Tortorella on WFAN


Joe Benigno and Evan Roberts are scheduled to have John Tortorella on live at 12:25 p.m.

The Rangers are having an optional skate at the moment.

I’d bet that Tortorella will be more pleasant on the radio than he is in his press conferences.


If you missed it, you can replay or download the Tortorella interview on the left side of the home page here.

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  1. REPOST:

    So this is how Drury gets his “clutch” reputation around the league! Cruise for 79 games of the season, show up in last three games of the season, win-and-get-in or loose-and-go-snooze (nice lines, I came up with them just now and all by myself) start suddenly play like you give a damn, get a goal or two… dump the puck in before change (I thought that is what you supposed to do, but great play by Chris) and next thing you know everyone around the league talk about how Chris Drury once again came through with clutch performance and took New York to their fourth straight playoff appearance! Very smart player if you ask me! Sure his play last two games helped us, but maybe if he showed his heart during the season they way he showed it in the last two do or die games… maybe we wouldn’t be in this situation… But forget Drury… is Marc Staal great or what? He saved a goal last night by deflecting the puck over the glass while Henrik was down and out! This was by far greater play than “dump before change” by Drury.

  2. onecupin69+years on

    The good part is that they made the playoffs

    The bad part is that they made the playoffs

    We’re stuck with sather, I don’t like sather.

  3. hes still on i like what he said about whats goin on w/ avery.

    something along the lines of if avery did the stuff to other players that hes having happen to him night in and out wouldnt it be a penalty on him?

    something along those lines but hes still on

  4. hahahah hes so awesome!

    are you playing lundqvist or vallie?
    “none of your business!!!”

  5. “Who are you playing, Lundqvist or Valliquette”

    Torts: ” None of your business, im not telling you”

    Hahaha, i love this guy.

    Go Rangers !!! Last night was awesome. Hank came up huge, and hopefully that’s the way he’ll play in the playoffs.

    Last night was heart breaking, the Habs get a point and eliminate the Cats. Oh boy, if J-Bo doesn’t re sign, that team is gonna lose out on something nice they could have gotten, like a player, prospect, draft pick. They should have traded him, but who would have thought that they’d miss the playoffs.

    And the Preds, ugh, give them credit, they beat the Wings in a shootout, came back from being down 3-1, that’s pretty amazing. But luckily for the Blues, they win the tie break, so they’re still in 8th, and all they have to do is win tonight, then they’ll have a chance to clinch against the crappy Avs.

    BTW – Did anyone see Riberio’s shootout goal ? Amazing, i like Malik’s better, cause it was a 15 round shooter winner, and you didn’t expect it. His, was cool, even cooler the way it ended, with the puck bouncing in the crease and then jumped in the net. But Harry still has the best !

    Go Blues, and Wild !!!

  6. Last night pissed me off, with Aves. He got tripped, no call, then he got interfered with, seconds later, and there was no call.

    These refs are acting like girls, and the whole league is.

    Sloppy seconds, sloppy seconds, WHO CARES ! I hate to say it, but it’s true. Those girls are his sloppy seconds. And those girls are puck bunnies. He shouldn’t have said it, even though it’s hilarious, but at least it’s true. He’s not lying. Now i can appreciate that kind of honesty.

    But he doesn’t deserve this crap.

  7. Im really looking forward to a full season with Torts too!! I think his version of conditioning in the offseason is what will make this team better. I would look for Naslund and Voros to be gone – I wouldnt be surprised if Sather trades him (Naslund) to MTL or Toronto –

    LETS GO RANGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. So, I guess the burning question is, does the beard growing start today, or the first playoff game? Carp my friend, it is your call.

  9. It’s just nice to be talking playoffs instead of golfing dates.Lets face it any team we play is very good and have had great seasons so all we can do is wait until sun to see where we are going!.
    Vali should get the start on sun either way and voros should see some game action.Only buttface knows if he will bring up any kids to play game 82.This game could get ugly your right so lets see what cigarpuss does.
    Can’t wait too for a full year with Torts and hopefully his imput into some additions and subtractions.Torts hockey has been so much more entertaining than renney’s hockey,even though tom was a very nice man!

  10. [guinness guys]
    A Captain who dumps the puck before changing?

    [/guinness guys]


    Carp, let me ask a question. I think Zherdev is one of the “stars” on Torts questionable/sht list, no? As of right now, I don’t expect him to be back next year at all. But suppose he has a solid playoff showing, even for just one round. How much of an effect do you think a solid playoff appearance, even if they don’t necessarily get past the first round, can have for some of these guys that Tortorella is unhappy with? And vice versa…? If a guy disappears for the playoffs?

  11. true, Orr. it is outrageous that someone who killed a guy with his car, Mactavish, is held in high regard, and a guy who simply said something inappropriate is a supposed virus on the league.

    I guess Vick would be ok in the nhl if he killed dogs, as long as he didn’t call any of his girlfriends dogs in public.

  12. Love the Guinness guys. I always said that’s what Rangers’ upper management meetings sound like,

    As for Zherdev, yes, absolutely, you can change your career and the coach’s (and fans’ and GMs’) perception of you with a good playoff. Every team wants guys who can perform on that stage, above all else.

    On the other hand, if he stinks in the playoffs, or if he’s benched, then he’s done here. And it will greatly hurt his chances of getting a good contract from anybody.

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