Update from (barely) practice


First things first: Chris Drury was one of four Rangers on the ice during an optional practice (with Blair Betts, Colton Orr and Aaron Voros). He skated fine. It’s obviously a hand/wrist/arm injury, and he should play Game 3.


John Tortorella talked for a while. Some highlights:

“You’ve got to be really careful. The results are one thing. But I’ve said this before … it’s about momentum swings and how you’re playing. I think as a coach, you need to be honest with your group. No matter what happened over 60 minutes: how did you play that game? That’s the most important thing for me — as a club is to make sure we know how we’re playing, and we have a number of things to improve on.”

He is not happy or satisfied at all with the amount of time the Rangers have been in possession of the puck. I asked him about the play without the puck, in the defensive zone, where they’ve had 50 blocked shots in two games.

“I think we have fought and done some things,” Tortorella said. “I think we’ve handled the surges pretty well and what they’ve brought to us offensively. At times it’s them inflicting on us. At times we’ve done some stupid things with the puck in not giving ourselves a chance to control it and giving it back to them at bad pieces of ice. So we’ve scrambled back and tried to defend it, and when we haven’t, Hank’s made the saves. But we have to be better in all areas and especially that part of it, with the puck. We need to have the puck more.”

He said he thought Markus Naslund has “let his game go” meaning he’s relaxed after a rough start after the coaching change.

“I just think he’s let his game go. At least when I first started with him, when this staff started, I think there was a problem with the tempo, with teh speed. Whether it was just confusion about what we were doing, I don’t know … All I know is he’s skating much better. I think he’s much more confident with the puck, and he’s playing well away from the puck.”

And asked about Nik Zherdev’s underwhelming performance so far, Tortorella spoke generally at first, then about Zherdev.

“Our gamebreakers have to be better and Nik is a guy who can score a goal, and he can do that. It’s his first playoff series and this is part of th eprocess. It’s a learning experience for him, and it’s our responsibility as coaches to make him understand how hard you have to play — him and a number of other people … to clue him in.

“We need to figure out (how) to get some people better quickly.”

On Redden-Rozsival, who have taken over much of the responsibility vs. Alex Ovechkin:

“You guys are the ones giving them all that crap around here during the year. I didn’t see them all that time. But they have played some good hockey. … I think some of the experience they bring … I think Rozy, since he’s come back, has helped us keep the puck a little bit more, He makes an outlet, he doesn’t panic.

“As weve gone through this series we’ve stayed against them a little against some of their top people … They’ve done the job.”


Henrik Lundqvist looked relaxed, confident and yet focused.

“Every game you win, it’s going to be tougher to win the next one,” he said.

About the shot-blocking, and general defensive-zone play:

“I think we’re really good right now at playing in the middle of the ice. We have a lot more people in the lanes and because of htat we’re able to block a lot more shots. A lot of games will be decided in the slot, if you have traffic or no traffic. The first two games we’ve been really good on staying in the right lanes and coming up with big plays.

“I love it. I mean, we need it. Against this team, they have a lot of shooters and to have guys sacrifice their bodies is very important because they will get chances.”

Lest anybody get overconfident, every TV in the training facility had the Flyers-Penguins Game 3 on yesterday, and it was easy to see how quickly a team can feel it’s back in a series by winning one game.
Here’s the NHL’s release regarding the Lucic suspension:
TORONTO (April 19, 2009) – Boston Bruins’ forward Milan Lucic has been suspended for one game as a result of a blow to the head in Game Two of the Eastern Conference Quarterfinal series last night against the Montreal Canadiens.   
Lucic was assessed a match penalty for highsticking Montreal forward Maxim Lapierre at 15:28 of the third period.       
“While it is unclear whether Lucic’s glove or stick makes contact with Lapierre, what is clear is that he delivered a reckless and forceful blow to the head of his opponent,” said NHL Senior Executive Vice President of Hockey Operations Colin Campbell.   
Lucic’s suspension will be served on Monday night when the Bruins meet the Canadiens in Game Three of the series.  

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  1. I am somewhat scared to watch tomorrow’s game, yet at the same time i stare at the clock hopping it will be game time. I have a feeling zherdev will be a game breaker tomorrow and on the PP for that matter. Also look for the avery factor to start kicking in a bit more also i know other have mentioned it but this series reminds me of the Atlanta series so much, alhtuohg i dont think this series is evn close to over Rangers in 6?

  2. Dubi or not Dubi on

    I’m not as concerned with Z’s play as much as I am with Antropov’s. Antro is getting a ton of ice time, 5 on 5 and pp time, and he has been slow and not getting his shots off. Zherdev is getting 11 min/g with almost no pp time at all, and we all know that he is the type of guy who can make a ridiculous play at any time given the opportunities.

    Isn’t that what we are hoping for from captain crutch? That he’s invisible until he isn’t? With Drury’s hand problem (Ahem, undisclosed injury), he’s about as effective as Patrick Rissmiller anyway…

  3. Flyers took a beating away and (so far) can only cash in at home. Blue took two games from them in their barn and will come home to what I understand is one of the more hostile rinks in the league to skate in. I hope Avery will be a even more a difference maker with 18k fans spurring him, and hope Hank will be….well, Hank. Even a split here is nighty-nite time for the Caps.

  4. When we went thru this last year with the Devils. Up 2-0 and going home, I’m a little nervous. They’ll pull through.

    At least Drury actually looks hurt the way handled his stick yesterday. I really wondered if Schultz was hurt in Game 1 or if he was just replaced.

    But if there was ever a series we needed Drury, this would be the kind. We could use his face off ability.

  5. A response to a couple comments on last post. From what I’ve seen of AO in THIS series ia a guy who is trying to do it all by himself (not that I don’t don’t he can), but you have to wonder if he would’nt be more effective trying to draw some attention and than dish it rather than always taking a shot ( alot of times from a bad angle or outside). DOn’t get me wrong. I hope he keeps playing the way he is. If you can hold AO to no goals in two games your doing something right. – Let’s go Rangers!!!!!

  6. I’m looking forward to going tomorrow night and rockin the house. The last playoff game at MSG, game 4 vs Pitt, I was proud of our goodbye to JJ and getting the team going down 0-3. We rock tomorrow night and show the Caps that we mean business. Instead of surviving the their first 10 min barage, they have to survive our 1st 10 min barage.

    AO is AO’for.

  7. GerryD, I agree. A continually “forcing it” Ovechkin means game 3 win…

    I’d like to see how we handle the Caps now that we get our matchups.

  8. Liquid, I thought only Redden would dare wear a jersey with his name on it at MSG? At least you’ll be easy to spot. I’ll have my Malik jersey.

  9. ZzZz 13 ZzZz used to Rule !! says Greg L. on

    Rangers up 2 – 0 , am I surprised? No . 1 – 0 shut out win is a surprise considering Hank had been letting in softies from time to time. My how has things changed . We have watched these guys play all year and I know they have it in them to go far into the playoffs.Having Zherdev remain quiet could help us if we continue to go farther in these playoffs. Having all your guns firing at the same time is tough and he will do his part , just give him time …it’s only 2 games in !!

  10. This One Will Last A Lifetime on


    I find Coach Tort’s comments to be genuine. He comes off straightforward, honest, and realistic. I really liked Coach Renney as a stand up guy, but I always found his comments as coach to be standard, b.s., company line, redundant and said nothing. Your post tells us fans that he knows the scoring of Zherdev will be important before any series can be won or lost. While at the same time seeing the improved play of Naslund, Redden/Rosy, he knows the enite team has to play better like Callahan and Henrik are.

  11. You guys are so lucky i havent been able to get good tickets for the game so i aint going… unfortuantely

  12. I really do not think Redden and Rosi have improved all that much. I would rather see Staal and Girardi out with AO. Nazzy has been pretty damn good the first 2 games. Hopefully Drury looks a little better in game 3, looks like he was having trouble handling the stick.

  13. mike08 April 19th, 2009 at 8:55 pm
    You guys are so lucky i havent been able to get good tickets for the game so i aint going… unfortuantely

    Any seat is a good seat!
    I was crazy? enough to scoff up section 420 this afternoon for the wife and I.
    We just came back from the beach celebrating with a glass of champagne and are ready for the game!
    Just being there is a dream

    Let’s Go Rangers

  14. Will be in the Gahhhhhhhhden tomorrow wearing my #8 Leaping Louie Fontinato sweater. LET’S GO RANGERS

  15. Can someone please explain what the hell the Civony ad is over there to the right? What the hell does it mean?

  16. Will be in the Gahhhhhhhhden tomorrow wearing my #8 Leaping Louie Fontinato sweater. LET’S GO RANGERS

    We will be coming in from Drury land (don’t boo me) and really from Jonathan Quick land who you all should look up ( http://kings.nhl.com/team/app?page=PlayerDetail&playerId=8471734&service=page ) because he will be the next Henrik of the NHL now playing for the LA Kings. Yes, from Hamden, Ct. my hometown where I grew up and watched him develop in High School.
    Should be a great train ride in to the Gaa-Den

  17. Speed Ranger on

    C’Mon lay off the Redden bashing, he’s playing really well when we need him to the most.

  18. Speed Ranger, don’t worry, I don’t think Redden reads this board. We won’t boo him tomorrow – it serves no purpose in the playoffs.

    I’m encouraged by his play as of late. I hope he keeps it going.

  19. One of the things that I absolutely love about Torts vs. Renney is that Torts makes changes in-game quickly when things are nt clicking, and they’re effective changes; vs. Renney taking multiple games to make in-game changes, and when finally made were ineffective.

  20. All true, Smalls. That is probably the biggest upgrade in coaching ability. The player management skills are not comparable.

    He doesn’t play favorites, just demands results.

  21. I can’t believe the Blues are fading so fast. I was hoping JD’s crew would go on a run out west. It doesn’t look good.

  22. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    i wont put too much stock in home ice advantage tommorow, but we should have better opportunities on this varlamov kid. i cant help but think we will be a little better at home. but i will be nervous for at least the first few minutes. i know we have home ice but its hard to believe that washington will not play better. i think they win one of the 2 next games. not both though. caps will give us hell in both of these games. i have faith in torts though. i gotta admit, hes showing his experience and boudreau is mighty pissed an hes even resorted to talkin crap about callahan. how lame can you get when you play both games at home, vastly outshoot us and generally outplay us except on the scoreboard, and he has nothing better to say except bad things about our team. he reminds me of spanky from little rascals but hes acting like a little pissed of 5 year old. im glad its gettin to him.

  23. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    clive- i cant believe how bad theyre playing. blues were great down the stretch but the whole 3rd period tonight they couldnt get anything goin. at home too. alot of teams are losin their home games also thats why im not getting overexcited about playin at home. even though we do play better there, sometimes they either get overconfident or nervous. i just hope for the same typ of game like thelast one but definitely need more shots and more puck possession in their end. if we had embarrassed them at home and had all the advantages id be confident right now, but both games they couldve easily won. i hope theyre focused tommorow and if drurys hand is still broken i really dont think hes gonna help us. i guess hes better than a 2 armed voros but still!!

  24. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    i also totally believe that torts played a big part in the wins, but most of it was all hank. thats basically the main reason. we all know what this team does when hes on his game compared to when hes not. whatever happened from 6 games ago till now idk but keep ruling ass hank!!!!

  25. No Country For Old Rangers on

    i really hope Redden chips one in tomorrow night and feels some love from the garden crowd

  26. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    wow sharks already down 1 4 minutes in. they havent scored yet on this hiller guy. rookie too. regular season really does mean jack. washington with all its scoring and san jose too. idk im lovin it though. love when the underdog wins

  27. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    me too no country. i want the guy to succeed here. if anything i want him to earn his damn pay

  28. Drury could play without a stick and be more effective than Voros. Probably take less penalties, too.

    Rangers will play with a bit more adrenaline at home. They’ll come out hard. They’ll get their matchups. Hopefully they can get the first score and ride the crowd from there.

  29. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    but just think if voros wouldve kept scoring some goals and not take so many penalties hed probably have more than drury. he did play great with doobs and z early. i wish they could find some chemistry again cuz z looks horrible

  30. No Country For Old Rangers on

    yeah mike, the sharks are not looking good at all, squeezin the stick for sure.

    i live in the bay area and all the guys on my hockey team are nuts about the Sharks. it was fun to taunt them this afternoon while wearing my #9 Graves starter jersey circa 1998

  31. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    hence the name no country for old rangers! good stuff man. im in the midwest so i know how ya feel except i cant taunt anyone cause all they like in iowa is college football and meth

  32. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    yea watching the sharks its almost like they are doin the same thing as the caps. they are tryin way too hard. although its not the problem of trying its that theyre rushing things. theyre not gettin good shots through and when they do, hiller is there ala lundqvist. i can smell an upset. they have played almost 80 full minutes and havent scored once on this kid. 7 or 8 failed pps too

  33. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    haa and as i said that, the broadcaster said the exact same thing. theyre tryin too hard. marleau had an open man to his left for a one time goal but decided to shoot and got it blocked. its almost exactly whats goin on in our series

  34. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    bobby ryan is anaheims callahan. great hard workin kid. also a good scorer. reminds me of cally a little bit too. i cant believe he was drafted right after crybaby but of course you never hear about him because its all about crosby. nbc is sooo freakin lame they had a sidney crosby iso-cam during todays game because they cant just watch him play from a good distance. they have to get a closeup for milbury, mcnugget and edzo to dream about all day

  35. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    where is everybody? oh yea theres a 1 hour time difference in ny. everybodys got work except me tommorow. holy crap i love that heineken commercial. guys screamin about beer like women!!

  36. I’m with you, mike. Baby teething in the house. Tough to get him to sleep. He’s also excited about tomorrow’s game.

    Z is still AWOL. Funny you mention Voros. I remember joking with my friend on opening night that Voros was going to blow away his scoring records from Minnesota (I think he had like 7 goals/points the year before). He had that fast start and we thought we had him all wrong. Then he settled into what we see today. Too bad, such potential.

  37. lol mike you like talking to yourself lol jk, im watching nhl on the fly on NHL network and wow what a goal by Ryan, he dove for it and while falling found it again and put it in, i wish i could watch that game but i have to go to bed, i have school tomorrow, i realy hope the sharks put in like 6 against hiller

  38. Carp

    You were pretty dismissive to e.m. in the last thread. “Keep telling yourself that, e.m.” Hello???

    No offense, but you have been wrong about this team and its personnel and its coaches past and present than just about anyone on this blog since you arrived.

    Your affection for Tom Renney the man is nice. But the bottom line is you were WAAYYYYY behind the curve in diagnosing the problems his coaching presented this season, and I am being kind.

    So ease up on those who showed they knew a helluva lot more than you did all along …. and without the access you so plainly enjoyed.

  39. mike in iowa…I will bring my VADO HD camera to the game tomorrow so you can get a taste of the fans, outside MSG, during pre-game warm ups, National Anthem, goals, etc….

    I will only upload to youtube when we win though : )

  40. Clive, when Voros first started playing really well with Dubi and Z, in the beggining of the year i was like yes yes yes we have our self a Holmstrom!!!.. but i was soon shown what he really was, o well

  41. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    yea clive i know it sucks. he was almost scoring at a goal every 2-3 games or whatever it wasfor awhile. its funny how fast things can change and how fast people can turn on you like with him and a few other players. still watchin san jose unable to score almsot 1 and a half games at home already. i ask myself, why is claude lemieux playing hockey?? hes way too old!! give the spot to a kid!

  42. mike

    To be called a woman by you, who has his monthly bleeding on this board six times anight when this team plays, replete with moans and groans and insipid idiotic comments about how Hank sucks, is truly rich. You are a cartoon, sister.


    I respect you more — but my post was in response to Carp who raised the isue, not I. Peace and live.

  43. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    wow this guy on versus is funny-“carlyle called timeout because it LOOKED like it wasnt SMELLING so good”. wow can this guy taste colors too?

  44. rigere may be an ahole who knows but mike?

    you are a bitch during the games, wanna slap you for all the freaking out you do, “oh my god oh help, oh spare me, oh Hank you blow chunks!” perils of pauline lol

  45. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    riguere- you gotta be one of those little guys that got picked on in school all the time and got his ass kicked, and now has to start fights on the internet to feel good. you are constantly negative man. or woman i cant tell. i like your word selections too. “insipid”, replete with moans” do you honestly talk like that? i mean, its cool that you like using intricate words. it is. it makes you sound sophisticated. oh yea im not gonna lie i did say hank sucked a few weeks back. its because he did. but you really have no life that you go searching for comments made by people months ago to try to show them how youre right. in the end, who cares??

  46. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    dewey- i have never seen you before until now. u must be someone i pissed off and dont want to use your regular name

  47. Riguere, like yourself, I wanted Renney fired a long time ago. Personally, I couldn’t even stand seeing his mug behind the bench after New Years. Especially his passive, arms folded, gum chewing approach to the game. Especially when their were blatant penalties or the Rangers were wronged, Renney just sat there shaking his head.

    Renney had a good run. We were close to taking the Sabres for a ride a couple of years ago. Last year, the Rangers were way over their heads against the Ice Chickens. But they had a respectable series….ofcourse they coulda played better but had some tough breaks.

    Personally, I think with Jags leaving, and guys like Voros, Rismiller, Kalinin, Fristche, Zherdev etc to replace Jagr, Avery, Straka, Tyutin, Struds, etc., Renney went to an even more passive game plan to try to squeek out wins with a goalie like Lundqvist.

    At this years trade deadline, Avery, Antropov, and Morris were added to the lineup, and replaced Dawes, Prucha, Kalinin. A big upgrade. Now Torts has this team believing they should have an identity and to play with a swagger and a team approach. Up to this point in time, it is working.

    Sather is the main culprit in the off-season and the years leading up to this season. Renney did the best he could, but it was not good enough for this team.

    Ultimately, I am glad that Torts has revived guys like Dubinsky, has Cally playing off the hook, and the Defense looks more like a unit.

    If Torts takes this team far, it would be a great accomplishment. Like you, I will be rooting every step of the way!

  48. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    wow what a game! every play is almost a goal. mike08- u gotta watch this man. its on versus

  49. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    liquid- renny pissed me off too with his press conferences. no matter what, he always basically said the same thing and none of it ever inspired confidence. the young guys were struggling as were the vets but the young guys really needed out of that passive system. now you can see cally and dubinsky takin over. i wish zherdev would come alive too. hes got talent. if u combined it with callys work ethic hed be like ovechkin. torts will get this kid goin though i believe

  50. Careful, Liquid + mike. R*nn*y is turning into something like a four-letter word on this board for some people. That said, what you say is true. R*nn*y pulled the team back as the season unfolded, especially after the team leveled of from the fast start. If it wasn’t a shootout victory, they lost.

  51. Yea…Zherdev is an enigma. One of the few (maybe only) game breakers on this team. When he is on the ice, he appears he plays to win. But he is somewhat of a headcase. He was one prior to coming here.

    Potential does not mean anything until it is realized. I still have alot of faith that Zherdev will contribute in a big way….Hopefully, starting tomorrow night!

  52. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    You’re dead on with everything you’re posting. I know where you’re coming from too because there are those who are clued-in and others who are clueless. The worst part is when those who are clue-less want to slander everyone who simply didn’t see it their way. I think most (cough, cough) of them are gone. I know Carp wants this to be an open forum and I know Carp encourages everyone to come here because it is good for Rangers-Nation. We should also encourage that until those types come back (or post more often).

    At this point, however, I think it’s all a moot point. There are people here who really aren’t worth challenging in hockey knowledge simply because they flip-flop readily! We saw it last night! There’s a couple guys bouncing in and out now (or later tonight) who flip-flop more than John Kerry. They’ve been called on it, but that’s the nature of some people’s character and sports (to a much lesser degree). I like those posters as Rangers fans and I read most of their posts because they aren’t as ridiculous as the last bunch of characters (BTW: Mako, all the old cronies came back around last post! All but one or two of the hench-men) who ran a monopoly on this blog. I too am at fault for calling those guys out, I should have just let them be jerks and let their embarrasment speak volumes for why they can’t show here anymore. But I stooped to that level during the last day or 2. Point is this, there are good people to debate with and there are bad people here, but we’re all Rangers fans and you don’t have to defend yourself to every single fan. Many of them get their hockey ‘intel’ from Sam, Joe, MSG Commercials, and “The Captain: 360” or whatever that program was called.

  53. True Fans,

    I was watching Hockey Live last night on MSG @ 10pm…

    At the desk, there was Al Trautwig, Butch Goring, and Ken Daneyko….and on the other side was Ron Duguay….and Doogs was looking at the 3 guys with a look on his face like he was saying in his mind, “Damn, these fuggers are bald”.

  54. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    clive- i never had a problem with anyone here, but you change your mind on a particular issue or whatever and you get called out on it. who cares? i liked renny, i didnt like that he couldnt adjust and get this team winning. no matter who you are in this game, people turn on you so fast. so do i. i said that hank was playin likew shat a few weeks ago, but hes playin awesome now. doesnt mean i now have to hate him for life or someone on this blog might not like it. i could care less. but it is funny how certain things you say on this blog will draw out so much conflict. whats worse and pathetic is when somebody goes and looks up things you said months ago to show you what you said. its almost comical

  55. Ironically, most if not all Rangers fans opinions change with the wind…

    When this team was stinkin up the ice prior to Renney getting fired, everyone was on here (myself included) saying stuff like –

    Drury is dreary, he sux as a captain , he is overpaid, he has no heart, where the fugg is the clutch sh!t we were told about, his mouthpiece annoys the crap out of me, blah blah blah blah

    Gomez is a POS, he is overpaid, he cant skate the puck into the zone, he is not a 1st line center, all he cares about is breaking John Giaonnone’s balls, blah blah blah

    Redden is the worst ever, he sux, he dont give two craps, he is a cokehead, he is stealing money with that retarded contract, he is a pylon, we want Malik back over him, send him to Hartford, blah blah blah

    Naslund stinks, he is too slow and past his prime, give his “A” to Callahan, get him to wave NTC next year and trade him, blah blah blah

    Henrik lets in too many soft goals, he is not top 5 in the league, his salary is too much, blah blah blah

    And the list goes on and on for a majority of the team. Heck, we were even begging for Petr Prucha most nights!!

    Bottom line is this, the 2008-09 NY Rangers were not a “likeable” team for the most part. Hence, us fans would get on them. Torts came in and change the style of play, flipped a switch, and now we feel like we can beat the Wings in June…..hehehehe

  56. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    san jose is in for a fight this series. wow the ducks are gettin primo chances. sharks too but they cant score

  57. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    LIQUID! hahaha. You have the freakin’, nuttiest, late night posts! Dude, there was something that had me laughing last night too… and the Duguay thing tonight, ummm… !!! haha.

    BTW: I agree about the Torterella change.
    He makes it easier to be proud of this Rangers squad. They work much harder every night. They’re exciting to watch. The’re hitting people! They’re defending each other! A little spice called Sean Avery also took the bland out, but hey, I’m expecting that he’ll do his job damn well in the finals! (sarcasm)

  58. mike, i was here long before you got here and i’ll be here long after your gone. and rigere has got your number son, you are a pants-pissing fairweather whichever the wind blows know-nothing knuckledunce fake fan. other’n that? Doing a fine job

  59. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    liquid- hey ya never know lol. it kinda pisses me off that dru is hurt now because we cant really judge his play now. so its like, ok he didnt do anything cuz hes hurt. hes clutch at getting hurt at the wrong time.

    wow ducks score. 2-1 middle of the 3rd

  60. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    so dewey ur angry at me for what?? pissing your boyfriend off? i dont care if youre here forever. have fun ok

  61. Glad to see some crackheads still watching hockey just like me. Can’t wait to bust out my Lundqvist jersey for the Garden tomorrow. Cutting class to go! Lets do this thing! I’m super excited for whatever video they do to start the game haha.

  62. how many pair of bvds do you mess each game, mikey. “Oh oh oh no, oh ow oh owwwww, hurts so good! Hank you suck Hank you rule, beat me whip me hank ahhh!” lol

  63. “aggh we’re gonna lose this game, and its all hanks fault, I hate you hank —- oh wait what a save, i love you hank, i love you will you autograph my tampax holder??”

  64. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    dewey- are u kidding me? ur makin it too easy man. seriously why are you even here? have you said one thing about hockey? or are you just gonna be a lil kid?

  65. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    raider- i hope tommorows game is as exciting as this one. but we gotta win though! gotta kill the ovechkins

  66. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    wow looks like a 2-0 lead for the ducks. crazy. thats playoffs for ya.

  67. Well I’ll tell you I really like what I saw out of Colton Orr especially in the third period. His commitment to defense and backchecking personifies our team mentality and our whole team concept.

    Though I would have preferred taking a 0-0 tie into overtime, it’s good to see one of our grinders chip in a goal.

    Aaron will play Monday night in place of Callahan. We need his grit and size out there to matchup with these guys. Plus we’ve been missing his physical presence on the power play.

    Gotta run guys, I’m almost out of gum.

  68. Nelson April 20th, 2009 at 1:31 am
    My anti-virus went off when I visited this post.

    No wonder it went off… this site is very
    “ *contagious* “ LOL

  69. I think Liquid speaks for a larger group of Rangers fans than some here realize. It all goes with the territory of being a NY fan. When I young and first started following the team, I liked everybody. Nobody could do anything wrong. I thought all players gave their best and that’s all that mattered.

    20 years later it’s impossible to fathom an attitude like that.

  70. I have been so happy with the outcome of the last two games, that I think I let this get to my head a little bit. This series is far from over. We need to play even better tonight. If we can win at home tonight, I will start thinking about Round 2 and potential matchups, but we are not even close to that yet. I expect that the Caps come out absolutely FLYING tonight. They have played well at MSG this year, and Ovechkin seems to really like playing in NYC. We are going to have our hands full. I have confidence in this team right now, but I am not getting too excited just yet.

  71. UESBlueshirt on

    All right, today is my 29th birthday and if anyone is going to give me a birthday gift that is relatively low cost but too big to put a bow around it should be Lundqvist with a 29 save shut-out.

  72. Adam Graves was on the CW11 news this morning around 7am with Larry Hoff giving away tickets to tonights game. I believe they will do the same on Wednesday morning.

  73. If the Rangers give out thundersticks tonight, i’ll throw them directly into the garbage…

    Those are for rag-tag, first time in the playoffs, happy to be there, organizations.

    This is New York. Not Anaheim.

  74. First off
    Carp! Great stuff last few days…

    Rangers won two games without playing that great ( Cally and Hank excluded) is tonite the night it catches up to them? Or is tonite the night they actually step up and win a game where they outplay the Caps….

    Nervous? or Excited? I cant decide

  75. Kaspar, EXACTLY! That is kind of what I was trying to say before, but you put it short and to the point. I hope they step it up a notch or two.

  76. Good Morning to you all!!! Im SOOOOOOOOOOOO excited about tonight. If any of you guys are going scream & cheer your a$$es off – for Redden, Roszi, Naslund, Betts etc. Dont care. Blow the roof off of the Garden!!!!!! They deserve it!!!

  77. Matteauonov

    You’re going?
    Lucky Dogov

    Like Mako said blow the roof off!

    Remember where we were in February?

  78. So I know Torts doesn’t really strictly line match but are they going to keep the trend of using Rozi-Redden against OV with the last change tonight?

    I’ll feel really good about things if they can make it through the 1st period with the score at least tied.

    As much as I thought Renney lasted a few weeks past his expiration date, I will give him credit for instilling a sense of discipline and defensive responsbility in this team. Torts obviously provided the giddy-up they needed on the other end, but every Rangers forward understands how to play both sides of the puck (some might still only know how to play on the defensive side) and that has paid dividends in the playoffs so far. Now if they could find a way to get a multigoal lead and hold onto it, I’m really liking the fact I have game 4 tickets.

  79. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Haha! Yup!
    It’s officially the third time Sean Avery has saved the Rangers from missing the playoffs.
    1st time, acquired in early February when the Rangers were 9th or 10th in the conference
    2nd time, came back from the wrist injuries (missing 20-25 games) and the Rangers were sliding down into 8th and he stopped that.
    3rd time, perhaps he had a supporting cast via Torterella, Antropov and Morris pickups… but he did do it again!

    * Remember where we were in February?

  80. gardenfaithfulinfla on

    Kaspar, good point! But, I’m pumped and wearing red, white and blue at work (work=something to do until gametime). Wish I could be there, the Garden will be rockin’ tonight. This time of the season I miss it big time! I guess I just have to cheer loud enough so everyone hears me in NY. LET’S GO RANGERS!

  81. UESBlueshirt,
    I totally agree, we only have Renney to thank. I know most here hate Renney but I supported him while he was here and I am happy with what he did for this roster. I have said it before. Who going into this series thought we’d be able to hold off the high powered Caps. I certainly didn’t. There offense is second to non. But its obvious Renney taught these guys how to play defensive solid hockey. If Renney could instill an offensive game he would still be here

  82. Matteauonov
    April 20th, 2009 at 10:48 am
    Yeah, I’m going Kasparov. I plan on having no voice left at the end of the night

    Drink tea (hot or even snapple) after the game its good for the throat.

  83. Matteauonov

    Lucky Lucky!!! That’s right!!! Cheer for REDDEN, DRURY, ROSZI!!! Our boys, our players!! We all want them to do well! LETS GO RANGERS!!!!!!

  84. Ok, here in another weird thing I do. The night before a ranger game, before I go to sleep, the last station I have my TV on, on every TV in the house, is MSG. Call me crazy, but it is just something I have to do.

  85. No doubt last game looked like a Renney coached game… except they were playing AO and his slap happy gang not the frickin Lightning…..

  86. Kaspar

    Yeah but there is a HUGE difference between Torts defense and Renney’s defensive game. They play more aggressively defensive (if that makes sense) their puck possession, responsibility & intelligence is SOOOOO much better now than it was with Renney.

    They blend aggressive forechecking & offense with smart defense almost the entire game. With Renney – you either got one or you didnt.

  87. Happy Birthday UESBlueshirt…

    Rangers will play lights out tonight for ya and get the win

  88. Nah, Renney games had them giving up odd man rushes despite the fact they were supposed to have 5 behind the puck. The biggest fault of the defensive side of Renney’s style (I guess that’s the only side since there was no offensive side) was allowing the other team to build speed through the neutral zone.

    In essence they played only using 1/3 of the ice, their own 1/3. Torts at least has them playing tighter in the neutral zone and makes the Caps earn entry over the blueline.

    They played a tight checking, giving up the body to block shots game in Game 2. I can’t exactly say they did that on a consistent basis under Renney except on the PK.

    But at the very least the players understand that defense is a team concept not just the 3 pairs of guys who are supposed to stay back on the play. Compare that to the Caps where their top 2 lines of forwards seem to be afraid of crossing back over their side of the redline.

  89. Nasty 1
    What do you do if someone meeses you Up…changes channels?

    Last year after we lost a couple of games to Penguins in playoffs I discovered that someone had turned my “Drury” brick face down

    (there were some bricks laying around our building with the manufacturer’s name “Drury” imprinted on them – I picked one up and sat it in the living room on a floor cabinet with the name Drury facing the TV…finding the brick coincided with the Rangers turning the season around in Feb 2008)

    Major diciplinary actions took place in the Kaspar household…ridiculous comments like “its just a brick!” and “Never touch the Drury brick during a winning streak!” were heard

  90. 22figure8
    April 20th, 2009 at 11:25 am
    Domi, I’m going and also plan on having no voice. Tea? Na, it’s beer all night long!

    Actually, the tea was for the morning after

  91. Absolutely classic that so many who keep yelling for people to leave Renney behind keep bringing him up.

  92. Thank you Liquid.

    If this is anything like 2007 then I’m hoping we see both Caps goalies tonight after the starter gets yanked giving up a hat trick to Gomez (who seems like the closest approximation to Nylander) in the first period.

  93. I love that A.O-for watched the practice. We are in his head. I feel a A O chant tonight.

    Nasty-Kaspar-on the Rangers OCD. I did the same thing for game 2 as I did for the 3rd period of game 1. Volume at 55, left leg on a chair. I’m going tonight so I hope I don’t jinx it, maybe I’ll put my left leg on the seat in front of me.


    I cannot wait for tonights game. When they hit the ice the Garden will be rocking. I’m pumped.

  95. Honestly, he’s probably looking at Lundqvist. Renny would have told him to jump on the ice, torts told him to for lack fo a better word **** off

  96. I have two tickets for sale for tonight’s game, Section 105, Row D seats 3 and 4. Tix start at face value which is $254.50 each. I’ll take the best offer by 3 pm. You’ll have to pick up the tickets from me down by the South Street seaport. If you’re interested, e-mail me at lcharleston1981@gmail.com. We can go by phone from then on.



  97. OK so who else’s playoff beard is starting to get a little Nasty? (Yes Nasty that one was for you!)

    Last night I went to a dinner party and had three different people ask if I was:
    a.) training to become a terrorist
    b.) becoming a sasquatch
    c.) starting a ZZ top cover band

    It was one of my friends wives who is a Ranger fan who came to my defense and said “its a playoff beard you idiots, LETS go Rangers!”

    I Was so proud at least one person other than my own wife knew about Hockey!

    Anyway, tonight is huge, and I’m smelling another win.

    Does anyone know if MSG is gonna try and do the audience in the team colors like every other team in the league is doing for the playoffs? IF not I’d be perfectly fine with that, sets us apart. Most of us will be wearing JErsey’s anyway.

    I’ll be at Wed nights game, in my #30 Jersey, screaming my drunk ass off all night long.

    And no Booing people if your going, its the playoffs, no Boo’s allowed against our own team.

    And I jsut realized if we win tonight I could possibly be at the series clincher at home, for a possible 4 game sweep!



  98. That is very unusual that he was watching practice.

    When asked in the hallway he responded: “PRACTICE?! You’re talking about PRACTICE?! Not a GAME…but PRACTICE?!”

  99. AO watching our practice? Excuse me for using the term with which I am so enamored … but that’s complete bush-league

  100. For the record, I encourage everyone to start using the nick name I have coined for bruce boudreau, which is “Humpty Dumpty.” It’s funny on a number of levels.

    Second, tonight may as well be the series for several reasons.

    1. By winning tonight you establish that home ice actually means something. If not, it turns into a free-for-all

    2. The Caps don’t have the leadership (coach or player) and resolved to come back from 0-3.

    3. My young heart needs a break from all the stress

    If we can channel our emotions in the first 10 minutes, I think we’ll play a better game then we did the first 2.

  101. I was thinking about this after the game on Saturday, but I didn’t ask on here. Does anyone think that extra day off in between game helped us? If we went right back at it on Friday night, do you think we would have had the same end result? I think the extra day helped rest our guys a bit.

  102. I agree Brandon. I think two big things tonight are going to be 1. The first 10 minutes and 2. The Refs.

  103. Avery-Gomez-Antropov


  104. Interesting thing to note when you look at the Rangers 4 lines…..

    Each line has an up-tempo hard working player on it. Therefore, the other 2 guys on the line have to pick up their play as well…


  105. hey guys its been awhile since i’ve been on here. I’ve been doing a lot of work on my house in preparation for my first child (the wife has been “nesting” like crazy!! ha)

    But anyway, Charlotte Leigh was born yesterday 4/19/09 @ 10:59 am – 8lbs, 1oz.

    I gonna where my Rangers jersey proud in the Hospital today while watching the game (on Versus, egh) !!

    Lets Go RANGERS !!!

    Win this Series for baby Char-leigh

  106. somerset,

    Congrats man….that is great news…..lots of luck & health for you and the family.

    I am guessing that your wife said no to the name “Henrika” ?

  107. Shoryuken (Redden gets a clean slate for the Playoffs) on

    Congrats Somerset!

    Come on let’s put them in a hole tonight.

  108. Liquid …

    I was trying for Avery as the middle name … came this close !!!

    we went with Leigh for the whole Charlie sounding thing

  109. That explains why Henrik’s nickname is Henke….which probably translates to Hank in English.

    I remember him once saying that the Swedish fans used to cheer him by chanting, “Hoppa Hoppa Henke”….

  110. Doodie Machetto on

    My fiancee bought me tickets for tonight’s game over the weekend. I’m so pumped.

    Oh, but if you like to gamble, bet on the Caps, since I have a lifetime Garden record that has to be around .250.

  111. Congratulations Somerset. It’s maybe a good thing she wasn’t born on a game day otherwise she’d come out with a name like Henrietta Ryana.

  112. Congrats somerset. You get Vs in the hospital? My 2nd was born on 2/28 and I was lucky enough to get the NYR vs Colorado game in the room on ch. 11. That was the blow out game. We named the 2nd Keira Nicole but Leigh was a close 2nd on the middle name. Congrats again. LGR!!!

  113. its funny though, i broke her into the idea of Henrik (which i never thought would fly, but turns out is here favorite player if she had to pick one) if we were having a boy …

    he was gonna be named Henrik Robert Fuchs

    or H.R. Fuchs (sounds like a 1920’s oil tycoon or something, ha

  114. somerset…Charlotte Leigh is a great name….I am partial to little girls because I have 2 myself, and one was born during this current year….

    Lots of crap diapers, no sleep, etc. but well worth it…

    Why do u think I am on here at night time? To escape from the craziness of being a parent!!….

    At any rate, I will be going to the game tonight, and as I mentioned to Mike in Iowa, I will bring my little Vado HD camera and will post later on tonight only when we win…

    You can live vicarously through my camera’s lens !


  115. doodie please no negativity

    and like a previous person said no booing. u dont boo ur team in the playoffs thats up 2 nil. i hope other people tonight will realize this.

  116. I don’t know about anyone else. But the Caps are looking like a team that beat up on a horrible SE division this year. With not much more to show.

  117. I went out to get ice cream for my family last night after some friends had left. I had a BBQ yesterday since it was so nice out. When I got home my wife was on the computer and I asked her what she was doing. All I heard her say was,”Something paying, something, for something something your ticket.” I got so excited and ran over to hug her. She asked, “Why are you so excited?” And then I said, “Well, what did you say again?” She replied, “I am paying online for your parking ticket.” Man, talk about getting so excited to being so let down. My Blizzard didn’t even taste nearly as good as it should have.

  118. NYRanger4Life on

    Matt R –

    Once again, I strongly disagree with the booing thing.
    Redden deserves to get boo’d, forever, on home ice. (or until we win the cup)

    Guy is an absolute bum. No heart, no soul.

  119. She has surprised me a few times with some great tickets. I really really thought she was getting them again.

  120. @4/20

    Have you looked at the standings Rookie? The Caps were 14-2-4 vs the Atlantic…12-4-4 vs the Northeast.

    Their #2 seed had nothing to do with the Southeast being weak…

  121. You guys are so lucky i want to go to game so much, i can wait til im older and can go all the time.

  122. Doodie Machetto on

    “and like a previous person said no booing. u dont boo ur team in the playoffs thats up 2 nil. i hope other people tonight will realize this.”

    The only time I boo at the Rangers during a game is when it’s a blowout.

    And the only derisive chants I take part in are Fire [coach/GM] and Potvin Sucks (and when Potvin was in town, Beat your wife Potvin and Drive/Buy a Porsche Potvin).

  123. Holy poop! Via Gross, Ovechkin now starting to act like a total punk:

    “Going to paraphrase here rather than quote Ovechkin’s broken English but he said he went on the bench just to tick off Tortorella. And he claimed he was asked to leave before the Rangers are afraid of him.”

    Of course, the Caps are PO’ed because Torts took the early ice time at MSG instead of having a slot in Greenburgh so that the Caps could be done with their morning skate by 11:30 and off to their naps. Now instead they hit the ice at 11:30.

    I don’t recall seeing this level of gamesmanship ever.

  124. nyranger4life,

    please tell me ur not gonna be there tonight. or if u r please tell me what ur wearing so i can lock u in the bathroom.

  125. Doodie Machetto on

    “Redden deserves to get boo’d, forever, on home ice. (or until we win the cup)

    Guy is an absolute bum. No heart, no soul.”

    Dude, how does booing him during a game help? Think it’ll help him play better? WTF does he care if, as you say, he has no heart or soul? Think you’re sending a message to Sather? WTF does he care what you think?

    Redden isn’t going anywhere for another 5 years. No good can come from booing him, but it COULD make him play worse by eradicating the thread of confidence he might have earned with his solid play in the last two games.

  126. Shoryuken (Redden gets a clean slate for the Playoffs) on


    Were in his head

  127. Dont BOO Redden, just chant Ovechkin the entire game until, he Hank robs him and he flings his stick into the stands and gets thrown out of game plus suspension =D

  128. mike08, funny. When I was a kid I told my parents that I was going to live in Manhattan when I grew up. When they asked my why, I told them so I could go to all the rangers games.

    Only boo the Caps tonight.

  129. I say everytime Ovechkin goes to shoot every one screams YOU SUCK! maybe he wont shoot as much lol

  130. Doodie Machetto on

    “You guys are so lucky i want to go to game so much, i can wait til im older and can go all the time.”

    It’s only my fourth game this year. I had Graves night (loss) and the other two were the bookends of Renney and Torts (both losses).

  131. Yeah, I mean, I can’t ever recall a team playing mind games like this and that turning around a series. Well, except when the Pens made believe Graves had broken Lemieux’s wrist. But that was a bit different.

  132. Matt R,

    Was that a Bronx Tale reference? lol

    * nyranger4life,

    please tell me ur not gonna be there tonight. or if u r please tell me what ur wearing so i can lock u in the bathroom.

  133. I have been a very big rangers fan since the lockout, mostyl beacuse my brothers have been Rangers fans their entire life, I now consider my self Die Hard fan, but i have only went to one game, the game agasint the Wild that we won 2-1 and zherdev and gomez scored

    o and btw my 2 older brothers had season tickets firs tseason afetr lockout and didint take me to one game… so selfish lol

  134. No matter what happens tonight, steady as she goes. I still think there’s a chance this series goes the distance. Washington has more skill, more explosiveness. They are getting many chance and the puck will go in sooner or later. Thankfully, the Rangers finally have an excellent coach so they will not beat themselves.

    I am trying to be like a player. Don’t get too high after a win, don’t get too despondent after a loss. It is a long haul!

  135. liquid nah it wasnt. i just dont know of too many places that i can easily lock someone in.

    people that boo a team or a player on a team in the playoffs when the team is up 2 nil just make no sense to me.

  136. Doodie Machetto on

    Sorry, confused myself. I didn’t go to Graves night, I meant Howell/Bathgate night (I actually got tickets for less than face value, met Mike Richter, and Renney got fired the next day, so I wasn’t so upset with the loss). Got confused because that WAS the bookend for Renney.

    The first game I went to was a win against the Hurricanes in January.

    So 1-1-1 this season.

  137. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    broadway roe- all he said was something about him being the r.j. umberger of this series. i forget what else, but kinda like he didnt get called for some penalties or cheated in some kind of way i couldnt really remember

  138. Broadway Roe on

    Geez, what an idiot.

    Either way, Cally is carrying us on his back (along with Hank, of course) and we’ll take game three tonight at the garden.

  139. Carp/Jane- anything today? How about some updated beard pics. I never sent one in but I’m doing it. It’s getting pretty ugly.

  140. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    all i know is every press conf. boudreau gets a little more uptight than the one before. you know even though were at home, this could be the hardest fought game we will play this series. you know its pretty much do or die for them so we gotta expect some kinda crap being pujlled or said to get the refs on their side. they need a quick early goal, and if they dont score early on, it might really get in their head almost like san jose. did anyone watch that game last night? crazy game. brilliant goaltending too from hiller

  141. UESBlueshirt on

    My Rangers record this season:

    Oct NJ (W)
    Oct ATL (W)
    Election night NYI (L)
    Nov FLA (L)
    Dec PIT (W)
    Jan MTL (L)
    Jan CAR (W)
    Feb COL (W)
    Apr MTL (W)

    My all time playoff record is 3-2, 2-2 at MSG.

    However one of those wins was Game 2 in 1994 vs. the Caps.

  142. No Country For Old Rangers on

    wow…pretty weird for OVECHKIN to lurk at practice like that. He must be desperate.

    I think NYR should find a spare CAPS practice jersey and send Avery out there during their practice

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