Here we go: Game 1


Before gametime, with everything that could possibly be discussed already discussed:

I have covered every one of the four all-time Rangers-Capitals series, and some things stick out — in addition to the fact that all four were played at the old, dark, dank dump of an arena known as the Capital Centre, originally, in middle-of-absolutely-nowhere Landover, Md.

1986 — I had to miss Game 2 in beautiful Landover because my sister was getting married (Happy 23rd Anniversary Dana & Rick). Didn’t matter. The Rangers lost 8-1, but they won the series in six and went to the conference final as a huge underdog.

1990 — John Druce, John Druce, John Druce, John Druce.

1991 — This was the series that changed Rangers history. although not many remember it that way. After being eliminated, Neil Smith spoke to the press while sitting on a folding table in the basement of the Cap Centre (that was the 51st anniversary of the 1940 Cup, too, 4/13/91). He was seething, talking about how he felt he had built a car to win the Indy 500 only to have somebody crash it in the first turn. It was the impetus to purge all the existing veterans — Bernie Nicholls, Kelly Kisio, etc. — and ultimately led to the summer-long discussions that brought  Mark Messier to New York the following October, preceeded by Adam Graves.

1994 — Two things stand out. One, the Rangers led 3-0 in the series, and had won their first seven playoff games, when the Capitals took Game 4 and were physically beating up the Rangers and threatening to extend the series. But Brian Leetch completely took over the series in Game 5 and began his run to the Conn Smythe Trophy. Who knows? If the Capitals had extended that series, maybe the Rangers would have run out of gas in the conference final (they were going on fumes by the middle of the Stanley Cup final). The other snapshot was Esa Tikkanen kissing the generous proboscis of Caps pest Keith Jones during one of many run-ins.


The Capitals (and some other teams, I think the Rangers included) have stolen our Playoff Beard idea. Or maybe we stole their idea. Whatever.

But on the Caps site you can build your own beard in case you can’t grow your own (grow your own?). So I thought I’d give it a go.

So that’s what I’ll look like for the Stanley Cup parade.

You can see our current slideshow (and our video chat from this afternoon) by scrolling down to the previous post, or by clicking here.

I also wanted to point out, completely unrelated, that I have yet to find a single print media person who picked the Rangers. Me,  Jane, the News, the Post, Newsday and USA Today all picked the Caps.


If you’re around and interested, the Rangers are hosting two viewing parties tonight, at local pubs in Manhattan and in Hoboken, N.J. Here’s the release:

  New York, April 15, 2009 – The New York Rangers will provide fans with an opportunity to gather and cheer on the Blueshirts as they take on the Washington Capitals in Game One of the Eastern Conference Quarterfinals of the 2009 Stanley Cup Playoffs.  Fans will have the chance to watch the game on big-screen televisions at Stout, located across the street from Madison Square Garden, and at Black Bear Bar & Grill, in Hoboken, NJ.  Former NY Rangers great Glenn Anderson will greet fans at Stout while Nick Fotiu will be on hand at the Black Bear Bar & Grill giving away playoff tickets, autographed merchandise and Rangers products.  The game will be telecast live on MSG Network at 7 p.m.  Pre-game coverage begins at 6:30 p.m. 

(FYI, the Black Bear is at 205 Washington St. in Hoboken; Stout is at 133 West 33rd, between 6th and 7th and across the street from MSG, in the city).

I’ll be right here in the comments section with you throughout tonight’s game. Enjoy it.

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  1. Hey Carp not up to date on the Drury situation. Maybe you covered it earlier today. Any word on his status for the game tonight. Thanks

  2. First, Carp, you look a little Amish in ur “create-a-beard”. Second, I AM PUMPED!!! C’mon, all you bloggers out there, and you know who you are, the ones who were saying towards the end of the season that you hoped our Boys wouldn’t make the playoffs, how ya’ feelin’ now??? You don’t deserve to feel the Playoff Pump!!!! It’s a different feel man, a new season, a clean slate and all the media can predict the Caps winning, but like I said before, these are the Capitals not the Red Wings or Sharks or the Dynastic Oilers or the Flying Frenchmen!!! We can do this! Are ya’ with me? Let’s do ittttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt! (Blutarski reference)

  3. Yup Im pumped but forever a pessimist …. I think Caps in 6… also …. Carp …you definitely look very Amish!!
    Lets Go Rangers!

  4. Just got my 18 month old daughter to say Rangers for the first time. Took about 10 minutes of bribing her with chocholate and it sounded like “angers”, but it’s a lucky sign none the less!

  5. This last hour of work is killing me. I instructed my wife last night that I am NOT to be disturbed tonight. She looked at me weirdly. My first playoff game on the LCD-HD!

  6. Artie,
    I am totally pumped, but I call it like I see it, common sense tells me the Caps have too much firepower, however Hockey and sports in general are not always about common sense. I love an upset and could see it!

  7. Tarik El-Bashir?

    Man, I am pumped….Not only because its 3 hours till game time….

    but also due to me drinking one of them 6 hour Energy shots you find at the local gas station….

    My heart feels like its gonna burst out of my chest, and If this is still the case during game time, I am gonna run through a wall when the Rangers score…

    LET’S GO RANGERS !!!!!!!!!!

  8. Fischler's Ghost on

    Drop the effing puck already!!!!!

    This is the longest day of work i can remember.

    I can’t concentrate on anything, I’ve had way to much coffee, I need to swap the shirt and tie for some Red White and Blue.

  9. Yes Carp, PUMPED

    I had a colonoscopy a couple of months ago, and before the procedure they give you a shot to put you out. When you wake up, it is like the time was lost in space and you just wake up like you were before you got the shot. Well, this morning I was begging that someone can give me one of those shots and that I could just wake up at 6:30 tonight. This had to be the loooongest day in a long time for me. DROP THE PUCK ALREADY!!!

  10. Doodie Machetto on

    I like TEB, I had no idea he used to be at the Times.

    I love my Rangers and hope they will win but… Caps in 5.

    At least they will be entertaining games, which, short of a Cup, what more could you ask for?

  11. Dopplerbob, the shot is great, but leading up to the shot isn’t so great at all … and you probably are hoping the Rangers don’t do what you were doing up to the shot … if you know what I mean.


  13. Doodie Machetto on

    “but also due to me drinking one of them 6 hour Energy shots you find at the local gas station….”

    Redden gets those in powdered form from a guy at the local gas station

  14. some funny Craps fans at the Washington post:


    Tortorella is getting nervous. Does he know we are 29-9-3 at home? I hope all the fans going to the game cheer so loud that the Rangers won’t be able to hear anything, they’ll be deaf.

    Posted by: rachel216 | April 15, 2009 3:17 PM | Report abuse


    torts is just doing coach speak. visiting team would always rather be on the road to avoid the pressure and “be together”. while the home team says they are glad they are at home to get energized by the crowd, yada yada yada. you know torts would rather be at MSG. go caps.
    Posted by: dcsportsfan1 | April 15, 2009 3:36 PM | Report abuse


    Posted by: lylewimbledon | April 15, 2009 3:38 PM | Report abuse
    I’ll be screaming from my a$$ groove on the couch!!! Even during warm-up’s …..gonna annoy my Penguin fan neighbor!!!

    Posted by: bhound69 | April 15, 2009 4:02 PM | Report abuse


    Silly little f*ckers!
    C’mon kids, repeat after me!


  15. It will not be a short series. I absolutely think the Rangers can win if the stars align a touch, but I am picking the Capitals in 7 — on an OT goal by Green.

    However the Rangers will do themselves proud in the battle level department, and the season will be looked back on as the beginning of the end of accepted mediocrity.

    Let’s Go Rangers

  16. “you probably are hoping the Rangers don’t do what you were doing up to the shot

    The Rangers will do that ON the Caps! All night long like I was!
    Lol Carp…!

    Thanks for the Wash Post link- nice to read the “other sides'” view of things

  17. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Rules !! says Greg L. on

    Yo Carp , I did see 1 person in the media who picked the Rangers. Nick Kypreos yook the Rangers in 7 .

    GO RANGERS!!! Nervous? huh ….were the UNDERDOGS here….the Caps are more nervous then us ,expecially when we take game 1!!!

  18. I am gonna remember every doubter in this joint who did not give the Rangers a shot !!!!

    They will most likely all dissapear and end up slapping pappys with LI Joe & Co. over on Zipays Blog….


    Ovenchicken and Craps out in 6 !!

  19. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Rules !! says Greg L. on

    NOWAY Doodie , beard away man …it’s never too late!!! Im doing mine soon.

    GO RANGERS!!!! POUND OV , a guy who hits and hits like him ,,is BOUND to get hurt!!!

  20. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Rules !! says Greg L. on

    Hell YEAH LIQUID !!!! Thats right … great Ranger passion , I love it!!!!!

  21. Anyone going to Black Bear in Hoboken tonight? I would love to watch this game in a place with some ATMOSPHERE. Could we get an unaccompanied goal song going? And of course plenty of “LET’S GO RANGERS” chants.

    LET’S GO RANGERS!!!!!!!!

  22. Doodie Machetto on

    Just because I think the Caps are going to steamroll the Rangers doesn’t mean I don’t hope with every ounce of my body that I’m wrong.

    I’m the first one to eat crow when I’m wrong, and I hope that I have to eat a lot of it by the time the playoffs are done (I don’t think the Rangers can take a series against any team in the east other than the Habs or Devils).



    any update on Poti?????????????????????????????/

  24. i think i am the only one on this blog who made no predictions… i cant wait to hear all the excuses in the world from the people who made any predictions… win or lose… i will predict only one thing… this team will make us proud!


  25. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Rules !! says Greg L. on

    Doodie , thats fine , but you do fail to realize the Rangers are no ordinary team . We can beat the Bruins , Penguins and also Carolina . Add Washington to that list too….


  26. f- stout,,,blue moon on Upper East Side good Hockey Bar, a Sabre bar and since they are out LETSSSSSSSSS GO RANGERS

  27. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Rules !! says Greg L. on

    WASHINGTON come playoffs…..SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    whooohohooo RANGERS!!!

  28. I went to a few Rangers/Caps game back when they were at the US Air Arena… my first game I was so young I asked if they skated on the roof haha; really odd shaped white roof they had.

    Worst experience at MCI/Verizon Center was when Bondra scored a hat trick many years back.

    Now I have every bandwagon Caps fan messaging me today how the “rangers are going down.” I told them to watch their ankles when they jump off. Hands down biggest bandwagon team ever. Even real Caps fan agree with me.

  29. Doodie, come back to the Hall of Justice…..The Legion of Doom is not good for youuuuuu……..

    M. STAAL
    REDDEN (cough)


  30. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    i am pumped carp!!! nervous too though. drank too much coffee and monster coffee drinks. game prediction- rangers win 4-3. kinda like the last game we played against philly.

  31. not a regular poster… but LETSSSS GOOOO RANGERSSSS!!!!

    SOOOOO STOKED!!!!!!!!!!!! less than 2 hours now!!!


  33. Doodie, ZzZ, never too late. Send me a photo.

    ZzZ, don’t forget, Kypreos still thinks he’s on the payroll. I said “print” media because I know there are plenty of “electronic” guys out there who are picking the Rangers (Fischler, I think) — some who believe, and some who just want to try to pick upsets so they can brag about it.

    Seth … Blue Moon used to be owned by some Rangers, including the current GM of the Washington Capitals, who I guess is an enemy this week, but was a legendary Ranger.

  34. Carps, Do you remember when McPhee blasted Dave Brown’s face in the Playoffs?

    Old Time Hockey!!!

    *They spent their own dough to get here, and they came here to see us! All right, let’s show ’em what we got, guys! Get out there on the ice and let ’em know you’re there. Get that fargin’ stick in their side. Let ’em know you’re there! Get that lumber in his teeth. Let ’em know you’re there!!*

    Let’s Go Rangers!!!

  35. yes Rick, i think leetch was a part owner as well…. i saw dawes, staal, callahan, gomez and orr there way back on a monday night during the preseason

    shocker Melrose picked the CAPS……f that guy as well! and the same to pierre/milbury/potvin/brodeur/etc etc etcccccccccc


  36. Cindy Crawford on


  37. Off topic, since there’ nothing really to say yet… For anyone who is tivoing “Lost” tonight, Al Trautwig has a video blog about “Lost” on, and I have to say, he is a genius! Not only does he cover every sport in the world, he has amazing insight into “Lost” — very impressive, Al.


    Holy crap I cannot WAIT until game time!!! I had to leave work early today for personal reasons, and thank God I did because I was going nuts just sittin there with nothing to do!!! Now I’m sittin at home, ready to break a wall down cuz I’m going absofreakinlutely INSANE!! Thank God my fiance doesn’t get home until 9:45 CST because I scare him at playoff time!!!

    Rick, your beard looks like that magnetic toy ya give kids where they put the beard on the guys face!!

    Did other teams fans post here last year during the playoffs? That happens frequently over at Topix, especially Islander fans, and we’ve seen what goes on at Zips blog, but how bad does it get over here? Real fans are one thing, but those bandwagon fans who, all they can say is the other team sucks are pretty lame.

    One hour and 42 minutes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    LETS GO RANGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. did cowlishaw just say MALAKIN????? if so, thats nuts! They pretty much all picked the Caps too. WOW, an upset would be sooooooooooo fantastic!

    Shoryuken…. i remember two seasons ago, it was Sabres fans instigating on the Isles topix talkback (terrible reffing in that series) and then moved on over to the Rangers one…there was this one guy Dave who told me he’d send me a sabres shirt when they won the cup, needless to say, when they got bounced, he disappeared! There are a lot of Pen/Flyer fans that post on the NYPOST, they all came outta the woodwork when the phillies won also.

    Are we wagering on the beard contest? If so, I’m gonna put my money on Sally! She’s a sneaky one!

    *HOUR AND A HALF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LETS GO RANGERS!!!!!*

    by the way, Happy Tax Day

  40. My buddy is a big Habs fan and he used to call Jose Theodore “Swiss Cheese” when he played on the Habs, so I went out and bought a pound of swiss cheese

    Jay Feaster NHL Radio Insider just said the Caps will get beat because of that swiss cheese guy.

  41. kc
    April 15th, 2009 at 5:16 pm
    Off topic, since there’ nothing really to say yet… For anyone who is tivoing “Lost” tonight, Al Trautwig has a video blog about “Lost” on, and I have to say, he is a genius! Not only does he cover every sport in the world, he has amazing insight into “Lost”—very impressive, Al.


    what the hell is “Lost”? is it related to sport? Or is it that good that a sport personality has to blog about it on a sport website?

  42. 1 hour & 12 mins til the playoffs begin, this is that start of a war, a battle of epic proportions. Gentlemen, all we need is 16 wins and the first one starts tonight. Drury, Gomez, Naslund, Antropov, Zherdev, Dubinsky, Callahan, Avery, Betts, Orr, Sjostrom, & Korpikoski, now is the time to bring your A game. Mara, Morris, Staal, Girardi, Roszival, & Redden, you need to defend your zone and earn your salaries. Henrik, bring your Vezina style goaltending.
    Steal this win, and you control your destiny, NOW GO OUT THERE AND BRING US A VICTORY, LETS GO RANGERS!!!!!!!

  43. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Rules !! says Greg L. on

    yeah I don’t see any electronic or paper guys saying Rangers at all. Nick K did say some negative stuff about the Rangers while we got Avery back. He didn’t like our Trade deadline moves and he didn’t think Torts could be a difference…but yet he picks Rangers in 7 ?

    My friend just PM me on MSN and said :

    Sheldon : man the guys on tsn didnt have much faith in the rangers ,,could be a short playoffs lol
    Sheldon: ya might have ta continue there playoffs on 360 lol
    Sheldon: after the first round
    Sheldon: is typing a message.
    Sheldon: pits an wings in the final again?

    This guy sure got an EAR FULL BY ME!!!!




    3-1 win
    4-2 loss
    5-1 loss
    6-1 WIN
    3-2 win
    1-0 win

    FIN :)

  45. carp.. if i predict tonight correct.
    we gotta see just how well i do.
    i can be your offical predictor.

  46. If we win this series, we have to do it in 6 or less. Game 7’s are tough on the road.

  47. LETS GO BOYS!!!!!!!!!!!

    What we do in playoffs, echoes in the… training camp? damnit.

  48. Rangers in Six, but being rational Caps in 5. Please Zherdev, dont come comatose tonight.

  49. Dear Naysayers,

    The last new york team that won a national championship also had all the analysts rooting against them…. so carp jane and everyone else go ahead and pick caps in six….. there is not any team in the east that is guaranteed a victory in a series against us…. we are contenders… and we will contend… play hard gritty passionate hockey…. crash the net and god willing put some pucks in the net. 28 33 40 94 2009. Lets Go Rangers

  50. nyrinphx,

    what level r u playing on ive lost 2 to 1 and 5 nil on all star. about to play another game soon.

  51. Paul- Same goes for Redden. Please Redden, at least try to look like you are alive on skates tonight

  52. 5 minutes into the game, a shot deflects off a stick in the Rangers’ zone and knocks out both the Verizon center organist and the “Let’s Go Caps” airhorn guy. The Caps fans go silent in shock from losing their 2 most annoying features of the building, the Rangers win Game 1 and ride the momentum to a 5 game win.

    Eh, I’m bored, but I can dream can’t I?

  53. Linda misses NY @ Playoff time on

    please wish me luck that i can actually view the game tonight…damn i hate this laptop and gamecenter live!!

  54. I am so ready for this game!! Let’s Go Rangers!!! They need to believe that they can win. 40 minutes to go.

  55. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Rules !! says Greg L. on

    RANGERS need to realize that , yes OV will score a few and we will score too. This is no Renney run team , we will attack and with all the momentum from the Washington fans cheering on thier Caps. So What? we came back against Philly so I can’t see us panicking if Ov and company score first.

  56. 110Th!!!!

    Wow…..everybody pumped up?

    I’m pacing around making believe I care about school work and the beautiful weather

  57. GardenFaithfulinFLA on

    LET’S GO RANGERS!!!! I’m sooo pumped – wore red, white and blue to work today with my Ranger pin on my collar (had all I could do not to wear my jersey). Everybody enjoy the game.

  58. NYRin PHX

    A few times recently I watched center ice and put the rangers Radio feed on thru the website..

    A couple of times it was in sync
    once though the Radio was like 30 seconds ahead…that was annoying
    But I’m gonna give it a shot tonite

  59. Just got home. As told, all means of communication to the outside world are turned off!!! Dinner is heating up and I cant WAIT for the game!!!! DROP THE PUCK!!!

    LETS GO RANGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  60. Garden –

    I know I wanted SOOOOOO bad to wear my jersey to work today, over the suit LOL

  61. Linda misses NY @ Playoff time on

    thanks Shoryuken and Sally! I’ll go absolutely insane if i can’t be here with you guys for the game!!! half an hour, I should start trying to bring gamecenter live up soon!! I’ll probably just go to channelsurfing, as long as the evil, ratbastage run NHL has NOT shut ’em down again!

    Sally, I’m puttin my money on you for the contest!

    I’m sorry, those guys are not pirates! Call em what they really are..TERRORISTS!!

  62. the Ranger game is on center ice, but only in Standard Def, thanks to that pos Dolan, who will not allow fans outside the cablevision area to see rangers in HD. he pulled this crap in Jan, and it goes for all 4 MSG teams, the Rangers, debbies Isles, and Sabres.

  63. Linda misses NY @ Playoff time on

    i’m too superstitious to wear team apparel on game day!!! hope i can wear some team apparel to the gym tomorrow! maybe the AVERY RULES shirt!

    *LETS GO RANGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*

    sally, are dubi and gomez ready for the ride?

  64. If Mara’s beard was gray he could be Santa Claus. Maybe he can bring us a nice early Xmas present!

  65. Thanks for your support, Linda!

    The kittens are all riled up and ready to go. Let’s hope Princess Dubinsky takes over her spot on top of the tv and deflects one in for us!

    I’m sooo nervous and excited for this game!!!

  66. oh great, now we have to depend on Voros, mr free, to lead the way. yikes !

  67. Linda misses NY @ Playoff time on

    yea, the nerves finally hit me in the last 10 minutes!!

    I got channelsurfing up, they are the TSN2 feed. not even gonna try gamecenter cuz then i can’t ‘chat’ with all you fine folks!

  68. voros will definitely take 2 penalties which will lead to goals. us against the world fellows

  69. dopplerbob, Messier never actually said that. The Post headline writer said it. When Messier said “We will win” it was the day before Game 6. The headline writer took some liberties, and now it’s known as “We will win tonight.”

    A Guy Who … thanks. We here all know which is the best blog, not only in New York, but in hockey. Maybe in sports. But I don’t want to get carried away. No blog can match this, because no other blog has you guys.

    I disagree with Duguay, by the way. Never read too much into a guy leaving warmup early. It happens all the time. Why risk aggravating something in warmup. I think he’s playing because the Rangers would have recalled somebody from Hartford if they thought he wasn’t.

    Not sure if I said this here, but I did on the live chat and in the paper, I think the Rangers steal Game 1. I really do.

  70. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Rules !! says Greg L. on

    R A N G E R S RULE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  71. Linda misses NY @ Playoff time on

    i just hope that quiznos commercial doesnt come on, its just not right!

  72. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Rules !! says Greg L. on

    Thankzzzz Rick !!! You and Jane run this blog the best!!
    Rangers steal game 1 …sweet prediction!!! I knew ya had it in you RICK!!!!! RANGERS GOOOOOO!!!!!

  73. Linda misses NY @ Playoff time on


    man i gotta get a huge glass of water and the rolaids or tums or whatever it is i have here!!!! Lets get this party started!!!!!!!!!


  74. Linda misses NY @ Playoff time on

    go away cindy bettman!! PLEASE!!!

    *LETS GO RANGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*

  75. Linda misses NY @ Playoff time on

    no drury…

    who gets called up tomorrow now? someone said it may be a broken hand.

  76. Good luck fellow Rangers fans….

    I must leave right now…

    gonna go to Bed , Bath, & Beyond with the wife….

    and if we have time, we will head over to Home Depot….

    *LET’S GO RANGERS !!!!!*

  77. No Dru- The Wolfpack start tomorrow too. Who knows if they go with Voros on Sat?? Or Dru comes back by then. Or call up someone on emergency basis
    2 months of this. Boy it is going to be a great Spring!

  78. Linda misses NY @ Playoff time on

    that freakin airhorn is annoying beyond mortal belief!!!!!

    effin penalty already….argh

  79. Guys like Messier and Gordie Howe and even Potvin and Bobby Clarke must be puking to see a ticky-tack grab like that called a penalty … It used to be No Blood, No Foul in the playoffs. Geez.

  80. Big kill right there.

    Anybody else think it was a mistake to not have a player up from Hartford, just in case?
    Granted, Dubinsky just slides up, Korpikoski moves up, and Voros plays a few minutes, if any. But why not have somebody offensive playing those few minutes?

    Anybody else think it’s a leg with Drury, the way he gingerly left the ice?

  81. Huge mistake Carp. The Rangers would be better off with me out there instead of Voros.

  82. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    were soo lucky we survived that. this is gonna get ugly if they dont start playin. they gotta go to the net hard. now i see why they dont need a goalie to win games. cmon rangers kick their asses!!

  83. Carp, I thought Drury looked shaky out there… could definitely be a leg.

    Beard’s lookin’ pretty good!

  84. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    rangers look very outmatched. doesnt look good right now. they look very nervous.

  85. MAKO, I know. They showed him giving it a go during the pregame skate and said he got off the ice after just a few min. He looked wobbly.

  86. It is going to be very tough for caps to beat the Rangers


    I have a strong feeling you won’t be able to keep telling yourself very much longer.

  87. Joekuh - I'm playin hooky from class to watch game 1! on

    LQ looking good. Man these Capital announcers are homers. Its hilarious.

  88. Linda misses NY @ Playoff time on

    damn this feed is just as bad as gamecenter gggrrrrr!

    lookin somewhat overwhelmed right now, not liking it

  89. MAKO, my bad. I’ve had a few drinks already so I’ll work extra hard to try to make sense!

    UH. OH.

  90. That’s nice of Lexus to produce those irresponsible ads … yeah, go out and drive really fast and all over, lane to lane, like an idiot until you kill somebody.

  91. Joekuh - I'm playin hooky from class to watch game 1! on

    This is gonna be a good series..hits all over the place. Yea, some Caps are physical, but we’re not backing down. So far.

  92. That “penalty” against avery is bush league. He was trying to go around the interference!

    Classic Anti-Avery call.

  93. Fitzy April 15th, 2009 at 7:27 pm

    We can hope the caps legs get tired from skating circles around us.

    I like your thinkin’.

  94. Joekuh - I'm playin hooky from class to watch game 1! on

    did ovy pull that move off? my feed crapped out with LQ making the save..

  95. Adam from Chicago on

    Did they take away the power play clock display so they could afford to show the Subway ads on the screens behind the nets?

  96. y is rangers making plays inside of their own blue line????? passing and leaving puck for each other???? wtf?

  97. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    this has to be the most one sided game ive ever seen in my life. please torts, kick everyones ass besides cally

  98. Joekuh - I'm playin hooky from class to watch game 1! on

    0-0. Anyone worried that Caps got more shots than us?

  99. I couldn’t be happier right now-
    The caps gave us EVERYTHING they have and we survived with the edge of hitting the post. Swiss cheese looks very shaky

  100. No Country For Old Rangers on

    Mike in Iowa-

    Have you just started watching the rangers? Did you watch the NJ series in 2005-06 or any number of NYR playoff debacles?

    I thought they played a decent period, the game is tied.

  101. Greg Cimilluca and Michael Hurcomb from both picked the Rangers in the series.

  102. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    sather- stop giving us mediocre teams that eek their way in the playoffs. id rather seeus get tavares. for gods sake man just retire!!!!!!

  103. That was a survival period … but it was for Theodore, too. Now maybe he feels pretty good.

    Rangers were outplayed, but not blown out by any means.

    Now let’s see what Torts’ has got between periods.

    (here’s this ad with the professional skate boarder. WTF is a professional skate boarder? Is that the word for future unemployed, uneducated, flat-broke loser?)

  104. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Rules !! says Greg L. on

    WEATHERED THE STORM !! …Capitals need to get the puck past HANK and Hank aint budging!! Lots of hitting and intence action..I LOVE IT!!!

  105. Rangers had a pretty terrible first 13 minutes or so, but picked it up a little towards the end. They were lucky to end that period 0-0 but I’ll take it!

  106. Linda misses NY @ Playoff time on

    effin brutal…i hate this damned laptop!!! i love missing 8 minutes of a playoff game… and then rebooting, getting a feed, and it skipping ahead 20 seconds. sonsabeyotches!!

    at least they made it out of the first without giving up a goal. judging by your posts, they seemed to have picked up their play a bit after the aves penalty, which was the last thing i saw.

  107. “CCCP April 15th, 2009 at 7:40 pm

    y is rangers making plays inside of their own blue line????? passing and leaving puck for each other???? wtf”

    its the left overs from Rennys crap system

    they are the only team in the NHL that consistently goes backwards when pressured in their own zone

  108. well the negative is we were outplayed. positive is its 0-0. one inch and we are up 1-0. thats what stellar goaltending can do for you. Keep it up Hank!

  109. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    no country- been watching since 90. yea ive seen worse games, but not in the 05-06 season. didnt get msg till 06-07. had to watch oln outdoor network that turned into vs. so i missed most of those games. but cmon man, you gotta admit, hank is god. he is our only hope. even with a bad d and goalie our pp was the awful. naslunds cute lil spin thing backhander was so weak, but i had to laugh.

  110. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Rules !! says Greg L. on

    Game 1 in Washington ….after first period 0 – 0 , can’t say anyone predicted that!!! sweeeeet!!

  111. Carp, you are on fire tonight. You have some Red Bulls in preparation of a 5,000 comment night?

  112. # Rick Carpiniello April 15th, 2009 at 7:40 pm

    AO is a freakin’ monster.

    Yes, sir. That is correct.

  113. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Rules !! says Greg L. on

    out played!!!?? aww come on , home team ALWAYS out plays the visitor in the first…geeezeee , have some faith here.

  114. lol @ carp. 2/4 sportswriters for

    the other 2(the more known names) picks the Caps.

  115. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    linda- my gamecenter wont show the game either. effin bs. i gotta watch atdhe with bad resolution and cuts in and out. i feel your pain. did u get my email?

  116. Pens are still getting all the calls. Hartnell gets hit, into Fluery and they call Hartnell for goalie interference.

  117. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Rules !! says Greg L. on

    Callahan should have made it 1 – 0 , WASHINGTON FANS you guys wanna cheer for all our good plays?…ty we will take it..I seen some good wash hits but half the cheering is when our boys rock!! WE got these turkey right where we want ’em….love our guys fire tonight…rember Naslund is rested…hes the Dark horse here..shhhhhhh

  118. Wow, we have to paly better and put more pressure on in the second. Rozsival totally got toasted by Ovechkin. Lundqvist is already standing on his head too much.

    Rediculous goalie interference call on Hartnell in the Flyers game and not even the homer Philly announcers complained. It seemed pretty clear that Hartnell was shoved into Fleury.

  119. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    well, you have a good point greg. but just think if the caps play like this the whole game, let alone the series, hank will be worn out big time. he cant sustain it and nobody could. lets hope they got that jitters out of their system and start playin like we know they can.

  120. Can’t believe the Captain is not playing!

    We weathered this period and definitely played better as the period wore on.

    GOMEZ – Do us all a favor and don’t pass, and don’t shoot – because every time you do, in ends up in the other teams skates!!!!!!!! I have never seen a player consistently get his shots blocked as much as Blowmez

  121. any truth to the broken hand rumor? we survived as JOE MICH put it….betts sjos great period…..lets go boys we gotta win the puck down low and when they dump in our dman cannot panic, a few times girardi, redden with a panic pass cmon fellas

  122. danizme – I agree about Crosby’s goal. That looked like a direct kicking motion, even if he was trying to stop; it was with the side of his foot.

  123. No Country For Old Rangers on

    I hate Naslunds spin-o-rama too but against a goalie like Theodore I dont hate it as much. he is looking really shaky.

    Crosby gets lucky on a garbage goal the PP, and reacts like like it was an OT game winner

  124. Noah, no Red Bull .. just an alcohol-free beer and a New York strip steak on the grill. I couldn’t be happier.

    Plus, though some of you guys think I’m super negative … I absolutely love the playoffs. I really do. And even though I don’t root for any team, I wouldn’t mind your boys going deep so I can be involved in the Cup chase for a while. Honest.

  125. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Rules !! says Greg L. on

    True mike , but The Caps will wear down. The home team usually slows down half way through the 2nd with the croud more in control.

  126. Thanks Spiderpig…what is a distinct kicking motion, ankle movement? His picked his foot up, and moved it towards the net, hitting the puck en route. If that’s not intentional, they need to revisit that rule, Fo Sho.

  127. the Rangers are going to have to keep the score down on the road vs Wash. so far, so good, except for the penalties

    the Cally shot off the post could have given them a lead. Theodore was lucky

  128. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    lobster- blowmez had a bad one as did almost everyone except hank. and cally. our pp is what pisses me off so much. we look so confused as to what to do its so frustrating. i know torts runs it, so when is it gonna get better?

  129. It’s time to start to fine these refs for these horrific calls in the first 20 secs of a playoff game. Are you kidding me

  130. Honestly not missing much with the gamecenter feed, the announcing is excruciating as always

  131. Joekuh - I'm playin hooky from class to watch game 1! on

    it looked like he aimed while stopping..tough call to make. It doesnt surprise me that Hartnell got called for that. Last year he got called about once a game for it, and he got pushed into Fleury EVERY TIME.

  132. That video of Drury looks like he has extra padding around his right glove, esp around the thumb.

  133. Joekuh - I'm playin hooky from class to watch game 1! on

    danizme, i was wondering the same thing.

  134. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    what is so hard that these guys just dont know how to run a pp? its unreal!!!

  135. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    nice blown 2 on 1 and penalty. naslund, stop the blind passes!!!!

  136. spaslund with a terrible play. turns an odd man rush into a penalty on him, thanks to his fancy crap spinaround blind hope

  137. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    yea nazzy needs to be benched the rest of the series and put voros in his spot. im serious i cant stand his soft lazy ass

  138. Midway thru game, Hank with 19 saves. Do you think we even get 19 shots on goal?

    Really love how everyone in the world knows that we need to pressure Theodore to win…so we come out with 7 shots in 30 minutes.

  139. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    greg, u think we’ll come back? does anyone think we’ll score tonight?

  140. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) April 15th, 2009 at 8:12 pm

    greg, u think we’ll come back? does anyone think we’ll score tonight?


  141. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    cmon boys we look like we got the momentum now. keep shootin at this punk. make him and ovie cry tonight

  142. when did they implement no touch icing? If that was icing the whistle blew before anyone touched it..and a Ranger got to if first? wtf?

  143. Joekuh - I'm playin hooky from class to watch game 1! on

    what was that about us needing to not take penalties?

  144. DAVID – Yeah, me too. Seems to be affecting MSGHD and SNYHD but not some other channels I have tried – Time Warner in NYC. MSG regular is working, however.

  145. Joekuh - I'm playin hooky from class to watch game 1! on

    what the F**K at that call?????????????? seriously?

  146. It is hard to put in words how ridiculous Naslund’s play/penalty was, but two words come to mind: BENCH HIM!!!

    And Voros – come on. Is this the best we could do to replace Drury? I’ll take just abiout anyone in Hartford over this m inor-leaguer!!

  147. LOL… “technical difficulties with the power play clock…”

    How is that possible? Who put Redden in charge of the clocks at MSG?

  148. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    wow i never thought hank could be this good. if we somehow win this series, hes gonna be the mvp for sure. great stuff hank.

  149. Joekuh - I'm playin hooky from class to watch game 1! on

    lol @ pox on you and your ancestors. sometimes yeah voros does take penalties. but that last one was just BS.

  150. Joekuh - I'm playin hooky from class to watch game 1! on

    when redden takes those one timers, someone needs to be in front.

  151. Joekuh - I'm playin hooky from class to watch game 1! on


  152. Holy cow. Are you allowed to score when you have one more man than the opponent?

    Did anybody notice that the point men Redden and Rozsival, were on their off sides so they can shoot one-timers? Why don’t they do that all the time?

  153. Joekuh - I'm playin hooky from class to watch game 1! on

    i was about to say, isnt that a penalty?

  154. Joekuh - I'm playin hooky from class to watch game 1! on

    someone better lay out green. TONIGHT.

  155. jagrforgovernor on

    Naslund has been really good of late…

    I have to watch the Caps feed on NHL Center Ice…

    They are such homers. Such homers.

    Rangers looking good, Hank really sharp.

    I hate the Capitals.

  156. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    they just let him walk right in and score. staal n girardi cmon guys!

  157. F you sam and Mich- ,You know that was a major elbow- I am tired of you guys being anti-homer!

  158. goal should never have happened… should have been a PP for the rangers… sigh…

  159. that goalie has won the HART!

    Boy that almost seems impossible in Theodore current state.

  160. Adam from Chicago on

    If we do not win this game, we will not win the series. That would be like Pittsburgh.

  161. bad goal given up but i am that is just the worst non-call ive seen all you. where is torts and his crazy temper?

  162. Joekuh - I'm playin hooky from class to watch game 1! on

    that green hit was high, but there was no elbow. Rick, your point about Redden and Rosy switchin sides to take those one timers needs to be asked to Torts. I’ve been wonderin that all season.

  163. Still a good period for the Rangers. Bad mistake by Staal, but he’s one of the good guys. Overall it’s a good period.

  164. bad goal given up, but that is just the worst non-call i’ve seen all year. where is torts and his crazy temper?

  165. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    the goal wouldnt of happened if staal played his man. very weak. he has a lot to learn still.

  166. Late Wash goal was a killer!

    callahan has been the Rangers best player by far. I did not think he was getting up after that hit.

    Sjostrom hit and no penalty? Micheletti are you blind? He clearly nailed him with his elbow!

    Has anyone else noticed an even more sleepy game than Usual by Redden. He has come very close several times to hurting this team tonight.

  167. Rick

    JT is overrated. He’s super shaky. I know if they keep pumping shots at him they are going to go in. 5-2 if those two Cally shots went in ;)

  168. that goal was a killer, and Torts knows it. he just went ballistic on the bench after that one.

  169. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Rules !! says Greg L. on

    Yeah , well no one thought OV and the Caps would roLLL over and die …Carp , with Washingtons goalie in net , OUR whole team is an OVechkin!!!

  170. If that was Avery applying that elbow he would have gotton 5 min. and a gammer. You know it Rick. Please.

  171. guys, relax about green’s elbow. its 50/50, its close but not this blatantly obvious penalty. if it was orr throwing that hit and he got called for it, we would be up in arms.

  172. No Country For Old Rangers on

    that Green hit would have been a game misconduct if it was Avery. they should send Orr after Green

  173. Stop Being Soft on

    Torts wasn’t complaining b/c he’s not soft like all you. Sjo has to lift up his head. I’m fine with that hit. This is playoff hockey, kiddies.

  174. ThisYearsModel on

    Staal and Girardi bith looked like pylons on that goal. We can’t keep giving them so much speed coming through center.

  175. Admire the hit for what it was, great. Arm tucked (yeah it came out after the hit, he’s not an olymic gymnast fer Christ sake), skate still on the ice (barely, but it was). Some of you can’t admire a good hit by the other team.

  176. NovaScotiaRangerFan on

    Interesting fact….in Thodore’s second round series last year, he got pulled in 3’4 games!!

  177. replayed the Green hit 3 times. He clearly led with the elbow right to the head. Momentum swinger right there. Rangers should have been on the PP. Staal needs to pick up his man….that was pretty bad.

  178. Jive,

    That is just not true. That kind of hit is what gets people severe injuries, and it does not matter who or what team, it’s not ok, or acceptable because of the “playoff hockey”-argument. But thats just my opinion.

  179. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    lobster, redden hasnt been that bad. hes not the one who cost us that goal. give the guy a break.

  180. Carp

    That would be a good hit if the elbow doesn’t hit Sjo in the face… but Green left his feet and threw an elbow in Sjo’s face… that is attempt to injure… which should be penalize by at least 2 minutes… im not even talking about game misconduct… Orr had a similar penalty given to him where he got right to the max penalty wise …and Orrs hit wasn’t even that bad… but since Orr is useless and Green is a 32 goal scoring Dman…. That’s the difference… that’s where the NHL is garbage.

  181. time warner is america’s worst company. i swear. this is the 5th time in 3 months the station i want to be watching is out…and they will never give you anything for free when you complain. i always get “we can come next week or you can bring your box to 23rd st.” anyone else?

  182. Boy Gomer looks and sounds real calm. Treats this like a regular season game making comments about the attire. I like that. Not phased at all being on the road in the playoffs. If the rest of the team has that attitude, that is a good thing.

  183. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Rules !! says Greg L. on

    Naslund will get another goal , he is definatly our sniper in the weeds.

  184. Alex, I’m watching Rangers-Caps. Same as you, I think. That’s a clean, hard, Stanley Cup playoffs hit. Sorry.

    CCCP, he didn’t leave his feet, either.

  185. Ryan

    After my allegiance and soul to the Rangers – my 2nd fav team other than the Wings are the Caps. I dig the entire Caps team. So if it was a fair hit no problem. He took his left hand off of his stick and braced himself and and the last second elbowed Sjo right in the face.

  186. Linda misses NY @ Playoff time on

    well, to hell with tryin to watch this on ANYTHING damned bastages! I’m listening to Kenny and Dave and am much more non violent right now!!!

    A 3-2 lead going into the 3rd period is not so bad…too bad they gave up that late goal!!

    Just browsing through your posts and it seems like gomez is back to his old tricks and has regained his blomez nickname!

    Lobster, I thought that hit on sjo was a pretty blatant elbow and nothing was called. Guess ya gotta wear a number 87 with a bird on your chest to get that!

  187. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    i actually think reddens experience will help in this series. lol, j/k. but it seems whatever i say, the opposite happens

  188. You know what is nice about a 7 game series is if Sjo remembers anything he will pay back Green with a hit of his own.

  189. I gotta calm myself down. Sorry boys, and Carp, about my attitude, but I just feel that it doesn’t matter if it’s playoff or not, that was elbow high. But U guess it will be scrutinized. Allright, Im done. For now. Sorry.

    Go rangers?

  190. Anyone see the phrase “classic Ranger let down” coming up in about 45 minutes?

  191. Me too, sorry Carp for the bad attitude. Shoey works so hard and I hate to see him get screwed like that

  192. Liquid yeah Hank looks shaky…
    do some of you guys watch the same game as I do…
    Blomez, you can’t be serious…he scored the first goal…
    some of you are un freakin real…

  193. I definitely didn’t think we would be up by a goal going into the third this game. I would have been happy with a tie. I’m very happy with the play thus far.

  194. Just checking in between periods- a borderline hit? are you serious?- Green left his feet and lead with his elbow right after NYR go up two goals… hmmm…. plus he hurts the guy… I guess as long as he didn’t take his hands off the stick the NHL is safe…. worst refereed sport there is.

  195. Linda misses NY @ Playoff time on

    Staal…i’m lucky if i’ve seen about 12 minutes of this game, and i missed all the goals besides the caps first goal and i believe naslunds goal. I just heard Gomez had 3 points in the 2nd period, so I will take back what I wrote, but i’d only seen him turn the puck over a couple of times. Tried to catch up with the game from the posts.

  196. No need to apologize, Alex. Not at all. Sometimes people disagree on the Festivus blog.

    Have you guys seen his too often: A delay in the game for one reason or another, and the Rangers just flatten right out and give up a quick one? I know I’ve seen it.

  197. so tsn keeping playing the replay of the avery non-call when it is green that sticks his leg out to trip avery. but no replays of green’s hit. interesting coverage

  198. Yes abindy I did the same and 19 out of 20 times against the Rangers this season that would be at least 2 min… sorry guys

  199. I’m getting the vibe that Carp subconsciously wants NYR to lose based on his prediction.

  200. No Country For Old Rangers on


    All the negativity is killing me! We’re up by a goal against the unbeatable Caps here

  201. Rick,

    Yup. All season. A shutdown line is what we need, a line that can cool things down. A Sami Påhlsson line.

  202. No Country For Old Rangers on

    That’s a trip? Yah the Green hit is a “playoff hit” and that is an “Ovechkin call”

  203. i would rather not watch that goal again. 3 straight rebounds recovered by wash…..not too pretty.

  204. I was worried as soon as I saw Ovechkin creep down to the goal line uncovered. I wish Henrik would have yelled for someone to get over there if he saw him.

  205. Linda misses NY @ Playoff time on

    why did i have dinner while a playoff game was being played? i dont wanna taste it twice

  206. so lets see… sjostrom hit with an elbow to the head no call

    girardi clean hit crosby#2 goes out of the way and falls its a penalty

  207. the goal celebrations are getting retarded. win the series first before celebrating as if you’ve won the cup.

  208. No Country For Old Rangers on

    I hate the way the Capitals all skate to each other and jump around like a bunch of high school cheerleaders everytime they score a goal

  209. I love the way they celebrate. Much better than the typical lethargic raising of sticks, tap the guys helmet, and skate to the bench.

  210. AO jumped out of the way lost his balance and fell…. No way that call against Giriardi was a penalty!!!!!

  211. officiating is at an all-time low. It’s sad that they’re (Buttman’s posse) ruining the game of hockey. Besides…Rangers almost never get a fair shake when a superstar is on the opposing team.

  212. Im telling you… if they had a good goalie and tightened up their D. They would be unstoppable!!!

  213. Linda misses NY @ Playoff time on

    so, is this being set up as a cap pens series to head to the cup finals? *;-)*

  214. No Country For Old Rangers on


    really? They act like it’s the first time they’ve ever scored a goal

  215. Linda misses NY @ Playoff time on

    guess the bold only works for words….my previous comment was of the sarcastic variety :-)

  216. No it doesn’t feel worse, Carp. It feels great. We’re right on track for a “Zippy Point” before we take them down in a shootout for the other one.

    Oh, wait….

  217. Blaze, if anything, it’s just the opposite. I’m starting to feel that my subconscious is actually rooting for the Rangers to have a long run so we can keep doing this. I don’t care about my stupid prediction.

    I just hate it when people think every darn call is against their team … like the Rangers might not have gotten away with two interference penalties on Gomez’s goal. When people complain about every single call or non-call they sound like Pittsburgh fans, frankly.

  218. Hey No Country

    Yea, I just like it, they are young guys, excited, they are getting paid a ton to play hockey and it honestly looks like they are having fun, not just showing up to collect a paycheck like too many professional athletes these days.

    dont get me wrong, i can understand why it bothers some people, i just happen to like it

  219. Linda misses NY @ Playoff time on

    “When people complain about every single call or non-call they sound like Pittsburgh fans, frankly.”

    buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurn on us Rick lol


  220. LMAO!! Dan

    Mine jumped 3 feet off of the ground!!!! Sorry for all that Rick. OH BABY THAT WAS BEAITUFUL!!!

  221. Theodore is AWFUL. Nice move by Dubi, maybe thisll make Boudreu stop leaving his powerplay guys out there for 2 minutes.

  222. I can’t believe that just happened!

    Apologies to my cats for all the jumping and screaming!

  223. Okay (not that I want this to happen), so who messes up now to give Washington the tying goal? Redden?

  224. No Country For Old Rangers on

    My neighbors think I am a madman

    Time to shut it down Tom Renney style (just kidding)

  225. Stop Being Soft on

    I love when fans of NYC-based teams think games are fixed AGAINST them. That’s rich.

  226. Dubi is playing great the last 2 games because he is getting more ice time and responsibility with Drury out. keep him in Drury’s spot, and move Drury down one notch.

  227. They have a shiny lit up Subway ad on the boards in the Rangers zone right now. I think that’s more distracting than the fake ads on the glass.

  228. Linda misses NY @ Playoff time on

    lmao No Country

    my neighbors must be pissed, but I gotta listen to their kid runnin up and down the stairs for 4 hours so they got NOTHING to say!!!

  229. were gonna have to make sure Dubi doesnt get a rediculous offer from some team on the offseason

  230. Since its 3:30 in the morning here in sweden i have to scream into my pillow. It doesnt taste too good.

  231. Linda misses NY @ Playoff time on

    dan, my cat knows better, when there’s a game on, she’s either upstairs on the bed, or hiding under the couch! OOH a scrum in the battle of PA, a small one grrrrrrrr

  232. I live in a 7 story building in Brooklyn, and I’m pretty sure my neighbors don’t care about bothering me, actually I know it for a fact, so I dont worry about them either

  233. Stop Being Soft on

    Chris, Dubi’s agents will definitely get calls. The Rangers have committed a lot of money to only a handful of players. Opponents will try to poach Dubi and Callahan. It’s just a matter of whether the guys tell their agents to field offers with the intent of signing offer sheets or just to leverage the Rangers into giving them the best possible offer to stay in NYC.

  234. Linda misses NY @ Playoff time on

    3 penalties and 2 points for naslund…man wtf is up with him and these penalties?!?!


  235. No Country For Old Rangers on

    I bet that Ovechkin stick was shaved down ready to be broken by any sort of stick check

  236. I haven’t heard Redden’s name too much tonight besides a couple positive things, so I would say he’s doing a decent job. :)

  237. Linda misses NY @ Playoff time on

    HOLY CRAP 2 1/2 minutes left!?!! OMG


    HANK, I will bake you the hugest pan of lasagna!!!!
    AND A CHEESECAKE if ya win this game!!!!

  238. Linda misses NY @ Playoff time on

    AVES leveled green!?! LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT..paybacks are a bitch!!

  239. What’s up with all these promos to watch the rest of the games? I mean, do they think anybody came across this by accident and now they might be saying, ‘Gee, I wonder when the next game is. Maybe I’ll watch that one, too.’?

    Do they think even one more person will watch on Monday if they keep on repeating the promos?

  240. Hahaha, I love your cat stories. Heart pumping fast, let’s get this win!

    Carp – Actually, when people complain about every non-call, they sound like Canadiens fans!

  241. I think those are good non-calls by the refs. That’s how hockey is in the playoffs. The refs need to be consistent though.

  242. Linda misses NY @ Playoff time on

    i love ryan callahan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  243. Joekuh - I'm playin hooky from class to watch game 1! on

    Lundqvist steals game 1 for us. Let’s go!

  244. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    cccp i had about 3 hearttacks already and am on life support right now. i cant take the drama man. caps are so good we needed this win.

  245. If you woulda told me the Caps would have 3 goals in this game, I would never have thought we would have won by scoring 4! YES!

  246. Linda misses NY @ Playoff time on

    now i’m gonna need about 2 hours for my heartbeat to get back to normal!!!!

  247. Joekuh - I'm playin hooky from class to watch game 1! on

    How is Gomez and his 3 points not 1st star?

  248. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    like maloney said, caps have a better goalie its gota be a loss. we gotta come out and kick some ass saturday. we barely survived. this was one of the most tense games ive watched almost since 94

  249. Linda misses NY @ Playoff time on

    Hank and his ‘HUGE PADS’ STONES OVECHKIN!!!!!!!!

    get the win without the captain….dubi shines…cally another awesome game…

    HANK…that lasagna and cheesecake are on the way my man!!

  250. Joekuh - I'm playin hooky from class to watch game 1! on

    i just noticed 1st period AO had 6 shots 6 hits, he finished with 13 shots, but no hits after 1. did anyone notice him shy away from the physical play?

  251. LQ was pretty spectacular tonight. Did anyone see that kick save he made on his side for that 3rd goal right before it was shot in on that 3rd goal? Unbelievable!!!!!

  252. MAKO, you should hope I’m wrong the rest of the way… I usually am.

    No Country, same stat for Game 2, though. I wish they could put up a stat for Game 1 and Game 2 winners in series that are 1-1 after two games because the Game 1 and Game 2 stats are skewed by teams winning both games.

  253. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Rules !! says Greg L. on

    Hard fought victory!!! Good job boys , ya know we aint won no cup yet but to start the playoffs with this character win….is a great way to go!!

  254. just cut out the dumb penalties (eh Naslund?) and Rangers can beat them. their PP is what they live on, and you can beat them 5-on-5

  255. Almost 4am here and no way I can go to sleep now, heart still pounding. Can I call in ‘Rangers win’ to work tmrw?

  256. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    yea but we missed dru on the faceoffs linda. i hope he comes back at least for game 3 till the end of the series. im not sayin hes gonna score alot but we still need him.

  257. CCCP
    April 15th, 2009 at 9:40 pm
    no Drury for two games… two straight wins on the road… r u pondering what i pondering?


    LOL I was thinking the same thing LOL

  258. Linda misses NY @ Playoff time on

    is this deja 1, 2 or 3? lmao

    man I am still shaking!!!

    now to turn to the wake on versus…you KNOW they’re gonna be shocked.

  259. Cally awesome performance – Ovech is just incredible – however, the Caps were out-coached tonight as well – GREAT job TORTS!!!

  260. Great win even without Drury, Keep up the battle, get rested & we will be rooting for our Blueshirts on Saturday, LETS GO RANGERS!!!!!!!!

  261. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    blueshirt- lol i wish i could do that too. i wanna get drunk!!! im definitely getting smashed saturday. cant take the stress

  262. Drury was playing very well in his last couple of games. I would love for him to be back for Game 2.

  263. No Country For Old Rangers on

    Good point Carp

    I had to watch the Center Ice broadcast of the Capitals feed and I have yet to see the Avery hit on Green. They talked about it but didn’t show it. Cant wait to see that.

  264. All hanks win. Best game of the year. Good game by Dubi, Cally, Antro, Betts and Aves.

    Z needs to step up. Awful game by Nazzy and Staal.

    Great game by the Rangers report blog.

    Thank you guys. Good night from Stockholm.

  265. Laurel Babcock on

    Wow….cat people on Rangers Report. Update: I’ve got two, girls — Stanley and Cup. Mine don’t like my screeching either but they don’t run from the room. That would be sacreligous….

  266. I thought Z had a decent game. Backchecked well, played smart in our own zone, and helped relieve some of the pressure on our defensemen?

  267. Linda misses NY @ Playoff time on

    mike, i had read elsewhere that drury supposedly has a broken hand. look, i hate for them to be down anyone at this point. They were pretty lucky all season long that they only lost what, 30 man games to injury? how effective on faceoffs can he be if his hand is broken? I’m not being facetious, i’m askin seriously.

  268. damn NBC on Sat. all you’ll hear is OV this and OV that. and Emrick will do his debbie best to downplay the Rangers, and talk stories while the action goes on.

  269. Awesome win. You guys have all pointed out the positives, but our faceoffs have to be better. Rangers got slaughtered. If we get Drury back, improve on faceoffs, and play more disciplined, we’re gonna bring the pain. Awesome game, incredible effort.

  270. Naslund redeemed himself with one of those goals, however please if you see ovechkin or any of the caps out of the Rangers zone, please no chopping of the sticks, hold off on those penalties.

  271. “I love this team without Drury. It seems like guys step up”

    Lol. Stepping it up without the “captain”. Can’t imagine that when Mess was around.

  272. I’m not leaving yet, but I want to say that you guys abso-freakin-lutely rule.

    Just wondering, should I let this thread just go into the morning, or do you need a blank canvas?

    I’m going to the New Yankee Stadium first thing in the morning and will post some sort of review from there.

  273. Linda misses NY @ Playoff time on

    take it easy alex…see ya saturday!

    have a good celebration sally!!! get your beard on lol

    versus about to show rangers caps highlights…wow, i’ll actually get to see another minute and a half..lucky me.

  274. linda – its the real dying deja wasnt around much not feeling well had to go back to the hospital i have strep and something funny with my liver. watch em win and me not be around to see it lol

  275. LETS GO RANGERS LETS GO RANGERS….dubiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii what a move-way to step up kiddddddddddddddddddddddd

  276. I know its only 1 game but for all you RANGER FANS that predicted Caps in 6: Good luck having caps win 4 out of 5

    goaltending is everything… Throw all regular season stats out the window
    2 power play goals, and goals from 4 different players, AND we took too many penalties, imagine if we would have played discipline hockey

    cant wait for saturday, LETS GO RANGERS

  277. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Rules !! says Greg L. on

    On the bench as the trainer was wiping Averys bloody ear…Mara gets elbowed (HAHAHAHA) in the face by the trainer , HAHAHA the look on Mara’s face was priceless with him scowling at the trainer.

  278. someone please wake me up. did they really just win that game?? Game is over ten minutes now & I’m still stunned that we pulled this one out.

    Classy fairweather Cap fans throwing garbage on the ice…nice going.

    Dubi with the killer move to score the GWG. hooowa!

  279. Linda misses NY @ Playoff time on

    wow 760 posts!!! awesome display everyone!!!

    best blog on the net

  280. What i want to hear in 2 months.

    Rangers win Stanley Cup after Callahan wins Conn Symthe

    The Toronto Maples trade 3 future first round picks to the Islanders for the 1st overall pick.

    Toronto Then Picks John Tavares.

    Tavares even though he was raised a Maple Leafs fan realizes their is no hope for them and pulls an Eric Lindros.

  281. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Rules !! says Greg L. on

    My Black cat with no tail (stump) sits here on my lap watching the arrow on the screen move as I scroll my mouse!!
    She hides as the Rangers play …

  282. Adam from Chicago on

    Do I have to hear Washington players complain about non-calls against Avery? My goodness, I am laughing at that one.

  283. really a helluva win. especially with the captain missing tonight. i’m glad we got one win on the road because i think we can really steal this series when we get back to the garden.

    good coverage, carp. as always.

  284. My 5-3 score was close. Give me 10 slashes with a wet noodle and I promise to be closer on Sat.

  285. Linda misses NY @ Playoff time on

    deja…wow. first you WILL be around, and second, i hope you get better soon!

  286. Needed that win- especially way Rangers play in the afternoon- still, not exactly a BLUEprint for victory- need to play better and really need to get better officiating- under 10 minutes to go in a tie playoff game used to take a serious (read that as a foul that interferes with or creates a scoring opportunity)foul to award a power play- in the new NHL it depends on who you foul and whether home or road team commits penalty- check out how many pps Pitt gets at home late in third period this year- I guess if that’s your cup of tea. Regardless, mighty big win for Rangers…on to game two.

  287. How did AO get the first star without scoring a goal. Maybe Cally didn’t jump or Kiss enough

  288. Linda misses NY @ Playoff time on

    gonna toss on the jersey and head out into the alabama night, return a dvd and rejoin you psychos!!!


  289. i did say naslund would step up not step INTO the box-LOL……i mean they were obviously penalties but how is the sjostrom hit by green not on penalry-i mean call it fair and stop f— giving the stars every call……betts sjostrom night in and night out get the job done……LETS GO BOYZ

  290. it is interesting to hear Al Trautwig talk about Crosby…especially when Al’s lips wrapped so tight around Crosbys c*ck… Unbelievable talent Al.

  291. can someone please upload footage of the hit when Avery put Green in the benches? My brother said that Green start swinging his skates wildly and cut Avery on the ear. Something the Caps feed failed to mention nor show.

  292. I miss the 78-79 NY Rangers (formerly Prucha25) on


    I’m pumped!! No WAY I’m going to sleep early tonight!!


  293. 46-20 on faceoffs. yikes

    35-21 on shots

    but a lot of that can be helped by just staying out of the box.

  294. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Rules !! says Greg L. on

    My mom just called and asked my help for her hockey draft as she was regisering in a room full of people…I got for her …Gomez,Dubinsky,Antro,callahan – Staal(pitts)-Zetterburgh,datzuk,lidstrom ,rafalsky – D sedin ….yeah she values my opinion so good luck mom!!!

  295. Schultz looked like Sgt Schultz from Hogan’s Heroes on that goal by Dubi

    he got beat between the legs, then got his feet tangled and fell like an amateur. totally embarrassing for him

    GREAT move by Dubi. really clutch .

  296. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Rules !! says Greg L. on

    RANGERS!!!!!!!!WHOOOOHOOOOO yeah , 4 -3 I predicted as did a few of you loyal Rangers . A few though in here are a lil …um ..shall I say…WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAAAAAA RANGERS!!

  297. Yeah I keep watching the Dubi move over and over…its only his second year I think he does have moves and hands. He is gonna be a very good player

  298. LGR.

    Hey, Naslund, this isn’t 1976. The sticks aren’t made of concrete. Cool the f out!

    Hank, what monster saves.

    Hope the Rangers can step up physically.

    Yeah, Gomez. Yeah, Nik!


  299. Carp,

    I get no love on this board at all and I make legitimate posts all the time. I said going into tonight that the key to the series was Theodore. I also mentioned how BIG it would be and how winning the first game could change the series. After seeing tonights action if the Refs called the game as a playoff game some of the penalties we saw tonight should not have been called. The Rangers would have won by a greater margin. One other thing is how vulnerable Theo’s glove side is. The Rangers took advantage of that a few times.

    Rangers in 6!!!!

  300. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Rules !! says Greg L. on

    Staal wart , yeah that move was sweeet , Ovechkin does it and everyone freaks out but he missed on his shot as he went around Rozival . Dubinsky put it home . We have an excellent neuclous here with our young guys and we have a team effort out there where Washington is all OV.

  301. Linda misses NY @ Playoff time on

    i just realized…we didnt hear from ORR on here tonight…that’s really odd. He always has some great lines and interesting opinions.

  302. 1. So Carp, when you predicted the Rangers would win game one but lose the series, did you have even an inkling of how bad Jose Theodore would be?

    2. As I predicted, Dubi came out, beat guys one-on-one and scored a Jagr-esque gamer.

    3. Avery may not have showed up on the scoresheet or gotten involved with Ovechkin, but the Caps’ D was so concerned with hitting him and punishing him that it left Gomez and Antropov completely free to wreak havoc.

    4. Theodore is terrible. He did not stop a single difficult Ranger shot.

    5. Easy there, cornholio.

    6. The Rangers won and I didn;t even think they played well at all. Great PK but tons of penalties, mostly bad ones. If they can stop taking so many penalties and tighten up a bit on Ovechkin, they do have a shot because Hank looks lights out. And goals do not look hard to come by.

    7. Green is a defensive liability for the Caps.

    8. Did I mention that Theodore sucks and the Caps will be luckt to get out of this round with him in goal?

  303. What a big win

    On the road
    favored opponent
    a week of AO AO AO
    outshot 35-21
    blew a 3-1 lead
    killed in face-offs
    and we were missing our $7M per year 40 goal scorer…errrrr wait


    Big win

  304. Wow! I was hoping we could steal a game but I never thought it would be game one. I thought it would be close but we would learn and have two days to work on a plan for game two. But now we can work on the plan to go for the kill in Washington!!

  305. Dubinsky’s move was definitely “sick” haha. he faked green(i think?) out of his jockstrap.

    whats even more impressive to me is that they didn’t allow a quick goal right after that

  306. “Beavis stop talking to me when a chicks underwear is showing on TV..its like when you talk- you mess up my mind and I can’t see the underwear”

  307. When they let in the 3-2 goal all I thought about was Atlanta. We let them back in late and then when they scored early in the third I had to hit mute and watch the rest of the game in silence!! I could not handle the fog horns going off anymore!! Torts with a 1-0 lead on the road with 2 days off should be a great chance for him to correct some of the issues tonight and try to get the 2-0 edge!

  308. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Rules !! says Greg L. on

    Was it just me or did Ray Ferraro teeth looked Orange like a beaver? Guys broadcasted live in the middle of both benches , would n’t ya think the guy would have brushed his teeth?

  309. Naslund should skate at the optional practices and work on his stick work in the d zone.

    Girardi played sloppy tonight too.

  310. JK-all I was thinking of was game 1 vs Pitt last year with a lead and blowing it and the momentum. I’m so happy we came back tonight.

  311. LOL you guys crack me up with the Beavis and Butthead references. I had a bad feeling going into that 3rd but they found a way to steal it. No matter what happens from here one thing is for sure- they need to find someone to do a better job on A O because if hes going to get 13 shots a game things could get ugly..1 win under our belts or not. GO Rangers!

  312. I always kind of disliked the canucks

    Now I hate them

    I cant stand these teams that change their uniform every other year…and no matter what they change them to they still look stupid

    and add Sundin?

    Lets go Blues

  313. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Rules !! says Greg L. on

    its so true , it was really noticable ( I don’t even have HD!!) and also Mara getting that elbow from our trainer…haha funny!!

  314. 22figure8
    Thats what I thought…
    3-0 last year
    3-1 this year
    here we go again…but Damn…they found a way

    2 for 4 on the PP?

  315. Hartford Whalerpack on

    dark horse
    1 a person about whom little is known, esp. someone whose abilities and potential for success are concealed : [as adj. ] a dark-horse candidate.
    2 a competitor or candidate who has little chance of winning, or who wins against expectations : a preseason dark horse as the nation’s top collegiate football team.
    ORIGIN early 19th cent.: originally racing slang.

  316. Wow, I just scanned all the posts at once and all I can think remember is that the Rangers won, and that I have a have a strange urge to adopt a cat…

  317. I’m going to add 1 thing before sleepy time. The defense was pretty solid tonight. Staal got burnt but he is the # 1 as far as responsibility. Redden didn’t make a single mistake. Rosi got burnt but got bailed out. Mara got kocked on his ass but didn’t falter. Girardi was ok even with the early penalty. Morris, not a single bad play. The D kept us in it, along with Henrik. Great job tonight.

  318. “Hey, we could get Butthead to sit on a glass and fart.”
    “What’s so scientific about that?”
    “Nothin’. Until you light it.”

  319. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Rules !! says Greg L. on

    …strange urge to adopts a cat , HAHAAAHAHA that was a good one Jane!! My kitty Spoooks ,I gotten her at the start of the season (halloween) has been my good luck charm ever sinse!!

  320. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Rules !! says Greg L. on

    puff puff , ya man , ol ccccp I know I said the sweep word and im sorry ( cough , cough) …just that ming Rangers won and I cand see does dare Caps winnin anything ,(puff puff)

  321. I also said that we would win tonight. 846 POSTS!!!! AMAZING!!!!!!!! If we can tighten up a few things, I like our chances here. I hate having to wait until Saturday.

    I am going to play my piccolo until I fall asleep :)

    I love the Rangers, I love hockey, and I love this blog.

    Carpiniello/McMannus in 2012: The Real Change we all need.

    Italian and Irish running the USA. What more can you really ask for?

  322. Thoughts:

    —- Carp’s pre-series analysis — “the Rangers will have trouble scoring 1.5 goals a game” — proved at least for a game as feeble as his defense of Renney when he was still the coach. (“No one could coach this team! They’re at the bottom fourth of the league in talent!”)

    —- Hank was incredible

    —- Callahan is a big time player

    —- Girardi was positively horrid. If he doesn’t raise the level of his game FAST, we are in trouble. The second goal was on him every bit as much as it was on Staal, and there were countless other terrible plays/thoughts/instincts

    —- Naslund scored a nice goal, but his play away from the puck (inc. the penalties) was pathetic

    —- Korpedo was good!

    —- Roszi was not good!

    I hate to spoil a good night but I can’t take this moron.
    Bettman is such an ass!
    Model franchise…yeah right, first they are almost bankrupt then Super Mario and JJ bail them out, then they almost go bankrupt again and can’t pay there players, then Cindy comes along and bails them out again…

  324. I know it’s hard to wait unitl Sat. but you know the Caps want to get back even faster! I think this is great for us an afternoon game and all the pressure on the Caps with 2 days to get ready. I know we have a hard time with afternnon games but with a chance to go up 2-0 Torts will get these guys ready to GET up 2-0.

  325. completely off topic here…but

    In Baseball the Angels official name is really “The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim”

  326. Awesome win, but we flat out got lucky that our goalie was outstanding and theirs wasn’t.

    Lots to like about what we saw from some of our guys…Ryan Callahan continues to flat out amaze.

    Redden and Rozi are still little more than pylons when Ovie comes into the zone. Terrifying to see them buckle as he comes at them.

    Great to see two PP goals…but let me ask this question:

    Our PP has now been effective for two games…two games without Drury…

    Is it possible our PP is better without him? Certainly seems that way.

    Great win…entertaining game…can’t wait til Saturday…c’mon boys, come back to MSG up 2-0!!

  327. It is fitting that “rangers number 30” is on before rangers in 60! I will be up all night watching replays and making sure I don’t wake up and this really didn’t happen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  328. Linda misses NY @ Playoff time on


    great job on the blog tonight everyone!!!
    Rick and Jane…two thumbs up as always.

    Is it saturday yet? Damn the next 2 days are gonna feel like a month!!!

    *LETS GO RANGERS!!!!!!!!!!*

    have a good night everyone

  329. Riguere

    I agree with you about Girardi — he was the opposite of good and composed and steady tonight. Rosvival needs to be shown the tape of Ovie undressing him again and again until he understands that you have to PLAY THE MAN! Always! Especially against the best player in the world in a playoff game.

    This was a great win. The Rangers will need to play MUCH better to keep winning, but I am going to savor this one and watch the other series with that nice feeling that comes with knowing you have one in the bank and are in position to steal another before the trip back to MSG.

  330. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    I gotta agree. This team last 2 games has played so well.

    It is clear that Drury is a detriment.

    * Salty
    April 15th, 2009 at 9:47 pm
    Wow, incredibly good game to watch.

    I love this team without Drury. It seems like guys step up.

  331. Always nice to get game 1, and without our captain, no less. I’ve bashed Drury as much as the next guy, but they really could have used him tonight, and definitely will need him if they want to make any sort of run. But this was absolutely gigantic, to get this win. Lundqvist was incredible. Gomez was great.

    If the Rangers tighten up their game and stay out of the box, they can win this series.

  332. alex b (the poster formely known as czechthemout!!!!) on

    Great gutsy win!

    – Cally is a fantastic all around player who Will pop 30 next year! I cannot emphasize how good a player this kid is and how under used he was by Renney the moron.

    – Dubi is a real good big time player. He was in junior and he is learning to be that type of player in the NHL. To all you dopes who said he only did well last year because he played with Jagr,think again! He scored more points this year than last without Jagr and with an ass for a coach most of the year who stifled his offensive game.

    – That guy in goal sure looked pretty good tonight huh Lobster?

    – I think they should start negotiations with Antropov on a new contract and use Z’s money for it. Z did nothing again.

    – Avery is in thier heads already. When Boudreu was asked about Avery he responded by saying ” was he out there today,I didn’t notice” Maybe you should ask your boy Mike Green who put his ass in the Ranger bench tonight.

    – My one gripe is that I think it was very irresponsible for this team to have no one there to replace Drury,knowing that he was very iffy for the game. Voros is a faux hockey player and Orr is simply useless when a guy like Brashear is not in the lineup!

  333. Ford

    It is a great feeling to sit back and savor. We had it last year with the two we won in NJ but half the crowd was ours. This one win in Wash feels better then after those two. And with 9 years of nothing 4 years of a something feels good!!

  334. Anyone want to comment on Redden? i thought he played very well… blocking shots…making plays… throwing the body in some instances.

  335. I miss the 78-79 NY Rangers (formerly Prucha25) on

    alex b

    I agree. I was a bit uneasy when they announced Drury as out and Voros in.

    But….we WON!!! WOoOHooooo without the captain and without his faceoff wins! We pulled it off!

    I’m in shock…but a happy shock!!

    Hopefully, Drury will be back in Saturday. This has to be a big confidence builder, to say the least.

  336. king of the road on

    and the Rangers are the only road team out of 4 tonight that is not getting smoked

  337. alex b (the poster formely known as czechthemout!!!!) on


    I thought Redden played about as well as he can play. But nothing like a 6.5 million dollar player should play.

  338. True Fans Bleed RW&B on


    This team is better without him! PP was better. 5 on 5 offensive zone was better (fewer turnovers). The only thing Drury (Mr. two-way center) does is now one-way, PK! He sucks at 5 on 5 (minus … 13ish?!). He had 2 gwg all year. He had very few points last playoffs.

    Geez, people, shut the hell up about Drury! He doesn’t help this team, and I actually think this team plays better without that A-hole. Awful Captain. Awful top line player.

  339. Just got back from Bed Bath & Beyond with the wifey….

    we had enough time to hit Home Depot….

    What did I miss?

    *LET’S GO RANGERS!!!!*

  340. No Country For Old Rangers on

    I have to say I learn a lot reading this blog. I love (almost) all of you guys. Really good stuff. Keep it coming. Props to Carp and Jane

    rangers in 5

    death to the free credit guy (sorry, commercial just came on)

  341. No Country For Old Rangers on

    Also, somewhat unbelievably Redden and Rozi were the best D men out there tonight, Girardi and Staal looked nervous.

  342. king of the road on

    this is pretty good. the Rangers are on again right now and all night

    ” NEW YORK, April 15, 2009 –Tax Day has a bright side for hockey fans. Starting today, April 15, and through the second round of the playoffs, subscribers to the NHL Center Ice out-of-market package will receive replays of same day games. In this new enhancement which is free to customers, the NHL Center Ice package will re-air each current day’s game beginning approximately one hour after the live game ends so that fans can see games they might have missed. Each game will replay in its entirety and will repeat continuously overnight and the next day, on the same channel, until the following day’s live games begin.

    The “Replay Game” feature means that there will be approximately 4-5 replays for single, scheduled games. Live games scheduled back-to-back will be replayed in that same order, so that there will be approximately 2-3 replays before game-time the following day. No games will be bumped from the package to accommodate replay games. Blackout and other restrictions apply.

  343. No Country

    I agree – I thought they both looked composed.I’m watching the rangers in 60 and Rozi makes a great block before Gomez scores.

    I think Girardi and Staal will benefit from the 2 days off with Torts.

  344. Great win tonight… Can’t believe all the comments — Huge game on Saturday, driving up to Binghamton to meet my friends at school and probably catch the game right when I get up there.

    LET’S GO RANGERS!!!!!!!!!!!

  345. I know they have had their share of playoff experience so far but it’d be asking a lot from Staal and Girardi to not be nervous under the circumstances. They’ll settle down. I wouldn’t worry about them too much.

  346. No Country For Old Rangers on

    JK- i’m with you on that, I expect a much better effort from Staal/Girardi (and some others) on Saturday. Maybe Redden has been saving all his good plays for the playoffs.

    So huge to get that game 1 W.

    Also great post by whoever put up the “Dark Horse” definition

    King Of The Road- Thanks for that Center Ice update , i’m watching the game again and loving every second of it

  347. wow great game had t go out to dinner for the gf’s bday. I went to sawa in long branch for anyone that knows the area. the guy next to me was talking bout the game and i tivod its. The moment he was about to say the sore u turned and spilled me drink on him wooopss. I bought him a beer and told him to shut the f*ck up. BTW wanted to now if anyone might have extra tickets to any of the home games to help a college students whose a finance major. which means i wont ever get a job and the tickets u give me might be the last ranger game i c in person. the economy is down help a kid out haaa.

  348. Lundquist was simply amazing tonight! big games from Cally, Dubi, Antro, and Gomey.. believe it or not Naslund played well (minus the 3 offensive zone penalties).. and two unsung heroes.. Sjostrom and Betts.. Avery played his game perfectly tonight.. the defense had a sound game but will need to step it up if we want to win this series… I disagree with some people on here… I think Redden had a terrible game.. he is soo soft and gets pushed off the puck too easily..

  349. No Country For Old Rangers on

    You know, I killed Hank a couple times over the course of the season and I shouldn’t have done that. He’s the best thing to happen to Rangers in recent memory.

  350. The penalty kill with 5 left was just on. The Rangers did get stuck in the zone for most of it but they played it great – lots of blocked shots and Hank coming up big to get the whistle. They need to work on that one issue it happen a few times on the PK.

  351. king of the road on

    right, No Country. it is also good to be able to see games that were on while we are watching another one.

    however, some bad news too. that damn Versus is NOT re-running any games they are showing. THAT is pathetic. except for a game on NHL Network after NHL Live each day, no Versus games are being re-aired for those who miss one. at least none are scheduled on the guide

  352. I know everyone is on Drury but if anything he can help us with faceoffs…we could have used a few wins on the PK or icings.

  353. I also thought that Avery should have drawn a penalty when he the little get together at the end of the game. That cross check would have been called if it was anyone but Avery. It was well after the whitle. I know Avery (lost) his legs but it would have worked if it was anyone else.

  354. drury is a plus clowns..

    they rangers got killed on the faceoffs and voros and orr played about 3.5 minutes..

    great win but do not pop the cork yet..

  355. also ovechkin gets calls. the first girardi penalty was a joke. on another call ovechkin jumped in the air and they called it.. does he go to the crosby school of diving???

  356. * LIQUID April 15th, 2009 at 4:39 pm

    I am gonna remember every doubter in this joint who did not give the Rangers a shot !!!!

    They will most likely all dissapear and end up slapping pappys with LI Joe & Co. over on Zipays Blog….


    Ovenchicken and Craps out in 6 !!

  357. AllmyeggsareinHenriksbasket on

    If the Caps had anyone of the goalies that are currently sitting at home during the playoffs we dont win this game tonight. We have to stay out of the box or we are toast.

    PS is Naslaund too old to move his feet that he has to make dumb play after dumb play followed by stupid penalties after those dumb plays? He could have killed us tonight. I dont care about his G

  358. I did not post the following….I wasnt on this blog for the entire game, and would never question the KING….

    * LIQUID April 15th, 2009 at 8:46 pm

    Henrik looks shaky

  359. i hate how we need to wait until saturday for our next game im ready to go tomorrow ha

  360. Still Gotta Fire Sather on


    Drury didn’t play? funny that his DNP tonight looked similar to a lot of the regular season “efforts” by Mr. Invisible…

    like you said, who cares if he comes back anytime soon…did we miss his “leadership” tonight? the team showed plenty of determination and leadership by coming back after blowing a 2 goal lead without him…what’s he gonna do if he plays? maybe win a few faceoffs? play on the PK with a lower-body injury? how effective will he even be?

    oh I forgot it’s the playoffs, must be time to resurrect the “clutch” myth…well the Isles, Avs, Lightning and Thrashers aren’t in the playoffs, so you can forget about counting on him for some offense (take away his stats vs. those four teams and he had 13 goals, 35 points this year)…his points-per-minutes played ratio has to be the WORST in the NHL, especially with all the PP time he gets…

    as much as I’d love to see us make a long playoff run this year, I’d love even more to see us do it without the Zombie Captain…even though Drury has his share of detractors, I still feel he gets a MAJOR pass from a lot of NYR fans (mostly offline) on being a colossal disappointment for 2 years now, and especially compared with the (deserved) heat that Worthless Wade and others get

  361. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Rules !! says Greg L. on

    WHOHOOOO RANGERS!!!!!! Hope those Capitals sleep like crap tonight!!!!

  362. Still Gotta Fire Sather —

    Regardless of your opinion on Drury, he only could have helped tonight.

    His faceoff prowess alone would have been a gift.

    Combine that with the benching of either Orr or Voros and he adds a player that can actually skate and… you know… play hockey.

    He’s a big part of the team, collectively. His presence was definitely missed in the 1st period, if you ask me.

  363. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Rules !! says Greg L. on

    I have to say my what BIG MOUTHS alot of you guys have….wow posting so many times , Impressive!! Like the Rangers!!!

  364. Still Gotta Fire Sather on


    I didn’t say Drury couldn’t have helped tonight, I was just venting due to the pre-game exaggerating of what a “huge loss” it would be if he didn’t play and then the post-game exaggerating of “and just imagine when Drury comes back!”-type quotes like the Caps or anyone else fears a 3rd Liner…could he help us during a long playoff run? of course, but he’s not some kind of IRREPLACEABLE talent, don’t believe the media hype…

    and even your examples kind of prove my point- “he would’ve won some faceoffs”, “he’s better than Orr and Voros”, “he can actually skate”…seriously? only Captain $7 Million can do ALL that? how did we even win Game 1?

    a cardboard cutout of Marek Malik plays better defense than Wade Redden, but I wouldn’t use that as a reason to praise Cardboard Malik

  365. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Rules !! says Greg L. on

    Drury is needed if this series makes it to 6 games. He provides alot of solid play but if Dubinsky suffers or gets changes around , i’d sooner see Drury come in and not have us to mixs things around cuz hes here now.

  366. quote from Blueshirt Bulletin:

    “There were few Ranger fans in the building, which was overwhelmingly red (unlike a certain arena in New Jersey when the Rangers play) — some of the few that were on hand were escorted from their seats near the press box for doing nothing more than apparently celebrating the Rangers taking a 3-1 lead.”

  367. I think anyone talking about Drury and saying he wouldn;t have helped last night is forgetting that we had Voros on the ice last night..!! Got to have Drury in this series, the play-offs is where he plays his best hockey.

    Great win for us. Mike Green can’t compain about Avery, when you watch it in slow-mo Avery skates behind him and Green sticks his right leg out behind him which Avery very slightly clips

  368. Going to the Wolfpack tonight to see our future Cally and Dubi’s in action! Let’s go Pack!
    Can’t wait for sat. Rangers then the Pack at night. Boy I am lucky to have a great wife!



    Winning a Cup with Drury in the pressbox would be my dream come true. Clutch my ass.

    I think we play much better without him wasting minutes on the ice making those heroic “dump and change” plays. The guy just really can’t skate anymore, he always looks slow and stiff. I hope he tries to come back and breaks his ankle and Torts finally realizes he’s a waste of capspace and icetime.

  370. Does anyone know if there are any plans to have a game 2 viewing party on Saturday, and Where?

  371. That fat piece of sh*t Bruce Budreau has the bal*s to sh*t on the refs after the game about some missed calls, 5 out of the 7 power plays they got awful calls.

  372. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Salty and Gotta Fire Sather,
    You guys get it.

    The guys posting this crap:
    “We need Drury for his faceoff prowess” and
    “drury is a plus clowns” just don’t!

    Chris Drury is a minus-8 this year, minus-3 last year, plus-1, and the then minus-11 the following years!

    He had 3 goals (6 points) in 10 games last year. He scored 1 goal against Pittsburgh last year, including ZILCH games 2 thru 5! The guy’s the biggest sham in the NHL!

  373. Who Needs Lohan on

    I’m fairly certain that the refs are reminded before the playoffs begin that just because its the playoffs it doesnt mean that the same rules dont apply. I hope the ref that called that first penalty in the first 30 secs was shown a replay and was embarrassed. Great win, but they can play so much better.

  374. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    I’m sorry, the idiots get me hot and bothered.

    Concerning the “faceoff prowess” clowns mention here, do some hw. Open a webpage. Don’t believe the media garbage.

    Gomez and Dubinsky had much better faceoff winning %’s than Drury this year!

    Again, he should be put on the PK. He makes them a worse team 5on5 and on the PP.

  375. Rob(the first) on

    With Drury out and the Caps not playing Brashear, why the hell dont they put in Parenteu and Anisimov for Orr and Voros. They cannot do much worse.

    With all the caps offense, their D sucks and goalie is shaky at best, we really have a chance now…

  376. sam (not the great Weinman) on

    stick drury on the fourth line. rather him than voros, use drury for penalty kill only.

  377. Some things to consider, probably a bit off-topic and optimistic:
    1. A pre-season championship in Europe, first since ’94
    2. Most regular season wins on home ice since ’94
    3. Playing the Caps in the playoffs, first time since ’94

    Oh yes, back to the actual game and series..
    They just need to continue getting shots on net – Theodore allowed 6 to beat him on 23 shots (Callahan’s 2 posts). That’s less than 75% which is absolutely brutal for playoff goaltending. If he somehow continues to play into next week, we could be hearing derisive “Jose, Jose, Jose” chants at MSG (and I’m not talking about the festive type you hear at Shea/Citi).
    Let’s not forget a mere 14 seconds after Fleischmann’s re-direction to give the Caps a 1-0 lead, Dave Steckel had a nice opportunity to make it 2-0 but Lundqvist kicked out his left leg to make an awesome save. That puck goes in and it’s a different outcome.
    How many times has Dubinsky tried that same move in the regular season only to shoot wide or lose control of the puck at the last moment or attempt an unsuccesful pass? Great clutch goal by someone who’s putting up some big numbers in his young post-season career.


    You folks wishing/hoping Drury doesn’t come back to play in the playoffs show an unbelievable lack of both hockey knowledge and common sense.
    Glittering jewels of collosial ignorance!

  379. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    well thank god we survived that onslaught last night and got some good goals on a shaky weak goalie and d squad. they really sucked on 3rd and 4th goals we scored. cant see us winning any more games home or not if every game is gonna be played like last night. but i do think we are definitely gonna play better now that we stole one on the road and especially at the garden i cant see us getting vastly outplayed. more even matchup in ny. gotta say that redden had a great freakin game too. staal was ok, but made a bad mistake cost us a goal.girardi too. not good. naslund would probably be benched for the rest of the playoffs if he hadnt scored and got an assist. betts and shoe were great, cally was too. gomez was our captain last night. drury, if he comes back soon, should play pk’s and 3rd line. no pp. like someone already said. all we gotta do now is win all our home games. we do that we win.

  380. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    lack of knowledge. drury is certainly missed even though im not a big fan of his. but hes not so much of a gamebreaker as he is a steady d minded forward and hes good on faceoffs. well, supposedly. but yea, id rather have him in the lineup he still can score some goals for us. better than voros. but, anyones better than voros at this point. but you cant say that if say jagr was still playing for us and he was out, thered be alot more worried people right now.

  381. Hockeyman Rangers on

    I was impressed with the Dubinsky goal, nice moves and IN. WOW, man this guy can play, I can’t understand why he doesn’t do this consistently. How many chances has he had like that and not scored in the past year?? Well we can only hope he is getting back to where he was at the begining of the year. I don’t think anyone can predict this series, it is way to close and any teams to take. One thing is we have to figure out how to shut down Ovechky’s quick shots, he can get a shot off in mili-seconds and in a half of a phone booth. 1 down 3 to go.

  382. True story, I made the same move in my men’s league game 2 nights ago, walked in all alone and shot the puck 3 feet wide.

    Good thing there weren’t any scouts in the stands.

  383. Doodie Machetto on

    Well, a good way to start the series, and I’m ready to admit that my Caps in 5 prediction will likely be incorrect.

    Man, Theodore was bad. We needed him to be that bad to win that game. We need him to STAY that bad to win the series.

    Not gonna even bother reading any posts before mine because there are so many. But Let’s go Rangers on Saturday, make it 2-0 and take this goddamn series

  384. And a beautiful good morning to all out there in Rangerland!!!!!

    It was a great ride on the train with people sharing their love for our boys in blue. Winks & smiles & head nods a plenty while I rode to mid-town.

    First off LQ was fantastic last night – Best he has been in a LONG time VERY SHARP!!!! Even though they scored 3 – he was fantastic.

    RE: JT. I really hope Torts just tells them to throw the puck at him. He was exposed last year and needs to be exposed THIS playoffs.

    OH CALLY CALLY CALLY. Can this kid get any better!!! WOW He is going to have a letter on his Jersey very soon. Dubi – where have those moves been!!!! Oh one of the most perfect start to finish plays I have seen our boys make this season. Simply fantastic!!!!

    Oh and AO is a MONSTER!!!!!

    Im done =D

  385. Doodie Machetto on

    Three things I wanted to point out. The Gomez goal was the luckiest goal we’ll get all series because there were not one but TWO interference penalties on the play that could’ve EASILY been called. Since one was Avery, we should consider ourselves especially lucky not to have had it called.

    The Kozlov goal. Everyone says it was Staal who didn’t pick up his man, which is partly right, but it actually was a terrible job by Scott Gomez. Staal was in front of the goal and Kozlov was allowed to skate in from the neutral zone unmarked. He comes in with a full head of steam to a backpedalling Staal, what is Staal supposed to do? Meanwhile, he breezed right past Avery at the blue line who was in the center marking Ovechkin. But that wasn’t Avery’s fault, since Gomez was just gliding along on the right wing boards. Gomez should’ve been in the middle skating with Ovechkin, and if he were, Avery would have been able to pick up Kozlov, who was able to skate in unmolested and unimpeded in anyway. Gomez HAS to track back through center in that situation and HUSTLE. Your forwards can’t just let skaters come in from the point unimpeded and unmarked. Even if Staal picked him up earlier, there was little he would’ve been able to do at that point other than take a penalty, which while better than the goal Kozlov scored, wouldn’t be the ideal solution.

    Marcus Naslund. He got a goal and the assist on the Dubinksy goal (which was all Dubinsky). But STUPID penalties. I know for a fact that 2 were in the offensive zone, but can’t remember if the third one was. Either way, if Aaron Voros wasn’t our only other option since Drury is out, I would say to bury Naslund on the 4th line as a PP specialist so he wouldn’t have to take bad stick penalties at even strength to cover for how old he is. Although, he did take one of those penalties while on the PP, so, I don’t know what to do with him.

  386. Anyone read after the game on Yahoo sports that they the Caps may have their rookie in net on Saturday?

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