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Not much new here at MSG, where I can already hear John Amirante rehearsing his national anthem at 4:45 p.m. I’m sure I won’t be able to hear it very well at 7:05 or so, when the balloons start falling from the “Blue Seats.”


On Saturday I stepped out of character and praised Mike Milbury for taking the NHL to task for its “wimpification of the game” and for putting Darren Pang on the spot with a question about the Capitals’ switch of goalies after one game. I thought Milbury was good throughout, and I say that as someone who has always been criticial of him (particularly as a GM) and as someone who also knows how much Milbury has always hated the Rangers — as a player, as a coach, as a GM, and as a broadcatser.

But I must share this, which occured last week. During a network broadcasters conference call with media members, Milbury was hit with this question:

“Why didn’t you pick Zach Parise when you had the chance (as Islanders GM)?

Milbury’s answer: “Can I say ‘go (expletive deleted) yourself’ on the air?”

He was laughing, as was everybody else, when he said it. Then he answered the question.


The Rangers are doing a Playoff Beard thing for charity, and I don’t see any reason you guys can’t do both. I think with the Rangers’ you get pledges from people for growing a beard. I’ll put up our new slideshow in the morning post tomorrow. Here’s the info from the Rangers:

Rangers Fans Invited to Grow Beards for 2009 Playoffs to Benefit Kids in Crisis by Visiting

            New York, April 20, 2009 – This playoff season, New York Rangers fans are invited to join Rangers  legends Adam Graves and Rod Gilbert to participate in the Blueshirt Beard-a-thon.  Fans have the opportunity to grow their own playoff beard and raise money to benefit the Garden of Dreams Foundation – helping to make dreams come true for kids in crisis.
Participants in the Blueshirt Beard-a-thon can invite family and friends to pledge their playoff beards for the duration of the Rangers playoff run.  Net proceeds from the Beard-a- thon will help the Garden of Dreams Foundation continue to fulfill its mission by creating unique and unforgettable events and activities for special children and their families.  For more information, or to enroll in the Blueshirt Beard-a-thon, please visit 
The Garden of Dreams Foundation is a nonprofit charity that works closely with all areas of Madison Square Garden, including the Rangers, Knicks, Liberty, MSG Media, MSG Entertainment and Fuse to “make dreams come true for kids in crisis”. Garden of Dreams partners with local children’s hospitals, “wish” organizations and community-based organizations to build on-going, unforgettable programs for children in the tri-state area who are suffering from devastating illness, homelessness, abuse, hunger, extreme poverty and tragedy.


Don’t forget the live video chat tomorrow at noon.

I’d like to hit 1,000 comments tonight, but I don’t know if that can happen with a home game because some of you guys will be in the building, not in front of your computers. But let’s give it a shot. Jane and I will be butting in with comments throughout. Enjoy.

EVENING UPDATE, 5:23 P.M. FROM MSG: Just found out I’m going to be the intermission guest on the radiocast (1050-AM) between the first and second periods. Guess I really do have a face for radio. So who are you going to choose, me or Doogie?

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  1. Im off to see the most boring team in the playoffs…Henrik will be a firing range, and Rangers will win 1-0, on a goal put in their own net by the Caps D.

  2. Doodie Machetto on

    “I’d like to hit 1,000 comments tonight, but I don’t know if that can happen with a home game because some of you guys will be in the building, not in front of your computers. But let’s give it a shot. Jane and I will be butting in with comments throughout.”

    I will be at the game, so there’s a loss of 75 comments, right there.

  3. MILBURY IS A JOKE….Crying about the refs-seriously Rick why is every commentator against the blueshirts? what are your thoughts on this? Milbury/Melrose/Pierre/etc….

    and when the pens get all the calls from the refs-everyone is annointing Cindy to the hall of fame….


  4. AO means arrogant one on

    “they afraid of me”

    yeah right. the Rangers are not even shadowing him with anyone, and he is a backchecking minus on Ranger rushes like the Cally goal.

  5. Johnny LaRue on

    It’ll hit 1000 if the Rangers play badly. There will be many airing of grievances on the Festivus Blog.

  6. AO means arrogant one on


    good. then you’ll know it’s coming when we post about the Rangers win tonight

  7. We can start by getting up as many comments as we can before the game.
    Carp I will definitly do my part…
    I may even bring my laptop home so I can post during the game without even getting off the couch

  8. What a crappy weather! I am eating nonstop all day today! I think I ate like a pound of grilled calamari in vinegar and I am finishing my second 6 pack! By the way, someone should tell AO that if he wants to be a Ranger all he has to do is make a comment about Tom Potis girlfriend (if he got one), then we’ll pick him up off waivers for half price! Genius! BURP! Pardon… DROP THE RUBBER ALREADY!

  9. Hey Rick, and other Ranger fans.

    Can we expect a post tonight after the game or wait until morning? Also you’ve got to get Sam to do a couple more write ups during the run.

    Anyways as much as I’m pulling for the Rangers and think the home crowd will be an advantage I just can’t see us going up 3-0 in the Series.


  10. Just found out I’m going to be the intermission guest on the radiocast (1050-AM) between the first and second periods. Guess I really do have a face for radio. So who are you going to choose, me or Doogie?

  11. James, we will post after the game. I think Jane will be able to post some audio, too.

    I can’t afford Sam. But we’ll try to get him up here again during the playoffs.

    Staal, that is one of the great lines in the show. Carp is getting upset.

  12. Had to go back to the hospital yesterday to get more fluids cause i still cant eat so im energized and ready to go!

    ps i also got an iv pain killer and i think i was high for the first time lol

    Lets go rangers!

  13. I love how Francesa was talking about how its sold out since this morning but i’m pretty sure there were still tickets available this afternoon

  14. fans outside the NY area unfortunately have to watch it on Versus, where they sanitize everything and turn down the crowd noise.

  15. Sally – yeah im good to go. Im battling ive gone through $250 in prescription meds god knows how much in 2 hospital visits. at least 5 different med changes including one i was allergic to lol. But i fight on to see how far we go lol

  16. That sounds really awful, deja. I’m sending healthy vibes your way, although I’m not really sure what direction that would be…

  17. i dont know what to do with myself either.. SO AMPED!!!

  18. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    ao said we are afraid of him huh. thats why torts put redden on him. thats prety sad.

  19. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    jbys the caps win tonight, its not really a big deal. they win game 4 its a best of 3 with them having the momentum and home ice, so we need at least 1 of these wins at home. preferably tonight, but if they lose, it wont devestate us. torts knows how to get momentum back and i have much faith in him over boudreau.

  20. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    sally- im too nervous to eat. lol im just swiggin a becks while munchin on doritos!

  21. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    redden u better have the game of your life pal!!!!! ovies gon a mission tonight. listen wade, we wont boo you if you just dont make any mistakes. tell rozy too. and if you can score a pp goal even better. i dont wanna have to sic shoryuken on ya wade.

  22. Mike… ooo doritos? :)

    I had a dream last night that I baked a giant Stanley Cup shaped cake and iced “NY Rangers 2009 Stanley Cup Cake Champions!”

  23. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on


  24. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    versus doesnt have a pregame show tonight? i see they got indy car racing before the game. it better not run into the game coverage

  25. Mike, I know! It’s always more fun with Linda. From her earlier:

    Linda April 20th, 2009 at 2:12 pm

    also, that pic of AO on the bench watching Rangers practice is priceless!!! Absolutely love it!!! what did someone say the other day… “gamesmanship”??

    Man I hope my computer will allow me to be on here tonight, for some reason, since about 7 last night, I cannot access our nice little blog from home. VERY UPSET!

  26. I am ready for the puck to drop already. The only thing that can make this dreary day any better is a Ranger playoff game. Let’s Go Rangers!!!!!

  27. Anyone notice Francesa’s lack of analysis on the Rangers? Whenever he has a football/baseball guy on he immediately tries to impress them with some nugget of wisdom, but he was almost silent with Joe M.

    He knows F-all about hockey.

    Anyway, Let’s Go Rangers, to paraphrase Adam Sandler in Big Daddy, “This is a big important game.”

  28. Need another solid defensive game to put the Caps on the brink, but it would also be nice to see some consistent offense from the Rangers too. I’m still not confident in this upcoming game, since the Caps are shooting way too much for my liking.

    Anything can happen.


  29. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    shoryuken- yea i remember the movie we play tampa. sandler goes, nooo were gonna win, this never happens, or somethin like that.

  30. Carp, I’m still waiting for you to fill us in on Milbury’s excuse for not drafting Parise! I’m wondering if its better than Sather’s – oh, that’s right, Sather never explained that one.

    Gotta give him credit for the Gilroy signing though, $1.75m per for 2 years isn’t bad to find out if the kid is really a player, especially since AHL time doesn’t count $$$ against the cap.

  31. Well, funny story about Princess Dubinsky Wobbles is that she’s a she, which I didn’t know until I already had her for a month. Oops. She’s also super tiny little lady, only 6 lbs. fully grown. Also she still has this really weird suckly habit where she drools all over my old orange t-shirt. It’s gross. I love her.

  32. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    examiner- if we can score early and hold them back in the first, that would be great to kinda mess with their gameplan but i really dont wanna see ovie n co. runnin hank if they cant score on him. redden n rozy if theyre playin ovies line better knock the shat outta the first guy that tries it.

  33. Sorry if this has already been typed…it got busy here at work but

    If Sally and I have anything to say aboot it, we *ARE* hitting the grand mark tonight on the blog!!! Have no fear! Her with her lucky beer, me with the lucky coffee…cats, thundersticks, what more could you ask for!!!
    Well,that might be a problem if I can’t access the blog from home! I think someone blocked my home ip address from the Rick! If I can’t make it, you will hear a primal scream from hell from Alabama that’s for sure! Will listen to you as the intermission guest!!!

    *LETS GO RANGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*

  34. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    ohh weird sally. i had a little girl cat awhile ago who never got big either. she was a little runt and did the same thing with the suckling thing. it was kinda annoying though and tickled the hell outta me lol. she did soak my shirt too.

  35. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    omg linda!!! we’ll be thinkin about ya. i’ll drink a beer for ya.

  36. FiveFootZero on

    Normally just read and LOVE this blog…but I’m doing my part to jack up the posts!

    Let’s Go Ranger’s

    PS: I’m on my couch as well!!!

  37. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    yea i saw that pic yesterday sally, but couldnt make out your cat at first. kinda dark. but i see her now.

  38. mike you are my homeboy!!!! I”m leaving work in about 10 minutes, getting the lucky coffee…if you guys don’t see me in here by 6:10, that means my wall has a nice hole in it from the laptop!! I’m freakin out right now!!!


  39. C’mon RANGERS. I’m a Kings fan and I need some good news after this Anaheim catastrophe.

  40. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    im posting like a madman too. but i usually do anyway until games on. then i post during commercial. this game has been built up so high we gotta win baby!!!!! cmon boys do it for new york and humanity!!!!

  41. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    haa ok linda! but how could you drink coffee?? im nervous enough as it is. lol. go beer!!!!!!! and chips!!!!

  42. Yay Linda made it! I haven’t started on the lucky beer yet cause I need some lucky food first, and I’m feeling really indecisive.

    Mike, what a bunch of weirdos!

  43. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    no doubt sally. but she was so cute i couldnt get mad at her. but it really freaked me out.

  44. Okay, I’m going for some tortellinis, which is Italian for “Little Tortorellas.” And… it’s beer time.

  45. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    man i miss msg. no pregame show so i got dumbass movie snakes on a plane on fx to watch. come on already!!!

  46. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    marshmallow. i didnt name her lol. my gf at the time did. i named the boy cats mess, gravy, and the other boy runt i named him theo. after fleury

  47. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    wow this movie is freakin lame. dont ever watch it. anybody. you’ll never get back those precious minutes spent

  48. I am definitely going for some sort of food consumption record today! On top of a more than a pound now of grilled calamari, roast beef sandwich, Matzo latkes and two 6 packs… I just ate half a “Napoleon” cake… This cannot be good for anybody! Playoff hockey… it takes a toll on a person! I feel bad for my fiancé… she is in for a wild ride tonight lol

  49. Those are great names! If I could have a do-over I would name them: Korpikoski, Dubinsky, and Korchinski (GO Jackals!)

    My Gomez is SUCH a Gomez… for better or worse… hehe

  50. we have to generate more shots on this Russian kid. I guess he played OK in game 2, but he wasn’t really challenged.

  51. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    ctrain- definitely. gotta pepper him with good shots too. i wanna see zherdev light the lamp tonight.

    larue- yea i think avery probably has lol

  52. UESBlueshirt on

    So a little bit of a telltale sign today from me. I was at the gym this afternoon and the treadmill I got on was #8. I then figured for the 25 mins I was on there that I want the Rangers to run over #8…except for 60 mins.

  53. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    cmon we gotta post a thousand tonight!!!! lets at least get to almost half by gametime!!

  54. Carpy:

    These posts with hundreds and hundreds of comments make it hard to comment from a mobile…

    But LGR!!!

  55. Linda misses NY @ Playoff time on

    *YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!* computer works!!!! THANK YOU GOD!!! Now I’m with my zany crazyass Rangers family!!!!!!!!!

    Got the lucky coffees…not gonna eat though!!!

  56. Guys me and Ag (or Ag and I for people who speak proper English) will be chilling at molly wee pub on the corner of 8th and 30 so anyone near by sans tickets can feel free to join us.

  57. don’t underestimate the role that Schony has had in helping out the Dmen too. he was good player and he knows his stuff

  58. Wooooooo! Way to GO Linda!

    BTW, I saw your little Avery post on that lohud animal blog! Love her!

  59. You knew there had to be a reason for them giving out those Stix- Wake up the sleeping Zzzzzzz

  60. DanTheRangerFan on

    THUNDER STICKS???? whats next a Big fluffy Ranger mascot and some ranger ice girls…While were at it lets get some cheerleaders. Thundersticks thats as bad as giving out towels, Oh wait we did that one last year!! Whats going on here people? One of the best things about the rangers was not giving into these league gimmicks and keeping with a traditional approach.

  61. Linda misses NY @ Playoff time on

    sally i was just gonna ask if ya saw ‘the southern sean avery’!! I was messin with her yesterday and got her mad, so i’m gonna try to get this Rangers shirt I have on HER, and them piss her off again so she really has the “aves”itude goin on and I’ll post that one too!!

    Faithful..ME TOO!! It’s so brutal being in the SOUTH when our boys are in the playoffs!! They just don’t understand!!!WIsh I could either be at the game or at Molly Wee with Agravaine and Jo!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH!!!


  62. i got the pre game on everyone’s looking amped lets hope they don’t blow there voices out during the anthem

  63. deja, I miss him, too.

    Standing outside the pressroom I just met a whole bunch of Rangers Report readers. You guys rock, all of you.

    I forgot to ask you the same question I asked the other day:

    *Are you pumped, or what?*

  64. Linda misses NY @ Playoff time on

    oh get this damned race and ashley judd off my damned tv for the love of all that is good and holy!!!

  65. LOL @ “Aves”itude! Let me know if she starts waving her little paws in your face!


    Um… that was Gomez.

  66. GardenFaithfulinFLA on

    Linda, at least we’re holding up the Southern end!!!!!

  67. ZzZz 13 ZzZz is going to Rule game 3 !! says Greg L. on


  68. Linda misses NY @ Playoff time on

    *HERE WE GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*

  69. ZzZz 13 ZzZz is going to Rule game 3 !! says Greg L. on

    BA BA BA ~~ BABA!! BABA!! the sound of hockey!!!

  70. Linda misses NY @ Playoff time on

    You said it Faithful!!!

    In answer to Ricks question…I am sooooooooooooooooo pumped i think my bra’s gonna snap!!!

  71. ZzZz 13 ZzZz is going to Rule game 3 !! says Greg L. on

    can’t be in here , must go to living room to watch…………zooooooom go boys!!!

  72. The people at the game tonight will receive a set of Thunder-Stix and a bag of Stretchy & Tangy Laffy Taffy candy. When you teeth get stuck together from the candy…make loud noise with your Thunder-stix and medical assistant will be with you shortly! ;)

  73. Linda misses NY @ Playoff time on

    Gomez interview…. DRINK!!!!!!!!!!!

    is he the ONLY guy on the team who freakin speaks? ARGH

  74. Ranger skully – CHECK
    Sleepy pants (they won their last 7 games when I’ve had them on) CHECK
    Sitting on the same spot on the couch – CHECK

    LETS GO RANGERS!!!!!!!!

  75. LOL Greg L…. you’ve become more and more and more crazy as the playoffs go on. LOVE IT!

  76. Linda misses NY @ Playoff time on

    of course…lameass versus is at commercial instead of broadcasting…lowrent operation damn them!!!



    make your ‘currently in the south’ girls proud!!!

  77. I`m watching the TSN feed, and I gotta give it to them. They have their finger on the pulse of the game, and are giving AO and the King equal pregame billing.

    Going into the playoffs they gave NY no chance, and very little attention, but now that they`re on the radar, TSN is giving them their due.

    I still miss my homer announcers on msg…

  78. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego on

    Ovechkin is the birthchild of Malkins mother and Frankenstein, I could do a Brokeback on him now.

  79. this is the first game of the series I’m able to watch as I was in Missouri last week with no cable, satellite or internet.. Totally stoked

  80. I had stupid versus and no pregame. But if you had the pregame Ag is on it cause a friend just txted me that she saw ag.

  81. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    linda- id love to see a zherdev interview. ” what do you have to do tonight nikky to help your team win?” ” i must score and coach told me not to play puck too much or i go bye bye for the rest of game”

  82. Linda misses NY @ Playoff time on

    lmao @ ‘thats before internet dating” good one on engblom!!!

  83. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    wow somebody likes to copy my name and post stupid crap. hi dewey.

  84. Linda misses NY @ Playoff time on



    mike, after tonight Nikky Z may be in witness protection program if he doesnt kick it up a notch or 5

  85. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    u really are a loser or youre too young to go outside after dark. grow up dude

  86. Linda misses NY @ Playoff time on

    DAMN I LOVE THE CROWD being loud enough that versus can’t drown em out with their inane commentary!

  87. Linda misses NY @ Playoff time on

    so does Rick give us a shout out during his intermission interview on radio??? i got that on too!!

  88. Leetch is god on

    i live in sf and my dad just called me from the game,
    I heard amirante and the “lets go rangers” chants and my 65 yr old father screaming his head off.
    That was the best!
    The only thing better would be if I was next to him.

    Now I’m sitting in a quiet office and I have to pretend to work for another 1hr and a half. brutal.

    Thank god for tivo!

  89. Linda misses NY @ Playoff time on

    good point deja i was just wondering about that…maybe its for the sticks lol

  90. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego on

    Dubinsky has glowing dark eyes and that jet black hair, just let me get him in the woodshed, and I can make a man out of the boy.

  91. I know a lot of people don’t like them but can anyone at the game try and get extra thunder sticks for me and/or Ag. If you do we would be eternally grateful.

  92. Is everyone but me getting the versus feed?

    Also, why the hell is that not a penalty, he has to be responsible for his stick at all times, he wasn’t.

  93. jason i wish i had the vs feed, I would have HD

    goddamn dolan and his dirtbagness towards fios

  94. Linda misses NY @ Playoff time on

    the puck literally LOVES Cally!!!!

    how many shifts does roszi miss..two? three? he’s a hockey player!!!

  95. The noise level here has been fairly sustained, although I must say I was a little disappointed in the anthem. You could hear the whole thing, maybe a little drowned out at the end.

    Rangers certainly getting the better of the chances until just then, and you have to like the way they’re on Ovechkin when he comes over the line.

  96. Wow, that doesn’t go on… makes you think that it may not be in the cards for them.

  97. Anyone think Ovechkin sticked Rozi on purpose? His shot came no where near the net

  98. Ghost, Rozi got his stick on AOs shot, which is why his stick went to high. Its not a penalty, just an unfortunate incident that has cost Rozi some ice time.

  99. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    there getting way too many chances. rangers are gettin outplayed every single game. step it up guys

  100. Linda misses NY @ Playoff time on

    versus jinxed us with this matteau commercial!!!

    CMON AVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  101. They just announced the sponsor for the thundersticks and people actually applauded. The sticks have like a blue light in them, so they looked pretty cool with the lights off. Now they’re just Kansas City thundersticks. Hokey.

  102. CCCP
    April 20th, 2009 at 7:18 pm
    let’s hope we won’t see any “kangaroo” like jumping by the Craps players after they score goals.


    i hate kangaroos!

  103. Linda misses NY @ Playoff time on

    i’d love to see Orr destroy him! That’d just be outstanding! Maybe later!

    Lets go guys…get it goin!

  104. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego on

    Chris and Linda, dont be so HARD on Redden, he’s mine tonight, whipps whipps.

  105. AO is moving with a purpose tonight. WOW. this is the AO i was scared of in this series…

  106. Linda misses NY @ Playoff time on

    i saw Redden fall down and go boom and didnt say a word…tryin to be upbeat!


  107. UESBlueshirt on

    They need to establish a forecheck, they haven’t really done it a lot this series but if they want to keep this game close they’re going to have to wear down the Caps in their own end.

  108. Linda misses NY @ Playoff time on

    someone needs to lay a beauty of an open ice check on him!!! thank God Hank has kept them in this game so far!! Crazy shots!!!

    Torts is gonna burst a vein between periods!!!

  109. No Country For Old Rangers on

    When will Ovechkin give that between the legs move a rest? It’s clearly not working. He’s obviously not the fullest bottle of vodka in the liquor cabinet…

  110. No Country For Old Rangers on

    Let’s not panic here people, we are facing a rookie goalie and he’s not exactly Marty Brodeur circa 1995, he’s not even the kid Anaheim. Let’s get some shots on and we’ll break through soon.

    Oh my god. how did cally miss that?

  111. if they had listened to torts and forechecked the outta them wed be ok. but they let them walk right in and get primo chances.

  112. if we ever needed a PPG…and for the love of freakin god. SWITCH THE D FOR ONE TIMERS!!!

  113. Linda misses NY @ Playoff time on

    You got a point No Country…only problem is the shots are not coming in buckets for our boys here.

    They gotta make a statement and soon! Start bangin bodies and start drivin to the net

  114. that is a game changer. 2-0 instead of 1-1

    the dman just got a piece of the Cally shot to veer it off the post

  115. This kid, Varlamov…he barely knows how to put on goalie pads… and *YET* we put no pressure on that kid at all! Second game now.

    oh and btw, Drury sux.

  116. Linda misses NY @ Playoff time on

    lmao Chris!!!

    they better come out like their asses are on fire in the 2nd thats all i gotta say!! YIKES, wasnt that from south park!?

  117. if i already have io can they take the ads away and its not really free you have to pay for the hd box

  118. This is by far the worst they’ve looked in this series. Torts has gotta dig into them in the intermission.

  119. jason
    April 20th, 2009 at 7:37 pm
    I can’t wait to see Redden on our defense at 36 years old… I really can’t.


    That made me laugh out loud. Funny bc its true!

  120. well, were not the wings or the bruins. its bound to catch up to us. just sucks that they get outplayed badly at home. fine, lose 1 on the road, but to come back home and give a weak ass performance like this. just freakin unacceptable. if we didnt have hank its 3-0 tonight

  121. UESBlueshirt on

    Torts better be ripping them a new one during TV breaks and in the lockerroom. 2 goals isn’t insurmountable, Varlamov hasn’t exactly controlled his rebounds that well but we need to answer ASAP.

  122. Linda misses NY @ Playoff time on

    lmao @ “fancy boys” thats great!

    can ANYONE play defense here! What in the blue hell is up with all these freakin turnovers and crap….damn damn damn

  123. No Country For Old Rangers on

    we really need one before the 2nd. antro? drury? markus? anybody?

  124. just think we could have had mark striet at 4.5mill

    souray at 4.5 2 summers ago

    chara at 5.5 2 summers ago

    should I go on?

  125. ThisYearsModel on

    This is one of the problems when you play the Renney-style passive game. You can’t just turn it on and play physically and aggressively. The Caps have all the confidence and the Ling is not impenetrable tonight.

  126. Linda misses NY @ Playoff time on


    Caps keep fallin down and we dont take advantage!

    Shoot AT the net…he’s a freakin rookie!!!!!!!!!!!

    Damn, I KNEW getting a Large AND a small coffee was gonna jinx us!!! Stupid beyotch!!

  127. Nasty 1 April 20th, 2009 at 7:39 pm


    Nasty, plz be careful man, i just polished my shoes!

  128. No Country For Old Rangers on

    this kid isnt that good. not controlling the rebounds, his positioning is awkward. we got a long way to go! the nyr need to play in the caps end a little bit. HERE WE GO POWER PLAY BABY.. BEST IN THE LEAGUE!

  129. The guy is freaking bear hugging Z right in front of a ref and it took that long to call that.

    Lets get this PP going. 2-1 going into the 2nd!

  130. No Country For Old Rangers on

    Boudreau looks like the “high talker” in that Seinfeld episode. Anybody remember that one?

  131. Linda misses NY @ Playoff time on

    absolutely *PUTRID* blech!!!

    what is goin on with all these passes into skates!!?? OOH my nerves are exploding!!

  132. AWFUL CALL RIGHT THERE! NOT only did he barely hold him and then make an effort not to…BUT IT WAS WITH 0 SECONDS TO GO –> NO IMPACT ON THE PLAY, THIS IS THE PLAYOFFS, REF…WAKE UP

  133. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    jbytes- all we had to do was hold them off the scoreboard for 5 minutes maybe 10 and get into the game. but they gave them at least half a dozen good chances to score. they did, cally couldnt hit the open net, they scored again. caps have life now. i’ll be surprised if we even get this to ot.

  134. UESBlueshirt on

    Hopefully they can tie it like last year when they went down 3-0 to the Pens in Game 3 and at least we don’t have Hollweg to take a stupid penalty but Naslund might take a lazy hold/hook.

  135. Linda misses NY @ Playoff time on

    boudreau has no neck, his head goes directly into his shoulders and chest…oi

    anyway…. Torts must be absofreakinlutely blowin about 15 gaskets right now!!!

  136. Rangers came on good at the end there.
    because of f—ing VS. I thought the game wasn’t on MSG so I missed the first 8 minutes dammit!
    I looked like it took a bit for the Rangers to get going, and that troll AO was all over them

  137. Dreadful period!

    Where’s the energy? Where’s the passion? Where’s Gomez? Where’s the (*&%# powerplay?

  138. Linda misses NY @ Playoff time on

    UES if it gets to that point, Naslund should NOT be on the ice!! ;-)

    my stomach is upset…..

  139. My gosh, what kind of stupid questions is Al Trautwig asking Redden? Why doesn’t he ask him what happened on that first goal?

  140. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    caps are too good. im not hopeful tonight but you know torts is gonna rip these guys bad. watch game 4. we’ll win

  141. My son died in Iraq last year, and am dedicating this series to him, love ya Boo.

  142. Where’s anyone? The Caps are all over the ice, someone needs to be hit and hit hard on that team.

  143. Dubi or not Dubi on

    So THIS is what they look like when Hank can’t bail them out all game!

    I mean jeez guys, it’s like watching pros vs joes

  144. I want them to hit more, they seemed passive, I want to see players get plastered if the opportunity presents itself.
    And what is up with Zherdev? He looks like he’s dragging a bag of bricks behind him.

  145. Torts are killing them right now. I think will see new lines. Probably a little less Z.

  146. mike I’m sorry to hear about your son…Thank you!
    its people like you and him I respect the most.

  147. ZzZz 13 ZzZz is going to Rule game 3 !! says Greg L. on

    Didn’t think Washington would roll over and die did you? But we didn’t think our Rangers would roll over and die either …and they did.

    Laid an egg , played like a bunch of quacks and acted like they all were still at home yakking with thier wives.

    Callahans open net shot was tipped and the other team scores at the other end…classic.

    We are the Rangers and we will fight to the end …were up in this series so no reason to panick. Washington played hard the first period and the game could have easiely been tied.

    Let’s go Rangers!!! GO GO GO!!! no time to cry about being down , lots of hockey left here..

  148. is it really that hard to make Drury skip few shifts in order to give someone who can actually play on offense more ice time? I mean, what’s the worst that can happen? Drury will get upset and god for bit raise his voice?

  149. Linda misses NY @ Playoff time on

    did Redden at least look alive???? he’s stumblin all over the ice and passin to peoples skates ..>GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

  150. This game is no different then the last two. Rangers just need to capatilize on Caps mistakes, and Henrik kas got to shut it down. He cant let ANYTHING in.

  151. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    ues- we had a possessed jagr last year. unless anyone of our top guys can pull a miracle out of their butt, i cant see us tyin it. but they were gonna win a few games anyway. i just hope we at least win game 4. then we’ll have a chance. we lose our home games, we are screwed

  152. Did anybody on this team have a good period?

    Where was everybody?

    Antropov needs to step it up!

  153. ZzZz 13 ZzZz is going to Rule game 3 !! says Greg L. on

    don’t panick guys , Ovechkin probally has his Laptop and is reading this on the bench during our Powerplays!!

  154. Linda misses NY @ Playoff time on

    CCCP, raise his voice to what? A whisper???

    also CCCP, did you know that laurel wanted to get some pics of your cats to put on the paws and claws blog?

    Ok, lets here what our man Rick has to say…if they ever stop playin commercials!

  155. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    i dont have a son. some jackass is posing as me. probably riguere or dewey. pretty lame though and pretty messed up to talk about someones son dying.

  156. You had to know the Caps were going to come out strong and keep the MSG crowd out of the game…and that’s exactly what they did.

    Hopefully Torts rips his team a new one and inspires them to play better in this second. Semin, Ovechkin, and Backstrom were unstoppable in the first.

  157. Linda, I stand by my “Rod the Bod turned Redden into a zombie” theory.

    No Country, salud!

  158. Linda misses NY @ Playoff time on

    mike, i dont think riguere would do that! i was wondering why there was ‘two of you’…maybe its the same person who stalks deja!

  159. tough first period….cally post was turning point…..carpy….wave now ,i am right over here!

  160. “JBytes April 20th, 2009 at 7:52 pm

    Drury doesn’t play well when we’re on offence.”

    drury doesnt play well period, hurt or not

  161. I was just thinking, how great would it be to have Jagr inserted into this team right now?

  162. Still Gotta Fire Sather on

    before Drury was just invisible while playing, now he’s actually hurting us by playing

  163. hey Linda

    i’d absolutely most definitely for sure without any doubt love to share some pictures of my cat!!!
    where do i send them? :P

  164. Linda misses NY @ Playoff time on

    lmao @ redden being huge hubba hubba! classic…especially with those dreamy matt dillon eyes!

    Sally, i agree!! Damn that BOD!!

    well, la greca mentioned the blog twice…

    ohhhhhhh one other thing… this NHL portal commercial with this ugly guy with teeth that look like they haven’t been brushed in months…HAS GOT TO GO!

  165. i love how everyones killing drury ladies and gents nobody showed up in the first not just dru

  166. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    are u kidding linda? riguere likes to bash everybody. even carp. check out the blog from last night.

  167. No Country For Old Rangers on

    Dude the Free Credit commercials are enough to send me into a fit of rage especially after a period like the one we just saw

  168. Every time someone says “Varlamov” it sounds like they’re mumbling about marbles.

    Oh crap…

  169. Goallllllllllllllllllllllll. Mike in Iowa, you are spoiling the site. Get another name, or get off, absurd.

  170. Linda misses NY @ Playoff time on

    really mike? which blog was that..the one where everyone was puffin their chests? lol

    No Country…now the perverted quiznos commercial will come on

  171. Avery had just started to bug Varlamov, too. Bad penalty.

    Kenny Albert just told me — for what it’s worth — that this is the first time in NHL history that a team started the playoffs on the road and won Games 1 and 2 three years in a row.

  172. Linda misses NY @ Playoff time on

    my stomach is doing flips i didnt know it could do….

  173. No Country For Old Rangers on

    Carp- NYR lose and we definitely make it to 1,000. Rangers win and I doubt we top 800.

  174. Score on Varlamovavovlovolov on

    Come on rangers, lets show this Rookie how we do it in MSG! SCORE

  175. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    why does nazzy make so many stupid behind the back blind passes???

  176. mike in ia

    I just got in and caught up with the thread. I was going to impersonate someone, believe me it wouldn’t be you. Watch the game and behave yourself.

  177. Linda misses NY @ Playoff time on

    how can Hanks play not be inspiring these guys?! NO MORE PENALTIES>.. let aves piss off the rookie… another caps penalty…do we decline????

    I told you all the other night that the NYR Power Play was gonna win us either game 3 or 4… they have to make this one count and get some momentum going! hank is pretty much standing on his head!

  178. Lundqvist is a God on

    Thank you Lundy…for bailing out this team more times than I can count…time to give him some support here; score on this pp!

  179. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    torts runs the pp. he needs to get drury off of it. and zherdev.

  180. UESBlueshirt on

    Try to get a weird goal once in a while, try to bank it in off the D’s skates in front of the net.

  181. Avery’s stick must have peanut butter on it for Poti to go down so easily. What a save by Lundqvist??!

  182. UESBlueshirt on

    You just got bailed out by the an amazing save and regained the man advantage SCORE A GOAL

  183. Linda misses NY @ Playoff time on

    these guys better come back and do something because Hank is just out of control right now!

  184. Linda misses NY @ Playoff time on

    thanks deja i thought i was seein things

    WTF is going on… did avery get a penalty for farting?

  185. RichterFan35 on

    there are no words for this pp

    wtf is with these refs?? just let them effin play!!!

  186. Lundqvist is a God on

    This is garbage playoff hockey…penalty after penalty after penalty…ugh


  187. Why are all these stupid penalties by Avery defended? He high sticked Poti in the face.

    Now, I don’t know if I can get a thunderstick … and who should I ban?
    Sorry, I was watching the game.

  188. ROFL @ WTF is going on… did avery get a penalty for farting?

    No he complimented the ref’s wife’s playoff beard.

  189. Linda misses NY @ Playoff time on

    i swear my stomach is winnin the gold in the peptolympics tonight!

  190. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    rangers takin too many penalties. but we really need to get a goal. this period we need at least 1. how many failed pp’s did we have already?

  191. If the Rangers get one, they will get two. And then it will be on. Plenty of time left.

  192. NovaScotiaRangerFan on

    Is it just me, but has Washington had about 20-25 scoring opportunities in half a game???

  193. No Country For Old Rangers on

    Bettman cant have the CAPS swept out of the first round. It’s all about the numbers

  194. Linda misses NY @ Playoff time on

    LMAO @ Refs wifes playoff beard! OH MY GAWD that is freakin awesome Sally!!!

    I am thinkin they may not come back tonight.. there’s just something missin

  195. Terrible!! Nobody is hitting! Mara let that guy go! Hey Mara strap on a pair, will ya?

    Drury looks like slop

  196. Still Gotta Fire Sather on

    “before Drury was just invisible while playing, now he’s actually hurting us by playing”

    I think I’m just gonna keep posting this throughout the rest of the game

  197. Lundqvist is a God on

    Worst officiated playoff game since 2006….this is a joke…terrible calls going both ways…i’m about to turn it off…the whole damn period has been penalties

  198. ive been telling you guys all year, Hank is overrated, that was horrible, all his fault

  199. Still Gotta Fire Sather on

    but just wait til Drury comes back! he’ll win faceoffs! he’ll kill penalties! Caps are in trouble!

  200. Linda misses NY @ Playoff time on

    guys guys calm down I have it on good authority that Torts is gonna sacrifice Voros the the god of the Schlubs between periods! Have faith!!!

  201. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    dude get a life stop tryin to be me. i know it pains you to have such a crappy life. but if you stoip i wont tell your mommy ok

  202. mike in ia

    Are you serious? I have had my share of killing lundquvist also, but how can you kill the guy after how he has kept us in it tonight? It can be 7-0 if not for him.

  203. No Country for Old Rangers, you, me and Mike in Iowa should give this game up, and meet at Rawhides for drinks and tonights Rangers jock strap gogo boyz night.

  204. Linda misses NY @ Playoff time on

    Rick, cant you ban the imposter here? its gettin annoying and I’m on my last nerve already!!

  205. Linda, can Torts rip his heart out and send him into the fiery pit? Just to send a message…

    And how is that a penalty?

  206. Still Gotta Fire Sather on

    time for a clutch Drury dump-in here, one of the kind of dump-ins that Torts and bloggers alike rave about for days, to get the team going right now

  207. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    we already lost the game but we can still get a few on this kid . he isnt that good that he deservers a shutout in our rink.

  208. Linda misses NY @ Playoff time on

    Torts is gonna EAT his heart…no wait… it’s loaded with Crisco!

    LMAO @ clutch drury dump in!!!

  209. Dubi or not Dubi on

    Easily the worst playoff game i’ve ever seen. Somebody please tell bettman that the reffing is out of control. Do these guys get paid by the penalty? This is an absolute mockery of the greatest sport in the world. Score aside, this is a perfect example of Milbury’s wimpification of the game. This is the PLAYOFFS! for somethings sake.

  210. Linda misses NY @ Playoff time on

    right now I’m in such a bad mood I’ll be Dorothy!!

    SCORED GAWD DAMNIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  211. HockeymanRangers on

    Mike in IA
    come on man give Lundy a break NO way, tell me how a loose puck in front of the net is Lundy’s fault.

  212. Carp – theres a guy impersonating mike probably the same guy who likes to pretend to be me

  213. Linda misses NY @ Playoff time on

    620 posts already….man I hope we hit the grand but because we’re celebrating and not bitching!!!

    Rick the fake mike!

  214. Princess Dubinsky just let out the most gut-wrenching sign I’ve ever heard. The Rangers should be ashamed of themselves.

  215. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    carp somebody here likes to impersonate me, deja, and a few others here. it shouldnt be hard to spot him.

  216. I like how you all blame Drury, when Avery and others take stupid penalty after stupid penalty.
    I didn’t see a high stick with Cally but come on guys this team is playing like shit tonight! they are undefendable…horrible, no hits, nothing
    Oh and Zherdev sucks!

  217. Dubi or not Dubi on

    I was watching this game with my dad, kind of a tradition… He left because he came to watch hockey and didn’t get to see any. I may not even turn on the third because of how NOT hockey this game is.

    On top of it all, we are forced to listen to Micheletti, who has to be the worst color commentator on earth.

  218. Linda misses NY @ Playoff time on

    anyone else noticing a trend?? “Zherdev shoots wide….” oi

  219. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    hockeyman- i never said it was his fault. if u read the comments you’ll see someone is posting as me

  220. No Country For Old Rangers on

    Jason, not sure if that was a joke or insult and at this point i’m not sure I care.

    Did anybody actually think we were going to sweep these fockers?

    This game is over.

    Good night and good luck.

  221. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    richter- he deserved that penalty. just cuz hes avery doesnt mean he didnt deserve it.

  222. Dubi or not Dubi on

    someone please tell bettman to listen to his biggest market BOOING these refs for killing this game

  223. Still Gotta Fire Sather on

    “I like how you all blame Drury, when Avery and others take stupid penalty after stupid penalty.”

    no one is putting ALL the blame on Drury, but it’s obvious him playing is HURTING the team

    didn’t we look good in Game 1 without him?

    what’s the old saying? if you’re playing you’re not injured…no excuses, you can’t have it both ways

    so Mr. $7 Million, Captain Clutch, if you’re not gonna do ANYTHING, if you’re gonna HURT US, sit for the good of the team

  224. No Country For Old Rangers on

    Dont worry guys, we’l get 3 in the third.

    One from Redden, one from Drury, and one from Orr.

    Then we’ll get the OT game-winner from Zherdev.

  225. I love Avery but that wasn’t a bad call.


    The problem with your fake poster is what he said about HL is so close to many of the comments you’ve made that it seems plausible you would write it.

  226. Lundqvist is a God on

    This game has been a complete and utter joke. I am extremely upset at these referees…I’m on the verge of smashing something.

  227. Linda misses NY @ Playoff time on

    the reffing in this game is a total embarrassment….
    and kerry fraser is sittin home NOT part of the playoff officiating crew… amazing

  228. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    well, at lkeast theres 1 more period. we can score a few on this kid. unreal this freakin rookie comes into the garden and is shutting us out

  229. jane, i wont be happy until someone on this team scott stevens ovechkin

    which is what the rangers should have done to crosby last years playoffs

  230. Dubi said it the best….

    “Dubi or not Dubi
    April 20th, 2009 at 8:39 pm
    someone please tell bettman to listen to his biggest market BOOING these refs for killing this game”


    Spot on bro….

  231. I have a feeling that Schoney might have another “eat another doughnut” type moment after this.

  232. Star of this game is the officials. Avery took a dumb one but the ones on Callahan and other two on Avery are absurd. They are dictating this game more than the players. Terrible calls, not letting the teams play. Making the focus more on them then the game itself. Maybe one of these guys is trying to audition for the league office.

  233. Still gotta fire Sather,
    Drury’s play is hurting this team? Are you freakin kidding me?
    Avery is absolutely killing us right now!
    Zherdev should be sent out for coffee he sucks so bad!

  234. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    no prob hockeyman. i am just amazed that an actual supposed ranger fan comes here and the only thing hes interested in is posting as other people trying to be funny, when its not. its pathetic. way too much time on this kids hands

  235. jason April 20th, 2009 at 8:42 pm

    I have a feeling that Schoney might have another “eat another doughnut” type moment after this.


    We can only hope!

  236. No Country For Old Rangers on


    I re-iterate, I DONT CARE. keep the clever insults coming.

    Your half-witted musings are more entertaining to me than this charade on the television

  237. Need some sleep. Wake me up when someone poops in the refs helmets. Good night. We’ll get em next time!

  238. Still Gotta Fire Sather on

    we were down 2-0 before the refs even had an effect on this game…we lost this game in the 1st period because we didn’t come to play at all…Caps played desperate, we played like we knew we had a 2-0 series lead as a buffer

  239. The Rangers seem to have forgotten how to play the game. Forever two steps behind, zero offensive pressure, no sense of urgency.

    Caps have this one in the bag…the fear is what will happen on Wednesday. If the Rangers go back to Washington tied 2-2 I really don’t see any way possible that they can win the series.

    No offense. No PP.

    Bad officiating is still bad officiating, though. And tonight it’s fucking brutal.

  240. When the rangers are 5 on 5 they are the better team, but being shorthanded for half a period will not help win the game!

  241. no, but look at the replay of the 3rd goal. Laich pushes Henrik’s left pad BEFORE he picks up the rebound. iow, Laich moved Henrik’s pad away from the post on the shot by his teammate, then pops in the rebound into the space he created by goalie interference. it should not have counted, if they are going to call g i both ways.

  242. Linda misses NY @ Playoff time on

    can someone answer this question for me?

    can there be 3 antichrists roamin the earth at the same time, or do they have to be separated by decades???

  243. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    yea i know sally. big buildup to a letdown. i could live comin back to ny tied 1-1. but losing at home and getting outplayed badly on home ice is just a bummer. z needs to stay on his skates. he gets knocked off the puck worse than redden.

  244. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    linda- u watch too much history channel like me lol. i saw that show last night too

  245. Its not a good sign when the get the all time looser Knicks as guests between periods…thats a curse

  246. Alright. I switched from high life to PBR and I’m on the other side of the couch now (sorry kitty)… Hope this helps!

  247. Still Gotta Fire Sather on

    “Drury’s play is hurting this team? Are you freakin kidding me?”

    yes I’m kidding…he’s actually been an offensive force…isn’t it obvious now how much we missed him on the PP too? he’s been winning key draws…his work on the PK has been exceptional…his 2-way play has been outstanding…and do I need to say anything more about his heart, leadership, clutchness and Little League World Series trophy? oh yeah he also wears #23 for Mattingly and grew up a Rangers fan

    I don’t know how we’d be winning this game without him

  248. Sophia: “Picture it New York City 1994 Messier lifting the cup triumphantly with a smile on his face. Little did we know it would be the last time.”

  249. Sorry Carp, but this is turning in to a real show. And maybe this is just me being in a bad mood, but do ANY of us really care what any of the Knick’s players have to say? Honestly? I know I definitely do not.

    Well, I guess some of our worst fears are coming to fruition tonight. I really really hope we at least put up a hell of a fight, and I can’t believe I am going to say this, but, give them something to think about.

    Drury should not be playing right now. I know it makes for a good story, “Oh Yay, the Captain is playing hurt and yada yada, but I think his playing hurt is hurting the team more than anything. Dare I say, the lineup from Game 1 was not that bad, even with Voros in. All I know is that Drury should get very limited ice time. Plain and simple.

  250. The Rangers didn’t come to play tonight…and it was pretty much too late when they decided to show up.

    But the refs obviously are looking to give the Caps the advantage with such awful calls.

    My opinion…stop thinking about coming back in this game and start running Caps. Gonna get called for penalties anyway, might as well try and do some damage.

    And while Hank has been as good as he can be…the Caps’ goalie is looking unbeatable.

  251. clowns obviously Drury is hurt. He has not taken a face off and he is there best face off man.

    give it a rest..

  252. Linda misses NY @ Playoff time on

    aw damn mike was there another nostradamus or antichrist show on that i missed?? i was probably watchin some bad scifi movie!

  253. What a bunch of losers, how do you get in your first home game of the playoffs ?

    Hank has been unreal, but everyone else is playing like they have something better to do. What a waste of time.

    Vintage Nyr hockey, getting shut out by a backup.

    Thanks for ruining my night !

  254. Stop Being Soft on

    One goal in five periods against an AHL goalie. Yep, same old Rangers! Is there any doubt we lose this one in seven? NOPE.

  255. Way too many penalties called for a playoff game
    Lets look at the pseudo penalties
    1. Callahans High Sticking come on
    2. Averys high sticking
    3.Averys interference

    and where is the call when ovechkin takes down the korpedo idc if he hit puck with stick he still took korps right knee out before the puck

  256. HockeymanRangers on

    Come on crew we can not give up, just like the Rangers can not give up. 3 goals is nothing WE CAN DO THIS. I have nothing else to say.

  257. Still Gotta Fire Sather on

    “clowns obviously Drury is hurt. He has not taken a face off and he is there best face off man.”

    should we be sympathetic? should Mr. $7 Million get a gold star just for trying? this is the PLAYOFFS, if you’re hurt, if you can’t help us, if you’re gonna HURT us, don’t play, simple as that

  258. Wow th einsane asylum is posting tonight.

    Drury is hurt or I forgot he has not been a center his whole career.

    Versus doing ther magic, all the Avery penalties were no problem.. Where was the supposed high stick.

    We have had chances obviously Cally missed a gimme.. Henrik has played great.

    Too many eyes on the puck in the d zone and heads not swiveling for weakside..

    when you are offensively challenged(Rangers) you need to take advantage of opptys. tonight they are not…

    Ref’s think people come to see them!!!!!!!!!!!

  259. Mike in Iowa on

    Messier can lift my Cup anytime, and my husband sats Hee Haw to all you Big Apple boys.

  260. Dreary shouldn’t even be playing, he cant even take face offs, how do you think his shot will be ?? And he screws us yet again with a lazy penalty with his hands that are “hurt”. Loser !

    He shouldn’t be playing in this series. He’s useless if he’s not healthy, and sometimes he’s even useless when he is healthy. Woops, not sometimes, i mean ALWAYS !

    Cally owes this team two god damn goals. Right now this loss is on him, if it turns out that way. But that’s my opinion.

  261. yeah sit Drury morons and call up AA…. Or play VOros, give me a break Einsteins…

    You guys are clowns………

  262. Linda misses NY @ Playoff time on

    thats the worst part…its a rookie in their effin net!!!

    how many ‘shoots wide’ have we heard tonight??? damn…shoot on net and maybe get a deflection or two…or 3! this is just nuts.

    deja…that was good! two thumbs up!

  263. No Country For Old Rangers on

    Varlamov does not look unbeatable. They havent had too many quality chances on him. I’d like to give up and turn it off but unfortunately i cannot

  264. hi everyone!!!
    just stopping by for a second.
    not many posts to contribute due to being out of
    town, computer problems and dog emergency (but i just heard
    he’s his perky self right now. good)
    for us…………not so good.
    what is it about this braindead bunch of players?!?!?!
    making high risk passes
    getting outskated again
    acting as if the Caps are just going to give the game away
    and doing this all in front of the home crowd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    heading back upstairs to watch the 3rd but i’m not expecting
    much. awful nice of the Blueshirts to be confidence boosters for back up goalies from around the league!!!

    just need to remind myself that just because we’re up 2 games to none that it doesn’t mean we still don’t suck in many areas of the game.
    which reminds me………..

    HEY CARP!!
    it was you or Zipay who like to point out that our power play is so bad because we don’t have Jagr, Straka or Shanahan.
    none of those 3 would matter one iota right now if we approach matters in the same lunkheaded way!
    no motion. going to the same mapped out play — shot way over on the faceoff dot that’s telegraphed to the goalie’s advantage — three times in a row.
    besides, the power play was never so great with those 3 around. just amazing how they can’t get the thing remotely together on a regular basis!!

  265. Still Gotta Fire Sather on

    “Dreary shouldn’t even be playing, he cant even take face offs, how do you think his shot will be ?? And he screws us yet again with a lazy penalty with his hands that are “hurt”. Loser !

    He shouldn’t be playing in this series. He’s useless if he’s not healthy, and sometimes he’s even useless when he is healthy. Woops, not sometimes, i mean ALWAYS !”

    — exactly…dude says “what about Avery’s penalties?” when Captain Clutch took a LEGIT penalty that led to the 3rd goal and basically put this game out of reach

  266. I am not getting on Drury for being a bad player, and some are, and that is fine, because everyone has their own opinion. I am getting on him for playing hurt when he is not doing any good for our team in this game. Now, you could argue that nobody is, except for maybe Hank. But my point is, unless you can play to your strengths and make a difference while not being 100% you play, if not, take a seat until you can. Drury is a good faceoff guy, but he can’t take faceoffs, and he has a pretty good shot too, but he can’t take one.

  267. Cally owes this team two god damn goals. Right now this loss is on him, if it turns out that way. But that’s my opinion.


    What? Get a hint.

  268. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    gotta fire sather- first off, i love the name. he really sucks. and yea, dru doesnt do jack when hes healthy, he should be playing very limited. give doobs more time.

  269. Still Gotta Fire Sather on

    “gotta fire sather- first off, i love the name. he really sucks. and yea, dru doesnt do jack when hes healthy, he should be playing very limited. give doobs more time.”

    thanks bro, agreed

  270. Linda misses NY @ Playoff time on

    ok, the crowd really needs to get into it now! their energy is much needed!

  271. “we were down 2-0 before the refs even had an effect on this game…we lost this game in the 1st period because we didn’t come to play at all…Caps played desperate, we played like we knew we had a 2-0 series lead as a buffer”

    Very true and well said, Still Gotta Fire Sather. The Rangers got off to their horrible start, before the refs went whistle crazy.

  272. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    can you believe already the caps get the best scoring chance 3 minutes in. wtf are they doin tonight??

  273. Im getting so frusterated watching this game, and did you guys all read my post on how we should try ang get semin…. now you see why

  274. HockeymanRangers on

    Cally owes this team two god damn goals. Right now this loss is on him, if it turns out that way. But that’s my opinion.


    How about all other Rangers playing like Cally.

  275. No Country For Old Rangers on

    Let’s go you lazy bunch of incompetent millionaires.


  276. Linda misses NY @ Playoff time on

    NY Rangers Examiner
    April 20th, 2009 at 9:01 pm
    “we were down 2-0 before the refs even had an effect on this game…we lost this game in the 1st period because we didn’t come to play at all…Caps played desperate, we played like we knew we had a 2-0 series lead as a buffer”

    Very true and well said, Still Gotta Fire Sather. The Rangers got off to their horrible start, before the refs went whistle crazy.

    smart two posts… i think we all forgot that 2-0 lead was pretty much pre-refs suckin the life outta the game.

    something good needs to happen soon

  277. Linda misses NY @ Playoff time on

    the crowd is just dead right now. caps did their job takin them out of the game

  278. RichterFan35 on

    i’m sure this has been asked/answered already but what is the deal with these ads on the glass?

  279. HockeymanRangers on

    Ave’s quit playing for the refs and play your game aggrevate the players not the refs.

  280. No Country For Old Rangers on

    Drury is like a child who wanders into the middle of movie and wants to know whats going on.

  281. Ovechkin shows up to OUR practice and talks shit and doesn’t get anything against him. Avery says some little off color thing and he’s out half the year. If Ovechkin gets his head taken off ill count this as a win.

  282. Stop Being Soft on

    In other news, Rangers opponents all plan to start their backup goaltenders against the Blueshirts next year. We’re going to miss the playoffs!

  283. Linda misses NY @ Playoff time on

    what is with zherdev and all this moving backwards kinda stuff…he looks awkward…sorry guys that’s the best way i can describe it.

    my fiance made the mistake of callin me during intermission lol…he knows i’m furious!! poor guy!

  284. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    well. i cant see us winning so why not start kickin some ass

  285. Still Gotta Fire Sather on

    “i’m sure this has been asked/answered already but what is the deal with these ads on the glass?”

    those glowing blue thunderstix don’t pay for themselves…neither does Drury’s contract

  286. Had an idea yesterday while pigging out on playoff hockey- since penalty calls have become so arbitrary why not cut right to the chase: based on flip of the coin team A plays the first 20 minutes on PP then team B plays 20 minutes on PP followed by a complete roster shootout for each team! Someone call Betman- I think I’ve saved the sport! Wouldn’t it be great if fans were allowed to elect new commissioner? Rangers have been horrible right from the start tonite- only thing uglier is,of course, nhl refereeing. If Avery put on an Ovechkin jersey- would he be allowed to play the game without constantly getting penalized?

  287. No Country For Old Rangers on

    Did you guys know that Ovechkin was the leading scorer in the NHL this year? I just learned that by watching VS.

  288. HockeymanRangers on

    Who is the best face off player in Hartford??? He might be getting a call. I don’t see how Drury is going to be better by Wednesday.

  289. Linda misses NY @ Playoff time on

    i’d be happy with a freakin goal.

    damn i’m gonna be in a worse mood tomorrow! grrrrrrr
    i’m already the pissed off/mean new yorker at work lol

  290. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    no country- are u kidding me????? you mean the guy who sounds russian and has more shots in one game than ours combined??? damn good thing versus is here to inform us!!!

  291. What would happen if i happened to you know..happen to see Ovechkin “slip on a piece of ice” like Leetch did in 1992-93.

  292. at this point i wouldnt mind a “flyers style” attack on the caps. if drury gets suspended at least they’ll have an excuse to sit him.

  293. The main problem with this game is that the Rangers are playing like Rangers and the Caps are playing like Caps.

  294. No Country For Old Rangers on

    Dear Zherdev,

    What the hell are you doing?


    New York Rangers Fans

  295. Its ok guys in exactly 20 years when Ovechkin’s 40 something, Sather’s gonna sign him to a 12 year contract.

  296. Linda misses NY @ Playoff time on

    i am so disgusted i feel like loading up on sugar and pasta and chips….aaargh…good thing there’s none in the house lol

    why is drury out there? really…he’s got a busted wing…is it a loyalty thing???

  297. No Country For Old Rangers on

    Friends- the NYR are obviously not taking this one seriously so why should we? I’m going to try hard not to let this ruin today, tomorrow and most of Wednesday.

    Can we trade Zherdev for Jagr?

  298. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    well, if we play like this wednesday, i’ll be real pissed. they at least gotta score on this kid tonight. you cant let this punk shut you out in msg in the playoffs. unacceptable

  299. Patrick Brennan on

    This Game SUCKS!!!

    I am muting it and watching The Uninvited on my macbook pro

  300. Linda misses NY @ Playoff time on

    its not freakin easy sally!!!

    in the off season, can they hire al iafrate and or al macinnis to teach staal how to have a blistering shot?

    what a freakin downer. so much for being so pumped my bra was gonna snap….grrrrrrrrrr

  301. Salty
    Cally owes nothing, he is the only player who consistantly showes up,
    If we are lucky, Sather will manage to sign Zherdev to a deal worth 7 million/year

  302. Buffalo fans are still whining about Drury leaving. Sather should announce the day after the season ends that he wants to trade Drury. Sabres fans will march on HSBC arena demanding Drury. And then we will be rid of him. Hop to it, Sather.

  303. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    no country- they look defeated but i hope torts will kick their asses or else get 20 guys in the stands and put them on the ice. i knew washington would come out hard but this has to be the weakest game they have played in a long time.

  304. I don’t know whats worse.

    Jagr circles..passes to Rozsival..passes back to Jagr. Jagr circles. Powerplay ends, pass to Rozsival, Rozsival misses the pass, Puck back in Rangers zone.


    Rozsival, to Redden to Gomez, Gomez waits circles, pass to Redden, Redden dumps, Callahan chases, pass to Gomez, Gomez to Callahan, Callahan around the boards to Redden, Redden to Rozsival, Rozsival dumps, Callahan chases, Callahan to Gomez, Gomez to Redden, Redden shoots, deflects off Antropov/Defensemen, puck lands in front of defensemen, puck cleared.

    PP needs to be.. SHOOT SHOOT SHOOT, none of this fancy crap.

  305. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    i feel bad for the unlucky guy who paid money to be there tonight

  306. Who’s posting as me?

    Matt K April 20th, 2009 at 9:19 pm

    Dubinsky and Callahan hang out at Saddlesores with me, Deja and Mike from Iowa, sites are great at

    I didn’t post that.

  307. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    another brilliant play by zherdev. please sather trade him next year

  308. HockeymanRangers on

    Zerhduv where are you playing next year??? Columbus don’t want you, Rangers don’t want you, time to go home.

  309. Linda misses NY @ Playoff time on

    lol Staal !!!

    holy crap they are losing cuz i didnt play the swedish national anthem before the game!!!!!!!!!!!! damnit!

    damn its so freakin quiet at the garden that i can actually hear the versus announcers…grrrrr

  310. Chuck April 20th, 2009 at 9:20 pm

    this is just not our night. but that’s why they play (up to) 7 games.


    You know what? You’re right. Thanks Chuck. I’m still miserable, but I’m not giving up ALL hope.

  311. LOL @ Ovechkin still cherry picking with 3 mins left… jesus.

    We had this coming, we’ve been lucky.

    And this team plays WAY better without Drury for some crazy reason.

  312. ThisYearsModel on

    Zherdev is playing himself into the press box. All these silly drop passes. Tortorella is having a cow. He is letting Zherdev play himself off the team.

  313. fl1ppedturtle on

    All I have to say is Z has been terrible no contract for him rather see them sign antropov

  314. No Country For Old Rangers on

    MIke- seriously I trust Torts will tear them a new one after this..

    This is/was a disturbing game to say the least but everyone here must have thought we’d lose at least one game.

    Its dangerous to give Euro-trash like Ovechkin, Semin confidence though. Not to mention the mediocre AHL goalie who looks like a pre-skull fracture Mike Richter right now.

  315. You mean a closet Devils fan mike in iowa? haha

    Im so cool, other people want to be me. XD

  316. Linda misses NY @ Playoff time on

    sorry shoryuken…he’s been on his side alot tonight…argh!!!

    if it wasnt for hank, this would have been 9-0! How do you let an effin rookie goal shut you out at home! HOW HOW HOW!!!

  317. ThisYearsModel,
    Zherdev is playing his way into a lucrative contract, at least thats how Sather will see it!
    I say he’s worth 7 million…at least!

  318. No Matt, I was just responding the post about Cally screaming that in the corner. I also thought I heard Cally scream something in the corner but I wasn’t sure what.

  319. Just having a bit of fun to liven things up, dont get all wet. Dubi does it all the time, as does Cowboy Mike. This Commie goalie is spicey hot.

  320. Sally and the Stanley Cupcake on

    Rangers had a chance… that’s an automatic penalty on Avery right?

  321. ***Matt K April 20th, 2009 at 9:26 pm

    Just having a bit of fun to liven things up, dont get all wet. Dubi does it all the time, as does Cowboy Mike. This Commie goalie is spicey hot.***

    Not me either, Carp check the IP address

  322. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    shoryuken, more like 1 in 2 games on a rookie!!!!! how pathetic is that?????

  323. Well I really thought after the 1st they were gonna come out with fire and passion. Kick a$$ and take names. So much for being positive.

  324. Linda misses NY @ Playoff time on

    it seems as if zherdev has been on ice for most of this period…maybe you’re right ThisYearsModel…

    damn theres that ugly portal guy again!

    victor kozlov in the box, gettin his blood transfusion

  325. Still Gotta Fire Sather on

    “Wow. 5:16 to go and this place is emptying out.”

    Carp you’re at MSG right? can you please ask Torts or even Captain Clutch himself if it’s even worth playing if he’s gonna be this ineffective? and that’s being nice?

    in fact if you recite some of my posts from this thread on Drury word-for-word you might even get a famous YouTube moment with Torts, like “Brooksie”

  326. No Country For Old Rangers on

    It’s impossible to figure out this Rangers team. When you give them no shot, they play their hearts out.

    but When they have a crucial home game with an opportunity to take a stranglehold in the series they come up lame.

    I really hope it gets ugly with some cheap shots landed on Ovechkin/Semin

  327. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    at this point i would like to see voros play the rest of the series instead of zherdev. it will make no difference either way. and hopefully the kid wants a trade. hes useless

  328. fl1ppedturtle on

    It shows that Z has never played in a playoff game how are you three games in with 0 hits?????? For christ sakes not a sigle hit.

  329. Carp can you ban the ***hole posting as me, he posted the following

    “Matt K April 20th, 2009 at 9:26 pm

    Just having a bit of fun to liven things up, dont get all wet. Dubi does it all the time, as does Cowboy Mike. This Commie goalie is spicey hot.”

    “Matt K April 20th, 2009 at 9:19 pm

    Dubinsky and Callahan hang out at Saddlesores with me, Deja and Mike from Iowa, sites are great at

  330. Linda misses NY @ Playoff time on

    ok THAT was freakin ridiculous by Avery!!! that was not smart…the versus announcers are such pantyloads

  331. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    avery kiled us tonight. refs suck but he killed us. i love aves but he lets these guys under his skin instead of doing the opposite.

  332. I was just going to defend Avery in my post game story, but that kind of makes it impossible to do now with the ridiculous penalties he collected there.

    Varlamov is on his game, won’t be bothered by any Avery antics

  333. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    go rangers. this game should be enough for torts to start benchin players.

  334. Lundqvist is a God on

    Awful game. Worst playoff performance since game 1 vs the Devils in 2006.

    Just awful.

  335. No Country For Old Rangers on

    I cant wait for all the genius analysts to shower all sorts of praise on Ovechkin and the Caps now, talking about how they saw this coming and how you can never count the caps out because of their talent, etc etc. it’s enough to make you want to pull an Ian Curtis and hang yourself.

    How poetic for Poti to score, something he never did on the Rangers.

  336. Can we tip over their team bus like we tipped over the ambulance for LA LA LA LA LA Fontaine.

  337. Linda misses NY @ Playoff time on

    sorry rick and jane but

    HOLY FUGGIN SHEITONASTICK>.addin insult to injury EFFIN POTI scores….armageddon is upon us

  338. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    poor hank. the kid gets a shutout and he gets no d help at all

  339. I agree Rick,
    That was the best penalty Avery took all night!
    At this point whats the difference?

  340. HockeymanRangers on

    Come on fans next game we need to hear you when we are up OR down. I would be if I could be there.

  341. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    see, without hank makin all those brilliant saves, we suck. its sad but true. we should be happy were up 2-1. this series has been asll caps.

  342. We no longer have the hottest goaltender in the series. Varlamov has a 0.51 GAA and a .982 SV%.

    And what’s with the fans throwing debris and coins on the ice? Don’t they know it’s Sather’s job to throw money at lackluster players?

  343. Attention Fans Do not throw things on the ice. Also, Do not, i repeat do not, make sure to hit Ovechkin with your beer bottles. And of course do NOT! make death threats at the Capitals and in any way tip over their team bus. Thank you.

  344. Linda misses NY @ Playoff time on

    a little bit late on my part (thanks computer) but that was a NICE hit by dubinsky!!!

    what awesome defense played by this team tonight! and you KNOW avery is gonna be the only thing talked about.

  345. NY Rangers Examiner April 20th, 2009 at 9:35 pm

    Were the Rangers fans throwing something on the ice?

    The white glow stick things they gave out. They promote “true blue” but go with white.

  346. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    yea i called it. but we really need game 4. game 4 is more important for us than the caps. but i cant say im hopeful after this mess. sucks to be a fan at the garden tonight.

  347. HockeymanRangers on

    Ok we HAVE to hope we come out a new team Wednesday, chat with ya’ll then.

  348. Man does Darren Elliot have a crush on the caps or what!!!!!!!!!!

    give me a break…

    rangers are not scoring 3 goals they need to play defensive and score when they have open netz.

    can Girardi fake a shot on occasion???He is offensively inept right now….

  349. I just knew we were going to lay an egg tonight. Hopefully, they can right the ship with a better effort on Wednesday night. Did anyone REALLY think they were going to sweep the Caps??

    If we lose Game 4…we lose the series.

  350. Linda misses NY @ Playoff time on

    someone please tell me if Torts head spins in his post game interview…ala Linda Blair!!

    That was a disgraceful display of ineptness. Oi they say in the south… UGLY UGLY UGLY!

  351. I think MSG is going to spend the next 2 days figuring out how they can squeeze in more computer generated advertisements.

  352. Poti looks like he is just recovering from years of therapy from when he was raped repeatedly by his Peewee coach

  353. Linda misses NY @ Playoff time on

    maybe the hawks flames will be a real game

    doesnt look like we’re hittin the 1000 mark tonight

    sally, are you still out there or do you have a cheap beer headache lol

  354. Caps played great d and goalie was solid. Game 4 is a must win.

    I hope Poti chokes on some peanuts!

  355. Still Gotta Fire Sather on

    “it’s obvious Drury playing is HURTING the team

    didn’t we look good in Game 1 without him?

    what’s the old saying? if you’re playing you’re not injured…no excuses, you can’t have it both ways

    so Mr. $7 Million, Captain Clutch, if you’re not gonna do ANYTHING, if you’re gonna HURT US, sit for the good of the team”

    — Carp I posted this during the game, just wanted to post it again to see if you can address this issue either while talking with Torts/Drury after the game, or in your post-game entry on here

  356. What a pathetic game, and on top of that Nyr fans acting like Isles fans, throwing on the ice. Really classy.

    For the moron that would rather have an injured Dreary in the lineup than a perfectly healthy Artie, or anyone from Hartford, keep those drugs away from the kids, cause they’re the future.

    And i should correct myself from before, i wasn’t blaming this loss on Cally, i forgot to add the rest of the team, but i didn’t see that Backstrom deflected it.

    Pathetic, is all there is to it. All the money the fans payed to go to this game, the first playoff game of the year at MSG, and this is what the great Rangers give back to them ? Nice.

  357. Redden was very good in the first 2 games, but terrible in that one. Responsible for 3 of the goals. Goos move by Avery at the end. The game was over anyway so may as well try something. But it didn’t look like the rookie payed any attention. Of only Cally could have scored on the early play. Lets face it, they were more desperate than us tonight. We watched them instead of taking it to them. Wed. will be a different story.
    You people didn’t actually expect a sweep, did you?????

  358. Some observations

    – 3 games getting outshout
    – 3 games getting outworked
    – Henrik has to be better for us to win
    – Garden sounded dead…way to throw things on the ice
    – Caps looked way more under control then last game
    – Avery was a flat out idiot tonight. I hope he’s benched for the next game..
    – Better win Wednesday, or the trends will all be going the wrong way.

  359. Would it kill Gomez to win an offensive zone faceoff? He was brutal first two periods…Esp on power plays!

  360. *Matt K April 20th, 2009 at 9:43 pm

    Whoever is impersonating me, hope he;s cute.*

    not me either. This KID is pissing me off.

  361. Linda misses NY @ Playoff time on

    doppler…no, didnt expect them to sweep, but DID expect them to show up and play!

  362. Seriously whoever is posting as me needs to get a life. You seriously have nothing better to do than sit here and impersonate people? Why don’t you come out from your nerd cave, get off your couch for the first time in 5 years and actually go outside and do something with your life. But no, you have to sit here and impersonate me. I pity you.

  363. We are not going to make 1000 posts- Carp is sure to put up an update soon
    Looks like we will play Boston in round 2. They are up 3-0
    See, it could be worse.
    We WILL win Wed. night….Mark Messier
    And I’ll be there with lots of you’s to witness it!

    Just think, if we split on the road and came home and won, we would be ecstatic up 2-1. So what’s the diff.
    We have another home game to recoup, and you know Torts will have them ready!

  364. Linda misses NY @ Playoff time on

    i bet aves gets suspended for that! you KNOW they are just looking for any excuse!

  365. Linda misses NY @ Playoff time on

    I nominate Sallys “refs wifes playoff beard” as funniest post of the night

  366. Linda misses NY @ Playoff time April 20th, 2009 at 9:59 pm

    now why would they do that Matt?

    I don’t know, i mean he didn’t violate league rules or anything. I mean, if this was a regular season game he wouldn’t be suspended for like 3 games. TBH i don’t know.

  367. Linda misses NY @ Playoff time on

    sorry matt… i forgot to put the ;-) after that comment.

    in response to you though, i thought that was not allowed anyway.

  368. Thanks to mother nature and the Rangers for spoiling an otherwise decent birthday.

    Sometimes winning makes you think you’re better than you really are, or something like that. Anyway, make whatever adjustments they need to make for Game 4.

  369. back to reality I guess. Does Girardi’s shots ever get through, it always seems his shots get blocked. Gomez, Zherdev, and the entire Rangers D were awful tonight. If Drury is hurt that badly, which it seems he is, I admire his toughness, but at this point he is doing more harm than good, call up a player from Hartford who has two good arms.

  370. Oh and the PP needs to help out. We’re not going to be perfect in the PK category, or most likely won’t be, so we need to tilt the special teams back to at least even.

  371. Linda misses NY @ Playoff time on

    UES, sorry its late but Happy Birthday!!! maybe they’ll give you a W on wednesday!!

    Touche Matt!

  372. Linda misses NY @ Playoff time on

    for some reason, i STILL think our *so bad words cannot describe it power play* is going to win us a game! I don’t know why, but it’s just a feeling.

  373. the difference doppler is that we idnt just lose tonight. but we got spanked. we looked like back in early february with renny as coach. even though were up 2-1. we really lost all 3 games if youre lookin at it as who was the better team. only hank is the reason we are winning. very sad to see that nobody took command for us and got us back in it. sather gave us a bunch of supplementary players with no stars. as for facing boston, id worry about not getting shutout at home again first. this varlamov kid is good but hes not that good

  374. linda- lmao. i think our 2 pps in game 1 was it!!! thats it hun. 2 pps a series ok. thats the limit.

  375. My playoff beard is starting to itch.

    With performances like this i wont have to worry about a deep run.

  376. Im actually having a conversation with an Isles that says that Avery’s antics were worse than Chris Simon’s. Can i honestly beat some sense into him..please?

  377. ues- sry bro. were all sad tonight with ya. we’ll get game 4 though. no way does torts allow this crap again. i know hes a great coach and all, but why cant he get these guys goin on the pp? its been awhile now. its not like they have nobody on the team that cant score.

  378. Everything they were doing right the last 5 games, they did poorly tonight.

    Still, the game turned on ONE sequence. The sequence where Cally’s open net goal was deflected into the post and 20 seconds later Semin scored. Instead of 1-1 and back in the Caps’ heads, it’s 2-0 and they’re owning the Rangers. That was the entire game right there.

  379. yea im watchin shoryuken. wow looks like gonzo went to bed and stopped impersonating us

  380. yup pete. but we still couldve shown a little fire there and gotten back in it with a goal. im sorry but if thats all it takes to beat our team, we need some new players

  381. Linda misses NY @ Playoff time on

    alternate universe mike in ia….

    i’m tellin you…its gonna happen!!!

    I’ve had that game on Shoryuken…what a difference!

    is THAT all Torts really said? He should have said SUCKED TO HIGH HEAVEN

  382. Peter-
    Yup. Absolutely may have been a totally different outcome if not for the blocked Cally attempt. But that’s hockey and we got lots of good bounces our way in the first 2 games. If AO scored on that crossbar in the last of the third the other night, we might be looking at a much worse scenario right now.

  383. Was at my 41st game tonight this season. All I have to say is I would let Zherdev walk in the off season. He brings absolutely nothing to the table.

  384. Linda misses NY @ Playoff time on

    when exactly did Pierre start sporting boobs?? man I HATE whiny guys!

  385. ha ok linda. im sure we’ll get a pp goal sometime in the next month. hey, stranger things have happened. but you gotta admit, it wasnt pearn or renny. they reallyu just cant get it done.

  386. Hey everyone… just got back from the game and had something that I thought you all might find *very* interesting. My father, who once worked with the NHL noticed the Asst. Commissioner sitting near us after the game ended. He went up to say hello and give him a bit of a ribbing about the officiating to which the asst commish played it down (not surprisingly.) My Dad then persisted in saying, “well what about that last call on Avery. There really wasn’t much there.” to which the asst. commissioner THE EFFING ASST COMMISH says “THAT KID IS SICK. HE DOESNT BELONG IN THIS GAME.” He then gets up and walks away. Are you serious??? The assistant commissioner says that?? You would think he’d at least be remotely objective but apparently not. They really do have it out for him.

    My dad and I were both pretty shocked to say the least. Really sad when league officials can’t let their own opinions stay inside.

    Besides that, crap game, no way around it. Big comeback on Wednesday boys.

  387. The idea of the thundersticks was awful. They neon light was only great for the first 4 minutes pre game when the lights were out. I prefer the towels any day of the week.

  388. I hear its back to the good ole towels for Wed…which is good cuz i’ll be at that game and i sure as hell don’t want a thunderstick.

  389. They’ll be better Wednesday night — and I still think the series is going seven games.

    Not nearly physical enough in their own end, and downright dreadful without the puck. But the coach isn’t blowing smoke up his ass or anyone else’s, and this just might be the best thing that could happen to this team.

    Because while they competed in Washington, skated hard and showed alot of poise, they did not outplay the Caps in any fashion that suggested a 2-0 lead might be taken. Now it’s back to reality, there is no Tooth Fairy, and they know if they don’t want it more than Washington — much more — they will lose. Nothing wrong with that.

  390. I expect the Rangers to play much better in Game 4. The performance tonight, aside from Hank, was inexcusable. There was no desire and no effort, especially in that first period.

    I think this was a statement game for the Caps, saying not to count them out. They played with desperation and I think we all expected to see this type of play from them in Game 3.

  391. im gonna go guys. but anyone watching versus, just look at bill, brian and keith just droolin and smilin over being able to say the caps won. its nauseating

  392. as I stated over 2 hours ago, everyone watched the puck… when they lose often they obsese about puckzs behind the net and lose track of men..

    Drury situation is a problem.. If he cannot play I do not play Voros, I call someone up but that will really kill.

    Versus is so happy they love cindy and ovie…you did not know pitt and DC are larger markets then NY….

    the rangers getting the lead is key to this offensively challenged team…

    they got killed on key faceoffs, they missed 2 open nets. and zherdev needs to stop the cutesy play and pick it up, they need him………..

  393. Linda misses NY @ Playoff time on

    mike #2 i agree with you totally, the personnel on the power play is not gettin it done. maybe torts should really shake it up for the next game. ya know, if we had to wait a MONTH for the next power play goal, that could mean something GOOD has happened. ;-)

    Thundersticks, Doodie being at the game, me having too much coffee, Sally drinking the wrong beer…it was destined to suck tonight!

  394. Linda misses NY @ Playoff time on

    lmao mike, i just said ‘fu and your ancestors and offspring’ to all of them !!!!!

  395. avery needs to watch it. on his hit to varlamov, erskine hit him first.

    avery has to be smarter, he is a marked man do not give them a reason to call a penalty on him.. overall almost everything went wrong tonight except Henrik actually played really good…..

  396. yea and the fact that we couldnt score once on this kid is very bad. i think we might have a low scoring game to win thursday unless we get this putrid pp goin. 0-6 tonight. avery had a bad one, but our d were worse.

  397. Game plan for game 4

    Hurt Ovechkin

    Hurt Semin

    Have the courage to hit hard, dont have the problems we had with not hitting crosby last year

  398. Linda misses NY @ Playoff time on

    Raider, very interesting exchange! Avery’s sick, but Bertuzzi is welcomed back with open arms. Avery’s sick for callin some hollywood ho bag sloppy seconds, but Bertuzzi nearly kills a guy and he’s ok….. Very bizarre world!!!

  399. this is exactly why i didnt want sean avery.. what he does is not a penalty with any other player in the nhl.. .the refs are out for him.. but who does it affect? our team! the guy doesnt contribute offensively at all and just gets penalties and yaps yaps yaps.. what a faggot goon… i knew sather fcuked up again.there is a reason why he was on waivors and no team picked him up except us? why is that? and he is on our top line??? he is on our top power play unit and we expect to win and no team would take him for free???

  400. Anybody have the faceoff stats? How extreme was the difference between the rangers and the caps. I can only count on my hand the amount of faceoffs the rangers won.

  401. 4-0 score is really deceiving. The Rangers never were in this game. If they don’t shape up on Wednesday this could get ugly. Did anyone play with passion & desperation?. This is a great offensive team & Henrik can’t do it alone.

  402. faceoffs aside, we still got 33 shots on this kid but most of them were bad angle shots. looked like renny coached this one. i wouldve liked to see a timeout after the 2nd goal. torts needs to get drury off the damn ice and bring artie up. screw the ahl playoffs. drury is absolutely useless and zherdev too. i never understood why colombus would make that trade and now i know why.

  403. hey, think were pissed?, id like to be in the san jose area to watch them choke yet again. it aint over but they sure are in a worse spot then us and they were the best in the nhl

  404. Linda –

    Exactly! How many goons has this game let hang around? How about Chris “Lumberjack” Simon? It just really bothers me to hear stuff like that when Avery has never tried to hurt anybody flagrantly. So he talks alot and acts childish alot. Big deal. Talk to me when he hacks another player in the face.

  405. Linda misses NY @ Playoff time on

    good point about calling a time out there mike. i thought for sure one would come, surprised there wasnt. They just didn’t have it tonight, hopefully they come out on wednesday embarrassed and ready to play a hard, full out 60 minutes, they owe it to Hank and to us!!!

  406. Mike Schoenef. Man, you’ve got a real short memory. Avery’s been a driving force over the last couple of weeks. You really don’t know hockey if you don’t see that. He skates his ass off and he’s between a rock and a hard place no matter what he does. Hypocritical Canada and the refs are out to get him. Wake up.

  407. I was at the game. I will be there wednesday. I average about 40+ games a year including playoffs.

  408. Raider

    Daly is such a dinosaur. Send that story to Brooks at the Post, I bet he would love to have that nugget and run with it.

  409. jay- we were 3 years ago. we got swept by jersey after not gettin in the playoffs for how many years. but yea, i feel for those fans too. at least they got in though. they gotta be happy at least in the direction the teams goin. this is just a recurring nightmare for us though. no progress ever.

  410. Linda misses NY @ Playoff time on


    it’s so blatantly obvious. the problem is, everyone thinks this guy is worse than the plague for WORDS!!! meanwhile you got assclowns like Bertuzzi and Hartnell and the like, now going about their business. Bertuzzi is a head hunter and I’ll never understand why he’s back in the league. Since they got rid of Simon, they needed another whipping boy and Avery is it. But you’re right, talk to me when the guy tries to rip someones head off.

    Another funny thing, mikeschoenf is rippin avery a few posts up, but uses “avery type” language to describe him. Thats kinda hypocritical too. Everyone has strong opinions on the guy, that’s for sure, but if you’re gonna rip him, try to do it without using those kind of words, it weakens your arguement.

  411. If we score the first goal in game 4 and tighten up defensively we should head back to wash up 3 1. We aren’t challenging Varlamov at all. It’s easy to sit on top of the crease and come out and challenge the off angle low percentage shots.

  412. Besides Lundqvist, did anyone else show up ready to play tonight? So, we scored a grand total of ONE goal in two games?

  413. the C from drury's shirt on

    linda, dont forget heatley in ottawa too. he crashed a car and a guy died from it, which basically means he was responsible for the guys death and hes still playing, while avery said something and he gets hated by the whole league, while bertuzzi and heatley are respected.

  414. pathetic effort. news media quickly going to point out we havent scored in 5 and a half periods against a 20 year old goalie.

  415. linda- yea i mean aves wasnt great tonight. he had a bad one, but the guy lays it all out there all the time. more than i can say for capn crunch and his apprentice zherdoof

  416. It looked like they could have played 20 periods tonight & the Rangers were never going to score.

    I’m booking a flight up for Game Six at MSG… I’m pretty confident we’ll be having one after tonight.

  417. We simply did not play well tonight and we deserved the outcome. If we can learn from this game, then it isn’t such a bad thing. This series is almost like how we started the season, but crunched up in to a playoff series. In the beginning of the year, we won a bunch of games that maybe we shouldn’t have, because of good goal tending and strong team D, but once teams found ways to score against us, we were screwed because we couldn’t score goals. Well, games one and two we played pretty good team D, Hank played out of his mind, and we won two games because of it. Now, the Caps have found ways to score and we are going to have to find answers. Does that make sense to anyone but me? Ha. I am bummed out and so damn tired right now.

  418. I was going to comment on today’s game, but why bother…..we better wake up on Weds…LGR

  419. the C from drury's shirt on

    now is there any way to make these comments auto refresh? with the more recent comments at the top, that way we dont have to scroll down 1000 comments.?

  420. i don’t know if it was mentioned earlier, but i lost all respect for backstrom and ovechkin tonight…

    they waited until everyone was off the ice, and the two of them went to center and did a mock stick salute to the crowd

    classless..ovechkin is turning into nothing but a showboater..i never had much problem with him before that stunt tonight.

  421. nasty- no, i think we all have rationalized it in our own way but you got a point. they better learn quick though

  422. the C from drury's shirt on

    ovechkin is classless always has been always will be he will never be respected truelly by his peers, he will always be alone and he knows that in his heart.

  423. the C from drury's shirt on

    if ovechkin ever becomes a ranger later in his career, i will not cheer for him, i will hope for his failure secretly.

  424. Raider

    If i was you, i would most definitely call tomorrow @ noon to NHL Live! And let them know about your pleasant experience with the ass. commissioner. It just so annoying how these people think they are the balls of the Universe. Avery is a 100% more of a hockey player than Cindy and Ovechkin, yes, that’s right Ovechkin can ever be.
    *Avery is not selfish*

  425. all the much sweeter when we beat them. id say do the same thing in washington, but the rangers are men, not punks. i cant believe what a little girl he is. thats worse than crosby

  426. no, i am not kidding, i was at the game, already pissed off about the loss, and those asses go and do that…classless.

  427. Drury needs to sit on

    Drury isn’t going to let this loss ruin his Administrative Professionals Day this week

  428. i dont think they played that bad. or at least as good as they played in the first two games. difference is, with their backs against the wall, the caps really put the screws to them. they imposed their will on the rangers all night and they were able to because they are simply a lot more talented. the troubling thing is this: varlamov got a shutout and probably has all the confidence on the world right now. but more importantly they caps have their goalie situation completely figured out. a situation which was chaotic a few short days ago. losing is in this way was the worst case scenario, caps are feeling it

  429. Linda misses NY @ Playoff time on

    I didnt even think about Heatley. He was welcomed back because I believe he showed actual remorse for what happened,but yea, wasnt he drunk? Very very odd this NHL.

    Rob, I did not see that, but that is very immature and not something you’d expect from one of the ‘faces’ of the league. Very disappointed to hear that. I’m sure Cindy Bettman wouldn’t do something like that, and I cannot stand that person!

    Maybe THAT will light a fire for these guys. To have something team oriented mocked and disrespected in your house…THEY BETTER EFFIN TAKE CARE OF BIZZZNIZZZZZ Wednesday. Maybe go Bertuzzi/Simon on someone lol ;-)

  430. the C from drury's shirt on

    ovechkin is a disgrace to the game. he makes fun of a team’s tradition in appreciating the fans who work hard to earn enough money to go to games, especially playoff games. that is spitting in the face of the team, the league, and the fans. i take that seriously. thats shameful and uncalled for.

  431. CCCP, not a bad idea. I actually just shot Larry Brooks an email. Itd be cool if he did something with it. We’ll see.

  432. ZzZz 13 ZzZz is going to Rule game 3 !! says Greg L. on

    One loss , big deal!!!! Game was all screwed up for us but we’ll bounce back!! Weird how at home we should be better but were worse , this could be a away series , where the visitor ducks all the pressure and plays thier game.

  433. the C – that’s exactly how i feel

    hopefully that little stunt makes it to the media…but i have a feeling it won’t..

    CARP! post about it! make it real!

  434. yea, that alone should be enough motivation to win the next 2. id go out and give ovie the career ending injury he so rightfully deserves

  435. If Ovechkin and Semin want to do a mock stick salute after winning ONE game in a long series, let them have their fun after. I’ll bet you we would have heard from the league if it were Avery who pulled that stunt DC or sat the bench during the Caps practice.

  436. Drury needs to sit on

    Varlamov would’ve been more intimidated and would’ve been more easily rattled if he was greeted by a normal raucous Garden playoff crowd, instead he got a rave with glow sticks, amateur hour tonight by the NYR organization, crowd didn’t look as into it as I thought they would be even at the beginning of the game

  437. hey rob- maybe someone ya know, should go pay them a visit. what hotel they staying at? id go there right now if i was in ny and break his damn legs so he can watch in his wheelchair as his team gets beat again at home in game 6. i guess to be that talented god had to make him ugly as sin to balance things out.

  438. the C from drury's shirt on

    anyone else think ovechkin should be suspened one game for coming to our practice and then taunting us and the fans at the end of the game?

  439. the C from drury's shirt on

    the stick taunt reminds me of when terrel owens playing for the 49ers ran to the 50 yard line of dallas’s texas stadium and started celebrating a touch down on their star logo. didnhe get suspended for that? how is this any different.

  440. If it makes any of you feel better, after watching Ovie do that, I told him to get the F off our ice. He smiled.

  441. Linda misses NY @ Playoff time on

    the c, i was actually thinking the same thing!! wow

    to borrow from MiamiPimp


  442. i was at the game tonight, maybe it didn’t come across well on tv, but the place was rocking. maybe everyone settled down once it was 3 – 0. but before that it was as loud as ive heard it all year.

  443. I too was at the game. The place was absolutely jumping from John Amirante and on. Not to state the obvious, but the entire game swung on Cally’s near goal. That goes in, it’s 1-1, the Garden continues to shake, and the entire complexion of the game is different.

    The Thunderstix were cool-looking in the pregame but were incredibly annoying the rest of the time. We are not an expansion team. Let’s retire those things next to Billy Joel’s banner.

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