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They should be playing tonight!

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It’s going to be 70 degrees today, and it just happens to be my only “day off” this week (can’t you tell I’m off, as I sit here and type?).

So I have arranged a meeting today with Mr. Titleist and Mr. Callaway.

Before I go and slog through that four-hour meeting (do you feel sorry for me yet?) I wanted to point out some Stanley Cup playoff traditions that come up every year like the dogwoods in D.C.:

[1]1) The losing team calls out the officials. Check, the Capitals have done that.

2) The losing team contemplates a goalie change. Check, again, for the Caps. The Murray Brothers, Bryan and Terry, used to go through the same panic-situation every spring, and never won diddly there.

Here’s a story on Jose ThreeOrMore and the situation from today’s Washington Post [2]. (again, I don’t know, but you might have to do a quick registration to access this).

On the NYR side, Larry Brooks had an interesting take on your favorite NHL defenseman, Wade Redden. [3]

I’ve got some Washington-related tales to tell the next few days.

This one happened in Rye to current Capitals GM George McPhee, whom many of you know as an undersized, huge-hearted winger who had a specific gift for throwing hands, and beating up players seemingly twice as big.

McPhee had an apartment in Rye when he was with the Rangers and one night he heard some noise in his driveway. He went out and found a guy in his car, stealing his stereo. The thief’s first inclination was to run. But, armed with a flashlight, he took a glimpse and sized up McPhee and figured he could handle the situation and still end up with the stereo.

Big mistake. Not only was the guy arrested, but he was praying for the cops to get there and to get this little pit bull off of him.


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