Game On, Game 4 (updated)


Don’t know what else to say, except this:

I keep hearing “the winner of Game 4 wins the series.” And I may have even agreed to some degree with that on our video chat yesterday.

But I’m not convinced that’s true. Let’s put it this way. If the Rangers win Game 4 and go up 3-1, they should be able to close out the series in Game 5 or 6.

If the Capitals tie the series tonight, though, I don’t think it’s an absolute given that they then go on to win two of the next three. Not at all. Unless the Rangers continue to be as offensively challenged as they have been the last two games — not to mention pretty much all season long. They’re not likely to win two of the next three scoring one a game. Not to mention none a game.

I just heard John Amirante warming up his pipes again. I wonder if he’ll be drowned out by the crowd tonight, because he sure wasn’t drowned out before Game 3.

And as I wrote in the comments of the previous thread: If they hand out thundersticks tonight, people should thrown them onto the ice BEFORE the game, and P.A. announcer Joe Tolleson should be forced to say, ‘Good evening ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Arco Arena.”

My buddy Kenny Albert is the go-to guy when it comes to numbers and statistical information. Here’s his Game 4 numbers column on MSG’s Web site.

And here is Tarik El-Bashir’s Capitals Insider story with Ovechkin making some comments on Avery.

I’m going to listen in on Matt Gilroy’s press conference around 5:30. If there’s anything interesting, I’ll post it. If he’s boring, I’m going straight for the pregame buffet.

Enjoy the game. Let’s see if we can hit 1,000 again!


EVENING UPDATE, 6:09 P.M., FROM MSG: Hobey Baker-winning Boston University defenseman Matt Gilroy, signed by the Rangers last week, is at the Garden tonight.

Couple of things about him. Apparently he wasn’d drafted, and thus a free agent, because he grew about six inches after his draft year. He even said, “To be honest, I didn’t hit puberty until I was 18 years old. I still don’t even shave  and I’m 24… it’s embarrassing,” he said.

He played for John Tortorella in the World junior championships, and both Tortorella and Chris Drury (another former Hobey Baker winner from B.U.) called and helped recruit him away from two other teams in the running. Drury, his idol, told him “Matty, I’ve been all over the NHL … and there’s nothing like being a New York Ranger.”

He got a one-way contract, which means he gets the whole amount whether he plays in the NHL or in the minors.

About playing for Tortorella: “We were skating him at the Worlds, the first day of practice, and he’s screaming at Patrick Kane and (Zach) Parise, and I’m like, ‘Geeeez.’ This guy’s honest. But that’s what I had with (B.U. coach Jack) Parker. He didn’t care who you were. If you were wrong you were getting called out on it, and that’s what coach Tortorella is: Honesty and full of passion and that’s what draws me right to him.”

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  1. ZzZz 13 ZzZz needs to Rule like he did in the season!! says Greg L. on

    sweeeet stumped Rick!!!




  2. Doodie Machetto on

    “Gomez for the hat trick! Rangers win 6-3.”


    You might as well have said Doodie Machetto with the natural hat trick!

  3. ZzZz 13 ZzZz needs to Rule like he did in the season!! says Greg L. on

    yeah doodie , did ya come up with rexy by yerself or did ya need a lil pc help?? just wondering.

  4. Miami Pimp, can I forward this to my friend so he can text this to his future ex-wife? Pretty much describes her to a “T” !!

    * MiamiPimp April 22nd, 2009 at 5:23 pm

    I want to tell him what a cheap, lying, no-good, rotten, fore-fleshing, low-life, snake-licking, dirt-eating, inbred, overstuffed, ignorant, blood-sucking, dog-kissing, brainless, dickless, hopeless, heartless, ugly-ass, bug-eyed, stiff-legged, spotty-lipped, bush league sack of monkey he is.

  5. Redden with 4 goals 7 assists 25 hits 35 blocked shots 20 takeaways 69 saves 15/15 on face offs 3 zamboni rides and 2 eight-balls.

    Rangers win 7-0

  6. Doodie Machetto on

    I needed a little help. The name was on the tip of my tongue, and I even knew the year of the cup win (which when you consider there had been 5, it was worth something).

    But I couldn’t come up with the name without looking at the roster, but as soon as I saw it, I knew it.

  7. Stupid Honor Society inductions and meetings with faculty and the President of the College. Why do they have to schedule these things when it is playoffs time?

    Must be Sens fans, since we are so close to Ottawa.

  8. RICK should do a story in my honor … I’m the most ardent hockey fan to come out of Brazil, and probably the only Brazilian in the world who prefers hockey over soccer

  9. Carp, I get the impression that the crowd doesn’t drown out Amirante during the anthem (as it used to in say the 94 run) out of a reverence for the anthem, not because it can’t. Perhaps this is a post 9/11 new-found reverence for the anthem? I’m not sure. But, it’s my impression that the crowd purposefully holds back–at least until the very end.

  10. Doodie Machetto on

    “Redden with 4 goals 7 assists 25 hits 35 blocked shots 20 takeaways 69 saves 15/15 on face offs 3 zamboni rides and 2 eight-balls.

    Rangers win 7-0″

    What happened to the other 4 goals Redden was a part of?

    I think the very last part before the scoreline of that might actually end up being true.

  11. Carp, Here is some trivia…

    In 1983, when the Rangers lost to Iceholes in OT, in Game 5 and were eliminated from the playoffs….

    Name the NY Rangers players who in OT:

    1) Missed an empty net at point blank range
    2) Couldnt clear the Defensive zone which lead to the Morrow GWG

  12. Rangers win it 4-2 tonight. I have ABSOLUTELY nothing to base that on. I just see everyone else guessing what it’ll be… :)

    Let’s go RANGERS!!! We can go back to Washington 3-1 and finish up the series in 5 at their house.

    1,000 posts of pure win and celebration tonight. Lets do it.


  13. Sally and the Stanley Cupcake on

    Evening folks!

    I’m not sticking around for long here cause I actually have a date tonight. I’m shocked too! I might ruin the whole thing by watching being way more into the game than him, but that’s his problem, right? Hehe.

    My nerves are just out of control today!


  14. Need need need the first goal tonight…

    I hope we drown out Amirante, there is no more electric way to start a game anywhere in any sport than MSG with John A.

    Too bad Edmonton didn’t make the playoffs if only to watch the Edmonton playoff transition where “their Amirante” sings the first half of O Canada and then holds up the microphone to the crowd which sings the rest together.

  15. I know you’ve said it Carp but I honestly don’t see how the Rangers lose tonight and still win the series. I’m not saying that if they win tonight they win the series… but lose and it’s over.

  16. Hey Mouth….replace Chris Simon with some George McPhee footage for your intro to Show #23

    thanx in advance !

  17. so all day i could not wait for this game. i am a college student at seton hall university i go to check my email and what does it say? the school apologizes but the cable is out for the night and wont be fixed until tomorrow morning… r u fn kidding me? guess illleave it up tou you guys to let me know what is hapeneing

  18. Torts to the guys right about now …

    “I think you’re all f’ed in the head. We’re 2 games from the f’ing Eastern Semis and you want to bail out. Well I’ll tell you something. This is no longer just a series. It’s a quest. It’s a quest for fun. I’m gonna have fun and you’re gonna have fun. We’re all gonna have so much f’ing fun out there on the ice we’ll need plastic surgery to remove our damn smiles. You’ll be whistling ‘Zip-A-Dee Doo-Dah’ out of you’re a$$holes! I gotta be crazy! I’m on a pilgrimage to win the Stanley Cup. Praise Stanley! Holy $hit!”

  19. Carpy,

    What’s on the menu in the green room tonight? How bout the kielbasa kid special. The Polish Prince better be in the house tonight. They should bring back all the oldtimers. Let’s get fired up.

  20. jcalz88:

    Umm, how about walking a couple blocks and finding a restaurant / bar that has the game on (satellite, etc) …

  21. miamipimp i would love to but did i forget to tell u its seton hall univeristy? i cant walk into any of the bars its 3 months till im 21 and they dont cut any slack

  22. ZzZz 13 ZzZz needs to Rule like he did in the season!! says Greg L. on

    Scores!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! just kidding Jcalz!!

  23. MIAMI, is it your birthday? If so, Happy Birthday. Now two things: Pele or Gretzky?

    And please watch the language. I only had a problem with one word in that previous rant.

  24. they should be mad about that OV-backstrom stunt. I don’t care if they did it elsewhere.

    it is like them going into, and walking all over the Rangers logo in the dressing room

  25. btw did anyone c the e60 about ovechkin where he speaks about driven 180mph in his sl blak seres amg mercades in front of the white house and how he wont stop doing this

  26. “It’ll be the hap hap happiest time since Bing Crosby tap danced with Danny _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Kaye.”-Torts to the team.

  27. RICK – sorry about the language, I’ll watch it (I’m just modifying quotes from movies …)

    Pele or Gretzky? That’s a tough one, but I’ll pick Pele because: Gretzky was never a “true” Rangers like Messier was, and I was fortunate to work with Pele for several years so I have a bias

  28. Back to Gilroy: as a BU grad who has spent many a year following the Terriers:
    1) Gilroy, you rock! Outstanding job this year and thanks for bringing the trophy back.
    2) Better us getting him than someone else, for now. Let’s see how he handles the pros (lord, I love college sports. Where else can a 24-year-old be a senior!)

  29. Go Rangers !!

    That’s it, that’s all that needs to be said.

    Along with Megan Fox is hot.

    Carp, you should seriously put a pic of Megan Fox on the blog, the guys here would probably complain less, I know i would. If you need some proof of her hotness, ill send you the pics !!

  30. I forgot. C’mon all, let’s give Carp 1,000 tonight! Hey Sally and Linda, where are you girls?!

  31. ZzZz 13 ZzZz needs to Rule like he did in the season!! says Greg L. on

    umm miamipimp , pumped like in sexual..cuz it aint no Ranger pumping that comes to my mind..nice video though!!

  32. I expect our offence to lay another egg tonight. They had been able to find the net during the regular season; I have no idea why you guys think things will be different in the playoffs. And when you can’t score, it’s only a matter of time before your defence succumbs. I see a 3-1 loss; and I’m being generous here.

  33. Al Trautwig

    How long has he been working on TV? More than 20 years? You would think he’ll prepare himself better and learn how to pronounce a foreign name by now.

    Its Semen Varlamov not *Saemion Vablah-blah*

  34. ZzZz 13 ZzZz needs to Rule like he did in the season!! says Greg L. on

    alright ORR , now im reallly really curious ..I heard ya mention her a few times..looks like im gonna google her!!

  35. Here’s hoping Dubinsky and Drury switch spots because Dubinsky will be better for the second line right now.

    I’m so pumped for this game, I’m going to do my best impression of a reporter and live blog it on a Facebook note.

  36. Hey Laurel

    Linda told me that you wanted the pictures of my cat for the pet blog! I sent an email to you few days ago. But it came back to me… should i resend it again? thnx!

  37. ZzZz 13 ZzZz needs to Rule like he did in the season!! says Greg L. on


  38. btw if we make it deep into the playoffs for one away game rick shuld pick bar and make it ranger report night ha wuld be interesting to meet some of u characters

  39. Staal

    its not about taking anyone to any land …three-or-more at least sounds funny… but Al completely butchered the name. I dont really care about that other team it just Trautwig does sh*t like that all the time. But anyway…

    its Simeon or Sem-yo-n Varlamov. Fck him!! lol

  40. ZzZz 13 ZzZz needs to Rule like he did in the season!! says Greg L. on

    Semin is a pussy , hes a little girley boy!! Slapping at Staalsie during the season…Let’s pound the tar out of these losers , OV thinks hes better than Bondra or something!!?? Least Bondra scores during the playofs!!
    Im not jinxing us either , it’s just that we owned them in thier own building and got stage fright in ours..we”l be back to our ol selfs and take it to these goofs!!

  41. CCCP
    April 22nd, 2009 at 5:31 pm
    Redden with 4 goals 7 assists 25 hits 35 blocked shots 20 takeaways 69 saves 15/15 on face offs 3 zamboni rides and 2 eight-balls.

    Rangers win 7-0

    lol did he get the primary and secondary assist on all his goals?

  42. ZzZz 13 ZzZz needs to Rule like he did in the season!! says Greg L. on

    YO BILL , were are you ? you dirty filthy Caps fan you!! Come back so I can tear a strip outta ya!!!

  43. Linda, ready for the win and 1000 posts! on

    Present and accounted for with the lucky coffee Laurel!!

    If I saw correctly, that wacko Sally has a date on the night of a game..gotta question the priorities there, so she may not be joining us tonight, unless SHE has an imposter also!

  44. Linda, ready for the win and 1000 posts! on

    I still think CCCP is the dude with the Bauer helmet in the Beard contest slide show!

    10 minutes baby!!!!

  45. btw, i was thinking about this the other day.

    Ovechkin in Russian comes from word Ovechka ( *A SHEEP* )
    and Kozlov comes from a word Kozel ( *A GOAT* )

    That team is full of sheeps and goats!! The rangers will take control over the bunch of sheeps and goats as a masterful shepherd!

  46. Linda, ready for the win and 1000 posts! on

    congrats Ag & Jo!!! gonna see a WIN we hope!!!

    Faithful!!! are ya ready girl!?!?

  47. Love that Gilroy says “Coach Tortorella” LOL

    LETS GO RANGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. Linda, ready for the win and 1000 posts! on

    damn damn damn CCCP!!!

    lmao @ sheeps and goats! that could get very..uh..uh

  49. ZzZz 13 ZzZz needs to Rule like he did in the season!! says Greg L. on

    I’m wondering who that guy is with white Ranger cap , tilted to the side?

  50. No Country For Old Rangers
    April 22nd, 2009 at 6:48 pm
    in 3 hours i’ll either be euphoric or suicidal.


    LOL exactly! But I rather homicidal than suicidal ;)

  51. Linda, ready for the win and 1000 posts! on

    aw crap freecredit voros commercial! is this a good sign or no???

  52. Linda, ready for the win and 1000 posts! on

    whoever’s watchin on versus…are you ready for the caps lovefest from patrick, jones and engblom?

  53. No Country For Old Rangers on

    YA MAKO it will be a combo of both. If we lose i will probably go on a homicidal spree and then kill myself

  54. No Country For Old Rangers on

    Unfortunately Linda, I am watching on Vs. I thought about bringing Maloney and Albert in but it probably wont sync up

  55. Kiefer Sutherland: “The following is a presentation of the National Hockey League.”

    Maybe the only good thing about Versus.

  56. ZzZz 13 ZzZz needs to Rule like he did in the season!! says Greg L. on

    No way Krispy , I look young for my age but not that young!!!plus I have my cap on proper in my pic (hehe)

    GO RANGERS!!!!!!

  57. Linda, ready for the win and 1000 posts! on

    No Country, tonight its Albert and Pete Stempkoski, and when I had it going the other night, it was only 3 seconds off. Forslund and Eliot on versus…let the man love begin!

  58. No Country For Old Rangers on

    So according to Verus Varlamov is the talk to the NHL. Did I miss something?

  59. Linda, ready for the win and 1000 posts! on

    sorry Krispy, Greg lead me to believe he was pulling a mind ‘scramble’ on us. My bad


  60. Linda, ready for the win and 1000 posts! on

    i guess mary pitchin a hissyfit last night was NOT the talk of the NHL

  61. Linda, ready for the win and 1000 posts! on

    i am devastated that Voros has been scratched! heartbroken even!


  62. ZzZz 13 ZzZz needs to Rule like he did in the season!! says Greg L. on

    Whooohooo Rangersss!!! Hell Yeah Aves will score and Dubinsky too!!!! R

    !!!!!! go go go!

  63. Linda, ready for the win and 1000 posts! on

    earthy players..callahan avery and dubinsky… can we please get off the earth day references! This is a mans game damnit!

  64. Yeah, I wear my hats right also Greg.

    I thought the same thing Linda. Ah well haha.

  65. Linda, ready for the win and 1000 posts! on

    deja you should have duct taped him to the fridge and not let him go! My coffee is already curdling in my gut since you said that!

  66. Get ready for a lot of “he melts it down” from Forslund on Versus. I’m guessing this wasn’t the combination on Monday because Forslund had to be in Carolina? He’s only slightly better than Beninati, if only because he doesn’t say it’s the National Hockey League on Versus in high definition every 10 minutes.

  67. Why did Amirante come out from over there with the Flag? He usually doesn’t do that.

  68. ZzZz 13 ZzZz needs to Rule like he did in the season!! says Greg L. on

    Linda , Mets cap!?? I dunno who that is either , can’t be me I always wear a Rangers cap , all year round.~~~~and rockets red glareeeeeeeeeee!!!

  69. No Country For Old Rangers on

    They talk about the Rangers on Versus like they are down 0-3.

    You’d have no idea NYR has the lead in the series.

    Somebody needs to flatten Ovechkin right at center ice. How beautiful would that be? A motionless Ovechkin laying face down on the ice.

  70. Nah, not even Deja’s bro could mess this up :P

    We’ve got this game, no problem.

  71. No Country For Old Rangers on

    As long as we are revealing our identities, I’m in the grey shirt with the championship beard

  72. Linda, ready for the win and 1000 posts! on

    “the bombs booooooooooooisting in aiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiir!”

  73. Linda, ready for the win and 1000 posts! on

    Chuck, Mara’s beard has taken on a life of its own! I heard it actually has a show comin up on MTV.

  74. Gonna head to Bed, Bath & Beyond with the wifey….

    and if we have time, shoot on over to the Home Depot,

    when is the next Rangers game???

  75. No Country For Old Rangers on

    Who are these announcers on vs? i’ve never even heard of these guys. Zherdev sucks, put him in the vs booth

  76. ZzZz 13 ZzZz needs to Rule like he did in the season!! says Greg L. on


  77. No Country For Old Rangers on

    friday night is game 5.

    callahan is unstoppable.

    mike green is a soft on D

  78. No Country For Old Rangers on

    Gotta keep this pace up. It’s no use if they relax after the first 5

  79. Linda, ready for the win and 1000 posts! on

    another decent play from redden!! wow!
    boys are feisty tonight I’m LOVING it!

  80. No Country For Old Rangers on

    Has Varlamov made a GREAT save yet this series? He hasnt really been tested

  81. linda, im watching tv now my school decided to turn it back on but i was orig watching the dc comcast feed

  82. Caps look a little overwhelmed at the moment. Hits lopsided. Shots 4-0 for Rangers, but they’ve missed the net four times, and Rozsival whiffed on one.

    Good crowd. Nice buzz during stoppages. Amirante almost drowned out at the end.

  83. Linda, ready for the win and 1000 posts! on

    naslund looks possessed tonight & i like it!!!

    get a goal boys the place will explode~

  84. mara needs to work on his accuracy badly. im nervous until the first goal happens. cmon rangers get it in the net. this kid aint nothin.

  85. Linda, ready for the win and 1000 posts! on

    glad you’re not stuck with the dc comcast feed jcalz!

    beninati is part of satans army!

  86. If Mara’s ability to shoot was the same as his ability to grow a beard, he’d score 100 goals a year.

  87. No Country For Old Rangers on

    Come on Drury, pretend its the little league world series you bum

  88. i have noticed over the last couple of games the rangers d have been poke/stick checking the incoming offensive players very well

  89. nazys a penalty machine but hes an old fart. hes alright. zherdevs the one that pisses me off. 23 years old he should be skatin circles around their d and varblabla

  90. Oh good. Varlamov took English lessons in Hersey. Then he’ll understand it when Avery gives him an earful.

  91. CCCp. Got em! thanks. Will post Monday when I’m off furlough. This period is killing me!

  92. Linda, ready for the win and 1000 posts! on




  94. ZzZz 13 ZzZz needs to Rule like he did in the season!! says Greg L. on


  95. No Country For Old Rangers on

    Man versus guys are having an orgasm after every varlamov save. jeez, this guys is a freakin AHL goalie, relax.

  96. Linda, ready for the win and 1000 posts! on

    effin versus missed 10 seconds of play!!! holy sheeeit! this is the worst run operation in history!!!

  97. well, doobs won a clean faceoff that started it. already were seeing an improvement from drury. wtf was that on versus?? lol bill patrick u doofus

  98. Linda, ready for the win and 1000 posts! on

    No Country…i swear this has to be their worst telecast of a playoff game ever!!! they have no clue what to do!! can we get some professionals over there

  99. ZzZz 13 ZzZz needs to Rule like he did in the season!! says Greg L. on


  100. What a nice deflection goal after the robbery. Then Versus gets all wacky on us, taking a break where they shouldn’t, then coming back too early so we get to hear the announcers talking to each other and see Jack Edwards practicing his smile for the camera. Hilarious!

  101. i dont know if the damn will break it was a double deflection. but a needed “bad” goal!

  102. Mike – very i blame game 3’s loss on the fact that a lady friend of mine was watching the game and she didnt watch any of the others.

    whoever called dubi and aves to score tonight youre half way there. goal was changed to dubi

  103. No Country For Old Rangers on

    DUBI baby

    whats the deal with VS?

    they’re a bunch of f*cking amateurs!!

  104. ovechkin is such a scumbag everyone thinks its great that he stays on forever but hes stealing time from someone who is fresh that could score.

    not that i want that to happen of course

  105. damn gomez, that fancy crap is what gives them the turnovers they want to get their forwards going

  106. Linda, ready for the win and 1000 posts! on

    avery’s goal is coming! it’s gonna be sweet to see him score on this team!!!

  107. I agree with you deja, I used to like AO but after this series, I really dont like him that much anymore.

  108. lets face it,were a worse team than last season playing a better team in washington than pittsburgh last season and were doin alright.
    jcalz- no that plays into the caps hands. we gotta slow it down a little. too close for comfort a few times

  109. Linda, ready for the win and 1000 posts! on

    ya took the words right outta my fingers mike! they are done done done!

  110. what do you guys think paul mara is hiding in his beard? i think it’s another beard.

  111. Linda, ready for the win and 1000 posts! on

    lmao Krispy, thats great!

    OK, here comes the between periods versus wake cuz NYR are up in the game.

  112. No Country For Old Milk- I said it to my friend before this series started that it would make me hate him. I liked him in the whole crosby/ovechkin debate. I guess i hate all of bettmans hockey darlings.

  113. Linda, ready for the win and 1000 posts! on

    Torts is sacrificing Voros to Mara’s beard as we type!

  114. ZzZz 13 ZzZz needs to Rule like he did in the season!! says Greg L. on


    Capital players have removed the names from the backs of thier jersey’s and now put thier playoff status label on thier backs. Number 52 from washington has now been given the label “green” because of his playoff preformance so far , he is as green as they get.

  115. Linda, ready for the win and 1000 posts! on

    Mara intermission guest AND gets the goal!!!! it almost looks as if he has no mouth!

  116. Linda, ready for the win and 1000 posts! on

    Rick needs to make a tribute blog for Maras beard. And someone needs to make a t shirt of it!

  117. Linda, ready for the win and 1000 posts! on

    Chuck and Rick, you’re killin me! the people walkin around outside are gonna call the cops on me!

  118. No Country For Old Rangers on

    I just ordered a massive bbq chicken pizza. I’m sure everybody is fascinated.

  119. On the sacrificing joke.

    Torts: Oh, Magic Beard what do you desire?
    Mara’s Beard: I need Blooooodddd!!!!!!!!!
    *Torts Mugs Voros*
    Mara: Hey Coach..can you stop trying to shove Aaron into my beard

  120. good period. no defenzive breakdowns not one..

    keep it simple we are the turtle they are the hare.

    dump and forecheck and play d, that is our only chance…

  121. maras beard just winked at bob harwood. you could see bob tryin to keep a straight face.

  122. Linda, ready for the win and 1000 posts! on

    Mara’s beard…is it contributing to global warming?

  123. Linda, ready for the win and 1000 posts! on

    i am laughin so effin hard i am actually crying! we may have 1000 posts just dedicated the Beardy!! How awesome is this freakin blog!!!!!

    Mara’s beard needs a golden idol made of it

  124. Paul Mara’s Beard has a new Biography

    Paul Mara’s Beard: The 8th Wonder of the World

  125. No Country For Old Rangers on

    Habs are done. I know it’s a little too soon to start thinking about the Bruins but that will be a hell of a series when it happens.

  126. Linda, ready for the win and 1000 posts! on

    Mara’s beard needs one more week to surpass Charleton Hestons Moses beard in the Beard Hall of Fame!

  127. When the Boogeyman goes to sleep every night, he checks his closet for Paul Mara’s Beard!!!

  128. If Chuck Norris’s beard and Paul Mara’s beard had a baby, i’d probably **** myself.

  129. Linda, ready for the win and 1000 posts! on

    oh damn…no shave clause, winking at bob harwood, no earth weaponry can destroy it… Cafe Press seriously needs to make a Mara’s Beard t shirt! They had the Avery Rules shirt out like the next day!! I’m gonna email them!

  130. Chuck – Nair not good on the face at all.. (I work for the company that makes it)… to digress… Mara’s Beard reminds me of that episode of Family Guy when Peter had a bird family living in his beard

  131. i am getting the TSN broadcast and about 1/2 way thru the first avery apparently squirted ray ferraro (the color guy for the tsn broadcast) with water. ferraro wasnt happy. i guess there is some history there?

    how are the announcers that close to the ice?

  132. Linda, ready for the win and 1000 posts! on

    who’d win in a fight…Maras beard or Chuck Norris? My moneys on the beard

  133. Watching the young guys trying to grow beards is pretty funny too…Cally and Dubi have like little groupings of 12-15 hairs…

  134. ZzZz 13 ZzZz needs to Rule like he did in the season!! says Greg L. on

    ..HAHAHHA no Shave clause!!!!!

  135. I’m surprised the Caps were credited with as many as nine shots, since this period was so much better for us than the first periods in the first three games.

  136. They are going to start calling Too Many Men penalties against us soon, they are going to count Mara’s beard as a sixth player. >_<

  137. I would totally buy one

    Linda, ready for the win and 1000 posts! April 22nd, 2009 at 8:03 pm

    oh damn…no shave clause, winking at bob harwood, no earth weaponry can destroy it… Cafe Press seriously needs to make a Mara’s Beard t shirt! They had the Avery Rules shirt out like the next day!! I’m gonna email them!

  138. Hey Carp Ag and I were going to say hi but we don’t know if you are north or south press box and Ag’s leg is really acting up.

  139. beth

    you work for the company that makes nair? that is frickin’ amazing. i always thought that they made one giant tub of the stuff back in ’79 and have been using that ever since. can you disprove this theory?

  140. ok lets get it going again there is one thing i can guarantee and its that maras beard will not back down

  141. Linda, ready for the win and 1000 posts! on

    too much funny beard stuff…gotta give props to all of you for being so damned hilarious and witty.

    I am gonna email cafe press about doin a Maras Beard shirt.. email me your ideas for the shirt if you like..

  142. ok, i guess chicken parm, good call linda, ray ferraro is between the benches for this game.

  143. okay CARP and JANE
    and EVERYONE else

    after an emergency procedure Sunday morning
    Sugaree Blue Ranger continues to beat the odds
    and lives another day!!!
    and he’s in attendance for tonight’s game.
    basically, he’s 3-0 while hanging around during
    Ranger games.
    hope he goes 4-0

    MARA’S BEARD should get its own locker.
    he looks like Kris Kringle.

  144. No Country For Old Rangers on

    Redden to Torts: Coach, why do we keep playing the Caps??

    Torts (shaking his head): Because it’s the playoffs you idiot!

  145. Linda, ready for the win and 1000 posts! on

    its almost disappointing when Mara’s not on the ice!

  146. PJ – Pierre McGuire is always between the benches for TSN, so I wouldn’t be surprised that Ferraro is in the same position.

  147. linda you should totally have a gay guy marrying paul mara’s beard put it in a wedding dress.

    the irony

  148. Linda, ready for the win and 1000 posts! on

    great news jpg!!!

    ooops i forgot..Happy Birthday MiamiPimp, wherever ya are!

  149. hahha varlamov almost put that in his own net DRURRRRRYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY

    where are all the drury haters now baby!!!!

  150. Linda, ready for the win and 1000 posts! on

    lmao @ the wedding!

    CHRIS DRURY AND HIS BROKEN WING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  151. No Country For Old Rangers on


    RANGERS IN 5!!!

  152. That was not an easy rebound to put in either… he barely had any room there.

    And, The Beard takes a penalty.

  153. ZzZz 13 ZzZz needs to Rule like he did in the season!! says Greg L. on

    Mara’s beard got that call , not Mara himself…

  154. Lakewood, NJ… Some over in Europe.. Same company that makes arm&hammer products makes Nair

  155. I know Drury has taken a lot of heat but how great is it to see him come up with that goal with his injury troubles .

  156. Linda, ready for the win and 1000 posts! on

    just as the freakin announcers were sayin how varLAmov wasnt rattled by the first goal…i’m sayin to myself, wait til the 2nd goal..and here comes Broken wing Drury!!! YEA BABY!!

  157. Huge save off Rozi’s foot. How many times has that kind of play been a goal against us this year?

  158. mike in ia
    April 22nd, 2009 at 8:16 pm
    if z scores i’ll forgive him for everything! just score



  159. Linda, ready for the win and 1000 posts! on

    “Callahan finishes every check” he sure does.

    LMAO i thought they were gonna say Maras Beard but its Gilroy!

  160. Nice website Doodie! Too bad there are only four of us! C’mon people send in more pictures of your hairy friend! :P

  161. thanks spider. they showed ferraro before the period started. i guess he and mcguire like the same spot. i dont like mcguire

  162. yea, im not gettin too confident yet. these guys can score 2 goals vry easily if we make a few mistakes. gotta just play smart. keep em focused torts

  163. PJ – It’s especially weird because they do that with only two announcers, having one in the booth, unlike NBC which has a trio, leaving two in the booth.

  164. Linda, ready for the win and 1000 posts! on

    gonna be great when Mara’s beard has its own night and its jersey retired!

  165. king henry wow he is really showing off tonight hes taking that young russian to a goal tending clinic

  166. Linda, ready for the win and 1000 posts! on

    Mara’s beard wants to take Dick Cheney hunting!


  167. Linda, ready for the win and 1000 posts! on

    lmao Rick!

    I think I just say MikeyNJ with his Hank jersey wavin his towel on that save!

  168. No Country For Old Rangers on

    On March 2 1982, a God fell to earth. He landed in Sweden and was given goalie pads. We now know him as HENRIK.

  169. No Country For Old Rangers on

    It must be a very unpleasant honor to get up close and personal with Mara’s beard

  170. Linda, ready for the win and 1000 posts! on

    ok, Maras beard has taken our focus away from the 2nd period. we need to concentrate on the game!

  171. good riddance to the habs and especially their anthem booing jackass fans

    nana-hey-hey-goooodbye !!

  172. Linda, ready for the win and 1000 posts! on

    that video of Roy they just showed looks better than 90% of their current telecasts!

  173. im tired of watchin them play around in their zone. get the damn thing out. why rozy???

  174. Looks like the refs want to make this game closer.


    His helmet is half Caps, half Bears.

  175. Matt Gilroyd dreams about having a beard like Mara’s, but for now he’ll settle for pubes.

  176. Linda, ready for the win and 1000 posts! on

    i love blair betts and sjo

    TRIP!!!!!!!!! TRIP you sunsabitches

  177. The best part about killing a penalty against the Caps is that Ovechkin stays out the entire PP, so when it’s over he is going to be off the ice for a while.

  178. Sorry for the delay between comments … wireless is slow tonight and it takes forever to refresh with 500 + comments.

    Johanna, no prob. Tell Ag I said Hi. I’m just over the zamboni entrance. come by next game.

  179. Linda, ready for the win and 1000 posts! on

    we are so lucky to be able to watch Hank play goal on pretty much a daily basis! He’s peaked at the perfect time!

  180. the more they show the replay of dubi on the kill, the more im amazed that semin didn’t shorten a second caps powerplay. that was one of the more obvious trips i’ve ever seen.

  181. Linda, ready for the win and 1000 posts! on

    lmao @ puck eating breast!!!!

    I wanna say something but dont wanna jinx it!! argh damned superstitions!

  182. i hope staal takes ovie’s head off. that was a dirty hit right before the timeout. staal wont forget.

  183. where is z? i wanna c him get a point here and lets go avess put the puck in the net kid

  184. No Country For Old Rangers on

    antro IS slow. it doesnt matter though, he’s a monster. he’s not out there because of his speed….

  185. Linda, ready for the win and 1000 posts! on

    absolutely PJ,staal gave him a lil glove to the face and ya know he’s gonna level him at some point!

  186. Linda, ready for the win and 1000 posts! on

    only thing that would be better right now is if Aves would get his goal damnit!

  187. i guess we’re playing by New Jersey Devils Rules tonight
    with the Caps allowed to make all kinds of hooks/holds/trips and get nothing called.

    bummer about Ovechkin that he turns so quickly from a good guy for the game and then becomes an arrogant jackass even though his team has not won a thing.

  188. what the hell~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  189. jackass isles commentator working Vs. just laughs off the obvious call……….saying something about the fans wanting any hit called for a penalty.

  190. Vs. announcer says Avery is “hooked a bit”

  191. Linda, ready for the win and 1000 posts! on

    lmao deja!

    Hank is amazing amazing amazing!!!

    Nice 3 non calls there you freakin assclown refs!

    Nice hit by BamBam, i wanted him to play the puck but then thought, just clobber the bastage into the boards!

  192. i sure hope we dont see a 3rd period like this one unless hank is gonna play out of his mind again. it aint over yet.

  193. Dubinsky went into the boards in a patented boarding penalty motion, but no call. I could see it coming, since he was almost boarded on the hit just before that.

  194. ya ovie doesnt stop bitching like jeez i would always say how muc better he is then crosby and i backed u all the time alex but im sorry you have now lost me as a fan

  195. jagrforgovernor on

    Staal Wart: “TURN IT UP!!!”

    Drury stepped up…

    Now we need Zherdev and Antropov to make something happen.

  196. if Avery had put a Wash. guy into the boards like that, even if there was some embellishment by Dubi, Avery would have gotten a penalty for sure, and maybe more

  197. Torts needs to pair up Orr and Ovechkin.

    “Ovechkin into the far corner, Staal swoops in to cancel him out. Ovechkin powers through, dekes around, Ovechkin met by Orr and…OH MY GOD what a hit by Orr and Ovechkin is down for the count.”

  198. BREAKING NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Paul Mara’s beard will be taken in for questioning after the game about its involvement in the disappearance of Jimmy Hoffa.

    I actually believe that david lee likes hockey

  199. i know were winning but we gotta start gettin a forecheck goin. varlamov hasnt faced hardly anything all night.

  200. jagrforgovernor on


    “TURN IT UP” after Drury goal….

    I hope Debbies lose in Round 1, although it’ll break Griesse’s heart

  201. the yare playing with fire… get the puck DEEP……

    henrik has been out of his mind……….

    no penalties and forecheck punish there d men..

  202. it’s obvious that the league is pushing for a Pitt-Wash series

    I am afraid the refs are going to do more of the same in the 3rd, and give these buggers every break in the book

  203. Linda, ready for the win and 1000 posts! on

    Maras beard has its own gravity!

    Guys, EXCELLENT JOB ON THE BEARDS!!! Hard to choose but right now…for me at least, its a tie between Nasty and CCCP. Unemployed Steve’s pic is too small.

  204. Strap yourself in for the third period- got a feeling the refs are going to give it to us good. What, no two man advantages?

  205. Welcome back jagrforgovernor,
    hows Buffalo with the Scabs out of the playoffs.

    What was up with another stupid knick bewteen periods?

  206. if Bettman was smart he’d be pushing for a NYR-DET finals. Whats more classic than two original six teams. The Octopus and Potvin sucks? Plus New York is a HUGE market and Detroit is a Huge market.

  207. joe – I bet the NHL hopes for that series in the conference final, too, so they would need all of the favorites to win in round one.

  208. Linda, ready for the win and 1000 posts! on

    just wanted to say that my computers name is drury tonight, it’s injured. The fiance dropped a 45 pound weight on the keyboard, its lookin wacky but works awesome!

    Ok, be prepared for craptastic officiating in this period! Guys gotta get a goal QUICK before the cavalcade of Bettman inspired poop starts.

  209. antro was simply horrible in that 2nd period. he turned the puck over in his own end, and made bad decisions with the puck


    it sounds like the color guy is the isles color guy, the same person who does NHL LIVE every so often.
    can’t think of his name, but sounds like him.

  211. Linda, ready for the win and 1000 posts! on

    great find CCCP, perfect!

    635 posts!! WE CAN DO IT!!!!!


    dubi 11 of 13 on faceoffs… very nice young man!

  212. All of you that went to game 3 you SUCKED in giving support. Our 6th man was asleep, you could of heard me read the newspaper there.Tonight’s is great…

  213. spiderpig, yes, I think they want that matchup . if the Canes beat the devils, then I think that boston would play canes and wash vs pitt

  214. hey SPIDERPIG
    i wasn’t around at the very beginning due to work schedule so…..
    and i just saw on the screen Darren Eliot….he still sounds a bit like the isles guy.
    oh well.

  215. i hope z takes all of this in stride and learns i hope he does not start to resent torts

  216. Ha, maybe if I show up at MSG and demand “my” pay check, Dolan would give it to me because he clearly doesn’t give a damn about the team to know what the players look like.

    Ovechkin was due.

  217. Linda, ready for the win and 1000 posts! on

    damnit to hell! where was everyone:???? sleeping??????

  218. Still Gotta Fire Sather on

    Drury with one hand lost the faceoff that led to that goal, just pointing it out

  219. Linda, ready for the win and 1000 posts! on

    damnit i took a sip of iced tea instead of my coffee and wolfenstien scores! no more iced tea til after the game damnit!!!!!


    Here we go again. This is killing me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I might switch to watching golf.

  221. Why the hell is Ovechkin on the ice again? BB doesnt give anyone other than like four people on this team any icetime.

  222. We need a kick in our behinds right now, badly. I say IF Brashear is out there at all, Orr has to mix it up with him.

  223. they need to get pucks in deep. make the caps work for every foot coming up the ice. slow it down, muck it up, keep it below the caps goal line

  224. Linda, ready for the win and 1000 posts! on

    fiance just calls and i say to him ‘dude you CANNOT call me on game night!!” I am psychotic!!!

    They look like craaaaaaaaaaap right now! Gotta get back to the energetic smart play of the first two periods.

  225. what a game! Rosen’s time has come. How about Gary Thorne and Maloney for the TV side?

  226. I didn’t even notice it, but it looks like Zherdev has been sitting a lot. I’m guessing no power play time. Only 6:59 on ice.

  227. Why didn’t we sign Brooks Orpik in the offseason? He’d be ****ing destroying Ovechkin right now. We BETTER sign Komisarek this offseason. Local Kid out of West Islip, he’ll play with passion in front of his family.

  228. Linda, ready for the win and 1000 posts! on

    here’s scottie gomez…must mean a turnover


  229. Im thinking Howie Rose to replace Sam when Sam’s done. After all, what’s Matteau without Howie Rose.

  230. Matt K. – We can’t afford any more good experienced defensemen unless there is a miracle of Redden leaving or getting injured Derien Hatcher-style.

  231. What are they calling elbowing? He caught him in the face with his arm, Jurchina should be more careful.

  232. Linda, ready for the win and 1000 posts! on

    all you can say is WOW..and


  233. sometimes i hate where the nhl has gone. just let the teams play. no more bogus calls rewarding certain stars/teams.

  234. Avery caught Jurcina with the butt end of his stick and the linesman with the blade. I guess it is okay to take a TV timeout on a penalty, even though it was icing.

  235. No Country For Old Rangers on

    Whats the difference between that and Ovechkin cutting Roszival open? oh right, Sean Avery

  236. Linda, ready for the win and 1000 posts! on

    HOLY CRAP WHAT A PENALTY KILL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  237. deja (paul maras beard’s beard) April 22nd, 2009 at 9:21 pm

    the clang heard round the world

    Im sorry but Nathan LaFayette still scared the out me more than that did.

  238. The Caps announcers are complaining that it should have been a cross-check on the Rangers.

  239. i have never seen a team who is more do for a power play goal sam rosen is just itching to yell Its a power play goallllll!!!!!!

  240. Matt,

    bigger stage… I still can’t believe we traded for him a few years later. What a garbage season that was in terms of trades.

  241. jbytes. they looked tired when the pp just started, forget about at the end. they certainly are gettin outworked massively. theyre at home they should be hittin guys, skating harder, gettin some goals on this kid. i thought washington had such a horrible defense. thats how good our forwards are.

  242. Linda, ready for the win and 1000 posts! on

    Maras Beard with a power play goal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    oh yes, it will be his!!

  243. that ahole Eliot, from atlanta, is a big ranger hater, from the sweep over them a couple years ago.

  244. Yeah it was jason, but i almost cryed when we traded Leetch to Toronto. It broke my heart seeing him in another jersey.

  245. deja (paul maras beard's beard) on

    matt k – it was more literal…like it probably was the loudest clang ive ever heard

  246. i guess bettman wants an Ovechkin vs. Crosby series
    and has instructed the refs to do what they can to make sure it happens.

    what absolute patheticness in action!!!
    (don’t know if i’m talking about the officiating or my computer that prevented me from saying all that in real time!!)

  247. just go in the net pleasee please god thats all i want santa dont give me a gift next christmas put the puck in the net now

  248. I hated that year.

    We sucked
    Kovelev to Montreal
    Leetch to Toronto
    I think we drafted Jessiman that year too.

  249. Tom Poti is supposedly DC’s best defensive defenceman. What does that say about our offence?

  250. Wow, Korpikoski on the power play. It’s probably because Torts doesn’t want to play him at even strength and he didn’t get a chance on the last penalty kill.

  251. Linda, ready for the win and 1000 posts! on

    left in the game kids! can they pull it off?


  252. Linda, ready for the win and 1000 posts! on

    scott gomez has the same *DUH* look on his face as vin diesel. weird

    anyway, Mara’s beard needs to come up huge!

    we all know Hank will!

  253. i dont get how they could be so badly outplayed. they got sandbags tied to their legs or somethin

  254. WHat the hell is Avery doing? I can’t stand this. This is the garbage that comes with this guy.

  255. Now that was a DUMB penalty by Avery. I could forgive him for the one on the icing, but this one is sheer STUPIDITY.

  256. Linda, ready for the win and 1000 posts! on

    oh man, this is freakin ridiculous! maybe torts will sacrifice avery to THE BEARD after this game! YIKES that just sucks!!!!

  257. I love Dave Maloney, ” why is Avery out there at this stage of the game.”
    Guys he is killing us!

  258. Linda, ready for the win and 1000 posts! on

    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! EF YOU POTI!

  259. deja (paul maras beard's beard) on

    nows when i really panic im clutching maras beard so tight right now

  260. spider, I said he was lucky it wasn’t … if he had cut the kid or caused a concussion or something, it would have been five and a game and a suspension. the league could still look at it.

  261. Linda, ready for the win and 1000 posts! on


    THANK YOU HOLY GOD IN HEAVEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  262. they beat the Caps, the refs, the league, even the peanut vendors were against us, but we’ve got Henrik.