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We’re still in the conceptual stages of an idea I had a week or so ago, and the Rangers need to clinch a playoff spot for it to be a “go” but here it is.

Some of you have made it known that you grow playoff beards, a fine hockey tradition, like octopi.

Anyway, I was wondering if any of you would like to email me photos of your playoff beards as they progress, and we can post them here at the blog. Maybe we can do a “before” and several “after” shots as the beard gets longer, or heavier, or nastier. Maybe we can do a slide show. Maybe we can have a poll to decide who has the best Rangers Report Playoff Beard.

I might even join you (have to get clearance from Mrs. Carp here at Blog HQ).

Anybody got any thoughts on that? Anybody got any suggestions? Anybody in?


The playoff possibilities remain somewhat complex.

The Rangers can beat the Flyers at MSG, clinch a playoff spot, and maybe catch Montreal for seventh.

They are in the playoffs with one win in their final two games.

But a lot can still happen.

Buffalo can still get in if the Rangers and Florida both lose twice and the Sabres win all three remaining games.

Florida can get in if the Rangers lose both of their games.

The Rangers can go 0-2 and still get in if Florida and Buffalo each lose a game.

It remains possible that Montreal won’t get in and both the Rangers and Florida do, I think.

But the worst-case scenario for the Rangers, and for you long-sufferers, is the Rangers lose Thursday, Florida wins Thursday and Saturday, and the Rangers have to play a must-win, win-and-in, lose-and-out game in Philly Sunday.


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  1. The guys did a beard contest last year… doodie and nasty at least. I think it would be fun for us who can’t grow beards to vote on all you guys…

    shoryuken… I don’t know what it was called.. the girl who mentioned it didn’t say its name she just said it was an alcoholic dairy drink…

  2. onecupin69+years on

    I don’t believe in the beard thing, but during the nfl season , I don’t cut my toenails, the giants won in 90 and 07,it would have worked this year but I had toe surgery in September and had to trim them. Thanks to Plax.

  3. How about a playoff whiskey drinking contest? Before and after photos can still apply and be even more fun to compare….

  4. Carp, I was definitely in on the beard growing contest last year. It was fun. It was pretty much just myself and the esteemed doodie machetto. Anyway, I am definitely in to do it again. We will have to set up some rules and guidelines and such, but it could be fun. Whether you believe in the beard thing or not, who needs a reason to just let it grow.

    Carp, I hope the Mrs. gives you the green light. Would make it much more fun if you participate. Maybe there could be some kind of prize and then we can make it an annual thing. Those of you have no hope at all for the Rangers in the playoffs, IF we make it, should have no problem participating, because according to some, it won’t be a long playoffs or series for that matter.

    Who else is in?

  5. HockeymanRangers on

    OK the toenail thing is gross, and I am not so sure I would admit it on a blog, but whatever.
    I haven’t had any comments over the last couple of games, I think I am just nervous if they are actually going to make it. And yes knowing the Rangers it will probably come down to Sundays game and they will squeek in just to keep my nerves up. Why, why am I a Ranger fan, why.

  6. HockeymanRangers on

    Oh and as far as the beards go I think it’s a great idea. I would like to see how it turns out, it might be better than watching the Rangers LOL. I am out though, my work would frown on a beard.

  7. I am in…for shizzle! i would also suggest not to shower but i think it is too extreme…or IS IT?! :)

  8. I had to pay attention to curling because I picked it in the early window of Streak for the Cash today. Stupid Denmark couldn’t beat China! It went to overtime. I watched a bit of curling in the last Winter Olympics, and it can be kinda fun.

    CCCP – It’s not *too* extreme if the Rangers get swept in the first round.

  9. HockeymanRangers on

    Aren’t the beards suppose to give your team good luck,so if enough people and players grow them maybe they can go further than the first round?????

  10. spiderpig

    fsn showed curling a lot the year of the lockout. thats what got me into it.

  11. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    crap- id love to grow mine out but i think i would be jobless and homeless in months time if i didnt shave!

  12. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    hey im just gonna say rick from now on. ehy screw it, im in. i’ll let it go until i sstart lookin like the guy from knocked up.

  13. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    mara has a kickass beard. i wish i had a beard like him. id rock it everyday!!! id like to see the whole team grow one. especially antro and gomer. antro would definitely scare alot of children! and gomer, well, lets just say he might wanna rethink it or he might be harrased at airports

  14. What’s the official start date of the beard growing season? First playoff game? Tomorrow night when (if) we qualify? Does Mara have to have a do-over and start anew? Au natural or can we use Grecian Formula 44? I’ll check with the better half. Please post rules, regulations, and prizes before the contest(s) start. ;)

  15. any chance that the blog can have an ignore this user feature so person A would not see comments from person B. also maybe it can even have a feature for person A to have his or her comments hidden from person B.

    it is 2009 after all. technology can be a wonderful thing.

  16. what a great idea! I think mike could be a sleeper, ya know, he’s in iowa and all….he could be militia material!! :-) :-) To make it interesting, maybe there should be prize money involved…or at least signed photos of Redden!!!!

  17. My brother and I have decided to grow “Playoff Mustaches” starting tomorrow, if and when we clinch.

    Will these qualify for posting?

    I mean, who doesn’t like a ‘stache?

  18. Agravaine

    KVAS is great! The taste of it varies between somewhat bitter to more sweet… i like it somewhere in between. During hot summers cold kvas is the best way to quench the thirst! Come to Brighton Beach in Brooklyn…u’ll find plenty of good kvas there.

  19. i have an idea for ladies so they won’t feel left out…. underarm hair growing…. it is hidden from public and its fun for everyone!

  20. so let’s say i really can’t grow a beard. can i start growing it now?! I mean, tomorrow is really a playoff game! Besides, I am in! Where do I sign up?!

  21. No Country For Old Rangers on

    Count me in Carp.

    You guys are dead in the water, you are dealing with brazilian beard growing prowess the likes of which paul mara couldn’t even imagine

  22. and what is the prize for winning the beard contest? i say, those who participate and lose have to chip in for two tickets to the games of choice by the winner for the upcoming Rangers season… yes/no?

  23. I always grow a beard for the Rangers come playoff time. So I’m on board with the idea, Carp.

    I think people should also be creative and shave some fun messages in their beards once they’re long enough.

  24. I don’t really get the playoff beard, to be honest. The ’94 team didn’t really have any I can remember. Off the top of my head, I can’t remember any notable Rangers that had a beard. So for what a lot of people call a great “tradition”, I think it’s a bit of a stretch to characterize it as such.

    HOWEVER, I have been thinking that for the last three years, I’ve railed against the superstition of growing a beard and it hasn’t worked. So I think I’m gonna do it…however, I don’t want to grow a full beard, for various reasons including work. But I could do a goatee, so, here’s a question: would that be an acceptable contest entry?! I believe it should, because if you remember correctly, Brendan Shanahan grew a pretty nice salt/pepper goatee in his two Rangers playoff runs. If Shanny’s counts, then mine should too!

  25. Tyutin scores in the shootout to help get Columbus into the playoffs for the first time! Great roof shot!

  26. That trade worked out well for CBJ! Now let’s see if Niki Z can put a game together and help us beat the Flyers tomorrow!

  27. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Carp, I’d like to ammend your “worst possible scenario” and here it is…

    The Rangers lose in OT both games they play. Chris Drury is happy they got 1 point each game. However, Florida wins both of their games. The Rangers and Panthers both finish 93 points and 41 wins. Chris Drury is having a “happy easter” just like he enjoyed his Christmas because, afterall, he doesn’t let 1 point get him down. The nightmare, the Panthers enjoy the first round of the playoffs against Boston because they own the head to head record with the Rangers.

    This, of course, is all possible because Chris Drury was fine taking only 1 point before Christmas (and the OTL) instead of 2 points and the W. Agita!!!

  28. most of the great players never did that. Bobby Hull. Gordie Howe, Bobby Orr, Beliveau, Lafleur, Gretzky, Messier, Leetch

    never saw a playoff beard on any of them

    it is more a thing for the average player who has to show he’s a part of it by sitting on the bench looking like he’s either a terrorist, or sells cough drops.

  29. CCCP –
    That’s exactly what I was thinking. Ironic he gets the game winner and Columbus into the playoffs on the eve of our potential playoff clinching game. Hope Z was watching!!

  30. well Beard-o

    i agree that it is a way for an average player to show off … and since none of us is Bobby Hull. Gordie Howe, Bobby Orr, Beliveau, Lafleur, Gretzky, Messier or Leetch…this will be a good way for us to be a part of something too! i say… LET IT GROW!

  31. While I can’t grow a real beard, I’m in for the ‘not shave’ during the playoff run. I’ll look like the teenager afraid of razors, but it’ll be worth it.

    I’m in.

  32. Sounds like we’ve got a little momentum going here. The best rule: No rules. (or Avery Rules). Just let it grow, let it grow, let it grow. Now we here at Blog HQ have to figure out how we’re going to handle the photos and such. Stay tuned.

  33. By the way, I’m not sure it’s fair to say the great players never did it. I think Gretzky/Messier’s young Oilers teams grew beards. I distintcly remember Paul Coffey and Grant Fuhr bearded during the playoffs, not to mention Dave Semenko. The great Islanders dynasty wore beards. The Rangers in ’78-79 grew beards, as did many of their later versions. Raymond Bourque wore a beard during his Cup run. The Old Broad Street Bullies wore beards.
    Leetch and Graves tried to grow beards, but they were pathetic. Don Maloney grew a beard in about five minutes. And let’s not forget that God awful thing on Jagr’s chin last spring.
    I’m going to bed now, and I’ll get an extra 15 minutes of sleep because I won’t have to shave in the morning.

  34. I know I said I’d be out until July… but I’ve been reading the whole time and can’t stay away…

    I did the beard thing two seasons ago (you remember they got Avery and it was right after that I started growing it.. ended up making it).

    Sadly I was chastised by the bosses for it (not the girlfried or wife bosses)…

    but whatever… i’m in.

    Start when they clinch?

  35. Some hockey fan friends of mine and I are doing a “playoff beard” for our finals this semester. Though the studying has already begun, we decided the trigger date will be 4/22, when we officially surrender our lives to the books, through our last final on 5/14. I’d like to keep mine going with the Rangers playoffs, which will hopefully still be going on in May. However, if they are, I’ll need to shave by 5/18, when I start my summer clerkship. I’m psyched.

  36. Tyutin scored the shootout winner for COlumbus last night.

    He’s got 9 goals and 25 assists for a total of 34 points this year.

    Think theyll trade him back to us straight up for Redden?

  37. “Playoff” beard? This year I’m wearing my “recession” beard! Hobos unite!

  38. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    linda- lol yea im in iowa, i’ll fit right in with the wierdos here. nobody notices anything here. most of them are too busy imagining bugs are crawling on them and freakin out. seems like they all hang out with redden. or bryan cranston from breaking bad!! buti already started growin it so i got a head start on ya!!!! and blike cccp said, all the girls can have an underarm hair growing contest so u dont feel left out. but uhh, no pictures please!lol

  39. Man, I can’t do the beard thing. I am 35 and my beard comes in in blonde and grey. That means that it isn’t visible to anyone. The only person who notices is my wife, who hates beards. That is pretty sad considering it grows faster than I can chop it. Maybe if I let it grow out, I can dye the tip purple and it will look like I have a purple thing floating in front of me.

    Also, the reality is that the Rangers, if they get it, will be out in the first. We will have a collection of pretty weak beards.

  40. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    hey guys lets try to put shick and gillete out of business!

  41. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    dshea- mine is a mix of blond and grey with a touch of red!! i have no red hair except for my beard. not even my stache.

  42. I’m in for the beards – however i don’t think we’ll get much past a George Michael stubble, forget ZZ Top or Grizzly Adams.

  43. Don’t be skeard, it’s just a beard!! – George Carlin. I’m in for the playoff beard!!! BUt must neatly trim it to be allowed into work

  44. Shouldn't Make Playoffs on

    Have to win tonight. The way Philadelphia teams have owned NY teams of late in baseball and this past year in football gives me heartburn. The last thing I needed to hear was my old college buddy who currently lives in Vegas telling me tonight is the first time in two weeks that he’s not betting the ‘Canes. I asked him why and he said “too many long streaks and long streaks get broken.” Fair enough. If we don’t close the deal tonight, there’s a good chance we may need a win IN Philly this Sunday to get in. This team waits until the lost possible minute to do everything. This will be no different.

  45. While we’re on the topic of facial hair, how about JJ’s “landing strip” he grew out last year? I mean, I’ve seen that design PLENTY of times in my life, but never on a face.

    Still, gotta give the guy credit for creativity and effectiveness. He played like a beast with that bad boy.

  46. How long can anyone realy grow a beard in 2 weeks? I’m a pretty hairy dude, but they won’t give us much of a chance to get anything growing/going anyway.

  47. I’ve had a full goatie, half musketeer and chinny beard a few years ago – wife hates it when i grow a beard, but what the heck.

    Got to win tonight, then we can enjoy Easter weekend and not have to sit and watch the games on Saturday hoping Washington, Pittsburgh and possibly Boston win.

  48. BillyDeeWilliams on

    this is the funniest post i think i’ve ever read on here. i’m sitting here at my desk laughing hysterically at the idea of everyone growing out their playoff beards…moreso at the looks coworkers and bosses will give.

  49. onecupin69+years on

    Guys you’re putting the cart before the horse, don’t they have to make the playoffs first?

    You’re jinxing the team

  50. BillyDee just think of it as part of the disguise for when you infiltrate Jabba’s palace..!!

    onecup – you’re right, but no harm in thinking positively is there?

  51. Broadway Roe on

    Haha. I don’t think I’ll be growing any facial hair for the playoffs… sorry boys. But I will volunteer as a judge.

  52. NYC= Now You Choke on

    I can’t wait to watch the Flyers sweep this home-and-home and for the Rangers to collapse in Mets-esque fashion.

  53. Doodie Machetto on

    Carp, we tried this last year and it was just Nasty 1 and I that did it.

    There’s also a great shot of Nasty with Kaspar at a concert (Foo Fighters, I think)

    Besides, this year, I don’t think the Rangers go deep enough to make it worthwhile. It’ll seem less like growing a beard and more like being lazy and not shaving for a week.

    At my new job, I don’t know how growing a wild beard would fly. Nasty 1 had suggested that I groom it, but isn’t grooming your beard against the whole idea of growing a playoff beard anyway?

  54. NYC Now You Choke, only a true loser with no time on his hands would log onto a competitors forum and post something like this. Get a life and go log onto some Philly site and brag amongst yourselves.

  55. I’Il do it! I’ve done it the past few years down the stretch and into the playoffs.

    Can’t wait for tonight, gotta show up early!

  56. CARP

    Im in on the beard contest. Doodie and NAsty had it goign last year, and I was in on it, though I never was able to get my pics on the site doodie set up.

    But count me in, I have a Paul Maraish thickness when it comes to my beard.

    We shoudl have a few categories:

    Fastest growth
    Thickest BEard
    Nastyest Beard(for you Nasty)

    We shouldn’t start until the first playoff game, if my opinion counts?

    And i dotn want to jinx it, so we should def wait until we MAKE the playoffs


  57. Doodie Machetto on

    “I have to say it is surreal to see actual photographs of you guys! Although Doodie you are very mysterious…”

    People in masks cannot be trusted…

  58. Doodie, that is too funny that you still have the pictures. Ha. My wife hated that period in time. She hated that I was attempting to grow my hair out. She hated that I grew the beard. She was actually commenting the other day that it looked like a cross between Jake Gyllenhall at the time(because he was rocking a beard then) and also the new Joquin Phoenix look. Ha, neither of which I take as a compliment.

  59. I am going to the game tonight with a group of students that won an auction last year to go to a hockey game with me, Mr. Nasty 1. Ha, what a gift. We are coming in a stretched Hummer and our seats are center ice, 10 rows up. Should be fun, and the atmosphere will definitely be playoff like.

  60. Rob(the first) on

    Nasty, will be there too, not ten rows up, but am pumped to go. First game I am going to this yr.

  61. Rob(the first) on

    BTW, I am in on the beard contest. My beard can get Mara-esque if we get out of the first round.

  62. Neil if there are three empty sets near you text me!!!!!

    CCCP next time I’m in Brighton Beach I will look for it… I’m up for multiculturalism of alcohol :^)

    and us single gals who hope to eventually not be single can’t do the armpit thing… as it is nearly warm weather and that is when short sleeves come out… but we can be judges :^)

    I think it should start when/if they clinch… and I hope they do it tonight I can’t wait!!!!! Can you imagine the place…

    some Penguin’s fan kept harassing us a the the Garden las year about Jagr’s landing strip… we told him even with the landing strip he looked ay hotter than Crosby so why not.. the guy walked away…

  63. I am dining at the fine establishment Rose’s pizza before the game.. but I mean to get in in time for warmups so that will be pretty early…

  64. Awwww thanks Jane, and Ag, I will definitely let you know if any seats are open. This is going to be a tougher game to win than the game on Tuesday night. They better be ready for what the Flyers bring tonight. I do like our chances at home though.

  65. Hmmm, there has to be SOMETHING the ladies can do? Let’s all put our heads together and think here. How about your legs? Unless you wear a skirt often or have a wedding coming up, it is not exactly shorts weather yet. Yeah, it’s kind of gross, but so is getting food caught in your beard and not realizing it, because you are not used to having a beard, and having one of your students point it out to you during 7th period, when afternoon classes start at 5th period, so you’ve actually had it there for 2 classes already. I’m just saying :)

  66. hahahhaha i used to love Jag’s crazy playoff beard!! it was certainly an original… much like him!

  67. You guys growing playoff beards and taking pictures of yourselves. Funny stuff.

    As far as playoffs go – we have shown we can beat anyone in the east when we play well. Obviously you’re not going to play well every game and it’s difficult to stop Malkin, Crosby, Carter, Ovechkin, Semin, Green, Gonchar, Chara. We don’t have these kinds of players. We had one in Jagr, but he is gone. So it’s going to have to be a team effort.

    I’m hoping Cally and Dubinksy, Staal, Henrik, Girardi all have big playoffs. All Ranger picks and would solidify the future of the organization.

  68. Carp,
    I’ll grow a playoff beard just because you scrapped the goofy blog experiment. Thanks for making it easier to read my fellow Blue-Bloods’ comments.

  69. Niiice seats Nasty

    Had a Hummer limo last weekend for a bachelor party, thought the faux fireplace in the front of it was hysterical.

    I’ll be at the game as usual, last row, section 418. Best seats in the Garden, I swear!

  70. For those of you who didn’t know the story from last year, I met Kasparitis in the pisser at a Foo Fighters concert. Really cool guy. He was pretty drunk, and for some reason, I think I am the only guy there who recognized him, which is odd, because he definitely has a very recognizable look. Anyway took a pic with him, and chatted with him for a while.

  71. I didn’t meet him last year, that was actually 2 or 3 years ago. It was when the Foos played the Beacon Theater for that acoustic tour they did. It was a great show.

  72. Nasty awesome!

    Jive as it stands now my seats are way closer to yours than to Nasty’s… thats all right though becuase any seat in the Garden is better than a seat anywhere else!

  73. Mark Richter on

    I always grow a playoff beard so if you are doing a slideshow i will take updated pics and send them in. Playoff bears are one the things i look forward to each year. Let hope we have a chance to do it this year. How do i send them into you though?

  74. HAHAHA great story Nasty

    I actually met him (other than Rangers events) on 8th Street off of 5th ave. I yelled out “Hey Kaspar!!” he turned and I yelled “LETS GO RANGERS!!!” He smiled, pumped his fists and said “YEAAAAAAAH”. Again, like you, I was the only person who noticed him :)

  75. Unemployed Steve (formerly sesak) on

    Carp if you get the ok then I am in. I can’t grow much but like you said a crappy beard is a great playoff beard. My only issue will be if I get an interview then I have to bail out. I am having a hard enough time finding work I don’t need to make it worse…lol.

  76. Jane McManus
    April 9th, 2009 at 11:18 am
    Agravaine, loved your comment! There is no equivalent in this contest for you, Sally, Linda, deja etc.


    I think the whiskey thing that was brought up earlier could be pretty interesting for us ladies!! I’ll get a bottle of Jack Daniels, and the 4 of us can toast when each of the following occurs during a game:

    1. each phantom penalty called on avery
    2. each penalty that aves should have drawn thats NOT called
    3. each missed power play opportunity
    4. each misplay by Redden
    5. each goal by Callahan
    6. better yet, each HIT by Callahan
    7. every monster play by Staal
    8. each “cleared by Betts”
    9. every header save by Hank
    10. each dipsy doodle by Z
    11. each feisty play by Dubinsky
    12. every time an announcer refers to Drury as Captain Clutch

    if you can think of any others, please feel free to add!


  77. aw crap, i forgot the one thing thats bound to happen the most


  78. Agravaine

    Definitely look for KVAS when you get a chance. But don’t expect to get drunk …the alcohol content is very low (0.05-1.44%) but still it’s a great drink…

    As for what the LADIES can do, I’ll throw in another idea… how about eyebrows hair? no plucking…no trimming… all natural! That would really make a lady standout in the crowd!

  79. Im only 19, my playoff beard takes time to grow. You can say my playoff beard is kind of like the way Drury plays for the Rangers. Every now and then it shows up, but takes a looong time.

    Go Rangers, gotta wrap it up here, and clinch. Everyone needs to step their game up.

    Im looking forward to seeing Corsby’s pathetic playoff beard. He looks like Keanu Reeves Jr. Little patches here and there, but he doesn’t have much as him. Whoooa. Hope he gets elbowed in the playoffs, i had a dream aboot that last night, or it might have been Malkin, i don’t know. Either way it was a good dream.

    Go Blues too !

  80. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    This is to add to NASTY and Mako’s stories.

    I too ran into Kasparaitis! It was 2 years ago after a game at Starbucks. He was scratched that night so he had left a little early (i had to meet up with a buddy to carpool upstate). I recognized him and we spoke for some time. He left, I go to pay for my coffee and the starbucks employee asks “so how do you guys know each other?” And I was like, Oh we don’t really but he plays hockey. And he asks again “oh really, where?” And i was like “ummm, across the street there’s an ice hockey rink.” The guy didn’t get it, despite because at the Starbucks on 35th and 7th. Oh well.

    * Nasty 1
    April 9th, 2009 at 11:39 am
    For those of you who didn’t know the story from last year, I met Kasparitis in the pisser at a Foo Fighters concert. Really cool guy. He was pretty drunk, and for some reason, I think I am the only guy there who recognized him, which is odd, because he definitely has a very recognizable look. Anyway took a pic with him, and chatted with him for a while.

  81. Linda I’m half Italian…

    CCCP I wouldn’t expect to get drunk. but I am really curious as to how it tastes I seriously will look it up if I’m out there.

    Rangers drinking game eh?
    drink when we fail at the pp
    two shots when we succeed
    drink if the ref gets in the way of the puck
    drink when the Rangers ice the puck

    hmmmm…. I don’t think I have enough Jack for this… and I’m half Italian half Irish so between all the wine and beer in my veins I think I would win the drinking game :^)

  82. Mako, that’s actually a really similar story to how I met Lemmy from Motorhead, just walking down Bowery one day, and you can’t miss those hideous moles on his face, but I was the only person who noticed him at all, talked to him for a few minutes, but I couldn’t really make out much with the accent and all, nice dude though

  83. I can’t grow any more facial hair than I already have for work reasons, but I’d be happy to get in on the not shaving of the legs =)

  84. Jo and a friend were in Manhattan last year while we were playing the Devils in the playoffs, when Orr’s foot was hurt. About three or four times they each met up with Orr and eventually he walked up behind our friend and said something like “stop following me” but he was smiling and laughing because he had walked into them as much as they him…

  85. Gonna be in the Comcast box for the Philly game on Sunday. I’m hoping we are already in at that point, or theres gonna be no booze left in that box – I guarantee that. Let’s Go Boys!!!!!!

  86. NorthCountryRanger on

    Put me down as in favor of the beard show ha ha…side note though… anyone else see the numbers this Grachev kid posted in the OHL? 40g and 40a… he also says he’s deterimned to make an impact on the NHL like Malkin (also from Russia)….Diamond in the ruff maybe?

  87. agravaine, if you’re half italian, does that mean only one eyebrow will grow? :-)

    Great stories of you guys meeting up with some of the players! Holy crap how can ya not know who they are (starbucks employee) And how do you NOT know Lemmy???

    I ran into Colin Campbell and Dick Todd on the escalator at Penn Station once and they were both really nice. They were playing the Flyers that night so my daughter and I made sure to tell em to have the guys kick some tush!! Ran into Bob Gutkowski on 7th avenue once, and Eric Cairns, his mom and girlfriend during his rookie year. We were celebrating my daughters birthday and they saw him walk by the All Star Cafe. They actually came in and my daughter was all excited and said hi to him and they wound up talking and she told him it was her birthday and he gave her and her friend 5 bucks to play video games. As we were eating dinner on the upper level, we noticed they were on the main floor dining area and my daughter wanted a pic with him so I told her to wait until they were done eating. They did, and her and her friend went down there an politely asked if they could take a pic and not only did he do it, he also had them sit at the table with him for a few minutes and they all talked. After they left the table, the guy at the next table said to my daughter, who is that and she replied “OH MY GAWD YOU”RE IN NEW YORK AND DON’T KNOW WHO ERIC CAIRNS IS!?? He’s a rookie defenseman on the New York Rangers!!!” Even at a young age, my daughter was not very subtle lol!! ( This is the same kid who, outside of Yankee Stadium, told Roger Clemens he sucked!! She did not get his autograph that day!!)

    Great picture of them for sure!!

  88. agravaine, i live about an hour and a half from the Jack Daniels Distillery….i can maybe mosey on over and get ya some….but wait, i think it’s in a dry county!! I may NOT be able to purchase it there!! DAMNED SOUTH!!!

  89. gardenfaithfulinfla on

    I like the idea of letting us ladies vote on the beards. Jane is this something that can be done? Linda, I’m Italian also – if I joined in I could end up looking like Bigfoot.

  90. gardenfaithfulinfla on

    I like the idea of letting us ladies vote on the beards. Jane is this something that can be done? Linda, I’m Italian also – if I joined in I could end up looking like Bigfoot.

  91. Used to be men shaved and women didn’t. Now many men do not shave and all women under 40 – well, you fill in the rest.

  92. Linda, if you or anybody drinks every time one of those things happens, you’ll never make the first intermission. Use a designated driver, too.

    We’ll have more details on the beards later or tomorrow, pending a clinching. Jane and I are both going to the game tonight. I’ll blog before and jump on the comments during. Jane will do her usual fabulous postgame with audio clips (that’s too tech-y for me).

    Probably wouldn’t be a good idea to ask Torts about playoff beards until they clinch, right? Oh, he already has one.


    Def: 1) Below good standards, pitiful, poor, terrible, awful, bad, sucky
    2) Amateur performance; Behavior that doesn’t belong in the major leagues.

    ie.”That’s a bushleague call, ref.”
    ie.”That kid is real bushleague.”
    ie. “Man, your car is so bush (league)”

    ie. “The New York Rangers are bush league if it can’t beat the Flyers at home with a playoff berth on the line.”

  94. Anyone talking about the game yet?
    or are we still talking beards, toenails and not taking showers?

  95. The pessimist in me forces me to expect the worst case scenario.

    The fan in me wants the Rangers to go as far as possible [“naturally”]. But the way I see it objectively is, if you have to wait until the last game of the season to squeeze into the playoffs, then you really don’t deserve to be there.

  96. Dan, thats just absolutely nuts!!!! That dude has one of THE most recognizeable faces in the music industry!! I remember seeing Marilyn Manson on the street where Mars 2112 was located and thinking, holy crap that is one damned skinnyass white boy!! And by white, i meant he literally was as white as the background on this page!!! I was waiting to see if he turned to dust, but it didnt happen!

    LMAO@ gardenfaithful!!! There can be only one YETI, and that is Sather! And yes, giving away my age, but women over 40 definitely DO shave…especially when their man is 29! grrrrooooooooowl!

  97. Hockeyman Rangers on

    Where the heck is Jane or Rick with a morning skate report?? Although I already read Zipay’s

  98. gardenfaithfulinfla on

    Linda, what’s he doing running around down here in the Everglades?

  99. Kaspar, methinks we’re waiting for a practice blog or game blog, the beards and no showers seems to have taken on a life of its own!!! Funniest blog ever!

  100. I dunno, like I said it was during that period in the 90’s where baggy pants and Fred Durst were actually considered cool, and the Rangers were god awful… what a dark time for a 16 or 17 year old in a leather jacket with hair down to his ass and a beard that put Mara to shame

  101. Hockeyman Rangers on

    Too much hockey on tonight, wait that’s not possible never can be too much hockey. But the College playoffs are tonight also. First game comes on at 5:30 and then there is a second game like 9:30 I think. I will be flipping it back and forth. My poor wife is hockeymans widow.

  102. gardenfaithfulinfla on

    Actually, when the GMs were in town, I thought I had heard about another sighting! Here he’s called the Swamp Ape!

  103. Hockeyman Rangers on

    So what do the Rangers have to do tonight to beat Philly??
    Who has been hot in Philly lately?? I try not to pay attention to them. Last time we had back to backs we palyed the first game well and lost but then won the second game. Hopefully we can run with that.

  104. Hockeymon, not much to report from the optional morning skate. Nobody wants to talk about clinching, everybody skated … Steve Zipay reports in his blog that Tom Renney won the NY media’s Good Guy award for cooperation with the local writers in a landslide (Neil Smith is the only other non-player to win it; NOTE: You can only win that award once, or Adam Graves would have retired it). Andrew Gross’s blog has Torts praising Korpikoski.

    If that’s the big news you were waiting for, there it is.

    Jane and I will be back from MSG pregame.

    Colin, got it, forwarded it. No idea what happens with it from there, but I’ll let you know if I hear anything (doubtful). Thank you.

  105. Dan-Lemmy still rules and I’ve seen him about 20X.


    I’m thinking about the beard thing even though it gets pretty scary.

    Win tonight!!!!!

  106. Hockeyman Rangers on

    I figured Rick no biggie.

    Anybody paying any attention to the college frozen four??? there was a lot of upsets in the first and second rounds.

  107. Hockeyman Rangers on

    Oh and Rick just so we don’t upset anyone it’s HockeymAn

    There is a hockeymOn on this blog but that’s not me. No biggie.

    I don’t want anyone elses reputation, b/c I am all bad you know. LOL

  108. Hockeyman Rangers on

    Wow!! I am actually surprised that there is only a few on here today. I fgured the biggest game of the season (so far) that everyone would be here today. Must be the nerves setting in, it’s all good crew we are going to pound them tonight. And I don’t mean goal wise I mean hitting wise. If we do I see a win.

  109. Who’s going to the game tonight??? Me and a buddy from work are… section 304-5 I think – he bidded on the tickets on stubhub.

  110. Broadway Roe on

    Philly’s fighting for home ice advantage, so I doubt they’re resting anybody.

    Maybe Sunday, pending tonight’s outcome?

  111. Just got my playoff tickets…
    On the ticket it says,

    “I believe this is our year, every year”

    with a picture of Zherdev standing backwards with rest of team…..Zherdev’s name on jersey is faded out for some reason.

  112. This may be slightly inappropriate, but if the guys are all growing beards, what are the girls growing?

  113. Getting ahead of myself, but if the Rangers clinch playoffs, and play the Bruins in 1st round, that series would most likely begin a week from now, Thursday, April 16th, 2009. (Celtics are playing at home Wednesday, the 15th)…..

    Then you could expect Game 2 on most likely Saturday (or Sunday) afternoon in Boston….

    I would guess that Game 3,which is the first game @ MSG, will be Monday, April 20th,2009

  114. I dunno if anyone else heard this but on the Melrose line on ESPN today Barry was talking about how everyone overestimates the Ranger’s firepower, saying Zherdev is not a natural scorer, Gomez is not a Scorer, Drury is not a top scorer, and Naslund is old

  115. Carp is taking midday nap? Trying to dream up next thread headline? i think its a no-brainer

    “New York Rangers, the biggest game of the season… who’s in and who’s out ..Tonight at 7 PM!”

  116. Rob(the first) on

    going tonite sect 345, got the tix off msg ticketexchange who beat out stubhub for the same seats by over 20 bucks a seat

  117. Danny

    Oh they acknowledge enough… they take bite outta the Rangers every chance they get…and Melrose is always full of opinions and short on brains…

  118. Running some errands and then heading to the reliable (can’t even type that with a straight face) LIRR!!! see y’all after the game!!

  119. agravaine…hope ya lose your voice cheering our boys after a sweet VICTORY!!!! Have a blast at the game and protect your eyebrows!!

  120. CCCP
    April 9th, 2009 at 2:40 pm

    Oh they acknowledge enough… they take bite outta the Rangers every chance they get…and Melrose is always full of opinions and short on brains…

    too bad for him that an actual team he was in control of didn’t listen to him. He has no credibility left! They all wanna take a bite outta the team, but they sure love the money and interest they generate.

  121. I am pumped for tonight. It will make the jerseys off our back thing much nicer for the folks who win.

  122. Since the lockout, I’ve started my “playoff push beard” at the trading deadline and it’s worked out so far. This years beard is already going strong, and so far so good.

  123. A playoff beard contest assumes the Rangers make a long run in the playoffs (or, for that matter, even make the playoffs). This has probably already been said, but I’m viewing this on my bberry.

  124. good thing we don’t do “none playoff beard” that you have to keep till next time team gets to postseason… back in late 90’s and early 2000 that would’ve been something! ZZ Top would’ve had nothing on us!

  125. nasty 1

    every one saw that pic of me and you??

    I’m not into this beard thing cause guess what?

    we’re not in the playoffs yet

    Do you all remember what team you’re fans of?

    crazy-a** Ranger fans..”yeah no problem…we just gotta win one game outta two”


  126. Carp, why no new posts on the night the rangers could clinch a playoff birth with a win? i keep checking back, like the loyal fan/reader/blogger that i am, but all i see are beards. i don’t really care at all about beards. i care about the rangers game tonight.

    regardless of this complaint, i still love this blog. actually, this is more a case of me expressing my confusion about no new posts rather than complaining about it.


  127. I can’t wait until the game starts… usually I wait for weekend games to have a couple “calm my nerve” drinks but I think tonight I’ll be making an exception!


  128. Jeff M … there’s not much more to say. Jane and I will get Torts before the game and post something … but I’ve pretty much said all there is yesterday, the day before, last night (when I put up this post instead of waiting for the morning).

    And I didn’t mean to put the beard thing out ahead of anything else … I just wanted to get a handle on the interest so I could present this idea to my boss — my other boss, not you guys and Mrs. Carp.

  129. BillyDeeWilliams on

    love it. last minute call from a friend with an extra ticket tonight….and it’s free. my night just got immensely better.

  130. I miss the 78-79 NY Rangers (formerly Prucha25) on

    I wish the playoff beard tradition would die already. Along with the Islander team that started it. KANSAS CITY IS CALLING!!! WOOOOT!!!

  131. I miss the 78-79 NY Rangers (formerly Prucha25) on


    CLINCH TONIGHT. To have to win in Philly the game after tonight would be a mistake.

  132. Rangers win 5-0. Zherdev scores two, Avery scores one, Korpedo scores one, and Gomez pops in a PP goal, unbelievably. Hank only makes 21 saves, and does a swedish jig for the person that gets his jersey.

    And Cuthbert gets Avery’s jersey after the game, and forgives him, and they make out, and Phanuef cries on Iginla’s shoulder, and that causes Iggy to feel all weird, and he doesn’t show up for the game, and the Flames lose, and the Nucks win the division.

    Go Rangers, and Blues !

  133. GardenFaithfulinFLA on

    All you folks going to the game have an awesome time. If I was in NY I’d be there for sure but I’ll be here glued to the TV!!!! I’m so pumped – wore red, white and blue to work today! LET’S GO RANGERS! I hour to pregame. WHOOO HOOOO!

  134. Also Go Bruins in regulation, and go Panthers, and go Isles, and go Wings in regulation.

    Die Habs, DIE !!!

    Oh yeah, and go Lightning, they’re one point behind the Avs, which means they’ll get Hedman. Avs need to get him, for fuggs sake i just traded him to the Avs in NHL 09, and started a franchise, i don’t want to start over.

  135. hopefully my computer will allow me to do two things at once tonight cuz i think i’ll lose my mind if i can’t ‘read’ you guys (and gals) while the game is going on! I think Yahoo has tonights game, so I just may luck out!!!

    To everyone going…. HAVE A GREAT TIME!!!!

    LETS GOOOOOOOOOOOOOO RANGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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