They should be playing tonight!


It’s going to be 70 degrees today, and it just happens to be my only “day off” this week (can’t you tell I’m off, as I sit here and type?).

So I have arranged a meeting today with Mr. Titleist and Mr. Callaway.

Before I go and slog through that four-hour meeting (do you feel sorry for me yet?) I wanted to point out some Stanley Cup playoff traditions that come up every year like the dogwoods in D.C.:

1) The losing team calls out the officials. Check, the Capitals have done that.

2) The losing team contemplates a goalie change. Check, again, for the Caps. The Murray Brothers, Bryan and Terry, used to go through the same panic-situation every spring, and never won diddly there.

Here’s a story on Jose ThreeOrMore and the situation from today’s Washington Post. (again, I don’t know, but you might have to do a quick registration to access this).

On the NYR side, Larry Brooks had an interesting take on your favorite NHL defenseman, Wade Redden.

I’ve got some Washington-related tales to tell the next few days.

This one happened in Rye to current Capitals GM George McPhee, whom many of you know as an undersized, huge-hearted winger who had a specific gift for throwing hands, and beating up players seemingly twice as big.

McPhee had an apartment in Rye when he was with the Rangers and one night he heard some noise in his driveway. He went out and found a guy in his car, stealing his stereo. The thief’s first inclination was to run. But, armed with a flashlight, he took a glimpse and sized up McPhee and figured he could handle the situation and still end up with the stereo.

Big mistake. Not only was the guy arrested, but he was praying for the cops to get there and to get this little pit bull off of him.


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  1. 2nd….Rick enjoy the links…..just a bit jealous i get to stare at my 4 screens for another um well 8hrs—DAMN…..atleast you can watch the devils/canes or pens/flyers tonight…any further update on drury-is it going to be gametime decision?

  2. Damn it… the meager beard (although most might have called it 8 o’clock shadow) had to come off.

    “It was over before it ever really got started” said Riche’… having shaved due to work restrictions. “You know… you give a company 10 of the best years of your life and this is how they repay you… it makes you seriously question your loyalties. I hope the New York Rangers, their fans and especially the guys and gals over at Lohud understand. I feel like I’ve let them all down.”

  3. I really really hope the Caps play Varlamov tomorrow. Theodore is shaky obviously, but I like our chances better against a rookie who has played 6 games. If we beat him, then they have to turn back to Theodore, whose confidence will have been shaken even further.

  4. Anyone reminded of the Thrashers series with the goaltending carousel? That really worked out well for them…I’d love to see another 7-0 romp at the Garden with Dubi getting a hat trick in the 1st period.

  5. Pshaw, are the Caps really blaming the officiating? How about the 2 goals they scored when we should have been on a 5 minute powerplay thanks to the blatant, vicious elbow thrown by Mike Green that the refs didn’t dare call because we’d just scored 2 powerplay goals?

    Or the ridiculous call to start the game that put them on the front foot with a powerplay 1 minute in?

    Or the dive by Ovechkin (it actually made me a bit sad because I DO like him) to draw a penalty?


  6. kph

    Have you watched the game where teams would throw in their ahl goalie to give their starters a rest because they KNEW the Rangers didnt score goals? LOL

  7. Yeah MAKO, I also remember those “AHL” goalie’s were made to look like the second coming of Patrick Roy

  8. Caps are whining already – its a good sign. Got to get at them early in game 2 – in the face of their goalie and keep AO away from Hank.

    Carp – i just e-mailed you my photo.

    Beard update – stubble thickening to George Michael levels, might need to tidy round the edges after the weekend to make myself presentable in the office.

  9. Fischler's Ghost on

    I think a goaltending change is good news for the Caps, bad news for the Good Guys. I’m fearful of a Bryzgalof or Cam Ward type story where some kids comes out of nowhere to steal a series.

  10. Hockeyman Rangers on

    I bet they leave Theodore in and he will play a better game. If he doesn’t they go ahead and pull him and put the rookie in. Lets just hope that whatever they do it won’t matter we will have more goals than them at the end of the game. Yes we must contain OV but we can’t just concentrate on him either. We have to play our game.

  11. If Theodore makes 2 stops…It’s 2 goals on 21 shots…

    We should not be happy with the 4 goals we scored, as the ice was tilted…We wont win with that kind of effort in a 7 game series.

  12. I love torts mindset
    He’s not worried about OV, or tha capitals at all.
    He’s worried about our team and makign sure they had a nice day off yesterday, and a solid workout today.

    Cant worry about there game, it does nothing, onyl can worry about what we do.

    Breakout performances for Game #2:
    Drury if he plays
    Rosi or Redden scoring
    Morris or Mara scoring
    And Dubi again would be fantastic!


    Hank standing on his head as usual

  13. I worked one summer with George-Hobey Baker winner at BG. His roomie at Bowling Green was a boxer. George said if he hit the heavy bag on game day-he felt he could beat anyone.

  14. I won my fantacy hockey league championship last week so I feel good about the rangers this round.

  15. since its a slow day on the blog…
    Who thinks the Sharks will choke…again after being strong all season?

  16. Well Theodore didn’t make those 2 stops and it was 4 goals on 21 shots.

    How about if Callahan’s two post ringers went in? 6 goals on 23 shots.

  17. Who Needs Lohan on

    i also was very upset when Ovechkin’s feet went over his head to draw that penalty. He looked like Crosbitch on that play.

    DOes anyone else wonder if AO got a lil banged up in the game at some point? Either that or the Pilsbury Boy behind the bench told him he wont make it through a long playoff run if he throws the body like he was.

    Something changed in the middle of the game there.

  18. It sure is slow today. Where is everyone? I wish I was outside. I think I am going to bring my class outside for the second half of class today. They can bring their laptops with them.

  19. Lohan, I would find it hard to believe a coach telling AO to tone it down, he’s a young guy, I’d say get out there and play.
    And yes I agree, it wouldn’t be playoff time in San Jose without the Sharks choking.

  20. Nasty 1 I agree, so slow both at work and on the blog…
    Maybe an infamous Nasty 1 tale is in order

  21. Both sides are doing their fair share of “complaining” about the officiating… This from Torts

    “You’ve got the Dan Girardi penalty at the beginning of the game and was that a non-call? I believe it was,” Tortorella said. “I just don’t get it sometimes. I’m not going to play referee. But I’ve got Dan Girardi’s call at the beginning of the game and I’ve got a non-call there.”

    I will say this though, The Caps have been doing their fair share of divinng. OV, Green, etc. They know the league wants them to win and they are going to take advantage of it. OV’s dive over Girardi was about as lame as it gets.

  22. Last week my buddy came running in to my room and told me that he had the FUNNIEST story to tell me. So, he goes in to say that this kid that is in both of our classes came up to do a math problem on the board, and was having a hard time figuring it out. This kid is a real pain in the ass. Midway through trying to figure out the problem the kid sneezes and kind of lets one go at the same time. After it happens, a few students snicker, and my buddy had to compose himself as to not come out laughing too. But the kid looks kind of uneasy, and shuffles over to his desk in a penguin walk kind of a way. He then asks to go to the bathroom. The kid doesn’t come back for at least 20 minutes, but when he does he is wearing different color pants. Nobody notices but my buddy, but you know what happened. HA. Poor kid.

  23. I know this was discussed a few weeks back… but the way they (the Caps) celebrate every goal like they just won the Cup is seriously annoying.

  24. We’re mixing some new “I am a Ranger spots” here at work today, should debut during the next MSG game… days like today I actually love my job

  25. Riche, funny you say that but I started to notice the same thing. It seems so different seeing Dubinski’s celebration vs. the AO’s celebrations

  26. hey Rick,
    enjoy the nice weather. too bad it wasn’t like that when i was in that area earlier in the week
    and then work/travel took me outta there the day of the game.

    nice story about Caps GM McPhee but i’m very surprised that the “little pitbull” didn’t do what’s right and get his team a real goalie by the trade deadline.
    good for us. shocking for them.

  27. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    jpg, good point but that isn’t the whole story.

    They had Huet last year, who was phenominal in the post-season. The guy literally stood on his head for some of the saves he made. But then off-season, they decided to “go a new direction” and picked up Theodore! Yikes! I never understood why and it came back to bite them game 1. Let’s hope its not only game 1 that that move bites back.

    * nice story about Caps GM McPhee but i’m very surprised that the “little pitbull” didn’t do what’s right and get his team a real goalie by the trade deadline.
    good for us. shocking for them.

  28. Go Blues tonight !!

    Rangers too.

    And i called the similarity between the Trashers series and this one before any of you !!!!

    I just hope it ends the same, in our favor, total domination !

    I love that series against the Devils, but that one against the Trashers was awesome. That was a fun team, with Nylander, Cullen, Ortmeyer, and Danny G, and Cally coming out of nowhere. And of course, Jags, and Shanny. Good stuff.

  29. They got ride of Huet because he wanted too much money and too much term. They want to hand the reigns to Varlamov because he was a 1st round pick and dont want to be stuck with Huet making all that money and being a backup goalie. I think it was just a matter of bad timing on there part and then wound up with Theodore being the only stopgap quality goalie.

  30. Nasty

    Your the best for curing the mid-day Friday bored at work no Rangerland news blues

    That story is too funny.

  31. Is it me or are starting these games at 1PM just bush league?

    Granted I shouldn’t be complaining since I live 2 blocks from the Verizon Center and could technically get up at 1230 and still make it on time ….

    But who the heck want to wake up with a hangover and immediately go watch a game?

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