my chest still hurts!

  44. Ovechkin = Steroids

    I mean seriously, why won’t the league look into the possibility of steroids throughout the league?

  45. Patrick Brennan on

    AWESOME GAME last night!!!!
    Avery is lucky on that icing run and smack to the face he only got 2 minutes for roughing was it instead of double minor!
    Last penalty he took was just a VERY DUMB PLAY!!!!


    Can’t wait for Friday night!!!!

  46. Rangers are showing some heart….obviously lovin’ Henrik but Dubinsky (the future C for the Rangers) was all over the ice!
    How about late in the 3rd when the Caps were swarming Henrik in front of the net and he pushed 2 Caps away from our goalie!!!!

    Nick Z, as much as I hate to say it you’re a waste, has contributed zero in this series.

  47. Patrick Brennan on

    THANK GOD I decided to go for a Hank jersey this year instead of Zherdev….his impressive moves at the beginning of the season has disappeared!!!!!!!!!

  48. I think overall Avery has definitely helped us.
    However last night everything that people say about Avery was true. Selfish, stupid play and terrible penalties. Avery plays on the line but damn…he was terrible last night.

    Zherdev…where do I begin.
    First he’s skating like he’s dragging a body bag around behind him. He has been invisible, a complete turd.
    I don’t care how young he is or how he lacks experience. Those things may be true but how do you explain the hussle of Dubi, Cally, Korpedo and other young guys who also don’t have much experience? Zherdev is playing like he doesn’t want to take a hit, like he can’t take the intensity of the game. I would love to see the organization let this guy walk this summer, however I’m sure Sather has a nice huge contract for Zherdev.

  49. I just want tomorrow to come. Last night was a crazy game but we somehow pulled it off. For that reason I think we can do this. Rangers in 5!

    By the way, we need to get 1,000 posts every game from now on.

  50. LETS GO RANGERSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS….good to see all the young guys getting valuable ice time….obv dubi and callahan are playing great but korpi, sjostrom, betts stepping up their game as well….huge huge win, i would love to be a fly on the wall with regards to the “talk” torts had with avery in the lockerroom


  51. Smart answer from Torts about the Avery situation, ” that is something that will be handled in the lockerroom”

  52. Volume at 55, left leg on chair worked again! Too bad I have to work and miss tomorrow’s game.

    I said before the series that Lundqvist needs to steal a series because he hasn’t yet. We still need another win but Hank is definitely doing it.

    no excuses for Avery, just stupid, stupid penalties. He’s got enough talent to play hard without wailing his arms all over the place. The refs are watching him and he’s making it easy for them to sit him down.

    What about those 2 cross checks to Dubi? If they call Rozi for that B.S. holding call, they have to call a cross check.

  53. Patrick Brennan on

    My volume was at a solid 25 all game long, then in 3rd wife came in and said isn’t that loud?
    I said no….Volume isn’t changing till games over!

  54. I have said it before and will repeat: Zherdev is the Tin Man. No heart. Did I expect him to score that stuff in attempt in the early part of the first? NO. But, I do expect him to sit on the doorstep hacking, kicking, and punching the goalie’s pads and trying to jam that puck in the net by any and all means. I DO NOT EXPECT one whack with the stick and then fade off behind the net as if the play is over. That is the difference between a primadonna and an aggressive, I-won’t-be-denied playoff hockey player. At season’s end, sell Zherdev, buy Antropov.

    Avery’s first penalty late in the 3rd, he threw a cheap butt end at Jurcina. That was the call after the refs convened. The initial crash into the boards was not the problem it was his swinging butt end at the end of the play. The high sticking a few mins later was stupid. But don’t you think Torts would play someone else in that spot? Not exhonerating Avery at all but I would have thought Torts might use someone else at that stage.

    After all, he had Blair Betts on the PP at the end of the 3rd. Clearly that is to prevent a SHG, but to me it seemed a bit tentative.

    When the Rangers play uptempo, aggressive, in-your-face hockey they can play with anyone (last night). When they sit back and let the other team bring the action (a la Renney) they get smoked (see Monday night).

    LGR! Need to close this out in 5.

  55. Patrick Brennan on

    Somebody is going to have to score on this guy,” Boudreau said of Lundqvist. “You can nitpick all you want, (but) we took 39 shots. When you outshoot a team 19-5 in their building (in the second period) and you’re down, the other goalie is doing something right.”

    EXACTLY!!!!! HEN-RIK!!! HEN-RIK!!!

  56. Someone posted this on the ESPN Boards, and I have to say I agree:

    “After watching all 240 minutes of this series, there is no doubt that if the Capitals and Rangers switched goaltenders the series would be over with a 4-0 Capitals sweep in dominating fashion. Lundqvist is just an absolute special talent and always seems to show up when the stakes are risen. Watching Lundqvist vs. Ovechkin has been complete bliss.”

    Hank is playing to the best of his abilities and it is a real pleasure to watch.

  57. Patrick Brennan on

    I wonder if that second shot of his really did dent the crossbar!!!
    Sounded like it did!
    It sure as hell would have broken the glass had it missed the net!

  58. Potivin ripped Avery on

    On XM this morning Avery was ripped by Potvin. he said that he is a punk, and should be suspended. In a perfect world he would of blown that game for the Rangers. He also said Avery on the ice is the only way that Washington can still win this series.

    So should he be benched? If you were a caps fan do you think he should be suspended?

  59. Potivin ripped Avery on

    How many stick infractions does it take? How much blood does he have to draw?

    As an honest hockey fan, you cant condone that garbage…

  60. When players start getting called for crosschecking and slashing Avery all game, then I’ll care about him cutting that pansy.

  61. OMG. I cannot believe that people misinterpreted the “single-handedly” comment. It was a pun, a joke! The guy is playing with one hand and he scored the game-winning goal. Hence the line.

    Nobody is even close to suggesting that Lundqvist wasn’t the No. 1, No. 2, No. 4, No. 8 star of the game all rolled into one. He won the game, and as Nasty made the great point: If you put Lundqvist on Washington and Varlamov on the Rangers, the Caps win this series 4-0.

  62. No Country For Old Rangers April 23rd, 2009 at 12:36 am

    Jay G- do you really think Marty is not only better than Hank but the best in the league? I have ALWAYS felt that Brodeur was the most over-rated player I’ve ever seen.

    I said it before and I’ll say it again: You put Richter, Cujo, Belfour or even a Vernon or a Kolzig on the Devils for 17 years and they would have had every bit as much success as Brodeur. Not saying Brodeur isn’t very good, but I’m sorry, this talk about him him being the best ever is a joke! Let him play just one damn season in front of an average or below average defense and see if he still looks like the best ever. Think about how good Clemmensen looked when Marty was hurt. A team like the NJD will always make their goalie look good.

    Unfortunately your explanation isn’t a reality. While I am a lifetime Rangers fan and always will be Marty’s numbers speak for them self. I hope Lundqvist is prosperous and has a better career so I can make adaptations to this statement.

  63. Doodie Machetto on

    “Nasty made the great point: If you put Lundqvist on Washington and Varlamov on the Rangers, the Caps win this series 4-0.”

    I think they would be serious contenders to get to the finals in that scenario.

  64. I think Brodeur is overrated as well. The teams he had in front of him were stellar. Plus, he exaggerates every save he makes… drives me nuts!

  65. Doodie Machetto on

    Jay G and N Country, your whole argument is moot because Hasek is the best ever all time. Look at the hardware, look at the numbers. Brodeur has a lot of wins, big deal. CuJo is 4th all time in wins but I doubt I would ever see anyone argue he is the fourth best goaltender of all time, or anywhere near the top 20.

    We had this debate when Brodeur broke the wins record. The answer is Dominik Hasek (talking modern era only, the position has changed too much to compare different eras of goaltending).

  66. Screw Zherdev. He came as advertised.


    Won’t skate anywhere near the slot, hardly plays behind the net, doesn’t get involved physically…just totally disconnected.

    One less offer sheet to figure out.

    Shoulda kept Toots.

  67. Patrick Brennan on

    Evidence Brodeur is overrated: Scott Clemmensen.

    EXACTLY!!!!! Couldn’t have said it better!

  68. “Not exhonerating Avery at all but I would have thought Torts might use someone else at that stage.”

    Do it once, it’s Avery’s fault.

    Do it again, it’s Torts’ fault.

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