Rangers chat at noon


A little more than nine hours until the Rangers take ice in D.C., but in the meantime Carp and I will be talking about the game during a noon video chat today at www.lohud.com/rangersreportlive.

Grab a sandwich and join us. We’ll try to help you get through the meaningless hours until they drop the puck. Henrik Lundqvist vs. Alex Ovechkin, Chris Drury’s upper/lower body injury, it’s all on the table.

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  1. The Rangers really need to shock the world tonight. The more I read and hear about this series, everyone is talking about the Caps. There is no breakdown of the Rangers lineup and specific players.

    It’s like the Rangers dont exist.

  2. I hope to be there for a live chat. I have lunch from 11:15-12:15 but then I have to sit and help out during Chorus Class. Yuck. Maybe I can get out of it, and spare myself of the headache.

  3. The younger kids do still play the recorder. Ha. Remember those days? You had to bring in an old dress sock to store it in.

  4. I think it’s good that everyone is already giving Capitals the series. The more pressure on them to squash us, the better it is for us. The only people who need to believe in the Rangers right now are the players.

  5. Doodie Machetto on

    I just looked over the lottery from last night.

    The Isles will now have Tavares. They will be a good team in a few years if Snow can keep things together and if DiPietro retires due to injury, so his contract comes off the books. But, for at least another year or two, we will crush them.

    Tampa is going to get Hedman, who is EXACTLY what they needed: a big, talented defenseman. Their blue line sucks, and they are getting an A+ player for cheap. Big win for them.

    Of course, if the Isles take Hedman, which honestly wouldn’t be THAT terrible since they at least already have SOME prospects already offensively, as opposed to nothing defensively, Tampa is screwed. What the hell are they going to do with Tavares when they already have Stamkos and Lecavalier? And since they draft second, how will they pull of a decent trade downward in the time that they are on the clock?

  6. Jane, that is not a bad idea at all. But you and carp will have to wear the private school uniforms that all the kids wear here. You know, to show your school spirit. Ha.

  7. “The only people who need to believe in the Rangers right now are the players.”

    and their FANS!

  8. Doodie Machetto on

    I never put my old recorder into a sock, but I did play a mean Hot Cross Buns and Mary Had a Little Lamb.

  9. mr doodie,

    what tampa could do is talk to other teams and say if the isles take hedman what would u offer for the 2nd pick. have that deal in place so if the isles do take hedman it takes 5 second to say deals on

  10. Hell yeah Doodie. I did too. Those were the days. Mrs. Whalen’s music class and then straight to lunch to eat a brown bagged lunch, or pizza in the white cardboard box that had the cut out holes in the side to let out the steam. Ha. I remember Mrs. Gregov the Yugoslavian lunch aid with the hairy mole, no joke, and she was so damn mean to us. I think she used to smoke during our recess time.

  11. All of the talking heads are expecting Avery to “do something” along the lines of the Brodeaur shadow he did last year or clipping Thomas’ skull…a couple of these guys even mention how Avery “got under the Flyers skin” recently but none of them mention that he scored 3-4 goals in the 3 games against Philly

    Thats Funny because they never fail to mention that AO scored 4 in 4 games against the Rangers this year..

    My point isnt that Aves has the Offensive impact of Ovechkin but to these National announcers and analysists it seems that Avery only does “antics”…and doesn’t actually contribute

  12. Does anyone else remember “Today’s Special?” Sorry for taking this trip down memory lane today, but I am having flashbacks from my childhood big time. It came on right before “Pinwheel.” Do we remember either of those shows?

  13. It was a kids show from Canada, and it took place in a department store. Check the last post for the link to the website, it is hilarious.

  14. NHL Network all picked the Caps. They also said AO’s Caps vs Avery’s Rangers. 2 months and it’s his team. I’d like Avery to have an impact and not disappear like he did against Buffalo and Pitt.

  15. The one thing I will give to the Caps, is that I doubt they are looking past the Rangers. They have won nothing and they know it. That team is young and very few players have won a series in the NHL.

    I just doubt that they come out too cocky..It will take a great effort by the Rangers.

  16. Eh, every time I hear a hyped Scandanavian D taken high in the draft I think Aki Berg.

    Will the Isles be the next version of the Pens or Caps? Well both those teams were smart enough to anchor their young talents with accomplished and respected vets in their first couple of years. Outside of Weight and Witt the Isles don’t really have much of that component on their team. Also the Isles D is pretty brutal and nothing stifles a high flying attack like not being able to keep the puck out of your own net.

    Don’t get me wrong, I think the Isles will have a good amount of high ceiling talent on their roster (gag for saying that) but I’m thinking Tavares alone won’t lift the Isles out of the doldrums.

  17. Doodie, I was able to play the solo at the end of Comfortably Numb on the recorder….

    Oh, and the intro to ZZ Tops “Tush”….I knew that one too

  18. 22figure8….

    Avery didnt dissapear in the series vs the Penguins….

    His spleen had other plans for him.

  19. No Country For Old Rangers on

    AVERY is ferocious, he wants Ovechkin’s heart, he’ll eat his children and stomp on their testicles because that’s the pain he wakes up with everyday

  20. Liquid, Avery scored in game 1 and then you didn’t hear about him until his spleen ruptured. I think he has to be a force in every game so that they start running him and forget about the game.

  21. Anyone think the Caps will send out Semin to take Staal off his game? Bongos beware.

  22. One thing is for sure. Even though we have the top PK in the NHL, we must stay out of the box. They are LETHAL on the PP. Plain and simple.

  23. Im having a really hard time concentrating on work today!!

    8 hours cant pass quick enough

    And I agree with all of the above, Love how everyone is writing us off, done in 5, blah blah blah.

    I jsut dont see how nay writer can say theodore and Hank are almsot equal?

    The pressures on Wash to take this series, and I really have a gut feeling this series could be the biggest upset of the quarterfinals.

    Also, quick question, and obviously hypothetical:

    If the Rangers won the cup this year, would Renney be included? Not sure what the rules are for that, but would he get credit for coaching almost the entire season and get his name on the cup along with Torts?

    Not sure if thats ever happened and just wondering


  24. Ha, nice Rick. It’s alright. No shame here. Some people got a BIG head start in the beard challenge huh? I mean, mine is coming in nicely now, but some on there are all rip van winkled already.

  25. Doodie Machetto on

    Not doing the beard contest. I just don’t think I could pull it off at this job.

    Also, I don’t see Avery pestering Ovechkin, or, I should say, I don’t see Ovechkin being pestered by Avery.

    Ovechkin has a confidence and a swagger that won’t let someone like Avery get to him. I think if Avery starts yapping, Ovechkin will basically think to himself “I’m the best player in the world. I’m going to score two goals, and then later in the game, I’ll line him up for good measure.”

    Which brings me to my second point: Ovechkin already has an edge to his game. He hits hard and clean. He doesn’t need to change characters to do that to Avery. Avery is effective when he gets the opposing players to stop playing their game and concentrate on him. But part of Ovechkin’s game IS concentrating on other players. Ever see the runs he was taking at Malkin? Or at Staal?

    You also have to figure that Nylander is going to talk to the entire team about Avery to try and keep them focused away from him and on the task at hand.

    Point is, if Avery wants to make himself useful this series, it’s going to have to be as a hockey player, and not as a pest. At least not to Ovechkin. I can imagine him having a lot more success with some of the other players on Washington, like Semin, Backstrom, or Green.

  26. Doodie Machetto on

    Nasty, the guy right before you looks like Callahan’s and Staal’s love child

  27. I think you might be right about Avery/Ovechkin, but I am sure there are other players on the Caps that Avery will disrupt. I think it might be even more important for him to get under Theodore’s skin. He is a shaky goalie to begin with, so if Avery is in his face, it could really knock him off his game.

  28. Doodie, I wouldnt say that AO hits clean all the time…

    I have seen him get away with alot of charging type hits in the past few years….

    the Refs treat him like they treated Michael Jordan and his 4 steps to the hoop

  29. Doodie Machetto on

    “I jsut dont see how nay writer can say theodore and Hank are almsot equal?”

    I don’t think any writer has. That’s the only advantage that most people give us. Truth is that to win this series, Hank is going to have to steal it for us, which is something he has yet to do. And seeing how Washington has owned him this year, it’ll be interesting to see how he can respond to the challenge.

    “The pressures on Wash to take this series, and I really have a gut feeling this series could be the biggest upset of the quarterfinals.”

    Ducks over Sharks will be the biggest upset. 8 over 1.

  30. Glad I have a chance to sit in on the chat today. Work hasn’t allowed me much time to keep up with the blog reading. Going to have to pick your brains on the whole Washington in 6 notion.

  31. Doodie Machetto on

    “I think it might be even more important for him to get under Theodore’s skin. He is a shaky goalie to begin with, so if Avery is in his face, it could really knock him off his game.”

    That’s a good point. Really, for the Rangers to win this series it’s going to all come down to the goaltending. They will need Henrik to be the King and Theodore to be the Theodore of late, and nothing even remotely resembling the Theodore of old.

  32. Man…I’m either too busy, and imagining things, or I just read that Rick plays the accordian in a catholic school uniform….


    I’m just crazy busy

  33. I can see Cally and Dubi having a good playoff. Dubi was a beat last year in the playoffs, and he started to get hot to end the year. If Z would only pick up his game, we could be in really good shape. It is so funny to me that we don’t score a little more than we do. Z, Antro, Dubi, Cally, Drury, Naslund. They are going to have to step it up.

  34. Doodie Machetto on

    I think Washington couldn’t have drawn a better team (except Montreal). Their only weakness is keeping the puck out of the net. What could be better than a team that has a problem putting it there (except Montreal, who not only is having problems scoring, but keeping from being scored upon)?

  35. Kaspar, I think I must be way too busy as well….I think I just read that Nasty1 thinks their is a cute guy in the beard photo slideshow…

  36. I can hear the ref’s whistle blowing everytime a ranger goes near AO and Avery will have to be decapitated before
    he gets any justice.

    this beard thing is very exclusionary, how about hairy leg contest for female fans?

  37. Nah, I didn’t say cute, I said “cut from the Whalberg cloth” Definitely a difference there. And you must be the one that thinks he is “cute” to assume that is what I meant. So Mr. Nasty 1’s lesson of the day is: One should NEVER assume because it makes and ass out of u and me. ass+u+me=assume. Class dismissed.

  38. Doodie Machetto on

    Rangers who will be playing their first playoff game tonight:


    Rangers who have less than 10 games or less of playoff experience:

    Dubinsky (10)
    Staal (10)
    Sjostrom (10)
    Orr (7)
    Morris (7)
    Voros (5)
    Korpedo (1)

    Hopefully Korpedo can keep up his playoff goalscoring pace.

  39. Nasty, my computer must be messed up…

    but it reads

    *There is another guy in there that is cute*

  40. Geez!
    We need a game

    Carps playing Tuba with a highschool band, Nasty and Liquid are arguing over boy bands; I just ordered a team photo of the Minnesota Rollergirls and Doodie is the only one making any sense!!

    start the Chat early!!

  41. HAHA, yes we do need a game. I feel like the day is going so slow. I just want to get out of here already. Anyone have any game time rituals or maybe even something just for the playoffs?

  42. If we lose tonight, it will be interesting to see where the “happy vibe” of late goes. My guess is directly down the crapper.

  43. Nasty 1, good point about Avery getting under Jose’s skin. AO is a beast and no one is going to throw that guy off his game!!! Staal can try and play him tight but AO will get his points!! But, can all the so-called experts stop equating the Caps with the Detroit Red Wings or the Flying Frenchmen!! Please, they are the Washington Caps and they have the best player in the world on their team!! But let’s not forget what happens EVERY year when the playoffs start and that is that the game gets more tight, more defensive and Torts’ Rangers have been pretty tight in their own end and Hank has started to play great again! I’m not just a Ranger fanatic, but a hockey fan and this series isn’t such a slam dunk for the Caps!! Carpie, I understand and repsect your position on the Rangers because you’ve had it all year but just like in the World Series, there is invaribaly a non-star player who rises up and is clutch in the World Series. We have a lot of those type players on our team so let’s not give the Caps too much respect!! You game plan to limit AO but not key on him because the rest of their players will benefit. Play the way they’ve been playing the last 2 weeks or so, and I’ll take my chances on advancing!!! New season, new attitude, new coach!! Let the games begin!!!

  44. Uh oh…

    Now Nasty1 is pointing out to the majority of men who are on this blog the degree of handsome he is….

    Time for lunch! Be back @ noon !

  45. I think Avery could be very effective pesting Ovechkin. It’s a long series and Ovenchkin does get involved in battles with specific players and I can see him getting annoyed at Avery which is good. As big as he is, I think the Rangers need to collectively bang him every game and every shift. Not just Staal, but everyone has to hit him hard every time he touches the puck. Make him think about it, even just for a second and maybe his mind will be off scoring.

    That being said, i think the same goes for the other Caps as well. Has anyone ever seen Semin? He weighs a buck 47 soaking wet. I think 7 games of intense contact will wear him down. The key is to stay in the games and the series, early. The longer it goes the better for the Rangers.

  46. I am getting unconfirmed reports from sources close to the Rangers that Drury has a broken right hand. If true, this is, no matter what you think of the current version of Chris Drury, not good news, but it’s the playoffs and considering the lack of depth (aka ‘I don’t trust anyone else in the lineup)I would tape it, freeze it and show Drury clips of Bobby Baun playing on his broken leg back in a mid-60’s playoff game. I am hoping someone has an update at Noon.

  47. Brashear is a healthy scratch tonight. The Caps lines should look like this.

    Ovechkin – Backstrom – Kozlov
    Laich – Federov – Semin
    Fleischman – Nylander – Fehr
    Gordon – Steckel – Bradley

    The Caps are substituting Gordon for Brash. That means PK ability and speed win out over hitting and muscle.

  48. No Country For Old Rangers on

    If Brashear is a scratch, then ORR should be a scratch. Call up a kid. Orr brings nothing unless there is an a-hole like Brashear to counter


    Guys I have always started growing my beard as soon as it becomes apparent that whatever hockey we are playing is “playoff hockey,” essentially due or die.

    For example, this year, I started mine the day after we lost to Boston because it was clear our season hung in the balance of a three game series.


  50. I HAVE TO GO TO CHORUS IN 5 MINUTES!!!!! BARF!!!!!! You guys are doing a great job, keep up the good work.

    What is more important in your opinion, Avery getting in Ovechkins head or Avery Getting in to Theodore’s head?

  51. One of the picks on “ESPN strek for the cash” today is

    Which team will have the larger margin of victory?
    Wasington Capitals (vs Rangers)
    Pittsburgh Penguins (vs Flyers)

    Not if they will win, but by how much they will win by! Pathetic

  52. I’m in the chat… but none of my questions are going through for some reason… its still early maybe they will show up later… but by then the conversation will have moved on and they will be irrelevant

  53. now my Avery question came up when no longer discussing Avery… grrr…

    Nasty to the right of the video screen at the to it says cover it live and the questions show up below scroll down and there is a box to enter questiosn

  54. Doodie Machetto on

    HAHA NASTY. awesome.

    Carp and Jane misunderstood my question. I was asking them to rate Tom Poti as a PP defensemen against our PP defensemen. Thoughts?

  55. Great chat guys.

    I think the truth about this series for the Rangers is actually not as simple as Lundqvist playing lights out. Don’t get me wrong, I think he has to. But additionally, the Rangers need someone – one guy – to basically burst into flames and score like a machine a la RJ Umberger for Philly last year. And honestly, I don’t think that guy will be Gomez or Drury (although it could be Drury) or Naslund, and I doubt it will be Zherdev. Cally I think will contribute steadily as he always does. But I think it will be Brandon Dubinsky. He’s just been scoring more recently, potted 2 against Philly so his confidence has to be high, he has playoff experience now from last year, and he can just flat out beat alot of guys one-on-one. Once he gets the puck at the Caps blueline, against their D, he will get lots of scoring chances.

    It may sound nuts but I think it’s Hank and someone else, and while it doesn’t matter who that someone else is, I just have a feeling Dubi is going to really bust out and shine here when it counts, and if that happens, this will be a different team again.

  56. So much talk about Ovechkin, Avery, Lundy, Drury… etc…

    Yet nobody has talked about Mike Green at all…

    The guy is a clear choice to win the Norris trophy and does a better job of getting involved in the rush than any defenseman i’ve ever seen (Too young to really remember a guy like Paul Coffey). The guy had 31 goals and 42 assists this year in just 68 games. He has a great shot, moves the puck well and is a huge part of this teams success this year. He’s 24 so he’s only getting better too.

    One of my close friends is a Caps fan so i’ve been watching Green all year and he really is incredible, but sometimes his movement up the ice leaves him a little vulnerable sometimes on defense. My friend alluded to the Kings and the Avs as two teams that were really able to exploit this and beat Green back down the ice..

    So anyway, it’s defenitly not just Ovechkin we need to worry about… Green + Semin and Backstrom among others are all young and highly talented players… our boys are gonna have a handful but keep the faith. Go Rangers!

  57. hey Kaspar

    I found the shoe! Doesn’t look like its my shoe but its a shoe… now i got two left shoes… wanna trade? :P

  58. Avery will not be next to AO. they both play LW, so they are on opposite sides of the ice.

    the ranger RWs will be next to him. that’s Cally, Antro

  59. Gentlemen, I’ll be there tonight … look for the guy with the sign stating “Poti is Bush League”

  60. So am I the only one who gets annoyed by the airhorns the Washington crowd uses to get their chant going? They’re pretty obnoxious.

  61. Ah Good for you Agravaine! I wish I could have hit the one in Morristown…F this government/administration.
    Cash under the table…the wave of the future!

  62. Doodie Machetto on

    “Yet nobody has talked about Mike Green at all… ”

    I’ve already said he will be the MVP of the series for the Caps.

  63. Yeah, I am hoping that you are right MAKO. I think he can too. It should be interesting. This has been the longest day ever today.

    P.S. Chorus SUCKED!!!!!!

  64. Yes, chorus always does suck. I want to see Morris keep up the shooting from everywhere. It has been resulting in good things for us, because he is one of our dmen that can actually hit the next.

  65. Yep Nasty – he has a accurate bomb from the blue line. I really hope they keep him for next year…

  66. StaalWart-watched the preview with trautwig, daneyko and goring, and maloney….Maloney is very very knowledgeable, it hurts him so much when we lose-you can see it in him, i cant recall the team it might have been the panthers at home early in the season when he basically bashed redden on tv as professionally as he could when he was out manned in the creased when the rangers were on the PP and henrik couldnt freeze the puck….i do agree with him when its 2-2 or we are done 3-2 we all know the issue is who will get that big goal and step up for us……i hope avery gets some PP time-his wrist shot is very underrateed….

    off the rangers for 1 second i know i know but speaking of no one giving the rangers a shot what about PHILLY…..i think philly might be the best team in the east-i know they have issues in goal but no one is giving them a shot to beat the pens-granted pitt will get all the calls on the Nothing But Crosby network but i like PHILLY in 6….

    5 more hrs to GO LETS GO RANGERS LETS GO RANGERS LETS GO RANGERS! i still am sticking with my naslund feeling tonight, i think he comes up big -dont ask me why i jsut have a gut feeling

  67. ********crease
    ****************we are DOWN not DONE DAMN!*****

    We need spellcheck on this blog

  68. …spellcheck wouldn’t have caught that error, because “Done” is a correctly spelled word….

    …i need this game to start. And, judging by the pre-playoff beard pictures, i’m beginning to think i am the lone minority of the blog (asian). i could grow a mean playoff foo man choo.

  69. I Bleed Rangers Blue on

    How sad is it that ESPN news would rather listen to Bernie Williams play take me out to the ball game on the guitar instead of talk ANY hockey playoffs….i hate espn…thank god for NHL network

  70. Doodie Machetto on

    Jeff, I think I speak on behalf of everyone at Rangers Report when I say: *DO IT!!!*

  71. Doodie, sorry if I misunderstood … my way of thinking: Poti is better on the power play than anybody the Rangers have on the point, and it’s not even close.

  72. Does anyone else see the Power Rangers masks on the side of the screen? I think I am definitely going to buy one. It will go perfect with my red unitard that I wear when I have piccolo lessons. My dreams have been answered. HA.

    HAAAAAAAA, I just went back to read my earlier post and I did say “Cute from the Wahlberg cloth” But I obviously meant cut from the wahlberg cloth.

    HILARIOUS!!!!!! Sorry, didn’t mean to scare anyone.

  73. I never thought i would want Drury to play in a game as much as this one. Voros as the alternative is just stupid. As I have said before, he seems like a good guy, but he does not belong in the NHL.

  74. Doodie Machetto on

    I agree. If they have to play Voros instead of Drury, we’re in big trouble.

    Call up Anisimov at least instead.

  75. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Rules !! says Greg L. on

    Let’s go Beards!!!!…I mean Let’s g o Rangers!!!!!!1

  76. This is great… the one guy who we “supposed to count on” and who is eating up major chunk outta the cap is not going to play. Awesome… didn’t he get injure in last year playoffs too? Remember? Something with his back or whatever in game four or something… f’ing great!

  77. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Rules !! says Greg L. on

    Thats ok CCCP , Drury wasn’t there for our wins against a big Flyers team that needed a point. We have just rolled along nicely here without him and can keep doing so. Drury is our Captain and is clutch BUT when our boys skate onto that Capital ice they will be ready!! I see a major major upset this spring and this series is the start!!!

  78. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Rules !! says Greg L. on

    BTW CARP , thanks for the advice … I told my boss to…” take this job and shove it!! I ain’t miss ‘n Ranger Report no moreeee”

  79. OK guys, I am out of here. LETS GO RANGERS!!!!!!!!! I will try and post from my BlackBerry tonight.

  80. Doodie Machetto on

    “MacTavish fired by the Oilers.”

    Long overdue. Lowe protected him as long as he could.

    Renney doesn’t go to Edmonton. I think he ends up in Minnesota.

  81. Doesn’t Renney have family still in Vancouver? A western Canada gig might be suited for him. Wonder if Ruff will bring him on board for Team Canada at the Worlds.

  82. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    Nasty 1
    April 15th, 2009 at 10:15 am
    Does anyone else remember “Today’s Special?” Sorry for taking this trip down memory lane today, but I am having flashbacks from my childhood big time. It came on right before “Pinwheel.” Do we remember either of those shows?

    Nasty- i remember it now that umentioned it. wow that was back in the day. hey nasty, remember romper room? awesome show. hey did anyone have a teddy ruxspin??

  83. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    with the litle claymation wormlike things making funny shapes and whatnot

  84. onecupin69+years on

    Sal’s cat will be able to lick the whiskers off the contestants in 5 games,how much beard grows in 5 games?

  85. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    or that canadian show”you cant do that on television” where the whole people getting slimed thing came from

  86. UESBlueshirt on

    I missed the games 3 and 4 roll call earlier, but I’ll be at game 4 section 322.

    Hm, Renney in Minny, they would think that would be the most wide open hockey known to man in comparison to “Le Horse”. Maybe they can get MacT to come to NY as an asst. for next year? Although maybe it’s time to cut Edmonton to NY cord, that really hasn’t produced a whole lot since the 90’s for us.

  87. UESBlueshirt on

    Or Renney could go to Calgary if they flop and axe Keenan. He would then proceed to sit Iginla for long stretches for reasons unknown claiming he “wears down after a while”.

  88. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    doodie- renny goes to minny, garaunteed gaborik scores 20 goals a year.

  89. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    ues- someone said the other day, that sutter(elmer fudd) was gonna go to calgary after they fire keenan. because of the whc games

  90. No Country For Old Rangers on

    Only a few short hours til the puck drops. In the words of the Blues GM, “OH BABY!”

  91. Bad news. I read Poti is questionable tonight…having him play only helps our chances IMO.

  92. UESBlueshirt on

    Yeah, Sutter is getting a little long in the tooth for a Devils coach.

    The only reason I’d say Calgary as a possible destination is because of the whole theory that says usually after a coach gets canned the front office tends to bring in the opposite type of personality of whomever got let go. So the crack the whip style of Keenan would be balanced out by the mellower Renney. But Sutter obviously has closer ties to Calgary, both the franchise and the region.

  93. Doodie Machetto on

    I still say Renney to Minny. They didn’t fire Lemaire, he quit. Gaborik is gone, no way he resigns.

    That leaves them with squat on offense, but a great goaltender and some solid defensemen.

    Sound familiar?

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