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Heading over to practice in a little bit, but I just wanted to put up a few day-after (read: leftover) thoughts and remarks.

Chris Drury has surely come up big the last two games, and I know the level of love for him here still isn’t high. But the guy is a good, smart hockey player, more so than a lot of other players. He’s just mis-cast as a first-line center or a guy who’s going to challenge for the Maurice “Rocket” Richard award.

But last night he made a few plays late in the game that sealed the deal. One, he was on a late 1-against-3 while his linemates changed, and he curled and dumped the puck into the corner so the Flyers had to retreat while he changed, too. Not a big deal, but a good play. On another, in a defensive posture coming out of the offensive zone, he was able to get a stick on a Flyer’s pass. He purposely redirected it backward to, I think, Marc Staal.

Then there was this one that I noticed, and John Tortorella raved about.

‘You know what was a helluva play at the end there, was Chris Drury,” Tortorella said. “There were, I think 20 seconds left and there’s an open net. The puck comes to Dru and a lot of guys would have curled back with the puck in the neutral zone and get everybody tagged up because we had some guys in the (offensive) zone … and would let the guys tag up and try to score an empty-net goal. He didn’t think that. His instinct was just to get the puck back in. It may seem like a nothing play … but I thought it was just a great play.”



1) How ’bout the young guys? Dubinsky, Callahan, Staal, Korpikoski, Girardi. All really good, even better than that, in an enormous game.

2) Michal Rozsival played perhaps the best game I’ve seen him play this year.

3) Your goalie is back, which means you have a chance every night, no matter who you play. He made some sick saves, especially that one on Carcillo.

4) We may have forgotten to post the team awards. Lundqvist won the MVP for the third year in a row, and Drury and Blair Betts were co-winners of the Players’ Player award.

5) Clean slate time? I’m not sure everything is fixed now and they’re going to run the table. But what’s important is that they think they’ve earned a new beginning.

“It’s not so much (when you clinch) it’s how you’re playing at that particular time of the year,” Tortorella said. “We’ve seen it all through playoff history, where teams come in and you don’t expect  them to be the team near the end as the rounds go by. But they just gain some momentum in the last part of the season, and how they’re playing, so again it comes down to momentum, and that’s the important thing. What team is playing its best as you enter the playoffs, because it sounds stupid but now it’sa whole new season after we play our last game — and we’re going to try to play that to win. Then you start the fun stuff and it’s a clean slate and hopefully  we can gain some momentum right away no matter who we play.”

6) I would sit Antropov Sunday and give him a nice respite, and anybody else who’s injured and needs some rest. I know they want to play to win, and it’s important they do something in a road game for the first time in a while, and it matters if they finish seventh or eighth (though I’m not sure which is better). But that game could be nasty and ugly, and having healthy bodies when it’s over is far more crucial than winning Game 82.

7) Did you see all the fisticuffs in Boston-Montreal? 

Gotta go. Back later.

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  1. Repost:

    Hello all. Just got home from the game. What a great game, and a great atmosphere at the Garden. Definitely playoff like. My seats were awesome, I was a few rows up from the ice at center ice. The kids I took to the game were so excited to be there, at to arrive in a Hummer was pretty cool too. I thought we played a great game and Hank was flat out amazing! His best game, by far, in a long time.

    Two funny stories. Actually 3.

    1. I was posting a few time from my BlackBerry and after a while, as it always does for some reason, it stopped letting me post. But I was trying to get Carp and Jane to wave to me, ha. So I wasn’t sure if it went through, and every time I saw them looking in my direction I would wave like an idiot. The fourth time I was waving to them I see a woman in the next section waving back, and it turns out it was a mom of another kid that I teach. And then I saw that the whole family was there, including the kid from me class.

    2. After the game ended we stuck around to watch the players give their jerseys to the fans, and Jane just so happened to come down to where we were, because that is the way you go to get in to the locker room. She is standing next to me and I am just looking at her, expecting her to know who I am (for what reason I am not sure why I expected her to know who I was, ha) and I finally say hi, she kind of stares for a second, says hello back, and then says questioningly, “Nasty?” So I said yes, and we had a pleasant exchange. Very nice girl. She told the kids that I took to the game that they were good luck and said I should bring them back for the next game. She then went to the locker room for sound bytes. One of the kids turns to me and says, “Mr. G, why was the lady so nice just now?” And I said, “What do you mean? Why wouldn’t she be nice?” And he goes, “Because she just called you Nasty. What did you do to her?” HAHA, I had to explain the whole thing to them.

    3. We left, and ended up taking an elevator down to leave the Garden. It stopped once before we got to the bottom floor, and it was packed. At that stop, in walks Lauri Korpikoski. He was with some blond girl, who was kind of attractive in a dirty european kind of way. One of my kids said, “Great game man.” And he said thank you and very nice and signed some autographs. Sooooo, we get to the bottom to leave, and we end up walking out where there are barriers set up, because I guess the players exit the building there. So the doors open, and people are all lined up and all excited, and out walks…….Mr. Nasty 1 and his students. The people were less than excited. So I walked up to some woman with a pen and took it and autographed a piece of paper she was holding, and I signed it “Keep it real, Nasty 1.” Ha, I am sure she was probably pissed when she read it after I walked away. The kids thought it was hilarious and we laughed about it the whole way home in the stretched Hummer.

    The End

  2. Does anyone know when the first two HOME playoff games may be? I am trying to schedule a trip around the games. Thanks!

  3. TSN Has A Crosboner on

    So, who do you want first? Boston or Washington?

    My gut tells me Boston, just to avoid Ovechkin et al…but it would be fun to see a first rounder with Montreal/Boston following last night’s fun.

    Although, wouldnt Avery & Lucic just love to pick on each other?


  4. i’d rather play [i don’t know]…it’s going to be tough either way, but just tough in different ways

    montoya with a 40 save 4-1 win over san jose last night…wow

  5. [guinness guys]
    A Captain who dumps the puck before changing?

    [/guinness guys]


    Carp, let me ask a question. I think Zherdev is one of the “stars” on Torts questionable/sht list, no? As of right now, I don’t expect him to be back next year at all. But suppose he has a solid playoff showing, even for just one round. How much of an effect do you think a solid playoff appearance, even if they don’t necessarily get past the first round, can have for some of these guys that Tortorella is unhappy with? And vice versa…? If a guy disappears for the playoffs?

  6. That is a great story, Nasty! Your students were very lucky, great seats too. Nice to meet you and Raider last night.

  7. I miss the 78-79 NY Rangers (formerly Prucha25) on


    LMAO at that story. I was thinking if Jane called you nasty that some might have gotten the wrong idea.

    I’m glad you had a great night.

    What a 3rd period! I was yelling my head off!! Great game!!

  8. great story nasty.

    Could the 2 best goalies face each other in the 1st round? Hank/Thomas?

    Really, after those 2 guys, the goaltending falls off.

    I know there’s that fat guy that plays for the devils, but he’s not looking so sharp at the biggest time of the year.

    Just how big is goaltending in the playoffs? We’re going to find out in about a week.

  9. Doodie Machetto on

    Montoya trade is starting to get a lot worse.

    He had that one game where he got shellacked, and one relief appearance where he let one in on only 3 shots, but other than that he’s been really good on a really bad team.

    40 saves yesterday against the Sharks.

    At the very worst he looks like a solid backup, something that I don’t think we have in Valliquette. At best, he could be a solid starter next year, which would be a lot more valuable for trade than what we got in Sjostrom.

  10. So this is how Drury gets his “clutch” reputation around the league! Cruise for 79 games of the season, show up in last three games of the season, win-and-get-in or loose-and-go-snooze (nice lines, I came up with them just now and all by myself) start suddenly play like you give a damn, get a goal or two… dump the puck in before change (I thought that is what you supposed to do, *but great play by Chris*) and next thing you know everyone around the league talk about how Chris Drury once again came through with clutch performance and took New York to their fourth straight playoff appearance! Very smart player if you ask me! Sure his play last two games helped us, but maybe if he showed his heart during the season they way he showed it in the last two do or die games… maybe we wouldn’t be in this situation… But forget Drury… is Marc Staal great or what? He saved a goal last night by deflecting the puck over the glass while Henrik was down and out! This was by far greater play than “dump before change” by Drury.

  11. How anyone last night (Hello, Mike in Iowa) could possibly fault Lundqvist on the goal he allowed is so far beyond me that it forces one to question if such critics have even the beginning of a clue about the game and the sport they are watching.

  12. Jane's Addiction on

    a little self promotion

    this year i went to 11 rangers games, 9 at the garden, 1 at the crock and 1 at the fishsticks

    my record was 9-1-1

    only loss in regulation was vs sabres on oct 15th and the OT loss was on harry howell/andy bathgate night vs the leafs

    looks like the rangers should gimme some playoff tix!!!

    and a story from last night, i was with my brother and my friend, the game is over were watching the stick salute from the catwalk, i see a woman in a flyers jersey so my drunk ass decides to talk some shit, i tell her “go back to f-ckin philly”, i proceed to turn around and walk out but my bro started talkin more crap to her (me and my bro have very similar voices), she musta thought it was me, got scared, threw a whole glass of red wine in his face, ruined his new away rangers jersey, so he grabs her arm because you cant just throw a glass of wine in somebodys face without consequence

    the guy she was with decides to bum rush my brother throwin punches, me and my friend step in cos my brother is 150 pounds soaking wet, my friend was holding him and i popped the guy 3 times before security came in and broke it up, mind you everybodys leaving so it was really crowded

    so while you might think thats it, we get outside and of course we see them, the guy screams out at my brother, then my brother starts walkin to them and we had to follow, then the guy screams out, “im 16! whyd you grab my mom?!”, long story short, the kid was 6 3 and a hockey player, we talked to them, my brother wound up hugging the mother and all was well, it ended with us talkin about how the rangers are gonna go all the way

    ahhhh memories created at the garden

  13. I agree with Carp:

    -Vally should get the start in Philthy, Give Hank a well deserved day off
    -Give Antro the night off as well, let him get his knee some more rest
    -Play Voros (Cant beleive I just typed that)
    And move around the lines for one game to get Korpi, Shoey, Orr, Betts 12+ in Ice time.

    And next year dont we have Mika something in HArtford and someone else possibly battling for the backup job here?

    And this will be Zherdev’s first playoff appearance right?
    If it is, he better light it up on a nightly basis
    You know Morris is excited (11 years and only his second playoff appearance)

  14. Carp, I am not going to get excited over Rosival until he does his job on the PP. he still refuses to shoot the puck from the point. he has a good shot, but he is so cowed and intimidated by that pos Jagr in the past that he automatically dishes it off to the sideboards rather than one-time a shot on net, even when it is wide open and the screeners are set up in front.

    he deserves no props until and unless he starts doing his job on the PP

  15. Mikey McD!CK on

    id say that hank played his best game of the season last night but should he have the night off on sunday to rest up for the playoffs?

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