Torts bucking for a beer commercial?


John Tortorella channelled his inner Jim Mora today when somebody asked him “If the Rangers make the playoffs do you feel good about your team going in?”

“Don’t ask me that,” Tortorella said. “We’re not in. You’re asking the wrong guy the wrong question, because we’re not in. We have to play a game. Don’t talk to me about playoffs. No sense asking me about playoffs.”

So today was about — predictably — preparing for one game, one very important game, tomorrow against Philly.

The Rangers’ practice barely lasted more than 20 minutes. Sean Avery (“got banged around a little bit last night,” the coach said) and Nik Antropov were given the day off to rest.

That is as important as anything, Tortorella said.

“I think you can hurt your team at this time of year if you practice too much,” he said. “So it’s not about overloading them. I’ve said before, I think all coaches over-coach. I wanted to get them out of the building and I just try to keep them fresh mentally. That’s the most important thing right now for our athletes. It’s been a grind and they’ve been up and down, they’ve had a new coaching staff come in. All the things that have gone on around this team, they need to get away from the game a little bit, too.”

But …

“You need to feel good when you accomplish something,” Tortorella said. “I think athletes are better players and respond better when they feel good about themselves, but you better not exhale too hard here because we have a team that’s fighting for home ice against us tomorrow and they’ll be ready to play. So it is a fine line and it’s a matter of concentration. I don’t want them thinking about the game all day long here. We had our meeting, we had our skate. Get away from it. When we come back in we better be even more prepared because I think we’re going to face a better team tomorrow night.

“You know what? Last night’s game means nothing if we don’t come out and compete and try to do the same things against Philly.”

I asked a couple of players if they actually do all the mathematics that we do as far as the playoff races, and who needs to do what, and all the what-ifs.

“I don’t think what-ifs really mean a whole lot right now because we’re not in a position where we need somebody else’s help for us to find our way in,” Brandon Dubinsky said. “It’s not one of those situations where it’s like, you know, ‘we really need Buffalo to win tonight’ or whatever. It’s just oen of those things where it’s like, we’ve got to find a way to get the job done ourselves and worry about tomorrow’s game and not worry about anything else, not worry about Florida or Sunday’s game or anything else. We have a big game tomorrow and we know that. 

“It’s not about the playoffs at this point. It’s about continuing to grow and continuing to get better as a team and building that confidence. In essense that’s going to translate into making the playoffs and going into the playoffs and being a good team going in.”

Henrik Lundqvist said, “You might do it right now, but tomorrow you have to focus on what to do and not focus too much on clinching the playoff spot. It’s more focussing on the game, the first period and the actual game. And whatever happens after the game, you deal with it. But it’s very important we’re locked in on the ice.

“It’s probably a little harder than a normal game but I think  when it comes down to game time hopefully we’re in a good spot mentally and we can focus on the right things. But it’s always a little bit tougher when you go down the stretch and you feel the importance of the games. It’s like when you play in the playoffs and for every round you feel like you’re closer and closer, and when you remind yourself, of course you can get a little bit more tense.”

That said, Lundqvist added, “It feels a lot better today than two days ago, no question. But we know we still have a lot of work to do before we’re in the playoffs. It’s a tough game to win. But we said at the start of this week, we have a great opportunity to play really well this week and we’re going to be in the playfofs and going into the playoffs feeling good.”

For those just checking in, please read the post below about some (maybe experimental) changes we’re making here at the blog. We need as much feedback as we can get. Thanks.
— Carp

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  1. i like all the comments being on one page. i think thats what i like about this blog in all honesty.

  2. cmb, I don’t disagree. I like it that way, too.


  3. whats there to figure out carp? just go back to the way it was… or is it too advanced for the Tech Dept.?

  4. I prefer the proposed changes. Having 500 comments in one string makes it really annoying on a mobile. And latest first seems to make the most sense, to me.

  5. I’m going to be totally honest with you. The Yankees blog, which is about three to four times bigger than this one, and possibly the No. 1 sports blog in the country, crashed during the Yankees’ first game. Too many comments brought it down, or too much traffic.

    They want to be sure that never happens here — and it did happen briefly when the Rangers made those two simultaneous trades at the deadline.

    But I am begging, screaming, hollering for them to not change too drastically, and to not fix what isn’t broken, and that WE like it the way it is here.

  6. This like new Coke doing away with Classic Coke…like A-rod replacing Scotty Brocious…like the new SNL compared to Belushi and Akroyd…

  7. And this one will last a lifetime on

    Its all good. It was good the way it was. Its good the way it is.

    And what’s real good is our chances to make the playoffs. Just win and we are in. We are more desperate then the Flyers and we are home. And we have the better goalie. Three good reasons for us to clinch Thursday and then “exhale” and get a couple of days of less pressure and even a game to play without pressure.

    Then every team is 0-0 and we start ties with the likes of Detroit and SJ and Boston and Washington.

  8. carp
    like i said on the last post i know its not you

    but what they are trying to do is not making it user friendly for the “visitor”
    and you want visitors to continue to come back.

    you just end up wasting bandwidth when the whole page loads with the list of new contacts.

  9. Let the Yankee fans mess up their own blog. Ours is fine.

    PS–I like Ryan Callahan for the MacDonald award, but I put in an honorable mention for Paul Mara. A guy with good leadership skills who plays for the team and, maybe most impressively, consistently tries to play above and beyond his talent level.

  10. Carp,
    don’t sell yourself short this is the best sports blog… :^) where else do you find all these cool people who are so passionate and loyal!!

    I hope they spent those 20 minutes on the powerplay. Seriously they looked better when they were skating around and drew the penalty then when they were on the powerplay. That said, it has seemed to improve (in chances if not results).

    Thanks for all the great quotes form Dubi and Hank… and Coach

    Comments at the bottom and 100 or 50 comments per page should work 30 was just too few

  11. ok good… let them f*ck with the Yankees blog since its bigger and “better” than this one! Leave the Rangers blog alone!! We’ve suffered enough! LOL

  12. oh yea and automatic refresh while in theory as a good idea… would mess you up if you were reading older posts and the page jumped because it refreshed on you… (at least that happens to me sometimes when I am comparing game stats during play) although if there are only 50 comments per page you could probably get away with it…


    my honorable mention went to Betts, in fact I voted twice once for each of them.

  13. You should get rid of these garbage ads, and just put pictures of Megan Fox, and Jessica Alba. Maybe throw in some Ranger pics too i guess.

    I cant wait for tomorrow’s game, it’s gonna be huge ! Hopefully Nyr wins their last two, and the Panthers do as well, and the Habs lose their last two in regulation. That would just be awesome.

    To tell you the truth, id prefer to play the Craps, Theodure isn’t that great of a goalie, and their D isn’t perfect, and only really have one good pair. Just gotta watch out for OV, Semin, Backstrom, etc.

    I don’t like going up against B’s, cause we suck in Boston, and that’s where we start for the first two games, and we haven’t even scored a fuggin goal there this year.

  14. I just called American Express Plat card concierge and they do in fact have pre-sale tickets for Rangers playoffs

    Round 1 , Home Games 1,2,3
    Round 2 , Home Games 1,2,3

    Sections 215 & 233 = $159 per plus ticketbastards crazy fees

    They also have tix available in the VIP Section in between the penalty boxes for $1250 per ticket…I told the lady @ AMEX for that amount of money, I better be playing instead of Wade Redden that night….and she actually laughed because she lives up in Toronto and is a big Leafs fan

  15. carp-
    so your tech guys gonna get in touch w/ me?

    i got the goods for em.
    heres my other email

    i love helping out the wordpress community just as much as i love my rangers.

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  17. I disagree with those who want Boston. wash caps have a much softer d than Bruins do. the Wash goalie Theodore, and the dmen besides Green are weak or avg.

    the rangers have been shut out twice in boston by the bruins trapping defense first Julien style stifle system. and the rangers have enough problems scoring without having to play a team like that.

    better to play the wide open Caps who have an avg goalie. the rangers can score against them. it will just be necessary to put someone on Ovechkin like Betts or Shoe to try to shadow him and keep the puck away from him more than normal.

  18. Carp, do you know off hand if the site is protected somehow for users on BlackBerrys trying to use the BOLT web browser? I will say that the BlackBerry internet browser that comes with the phone is just awful when it comes to this site. The Opera Mini Browser is good, but sometimes it doesn’t let me post. BOLT was blocked completely from posting. I like to be able to post as soon as I can and whenever I want, especially if I am away from a computer, or from the game tomorrow night :)

  19. Thanks Carp, I’m not one for change.
    I just figured out how to use this blog & then it gets changed. Thanks for hearing & understanding what we want.

  20. Carp

    Just walk into your boss’ office and say “I’m Carp, bee-yotch, and you don’t change MY blog. Not unless you want to make me angry. You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry.”

    Then give him a Stone Cold Stunner.

  21. Evgeny Grachev (Rangers 2008, 3rd round draft pick, 75th overall) was awarded OHL Rookie of the Year.


  22. Johnny LaRue on

    Frankly, I hate when the most recent comments are listed first and I have to go to the bottom of the page to read them in order. And on top of that if there is only 30 per page that means I would have to click on page after page until I get to the beginning? Blah.

    How come people find a way to ruin or get rid of everything I like? They stopped selling celery soda at the supermarket. My favorite Dorito flavor used to be “Taco flavor” which they stopped making like 15 years ago.

    What’s next, low flow shower heads? Low flow, I don’t like the sound of that.

  23. onecupin69+years on

    I’ve been known to throw a wet blanket on the rangers winning, but Thursdays game should be better and have real intensity, because the Flyers will be rested, whereas the Canadiens weren’t, coming off back to back games,but we still remember the rangers losing to teams coming off btb games under Renney.

  24. I’d take Caps over Bruins… For all the reason that were already mentioned on the blog before… also, Semin and AO are very emotional and easily disrupted… Avery can really get under the skin of those Russian prima-donnas! We saw it with Kovalchuk two years ago in the postseason… Its easy to upset the Russian bear :)

  25. onecupin69+years on

    Carp, What do Real newspaper blogs look like?
    you know the NY Times, Daily news, NY Post?

  26. Johny Larue

    I know how you feel man….I used to love when Yankee Doodles had a load of cream in them…now you get more cream from a zit than what they put into those…

  27. The Times actually has a decent blog about hockey in general.

    The Daily News guy updates at least twice a month…

    And the Post…is…uh…almost as bad as Redden on a good day for Wade. Whatever that means.

  28. Rick/Jane —
    re: comments on Comments Section

    i’m probably more in favor of the comments being on one page
    because i have found on Comment sections that have more than one page it takes forever to read from one page to the next and/or to move from the beginning to the end.
    maybe yours will be set up differently, as in better.

    the only possible helpful idea i have is that at some blog site they add a new comment or new thread for people to discuss. maybe that doesn’t tax the system as much if the comments are split up more.
    (if you need examples of these sites, let me know and i’ll provide)
    for example,
    if your blog post is split up more — one item on Tortorella, one on players quotes, one on playoff race than it might tax the system a little less because people will be split up more.
    maybe there can be a Turf War section where people can just toss verbal grenades at each there rather than on the regular discussion/comments area.

  29. CCCP, I second that: Happy Passover, Happy Easter to everyone.

    Nasty 1, I have no idea. Sorry, But I’m sure somebody out there in blogville must know.

    One cup, They don’t look as good as this one, because this one has the best-looking readers/fans/bloggers/Boneheads.

    Tony, and all, I’m going marching into the IT dept. and I’m going to holler, “Carp is getting upset.”

    Serenity now.

  30. onecupin69+years on

    I was just teasing, as far as blogs go this one is great,
    there’s a blog for Boston whalers called the continuous wave, which is similar to this except search captions can bring you back days, weeks and by number of posts, plus the people there are whaler fanatics.

  31. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    grachev and anisimov 2010- ‘change we can believe in’

  32. Johnny LaRue on

    Actually, my daughter is the one who liked the celery soda. I hate celery, soda or otherwise.

  33. emailing you now w/ some info.
    its a good thing i do nothing @ work all day but sit online and watch ranger games, lol.

  34. Only post occasionally, but am a loyal reader of the blog and comments section too. PLEASE leave it along….there’s a reason (aside from your writing prowess) that we all come here….the other sites are a damned pain in the #$$ trying to wait for one page of comments after the other to load. Also like the way the first (FIRST!!!) comment actually appears first so you can read in order. LEAVE IT ALONE PLEASE

  35. REPOST

    Either one works better for me. I have an iPhone and scrolling through hundreds of posts to the most recent is a pain in the ass! Pages with limited posts on each would work. I would be content with newest posts on top though.

  36. Celery soda? What kind of pervert came up with that idea? Its like “hey babe, would you like a whitefish cocktail with cream cheese?” nasty…

  37. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    or the guy who came up with bubblegum flavored soda. the jones soda brand

  38. i like V-8 as a vegetable JUICE… and bubblegum flavored soda isn’t bad at all…but celery soda? Doesn’t sound right

  39. Johnny LaRue on

    I guess if they figured you could make a cake out of carrots, then why not soda out of celery.

  40. This set up is perfectly fine Carp, IMO its better to have the first comment at the top and having them all on one page also makes it easier.

  41. GardenFaithfulinFLA on

    One idea is if the comments are on ‘pages’ maybe have a feature to ‘show all’.

  42. Rick- I like the idea of multiple pages, but I do not like the Idea of newest on top its kind of hard because most places always give you oldest first newest last.

    maybe also 50 per page, is a good idea too

  43. Not sure if we will continue the experiment once we figure out how you guys can post comments without signing in each time. If we do we’ll shoot for last post first, and 100 comments per page. I hope.

  44. Still think the last post first isn’t a good idea… first, scroll down to read from down up…then scroll down again to flip the page… where is the logic here?

  45. Celeray soda was a pretty well know Dr. Browns flavor. Their Black Cherry is the best out there. It is so damn good!

  46. I agree, I’d rather have most recent posts at the bottom. But if that’s what we have to give up to get 100 comments per page and no other changes, that’s what we’ll do. I’d prefer to make no changes whatsoever, but it’s not my call.

    Carp is getting upset!

  47. Forget the soda boys… dont know how many of you know it but COLD KVAS is the real pleasure drink!

    Taken from Wiki:
    Kvass or kvas (literally “leaven”; borrowed in the 16th century from Russian ???? (kvas)), sometimes translated into English as bread drink, is a fermented mildly alcoholic beverage made from black rye or rye bread (which attributes to its light or dark colour). It is popular in Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Lithuania, Poland and other Eastern and Central European countries as well as in all ex-Soviet states, like Uzbekistan, where one can see many kvass vendors in the streets. Its origins go back 5,000 years to the beginnings of beer production.

  48. Kaspar

    Don’t writhe about the name Evgeny….he could have been named Vzevolod…..( Remember the great Bobrov?)

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