Staal vs. Ovechkin … updated


First, the main news out of practice.

Drury did not skate for the fourth day in a row and is listed as day-to-day. I thought originally it was a leg injury. He did indeed limp off during Thursday’s game, and tested something with a little twirl on the ice during a stoppage, and continued to play.

But MSG Network, on Sunday several times, showed him being hit in the arm or hand with a shot. So it’s a guessing game, and you get the idea the Rangers aren’t sure about his availability for Game 1.

“Day to day,” John Tortorella said. “He’s hurt and it’s day to day and I don’t know how that’s all going to work out.”

Had a chance to speak with Marc Staal about his many encounters with Alex Ovechkin, the NHL’s most dangerous and unique player, the last two years. Predictably, Stall said it will be up to all six men on the ice to try to contain Ovechkin, who is like a Brandon Jacobs (to use a football analogy) in that he’d just as soon hunt down the defensive player and run him over, as go around him.

“He’s a competitor, he hits hard and yeah, we’ve had our run-ins in the past,” Staal said.

Here are some of his other remarks:

“I think it can work both ways, Sometimes if you hit or you get hit, it gets you into the game more. I think, maybe getting it in the back of his mind that he’s going to get hit every time he shoots it or he’s coming down the wing, I think it would be good for us.”

“As well-balanced as they are offensively … to be fixated on one guy on the ice could kind of cause you trouble. If you’re overplaying him, you could leave some gaps and leave some guys on the ice open. We can’t do that.”

“Last year, we had some pretty good battles. I don’t know what it is. I think we’re always in the same areas of the ice so when the puck comes, he hits hard and I don’t want to get knocked down either. It’s kind of been an ongoing thing, but it’s been a lot of fun. It’s a pretty good challenge.”

“Not really. I think the amount he shoots and where he can shoot it from, and how hard — he does it from anywhere — is unique to anybody I’ve played against. Just how hard he shoots it and how quick he can get it off, before you even react, or before you even think he’s going to shoot, is something that’s pretty unique.”

“You’ve just got to be conscious of where he is. The closer you are, where you can at least be a stick-length away, where you can at least get a stick on his or not give him any time to get that shot off, is a pretty big thing.”

“Off the rush, if you’ve got a better gap … he comes across the blue line, he likes to cut in and rip one and sometimes he doesn’t usually care where it’s going. He shoots it as hard as he can, either through you or around you, so a tight gap in the neutral zone and obviously being aware of where he is in the D-zone.”

“It’s a challenge. It will be a lot of fun. He’s one of the best in the world, so it’ll be pretty interesting to see how things shake out.”

Here is some Tortorella on Staal taking the challenge:

“I dont think it’s just going to be Staal, and I don’t think it’s just going to be Ovechkin. They’ve got a lot of good players, up front and on the back end. Marc Staal and Danny Girardi have done a really good job for us the last couple of months as far as taking some of those minutes against the top lines. But which one is the top line in Washington? That guy Semin’s a helluva player and they’ve got some people. So it’s not just going to be Marc. It’s going to be a team effort here in trying to control them offensively.”

“I haven’t been here (for previous Staal-Ovechkin battles). I’ve read about it. And I think both Marc and Danny have accepted the challenges here as of late against some good offensive people. They’re two good players and they’re kids. I just think in this league, defensemen are at a premium, and I think we’ve got two pretty good ones there who not only can defend well but I think eventually are going to bring some offense to this team.” 

Finally, and you’ll like this: Tortorella isn’t about to switch to a more conservative approach just because of all of Washington’s weapons, especially Ovechkin.
“No, we’re going to play,” he said. “You have to be aware he’s there. He’s a great player. We know that. But I don’t think you can let it dictate your game. I’m a believer in that we need to play our game and not get into any counter-punching, and take our chances that way. Having said that, of course you have to know when he’s on the ice, when Semin’s on the ice, and some of the other people — this kid Backstrom. You have to defend, but don’t lose your identity as a hockey club, and that’s very important as we start this series.”
AFTERNOON UPDATE: 4:27 P.M: Just to clear this up: MSG Network will televise all the first-round games except those on NBC. Versus has no exclusivity in the first round. The games that are listed for Versus will be on Versus across the country, but also on MSG Network.

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  1. Unemployed Steve (formerly sesak) on

    I did not see that Torts spoke about Green? I am worried about him more than Ovie.

  2. i think our captain is less than 50-50 at this point….Rick, any news on who was added or who will be added to the extended playoff roster?

  3. Doodie Machetto on

    I love Staal. I’d take him over 99% of the defensemen in the league.

    Unfortunately, a member of the 1% plays for the Capitals.

  4. This really is going to be a classic series. I have said to myself (well if the Rangers dont get into the playoffs, I always have the Caps to root for) that’s pretty much shot to hell now LOL. But, I would really like Avery to play up to what he is capable of in getting AO, Semin, Backstrom AND JT off their games. Espcially, JT – he knows he’s not playing well – hope Avery tips the scales and really gets in his head.

  5. Doodie Machetto on

    “I did not see that Torts spoke about Green? I am worried about him more than Ovie.”

    I think if the Caps win, Green will likely be their MVP for the series.

    If the Rangers win, you know it’s gonna have to be all on Hank. If Staal can shut down Ovechkin, great. But Hank would still have to stop Green, Backstrom, and Semin, among others.

    I’m also very happy Semin’s name is pronounced the way it is. I wouldn’t be able to talk about him without laughing if it were pronounced a little differently.

  6. Remember in the beginning of the year when Semin was badmouthing Crosby? I bet it is not the first time that Semin has really gotten in to Crosby’s head. :)

  7. The Staal family not only breeds excellent players, they are very smart players. To hear Marc speak with such game-smarts is really inspiring for future years.

  8. Ovie is most dangerous on the Power Play. Just remember that you got to stop him without taking a penalty, or Henrick will be getting shots thrown at him like a dunking booth at a carnival.

  9. I would NOT take Mike Green over Marc Staal.

    Staal is a better 2 way defenseman, he is strong and smart, Green is a Rover who is soft but has great offensive skills.

    The Rangers will pound Mike Green this series. The rest of their defense is weak, especially the bottom 2 pair who are immobile.

  10. Rob(the first) on


    Any word on who would start in place a Drury, and please do not say the V-word. I would hope they would call up someone who could try to be a top six foward, and hey, its great exposure, simlar to what they did last yr to korpedo.

  11. It’s going to take a total effort from everyone. If Drury can’t play it will be a lot tougher, he does a lot of good things every game. The first game will tell the tale, The Rangers were playing the defensive game when they played the Caps last. Minus Avery, Morris,and Andropoff. Plus they have become a better team and are playing a better system under Tortorella. Not many experts are picking them over the Caps. but every year the playoffs are full of surprises. I might be way off base, but if the Rangers win I wouldn’t consider it a big upset.

  12. LIQUID

    if you don’t know how to use your camera manually (that isn’t a knock btw and I don’t want you to take offense) than definitely put it on the sports setting. If you do know how to use it manually then during warmups sit in your seat and find out how need to set the aperture to have at least a 125 (250 is better 500 would be awesome) speed. watch out becuase as you zoom in and out our maximum aperture will change, thus making your light off so don’t use the maximum as you can’t rely on it

    ok now if you didn’t know what that meant (again not a knock I dind’t until I took a class) yes sports setting and as for if you are stuck behind the netting (as I often am if you look at my pics) put your camera on the ice above the netting so that it fouses and then hold your finger down a little. It will keep the focusing and not focus on the netting (most of the time)

    as for what TOny said about the ISO then he is right… are you going to be at MSG? if you are use a 1600 iso. If you are going to Washington you need to judge but if ts brighter there than at MSG (more like the COlisseum) then you can use an 800 setting… if it is as bright inside as it is at the ROck then you might be able to use a 400 (but you should probably stick to 800 anyway)

    If you dont know how to change your iso (again I’m saying this because for a long time I dind’t and I don’t want to assume too much) let me or Tony know, we can probably figure out where you need to go to do so…

  13. Sorry CCCP
    I forgot you’re not a fan….
    That “Ukraine bit” was from Seinfeld…I promise I wont participate in any more run-away Seinfeld blogs…

    Starting Now!!

  14. If Drury can’t play, I bet they bring up A.A. I can’t see them playing Voros, I don’t think he would be much help, against the Caps.

  15. NoCountry, that’s funny, most Rangers blogs have a whole thread devoted to belittling Redden.

    His wedding pictures are great, it’s too bad having a hot wife doesn’t correlate to hockey ability. Danny Briere’s wife is a cow

  16. Voros will hurt this team more than anybody. He has so little hockey skill, but worst of all, he doesn’t have the mental strength or discipline to handle tough playoff hockey. He’ll get pissed, try to be physical, take a brain-dead penalty, and send the Caps out on the PP.

    Frankly, Orr shouldn’t even have a place in the line up. Nobody fights in the playoffs. His whopping 4 minutes a game could be given to someone in Hartford who is more capable.

  17. Thanx Agra…you are the best…I am a novice, so I do not take any offense. I am learning as I go. I have taken some decent pics at the Coliseum when the Rangers play there….

    I will be in the middle of the ice for game 1, in the 300’s section, so the netting will not be of any concern.

    One concern I have is using the big lens down during warm ups. My playoff ritual over the past 25 years has been to walk down towards the glass where the Rangers warm up. I hope Garden security doesnt get too upset.

  18. To ORR or not to ORR….that is the question.

    It should be interesting to see if Washington dresses Brashear for game 1, if he is back from his injury that has sidelined him for the last 14 games.

    I think that Orr will play regardless if Brashear does or does not. Am I happy about that? Personally I would rather have someone else take his place (anyone but Voros).

    Meanwhile, how is Mark Bell doing in Hartford? Not that he is gonna play over Orr but I wouldnt even mind him because he brings some resemblance of goal scoring ability.

  19. I will answer my own Mark Bell question –

    18 games played, 6 goals and 8 assists and a +14. Pretty freakin good….lol

    Bell is 6′ 4″ and 220 lbs and listed as a left winger.

  20. I allways wondered why Bell didn’t even get a game in before they shipped him down to Hartford.

  21. I can’t say I remember him playing, although he’s been around. A friend and fellow Ranger fan seemed to be quite happy when he heard the Rangers picked uo Bell.

  22. Kaspar…how does Waivers/Roster size/Salary Cap work now that the playoffs are here?

  23. I think Brashear will dress. He was pretty good vs Philly last year. the team is young, and he brings some experience. He is not all about dropping gloves anymore.

    In fact…7 games vs Philly last year, he averaged about 7.5 minutes and had ZERO Pim’s.

  24. CARP: Unrelated note, just got my non playoff beard pic emailed in to you Carp

    Glad to see your gonna participate in the sasquatch contest


  25. LIQUID

    don’t use the big lens at warmups not because of security just practicality… you will be too close. Change lenses when you get to your seat. (Thats what I do because I go to warmups as well)

  26. Another question,

    Rangers up in Washington on Wednesday night….Game 2 is on Saturday @ 1pm in Washington…

    Do the Rangers fly home Wednesday night? Or do they stay in Washington until after Game 2, then fly home?

  27. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Rules !! says Greg L. on

    Yo MikeyNJ , when I submit mine , i’m gonna be wearing my Jersey and give a clue that it’s me.

  28. I am afraid that Wash is the kind of team that will really take advantage of Redden’s slowness and lack of mobility.

    look for him to really get lit up in this series.

  29. Just to answer a few questions quickly:
    First and foremost, “Ukraine is a road apple.”

    Torts did talk about Green, too. He talked about a lot of things. I tried not to turn the post into War and Peace, though. Sorry.

    I think Orr will play every game, regardless. I think Torts goes with the same 20 (if Drury is healthy) until it gets to a desperate situation (down 2-0 or 3-1 in a series, then you need to shake it up). Plus Tortorella is old-school enough where we might see some, ahem, unfortunate scrums (as Roger Neilson called that bench-clearer against the Devils in ’92) at the end of one-sided games.

    I don’t think they will recall people until they need them. Hartford is a quick flight from D.C. and a quick ride from NYC, and the Pack is in the playoffs as a No. 1 seed, I believe.

    Loved the slide show … I’m not completely sure how we will go from here, if we can add more “befores”, or when we start filling in some “during” or “after” shots. I’ll let you know. I imagine it will be late in the first round at the earliest. Special thanks to our tech artist, Matt Sartwell.

  30. Shoryuken, I don’t know. These have been passed around electronically a bit in order to get the slideshow done. I can’t ID which one is yours (I don’t think you signed it “Shoryuken”. Could you please resend it?
    Thanks, and sorry.

    LIQUID, they will stay in D.C. between games.

  31. Liquid
    I beleive the salary cap no longer is in play with the start of the playoffs…meaning promotions are free of cap-charge; guys you were “hiding’ can be brought back…I’m not sure about waivers though…for instance could the Rangers add Parenteau now?? That I need help with…

  32. I’m going to buy food for two months and lock myself inside to watch hockey.

    Oh wait…

    I think I’ll have to go work to earn money for the food and cable bill. Oh well!

    Half of the *Eastern Conference* playoff teams are from the *Atlantic Division*.
    Half of the *Western Conference* playoff teams are from the *Central Division*.

  33. GREAT JOB agravaine!!! I might have to link that to my myspace its just that cool!! OF course giving you props, if you don’t mind!

  34. Doodie Machetto on

    No, anyone that would have to pass through waivers is not eligible for your playoff roster, except perhaps on an emergency call up basis.

  35. ha link away by all means… it is my car, but thats the way we painted it last year… we haven’t painted it yet this year

    we’ve done it twice when they reached the playoffs… the first time wasn’t as intricate but its in here
    its very cheesy though as it was my first ever video… there are also black and white pics of my twin (I had to take 2 rolls of portraits in black and white for my photography course, so I took them of her (I had to do 2 rolls of self portraits too and my teacher asked me several times if they were really me or if I cheated :) )

    We are still deciding what to do this year, its just we live on LI so its not very safe for our poor car when we paint it in Rangers get up… especially with how bad the Isles were this year…

  36. Just to clear this up:

    MSG Network will televise all the first-round games except those on NBC. Versus has no exclusivity in the first round. The games that are listed for Versus will be on Versus across the country, but also on MSG Network.

  37. Carp
    Do you know how the Versus/MSG thing plays out for people who have NHL center ice?…like me?

    Normally Versus games are blacked out

    am I going to be watching the Rangers online again??

  38. ….and Carp…one last thing before I leave…If you are traveling at the speed of light, in zero gravity, what would happen if you flipped a light switch?


  39. Anyone know for sure other than Morris, who ont ehRangers has 1 year to zero playoff experience?

    Morris – once
    Zherdev – Zero?

    Who else if anyone? everyon else has played in a playoff round right?

    Jsut owndering if Z hasnt playe din one, he could either a.) light it up and bring his game to a whole new level or b.) coast, do nothing and sign in Russia next season

  40. Carp-
    Thanks a million for the confirmation on the MSG-Vs. broadcast dilemma. I knew that was how it worked last year and I was praying they kept it the same for this year. Now I can stop refreshing this blog every 5 seconds (with Mozilla you can have it refresh automatically) and get some rest!

  41. How does the Versus feed work at MSG? Do they have their own cameras or do they use the MSG feed

  42. haha Examiner well we cover the carp with a tarp when we aren’t driving it, so its been all right these last two times… we’ll see what we do this weekend…

  43. it means that if you live within the NYC cablevision area, you watch the game on MSG, and if you live outside of that, you must watch it on Versus.

    I suspect that if you live outside the area, MSG will be blacked out on center ice, and you must watch it on Versus.

  44. Thank you MSG. The last thing i need, is to hear that midget Beninati calling the games for the team he announces all the time, and Doc announcing for the team he wants to get eliminated.

    Go Rangers ! Cant wait till Wednesday.

    It’s gonna be a tough series. Hopefully Nyr comes out on top.

  45. not sure how that is going to be handled, Orr. since the Caps will also be televising locally, I would think that Joe B would be doing their local comcast play by play.

    so, who gets the Versus job is possibly someone neutral like Dave Strader, the Coyotes announcer.

    or, if Joe B and John Forslund of the canes are still going to do Versus games, then they will not be available for their own local telecasts, so that would make their own fans unhappy. so, it is a problem

  46. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    hey maybe reddens hot wife is keepin him up all night and hes got no energy left for hockey. that would be the case if it were me thats for sure

  47. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    don- redden knocked out clark one punch. i dont think slapnuts semin will be able to take on redden. maybe

  48. But does Drury have an upper-body or lower-body injury? Maybe that can give us the insight.

    Carp – Will you or Jane be traveling to Washington since we are now in the playoffs?

  49. I have a hard time taking that seriously Staal when they talk about the goalies and praise Theodore but then say Hank’s numbers weren’t so hot

  50. I live 2 blocks from the Verizon Center and have to walk past these morons (aka Capitals fans) every other night …

    I hope we throttle them.

  51. Kaspar, if you’re driving at the speed of light and you turn on your headlights, are they behind you?
    And a two-part question: A) who would win a footrace between Speedy Alka-Seltzer, the Pillsbury Dough Boy and Mr. Peanut and B) would you watch? (that’s a little Father Guido Sarducci routine from the old SNLs). But I don’t have the answer to the Center Ice question.

    Agravaine … put the tarp on the carp?

    Spider, I think travel is out for us in the first round. Things are tight. Maybe the the newspaper and LoHud are saving up to send us both to the Stanley Cup final road games, and then the parade in the Canyon of Heroes.

  52. Carp, I think Agra meant PUT THE TARP ON THE CAR

    Or, maybe that was a Freudian slip because she has been watching Soprano reruns

  53. AG

    No Seinfeld, no Sopranos. How ? Why !?!?!

    For any Sopranos fans on this blog. If you wanna watch the series, you should check it out on A&E, the words they use to replace the curses, and stuff they cant say on TV, is just fuggin hilarious.

    Like “Sock Sucker” (you know the word) is replaced by “Blood Sucker”. Maybe im just immature, and laugh at everything, but it’s just funny.

    Go Paulie !

  54. BTW

    I like Maloney, but he pissed me off today. He’s not showing any faith what so ever, and actually went against Nyr, saying, “i hope they win” and pretty much admitting, Nyr doesn’t have a chance. Even that big retard Ken Danekyo, and Bitch Goring said Nyr has more of a shot than anyone thinks.

    Maloney must be thinking Rozi, and Redden are gonna be playing against OV.

    It’s gonna be tough, but we can do it !! As long as Hank steps his game up to another level, and the boys help him out with some scoring, then we can finish off the Craps.

  55. Staal

    Yeah I actually just read that before I came on here. I dig what they said about Avery though. Its ok – The Rangers have been known to prove critics wrong a lot of the time. Remember when they were picked to finish 30th in the league a few years back? Well even though Jagr proved them all wrong – they were turning heads. Unfortunately for most of the year they were sucked into the funk.

  56. Orr, I hope you don’t hate me after I make my pick Tuesday or Wednesday.

    Let’s just say I’m not changing my opinion on the roster makeup based on these last three games, or last two months, or whatever.

    It’s not personal, just business.

    Besides, if I happen to pick against the RW&B, you should know I’m always wrong. I picked against the Giants four games in a row two years ago.

  57. CARP

    If it were the Bruins, id feel more nervous aboot the series, especially since they cant score in Boston. But im pretty confident against Theodure. As long as Hank makes the saves, they can win. If Hank goes back to what he was doing, and gives up non stop soft goals, like he usually does in the semi’s, then it’s over.

  58. I’m so ready for this series to get going. Lundqvist needs to steal the show. Simple as pie. Lets Go Rangers!

  59. Agra
    I havent watched anything about it until just a little while ago…
    The Seals should go after Osama

    You answered my speed of light dilemma with another speed of light dilemma…remind me never to go on Password with you

    Rangers not getting much respect in playoff forecasting…

  60. Intereting tidbit…since we discussed Colton Orr earlier…

    Rangers were 7th in the league in total fighting majors with 58, the Caps were 28th overall with 28 total fighting majors.

    Brashear had 11 total fights, and Matt Bradley had 9.

    The last fight Brashear had was when he was TKO’d by Wade Belak. In the same game, Bradley was roughed up by lil Jordin Tootoo.

  61. Some Vegas goodies –

    Over/under in Wednesday game is 5.5 goals

    Rangers +200, Caps -165 to win series

    Rangers 15-1 to win Eastern Conference

    Rangers 40-1 to win Stanley Cup

    I put 125 on Rangers to win cup , payout is 5 large…I also put 300 on Rangers to win East, with payout being 45 huney.

    Let’s GO Rangerss!!!

  62. “Are Lundqvist’s Pads Too Big?
    Ovechkin thinks so. When I asked the reigning MVP about the keys to beating three-time Vezina Trophy finalist Henrik Lundqvist, he said: “Well, he has big equipment. You have to make some traffic and go to the net. … He’s a great goalie, but you still can beat him.”

    Are Lundqvist’s pads “too big”?

    “Oh, yeah,” Ovechkin said with a laugh. ”

  63. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    orr- yea they ad lib some funny stuff on the cable channels. i was watchin the departed on tnt or fx or some channel and every other word was dubbed out for some goofy word nobody has said since the 80’s!! very funny

  64. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    orr- i definitely want rangers to win, but which team would you rather have on the ice as the team you root for? im not sayin root for washington. im saying the players. i would trade half the team for that ugly stepchild ovechkin. i think mike green has more goals than all our d combined. our pk is awesome,but they will score on it. i wish we had at least jagr or someone like that who when the chips are down, you can say ok, jagr will get us out of this, but sather thought just makin the playoffs will be enough. he knows he didnt give this team what it needs to go deep. but he knows that just getting there will be enough to make us happy. well, i hope we go far this year. i hope we win the damn cup this year like evry year. and i always have some hope, but sather has to go. he is smart though to bring avery back to shut us up. i love avery, but i want a freakin goal scorer. antrfopov is the best we have and that sucks. and it sucks that some other teams fans will stop goin to games, totally just stop being a fan, until they have superstars and start winning again. like chicago. we are the best damn fans in the world and we put up with more crap and have been putting up with it for a long time.

  65. I would have no problem rooting for Caps if they beat us…unless you know, AO spears Hank in the eye and Semin kicks Orr’s butt…(at least for the east)…I mean who you rooting for if?

    Caps Vs Pens
    Caps vs Flyers
    Caps vs Devils
    Caps vs Canes
    Caps vs Ole Ole Habs

    even B’s vs Caps I’d root for Caps

  66. Getting more and more excited about this as we get closer. I hope LQ uses OV’s quotes as motivation/bulletin board material.

    *By the way*, I had an idea for the ladies who are “sidelines as cheerleaders” as NYCEditor put it…

    The guys can grow beards out, and you can compete over who can get the…closest shave?

  67. Kaspar… you are totally correct on that assessment… if the Caps beat us in the East I’m rooting for them…. so hopefully the Rangers won’t put us into that predicament…

    watch Lethal Weapon on Cable I love it!!! the dubs are hilarious…

  68. I am so amped up for tomorrow night. It is funny, ESPN doesn’t give us a fighting chance, but TSN has us ready for the upset. Since when do Canadian announcers give the Rangers any kind of respect at all?

  69. Blaze..

    like regulation too big> as in OV is accusing Hank of cheating?

    THey aren’t though are they? I mean all goalies have big pads… Hank is a smaller guy so his pads might look bigger on him than on say, Valli but still??

  70. Nasty…

    they hate Ovechkin becuase he steals the spotlight form Sid the Kid… and he celebrates too much

    (wasn’t the knock against Jagr that he didn’t celebrate enough… people need to make up their minds here)

  71. Salty, on which guy in the competition can get the closest shave?


    ….on the ladies who can’t compete and feel left out “like cheerleaders”.

  72. btw are any of you guys going to the tax/fee/pork spending protest in Manhattan on Wed… Jo my Mom and I decided we were before we knew the durned playoffs were going to start then grrrr…. so now we will be there with a radio at least… so if anyone else is going to be there, we should get into the same area so we can share the radio


    Yeah, the Craps are a fun team, but still anything is possible. They can beat them, for sure. This is exactly like the series against the Trashers. Two dynamic players like Kovalchuk, and Hossa, (even though Kovalchuk isn’t as good as OV), along with a supporting cast of guys like Tkachuk, and Kozlov. Most people didn’t think Nyr would win that series, but it came down to goaltending. And they didn’t have the goaltender.

    It’s the same deal with this series. If Nyr can make Theodure look like he usually does, then Nyr will win this series. I have a strong feeling that Brent Johnson will be the goalie finishing off this series, win or lose.

    Ill probably root for them if they beat the Rangers though. I wanna see them come out of the East if Nyr cant. But id rather see Sharks, Hawks, Blues, or Jackets win the Cup.


    Lol, i watch it all the time when it’s on cable. So hilarious.

  74. I always though Hank’s pads looked big. I also thought they checked the pads regularly. I wonder if the Caps call him on it. . . .

    I wonder if Sather measured them before he signed him to the big contract?

  75. I don’t know how this series is going to go, but I am going to say right now that we take game 1.

  76. noonan – A better assessment would be –

    “I wish we took Mike Green over Lauri Korpikoski”

    2004 Draft –

    #6 Al Montoya

    #19 Korpedo
    #20 Travis Zajack
    #21 Wojtek Wolski
    #29 Mike Green

  77. I always wondered why the Rangers took Korpedo @ 19…..I was looking at his stats prior to the draft and its not like he was a natural goal scorer.

    In other words, what kind of player is Korpedo??? He is definitely not a top 6 forward right now, thats for sure

  78. I don’t think Ovie was accusing Lundqvist of cheating. I think he was joking around because he is hard to score against.

    Honestly, Lundqvist does use big pads, but they are legal, and until they change the rules, he can use whatever pads he wants.

    And I will have no problem rooting for the Caps if they beat us. I usually root against the team we lose to, but the Caps are a pretty likeable team right now. Especially compared to the rest of the east.

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