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First well get the news out of the way, and come back in a little while with some John Tortorella quotes.

Chris Drury skated in practice and the Rangers did not recall anybody from Hartford, so it looks as if either he will play Game 4, or Aaron Voros will take his spot if he doesn’t.

The only other newsworthy info is that D Paul Mara did not practice. He appeared to get banged up during Game 3 — don’t know if it was that bum shoulder he hurt late in the season — although he kept taking his shifts Monday night. You’d have to think the Rangers expect him to play, again, because they didn’t call up a defenseman from Hartford.

Drury, who took a couple of practice shifts in Mara’s spot just to fill holes, said he doesn’t know about Game 4.

“I repeat myself, but every day it feels better,” Drury said about the arm/wrist/hand injury that is still a state secret.

Asked if he is questionable for tomorrow’s game, Drury said, “I hope not,” although Tortorella said he’s day to day.

“The best I can say is it’s just day to day,” Drury also said. “That’s how I’m playing it. That’s how he’s playing it.

“Obviously I’d like to be doing more, helping us win more. I’ve been fortunate in my career not to be watching too much, but yeah, it’s definitely frustrating.”

Tortorella said, “Our team, they know one another and Chris is a big part of it and they want him part of it and they know how much he wants to be part of it … did I say ‘part of it’ enough? So I’m encouraged today as of practice.

“But sure everybody’s pulling for him. He’s likeable. He has a story line behind him, how hard he plays, and he’s a big part of the club as far if you want ot win. So if you’re thinking abou winning, you want him part of it, so I’m sure they’re pulling for him.”

Asked about whether the pressure has shifted onto the Rangers, Drury said, “I think of the old saying: pressure comes when you’re not prepared and I know we’re going to be prepared mentally and physically. If somebody said starting the series you’d be up 2-1 with Game 4 in your building, I think we’d take it.”

He’s right, you know. Kevin Lowe — a six-time Stanley Cup champion — used to say that there’s momentum swings within playoff games, but that momentum doesn’t carry over or swing from one game to the next.

If the Rangers win Game 4, they’ll be in the driver’s seat, up 3-1. If they lose Game 4 to go even at 2-2, they can still grab hold of the series by winning Game 5. One game has nothing to do with the next.


Tortorella, asked what he’d like to see better in Game 4, simply said, “defense.”

I asked him if, after watching the video, it was worse than he originally thought after the game, he said, “It wasn’t as bad as I thought it was, but it was bad enough. And we’ve played good defense along the way here and we’ll be better tomorrow night.

“It was watching the puck. And we weren’t in bad position, but when you’re watching the puck you pull yourself out of position. Along with a number of other things, but we’ll try to cure those also tomorrow.”

About addressing the team about being up 2-1 after the loss:

“We are (up 2-1). You have to be real careful. You can’t get too high when you win and you can’t get too low when you lose. That’s what’s so great about the series; what’s so great about the National Hockey League playoffs, is that you get to do it again tomorrow night. As I’ve said, the’ve grabbed the momentum. We need to try to grab it back. And if you win a hockey game you can grab back momentum.”

“I think last night was one of our better games in generating some offense, some offensive-zone time. I give Washington some credit. I thought htey played well when we had some opportunities to make the next play, as we spent more time in their end zone. But we forgot about the other end.”

“We need to get a big play at a key time. … What if Ryan Callahan scores that goal and it’s 1-1? Maybe we feel a little bit better and have some confidence.  But him not scoring and then, bang, they come down and score and we miss our coverage, you get knocked into a hole. So there are so many ebbs and flows of games, and surges, those are the key situations.

“Hopefully we get a big play, or a good bounce, a lucky bounce to give us a lead and maybe knock them back on their heels.”

Later, discussing Avery, he said “Sean’s been a pretty effective player. I don’t think we win this series of Sean’s the headline player, I’ll put it to you that way. But Sean’s been effective as far as forechecking and tips and rebounds in the blue. But I don’t think we’ll win the series if Sean Avery’s going to be our best offensive player.”


You guys have probably seen this before, or maybe not, but in February Alex Ovechkin nearly killed himself and Mike Green in a joyride in a utility cart. It’s scary how close he actually came to serious injury.


Somebody who’s been around a long time said yesterday: “The good thing is that Ovechkin hasn’t scored a goal. The bad thing is that Ovechkin hasn’t scored a goal.” I agree. The guy is bound to bust out.

Sorry, forgot to post the Game 3 game summary and event summary earlier. Here they are.

Finally, that’s my photo from today. Just wanted to show you the beard that you couldn’t see on the video chat. Mangy, huh?

And if you missed our noon live video chat, you can check it out here.

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  1. Here is the thing. As soon as Ovie took a little bit of a step back, and stopped trying to take the whole game on his back, that is when the Caps had success. We were paying too much attention to him trying to score goals, and instead he was dishing off GREAT passes. So now, we have to focus on stopping other players too, and that is when number 8 is going to make a difference in terms of goal scoring. We are going to focus on Semin and Backstrom, and he is going to have a field day. We have to watch all of those guys, not just one or two.

  2. Carp, are you going to do a mid series beard pic slideshow? And did you get the one I sent you today?

  3. Rick

    I dont know why Torts hasnt stuck Avery on AO. Avery is a very underrated skater. I think he would be perfect to “shadow” him or Semin too…

  4. Nasty, that might be a bit too complicated, and a bit too much to ask of our overworked tech guy. We still have to figure out how we’re going to do the “after” photos and the voting.

  5. Plus, it’ll be way better to just do a before and after…with the after pictures arriving in mid-June.

  6. Noah, very wishful thinking and I LOVE IT!!!

    Ok Carp, I will stop sending you pictures like an idiot then, ha.

  7. Rangers management continues to astound me as to why no one has been called up to help in case of an injury. That and the fact that we continue to waste a roster spot on Orr. if it is because Hartford is in the playoffs I may shoot something.

  8. Liquid

    LOL no doubt. That beast on his face looks like it weighs more than his helmet…. LOL

  9. ZzZz 13 ZzZz needs to Rule like he did in the season!! says Greg L. on

    Well well well , I read all of the stuff today and first off…Bill ,Ov is BUSH LEAGUE!!! To go and salute on OUR logo is pritty CLASSLESS for a guy who is Suppose to be a ROLE model!!!

    Getting 1 goal would have been better than being shut-out , BUT who cares , cuz game 3 we lost and ya can’t take it back!!

    Rick ( Devils fan) nicely put and thanks , we are AHEAD in this series and we NEED Avery , Zherdev, and to sit a hurt Drury.

    Women’s hockey is tough, violent ,aggresive , hard fought and yes there alot of skills there too!! I played field hockey with ladies and guys mixed and the woman player were very aggresive and played with crazy passsion!! To see ( Truefan bleed R@W )talking down to it …he is the idiot and for him to talk like racism bugs him yet he make deragrtory mark against women!?? (True fans has a big double standard going here…)

    Sean Avery …Bench our heart beat!!?? NEVER!! He had 1 bad game and were gonna throw him under the bus and call him a detrement!!?? Silly , Silly ..we need him and we lost because we played like pussies and we were not ourselfs!!

    Having Subway on the glass is the stuipest thing I ever saw at a game!! Well the euro have adverts on thier helmits , which is dumb , but this takes the cake!!

    Rangers are still in great shape having stole both games in Washington. series is closer but we are still in the drivers seat!!

    last thing…Doodie , Congrats on yer first game at MSG!! You were not jinx to us cuz the loss was unevitable. Better to have a stinker like this than a close game loss sometime cuz a loss like this really sinks in and reminds us of the task at hand will not be an easy one.

    btw this is a repost ( I posted it right before the new one came up, doh!)



  11. why not call up AA just in case?

    really is the AHL playoffs really that important to his development?

    He is going to get a chance to be on the big club next yr…why not get him into the lineup if Drury cannot go.. How is Drury’s hand going to get better while he is playing?????I am curious to what his actual injury is……

  12. can i have his job, Josh is still 26. And I’m 29.

    LIQUID, i don’t know if Zipay meant me, but he sure could have been talking about me when I blog with you guys on road games sometimes. I am guilty of “borrowing” stuff floating around the web. But I do think he was talking about more fringe people who literally never go to practice or games and blog anyway.

    barely hanging on, yes we are. Watch out for that bus.

  13. czechthemout..... on

    Stuart- dead on on drury. The refs sucked last night.
    How about that phantom call on cally.

  14. Screw Zipay. His blog sucks. He can’t even write a complete sentence . . . without . . . putting . . . an ellipses . . . bettween . . . every . . . word.

    Carp, I don’t agree with Lowe’s statement that there’s no momentum between games. I think that’s just something a player or coach says when momentum is going against them in a series. Case in point: in your live chat today (great job btw) you mentioned that it is somewhat silly that if the Rangers lose tomorrow and the series goes 2-2, they’ll feel down about that, but had both teams won their own home games, they’d feel great. That’s because of inter-game momentum within a series. Blowing a 2-0 lead with two straight home losses is tough on the psyche.

  15. The internet is open, I think it’s OK to borrow info here and there to blog. I think to rip off word by word gets people a little upset.

  16. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Greg L. wears a skirt and plays field hockey along with the girls.

    Greg, if you don’t know what I said don’t comment.

    You’ve been proven to be least knowledgable fan on this board, of those who have yet to leave. I believe Salty’s got a couple great nick-names for you because you’ve proven so inferior to the rest here.

    What I said did not belittle women or female sports.

    You, on the other hand, have called people on here “retards.” Save the speech, read some hockey news, you need as much info as you can get in order to keep up with some of the big boys on here.

  17. I read some place that Drury had a broken hand. If his hand is broken why would he or Torts even consider him playing. He couldn’t do anything, there is no sense in it.

  18. They say in a seven game series, the best team will always win.

    While it’s nice to be up 2-1, the Rangers cant say they played a complete and solid game, controlled play and won..such as the Caps did last night. We have only scored 5 goals in 3 games…A convincing win needs to happen, or these last 4 games wont be fun.

    Thats just my opinion, but it is all on the line tommorrow..I just dont see us squeaking a 1-0 win tomorrow.

  19. We watch a sport that has goalies and those goalies need to be rattled by men with balls. Who’s gonna do it? You? You, Mr Bettman? Those men have a greater responsibility than you can possibly fathom. You weep for Crosby and curse Avery; you have that luxury. You have the luxury of not knowing what I know: that Avery’s play, while questionable, probably got the Rangers into the playoffs and that his existence, while grotesque and incomprehensible to you, makes the NHL marketable. You don’t want the truth because deep down in places you don’t talk about at parties you want him in the league, you need him in the league. We use words like crash, crease, effort. We use then as the backbone of a career trying to win something. You use them as a punchline. I have neither the time nor the inclination to explain myself to a man who rises and sleeps under the blanket of the entertainment that Avery provides and then questions the manner in which he provides it. I would rather you just said “thank you,” and went on your way. Otherwise, I suggest that you pick up a pen and tender your resignation. Either way, I don’t give a damn what you think you are entitled to.

  20. barely hanging on on

    “barely hanging on, yes we are. Watch out for that bus.”

    right, Carp. I almost got run over by a bus with Keanu Reeves on it. it wouldn’t stop

  21. ZzZz 13 ZzZz needs to Rule like he did in the season!! says Greg L. on

    Finished watching Rick & Jane’s video chatt and talk about lot’s of Opinion ..which is nice to see from you guys. You still going with Caps in 6 huh? I’m still going with my Rangers in 6 but who knows , maybe Rangers in 7 . It could go as good as Rangers in 5 , we’ll see because thats why they play the games.

    On your video Chatt Carp really hit home about the “diehard” Rangers fans not being there anymore ,wow !!I thought that but never wanted to say anything but you did and as sad as it is , it could be quite true. I am a “diehard” fan and I show alot of passion , some people on here take it as me being weird , strange or dumb ..who caress , I say ..I ‘m a “diehard” and If I come across as strange or what ever ….I’m the fan who screams at the end of the anthem , I have tear’s when I see my team win a championship , I respect that our team is the “new” Rangers and wont publicly bash managment or be a detrement to my club. If bloggers on here want to say bad things about our team ..fine..opinion is opinion but sometimes I may have my say . Im a “diehard” so it could get ugly!!

    I got your back. I’m a diehard & proud of it. My kids & grandkids think I’m crazy when we all get together to watch a Ranger game.
    Our family has superstitions & traditions that we follow. Like we hang our 18 Ranger hats around the house during the season & we bring out our 18 Ranger jerseys & hang them on the walls of our living room during the playoffs.
    My house looks like the Rangers pro shop.
    DIEHARD RANGER FAN – that’s me & I got a whole family just like me.
    So if you want to trash our team it’s your choice , but I’ll argue with you.
    It’s like my family, I can call my kids asshole, but you better not !!
    We’re still up 2 games to 1

  23. ZzZz 13 ZzZz needs to Rule like he did in the season!! says Greg L. on

    Alright !!! Tony from AZ , wow!! 18 Ranger jersey’s around the walls!! very , very impressive. F***ing cool!!!! Excellent to see a Ranger “diehard” you my friend a definatly one.

  24. To complain about the officiating just gets old. The officiating sucks every night. Everyone gets jobbed. The Rangers do too much standing around in their own zone waiting for Henrik to bail them out. They are making it too easy on Vharlamov out there. This kid isn’t even old enough to drink yet they make him look like Ken Dryden. One goal in two games against this kid ?? Time to run him and pounce on some rebounds, the kids got happy feet. I watched him from the worst seats in MSG section 428. let regroup fellas, Lets go Rangers !

    The Mouth

    Ranger Crisis # 22

  25. Still Gotta Fire Sather on

    “But sure everybody’s pulling for Drury. He’s likeable. He has a story line behind him, how hard he plays, and he’s a big part of the club as far if you want to win. So if you’re thinking abou winning, you want him part of it, so I’m sure they’re pulling for him.” – Torts

    yeah I’m definitely pulling for Drury, I’m pulling for him to pull himself from the lineup and do what’s best for the TEAM…

    and here we go again with the “storyline behind Drury”, “if you wanna win you need Drury”, “Little League World Series Trophy”, blah blah blah…love Torts, but after 2 months with the team he’s now officially under the same spell as most of the media with these Drury myths…Drury was a 4th liner when BU won the NCAA title (straight from his coaches mouth) and was a 3rd liner on a STACKED Avs team that won the Cup, so to talk about him like he’s some irreplaceable player that you can’t win without is crazy…can he contribute to a winning team? yes…but don’t act like a team can’t possibly win without him…how far did Drury, as co-captain of a STACKED Sabres team, take Buffalo when they were heavy favorites to win the East? and we didn’t exactly crumble in Game 1 without Captain Clutch, did we?

    it’s the Stanley Cup playoffs, he’s playing with 1 arm, bringing absolutely NOTHING to the table and actually hurting us by playing, but yes Torts, I’ll pull for Drury because he’s “likeable” and he’s “trying”…what a hero

  26. Meanwhile, if the Rangers actually blow the 2-0 Series lead and lose to the Caps in 6 or 7 games….you know the BS will pour out from Drury, the media and Torts about how he was playing with a broken hand.

  27. I just saw that video on E:60. Wow, that was dumb, and im sure Mike Green was kissing his ass, laughing, even though he came close to death, or career ending injury. What a loser. I would have took OV by the hair, and smashed his face on the car, Tony Soprano style !

    Dreary still sucks. He hurts this team every game. That’s what he’s doing, and apparently that doesn’t matter to him. Real Captain.

  28. Call me bitter but I’m taking enjoyment out of Canes beating Devs 2-0 and the Habs going down 3-0 last night…

    Hopefully we can pull one out in Game 4

    bring up Ansimov

  29. Kaspar
    April 21st, 2009 at 8:04 pm
    Call me bitter but I’m taking enjoyment out of Canes beating Devs 2-0 and the Habs going down 3-0 last night…

    Hopefully we can pull one out in Game 4

    bring up Ansimov



    that makes you and the rest of the rangers blue blooded community very *VERY HAPPY*

  30. No Country For Old Rangers on

    Gotta love the NHL.. Cindy crashes into Biron and the puck goes in off his arm and of course, after a brief review, it counts, no penalty. big surprise.

    I wonder if the same play happened with Avery and Varlamov what the outcome would be

  31. No Country For Old Rangers on

    Thoughts on last night’s game:

    Ovechkin spits a lot and Semin was all over the ice.


  32. Still Gotta Fire … I think you sell Drury short. He may have been on the third line on the championship team (I don’t know that he was, or believe that he was) but he did win a Hobey Baker in his career. And he was way more than a passenger on the Avs. I believe he scored 11 goals in 23 playoff games that Cup year. Scored a big one against the Rangers once upon a time as I recall.

    kph, I disagree with you on two fronts. One Zipay can put a sentence together.
    Two, I tend to believe a guy who won six Cups, went to another final, and a bunch of conference finals, too. I tend to believe one of the smartest hockey players and most underrated leaders in the history of the game. I tend to believe the guy most responsible for the Rangers’ calming down after the Devils scored with 7.7 seconds left in Game 7, and for engineering the comeback from 0-2 against the Canadiens two years later. He knows what he’s talking about. And since he told me that, I’ve been paying attention, going on 15 years now. I see it every series. There is no momentum from game to game. None. You saw it last night. If there was momentum, the Rangers win Game 3. There was none.

    And, regardless of how Drury played this year, I’d rather have him in the lineup than Voros, even in a 5-10 minute role. Whatever you guys think of him, or I think if him, his teammates really do respect him.

  33. Mouth, I forgot to thank you. The bashing the refs is really old. They are not very good, and we know that, but I will repeat: When you complain that every single call goes against your team, and none ever go for your team, you sound like Pittsburgh fans. Penalties or lack of penalties didn’t even play a minor role in the Game 3 loss.

    The striped guys are bad both ways.

  34. Linda misses NY @ playoff time on

    Jane McManus
    April 21st, 2009 at 5:40 pm
    Wonder if his beard would just be considered upper body in that case.

    Jane, that is freakin classic!

    WOW! i gotta go back and read the posts again because you are all on fire tonight!! thanks for getting me outta the ‘bummed about the loss phase!”

  35. Linda misses NY @ playoff time on

    I don’t think Zip was talkin about Rick there…and Rick, when you wrote you ‘borrow’ stuff, you ALWAYS credit where you got it from. And the posters here that go there also do the same thing.

  36. Linda misses NY @ playoff time on

    No Country For Old Rangers
    April 21st, 2009 at 8:42 pm
    Thoughts on last night’s game:

    Ovechkin spits a lot and Semin was all over the ice.


    thanks for making me choke…NO PUN INTENDED!!!

  37. I think the worst part about the Ref’s is that there are two of them and they still screw it up!

    But, I agree and it is getting old. I feel that the Rangers will have a bounce back game tomorrow.


  38. No Country For Old Rangers on

    Carp- Great points on Lowe, the guy is a legend. Thanks for taking me back to 94 for a minute

  39. Linda – This is the clip of Avery “punching” Varlamov. It looks like Varlamov *tapped* Avery on the leg to make him turn around.

    LIQUID – That’s a funny video on a boat that you posted. I’m guessing that’s on their CD that I just bought.

    Carp – Wow, I had never seen that video or heard about Ovechkin and Green on the cart.

  40. Still Gotta Fire Sather on

    Carp- my point was that it was a STACKED Avs team (Sakic, Forsberg, Roy, Bourque, Hejduk, Tanguay, Blake, Foote, etc.) and as the “legend” of Chris “The Clutch Winner” Drury has grown out of control (especially in the media), he’s gotten more credit than he deserves for that Cup…I’m not denying he played a part in helping them win though…and here’s the direct quote from Jack Parker, BU coach:

    However, while Terriers head coach Jack Parker is quick to mention Drury when discussing that 1995 championship team, it’s not necessarily how he’d like to be remembered.

    “Chris Drury was a fourth line center on that team,” Parker said, “and he never played the power play. That’s how good that team was.”

    I’m not gonna deny my dislike of Drury, and maybe it comes off like I’m selling him short, but that’s only because I feel like he’s been overrated for years, and also because he’s gotten a MAJOR pass from the NYR media and the fans for 2 years now (most fans have started to come around though)…how else can you define his time as a Ranger so far except as a major disappointment? whether you judge him by his personal stats or by WINNING, a.k.a. the “Chris Drury Standard” (squeaking into the playoffs 2 years straight and a possible 2 early playoff exits?) he’s been a failure as a Ranger…

    most of us knew from the minute Drury signed that asinine contract that he wasn’t worth anywhere near $7 million per year…and I don’t blame him for taking the money, all the blame falls on that idiot Sather for offering it…I’m not expecting Drury to score 50 goals, but I AM expecting him to AT LEAST be everything he was during his time in Buffalo…his offense, his PP game, his two-way play, his leadership, his intangibles, his “clutchness”, you name it, EVERY aspect of his game has gotten worse since he came here…

    you sign that kind of contract in New York, you should know what the expectations are gonna be…what’s the old saying? “to whom much is given, much is expected”…no athlete in New York with that kind of contract would get a pass for this little production (even if they were “likeable” and “trying”), but somehow Drury pretty much has…and if you don’t believe me, just take a look at the heat Redden, Rozsival, Gomez, Zherdev, Naslund, etc., have taken at different times this year compared to any heat Drury has gotten…

    bottom line: the issue now is that we’re in the playoffs, Drury playing injured is hurting the team, and sitting right now would be best for the TEAM…and I would feel the same way about anyone who’s injured and hurting the team by playing

  41. True fans bleed RW&B on

    Anyone going to game 5?!

    I’ll represent! Let me know if you’ll be there too, actually, it won’t be hard. If its not red, that’s me.

  42. Wow, I guess I’ll return the karma from the nice Devils fan earlier today but that was a pretty harsh screwjob on Brodeur in the Canes game.

  43. 2/10 of a second left in the game, and Marty gets beat

    he then threw a fit after the game

  44. Still Gotta Fire Sather on

    btw Carp I couldn’t finish without also saying that this is the best NYR blog on the net haha…the blog itself and the comments section have been a must-read every day since the Carp/Jane Takeover, keep up the great work

  45. Still Gotta … first, the Parker quote was saying how good that team was, not how bad Drury was.
    Second, and more important, I agree with you overall on Drury. When that previous season ended I wrote (in the newspaper, not on the blog, because it was Sam’s blog then) that the Rangers would go out and throw ridiculous money and sign B-list free agents like Drury and Gomez or Briere. People jumped up one side of me, and down the other. How could I call them B-listers? And people celebrated that July 1 day when both signed, like the parade route was planned and guaranteed.
    And I explained later that A-list stars are guys who score 40 or 100 points, guys like Jagr, and back in the day, Sakic and Forsberg, and today Crosby and Ovechkin and Malkin.
    All the money in the world wasn’t going to turn Gomez or Drury into something more than they are. They got all the money in the world and ridiculous expectations, and didn’t even live up to the reasonable expectations. They’ve both been complete busts.
    On the other hand, you put either one on a second line on a team with a legit first line, and minus the contracts, and they’re fine, fine NHL players, especiallu Drury, who takes faceoffs and is solid in both ends.
    He’s just terribly miscast as the top-billed forward on a team that doesn’t have a first line.

  46. no screwjob at all. he bumped into Jokinen way out of the crease, and way before the shot was taken.

  47. Still gotta … one more thing. It’s this kind of discussion that makes it great. You guys bring an awful lot to the table. (ps, love your screen name … but it ain’t happenin’).

  48. Watching Fatso get beat with only 0.2 seconds left was hysterical…

    But NOTHING is as funny as listening to that whiny, crying, girlie man Chico “How do I earn a living?” Resch basically bawling like someone just shot his puppy because Marty was bumped OUTSIDE OF THE CREASE!

    Chico…you truly are the worst announcer in sports. ANY sport. What an absolute tool.

    LOL! Well, that made my night. Keep crying Chico!!

  49. Doodie Machetto on

    Tell you guys what. Since It’s too hard for Rangers Report to update the beardcontest, I’ll let you guys e-mail me your photos and I’ll post them to the old beardcontest album on webshots from Nasty and I last season.

    In the e-mails, include your handle here, the date of the picture, and how many days without shaving you were on that date.

    Send the photos to

    I figure turnaround of about a day.

  50. This keeps my conspiracy theory alive. Boston obviously going to knock out the Habs, Pens over the Flyers and the Canes beat the Devils so throw in the trend of questionable calls in Game 3 of our series and you’ll get the Crosby/Malkin-OV matchup.

  51. The announcers were the best part of the Devils game….Brodeur is precious and no one can go near him. Please….there was no interference there…Brodeur was practically out by the circle!

  52. Carp- nice beard..reminds me of your old column pic from like the mid-late

    DO you get the feeling that Torts is gonna sit Drury?

  53. James (G) just the opposite. I think Torts wants him to play … but will minimize his minutes and role. I loved Dubinsky on that line in Game 1.

    About the beard, I’m trying to scan in one of my old mug shots from the paper with the long hair and the big bushy beard. Not this graying piece of rat hat I have growing now.

    Shoryuken, then you’d better watch what you say about me.

  54. If Avery bumped Marty in same situation, he would be penalized, fined, suspended, talked about on tv radio internet newspapers skywriting smoke signals brail, hung on a Cross, compared to the unibomber and son of sam, tossed in a turkish prison, given chinese water torture, tried in 23 countries, whipped, caned, put through the ringer, raked across the coals, steamed like a lobster, put on youtube and……

    cried about by a whiny lil beeyotch named Chico…..

  55. Marty came a good way out of the crease there…there was no way that Canes player could have known Marty was so far out.

    Don’t worry, Marty. If your wife or her sister won’t hold you tight tonight I’m sure Chico will dip his head in oil and nuzzle you to bed

    I’m still laughing about Chico’s crying.

    It was NOT a controversial goal. NOT EVEN CLOSE.

  56. Wonder if his beard would just be considered upper body in that case.

    jane- i think maras beard is its own entity. i think it tells mara what to do. i doubt mara could shave it if he wanted to. that thing has taken a life of its own

  57. I finally had to unmute my TV so I could hear Chico Resch go berserk after “Marty” got scored on with zero time left on the clock. I love the line “It was a bump Marty party tonight.” Priceless!

  58. Still Gotta Fire Sather on

    Carp- agree with that whole post, and thanks for the props on the name…Sather might still be running the team as of right now, but NJ lost with less than a second left to play, so overall today was still a good day for me

  59. Cheek-o goes, “Waaaah, waaaah, I want my mommy. my hero Marty got cheated. waaaaah !!!

  60. Doodie Machetto on

    “Doodie, are you going to rain on our beard party?”

    No way! I’m trying to facilitate the party! You said you can’t do “during” photos. I’m trying to post the “during” photos, to alleviate some of the burden on you and your I/T people.

  61. It’s a bit of a grey area:

    69.1 Interference on the Goalkeeper: Goals should be disallowed only if: (1) an attacking player, either by his positioning or by contact, impairs the goalkeeper’s ability to move freely within his crease or defend his goal; or (2) an attacking player initiates intentional or deliberatecontact with a goalkeeper, inside or outside of his goal crease. Incidental contact with a goalkeeper will be permitted, and resulting goals allowed, when such contact is initiated outside of the goal crease, provided the attacking player has made a reasonable effort to avoid such contact.

    Hey, I like the fact that the Canes tied the series, but if we lose tomorrow night on a similar play because someone bumps Lundqvist the blog might break 5,000 posts.

  62. Doodie Machetto on

    I will, along with all of the other San Diegoites… San Diegoans… San Diegans?

  63. True Fans is number 1 on

    great job chasing some of the losers away. don’t know how you did it but props to you anyway.

    by the way someone mentioned martys wife sister. its actually his half brothers wife.

  64. Fluery steals the game for Pens; 46-26 shots!!

    Flyers 0 for 8 on PP

    Sid got his daily gift from Bettmans’ wrestling referees

  65. Lol JB Resch did the most polite Five minute whine after that call. Under the Bettman Puritanical code The referee’s blew the call. but he just couldn’t say it.

    Why are these people so afraid to just say the referee’s are blind whistle happy automatons who perceive things that happen in some pseudo fawked up reality that has nothing to do with what happens on the rink at the games we attend.

    The Mouth

    Ranger Crisis # 22

  66. If Marty hadn’t been way out of the crease, he would have a case. As that wasn’t even close to the fact — in fact you could argue that Marty initiated contact because Jokinen was moving parallel to the goal line, not backing up — he has no case whatever.

  67. His half-brother’s wife…

    Ya know, that’s even worse. So much for the “bro code”

    Watching Marty get beat and lose it tonight wouldn’t have mattered all that much to me…but listening to Chico cry like I’ve never heard an announcer cry before just made it too damn hilarious.

    I’m still nervous about tomorrow night’s game. But the ass kicking they got might be what they need. The Caps are the better team, we know that. But so long as we have Henrik playing at the top of his game we have a chance.

    Damn shame we don’t have a working PP. Not even close.

    But I’m anticipating the Rangers coming out hard tomorrow night. And the odds have gotta kick in for a home team to win a game in this series, right?

    We’ll see…I’ll be ready.

    Now will someone head over to Carolina and give Chico a hug…I think he’s still crying.

  68. And i’ll agree wholeheartedly that Buttman wants a Cindy-Ovie conference final…just keep track of how the calls are going.

    The Pens were his favored team last year, they got calls all the way to the Cup finals.

    The Sabres were his favored team the year before, they got calls all the way to the Conference Finals.

    Let’s see how things start unfolding this season…but every hockey fan (and player…and coach…and GM) knows the Pens get the benefit of the most favorable officiating calls in the league.

  69. I respect Sutter for not crying in his press conference about the Jokinen play the way Chico and Daneyko did. Very refreshing.

  70. Rick
    You keep saying the refs are impartial but tonite right before Crosby scored his goal Mr. Fuji threw pepper in Biron’s face while Lou Albano eye gouged Mike Richards from behind…

    The refs made believe they saw nothing

  71. Ues..according to the rule you posted, part 2 of the rule is the one that applies, and the words deliberate/intentional in the beginning are the key words. I don’t think contact by Joikinen was intentional or deliberate which would make part 2 of that rule not apply, thus making the goal legal.

  72. Doodie Machetto on

    “The refs made believe they saw nothing”

    They were knocked out cold for 10 minutes from getting sneezed on

  73. I just came on here to say that I have been watching the Devils post game this whole time and its sickening to hear how the whole show has been them bitching and whining about that one call..I mean seriously, get over it! It really makes you appreciate the guys we have at MSG.

  74. Getlaf now pointing to the place he cut his chin shaving this morning and trying to get 4 minutes on the high-sticking call – and it works!!!

  75. Announcers are funny
    I had the Canes broadcast….I swear they never mentioned the contact until Brodeaur was leaving the ice slamming his stick around in very classy style..

    Also; you know that Ruutu on the Canes has to be a dirty player because every time he checked someone tonite they said “and another hard clean hit by Ruutu!”

  76. And yes, Chico’s worship of Marty and all things New Jersey Devil is grotesque and absolutely unwatchable. And by the way, Carp,’s coverage of the Rangers series is clearly being handled by some Caps fanboy. Equally annoying and totally unprofessional.

  77. i agree that drury has been a huge disappointment, i think everyone who signs a big contract with the rangers knows there are little to no real expectations of you from the management or the owner. there has been no accountability for over 10 years on the rangers (and despite torts claims that hed sit guys he hasnt done that yet). everyone knows the moment you strike a big deal with the rangers you get treated like a king and at the very least thats not gonna change until sather steps down

  78. Pete hopefully Torts starts clean next year…his team…this year he was basically dealing with Renney and Sather’s mess….a capped out, crapped out team

  79. ZzZz 13 ZzZz needs to Rule like he did in the season!! says Greg L. on

    Rick : ( or Jane , whomever is in charge of the beard contest)

    Why dont you run another contest and list the people who all put in a photo and we have to put the names to the faces. We can call you #1 and the photo after will be #2 and so on…you reveil the names and we not knowing whos who can geuss who is who…whom ever names the most correct wins!!!

  80. Who Needs Lohan on

    Nice buzzer beater!

    As for the Crosbitch goal, there is no question in my mind that if that was Avery they would disallow it. No question at all!

    May not apply but can I mention that the Mets suck!?!?

  81. Kaspar….

    Me thinks that Mara & Morris will be gone next year…especially since they are both UFA’s. Unless they are able to unload Rosy, then I believe that Mara would stay.

  82. Hey not to change the subject but

    I’ve been getting a free 2 week MLB preview..Man! are there some empty stadiums out there…Yankee stadium has empty seats..there was a game at Dodger stadium over the weekend; sunny 70 plus degrees…the place was emptier than I have ever seen Dodger half empty…

    Economic crunch?

  83. didnt see the goal that pissed marty off they didnt say anything about it on versus. instead, they were so overjoyed the caps won last night, that brian engblom was kind enough to spend about 5 minutes pointing out every little amazing thing ovechkin did last night. its so obvious they all want ovie and crosby in the finals. i would definitely love to see them play each other too. but not at the expense of the rangers. i hope torts comes to his senses and calls artie up for drury and puts staal back on ovie for most of game 4. give the kid another chance

  84. Doodie Machetto on

    Are the Sharks the kings of the EPIC FAIL or what?

    YOu know you’re team are all-time choke artists when you’re the President Trophy winners and you are arguably the underdog of the series before it is played.

    I know I picked Anaheim without hesitation. I was more confident in that choice over any other.

  85. mike in ia – Versus showed the goal as soon as it happened and then did the whole highlights of the game, showing Marty’s tantrum afterward.

  86. yea liquid. your probably right. morris is ok but not worth half of what he makes. we need to stop signing other peoples leftovers. give potter the job.

  87. I am still up in the air about Lauri Korpikoski. I really dont know what to think about him. He is a guy taken in the first round (19th overall in 2004), and he was never a natural goal scorer prior to the NHL.

    What the heck are his strengths and is he a Torts-type playa?

  88. Does anyone have a link to the video of Chico crying about the Rangers fans at the Rock after the Rangers eliminated the Devils last year? I looked for it on YouTube and could not find it anywhere.

    Now THAT was classic stuff. I happen to think Emrick is great to listen to, but Chico is really a joke.

  89. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Thank you. LoL, The crowd here has changed shifts … ironically mirroring the change in the Rangers management. I don’t want to go into anymore detail than that because 1-2 days ago that exact conversation started a whole hoopla.

    I do want say Carp is doing a fantastic job. Jane updating during the day plus Carp getting into the war room down here to add comments to/from the fans has made the whole LoHudBlog experience extremely interactive. Great job guys/gals.

    * True Fans is number 1
    April 21st, 2009 at 10:20 pm
    great job chasing some of the losers away. don’t know how you did it but props to you anyway.

  90. Liquid
    I get Korpi confused with Sjo

    and Doodie
    I picked the Ducks too…San Jose are the A-rods of hockey
    I just watched Thorton hesitate on a 4 on 3 about 12 ft from the net…should have fired right away but pumped twice and let everyone get in position to block his shot…

  91. ohh i must have blacked out or somethin. i did see highlights, but i missed the tantrum. i also had the st louis game online so it was hard to hear the tv. i am watchin the sharks ducks now. this series is really exciting. so much pressure on the sharks. 2-1 game though in the first. should be a good one. as much as i dislike the versus commentators and crappy production, its all i can get out here. better than nothin. but i do miss msg

  92. yea thornton has sucked so far. they loaded up that 1st line in game 2 , only got 1 goal. nice one by cheechoo. damn 2-2 already!!

  93. wow colombus has 2 goals this whole series with detroit?? and osgood was supposed to be horrible this year. i guess thats what a good defense can do for ya. . damn selanne got slammed!!!! holy crap nice hit. we need a dman that will do that tommorow night

  94. that’s the dream kaspar. there are about 6 players on this roster that id keep if i had my say

  95. The Ivy leaguers going at it …Parros vs Murray ,,,nice tussle,,,,

    call me nuts, but these West games are 10x more exciting than the East

  96. liquid- he was a 20 somethin goal scorer last year in hartford but he was good defensively. before that he didnt score that much, and also he came into the playoffs last season, his first game he scores a big goal. so there were some higher expectations but hes stuck on the 4th line now. i think he’ll be better next season. he seems like hes just gotta get a little nastier and work on his positioning in the offensive zone.

  97. Need to get AO off his game tomorrow…Problem is that it shouldnt be Avery…He would get penalty for skating into a 10 foot radius of AO…

    Gotta be someone like Dubi….Rangers really dont have that Power Forward winger to lock horns with a guy like AO.

  98. Chico’s rant was hilarious yet sad! Jokinen’s bump of Brodeur was even less a penalty than Avery’s interference on Monday which is to say that there is no way either deserved a penalty.

    Carp, I’ve been at most of the home games recently, was at Game 2 in DC and Game 3 on Monday and noticed that Avery’s been yapping at the refs from almost the first shift and I can’t help but feel that he hurts his own cause of trying to have the game called fairly since he already isn’t getting the benefit of the doubt. Any comments from Torts at practice today? Any thoughts from Avery or about Avery?

  99. liquid- our luck huh. we get redden, while chicago gets campbell and san jose gets boyle. even the islanders beat us out by getting streit. unreal!!!

  100. True fans bleed RW&B April 21st, 2009 at 9:56 pm

    Anyone going to game 5?!

    I’ll represent! Let me know if you’ll be there too, actually, it won’t be hard. If its not red, that’s me.

    I’ll be there as always.
    They have to take it to Caps.
    And please sit Drury.

  101. wonder if zherdev will score anytime soon. i hope he does get his 1st playoff goal. we really need a guy with his shot to be more into the game. he looked like he was trying a little harder last night. hope he breaks through.

    k liquid theyre showin it now on versus. wow. freakin sore loser. he was way out.

  102. its not even like marty was bumped as the shot was comin at him. a good 2-3 seconds from then. he had plenty of time to make that save. hes pissed because he lost the game with .2 seconds remaining.

  103. Yep Mike….Streit was the one to get especially @ $4MM per.

    Rangers do not have have one dynamic defensemen, a guy who could pair up with Staal and would be have the green light to move the puck up ice, rush it up ice into offensive zone, QB a power play, jump into the play, etc.

    They took Bobby Sangz and then MDZ the next year….makes ya wonder what Schoenfeld thinks of Sangz to pick a similar type back to back. Problem is that MDZ is just a kid @ 19 and not NHL ready.

  104. the nhl is definitely calling some in ot this yr. pitt had a 5 on 3 in ot in game 2 and they are calling some in stl vs vanc

  105. If Fatso hadn’t put up his arms to bitch about being bumped, he probably would have been ready for the shot. What a whiner.

  106. Noah – You think Emrick is great to listen to? My gawd, the guy never shuts up. He acts like he’s being paid by the word. And he says some of the dumbest stuff I’ve ever heard coming out of a person’s mouth.

  107. his wife gave birth yesterday and she goes to the game with the baby and the other kids. is she tough or crazy

  108. carp- on the live chat you were talkin about the guy gilroy we signed. now i know he wasnt drafted but do you know why? or anybody else? did he choose to stay in college or something? or was he a late bloomer? hes 24 so he probably shouldve been taken by a team already.

  109. Sucks for JD.

    I find the East games more exciting because I know more of the players and the matchups since I do not get to see many West games. The pace and style of the games actually seems similar this year.

    Can’t find Chico whining, but I know it’s out there. Maybe check the old blog posts from around that time.

  110. I wonder what Paul Mara thinks of Sather signing Gilroy @ $1.75MM per year since Mara was the only Ranger to have the decency to take a home town discount this year ($2MM for 1 year).

  111. ZzZz 13 ZzZz needs to Rule like he did in the season!! says Greg L. on

    Canucks owe it all to thier goalie Luongo , Sundin wasn’t the big difference so hats off to the Canucks. I have a few buddies around here who love the Canucks and I always here from them that If the Rangers and them meet up this year they want Vancouver to win the cup this time . Canuck fans are still weeping about 1994 !!! seriously .

    We got Hank so no cup talk is out of the question for us . As long as we have Hank in net , anything is possible!!

  112. Hard for me to watch the other East games because I hate –

    1) Devils
    2) Flyers
    3) Penguins
    4) Canadiens
    5) Bruins
    6) Canes

    Their is absolutely no one on any of those 6 teams that I like except maybe Eric Staal (since he is related to Marc). I dont like Jordan because I despise the rest of his team mates.

  113. ZzZz 13 ZzZz needs to Rule like he did in the season!! says Greg L. on



  114. spider- yea the western conference seemed to open up more. few years ago i watched a bunch of west teams play, when i first moved out here, and especially the canucks would play a boring ass defensive game kinda like rennys style. im not sayin they all were boringh like that, but maybe also because i couldnt care less about the teams. seemed the east had the better offensive guys overall, west had better defensive teams. idk thats what it seemed like to me anyway. i can definitely get into watchin a nucks or sharks game now.

  115. 2nd Round

    Rangers vs Bruins
    Canes vs Penguins

    Red Wings vs Ducks
    Black Hawks vs Cancucks

  116. Ah, Limda Soto tried so hard to cover that cleavage. Gee, why do we need these stupid and pointless bench interviews?

  117. oh liquid, lets get through this monster of a series first!!! i would rather face the bruins though than pissburgh though. you think we win in 6 or 7? if this thing goes 7 i gotta pick caps. we gotta win our 2 home games left and we’ll be good. sounds easier than it is.

  118. Now that the Blues are out.

    Perhaps JD can guest announce — anything so i dont have to listen to Joe M

  119. wow, blake and boyle on one side, pronger and neidermayer on the other. someone mentioned a few weeks ago about signing all star defenseman and then work our way out from net. idk how that would work but wed sure have a hell of a pp with those 4

  120. jbytes- maybe ive been in iowa too long but soto looks damn good. simpsons annoying though.

  121. mitchell is checkin soto out!!! you saw that? he tried bein discreet about it. but i saw him!! they should replace keith jones with soto. these 3 dorks are annoying

  122. The glowing part of the thunderstick I got last night is dimming fast…just like me………..

    Rangers in 6…….goodnighttttttttttt

  123. Avery Rules – Emrick does talk a lot…but he actually sometimes defers to the game action when it’s necessary. And he brings a very exciting voice to every game. Not everyone’s cup of tea, I understand. But I always enjoy his games. But my goodness, when Chico opens his mouth, I have to turn away.

    Spiderpig – You are my hero for finding the Chico whining. Many thanks for that mitzvah.

  124. nabokov is a playoff choker . has been for years. that is why they can’t win in the playoffs, no matter how many stars and new coaches they get.

  125. Just saw Versus’ playoff commercial featuring the Matteau goal. Man, I never get tired of that.

  126. ZzZz 13 ZzZz needs to Rule like he did in the season!! says Greg L. on

    Yeah I love that on comercial where Prucha blocks a shot wearing the Ranger blue…guys been traded for awhile now and they keep showing that comercial during Ranger games saying stuff about heart. Maybe the Rangers could use good ‘ol petr purcha picked a peck of pickled pucks.

  127. mike in ia – Actually, a few years ago, I found the West games had bigger offensive stars that could make the game exciting, but maybe less of them, as you say. Maybe it was just based on the matchups that occurred for a few years, maybe it’s that we weren’t in the playoffs, maybe I have started paying more attention to hockey overall (therefore focused on the East), but I found the West games much more fun than the East games a few years ago.

  128. LIQUID
    April 21st, 2009 at 10:08 pm
    If Avery bumped Marty in same situation, he would be penalized, fined, suspended, talked about on tv radio internet newspapers skywriting smoke signals brail, hung on a Cross, compared to the unibomber and son of sam, tossed in a turkish prison, given chinese water torture, tried in 23 countries, whipped, caned, put through the ringer, raked across the coals, steamed like a lobster, put on youtube and……

    cried about by a whiny lil beeyotch named Chico…..


    Post of the year.

  129. This One Will Last A Lifetime on

    For some reason I have a very good feeling about the Rangers tonight. I think Henrik will continue to play great, Zherdev will bag a goal (or two) and start to get on a roll, and as a team we will finally be more physical.

  130. spider- maybe it was just of the games that i had watched. yea, not that i wasnt into hockey, but when the rangers constantly missed the playoffs i never really got into other teams as much as i am now. think however that the west still has the better defenseman, we got the better offenseman, and the goaltending is evening out a little. i noticed that when we started playing western teams again last season or the year before, the east lost alot of those games, maybe not so much now, but the west definitely had the better teams overall. i think youre right though, i never used to get into a st louis game, or a kings game, but the blues i get to watch out here on fsn midwest, so ive been following them alot. plus cuz j.d. does alot of interviews. i like watchin him build a team. doin a good job so far. its funny though no matter how much i watch the blues or any other team, and follow them for awhile, i never get the butterflys in my stomach like ranger games. not that theyre more exciting, i just love the damn rangers so much.

  131. i just got the butterflys again when i remembered were playin tonight!! damnit we better win. i wanna see a real stick salute!

  132. guys, lets all pray for a win tonight!! lets hope if dru is gonna play that he is able to contribute a little more. i know we need his defensive play, but if he cant shoot or take faceoffs hes pretty much like another shoe or betts out there. not that they cant score, but lets face it, we need all the scoring we can get. i think this game has to be one where we score at least 3-4 to win like in game 1. we cannot hold another 1-2-0 lead and expect them to win. i know torts was pissed about the d but, the caps are that good, and we need to have a beter forecheck to not only score but to keep them in their own end, or draw pps. i wanna see if they will switch d men to do onetimers like a few of you guys mentioned. anyway, whatever happens happens and if we lose, were far from being out of it. we can win game 5 and completely take momentum back but i really wanna see a home win. it would put the fans, and the rangers over the top with confidence. cmon boys do it for us loyal fans.!!

  133. Doodie Machetto on

    I said this before, but in case people missed it, since it’s too hard for Rangers Report to update the beardcontest with “during” photos, I’ll let you guys e-mail me your photos and I’ll post them to the old beardcontest album on webshots from Nasty and I last season.

    In the e-mails, include your handle here, the date of the picture, and how many days without shaving you were on that date.

    Send the photos to

    I figure turnaround of about a day.

  134. Momentum Man on

    Caps have outshot the Rangers in all 3 games…
    Caps have scored more goals
    Caps suspect D has shut it down for 1 goal in two games
    Caps are healthier

    Ovechkin and Green havent sniffed the net.

    Can some one tell me why all of sudden the Rangers will come out and control tempo and win this game and score 3 or 4 goals?

    I think it has got to be another 1-0, or 2-1 game for the Rags to win…Henrik has got to be that good.

  135. I’ll be home tonight with foot on chair and volume AT 55, which worked in first 2 games. I went to game 3 and we all know what happened. Back to what works.

    My wife is starting to give me crap about the beard.

  136. Doodie Machetto on

    Nasty, when did you take the picture you sent me?

    I’ll update the webshots during the game tonight and post the link to it during the 1st intermission.

  137. If Rangers win it will be a white-knuckled-grip your arm chair-chain smoking-yell at the wife for talking during the game win….

    Or they’ll lose 3-0

  138. Yeah, my wife is starting to hate it too. And what is funny, although you can’t see it in the pics I have, is that I am starting to grow these red/auburn hairs in my beard. Not a lot, but there are definitely a few sprouting. My wife has been calling me Red Beard. I am half Italian and half Irish. I guess it is the Irish in my coming out, because I don’t look Irish at all.

  139. Patrick Brennan on

    22…I have been watching at volume 24, they won, 25 the other night they lost. Stupid superstitions we get hooked on!

    The wife is complaining about mine too!

  140. Carp looks frightening in his pic. He look like what you would look up at after being knocked out cold only to wake up tied up at the wrist and ankles, in the back of a butcher shop, about to be hacked in to tiny pieces by Silvio and the boys. HA.

  141. Actually that picture of Carp reminds me of the guy who came to get back his 2G loan…he had that same crazed angered look when he found me drinking slushy drinks through a crazy straw; a girl on each arm; wearing a panama hat with a pink bandana wrapped around it…


    those were the days

  142. Doodie Machetto on

    “He look like what you would look up at after being knocked out cold only to wake up tied up at the wrist and ankles, in the back of a butcher shop, about to be hacked in to tiny pieces by Silvio and the boys. ”

    I thought he looked like the guy that was gonna do the cutting!

  143. Forecheck! Forecheck! Forecheck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Pavel 4-22-09

    This is what I say to the children as soon as they are born into this nuetral-zone-trapping world

  144. Patrick!!

    Don’t you know the Rangers record is like 4 Wins 75 losses and 10 OT losses/ties all-time when listened to at Volume 25!!!!????

    Its even worse in the playoffs ( 0W 11L)!!!

    These are NOT superstitions just cold hard facts

  145. i am really not breathing that well….my fiance thinks i have officially lost it….i wake up yelling at myself let go boys, get the dump deep, win the battles down low, get pucks to the net, come on boys you can do this….

  146. *********get the puck deep, dump and chase! wow cant even think, too many hrs to game time i cant sit in my office im going to go nuts

  147. Game 1 and 2 we had a great forecheck and were hitting like crazy. Game 3 there was no forecheck or hitting.


  148. A friend of mine was at “Russian Samovar” last night and was sitting next to Zherdev.
    He said Z was pretty drunk…….

  149. I woke up this morning asking my wife if she had the tickets for tonights game with her.

    Yes it was 6 o’clock in the morning.

    And yes I am an insane Rangers fan.

    NAsty 1: Im a Italiana/Irish mutt as well (But look all italian) and I have the same Red hairs sprouting from my cheeks. Must be my redheaded Grandmother.

    So tonight marks the first time in my Ragers fan life I will be AT a playoff game, and NOT sitting in the Blueseats.

    I’m in Section 90, which the wife bought for my B-day, so I’ll prob be the only one in a Rangers JErsey in that section. You guys and gals now how excited I am!!

    But anyone whose going, if your wondering who the 6’2 Sasquatch is in the Lundqvist Jersey screaming his head off around all the suits or corporate guys, it’s me!!

  150. MIKEY NJ, good look with all the wallstreet guru’s down there,,,,hopefully they dont tap you on the shoulder and say “hey pal sit down, anyway who is lundqvist?

  151. another wednesday of watching the clock until 5:30, when I can actually leave the office (after having noone actually walk in or call since after 1) Maybe I can try to get a nap in before the game…DOUBT IT! I already have a headache (and no, the dehydration has NOTHING to do with it!)

    MikeyNJ, any chance you may be on TV when the Rangers score? It’d be great to see a FAN in those seats on the screen!


  152. Seth

    I know, F&*k Them all!
    Im gonna be in there faces all night and Wont be sitting down

    And I swear if someone asks me who Lundvist is, you’ll be seeing a tie and a sportcoat getting thrown on the ice

  153. Linda:

    I’ll try my hardest to get one of those fan camera guys on me

    Just look for the nutjob in the beard! it will be me!

  154. mikey lol!

    ill be screaming from 309…..usually it sounds something like this

    “Redden skate a liltte come on! get the damn puck over the red line and get it deep!

  155. Huge game tonight!!!! Maybe the Rangers will surprise us and forecheck and play hard the first ten minutes. If they do and it leads to a goal they better tighten up defensively. I hope someone throws a hit that turns the momentum for the Rangers. Did anyone see Umberger get demolished by Stuart. I guess he didn’t learn the first time while he was with Philly when Campbell hit him with his head down.

  156. I’ll be in sect 322. I really hope they win. Get on the board early to solve Varlamov.

  157. Doodie Machetto on

    “They were obviously saving their energy on Monday, so look for them to come out flying!”

    THAT’S it! Rope a dope!

    Clearly, they punched themselves out against us on Monday, so tonight we can go for the KO.

  158. Well they better come out flying tonight. I just have the feeling if the caps win this game the series is over..

  159. I’ll be in section 335 tonight!
    Wooohoooo lets get a good start tonight Rangers!!!!

  160. Mikey, you gotta sit down during the play. I was ready to kill some a hole in front of me, sitting in the 1st row, who kept standing up during play. Everytime I yelled at him he looked at me like I was the a hole. SIT DOWN!!

  161. I’ll be at the game tonight in my suit because I am one of the wall streeters who actually doesn’t sit in the clubbies. I will be in the 200’s cheering this group on because this game could be a statement game as far as powerhouse teams in the NHL go. I’m tired of the Rangers not winning important games and being compared to the upper echelon teams. It’s time to change. LET’S GO RANGERS, CLAP CLAP CLAP CLAP CLAP. LET’S GO RANGERS, CLAP CLAP CLAP CLAP CLAP

  162. Carpy,

    I’m so hyped for the game I want to bring my equipment to the game and suit up. I’ll probably be the only guy to attempt to derail Ovechkin too.

  163. Whatever happened to that cheer that went:

    “Here we go Rangers here we go!!”

    Nobody does that anywhere anymore

  164. No Country For Old Rangers on

    I’m so jealous of everybody who is going to the garden tonight… have fun you lucky sonsabitches

    rangers in 5?

  165. 22figure8

    Im wont be blocking people, no worries
    I only stand up to scream for a goal, or a crap penalty call or a huge hit that gets us all going

  166. The time has come for us to take the “order” out of this New World Order; Don’t buy their procucts, don’t vote in their figureheads, don’t believe the lies they tell you about the economy, the ecology and the……

    Oh, sorry…wrong blog

  167. That’s alright Mikey. It’s the a holes who stand during play and walk to their seats during play that piss me off. This a hole was in the first row, now reason to stand during action. It’s ok though because I “accidently” spilled my beer on his jacket :>

    Enjoy everybody going. I went Monday and am doing my part today by staying home.

  168. It’s funny that someone mentioned the rope-a-dope tactic. I said to my brother early in the game that it looked like Clubber Lang vs. Rocky (the rematch). The Cally hit the post. That could’ve been it, I swear.

    But here we are.

    They need to come out hitting and aggressive and making few mistakes. But they need to play within themselves and not go over the top (ahem…Avery).

    Anyone else find it a little selfish of Drury to demand to want to play when we know his hand is not 100%, he cannot win faceoffs, and he cannot even shoot the puck hard? I think Drury should play 4th line with Orr and Betts and Sjostrom should be on the 3rd line. Koripkoski should get a big jump in minutes.

    BTW, Chico Resch has to be the biggest homer d-bag in all of announcing. The Canes score and there is nothing but dead air for about 1 minute. Even on the replay, Chico barely says anything. Then at the end, after the slight bump and Marty crying to the refs he goes and slashes the boards Chico is like, “Good for you Marty.” Yeah Chico, great for Marty to be a whiny baby and slamming his stick against the boards like a little biyatch. Makes Marty look so professional. Good for you Marty! Even better for you Chico you dumbass.

    Man I hope the Blueshirts come out hitting and hustling and forechecking. The place to beat these guys is by making their D-men cough up the puck and punishing them. And one PP goal would be nice.


  169. Patrick Brennan on

    Anyone else keep seeing Marty crying on Sportscenter over and over and having it be funnier each time?



  170. The old “LET’S GO…” chant has sadly played itself out. Every team in the league does the same silly chant. I think we, NYR fans, should be a little more unique and creative than the rest. Why not go with “NEW YORK RANGERS” instead?

  171. Patrick Brennan on


    Agree 1000% on Marty & Chico!
    Wasn’t it blatently obvious D-Bag Mary went 3′ out of the crease looking like he was trying to DRAW an interference penalty?
    That was my 1st thought was it was intentional then crybaby couldn’t get set again (Although he DID make it back to the left side) and blew the game!


  172. I didn’t see the Devils game but I caught a little of the post game cryfest. Chico and alkie were bitching about the “no call” and how pissed Fatty was.

  173. Drury’s in the lineup tonight according to Zipay…

    Just a horrible, horrible decision to make.

    But I’ll try something that worked at the end of the season:





    Okay…I feel better.

    Although I gotta admit…I’m working up a nice healthy hatred for Russians again with this series. SO BEAT THE COMMIE BASTARDS!!!!

    As for Zherdev…you’re running out of time to even pretend to be an offensive force. Pull your head out of your ass, kid.

    GOMEZ, Stop smiling!!! EARN YOUR MONEY!!!!

    Ah, now I feel MUCH BETTER!!!!

    Go Rangers.

  174. Patrick Brennan on

    I had perfect timing going from commercial break during Deadliest Catch to see the goal and bitchfest mary threw

  175. True Fans, thanks.
    Evan, you are right. Avery does himself no favors with all his complaining, even if some of it is warranted. You can’t curse a guy up and down and not expect it to have some effect.
    mike, Gilroy was not drafted in his draft year, obviously because NHL scouts didn’t think he was pro material. So he stayed in school, won the Hobey Baker and was a free agent. The Rangers signed him. That doesn’t mean he will be a pro or a great pro, but it only cost money to get him, so it’s a great gamble.
    Kaspar, as long as Mr. Fuji and Albano don’t bring a metal chair onto the ice, that’s allowed in Pittsburgh games.

  176. No Country For Old Rangers on

    The girlfriend made me sleep on the couch for the first time in our relationship last night. I got about 3 or 4 hours of half-drunk sleep. It’s about 90 degrees here in CA and elementary school children are running around yelling, adding to my already substantial headache. I forgot to bring a lunch and my water bottle leaked all over the inside my bag. Of course I am in a fine mood and none of this matters because in 7 hours i’ll be watching a Rangers home playoff game.

  177. No Country For Old Rangers on

    Who cries more, Cindy or Marty?

    Of course Marty is a hall of fame crier and has been crying at a high level for almost 15 years.

    Crosby on the other hand seems to have a gift for crying. His natural crying abilities are unmatched in this league, he’s already crying like savvy veteran a mere 3 seasons in to his already illustrious career of crying. Not to mention he was the youngest player to cry 250 times.

    Tough call. I think I have to go with CINDY.

  178. Patrick Brennan
    April 22nd, 2009 at 11:55 am
    I had perfect timing going from commercial break during Deadliest Catch to see the goal and bitchfest mary threw


    YES!! I love that show! I am going to try to bring up this marty cryfest, that’s gotta be hilarious!

  179. No Country For Old Rangers on

    Patrick- I happened to be in the same room with my girlfriend while she was pms-ing. I quickly found myself on the couch but that Sharks/Ducks game was so good that I almost didn’t mind.

  180. Patrick Brennan on

    That’ll do it No Country…I made the mistake once of telling the wife I can tell when it’s that time because of her attituede….haha

  181. I’m goign to the Hotel to give Erskine an Avery cross to the face before he walks onto the bus.

  182. Joekuh – It’s crazy how much Nik Zherdev reminds me of Robbie Cano. on

    After reading that Caps article, it was most wise of UNwise to leave out the part about AO and Backstrom waiting till everyone else was off the ice to pull that chest-bump stunt. Then complain that they got stuff thrown at them. If they don’t jump, we don’t pump ( anything we have in our hands at them). The way he put it, you would think they were at center ice with a second to go doing it. Funny how ppl hide behind a monitor and think they can type whatever they want with no repercussion. I skipped class to watch game 1, I cant do it again with a final coming up next week ?.

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