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My interview with WFAN overnight host Marc Malusis, a Rangers fan, will be played in the 2 a.m. hour for those nightowls among you.


It did my heart good to see Sam Weinman here today. I wonder if we could get him back.

Anyway, I was out damaging the environment for four hours. Played a lot like Ovechkin — took a lot of shots, from everywhere.

I wanted to tell you guys that I will be talking Rangers-Capitals on WFAN‘s overnight show with host (and Rangers fan) Marc Malusis tonight. Don’t know what time it will actually air. If I get a time I’ll update.

I know you all know about Matt Gilroy already. Here’s the official release from the NYR. Sorry for the delay.


           New York, April 17, 2009 – New York Rangers President and General Manager Glen Sather announced today that the club has agreed to terms with 2009 Hobey Baker Memorial Award winner Matt Gilroy.
           Gilroy, 24, captured the Hobey Baker Award, given to the top player in collegiate hockey, and was named as a First Team All-American on April 10.  He became the second player in Boston University history to win the Hobey Baker Award, as Rangers’ Captain Chris Drury won the award in 1998.  He is also the first defenseman in Hockey East history to be honored as a First Team All-Star three times.
          Captain of the Hockey East regular season and playoff champion Boston University Terriers, Gilroy registered eight goals and 29 assists for 37 points in 45 games this season.  He led the Terriers to their fifth NCAA championship, assisting on the game-tying goal with 17 seconds remaining in regulation in the championship game on April 11, after entering the tournament as the #1 seeded team.  The senior defenseman established career-highs in games played (45), assists (29) and points (37).  In addition, the North Bellmore, New York native led all Hockey East defensemen in scoring and ranked third among all defensemen in the nation.
            The 6-2, 205-pounder skated in 160 career Hockey East games with the Boston University Terriers, recording 25 goals and 67 assists for 92 points, along with 46 penalty minutes.  He led all BU defensemen and tied for second on the team overall with a plus-21 rating as a walk-on freshman during the 2005-06 season.  Gilroy established a career-high with nine goals in 2006-07 en route to capturing Second Team All-American honors.  In 2007-08, he was named to his second consecutive All-America team (First Team), and was also honored as a Hockey East First Team All-Star for the second straight year.  Gilroy finished his collegiate career appearing in 146 consecutive games.


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  1. Let’s go Flyers! Knock that Cindy figure skater outta there. On Versus (uggh) now

  2. No room for Gilroy with Rosival and Redden locked up for 4 and 5 more years respectfully.

  3. Just think,
    If we can knock out AO and the Flyers knock out Cindy, what would Bet(your)man do then?

  4. Sure there is room for Gilroy. remember the days of carrying 7 D? Torts hardly plays the 4th line anyway. Would be no problem because Orr plays less than 5 min. so you cycle 7 D. Hate to see Mara go.

  5. I want the Pens to win. then lose to Devils

    Rangers beat Wash and Boston, then meet Debbies for east title…
    let’s face it, that would be the Rangers best chance

  6. nah root for montreal/devils/flyers/// we play flyers round 2, devils round 3.. best scenario.. first things first though lets win game 2

    We are not carrying 7 d in a game, whoever wrote that is shot

  7. dopplerbob —

    I like Mara a lot. Just has not been the same Mara in the 2nd half, though. Very underwhelmed with his play the 2nd half and I wouldn’t mind saving the money he’ll command this offseason.

  8. Rob-
    I would rather carry the extra D, especially if it is Gilroy, than Orr who see’s very little time. No question.

  9. Jonathan. April 17th, 2009 at 7:40 pm

    I like Mara a lot. Just has not been the same Mara in the 2nd half, though. Very underwhelmed with his play the 2nd half and I wouldn’t mind saving the money he’ll command this offseason.

    I think Mara is a little winded, but his beard is well worth another couple of years in the locker room

  10. you might rather carry extra D but it will not happen mark my words.. every team has a fighter in their lineup every night the rangers are not going to be any different

    when teams do dress 7 dman one of them usually plays wing on a 4th line or something.. dont see any of ours playing that role… not sayin its smart or stupid just saying highly doubt it happening.. staal girardi rozi redden gilroy sanguinetti/morris.. doubt mara will be back and if its between him and morris i take morris definitely.. not to mention wont have to look at the ugliest beard in sports, right u there with youkilis

  11. Debbies score on a questionable power play where Shanny was “high sticked” on a follow through. I thought the rule was if it is a follow through unintentional high stick it is allowed. Well, our great playoff officiating crew blew another one.

  12. Rob M – Please provide us with the name of the fighter that the Det Red Wings employ right now? Also, who was the fighter from last year from the Wings who now has his name on the Stanley Cup ?


  13. I can already see the headlines when this Gilroy kid is shipped somewhere else. “Gilroy Was Here.”

    [Styx fans should get it.]

  14. doppler, you are correct….if you wind up for a shot and on the follow through your stick takes the teeth out of your opponent, it is not a penalty.

    I didnt see the play in the Debbies game though, so I cannot comment.

  15. Jbytes, I do get the Gilroy was here Styx reference….but no way I admit to the public that I rock out to Mr. Roboto and Suite Madam Blue. Some things you should keep on the DL…

    : )

  16. its so there hav been way too many penalties called.. calgary chicago had like 5 penalties total all game, thats a little more like it

    The call on girardi 18 seconds in to open up the playoffs might have been the worst yet.


  17. When was the last momentous fight by Orr. Did he have that much of an effect this year?

  18. I hope every series goes 7 games. i hate the long gaps of a week off between the end of one series and the start of another. and days without games

  19. Hey Mouth,

    Big fan of your Ranger crisis report. Maybe you bring a Flip Mino HD or Creative Vado HD to the Garden on Monday night and do the show leading up the game, during the game, between periods, and at the end of the game.

    Throw in some interviews with some of the nuts up there in the blue seats as well…..That would rule!

  20. Dopplerbob
    Orr knocked Rupp out in last Renney-Devil game…Devs scored 2 goals in next 5 minutes


  21. Exactly Kasper. I would much rather have the extra D-man to back up Redden-Rozy when they are having an off night (hardly ever, I know)

  22. How much did Sather pay for Gilroy? He certainly wouldn’t over pay for an unproven college player would he? Didn’t Jason Krog win the Hobey Baker? That’s ok, there is plenty of cap room. Woo hoo.

  23. Anyone mention that Dane Byers returned to action in GM1 of AHL playoffs?

    If you did ; sorry I’m repeating here but he scored a goal in his first game back

    Does he, if recovered, make someone expendable next year?

  24. Kasper-
    he looked great last night. I watched
    Byers in the warm ups and got the feeling right off the bat that he was 100%
    Lots of talent down there. There will be some tough decisions to make. Lets just win the cup now so it will make everything else second nature

  25. Phylers lead the Pingwins 2-1 in the third
    Debbies and Candy Canes tied at 1 in the second

  26. Speed Ranger on

    Gilroy did score the OT goal for the NCAA championship last week…. as a WALK-ON – think Girardi – ?!

  27. With 4 plus minutes in Pitt- Flyer game I said “About time for a Penguin powerplay” just sorry I wasn’t on the blog at the time. Phantom call – Penguin goal- all is well in the CHL- Missed my chance to be a prophet? No sweat…if OT goes more than seven minutes up will go the arm and down will go the Flyers… make book on it.

  28. The call on Jeff Carter was horrid.

    My problem is this, I hate both the Flyers and Pens.

    At this point in my life, I dont know who I despise more.

  29. No Country For Old Rangers on

    Bettman must have a remote control for the puck

    Rick- Any idea what time you’ll be on? would love to hear it and maybe call in.

  30. No Country For Old Rangers on

    I’m definitely rooting for Philly. They would be easier to beat plus I hate Crysob and Malkin above all. No question.

  31. im sorry all i saw was matt gilroy and i started jumping up and down…
    they really signed him?
    this isnt an april fools joke?

  32. I had the pleasure of seeing this kid play live when BU came to Vermont twice this past year. This kid is the real deal.

    Kid is an excellent puck moving defensemen.

  33. gilroy is a beast!
    he plays both positions very well

    i have never been this excited for a player to come here fresh outta college.

    he is the real deal
    great signing by glen

  34. Article from recent BU Sports editorial

    Though not yet 25, Matt Gilroy has known tremendous loss. When he was nine years old, his brother Timmy died from injuries sustained in a bicycle accident. Another brother, Brian, died only six days after birth. And his favorite uncle died when Gilroy was a teenager.

    Before each play, the two-time All-American defenseman and mens ice hockey cocaptain taps his chest three times: once for Timmy, once for Brian, and once for Uncle Mike. I want them to know theyre always on my mind, says Gilroy (MET09), and that theyve helped me come as far as I have.

    Gilroy has come a very long way since playing in suburban New York youth hockey leagues. Hes hoping to lead the BU ice hockey team to its first national championship since 1995, and hes a finalist for the Hobey Baker Award, given annually to the best college player in the country. More people know about the Heisman Trophy in football, but the Hobey is just as prestigious, and this year BU boasts two of the three finalists — the other is Colin Wilson (CAS11).

    One of eight surviving children, Gilroy describes his family as very large and very sports-oriented. I think Ive had a ball or a puck or a lacrosse stick in my hand since birth. Sports-oriented, but not judgmental: although his father is a member of the St. Johns basketball hall of fame and his oldest brother played hoops for St. Anselm College, no one pushed Matt onto the court when it became clear he preferred the rink.

    After high school, he played for two years in a junior league to prepare for collegiate hockey. I wanted to play at a school that had a rich hockey tradition, he says. And everyone knows the legacy of BU.

    Gilroy was the last player to be selected for the 20052006 BU hockey team, the only one who didnt come in on a hockey scholarship. The acceptance came with a stipulation from Coach Jack Parker: Gilroy had to switch from forward to defenseman. The condition would have discouraged most players — Parker has said that in some ways, that was his intent — but Gilroy accepted the challenge. Its actually one of the best things that could have happened to me, he recalls, because it developed me into a two-way player.

    During his freshman and sophomore years, Gilroy grew seven inches and gained more than 50 pounds. And his game improved — so much that less than two years after his tenuous beginning at BU, the pros came calling. Nearly every team in the National Hockey League was courting the player who had barely made the college team.

    Gilroy never considered deserting his teammates. I wasnt ready to leave, he says. You only get four years of college hockey, and then its over. I didnt want to give that up.

    Parker is grateful that his captain chose to stick it out. In spite of the coachs initial skepticism, he says Gilroy has developed into one of the strongest players hes seen in 36 seasons. Matts got an enormous amount of skill, he says. He has great skating ability, great vision, great puck-handling ability. And hes going to be a very skilled hockey player at the next level, I think. But most of all, hes just a great kid, a great guy.

    BU has let me develop as a player and as a human being, Gilroy says. If you look back at all the men who have come through this program, you see that theyre not only good players, theyre good people.

    Come Thursday, Gilroy and the rest of the hockey team will face the University of Vermont Catamounts in the NCAA Frozen Four semifinals. The pressure is on, but thats not on Gilroys mind. I dont have to psych myself up for this, he says. Ive been waiting to do this for four years. This is what college hockey is all about.

    Regardless of what happens this week, and unlike many other pro-bound collegiate athletes, graduation will come for Gilroy. Then he plans to sit down with his big family and decide whats next. Theres little doubt that the NHL awaits.

    I really want to play in a great hockey city — a Canadian city, an American city, it doesnt matter, he says. I just want to play in a city where hockey matters.

  35. Still Gotta Fire Sather on

    “im sorry all i saw was matt gilroy and i started jumping up and down…
    they really signed him?
    this isnt an april fools joke?”

    nah the April Fools Joke is already on us- despite the fact that we have Staal, Girardi, plus the depth of promising D-Men in our system (that now also includes Gilroy), Sather still felt compelled to give that toxic contract to Redden, in addition to overpaying Rozsival, crippling our cap situation for years to come…

    love this signing though…if we waive Redden and ask Captain Invisible to waive his no-movement clause this summer and get rid of his contract too, we actually have a pretty bright future

  36. Liquid,
    Interesting how solid our defense is, yet we are stuck with these big time contracts for Rozy & Redden. I just want to see perhaps in the near future Staal Girardi, Sanguinetti Gilroy, Mara Morris as the defense

  37. Im glad they signed Gilroy … but what does this say about the “faith” the Rangers have in Sangs, DZ, Sauer, Kundarek, etc ??

    I guess its better to go and out-bid the other teams for a top-notch college player, instead of letting other teams claim him regardless of how many D-men we already have on the farm??

  38. Domi, I think that MDZ is considered a better prospect than Bobby Sangs…..

    The New York Rangers now have, count em, a total of 5 defensemen signed for 2009-2010.

    1) Staal
    2) Girardi
    3) Rozy
    4) Redden
    5) Gilroy

    That leaves Mara & Morris, who are both UFA at the end of this season. With that being said, I think the Rangers would keep Mara @ $2MM over Morris who may command 3.5+ . Also, Sather should give Mara the benefit of the doubt since he is a great team guy this year, and also since he was the ONLY player to take a home town discount to stay with the club.

    Ideally, the Rangers would like to move Rozy in the off-season via a trade, even if it returns marginal player or pick back to us.

    As far as Redden, he will be back next year, he is untradeable and Rangers fans do not have to run out and get a #6 jersey, but just accept the fact that Redden will be a blueshirt for atleast one more year. Most likely 2-3 more.

  39. Also, this almost guarantees that the Rangers will draft a Center in the first round this year. The other priorities is a sniper and a power forward.

    The future looks bright. We do have some depth. Now, lets see Redden & Rosy & Nazzy & Drury & Gomez take us to the promised land !!

    With Henrik in net….ya never knowwwwww

  40. Too bad about the death of Cherepanov earlier this year, he would of been a great fit with this team.

  41. The future looks bright. We do have some depth. Now, lets see Redden & Rosy & Nazzy & Drury & Gomez take us to the promised land !!

    Tomorrow’s game will be a battle, I just hope we can keep the game tight and avoid making those dumb@ss penalties outside the zone such as Naslund with the slashing on Ove.

  42. Still Gotta Fire Sather

    im totally with you on sather and how he has hadcuffed this team w/ the cap
    and yeah the future is lookin up for the moment.
    im still in shock i thought for sure he was goin to TO

  43. I think Sather is going to have a very interesting offseason. Definitely would not be surprised to see a big move or two.

  44. dopplerbob

    RE: Orr….
    YOu say “when was the last time he fought?” That’s precisely the point. He is the one “deterrant” on this team. Where do you supppose this team full of patsies would be without him looming in the background against the likes of Cote,Lucic, Brashear,Neal, and the other goons around, who have come to realize that a fight with Orr is usually going to be quite a painful experience. And Orr is not a wise alec and nasty. He and Asham are both from the old school that handles themselves with honor, but will drop against anyone. So when Carcillo winds up his routines with kids like Dubinsky and no Orr on the bench…????? Think about it. Who’s gonna stand up for them? Redden? Roszival?

    Avery? Drury? ZHERDEV?

  45. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Rules !! says Greg L. on

    its not late here , not even midnight yet …that mouth guy quite the character …nice to see the videos he has on there. Good going mouth.

    Rick , ill have to check it out , ya got a link?

  46. mara and morris are gone no way wither comes back.. they can replace them for a lot less money…

  47. Fran,

    I am with you…u take Orr out of this lineup and we are doomed.

    People who know nothing about hockey will say..take Orr out..he only averages 3 minutes a game…

    Orr is one of the best in the business at what he does…why would u want to give that up..

    I question the IQ of the majority of Ranger fans.

  48. Pavel,

    You want to take out Orr out for 40 games…I do not oppose…but you better have a Strudwick/Erskine type on defense.

    I know everyone says we are tough, Carp included..but u don’t want the likes of Cally and Dubi fighting.

    I love Avery to death but he wants no part of Carcillo, Asham, Clarkson and guys like that…you can see he prefers to fight guys like Kennedy, Lopul…guys like that.

    The Bruins, Hawks, Devils, Flyers, Flames etc. all have 5-6 player who can fight and fight well…in this game you need that at the least.

    Orr is a top 5 heavyweight and he should be in there…just think of Federok treating Jagr like a rag doll…Orr put him to sleep the next time and no one has been run since.

    It is a plain as that and anyone who doesn’t see that should watch women’s field hockey.

  49. ugh curses… I am going to miss this game as well… going to visit my Grandma and Great Aunt in brooklyn. My Grandma is temporarily in Ditmas Rehab… but good news is we might see if my Grandma can come over to Nathans for some good old fashioned Brooklyn junk food!

    so I won’t be here for the game or be able to watch it.. again…. well that worked well last time… hopefully it goes well again today!

    Anyone see the Pens game? Did the Flyers at least deserve the 5 on 3 that the Pens won on (They are a thuggish team so who knows…)

  50. Doodie Machetto on

    That Gilroy signing is a big cap mistake. Not just because of how little cap space that will leave us for the other signings (particularly resigning RFAs), but because of what that does to our salary scale.

    He just gave a 24 year old player who has never played an NHL game and is undrafted 1.75 million a season. Sure, he won the Hobey Baker, but he’s 24! He is more physically developed than the average collegiate player because he is 3 years older than the average senior!!!

    How much do you think Staal is worth compared to that?! Hell, even Girardi! What about Callahan?

    WTF is our salary scale when Gilroy is 1.75 and Rozsival is 5!? By those comparisons, Staal should be earning a max contract when he gets resigned.

    And I watched that NCAA title game. Gilroy was a turnover machine. I have to assume he was better all season to win the Hobey Baker, but he was rotten in that game.

    Awful Glen, awful. Terrible panic move. Also further evidence that Sanguinetti is a total bust. In order, proof from this year that Sanguinetti is a bust: Drafted MDZ, Wade Redden’s ridiculous contract, Sanguinetti not making the team out of camp, being passed over for call ups by not one, but TWO defensemen, and now this ridiculous Gilroy contract.

    Bob Sanguinetti=The New Hugh

  51. “That Gilroy signing is a big cap mistake. Not just because of how little cap space that will leave us for the other signings (particularly resigning RFAs), but because of what that does to our salary scale.”

    Does he necessarily count against the cap, Doodie? What if he just plays in the AHL or something?

    Plus maybe this is a sign they are thinking about waiving Redden or trading one of the overpaid forwards at some point?

  52. I 100% disagree Jack. Yes, Colton is a top 5 fighter when he throws down……but, I dont think he is an enforcer by any stretch of the imagination.

    Most of Colton Orr’s fights are staged right off the face off. Rarely, does he take exception to the Rangers getting run. Only a few times I can remember, when he hit Ovechkin in the face and when he fought Fedoruk and put him down.

    I like Colton Orr but I think there are better options out there to play on the 4th line, especially in the playoffs.

  53. i believe the presence of orr being on the ice makes people think twice about going after somebody on the rangers, yea sure for forty or so games there werent any fights but if he wasnt in the lineup for those games their woulda been players taking runs at everyone on the team and their sisters

  54. by the way does anyone know a site that the game will be streaming on? im stuck at work till 3 and i dont want to miss a minute of the game

  55. Furthermore, how many times do we see teams run at or take some extra jabs at Henrik with zero repercussions.

    Heck, even when Chris Simon tomahawked Ryan Hollweg, Orr was on the ice. He shoulda ripped Simon’s head off and tossed it onto Hempstead Turnpike….

    Nothing was done.

    Orr does that “circle the wagon” skate routine when there is trouble , with that pedo-type grin on his face. Its almost like he is too much of gent to play the enforcer role, he is more suited for Extreme fighting maybe.

    But I still think he is top 5 fighter when he drops the gloves.

  56. dude you expect too much of orr, he gets average like 6minutes ice time per game so when he does get on the ice hes probably focused on playing considering he isnt on the ice when things go down these days and torts expects more offense from everyone including the fourth line but i bet anything that if ovie takes a jab or talks a little shit to henrik while orrs out there you better believe he’ll break his jaw so bad ovie will have to re-learn how to speak russian

  57. I think we need to see what the off-season brings us before we panick over using cap money on Gilroy. I am not a fan of Sather, but I think he may have some off-season plans to shred some salary.


  58. and does anyone know a site that will be streaming the game?? stuck at work till 3 and i dont wanna miss the game

  59. The Rangers just HAVE to win today. For me. I am bummed out right now. Tried to get Eddie Vedder solo tickets this morning for his shows in PA and it sold out in like half a second. I saw him solo at NJPAC last summer and it was an amazing show!

    We need to score early and score often and have our act together today. They are going to come at us hard. I think if we can stay out of the box and hang in there for the first ten minutes of the game, that will we have a chance.

    A nice win today will make whatever any of us do later tonight only that much better.

    Quick funny story. I was out in New Brunswick last night to see my buddy’s band play, and I had on my Little Lebowski Urban Achiever t-shirt and my rangers old school looking track jacket on. It was a little later in the night when we were walking to a different bar and I see a sad faced Debbies fan in a Farty jersey rounding the corner. He was all down and I had this GIANT sh*t eating smirk on my face. He knew EXACTLY why, because the debbies had just lost in OT. Ha. I heard him say to his friend, “F that guy.” My group of friend and I started to laugh loudly, and he looked like he just wanted to cry. Then, I am not joking, this guy sitting on the steps of this mexican take out place shouted, LET’S GO RANGERS!!!!!! So we went over to talk to him, and he was a HUGE ranger fan. Told me that when the Pens eliminated us last year it was on his actual birthday, and that it was the worst birthday of his life. Anyway, he liked my jacket and then booked my friend to play at a nice bar/restaurant that he has in New Brunswick, right near the Stress Factory Comedy Club. Gotta love Rangers fans. My friend was so happy, that he paid for my drinks and food for the rest of the night.

    LET’S GO RANGERS!!!!!!!!!

  60. Sather plans on shedding some cap by packaging one of the bloated contracts with a prospect. This was an asset grab… I’m not saying he won’t be wearing a Rangers jersey but one of the many D-prospects has to go at some point.

  61. Nasty1,

    I hear you about the Vedder tix… I’m traveling a lot this summer and I always seem to be on the other side of the damn country from wherever he is. Sux. That Into the Wild album is great… I’d love to hear some of that live.

    Oh well. If the Rangers win today it’ll all be fine!!!

  62. Dr. Ogrodnick on

    We signed a highly coveted asset without using a draft pick or trading another asset to get him. He is making around what a 1st round pick would make. On top of which we can stash him in Hartford if need be. Gilroy is a huge organizational win. There is no reason not to like this move.

    I live in Boston and go to a ton of BU games, Gilroy will be a solid NHLer.

  63. Just look at who tried to sign him and listen to his coach.

    Doodie, there is a team in Hempstead that could use you as a fan…

    Staal, Cally, Dubi and Giradi will all get paid.

    This kid is the real deal and has played in every high level situation.

    Give me 4th line alternatives.

    We have great youth and he just adds to it…the veterans suck on this team…that is the problem..not the signing of talented players.

  64. Liquid…when the guy is on the ice for 3 minutes a game how can he patrol…if u have a problem with him not defending…then your problem is with Torts…

    Renney played Orr 10-12 minutes a game..how about the game vs. Tampa and the big russian kid crushed Staal into the boards…wasn’t it Orr who jumped him…

    Orr is a beast and loves fighting and would do it all the time if given the freedom.

  65. i think you gotta pay for nhl.com to see it live, i tried it for game 1 and im pretty sure it was asking for moneys

  66. ThisYearsModel on

    Colton orr is a waste of a roster spot in the playoffs. There is no nore need for a goon. That spot should be filled by someone who has one ounce of ability.

  67. i fully disagree with you ThisYearsModel

    lets say hypothetically we make it to the cup and play…lets say anaheim

    anaheim would embarass us, probably even injure a few of our players if we didnt have orr

  68. thats just one example of why we need orr, we may be somewhat physical enough for most eastern conference teams but against the west orr is much more needed

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