About those rally sticks…


a) Apparently they were ineffective in actually “rallying” the Rangers and

b) The cool little blue lighting element can be extracted from the sticks and

c) Thrown onto the ice when you are really upset at the end of a 4-0 shutout in the first home game of the playoff series against the Capitals.

John Tortorella was asked four questions after the game tonight. No one wanted to disturb the angry bear. But his answers were genuine. “It was just a good old fashioned spanking tonight,” Tortorella said. “We need to take our medicine here, get back to work and try to figure things out.”

Torts audio.


The Rangers coach said the Rangers real trouble was on defense. “We were chasing our tails all night long, spinning and watching the puck.”

Sean Avery was not in the locker room.

Here is some Markus Naslund audio.


Ryan Callahan describes the shot that hit the post, and this is PG-13: funny, but a tad salty. If you find that you are offended almost everything, do yourself a favor and visit nickelodeon.com instead. Better yet, stay off the Internet.


I also sat in on the Alex Ovechkin press conference afterwards in the Caps locker room. Full disclosure, I could not understand everything he said. He did say that he didn’t want to talk about sitting in on the Rangers practice, that he thought it was something that was a big story for reporters.


On a serious note, Tortorella said he was concerned about Chris Drury, who has not been himself since the playoffs began and has an unspecified arm/wrist/hand injury.

“Sure, sure I am,” Tortorella said. “Everybody knows how Chris is. It’s a concern. It’s something we need to think through here, and we’ll start tomorrow and see how he feels and we’ll go from there.”

Some other Torts comments:

Asked about the lack of jump:

“Not so much jump. There’s a number of things we didn’t come out with.”

“I thought they played very well defensively, and I thought we stunk defensively. That was the key to the game. They defended very well in front of their net and we were chasing our tail all night long, spinning and watching the puck. Against a team like that, the way they move the puck, you can’t be watching the puck. We had too many guys doing the same job and that was a big problem for us tonight.”

“I thought we were terrible defensively. I said a very important part of trying to compete in this series is having the puck, and you’re not going to have the puck if you play defense like we played tonight. To create offense, you need to be sound defensively and we weren’t. We weren’t even close. It was a good old-fashioned spanking tonight. Now we need to take our medicine and get back to work and try to figure some things out.”

And about the penalties:

“I’m not going to whine about penalties. We stunk. Simple.”


DON’T FORGET: Carp and I are doing a Rangers chat TODAY, TUESDAY at noon.

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  1. ZzZz 13 ZzZz needs to Rule like he did in the season!! says Greg L. on

    Tough loss because everyone was so pumped. No reason we can’t go into wednesdays game and dictate it early like Washington did!

  2. Is this a shock that Avery wasn’t in the locker room? Is it because he didn’t want to answer questions? If that’s the case maybe that’s a good thing, we could say he learned his lesson and decided not to risk saying anything risky.

  3. ZzZz 13 ZzZz needs to Rule like he did in the season!! says Greg L. on

    Good ! Lohan , sweet, I beat ya to the punch!!!

  4. Who Needs Lohan on

    I thought Avery was a world class schmuck tonight. Sometimes I watch him and think gee, why all the bad press. Thanks for the reminder!

    As for the game, i thought the weakest part was our lack of physical play. I dont think there was more than 1 or 2 big hits. Very soft…….

  5. the C from drury's shirt on

    anyone else think ovechkin should be suspened one game for coming to our practice and then taunting us and the fans at the end of the game?
    the stick taunt reminds me of when terrel owens playing for the 49ers ran to the 50 yard line of dallas’s texas stadium and started celebrating a touch down on their star logo. didnhe get suspended for that? how is this any different.

  6. Doodie Machetto on

    I will post more tomorrow, but I just wanted to say two things:

    1) congrats on 1,000.
    2) Sorry for going tonight. My bad, guys and gals.

  7. any comments on ovechkin and backstrom doing a mock stick salute to the fans after everyone else was off the ice after the game?

  8. I was at the game, and i was disgusted by the fans who were throwing the LEDs onto the ice. Granted, probably 95% of them were drunken idiots but thats still no excuse. You give all of us passionate and respectful fans a bad name, and like hell would i ever be lumped in with you jackasses. I started yelling at people as the game was coming to a close, it was @$#%ing pathetic.

  9. They had every right to throw foreign objects on the ice. They paid good money only to watch their team intentionally throw a game!

  10. alex b (the poster formely known as czechthemout!!!!) on

    This was a pathetic performance especialy for a playoff game. The only player who did anything was the king.He was outstanding again despite giving up 4.

    Huge game on Monday! Time to sit Drury in favor of AA. Drury’s presence in the lineup is now hurting the team. Nick Zherdev is useless and also needs to sit. If the caps can put in a Rookie goalie who played a total of 6 games prior to Saturday,there is no reason we can’t put in AA and Byers into the game on Wed.

  11. Still Gotta Fire Sather on

    “see how Drury feels”? isn’t it obvious from the last 2 games that Captain Clutch (king of the clutch dump-ins) can’t do ANYTHING right now? like I said in the other thread, at least when he was his usual invisible self during the regular season he wasn’t HURTING the team by playing, but now he is…you can’t have your 2nd Line Center, who also plays on the PP and PK, playing with 1 arm…you think an injured Drury’s return to the lineup and us scoring 1 goal in the last 2 games is just a coincidence?

    Torts step up and sit Drury because he’s only HURTING the team at this point…it’s the PLAYOFFS…forget the name, the salary, the Little League World Series trophy, do what’s best for the TEAM right now

  12. that was probably the worst I have seen Zherdev play… and none of the guys that needed to come through did anything. It seemed like they were so one dimensional.

  13. Linda misses NY @ Playoff time on

    Congrats Rick and Jane and everyone on hitting the 1000…too bad it was a loss! Someone said we’d hit 1000 with a loss..we have a nostradamus among us.

    Doodie, too bad they lost with you there. You seemed really psyched (yea, i am over 19) to be going, I was hoping they’d put on a good show for ya!

  14. i think you guys need to give drury more credit for trying to play through. you want voros back on the ice that bad? a LOT more rangers played worse than our captain tonight..

  15. I knew the Rangers were going to lose this game when I read Scott Gomez’s quote on Zipay’s blog earlier today:

    “We all know what these games are like coming back home after success on the road. You kinda almost have to play a road game again first ten minutes, five minutes, ease into it.”


    Ughhhh, I CANNOT believe the team took that approach tonight, and it was so damn clear that they did. That idiot wasn’t here when the Rangers embarassed Atlanta two seasons ago 7-0 in Game 3. Not that the Rangers could or would have done that tonight, but easing into it was the incorrect approach.

    They should have come out FLYING. AT HOME. UP 2-0!

    The start is what killed this hockey club tonight.

    Normally, I’m rational. I’m usually not one to overreact. I usually remind people that there’s an opponent on the ice that wants to win just as badly as the Rangers do. I didn’t expect them to fully dominate tonight. But I did expect them to come out and get some scoring opportunities and maybe an early goal.

    Tortorella and the leadership group should be ashamed of themselves. What a pathetic showing on home ice.

    I fear this series is over. I have an awful gut feeling the Rangers are going to lose Game 4 in heartbreaking fashion (OT, anyone?), and then full control and home ice advantage shifts back to Washington.


  16. alex b (the poster formely known as czechthemout!!!!) on

    I also want to add that I also don’t understand why Gomez is continuously allowed to take faceoffs when we are on a PP. I think he lost every single one of the faceoffs he took in the offensive zone. It takes 30 seconds off of the PP every single time.

  17. I’m agreed on the Drury talk…the man needs to sit. He’s all but useless out there on the ice.

    He can’t take faceoffs, which was one of his few strengths. He can’t pass..can’t shoot…isn’t fast…is pretty small…

    Tortorella for the sake of the team needs to sit Drury and put someone in the lineup who can actually contribute.

    This is not knocking Drury’s desire to play…but the PP looked fantastic the two games he was out. We’ve now scored one goal in two games since he’s back in the lineup.

    Drury…be a man…take yourself out of the lineup.

  18. Rob C…you’re not the only one feeling that way.

    The “leadership” of this team has been a joke all season long. And Gomez’ comments prove once again that this clown doesn’t have a leadership bone in his whole body.

    And speaking of broken bones…STAY OUT OF THE LINEUP, DRURY!!

    And for those who ask who should play in his place, I say ANYBODY

  19. I’d blame torts more than Drury for Drury’s play. If the coach tells him to play, he plays.. Simple as that.

  20. Well, then Torts needs to be called out for why he’s putting a guy in the lineup who flat out can’t contribute.

  21. Still Gotta Fire Sather on

    “i think you guys need to give drury more credit for trying to play through. you want voros back on the ice that bad? a LOT more rangers played worse than our captain tonight”

    sorry bro, no credit, no sympathy…if you’re gonna HURT us by playing, you need to sit…this is the playoffs, no gold stars for “trying”…

    what Ranger WOULDN’T get killed for taking the penalty that led to the 3rd Caps goal that essentially iced the game? has anyone else even mentioned that? no, Avery got killed tonight even though none of his penalties led to goals (4th goal was meaningless), while Drury still gets credit for “trying”…

    and I know Voros is worthless, but Voros isn’t REPLACING Drury…I’m more in favor of a Hartford call-up, but Voros would still be getting minimal ice time…

    how good was the Callahan-Dubinsky-Naslund line in Game 1? how good was Dubi as the 2nd Line center in Game 1? how CLUTCH was Dubi’s move and game-winner? Drury can’t help us win by playing anymore, simple as that, and Dubi stepped up with Drury out, so he deserves the chance to do it again

  22. Still Gotta Fire Sather on

    “Well, then Torts needs to be called out for why he’s putting a guy in the lineup who flat out can’t contribute.”

    I agree with this too…I love Torts, but he seems to have fallen under the same spell as most of the media that led to a 3rd Liner like Drury being overrated in the first place (Torts couldn’t praise Drury enough for his “clutch dump-in” vs. Philly)…

    Torts made a big speech before the playoffs about how you need to play whoever will help you win, if they can’t help you win, they won’t play, regardless of anything else…so now it’s time for him to back that up

  23. I just cant understand watching other playoff games, and seeing such intensity and passion. But the Rangers seem uninspired.You never see them fired up for a entire game.

  24. Paul, I agree. Everyone else looks really sharp, too. Goals are scored because of either crashing the net or PERFECT, indefensible passes, dekes and shots.

    The Rangers were much too easy to play against tonight.

    Plus, I hate to do this too, but I gotta call out our fellow Ranger fans. The Garden was a joke tonight. It should have been much, much louder at the start of the game. Where was the energy? Did those rally sticks distract everyone from doing some old-fashioned screaming and yelling? I will be there Wednesday night, and the 20 guys in blue plus the 18,200 really need to kick it up several notches.

    I still think we lost this series tonight. Not that I expected to sweep the Caps. But getting shutout on home ice by a rookie goaltender can really galvanize Washington. Like I said, the pessimist in me sees a heartbreaking Game 4 loss, and then the Rangers will be extremely rattled if they aren’t already.

  25. I was at the game. The place was absolutely jumping from John Amirante and on. Not to state the obvious, but the entire game swung on Cally’s near goal. That goes in, it’s 1-1, the Garden continues to rumble, and the entire complexion of the game is different. That swing from 1-1 to 2-0 in less than a minute was incredibly deflating…totally took the air out of the building.

    The Thunderstix were cool-looking in the pregame but were incredibly annoying the rest of the time. We are not an expansion team. Let’s retire those things next to Billy Joel’s banner.

  26. Noah, 100% completely agree with what you wrote.

    Sports are sometimes a game of inches…..Cally’s post was the turning point of the game. We will never know what would have transpired if the game was tied up 1-1…

    Ofcourse, its just one play. And yes, the Rangers mailed it in tonight. They were beat by the better team on the ice for Game 3.

    Rangers are still up 2-1 in the series. Each game is independent of itself. Obviously, the Caps have some momentum. But I trust that Torts wipe the slate clean for Game 4, and put the boys in a position to win.

  27. Hey, Carp…

    What did Milbury say about not drafting Parise? Can you put that in your off-day post tomorrow? And someone should question Sather about it also.


  28. Hey, did anyone watch the Hawks-Flames game? And did you catch the part where Pierre McGuire called Brent Seabrook “Ryan Seacrest?” Just wanted to see if anyone else caught that and I wasn’t hearing things.

  29. No Country For Old Rangers on

    I just got home from the bar and surprise surprise I am still depressed about the game. Pathetic effort all around(except hank), there is nothing i can say that hasnt been said before. I agree with everyone saying Drury should sit. He was a ghost out there. Voros would have been better. I mean Zdeno Ciger NOW would have been better

    I cant get on the crowd for throwing sh*t on the ice. I would be pissed too if I spent a days pay to watch these fat bastards laze about the ice. Really pathetic, really uninspired. Torts needs to make an example out of somebody and who better than little league world series hero chris drury, pride of trumbullshit, connecticut.

    I think the NYR could be in some serious trouble if they don’t come out with a big effort on Wednesday.

    Jane- I cannot stress how awesome and enjoyable those sound bytes are, even after a debacle like tonight.

    Congrats to Carp and Jane for reaching 1,000. I cant imagine it was the first time though. I saw it coming with this heartbreaking loss:

    No Country For Old Rangers April 20th, 2009 at 8:12 pm

    Carp- NYR lose and we definitely make it to 1,000. Rangers win and I doubt we top 800.

    work is going to suck in the morning.

  30. No Country For Old Rangers on

    I am sticking to my original pick of Rangers in 5.

    Ovechkin- (noun); Russian for arrogant prick who thinks he’s f*cking hilarious

  31. I have a difficult time hating Ovechkin despite his over-the-top celebrations, mostly because I am so amazed by his skills. But the mock stick salute definitely doesn’t sit well with me and should not go unnoticed by the Rangers next game. For my money, he’s the best player in the world but that doesn’t give him the right to act like a punk and get away with it.

    Somebody mentioned it in the previous post, but it deserves repeating: if Avery did something half as grating as what Ovie/Backstrom did after the game, the media would be all over it. But I’m confident that we won’t read about it in the media aside from comments from people who attended the game because it involves one of the game’s “chosen ones”.

    And Orr definitely needs to drop the gloves with Brashear in the opening minutes of next game. I could care less about how Bettman feels about pre-meditated fights, he needs to send a message that the Caps can’t just run us over in the next 3 games like everybody thinks.

  32. Somebody forgot to tell them it was a PLAYOFF game! Pathetic.
    The worst of all they were not even trying. Renney would’ve been proud.

  33. Ike, well said. I was having horrible flashbacks to the Renney era throughout the game. Pathetic effort – Torts needs to kick some *ss here.

  34. good morning all and welcome to tuesday!

    well a few pts..

    1) OVECHKIN STICK SALUTE-just embarrassing and i just lost a lot of respect for him
    2) AVERY AVERY AVERY- granted the goalie interference call was tough but he has to stop with this “BUSH LEAGUE” ….he knows he is a targeted man he can yap in Varlamov’s ear to try to get him off his game for the next game but he cannot throw that little jab at the end of the game-no reason for it, if the roles were reversed and brashear got a jab in at Henrik we would be calling for a suspension
    3) Roszival-just sit him down on the PP, when was the last time this guy one timed the puck on the PP, when is he going to shoot the damn puck -its so frustrating because he has a great shot and the rangers just have to get more pucks to the net against this goale… he is going to be a very good player probably on another team real soon

  35. Simeon Varlamov, 20 year old rookie, gets his 1st career shutout in his 6th or 7th career game in the NHL, in the playoffs, at MSG.
    They lost the game as soon as that 1st goal was scored. 1st goal must on Wednesday night. Nuff said

  36. True fans bleed RW&B on

    I think the rangers got cocky like a lot of you fans (read the last post where many say ovie and caps suck).

    I also had visions of renney’s system, called this loss.

    Drury’s gotta sit. More useless than usual.

    I like what avery’s doing, especially at the end! We need him like he was in Atlanta! Get the leaders of that team off their game, he just can’t take 4 minors in the process.

    Offense? Can Hank win every game 1-0? Oy veh!

  37. People might say that “one loss, big deal”, but it was the way in which they loss that made it a big deal. Huge confidence boost for Varlamov, huge confidence crusher on the part of the Rangers blueliners. Mara has got to throw his body around a little bit more, he was getting tossed around like a rag doll last night.

  38. Oh another thing which is classic “SHOOOTTTTTT” the fans were screaming when the Rangers were on the power play; but to where!? If there is a caps d-man standing in your shooting lane, where are you going to “SHOOOOTTT”.

    On a side note, although on a brutal team, Nate Robinson gave the crowd some positive energy last night. Would not mind seeing him at every Ranger game, however after last night’s performance, i don’t think he sees anything special.

  39. Im on a roll, another thing, how many of you fans watch sports games see fans throwing stuff onto the field of play(baseball, basketball, hockey), and did the same exact thing last night?! No class….don’t throw things on the ice!!

  40. The loss last night, mixed with this awful weather, really makes for a shitty Tuesday :(


  42. If you did that at a Soccer game over here you’d get banned for minimum 2 years, in some places life. Its not cool, boo and curse and make placards all you want – its not like Torts sent the players out to clean up is it? The poor Zamboni driver probably had to pick them all up in the end and what did he do wrong?

    As for the game, we sucked, Drury’s clearly injured and the refs made some dubious calls (again).

    Bring on Wednesday.

  43. Complete fix! The Caps played the same as they did in game 2 and we played NOTHING like the first 2 games. No forecheck. No hitting. Fix!!!!!!

  44. jive- no id rather have a 120 lb starving bum than voros, but drury just doesnt do anything anyway. i think if he is gonna play, then he should be put on the 4th line and pk. no pp. move shoe up a line. he hasnt done jack since his 2 games and artie should be put in his spot. if hes gonna play such limited time anyway because of his injury, might as well put artie in and let him get a taste of some nhl playoffs like korpi last season.last season dru had what 3 goals? i cant see him getting 1 let alone a clutch goal the way he is right now.

  45. pavel- sometimes i think you may be right. i just dont understand how a team can play so bad at home no less. all the penalties aside, our pp was the worst its looked all season. cally missing open net??? somethin wasnt right, either they got too nervous and couldnt handle the pressure or it just caught up to them. at the same time though there was a team needing this win to stay alive, and they played awesome. there d and goaltening were much better and if we had a different goalie in net, its 7-0 loss or worse.

  46. If you are looking at offensive chances, last night’s game was pretty telling on how this series has been. We had GREAT goaltending in games 1 and 2. Without that, the Caps are up in this series 3-0. We need to fix things and come out and take it to them on Wednesday night. That is the bottom line. I really feel that if the Caps win on Wednesday, that the series is theirs.

  47. mike, I’m convinced that every sport is fixed, one way or another. I don’t mean that the Cup winner is predetermined, but it’s all driven by revenue. They don’t want sweeps, especially against the #2 seed with one of the best players in the world… and seeing as how Washington makes money again, do you think they only want 2 playoff home games?

    I guarantee this team will look completely different on Wednesday (in a good way), but this will probably be a 6 or 7 game series (I predicted Rangers in 6).

    I had the same ‘fixed’ feeling about the Pit/Phi game 3.. Pittsburgh held back and did not play their system and Philly got the win.. I watched the whole game.

  48. I believe everyone including the Rangers were spellbound with those ridiculous thundersticks, THANK GOD the Rally Towels are coming back for Wednesday.

  49. We have been outscored in this series 7 to 5, yet we still are up two games to one. I consider us very fortunate. Not saying we didn’t deserve to win the first two games, but without Hank, this is a whole different series.

  50. yea they didnt hit either. mind boggling to say the least. thats why sports sucks in a way. you pay good money and the fans that pay to see them get a total crapshow. but, i think the loss will only help them. they doi not wanna lose game 4. at least they wanna score a few and make it a game. as long as they try their hardest and give it their all, i’ll be ok with losing, but not last night. that was bad from everyone, coach included. i wondered why he didnt call a timeout after that 2nd goal. but he did shake the lines up to no avail. zherdev is really playing himself onto the siberia express. i cant tolerate him anymore. maybe he needs to look at cally and keep his game simple. his dipsydoo tricks are almost embarrassing to watch as he loses the puck 20 times a game.

  51. yep nasty- hank alone is the reason for that. nobody else. torts, cally, staal. as much as i applaud them without us having one of the best goalies in the league we are down 3-0

  52. Richtersgirl on

    Is it true that Ovechkin did a mock stick salute at center ice after the game???

  53. pavel- i agree it could be altered a little but dont you think they want the home teams winning? its only fair to the fans if there gonna do that. thats why i dont think its fixed because it aint boxing. yea a team could play a bad game and still win. look at game 1. with all those shots and total control of the game, the caps still lost. maybe if a certain team is way up in the series they wanna spread the games out to get the most money, but look at atlanta a few years ago. idk i think alot of sports do that but its kinda hard to believe hockey would do that. im not naieve, i just think its too unpredictable of a game and i think you would be able to tell if a team was throwing a game. sometimes i can see you pov, but then i dont. so, idk.

  54. yes richtersgirl. him and backstrom. total embarrassment for him. i hope it gets reported and he gets shown as the little immature punk he is. to have such disrespect for an original 6 team, or any team and its fans deserves suspension. let him miss maybe the biggest game of his year on wed. and see how stupid he wants to act from now on. but nothing will happen.

  55. Come on people, these games are not fixed. Give me a break. This is not Shoeless Joe Jackson and the boys.

  56. There’s no way a team plays that lifeless in their first homegame of the year. We have shysters in gov’t, why not professional sports.

  57. Seriously, if someone has a photo of those 2 A-hole mocking our salute. they should hang that photo up in the Rangers lockerroom and state you are gonna let them do this in your house?

  58. all we got dominated in all aspects of the game….henrik showed up, dubi and callahan and actually naslund played hard and showed some effort but basically everyone else game out flat and we looked weak-give the caps credit, its now a series, we are still up 2-1, home game tomorrow night, lets take care of biz!

  59. so all i got to watch were the nhl highlights. What were those electric blue things people had? please for the love of god tell me that MSG did not hand those out. I just always felt that ranger fans brought the energy without the towels and the sticks. I guess we are devolving. oh well….

  60. I knew the rangers were in trouble the first five minutes of the game when they were standing around in there own zone while the caps were skating circles around them. The Rangers looked like a tired team and the game had just begun. When the caps took a 2-0 lead when it should have been tied 1-1 I turned to another channel on the tv and never looked back. I knew it wasn’t there day. I hope that was just a temporary thing because if it wasn’t the rangers are in trouble.

  61. MALKINS Better? Do you really want to do a pro-Penguins chant in our barn? What a joke..

    We also have no business throwing something on the ice ever…especially when we get whipped like that. Act like a decent organization…We acted like 18000 Avery’s last night.

    The winner of game 4 wins the series…mark my words.

  62. At first I thought that people had actually brought their Wolf Pack thunderstix until I read that they were provided by MSG. Are they actually cheaper to produce than towels? They are still going with rally towels for game four, which I think are much better for a hockey game, especially for a crowd that can get raucous enough on its own without artificial sound.

  63. Does anyone see a trend here…

    Game 1 – Henrik stands on his head…Theo Sucks
    Game 2 – Caps are pressing, but dont have much flow on offense and cant get a goal. Rangers play tight D, but nothing on offense
    Game 3 – Crushed

    This team hasnt had a solid effort in 3 games…I am worried, and I hate to say the first two games were flukes…but…Does anyone think Henrik can steal two more, because that might have to happen.

  64. Guys not only did they do the stick salute after the game- but after warmups – Ovechkin and his but buddy Green made sure they were the last ones on the ice and fired a few pucks the length of the ice into the Rangers goal – Total Bushg league BS if you ask me. Had alot of respect for AO until last night, now I think someone should take his legs out.

  65. “to have such disrespect for an original 6 team or any team”
    “deserves suspension”
    “let him miss maybe the biggest game of his year”

    Are you kidding me? Did Ovie hurt your feelings? Grow a sack. It’s hockey.

  66. I think Hank can steal two more, as long as your own players don’t stand around pounding pud instead of the caps players. We need to get an early goal on Wednesday night.

  67. Torts was worried about the teams conditioning when he took over…I hope that it is not an issue moving forward.

  68. My worries:
    1. Avery went to far last night and could be suspended based on the two suspensions that have already been handed down in the playoffs. However, the refs are not giving Avery any respect, either, not that he is doing much to deserve it.
    2. I was hoping that we could beat Varlamov for one last night once it got to the third period, and it troubles me that he posted a shutout. Cam Ward anybody?
    3. Torts messing with the line combos: I mostly like the lines the way they are and would rather keep Callahan and Avery separate. I’m surprised our announcers didn’t notice the switches in the second. If Drury is limiited so much, I would like to see him switch with Dubinsky so Dubinsky could actually play with some productive players, though Zherdev was better last night.
    4. Way too many turnovers. I’m hoping last night was just a letdown from a couple of intense games, since last night was not as much fun to watch.
    5. I won’t be able to watch game five live either and will probably miss the end of game six if it gets that far.

    1. During the second period, we played really well at even-strength. The penalties killed us. I was watching the Rewind late, so I decided to bag it for most of the third, but the part I saw was also good.
    2. Lundqvist was beaten on some really good plays, so he is still doing well. Obviously, this says bad things about the defense, however.
    3. We still have home ice advantage and a chance to win a third game in the series at home.

    Those glass advertisements seem like they are here to stay, and they might be used on other networks. I’m sure you noticed the iO on the glass between the benches in the first (don’t have time to read last night’s comments).

  69. A few observations:

    The Caps finally figured out that they were not going to beat the Rangers by taking long shots from the perimeter, so they started crashing the net. In doing so, they discovered the Rangers dirty little secret: The Rangers defensemen are not big enough nor tough enough to stop them. This situation has existed for years, and it is a total failure of management that this has not been corrected. Unfortunately, it appears that there are no defensemen in Hartford who are tough enough to help.

    On offense, the Rangers forwards were trying to score from the perimeter, as they have been for most of the year, particulary on the power play, thereby making the Caps goalie look like a Vezina winner. The sad truth is that, like their defense, the forwards are not gritty enough to crash the net (Callahan excepted).

    Their body-checking lacked the intensity that they showed in the first two games. This is a complete mystery, particularly since they were playing at home.

    So… was this game a one-time aberration, or are the Rangers weaknesses going to be their undoing. Time will tell.

  70. “There’s no way a team plays that lifeless in their first homegame of the year. We have shysters in gov’t, why not professional sports.”

    Pavel, the caps who are bigger and stronger made us look lifeless….if you really think the games are fixed why waste your time…..our coach SAID WE STUNK- the score could have been 6-0 at the end of the FIRST

  71. Wow how did tom renney’s team get in the garden last night?No effort no physical play which I know is hard when you lack the size but come on they played like crap. If drury is hurt you sit him it would be selfish of him to want to play and play that poorly. I can sit here all day and pick just about every player for being lousy last night. If I was Hank I’d be giving all of them a talking to for leaving him alone last night.
    The refs are a joke,when Avery does something he gets called when he is the victim nothing is called,buttman’s stoogies at there very worst. They like buttman are a joke. How can you expect to bring in new fans when the referring is so putrid?

  72. “Avery went to far last night and could be suspended based on the two suspensions that have already been handed down in the playoffs. However, the refs are not giving Avery any respect, either, not that he is doing much to deserve it.”

    ============================================================Spiderpig-this is what irked me the most when i left the garden last night, obviously before the scuffle at the end of the game i was heated but Avery again went way overboard-granted when i got home compared to watching it live the jab was not as bad as i thought so i dont think he will get suspended but the Caps will definitely send it to the NHL to review….whoever spoke to Avery when he first came on board better speak to him again-he needs to play with an edge but the bush league hockey plays have to GO now…someone put him in his place for a while but the wheels are failing off quickly for SEAN

  73. Here is the problem. The focus for game 4 will be to play D, and find a way to win 2-1, or 3-2 at the most. Rangers dont want to get in a shootout…So the rags come out playing safe, and weather the storm…maybe chip one in…grab control…

    On the other hand getting down 2-0 again in the first spells doom.

    Henrik is going to have to be a wall in the first period on Wed, because I think the Caps will be buzzing again.

  74. Pavel – Wow, Steinberg is a tool! He’s not the regular Capitals beat writer, so I wouldn’t put too much stock into what he says. A couple of things *could* be legit, but he’s really just nitpicking. I’m sure if he listened to Verizon Center, he would hear rude Caps fans and “referees suck.” Maybe if he looked up into the blue seats at MSG, he would see some passionate fans. The “roar from the innards” is definitely a good thing, especially without prompting. The fans still cheered when the Rangers were down 2-0, so he’s wrong there.

    Now that I see the glowing thunderstix, they are pretty cool. I’m puzzled as to why someone would throw them on the ice. I’ll take a pair!

  75. I think he’s going to be suspended, but that could just be the doom and gloom attitude that last night brought on me.

    I really think the Rangers are SCREWED. I didn’t even feel this hopeless when we were down 3-0 to the Pens last year, because at least we put up a fight. Getting shut out on home ice is just pathetic.

  76. You know I’ve been a Ranger fan since Gumper tended the crease, and every year I tell myself I will purchase some playoff tickets and go to the big city sit in M.S.G. and watch a game. For me living up here in small town east coast Canada, that would be quite a trip. I’m real happy I didn’t make it yesterday, I felt bad enough just watching it on TV. Torts is right They collectively stunk. I feel bad for any Ranger fan who dug deep for that one. I really can’t say much good about any one player, Hank made some good stops, but I guess thats about it.

  77. the glowing thunderstix sucked…i found pretty much no fun in mine…so instead i pounded on the 400 section overhang that was above my head

  78. Guys and Gals – RELAX!!!

    It’s one game, and Hank again played amazing goaltending last night

    Yes the team in front of him sucked , it happens.

    Last 6 games we are 5-1.

    Did we really think this was going to be a sweep ( OF course I WANTED a sweep)

    OF course none of us wanted to lose any games but its going to happen

    Last nights game was a do or die for the Crapitals, and were STILL holding there two leading scorers to ZERO GOALS EACH.

    We know what we did wrong and will correct it.

    And rememebr if this was still the Renney regime, all we would have heard in the the press conference was how we did some good things, gave them something to think about.

    Not with Torts “WE stunk, period” the man is one helluva coach and doesnt sugar coat anything. AND the players are owning up to it as well.

    We were nervous, played on our heels, it happens.

    I really think Torts will sit Drury for game 4 and insert Voros on the 4th line, and move everyone up (Dubi, Korpi, Sjoey etc) I dont think there calling up AA just yet.

    And Ovechkin has absolutely zero class. This guy is a real piece of, alsute the crowd, what garbage.
    Hoep you have fun when your wondering what went wrong when you lsoe this series.

    I also heard the same thing about Drury’s hand (hairline fracture in one of his bones in his wrist or arm)
    SO I wouldnt get too down on him, he’s playing hurt, but Torts knows now I think that he msut rest and not play game 4
    I’d rather have him healthy later on, if we get to Round 2.

    Either way, I’m at tomorrow nights game, and VERY excited about it
    First playoff game of my 20=year Ranger fan life


  79. You know things are bad when Redden has been the best defenseman in the series. Staal needs to step it up. Roszival looks like a lost cause at this point.

  80. Torts need to grow a set of balls and sit Drury down because he is clearly hurt, although I admire his toughness he is completely useless out there. He should also bench Zherdev, I mean how long are we going to wait for this kid to actually score a meaningful goal, instead of doing a dumb toe drag and turning over the puck. I would rather see AA from Hartford out there than Drury, and replace Zherdev with anyone.

    Also someone please tell Girardi to stop shooting into the opposing teams shinguards, the object is to get the puck to the net. It is really not that hard. Avery is not helping right now, only hurting the team. But thank god for the King.

    And finally… what a DBag, Ovechkin and someone else, not sure who, dancing on the Rangers logo at the end of the game. I hope Staal gives him a good all fashioned elbow next go around.

  81. hockeymon i was about to pay for tix too but decided not to go for some reason. so glad i didn’t go last night it would have sucked it did look like Tom Renney’s Rangers

  82. Domi28.. GREAT FIND!! THAT should be the poster for game 4!!

    GerryD… very interesting! If that was #16, he’d have been given a suspension.

  83. You know, the “Malkins Better” idea isn’t that far fetched. Sorry, but outside of a handful of our NY Rangers, AO is one of my favorite players in the game. Just so happen to be playing them in the 1st round.

    That said, with so many games against divisional teams, AO has a pretty steep advantage in point scoring.

    Craig Anderson/Vokoun 6 times a year or Lundqvist 6 times a year?

    Lehtonen/Hedberg 6 times a year or Brodeur?


    It could hold some weight in the point-scoring dept. Maybe not in the “entertainment” dept though.

    It’s the playoffs…gotta love it.

  84. Two points – First, I’m pretty sure that sitting in on another teams practice is against league rules. If Sean Avery had down that he would already be suspended.

    Second, that mock stick salute by Backstrom and Ovechkin at the end of the game made me lose a lot of respect for Ovechkin. I always liked his talent and drive but it seems he really is all about putting the spotlight on himself. And, since he wears a shield, none of the Rangers can really give him the beating he deserves as would have happened 30 years ago. Actually, veterans on his own team would have taken him in line.

    As for blatantly taunting another team’s fans, what happened a few years ago in the NFL when the player went to the center of the field and did his little routine to taunt the fans? Suspended by the NFL. Will Bettman suspend Ovechkin and Backstrom? No way. Bettman’s NHL is all about marketing superstars. He is from the NBA and thinks Crosby is his Jordan. So Ovechkin can likewise do just about anything he wants to another team or the fans that pay the money. Just another example of how Bettman has ruined the NHL

  85. The first time Ovechkin, Green, and Backstrom are on the ice in game 4, Torts should put Orr on and just plaster all 3 of those pricks into the boards, albeit it might be hard to do it at once, but I think you guys get my point.

  86. Sorry guys, but who do we have on our team that can actually check someone hard and hurt them? No one, Cally does his best, but he does not have that type of hit that puts people down and out.

    Ovie wants this type of anger from fans and players, he thrives off of it. Most people defended his antics during the regular season, I for one did not. There is no need to over-celebrate or rub it in people faces.

    Antics like that is what causes people to go after your head. I do not condone elbows and cheap shots, but when you pull crap like that, what do you expect


  87. Domi28-
    Nice job on that picture. It says a thousand words about the Caps (or just 2): Classless homosexuals.

  88. Jor71

    Sorry guys, but who do we have on our team that can actually check someone hard and hurt them?

    Umm Dubi, Staal, Avery – all of them check pretty hard

    even NAslund had a few the first two games

  89. First off – If Drury is telling Torts he can “play” then Torts is going to play him. If his hand is really broken then he should NOT be playing. All he is doing is hurting the team if he isnt 100% physically. I could see if he had a broken finger – that is a little bit more managable.

    And BooHoo AO is taunting the players & the fans. Until Avery got violated by Bettman and now cant do ANYTHING otherwise he will get suspended – he was doing the taunting remember? Its playoff hockey!!!

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