Updated: Another reason to despise network coverage


Thanks NBC for taking the great start to what promises to be a wild series, and throwing a bucket of ice water on it. Thanks for giving us an NBA-like hiatus between Games 1 and 2. And then giving us the dreaded afternoon game.

Oh, well. Better than Versus.

So Game 1 is in the books, and it was not only great to watch, but it was remarkable to watch it with you guys.

Some thoughts:

1) Alex Ovechkin. I know, we made a lot of noise about him pre-series, and everybody did. The guy, despite losing Game 1, despite his modest contribution on the scoresheet, was a monster. I think the Rangers will have to be a lot better against him the rest of this series, or he will cause nightmares. They have to cut down on his space, and the space between him and the defender, or he will eventually score a whole bunch of goals or wear out the Rangers’ MVP in goal. He had 13 shots on goal, plus 15 other shot attempts. That’s not imaginable — 28 shots. (Is it just me, or does Ovechkin remind you of the guy from the original “The Longest Yard?” … the guy who says, “I broke his &$@#& neck!”).

2) I think it was a mistake for the Rangers to not have a callup around. I understand that with Brandon Dubinsky moving up to Chris Drury’s spot as second-line center, whatever player took Drury’s roster spot was going to be limited to a few shifts (Aaron Voros). Why not have an extra body, maybe an offensive guy, available in case one of the top two-line players got nicked up during the game?

3) The Rangers badly missed Drury on faceoffs (the Rangers lost 46 of 66!). But if Drury had been in the lineup, he would have been on the ice in all those situations in which Dubinsky was so good.

4) Ryan Callahan. Player of the Game. I don’t care what any of the three-stars selections said, or even how good Hank was. Callahan was unbelievable. Two posts, seven official hits (I think there were more) and two blocked shots in the last 30 seconds that may have preserved the win with Ovechkin lurking.

5) The Rangers scored two PPGs, which is incredible in itself. I don’t know if it’s a great sign that their PP figured out something, or that Jose Three-or-more is that bad. On the flip side, only two even-strength goals against Three-or-more isn’t good. I did notice that on some of the PPs, the pointmen switched sides so they were on their off-side, which allows for one-timers. Jim Schoenfeld had them practicing that Monday. I don’t know why they don’t do that all the time.

6) The referees can’t make that weak, ticky-tack call in the first minute or any minute during a playoff series. This is the Stanley Cup playoffs, for crying out loud. Let them get away with some of the rough stuff. If it costs a scoring chance, call it. Otherwise, get out of the way.

I’m at the New Yankee Stadium and will be here all day. Don’t know if I’ll chime in later or not. I’ll try to get a Drury update, but I can predict what it will be: Day to day with an undisclosed injury.

Here are the official game summary and event summary for Game 1.

Meanwhile, Laurel, one of our loyal bloggers — and a colleague — suggested that the pet-lovers among us check out this blog site.


Jane here with two things. First, we are going to see if we can make a podcast of the video chats available for people to download and listen to on their own and 2) you can follow the Rangers Report on Facebook through NetworkedBlogs.


Jane again. Andrew Gross at Ranger Rants is reporting that Chris Drury skated this morning and should be ready to play Game 2. He speculated it was a lower body injury, although this has become a game of cat and mouse.

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  1. First.

    I love that the Rangers’ win has been the front page story on ESPN.com for hours now… it’s great to see some press coverage finally!

  2. 1000 posts last night I bet y’all had a ball… we ended at Molly Wee’s… and that probably will be where we watch the home games next week. Its awesome for those of us in the NY area that don’t have tickets it would be a cool place to watch together!!!

  3. AO is a cherry picking stat wh0… actually their whole team is! They send 2 in on the forecheck while the other 3 wait at the blue line.

    28 shots is ridiculous. The guy is great, but is SUCH a puck hog! His presence is intimidation alone… Staal needs to lay him out like Avery laid out Mr. 3rd left winger and crap d-man Mike Green.

  4. Doodie Machetto on

    Three things I wanted to point out. The Gomez goal was the luckiest goal we’ll get all series because there were not one but TWO interference penalties on the play that could’ve EASILY been called. Since one was Avery, we should consider ourselves especially lucky not to have had it called.

    The Kozlov goal. Everyone says it was Staal who didn’t pick up his man, which is partly right, but it actually was a terrible job by Scott Gomez. Staal was in front of the goal and Kozlov was allowed to skate in from the neutral zone unmarked. He comes in with a full head of steam to a backpedalling Staal, what is Staal supposed to do? Meanwhile, he breezed right past Avery at the blue line who was in the center marking Ovechkin. But that wasn’t Avery’s fault, since Gomez was just gliding along on the right wing boards. Gomez should’ve been in the middle skating with Ovechkin, and if he were, Avery would have been able to pick up Kozlov, who was able to skate in unmolested and unimpeded in anyway. Gomez HAS to track back through center in that situation and HUSTLE. Your forwards can’t just let skaters come in from the point unimpeded and unmarked. Even if Staal picked him up earlier, there was little he would’ve been able to do at that point other than take a penalty, which while better than the goal Kozlov scored, wouldn’t be the ideal solution.

    Marcus Naslund. He got a goal and the assist on the Dubinksy goal (which was all Dubinsky). But STUPID penalties. I know for a fact that 2 were in the offensive zone, but can’t remember if the third one was. Either way, if Aaron Voros wasn’t our only other option since Drury is out, I would say to bury Naslund on the 4th line as a PP specialist so he wouldn’t have to take bad stick penalties at even strength to cover for how old he is. Although, he did take one of those penalties while on the PP, so, I don’t know what to do with him.

  5. REPOST:

    April 16th, 2009 at 10:19 am
    And a beautiful good morning to all out there in Rangerland!!!!!

    It was a great ride on the train with people sharing their love for our boys in blue. Winks & smiles & head nods a plenty while I rode to mid-town.

    First off LQ was fantastic last night – Best he has been in a LONG time VERY SHARP!!!! Even though they scored 3 – he was fantastic.

    RE: JT. I really hope Torts just tells them to throw the puck at him. He was exposed last year and needs to be exposed THIS playoffs.

    OH CALLY CALLY CALLY. Can this kid get any better!!! WOW He is going to have a letter on his Jersey very soon. Dubi – where have those moves been!!!! Oh one of the most perfect start to finish plays I have seen our boys make this season. Simply fantastic!!!!

    Oh and AO is a MONSTER!!!!!

    Im done =D

  6. anyone watch the canucks/blues game last night? talk about RETARDED officiating that KILLED the flow of the game…ridiculous how the refs are already calling the shots in the series.

  7. Hey Rick,

    Have you spoken to Sam at all during the past few weeks? It would be nice if he could chime in and post an update on what he thinks about the team and the series against the caps.

  8. Indeed, Carp, the Molly Wee is a a block down 8th Ave from the Garden…I’m gonna say on the Northeast corner of 30th and 8th? Is that correct?

  9. Jane's Addiction on

    how do they not call a penalty on avery getting cross checked in the back by federov at the end of the game?!

  10. Carp

    You’re getting ridiculous. Yesterday you solemnly predict that the Rangers will have trouble scoring two goals a game in this series …… and today you chime in with the gem that only two even strength goals against Theodore in the opener is “not good.” Oy vey.

  11. Doodie Machetto on

    Jane: because they could’ve also called a penalty on Avery for swiping at Theodore’s glove after the whistle.

    Instead of making it 4 on 4, they let everyone play. I was OK with it.

  12. Doodie

    Girardi was far more at fault on the Kozlov goal than either Gomez or Staal. He caved in at the blueline on an even man rush — awful — and then neither played the man nor denied the pass. Horrible. And I wish those were the only mistakes he made all night. They weren’t. He was bad pretty much throughout.

  13. Doodie Machetto on

    Riguere, I think Carp, like myself, really underestimated how bad Theodore is.

    Wow. He is just… Awful.

    And to think, they could’ve kept Huet for an extra million.

    Don’t be surprised if we see Varlamov in the very near future.

  14. I think the non-call on Avery was probably because Avery smacked JT’s glove. Not saying that makes it right, but after what Avery pulled with Marty last year and Tim Thomas in Boston I think he’s essentially going to be fair game with goalies.

    I really hate the slash that breaks the stick call. It’s an automatic penalty and something that would never get called if the composite sticks weren’t so brittle in certain spots. Still, Naslund has to cut down on the lazy penalties. How he got an ‘A’ I’ll figure that out. Renney’s favoring of vets? Even Gretzky wasn’t just handed a letter when he came to the Rangers.

  15. Hey AO has a phenomenal shot – you have to shoot to score goals ;)

    And Rick – yes they need to get tighter on him. I wouldnt say double man bc he is a great passer as well and there are other dangerous players who he plays with.

  16. Doodie, I actually think Naslund is coming alive for the playoffs. 3 minors but he looked like he showed up to play. He might be a dark horse himself this post season.

  17. My wife surprised me yeasterday with an early B-day present:
    Two tix to Game 4 at the Garden, section 90!!

    To say Im happy, especially after the win last night would be an understatement.

    And I love how even the team knows everyone (excpet the fans)are calling them underdogs and everyone is counting them out of this series (INCLUDING OUR BELOVED BLOGGERS CARP AND JANE!)

    And Carp:

    C’mon, be a little positive; that was a solid win, on the road, in the first game of the playoffs, against a team that has a pretty stellar home record.

    Dont nit pick. A win is a win is a win.

    And if jose three or more is so bad, thats the Caps fault not ours, F them.

    We steal this series in 5 baby!!


  18. pfft

    Im reading on NHL.com that ELBOW from Green on Sjo was to his “shoulder” LOL Yeah that’s why he was on the ice for so long and shaking the cobwebs out of his head on the way to the bench. jackasses

  19. Doodie Machetto on

    “Im reading on NHL.com that ELBOW from Green on Sjo was to his “shoulder” LOL Yeah that’s why he was on the ice for so long and shaking the cobwebs out of his head on the way to the bench. jackasses”

    Well, a shoulder could do that to a guy if the guy has his head down. I’m not saying it wasn’t an elbow, it was. But shoulders to the head can be just as bad.

  20. Doodie Machetto on

    Carp, something I heard on the broadcast last night was that the Garden of Dreams Foundation was doing a beard growing thing. Maybe we can link our beards to their beards so that not only will our contest be for the trim/pack of razors, but also for charity?

    What’s your e-mail, I want to send you my “before” photo.

    I think the charity thing is enough for me to be allowed to grow my playoff beard.

  21. Doodie, the Caps were bitching about the Avery play at the blue line calling it a slew foot. I’m glad there wasn’t a penalty called because he was hugging the blue line trying to stay on sides. I couldn’t believe the call on Girardi to start A PLAYOFF GAME. What about Joe and Sam totally blowing the offsides call?

  22. Carp,

    Unreal. you are just unreal lately. what happened to the rangers won’t be able to score more than 1 or 2 goals in ANY game of the series? today your calling the washington keeper three-or-more? and then you give us a gem like “only 2 EVEN STRENGTH goals against three-or-more is not good”. how is that not good when they scored 2 more on the pp? the rangers just put up 4 goals on the road just like many of us knew they would and the best you can say is they only scored 2 at even strength, not good.

  23. I think Mako’s point was that the article suggested that Sjo took the hit to his shoulder, not his head.

  24. The way the game started I have to admit I didn’t give the Rangers much chance. As it went on though they got with it a bit and played not to bad. It was a lucky win though. They took to many penaltys Nasland was just plain over powered along the boards and took stupid penaltys because of it. He got some points but he didn’t really look good out there last night. Iam really hoping Drury is back for Saturdays game, they lost to many faceoffs last night. Under the pressure they played pretty well. Rozy and Redden were really good. They will need the rest. All in all though lucky or not They stole one and thats something to work on. Go Rangers!!

  25. Red hot or not on

    Redden & Roszi played great last night
    ( 27-28 mins )
    you don’t always have to hit, to be affective
    but they do play the body very well

    Antro had 2 pts – I said he will have a big series
    He is just getting warmed up.

    Let’s go Rangers!

  26. Okay, so now I’m hearing some nasty rumors about Drury having a broken hand and being out for an extended period of time. Jane/Carp…help?

  27. Doodie Machetto on

    didn’t read the article. Thanks for clearing that up.

    Yes, it was clearly to the head.

  28. Doodie Machetto on

    How can they get away without specifying whether it’s an upper or lower body injury? I thought there was a requirement to provide at least that much information.

  29. Rigure

    Thanks for clearing that up. That is what I meant. Sorry guys if that wasnt clear –

  30. My wife hates my beard and is begging me to shave it. I told her she is crazy, and that she is just going to have to live with it. She said it irritates her skin. Oh well. It is the playoffs!

  31. Roszival played pretty well overall, but how lucky he is that the misplay on Ovie at the blueline —– when he did everything wrong that a defenseman can do on a one-on-one rush —– was washed away by Hank’s great save.

  32. I told you yesterday Carp that Washington will not score more than 3 goals in any game of this series!

  33. flippedturtle on

    Does anyone else think that AO was OVER used and tired in the third? I noticed that late in the game he and green looked slow and back checking was definitely lacking. The last few weeks with the new style of play the Rangers may be in better shape than other team’s and I’m hoping they can wear the Caps down.

    On another note I would like to see some more physical play from our defense other than Stall. I think the Rangers could do a better job standing up on the blue line. The Caps frequently entered the offensive zone uncontested.

  34. flipped

    Last playoffs when the Caps were down. AO told BB to “Coach play me the entire 3rd pd. I can handle it” as much as AO wanted to and pretty much begged to so he could put the team on his back and win – he didnt. So Im sure if AO knows he can play and entire pd. I really believe he can too…

  35. Laurel Babcock on

    Thanks for the plug buddy!
    As we discussed yesterday, there are many reasons I hate when the games are on NBC, and you nailed another one.
    AO reminds me more of Lurch from the Addams Family.

  36. Doodie Machetto

    “Im reading on NHL.com that ELBOW from Green on Sjo was to his “shoulder” LOL Yeah that’s why he was on the ice for so long and shaking the cobwebs out of his head on the way to the bench. jackasses”

    It is the NEW NHL-the refs basically have to call it for the STARS of the league-its pathetic/disgusting/sickening…..freddy sjos gets nailed in the corner -CMON….ABSOLUTE JOKE…i know we got lucky on the gomez goal but come on its playoff time lets let them play a little…

  37. Doodie Machetto on

    “My wife hates my beard and is begging me to shave it. I told her she is crazy, and that she is just going to have to live with it. She said it irritates her skin. Oh well. It is the playoffs!”

    My fiancee has really sensitive skin. The scratch from my scruff actually causes her skin to get red and occasionally shell get a hive or two.

    But it’s for charity!

  38. This matchup is pretty much par for the expected course. OV is surreal and Theodore reallly is AWFUL. Both Gomez’ and Dubinsky’s goals were extremely soft, especially Gomez who basically chipped the puck on net and it went through his arm hole. Dubi had a great shot but most NHL goalies glove that no problem… He barely moved.

  39. Well that is what Sports are all about. You have to play to your strengths and the other teams weakness. It is not our fault their goalie sucks. We need to just go after him. We DEFINITELY need more shots against him on Saturday. For the two goals that we maybe “Shouldn’t” have scored, we have the two that Cally “Should” have. So, I say that even thought they out shot us, we deserved to win that game.

  40. zherdev needs to pick it up or his days as a ranger are numbered. torts doesnt know any of the guys in hartford so i cant see anyone being called up and actually being used unless drury is out for good. and like someone said above naslund should only be playing on the pp really b/c he just can’t keep up with most players hence the terrible lazy penalties that he has been taking all year. id say if drury comes back u let put him on the 3rd line and just let him take defensive zone faceoffs (tho he is by no means a sure thing in the faceoff circle) unless it is his hand or arm that is hurting him

  41. The last game in Philly and last nights really are signs of this team comimg together at the right time.
    PP goals, Timely goals, and big saves by Hank.
    And did you see OA interviewed after the game last night? He seemed like he just lost the series.Just by the way he was talking it was like he was sure there was no way we were gonna win that game….
    He looked so defeated.I really don’t think he could play any better…He can score more goals for sure,,, but he can’t play any better.

  42. what was up with the NO power play clock?

    was this a direct tv thing or did msg get a case of the versus?

  43. Pete

    You are 10000% right. Z was a non factor last night and you would think he would get up for the game because his superstar “comrade” is across the ice for him he would stand out for us. No such luck. Im looking for him to play up to his potential since I dont think he’s been a playoff series before. Step it up Z or else you’re gonna be a goner!!!!

  44. Boudreau has already hinted at a goalie change. So we’ll either have Theodore again or a guy who’s played 6 games in the NHL.


  45. nasty 1 i wouldnt say we deserved to win that game. but i do hate when people say we got lucky to score those goals and lucky hank played great. Its not like the refs gave a lot of calls to the caps and they had 10 pps or a bounce off a board and the goalie is out and we put it into an empty net. we won because hank played well and theodore didnt play well because he isnt that good. it wasnt luck

  46. this from hockey buzz BELOW. Green should sit, never happen. if avery did it he would be gone for a week…

    -That New York-Washington game was easily the game of the night. Starting with an 8-2 shot advantage in the first period for Washington as Lundqvist shutdown the powerplay early on. Watching this game brought me back to 1997-98. The Canadiens had beaten Pittsburgh in the first round, and drew Dominic Hasek and the Sabres, thereafter. Each game the Canadiens outshot the Sabres by a wide margin, getting close to 60 in one of them, but Hasek shut the door time and time again, and every time the Canadiens managed a goal the puck was in their net seconds later. They lost in 4-straight, and if this Washington series continues to go like it did last night we could have one of the biggest upsets we’ve seen in a very long time.

    Another note on this unbelievable game, was Mike Green’s hit on Fredrick Sjostrom. Green wasn’t penalized on the play, and if you haven’t seen it go check the highlights right now! Green deserves a one-game suspension at the very least for his flagrant elbow on the play. He’s not a dirty player, but emotion got the best of him on that play and he destroyed Sjostrom. If it had been Wideman hitting Latendresse there would be death threats from Montreal fans.

  47. I keep hearing about the non-call on Avery at the blue-line. I saw the replay a few times and it was Green who stuck his right foot out behind him to disrupt Avery trying to stay on sides. It was when Avery hit his foot that it made Green spin around and fall. So in my mind it could be tripping or interference on Green…I think the refs saw it that was as well but decided to let it go. Otherwise giving the history they would not hesitate for a second to call it on avery.

  48. Riguere and kovy, I was being sarcastic because of my prediction. This goalie is not very good. But I have not changed my opinion of the Rangers’ offense. Kovy, obviously anything I do is going to tick you off unless I root for the Rangers. Sorry.

  49. The young guys played a great game ,Dubi,Calli,Korpi,Stall etc. I’m sorry but when ever deadden and miss rosi were out there I was scared to death. The caps were blowing by them like they were standing still. It was a great win for the Rangers and one that wasn’t possible without the King being the King!!
    Rick I agree they should’ve had another spare forward and defenseman up but what do expect from stoogiepuss???.Hopefully they will sat in case Drury can’t go. Voros did what was needed from him and has been a good Team player!

  50. Stuart

    Thanks for that quote. I know Im not crazy when I see a blatant elbow to the chops. If we all watch the game as unemotional fans you will see the Cap D head hunting the Rangers with Elbows. A few of them came flying in and missed. If you are lucky enough to have DVR’d, taped or watched the rewind of the entire game. Watch how they were going after our boys.

  51. Sam Rosen said that they were having tech difficulty with the PP clock and apologized to use viewers

  52. Ogerp-Sam said not having a penalty clock was a MSG technical difficulty. I’ll bet they won’t have a problem putting the subway ad up for game 3.

  53. Am I the only one that thought the Caps were just flat out tougher then us last night?

    I thought we got punished and lost so many battles. I really cant see another win like that in the series, and we are going to have to play better. If the Caps cut this to 1-1 on Saturday with another performance like that and some D and goaltending, they will be feeling pretty good.

  54. Anybody see the AO interview after the game – He was pretty down. They asked him about Dubi’s goal. His response “It was sick move” – Gotta love it!

  55. give 'em credit on

    ej hradek on nhl live is a typical ranger hater. he is giving ZERO credit to the rangers. saying it is all about theodore. i’m sorry, but there are some guys on here today who also are trying to downplay the rangers.

    they were badly outshot, and ovechkin got so many attempts, MAINLY BECAUSE they were shorthanded so many times.

    just 5-on-5 the game was much more even, and the idea is to have a better goalie than the other team does no matter who or when you are playing. thus, the rangers deserve credit for having that goalie, that pk unit, and the guys who delivered in the clutch.’
    i am saying go rangers, not we were lucky, like some are.

  56. good point, give em credit…

    For anyone to say that Jose Theodore was the reason why we won last night are really shortchanging the NY Rangers effort last night.

    Even if Patrick Roy and Ken Dryden were in the net at the *SAME TIME* last night, I dont think they woulda stopped 3 out of the 4 goals the Rangers scored…

    Maybe people in the media (and fans alike) should give credit to guys like Nazzy, who is a world class player and has scored close to 400 goals in the NHL. Maybe they should give credit to Antro, who has a shot that is a laser guided missle that even I didnt realize the puck went into the net. And just maybe they will recognize Dubinsky as a young talent with a nice bag of skills, who is regaining his confidence in a very short, yet important time.

  57. We were down 1-0, then blew a 3-1 lead
    We were on the road
    We were without our Captain
    We were shorthanded 7 times

    lets not worry about hradek, melrose, pierre, larry brooks, etc etc-let them think it was all JOSE….they can keep suck— crosby’s co—and tell us how wonderful the skate pass to his stick blade was! Even though he is half the player ovechkin is and will ever be

    who is gonna step up for the blueshirts-who is going to score that big goal-well DUBI stepped up without the captain in the lineup, good for him he has battled all year long i know he has trouble scoring all year long but dubi has battled every night and hussels and finishes his checks and backchecks and its pretty responsible on his own zone

  58. Heck, give the NY Rangers credit for winning their 1st playoff game, on the road, without their Captain in uniform.

  59. Carp and Jane, I think the runner up for the Beard Challenge should get a signed Indian Point Sirens bumper sticker. How does that sound? :)

  60. The Buffalo Sabres playoff team from 2 years ago that beat the NY Rangers had ALOT more goals for, and a few less goals against…..

    THe Caps defense is garbage. The bottom two lines are marginal. Even if they escape the wrath of the Rangers in the 1st round, the well rounded Bruins will run them right out of the arena, especially since the Caps gas tank will be on *E*

  61. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    If I hear another “the Rangers missed Drury so much because of…” I’m going to destroy the media because they’re brain-washing you all.

    I pick my first bone with you. They missed Drury in the faceoffs? They might have lost a lot last night, but Dubinsky went 53% on faceoffs this year, Gomez 52% and Drury 51%. Drury is the worst of our non-checking centers when it comes to faceoffs!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    As far as the PP being better, it’s because Mr. Captain Auto-turnover wasn’t out there!

    As far as the game winning goal, it makes it Dubinsky’s 8th this year! Drury has 2 gwg!

    The guy is the biggest sham in the NHL!! All you loving him are ridiculous. I guarantee they lose last night with Drury in the lineup. No Dubinsky goal. Only 1 or fewer PP goals. Drury can penalty kill, that’s it. Even strength he was minus-8 this year and NOT CLUTCH at all.

  62. I miss the 78-79 NY Rangers (formerly Prucha25) on


    You are so right about how great Callahan was. He blocked that cannon of a shot in the last minute by AO that broke his stick. He got right in the way…I would have preferred if someone clobbered Ovechkin for that, though.

  63. give 'em credit on

    people on here are so crosby-obsessed. hey folks, we are playing ovechkin, not crosby. and quit being so awestruck over ovechkin. that is why some are downplaying the rangers, they can’t get over their swooning for cro-magnon to give the rangers credit for stopping him even strength, because except for Rosival getting beat by him once even strength, they did a nice job on him. he got almost all of his chances on the PP.

  64. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    He’s stepped up all year!
    8th game winning goal.

    I hope Drury’s career is over as a Ranger.

    * who is gonna step up for the blueshirts-who is going to score that big goal-well DUBI stepped up without the captain in the lineup

  65. let’s get greedy and steal another sat..anyone have issues with the HD feed in the 5 boroughs? TW was killing me..had to watch half the game in LD

  66. True Fans Bleed RW&B-

    Drury has struggled i totally am with you on that…he is mr auto turnover on the PP (Totally agree with you and i love the name-LOL-he totally panics with the puck) but this is why we have him, we need him to step up in the playoffs, voros played what all of 5 minutes maybe, you want the captain back in the lineup for saturday trust me

  67. How long can the Rangers take the punishment of the hits that were being laid on them last night?

    It was like children with men when it came to checks.

  68. Jose Three-or-More, ahahaha, what a nickname. So true too.

    That game last night was awesome, minus the 1st period. Hank was brilliant, and those goals were unstoppable. A deflection, a wide open net after he saved a goal, and a tape to tape pass. Other than that, he shut the door on Ovechkin, and everyone else.

    The guys that needed to step up, stepped up, Gomer scored, Nazzy owed up to his stupid penalties, and Antro showed up, and scored a goal. And more importantly, with Dru out of the lineup, Dubi stepped up and filled in for him, by scoring the eventual game winner. Korpedo also did a good job, even though he didn’t put up points, he was good on the PK, along with Betts, Shoes, and the rest of them.

    After the 1st period, i didn’t know what to think of the series. But once Gomer scored, i felt a hell of a lot better. It’s a shame they blew that fuggin two goal lead, which is NOT good, but they didn’t let it get to them. But if it was Renney’s Rangers, they would play scared.

    As for the penalties. Pathetic, Nazzy took three lazy, retarded penalties, but a lot were soft. Danny G pushes some guy, and apparently it’s a “hold”. Shoes gets a fuggin elbow in his face, and there’s no call. That’s brilliant officiating by the best refs in sports. Losers !

    It was an exciting game, and hopefully it changed the mins of some Ny rfans who think they don’t stand a chance. Anything can happen, if the right players show up, and step up their game, with Hank playing the way he did, this series could be in the bag in 6. Dru needs to come back and play his ass off, and if he’s not ready to go, Dubi needs to be the guy that fills his shoes.

    Go Rangers !! And it sucks the Blues lost last night, but hopefully the Jackets, and Hawks win tonight. I don’t care aboot the Fucks, and Sharks.

  69. Now we just need Zherdev to throw some irons on the fire…..

    Interesting observations from game-

    1) Coach Torts gave Antro alot of ice time towards the end of the game when the score was 4-3.

    2) Rosy and Redden were on the ice instead of Staal & Girardi towards the last minute of the game. This is when BB called time out.

    3) Henrik has 3 playoff series in the experience bank….He looks very confident especially with AO firing the pill at him.

    4) Mike Green’s hit on Sjo was marginal. Yes, he did slightly leave his skates. But, their is no measurement to how much you leave them, you either do or you do not. I do not think it was an elbow that caught Sjo…After slowing down the hit frame-by-frame, it almost appeared to be a butt-end. It was hard for the Ref to make the call because it happened so quickly and he was probably shielded from seeing the ass of the stick come up.

    5) I think in Game 2, that Erksine will go after Avery to get him off the ice. On the interference/Avery play that people are complaining about. Avery was trying to touch up on the blue line to avoid offsides. It wasn’t an attempt to pick Mike Green. They met on the ice at the same time. Non call was right call.

    6) How freakin contrived is the OvenChicken bunny hop after a goal. Act like you been there before. Maybe study Jerry Rice and Marvin Harrison after they scored a TD.

  70. I cannot believe they called the penalty not 20 seconds into the game. ‘here we go again’ is what i was thinking

  71. I don’t want Drury getting the playing time that should go to Dubi. that is the problem. they should, but won’t just use Drury as a 3rd line c and pker. no, if he plays, he gets the key mins in key situations, and Dubi sits, and that hurts the Rangers

  72. johnny 5,

    i watched it on delay cause i waited for my roomate and we were fast forwarding through a commericial and it skipped 5 mins and next thing we know we r up 2 to 1.

  73. From TSN.ca Article.

    [Boudreau said he didn’t pull Theodore because “you never want to look like you’re panicking and that’s what that would have looked like,” but the coach didn’t rule out playing rookie Simeon Varlamov in Game 2 on Saturday – a stunning admission considering that Varlamov has played in only six career NHL games.

    “There’s a chance anything could happen,” Boudreau said. “When you lose, you make changes.”]

    This sounds just like the series NYR played against Atlanta two years ago.

    Jose Three-or-More. …Priceless

  74. I only have O.C. when it comes to watching the Rangers in the playoffs. I started with the volume on the LCD-TV set on 82, because of a legendary local racer. After Caps go up 1-0, volume goes to 43, after Richard Petty and Gomer ties it up. That worked well in the 2nd but after the Caps tied it up in the 3rd, I went to 55 for no apparent reason. I also put 1 leg up on a chair. This worked to perfection with Dubi’s goal. Of course, everything stayed the same till the clock read 0. The leg came down during commercials but right back up before the drop of the puck.

    I never do this crap with anything else.

  75. JAY

    Exactly what i was saying. Star power, but no goaltending.

    I thought Brent Johnson was their backup, but i guess he’s injured.

    Nyr needs to win games 3 and 4. But so far they’ve been successful, whether they lose game 2 or not, we needed at least one win before going home. But they need to take advantage of home ice, obviously.

  76. yeah the hd feed was in and out.. audio was always there but the video blew out somehow..

    true ease up on your hatred..i guess drury didn’t score two against montreal to basically get us in the playoffs

  77. Rope-a dope Hockey. I love it. They control play for over a period, smack us all over the ice, Ov takes some 28 shots, their defense and forwards get tired and we Capitalize (excuse the pun) on their sloppy D. Henik standing on his head and the Capitals D could help us eke out a first round upset. Callahan was fantastic and Nazlund and Redden had decent games. Carp is right, we need to bring up a Wolf Pack back-up, maybe Ansimanov.

  78. 22

    LMAO I know what you mean. that is why during the game I post erratically – because I stick to what Im doing when the Rangers score. When they win – wear the same thing, sit in the same place LOL – I do this with nothing else. LOL

  79. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    I guess Dru didn’t do anything in the game that the Rangers won against the Flyers (when he was scratched) which would have clinched it anyway?

    Don’t support a guy with one game.

    Malik’s won a game in the shootout. I’m pretty sure Betts or Rachunek had a SH OT game winner 2 years ago. Even Aaron Voros has had multi-point games which won them! If that’s your argument, then hell Chris Drury is Aaron Voros to me.

    * johnny five
    April 16th, 2009 at 1:23 pm
    yeah the hd feed was in and out.. audio was always there but the video blew out somehow..

    true ease up on your hatred..i guess drury didn’t score two against montreal to basically get us in the playoffs

  80. HAHAHAHAH it is. And its all good. Even if I wear my skully I have to make sure its on the same exact way if they win LOL yes Im sick.

  81. I too was having HD issues on Time Warner last night. Restarted my box, and threw the radio on for a good 10 minutes. Shit service.

  82. Haven’t posted in a very very long time, but after reading those OCD comments, I couldn’t resist.

    My old ripped worn in Rangers hat – Must be worn while watching every game.

    My good ol’ black leather rocking chair – I must be sitting in it while watching.

    When I flip to the channel the game is on, I must either enter the exact channel or flip up to the channel; e.g. If i’m on 726, I hit the channel “up” button to 727. I can’t go down from 728 to 727.

    Lastly, I think having both or either of my daughters on my lap, aged 1 and 3, is a good luck charm. They seem to always play better when they’re with me.

    That said, I know I’m an uber-weirdo when it comes to this stuff and I ONLY do ut with the Rangers.

    LGR!!! Rangers in 6!

  83. There you go mentioning cats again Jane. HA.

    I have to wear sweats, my rangers t shirt, and my jersey and sit in the same spot.

  84. You can’t just look at regular season face-off percentages and come to the conclusion that Dubinsky is better at face-offs than Drury. It’s not a given.

    Drury takes face-offs against what is most likely the opponent’s best face-off guy, particularly in the situations where it matters. Dubinksy doesn’t. Let Drury take face-offs again 3rd liners all year and his percentage would probably be 60%+.

  85. the Caps were on the PP for 12:13

    the Rangers for 6:56

    so, less than 41 mins were even strength last night

    that is like an entire period being played shorthanded

    the breakdown of shots by PP=

    Caps had 11 of their 35 shots on the PP, and OV had 5 of his 13 on the PP

    the shots even strength were only 24-15 wash

    and OV was 0-13 shooting, while Dubi was 1-1

  86. true u r glass half empty..you must be fun to be around..and the game against philly that clinched it drury played

  87. True Fans, I don’t disagree with you. But the coach puts him out for crucial faceoffs and he’s been pretty good career-wise on draws. They couldn’t have done any worse.

    And I totally agree that he’s been awful on the power play.

    I don’t really love him, but I think if he was playing for $3 million a year and not expected to live up to his contract and be the face of the franchise, he’d be a pretty good player. He does a lot of little things better than most of the other veterans on the team.

  88. let ovechkin keep taking unscreened wrist or slapshots from the blueline….i have no problem with that…..if the crease is cleared for hank he is going to make those saves…..

    i wonder what is going on in torts’s head about naslund…..he did score a big goal and he did play hard yesterday especially on the backcheck….but three times in the box-im not saying they were not penalties but if ovechkin breaks naslund;s stick there no way is the ref calling it

  89. Seth

    Its an automatic penalty if there is a slash against the stick and it breaks. I’ve seen Cindy called for it. Its going to get called no matter what. Yes that penalty on Nazzy was bone head the first two are kinda questionable.

  90. No Country For Old Rangers on

    man the Caps look like a bunch of a**holes jumping around like the won the cup after every freakin goal.

    I was loving the depressed Mike Green and Ovechkin interviews after the game. I hate Green and his fashionable haircut

    Let’s take another one from these puppies on Saturday


  91. Enough whining about the refs. If AO slashed abd broke Nazzy’s stick, he would have been called for a penalty. With the amount people are crying on this board, you are starting to sound like every single group of fans that we make fun of.

    Drury is boring, no passion. But AO celebrates after a goal and we say act like youve been there before. PICK ONE.

    The Rangers won, stop nit picking (oh this is a penalty! that isnt a penalty! too much excitement! tone it down!)

    Great game for the King, powerplay showing signs of life, Theodore looking awful, and remember, the caps are a young team. A solid performance in Game 2 and we can have these guys shook and on the ropes heading back to the Garden.

  92. let’s not forget, the Caps got beat last year by the flyers with Huet in goal. they can’t blame Theodore for that. so when does the rest of the team start taking some blame for them not winning?

  93. Pierre “criticism -of -a -coach -will -never -escape -the- mouth- of- my -circumsized- head” Maguirre on Montreal radio thinks its criminal that Mac-T got fired in Edmonton

    8 years two playoff runs; none in the last three years…”its crimninal”

    Then when they get the next coach he will be “brilliant”

  94. No Country For Old Rangers on

    They would look a lot better with CrystalBall in net.

    “Jose Three-or-More.” love it.

    Caps Suck

    Rangers in 5

  95. For anyone who has 2 hours to kill the NHL Network is rebroadcasting Game 1, 2-4pm. TSN coverage.

  96. the game is on right now on NHL Network, and it is the TSN Canadian coverage from last night.

  97. you can take good penalties in the defensive zone trying to stop a guy from getting a wide open shot in close. but you cannot afford to take bad, undisciplined penalties in the other 2 zones. they are needless and dumb, and they hurt the team, and make my job tougher

  98. Jive,

    The Ovenchicken bunnyhop is weak….Even his team mates look like they had enough of it.

    Act like you been there before. Like Drury.

    Well, Drury could do something other than the “pull the mouthpiece out” goal celebration….

    Maybe we can think of something for him here on the blog.

  99. How about when Drury scores, he skates quickly to the bench and grabs a piece of cardboard…..lays it on the ice, and starts doing some fresh breakdance moves from the 1980’s…..

    Like a headspin, then immediately follows with the snake, and ends it with a helicopter with his hands folded, and screams at AO, “YEAAAAHHH BOYYYYY!!!!”

  100. Unemployed Steve (formerly sesak) on

    If this was said already I apologize. We need a Jan Erixon type to shadow AO.

  101. I miss the 78-79 NY Rangers (formerly Prucha25) on

    give ’em credit April 16th, 2009 at 12:36 pm

    ej hradek on nhl live is a typical ranger hater. he is giving ZERO credit to the rangers. saying it is all about theodore. i’m sorry, but there are some guys on here today who also are trying to downplay the rangers.

    they were badly outshot, and ovechkin got so many attempts, MAINLY BECAUSE they were shorthanded so many times.

    just 5-on-5 the game was much more even, and the idea is to have a better goalie than the other team does no matter who or when you are playing. thus, the rangers deserve credit for having that goalie, that pk unit, and the guys who delivered in the clutch.’

    i am saying go rangers, not we were lucky, like some are.””

    Give them credit…

    Good post. Thank you!

  102. I dont think his teammates have had enough of it, as evidenced by his teammates jumping on him after the first goal.

  103. No Country For Old Rangers on

    LIQUID- couldn’t agree more.

    Maybe Drury should take it back to the little league days and do some sort of baseball style celebration

    If you want flashy celebration over routine plays, watch the NBA or NFL

  104. I miss the 78-79 NY Rangers (formerly Prucha25) on

    Unemployed Steve (formerly sesak) April 16th, 2009 at 2:11 pm

    If this was said already I apologize. We need a Jan Erixon type to shadow AO.””

    I think Blair Betts is our Jan Erixon equivalent.

  105. Here is another idea for the Drury goal celebration….

    Right after he scores….all of his teammates lineup side by side….touching shoulder pads…

    and proceed to do the Rockettes kick routine while singing “NEW YORK, NEW YORK”

  106. Here is a goodie for Drury goal celebration….

    Right after he scores, he skates swiftly over to the scorer’s table and grabs the headset that the Refs put on while they are reviewing a goal…..

    He put the headsets on over his helmet, and patiently waits for about 20 seconds……

    then he turns around and points to Center Ice….

    that would rule

  107. True Fans Bleed RW&B on


    And when he comes back just say “No, keep the change” even if he paid for it.

    * Rick Carpiniello
    April 16th, 2009 at 2:12 pm
    Drury could go get Dunkin’ for me and Jane. Even if he’s hurt, he could do it slowly.

  108. I am attempting giving up Caffeine and carbonated beverages for the last two days. Not going so well. I am easily annoyed, and I want to tear someone’s head off.

  109. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Liquid, that’s even better. That would be awesome.

    Anything other than chewing on the mouthpiece, hanging the stick over his shoulder, and heading to the bench while he lets Gomez and Naslund discuss the play with the ref’s (‘because I didn’t think we needed another guy over there’) would be so damned refreshing.

    Mr. Captain! I’ve seen you talk to the refs 4 times all year at the glass near the half-circle (where that is the hole in the wall from which said headphones pop-out during critical decisions).

  110. Corey O' Graff on

    good one, Liquid. maybe they can do like Don Rickles used to say, “drop your pants and fire off a rocket”

  111. No Country…I like that one as well…

    Many of the celebrations have been done before….maybe some of the players could call up Chad Johnson of the Cincy Bengals for ideas.

  112. I miss the 78-79 NY Rangers (formerly Prucha25) on

    How about a player act like he scores all the time and just downplays the goals unless it’s in OT? I can’t stand all the hotdogging. I agree with Cherry lately about wanting to clobber AO for that garbage he does.

  113. Domi had the best celebration riding on the stick half way down the ice. Didn’t see it very often though….

  114. Corey O' Graff on

    or when Avery scores he could do a version of his Thomas head-tap and “Slapshot” by going down the line at the bench and conking each and every opposing player on the noggin with his stick.

  115. Jane,

    after all the cat talk that went on last night, it’s pretty funny that you used the phrase *cat and mouse* when referring to the ‘suspense’ surrounding what in the blue hell is actually wrong with the captain.

  116. I am trying my best, but it is hard. I am so damn grouchy right now. I told my students why I was not in a good mood today, and they were totally cool about it. They were like, “Mr. Nasty, you are ALWAYS in a pretty good mood as far as teachers go, except when the Rangers lose, but you are allowed to be grumpy every now and then.” Ha. Kids are funny.

  117. Drury is a really good hockey player. He does a lot of things. I really hope he can play Saturday. But I have had a bad feeling about his injury for a while. I can’t remember who but someone blogged a broken hand, thats what I have been thinking. I hope we are wrong.

  118. It may be his hand, and I’ve heard he was slashed there, and we all know he took a puck off the arm/hand Thursday … and I also saw him limp off, and it looked as if he skated gingerly when he left warmups before Game 1.

    This is all I’m saying about whomever blogged he has a broken hand: It’s a guess. Nobody knows. Those who have been to every practice and in the lockerroom every day don’t know. So it’s a guess. It may be a correct guess. It may not be.

  119. I don’t mind him playing, certainly over Voros. but I don’t want him getting the playing time that Dubi should have. use Drury in 3rd line spots, not as the key player on the team, which he is not.

  120. Rookie

    Posts: 137
    Lets not starting lauding our Rangers just yet. Don’t get me wrong I’m ecstatic that they won , but they played awful on defense. The Rangers defense backed in so much i started to hear beeping akin to a garbage truck backing up. 13 shots by Ovechkin was redonkulous. NYR were in single digits in shots halfway through the second it was embarrassing. the team wasn’t prepared at all. The upside is the came up and won a game they shouldn’t have due to the fact that Jose Theodore couldn’t make a playoff save. Also winning without Drury has to be acknowledged as a good sign.

    I love the goals they scored last night but the seven PP against has to be remedied. The good news is I thought the Rangers played bad and still won. As Long as Theodore is in net and the Rangers come to play Saturday things will straighten themselves out.

    Ranger Crisis # 20


  121. So, Jane and Carp, you should rent out a spot and do a live blogcast. You can invite all the boneheads and make a party out of it. Hmmmmmmm. Thoughts? Discuss.

  122. The person metioned yesterday here that it was Drury’s right hand….

    When Drury was in warmups, he had his right hand on the top of the boards by the bench so he can stretch….

    I am guessing that its his ribcage area. Not an upper or lower body injury….A middle body injury!

  123. dave maloney on

    theodore is 4-0 in first round playoffs, so he must have been winning somewhere. Ranger D? how about the poor caps D, with crap artists like Poti and Schultz.

  124. It was me who said I thought it was his right hand. If you look at the tape, when he is walking on the bench back to the locker room after he took warmups, his right glove, mainly around his thumb looked like it had a lot of extra padding around it.

    Maybe it’s a lower AND upper body injury?

  125. Doodie Machetto on

    “I too was having HD issues on Time Warner last night. Restarted my box, and threw the radio on for a good 10 minutes. [expletive deleted] service.”

    I had that problem too, but the standard definition was fine. I would just check back and forth until the HD started working again.

    Carp, I mentioned above that MSG’s Garden of Dreams Foundation was doing a playoff beard charity drive. Is there any way we could possibly turn our efforts in this contest into charity as well?

    Also, what’s your e-mail. I need to send you a “before” picture

  126. And I picked St. Louis! What a great team.

    If only Atlanta had made it, they’re a surprisingly good team too.

    Let’s stick within our system Saturday Perry.

  127. Hey Tom Renney, hello Dave Maloney

    I was in the area and just wanted to say hello!

  128. Doodie, I think the Garden of Dreams contest is more of a fund raiser … you get people to pledge (or you pledge) a donation for the beard-grower. I don’t know how to intertwine then, but certainly you could do both.

    you can email “before” photos to rcarpini@LoHud.com

  129. Michel Bergeron on

    Bon Jour fellas!

    I was running to the dry cleaners topick up the jogging suit I used to wear behind the bench….

    How is it going ?

  130. Still Gotta Fire Sather on

    props to True Fans Bleed RW&B, President of the “If Drury Doesn’t Come Back, We’ll Live” NYR fan faction…I already ranted on Drury last night in the other thread, so I’ll just say this for now…

    Dubinsky’s goal last night was bigger and more “clutch” than any goal Drury has scored in 2 years here…

    there is no doubt in my mind we can win this series without the most overpraised/overpaid 3rd liner in NHL history…

    and Bill Simmons (ESPN’s Sports Guy) Ewing Theory = us without Drury…Google “Ewing Theory” and tell me I’m wrong

  131. That wasn’t Bergeron in the jogging suit. It was the guy before Shero, Jean-Guy Talbot, I’m pretty sure. Bergeron used to dress nicely, but he was so short you couldn’t see him behind the bench … and one time in Detroit he lost his balance and completely disappeared for a few minutes. It was hilarious.

  132. I am the mastermind behind that Rangers powerplay that scored on 50% of its chances when it counted most.

    I hope you guys enjoy Wade Redden for 5 more years.

    Me and Tom have to catch a plane to Edmonton, we have dinner plans with Jason Strudwick.

    And I cant wait to meet Rob Schremp and see that lacrosse shootout move where he cradles the puck.


  133. LMAO

    “It almost looks as if [NHL referees are] now bending over backwards to give Avery the benefit of the doubt, as a means of showing just how objective they can be, even when it comes to an unpopular problem child.

    Relating specifically to that play on Green, it could be that the referees, Mike Leggo and Tim Peel, honestly missed the call. It could be that they honestly didn’t think it was a penalty.

    What’s indisputable is the fact that Avery’s play set up a key goal in what finished as a one-goal victory for the Rangers. In other words, he did his thing. Even if his name didn’t find its way on the score sheet, Avery found a way to make a difference, by hook or by crook – and in this case, with maybe a little of both.”


  134. Doodie Machetto on

    “and Bill Simmons (ESPN’s Sports Guy) Ewing Theory = us without Drury…Google “Ewing Theory” and tell me I’m wrong”

    You are wrong. Drury doesn’t have any Ewing Theory potential because he’s barely been with the team, and he wasn’t that good when he’s been here. Ewing Theory is for players who are the best on their team for a long time, but the team just never wins with them.

    A good example of someone who the Ewing Theory applied to is Tiki Barber.

  135. Doodie Machetto on

    I think everyone is focusing on the Avery pick, when Antropov set a MUCH more blatant pick in the defensive zone that led to the breakout.

    Avery you could make a defense that he was standing still, holding the blue line. Antropov was just TEXTBOOK interference.

    Oh well, I’m not complaining. They never ask how, just how many.

  136. I find it comical that Caps fans are moaning about the officiating even after being awarded 7 PP.

  137. Doodie Machetto on

    I was thinking Jagr but I don’t know if he had been with the team long enough to qualify.

  138. the ‘get with it’ was not for you doodie..it was for the other guy..i agree with you..the way i see it the ewing theory would be jagr bc he was the superstar it was his team etc etc..brought the team back from the bottom floor..who knows..sat early game blows

  139. MAKO, it was the goal he scored to break Bossy’s record. Just think about Selanne’s rookie year… 76 and 52. Shocking.

  140. Perry, you’re doing a great job. I watched last night and saw many of the things you instilled in these boys. I also saw Aaron Voros out there and Petr Prucha wasn’t. It was a fantastic game, but I want to get the Caps to a 0-0 shootout on Saturday. We’ll play all night without scoring, until they give us a damn shootout.

  141. Jeff Bloemberg on

    Hi, just had a wonderful Easter, and was thinking about how Mick Vukota was doing these days.

    Hello to all!!

  142. Name (required) on

    Seth and Liquid…
    Are Right on the Money about everything!
    You guys put everything into perspective…its literally liquid.
    Rock on
    Get em’ in game 2!!

  143. Thank you Tom for the kind words. I wonder how Mike Pelino is doing. Have you spoken to him recently ?

    Do you remember the time you stole that cow, and your friend tried to make it with the cow. I want to party with you, cowboy.

    Anyway, I will see you in Alberta, maybe we hit the Wafflehouse on Saturday to watch our old team for old times sake.


  144. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Rules !! says Greg L. on

    Excuse me Rick , I can’t seem to send anything to your email , it says :” There was a problem!
    The recipient info doesn’t seem quite right. Please look it over and try again.”

    tried it many times , it sent to my buddy in town here but can’t to you?

  145. Caps fans are another bandwagon, fairweather, entitlement crowd. “Wahhhhhhh we have stars that deserve to score 2.5 PPG! WAHHHH”

  146. ZzZ, let me check … you guys might have crashed my inbox …

    Mako, which Bossy record did Selanne break? Just curious because by then Gretzky had pretty much taken over the record book. Maybe PPGs or something?

  147. “That’s the best version of ‘Sweet Caroline’ I’ve ever heard in a hockey rink.”

    “They are going to come out harder (Saturday). I’m sure of it. They could’ve won tonight. The difference was our specialty teams.”

    Tom Renney.

  148. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    the people like ej radish saying we got lucky cuz they have a bad goalie should be shot. well, then the caps are lucky becausy they sucked and got to pick ovechkin in the draft and a few others. they got the superstars, we dont. ours is our goalie. so it should even out. i hate ej. so when the caps win one, is he gonna say they got lucky cuz they have ovechkin, or we got badly outplayed? at least don is is tolerable most of the time

  149. Rick –

    NHL single-season record for goals by a rookie (76 in 1992–93)
    NHL single-season record for points by a rookie (132 in 1992–93)

  150. Doodie Machetto on

    We could’ve had Green and Semin. We traded our first rounder that could’ve been Semin as part of the Pavel Bure package. We passed on Green for Hugh Jessiman.

    We sucked for many years too. At least they got good from sucking.

  151. Doodie, even though the Rangers sucked for a few years, they always would bring in high priced (OLD) talent to make the team sellable. I can never remember them finishing as the worst team in the NHL.

  152. You know what is really annoying? The article written by Slover at the Sporting News. This guy is amazing. “We wonder: Could this be a sign he’s(Avery) not getting special attention from referees?” Talking about the Green incident “If Avery does nothing more than this, we can live with it.”

    Who cares what this a$$ can live with, ug.
    Thank God for this site.

    Here is the link if you want your stomach to turn.


  153. Doodie Machetto on

    22figure8, there still is nothing lucky about it then. You suck a few years while you rebuild with high draft picks. That’s what REAL rebuilding is. The Caps aren’t lucky because they did a good job rebuilding.

    Look at LA, Phoenix, or ATL. Perpetually in the cellar of the NHL and nothing to show for it. The Caps and Penguins at least MADE something of being terrible, although, in the case of the Penguins, they managed to have 5 lottery picks in a row, including 2 #1s, so that’s a little less impressive of a job.

  154. and Jessiman jstu signed a 1 year deal in Nashville today

    I also noticed, jsut watching hte replay from last ngiht, the PP for the Caps actually stands around ALOT
    I know there good, but they dont move as much as I thought they did.

    Anyway, F pierre Midget, and Milbury and everyone who says we were lucky
    we played a hard fought road game and won

    LEts go Rangers

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