OK, you hairy, manly men …


Here we go with the playoff beards. Personally, mine isn’t going to start until after I shave Easter morning.

You can start them whenever you want, and some of you surely had a head start. Whatever.

First of all, Sal the barber at Sal’s Hair Station, located at 132 W. Post Road in White Plains — he’s been featured in The Journal News and has been called “a master of the art of beard trimming” — has offered a gift certificate for one free beard trim to whomever is judged to have the best playoff beard in a poll we will take later on.

If you don’t live locally, you can choose as your prize a pack of Bic razors autographed by me (I know, that’s what the loser should get).

Hey, it’s a work in progress.

What we’d really like is for those who are in to declare they are in, and even better, send us a “before” picture, or at least a photo of what you look like right now. We’ll figure out later on how we judge this thing in a poll — thickness, length, nastiness. Hopefully your New York Rangers can hang in there long enough for some growth.

E-mail your photos to me at rcarpini@LoHud.com. Try to limit them so you don’t crash my inbox. Like one or two per person. Then during the playoffs, say toward the middle or end of the first round, we’ll ask for some “during” photos. Then some “afters” after the Stanley Cup parade.

Thoughts? Ideas? Suggestions?


For those who missed John Tortorella’s WFAN interview this afternoon, you can replay it or download it on WFAN.com’s home page here.


Also, most of you have seen this, but for those who haven’t:

Battalion forward Evgeny Grachev named OHL rookie of the year

TORONTO — Brampton Battalion forward Evgeny Grachev is the Ontario Hockey League’s rookie of the year.

The 19-year-old from Yaroslavl, Russia, finished first among OHL rookies in scoring with 40 goals and 40 assists in 60 games to capture the Emms Family Award on Wednesday. Grachev, a New York Rangers draft pick, also helped Russia win a bronze medal at the world junior championships in Ottawa.

The winner was selected by OHL general managers, who were not allowed to vote for their own players. Candidates received five points for a first-place vote, three points for a second-place vote and one point for a third-place vote.

Grachev received 47 points, ahead of Tyler Seguin of the Plymouth Whalers with 40 points and Calvin de Haan of the Oshawa Generals, who finished third with 31 points.

Grachev was also named to the all-rookie first time along with Seguin, de Haan, Tyler Toffoli of the Ottawa 67’s, John Carlson of the London Knights and J.P. Anderson of the Mississauga St. Michael’s Majors.

Copyright © 2009 The Canadian Press. All rights reserved.


Finally, photo above by Jane.

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  1. Tickets are on sale already with the amex presale. no code needed. But they are only 100 and 200. 200’s are $159.50.

  2. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Rules !! says Greg L. on

    a picture of my naked face !!!! OMG don’t show Jane!!

    Rangers in the playoffs… who cares about mondays game. Need to rest players and work on the PP.

  3. does this mean I have to shave my regular season beard? I’m of the Mara school of beard growing.

  4. I don’t grow a Pauly Mar style beard, but i get more than what Sidney Crybaby gets, and i think he’s older than me.

    I cant wait to see Grachev next season, hopefully he challenges for a spot on the team next year.

    I gotta say, im getting worried watching Al Montoya with the Yotes. He has three wins in five games, and i think one of the losses, he filled in for Bryzgalov. I mean, what ever, if he turns out to be a good goalie for them, then good for them, but we got Freddy Shoes for this kid. THAT is what worries me. But it’s early to tell, but he almost pitched a shut out against the Sharks last night, o i don’t know.

    Lol, and when the Yotes were versing the Blues, the idiot Blues announcers said, “This Montoya kid looks pretty good, i don’t know why the New York Rangers traded him, especially since he was drafted 6th overall”

    Lol, are you kidding me ? I don’t know, what reason could they have for trading their top goalie prospect ? His numbers began to fall in the AHL, he was getting outplayed for the backup, and oh yeah Nyr already has a three time Vezina nominated goaltender. Are those good enough reasons, you morons ?

    I still like the Blues thouhg, just not their moron announcers.

    BTW – The Avs announcer is the best in the league, ive never laughed so much during one of their games. He screams like the Sabs announcer, but not bad like him.

  5. how about guys who normally go around with fake beard and nose glasses? do we go from incognito to cognito?

  6. In order to be fair, and to obviously start it at the correct time, you have to shave after Sunday nights game.

    This is when the official playoff beard can begin!!!!!

  7. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    * carcards
    April 10th, 2009 at 2:12 am
    Where are the Drury haters?
    Capt. Clutch was very clutch last two games

    Hey! Still here!

    Now what?

    2 Big games, woohoo! Parade time! And i don’t even think it was 2 big games. It was like 79 crappy games with 2 that stand out to me (a hat trick and the game against Chicago). Then 1 BIG game. Then last night he was solid, nothing too big, just got the job done. Yup! He’s the bestest, wouldn’t trade him for any other player, certainly not any other captain! (puke)

  8. i am IN as well… i just sent my handsome photo to Carp…

    BUT, I have to be honest with my blog-mates… i got a 3 day beard going on already… kind of a head start but if i shave it right now it won’t be fun! Even if i don’t *WIN* I still want it to be real *FILTHY*…

  9. Thanks for the link to the Torts interview on the FAN. I had missed it earlier.

    Loved this quote: on about who they will play, if it matters.
    “I don’t even give a damn. I’m glad we’re in. We’ll play anybody that wants to play.”

  10. hey RICK

    i have the opposite problem to yours
    i’ve had my goatee beard for so many years….i think since
    ’91 that my wife does not want me to shave it.
    (i’ve seen old pictures of myself and don’t know who that is staring back at me)

    Sugaree Blue Ranger hung out with family last night while i had to work.
    apparently, he’s 2 for 2 in games won by the Blueshirts.
    hope his lucky streak with the Rangers and in his doggie life continues!

  11. talk about guys not in shape. how about Gomez. he flys around the ice in the first 2 periods, then just disappears in the 3rd

  12. Seriously, anything less than a point per game out of Drury in the playoffs and I really hope there are consequences for him. It breaks my heart to think that Tortorella is satisfied with Drury.

    And honestly, Gomez needs to show up in the playoffs too. He was pretty invisible in these last two important games as well.

    I’m just really wondering about Redden. Is this guy ever going to come to life, ever? Talk about serotonin depletion…get that guy a gator tail pronto.

  13. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Have you all seen ESPN’s ranked NHL “top performers” from last night? What a weird list:
    1) Al Montoya
    2) Henrik Lundqvist
    3) Mark Recchi

  14. GardenFaithfulinFLA on

    Linda, I’m with you on the eyebrows! Carp count me in on the eyebrows!

  15. Eyebrows huh? How much do eyebrows actually grow in that period of time? Are you going to look like the kid who they thought was Gaylord Focker’s son in Meet the Fockers?

  16. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    To all who said Renney was the answer: he walked away from the Rangers with a 2 – 7 – 2 and in that time losing 10-2 to Dallas, losing to Atlanta (a “surprisingly good team”), losing to St. Louis (but “giving them something to think about”), losing to buffalo, and losing to Toronto. WRONG! Try again.

    To all who said Torterella could NOT turn that losing streak around, he is now: 11 – 7 – 2. WRONG! He got them to the playoffs.

    And to all who said Henrik Lundqvist was the downfall of this team, I suggest you see psychiatrists! A lot of people bashed Hank after the Boston and Carolina losses. Now he’s got 37W, .916 SV%, and a 2.42 GAA. We are spoiled if you think those are bad numbers. Last night was a HUGE game for him and if ya’ll haven’t given him his props, then you all don’t understand the game. Most of you just come here to whine about everything. You can’t blame the goalie for a 1-0 loss, especially when that goalie *is the only reason you might make the playoffs.*

    People overlook that too often, but Hank is by far the best player on this team.

  17. you know folks
    let’s face it
    Tortorella received a group of players with
    fragile psyches, based on unreal expectations
    that came about by a strong start and a system
    that may have worked for some but dulled the
    thrill of playing hockey for others

    He’s stuck with ’em for this year
    and can’t do much more with ’em
    than mix the occasional tough love once in a while.
    he goes after Z because he can see what he can offensively
    but does not. maybe if Z put in more goals then he’d get more of a pass on missed backchecking assignments ala BamBam(a.k.a. Antropov).
    he treats Drury different because he can’t rip the C off at this point. he knows that there is only so much offense to get from him and if Drury does the other small things then he’s momentarily satisfied.
    and he can’t do too much with Redden because he’s stuck with him for now and right now that’s about the best he’s got
    (yes, i would rather Staal out there but i think coaches tend to treat vets differently than younger players in part to not mess ’em up in case things go wrong)
    you can tell that he really like Staal, Callahan (that smile and wink on the bench when Cally went over to receive his Extra Effort Award), Dubi, Lundquist. after that….?
    if this was October or November, i think there would be
    a WHOLE LOT OF DIFFERENCE to how these players would be treated. at least, i hope so!!
    we’ll see what happens in the playoffs because ANYTHING can happen
    and hope that Tortorella/Schoenfeld have some major input this off-season and we get rid of some of the chum and get some big speedy pieces of beef to make up a better squad in September.

  18. yeah, Montoya. go figure.
    another player who leaves the Rangers
    and starts a career.
    good luck to him.

    now, i’m not saying he’s going to be an
    allstar and yes, i know we traded him because he was losing out on the depth chart in Hartford at that time (forget if we got Sjo or someone else for him…)
    but it would just be nice if this organization would
    FINALLY FINALLY FINALLY start to develop and support its
    young players in the same manner that just about every other team in the NHL does.

    they’re either offensive players who are not defensive-minded enough and then painted, tainted and fall or viewed too highly.
    ya know what? if Sanguinetti has great offensive skills but not the very very best d-zone……as in can help the power play but should be played with DEFENSIVE D-man then so be it. can he really be as bad as the Chinese Fire Drill we have happening at times now?
    if Anisimov isn’t the greatest of backcheckers but nets goals on a more consistent basis than what we’ve got, are we really hurting ourselves by ignoring because he’s not complete yet?

  19. Linda, thank you for the highest praise possible. The blog has been much better since you got here, too.

    GardenFaithful, how do you grow eyebrows? I mean, I’m Italian too but if I wanted to grow ’em out for the playoffs, uh, they’d look the same.

  20. Crazy Rumor:
    Celine Dion bidding on buying the Canadians

    didn’t she sing the theme song from “Titanic” ?

    then she would fit right in. they are doin’ great until they hit the ice. :)

  21. GardenFaithfulinFLA on

    Just got to stop plucking them and they’ll grow back. Same concept as stop shaving.

  22. Nasty 1 – Three great stories, each one better than the next. I tried to find Sam one time last season during an intermission, but he must not have been at his desk. Too bad Agravaine wasn’t there to get your autograph.

    Unfortunately, at 21, I can still only grow Crosby-like facial hair, so I *will not* be participating, lest I look like a fool. :)

  23. Not sure if this has been posted yet but I found a code for the presale –


    I just bought for game 3 sec 321. Will be in Cancun for home games 1 and 2. Anyone know any good places to watch the game in Cancun?

  24. Nasty 1 – Which is funny because you probably couldn’t get toasted since you were there with kids (from class I presume?). Actually, my dad was at the game, too, in a decent seat about halfway up in the neutral zone. I was really disappointed after those early tussles in front of the nets that there were no fights. I think those first few penalties really broke up that sort of momentum. The game was nervewracking with the way Lundqvist was playing, but still exciting as well, and then he looked more together as the game passed the halfway point.

  25. GardenFaithfulinFLA on

    Nasty, I know the seats were awesome. I used to get 2nd row inbetween the penalty boxes.

  26. Use the first option but it looks like you still can only use Amex but you can at least get the cheaper seats. If $99.50 is cheap!!

  27. Thanx JK…

    They really jacked up the prices….In some instances, stub hub is the better option! lol

  28. Wow that’s scary. I also bought home game one for the second round. Those $99.50 (321) went up to $114.50!!

  29. Carp can you please find out if there are any plans in the works to have a blackberry friendly site for us crackberry addicts out here.

  30. Nasty should know better… leaving his beloved computer just open like this…sabotage

  31. Pretty crazy Rangers playoff ticket prices. This coupled with a tough economy leaves alot of great tickets available. This was never the case with the playoffs. Usually tix sold out very fast.

    Could also be that the team doesnt have Jags anymore so their is no identifiable superstar. Fans who are paying big $ for tix are coming to see Henrik, Callahan, Staal, Dubi, and Sean Avery.

  32. hey Linda
    you okay?
    just saw tornadoes went through Murfreesboro
    pretty scary since i’ve been there several times.

  33. Linda says " get over it hon its PLAYOFF TIME!!!" on

    jpg…all things good so far here in Huntsville. I heard we are supposed to have some interesting weather tonight also…. CRAZY!!! we’re surrounded by mountains, so thunderstorms are outrageous! We did get some peanut m&m sized hail, but about 10 minutes from us, they had baseball sized hail. Thanks for askin!!

    Fran, I like the way you think! Can you imagine that mess?

    Did ANYONE else notice the ad for LASER HAIR REMOVAL at the top of the blog! Thats just too rich!

    And boys, Faithful is correct about the unibrow! Heehee Sally is up to some hijinx!!!

  34. Linda says " get over it hon its PLAYOFF TIME!!!" on

    jpg….good post at 3:55! I caught Torts’ wink and nod to Cally. You just KNOW Torts loves the way Cally plays and probably wishes 5 or 6 other guys would play with HALF the energy he does!

    Thanks Rick, you’re the man!!! Out of the blogs I frequent, this is by far and away the most active and hysterical!

    Does anyone forsee any spark of life from Redden in the playoffs?? It would be nice if Drury continues his play as of late, and if Gomez didn’t disappear for stretches of time!

  35. Pat in Dutchess on

    so what’s the did we decide if goatees are okay or does it have to be a full beard. I could probably get away with the goatee at work but the beard is a def no-no.

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