About that 2-0 lead


I didn’t want to put up a new post until we topped 1,000 comments on the game thread … but it was slowing down, and anyway, this will give us a chance to break 1,000 later in the series, or in the next series, or in the Conference finals or in the Stanley Cup finals (that should be a slam dunk).

Anyway, I thought before we all jump ahead and call this series over, you might want to look at these numbers. You can take this as a positive or a negative. I’m just looking at it as something you should know about closing out a 2-0 playoff series lead.

In the history of the Stanley Cup playoffs, 291 teams have won the first two games of a best-of-seven series.

In only 37 of those series has the team trailing 2-0 come back to win the series (12.7 percent).

You can view the entire list here, courtesy of NHL.com.

Inquiring minds, though, might ask how many times a team has fallen behind 0-2 by losing the first two games at home, and still come back to win?

It’s not as rare as you’d think, perhaps.

According to my count, 16 times a team lost the first two games at home and then came back to win the series. And, in fact, nine of the last 12 teams to come back from 0-2 to win the series did so after losing the first two games at home, all in the last 15 years.

Your New York Rangers did it to the Montreal Canadiens in 1996. One of the most recent teams to lose the first two at home and come back to win the series was the 2003 Tampa Bay Lightning, coached by one John Tortorella.

Taking it one step further, only two teams in the history of the Stanley Cup playoffs — the 1942 Toronto Maple Leafs against Detroit, and the 1975 Islanders against Pittsburgh — have ever come back from 0-3 to win a series. And I believe only one other team in major-league sports has done that, and it was the 2004 Boston Red Sox against the Yankees.


Here’s a link to Tortorella’s entire post-Game 2 press conference. Found it on the Capitals’ web site.


I also forgot to point out earlier that today was the 10th anniversary of that great day at the Garden when The Great One skated off for the final time.

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  1. czechthemout!!!!! on

    All hail the King Of NY!!!!!!!!!!!

    Cally has been and is THE BEST RANGER all year long. This kid is turning into a star right before our eyes!

    Where are all “LQ is not as good as he’s made out to be now”

    Torts is a winner. All the a-holes over at BB must be miserable.After all, they all toild us that Renney is a great coach.They all told us that Avery was a clown. They all told us that Torts is too tough for this team.

    I have one thing to say to all of them including their Blogs owner Dubi Silverstein:



  2. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    I gotta say this is a pretty great place to hang out now!
    It was always great here, don’t get me wrong Carp (or Sam W.), but now the losers are gone.

    By losers, i mean the guys czechthemout refers to…
    1) Renney-lovers! woohoo.
    2) Drury lovers! gonezo!
    3) Torterella haters! hahaha.
    4) Avery skeptics!
    5) Guys who said they’ll never make the playoffs (once they started skidding under Renney… there is a significant overlap between the group in #5 an #1)
    6) Guys who said “Henrik’s never been clutch for the Rangers… he’s never proven anything”
    7) And, most importantly, anyone who’s pretty much disagreed with Salty, wd40, ford and myself is gone! Why? Because we’ve called this sucker from day 1 of the season straight through. Every twist and turn! I know i’m bragging, but the three of them deserve a pat on the back from seeing the direction of this ship all season despite A LOT of people calling them (and myself) out along the way.

    Ok… lets go rangers!

  3. Doodie Machetto on

    Itan, no need for anti-semitism.

    He’s an asshole, and being Jewish has nothing to do with it.

  4. True Fans, if that’s what’s really important to you, congrats. However, I don’t think everybody here, self included, hates Renney or loved Avery or thought two weeks ago that this team would even make the playoffs, let alone win this series. Also there are still people here who a couple of weeks ago were running down LQ (self not included).

    But if you want to bang your drum for being right, go ahead. And I do agree, this is a great place to hang out, especially in the playoffs.

    Doodie, I deleted that idiot’s comment.

  5. I second that, but don’t forget his loser know-it-all sidekick Jess, i think his name is. He’s a fake fan.

    Dubi blows !! BB sucks. RR is waaay better. Why would anyone want to pay for something a 9 year old kid could tell you ? Seriously a couple of months ago a 8 or 9 year old Ranger fan was talking aboot Kalinin, and he said basically the same things Dubi was saying.

    Use your extra cash for beer, video games, and other fun stuff, not BB+ !!

    Go Rangers, and Rangers Report !!

    And the Jackets are gonna get swept, just like the Trashers did their first time in the playoffs. Poor Tyuts.

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  7. True Fans

    I agree you guys deserve a bow. I got here late but fueled by how inept Renney was … and how gullible all his fans were. You and Salty and Ford especially, and wd40 no doubt, were all over this thing MONTHS ago, and you should be proud of being more right and informed and savvy that 99% of the fans and press who follow this team.


    If I’m not mistaken, didn’t the Canes beat the Canadiens in the Cup run after losing the first two at home? Agree with you (Stop the Presses because it doesn’t happen often) that the series is not over by a long shot yet. Close of course, but definitely not over.

  8. Riguere, correct. The Canes were the last team to do it after losing the first two at home, in ’06.

    Let’s just say, and I’ve seen hundreds of series, that it feels a lot different after Game 3 if the team down 0-2 wins, than if the team up 2-0 wins. If the Caps win Game 3, it will seem that they’re right back in it, and Game 4 becomes almost a must for the Rangers.

    I know that sounds obvious, but that’s how the emotions swing during a playoff series, and that’s part of what’s so great about it.

  9. The worst is that loser Beer Me, who had the gall to call people on this site “bad fans” if they didn’t support Renney. Where is that flame-job now? Nowhere to be seen, that’s where, all because his hero is no longer behind the bench. Who’s the real, the “good” Rangers fan in that equation? What a joke.

  10. Carp

    My first experience with that was spring of ’73. The Rangers swept the first two at Boston, then lost the third at MSG, and I was a kid sweating bullets as big as blimps when that fourth game started. No worries — Giacomin shut them out, and the Rangers won in 5.

    (And then lost to a Chicago team they shoulda killed. That hurt bad)

  11. First of all, the series is not over. So all these people who are pounding their chest here saying “I told you so” blah blah blah….chillax

    We are all fans here of the same team. Actually, we are all big fans here if you are posting here. Some of the fans here have more faith than others. Before the playoffs started, I admit I did break the cajones of the fans who were objectively picking the Caps.

    With the history of this team and its diehard loyal fan base, its easy to recognize why the fans opinions will span across a large spectrum.


  12. I’m as excited as anyone about these 2 wins. I never expected us to get 2 there. Yes they are playing better with Torts and Avery. And the players we got in trades have been working out in filling some gaps. but I have to agree with Carp; no one’s been proven irrevocably right or wrong yet. The last I checked, no matter how you cut it, it still takes 14 more wins to prove anything. Be honest here and tell me after the great start the Rangers got off to at the beginning of the season, who amoung us wasn’t dreaming about how great it was going to be to watch that Cup clinching game. there’s the standard, guys & gals. this team is playing very good hockey right now. It will be great hockey if they get to that last game. 2-0 in the opening series leaves a long way to go. 14 more then you can start blowing your own horns.

  13. The audio on Torts press conference has this horrendous static to go along with it. But I’ll endure just because I want to hear the whole thing.

  14. Linda misses NY @ Playoff time on

    I’ve only found out about RR in January I think, and I gotta say, this has been the “GO TO” place since then!!! I used to check Rangers Talk Back on topix first, but there could be a day or two, or three, with no comments, and being so far away, I was hoping for more ‘action’. This blog is great, Rick and Jane do an awesome job of posting and updating and tossing in fun tidbits. All you guys are insane. You make me laugh, you make me think, and you’re never boring!!! All this banter back and forth, especially during games, makes me feel closer to being part of it, even though i’m 1500 miles away.

    Everyone has their opinions, and thats what makes this fun. Not everyone is going to agree on everything, which is normal and makes it more interesting, but it sounds like you had some serious ‘bad blood’ with these other posters who I have not really seen in here much since I started visiting. It’d be interesting to see them come in here now, and what they would say and how you long timers would react. What we don’t need here is infighting. I see what goes on at Zips blog, and how the trolls ruin every damned thing. Hope that never happens here!

    Keep Rockin boys!! Your passion, knowledge, crazy stories and fun insights make this the place to be for hockey talk!!

  15. Monday should be a real fun one.. interested to see if the Rangers can increase the forechceck pressure at home!!!

    Hey i will take a win any way we can get it. I liked Renny, do not think he is a baffoon but thought a change would be good.

    Avery so far has been great just no craziness… Staal looked much better today. Need Zherdev to pick it up and Korpedo…

    this is fun they are playing really hard regardless of what happens…

  16. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    There is a significant history you missed between myself, the other 3 posters I mentioned, and about 4-7 other “REAL” Rangers fans. I’m not criticizing ALL on here as Renney fans, or Drury lovers, or Avery critics… Just a few posters who have already left.

    As Riguere states (Riguere, btw, thank you for the props… i know you’ve been following for many months now), there were several people who would BASH us for saying anything critical about the Rangers, the players, and especially the coaching staff. Can you imagine how fun this place was then?! I come here to talk about the team, often during defeat becuase i’m disheartened they haven’t performed as well as I think they can and not nearly as well as I’d love them to play. But with an anti-squad led by Beer Me!, a particular four of us offered our own reflections on the team in an extremely hostile environment which turned against us because (and this was stated many times) we’re accused of being “Islander fans!” haha.

    If the post earlier seemed like I was beating my own drum, than so be it. The ultimate triumph is that this is now an open forum to praise or criticize anyone on this team. It is no longer a place where appraisel of the team was criticized by ‘know – it – alls’ who had such status simply because they had more free time during the day to make friends here and post every 7.5 minutes.

    I encourage all to post, if someone has that much time to get on here and reply to comments it will make more discussions. But don’t come on just to bash someone who doesn’t see it your way.

    Those clowns are gone now. They should be more ashamed that their fanship of this team was superceded by their pride and tarnished ‘image.’ That’s disgusting. I’ve been wrong about this team many times and i”ll come here to admit it (hell, off the bat I know I was the biggest proponent of getting Drury over Gomez and now realize they’re both fairly big busts with Drury being the bigger of the two). But i’m still back here because I love the team more than I love myself or being right.

    One may question my own drum-beating, but there’s no doubt that my proud HAS NOT clouded my fanship of this team! They are playing hard again, win or lose, and that should make all of us proud whether we’ve been right or wrong along the way.


  17. I’m just saying that we don’t all agree on everything. I believed, for example, that if they were going to get Tortorella to replace Renney, then that would be a good move … but I also didn’t and don’t think of Renney in the light some of you guys do. Some continue to attack him as a person, and that’s totally wrong.
    That’s not the point. If you have been right on every single thing that happened this season, good for you. It doesn’t mean that people who disagreed with you, or me, or anybody, is necessarily wrong. Everybody should and deserves to have his opinion. I don’t see the point in hammering somebody for having a different opinion than you — and I’m not saying you were doing that, either.
    What makes this blog great — and it surely isn’t me or Jane or any one person — is how many loyal Rangers fans come here. They can’t all agree on everything all the time. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with that, nothing at all.

  18. True Fans

    You are a piece of work. You say that this is a forum to criticize or praise, yet you are gloating by bashing all the “Renney Lovers” of the past. Don’t try to deflect criticism of your beating your chest, becuase you are; and if you want to that is fine; just come right out and say it! But we ain’t won anything yet. I know you are pumped up over the wins, so am I, but this series is far from over

  19. exactly everyone has differnet opinions.. can we quit talking about the people on this blog and start talking about the Rangers and the great wins and games that they are providing us? so much to ask?

    how big of an idiot is erskine, i want to see him laid out next game

  20. Let me say it another way, and then I’ll leave it alone. Some of the people who are still here and who love the Rangers as much as anybody also liked Tom Renney, or didn’t want Sean Avery. Some didn’t want Jagr, some did. Some think Lundqvist is overrated, some think he’s god. Some liked Renney. Some wanted Tortorella fired after two weeks when he oversaw Prucha’s trade and Zherdev’s benching. Some loved the trade deadline, some hated it. Some completely wrote off the team two weeks ago. Some thought it would be better if they didn’t make the playoffs at all and then cleaned house. Some picked Capitals in 6 (I won’t mention any names).

    And they are all great fans and all welcome here. None are 100 percent right or 100 percent wrong.

  21. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Lobster, i’m not sure exactly the point you’re trying to make. My comment for “renney lovers” is actually referring to the fans who bashed us when we said Renney was losing control of the team. Those people are gone from this blog now, mostly, because their pride is hurt, their bashing of us (and defense of Renney) was unfounded, and they were blatantly wrong. There’s nothing wrong with being a Renney fan. He was a GOOD if not Very good coach for a long time, but he lost this squad after about 8-10 games into the season. We saw that, others didn’t despite the sterling record. We took alot of flack for criticizing Renney (for his performance and decisions, not his character). I may joke about Renney now, but I think he’s a classy guy. He’s also incredibly intelligent and he sure knows the game well. Lord knows even I wish I was in his shoes! Coached the Rangers back to the playoffs 3 consecutive seasons after 10 years without! He got alot of help (Jagr, Avery, Lundqvist), but the man did something right for 3 seasons and I give him his due. But this season, he lost it. We saw it, Beer Me! didn’t, and we got bashed… Beer Me! and Renney are gone now. Beer Me! is the one who deserves the criticism for being a hypocrite (fairweather fan who disseappeared because he was wrong).

    BTW: your comment about me being proud the Rangers are up 2-0 and ‘haven’t won anything yet’ … ummm! hahaha. I actually predicted the caps to all my friends! I am damn elated, happy, and quite surprised! But I might have been wrong! I also predicted Caps in 6 and defended the 2 Rangers wins by saying Hank would steal 2… lets hope he can steal more than just 2 now.

    Rob M. I’m surprised the game didn’t get uglier! This playoff season is so young but there seems to be so much history and animosity between teams already.

    Carp, I agree with your point entirely.

  22. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    “Some picked Capitals in 6”

    Carp, are you calling me OUT?!
    Hahaha… I did too, bud :-/

    I hope we’re both wrong!

  23. Dubi or not Dubi on

    Atta Hank! Good stuff from the King. Good stuff from Cally. Dubi stepping it up and Naslund stepping it up bigtime! Drury still sucks. But I’m happy! Hank’s definitely got them “Gripping their sticks too tight!”

  24. Doodie Machetto on

    Carp, two things:

    1) Thanks for getting rid of that comment. It was disgusting.

    2) “and it surely isn’t me or Jane or any one person.” I have to disagree. Le blog c’est moi.

  25. Dubi or not Dubi on

    Oh yeah, and Carp. I am always right, that is 100% correct, always… Or at least I say so!

    Thought Renney was done last season… Check
    Couldn’t understand what he saw in Voros… Check
    Never understood the fuss about Drury… Check
    Have hated Sather for years… Well, everyone says that so we’re all right!

    BTW too bad I couldn’t join the beard competition, I get ribbed at work for having a 5 o’clock shadow by noon!

  26. Doodie Machetto on

    HA! anyone else watching the Bruins-Canadiens game? There was just another example of the terrible production of Vs.

    During a cut to commercial they were showing that Thomas was a potential Vezina candidate, so they have a split frame shot of the game, with camera focusing on Thomas at the top of the screen, and the Vezina trophy on a rotating stand with black cloth backdrop and smoke machine. Then you see one of the Vs. crew member’s head pop in on the side of the Vezina footage. AWFUL. Who does that?!

    God, they’re amateurs. It’s like my friends and I making movies when we were in high school.

  27. Terrible job on Versus tonight , as usual. The announcers must be on the Bruins payroll. If Lucic is not suspended for game 3 this league is a joke, He just cross checked Lapeirre across the head hard and nothing was said by the V

  28. Doodie Machetto on

    I love how the announcers and everyone is saying “how the love affair is back” with the Bruins.

    So… you mean when the team is bad, they don’t have fans, but now that they’re good they have a lot. Yes, let’s celebrate their fairweather fans.

  29. [sorry got cut off} The Versus announcers said nothing yet his helmet came off from the cross check.

  30. Doodie Machetto on

    Hey, there you go: Jones said something about Lucic and possibly being suspended.

  31. i dont understand waht games people are watching when they say “Drury sucks”
    First of all the guy is playing hurt, and for the regular season, he could have had some more points but he was never a point per game guy. He is a guy that plays in all situations and is good at all of them, and smart and does the small things and is a great leader. Faceoffs, penalty kill, smart plays, good positionally, hes one of the only guys that can deflect a puck out of mid air into the net on our team. So please, if you expect him to score 40 goals u are just shot from the get-go. This guy is a real valuable part of the team and anyone who fails to see that needs their head examined. there were times this regular season where he was MIA but so was Gomez at certain times, Naslund, dubi, all these guys that are gettin all the praise from everyone. So in summary I’m just sick of reading “Drury sucks” on here.
    Did anyone watch the game at Chicago during the regular season where he played out of his mind and had the game winner in OT, he is a clutch player and if he gets healthier he will show that in these playoffs.

  32. NICDIP

    Yup, there’s the mentality that is so idiotic. 14 more wins have to come this year, or Renney vs. Tortorella is moot.


    You remind me of JJP, who sagely told the world he wouldn’t be able to assess the coaching change until the season was over —— great, that’s the type of insight my dead grandfather could give! Unreal. So if the Rangers lose in the first round, ipso facto Renney > Torts. OH YEAH??? REALLY?? Moronic train of thought. Moronic!

    Bottom line: There have been people for months on this blog who knew this team has to change its playing style or die. And regardless of how this season finishes, those posters have been vindicated! Period. This team competes, presses, pursues the puck, and doesn’t sit back & wait to be bum-blasted as Renney taught them to do. THIS IS AND OF ITSELF REPRESENTS A HUGE STEP FORWARD FOR THIS TEAM, EVEN IF THEY SH!T THE BED FROM THIS MOMENT FORTH, GENIUSES!!!

  33. Hello Rangers Fans!

    Just checking in from the Banff Springs Golf Course! It is 27 holes of beauty. Since I was on the 4th hole at 1pm EST I was unable to catch the game today. Fortunately, I do pick up network television in my luxury golf cart. I wanted to make sure Drury was playing. I did pay alot of sheckels for him, ya know.

    Now, I have one question for the blog here:

    When the Rangers win the Stanley Cup, how many of you here will claim you felt that the moves I made from training camp to the trade deadline were great and that you had my back all along ?

    Enjoy the rest of the playoffs. I will see you all, with cigar in mouth, on Broadway, with Stanley Cup in hand. Please tell all the bloggers here that doubted me to stay home!

  34. Doodie is the Mensa who has long urged trading Hank for Carey Price and a high pick. Um, duhhhhh….

    “Stupid is as stupid does.”

  35. Doodie Machetto on

    “Doodie is the Mensa who has long urged trading Hank for Carey Price and a high pick. Um, duhhhhh….”

    Dude, definitely did not advocate that.

    And Drury still sucks.

  36. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Whoever posted under Glenn Sather is the shi…!

    It’s a great point though.

    What level of success vindicates Glenn Sather?
    If the Rangers continue this first round and make it to the second, they will surely play Boston. Should they be expected to beat Boston? I dont think so. I’ve predicted Boston to come out of the East and I don’t think anyone will stop that from happening.

    JJP, Bear Me!, Staal Wart, LI Joe… 4 of the cronies! Long-live those guys, they were the bestests.

    Drury still sucks, btw.
    2 GWG all season is NOT clutch. Talking about 2 games (Chicago and Montreal) is NOT clutch.
    *Saying your team is ‘happy with one point’ in a comeback 5-4 loss and then crucially needing that one point down the line* is FAR FROM clutch.

    Chris Drury is anti-clutch, anti-PP, anti-5on5, and anti-positive man! He’s NEGATIVE-Man!

    Now Dubinsky, 8 GWG’s this year… that’s Clutch!

  37. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Doodie Caramel Machiato,
    I was here when you said “if the Rangers had an opportunity to trade for Carey Price, they should!”

    Don’t you dare go back on that!

    I challenged you tooth and nail and you defended your stance.

  38. Honestly guys….enough with the bullsh!t about who said what, who made this prediction, who liked this player but did not like that player, etc etc etc

    It is so boring and redundant.

    Let’s talk playoff hockey and anything that relates to the NY Rangers.

  39. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Doodie, here are your words… March 7th:

    * Doodie Machetto
    March 3rd, 2009 at 2:16 pm
    True Fans, Price still is maturing and will be a good goaltender. The guy is only 20. Hank is already 26. In six years I think Price can be comparable, although not as good, to where Hank is now.

    And it’s not just shedding the dead weight from Gomez’s contract, but from Hank’s too. No way does Price get paid almost 7 million.

    * Doodie Machetto
    March 3rd, 2009 at 2:31 pm
    “Are you kidding me?? Throwing away our franchise goaltender? Price sucks.”

    Price will be good. The guy is 20, give him half a chance to develop.

    As for throwing away our franchise goaltender, what will it matter how good he is if the team in front of him sucks every year since we are loaded with Gomez’s terrible contract for the entire duration of Henrik’s? Not to mention how brutal Henrik’s contract is too.

    As for our franchise goaltender, he’s yet to play well over an entire season and into the playoffs. Year 1, fell apart down the stretch and in the playoffs. Years 2, 3, and 4, fell apart in the middle of the season. Yet we still pay him the highest goaltending salary in the league. Is he the bets goaltender in the league? Absolutely not! I love the guy, I think he’s the most talented goaltender to ever wear Ranger Blue, but his contract is awful.

    Look what Fatso did for the Debbies. He could’ve been the highest paid goaltender in the league, EASILY. Instead, he took 5.2 million a year to give the team some flexibility under the cap.

  40. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Sorry, March 3rd!

    Bam. Riguere calls you out! And I proof it with evidence.

  41. Liquid

    There are people whose track record shows they know what they are talking about. And then there are others whose track record shows they don’t.

    If you think that’s irrelevant, fine. Knock yourself out. But don’t scold others for remembering who is clued-in and who is clueless.

  42. kaspar

    the rangers website got taken over by the nhl last year or the year before. very bogus if you ask me.

    the website was doing fine. the rangers had a lot of extra content on it and such and now its like all the content is even across the board for all teams. not a lot of “extra” stuff.

    the rangers site was definitely the best nhl team site before the nhl butted in.

  43. Well said LIQUID

    I’m still not counting out the Caps even with the 2-0 series lead, especially since both games were only won by one goal and really could have went either way. It just so happened that Lundqvist played his best today and the defense was amazing, stifling the shooting lanes, and limiting Washington’s scoring chances.

    I’m expecting the Caps to really turn up the pressure on Monday night, though I hope our D continues to rise to the challenge.

  44. Sather – spent a week in Banff last summer. Beautiful house your building along the bank of the Bow River. By the way, shot an 85 on the Banff Springs course and won’t forget the 11th hole where after I hit a 240 yard drive, a herd of bison ran right across the fairway. That was awesome. Beautiful town!!!!!!

    Going back to the Rangers – I said going into the series that it will come down to goaltending and it seems that way. Varlamov play was average at best. Other than the 2 on 1 there were only 3 other times the Rangers really challenged him. Game 3 Broudreau will probably give him the nod again. I think this is where the Rangers have to counter. He will definitely have some butterflies (first away playoff game in the garden). The series is not over but we have to play tight defensively and not take stupid penalties.

    Rangers in 6

  45. Let's Go Rangers ! on

    the Rangers have been very good at home this year, and the crowd will be wild and crazy,

    so, LGR in game 3 on Mon

  46. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Read an ESPN piece. The author (paraphrasing) said the Capitals room sounded was as loud as exciting as a funeral home. Mike Green even said “none of us really wanna be in here talking to you [reporters].”

    Hank is in their skulls.

    Take away some of that Capital drive, energy, enthusiasm! *Inflict Capital punishment!*

    Go get’em boys! They’re on the ropes.

  47. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    The name is priceless. hahaha

    * Doodie (Nonfat) Machetto
    April 18th, 2009 at 11:25 pm

    (I hate evidence trails.)

  48. Riguere, I dunno….

    My wife tells me all the time that I always gotta be right….and prove my point ad naseum to show that I am right.

    But this is a NY Rangers blog! LOL

    Their is nothing to gain by trying to convince anyone here how right you are, and how wrong they may have been.

    Ultimately, we are all fans, and everyone is entitled to their opinions. Yes, some people are more knowledgeable than others here.

    And there are some here or who have left here that have been wrong… Even if they “own up” or “fess up” to being wrong, how the heck does that have any bearing on your life whatsoever. THe people here are strangers to you, and to everyone else …

    To each their own, I guess.


  49. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Rules !! says Greg L. on

    Truefans , enuff already , you sound like all 4 of your croinies are you in disquise!!! What are you celebrating for?..you have bashed the Rangers all year and picked Caps to win in 6…YOU HAVE NOTHING TO BE PROUD OF…get a grip!

  50. I miss the 78-79 NY Rangers (formerly Prucha25) on

    Just for the record, Montreal did win the first 2 games in Carolina in ’06. They had the lead, I think, until the captain, Saku Koivu, took a stick in the eye and had a nasty injury. It was all downhill from there for the Canadiens. I think the injury to Koivu is what demoralized them, not any magic the Canes had. I remember that.

  51. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    I forgot Greg, anyone who criticizes the Rangers is “a retard.” Got it.

    Thanks for proving my point.

    People, you make it too easy.

  52. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Rules !! says Greg L. on

    no I said anyone who picks the Rangers in 6 …Acually Truefans i have a bet with you and now looks like yer losing 2 -0 so far…

  53. Ouch….Marc Savard with 2goals & 2 helpers today….

    At 5′ 10″ and 190 lbs., you have to wonder if you really need a big center to win in “the new NHL”

  54. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Rules !! says Greg L. on

    Truefans , who seem to be in yer own little world on this one …

    * 7) And, most importantly, anyone who’s pretty much disagreed with Salty, wd40, ford and myself is gone! Why? Because we’ve called this sucker from day 1 of the season straight through. Every twist and turn! I know i’m bragging, but the three of them deserve a pat on the back from seeing the direction of this ship all season despite A LOT of people calling them (and myself) out along the way.

    You called this sucker from day 1? Carp please excuse this guy , he seems to think those others need a pat on the back too? How come no one has mentioned this but you? You called every twist and every turn!!!??? AWW come on im gonna puke…

  55. watch the replay on the range goal. green, ovechkin, and one other guy dogged it coming back.

    suprising to see Ovie dog it.. they did watch the video.

    they rangers need to pressure the cap’s d more, dump the puck deep make the rookie goalie handle the puck or have there d.. jurcina, erskine, morrison, poti, they are weak in the own zone… big and slow….

  56. Meanwhile, I picked the Rangers to beat the Caps in 6 games.

    If it happens in 5 games, or better yet, the Rangers sweep them….

    Please promise me that you will go easy on me! LOL

  57. Stuart, I did notice that on Cally’s goal….

    You can see OV skating at 1/4 speed, basically watching the play like he was a spectator.

    I think the one great thing that Torts has the Rangers doing, both on the offense and defense, is making the safe play…Especially the forwards, if they are in trouble or feel too much pressure, they are dumping the puck deep to limit turn overs and the puck coming back the other way with an odd man rush.

  58. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Rules !! says Greg L. on

    Czechthemout , nice opening!!! Good job being first . I 3rd that statement about BB.

    Yeah Liquid the TRUE fans picked Rangers in 6 . It’s not over yet but OV sounded pritty discouraged after the game…”need to score goals” ..Alex how ‘s yer teams effort?? “we need to scrore goals”..ov repeats this a few times..

  59. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Rules !! says Greg L. on

    Actually Bruce Broudreu said OV was interfeared with by a Ranger you stoppped skating and got in ov’s way.

  60. “Yeah Liquid the TRUE fans picked Rangers in 6” Yup, can’t be a true fan any other way. LOL

    Okay, Liquid, make the speech to this guy just as you made the speech to the guys on the other side of the question.

  61. alex b (the poster formely known as czechthemout!!!!) on


    Listen,I took the crap over at that garbage website for a long time. I was fighting a battle on an island all by my self just like Truefans,wd40 and Ford. I took nothing but heat and abuse from those aholes over there most of all from that Duche bag Dubi Silverstein.I am glad Jess came to his senses this year but he too tried to silence any dissent so forgive me if I took it personally because it was persinal on their part. You see if you did not adhere to the polyana line, they deemed it to be bad for buisness and they demonized you just like they did to Lenneynyr,Vincea and some others who’s name I don’t recall.

    So I once again reiterate:

    F—————–UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!! to BB!!!!!

  62. True Fans Bleed RW&B on


    Yea, the only True Fans pick the Rangers to win the cup.

    And i thought we got rid of all the riff raff.

  63. webb, I agree with you. And I have discussed it on previous threads. It is part of being a Rangers fan. Years of torment and disspoinment will sometimes alter the thought process of fans.

    With the NY Rangers and the 2008-2009 season, their are alot of variables in the equation.

    1) Jagr not resigned and leaving for Siberia.
    2) The expectations of Drury & Gomez that equates to their contracts.
    3) Wade Redden contract, his past 2 years of sub-par hockey.
    4) Coach Renney’s style of hockey and how it made the team play on their heals and passive. The hiring of Coach Torts and up-tempo game plan.
    5) Sean Avery gone, Sean Avery back again.
    6) Dubinsky sophomore slump during season.
    7) Rozsival retained @ $5MM and his play during year.
    8) The Rangers power play or lack of one.
    9) Signing Rismiller, Voros, Kalinin, Dan Fritsche. All busts.
    10) I can go on and on and on till the cows come home…lol

    This list is in no particular order. But they are all points that can be argued….

    But if a Rangers fan does not believe the Rangers will win a playoff series, I think it boils down to all of the points above as well as being tortured as a Rangers fan for many years…

    One bone thrown at us in 69 years….If we were dogs, we would have probably bitten our owner by now…lol

  64. BTW Henrik did not play like this during the regular season…

    Either he has picked up or it is a combination with the D blocking so many shots and the forwards(antropov) backchecking so hard.. either way who the hell cares we all are ranger fans and hope they win and whine when they lose. we also argue over every player personel move ie. Gilroy like we know what the heck we are talking about……

  65. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    ive agreed and disagreed with almost everyone here at some point but dont hold a grudge to anybody. if it were an actual conversation between people in real life, the disagreements wouldnt seem so hostile as they do here on a blog. i picked the caps too, and ya know what, they kicked our ass but we still won. we have a brickwall in net. they have a hunk of swiss cheese. either way, we could easily be down 2-0. judging by the way both teams played, we more or less, survived. we didnt dominate in anything except goaltending. i excpect us to play better at home, but we still have a lot to do. if caps win monday its a whole new ballgame and game 3 could very well be the most important game for us in the series. i know the 4th win is still gonna be the hardest, but at least wed have a 3-0 lead.

  66. ZzZz 13 ZzZz used to Rule !! says Greg L. on


    Come on get happy :)

  67. Doodie Machetto on

    Read those words, I never said to pull the deal. I remember the conversation. I was just saying it would be something to think about.

    And the other part of the deal was also to send away Gomez’s contract. It wasn’t like I was saying LQ for Price straight up. I was trying to come up with ways to shed salary, not to improve the team (at least in the short term).

    I also say how Lundqvist is the most talented goaltender ever to play for the Rangers. But it’s fun to only focus on part of what I said instead of the whole thing.

  68. I absolutely *HATE* playoff “stat-chats” … only one team in a freakin’ million blah blah blah…. Combing through a hundred years of stats is trying to divine an outcome, prove your team is going to win (or lose) before they actually do.

  69. In my best Joe Micheletti voice…

    “Sam, I am telling you that I saw Doodie post about trading Henrik. It was a post that said that Henrik should be traded for Carey Price. It was Price straight up for Henrik. Henrik would be going to the Canadiens and Price would be coming to NY. The Rangers would be getting Price for Lundquist. This was posted by Doodie.”

    * Joe is somewhat OCD and just beats a dead horse when he talks about something pertaining to hockey…..lol

  70. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    You didn’t say flat-out to get rid of Lundqvist for a bag of hockey pucks, but you did advocate trading our MVP for a nobody goalie who’s been awful (i’m not sure you’ve followed him closely enough, because I would never want Price as my team’s starting goalie – he’s just been that bad)… It also means you’re giving up Gomez + Hank for Price, to what? Unload Gomez’s contract? They could do that by trading Gomez for anybody! They don’t have to trade Hank for Price in order to do that, but you still advocated getting rid of Hank because he’s overpaid.

    Well, my fellow Rangers fan, Hank is NOT overpaid. He’s the one Ranger who isn’t overpaid. If we had Carey Price, this series is 2 games from over and I don’t mean that in the same way John Torterella’s saying it in the locker room during game 3.

  71. Doodie Machetto on

    Again, didn’t actually say to pull the deal, I was just saying it was something to think about.

    And yes, it was to dump Gomez’s contract, bu unlike what you said, you can’t do that by trading Gomez to anybody, because nobody wants his terrible contract.

  72. Meanwhile, right now , Henrik is probably in his penthouse on the Upper East side, konoodling with two hot Swedish women at the same time….

    and True Fans is arguing with some guy named Doodie about the proposed trade of Henrik for Carey Price….

    this is just wrong!!

    With that being said, goodnite and LET’S GO RANGERS !!!

  73. CSI--Rangers Report on

    the trail of evidence points to Doodie as the perpetrator, but we will have to wait for the autopsy.

    redhaired detective stands sideways, looks down, takes off sunglasses, and whispers, “Doodie, don’t leave town, or I’ll hunt you down”

  74. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    mondays game is on versus right? how i wish i could hear sam(jiggly jowels and all) over beninati. during tonights boston game, i think bob harwood was the color guy, well, bob was talkin about how great hank was in beating the caps, and beninati didnt say anything, then bob started sayin somethin about how the caps were in deep shat without sayin those words and beninati just interuppted him to start callin the game again. hes so annoying. worse than emrick

  75. ZzZz 13 ZzZz used to Rule !! says Greg L. on

    Crazzzzzyyy . were all crazzzyyy Ranger fanatics , muhhhahaaa!!

  76. To: NYRangers

    Thank you for not bush-leagueing Game2.

    I had to sit amongst Capitals season ticket holders during the game and then and then had to party all night with the buffoons who root for the Craptitals.

    Having a NYRangers cap did me proud.

  77. Carp,
    I blog occasionally on this thread and love it but now I will be doing more since you put the “blog bully” in his place. For awhile now True Fans has been disrespecting everyone who disagrees with him and making it impossible to blog without aggravation. It was nice to see him backpedaling, groveling and apologizing up and down because finally there is someone he doesn’t want to make mad, you.

    As a side note, I hardly think shredding a team to pieces justifies claiming you are right and beating your own drum. For example, shredding Drury and saying he’s not clutch. Without Drury’s 2 against Montreal in a do or die game, the Rangers might be playing golf instead of up 2-0 in this series. It’s amazing how people have the nerve to take credit for things they were wrong about.

    Beer me! was a decent guy and was passionate about the Rangers and well-informed. He just had the “nerve” to diagree with the “blog bully.” Shame on him.

  78. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    I didn’t read the post, but this guy (above) is one of Beer Me! cronies… and HE’s one of the people who would come on and slander anyone who would disagree with him, Beer Me!, or anyone who would criticize the team. hahaha! Man, how this place has turned in less than 12 hours!

    You’re a clown. You’re still here bashing me, and i’m gonna call you ReMbrANdT, because you know it all.

    BTW: nice to see you again!
    BTW2: is your mommy going to tell my mommy now?

  79. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    If this was court, it does say I deserve a trial by my peers.

    So far, 1 in favor. 2 Opposed.
    Colin Carpiniello, presiding.

    1 other guy who knew everything also (dubi or not dubi, funniest post out there).
    And a bunch of crazy guys who realize it’s not about ME (true fans!) it’s about US (TRUE FANS) and this team!


  81. This black and white about Renney vs Tortorella seems a little out of focus for me.

    I think anyone watching these first 2 games needs to give Tom Renney as much credit for these wins as Tortarella. I admit that the team stopped responding to Renney and Tortorella got them re-focused, so understand that my comment is not about a Renney vs Tortorella argument.

    What I mean is, the team was playing Renney’s system in the first 2 games. It was the same way the Rangers started the year off…and that’s what seems to win playoff hockey against highly-offensive teams. At the same time, Tortorella does a much better job of managing the games than Renney. I can’t imagine how game 1 would have gone if Renney was behind the bench and stuck to putting Staal-Girardi out as the number 1 pair even though they weren’t the best pair out there that day.

    Renney’s system didn’t disappear with the coaching change, but it was tweaked a bit. And with Torts’s better game management we are seeing something closer to the full potential of this team – from most players at least (yes, I’m talking to you Zherdev).

    We haven’t won anything yet, but we are off to a pretty good start.

  82. This is UNREAL!
    I am still pinching myself. Am I dreaming? Just going to celebrate and enjoy it today. Back to the grind tomorrow. (boy, I sound like I am playing on the team!)

    Thank You Tom Poti. Although the goal you allowed wasn’t totally your fault, I predicted yesterday morning here on the blog that you would come thru for us. Thank You and I speak for ALL Ranger fans that were glad to see you go.

    AO, Keep looking up at the sky and swearing. I like you like that.

    Torts, don’t let the boys relax. Well, I don’t have to tell YOU that, do I.

    Thank You Ricky C. for hanging in there with us during the game. It was almost as much fun as the game itself.

  83. carp – how come nothing about how amazing our defense was this game? how many shots they blocked? about how boudreau finds referee excuses for the goal the rangers got..(ovechkin interfered with? my ass)…about how tortorella is obviously the superior coach and about how lundqvist is the story of the series?

    no…just a longwinded post about how the rangers can still lose…

  84. Hank was absoutely lights out yesterday, and Cally continues to excel, but how about the play of Markus Naslund! He has really been good offensively!

  85. yes, doppler. Tom Poti is such an asset for us….

    And he can’t make it farther in the playoffs than the Rangers. That just wouldn’t be fair.

  86. Red hot or not on

    Anyone thinking that a skeptic Ranger fan is not a true fan, has not been a Ranger fan very long
    I have been watching and rooting for this team since the 60’s & have had a good share of heartbreaks.
    Yet, a 2-0 lead heading home is very sweet!
    Let’s Go Rangers!!

    & yes, I am a Drury supporter!
    If the Rangers go far he will score some big goals
    but lots of goals was not what he was brought here for.
    big goals, PK, faceoffs, denfense, intangibles
    & other than big goals he has been doing the rest most of the season

  87. sorry, I changed my name once
    back as carcards

    Anyone thinking that a skeptic Ranger fan is not a true fan, has not been a Ranger fan very long
    I have been watching and rooting for this team since the 60’s & have had a good share of heartbreaks.
    Yet, a 2-0 lead heading home is very sweet!
    Let’s Go Rangers!!

    & yes, I am a Drury supporter!
    If the Rangers go far he will score some big goals
    but lots of goals was not what he was brought here for.
    big goals, PK, faceoffs, denfense, intangibles
    & other than big goals he has been doing the rest most of the season

  88. Laurel Babcock on

    Boys, boys! You disappear so Carp doesn’t get the 1,000 posts while Linda and Sally brave on, then you come back after a great day and start sandbox fighting…where’s the love man!?

    Let’s go back to agreeing that NBC should stick with animal shows. I was out watching the game and the TV was on mute, and the coverage still made me want to punch something.

    Can’t wait to see the fan reaction at home tomorrow.

  89. It will be great to see the game back on MSG tomorrow. I dread when we make it to the third round and have to watch all the games on OLN.. oh sorry, Versus
    Well, I dread the TV coverage, not the fact that I will be watching us in the Third round…..

  90. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    clive- good post. agree with the tweaking of the defensive renny system. yes, rangers had games throughout the season under renny that were masterful when they followed through the gameplan, an example would be the anaheim game and a few others that stood out. but youre right, they just couldnt get up to play a backup, boring defensive chess match night after night. they are mostly a young team that needs to grow and score a bunch of goals and build confidence. callahan is a player that had his true potential stifled by that defensive style and were seeing who can compete now. it took awhile but doobs is scoring again too. these guys need that. but at the same time, i think all the while they were playin rennys system, a few good things came out of it. these 2 games were like a hybrid of both styles and maybe torts is using it to his advantage and not try to totally change it up on them. either way, as long as we win, im happy. but im really happy some guys are steppin up like naslund and redden and gomez. and guys like shoe and korpi too.

  91. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    doppler- if we make it to the 3rd round i dont care if cindy and buttman called the games!!!

  92. What is the Rangers longest winning streak? Right now they are at five. Is this the first time they have had a streak this long since the beginning of the season?

  93. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    briggs- no i think they got to 5 during their early run, or in december. dont think they got to 6 though

  94. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    oh sry briggs. didnt see that u had said since the beginning of the season

  95. Linda misses NY @ Playoff time on


    I have a feeling we’ll get to the 1000 tomorrow!!!! It was a beautiful afternoon yesterday, and when the game ended, I am sure a lot of the guys on here had ‘honey do ‘ lists that needed attending to. They are hardcore, we’ll get the grand tomorrow night!!

    I think the boys need either some chocolate, or some pizza and beer, they are a bit feisty with each other this morning! But in all that sandbox fighting, you can feel their passion about the team, either way.

    NBC and Versus are horrible. They need to NOT have announcers of teams in the playoffs doing the games (VERSUS). That Beninati guy is a total mess. I remember during the game last night how he clammed up while the other guy was having his mancrush on Hank! I was thinkin, you freakin sore loser!!! I also despise how they miss faceoffs because they are coming back from commercial, or showing some nutcase in the stands, or massaging themselves with love. Just concentrate on the damned game!!! Also, if you’re gonna have a guest (ie…Cam Neely) have them on between periods, not yappin away while play is in progress and we’re going 40 seconds without any game commentary….OH WAIT…IT’S ACTUALLY BETTER THAT WAY!!!

    If the Rangers can pull off another win Monday night, I can’t even begin to imagine where their confidence level is going to be! This is quite possibly their biggest game as a franchise, since winning the Cup. I’m praying for another superspectacular effort from Hank and the rest of the team, and damn I still want that Avery goal!!


  96. “Beer me! was a decent guy and was passionate about the Rangers and well-informed.” — Rmant (aka LI Joe)

    What a BS joke. That guy ridiculed and slimed everyone who dared to question Renney when it wasn’t popular, for example this time last year. He was the bully — and he did what bullies do when the going gets rough. He ran away.

  97. Rob F, I normally do my analysis the next day … and I’m about to do it now. I did, during the game and the postgame, talk about all the positives during the game, and I put up some key stats including the 29 blocked shots, and I posted the link to Tortorella’s post-game press conference in which he talked about the defense, and I put up the game and event summaries and suggested you check out the stats.

    But I knew that the next post, about the 2-0 statistics through history, would be seen as a negative by somebody. If you actually read it, you’d see that 87 percent of the time the team up 2-0 wins the series.

    I forgot who asked, but the next three games are all on MSG. Versus will show them, too, but doesn’t have exclusivity in the first round. In fact Versus’ telecasts of Games 3, 4 and 5 (if necessary) might be blacked out in the NY area.

    Finally, what is wrong with you guys who have to have your petty little fight when your team is at the pinnacle of its year?

  98. Wow so now basing your conclusions whether you think someone is a good coach based on actual performance is “moronic” – you’re a genius riguere.

  99. Great series so far, wonder who the Caps will go with in goal in Game 3 (remember the Thrashers put Lehtonen back in for Game 3 on ’07 even though Hedberg had a good game).


  100. JJP

    The point is you have chosen to have no opinion until it is safe to have an opinion. If you need to see where this team ends up this season to be convinced that the team is coached infinitely better than it was by Renney, then you have very little in the way of insight to offer here.

  101. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) April 19th, 2009 at 10:27 am

    doppler- if we make it to the 3rd round i dont care if cindy and buttman called the games!!!

    Agree! Agree 100%!

  102. Sorry but i don’t post here anymore – except the other day to say hi to Sam. Don’t even remember any Rudolph posting here. and i certainly don’t post at 7:01 am, that time is a time when i am never awake. For what it’s worth i do remember seeing a rmant post before.

    Carp – from the above you’ll see why i stopped posting here. Thanks anyway for the invite to return to the fold.

    LI Joe

  103. LI Joe, I’m a longtime follower of the blog, with very few entries. But go back to last year’s playoffs, you’ll see me there.

    And your pious bit is funny: You had no problem telling posters here that you “hated” them when you were posting twenty times an hour during the regular season. You had no problem defending posters you liked from using defamatory language against those you “hated.” So spare the sanctimony.

    You stopped posting a lot because you were proved to be wrong about an endless number of things:

    For example: Renney is a great coach. WRONG. No one could win with this roster. WRONG. Dubinsky stinks. WRONG. Drury is the man. WRONG.

    If I had a track record like that I’d stop posting too.

  104. Rudolph -not pious at all. i have an internet addiction that is a problem. so one of the ways to control it is to limit my involvement. when i 1st started on this site it had comments in the 30’s per thread which gradually went to 100 or so and then 200. now close to 1,000. i deliberately stayed away from HOF boards since there was way too much activity for me. if this was always this active i never would have started here either – for no other reason than too time consuming. i’m still battling this addiction as evidenced by my writing to you now.

    1st 2 comments i will not take ownership on – as i was not the renney supporter that beer me was. but as others will point out i was never on the fire renney bandwagon either so i guess that makes me guilty by association. i’m glad you were proven right that torts is here and doing a good job. i was not posting here when torts took over so i don’t know about the 2nd point either. as for the other 2 i’ll take ownership on re dubi and drury although not to the extreme you point to re thinking dubi stinks. i’ll even take ownership for another in that i did not want avery back.

    i had no idea that the people who disliked me were so strong in their dislike of me (other than the 3 i mentioned and you prob know who they are). i had no idea that there was a rudolph out there that also felt dislike toward me. i’ve seen it over the last couple of mos though – including liquid calling me out from time to time re avery. so i think i made the best decision to stop posting – both for me and for you and others who feel the same way you do.

    have a nice day.

  105. SECTION 345 bleeds blue on

    Hey Rick:


    (looks like this year rangers org. chooses thunderstix)

    can we get your thoughts?!

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