No more stress? Yeah, right


If you think last night’s win assured anything, think again. Because it’s not as automatic as you might think that the Rangers are going to the playoffs.

See Philly is still in a battle for the fourth spot and home-ice against Carolina, or possibly Pittsburgh. Yes, the Flyers clinched a playoff spot last night, but that doesn’t mean they’re going half-speed or resting guys or giving anything away tomorrow at the Garden.

Plus, Florida is playing at Atlanta tomorrow with its playoff life on the line, needing to play three points better than the Rangers these last two games. But if Philly and the Cats win tomorrow, everything changes dramatically again. Then the Panthers are tied in points and one behind in wins …

And worse, the Panthers are home for Washington, playing probably for nothing by then, Saturday … and with a win could actually go ahead of the Rangers, leaving the Blueshirts and their fans all day Easter Sunday to think about in a complete all-on-the-line, win-and-in, lose-and-gone, game in Philly. Imagine, the agita.

Not that I want to be negative. I just got the feeling there was a tad too much celebration after last night’s very clutch, crucial and impressive victory over Montreal.

A few quick thoughts before I head to practice.

1) See, this is why they got Captain Clutch … to do almost nothing until Game No. 80, then score the two goals that might have earned Jim Dolan two home playoff gates.

2) Ryan Callahan won the Steven McDonald Extra Effort Award. Did they even bother voting? I mean, was anybody second? Was it a guy who’s been here, like, six weeks (No. 16)? Because nobody else was even close in terms of effort.

3) I wonder if the MSG telecasts this week were moved to MSG Plus because of the technology involved in that vision-vandalizing virtual ad they put up on the end boards glass last night. I also wonder, all the time, why they never show John Tortorella’s entire postgame press conference. It’s far more riveting than any other part of the postgame show, yet MSG cuts out after a few questions.

4) If John Tortorella was using psychology on his players when he said “If this were Game 15 some of them wouldn’t be in the lineup” then full marks to the coach. But I have an idea he was just being honest, and if that’s his honest opinion, then I respect him even more.

See ya later.


UPDATE, 11:16 A.M.: I forgot to mention, it was pointed out, that the Rangers can also get in if Montreal goes 0-2.

UPDATE, 11:29 A.M.: OK, now I’m second-guessing somebody else’s math and thinking I was right all along. Montreal has the season-series over the Rangers (five points to four). So even if the Habs go 0-2, the Rangers will need another win to get in … if Florida wins out. If the Habs go 0-2 and the Rangers get a win they can finish seventh, I think.

UPDATE: 11:45 A.M.: Also, Rangers get seventh if Montreal goes 0-2 and the Rangers get two OTLs or lose two skills competitions.

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  1. damn your mother.

    o well.



    bring on philly. WE WANT THE PLAYOFFS!

  2. Overlooked Betts there Carp. He had to be a close second. In terms of effort, they gotta be 1 and 2. Unfortunately for Bettsy, his wrists don’t seem to bend.

  3. It makes me sick the way the media lavished praise on Dreary after last night’s game. Captain Clutch! This is how he gets that reputation. He does NOTHING for an entire year, and then scores a couple of meaningful goals and all of a sudden he’s Mark Messier.

  4. kph
    April 8th, 2009 at 9:48 am
    It makes me sick the way the media lavished praise on Dreary after last night’s game. Captain Clutch! This is how he gets that reputation. He does NOTHING for an entire year, and then scores a couple of meaningful goals and all of a sudden he’s Mark Messier.

    AMEN to that

  5. seriously can we relax-i dont want to be negative either-huge win, also thank you mr JEFF CARTER THIS AM…….but relax with captain clutch, he still looked pathetic on the pp-all year long-high school hockey passes by him on the boards that leads to an easy clear for the opposing Penalty Killers….he has a great shot when he doesnt shank or fan on it so ill give him credit on the first goal and a great redeflection on his second goal but MR CALLAHAN obviously was the catlayst on both goals….i was at the game and couldnt tell if he just took komisarek out on the 2nd goal and left the puck for drury but made one hell uva of a skate pass and took him completely out of the play…..thank you JEFF CARTER for one timely goal….now back to “FLYERS SUCK MODE”

  6. here we go with the typical ranger fan negativity preceding a big win..if we lost last night, we’re not happy…if we won last night, we’re still not happy

    …carp did you wake up on the wrong side of the bed this morning?

  7. Richtersgirl on

    It seems to me that everyone has been saying he hasnt done much all year, no one is saying he is awesome now or saying he is like Messier!….but you can’t take away from how important those 2 goals were last night…so its right to say he was “clutch” last night, and he played a great game.

  8. Richtersgirl on

    I was talking about Drury…of course, just clarifying since i didnt mention his name in my post :)

  9. FWIW I agree that we’re much better off against Boston than Caps.

    As for Drury, he really did have a solid game, but take a look around. He’s been invisible all year…again…and he is a huge reason we are clawing for a playoff spot…again.

    Say he FINALLY showed up and had a good game, don’t say that he’s synonymous with the word “clutch”. Anyone who’s been watching knows that is utter bullsh1t. The guy is a piss poor leader on and off the ice and an embarrassment to American hockey.

    And I love Torts for calling out the roster (hopefully that means big changes?)

    Love Jane for calling out golf as an event rather than a sport.

    and love Carp bringing a little more grit and honesty to the blog.

  10. Richtersgirl on

    And is it just me or has Zherdev been getting worse and worse with the puck in the last couple weeks…he can’t do anything with it anymore without losing it.

  11. And this one will last a lifetime on


    There is a difference in playing for your post season life and playing for position. Yes the Flyers will be motivated, but the Blueshirts will be beyond motivated. We will wrap up the playoff berth Thursday night.

    No way this team would be in this position if we didn’t fire the classy but stubborn Coach R and hire the fiery proven Coach T. In addition, Morris is an upgrade to Kalinin, Antropov and Avery are huge upgrades from Dawes/Prucha/Fritche/Rissmiller/. But it was Sather that erred before it was Sather that fixed the current situation.

    PP remains the biggest problem for the team (although with the earned bias the refs have in never protecting Avery, we do not get many PP opportunities).

    Second biggest problem to trying to get Zherdev to be what he can be.

    If these two things get fixed, we can be a tough out for anyone in the post season.

    Carp, before you go off about the overall talent level, just remember, sometimes the most talent wins the Cup (Detroit/Colorado/Anaheim/Pitt) and sometimes not (Carolina/TB/NJD).

  12. Larry Brooks quote on Wade Redden-AN INSTANT MSG CLASSIC:

    “The Rangers are one point behind seventh-place Montreal, which finishes with a game in Boston tomorrow night and one at home Saturday against the Penguins. The Canadiens are hurting, forced to play without defensemen Andrei Markov and Mathieu Schneider. Of course the Rangers are forced to play with Wade Redden, so that makes things kind of even. “

  13. The Rangers won a huge game last night and one of their “best” players really shined when he needed to. I am a huge Drury fan and a believer that he will find his true game again under Tort’s guidance… Lets be honest, that first goal was made possible by Callahan’s effort AND a sick shot not a lot of guys are going to hammer home. Lets go Rangers, I still HATE filthy, and nice to see Hank with a few big saves!

  14. yes he knows exactly what’s up…

    but everything in this post is posted in a negative light…i would rather say that drury’s goal were clutch and really needed last night than say that they are the reason why jim dolan is going to make more money in the postseason…i don’t know any other cities that would take that stance on something, even if it was a slight joke

  15. Clutch cannot be just one game, one win ( sometimes they call that a fluke)… we start all over on Thursday…need to be clutch all over again

  16. Relax everybody, it was a good win last night. We were looking for one of the high priced players to come up big and Drury did. All that matters now is for someone to do the same tomorrow night.

    I thought it was a good effort from everybody, even though Montreal definitely outplayed them in the first. I thought Redden would be crucified if Montreal scores on that 1st PP. Girardi looked lost for 1/2 the game but made some nice decisions at the end. Naslund had a strong game. Callahan is now a given.

    Those Subway glass ads were annoying, I’ve never seen them on the glass before. Has anyone seen them on any other games? How long before ads are on players jerseys?

  17. Hey Guys,

    Relax on beating up Carp! He is just proposing the severity of Thursday’s game just like he did for Tuesday. I for one think the Rangers for better or worse can pull out a victory against the Flyers on Thursday. Once again, I think the home crowd is going to be a huge advantage and I think the players will be up to it.


    I hope you are excited that the most favorite part of the new nhl, the shootout, will potentially determine the rangers sucess of making the playoffs! I know you must be jumping for joy!

    Finally, I went to visit a friend after the rangers game. Being in Philly, the subway from the game was coming from the Flyers game. Fortunately, there was also a phillies game. My Rangers blueshirt fortunately matched in with the blue,red and white phillies jerseys. That or I would have had quite an interesting ride…

  18. i’m not beating him up…i’m just trying to remain optimistic here and he’s making it very difficult!!!

  19. Outside of the one outstanding season in Buffalo, Drury is right on target with his career totals…
    I think our expectations are too high for him and its only been fueled by the Sather contract situations.

  20. UESBlueshirt on

    I was at the game last night and it seemed the tone was set during the Steve McDonald Extra Effort Award when he said that a lot of people think the Rangers season is over and he said No Freakin Way! Of course through most of the first few minutes the Habs looked like they were the better team.

    Thank god they put in Price, Drury’s 1st goal was a work of needle point but it’s also one that I’m sure most goalies would stop 99 of 100 times. I liked the strategy of dumping the puck behind the net and forcing Price to play, definitely led to Antropov’s goal.

    The Garden was rocking last night, I was sitting near a row of younger teenage Habs fans and they tried to start a Go Habs Go chant after they tied the game but were immediately drowned out. As the fans were exiting the game they started a mock Ole Ole Ole, good stuff.

    Hopefully they clinch tomorrow and it wouldn’t hurt to play hard on Sunday either so they go into the playoffs with some confidence and momentum.

  21. hey
    to those of you at the game last night…
    did I hear a Lets go Flyers chant during the 3rd period??

  22. Staal Wart-

    is it not the stats, its the little things game in and game out….ie easy passes that always find a way to hop over his stick or the lack of hussle on the backcheck or the one handed lazy play as the top dman when the other team is breaking out, its the lazy pass on the pp that turns into an easy clear for the oppostion on the PK…its the lack of urgency whehn with 15 seconds to play in boston and he is skating half azz towards the puck…..we all know he isnt going to score 40+ but he is not even a top 4 Penalty Killer at this point, i think he might need to be stripped of the C because broadway might be a lilttle too much pressure for him

  23. Fischler's Ghost on


    Yes, there was a brief “Let’s Go FLyers” chant in the third when they flashed that their game was still 1-1 in the 3rd.

  24. Staal wart
    you are dead on with that post about our expectations for the expensive UFA signings Gomez and Drury

    Pay someone 7 million a year you want some stats…..

    There was this great story I remember hearing about when the Cosmos signed Franz beckenbuaer in the late 70’s-at the time considered the best soccer player in the world- and Sonny Werblin paid him big bux to come over and play with Pele and Chinaglia (two big time scorers)

    When the coach and Franz agreed that he would play a defensive position and start the offense from the rear-which is what he always did!!…Werblin reportedly snapped “What? You think I paid him all that money to sit in the back? You think these fans want to pay to see him playing defense? get that Kraut into a forward position and tell him to score some GD goals!”

  25. Can we get them to move the Sunday Flyers game to 7pm so it will not interrupt the final round of The Masters?

  26. Seth,
    I can’t agree with you more!
    I don’t think he will be our Captain next season. Drury obviously doesn’t thrive in the spotlight and he is almost a better player when he’s not noticed game in and game out, only when he pulles his clutch.
    What I am saying though is Sather’s outrageous contracts fuel the fans expectations. There is no way that Drury is 7 million dollar guy…for the life of me I don’t know how Sather was seeing Drury to offer that much money! Then add Gomez, Rozi, and the clincher Redden and we have a mentally deficient GM!!!

  27. Richtersgirl on

    To say Drury is not one of our top 4 penalty killers seems a little silly to me. In no specific order..Callahan, Betts, Sjostrom and Drury are by far the best penalty killers on the team. I can understand other things you fault drury for but not that..

  28. I should also add that I like Drury, Gomez and Rozi,
    but I like them at 3 million, 4 million and 2.5 million respectively. They are not bad players, that are good players, NOT great players. They don’t carry teams like Ovechin, Crosby, Malkin, Hossa, Kovalchuk etc…but for some crazy reason Sather pays Hossa kind of money to them. It all points to the fact that while Sather is regarded as a “smart” hockey guy, the evidence is overwhelming that he is not!
    Its’ not Drury/Gomez/Rozi’s fault, I would also have signed a contract with those numbers as well…

  29. right now torts is playing korpi a whole bunch more on the pk…drury is obviously a big part of the PK but betts and sjostrom are obviously 1$2 and then callahan and then drury/dubi but look out for Korpedoooooo…so i admit i was wrong there….

    Re: REDDEN i mean seriously i honestly think he is thinking that wow i am in NY now i dont care if everyone hates me, im gonna make 6mm-7mm dollars and then set sail….the problems i have with this guy is that he used to be a knowledgeable hockey player with decent skills….he doesnt shoot the puck with effort anymore, he doesnt skate with effort anymore, he takes two strides and immediately looks for whatever winger is closest to him to dish the puck

  30. Great game to be in the building for last night. If you recall, I said in a post yesterday that the big-ticket players needed to step up, and I specifically named our captain, Mr. Drury. And he did step up. I still don’t forgive him for 75 games or so of AWFUL HOCKEY (he had a couple of good ones in there along the way, haha), but I can’t help but root for the guys wearing the uniform…it’s basically an illness.

    I just wanna see playoff hockey. I know Carp and a lot of people are cynical (playoffs = Dolan making money off the two extra games), but there’s nothing like playoff hockey, and for most of my adolescence, the Rangers were never participants. Now that I have season tickets, I’ll relish every playoff game, even if there are only 2 of them.

    Plus, I know it’s cliche, but once you get in, you just never know…

  31. Am I the only one who feels that Atlanta might roll over and play dead for the Panthers just to get back at the Rangers for sweeping them a couple of seasons ago?

  32. Doodie Machetto on

    ““What? You think I paid him all that money to sit in the back? You think these fans want to pay to see him playing defense? get that Kraut into a forward position and tell him to score some GD goals!” ”

    Kaspar, your Beckenbauer story is more reminiscent of Bobby Holik than Gomez or Drury.

  33. Rick Carpiniello on

    Again, I am not trying to be negative here. I just want to point out that it’s not over. Your boys still need to win one more game, and they’d better do it tomorrow or it’s going to get pretty hairy for a couple of days.

  34. Rob C- I agree with your thoughts, there’s nothing like the atmosphere of a playoff game. I haven’t been to MSG since December but I’ll be there next week.

    JB- who cares about Atlanta, the Rangers take care of business tomorrow night!

    Anybody gonna help me with the Subway ads on the glass? Have you seen them before? Anybody know what I’m talking about?

  35. Doodie Machetto on

    Carp, I’m with you.

    And let’s not forget that if Florida wins both of it’s games and we only get the OTL point from each of ours, they get the 2nd tiebreaker.

    In other words, we NEED to win one of these games, hopefully tomorrow’s.

    In other news, you think Weight regrets that contract he signed after last night’s beating?

  36. 1 Ovechkin, Alexander WAS 9.000 yr
    2 Crosby, Sidney PIT 9.000 yr
    3 Sundin, Mats VAN 8.600 yr
    4 Richards, Brad DAL 7.800 yr
    5 Heatley, Dany OTT 7.800 yr
    6 Chara, Zdeno BOS 7.500 yr
    7 Hossa, Marian DET 7.450 yr
    8 Lidstrom, Nicklas DET 7.450 yr
    9 Gomez, Scott NYR 7.357 yr
    10 Thornton, Joe SJS 7.200 yr
    11 Vanek, Thomas BUF 7.200 yr
    12 Campbell, Brian CHI 7.140 yr
    13 Drury, Chris NYR 7.050 yr

  37. lol, speaking of the isles for a moment-what a stat this is…..late in the third the isles had 8 shots on goal and were down 8-0……….KANSASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS CITYYYYYYYYYYYYYY

  38. UESBlueshirt on

    Subway ads were on TV not actually on the glass. I believe they did something similar 2 years ago with graphics for another company, AMD was it?

  39. Anybody gonna help me with the Subway ads on the glass? Have you seen them before? Anybody know what I’m talking about?


    what do you want? it’s an ad… annoying but making someone money… get used to it.

  40. Carpy is like Harvey Keitel playing the Wolf in Pulp Fiction……in regard to the Rangers win last night :

    Carpy The Wolf: Well, let’s not start sucking each other’s %$#& quite yet.

  41. Salty-what do I want? I want a B_ from Alyssa Milano but that’s besides the point. Just wondering if they were going on at other games as I only watch NYR games. Something I’ll get used to like ads on the boards and revolving ads in the backdrop of a baseball game.

  42. You guys don’t remember the “AIG” ads that they ran the same way last season. They were in the corners.

    Those don’t bother me at all. They don’t effect the play like an “on screen”(see vs) ad messes it up.

    If it’s that or $10 beers, or inflated ticket prices, so be it.

  43. I think our 6 main penalty killing forwards are (in order of TOI last night):
    Sjo, Korpedo, Dubi, Cally, Betts, Drury
    Under normal circumstances the first PK line is Sjo and Betts with Dru, Dubi, Cally and Korpi mixing up the 2nd and 3rd pairs.

    As for the Isles – KC will be saying they don’t want such a bad team and will go and talk to the ‘Yotes or Preds..!!

  44. Very good game last night .Drury finally showed up,it’s just ashame it took 80 games. Calli played his ass off as usual and congrats to him on the award.Now lets repeat it against the cryers and lock down a spot and it’s a new season and who knows what can happen!!!

  45. Drury’s average stats over the previous nine years 24G 34A 58pts.

    This year with two games left – 22G 32A 54pts.

    No argument he’s overpaid but what were you guys expecting? Because he makes more money he’s going to magically start producing significantly more points in his 30s?

    The guy isn’t big or fast, doesn’t have amazing hands, skate great or have a sick shot but still manages to put up 20+ goals a year.

    He does have the best hockey sense on the team though, which is why he is successful.

  46. This is everyone’s nightmare for the next week:

    “Well folks it’s been a great Easter Sunday match-up! But now, we have been in the shootout for the past 20 rounds where neither Marty Biron or Henrik Lundqvist are allowing their teams to lose. The Rangers are desperate for the extra point, as their playoff hopes depend on it! Alberts has just scored for the Flyers, so the Rangers need to score or their season is over. John Tortorella has only one player left! Here he comes, WADE REDDEN, the 20th shooter for the Rangers. Here he comes… he shoots….”

    You wake up in a puddle of sweat on your front lawn in nothing but your Rangers Jersey, thanking god it was only a dream….or was it?!

  47. i think JJP has a good point as far as the stats go. I think most Ranger fans think because he gets paid an absurd amount he should score more. That problem isn’t his,it was Sathers. The rangers because of the cap cant entice players with absurd money now but can tempt them with absurd length of cntracts. But getting back to Drury he has kept
    his stats on par with his past season totals. But with that said he has been less than stellar as a captain and a leader.

    The Mouth

  48. gardenfaithfulinfla on

    COSMOS – that was a great team back then (stacked too). I was definitely into it and went to almost every home game. The only team I followed closely other than the Rangers.

  49. Two quick things: MSG cuts out of the pressers when John Giannone’s questions has all been answered – they don’t care about what you beat folks are trying to find out for your game stories. It is a tv ego thing I am sure.

    And for everyone freaking out about the Subway ads – the technology has been in use for years on rugby and football (soccer) broadcasts – it really isn’t a sign of the apocalypse, just tv’s financial desperation when given lowering revenues from commercials.

  50. As for the effort part of the conversation… Callahan deserved the award last night… but certainly Marc Staal has been nothing short of phenomenal in only his sophomore season in the bigs… I think while he’s still considered to be ‘learning’, he’s been our best defensmen and his effort is less noticeable because of how ‘effortless’ he sometimes makes plays…

    I voted for Staal because of this… not expecting him to win, just wanted him to get my vote!


  51. if montreal loses both and the rangers lose both in ot the rangers would make the playoffs – but if florida wins both also the rangers would be the 8th seed

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