Game 82 … and no captain


I thought Chris Drury got banged up against the Flyers the other night, and it turns out he did.

He didn’t skate Friday or Saturday and he’s scratched tonight with some sort of leg issue, I think. I definitely remember him limping off after one shift. So Nik Antropov will play on his barking knee, and aaron Voros will finally get a shot to play in a game that could get rugged.

Good move to sit out the captain if he’s not 100 percent. I would have brought up somebody to play in Antropov’s place, too.

And Henrik Lundqvist will get the start in goal against the Flyers, who need a point to get home-ice in the Battle of Pennsylvania with the Penguins in the first round.


I’ve been suggesting this for a couple of decades now, and I am reminded of it every time I watch the Masters. I think the NHL should begin a tradition where the captain of the Stanley Cup champions from the previous year hands over the Cup to the new champions, just like the Masters’ green jacket ceremony (Trevor Immelman will put the green jacket on today’s champion).

The argument I get is, what happens if the defending champ wins again. Simply, then the commissioner hands off the Cup. If it’s a new champ, then the commish and the reigning captain can hand it over. I think it would be really cool, especially with the ever-growing feeling of “ownership” of the Cup by the reigning champ.

Enjoy the game (don’t forget it’s a 5 p.m. start). The second season begins tonight around 7:30 or so.


CORRECTION in the previous post, THANKS TO SPIDERPIG:  The Chicago game was an OT win. So the last regulation victory on the road over a playoff-bound team was Dec. 16 at Anaheim. Double-yikes!

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  1. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Rules !! says Greg L. on

    btw here ma repost ….

    Playoff hockey , ahhh sweet . yo taries …save your jibberish for the lame Washington site you moron!! RANGERS rule and come playoffs …WE WILL WIN vs Washington. Mark my words.

    Funny a Calgary fan asked me yesterday how far i ‘d say the Rangers will go this playoffs. I said…To the cup my friend ..seriously the cup!!

    Anyone wanna challenge me on this one ..? So the Penguins and Bruins look good , so what? We look good too!!! Heart and fire beats any skill come playoffs…just ask the ‘ol Florida Panthers when them and their ratz took over because they played like a TEAM and ‘ol brian Skrudland was a Monster!!

  2. wait, the captain is out? Crud, I was looking forward to seeing him build on his momentum, but its good he is resting for the playoffs. Who is wearing the C tonight? Anyone?

  3. What if the captain of that stanley cup team is no longer on the team the next year…Say if Drury won the cup as a Sabre then came to NY…and every player seems to say that when their team get knocked out of the playoffs they can’t watch any more games because it makes them ill thinking it could’ve been them. Youd’ have the captain of the former stanley cup champions flying arond for games 5-7 rubbing it in his nose…and what if his team was just knocked out of the playoffs in the Conf Championship…and, although it’d never happn anytime soon, would really want a Ranger Captain to hand the cup over to the Devs/Flyers/Islanders captain? I don’t like the idea.

  4. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Rules !! says Greg L. on

    Yeah handing off the cup from the previous champ is a nice touch. I agree we should start doing that …really good idea.

    Rest all of ’em!! Don’t play Antro and sit Avery …sit Staalsie too!! Why bang up our players for a win for Hank?
    Sit everyone that you can …If someone gets hurt playing this game , I’ll be pissed!!

  5. Golf, eh… most annoying sport in the world. I find dart throwing sport more exciting than golf.

    Love the Stanley Cup idea Carp. Captain to captain, classy move.

  6. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Rules !! says Greg L. on

    Yo Orr , you seem a little pasive lately …come on man it’s almost playoff time!!! Voros will score too , he a big guy who can score and he is well rested and HUNGRY…Voros is a playoff type player…glad we have him.

  7. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    linda- no i havent sent any pics i am very computer illiterate. my ex wife and sis used to hook up my facebook/myspace and they got the pics on there now. i shaved today because its easter and the family is all going out to some fancy restaraunt so im gonna start my beard starting now!!.

  8. By the way folks… I ran into an old friend today…

    The great Sam Weinman was workin’ hard in the Media Center in Augusta today. (You’re great too Carp!)

    He likes the first round match-up against the Caps and was in good spirits on Sunday at the Masters.

  9. I Like that idea of previous captain handing over the cup, then again, any idea is better than looking at Gary The Human Bobblehead Bettman hand it over.

  10. Dubi or not Dubi on

    Anyone else a bit nervous about Hank in this game? Philly will come out hungry looking to do anything and everything to get their point while the Rangers will likely play a Renney-like effort game. I just don’t like the chance he’s taking. Although I will enjoy a game without captain cash!

  11. There are two things I really eant to get off my chest this season, Gomez, Drury and Redden are way over paid, and Dubinski with those glowing blue eyea and jet black hair makes my wish I was born a girl.

  12. Ely

    i hear you on Gomez Drury and Redden thing…. but the second wish is something you dont share with the world. :)

  13. Anybody know if there’s any truth to the rumor that NBC announced game 2 vs. Washington is Saturday at 1? And would that mean game 1 is Thursday night?

  14. Dubi or not Dubi on

    Ely, That has to be the comment of the year, imagine him after a game showering.

  15. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Ummm. Carp, Let’s keep it to “upper body” and “lower body.” Thanks. LoL

    Is it possible Chris Drury got hit in the uterus with a slap shot last game and that’s why he’s hurt?

    * He didn’t skate Friday or Saturday and he’s scratched tonight with some sort of leg issue, I think.

  16. Linda is playoff ready!!! on

    since Ely made his statement, Dubi is having a HUGE first period!!!

  17. Linda is playoff ready!!!
    April 12th, 2009 at 5:37 pm
    since Ely made his statement, Dubi is having a HUGE first period!!!


    should i make a simular comments about Redden? OK!

    Reddens urge to play and his aggressiveness makes me really WANT him!

  18. Pat in Dutchess on

    I agree with Ely, but keep that under your LITTLE hat, lol. Anyone know the town of Verbank up here in Dutchess.

  19. Linda is playoff ready!!! on

    Very clever CCCP!!! As usual!

    oh and lookey here, yet ANOTHER gomez interview!!!! Can we start drinking the Jack early????

  20. Haha, Sam and Joe kept going oooon and ooon aboot Philthy not giving up shorthanded goals all season, and then they give up a shorty. Haha take that !

    Decent period. Nice to see Dubi get a couple of goals. Hopefully that’s what he’ll bring into the playoffs, and a taste of what we’ll se next year. He needs to play like he did at the beginning of the year.

    Go Rangers, Go Blues !

  21. Linda is playoff ready!!! on

    mike, are you on nhl connect also? I tried to bring you up on myspace the other day and there was some guy from singapore and a bunch of girls and some other guys, but none struck me as ‘you’.

    philly should hook up the bronze kate smith and the rocky statue…aw damn my game froze…be back…

  22. Linda is playoff ready!!! on

    deja, judging from his demeanor on the ice, i dont think he has neither surge nor urge!!! “UUUMPH” is not in his vocabulary!

  23. if people are going to post as me i would hope that it would be funny or at the very least mean spirited towards me. what is that even supposed to mean about redden

  24. well CCCP, along with the beard growing, grow out the eyebrows and play the drinking game with us for the playoffs!

    deja, you either have a fan or a stalker. why anyone would post under someone elses ‘name’ is pretty silly and immature. It happens on zips blog all the time, thats why I hardly ever post there.

  25. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    lol linda- im in iowa! not singapore!!! just search mike carman in iowa!!! lol but i just got back from dinner, hank gave up 3 goals?? he shouldve sat tonight. im not tryin to get on his case, but washingtons offense is better than phillys. he shouldve sat out tonight and rested. put vally in its a meaningless game in the standings.

  26. Yea Linda the posting under other ppl’s names is silly. I new to this posting and I find it very annoying. (By the way Verbank is not a town.) But anyways I loved the idea for the drinking game and i’m using this game as practice with the Jack and preparing for (a hopefully long) playoffs.

  27. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    zherdev really needs to be decisive. he doesnt have the skill to dangle like jagr

  28. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    nice freakin play gomez. why doesnt zherdev take a note out of gomez playbook and just skate towards the net instead of being a one man show who doesnt utilize his skills the right way, or his teammates.

  29. Pat, did you see the guidelines for the drinking game? If not, I’ll go through and try to find them, but one of them has to do with anytime Gomez is interviewed.

    Ok mike, I’ll try searchin for you again. Mine is nyrangergirl.

    Someone really needs to level Hartnell…i just don’t like that punkarse!!!

    hank wanted to get win number 38. I agree, an extra day off may have been better, but if he gets his win, he’ll be happy! Glad to see Aves gettin another goal vs. filthy! Love it!!!

  30. Bettssssssssssssssssssss Take it all off for me with Duby, and give me a Double Hunk of Stud Muffin.

  31. when our man betts scores they have to win the game! Man I’d love to see Orr get one now too!!!

    Wade Redden made a good pass!!!! And Ben and Jerrys/Crisco boy gets an assist! Two signs of the apocalypse!

  32. I didn’t see the one about Gomez but I do remember the post with the 12 things. Where there any other ones I missed?

  33. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    the rangers can hold them off tonight it might be meaningless in the standings but boy, it will be a moral victory for sure. to get some confidence on the road

  34. This game will bring more confidence to this team, especially since they will be starting the playoffs at D.C>

  35. Nice shots on hartnell from Avery,

    Here is the Jeopardy question:
    He became the biggest Rangers fan today.

    Who is Sydney Crosby?


  36. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on


  37. I love how Avery got that one last shot in as the linesman was separating them. And it should be a confidence boost to come from behind in the third and wine a hard road game, even though Philly played last night.

  38. I wonder if the Caps watched this game to do a little scouting. I am sure some did. Maybe they wish the Rangers ended up in 8th position now. They are in for a game on Wed. that’s for sure.

  39. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    sry for caps!! lol. great finish to the season. great to have doobs scoring again and hank holding the fort and especially that we held a lead on the road!! and voros is back baby!!! lol, kidding, but it was fun with him, doobs and z in october lightin it up!

  40. Henrik gets his record 38th win, the Rangers blow the Philly record for no shorthanded goals against, the Rangers win one on the road and have to come from behind in the third no less to do it, and the Rangers get a PP goal finally, and the Rangers force Philly to lose home ice. What else could you have asked for!

  41. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    really, what is it with fartnell?? y doesnt he cut his hair? he looks like a juiced up carrot top.

  42. perhaps its my ex girlfriend she too invented a fake deja to explain her relationship short comings to her friends

    i wonder if its salty bitter over our drury discussion

  43. now THATS the way to handle filthy!!!

    Apologies to Rick and Jane but Hartnell is a scumbag! What an effin punk! And Richards too!!! He definitely made a b-line right for Hank!!! Nice pops to “Winger” by Avery!! And Lupul should get a game off for that hit from behind! What a bunch of punkarse beyotches!!!

  44. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    doppler- this win might be just what will get them ready for the craps!! a tough fought, battle from behind win, on the road, without capn crunch.

  45. UESBlueshirt on

    Yeah Crosby was sitting in Mario’s basement in his Pens PJ’s drinking an apple juicebox and getting started on his sad excuse for a playoff beard.

  46. UESBlueshirt
    April 12th, 2009 at 7:35 pm
    Yeah Crosby was sitting in Mario’s basement in his Pens PJ’s drinking an apple juicebox and getting started on his sad excuse for a playoff beard.


    juicebox or sippy cup? And did he have his cheerios laying on his high chair tray?? Awwww lil cindy bettman in his feetie pens pjs and his 3 chin hairs!!

    Boston and the Habs, and Flyers and Pens are gonna beat the living CRAP out of each other! I may have to take a week off from the gym to watch all this madcap hockey!!!

    Aaron Voros making a statement for playing time in the playoffs!!!

  47. Great game. Lupul better get suspended for that cheap shot, that was one of the most dangerous hits ive seen this season. Aves is lucky his neck isn’t broken right now.

    I hate the Pens, but im happy we didn’t give these assholes home ice. The whiny fans aren’t gonna be happy aboot that. Ahaha to bad !!!

    Go Rangers, great confidence booster going into the playoffs. Show up for the third period, play responsible defensively, and score some goals, and stick up for your teammates, and we should finish off the Crapitals.

    Go Rangers !!

    The playoffs look fun right now. I love the West.

    I say…

    Jackets beat Wings in 7
    Blues beat Nucks in 6
    Ducks beat Sharks in 6
    Hawks beat Flames in 4

  48. Linda,
    Hartnell & Richards were always that way, it must come from playing for that team.

    I am sure that Avery is so happy being back with the blueshirts, had he been with the Stars, he would of been eliminated. Im sure he appreciates that and we have him lock for another 3 years.

  49. I don’t get it… why is everyone so pissed at avery? I understand that he can be very annoying and get under peoples skin… but watching how every team plays against him gives me the feeling like they pay him back for the comments he made about “sloppy seconds”! WTF any of them have to do with it? It is really f*cked up how Avery gets crosschecked, cheap-shot, and dangerously hit from behind on nightly basis… Avery doesn’t retaliate and plays very well to help his team to win on each and every night…and YET he is proclaimed as the devil and the scum… I just dont get it

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