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Tiny tempest at the morning skate today, although nothing is minor during a playoff series.

Here’s the entire take (and the photo) from the D.C. Sports Bog written by Dan Steinberg:

“A few minutes ago, all the media members buzzed quietly when Alex Ovechkin came out to watch the Rangers’ morning skate. This, several veterans said, was slightly unusual. Then they buzzed again, when Ovechkin was tapped on the shoulder by a Caps’ PR staffer and abruptly left.

Turns out Rangers boss John Tortorella had apparently asked Ovechkin to vacate the bench. The Caps PR folks offered Ovie a seat in the stands instead. He declined.

Playoff hockey is fun for all.

UPDATED: Tarik (El-Bashir, of the Washihngton Post) and I pretty much took care of asking the principals what they thought. I bit the bullet on Tortorella:

“Oh, God, I didn’t even know,” he said. “This is the first I’ve heard of it. Ask me a question about the game, not that [bleep].”

Tarik took care of Ovechkin:

“Just [to get] Tortorella pissed off,” he said, explaining his motivation. “Because they afraid of me,” he added, when asked why he was made to leave.

And last, Boudreau:

“I think it was more of a lack of knowing the rules, that’s all,” Boudreau said. “They asked him to leave; he left. He just went out there and he wants to be around the rink. I don’t think he had a pen and paper, writing down line combinations or anything, but I can understand, I’ve gotten into the same arguments with different people when I want privacy in my practice, so I can understand what John was going through as well. As long as he’s out there at 7 o’clock, we’re fine.”


The Great Sam Weinman checked in to remind me of a fact that nobody seemed to realize, trivial as it is:

Since the lockout, the Rangers have now played in six playoff series including this one, and every one of them has started out 2-0:

2006: Down 0-2 to Devils.
2007: Up 2-0 on Atlanta, down 0-2 to Buffalo.
2008: Up 2-0 on Devils, down 0-2 to Pittsburgh.
2009: Up 2-0 on Washington.


I will be back later with more from MSG. Jane and I will do a live video chat tomorrow at noon.


AFTERNOON UPDATE, 3:10 P.M. (From Metro North car 9022): Just got word from a Rangers spokesman who insists Tortorella had nothing, zero, to do with Ovechkin being removed from the Rangers bench during the morning skate. It’s a league rule, according to the spokesman — and Rangers Report reader.



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  1. Shoryuken (Redden gets a clean slate for the Playoffs) on

    Be careful, Alex. Remember the saying: “You don’t wanna owe money to John Tortorella.”

  2. i think we should have the whole team sit on the bench during their practice and see how he likes it.

  3. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    ha nasty- he wishes his team had the 2-0 lead thats for sure. but maybe he likes torts! or has a mancrush on zherdev. more like he was tryin to see where they were shootin on hank.

  4. If the Rangers watched the Caps practice they would be saying…

    OK, they are better then us…our best chance is to sit back and do nothing and win this one 1-0 again.

    Rangers better start playing 2 ways, or they will find themselves 2-2 going back to DC. You cant keep a sleeping dog down forever..

  5. Esa Tikkanen on

    I’m very impressed you play so well with the out of town writers. Good job though in all seriousness.

  6. UESBlueshirt on


    My Rangers record this season:

    Oct NJ (W)
    Oct ATL (W)
    Election night NYI (L)
    Nov FLA (L)
    Dec PIT (W)
    Jan MTL (L)
    Jan CAR (W)
    Feb COL (W)
    Apr MTL (W)

    My all time playoff record is 3-2, 2-2 at MSG.

    However one of those wins was Game 2 in 1994 vs. the Caps.

    And with tickts to game 4 this week I am hoping for a repeat of when I had tickets to game 4 of the Thrashers series.

  7. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    from last post. broadway-all i know is every press conf. boudreau gets a little more uptight than the one before. you know even though were at home, this could be the hardest fought game we will play this series. you know its pretty much do or die for them so we gotta expect some kinda crap being pujlled or said to get the refs on their side. they need a quick early goal, and if they dont score early on, it might really get in their head almost like san jose. did anyone watch that game last night? crazy game. brilliant goaltending too from hiller

  8. I am surprised he didn’t get the butt end of a stick through the glass right between the eyes.

  9. My first reaction to this story was to laugh.

    AO is crazy but I think it’s a fun kind of crazy.

    He knows he’s down 2-0 and he’s trying everything to get the Rangers off their game.

    Aint gonna work though…

  10. Bush league OVie!!

    And Boudreas answer – he didn’t know, that is TOTAL crap

    Maybe he’s trying to see hwo you play wiht your teamates instead of trying to win the game on your own

    HAVE TO come out strong tonight.


  11. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    then torts says ” get outta here and go play with semin. “

  12. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    if anything, it shows how desperate they really are. that was a dumb move on ovies part. its not gonna do anything but make him look stupid

  13. Hey Mouth….

    I am gonna come up there to 408 and beat ur a$$ with my thunderstick !!!

  14. WOW, what a P.O.S!

    That’s A LOT of smack talking from a guy who’s down 0-2 and hasn’t scored a goal yet.

    This league is so hypocritical. If a guy like Avery did/said that, he’d probably be suspended within 5 minutes for violating some absurd league rule.

    Maybe he should be spending more time with his team.

    Like I said before the series, he’s not making anyone around him better. Clearly, he doesn’t have the mental capacity to lead.

    Can you see a guy like Messier watching the other team’s practice and then saying some nonsense like that? I mean, try to picture it, it’s almost comical.

    Just shows you how far off a guy like AO is from being an “elite”. Light years away.

  15. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    broadway- also before he could keep talkin about cally, one of the reporters was like” i dont want you to get fined” so he says yea me neither. so they changed the subject. i mean seriously how could you get mad at cally? because he scored 1 goal and your superstars skated back slow watching him score when they shouldve tried catchin him? he thinks ao was interfered with. evenb so, they had 35 freakin shots, plus 29 atempted ones blocked. they should be mad at themselves for not scoring 1 lousy goal at home with the best player in the league

  16. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    you can see the lack of experience from the coach down to the players. i would love to sweep them and leave ao like hossa and kovy from the atlanta series. being a total non factor

  17. If we score first tonight, and are playing a strong game, I can totally see Ovie starting a fight or something to try and spark his team.

  18. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    they should wait till theyre practicing and then send voros out there naked ala slap shot to do laps

  19. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    that will totally be stuck in their heads forever and they wont recover

  20. Or, just let Voros sit naked on the bench sucking down his favorite “Crisco” with a straw. That will get in their heads :)

  21. who is ready for the bus tours outside MSG in the pouring rain? LOL!

    Got the Gomez jersey out for this one! GOMEZ STEPS UP BIG TONIGHT WITH three PRIMARY ASSISTS


    I Cannot wait for the anthem and the baloons dropping and the garden rockinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

  22. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    i got my leetch jersey on but im in bumfukt iowa so i’ll be doing a parade down main street by myself or maqybe i can bribe the local bums with a 6 pack and all 7-8 of us can go through newton singin, lets go rangers!!!!!!!!

  23. So does Weinman’s stat mean that we will win this series and then be down 0-2 to whoever we face next? Ha.

  24. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    guys, anyone follow the pack? i just started following their playoff run. does anyone here think sanguinetti will ever become a ranger??? or is he a bust too?

  25. SWEET, I don’t have a class from 12:15-1:35. I will be able to watch the live chat live this time.

  26. Thunder sticks, WTF? Since when does a playoff crowd at MSG need Thunder Sticks? Since when does any Rangers crowd (reg season or playoffs) need thunder sticks!

    Each and every fan should say, “We don’t need these. Take all 18,200 of these and shove them up Dolan’s @##$$!!”

    I guess technically would be 36,400 sticks since each person gets 2.

  27. I know I’m thinking way ahead, but I’m going to be positive. If we advance to round two, how are the matchups decided/reseeded?

  28. Pavel, resseeded, ie get ready to head up north to face CHARA AND CO.

    Greg M-what a joke….18,200 are going to be waving their “sticks” and simultaneously chanting h–o larry with 12 minutes to play in the third—ohhhhhhhhhhhh baby

  29. Mike in Iowa

    A few years ago my cousin was player coach of the Waterloo blackhawks. He loved Iowa.

  30. Nasty 1
    April 20th, 2009 at 1:03 pm
    It looks to me like he was sitting there and wishing he was on our team.


    Oh how I would love it if you were right ;)

  31. WOW.. Welcome to the overreaction message board. You guys are flipping out over nothing. Let him Talk his !! It makes it fun. I wish Dubi would talk smack back to him. the NHL needs stuff like this

  32. haha that’s great, but if Aves did that Buttman would have made up a rule to get him suspended…

  33. UVM CATS

    That article made my blood boil. Hope they all read it, printed it out and posted it in the locker room wall.

  34. Leetch is god on

    i got my leetch jersey too and I live in SF,
    and Im down for a parade down market st,
    but someone will probably think I’m
    protesting something…

    Seems like AO is real close to losing it,
    Avery should work a little of his magic
    and set him off…maybe a bump in the pregame skate

    going up 3 would discourage em
    They sound desperado…


  35. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    fran- i dont hate iowa. theres just nobody here into hockey. and unless i drive to des moines, theres nothing to do except they do have a pretty cool drive in that was built in the 50’s. 2 movies for 7 bucks. cant beat that. lol. and 2 hole in the wall bars that only rednecks go to so everytime i go i need to be ready to get into a brawl. no thanks.

  36. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    leetch is god- sweet. bring your leetch jersey, i’ll bring mine. i’ll bring the beer. then, me, you, some drunk hicks and some bums can go parade down 1st avenue chanting lgr!!! and ooooooovie is ooooooover!!!

  37. no, the rangers should not retaliate with Avery or anyone. That’s what the Caps want. They should ignore this on the ice and just use it as bulletin board material leading up to game time.

  38. True fans bleed RW&B on

    Ovechkin’s hilariouz. Idk why you all have your panties in a bunch. Let him talk his crap and whateva, no biggie.

    Some of you are getting pretty arrogant saying ovie’s been useless, not helping his team, getting shut out tonight… Etc. And I think you have forgotten ovech has done everything except score. The rangers were outplayed games 1, 2, everywhere but in the blue paint.

  39. thanks for that link UVM, very snarky article. It would be pretty funny if the Rangers win again tonight! I’d love to read that dillweeds next article!

  40. Doodie Machetto on

    “Nasty 1
    April 20th, 2009 at 1:03 pm
    It looks to me like he was sitting there and wishing he was on our team.”

    And I am sitting here and wishing he was on our team as well.

  41. also, that pic of AO on the bench watching Rangers practice is priceless!!! Absolutely love it!!! what did someone say the other day… “gamesmanship”??

    Man I hope my computer will allow me to be on here tonight, for some reason, since about 7 last night, I cannot access our nice little blog from home. VERY UPSET!

  42. Fischler's Ghost on

    I hope Torts or somebody prints that WaPo article out and tapes it to Colton’s locker. I’m sure a guy who belongs in the EPHL would have no problem running Ovie or the starting goalie…

    And seriously, ThunderSticks? I thought this was playoff hockey in NYC not regular season baseball in Korea…..

  43. If we get shots off early and often tonight then we have a great shot at winning. We need to get this guy Varlamov off his game. The Garden is supposed to be the hardest place to play in the entire league.

  44. Doodie Machetto on

    Truefans, I agree with you, except for game 1. In the first period they were outplayed, but the Rangers I thought were pretty solid the rest of the way.

    But on Saturday, the only 10 minutes of the game they were in control was when they were on the PP. And lousy PPs that they were.

    Especially Drury. His arm is clearly hurt. WTF is he doing anywhere near special teams?

  45. Doodie Machetto on

    “The Garden is supposed to be the hardest place to play in the entire league.”

    Most players interviewed on the subject say its actually Philthy.

  46. Give me a break on Thunderstix!


    Who is running the PR dept????

  47. Doodie Machetto on

    I’m gonna take my thundersticks and bring them home, to bang and piss of my fiancee.

  48. Doodie Machetto April 20th, 2009 at 2:19 pm

    “The Garden is supposed to be the hardest place to play in the entire league.”

    Most players interviewed on the subject say its actually Philthy.

    That is why I wrote supposed to be. Ask Domi how it is to play in Philly.

  49. Doodie Machetto on



    That last bang is her drilling me in the nuts.

  50. They should hand out blue shirts and blue towels.

    who gives a about thunderthighs or thundersticks what ever you want to call them.

    Garden better be rocking and rolling tonight.

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  52. Jane's Addiction on

    surprised nobody said anything about a lot of the beat writers the other day pretty much lying about what happened in rangers practice about lundquist getting run into by antropov, he didnt look too hurt to me shutting out the caps 1-0

    is it possible that all the beat writers lit the peace pipe, had a lil pow wow and decided to get into the caps heads even more than lundquist already had

    if thats the case then bravo rangers beat writers! they knew game 2 was the most important game of the series!!!

  53. Seth April 20th, 2009 at 2:34 pm

    Jay G-

    Come on the Dolans are gonna make you pay for the shirts

    I liked how the Flyas yesterday gave away Orange shirts. Our Jackass owner would never even suggest it. Woody Johnson is a better owner/operator of a sports franchise than that miserable person Dolan. The jet’s atelast give away a cheap magazine with the rosters every game.

  54. I bet the thunderthighs come deflated also and we have to spend 10 minutes and most of our breathe trying to fill the damn things with air.

  55. Before the days of blogs, none of this would have mattered because no one would have known about it. Everything now gets overanalyzed. How much does it get in the players’ heads or is it just for the fans and to build up interest in the game? That’s good for business. Keep up the good blog work!

  56. ZzZz 13 ZzZz used to Rule !! says Greg L. on

    Great picture of that weasel named Ovechkin!!! This guys crazy!! sitting there watching …what the hell? Hilarious , he is sooooo desperate , I LOVE IT!! I have to go back to reading these comments ,too funny to miss yer guys takes on this….awsome reading!!

  57. wow someone actually gave Mike Wise a job at a newspaper with this writing no wonder the industry’s tanking.

  58. Good observation Sam. I didnt remember that. Well at least weve won every series we went up 2-0 in since the lockout.

  59. Maybe Ovechkin was anxious to suit up for the Rangers? I don’t think we’ve had a good #8 since Darren Turcotte.

  60. JAY G –

    i couldnt agree with you more…just look on the bright side atleast cablevision is down 10% today….

    can you imagine if everyone in the “blueshirts” had these tshirts it would be unreal…tminus 4 hrs people….

    first 10 minutes is so key especially in this game…..every year (well the last 3 and now this year and of course 1994-ha) the garden is rocking…the anthem ignites the place but the team has to maintain compure-last year 2nd shift of the game jagr-dubi-avery get caught on a red line turnover and boom hossa puts the puck in the back of the net like 2 minutes in…torts has to have this team get the puck deep, cycle and work hard the whole game but ESPECIALLY tonight ESPECIALLY the first ten when the crowd is explosive

    lets go boys! u CAN DO THIS USE THAT LUMP 2 feet about ur a—s!


  61. Good post, true fans. We’re swinging one way bigtime on the pendulum, and God knows what kind of pantie-wringing we will see on this board if the Caps win tonight.

    Again, the idea that Ovechkin can be seen as a detriment to his team after two games have been contested in a playoff series is so insane that it numbs you.

  62. JAY G
    April 20th, 2009 at 2:50 pm
    Maybe Ovechkin was anxious to suit up for the Rangers? I don’t think we’ve had a good #8 since Darren Turcotte.

    You mean Marek Malik, LOL

  63. UVM, nice find. That guy is an idiot. The comments section for that article killed him for that- Comparing this Caps team to the Soviet Machine of the 70’s…

  64. Speaking of numbers, is Naslund the first/only Ranger to wear #91? It’s my favorite number, so I’m curious.

  65. its all hype – he’s reaching at straws. Remember he’s only 22 its his 2nd playoff appearance. They really thought they had the Rangers number. But its a new team since Renney. So… Im waiting for the last 2 nails in the coffin !!!!!

    LETS GO RANGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  66. What a loser. He’s playing the immigrant card, pretending that he didn’t know the rules.

    Douchebag !! He knew what he was doing something he shouldn’t have done. Clearly he’s trying to get into the Rangers head. Who wants to watch guys like Voros, Redden, and Rozsival practice ? He’s trying to get into Hank’s mind the way Hank got into his.

    Either that or he has a little crush on Nicky Z, and wants to make like with him. Sicko !

    Big game tonight. A lot of pressure on Nyr as well as the Crapitals. If they lose this home game, it will give the Craps massive confidence going into the next home game. Hank needs to stand on his head again, and Nazzy needs to keep up the god work, along with Gomer, Antro, Dubi, and Cally. Dru, and Nicky Z need to show up tonight. Staal, and Danny G need to shut down OV, and Redden, and Rozi need to play the way they have been playing. That’s all there is to it.

    Go Rangers, don’t ruin my night, please !!!!!

  67. Thundersticks… really?

    What is even more about thundersticks is WHITE thundersticks… Haven’t the Rangers been promoting “true blue,” “i am the blue seats” and things like that. Make the BLUE.

  68. A few thoughts:

    1) So far…I think at the end of this season we sell Zherdev and buy Antropov. Z still has a lot of maturing to do and it is apparent that he is less inclined to get his hands dirty in the playoffs. Case in point, Joe Thornton in San Jose. What a loser!

    2) AO can FO. If the guy ever passed instead of trying to beat us 1 on 3 he might do some damage.

    3) We need to keep pounding Green. He too is experiencing his first playoffs (second? was he around last year?) and is realizing that it is way more physical and there is that much less ice around. Keep crushing this dude!

    4) Naz really stepped it up in game 2 playing smart, playing physical (nice pop of Green), and getting it done. Great improvement from game 1. Go Naz.

    5) Hank! Hank! Hank!

    6) We did two things that teams need to do in the playoffs to win: (a) not make a lot of mistakes and (b) blocking shots. Very solid playing all around. Let’s hope we come out fired up in front of the home crowd.

    7) Washington’s D is shady. We need to pressure them and slam them at all points.

    LGR! Will be there tonight!

  69. Just got word from a Rangers spokesman who insists Tortorella had nothing, zero, to do with Ovechkin being removed from the Rangers bench during the morning skate. It’s a league rule, according to the spokesman—and Rangers Report reader.

  70. Club seats are awesome.
    200’s not so bad.
    300’s I can’t stand.
    The Blue Seats are my home, and those are truly the “real”(whatever you want to make it) fans.

  71. This is one of the hardest days ever…
    I was supposed to do some stuff tonight and DVR the game…I said screw it, I cancelled everything…I can’t miss this!

  72. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    staal- im about 35 miles east of des moines right off I-80. davenport is almost in illinois. but we had the iowa stars last year. saw joel lunqvist. now we got the iowa chops which is anaheims farm. havent seen a chops game yet, but most people that are into hockey here are just into the des moines bucaneers. idk what league theyre in but its not ahl.

  73. Thundersticks, what a cheap way to save money for the rennovations in the coming years

  74. So, if it’s a league rule I’m sure the league will act swiftly and hand out a one game suspension then. LOL!!! Yeah, I bet!

    Go Rangers!!!!!!

  75. I think the Rangers are in AO’s head. They need to control
    right from the start and score first! I hate thunder sticks.
    I don’t recall ever seeing them at a NY sporting venue, have you? What I can predict is a whole lot of sticks on the ice. What is Dolan thinking, I see game delay while the’re cleaned up

  76. I just got my new Rangers home jersey (Graves with the A) today and will be wearing it tonight……LGR!!

  77. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    nice jor! i wanna get me a beukeboom jersey to go with my leetch and let my gf wear it at the next game i hopefully see at msg sometrime next season. my daughter turned 3 last month and shes into hockey too now. im gonna get her a little jersey too. maybe put cally on the back.

  78. LETS GO RANGERS!!! Come on NYR win tonight and put Ovie and his Ruskie friends one step closer to the golf course!

  79. Do you think AO would have done that if the Caps were up 2-0?

    And he claims the Rangers are afraid of him?? His actions indicate the inverse.

    GO BLUE!!

  80. 3 1/2 hours till the puck drops…

    Like in the movie Bachelor Party….

    “Gentlemen, start your bonerz!!!”

  81. ZzZz 13 ZzZz used to Rule !! says Greg L. on

    WHEN A PLAYER IS WEARING RANGERS BLUE he is accountable , he is proud , he knows the time is now!!! Wearing the Ranger blue also means you try and do everything you can to stop the puck or to chase the puck. Say all you want about our team , say it has no stars , say whatever but when it come down to it …our boys in blue play thier hearts out and Callahan is a prime example. Wearing the Ranger jersey means alot more that half of you bloogers and editors realize. People get intimidated by the yankees pin stripes and having a amped up Ranger team all over you , OV you better watch as much as you can!!! Maybe you ‘ll see what a real team looks like .

  82. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    staal- nothing except maybe just lookin at him is scary enough. hes one ugly scary dude

  83. What a disgrace! Thundersticks!?!? Just the other day I was having a conversation with my brother about how the Rangers would never do a “blue out” or “white out” night because we’re better than that; I then used thundersticks as an example of what rag-tag, rookie, happy to be there organizations do when they don’t have fans who will come to the game for the game.

    If we were to lose 4 straight, I don’t need to turn and ask anyone why, I’ll know… THUNDERSTICKS!

    The only thing I’ll be using those sticks for tonight is as a weapon. I mean, give me a blown up stick and I’m going to hit someone with it. God gave me two hands, I’m blessed, so I use them for clapping.

    Goodness gracious, do I have to blow these things up? Is there actually manual labor invovled?

    For crying out loud, don’t give out anything. Save the money, spend it on a new exercise bike for the gym.

  84. DAMNIT THIS DAY IS DRAGGING!!!!!!!!! I can’t stand it!!!

    Great posts guys! Mike, you gotta give your lil girl at least an avery t shirt too!!!

    Thundersticks??? What in the blue hell is dolan think…..aaaaaaaaa theres the problem..HE DOESNT THINK!! That’s pretty lame!

    To all you guys going tonight…JEALOUS! and have a blast! Rock the house!!

    *LETS GO RANGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!*

  85. Doodie Machetto on

    I can’t wait for tonight. Even though I’m at the very top of the Garden, I can’t wait

  86. Doodie Machetto on

    “The only thing I’ll be using those sticks for tonight is as a weapon. I mean, give me a blown up stick and I’m going to hit someone with it. God gave me two hands, I’m blessed, so I use them for clapping. ”

    Why wouldn’t you hit them with your hands?

  87. ZzZz 13 ZzZz used to Rule !! says Greg L. on

    I would n’t put it past OV to be looking at THIS BLOG to get an inside scoop!! If the guy has the nerve to show up at a Ranger practice on game day ..then I can easily see him hiding behind a PC and snooping at this blog to see if he can find out anything to go on for todays game.

  88. I tried to do what AO did in highschool once, except at the girls volleyball practice; I told them I was scouting for the other guys…

  89. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    yea the dump the puckers beat the almighty ovechkins in their own rink. wow, what a sore loser. somebody remind this guy that just shooting the puck from anywhere on the ice and having more shots doesnt make you a better team. theres other aspects like maybe defense and a player that defends your net called a goalie that actually help you win the game too!

  90. ZzZz 13 ZzZz used to Rule !! says Greg L. on

    Nice try Kaspar , maybe ov thinks hes still in highschool?
    …Doodie , looks like yer in the nose bleed section eh? Thats not too bad atleast yer in MSG , that place will be rocking tonight!! The place to be today …fer sure!!!

  91. Between the I am Ranger Blue slogan and THUNDERSTICKS It
    is almost embarrassing being a Ranger Fan. Oh how I long for the pre Dolan days when hockey was the reason for going
    to the games. Everyone throw the damn THUNDERSTICKS in the
    garbage when you get them. I know I will.


  92. Johnny LaRue on

    What’s next at the Garden, are they going to get some corporation to sponsor the power plays so they can make those lame announcements like the Devils when it’s “time for a PSE&G power play!!!” or whatever they call them over there.

    Or maybe when they announce the goal scoring, the announcer can give a “Hoot” at the end like the Bruins do. How stupid is that, especially when the crowd hoots back.

  93. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    linda- yea definitely. i got the catalog but i just wanna get a nyr one. i got it when i ordered gamecenter. linda, you have gamecenter too. what the hell is wrong with it? i havent seen 1 playoff game yet on it. regular season yea, but everytime i try it says to check your tv listings. and also i ordered it for a month just to see how it is, but ive been getting it for over 3 now. i better not get a huge bill

  94. My prediction is that they are going to run Hank tonight several times by “accident”.. and as usual there will be no calls.

  95. Doodie Machetto on

    All these years I’ve been a fan, and this is going to be my first playoff game at the Garden. I’m so excited.

    Too bad I’m going to jinx them. Either me or those thundersticks.

    Knowing our luck as fans, the banging of thundersticks brings back Henrik’s migraines and we lose 4 straight as a result.

  96. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    they might as well say, “its time for the nyr powerplay sponsored by AIG” . A GOVERNMENT BAILOUT PP DESTINED TO FAIL

  97. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    pavel- you are probably right. i can see it happening alot. and then we’ll get called for retaliatory penalties.

  98. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    noo doodie!!! please stay home!!!! dont jinx us damnit! lol, j/k.

  99. Doodie Machetto on

    “It is the Audi 5000s powerplay”

    Is that because it takes 5000 opportunities for us to score?

  100. Johnny, I think it’s a whoo! after they score in Boston. Kind of like the Islanders used to do. My thundersticks are definitely going in the garbage.

  101. Can you hear Sam when every faceoff becomes the “Cablevision face off”
    Every check becomes a hit by


  102. Doodie Machetto on

    “Doodie, the top is the best section!”

    I know, 400s are the best. But I’m row G. So view is not the best.

  103. for those of us not lucky enough to go to the game tonight, at least it’ll be on MSG and we’ll actually get to hear the crowd

  104. yea mike, I have GameCenter Live, otherwise known as SATAN BROADCASTING! If the game is on National TV, it won’t be on game center. That’s how the regular season went. We should be good with Versus tonight though. Watchin the games online was better last season I swear! NHL revamped their website, redid the online watching and it went to shizzy!!! At times last season I had 2 or 3 games up on the computer at once.

    I wasnt gonna get it next season and just use all the links the guys give us in here, but ya never know when NHL is gonna shut that stuff down, so ya KNOW I’ll sink the $150 into it next season too…bastages!!!!

    If ANY of you guys take those thundersticks, I will fly up to NY and beat you with them!!! You’re all better than that gimmicky crap!!!

  105. ZzZz 13 ZzZz used to Rule !! says Greg L.
    April 20th, 2009 at 3:50 pm
    I would n’t put it past OV to be looking at THIS BLOG to get an inside scoop!! If the guy has the nerve to show up at a Ranger practice on game day ..then I can easily see him hiding behind a PC and snooping at this blog to see if he can find out anything to go on for todays game.


    if that is the case. AO PLEEEEEEEASE asked to be traded to the Rangers for Redden, Drury and Roszi!!!! :P

  106. “It is the Audi 5000s powerplay”

    Is that because it takes 5000 opportunities for us to score?

    Doodie – Hilarious bro

  107. “ZzZz 13 ZzZz used to Rule !! says Greg L.
    April 20th, 2009 at 3:50 pm
    I would n’t put it past OV to be looking at THIS BLOG to get an inside scoop!! If the guy has the nerve to show up at a Ranger practice on game day ..then I can easily see him hiding behind a PC and snooping at this blog to see if he can find out anything to go on for todays game.”



    The Rangers goaltender will be cleverly disguised as the Capitol Goaltender tonight

    Do not trust him or his lies….

  108. Doodie Machetto on

    Anyone know which section(s) actually have the officially restricted view?

    I hope I’m not in one of those sections

  109. Doodie Machetto on


    The Rangers goaltender will be cleverly disguised as the Capitol Goaltender tonight

    Do not trust him or his lies….”

    Is that like the Van Damme movie where he suits up as the goaltender and stops the penalty shot? What was that called, “Sudden Death”?

  110. Broadway Roe on

    Doodie, it will definitely be the thundersticks, not you, that is the jinx tonight.

  111. Doodie Machetto on

    The seating chart doesn’t say. It says it when you’re buying the tickets.

    Since I got these secondhand, I don’t know if the warning would’ve been included.

  112. Doodie Machetto on

    I already said I was in row G. If I give you the section, if the Rangers lose, someone’s gonna come and punch me out for being a jinx.

    Forget it!

  113. UESBlueshirt on

    Ticketmaster usually has a warning about restricted view seats. I sat in one last year during game 3 against the Devils, I think what’s blocking the view is the overhang of an adjacent luxury box.

  114. Doodie Machetto on

    “Ticketmaster usually has a warning about restricted view seats. I sat in one last year during game 3 against the Devils, I think what’s blocking the view is the overhang of an adjacent luxury box.”

    RIGHT! But I didn’t get mine through TM, so I don’t know if these are going to be restricted or not.

    I’m also very much hoping that they are REAL tickets. I compared them to some e-tickets I got last year and they’re a little different, so I’m a little worried.

    I was planning on having a few drinks tonight, but if my tickets are fake, I’m going to have A LOT more

  115. you would think that the genius designers would be able to design and build an arena with every seat being able to see…just plan stupid

  116. I’m going to save my thunderstix until Dubi scores the Hat Trick and use them to throw on the ice!

  117. News Flash!!!
    For 2009-10
    Rangers add two mascots becoming first team ever to have more than one…In a related story the Rangers find a way to get Rozi and Redden’s contracts off the cap…

    News at eleven

  118. No Country For Old Rangers on

    Man, those subway ads are really brutal. talk about not preserving the integrity of the game! this must be the new nhl

  119. No Country For Old Rangers on

    I sat in the “obstructed view” seat for the Rangers/Thrasher series, game 3, the blowout. the seats were a joke, you could only see one end of the ice, we wound up standing by the section entrance the whole time. there were a fair amount of people just standing there and the bouncers were pretty understanding

  120. What a crappy weather! I am eating nonstop all day today! I think I ate like a pound of grilled calamari in vinegar and I am finishing my second 6 pack! By the way, someone should tell AO that if he wants to be a Ranger all he has to do is make a comment about Tom Potis girlfriend (if he got one), then we’ll pick him up off waivers for half price! Genius! BURP! Pardon… DROP THE RUBBER ALREADY! *:P*

  121. DanTheRangerFan on

    THUNDER STICKS???? whats next a Big fluffy Ranger mascot and some ranger ice girls…While were at it lets get some cheerleaders. Thundersticks thats as bad as giving out towels, Oh wait we did that one last year!! Whats going on here people? One of the best things about the rangers was not giving into these league gimmicks and keeping with a traditional approach.

  122. ZzZz 13 ZzZz is going to Rule game 3 !! says Greg L. on


  123. Rick, I guess most of the bloggers are season ticket holders or disgusting with the team and of REFS, a few pts

    1)We knew the first ten minutes were critical….last year the air was sucked out of the garden when hossa scored and the same thing tonight when semin scored-just horrible sloppy defensive zone coverage throughout the 1st period and without the king its probably closer to 6-0 at the end of the first

    2) How good is roszival going to be on another team-he never shoots, i mean when was the last time he even attempted a one time on the PP-maybe in LA on his OT game winnner-seriously WHEN…..he hesitates he never pinches when he is supposed to -he has talent it just might be able to be displayed on BROADWAY

    3) I know we are passionate diehard fans and the garden crowd gets rowdy and I know we always chant these refs suck blah blah blah but most of the avery calls tonight were decent calls-maybe the goalie interference the third call was a tough call but im talking to people when i left the garden and people were babbling that the refs cost us this one-no shot no way fellas-wake up

    4) AVERY-AVERY AVERY-torts/sather/drury whoever better sit him down and talk to him and get him back to MR AVERY FROM MARCH-i have no problem with him talking smack and getting in varlamov’s head and using his antics but no reason to get a jab in there on varlamov-gotta pipe down, if the rolls were reversed and brashear did that to the king we would have his head-when the game is clearly over no need to give the caps more motivation for game 4 and of all things thats what im really heated about tonight-avery selfish undisciplined jab on varlamov dont like it, dont like that bush league hockey play at all
    5) DUBI-NASLUND-CALLAHAN our best players tonight-they showed some hussel and a little urgency atleast-it seems night in and night out most of the team lacks Urgency/killer instinct
    6) WHAT DID OVIE do at the end of the game? people were booing him really hard when he left the ice-i think he was the last capital to leave

  124. ovechkin and backstrom stayed out and were the last two on the ice, to chestbump each other.. no1 told me that this was the NBA, or that anyone was going to imitate rick dipietro and co.
    fuckin ridiculous someone better tell the rangers about that and ovechkin better have his head handed to him wednesday.. still hasnt scored a goal in the series and hes doin shit like that

  125. i agree refs didnt cost us the game cuz we played like shit.. if cally buries that rebound maybe its a whole new game though at 1-1 and not 2-0.. but still, even though we played badly, avery only warranted the last penalty he had of the game, the high stick? he had his stick at his waist on a offside call, they showed it on the screen at the garden.. the interference? come on…and the roughin call on erskine, erskine didnt do anything? i dont know if either of them shoudl have got anything but if 1 goes they both go.. so as i said, he deserved his last penalty only.. but we still would have lost the way we played

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