Drury and practice notes – AND LIVE CHAT NOON WED.!


Chris Drury skated for the first time in four days today and said he felt good. Both he and Rangers coach John Tortorella said the captain was day-to-day, but Drury seemed optimistic that he would continue to improve.

Was his injury upper or lower body?

“I haven’t figured that out yet,” Drury said. “I’m still waiting to be told.”

On Alex Ovechkin:

“What doesn’t impress you?” Drury asked. “He’s amazing. There aren’t enough words in English or Russian to describe him.”


Yes, Henrik Lundqvist heard what Ovechkin said about his pads being super big.

“There’s no way you can cheat these days because they measure it all the time,” Lundqvist said. “…I guess I look big then, but I’ve used the same stuff almost all year.”

And the Rangers goalie doesn’t think Ovechkin was trying to needle him, and he wouldn’t even chalk it up to pre-game gamesmanship.

“I think it’s more that you get so many questions about so many things,” Lundqvist said. “…some things will stand out a little bit more. I don’t think he tried to stir the pot.”


Tortorella experimented with the lines a little today. Avery-Gomez-Antropov and Voros-Betts-Orr were the same, but Dubinsky centered Drury and Callahan once, and Markus Naslund was mixed in with the group. Zherdev skated with Korpikoski and Sjostrom.

“Most people counted us out but I don’t think we ever did,” Derek Morris. “Actually I know we never did.”


Someone asked about my pick, which I emailed to Carp before he told me his and it was… Caps in 6. If you think I’m being negative just remember I covered the Jets last season. I have a lot of healing to do.


Update: Carp and I will host a live chat tomorrow where we will talk Italian food and roller derby! Actually, we will discuss the Rangers and Capitals in the first round of the NHL playoffs. Blast off for the chat is 12 noon. Be there with a question or a comment!

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  1. should be good…..

    rangers in 7(I am bias)

    carolina in 6

    Boston in 6

    Pitt in 7.

    West eho knows…

    Hopefully the Rangers will put on a good show.. I guess blueshirt bulletin and others are still mad they made the playoffs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Jane since you have come on board this blog is ten times better.

    Your rock

    PS: Let us know if you are coming to lancaster pa for some roller-derby action with the dutchland rollers.

    love to see you skate.

  3. Hank isn’t a small guy, so it’s not surprising that he looks big in net. If he thinks Hank is big, wait until Theodore sees Antropov bearing down on him.

    Drury will need to be borderline dead to miss a playoff game. His ice time may take a hit though if he’s still hurting. No sense in running him into the ground early.

    Honestly though, the Rangers were visibly lacking something in the last Flyers game. Drury is a top 6 guy, and his presence was missed, especially on the PK. He may not be worth 7 mil, but he is worth every bit of 4 mil, and those players are no hacks.

    Callahan and Dubinsky will take it to a new level. I can feel it

  4. The one big problem that I have is with Redden.

    If this guy doesn’t show any more skating effort, and body work in this first game, Torts should bench him for the series and bring back Sauer. And Naslund Roszival Giardi and Zherdev had better watch their HOOKING and HOLDING penalties.

  5. A Guy Who Likes the Rangers on

    New poster here, consistent reader though.

    It will be a fun series, and to tell you the truth I have more confidence in this series than I had with pittsburgh last year. I had good confidence with Pittsburgh too. To me it all comes down to goaltending, if Hank is SuperHank no reason we shouldn’t win. Remember the Callahan explosion we saw last year in the playoffs? I honestly think he is the difference maker (Avery with the assist)

    I rewatched the “World’s Longest Shootout” which resulted in the “World’s Ugliest Player” scoring the “World’s Most Unpredicted Goal.” Hearing JD announce again is great, watching that shootout again is great. Combine the Shanny fight and it shows we have had some good memories with these guys, but it is time to make some more. Knowing Nylander is a cap should be motivation enough.

  6. Itan Chavira on

    Hank’s pads are a non-issue. He uses an extra long thighrise which is 100% legal. The width of a pad is what has to be within the guidelines, the overall length does not. Its relevant to your height, (ankle to knee measurement) and preference.

    Brodeur prefers hardly any thighrise while Lundqvist prefers +5″ and up.

    Hank isin’t a huge guy, he’s not short at 6’1′ but is very skinny.

  7. Thanks Jane

    Great quote by Morris; that everyone counted us out BS…what was he with the team 20 days?
    How the hell does he know who counted us out?
    He was in Phoenix working on a tan

  8. i hope this new post means that matt r is gone

    and with that i say

    drop the puck already!

  9. Honestly though, the Rangers were visibly lacking something in the last Flyers game.

    yeah, their false leader.

    no wonder they were able to pull it together. Mr. Invisible was busy eating Ranch 1 and Sabretts in the press box.

  10. Hockeyman Rangers on

    Torts has to come up with a plan to shut down the Capitals, and shut down, ahh what’s his name??? You know the BEST HOCKEY PLAYER IN THE NHL. They better be studying tapes on how to at least frustrate, that guy, what ever his name is.
    What’s the deal with Drury he has to ask someone what is injury is???

    I say it goes to 7 games and it is anyones game from there.
    And I hope Philly gets knocked out early I have too many Flyer fans around me hopefully it will keep them quite.

  11. No Country For Old Rangers on


    Look, if Renney’s Rangers battled this Capitals team hard and played tight 1 goal games and held ovechkin to 5 points in 5 games (including a 3 point game, so he held was scoreless in 2) then I feel very confident that Tortorella’s Rangers will give them more of a battle and may even (gasp!) dominate

  12. I will be skating on April 25 at the Yonkers PAL. If I can work it in between the Rangers and the NFL draft… But Suburbia Roller Derby is having a bout that night for the derby curious…

  13. Hockeyman Rangers on

    No way Boston gets ousted in the first round, at least I hope not. I want to see the Montreal fans riot that they couldn’t get past the first round in their huge anniversery year LOL.

  14. ill be skating tomorrow. got the Grafs they are legit.

    isn’t rollerderby like staged wrestling?

  15. ABSOLUTELY!!!!!! Everyone was practically handing the Habs the cup in the start of the season.

  16. LOL @ Montreal trying to burn their city to the ground after WINNING a FIRST ROUND PLAYOFF SERIES. I’d almost root for them if they weren’t French losers

  17. Jane, in your team picture, they might as well slap a “C” right on you. You look like you should be the captain of your squad.

  18. Jane/Carp:

    Either of you traveling to DC for these games? It is THE PLAYOFFS AFTER ALL! I understand not going to mid-season away games with costs being cut left and right, but I would hope the good folks at the Journal News could spring to at least get one of you down there to cover the team.

  19. Are the skates that Antropov & Kovalev Grafs? I need to get a new pair of skates. I’ve skated in Mega’s the last 10 years.

  20. Rangers in 6 over Caps
    Boston in 5 over Montreal
    Carolina in 6 over Debbies
    Pittsburgh in 5 over Philthy


  21. Think Rangers vs Thrashers !! Everyone thought they can beat us, but their goaltender never showed up, the same thing can happen in this series.

    Instead of Kovalchuk, Hossa, Tkachuk, and Kozlov, we have Ovechkin, Semin, Backstrom, and Federov, with a better supporting cast, along with a guy like Green. But they have no goaltending.

    This needs to be Hank’s series. This all depends on him, HE needs to be the one that shuts down Ovechkin.

    Believe !!! If not, what’s the point in being a fan ? We can doooo this !

  22. Rob C, point taken. You have to know Carp or I would love to be there. Nasty 1, that’s the nicest thing anyone ever said to me and noonan, they modernized the rules so it’s all legit. The hits have to be legal, and you get tossed for fighting. Here’s Suburbia’s parent organization: http://www.wftda.com/

  23. Jane, I doubt that is the nicest thing anyone has ever said to you, but maybe it is the nicest thing anyone has said to you regarding roller derby. I meant it though, just have the look of a captain. And for those who think it is staged, you have to watch it. Because they hit and get hit hard as hell, and go flying over the rail hard as hell, and hit the ground hard as hell too.

  24. “they are the toughest -scariest looking team in all of professional sports”

    John Tortarella commenting on the Minnestota Rollergirls

  25. Carp, is there any way for you to put the beard contest thing so it stays on from post to post?

  26. Quick funny story back to last Thursday night. When I met Jane at the game, she called me Nasty. Ha. Anyway one of the kids didn’t understand why she called me nasty and I had to explain to him. Anyway, I get to work today, after having a few days off for easter and my mom has been in the hospital with a collapsed lung and pneumonia, and one of my teacher friends comes in and says “Hello Nasty”. 1. That is funny because it is the name of a Beastie Boy’s album, and 2. It is just funny. The kids have to sign copy books, or assignment books that I sign and their parents sign. And of the parents had to write me a note, and she started it “Dear Mr. Nasty” ha. People are funny.

  27. Caps in 7
    Bruins in 5
    Phily in 7
    Canes in 6
    Sharks in 6
    Wings in 5
    Blues in 7
    Flames in 7

  28. Caps in 4. Drury gets knocked out within ten minutes. Avery gets misconduct for looking at caps bench. Rags leave for Jersey, become minor league affl. for Devils. Yanks new stadium is lost in a sinkhole. And all NY fans cont. to whine and moan. You don’t have Mess anymore, all you got is Devils and Sabres castoffs. Avery would call them sloppy something.

  29. Nasty, all the best to your mom. You called Jane a C and it’s the nicest thing anybody ever said to her? Sorry Jane, I couldn’t ignore that one. You and Carp have taken alot of the bickering out and made it fun again, thanks. Nasty, do your students get any “nasty” stories, you know the ones after you have an old tuna sandwich?

  30. Interesting to hear Ovechkins comment on Henriks pads.

    I think it was a Gretzky quote stated “true goalscorers see the net and not the goalie”. Yes, Ovie is certainly a goal scorer just hopefully not in this series.

    Rangers in 7.

  31. nasty1
    not only would the tech dept need to upgrade the wordpress build to 2.7.1 they would also have to know how to edit the “sidebar” so that it could stay in the rangers.lohudblogs.com sidebar and not be visible on all the other lohudblogs.com blogs

    its a difficult task
    almost as difficult as AJAX-ified comments

    Bad Behavior? why not Akismet?

  32. No Country For Old Rangers on

    NYR gets no respect! not even from half of the fans!

    All the pressure is on the inexperienced, un-playoff tested Caps!

    Bring the pain

    Rangers in 5

  33. Nasty 1
    Your best story was last year Phily trip with your class.
    I can’t forget that.LOL

  34. We were on a field trip to the constitution center in philly, and I have my 5th grade class with me. We are there, and there are many other schools there as well. Anyway, I had on a Ranger hat, and so did one of my students. Well, being that we were in philly, there were a lot of philly schools there as well. I had a “problem” kid in my class, that always just found a way to be a real pain. Anyway, this kid from another school gets right in my face and says, “THE RANGERS SUCKS!!!!!!!” Now, me being a teacher, I could not really say anything back, or do anything. But the “problem” kid jumps in front of me and gets right in the kids face and says, “Oh yeah, you know what, the FLYERS are the ones that SUCK, and do you know why they are so good at sucking?” and the other kid answers, “Why?” and my guy says, “because they take sucking lessons from your mother.” hahaha. Classic. I swear from that day on, me and the “problem” kid never had another problem. He actually turned in to a very fine student and a good kid. I gave him a high five, bought him a soft pretzel for the bus ride back.

  35. loved chatting guys but I have to go me and marty are having a contest for who can eat the most burgers im hoping to get to fifty but i know i wont win then i have to go into my moms basement and play some video games all night its a busy life for me

  36. I think that if hank can give up 3 or less each game we have a real shot at beating them.

    Theodore isnt that great.

  37. also forgot

    -Staal has to be in the mindset of hurting Ovechikin everytime he is skating near him

  38. shoryuken

    yes it was surely creative of him. one step above the “im rubber youre glue…” line.

  39. Nasty, another awesomely great story!!! Good job by the kid!!!

    LMAO @ about 1/2 a shift! It’s good you guys gave him a clean slate because me, being a woman, am not in the habit of giving clean slates to slackers! :-)

    I have a feeling Mr. Lundqvist will be the difference in this series! I think he’s poised to give the perfomance of his career so far! Lets hope I am right!!

  40. Alright all, I am about to shuffle on out of here. Contracted to stay til 3:15, but I like to get out around 3:05. Sneak past the principal’s office and out the side door. Ha. Have a good rest of the day to you all.

  41. We are playing the Washington Capitals not the 76-77 Canadiens… whats with all this traitorous talk of losing the series with no hope of Victory? Theodore is an inconsistent goalie who can be had. AO was a non factor early in the Philly series last year and if he repeats that we can steal a few games.

    The Mouth

    Ranger Crisis # 19


  42. Joekuh – many places, same name on

    Everytime I read Shoryuken’s name, I crack up laughing. Nasty, great story. Rangers in 6. The D will tighten up and Ovy wont have much space. I hope.

  43. NAsty – too funny

    Your teaching the future lunatic Ranger fans how to treat Philthy fans.

    Got to love it. Molding the minds of the future!

  44. BlueBlood 418 on

    this is hands down THE BEST blog covering the NYR out there! I’ve searched high and low, read everything I come across and no one is even close. Even those 2 major tabloids in the city are no match!

    Outstanding job, can’t wait to get this started.

    Sadly, I’m agreeing about the Caps in 6 (maybe 5); have you people been watching us play all year!?!?! Hope I’m wrong!

  45. With that kind of attitude Blueblood, you’re better off going back to the tabloids.

    Maybe I’ve watched too much hockey in my lifetime, but I’ve never, ever prognosticated against my own team no matter what the situation, year or opponent.

    We could be playing the Western Conference All-stars and I’d still find a way to pick us.

    To me, right or wrong, knowledgable or unbiased, if you actually pick against your own team, you’re just a weird person.

    Just my take.

  46. It’s funny how people are making picks based on how we played “all year”. You can basically throw away every game up until the trade deadline. Then, tell me that the rest of the Conference has been THAT much better than us since. I’d argue we’ve been just as good.

    We’re the dark horse with the best general in the game.

  47. No Country For Old Rangers on

    Brandon- I couldnt agree more. Nobody outside of NYR fans are even giving them a shot. I think we can be a dangerous team if we get on a roll and get some solid hank performances.

    Now that it’s really on the line, maybe bums like Redden and Zherdev will show up and actually try.

    Nasty- great story

  48. Johnny LaRue on

    I don’t know what to make of these guys. I didn’t think there was any way they would win the last three games but they did.

    My gut says that there is the potential for the Rangers to be blown out. Not swept but maybe winning one. Hope I’m wrong, but I can’t see the Caps letting themselves be tossed out after the first round again. Ovechkin and Co. want it too much.

  49. I heard one clown on NHL network point at the Rangers plus/minus after and “seperately” calling them as a low scoring team…

    How redundant….they were a low scoring team that got outscored this year soooooooooooooo….

    YES OF COURSE!!! Their plus minus figures are bad…

    its like saying a pitcher has an ERA of 7.50 and that “also he gives up a lot of runs too!!”

  50. LET’S GO RANGERS clap clap clap clap clap LET’S GO RANGERS clap clap clap clap clap

  51. Gary Green, of NHL on the fly & NHL RAdio, today said “Can you really count anyone out in the playoffs, or to make a run? Look at the New York Rangers, they have one of the best goalies in the league in Henrik Lundqvist, and play very well defensively, and in the playoffs games are usually tightly checked, working to their advantage. So with that said who’s to say that they cant make a big run?”
    He also said on the NHL playoff preview that he is not so sure about the caps D and goaltending, for a team that like to trade chances with their opponent.
    Gary Green coached the Washington Capitals for a fewyears back in the day and he is even admitting that the Rangers are legit, and he is one of the more knowledgable guys on those shows.

    It was nice to finally hear someone with some confidencein them and not just bashing their low-scoring and bruta power play.
    We can win this thing, look for cally/dubi to shine with hard forecheck on questionable D after Green, such as TOM POTI and others, hard forecheck andgettin pucks on net from all angles will lead to more tha 2 goals a game versus a shaky goaltender. CONFIDENCE

  52. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    The game against the Flyers was another good one. Perhaps sit Drury from the playoffs? At least he can’t be a minus then (Mr. Two-way clutch center)!

  53. I agree with Johnny LaRue about how caps dont want to be knocked out in round 1 again, and that is why a month ago i was saying i would rather play bos/nj in round 1 bc i didnt think ovie would let them be knocked out that quicly again… but the way we play the bruins is so boring and they just play that tight trap tight bullshit with such limited opportuniies, so Im glad we ended up in 7th and not 8th, but i still would rather play MARTY and the devs than the caps

  54. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Agreed Rob,
    The devs would have been the best matchup for anyone, besides Montreal in the East. Boston might win in 4 and I’ll be SHOCKED if the Devils win their series. I expect Carolina to take that one in 6, maybe even 5. Brodeur and Drury have something in common, they both suck (I don’t care if you love them both, but they both have sucked this year).

    I’m afraid of Boston because they will be the team coming out of the East. The Caps are beatable through Theodore. Hank’s gotta play twice as well as his counterpart, which is possible.

  55. Ok Boys and Girls, here is what is going to happen:

    AO is going to score within the first 4 minutes tomorrow night and start to celebrate with you know that kiss he throws up to the ceiling. While doing this, he will collide head on with the approaching Semin and they will knock each other out of the rest of the series.
    Bet the house on it!

  56. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    April 14th, 2009 at 1:04 pm
    The one big problem that I have is with Redden.

    If this guy doesn’t show any more skating effort, and body work in this first game, Torts should bench him for the series and bring back Sauer. And Naslund Roszival Giardi and Zherdev had better watch their HOOKING and HOLDING penalties.

    fran i definitely agree. redden is gonna be our weak link and may cost us the series with his lax play. but he has been better and he has been in the playoffs alot with the sens so maybe he knows he has to be much better. now if he actually plays the way he has lately and can add a little more offense to the pp id be fine with him. we really need him shootin it like morris who seeems to have the best shot on our blueline.

    oh carp- i really cant se washington holding us to 1-2 goals a game. theres no way. theodore sucks and we will score more than that, unfortunately the other team will too. most likely more. so i say caps in 7. i say we win game 1 and game 4 and 6.

  57. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    jon quick- i garauntee you even with those 2 out wed still not sweep them. green would alone score 3-4 goals on us!!


    Exactly. Im surprised so many Nyr fans think the Craps will beat us easily. It can go either way. Very depressing, and disappointing to see some of you guys going against them, even fuggin Maloney.

    Im not happy aboot it !!! This isn’t Renney’s Rangers, this is Torts’ Rangers. Believe ! Believe god damn you !!!

    Im looking forward to tomorrow, all we need to do is steal a game in Washington, and we’re in pretty good shape. Gotta take advantage of our home ice.

    Even if i was betting a bunch of money, id still root for Nyr, i believe they’ll win. Im not being arrogant aboot it, but like i said, it can go either way. But if Theodure turns into Roy, then this series will come down to the scoring, and then it could be over with.

    Lets Go Rangers !! Not Craps !!!

  59. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    if we had a bonafide sniper ok, lets say zherdev with callys work ethic, if we had a player like that, kinda like eric staal, iginla, type, id say we can f the caps up. just cant see us doin that with our top guys being 2nd liners. zherdev has played ok, some nights he blocks shots, shoots it hard, hits, and some nights i forget hes even part of the team. if he doesnt get his ass in high gear by tommorow night, let him go to russia. id sign antro next season too. dump z

  60. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    orr- i guess im tryin to not get too excited so i dont get heartbroken if we choke. and i also know its torts rangers but im just tryin to not get my hopes up. believe me, when the puck drops tommorow im gonna be cheerin rangers all the way and kickin some iowa ass in the process. im gonna go apeshit when we score and break my ex wifes neck when the caps score. or my boss. i guess you can say im tryin not to jinx it. whenever i say rangers will win, they lose, so maybe i can do some reverse psychology. caps in 6, ahem(rangers in 7)ahem

  61. onecupin69+years on

    For the Rangers to win, they’ll have to first shut down AO, what’s shutting him down mean? A goal a game, no goals?

    So you’re asking for AO to crap out against NY at home at at MSG in the spotlight, he loves the big stage.

    Then the rangers dead over priced zombies will have to come out of hiding and play, Gomez, redden, drury, nasland .

    NY can’t hang their hopes on Callahan and hank alone.

    Sounds anti ranger but its not, everything has to go right for ny to win, everthing.

  62. Fischler's Ghost on

    I think the longer this series goes, the better it is for the Rangers. Going six or seven games means a goalie is going to steal one of them and Hank is just the guy to do it. Jose Theodore and Brent Johnson (BRENT JOHNSON!?!?!) are not goalies who will take a team anywhere. I’d love to see a win tomorrow night, but the Caps are going to be amped and it will be hard. I wonder if Torts would consider telling the boys to ice the puck early on to quiet the building down (of course the evil side of that is Caps with possession in our end), but if we can win face-offs and just dump it down the ice and not let them establish any flow for the first 10 minutes, we might have a shot tomorrow.

  63. Just too many people not believing. I think the up tempo system of Torts combined with the D-first system, that was planted by Renney, the Rangers can frustrate the Caps. Of course, the Rangers have to bury their chances. Time for Henrik to carry this team on his back. Is it Wednesday yet?
    Come out flying, get the lead and don’t blow it like last years game 1 vs Pitt. I think they can frustrate the hell out of the Caps.

  64. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    onecup- i think it will be very close. for everything the craps have, we have an antidote. we got staal and hank for ovie and slapnuts, for their peepee we have betts and shpooey. for their inept goaltending we have equally inept goalscoring!!! nothing to fear onecup!!!!

  65. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    fischlers ghost- thats exactly what torts wouldnt do. hed tell the guys to go out and score a goal. no freakin way hes gonna tell them to ice it. thats renny scared shitless hockey

  66. Johnny LaRue on

    I realize it would be at the Rangers’ expense, but if the Caps win I would really like to see them play Pitt and steamroll right over golden boy and the rest of the stupid Penguins.

  67. onecupin69+years not everything has to go right, Just Hank, the powerplay has to do decent agasint a decent pk, and we have to stick it to theodore early and make that caps not feel confident in their goalie. also i say if we win game 1 or 2 we win the series in 6 i dont think were going to loose at hom but i could be wrong LETS GO HENRY!!!!! I MEAN RANGERS

  68. if rangers loose, canes vs boston and pitt vs washington, boston vs pitt Eastern Confrence Champs Boston (could switch boston out with carolina, depends on Cam Ward)

  69. Johnny LaRue on

    Actually Sykora is the the one Penguin I like. He’s too good for that crummy organization. I wish he was still a Ranger.

  70. Fischler's Ghost on

    Mike in Iowa —

    I totally see where you are coming from in terms of “renney hockey” but I was thinking more along the lines of “head games” just to frustrate and annoy the Caps.

  71. Caps were 11th in the NHL in 5-5 goals. Rangers were 16th.

    Seems that the Caps woes on D came on the special teams. They actually have a better 5-5 D game then us…Thats crazy with Jose in net vs Henry…

  72. Fischler’s Ghost to what you said about iceng the cup, i dont know if you guys remmerb but last year we played the Islanders at home and for about the first 7 minutes they contually iced the puck non stop, MSG was silent and it was the most boring minutes of my life, we ended up loosing that game, idk maybe we should try it?

  73. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    i think the best way to quiet the house would be to score some early goals or get some early peepees and rain down some pee on ’em. even though its pathetic, it will keep them in their end and disrupt the flow for them. its just gonna take a whole lotta hard ass work. play them like we are the new york rangers and not some weak southeast division team that they get to steal most of their points from. were new york. were badass!!! i wanna see orr knock the hell outta brashear too. i wanna see avery doin his thing. and hard to beleive, were gonna need our captain to do what hes done in the past. score clutch goals and be good defensively. i wanna see crashin the net with reckless abandon. and when we score, whoever scores, puts his stick on the ice and acts like its on fire like ovie did, in his building!!!!!! piss em off. get in their heads, and hank using the shwarts to put a forcefield around him

  74. Fischler’s Ghost – Completely disagree with the icing theory early on.. and I think Tortorella would disagree too. He stresses “We are not going to change our game for anybody, we are going to play our game every night” He always says this, so number 1 he’s not going to tell the players okay start icing the puck , and number 2 u cant give the caps that opportunity to win a offensive zone faceoff and set up like that… we are great at faceoffs but they are just as good if not better.. steckel 57%, fedorov 56%, gordon 56%, backstrom 48%.. so cant take for granted us winning faceoffs..
    Rangers just have to play their game, stress puck possession as torts always does, bc as someone said, washingtons best d is their offense controlling the puck, and we have to limit our penalties, and most of all we need to forecheck as hard as possible against their weak defensemen, and especially take advantage of when green isnt out there

  75. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    fischler- yea it may work. and now that mike08 mentioned the islander game in which they did that, i could actually see it workin a little. but im not sure torts would do that.

  76. Fischler's Ghost on


    I was thinking of that game as well. Effing gamesmanship from Ted Nolan, but it worked, dammit, it worked.

  77. The Caps also finished in the top 5 in the NHL after having lost some 375 man games to injury. I know there was a time when they were playing with 5 or 6 Hershey players.

    I think they have just been on a flat-out cruise control until the playoffs.

  78. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    one other thing i dont like about the icing theory though, is that washington will keep the puck in our end and it will bite us in the ass when they pepper hank with shots and tire out our d, plus we can just as easily get the crowd out of it by scorin on them! or just playin a hard forecheck.

  79. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Everyone’s down on Philthy, huh? I bet Philly wins in 6 or 7. I doubt the caps (or the Rangers) will even have a chance to face them round 2. Philly’s not bad, probably a little deeper than most people realize.

    Hey, how about this. I know Crosby and Malkin both finished with over 100 points but check this out
    Malkin +17
    Crosby +3

    Hahaha! Malkin’s a much more effective 5on5 player. It’s gotta be killing that douche.

  80. Fischler's Ghost on


    Completely agree about the momentum/faceoffs thing, I mentioned it in my initial post. The Caps play the way we wish the Rangers would with the players the Rangers wish they had, so playing “our game” isn’t going to be enough, there’s got to be something psychological, whether it’s icing the puck, calling for a stick measurement, slapshots at theodores mask, I dunno.

  81. from NHL.com

    The following officials have been selected to work together in the 2009 Stanley Cup Playoffs Conference Quarterfinals. Previous playoff games listed in parentheses:


    Brad Watson (94) & Chris Rooney (5)

    Paul Devorski (150) & Ian Walsh (0)

    Bill McCreary (265) & Brad Meier (15)

    Kevin Pollock (81) & Dennis LaRue (37)

    Tim Peel (25) & Mike Leggo (25)

    Dan O’Halloran (62) & Chris Lee (0)

    Marc Joannette (55) & Dan O’Rourke (9)

    Mike Hasenfratz (27) & Don Van Massenhoven (85)

    Wes McCauley (14) & Eric Furlatt (26)

    Kelly Sutherland (30) & Dave Jackson (55)


    Brad Kovachik (46) & Jean Morin (137)

    Steve Barton (9) & Brian Murphy (176)

    Steve Miller (33) & Mark Shewchyk (0)

    Derek Amell (49) & Mike Cvik (81)

    Pierre Racicot (86) & Tony Sericolo (0)

    Jonny Murray (0) & Jay Sharrers (116)

    Brad Lazarowich (165) & Thor Nelson (16)

    Scott Driscoll (112) & Mark Wheler (98)

    Lonnie Cameron (34) & Greg Devorski (99)

    Shane Heyer (100) & Tim Nowak (83

  82. I dunno we’ll see, I think if we play the way we play on our effective nights we can win.. and everyone knows u have to show up every night in the playoffs, especially the players. I think it can happen and i dont think we need to throw in any tricks like stick measurements or icings, just my opinion. I know wash has the more serious firepower but we can score by committee and play good team defense with nothing short of a brick wall in our crease.. just SHOOT SHOOT SHOOT on this Joe Teddy guy in their net hah he will buckle under the pressure

  83. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    fischler, i think avery will get under their skins big time. i think torts is gonna use him like he was used in previous playoffs like messin with the goalie, or their star players. other than that, were just gonna have to score. were gonna have to score alot too. thats our main problem they need to worry about. our d is better than the caps as is our goalie. so if we can start lightin the lamp all things should equal out. i hope the caps go in with a false sense of security and blow game 1. i hope they get nervous with the pressure on them in their building. i know torts is gonna pressure though. thats him. as for washington not wanting to go out early like last year, well, thats all well n good, but were not gonna roll over for them. not torts.but i sure as hell wish we had the home ice advantage. like i said, this thing can easily go 7 games, but the rangers really couldve used home ice especially considering how we play at home compared to the road. it was a possibility in january. we were ok, were lookin to get home ice this season when renny and the rennygades shat the bed.

  84. UESBlueshirt on

    McCreary is reffing? If he does a Rangers game we’re screwed, he hates them after getting chest bumped into the glass by Richter in Game 7 ’94 ECF.

  85. Johnny LaRue on

    Actually, I noticed that the Rangers won a lot of games that McBleary has reffed this year and he made a lot of calls in their favor. Last year was a different story.

  86. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    how does one become a ref or linesman? are they just failed hockey players? who would want that job?

  87. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    does anyone remember who was the ref on our last home game that actually called that goal from naslund where the goalie went in with the puck? i want that guy!!!1

  88. I agree — if Ovenchicken sees pads – it’s because of how great Hank is .. he just doesn’t know where to shoot.

    Same pads – different goalie = smaller

  89. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    hey guys, do u think whjen slats retires or croaks,m whichever comes first, that shoney will just take over or do u think messier will want the job?

  90. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    septemous, oveckin has like triple the shots that anyone on the rangers has, thats why he scores so much. he has a great shot, but his shooting percentage cant be that high.

  91. Agravaine – I don’t think anyone really answered your question; I just watched the highlights from Sunday’s game and only saw Gomez and Naslund with letters. I couldn’t tell what Gomez had because they never showed a close-up of his chest, but it was probably an A. I saw all of the other candidates for a letter (Betts, Rozsival, Mara…) had nothing.

  92. any rangers fans in dc that want to congregate at a certain bar for those of us that can’t afford tickets?

  93. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    i hope we go balls deep like in dodgeball. espn 8″the ocho”

  94. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    i dont think that any other players are required to wear a letter unless the capn is out for a long time

  95. I think it was Don Van Massenhoven who called that Naslund play a goal vs. philly…
    No matter who refs each series there is always going to be a bad call or two, or few, or many.. waht ya gona do, gota play through it, luckily we have a sick PK, just try to limit the penalties and NO 2 man advantages for Ovechkin, Green & Crew cuz those will be automatic for them

  96. I didnt get a good look either at Gomez sunday but from far it didnt look like an A i think he may have had on the C but i could be dead wrong

  97. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    “i am goldberg!!! the goalie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

  98. someone on here I think, the other day mentioned that Mara shoudl be the captain HAH r u kiddin me, i like the guy and everything and he has played solid this year, but just because u r the loudest and talk the most on the bench doesnt mean u shoudl wear the C.. When Naslund is gone Betts should become the second A… and down the road I see Staal/Dubi/Cally as captains.. Betts is unrestricted and may not be a ranger next year bc he probly feels he could b a 3rd liner every night and people around the league this year have realized how great a PKer he is.. hope he doesnt go though

  99. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    they are grooming korpi for a pk role and cally is good at it too. i would be ok with betts going. we need guys who can score. if it makes room for a young guy from the pack id be fine with it.

  100. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    korpi and shoe will be enough for the pk next season. dru and cally too. betts is great at that, but not at much else. i doubt we make much room under the cap for potential top 6 free agents so maybe AA can fill betts place

  101. Yea, lets get anisimov up here next year, big lengthy guy who has hands and can score.. built like Malkin.. if he ended up bein just half as good as malkin id love it

  102. caps in 6
    bruins in 6
    canes in 6
    pitt in 6

    ducks in 7
    wings in 6
    canucks in 7
    bhawks in 7

  103. UESBlueshirt on

    A couple of ways to look at the Caps series. Look at the Rangers record vs. the teams that are above them in the conference:

    Boston (1 regulation W, 1 S/O W, 2 regulation L that were both 1-0 games in Boston)

    Caps (1 S/O W, 2 regulation L, 1 OTL…no blow out games)

    Devils (3 regulation W, 3 regulation L…I think they’re out in the 1st round)

    Pens (1 regulation W, 2 S/O W, 3 regulation L…home team won all the games)

    Flyers (4 regulation W, 2 regulation L…I’d love for them and the Pens to just beat each other up)

    Canes (1 regulation W, 1 S/O W, 2 regulation L…home team won all the games)

    So the Caps are the only team the Rangers haven’t played at least .500 against and all those games were during the Renney era.

    Also, remember last year when the Caps were the hottest team in hockey for about the last 50 games of the season. Ovechkin if anything was having a better year and they had a better goalie. Granted, Green has had a better year this year and their other young guns have another year and a round of playoffs under their belt but a Flyers team that was not as good as this year’s edition (Carter not quite the force he is now and much worse D) beat them in 7.

    I read one of the mainstream sports websites earlier today, can’t remember if it was ESPN or CNNSI and they brought up a great strategy that Scotty Bowman used against the Flyers in 1997, rather than try to defend against the Legion of Doom line, he used his best puck moving D against the LOD and made them play on the defensive.

    Bowman obviously was a master at exposing other teams deficiencies but if the Caps are put in a situation where they aren’t the ones charging up the ice they suddenly become vulnerable. I still think they have a lot of guns to shut down but it’s hard to say whether all of them will show up when the going gets tough. Think of all the superstars in the league that have won a Cup and a lot of them had to face a couple of years of disappointment before they finally won it. Here’s to hoping the Rangers can delay Ovechkin’s ascencion to the top.

  104. Will anybody else be at the game tomorrow night? I just hope they don’t bush-league the 1st game so I don’t have to leave the place in disgrace …

    Win / Lose, anybody who’ll be there tomorrow has an open invite to my after-game fiesta (I live a block away from the arena) … invitation is more open to any of the females who contribute to this blog …

  105. *mike in iowa(perkins alter ego)*

    Michael Cammalleri – Calcary (Jewish mother)
    Jeff Halpern – Dallas/Tampa Bay
    Eric Nystrom – Calgary Flames
    Eric Fehr, Washington Capitals
    Mathieu Schneider – Montreal
    Mike Brown, Anaheim Ducks
    Josh Tordjman, Phoenix Coyotes
    *Stephen Weiss, Florida Panthers
    *Chabad site says he attended Yom Kippur services with them. One and only source.

    *Honorable mention:*

    Bobby Nystrom – father of Eric Nystrom (playerd for the Isles 1972-86 New York Islanders)

    Sam Pollock – GM of Montreal Canadiens during their 1970’s dynasty

    also, ive heard more then on few occasions that Malkin from Penguins is Jewish too… or at least one of his parents is Jewish… but its not for sure
    btw… Dubinsky is a Russian- Jewish sounding name too.

  106. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    yea shnieder. forgot about him. i hope so badly that we can beat the showoff tommorow. just think what washington would be without him. theyd be the lightning

  107. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Rules !! says Greg L. on

    Yeah , let’s make a list of all the idiots on this blog who has choose the Capitals to win this series. onecup , you seem like you can only handle one cup…Mike , you too …guys Capital goalie is WEAK …OV aint GOD and I KNOW the Rangers will win this series!!! Orr , I see what you mean about stealing home ice and I also believe we can do it.

    Anyone who predicts Washington to win on this blog is an IDIOT…HAHAHAHA loser and is a pathtic Caps fan in disquise. RANGERS have lots of resons and HANK ,STAAL ,Cally and a Gomez gone wild…Rangers in 6.

    Boston over the weak Habs
    NJ beats Carloina in 7
    Pittsburgh in 6 over Philly

    Sharks over ducks in 5
    Vancouver over Blues in 5
    Deroit sweeps Columbus
    Calgary over chicago in 7

  108. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    dubinsky is a polish sounding name. but yea, coulkd be jewish.

  109. As i mentioned before i know few people… Russian people with last name Dubinsky…

    There also was a Jewish player Steve Dubinsky who played from 1993-2003 with the Chicago Blackhawks, Calgary Flames, Nashville Predators and St. Louis Blues.

  110. Don’t forget Donna Dubinsky, CEO of Mindspring

    This series could clearly go either way, just remember that we always struggle in D.C. (with that damn organist who plays for like 5 minutes after they score a goal, drives me nuts) We will need at least 6 games if we are to win, and this will go at least 6 because if they beat us it won’t be a short one.

  111. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Rules !! says Greg L. on

    BIG POLL on Sportsnet shows that the fans at 85 percent say Caps to Rangers 15 percent. That Maclean guy who used to coach the Jackets saying Avery is dreaming if he can do anything and the Rangers bla bla bla ….Doug Maclean is a goof and I know our boys !! I watched them EVERY GAME this year and read 90 percent of this blog …people who want to pick Washington to win can KEEP IT to themselves or ya probally get a scrap outta me. Im sick and tired of IDIOTS who follow MY team and dis them and have zero to no faith.
    Sorry Jane if you picked wash in 6 but this isn’t a stab at you maybe you haven’t put the Rangers in yer heart like you did the Jets. I 100 believe in my Rangers and I know this year with Hank ..we just could win this whole dam thing…

  112. My favorite post today is from Frankie two times

    Gonna get the papers get the papers….classic

    How about Tommy Bloody a** baboon on his shoulder?

  113. You know what else is interesting? MLB, NHL, and NBA all have Jewish Commissioners. (Bud Selig, Garry Bettman, and David Stern) Jewish Power! LoL :)

  114. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Rules !! says Greg L. on

    yeah Mike , if ya were around here at all this year ya would know a lil bit or 2 …I for one..like alot of yer comments and thought ya had a good Ranger mind…well now to pick the caps to win…I’d bet you anytime…anytime..

  115. I’m gonna watch the HNIC playoff report on CBC tonite
    I’ll report back to ya’ll…let you know all the great things they say about Avery and the Rangers

  116. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Rules !! says Greg L. on

    Kaspar you can’t get cbc in Russia …ya must have a super satillie!!

  117. Kaspar

    Because I’m Bad, I’m Bad-
    Come On
    (Bad Bad-Really, Really Bad)
    You Know I’m Bad, I’m Bad-
    You Know It
    (Bad Bad-Really, Really Bad)
    You Know I’m Bad, I’m Bad-
    Come On, You Know
    (Bad Bad-Really, Really Bad)
    And The Whole World Has To
    Answer Right Now
    Just To Tell You Once Again,
    Who’s Bad . . .


  118. oopss… too late the show is over lol

    What he basically said was that in October we’ll know more about Islanders future… but it is most likely that they will be moved to KC. Ouch…

  119. Johnny, did you say Fada? Or did you mean Father?

    Nasty1 hope your mom is feeling better. I’ll work on the beard slideshow question tomorrow with our tech guy.

  120. Johnny LaRue
    April 14th, 2009 at 7:43 pm
    Any players Latvian Orthodox?


    Arturs Irbe
    Sandis Ozolinsh
    Peter Skudra
    Karlis Skrastins
    Sergei Zholtok

    taken from Wiki:

    As of 2008, fifteen Latvian ice hockey players have played in NHL. The first of them was Helmuts Balderis, who came to play in Minnesota North Stars team at the age of 36 in the 1989-90 season .Sandis Ozoli?š, Art?rs Irbe, Sergejs Žoltoks and K?rlis Skrasti?š have been the most successful ones. Ozoli?š is the only Latvian to win the Stanley Cup, in the 1995-96 season with the Colorado Avalanche. Ozoli?š and Irbe have played in NHL All-Star Games. The other Latvian players who have played in NHL are: Aleksandrs Ker?s, Grigorijs Pante?ejevs, P?teris Skudra, Viktors Ignatjevs, Herberts Vasi?jevs, Kaspars Astašenko, Raitis Ivan?ns, J?nis Sprukts, Harijs V?toli?š, M?rti?š Karsums.


  121. MiamiPimp

    no offence but i think it’s time for you to learn a new word… that “Bush League” thing you got going there is getting just a little old. There hasn’t been a single post from you, say, in the last month or so that “Bush League” hasn’t been mentioned… I’m just saying…

  122. Johnny LaRue on

    CCCP, wow and I thought I had a lot of free time on my hands tonight.

    Velcome to the faith.

  123. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Rules !! says Greg L. on

    Dam , Tampa gets #2 pick….why why why does a crap team like NYI get a guy like Tavares or Headmen!!!

  124. Kavorka?

    Originated in Latvia – The lure of the animal. To be wanted and possessed by someone.

    *”I got the Kavorka, Jerry. I’m dangerous, I’m very Dangerous!”

    People on this blog will love this reference:
    It has been made famous by an episode of the sitcom, Seinfeld. In this episode, called “The Conversion”, Kramer discovers he is affected by the Kavorka, he solves this by some religious ceremony, which results in him having a terrible odor, thus, being unattractive to women. This ‘breaks’ the curse.

    *”Emaly, I can’t believe two guys asked you out in one night!”*
    *”I know, I must have the Kavorka!”*


    is that what you mean? I am originally from Ukraine btw.

  125. Johnny LaRue on

    Yes, kavorka, the lure of the animal.

    A guy from Ukraine busted up Kramer and Newman’s game of Risk on the subway when Kramer said that Ukraine was weak.

  126. No Country For Old Rangers on

    I love all the Seinfeld

    I guess Center Ice doesn’t include the playoffs, does anybody know of a reliable place to find a stream?


  127. I know its a few days old but I haven’t been online but I just wanna say that I loved the Ranger mobile. Makes me wish I had one, but what I really wanted to say,

    Is that Redden has a clean slate until I can’t see anymore after drinking to all of his misplays, maybe about halfway through the first period.

    And Finally
    Boston in 4
    HANK in 6
    Carolina in 5
    Pit in 7

    Sharks in 6
    Wing in 6
    Blues in 7
    Flames in 5

  128. Bob Mckenzie just said our top line consists of Chris Drury, Markus Naslund and Callahan. Is this true?

  129. No country

    Center Ice does include the playoffs, just not the ones on nationally. NBC, VS.

  130. Actually, it’s Thursday and the Rangers stole game 1 and home ice advantage….(ignore my time stamp)

  131. There’s something about the way John Tavares blinks his eyes that bothers me. His eyes stay closed way too long when he blinks.

  132. Hopefully 24 hours from now the Rangers have won game 1 of this series, which will probably be a long one. They have to take one on the road, hopefully tomorrow, but if not Saturday. Also, so happy tomorrow’s game will be on MSG. I cannot stand versus coverage and especially hate NBC. I Know AO is amazing, but Sat. on NBC i really don’t want to hear all game long about Alex… the playoffs are about TWO teams battling, that should be it.

  133. Im shutting everything off tomorrow at 6:30pm but one light and the tv. I already made dinner tonight for tomorrow LOL

  134. Mike Cammalleri , from the Calgary Flames, is a Pizza Bagel….He also is a UFA and would fit in nicely on Broadway

    Eric Fehr on the Caps, Brandon Dubinsky, Eric Nystrom (Bobby married a Jewish woman), Jeff Halpern….and ofcourse Mathieu Schneider.

  135. Pavel
    April 14th, 2009 at 10:52 pm
    OMG Ovechkin had 265 hits!?!?


    OMG!!!! Did the Rangers as a team have that many LOL


  136. Pavel….arent they both Centers?

    Or did u mean that Cammalleri and Gomez would be a good 1-2 punch as Centers

  137. No Country For Old Rangers on

    Thanks guys, I didn’t see any games listed when I looked at tomorrow’s schedule but now I don’t have to worry. This is beautiful.

    Cant wait to watch Staaly smack AO and Semin around and get them off their game.


  138. Mako
    believe it or not; last time I checked (with about two weeks to go in season) the rangers led the league in hits

    Look it up on NHL.COM stat machine
    cally-Dubi-Staal and girardi were among the leaders…..

  139. Kaspar
    April 14th, 2009 at 11:14 pm
    believe it or not; last time I checked (with about two weeks to go in season) the rangers led the league in hits



    I know you are 100% right & I have heard it a bunch of times from the two twits on MSG but I just cant believe it. There were so many freaking games where they werent hitting anyone on the ice. WOW just imagine if they took it to every team EVERY game.

  140. greg are u under 18?


    Greg ZZzzZZ is actually a Canadian guy in his 40’s if you can believe it.

    ChildBrain’d and/or Aspergers’d

  141. This blog did go bush league real quick

    We got idiots worrying about who the jewish players are in the league, who the latvian players are in the league, and way too many Rangers fans picking the Caps to win the series, all on THE EVE OF THE STANLEY CUP PLAYOFFS, and THIS is what people are posting about. dammmnnn

    Center Ice has the first 2 rounds of the playoffs then all the games should be on NBC/Versus I think

    & on Bob McKenzies statement about our top line, he is very knowledgable hockey source but im sorry Gomez, Avery, and Antropov are our top line definitely

  142. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Rules !! says Greg L. on

    Thats right Rob M , Thats our top line and it seems all the guys on TSN think the Rangers will lose , it was nice to see the one guy correct that idiot Maclean about how Avery is on our top line and is a scoring threat.

  143. Hartford Whalerpack on

    dark horse


    1. a person about whom little is known, esp. someone whose abilities and potential for success are concealed : [as adj. ] a dark-horse candidate.

    2. a competitor or candidate who has little chance of winning, or who wins against expectations : a preseason dark horse as the nation’s top collegiate football team.

    ORIGIN early 19th cent.: originally racing slang.

  144. ‘m sorry for all the people of Kenya and Africa that need this aid… but no more cargo ships over there until every last pirate arrested/dead… you can’t claim vengeance when you started it by attacking a humanitarian ship and taking its captain hostage

  145. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    hey agravaine. you excited for the game tonight?? lets go rangers!!!!

  146. I do not see any game being televised tonight on Center Ice. I cannot believe I may not see the game tonight, this is absurd!!!!!

    Freakin VS is showing the Pens game tonight down here in S. Fl…

  147. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    hey rob m- who cares what bob mackenzie says? jeez guy cmon man get with it

  148. CCCP
    I got the shoe
    you give me the money

    What are doing trying to wake up one-shoe in Brooklyn?

  149. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    jor- i cant watch either. they got same game here too. i gotta watch it online.

  150. Jor71
    that better not be the case
    Last night center-ice showed the Rangers and Caps with a 7 PM start on channel 3
    the Devils and Canes on channel 4 at 7:30

  151. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    jor- besides game 1 im pretty sure the rest of the games are on versus or nbc. game 1 is tsn/msg

  152. did any ranger beat write pick us????

    Larry Brooks – Caps in 6
    Rick and Jane – Caps in 6
    Michael Obernauer -Caps in 7



    I dont know why but I am feeling NASLUND tonight, he and GOMEZ STEP IT UP A NOTCH!

  153. Unfortunately I will be forced to listen on the radio as well… I guess its better than nothing

  154. its sort of by choice… we are going to a tea party protest of taxes fees and pork spending… we decided we would go before we knew the playoffs would start today of course

    its by city hall…

  155. Going to have to be online for me – my cable provider seems to favour the Ice Chickens vs Flyers and Blues vs Canucks.
    Looking at their weekend schedule i’m not going to see the first 2 games without looking online.

  156. I am pretty pissed off as of 9 last night. I have had the NHL Network since I moved in to my house 2 summers ago. Last night I go to watch the draft lottery and “Hokus Pokus Alamagokis” the NHL Network has been removed from my cable listings and is not there anymore. I need to call Comcast when I get home and see what that is all about. I am pissed. I like watching NHL on the Fly.

    Bonus 10 points to the first person who can tell me where “Hokus Pokus Alamagokis” came from.

  157. Ct_Ranger_Fan_Go_Jon_Quick on

    I don’t get what the big deal with AO is. Ovechkin has beaten Lundqvist for seven goals in 13 NHL games that they faced each other. OK so that would be about 3.66 goals in 7 games. Big deal. Druce did more against us. Don’t worry bout the big AO. We got him covered.
    Go Rangers!

  158. Nasty
    I looked it up so it can’t count but I’d never have gotten it…


    totally call and complain they should comp you the channel… they can’t just change like that you’ve got a contract…

  159. HAHA, I doubt anyone will Ag. Text me what you found and I will tell you if you are right.

  160. Avery was a force in the first-round sweep of Atlanta two years ago, he was a force in the first-round five-game rout of the Devils a year ago. Could he do it again?

  161. Nasty 1, Today’s Special

    I hope I am wrong and they just haven’t updated our guide to show the game being televised tonight. I am going to call comcast and give them hell….I paid all this money for center ice and I will not be able to watch the opening playoff games…BS!!

  162. I’m pumped, pumped, PUMPED for tonight’s opener…But more than a little worried at what we’ll see. I’ve got nightmares of Redden and Rozi getting burned by AO and company and lighting up Henrik with top corner shots…

    IF the Rangers can pull off a Game 1 win it’d be something else, but a loss isn’t problematic. You want to win one of the first two on the road.

    I’m curious how the Rangers are gonna come out…will they take it to the Caps early or try to weather an early storm? Will Avery be getting in Theodore’s face first chance he gets? Will Staal and Ovie be butting heads all night long.

    One thing is for damn sure…we’re in for some entertaining hockey tonight. And after a season that was mostly a snooze-fest, I’m looking forward to that.


    Rangers in 6

  163. First of all, let the record state that I could care less if every so-called “expert” picks the Caps. They don’t suit up and play the game, so their opinion means jack once the puck drops.

    That being said, I honestly do not understand the logic of picking “Caps in 6” like so many of these brainiacs have.

    I mean, game 6 will be at the Garden. If we’re up 3-2 or down 3-2 going in, the building itself will be a major factor. They’re not coming in and clinching the series on our ice.

    So, what I’m saying is, either grow some balls and say Caps in 5 or pick the Rangers. If it goes to 7, it’s anyone’s game… that’s the soft pick.

    I just don’t understand Caps in 6. If it’s such a one sided affair like they’re making it out to be, then pick them in 5 when they’re on home ice.

    Some experts…

    RANGERS in 6… A realistic and logical pick.

  164. Rangers 4 caps 2
    Habs 4 Boston 2
    Canes 4 Devils 1
    Flyers 4 Pens 3 (if refs let them play)

    Sharks 4 Ducks 3
    Wings 4 Blue Jackets 1
    Blues 4 Canucks 3
    Black Hawks 4 Flames 2

    Let’s Go Rangers!!!

  165. Let the record state that eveyrone picked the Devils last year too, and A LOT picked the Thrashers two years ago. So, this is really nothing new.

  166. OK, since everyone is up early and PUMPED, I hope you will join Carp and I for the chat. Agravaine, I will be sad if I don’t see you there since you woke me up this morning with all that hollering!

    New Post!

  167. Jor71
    I dont know how it works for you but
    I went right to the center ice channels and they showed games being shown tonite; including Rangers-Caps…I didnt check my comcast guide…

  168. Well, the people of comcast shares the channels with MLB extra ticket and when I checked this morning, no game was being shown for tonight. I am calling them now!

  169. Ok, now I am really PO’d; I just got off the phone with Comcast and they are trying to tell me the playoffs are not included. I spent 10 minutes trying to explain they alway show the first 2 rounds and I have had the center ice since I moved to S. Fl. in 2002.

    I am going to wait it out and see if they will show it tonight on cable. I refuse to do the NHL Gamecenter Live crap.

  170. How'd We Make Playoffs? on

    Brandon, you rail against all the “Caps in 6” picks because MSG makes such a difference. Remind me again which game Buffalo closed us out in? And the building?

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