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There’s a lot to discuss today regarding last night’s debacle and the sudden turning of this series, so we’ll start it here, and then at noon Jane and I will host a live video chat. Hope you can join us with questions and comments.

I was headed from the pressbox to the lockerrooms after the game last night when I heard some booing. I was in the tunnel so I didn’t see it, but I asked and people told me that Ovechkin and Backstrom waited until the Rangers were off the ice and then they went to center ice and did a mock stick salute and a chest bump. Fortunately there weren’t many people in the building at that point, and most of those blue bulbs from the thundersticks had already been thrown onto the ice.

(This photo was from Getty Images and on Yahoo.com’s slideshow).

Some thoughts:

1) Were the people at MSG really hoping some of that Knicks magic would rub off on the Rangers by having their players show up in Rangers uniforms? And does MSG Network then think Rangers fans really want to see said players interviewed between periods?

2) That old goal-scoring bugaboo is back, isn’t it? One in two games against a kid goalie who never played a playoff game before. Shows you how bad Jose ThreeOrMore was in Game 1. The power play? Ugh. Looks like Lundqvist will need to pitch shutouts.

3) Guess it was the correct move by Bruce Boudreau to go to that rookie, Simeon Varlamov, who has only had to be good.

4) Sean Avery took two bad penalties — punching John Erskine and high-sticking Tom Poti in the face (I have no idea why Avery has spent so much time trying to aggravate Poti, when there are like 12 more important guys for him to aggravate). But the goalie interference call was completely fabricated (reputation penalty) and the late-game shot he took at Varlamov was actually well-timed. That’s when you take a shot like that.

5) It’ll be interesting to see John Tortorella’s decision on Chris Drury, because the guy is more hindrance than help with one arm.

6) Thundersticks. Knicks. Throwing things on the ice. Virtual Subway ads on the glass. Then, with the cameras still on the empty ice long after the game, these “five dollar footlong” ads showed up right on the ice. Yeah, the World’s Most Famous Arena. Might as well call it Arco Arena or something.

We hit 1,000 comments for the first time in Rangers Report history. Great job by all you angry fans. The Rangers are skating at 3 p.m. today, so we’ll have a late afternoon update.

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  1. My new most annoying thing is the MSG telecast.

    All game they are telling me about the Postgame ..
    ‘hey, after the game we’ll tell you about the game …” over and over and over ..

    how about telling me about the game – during the F–ng game!!!

    rant over

  2. Perhaps the thundersticks will be a One Hit Wonder.

    Glad to see the Rally Towels will be back for Wednesday

  3. LOL – and those stupid ads on the boards — yes I see them, how can’t I?

    I will boycott every company I see there though.

    Now wait – was it MetLife, New York LIfe, Mutual Life — I was watching the damn game!!

    screw you Dolan and MSG

    oh – and as far as hockey: we are a bunch of wimps like always.
    We don’t have the sheer meanness needed to win.

    1st period Calgary v. Chicago was way better then all 3 games so far.

  4. What a damn pathetic mess that was last night. Not one thing you could hang your hat on… not one.

    Don’t call it a meltdown… not.

  5. I agree totally, Carp. The shot Avery took was well-timed. That’s old school hockey.

    I’m so annoyed by the lack of fighting in the NHL Playoffs. Last night should have gotten totally out of hand in the late stages of the game. This “sending a message” rule that Bettman conjured up is just killer to any bad blood that might develop during a series.

  6. I think the most annoying thing during the game was Joe referring to Varlamov as “The Kid” every other word.

    The Kid was great tonight; the kid really showed up when needed; ill tell you the kid doesnt look nervous at all; Avery isnt annoying THE KID at all! AAAHH STOP JOE!
    We get it…he is young!!

  7. That call at the end of the game on Avery was complete BS. The ref signaled the penalty while Avery was still jawing away at the goalie, no different than what Ovechkin has been doing all series. Avery didn’t push the goalie until after he saw he was already going to get a penalty.

    Two more thoughts on Avery – his end to end rush out of the box was awesome, he’s starting to dive way too much (it was obvious even up in the blue seats).

  8. JJP Really? BS on that call on Avery at the end? I think that was one of the few justified calls on Avery. He was doing stupid things. If you’re going to argue on a call against Avery it should be the terrible goalie interference call…or better yet…not Avery but the “high-stick” call on callahan that didn’t happen at all was insane.

  9. You were not bothered by Avery punching guys twice during the game, each getting a penalty, and drawing no reaction from the Caps?

  10. Between the throwing of those inflates & the cups as well as the downpour which seemed fitting last night, Im glad I left with 10mins in the 3rd.

    In regard to the overcelebrating from Ovechkin & the little dance he did with Backstrom at the end of the game, What comes around goes around and he will get his.

  11. there was barely any “debris”..the refs had to pick up like 2 thunderstix lights off the ice…let’s not get carried away here

  12. Whether the calls are right or wrong, Slats was right about ONE thing. Avery’s a detriment.

    He may not be a detriment to the team in the lockerroom where it was most feared (I think).

    But when the referees are ‘out to get you’, and use a different rule book to call a game with you on the line-up card…you’re a detriment to the team.

    He crossed the line just 2 or 3 times since he’s been back, and that’s not as bad as it could be at this point. He crossed it last night with selfish penalties, and I’m sure he’ll be reeled in by the coach before tomorrow night.

  13. Rick,

    totally disagree with the “well timed” hit by Sean….The game was over-fine play hard, talk and try to get in his head but dont take a jab at the goalie’s head…again if roles were reversed and hank took a jab to the head by brashear we would be calling bettman to kick him out for the rest of the playoffs……

    re: THE PP yeah a very popular topic….it really is pathetic the caps take 5-10 seconds and they are setup in our zone….we look for gomez to gain the blueline and if he cant do it alone it doesnt happen and the pp is like a 2 minute rest for the caps where they just dump the puck and sit back and wait for us to turn the puck over…..if i was torts i would just demand roszival and redden and mara to shoot the puck-how many times are we gonna pass up shots-i know washington is playing good d but atleast try to get pucks to the net

  14. If we are going to defend Avery and appreciate his entertainment value, we can’t be hypocrites and criticize Ovechkin for his chest bump celebration. Enough with the boring cliche-filled post-game interviews. Hockey needs more personalities, not less.

  15. bam bam…sorry, but slats wasn’t wrong about that. the LEAGUE is wrong. you make it sound like the league is justified in using a different rulebook for Avery

  16. JJP

    I was trying to figure out why they stopped play before the punch… I couldn’t see what he had done…

    tom foolery
    Rozsival almost had his head taken off early in the game by a follow through… he then played as good a game as the other d men… everyone looked flat…

  17. Something I don’t think we do enough is to throw the puck in to traffic or crowded areas. Sometimes if you just throw the puck in to skates or bodies in front of the next you can get a lucky bounce or sweep in a loose puck. We need to do that more, instead of looking for the perfect pretty play.

  18. kc – they did a mock stick salute (like the rangers do when they win) then the chest bump

    it was premeditated, they waited until everyone else was off the ice, and a really classless thing to do. when the clock hits 0 in the third, avery’s antics are over nowadays.

  19. “In regard to the overcelebrating from Ovechkin & the little dance he did with Backstrom at the end of the game, What comes around goes around and he will get his.”

    Thank you, well said. I can’t believe people aren’t mentioning this more often …

    I don’t care how many times I’ve used this term in here (and some of you have, for good reason, gotten pissed about it), but what Ovechkin and Backstrom did was complete bush-league.

    It wasn’t even spontaneous – it was premeditated, probably at some point midway through the 3rd period.

    Complete bush-league. But having said that, I’m glad they did it, because if I’m a NYRangers player I do everything in my power to 1) pound him to the ice and 2) beat his team.

    RICK / JANE – for no reason other than to rile up the players, please ask them what they think of Ovechkin/Backstrom’s bush-league taunt.

  20. Enough with the Avery issues. Everyone is looking for a reason for the lose last night, simply we were overconfident and it was inevitable that we were going to lose sometime, I mean come on before this lose we were riding a 5 game winning streak .

  21. And why wasn’t Ovie penalized for the high stick to Rozi’s face? I know it was a follow through, but he still got him in the face and drew blood. Should have been a double minor.

  22. I don’t like him punching Varlavov, its true I would demand a suspension if anyone pulled that crap on Hank… however the punch wouldn’t have happened if they hadn’t stopped play for something else, and I have no clue what that was….

  23. I have a feeling the worst is yet to come. Rangers showed no heart! We have way too many nice guys on this team. Bettman’s “send message” rule didn’t seem to deter Chicago and Calgary last night.

    Zherdev has been a complete waste since the coaching change.

    Our Captain Crutch was mostly ineffective during the regular season when he was playing with both arms. Why is he in the lineup during the playoffs with just one? Call up someone from Hartford to take his spot.

  24. Nasty.. its becuase apparently a follow through doesn’t count… I don’t ge tit becuase even accidental high sticks count why don’t all count?? but thats the rule… like I said they did call it against the Canes when Shanny was hit, so precedent int he playoffs says they ought to have called it… but they didn’t…

  25. Enough with the Avery issues?!? Its a valid thing to bring up, if he continues to do things like this it will only hurt the Rangers so it is perfectly acceptable to talk about how he hurt us last night. He needs to get back to playing hockey well and care less about trying to get in the head of a goalie who doesnt even speak english. It just shows him and the Capitals that we are desperate to try anything to beat the goalie…like we ran out of talent to get past him so we have to throw Avery on him. Its stupid!

  26. Patrick Brennan on

    That disrespectful salute and shoulder bump by AO and whatever his name is after the game should be returned by the Rangers if we win in Was Friday night…..Rangers should go to center ice and salute like they do at home…..

    AO wants to disrespect Rangers and MSG…Give it right back to that arrogant D-Bag!

  27. Nasty1, that play your talking about is not listed in the rule book as a penalty, the follow through on a shot apparently can go anywhere including Rosi’s nose. The player is not responsible for where his stick ends up on the follow through.

  28. there is no rule that states if it’s a follow-through, then it’s not a penalty

    it’s a penalty no matter what the circumstance…even if a guy slashes your stick into his own face

    from the nhl rulebook

    # Assess a double minor penalty for all contact that causes an injury, whether accidental or careless, in the opinion of the Referee.

    there is no caveat…high sticking is high sticking. i’ve seen it called on follow-throughs MANY times

  29. Have Orr knock around some guys next game within the first five minutes to set the tone of the game, especially target Green, Backstrom, and AO. I think Green has been the dirtiest player so far in this series with his stick and elbows, its time someone paid him back.

  30. sorry – this is better:

    from the NHL rulebook regarding high sticking. it’s a BLANKET rule.

    A “high stick” is one which is carried above the height of the opponent’s shoulders. A player is permitted accidental contact on an opponent if the act is committed as a normal windup or follow through of a shooting motion.

    1. Any contact made by a stick on an opponent above the shoulders is prohibited and a minor shall be imposed subject to section (b) of this Rule.

  31. Avery has also been one of the most effective, hardest-working players in this series. Anyone who doesn’t see that is blind. Him, Dubinsky and Callahan are the only guys who you can look at and say “yeah, they’re going hard every shift”.

    Detriment? You’ve gotta be kidding. It’s really amazing what Gary Bettman has done to the NHL. The little jab to Varlamov was STANDARD FARE, ladies and gentlemen. The guy’s wearing a mask. IT’S HOCKEY.

    Anyone ever watch any clips from the 70’s and 80’s? Come on, people! It was way more rough and tumble back then. Bench-clearing brawls. Psychos like Mulbury going into the stands. Now? It’s child’s play compared to that.

    Everyone’s gotta calm down about Sean Avery. Heaven forbid someone toe the line a little bit.

  32. going on, when it’s accidental, it’s up the to the refs to call, but they didn’t call it. if it was avery, it would have been called.

  33. Rob C
    April 21st, 2009 at 10:52 am
    Avery has also been one of the most effective, hardest-working players in this series. Anyone who doesn’t see that is blind. Him, Dubinsky and Callahan are the only guys who you can look at and say “yeah, they’re going hard every shift”.

    Detriment? You’ve gotta be kidding. It’s really amazing what Gary Bettman has done to the NHL. The little jab to Varlamov was STANDARD FARE, ladies and gentlemen. The guy’s wearing a mask. IT’S HOCKEY.

    Anyone ever watch any clips from the 70’s and 80’s? Come on, people! It was way more rough and tumble back then. Bench-clearing brawls. Psychos like Mulbury going into the stands. Now? It’s child’s play compared to that.

    Everyone’s gotta calm down about Sean Avery. Heaven forbid someone toe the line a little bit.

    I back you 100%!

  34. I do not agree with doing at their home ice, but I think we need to send a message to them tomorrow. But as I stated in a previous post, who do we have that can put someone down (with a bodycheck)?

    Did anyone notice how we cannot take the body?

    When we hit, our guys were bouncing off of the Caps.

  35. they need to stop playing scared and just start taking some people out. Make OVie not wanna play. Dress voros and have him Bash Semin in the mouth for looking at him wong. It doesn’t matter if he or Orr get suspended.

  36. It doesn’t matter if Ovechkin spins on his head at center ice after the game. The fact remains that the Rangers stunk the place up pretty much the entire game. I also wonder if it wouldn’t be a good idea to call someone up for Drury. I do think that a one armed Drury is still better than Voros, but if someone is available why not call him up. I don’t think Avery taking a swing at the goalie did anything but make Avery look stupid. Hopefully the boys will have a lot more jump in their jam next game, or their in trouble.

  37. especially after the postgame stuff. as funny as that is it shows that they do not respect us and we need to shove it up their asses

  38. You can’t compare hockey now to the 70’s and 80’s….theres a lot of differences and one of them is you can’t just punch someone in the face and expect nothing to come of it. He should know that yet he did it twice. The problem is the Capitals are being smart and not letting his stupid antics get to them. I always wondered why teams couldnt just ignore Avery…Caps are doing it now and benefiting from it. Instead of Caps taking stupid retaliating penalties Avery is taking them himself. Thats sign #1 that we are in big trouble.

  39. tyree,

    That’s a great idea for Voros to bash Semin but Voros would never be able to catch up to Semin. The guy simply can’t skate.

  40. I would like to see how Don Cherry comments about the little dance at the end of the game in Center Ice with Backstrom.

  41. You can’t legislate against a follow-through on a shot because you’ll end up with field hockey.

    It’s not a penalty. It can’t be a penalty. It shouldn’t be a penalty.

    And for those who want Orr to go out and bust up people at the start of Game 4, well, that will mean a five-minute power play, a couple of Capitals PPGs, a tied series going back to Washington, and probably a Caps clincher on MSG ice Sunday. Yeah, that’s what you want.

    Rob. there were more than a few thundersticks. There were dozens of those blue bulbs from inside the sticks, a couple of plastic beer bottles and cups, some programs and other stuff on the ice, too.

  42. When we beat the Devils last year’s playoffs, the Rangers did not skate to center ice and salute the Rangers fans at the Rock, because there is a line of respect that you don’t cross and last night Ove & Backstrom crossed that line.

  43. WE HAVE TO SEND A MESSAGE TO OVI AND SEMIN .. who do they think they are? Come into our HOUSE and put their sticks up?

  44. Carp – Maybe I missed it but I saw the ref pick up only 3 of the blue bulbs at the end of the game. You were sitting closer though, so you know better than me.

    Last night was a weird game…I was all depressed on my way out…on the way out I hoped I’d be hearing a Let’s Go Rangers chant after a win at the end of the game…but no…I had to listen to some butthole chant “F**king dru-unk!”


  45. See, you are all letting Ovie get in to your heads. That is exactly what he wanted to do yesterday morning and after the game. You have to ignore it to an extent. He is playing mind games, and it is not bothering the players as much as it is bothering a lot of us.

  46. Also – another thought..the garden needs to know when to stop showing the “I am a Ranger”/”Respect,Honor,Tradition” shorts on the big screen at the Garden…the Rangers are playing a lifeless game in which they’re getting shutout and they’re cramming “hard work/tradition” down the fans throats…CUT IT OUT! I’M TOO BUSY BEING PISSED!


  47. everygame we lose the blueseats start chanting these refs s– and the a–hole word, it does happen everywhere though…. the caps were whining and chanting the same thing after the call on green in game 2 when he tied up Zherdev……i think the accelerated throwing of the sticks and beer bottles was a result of our boy poti scoring for those who remained until the final buzzer.

    im sticking with the rangers in 6….we got dominated last night….we are not just going to go 16-0 people, sweeps are very hard to come by…i think we regroup and play a solid game tomorrow but one thing that is ironic is that we would beg to have Poti on our 1st PP unit-you can agree or disagree with anything else but Poti on the PP as the QB would be a huge upgrade at this point



  50. What a disappointment and I was so pumped for that game. The turning point was definitely when Cally hit the post, and the entire Garden thought he scored. Only to have the Caps score going the other direction.

    The thunder sticks have to be the most annoying hand out

    I’m keeping the faith though.

  51. Was it offensive to Rangers fans when the Rangers beat the Devils in Newark last season and left the ice waving and saluting to the Rangers fans in the stands? What’s the difference? I thought that was fine also. Did it anger the Devils? Probably. So what?
    And Avery certainly is not known for leaving his antics on the ice — note this season’s suspension from Dallas, not to mention countless other off ice comments. Which is fine, but don’t say he leaves it all on the ice.

  52. My 5 year old daughter was beating the family dog over the head with the Thunderstick this morning….It is actually still glowing.

  53. the best retaliation for ovie and semin would be to beat them in this series. the physical stuff can wait until a regular season game next year. if orr/voros/dubie wants to take a run at them, let him do it then when there isnt so much on the line. the caps PP is too deadly to give it additional ice time.

    if the NYR dont pop in a few PP goals themselves they are in deep trouble. i know their PP is poor but they need some production from somewhere. also, i noticed their spacing on the PP is terrible. their defensemen are usually too close together at the points, and the forwards crowd one another down low. they need to spread it out and force the other teams PKs to skate more.

  54. kc – it was not blatantly premeditated and blatantly mocking the ranger’s tradition of saluting their fans at center ice

  55. LIQUID
    April 21st, 2009 at 11:25 am
    My 5 year old daughter was beating the family dog over the head with the Thunderstick this morning….It is actually still glowing.

    How cute,
    those sticks were a good try, but not made for MSG.

  56. Carp, make sure you bring up Ovechkin and Backstrom’s lack of class. It will only serve as bulletin board material to fire them up for Game 4.

  57. That is right PJ. Beat the Caps and that is the task at hand. The Rangers must either play without too many mistakes and count on a hot Henrik OR pray that the Caps do not play well themselves. Games 1 & 2 were a combo platter of both scenarios.

  58. bam bam…sorry, but slats wasn’t wrong about that. the LEAGUE is wrong. you make it sound like the league is justified in using a different rulebook for Avery

    I didn’t say it was justified. I would say that it’s obvious though. I would also say the NYR cannot change that at this point. So the only solution is to reel it in and stay out of the f*ckin box by curbing the unecessary nonsense.

  59. Varlamov’s quotes on Avery.

    Q:Sean Avery was very active around your net today.
    A:I think he was doing in on purpose. He is that kind of player, it’s his job to throw opponents off their game and he does it pretty well, as I see it. He does it very professionally and I think he is a good player. But tonight there were a couple of instances when he was really trying to get me off balance. He hit me in the face once. But I know that I shouldn’t pay attention to this and concentrate on the game.

    A:Are you a kind of goalie that can retaliate to this kind of behavior? Q:Like taking a goalie stick to his ankles once in a while?

    I can do that but unfortunately the officials are always watching goalies and I have no chances to get him: it will be a penalty right away. When I was a kid and played for Lokomotiv’s farm team I would get away with that, but in Superleague I got warned immediately after the first time.

  60. Yeah….thank goodness our dog is a 130 lb Bernese Mountain Dog……He just sat there taking it….He is tri-colored like the Boston Bruins, black with, gold and white…I think my lil girl thought it was Round 2 and the dog was Lucic.

  61. i think bringing avery back is one of the best moves sather has made in his tenure with the rangers.

  62. The Rangers tradition of the stick salute, which is a great one, was started 3 seasons ago by Jagr and Kasparaitis, and received a lot of criticism at the time from many North American NHL players on other teams. Fortunately, the tradition stuck, and other teams have taken it up, and kids are doing it a lot at the youth level. My point is that if Sean Avery is going to play for the Rangers, we can’t be outraged by some other teams’ gamesmanship. It’s all part of creating a rivalry and a passion for the game, and it should be appreciated for what it is, not banned by the league. The NHL needs more passion, and as New Yorkers, we should be cool with passion. Not scoring on our own power play is more worrying than how another team celebrates.

  63. kc, what they did last year was not mocking them. What those two did last night was mocking how we celebrate a win at home ice, a recently created tradition of ours. These two waited till the Rangers were gone and mocked us. There is a huge difference, and it is a lack of respect.

  64. kc – the time and place for gamesmanship is DURING THE GAME. not after the game when you’ve beaten the other team fair and square. i would have loved to see them pull that stunt with a single ranger still on the ice.

  65. Anybody think Zherdev should be benched for the rest of the postseason? He was awful last night. Invisible for the first two games, then he misses a wide-open net in the first, falls down probably three times on the rush in the offensive zone. This guy is such a bum. He is either lazy or a total idiot, more likely a combination of both. I hate hearing how the Rangers need his “talent.” Screw that. The Capitals are flying right now. The Rangers need motivated players who will play all-out whistle-to-whistle. This knucklehead, who has been benched by coaches as diverse as Ken Hitchblob and Tom Renney for lack of effort/brains, is useless out there. I’d rather have some kid from Hartford hustling all game then seeing Zherdev fumble away the puck after trying to go 1-on-5 again.

  66. Everyone must realize that the score was 2-0 Caps when Avery locked horns with Erskine behind the net. Avery tried to goad Erskine into a scrum…to lift the emotion level up in the game.

    Like any smart hockey player (and we have seen Avery do this alot especially recently), when you are winning, you turn the other cheek. Caps couldnt afford to melt down at that point with so much on the line.

  67. And to think not even 48 hours ago there were people on this blog stating in all seriousness that AO is a one-dimensional player.

    Step it up, everybody. The quality of discussion here is capable of being so much better than it too often is!

  68. Perhaps we can have players do a dance after a nice body check, or after a faceoff win stop play so we can do a song and dance.

    Hey score a goal and pretend to be dialing a phone and calling someone. When and where do you draw the line?

    You want to create a rivalry, make some big hits, score some goals and play each other tough. That is how it is done and that is how it should only be done.

  69. I’m with you on Zherdev, Giles, no place for a player like him in the playoffs.

    Carp, when I was talking about Orr setting a tone, it would be of course within the rules, just good clean bodychecks, why the hell would I want the Caps on a PP?

  70. Rick, you’re dead wrong on the shot follow through.

    By rule, you are “responsbile for your stick”. Who’s to say it wasn’t an intentional follow through into Rossival’s face? I mean, you can speculate it wasn’t, but in a court of law, and by definition of the rule, there’s no way to prove that.

    Over 80% of high sticks are “unintentional”. But, it doesn’t matter. You could be getting on to the ice from the bech and high stick someone, batting at a puck and high stick someone, lifting a stick and high stick someone and SHOOTING a puck and high stick someone.

    If that’s NOT a high stick, then we should be exaggerating every follow through with our shots in hopes of catching a face, beacuse in your theory, that’s not stipulated in the rule book.

    Should it be a penalty? No. But you can’t decide what “types” of high sticks are allowed and what are not.

    A high stick is a high stick is a high stick. Not even up for debate.

  71. Jor71
    If you don’t see the difference between AO’s celebrations and the dumb NFL celebratios then you are hopeless. There is no time for dancing after a faceoff or after a hit in the NHL. The whistle doesn’t stop play so your complaint has no basis in reality

  72. it doesn’t matter if the follow trough was called a penalty or not with our PP. its not like we would score on it

  73. I agree that what Ovi and Backstrom did was pretty “classless” but I can’t hate them for doing it.

    They won’t get punished, maybe a slight tap on their wrist but Ovi has gotten away with so much and he will.

    Ovi does things for attention, from him at the All-Star Game, his 50th goal celebration, and even the morning bench spying.

  74. Brandon

    But what if, as seems the case, the follow-through occurred way below neck level, and maybe even below shoulder level, with Roszival bent way over to apply his check? The “high sticking” was more like “middle sticking.” I think Carp is right here that you have to let that go.

  75. Yet another blog that appears to be deteriorating by the day. Nothing but ill-informed negativity and misguided rants, with little understanding of what’s happening on the ice. Naslund had jump from the start and was our best forward; Dubi played hard and was our best centerman; Zherdev was creating offense, calling for the puck and making plays. Torts saw this, put them together on a line and kept rolling them out there. They created flow, and at least give a reason for optimism going forward. And geniuses like Giles, above, call for Zherdev to be benched? Why, so you can watch more games of us taking bad angle shots from 25 feet out that only Jose Theodore lets in? Washington completely controlled the front of their net the way we had in Game 2, so those one-and-done shots will not work. Better to at least try to be innovative, even if it means an occasional turnover. Zherdev is learning that he has less time to make his plays and get his shots off in playoff hockey; at least he’s trying to adjust, and he made progress last night. Even if most of you folks don’t seem to recognize that, it seemed last night that Torts did, and fortunately, that’s all that matters.

  76. Ovechkin: “San Jose right now is losing 2-0,” he said. “They were the best team all season. It don’t mean they lost the series. They lost two games in their home building like us. It’s not over. You bounce back.”

    That’s right Ovie, it DONT mean … idiot

  77. japh,

    Zhedrev has all the moves in the world but isn’t a finisher. It’s like getting a 16oz Filet Mignon, you’re all excited for it, you’ve been looking forward to it all week long. It’s the only thing you really want. When you sit down, it’s staring you right in the eye, but when you go to take a bite, it tastes like dog food. To me, that is Zhedrev.

  78. My first game since December, what a stinker. I pissed that I have no voice for screaming and the Rangers didn’t really feed off of the crowd. Cally hitting the post was definitely the turning point but even if he scores, I don’t think the Rangers brought enough to win last night. Like Torts sais, let them take their medicine and come back tomorrow night. They still have a great opportunity.

  79. Liabilities in this series, so far:

    1. Zherdev
    2. Drury

    We’re better off without both in the lineup.

  80. The only way to get Ovechkin off his game is to think like *Avery*… talk about his grandfather. Not saying I endorse that, I’m just saying that chanting someones name does not get them off their game. You’ve got to hit home.

  81. Patrick Brennan on

    Healthy Scratches tomorrow night should be Zherdev and Avery
    Drury out too!

    PS: Jane is hot!

  82. Patrick Brennan
    April 21st, 2009 at 12:41 pm
    Healthy Scratches tomorrow night should be Zherdev and Avery
    Drury out too!

    PS: Jane is hot!


    and they should definitely have you dressed for the game! Listen to you you’d make one fine manager one day. Really. AHEM….

  83. Didn’t our stick salute start after that famous shootout win against Washington? How ironic that they are mocking it now?

    Chicago is the only other team I see doing it these days.

  84. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    My take:
    Avery did exactly what he needed to do. Until that point, Korpi, Naz, Callahan, Avery and Lundqvist were the only 4 Rangers who looked involved in the game.

    Avery didn’t take his first penalty until it was 2-0 and the Rangers didn’t look into the game at all. I didn’t see the hi-stick and I thought the final shot on Varly was very well-timed.

    Avery’s trying to get this team worked up… normally that’s what the Captain does, but we have an Avery… not necessarily a Captain.

  85. Patrick Brennan on

    Avery took some stupid penalties last night and was a non-factor all night.
    Zherdev has been terrible!!!
    Drury is hurt and is a non-factor also!

  86. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Everyone ragging on Zherdev… is he really been given a chance? What line is he on? Who’s his center?


    Sit Drury.

  87. Idiot of the moment: Patrick Brennan. Yeah, Avery should be benched! Right. Aside from Cally, there is no one out there as effective and as full of energy as him. Stick a sock in it Brennan.

    Was he a little over the edge and out of control? Yes, for sure. But bench him? You clown! Take the energy and feistiness out of the game for the NYR and it would have been 7-0 last night. Bench Avery and we lose in 6.

    Zherdev has no heart. That is his problem. He skates and dipsy doodles but puts up nothing. He missed a few wide open nets (missed the whole goal, not even shot that hit the goalie) and just tried too many between-the-legs, behind-the-back passes. He has no heart. He has no spirit for the playoffs. I am telling you, at this pace at year end, buy Antro, sell Zherdev.

    Did we expect the NYR to sweep the Caps? I didn’t. I thought the series would go 6 or 7. But we skated last night with ZERO urgency or desperation. It was like we wanted to sit around and see what the Caps could really do. 16 mins into the game we had given up 16 shots on goal. WTF? Did we even block 3 shots last night (versus like 20+ in the previous game?)

    Also, I think the game was lost (and series really could have been closed out) when Cally hit the post. We had absorbed all the Caps could throw at us and we had a chance to knot it. 30 seconds later it was 2-0. At that moment I told my bro that the game was over. Sadly I was right.

    We also stopped hitting and were outmuscled by the Caps. How does a forward on the Caps stiff arm someone and the NYR drops like a fly and the cross ice pass is made for a goal like 10 seconds later. What is that all about?

    There is still plenty of hockey left.

    The one last thing I will say is that we are just not that deep. It is apparent after Gomer, Avery, Antro, Cally and sometimes Naz have shifted, that our scoring threat is minimal.

    And everyone saying Orr SHOULDN’T have dropped the gloves with someone last night really don’t get it. We were manhandled last night. It was 3-0 from halfway through the game. The refs were pounding us with penalties. Orr should have fought someone. So he would get an extra 2 mins, big whoop. The game was actually over in the first period. We needed to send a message. Instead, Ovie and Backstrom saluted on OUR center ice.

    So while I didn’t think they would sweep the Caps, I also didn’t think we’d come out that flat last night. What is with the lack of body being taken last night? They took the night off.

    Tomorrow is another day.

  88. Have two tickets for sale for 4/22 game against the Caps. Seats are Section 105, Row C, seats 4 and 5. Selling tickets for $350 each (face value is $252.50), or make me an offer. Similar tix were being sold on StubHub for $675 each. Would like to sell ASAP, hopefully today. I have the physical tickets, we can discuss how I can get them to you. e-mail me at lcharleston1981@gmail.com and then we can go by phone.

  89. I thought the Knicks thing was cool. Hardly something to complain about considering everything else, I mean, c’mon!!

    I’ve always thought that the second game of a home-and-home is a tough one psychologically for the home team when it’s won the first on the road…..or the first two in this case. Only natural for a little complacency to set in, while the road team has been embarrassed by losing at home, and has more motivation….especially, and obviously, in this case when the Caps’ season was fully on the line. Recall that the Devils won Game 3 after the Rangers won both at the Rock last year. Hopefully this series will end in similar fashion.

  90. And one last thing….Korpi should get more ice time. Maybe put him in place of Drury and diminish Drury’s ice time or sit him. I guess Sjo to the 3rd line, Betts, Orr, Voros on the 4th. Korpi has the wheels, the size, and the hustle…I think he should get more ice and maybe even skate with Gomer because of his speed.

  91. Patrick Brennan on

    Newman…Shove it Pal…He took several penalties that were NOT necessary and has no points thus far.

    This is why I refrain from posting much here since people post OPINIONS and D-Bags like you have to call people names who have opinions other than yours.

    Suck on that PAL

  92. Richtersgirl on

    To the people who keep saying that Averys punch to the goalies face was “well-timed” last night….that is EXACTLY the reason he has the reputation he does. He will never have calls go his way every if he keeps doing nonsense like that. The right time during the game to do things like that is NEVER!

  93. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    I think Avery was just short of “AVERY” last night. His first 2 seasons with the Rangers he drew more PP’s than PIMs he earned. That said, he saw the Rangers ship was going down. He reacted. He tried to ramp up his team, get the other team off their game! What do you expect, Avery to sit there and do nothing like Captain Krutch, Gomez, Redden, Rozsival, etc…?!

    Oh wait, most of you do.

    Caps in 6 if Hank and Avery don’t continue to do their things. This series is on them both.

  94. Sounds like Ovie and Backstrom pulled a page out of Terrell Owens’ book when he scored a TD against the Dallas Cowboys and ran to the star at midfield. Of course, one of the Cowboys went after him. Does this mean one of those Caps will be Rangers like TO became a Cowboy? :-)

  95. Come on everyone, crying is for when it is over. You can’t dwell on every thing. Changes need to be made. People need to step up. End of story.

  96. BOTTOM LINE IS WE ARE Up 2-1 with the 4th game in our bldg….who at the beginning of the series would not have taken this? who thought we were just going to steam roll the number two seed….it is like we are winning the cup after two nice road wins and now we have no shot at winning the series after a loss…..deep breaths people, get back to fundamental hockey, get over the red line dump and chase and win lose pucks and wear down their defense…..again give the CAPS some credit they played with their backs against the wall and delivered….

  97. Exactly! We need to change the sheets, scrub the brown off the ice, make some adjustments, and win on home ice tomorrow night.

  98. TRUE FANS,

    Avery is a very underrated player-with that being said again if the rangers win tomorrow 4-1 and brashear is on the ice with 2 minutes to play and he takes a jab at the KING how would you feel about it…i understand he is trying to get his team going and get into the goalie’s head but do everything he did except cross the line-no reason to get the jab in on VARLAMOV-im shocked no one decked avery after that-there were 3 capital players that were close but the refs got in the way very quickly……again if its reversed we are crying for Brashear’s HEAD

  99. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    I don’t fight women. I point out facts. Rangers are about 30 games over .500 with Avery in the lineup and below .500 without him. He hasn’t changed his game. What he does works in NY for some reason. If you don’t like him thumping the goalie in the mask, that’s your opinion. I prefer to let men play like men. Let’s not whimpify the game. I’m not sure how old you are, but there are much dirtier plays all over the ice today and which have been happening for the last 30-70+ years. Keep coming back with epithets, proves how much you know about the sport and how intelligent your replies are.

    Seth, is your point that Avery pissed off the caps and the caps fans?! If so, you got the point big guy. He’s not trying to make friends and if Brashear did the same thing, I wouldn’t think any different. I’d see it for what he’s trying to do, i’d be upset, but i’m not going to tell my team to avoid doing it! I hate the Crosby draws penalties by diving! Should the Rangers not do it, hell yes! If they do it, get a PP they score on, and win a playoff game will i B&Moan about it?! Hell no!

  100. of course he pissed off the caps and the caps fans but he also pissed off a lot of ranger fans,,,the game is over, i understand it is a long series and yes it is hockey and its a physical sports etc etc but no need for a cheap shot on the goalie there, no need for him to hit tim thomas in the back of the head, he can use his antics to help the team but he doesnt have to go over the edge especially since he has the label on the number he wears…i know we need him in the lineup-the record does speak for itself, there are few other rangers who can win the puck down low like he does but no reason to go over the deep end…we can agree to disagree….i thought for sure live he would be suspended but it was more of a jab so i think he will avoid it this time but bettman is going to use him as a marketing tool for the league-its unfortunate its sad but thats how it goes

  101. Richtersgirl on

    TruFans – The only reason I said you were an idiot wasn’t becuase of the information you were saying about Avery — Everyone is entitled to their own opinion about him — it was for this comment which seemed like it was directed at me…

    True Fans Bleed RW&B
    April 21st, 2009 at 1:22 pm
    Girls wear skirts and play field hockey for a reason.

    It gets on my nerves when people assume I know less than them because I am a girl when, in fact, I probably know more.

  102. I have no problem with what Avery did. Because even if he didn’t get in the goalies head, he got in someone’s head. Whenever her goes in front, someone on the Caps will be doing their best go try and get him out of there, and maybe he draws a penalty. Now, you can argue that the refs will be watching even more closely now, and that is the fine line Avery has to walk. Personally, I have no problem with it at all.

  103. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Seth, we have a clear disagreement on the techniques that should be used to win a game. Ovechkin watched Rangers practice, too slapshots at the Rangers practice net a couple minutes before the game, and he mocked us on our home ice with his little chest bump and mock stick salute. Are those traditional, hell no! Is Avery traditional either, NOPE!

    Both are new to the sport and push the envelope. Can’t blame either guy for trying to win the game. Avery is a non-traditionalist and I think that’s why a lot of people dislike him. Ovechkin is making a lot of enemies recently too (ie. Don Cherry)

  104. Any word from the NHL or Steven Walkom regarding the ridiculous high stick and obstruction penalties being called every couple of minutes last night? I thought playoff hockey was supposed to eliminate some of the obstructions because you want it to be fast paced and exciting.

    Rangers win Game Faw, 3 – 2.

  105. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    I think you lack the understanding of well-timed plays though. That is the phrase you called out, which both Carp and I used.

    Sometimes you need to fight a player, make sure it’s well-timed.

    Sometimes you need to bump a goalie, again make it well-timed.

    Sometimes you need to just destroy a guy with a big hit (Messier on Modano, early 90’s). Make it well-timed.

    Nobody’s trying to make friends around the NHL, they’re trying to win games. Honestly, i don’t give an eff why Dallas or the rest of the NHL hates Sean Avery. What I do care about is that Avery can use that hate for him to get in people’s heads, distract them, and create time and space for other players to step up. Avery’s doing that and I’ll appreciate ANY player who puts their neck on the line (literally, he takes shots to the head and crotch for his actions) in order to give his team a chance to win.

    I don’t care that he’s not winning a popularity contest. Perhaps, as a woman, you may know a lot about hockey but you’re disgust for the rest of the league’s hatred of him has clouded your hunger to win.

    * Richtersgirl
    April 21st, 2009 at 1:55 pm
    It gets on my nerves when people assume I know less than them because I am a girl when, in fact, I probably know more.

  106. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    “your disgust for him and attention to the rest of the league’s hatred for him…”

  107. “I have no problem with what Avery did. Because even if he didn’t get in the goalies head, he got in someone’s head.”

    I agree. Love what he did, was just like a facewash and does not warrant a suspension.

  108. TRUEFANS,

    WE can agree to disagree….I do agree with you the Avery it vital to the team and his “antics” are needed to a certain respect…..

    Can we discuss the PP a little-MARA is useless -no more PP time for him, rotate the other 5 dman and whoever is willing to shoot the puck get him out there-we need shots towards the net not the soft pass to gomez at the top of the circle-everyone knows gomez’s shot isnt stellar..we need some dirty girls, a puck off a leg, a shot that gets blocked by poti but goes right to dubi/callahan/naslund/antropov etc for a slam dunk…..AGAIN KISS IT OUT THERE



  109. didn’t anyone see before Avery punched varlamov in the mask, Varlamov smacked every with the stick from behind right between the legs…. after which avery turned around and said something to the kid…and then the kid got slapped. Go back and watch the game again…

  110. Richtersgirl on

    I understand what you mean by saying it was well-timed. I didn’t need an explanation of that. Yes, if he has to do something like that towards the end of a playoff game they are going to lose is a good time to do it. But what I am saying is everyone is complaining that Avery never gets the benefit of the doubt from the officials anymore and a move like that…punching a goalie in the face when he is just standing there and with no instigation from him….is NOT going to help Averys case in getting calls he should be getting. I agree to do something to spark a team is good sometimes like getting a big hit on one of their players or fighting but I didn’t agree with what he did there, thats all. I am allowed to think that and it’s not because I am a woman! Maybe if i changed my name on here and you thought I was a man, you would take what i say a little more seriously

    I appreciate Avery 100% when he is actually playing his heart out which I agree he does most of the time but when he does things like he did last night it overshadows all that and it wont help the Rangers not get penalties called on them in the future.

  111. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    I’m hoping someone would say something about Ovechkin CLEARLY jumping in order to hit Marc Staal just above the dots in the Rangers zone, center-ice!

    That’s a legal charge, but Sean Avery can’t breath on the Caps goalie in fear of a suspension.

  112. I do not go for the name calling but making a comment as “Girls wear skirts and play field hockey for a reason.”, is quite ignorant and unnecessary. Especially since they also play ice hockey.

    There are many women out there that would blow the doors off of you when it comes to knowledge and playing ice hockey.

    I believe everyone is entitle to their own opinion, but it crosses the line when you stereotype an entire gender.

  113. MiamiPimp April 21st, 2009 at 2:12 pm

    Who else here is hoping for a hit that completely throttles Ovechkin?

    I would love if Dubie layed him out like Stevens did to Lindros when Eric cut across the blue line.

  114. I really think we are going to come out and have a much better game 4. That doesn’t mean we are going to win, but we are going to play better. We got beat to almost every loose puck last night, and really didn’t take the body very well. I know it is hard to hit what you can’t catch, but we have seen our guys pound the Caps before. We have to get back to that tomorrow night.

  115. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    GREAT reply. I see your point, i do disagree with you but that’s why we have our own opinions.

    Last comment, people who are upset Avery is getting penalized should be upset that Sather took him back. That’s sorta a package deal (especially this year). But I completely agree with that, people shouldn’t complain that he gets called more because, after all, there’s a reason he’s infamous for “being sean avery.”

    Great reply.

  116. NO doubt the league is a joke when it comes to protecting the stars of the league……ovie/crosby/malkin/ and a select few others are gonna get away with stuff-no doubt i couldnt agree with you more….the penguins were handed game two to them tks to the OFFICIALS….

    but still its the manner in the way avery did it, he was yapping in the goalies ear and erskine was pushing him away from the crease and the ref comes over and it looks like the little scuffle is over but then he blindly takes a cheapshot jab at Varlamov, no need for that, ovie with his celebration bush league, ovie shooting pucks at the rangers net yes bush league……

  117. Patrick Brennan….you don’t post here because of people like me? Oh jeez…maybe I am the Avery of this blog taking you off your A game? That’s all it takes? To tell you that your opinion is one of ignorance. Gee…that was tough.

    True Fans has spoken and his facts are clear on Avery and what he does for the team. At 2-0 last night, we already lost the game. Cally’s post and 30 secs later down 2-0, game over.

    Did Avery step over the line? Yes, a little. But if it was tied up at the time, I am guessing he would not have (impossible to say, but you have to assume his antics would not have been necessary.) Did Avery’s actions lose us the game last night? Not by a f-ing longshot. Name one other guy on the team who pissed off the other team? No one. Without him, the Caps would have had no one to worry about.

    We need Avery in the line up every night. Some nights he pulls aces, some nights he pulls deuces. But I bet you $1000 Torts wants this guy in the line up every night….so do I.

    So if your opinion is going to be one of emotion then you can bet your ass I will challenge you on it and call you out. If that makes you cry like a little biyatch and leave the blog, later dude.

    But to say the Rangers are better (this Ranger team) without Avery and that he should be benched is just flatout wrong. I would almost argue that they’d already be playing golf without Avery.

    Also Richtersgirl….most of the time you are pretty good on your thoughts. But your rant against Avery is misplaced. Ask 10 women if they ever thought that hacking someone, taking a shot at an opponent, bullying someone, or goading someone on the ice was important, all of them would probably say, “No.” Your comment about Avery says the just that. And it is WRONG. You go on to say this stuff about Avery ever getting a fair shake from the refs….do you think that will EVER happen again? No way! It’s part of the package.

    So if you want Avery to win the Lady Byng, keep dreaming. Avery is who he is and does what he does. He f-ed with their goalie last night and left the Caps (hopefully) thinking that he got a hack in on him. That is why he did it.

  118. Patrick Brennan on

    I was all for bringing Avery back and love the guy, but it is 100% clear calls are being made against the guy and non calls when stuff is done to him so he needs to watch his ass to a point.

  119. Joekuh – It’s crazy how much Nik Zherdev reminds me of Robbie Cano. on

    Uh. IIRC, when The Grate One gave Thomas that lovetap, it started a 4on4 that turned into 4 on 3 PP with about 3 minutes to go. Complain all you want about Avery, but his antics give us a chance to win. He makes our team better by getting the other team off their game. He’s not just randomly running around doing this.

    And as far as Z goes, I thought he actually played rather well last night. I didn’t see any dipsy doodling or between the legs behind the back passes. A couple times he went wide, but he did take some good shots. There’s a reason he played more minutes last night…

    I’m a Drury fan, but he’s killing us right now with his “injury”. Better to sit him.

  120. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Newman, i think i made the exact same point(s) while you were typing yours.

    It was a beautiful give – and – go, in hockey terms.

    Let’s hope the Rangers can make such synchronous plays tomorrow evening.

    To all the women here, I know my comment about field hockey can be read as disrespectful but it’s just saying hockey (as a man’s sport) is different in its physicality from ALL women’s sports. Fact. Don’t get me wrong, most women who ‘follow’ hockey only do so in order to impress their men (or future men). That’s cool, but i’m not going to listen to them. If you’re here posting and you can support your points (as RichtersGirl did in last post), I have all the respect in the world for you.

  121. True fans, quit while you’re ahead man.

    Regarding Drury, we should all appreciate him playing through the pain, but he needs to realize that he helps more by sitting out until he close to 100%, which he clearly is not.

    And that Washington Post blog, yea I’m sure they never leave early at the Verizon Center, ever. I bet most of those people there have been fans for the past 2-3 years max.

  122. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Brennan, i’m going to side with Newman and strongly recommend that you read his posts.

    Furthermore, i hate to ruin this delusion you have about Avery “kicking the crap out of
    First, I find your wording offensive and bordering racist. Keep it clean or get the Eff out. I’ll come on here and mix it up, but racial epithets have no place.
    Second, you seem a little mis-informed… Sean Avery 5’9 180-5 lbs. Donald Brashear 6’2 235lb!

    Re-consider both your request and your wording.


  123. What Avery did Looked kind of stupid and it didn’t accomplish anything, but It didn’t make any differance to the game one way or another. Torts on the other hand didn’t look very happy. I’m thinking he might anger manage Avery a bit.

  124. Richtersgirl on

    It really isnt a rant against Avery. Most of the games this season and playoffs he has been very effective and I have been happy with his effort and abilities. When i rant after a game it is usually based on what i just saw in the game not based on the players reputation or how they have been playing previously. If i think Redden had a good game, then i say he had a good game and I dont care if everyone hates him. Same goes for Avery. Most of the time I like his plays and his chippyness but when the refs are calling like they were last night i just wish he had mind to not punch people in the face. The first time he did it we were still in the game. All i’m saying is i get frustrated when he takes stupid penalties and gives one of the best power play units in the league time in the playoffs. Their power plays could get them right back in this series. Thats all i’m saying and please don’t say i’m wrong becuase it’s an opinion and I am allowed to have it just as you are.

  125. Patrick Brennan on

    Oh Christ True Fans….Stop being an over sensitive P.C Nancy….That term was used for him in the NY Post years ago.

    On a side note, Avery has done well in several fights with bigger guys than himself.

    I have a true hate for Brashear…a dirty piece of shyte player

  126. Richtersgirl on

    And obviously I know Avery is not winning a Lady Byng ever…but he is still expected to be a team player and not put his team down a man so much with stupid plays.

  127. Joekuh – It’s crazy how much Nik Zherdev reminds me of Robbie Cano. on

    I’m black and have to admit I can see a little gorilla in Brashear. Real talk. Something about the beard…

    True Fans, you lost the battle today after that “field hockey” comment . No matter how you try to explain it. Just move on man.

  128. Joekuh – It’s crazy how much Nik Zherdev reminds me of Robbie Cano. on

    Richtersgirl, it’s the double edged sword you get with Avery. He’s the new age instigator. Some of his penalties were warranted. Some were not. But to call em all stupid? Nah.

  129. Richtersgirl on

    Well i didnt think they all were stupid…Mainly the 2 punches in the face. The refs certainly looked out to get Avery last night especially with the goalie interference call.

  130. 1) There should NOT have been a penalty for the high stick on Rozy:

    Players and goalkeepers must be in
    control and responsible for their stick. However, a player or
    goalkeeper is permitted accidental contact on an opponent if the act is
    committed as a normal windup or follow through of a shooting motion,
    or accidental contact on the opposing center who is bent over during
    the course of a face-off.”

    2) Disagree with whoever it is that said Zherdev played brutally last night. As a matter of fact, that’s one of the best games I’ve seen him play recently. Clearly Tortorella was happy with the way he was playing as he was getting a ton of shifts in the 3rd. The line of Naslund – Dubinsky – Zherdev was the ONLY line that created much of anything in the 3rd.

    3) We need to stop taking dumb penalties. Simple as. Avery has to KNOW that there is a target on his head, and act accordingly. Whether it’s just or not doesn’t change the fact that he has to play knowing it. The goaltender interference call was horrible though. Looked more to me like Varlamov hit him than the other way around.

    4) Our effort needs to be WAY better than that in Game 4.

    5) Completely classless move by Ovechkin and Backstrom. I too would like reporters to ask the Rangers players’ opinions on it. At least make sure they know about it. Something to rile them up so we don’t see a game played with so little effort again.

  131. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Fair enough, Shoryuken. Gracias.

    Joekuh, hahahaha…ok. “You win.” Got me.

    I’m sorry, i consider calling any African American a “gorilla” ignorant. That kind of stuff loses my respect and proves your own intellect.

  132. Joekuh – It’s crazy how much Nik Zherdev reminds me of Robbie Cano. on

    Oh yeah, one more thing I wanted to comment on while I was thinking about it : The “ AO is one-dimensional” debate. I don’t think he’s one dimensional, I think in the 1st 2 games he was one MINDED. As in, as soon as he got the puck at his blue line, you knew he was gonna lug it all the way up the ice and then shoot from about the tops of the circles. You could call it as soon as he touched it. Last night, he passed the puck and went in close to shoot it. The whole Caps team did. They didn’t settle for the outside shots, kinda like a basketball game when a team decides to shoot in the paint instead of just raining 3’s all game. You have a higher chance to be successful if you’re shooting from up close than from outside. The Caps just showed more of that than we did last night.

    But, we’re still up 2-1. Need to get the PP going someway somehow. And PLEASE, FOR THE LOVE OF ALL, Can the D-Men play off-wing so they can shoot one-timers instead of those weak wristers all the time. This may surprise many, but Redden is the only one I’ve seen in the SERIES who seems to want to take those shots.

  133. If the Rangers players were smart they would just keep the who Backstrom and Ovechkin thing to themselves and take their anger out on the scoreboard tomorrow night.

    Personally, it’s immature but what else do you expect from two 20 something year olds from Russia. They don’t have any clue about the history of the NHL.

    Don Cherry for Prime Minister.

  134. tyree, what’s the difference if you lose by shutout or not? If they had lost 4-1 last night would you be feeling any different today? I don’t get that logic.

    Avery is not going to be suspended for anything or everything he did in Game 3. Nothing he did warrants a suspension.

    No Brandon, you are dead wrong.

    Domi28, likewise.

    FYI, the Rangers practice has been pushed to 3:30. So we’ll have a later update.

  135. Richtersgirl on

    True Fans – You make some ignorant comments about women – But that kind of stuff is ok?

  136. Carpy,

    You looked Handsome in the striped button down polo today. Keep up the good work buddy.

  137. Does anyone else think this series has no real “juice” to it, at least in terms of normal playoff intensity? I can’t recall really a single scrum after the whistle. The Rangers haven’t levelled anyone after a whistle for touching, or even breathing on, Lundqvist. Every whistle everyone seems to just stop…It is a very weird thing to see.

    I was thinking how at the end of the game last nite it wouldve been primetime to take a cheap shot on Ovechkin…I really have no patience for him.

  138. Patrick Brennan on


    I think the refs need to be clued into this since I remember a few calls made on sticks to the face on wind-ups….unless that rule only counts when its rangers getting hit in the face and not doing the hitting.

  139. Patrick Brennan, you can’t say that. You’ve been editied and warned.

    Jay, thank you. You couldn’t see my grubby beard though. Plus, I don’t want to look too good.

  140. I just want to clarify something, because of a comment I made about field hockey. I was in no way disparaging girls or women or the sport. In field hockey, if a stick comes up above the shoulder, play is stopped. If a goal is scored on a shot on which the stick comes too high, the goal is disallowed. That’s all I meant. You don’t want a league where 100 mph slap shots are outlawed, where it turns into 60 mph wristers only.

  141. Can we sign Domi for a game and have him throw his infamous elbow to Greens head when the refs aren’t looking?

    I’d bring back Hunter from retirement and have him hit Ovechkin as hes making a b line for the boards after he scores.

  142. A regular season shut out doesn’t really bother me (unless it’s after the All Star break)… but to me, playoffs are a new season.. the game is more entertaining and players actually start trying (unless their name is Ryan Callahan.. because he tries in every game)… to be shut out, on home ice… to a team with a NOBODY for a goalie… it just angers me… it’s unacceptable.

  143. No kidding, who cares if you lose 10-0 or 1-0? GA and GF aren’t tie breakers in the playoffs.

    To be honest, I’d rather have lost the way we did last night.

    I always say, it hurts more when you bring you best game, you’re A+ game, and lose close, opposed to bringing your C-/D+ game and getting killed. Playoff hockey is all about mind set.

    The Rangers brought a crap game and had a crap outcome. That’s easy to swallow.

    Losses previous years to Buffalo and Pitt arguably had greater impacts on the mindset of the team because we were playing our A+ game and still getting beat.

    At that point you ask yourself, are they just better?

    We’re not in that boat.

  144. Honest Observations from the Caps Owner after last nights game…some pro’s, some cons…

    My experience at MSG was quite interesting. We were situated in a suite on the 10th floor. MSG suites are NOT plush like Verizon Center suites and they are built at the highest parts of the building. The in game experience is also not similar to a Caps game. I think we program our games with more care. I was surprised that with 7 minutes left in the game and we were up 3-0, MSG emptied out. There were less than 10K fans left in the building. The building gets very quiet when the Rangers are down but WOW was the building loud when the game started! The cheering and the singing and clapping during the singing of the National Anthem brought out goose bumps for me.

    I also would like to thank the staff at MSG for being really terrific hosts. I mean it. The people in NYC were very hospitable and gracious and classy to us. It was noted and very much appreciated. Thank you.

  145. i would have liked to see a glimmer of hope at the end of the game yesterday…but that’s probably just because i was there and didn’t get to sing the goal song once :(

  146. lay off Sean on

    it is sickening to hear halfway Ranger fans bitching about Avery. when he does his thing and the Rangers win, they are all right with it. but, just lose one game, and those same half-fans are moaning and criticizing him

    first of all, the rangers stunk last night, just as coach Torts said. so there was no way that ANYTHING Avery did had any effect on the outcome of that loss.

    what Avery did was what he always does, only this time the opponent and the refs were havving theings their way, so you write it off as experience, and you move on to the next game learning from that one.

    Avery knows now that he will have to be more careful in who and when and how far he does his thing, in order to help the team. but, last night was a lost cause no matter what he or Cally or Henrik did.

    sometimes you’ve just got to give credit to the opponent, who just happen to have more talent than the Rangers do, and expect that on occasion they are going to have things fall their way and no matter what the rangers or their fans try to do to get them off their game, it did not work.

    so, like Torts said, forget it, they stunk, let’s figure out how to get the Rangers going in game 4, because that will be the deciding game in this series, let’s face it

    Avery’s record with the rangers speaks for itself. they win about 2 to 3 times as often with him, as without him. so, I have no problem with his antics, because more often than not it works, just like it did in game 1 when he interfered enough with green at the blueline to enable Gomez to walk in and score

  147. Shoryuken, normally the players and coach are available after practice. If it’s an optional practice, then Tortorella doesn’t go on the ice and he sometimes is available during the practice. We can go in the lockerroom once the players begin leaving the ice for an optional, and after the coaches leave the ice for a regular practice.

  148. Pavel
    April 21st, 2009 at 3:17 pm
    Ok, I just want to hear the goal song without having to play it from my cell!

    You and a thousand others

  149. Avery has to put up with being tripped, cross-checked, held and slashed all game with NO help from the refs. As far as I’m concerned, he can go Chris Simon on someone and I won’t care.

  150. Richtersgirl on

    April 21st, 2009 at 3:21 pm
    Avery has to put up with being tripped, cross-checked, held and slashed all game with NO help from the refs. As far as I’m concerned, he can go Chris Simon on someone and I won’t care.

    PAvel — Thats until he pulls a Hollweg and puts our team down for too long and gives the other team life and the chance to win the series when we probably would have came back and won.

  151. Carp – I also would have liked to score at least one goal, especially to give Varlamov something to think about. Posting a shutout just gives him more confidence in the next game. Well, hopefully he gets overconfident and lazy; that’s the best we can hope for. It’s always better to get one rather than zero.

  152. Avery rarely pulls anything bush league, though. Has he ever checked someone head first into the boards like Neil, Pronger, etc? Bettman just wants to make an example of him. He wants to exaggerate anything Avery does to ban him from the league.

    I’m just hoping that Avery scores an epic goal to rub it in their faces!

  153. are the rangers going to resign callahan? i want to know before i buy a jersey with his name on it.

  154. Spiderpig. That’s a fair and good point, about getting one on Varlamov. But the fact that somebody would rather lose 6-1 than 4-0, that one is acceptable the other is unacceptable, I don’t understand.

  155. Doodie Machetto on

    Is the live chat available for download as a podcast?

    Last night was terrible. But, we were due to poop the bed. I just hope they can shake it off and go back to playing good hockey.

    I left last night after Poti scored. It was the first time I’ve ever left a game early, but they just made me so sick watching them, especially after Poti scored.

    The 2nd goal was the end of the game. My section (402) was cheering after Callahan shot because we thought he had scored, and before the confusion was clarified, it was in our net. Double deflating- not only did we not score, THEY scored. I remember in the ’94 final there was a play where Vancouver scored, but it went in and out really fast, and, if memory serves me correctly, play continued and the play ended with a Rangers goal. However, upon review, they took away the Rangers tally and gave one to Vancouver and adjusted the clock. It was brutal. Anyone remember what I’m talking about?

  156. the Rangers will have to keep the puck behind the Caps net as much as possible wed, because the caps are too talented to let them just control the puck in open ice and chase them all night.

    keep the puck against the end boards behind varlomov, and kill time, and make their dmen work, and then try wraparounds and crease crowding tap ins, potting a couple, and at least forcing faceoffs in their end.

    if the caps have to go 200 feet to score, and the puck is less often in the hands of their forwards, then you have the best chance to neutralize their strengths

  157. My daughter played field hockey, so I kinda had a feeling you guys were alluding to that, not putting down womens sports. Since I’ve been coming here, I’ve never seen TruFans or anyone make sexist comments against the ladies and didn’t think they would either. If he DID, well then we’ll just have to take care of him ;-)

    There is an Avery double standard. I usually stick up for him but I thought his punch to the goalies face was a bit much, AND said so. then someone mentioned he got whacked in the leg. I’d really like to see the whole play again. I love how Avery plays and the energy he brings, and I’ll be honest, a lot of times I’m disgusted by what happens to him that’s not called and he’s gettin pretty lame calls, but sometimes he DOES do things ya just gotta ask yourself why.

    Hopefully they come out like maniacs tomorrow and really man up and take it to ’em!! I’m still kinda bummed today about their lack of urgency last night, but I think they’ve learned their lesson an tomorrow will be a different story!!


  158. Richtersgirl
    April 21st, 2009 at 11:04 am
    You can’t compare hockey now to the 70’s and 80’s….theres a lot of differences and one of them is you can’t just punch someone in the face and expect nothing to come of it. He should know that yet he did it twice. The problem is the Capitals are being smart and not letting his stupid antics get to them. I always wondered why teams couldnt just ignore Avery…Caps are doing it now and benefiting from it. Instead of Caps taking stupid retaliating penalties Avery is taking them himself. Thats sign #1 that we are in big trouble.

    richtersgirl- i dont think avery getting under their skin was really gonna do much anyway. the only thing that will get on their nerves is by us scoring on them, and beating them in the final score. the caps were pretty desperate way before the game. ovechkin was scared sh@@less of going down 3-0 in the series. i think last night we had maybe the best chance of puttin this team down for good. but you know the rangers. its never easy with them. they have to be the most indecisive, scared team ive seen in awhile. i’ll say this again like last night. the only reason we are even remotely in this series is because of hank. i wanna see how they bounce back from this, but they gotta get their pp to score. whatever theyre doin its not working. they should accidentally scored a couple more by now. that is the main thing killing us. they get scared when trying to set up. they overplay the puck and it seems only gomez is capable of starting a rush. but when he gets in the zone, the caps players are skating better and getting to the puck without any resistance from us, bam they clear it. you could go on and on about why it is so bad. but you know. you watch the games. 0-6 is horrible no matter if you have a pp qb or not.

  159. Hartford Whalerpack on

    I’m pretty sure Simeon Varlamov took his former KHL team to the finals…so don’t write him off as an unexperienced kid who has never been in a pressure/playoff position.

  160. Devils Fan here!!

    First: You want real revenge??? I say, take game 4 at home, it puts Rangers up 3-1 and right before the clock hits zero, have Orr and Dubinsky block Alex, and Nicholas from going to the locker room, and drag them with the other Rangers to center ice and make them salute along with them!!! Since its obvious they love to salute. Now that would be the sweetest “payback” ever..

    Second: You guys have a 2-0 advantage going in to G3. Did you expect Washington to get swept? Welcome to PLAYOFF HOCKEY.. When a team loses just 1% of your urgency to win, you get smeared… You guys are turning on your team over 1 loss!!!! I dont care if the score was 52-0, it only counts as 1… You pick up your pieces and you battle the next battle harder than ever…

    I’m almost ashamed to be your enemy!! I thought you had more heart than that. You guys are full of it. Yes, you got crap calls, yes the refs are gunna watch Avery. Thats what the Rangers signed up for when they signed him!! If he makes a penalty and they miss it, the NHL will call for their heads for not watching him. Rally together and lets hope to meet in the Finals!!!! Like the good ol’ days!!

    You’ll win this round, don’t worry.

  161. Doodie, you’re referring to Game 6 against the Canucks. We were down 3-1, Canucks got the goal, no one saw it go in, Rangers came back and scored…then they checked. So it was 4-1 instead of 3-2, and that was the final score.

  162. spider- i hope varlamov is over confident from gettin a shutout. the 1st goalwe score on him tommorow will bring him back to earth.

  163. There is a number of goalies in the league that should’ve paid part of their salaries to the Rangers just for making the names for themselves in games against them. Varlamov was good, but again, they MADE HIM look awesome. I wonder how’d he looked in our net against Caps.

  164. Doodie Machetto on

    Adam: YES. That’s exactly what it felt like, except on a much smaller scale.

    Although, I was actually at this game, so it was a good stomach punch.

  165. doodie…everyone at the garden thought it was in…EVERYONE…even rosen on the broadcast yelled SCORES!

    then when the caps came down the other way, i turned to my dad who was sitting next to me in section 304, and said “this is where they score”…and sure enough, cally flies off backstrom and they bury it

    that was the end of the game, really.

  166. Shoryuken, it’s all my fault!!! I got 2 coffees instead of one! I will NOT make that mistake tomorrow! I got 2 because I thought it might be an OT game and wanted to have enough lucky coffee. Damn damn damn!!!

    Please, we can’t afford Avery going Hollweg on anyone!! I thought we’d gotten past bringin that hockey calamity up, but I guess not ;-)

  167. I think the Rangers #1 priority will be to sign Callahan. He is their future (on this roster) along with Staal, Henry, and maybe Dubi.

    Here is the thing with Avery that bums me out and Richtersgirl is right from this perspective….He is never going to get the benefit of the doubt. No way. Erskine pushed him into the crease and he tried to move out of the way, clipped Varlamov, and got a penalty. I think 9x out of 10 that penalty goes to Erskine or nothing gets called. But this time it was Avery. In that regard, Avery hurts the team. But that type of play is not Avery instigated in my view. And overall, this was part of the deal in signing Avery. To counter that he has drawn a handful of penalties and he has put up some decent #s, despite being a marked man. You gotta take the good with the bad.

    Compare him Zherdev on the team: Maybe Z has less points produced than Avery since he joined the team…not sure on this, just guessing. Some days Z is lightning but most days he is a ton of flash with no substance. He never hits anyone (even in the playoffs where this is mandatory for everyone!) Is he ever a TRUE threat consistently? Sometimes he threatens the D or the goalie on the other team with his offense, but most of the time that turns out to be a dud.

    Which of those two is less of a contributor to this team so far in the series? It’s a no brainer. I talked with tons of people around me at the game last night and they were more put off by Z’s invisibility than A’s overvisibility.

    For Avery, the high stick to Poti, OK, maybe yes over the top. (But it is Poti! LOL.) The punch in Erskine’s face, stupid yes. But at that point, down 2-0 (or 3-0, can’t remember) it kind of doesn’t matter.

    They weren’t winning last night. They were not sweeping the Caps. They were a huge oddsmaker’s favorite to lose.

    I think it is safe to say that the winner of game 4 wins the series. I also think Avery has to pull aces not deuces for us to have a chance. And think how sick this team would be if Z played to his potential with a little heart?

    Maybe Avery and Zherdev are like the Scarecrow and the Tin Man in the Wizard of Oz. One with no brain, the other with no heart.

  168. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    How many backup goalies and backup, backup goalies have the Rangers made look fantastic this year? It’s gotta be around 4-6’ish.

  169. I don’t see how’s it better that we lost 4:0 doing nothing the whole game instead of say 3:2 in a real battle. The lack of will and urgency and that was the worst thing of all. I can accept the loss if they made everything they could to win but they made absolutely nothing!

  170. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Why is anyone suprised they lost 4-0?!

    The first two games could have gone that if:
    Game 1) Theodore doesn’t attempt his best Hoover Vacuum Cleaner impersonation.
    Game 2) Hank doesn’t play like a complete stud.

    The Caps are better in terms of offense and skaters overall. They were due to break through, they outplayed the Rangers everywhere except between the pipes.

  171. Ovechkin and that manly hop he does after scoring … here’s betting he retires early so that he can join Pierre McNugget and Milbury on NBC’s intermission-ary report

  172. Need to keep Varlamov busy he was very shakey playing the puck behind the net and making him go side to side, too much of the night they were peppering him like Jose in game one. Z is so frustrating it blows my mind, he needs to go to the west coast where that type of play is accepted. Avery needed to play like he did in 1 and 2, I think he gets overly comfortable at home because the fans love him. None of the lines seemed to be working. I’d love it if they did this, which i have seen work at different levels of puck. Rank your forewards 1-12 then play them as ranked, play the top 7/8 and pepper in the rest when guys are tired.

  173. true- im not surprised at all. actually, i said they were gonna take one of these next 2 games. i wished it was game 4 but we do have to realize that we are playing a better overall team besides the goaltending which seems is actually not a problem for them now. that was the thing i feared most. was that the goalie change would work. but for all the reasons to get mad at the team, it was just a matter of a desperate, backs to the wall washington that was not going to lay down. the avery thing wasnt a big deal either. maybe the punching penalty i didnt like, but if wed won, everyone would be smilin about it.

  174. dont know if this has been mentioned yet..
    last year, first round vs NJ, the rangers WON WON LOSS WON WON

    maybe we’ll get the same result this year?

  175. Backstrom and Ovechkin have done that shoulder bump after every win. That means they’ve done it 50 times this year-both home and away. You guys are the first to whine about it like three-year olds. All you have to do to stop them from doing it again is win. And if you’re so concerned about bush league acts, tell the people who run MSG to not hand out thunder sticks like it’s some freekin’ Arena Football game. And yeah, the advertisements on the glass were so classy.

  176. intermission-ary report- lol. aww man thats bad. he has a face for radio though. and hes goofy as hell. they had ovie as a guest on nbc once sittin between mcwhiner and dingleberry. it was an akward few minutes to say the least. ovie may be awesome at hockey, but hes a total geek. he was gigglin alot and had that stupid smirk like gomez has constantly.

  177. “And if you’re so concerned about bush league acts, tell the people who run MSG to not hand out thunder sticks like it’s some freekin’ Arena Football game. And yeah, the advertisements on the glass were so classy.”

    Amen to that.

  178. from Gross’ Blog

    Originally scheduled for 3 p.m., today’s skate was pushed back to 3:30 earlier in the day but the team meeting went long and the players didn’t hit the ice until about 4. No Paul Mara out there and Chris Drury is acting as the sixth defenseman, which is probably not the best indication that he’ll be able to play in tomorrow night’s Game 4.

    Without Drury, here are the lines:
    Sean Avery-Scott Gomez-Ryan Callahan
    Markus Naslund-Brandon Dubinsky-Nikolai Zherdev
    Fredrik Sjostrom-Lauri Korpikoski-Nik Antropov
    Aaron Voros-Blair Betts-Colton Orr

  179. kyle- nobody had a good game last night. id say our 4th line was the only good one. naz and cally had a few decent oppurtunitys and antro too. but other than that, perimiter stuff. aves was ok. you could see though caps were hungry. one prime example is the korpi breakaway, ovie caught up to him and completely took korpi out of the play. no shot, no penalty.reminded me of when zherdev did that once upon a time when he used to score and was getting better with his backchecking etc.. they outworked us. but i would like to see guys gettin in front of varlamov and tryin to bang home rebounds and get some dirty goals. dru is supposedly good at this, but hes hurt and hardly did that when healthy, torts needs to sit him for the rest of the series.

  180. Drury was terrible with two hands, what makes some of you guys think that he’ll be good with one??


  181. Drury was terrible with two hands, what makes some of you guys think that he’ll be good with one??


  182. “The sad part is the Caps have a PATHETIC defense. Who is their #1 guy.. Erskine? LMAO!”

    I think their #1 guy might be some guy name Green. You know, the one who led all defensemen in scoring and is a finalist for the Norris.

  183. “Without Drury, here are the lines:
    Sean Avery-Scott Gomez-Ryan Callahan
    Markus Naslund-Brandon Dubinsky-Nikolai Zherdev
    Fredrik Sjostrom-Lauri Korpikoski-Nik Antropov
    Aaron Voros-Blair Betts-Colton Orr”

    I like those lines. of course, I would rather have a kid brought up to replace Voros, but those first 3 lines look good.

  184. “We hit 1,000 comments for the first time in Rangers Report history. Great job by all you angry fans.”

    Now it makes sense why Carp always posts such Debbie Downer stats right after each of the last two wins.

  185. where is kaspar? i’d love to hear his opinion on Avery, goalie slapping, girls and field hockey, one-handed Drury, Ovie and Back-strom love making salute. Kaspar… where u at bro?

  186. “Hey Bill, who does Green’s hair – YOU ??
    Not that there’s anything wrong with that !”

    That’s the best you got, Tony? Who’s teaching you your one-liners? Avery? I guess I should be happy you didn’t throw in “sloppy seconds” too.

  187. man do we suck. we are stuck with terrible contracts for the next 5 years… “the king” had a worse GAA and Save Percentage then 3 devils goalies… one goal in two playoff games… sean avery getting every call against him.. no other player in the league would get penalized for these plays.. BUT hey we knew that would happen…he is a target and hense gets an example made of him.. who does that hurt? only us! who does that help? any other team in the entire NHL that we are playing! i wonder why no other team wanted him for free on waivers.. and this joke is on our top line?and our top power play unit. what a joke our organization is….

  188. ZzZz 13 ZzZz needs to Rule like he did in the season!! says Greg L. on

    Well well well , I read all of the stuff today and first off…Bill ,Ov is BUSH LEAGUE!!! To go and salute on OUR logo is pritty CLASSLESS for a guy who is Suppose to be a ROLE model!!!

    Getting 1 goal would have been better than being shut-out , BUT who cares , cuz game 3 we lost and ya can’t take it back!!

    Rick ( Devils fan) nicely put and thanks , we are AHEAD in this series and we NEED Avery , Zherdev, and to sit a hurt Drury.

    Women’s hockey is tough, violent ,aggresive , hard fought and yes there alot of skills there too!! I played field hockey with ladies and guys mixed and the woman player were very aggresive and played with crazy passsion!! To see ( Truefan bleed R@W )talking down to it …he is the idiot and for him to talk like racism bugs him yet he make deragrtory mark against women!?? (True fans has a big double standard going here…)

    Sean Avery …Bench our heart beat!!?? NEVER!! He had 1 bad game and were gonna throw him under the bus and call him a detrement!!?? Silly , Silly ..we need him and we lost because we played like pussies and we were not ourselfs!!

    Having Subway on the glass is the stuipest thing I ever saw at a game!! Well the euro have adverts on thier helmits , which is dumb , but this takes the cake!!

    Rangers are still in great shape having stole both games in Washington. series is closer but we are still in the drivers seat!!

    last thing…Doodie , Congrats on yer first game at MSG!! You were not jinx to us cuz the loss was unevitable. Better to have a stinker like this than a close game loss sometime cuz a loss like this really sinks in and reminds us of the task at hand will not be an easy one.

  189. Call me a Neanderthal, an “Old Time” hockey fan or whatever, but someone needs to send an immediate message to Ovechkin and Backstrom the next game. I know it won’t happen, because we are simply not tough enough.

    And there is still NO excuse for the pathetic effort the Rangers put out last night – Henke, Avery, Cally and maybe a few others excepted.

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