Here’s the whole first round schedule … Updated


                NEW YORK (April 12, 2009) — The National Hockey League tonight announced the dates, times and national broadcast information for the 2009 Stanley Cup Conference Quarter-Final round, which begins Wednesday, April 15. 


SERIES A        TIME (ET)         #1 BOSTON vs. #8 MONTREAL        NETWORK 
Thursday, April 16        7 p.m.        Montreal at Boston        CBC, RDS 
Saturday, April 18        8 p.m.         Montreal at Boston        VERSUS, CBC, RDS 
Monday, April 20        7 p.m.         Boston at Montreal        CBC, RDS 
Wednesday, April 22        7 p.m.        Boston at Montreal        CBC, RDS 
*Saturday, April 25        7 p.m.        Montreal at Boston        CBC, RDS 
*Monday, April 27        TBD        Boston at Montreal        CBC, RDS 
*Wednesday, April 29        TBD        Montreal at Boston        CBC, RDS 

SERIES B        TIME (ET)        #2 WASHINGTON vs. #7 NY RANGERS        NETWORK 
Wednesday, April 15        7 p.m.        NY Rangers at Washington        TSN 
Saturday, April 18        1 p.m.        NY Rangers at Washington        NBC, TSN 
Monday, April 20        7 p.m.        Washington at NY Rangers        VERSUS, TSN 
Wednesday, April 22        7 p.m.        Washington at NY Rangers        VERSUS, TSN 
*Friday, April 24        7 p.m.        NY Rangers at Washington         VERSUS, TSN, RDS 
*Sunday, April 26        2 p.m.        Washington at NY Rangers        NBC, TSN, RDS 
*Tuesday, April 28        TBD        NY Rangers at Washington         VERSUS, TSN, RDS 

SERIES C        TIME (ET)        #3 NEW JERSEY vs. #6 CAROLINA        NETWORK 
Wednesday, April 15        7:30 p.m.        Carolina at New Jersey        TSN, RIS 
Friday, April 17        7:30 p.m.        Carolina at New Jersey        TSN, RIS 
Sunday, April 19        7:30 p.m.        New Jersey at Carolina        TSN, RIS 
Tuesday, April 21        7:30 p.m.        New Jersey at Carolina        TSN, RIS 
*Thursday, April 23        7:30 p.m.        Carolina at New Jersey        TSN, RIS 
*Sunday, April 26        TBD        New Jersey at Carolina        TSN, VERSUS 
*Tuesday, April 28        7:30 p.m.        Carolina at New Jersey        TSN 

Wednesday, April 15        7 p.m.         Philadelphia at Pittsburgh        VERSUS, CBC, RDS 
Friday, April 17        7 p.m.         Philadelphia at Pittsburgh        VERSUS, CBC, RDS 
Sunday, April 19        3 p.m.         Pittsburgh at Philadelphia        NBC, CBC, RDS 
Tuesday, April 21        7 p.m.        Pittsburgh at Philadelphia        VERSUS, CBC, RDS 
*Thursday, April 23        7 p.m.        Philadelphia at Pittsburgh        VERSUS, CBC, RDS 
*Saturday, April 25        3 p.m.         Pittsburgh at Philadelphia        NBC, CBC 
*Monday, April 27        TBD        Philadelphia at Pittsburgh        VERSUS, CBC        


SERIES E        TIME (ET)        #1 SAN JOSE vs. #8 ANAHEIM        NETWORK 
Thursday, April 16        10:30 p.m.         Anaheim at San Jose        VERSUS, CBC, RDS 
Sunday, April 19        10 p.m.        Anaheim at San Jose        VERSUS, CBC, RDS 
Tuesday, April 21        10:30 p.m.        San Jose at Anaheim        VERSUS, CBC, RDS 
Thursday, April 23        10:30 p.m.        San Jose at Anaheim         VERSUS, CBC, RDS 
*Saturday, April 25        10 p.m.        Anaheim at San Jose        VERSUS, CBC, RDS 
*Monday, April 27        TBD        San Jose at Anaheim         VERSUS, CBC, RDS 
*Wednesday, April 29        TBD        Anaheim at San Jose        VERSUS, CBC, RDS 

SERIES F        TIME (ET)        #2 DETROIT vs. #7 COLUMBUS        NETWORK 
Thursday, April 16        7 p.m.        Columbus at Detroit        VERSUS, TSN 
Saturday, April 18        6 p.m.         Columbus at Detroit        TSN 
Tuesday, April 21        7 p.m.         Detroit at Columbus        TSN 
Thursday, April 23        7 p.m.         Detroit at Columbus        TSN 
*Saturday, April 25        7 p.m.         Columbus at Detroit        VERSUS, TSN 
*Monday, April 27        TBD        Detroit at Columbus        TSN 
*Wednesday, April 29        TBD        Columbus at Detroit        VERSUS, TSN 

SERIES G         TIME (ET)        #3 VANCOUVER vs. #6 ST. LOUIS        NETWORK 
Wednesday, April 15        10 p.m.        St. Louis at Vancouver        CBC, VERSUS, RDS 
Friday, April 17        10 p.m.         St. Louis at Vancouver        CBC, VERSUS, RDS 
Sunday, April 19        7 p.m.        Vancouver at St. Louis        CBC, VERSUS 
Tuesday, April 21        8 p.m.        Vancouver at St. Louis        CBC, VERSUS 
*Friday, April 24        10 p.m.        St. Louis at Vancouver        CBC, VERSUS, RDS 
*Sunday, April 26        8 p.m.        Vancouver at St. Louis        CBC, VERSUS, RDS 
*Tuesday, April 28        TBD        St. Louis at Vancouver        CBC, VERSUS, RDS 

SERIES H        TIME (ET)        #4 CHICAGO vs. #5 CALGARY        NETWORK 
Thursday, April 16        8:30 p.m.        Calgary at Chicago        TSN, VERSUS 
Saturday, April 18        TBD        Calgary at Chicago        TSN 
Monday, April 20        9:30 p.m.         Chicago at Calgary        TSN, VERSUS 
Wednesday, April 22        TBD        Chicago at Calgary        TSN, VERSUS 
*Saturday, April 25        10 p.m.        Calgary at Chicago        TSN, RIS 
*Monday, April 27        TBD        Chicago at Calgary        TSN 
*Wednesday, April 29        TBD        Calgary at Chicago        TSN


UPDATE, 11:37 A.M: Just a quick heads-up, Drury is not practicing again today. That’s four days in a row no ice for the captain, with some sort of (apparently) arm injury.

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  1. Does anyone know how to buy tix in the presale before 12 pm? Does having an AMEX gold help?

  2. Broadway Roe on

    The only game we lose- 1pm in Washington.

    Rangers in 5. (Yes, I am overly confident, as usual)

  3. Doodie Machetto on

    Well, I wish we could’ve gotten the Debbies for two reasons. First, I’d be able to get tickets to the games at MSG West. Second, I think they are the only division winner that we stood a chance of beating.

    Out of which teams I will be forced to watch the Rangers lose to between Washington and Boston, I’d prefer to watch Washington, just for the pleasure of being able to see Ovechkin and Green for 5 games, as opposed to 6 really boring, low scoring, defensive shutdown games against the Bruins.

    Caps in 5.

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  5. i dont think an amex gold helps with this… far as tickets i would go with the ticketexchange after noon today

  6. Ok Agravaime… last year, start the printing press up again and this time, print out a few thousand, “JOSE LANDSHARK” signs….lol

  7. if the SJO fits on

    seriously, i was banking on a friday night game for game 2…i really wanted to head outta work on friday, get bombed at happy hour, and watch the game…now i gotta get up early to watch an afternoon game hungover…i hate the freakin nhl…

    rangers in 6

  8. True. I’d say 99% of the time when it only says “TSN” from a press release, it’s understood that MSG or MSG 2 will carry the game.

  9. Upper-tier tickets for the games in D.C. carry a face-value starting at $48. At MSG $84.

    Funny that you can buy tix for the Finals from stubhub starting at $350/each. If you were really garunteed a refund, that’s not a bad investment. If it really happened, you could probably put a “1” infront of that for resale.

    But with the Caps in 6, it doesn’t really matter.

  10. BringBackJags on

    will MSG also show the games listed as being on Versus? Probably not, right?

    NYR in 6.

  11. So, im making a road trip to dc with some of my friends from school does anyone know ny decent places down there where i wont be spending a tonof money.

  12. Doodie Machetto on

    I think the most entertaining series from the first round will be Boston and Montreal because of how the teams went at it in their last regular season meeting. It’s going to be hard, physical, and exciting hockey. I see it going the Bruins’ way since Montreal just doesn’t have enough firepower right now due to injuries, but I think the Habs pound Boston enough to make them very vulnerable in the second round. But the long rest the B’s will have will give them some time to heal. Bruins in 5.

    As I said above, I think the Caps win in 5.

    Debbies and Carolina is a really interesting series to call. The MB30s have been pretty lousy down the stretch, including MB30 himself, while Carolina has been really hot, although they did get blown out late against Buffalo. Both teams are excellent at home. Cam Ward has owned the Devs this year, not to mention his stellar play down the stretch (Buffalo game excluded). I think the Devs come out on top in 7, but if the Devs lose game 1, they lose the series in 6.

    Pittsburgh-Philly will be all Pittsburgh because Philly is gonna come out looking to play physical and Sissy Crosby will be flopping like a fish, leading to endless PPs for Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh in 6.

    In the west, I think San Jose pulls another playoff choke job and drops their series to the Ducks in 6 games.

    Detroit has really limped into the playoffs, but so have the Blue Jackets. In the end, I think Detroit just has too much firepower for Columbus (read: Steve Mason) to handle. Although, if Osgood or Conklin don’t step up, there could be a real surprise. Wings in 5.

    St. Louis is RED hot. I think they give Vancouver a lot of trouble. Luongo was great in his only playoff appearance two years ago, and I think he’ll be just as good this year. Plus, Vancouver ended the season very strongly and will have the home ice advantage, so I think JD’s boys go down in 7, but a great showing for them considering all of the injuries they’ve had this season.

    While I think the Boston-Montreal series will be the most entertaining, I think the Chicago-Calgary series will feature the best playoff hockey. Calgary has been slumping a bit, but are excellent at home. Chicago has been pretty good, and they are excellent at home, AND have the home ice advantage. The only thing that makes me pause for a second is playoff experience. Calgary was deep 5 years ago, and still have a good amount of those players left. They also have the best captain in the NHL in Iginla. Chicago has Havlat, Campbell and Khabibulin. Other than those three, they don’t have anyone on the team with any real experience. Still, I see Chicago winning this GREAT series in 7.

    The one series I feel really weak on is the Devils series. I REALLY want to pick Carolina, but everytime I pick against the Devils, they shove it in my face, with the exception of the first round of the playoffs last year.

  13. 1 freaking game on MSG.. this sucks royally!

    Wednesday, April 15 7 p.m. NY Rangers at Washington MSG
    Saturday, April 18 1 p.m. NY Rangers at Washington NBC
    Monday, April 20 7 p.m. Washington at NY Rangers VERSUS
    Wednesday, April 22 7 p.m. Washington at NY Rangers VERSUS
    *Friday, April 24 7 p.m. NY Rangers at Washington VERSUS
    *Sunday, April 26 2 p.m. Washington at NY Rangers NBC
    * Tuesday, April 28 TBD NY Rangers at Washington VERSUS

  14. I hate predictions…I hope I’m wrong but I just can’t see us beating the Caps, Bruins, or Pens.
    the only teams I could see us beating are the Debbies, Montreal, and the Flyers.
    But here goes on my predictions…

    Boston in 5
    Rangers/Caps…ummmm…I hope I’m wrong but Caps in 6
    Canes in 5
    Pens in 7

  15. Thanks Carp!

    I will root for Philly but Pens will win
    I will root for Devils but Canes will win
    I will root for Boston and…they will win
    I will root for Rangers and…they will win!!
    I will root for Ducks and….they will win
    I will root for the Jackets and…they will win
    I will root for the Hawks and…they will win
    I will root for the Blues but the Canucks will win


    Ducks over Sharks ( Sharks are A-rod chokers)
    Rangers over Caps ( I am high on gas fumes)
    B-Jax over Redwings ( redwings are ripe)

  16. Doodie Machetto on

    “Wow doodie. You are a joke.

    Rangers in 6/7”

    I like how I’m a joke because I think that the team that is MUCH better than ours will win.

  17. Staal

    its hard but I absolutely cannot stand teams playing in the Carolinas or Fla winning cups…

    its not really like rooting for Devils…more like rooting against Bettman

  18. “Semin has been warming up by punching the bag….er I mean Tote!!!”

    Semin is gonna slap Avery silly

  19. Doodie Machetto on

    Kaspar, I hate when any team NOT the NYR wins the cup, but I REALLT can’t stand teams like NJD, NYI, Philly, or Pittsburgh winning the cup. After them, I really don’t care who it is.

  20. Kasper, I can sort of understand that…sort of. But still Canes in 5…after which “MB30” holds up a Dunkin Donuts in Newark and makes off with 30 Boston Cream donuts

  21. I’m chomping at the bit for playoff Hockey. I’m not making any predictions anymore. I just want to see hotly contested games with emotion. I have more faith now that we have a coach who has been to the cup that we possibly could make some noise in the playoffs. Lets Go Rangers !!!!!

    The Mouth

    Ranger Crisis # 18

  22. NHL wanted the penguins to have the wed, friday, sunday sched, so everyone can watch cindy, malkin and the refs beat up on a hurting philly team.. You should know that they get preferential treatment in every aspect of the game.

    Let’s just be glad we don’t have to go to pitt.

  23. My dream final
    Rangers vs Blue jax

    sticking with pre-season prediction…Pens over Wings

    You seem to get grouchier the better the Rangers do!!!…so you haven’t been so grouchy this season….

  24. Here’s a fun prediction…First Ranger to score in this years playoffs?

    Wade Redden!

    into his own net)

  25. Wait
    I cannot predict wings to lose in first round and then stick with them to make the finals can I??

    scratch everything I said all day

    except Semin will slap Avery silly

  26. Doodie Machetto on

    “Since Lemaire stepped down, anyone wanna bet Renney gets that job?”

    First, I didn’t know he stepped down. Second, that is the PERFECT gig for Renney. I bet they’re already in negotiations.

  27. Staal
    The Wild should hire Renney…because if they ever hired anyone who tried playing a little offense they might give 18,000 fans simultaneous heart attacks

  28. Doodie Machetto on

    Predictions for Finals are hard.. too much stuff can happen in a series.

    But if you twisted my arm… I’d go with the Wings beating the winner of the Devils/Canes series.

  29. “I think the most entertaining series from the first round will be Boston and Montreal because of how the teams went at it in their last regular season meeting. ”

    Wrong again. Trying to sound smart today or something? MTL is a joke and not only are they outmatched they will get outplayed. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ boring series Boston in 5

  30. Bam Bam

    Please… Dont jinx the poor bastard! I hope all of the slagging players on our team really pick it up a notch. I hope Redden plays his head off.

    I hope they keep Morris!!

  31. They will never allow Renney to coach a team with a offensive threat like Gaborik on it. Look what happened to Jagr. BUT!!! If he is hired as coach, mid season – Gabork will probably be asked to be traded LOL

  32. Maybe I’m crazy, but I’m not impressed with the Caps overall product at all.

    I mean, they have the worst goalie of all 16 teams in the playoffs (not even up for debate), they’re not a big/physical team, they’re one of the worst defensive teams in the league, and have virtually ZERO playoff experience.

    To me, AO is going to get his points, but if you make sure he doesn’t “take over” any games, this series is very much win-able, in fact, I’d argue we have a better overall team.

    We have more depth than the Caps, a significantly better goaltender, are entirely more physical, and incredibly better defensively.

    Our scoring is starting to heat up and bit and if we can cash in our opportunities, I think we win this series in 6.

    We look like a playoff team. They look like a regular season team.

    Drink some of the Kool-Aid, Rangers in 6.

  33. How does this make sense?

    1 Boston 1 Montreal 8 national spots: 1 Versus
    6 Wash 2 NYR 7 national spots: 4 Versus 2 NBC
    1 NJ 3 Car 6 national spots: 1 Versus
    7 Pitts 4 Philly 5 national spots: 5 Versus 2 NBC

    7 SJ1 Ducks 8 7 Versus
    3 Det 2 Col 7 3 Versus
    7 Van 3 St Louis 6 7 Versus
    3 4 Chicago 5 Calgary

    how does the first seeds series in the east get 1 but in the west it warrants 7? Can we give up some of ours to them…?

  34. I’m not sure if this has been noted above about the schedule, but in the past two years, first round Versus broadcasts have not been exclusive. Any game in the first round not picked up by NBC has been televised on MSG, regardless of whether Versus picks it up too.

    In the second round, aside from NBC games, Versus can pick up to two games for exclusive coverage (this was games 1 and 4 the past two years against Pittsburgh and Buffalo).

    And all games after the semifinals are national broadcasts.

    I hope all of that remains true, because I really don’t feel like having to watch Versus up to four times this series.

  35. Hey, The Mouth….

    Can you edit in the Colton Orr crosscheck to Ovechkins face in your intro to Rangers Crisis Show #19….that would be kewl

  36. I was just talking to my good buddy up in Toronto….He is best friends with Shayne Corson, who used to play with the Habs….

    Anyway, he told me about the time about 8 years ago…He and Shayne were it a titty bar with Jose’ Theodore and another player….All of the sudden, 2 huge blockhead bodyguards appear in front of them…..

    So my buddy asks Shayne what was going on….and he proceeds to tell him that Jose’s dad was involved with one of the biggest mafioso crime families up in Montreal/Toronto….and they have guys watching over Jose at all times so no one bothers him.

  37. Doodie Machetto on

    “I hope they keep Morris!!”

    Why? The guy has shown me absolutely nothing. Those whopping 0 goals in 18 games as a Ranger are REALLY going to jumpstart our PP!

    For the money he’s gonna get paid? Forget it. Bring up Potter or Sanguinetti to replace him.

  38. That remains to be seen as it relates to Zherdev, whose play down the stretch was indifferent at best and unacceptable by any measure. If the winger doesn’t show something in Game 1 in D.C., he’s likely to watch Game 2 in civilian clothes. Patience is no virtue in a best-of-seven.

    “I’ve almost been hoping that a guy would get the job done over the last couple of weeks, but the hoping is done,” Tortorella said, explaining his playoffs philosophy. “If a guy is not doing the job, and it doesn’t matter who it is, he’s not going to play. I’m not going to waste much time hoping. I can’t; it’s not fair to the team.”


    My question is – does it apply to ALL players. Not just Zherdev!?!?!?!?

  39. @Brandon

    All those points are great, but have the Caps record vs top teams?

    They got points on the Bruins, Pens, Devils, Rangers…Beat the Wings, Ducks…Split with Philly.

    My point is, they have competed well against the top teams. If they hadnt lost the easy games vs the South East, and some West teams, they would of been above the Bruins…

    Just a point..

  40. The problem here is that NY Rangers fans on this blog –

    1) Don’t hate the Caps as much as the Flyers, Iceholes, Penguins, Devils

    2) are awe struck and have too much man love for AO.

    Everyone is entitled to their opinion….but as Rangers fans, to not believe that we cannot beat a Caps team with suspect goaltending and a horrible defense….

    I dunno what to say….Hopefully these fans change their minds when the Rangers bring it to the Caps and beat them in 6


  41. Doodie,
    Maybe Morris isn’t your guy, but his slap shot against the Flyers was basically the second goal of that game, even though Callahan got the tip and the credit.

    That’s not addressing your point about his salary, however.

  42. Broadway Roe, to answer your question…Voros…HAHA!
    Come Doodie and Jane,you can’t tell me Sather doesn’t have another 6.5 million set aside for Morris…

  43. That is pretty much spot on Liquid!!!


    Yep. The kid has a bomb from the blue line… He really is a keeper.

  44. John – That is right. I think all first-round games and some second round games on Versus are not exclusive, so non-NBC games should be on MSG.

    Agravaine – In the East, it is because the 1-8 series involves a Canadian team. They are trying to milk all of the American ratings that they can. In the West, they have a little less flexibility because less teams are in the Pacific Time Zone.

  45. I think the east is wide open.

    1. Thomas could get hot and the B’s offense could not.

    2. Theodore has been shaky all season

    3. Let’s see how Marty’s bicep holds up after a couple of Ruutu bumps in the crease.

    4. Fleury, one of the best Goalies in the game. What does Bylsma have in store for the Flyers.

    5. Million Dollar Question – Which Biron shows up to play?

    6. Canes, Nothing negative have been one of the hottest teams in the East

    7. Hopefully Lundqvist gets hot and the PP scores a few big goals. AO/Staal will be the matchup to watch.

    8. Price or Halak, Gainey doesn’t make a deal at the deadline and fires Carboneau then takes over as Head Coach. They lose in 5, the team gets sold and Serge Savards investment group fires Gainey.

  46. Should the Rangers implement the “shadow” ala Jan Ericson in the 80’s?

    If so, who should be the shadow? Betts? Sjostrom? Avery? or will it be a team effort?

    I am interested to see that if Torts tells Avery to stick with OV all game, it will drive OV up a wall and take the Caps out of their rhythm, really what do we have to lose?

  47. Doodie Machetto on

    on TM website it says price range for tickets is 84-280.

    OMG! more than DOUBLING the blue seats, unless that means there aren’t any left.

    What a piece of garbage Dolan is.

  48. Mako…I think that Torts is getting into Zherdev’s mindset that he must put it all together in order to be the type of star that he can be, especially with his skill set.

    This is extremelly important because Zherdev is the only gamebreaker that the Rangers currently have on the roster. So he will be heavily relied on to help this Rangers team go far in the playoffs.

    The other interesting thing to note is how the Russians get extremelly competitive when they play against each other. Like Malkin, Kovalchuck and a few others, when Ovechkin is around, they elevate their games even more. Hopefully Zherdev does the same in this series.

  49. Carp Any second thoughts about bringing up half the Wolf Pack Team in Philly and resting Henik and several of the player (Excluding Drury, of course – he’s really banged up. There’s no Greenburgh practice that going to come close to the preparation they got by playing the Flyers. Besides, the best way to sustain momentum is by winning. The Giant coach employed this two years ago and they won the Super Bowl. Carp Is MSG going to televise any of the play-off games?

  50. Liquid

    I dont have a problem with that. But then hold other faltering players accountable as well…

  51. Just for a moment, can we take the time to acknowledge just how bad this season was for the Islanders? Ha. Eat it, suckahs.

  52. My Picks
    Boston – Montreal Boston in 5
    Rangers – Washington Rangers in 7
    Devels – Carolina Carolina in 7
    Pittsburgh – Philadelphia Pittsburgh in 6

    San Jose – Anaheim San Jose in 6
    Detroit – Columbus Detroit in 5
    Vancouver – St. Louis St. Louis in 7
    Chicago – Calgary Chicago in 7

  53. Round 1, Playoffs, @ MSG

    Section 300 Greenies seats

    Set of 2 behind the net, $252.40 total

  54. Don’t waste your time on Ticketmaster, try,, alot more options

  55. Torts doesn’t shadow. He believes in playing your own game and letting the other team adjust to you.

  56. Chris F.
    April 13th, 2009 at 12:03 pm
    Just for a moment, can we take the time to acknowledge just how bad this season was for the Islanders? Ha. Eat it, suckahs.

    Funny that someone finally mentioned them, they have the best odds in getting the top pick, wouldn’t you expect that they would win they’re last home game, I guess not. They truely suck

  57. Unfortunately, 98% of these tickets were sold already last week due to Promotion offers from AMEX, season ticket holders, etc., etc.

  58. Staal Wart- I was afraid of that.

    I’d understand if Torts wanted to bench or sit Z, I really do. But now? And for Voros? He won’t be able to keep up with the Caps slowest player.

  59. A good amount of you Ranger guys are picking the Caps to win this go around with our boys. I think we gotta give the Rangers a good chance. They are playing real well of late, and the Caps are not exactly rock solid. Both teams are well coached, it should be interesting anything can happen.

  60. Brandon:

    I’m aware – but when you have no 30 goal scorers on your roster and nobody that scares the other team, and the other team has a defenseman with 30 goals and the best player in the league, what’s there to lose?

    Anyway, it was just a thought. I think Torts should try something to that extent at least for game one and see how it works.

  61. Hey Carp,
    While I loved Sam W’s commentary as much as I love yours, I am REALLY glad we didn’t lose you to Augusta like we lost Sam every year at the brink of playoff time.

    I was thinking about this all day on Sunday while my family members flipped back and forth from golf to the Rangers game. All I wanted to do was watch the Rangers!

  62. Agra….A few days ago, I asked you a quick question. Not sure if you saw it, or maybe you replied and I didnt see it….

    I wanted to know what MSG policy was in regard to bringing in DSLR cameras with a 55-250mm lens ? Thanx!

  63. hockeymon
    April 13th, 2009 at 12:24 pm
    A good amount of you Ranger guys are picking the Caps to win this go around with our boys. I think we gotta give the Rangers a good chance. They are playing real well of late, and the Caps are not exactly rock solid. Both teams are well coached, it should be interesting anything can happen.

    I predicted Rangers in 6

  64. It really pisses me off that all year I had hoped Capt Dreary would go out on long-term IR. (Sorry, its just the way I feel.) And NOW he gets hurt. NOW he’s going to have the excuse of “OH, my ARM!” (Rodney Dangerfield-style in Caddyshack)

    So that’ll be at least 2 years(of the 5) that he won’t live up to $7mil/per.

  65. LIQUID

    I didn’t see it I am sorry. technically they say they don’t allow zoom lenses. That said I always go in with a back pack and my large lens (75-300) is always inside a purse (which I use as a camera bag it also holds my extra memory cards and a wipe for the lenses, along with different cables for uploading pics) inside that bag. They feel the bag and haven’t ever felt tht the lens is in there. THey have never seen me go in with that large lens I have a smaller (18-55) zoom lens on the camera when I carry it (otherwise I would break my neck)

    so the policy is it isn’t allowed but they have never stopped me. Just hold open your bag or whatever before you get to the security .

    Once at the Rock they said I couldn’t bring in the little lens.. but I just pleaded that was the lens that came with the camera and they let me in. You could venture that approach as well if they stop you. But I have never had a problem.

  66. Shoryuken on Wade Redden on

    Green kills us every bit as much as Ovechkin does. We need to keep him from owning the scoresheet to win this series.

  67. ranger ticket exchange is a decent way to get tix, people will be posting tickets this afternoon, im a season ticket holder and MSG has not released it to the ticket holders yet

  68. This will be interesting because you have to use the trap to beat the Caps. If AO or Green have the puck on their stick more than one second to take the shot, it’s a goal.

  69. Bob McKenzie on

    to answer a couple posts above…

    Gaborik will probably sign with the LA Kings. that is already the word from his agent

    and yes, the Rangers should use a shadow for Ovechkin, and it should be a combo of Betts and Shoe at different times. but I doubt that Torts will do that.

  70. From Spector:

    “Jim Gintonio reported Phoenix Coyotes GM Don Maloney suggested part of the Coyotes downfall this season was too many young players on the roster. His primary concern in the off-season includes a top-four defenseman – preferably one who can play the right side – and a playmaking center. Gintonio suggests re-signing the recently acquired Scottie Upshall is a priority.”

    Let’s hope Redden turns into Bobby Orr!

  71. How'd We Make Playoffs? on

    Game 1: Buoyed by home crowd and unmatched intensity, Caps blitz Rangers, 5-2. Caps lead series, 1-0.

    Game 2: Tight, low-scoring game ends in OT when Wade Redden can’t move Brooks Laich far enough away from the net. Caps win, 3-2. Caps lead series, 2-0.

    Game 3: Desperate Rangers pound ambivalent Caps, 6-1. Theodore pulled in 2nd period (you know it’s going to happen once). Caps lead series, 2-1.

    Game 4: Ovechkin nets hat trick as Caps withstand late rally by the Rangers and win the game 4-3. Caps lead series, 3-1.

    Game 5: Too much firepower for the Caps as Semin scores two and Green tallies another. Caps close out the series with a 3-1 victory at Verizon Center. Caps win series, 4-1.


    Bruins in 5.
    Caps in 5.
    Pens in 6.
    ‘Canes in 7.

    Sharks in 7.
    Red Wings in 5.
    Vancouver in 6.
    Blackhawks in 7.

  72. Anyone know if game one will be on MSG?

    And as far as predictions go, I like the Rangers in 7. Lundqvist is hot at the right time. And Washington’s goaltending is suspect. Plus, I’m sure Avery will get into Ovechkin’s head at some point.

  73. Just to clear this up:

    MSG Network will televise all the first-round games except those on NBC. Versus has no exclusivity in the first round. The games that are listed for Versus will be on Versus across the country, but also on MSG Network.

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