Game 4 day (updated)


These are long days for you guys, and I apologize that there’s not much to report other than this:

1) Chris Drury will play tonight. He may play the wing, or he might play limited minutes with Brandon Dubinsky centering the second line. Dubinsky played a great game there in Game 1.

2) Paul Mara, who did not practice Tuesday, will also play, as expected.

3) The Washington Post says that the Ovechkin-Backstrom post-game celebration is something they’ve done after every win, something they picked up watching the Orlando Magic in an NBA game.

4) Ovechkin was on the home bench at MSG this morning again, but this time it was during the Capitals’ morning skate, and with several teammates. Some of the Caps on ice mockingly called for Ovechkin to be removed.

5) Matt Gilroy is expected to be in the building for a media conference this evening. He was supposed to be at Game 3, but his flight was grounded in Boston due to weather. I may have a couple of remarks from him in the game thread later.

I’m on my way to MSG. I’ll leave you with the latest version of the Playoff Beard contest slideshow.


AFTERNOON UPDATE, 12:39 P.M.The NHL’s award season is underway with the finalists for the Calder Trophy (rookie of the year) being named today.

The Rangers also announced that Game 3 was the highest rated game on MSG Network in more than 10 years. “The game delivered a 2.72 HH RTG, making it the highest rated Rangers game on MSG since April 22, 1997 when the Rangers played the Florida Panthers in the first round of the NHL playoffs (3.04 HH RTG),” according to the press release. 


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  1. Can Colton Orr or Sean Avery please lay Ovechkin out tonight…I’d really appreciate that

  2. I think we got to take a run at the kid tonight, we have to rattle him a bit and then protect Henrik. It’s a new day and it’s a New game a New Day lets go up 3-1 on these guys. We haven’t played our best game yet in this series. I as always remain cautiously optimistic,

    The Mouth

    Ranger crisis # 22

  3. gardenfaithfulinfla on

    Since when do they do stick salutes in basketball! I don’t watch basketball but have I missed something?

  4. As agonizing as it is for us fans, it must be even brutal for you guys to wait around and try to muster up stories when there is not much brewing at these morning skates and the seven hours between the skate and the game. For that, I salute you!

    Rangers cannot let the Caps just walk into their zone this game. Stand up at the blueline and give them hell. Use the body and not follow the puck. Also, if I were the Rangers I would throw every shot from all spots on the ice at this goalie. This is a young goalie that is gaining confidence and throwing every shot at the net would help with getting some lucky bounces and rebounds from our players. Of course it would help if they hit the net and not the glass or boards half the time.

  5. Time to lay it all out there. 110%, full throttle beginning to end.

    Let’s Go Rangers!

  6. Unemployed Steve on

    Nasty, how is the beard looking? Mine is horrible and the wife is staying far away from it. (thank god there is allot of hockey and baseball on)

  7. I miss the 78-79 Rangers on

    Drury, if you’re hurt, do us a favor and stay off the ice.

    He doesn’t do us any favors and only has an excuse for his invisibility.

    **I hope we can buy out his contract this summer. He stinks.

    **I said that a couple of weeks ago and he made me look foolish by getting a big goal for us, so I say this now for reverse jinxing purposes.

  8. @The mouth

    Do you want a 5 minute for goalie interference run, or just the 2 minute kind?

  9. Let’s just settle all this salute/chest bump crud by getting back at them the best way possible- an actual Garden salute after a nice hard fought 2-1 victory. F the Caps..

  10. When the Rangers play passive hockey, Avery stands out, and the zebras get on his case.

    When ALL the Rangers play like Avery, nothing stands out.

    ’nuff said.

  11. I’m goign to the Hotel to give Erskine an Avery cross to the face before he walks onto the bus.

  12. As for Avery’s irritant role, Ovechkin said: “I think it’s his job and everybody knows it. That’s why he plays in the NHL. He’s a great player, but kind of a guy who disrespects the team’s goalie, kind of like he did last year against Martin Brodeur, he’s just dancing over there. It’s too bad there was no music.”

    I mean I did start to laugh hysterically from this comment about Avery. Haha.

  13. No Country For Old Rangers on

    I havent been to the garden since the Thrashers series. Is the “homo larry” chant still alive?

  14. No Country For Old Rangers on

    Avery’s a freakin time bomb man. I think he’s going to do something crazy soon like take off his skate and try to cut Ovechkin with it.

    I am half-expecting him to pull out a handgun in the middle of the game like in that terrible movie “the program”

  15. Caps will turtle all night when Avery is causing mischeif. They want to draw as many penalties as they can. Hopefully Sean can keep his cool and just do what he does best. Agitate between the whistles.

  16. It would be be 5 minutes for charging the goalie and a game misconduct. You are right.

  17. Zherdev should make himself useful and run the goalie. He can’t hurt us when he’s in the penalty box.

  18. Are we getting any Sather comments for the playoffs? Jesus, the guy is like Keyser Soze, you never hear from him, but you hear about things he does.

  19. Considering the game 3 was played on both MSG and Versus, it says something that it was the highest watched.

  20. if the SJO fits on

    I feel like once the Rangers are down by two against this team, they’re pretty much done.

  21. Nasty 1 April 22nd, 2009 at 12:47 pm

    Are we getting any Sather comments for the playoffs? Jesus, the guy is like Keyser Soze, you never hear from him, but you hear about things he does.


  22. True fans bleed RW&B on

    If drury scores tonight it will add to his legacy.

    Chances are that he does nothing and people don’t realize he’s not only useless, but hurting the team by using someone else’s ice time.

  23. Now that I have watched the highlights of the Devils game, I can see where Brodeur would be upset. That third goal for Carolina definitely should have been disallowed for goalie interference, as the Hurricanes player crashed right into Brodeur, taking a Devil in with him. The highlights don’t show what Brodeur was complaining about on the last goal, but I’m pretty sure that was alright. That tantrum was almost as good as Tuukka Rask from earlier this season when he was playing for Providence.

  24. anyone think hank gets nominated for vezina again? i think this will be his first year without the nomination

  25. Fitzy – Versus is blacked out in the local markets and replaced with WEC. For some reason, they had exclusive coverage of the Sharks-Ducks last night, which may be the only time for them in the opening round. I guess their local coverages didn’t want to do every game, since they’re in California, even though travel is short.

  26. Shoryuken (Redden gets a clean slate for the Playoffs) at 12:55 pm

    From that article, “The Capitals found the serrated edge of a Carnegie Deli waitress of maybe 50.”

    What the hell could that possibly mean in any context and in any culture, LMFAO.

    Is he saying the team slept with a waitress?

    – No, un(Wise) is reliving how he celebrated the victory

  27. SJO –

    Yeah I unfortunately agree and know what you mean. It wont be a good thing if this series gets tied.


    I saw a NYC bus roll by my office with a “Lets go Rangers, Playoff banner on it” with Gomez, Drury & Nazzy on it. Maybe its a good omen ;)

  28. CCCP April 22nd, 2009 at 1:03 pm

    I am starting to get a feeling that Caps players are bunch of fcking idiots. Anyone else feels that way?

    – We forget that Ovechkin (23) and Backstrom (21) are just young kids …

    We should quickly remember and then pound them into oblivion

  29. one Ranger love on

    The Rangers need to come out tonight and take it to the Caps. We have really just been sitting back in this series so far. If the Rangers want to make any kind of run farther into these playoffs they need to up their anty tonight and every other night hence forward. They will never beat Boston playing the way they have so far.

    I won’t settle for anything other then a win tonight. We’ve seen the Rangers play plenty harder then this before. Also, we need an active crowd to night at the Garden. It doesn’t hurt if we try and get the first goal too. ha


  30. one Ranger love on

    Oh yeah! I forgot to mention how rough it is waiting all day for the game on your day off! You can only read pregame insight for so long. Drop the puck!

  31. Does this Wise guy have the guts to interview Avery, like he had the guts to type into his little keyboard that he’s a little punk?

  32. Carp,
    This may be a little far-fetched, but, has steroids ever been an issue in the history of the NHL, if no then why not?
    The first person i would have tested is Ovechkin and then Malkin.

    Try catching ovechkin first, then think about hitting him or laying him out. Project Ovechkin.

  33. Fitzy, those ratings were only on MSG.

    I don’t think Hank or Marty will be on the Vezina finalists lists … which is pretty rare.

    UES, are you sure he’s never been suspended for on-ice stuff? He may have been disciplined for alleged remarks on ice.

  34. No Country For Old Rangers on

    one Ranger love- take a nap dude or go to a matinee!

    although you are off from work and i am surrounded by screaming children so you get no sympathy for me.

  35. AO’s girlfriend is a 5’11 russian model. she’s always at the game wathcing her Sacsha (that’s his nickname in russian). I wish I had his money. Maybe I could be as pretty as him.

  36. Carp,
    This may be a little far-fetched, but, has steroids ever been an issue in the history of the NHL, if no then why not?
    The first person i would have tested is Ovechkin and then Malkin.

  37. Sioux-per-man on

    First beard ever, and I made Carps slide show. The boss asked if my razor broke? Maybe a goate is a better option. Ha. My daughter doesn’t like it either, but its not coming off.
    Rangers are going to come out hitting tonight, and attacking the net!!!!!
    Just once I want to see Zherdev shoot on net and score. I would like to see him wake up in the playoffs.
    Drury is all heart, I hope his wrist/hand isn’t going to hold him back. I still think Anisimov should be available just in case, don’t ya think?

  38. “Nasty 1 April 22nd, 2009 at 12:47 pm

    Are we getting any Sather comments for the playoffs? Jesus, the guy is like Keyser Soze, you never hear from him, but you hear about things he does.


    Relax Nasty 1; Keyser Soze is just a local legend…he doesn’t really exist; his name is just used to scare loading dock workers so that they don’t rat out drug smugglers…

    Hold on…
    Someone is knocking on my door

  39. I can give you some Sather comments, Nasty.

    “Wade is having an unbelievable season, he reminds me of Bobby Orr, just like I knew he would.”

    “I told you we didn’t need Jagr and his 600+ goals, we’re in the playoffs aren’t we?”

    “And Patrick Rissmiller is- OK I pissed the bed there, I’ll give you that one.”

  40. I think the high ratings were from all the SUBWAY eaters out there that wanted to see the Ads on the endboard glass.

    LETS GO RANGERS!!!!!!!

  41. Well
    it wasn’t Keyser Soze
    Just some randomn a**hole kicking my door in

    back to the Rangers

  42. No Country For Old Rangers on

    Nasty- yes, i’m a computer teacher at an elementary school. Usually really fun but not on days that I have a headache.

    You teach middle school, right?

  43. one Ranger love on

    No Country – ha! I woke up at 10 and had some coffee and I’ve been wired ever since. I finished everything I had to around the house yesterday afternoon…but now I am thinking that wasn’t such a good idea, because now I’ve got nothing to do! Oh well.

    I always find that the last 30 minutes are the worst! Trying to make it thru the Rangers pregame is like torture. Especially after you already know everything their going to tell you.

    Again I plead, DROP THE PUCK! LET’S GO RANGERS!!

    Sioux – I agree, where has Zherdev been? Can the guy PLEASE score a goal. I’m begging you. I agree with you about Anisimov too. If Drury can’t go out there and give it his all then maybe they should consider calling up Anisimov? I’d rather have him IN over Voros. Anisimov and Antropov would be sweet together. I’d love to see that duo. Sather really needs to make sure he resigns Antropov. So far he has made a much bigger impact since the trade deadling then Zherdev has in an entire season.

  44. Has anyone addressed the fact that in Sunday’s NY Times job section there was an advertisement for Asst. GM for NY Rangers — they were looking for a law background. What’s up with that? Who’s coming/going?

  45. What the hell is Drury doing in the lineup again, I admire is toughness and all, but he is going to be completely useless out there again tonite. Maybe Girardi can actually shoot the puck on net tonite and not into the shinpads of a Caps player. Someone tell Zherdev there is a game tonite, he is in the lineup, and that he is allowed to score goals.

  46. One point stood out while watching game three; the style of play the Rangers need to employ to beat this explosive Caps team is much easier applied on the road. The pressure to succeed (read: score) sucks players up the ice & away from their checking responsibilities. It is much easier to be disciplined when you aren’t trying to please almost 19,000 screaming fans.

    I hope Torts can get that message through to his players by 7 PM tonight.

  47. Mikey- I am pumped too…I just HOPE they come out flying tonight like I wanted them to in game 3! I think everyone would agree with that much at least.

  48. The Puck Drops Here on

    Drury needs to put the team first and sit this one out. I am tired of hearing Torts say how much Dru cares. We need results, not Dr. Phil.

  49. No Country For Old Rangers on

    The Fifth graders are crazy here. I prefer teaching the younger kids. K-2 are my favorites.

    Highest rated NYR game in a decade huh? There must have been a lot disappointed/frustrated people out there

  50. CCCP- I would agree with that assesment. It is probably just nerves. We all know the Rangers can’t come out and play the way they did in game 3 and have any hope of winning game 4. So, I think it is just nervousness and anxiety that is seeping into our heads. I have a lot of faith in Torts, but I am praying he got the message thru to those bunch of panzies. (Minus a few bright stars, ie. Cally & Dubie)

  51. Kris

    From what I was told they are tested 3 times a year. And the NHL has VERY strict roid policies.

  52. CCCP
    April 22nd, 2009 at 2:00 pm
    Is it me or is the blog not as excited as it was previous 3 games? Feeling unsure, are we? :)


    You would be right on that my friend. Im excited and very NERVOUS.

  53. I wasn’t able to watch the first two games at all and they won. i watched game three the other night and they lost.. wondering if I should even watch tonight.. :(

  54. I’m still pumped and still nervous, just like last game.
    Although this game I’ll watch from the comfort of my barstool.


  55. Hey Fellas-

    Anyone know what the rule is regarding high sticks? I know JD always said that a player is responsible for his stick, but Michaletti said that a follow through is not penalized- should Ovechkin have gotten 4 there?

  56. No Country For Old Rangers on

    Avery would have gotten 4 but lets not dwell on the poor officiating. I’m going to try my hardest to not flip out about every call but i think in that Roszival/Ovechkin situation it should have definitely been at least 2

  57. No Country For Old Rangers on

    Friends- I have just been told of a staff meeting at 4:30 (7:30 east coast) this afternoon. I’m definitely skipping it but I need a solid excuse, suggestions are appreciated.

  58. I promise (again) if we win this game I’ll NEVER, EVER, do anything bad again !!
    That includes making fun of Carps beard & trying to look down Jane’s blouse !!

  59. Beth, maybe go to the movies. I’m sure we could take a collection here and raise enough money to send you.

  60. No Country For Old Rangers

    1)Tell them it’s Earth Day and you have a large shrubbery delivery due to arrive at your house at 4:30.

    2)Tell them there is a Ranger Game on, and you think that takes priority over a silly staff meeting.

    3)Don’t tell them anything and tomorrow you tell them you forgot about the meeting.

    Good Luck!

  61. Patrick Brennan on

    No Country For Old Rangers –

    Tell them you ate something bad at lunch and now have explosive diarrhea!!!

  62. Is there a marketing campaign this year for the playoffs? Similar to the ” I am a Ranger” thing last year?

  63. No country- not trying to get on the officials I just want to know if JD or Joe M is right in terms of rulebook-

  64. True fans bleed RW&B on

    Follow through’s are not penalties. Ever. No 2 or 4 minutes. Its rozi’s fault. If you don’t believe me or carp youtube hossa when he catches berard in the eye. No penalty.

    Little disappointed that’s even a question someone would ask here.

  65. Patrick, the old diarrhea excuse doesn’t work. Trust me, I have tried.

    Look No Country, if you have a high pain tolerance, this is what you do. You walk out to your car to get something, bring a water bottle with you if it isn’t raining outside. When you go out, dump the water all over the ground and step in it to get your shoes nice and wet. Throw the bottle down next to it, to make it looks like some irresponsible person did it. When you come back inside, and this is where the high tolerance for pain comes in to play, you take a header down the stairs because your shoes were all wet.

    To really sell it, you have to get really angry at (the person) who left the water bottle right in front of the entrance of the school.

    It will work. Go for it. It’s the playoffs.

  66. The only positive on Zherdev’s play so far in this series is that he’s driving down the value of his next contract if Sather wants to resign him.

  67. Give it a rest RW+B- Zipay said the same thing in his chat that he wasn’t aware of the rule and thought a player is always responsible for his stick- is he worthy of posting in here?

  68. “Little disappointed that’s even a question someone would ask here.”

    LOL It’s an internet blog, not a members only club, where you have to pass a test on the rulebook to post.

  69. No Country… The movie you are thinking of was the last boyscout. The program kicked a$$ and who can forget the classic line, “A-D-D-I-D-A-S. Addidas. See? I can read.” TO which the linebacker responds, “I taught him that.”

    Go Rangers and I smell a Drury goal this evening…

  70. Follow throughs- I can’t believe someone with such awful grammar would post on this blog-

    Just messing with you RW+B…

    I was schooled under JD and remember him always saying that one is always responsible for their stick, which is why I asked the question-

  71. No Country: here are some excuses:

    1) if you have kids, one of them is waiting for you in the principals office because he/she pantsed a teacher. Hilarious and believable.

    2) Anything involving your kids is always fair game

    3) Go to the bathroom, hold your breathe and force all the blood to your head and eyes until you start sweating a bit. Walk back quickly to your office “guys ive been sick all day and i just vomitted” gtg.

    Done and done.

    For those about to rock: My playoff beard is all sorts of crazy all ready. it grows too quick

  72. I don’t see any way this team loses tonight and then goes on to win the series.

    Tonight is a MUST win.

  73. gardenfaithfulinfla on

    Work – something to keep you occupied while waiting for the puck to drop.

  74. Yeah, definitely no penalties on follow throughs. That has been the case for a very long time. No harm, no foul. HA!

    Oh and no country- Just tell them your kid/dog/mom/insertfamilymemberhere has to go to the doctors/dentist/rehab/vet today. And they have to BE at the desired destination at or before 4:30 (7:30 eastern) OR you have to wait another month and a half before they can schedule you back in.

  75. Johnny LaRue on

    So will the NHL allow Ovechkin to be eliminated in the first round? The guy is turning into a circus act.

    A loss tonight guarantees a third game for MSG so I wonder if management will be rooting for the team.

    Ok, that’s enough conspiracy talk for the day.

  76. I miss the 78-79 Rangers on

    # Balcony Bob April 22nd, 2009 at 12:30 pm

    When the Rangers play passive hockey, Avery stands out, and the zebras get on his case.

    When ALL the Rangers play like Avery, nothing stands out.

    ‘nuff said.””

    Balcony Bob hits the nail on the head!

  77. Unlike the other arenas we don’t need glowing thundersticks to show our colors. Our colors flow from our voices as we chant & from our hearts as we are proud to wear our teams logo. WE ARE ONE FAMILY, WE ARE ALL NEW YORK RANGERS! SO TONIGHT CHANT & SHOUT AS WE LOUD AS YOU WANT! FOR WE ARE THE 7TH PLAYER TONIGHT! LETS GO RANGERS!!!!!!

  78. No Country For Old Rangers on

    Thanks for all the great suggestions guys. I think I am just going to blow it off and deal with it tomorrow.

    and thanks dudley, i though the program might have been the wrong movie.

    maybe the Rangers should switch to cotton uniforms

    Costanza: The uniforms! Did you see how they played? Listen to these comments! Wade Boggs: What a fabric! Finally we can breathe. Luis Palonia: Cotton is King. Paul O’Neill: I never dreamed anything could be so soft and fluffy

    Classic episode, The Chaperone

  79. Well my friends, I am off to a, hopefully short, faculty meeting and then home to give the wife and kids a kiss, eat dinner, and watch my favorite hockey team WIN tonight. I wish you all a good rest of the day and evening, and I am sure we will all Cheer or Vent again later. My gut is telling me cheer.

  80. No Country For Old Rangers on

    We already lost the one game we were going to lose to these punk kids.

    Johnny Torts is pissed off and Avery is ready to beat up the Capitals wives.

    I want to see some physical play and we all know what HANK will bring

    BIG WIN tonight and we finish it off in Wash.


  81. Man I love “Miracle.” I’ve watched that speech nearly 100 times and it still gives me chills.


  82. Three things can not happen again tonight from the fans..

    1) – Leave Early
    2) – Throw Things on the Ice
    3) – Thundersticks

  83. Beth, watch. Watch! If they’re going to lose, it won’t be your fault, and if they win you’ll be sorry you didn’t watch. If they lose, you can blame it on me, OK?

    Tony, I know you’re not really going to give up doing those things.

    I forget who asked, but it’s not a penalty on the follow-through of a shot. We had this discussion over and over the last couple of days. It’s not a penalty.

    Buck Showalter: “You know, George, you may have something there.”
    George C: “Oh, I’ve got something.”

  84. If they hand out the thundersticks again, people should thrown them onto the ice before the game.

    And the P.A. guy should say, “Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to Arco Arena.”

  85. im outta here too boys and girls

    Remember Im the lunatic screaming his head off right by the glass in sec 90 next to all the suits who dont know what team there watching

    Lundqvist Jersey , HUGE black beard

    LETS GO RANGERS!!! !!! ! ! !
    LETS GO RANGERS!!! !!! ! ! !

  86. Let’s put the nail in the coffin and get rid of these ungrateful, hateful bandwagoner Caps ‘fans’.

  87. When the Rangers beat the Caps in Round 1, the Bruins in Round 2, the Penguins in Round 3, and the Red Wings for the Stanley Cup…

    where would this 2008-09 team rank compared to other Rangers teams from the past 80 years?

  88. Watching the clock at work tick away slowly so I can get my ass to the Garden in time for a bite from the gourmet (cough bullshit cough) food MSG has to offer.

    Tight defense and a lucky bounce for the Rangers. Those are the headlines tonight.

  89. Unemployed Steve on

    Liquid that would be a Cinderella story. A story I would like to see happen.

  90. When you enter a playoff series as a decided underdog you HOPE the series comes down to one big game- the Rangers have earned the right to play the big game in their building by winning the first two on the road. If they can win tonight they not only will grab a 3-1 lead,they almost surely will force the Caps into a goalie dilemma: Get eliminated in their own building with a rookie netminder who the Rangers have just solved or gamble that Theodore will find his game with their backs against the wall- both scenarios could play right into the Rangers hand. Also, we don’t know how the Rangers will play tonite but we can be pretty sure it can’t be worse than game 3. It shapes up to be a great game- let’s hope the refs don’t ruin it.

  91. Liquid
    If the rangers really did that they might move up to #8 in the ESPN power rankings

  92. UESBlueshirt on


    Just sent you an email with a photo attached from outside the NHL store.

    For those that aren’t in NYC or in the Midtown West area there were people dressed in Rangers jerseys and a couple on rollerblades giving out the little drawstring backpacks with an insulated drink holder, a doorknob sign, coasters and I was aghast to find THUNDERSTIX. No LED in it though.

    Also Fischler, Duguay and Daneyko were in the store doing a live radio show. Daneyko was peeing and moaning about Uncle Daddy getting grazed last night.

    Oh and Carp, I did a search of Avery’s disciplinary history and the Kings suspended him but not the league. He was fined however. So if you want to split hairs then at least the league has never suspended him for an on-ice action. My point was that opposing fans like to think he’s out to injure other players and while he’s no saint, that hasn’t been the case throughout his career. And he certainly never cheapshotted anyone like Dale Hunter.

  93. Yes, Cinderella story! Atleast there are some players on the team that have the likeability factor-

    Henrik, Callahan, Dubinsky, Staal, Girardi, Betts (home grown players who are fan favs

    Avery, Drury, Gomez,Mara, Naslund, Orr, Valli, Roszival (players who were aquired and ranked from most liked by fans)

    Zherdev, Antropov, Sjoestrom, Morris (Aquired within previous 10 months)

    Wade Redden & Aaron Voros (players who may actually get booed at the parade)

  94. Kaspar , you are on the money about the ESPN rankings….

    anything in the top 10 would be like winning a 2nd Cup in the season

  95. UESBLUESHIRT….If you turn the Rangers drink coaster over….you will see a recipe for Henrik Lundqvist’s swedish meatballs….

    I kid u not!

  96. “The winner of tonight’s game wins the series.”

    Agreed. And it’ll be on Tuesday.

  97. I couldn’t agree more with you guys. Tonight is huge. I would love to say I am looking forward to Boston on saturday night. LETS GO RANGERS! Come on boys, make us proud…again!

  98. UESBlueshirt…Redden’s recipe will be on the back of the mirror/razor giveaway in Round 2

  99. I forgot Korpedo –

    * Yes, Cinderella story! Atleast there are some players on the team that have the likeability factor-

    Henrik, Callahan, Dubinsky, Staal, Girardi, Betts, Korpikoski (home grown players who are fan favs)

    Avery, Drury, Gomez,Mara, Naslund, Orr, Valli, Roszival (players who were aquired and ranked from most liked by fans)

    Zherdev, Antropov, Sjoestrom, Morris (Aquired within previous 10 months)

    Wade Redden & Aaron Voros (players who may actually get booed at the parade

  100. Boy, if you look at that roster above this post….you gotta say to yourself, “how the heck can we beat the Caps, Bruins, Pens, Redwings?”

    The one half of 1% chance that occurs…and the only ANSWER could be……


  101. ZzZz 13 ZzZz needs to Rule like he did in the season!! says Greg L. on

    R A N G E R S !!!!!!!!!!!!! LET”S GO RANGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  102. I don’t see why a Rangers- Fla playoff game was so high rated.

    what were the ratings for the playoff games in ’94 ?

    I know they were the highest ever for the league.

  103. I miss the 78-79 Rangers on

    I suspect whoever wins this game will take the series.

    Most likely, anyway.


  104. ZzZz 13 ZzZz needs to Rule like he did in the season!! says Greg L. on

    Beards and more beard are growing everyday , Rangers are going far this spring so if some of you are in trouble already from bosses and wives just wait til we hit the second round!!! Mine looks like crap but who knows I still could win this thing!!!!

  105. On the current roster, the NY Rangers have 6 home grown players…..(I did put Betts on their above, but he played 3 years with Calgary….dumb me)…….

    Who here can name the only home grown players from the 1994 Stanley Cup team……?

    Fastest correct answer gets a Carps beard picture in a hockey puck frame….maybe he will sign it

  106. ZzZz 13 ZzZz needs to Rule like he did in the season!! says Greg L. on

    I don’t want to argue but if we lose in OT or by 1 goal there is no reason we can’t go back into Washington with all the pressure on them and take that game!

  107. btw, the ratings in Pitts. are thru the roof this year. I read where 1 out of every 3 sets was tuned into the Pens-Flyers games there

    we can knock Pitts and Buffalo all we want. but they are huge hockey markets as far as interest and ratings in those 2 cities goes most years.

  108. Maybe the Rangers-FL game was so high rated because there are so many Ranger fans in FL that have moved down there from up north.

    Whenever I go to Ranger-Fl games down here there are ALWAYS a ton of Ranger fans at the games. So, maybe that is why? Who knows.

    And I agree with Staal- We really should just be worried about tonight, because if we don’t win tonight we could be done for good.

  109. Doodie Machetto on

    Just as a reminder, e-mail me your “during” photos with your handle, date of the picture, and day you had stopped shaving. I’ll upload them to a webshots account and post the link during the first intermission (hey, it beats listening to Nate Robinson).

    So far I’ve got updates from CCCP and Nasty 1, although Nasty has one posted in the slideshow also.

    PS, LOVE the baby in there.

  110. BTW- Their were 6 home grown players in 1994, and 15 years later, their are 6 home grown players….

    coincidence? I think not…..

  111. ZzZz 13 ZzZz needs to Rule like he did in the season!! says Greg L. on

    OK , here goes …Karpotsev ,Richter ,Nemchinov ,Leetch, Kovalev , Zubov , beukaboom and kypros

  112. UESBlueshirt on

    Well with NY compared to Pitt and Buff it’s a matter of the law of large denominators.

    Plus if I had to watch the Pirates for the last 15 years I’d definitely want to find something else to watch in the spring.

    NY is obviously a larger city and the demographics of the city don’t really align with those of the typical hockey fanbase.

  113. Greg L…Kyperos started with the Craps then went to Hartford (the Whalers not the Wolfpack..hehe)

    and Beuk was an Oiler like the 350 guys on the 1994 Rangers roster who were NOT homegrown!

  114. ZzZz 13 ZzZz needs to Rule like he did in the season!! says Greg L. on

    dam not Kyper and not Beukaboom ooppsss, good going UESblueshirt

  115. it is time for Zherdev to stop the perimeter fancy crap and drive to the net and create rebounds and penalties. I am tired of seeing him wasting his talent on circling fancy east west stickhandling that accomplishes nothing but high zone turnovers.

  116. UESBlueshirt….You even spelled the players names correct….

    I will now have to twist Carps arm to sign the pic of him with a playoff beard

  117. UESBlueshirt on

    And Amonte and Turcotte and Patrick were also on the team but traded for some of the finishing pieces.

  118. Just trying to keep it light here….with 2.5 hours till game time…..

    No pressure on us fans….Its not like we control the players with PS3 controllers…

    Its all on the players in Blue tonight…$50MM+ in salary on the ice….fans paid for that…give us some hope in Rangerland !!

  119. LIQUID, I would then rate them as the Most Shocking Rangers team in 80 years.

    UES, no, I was just asking, not splitting hairs. Avery’s cheap shots are intended to annoy and aggravate, not to injure — not seriously, anyway. Not in Dale Hunter or Ulf Samuelsson or Claude Lemieux category yet.

    Somebody killed Miss Rhode Island’s doves.

  120. Doodie Machetto on


    link the site with posted photos”

    Like I said, during the first intermission.

  121. Yeah, the ’97 ratings were driven by TGO (Gretzky).

    Kypreos as a Capital was involved in one of the great synchronized fights in Rangers-Caps playoff history — he got smoked by Kris King while Mark Hardy beat the daylights out of Geoff Courtnall right in the circle at center ice.

  122. Doodie Machetto on

    “No pressure on us fans….Its not like we control the players with PS3 controllers…”

    If we could, we would be 82-0.

  123. im pumped!! i changed beers too! i am still not happy drurys playing but whattya gonna do. i think it will definitely be a low scoring game. but unless we get 2 or 3 i fear we will lose. torts should put staal on ovie for this one.

    no country- i think nastys idea would be worth watching tonights game. but you know if you do it and the rangers win tonight, you gotta do it before every game! cant jinx us man.

  124. doodie- in nhl 09- it kinda funny i sim through a lot og games, but i always have the best record, zherdev and naslund have like 80 goals 250 points each and i always sign a big star and then trade him to the islanders or whoever was the worst team and get the number 1 pick. and when they dont, i trade him after the draft to whoever got the first(or best pick).

  125. Rick
    I never thanked you for kicking that bogus Kaspar impersonator off a couple of weeks ago..the one that was spouting Anti-American venom

    So Thanks

    I got enough problems without Homeland security swat teams coming in through the windows…catching me in my Kaspar jersey…..

  126. UESBlueshirt on

    82-0? I know of XBOX in NHL09 on superstar level they jack up the “catch up” logic so even when you’re ahead the computer will start scoring at will.

  127. Doodie Machetto on

    I think the most surprising thing about that Onion article was that Slats was originally slated to go, and wasn’t on the links with a cigar.

  128. ZzZz 13 ZzZz needs to Rule like he did in the season!! says Greg L. on

    Alright Liquid , Name the player who was drafted by the Rangers ,played 5 years for them and left ,got traded to the Oilers and then won the Stanley Cup , twice!!! His last game was the cup clinching win. Anyone else can have a go …

  129. ues- yea i get my ass kicked on superstar. i am too used to the old school controller but ive been tryin out the joystick style slowly on medium difficulty! lol. im gettin there. when i get the hang of it i’ll try superstar again.

  130. UESBlueshirt….

    Did you get the NY Rangers cow bell hand out too ?

    Just before, I heard my lil girl upstairs, ringing it non-stop…


  131. ZzZz 13 ZzZz needs to Rule like he did in the season!! says Greg L. on

    Liquid , remeber he left the Rangers , then got traded(his rights), won the cup twice.

  132. UESBlueshirt on

    No cowbell, that would at least be better than a thunderstick.

    Mike in IA, under superstar I made it through my 2nd regular season in dynasty mode without a regulation loss but a couple of OT and S/O losses. But I also took advantage of the flaws in the trade logic to get rid of some guys (like Redden and others for Seabrook on CHI) and then signed JayBo in between my 1st and 2nd seasons (he put up 10G and 96A in his 1st season with the Rangers).

  133. ZzZz 13 ZzZz needs to Rule like he did in the season!! says Greg L. on

    no ,no ,no and no , plus none of those guys won a cup. haha come on you can do it!!

  134. DeBlois won two Cups with Montreal?

    I still see him at MSG a lot. He’s been a scout for a long time. Great guy. Honest hard-working player. Was on the 79 team that went to the finals, too.

  135. Tony…I always remember Lucien from how he would clean the snot from his nose after the whistle by just blowing it on the ice…..Weird shiate u rememeber as a kid…

    but Lucien was a hard working Rangers player….not a slacker

  136. ZzZz 13 ZzZz needs to Rule like he did in the season!! says Greg L. on

    GOOD JOB!! ( Answer) yeah it’s him .. Reijo Ruotsalainen , nice going! Sorry liquid , you lose.

  137. Does anyone know where I can find (online) video of Gretzky scoring the natural hat trick against Florida in the 97 playoffs?

  138. ZzZz 13 ZzZz needs to Rule like he did in the season!! says Greg L. on

    ah Rick I said won with the Oilers..

    Amazingly, Ruotsalainen returned to Europe again in the fall of 1987 but came back three years later to help the Oilers win their fifth championship in 1990. As a result, Ruotsalainen is one of the few players in history who can say they captured the Stanley Cup in their final NHL game.

  139. When I was a kiddie…a friend of mine had an authentic NY Rangers Ruotsalainen jersey….

    We musta be in like 4th grade….and the Ruotsalainen name plate on the back of the jersey was sooooo long (and we were so little) that it started at his elbow, went across the top of his back, and ended at his other elbow….


  140. ZzZz 13 ZzZz needs to Rule like he did in the season!! says Greg L. on

    awww Liquid , ya should of had it then!!! Nice try Doodie..almost made it!!

  141. The Rangers should come out tonight with a chip on the shoulder, like there b***s are twisted. Especially after Ovechkin and Backstrom ‘s stick salute the other night. That should be taken like a slap in the face. Come out playing hard and mean but SMART.

  142. Hey. Today’s my BDay. And if any of you are looking for any last-minute gift ideas for me, I have one. I’d like Alexander Ovechkin slammed on the ice tonight. I want him brought from his happy “we won one game” smirk over there on the bench with all the other Capitals and I want him brought down to the ice, with a helmet knocked loose, and I want to look him straight in the eye and I want to tell him what a cheap, lying, no-good, rotten, fore-fleshing, low-life, snake-licking, dirt-eating, inbred, overstuffed, ignorant, blood-sucking, dog-kissing, brainless, dickless, hopeless, heartless, ugly-ass, bug-eyed, stiff-legged, spotty-lipped, bush league sack of monkey shit he is. Hallelujah. Holy shit. Where’s the Tylenol?

  143. If Avery had did a stick salute in Washington after a win, Bettman along with people like Pierre McGuire would have been screaming how disrespectful and that he should be disciplined.

  144. Last year after a Ranger win against the Islanders at the mausoleum, a fan called 1050, i think it was Brandon Tierney’s show and said half kidding They were so many Ranger fans left after the game I thought the Rangers were going to do a stick salute. Tierney said that would be low and disrepectful at a other teams rink. He is right, so why is nothing said in todays papers about that the incident Monday Night? If this is not motivation for the Rangers i dont know what is.

  145. Patrick Brennan on

    Miamipimp….BEST MOVIE EVER!!!!!!!

    If you typed that from memory, KUDOS!!!!!!!!

  146. right. it is like them going into, and walking all over the Rangers logo in the dressing room

  147. little green men on

    That bitch referee Ian Walsh must have lost a ton of money on this game!You can’t tell me he is that inept. I think a few of these referees are making a little money on the side just like the NBA refs. The common denominator with dirty referees seems to be Gary Bettman! piece of shyte. Great job by the Rangers keepin composure.

  148. I hope Torts goes easy on Sean….. after all Tortorella said the Rangers would be in trouble if Avery was their best player!

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