They’re in … and they’re seventh


Not a bad way to do it, the hard way, with a big, huge third period after some shaky (to say the least) moments. To do it protecting a one-goal lead against a good team, with Henrik Lundqvist playing out of his mind, with the captain playing a second straight strong game, with the usual, maybe higher than usual, good stuff from Brandon Dubinsky and Ryan Callahan.

Those last three-plus minutes were outstanding after Briere hit the crossbar.

I asked John Tortorella if it was a good way to do it, the hard way.

“You try to use it as an opportunity,” he said. “Would you like to be in with five games left, knowing you’ve got a spot and home ice? That would even be better. But we’re not in that situation. But I think we took it as an opportunity and I thought guys did some really good things at key times in the game. We fought it for a little bit there. We were under seige for a while. But we just kept on fighting and trying to figure out some way to just get through that game and win it.

“We’re happy we’re in and now we have to keep on improving and see where we end up at the end of the year.”

On Lundqvist:

“He was just outstanding. That’s how you win games in the playoffs. That’s how you win a game to get into the playoffs. It starts with your goalie and usually ends with your goalie as far as if you want to be there in the end to get in and to succeed when you do get to the playoffs. It’s a great game for him and he certainly was a big part of tonight’s game.”

On areas that need to be better in playoffs?

“All areas. Lets put it that way. When you get into the playoffs you have to be on top of everything within your team concept. … We need to get better as a team as we enter the playoffs, and in general, understanding how much you have to battle. That’s the thing in playoffs. It ends up turning into a one-on-one battle sooner or later in all facets of the game, and that’s what we need to work on.”

He was asked if he has learned these past few games which players he can trust in situations, and Tortorella said, being “honest” that taking over late in the season and “you almost hope that a guy will get it done. And I did some hoping the last couple of weeks.

“The hoping is done. If a guy is going to do the job, and I feel he’s going to do the  job, he’s going to play. If a guy is not doing the job, and it doesn’t matter who it is, he won’t play. Because it’s a seven-game series but the momentum swings in playoffs are so important, and I’m not going to waste  much time hoping come playoff  time. I can’t. It’s not fair to the team. The team has worked hard to get there. I’m going to put people out on the ice that I see fit, that are willing to do the things to win a hockey game.”


Jane here with the clips, and I added that shot I took of the buzz right after the first goal 52 seconds in. Captain Chris Drury on the third period:


Henrik Lundqvist on the importance of winning tonight:


And Markus Naslund on the penalty in the third:


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  1. sam (not the great Weinman) on


    Hank needs to play well…Bring in those scumbag bostonians. maybe this time, after were about to sweep them at home, our fans will come on the ice and attack the bruins players, the way those scumbags went into the crowd to attack our fans!!!!!!!!!!!

    What happened to newer posts first Rick?

  2. Linda says " get over it hon its PLAYOFF TIME!!!" on

    woooooo hoooo thats the spirit Faithful!!!!

    Seventh…I kinda like that! If they can beat the Flyers on their home ice on Easter, that will be a pretty nice way to head into the playoffs!

    Carp, they were almost like a different team after that crossbar! They kinda buckled down and decided they were gonna win that game, and get that playoff spot in front of their fans! Good gut check game! Now the REAL fun begins!

  3. Great game!!! Every team will be 0-0 pretty soon. By the way how come when a Flyers player got injured and we had control of the puck the refs blew the whistle, meanwhile Mara gets blasted and he doesn’t get the whistle? Just a thought.

    Subway sucks!!!!

  4. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    very good comments and i can honestly say that i have more faith in torts than with renny in years past. this guy is a playoff coach and i think he will push the right buttons to get these guys to win at all costs. hes still pretty new to the team but i think he has a handle on how to get the most of certain guys and i think drurys latest performance is a direct result of that. either way, go rangers!! i will always cheer for you guys no matter what!!!!!!!! go beard power!!!!!!!!!!

  5. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    hellz yea linda!!! great gut check win and even though id like them to win decisively, this was a better win because they had to fight to the bitter end and it may serve them better in the coming games! subway sucks, but i sure am hungry for a subway club!!! linda- do u have myspace? i dont know how to send pics but my pics are on myspace and my girlfriend is gonna put a new one up there with my beard!! my myspace name is carman. my name is michael carman. look me up

  6. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    For what? What did I do now? LoL

    * nyranger4life
    April 9th, 2009 at 10:55 pm
    Truefan: honestly dude, the Rangers just won and will be in the playoffs. Stop being such a downer and doubting the Rangers. They’ve proven they can beat any team in the East when they are on top of their game.

  7. “The hoping is done. If a guy is going to do the job, and I feel he’s going to do the job, he’s going to play. If a guy is not doing the job, and it doesn’t matter who it is, he won’t play……..I’m going to put people out on the ice that I see fit, that are willing to do the things to win a hockey game.”

    Interesting. Tortorella did not say who he trusts but basically let us know we will know the answer to this question during the playoffs. I think there are going to be some “stars” that are going to be mad, not only because they will not be playing much but also because they will be getting shown up, on the playoff stage, by their reduced ice time.

    I think this is great. It will help for the playoffs and will help next year. The poorer performers will be pissed over the offseason, maybe getting them to work harder then usual so they can show up ready to go, and they will be motivated to work hard once the fresh season starts.

    And yeah, Renney would never do anything like this. He would play who should be playing the best, not who is playing the best and getting things done. Then when they lost with the poor performing stars, he would say you have to go with your “best” guys – meaning the guys who should come up bigger but this year just can’t.

  8. That Hank save, moving from right to left with the glove was freakin sick!!!
    Check you wallet, you got mugged!

  9. I hate the world. I do. I had this doll with all these pins in it, stuck in all these painful places (especially around the NYR logo and all over Torts’ beard) but it didn’t work. Voodoo schmoodoo. I hate the world.

  10. It was great seeing Henrik make some awesome saves tonight. This was the true Hank tonight and I have a feeling he will be back during the playoffs. I do not see us winning it all, but I do not see us taking it you know where from any opponent.

    If it wasn’t for Henrik, we would have lost this game!!

    Go Rangers!!

  11. Tom,

    Enjoy your Good Guy Award. We’re going to the playoffs!


    Blue Seat

  12. ranger pride from florida on

    lol @ Tom Renney. You fail! LET’S GO RANGERS!!! I say bring on whoever in the playoffs. It don’t matter! We might have to play the Bruins later in the playoffs anyway if we make a run. Who cares if we play them now or later. It just matters if Lundqvist gets a hot hand, and if the rangers can pop some goals in against the Bruins big D. If they get the Caps they just need to crash the net and get pucks to the net and it will all sort out itself. I also noticed the Rangers D has been starting to step up big. Rozsival had a respectable game tonight, Redden had a quite but effective game, and what more can you say of Staal and girardi? nice goal set up by a solid Morris shot.


  13. Hello all. Just got home from the game. What a great game, and a great atmosphere at the Garden. Definitely playoff like. My seats were awesome, I was a few rows up from the ice at center ice. The kids I took to the game were so excited to be there, at to arrive in a Hummer was pretty cool too. I thought we played a great game and Hank was flat out amazing! His best game, by far, in a long time.

    Two funny stories. Actually 3.

    1. I was posting a few time from my BlackBerry and after a while, as it always does for some reason, it stopped letting me post. But I was trying to get Carp and Jane to wave to me, ha. So I wasn’t sure if it went through, and every time I saw them looking in my direction I would wave like an idiot. The fourth time I was waving to them I see a woman in the next section waving back, and it turns out it was a mom of another kid that I teach. And then I saw that the whole family was there, including the kid from me class.

    2. After the game ended we stuck around to watch the players give their jerseys to the fans, and Jane just so happened to come down to where we were, because that is the way you go to get in to the locker room. She is standing next to me and I am just looking at her, expecting her to know who I am (for what reason I am not sure why I expected her to know who I was, ha) and I finally say hi, she kind of stares for a second, says hello back, and then says questioningly, “Nasty?” So I said yes, and we had a pleasant exchange. Very nice girl. She told the kids that I took to the game that they were good luck and said I should bring them back for the next game. She then went to the locker room for sound bytes. One of the kids turns to me and says, “Mr. G, why was the lady so nice just now?” And I said, “What do you mean? Why wouldn’t she be nice?” And he goes, “Because she just called you Nasty. What did you do to her?” HAHA, I had to explain the whole thing to them.

    3. We left, and ended up taking an elevator down to leave the Garden. It stopped once before we got to the bottom floor, and it was packed. At that stop, in walks Lauri Korpikoski. He was with some blond girl, who was kind of attractive in a dirty european kind of way. One of my kids said, “Great game man.” And he said thank you and very nice and signed some autographs. Sooooo, we get to the bottom to leave, and we end up walking out where there are barriers set up, because I guess the players exit the building there. So the doors open, and people are all lined up and all excited, and out walks…….Mr. Nasty 1 and his students. The people were less than excited. So I walked up to some woman with a pen and took it and autographed a piece of paper she was holding, and I signed it “Keep it real, Nasty 1.” Ha, I am sure she was probably pissed when she read it after I walked away. The kids thought it was hilarious and we laughed about it the whole way home in the stretched Hummer.

    The End

  14. Very happy. Slats deserves some props we aren’t here without torts, avery, antro and morris. In the Tournament with an advantage at goalie no matter who we play. Let the beard begin.

  15. Cool stories Nasty….u shoulda pinched Korpedo’s girls a$$ in the elevator and started the LETS GO EUROTRASH chant….that woulda ruled!

  16. Nasty about the autograph… thats awesome.. had you come out the box office I would have seen you and thought it incredibly hilarious (especially if i knew the person you did it to!!!)

    that game was awesome (I wish I had met Gerry Butler though :( )

  17. HAHA, thanks! I don’t know what made me do that, but it was pretty damn funny. All merch was 30% off tonight, so I bought this really cool old school looking Rangers track jacket. Full price was 140, but with the discount it was 98. Still expensive, but I have wanted it for a while. I had to get a Medium though. The jacket runs really big, and a large looked like one of the smocks I used to wear in Mrs. Stiano’s art class when I was in 4th grade.

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    user: odessit
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  19. Agra….question 4 ya…If I recall correctly, you shoot the games u go to @ MSG with a big camera….I wanted to bring my Canon DSLR to the playoffs with a 55-250mm lens….In regard to MSG policies and rules, is that ok to do? I do not wanna be refused admission. Thanx

  20. former Rangers on

    Montoya completely outplayed nabokov as the Coyotes beat SJ, 4-1

    41 shots for Sharks to 17 for Phoenix, and Montoya gets #1 star

  21. yeah i watched that game as well. he was pretty solid for those what was it 6 power plays in a row?

  22. SteveTheBear on

    CCCP – why does it sometimes seem like every Ukrainian in NYC is from Odessa (myself included)? :)

  23. henrik did steal the game, he deserves huge props..

    zherdev did not play the last few minutes they used Sjustrum unstead….

    Glad to be in the playoffs it has been a long grind…

  24. Great Game. Other than Lunqvist, Sean Avery is the engine that’s been driving this team. What a steal. Drury earned a good part of his yearly salary in the last (2) games. Callahan & Dubie, also, had Great games. Korpikoski gets better with every game. Good be very interesting Gertrude. We could play Washington if the Pens beat Habs on Sunday. GO RANGERS.

  25. SteveTheBear

    Maybe because every Ukrainian you know is from Odessa? :)

    ya ne sovsem Ukrainec…esli ponimaesh :)

  26. Where are the Drury haters?
    Capt. Clutch was very clutch last two games
    Besides he always plays well defnsively,especially on pk but most fans can’t see that. They only see who scores goals.

  27. I think I’m in the minority here, but I just can’t get excited about this at all. I’m glad we’re in the playoffs. I would choose watching playoffs over not anyday. But that said, it’s not going to be pretty. There is no way this team is escaping the first round. I’m sorry to have little faith. But after starting the year 25-3 or whatever it was and looking like we were going to take over the world, excuse me for not getting excited over sneaking into the playoffs in the second to last game.

  28. I agree with kph. The last 2 periods were just not impressive at all. The last few minutes were ugly as sin as well.

    That game was really just too close for me to be comfortable/excited.

    I would really like to play Boston though. They do not scare me as much as WSH.

  29. Great stories Nasty…

    “1. I was posting a few time from my BlackBerry and after a while, as it always does for some reason, it stopped letting me post.”

    Same thing here man… I just don’t understand that.

  30. And this one will last a lifetime on

    Nasty, great stories !

    So we get Washington? instead of Boston.

    Caps have goaltending issues. We don’t.

    They have Ovechkin, we don’t.

  31. Dubi or not Dubi on

    I don’t usually get to read or post on weekdays, but since the market is closed today and I get a sweet day off I’d like to compare the Rangers to an investment.

    Smart investing is done long term with the right planning (I sound like every brokerage commercial!). Everyone loves a quick profit but with the quick profit comes the risk for a great loss; long term investing will hedge against big spikes in either direction and ultimately make you wealthy.

    The Rangers seem to have a terrible plan (If any). Making the playoffs is the quick profit, but if they miss the playoffs then Sather has a chance of getting canned. This would lead to a GM with what couldn’t be a worse plan than his and ultimately build the team the way it should be built instead of just being happy with making the playoffs.

    I’m as big of a Rangers fan as anyone on here, without Hank this year (And for the last four years) this team would be no better than the teams of the early 2000s. This is why missing the playoffs would have been better for our future happiness than making the playoffs as the 7 or 8 seed… Not to mention that they are the 13th best team in the NHL…

  32. Angry Whopper on

    I made a deal with my wife, if they got in I would buy an “Avery Rules” tee-shirt. I honestly thought he couldnt keep his cool this long, or the refs bogus calls would keep us from making it.

    Does anyone know if they sell kids sizes? I would love to send my 4 year old in to pre-school wearing one (he is the next Sean Avery)

  33. Anyone who didn’t realize Avery’s value did not watch a game the last two years.

    Avery as a Ranger has been nothing but spectacular.

    He is the heart of the New York Rangers.

    Capt Crunch..blah..blah..blah..without Avery you are sitting next to the Islanders watching the playoffs.

    I am with Dubi…if the Rangers don’t win the cup then making the playoffs will only validate Sather..which is the worst thing.

    Antropov and Morris were good moves…but for every good move he makes…he makes 3 redden moves and that will never get us over the top…we will be a middle of the road team.

    As Rangers we should demand excellence.

    We should be the Yankees of hockey…instead we are the Mets and I am a Met fan.

  34. Hockeyman Rangers on

    Who do we want Boston or Washington??? If we play Boston we have several players to contain. If we play Wash we only have to contain Ovechky. Yea I say that’s funny I say ONLY Ovechky. Only the best palyer in the league and you know he is going to step up his game in the playoffs. We still need to work on our scoring, OH YES it’s been much better but we really need to get MORE players scoring goals.

  35. Unemployed Steve (formerly sesak) on

    The Rangers need to win on Sunday more for their head then 7th place. They are struggling on the road and hopefully it would be a confidence boost.

  36. Hockeyman Rangers on

    You know Callahan is a incrediable hockey player, and he is A player that it is all hard work. Yes he has some skill but mostly it all just hard hard work hustle hustle AND DEDICATION. TRUELY A AMAZING HARD WORKING HOCKEY PLAYER, HE DESREVERS REDDEN’S, NUASLAND’S AND DRURY’S PAYCHECK.


  37. Unemployed Steve (formerly sesak) on

    Don’t forget about containing Green as well for Washington. He makes allot happen.

  38. Dubi that is Sather’s cya plan, make the playoffs. His boss is happy with that. Therein lies the 2 problems for Tortorella & the NYR have to try to overcome every season. It’s the playoffs, maybe this TEAM will do some damage. Those 2 pains are probably still high fiving each other from last night in between puffs on their cigars. smoke and mirrors is their motto.


  40. Hockeyman Rangers on

    Steve your right, I see Green had a good night again last night, I have him on my fantasy league.
    Not that we get to choose but who would you prefer we play???

  41. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    i say lets play boston. we have matched up very well with them. they could only score a combined 2 goals in 2 home games against us. if we can get the 1st goal in either of those road games, the outcome could be much different. we also played well and best them at home. washingtom, even without a good goalie, is just too much to handle. theyre gonna go deep this year and if we can somehow beat boston in the 1st round, it will give us alot of confidence against every other team, simply because we knocked off the best team. im not saying we will, but if we can, i think wed have a mental advantage over our 2nd round opponent. besides, either team we play, if we somehow get thru a few rounds were gonna have to see them eventually.

  42. I dont know if anyone touched on this yet; but the kids on this team not only stepped up…but what an experience this has been for them!

    Last year they kind of rode on Jagr-Straka-Shanny’s coattails..those guys got all the heat

    This year…their coach gets fired; there is no huge personality to lean on ( until Avery got back )and their response; especially Staal and Cally have been fantastic!

    they aren’t just helping a little…they are the best players on the team ( outside of Hank )

    so to anyone who may have said the Rangers would be better off not making the playoffs…just look at what these kids did and adversity they played thru and thrived thru

    very proud of those two guys and Dubi, Girardi, Korpi too

  43. Hockeyman Rangers on

    Your right Kasper, now let’s just hope Sather don’t let the cigar smoke get to him and even think about trading any of them.
    There is something about watching these young guys come up through OUR system and truley make a difference. I admit also that I miss Dawes, I liked watching him play as well.

  44. I tried to post from my iphone last night and I dont see the posts. But 4 players stand out – give 110% every single shift that’s Cally, Sjostrom, Avery and Dubinsky. Seeing them play in person, I watched each player every shift. Cally seriously is a beast on the ice. Man, how I wish he was 6’2″ – 6’3″.

    That save by LQ – OMG!!!!!! Everyone in my section 304 were standing up and doing the “Im not worthy” bow. WOW!!! Spectacular save!!!!

  45. Hockeyman Rangers on

    Where are all the computer guroos to find that Lundy save and bring it up form you tube or something??

  46. Unemployed Steve (formerly sesak) on

    Hockeyman I think I would rather play Washington only because I think it will be a more entertaining series. I would be more confident against Boston but if we do not get the lead and they play the trap it will be frustrating.

  47. Doodie Machetto on

    We’re in the playoffs. I have mixed feelings. On the one hand, we’re in the playoffs=awesome. On the other…

    1) Raised ticket prices next season
    2) Lower quality draft pick for finishing in the playoffs.

    I don’t really think we’re going anywhere, especially if we play Washington. I guess it’ll be nice to get Staal, Dubinsky, Hank, Girardi, and Dubinsky a little more playoff experience under their belts. But I’m not holding my breath for any success.

    And I think last night’s game was proof. GREAT first period. But the rest of the game (save the last 3 minutes) were just ALL Philly. Hank was great and the only reason we didn’t get blown out. The last few minutes Philly was just pressing so hard and so desperate that their attack fell apart. But everything from the puck drop in the second period to Briere hitting the cross bar was just all Philly. You can’t just take it on the chin for 2/3s of a game and expect to come away with a win. THE save (you all know which one I’m talking about) isn’t going to be made everytime. Briere’s shot won’t hit the cross bar everytime. And if Hank plays like slumping Hank as opposed to the King, kiss the game goodbye.

    We’re still not scoring goals. Our PP is still useless. Our 3rd periods have been absolutely attrocious. I’m glad we made the playoffs, but I say the Rangers are out in 5 against Washington, maybe 6 against Boston, but also likely 5.

    Now before a bunch of people call me out for not being a fan or some stupid thing like that: Just because I don’t think they’ll win doesn’t mean I won’t be screaming my head off and trying desperately to get playoff tickets. I still support the team. I just think the writing is on the wall.

  48. Hockeyman Rangers on

    Doodie haven’t you ever heard of a postive attitude??? Or didn’t any one ever teach you if you don’t have something nice to say don’t say nothing at all. LOL
    I’m only kidding, and I have some of the same thoughts but i keep them to myslef. I am thinking positve the palyoffs are going to bring us ALIVE AND WE ARE GOING TO SCORE LOTS OF GOALS THE PP WILL TAKE OFF AND LUNDY WILL BE STANDING ON HIS HEAD IN EVERY GAME. YEP THAT’S IT THAT THE TICKETS YEA THAT IT.

  49. Doodie Machetto on

    “Where are the Drury haters?
    Capt. Clutch was very clutch last two games
    Besides he always plays well defnsively,especially on pk but most fans can’t see that. They only see who scores goals.”

    He showed up for the last two games after missing the first 79, thanks.

    Also, plays great defensively? No, actually, he doesn’t. I can think of more than a few times his “great defensive play” led directly to goals against us.

    Also, he gets paid $7 million. I don’t see us doling out that much to Blair Betts or Fred Sjostrom to play great defensively.

    He sucks, end of story. The only reason why he and Naslund have shown up lately is because Callahan is carrying them.

  50. Doodie Machetto on

    I’m really pissed that they won’t be playing the Devils. I could get tickets to MSG West. MSG East is a lot harder.


    IF Mara didnt get hurt on that one shot, Hank would have had a shutout, easily. He was standing on his head all ngiht, and MAra is the one who knocked his stick out of his hand and made him lose his momentum

    Ah well, WE won, were in, all is well today


  52. P.S. If you don’t have any Italian in you, find a friend who is or does, and have their grandmother or someone in their family make you an Easter pie. Just ask them, they will know what you are talking about. I am easting some right now. AMAZING!!!!!

  53. “Where are the Drury haters?”
    Not a hater, but give me a break. He shows up for two games at the end of the season. He Wouldn’t need to Capt. Crunch if he was visible earlier in the season.

    Anyway, good win!! LGR!

  54. Does anyone know when the first two HOME playoff games may be? I am trying to schedule a trip around the games. Thanks!

  55. It does not matter if we play Boston or Washington, If we win the first series, we probably have to play both anyway.
    I don’t think Montreal is going to knock of either of them.
    Let’s Go Rangers!!!

  56. Again, to Drury haters
    not good defensively?
    Have you watched him kill penalties?
    Yes, he might be overpaid, but would you turn down the money
    if it was offered you?
    I guess all the haters really hate (or should hate) Sather!

  57. “he might be overpaid.”

    That’s a pretty big problem when there’s a salary cap, you have to get value for money. For what Drury is being paid, killing penalties and 20-odd goals a season is not value for money.

    But that is Sather’s fault, as you said.

  58. …See nobody hates a guy like Kovalchuk cause he gets to slide thru the season put up his 40 or so goals and never play an important game….

    Everyone still thinks he’s great

    By the way
    he kicked McCabes a** last night…

  59. Dubi or not Dubi on

    Come on, be fair. Drury is a great player…

    If he were making $3-4 mil/year and playing 15 minutes a night instead of 20+.

    Not Drury’s fault, but booing Drury is booing Sather. But every boo in the garden falls on deaf ears since Dolan has probably never even seen the owner’s box.

  60. gotta catch up with all your posts later but yea mike I do have myspace… if ya get a message from nyrangergirl…thats me!!

  61. former Rangers on

    Dawes? please. he is already a healthy scratch on many nights for Phoenix. even Gretz is already sick of his soft, perimeter, invisible midget act. good riddance to him

  62. right, Kaspar. and when he did play the Rangers in the playoffs, he was a complete flop, and they got swept.

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