Changes coming … for us


Just want to give you guys a heads-up. We’re trying to improve the blog here and prevent the kind of system slow-downs and/or crashes we’ve had, for example, at the trade deadline and on our monster Yankees blog on Opening Day …

So we’re going to try something, hopefully as early as this afternoon, and we’d love your feedback.

With the new system, your comments will come up with the most recent first. Also, there will only be about 30 comments on a page, and then you can click for the next page to come up. I think it will be easier than scrolling all the way down on gamenights, especially, when we get 400, 500, 600 comments.

Let us know what you think of the idea, and what you think once we get the new-look comments section up and running (again, hopefully soon).

I’m at the practice rink and I will have an update a bit later.

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  1. Will there be an option to display all comments on one page?? I personally don’t like having to page through, dunno about others though.

  2. Please include an option to show all comments. Or, have at least 100 comments per page.

  3. Doodie Machetto on

    “How about the ability to follow one person’s “Tag / Handle” ”

    I knew I had a lot of fans here, but really, I’m flattered you suggested that.

  4. Yesterday I promised never to do any thing bad again if the Rangers won last night.
    So starting today I’ll stop making fun of Carp’s hair & I’ll stop having those impure thoughts about Jane – starting NOW !!

  5. MAKO…That was a good line by Brooks but it was not appropriate after one of the better efforts of the season. I’m all for being down on Redden but he played well yesterday.

  6. Breaking the comments up is probably a good idea. Reversing the order, however, is definitely not.

  7. This new blog system is weird! Early comments now go all the way down, now you have to read from down up… and page numbering is awkward to say the least! Numbers go from right (page one) to left (page two being in front of page one)

    I think 150 comments per page will be better, since it doesn’t take long to fill the page up…especially on the days when Rangers fans feel less than positive. Also, view all comments and the insult button should be included as well…

  8. Speed Ranger on

    What’s the advantage of listing comments last to first? Personally I prefer reading them in order – with the first ones that are related to the blog topic.

  9. M’KAY… now for every comment you have to re-enter your name, email and a website?? is it just me or is it the new system?


    what is going on here? i know the “change” was promised to all of us, but who knew it’ll be this fast! :)

  10. CCCP, I remember yesterday you mentioned you’re from Brooklyn (where I was born & raised) Have you ever been to a Brooklyn Aces game ?
    I just bought their jersey.

  11. if i could suggest you not split the comments up into pages. it is the worst thing you can do. look @ your traffic on this site right now and understand that a lot of people keep coming back. when you split it up into pages it makes it harder to continue a conversation and thus your sites visitor count will dwindle as well. if you want to fix the comments ill be more than happy to tell you a better way than making pages.

  12. Should have comments go first to last. Pain in the butt scrolling from bottom up trying to follow a thread.

  13. I agree with the first to last comments…I also dont like the posts being split into pages…just write more posts…I can volunteer to help!

    Plus whatever you have already done…my name sign in crap disappears each time I post

  14. I agree,if you feel you need to make the blog run better, keep the comments in order from oldest to newest, much easier to follow the thread that way. Although, there’s not much to improve on in here, it’s practically perfection!

    Now, once the TROLLS from the other sites start coming here, and using other peoples ‘handles’,( like Zips blog which is sometimes unreadable because of that) maybe then you’d want to think about registration for the blog, but so far, that hasn’t been a problem.

  15. Rob L.

    Maybe he should live up to his $80,000 a game paycheck then he wouldnt be such a target for us ALL. ;)

  16. I agree as wel that the older comments should be on the bottom, you scroll down as you read them and end at the comment box :^)

    also seeing as how the blog gets to about fifty posts even on small numbers how about fifty in one page… 500 replies would end up ten pages which is still a lot but better than the daunting task of looking at almost 20…

  17. no comment pages at all!!! take a step into the future and switch up your code. dont do comment pages. better way to code the comments than to split it up into a SEPARATE page that loads the same blog post.

  18. Tony

    No, I have never been to Brooklyn Aces game! I’d love to go though.

    It is interesting to me that so many New Yorkers are so far away from New York. Any particular reason why New Yorkers move away from New York?

    I was born in Odessa, Ukraine and moved to Brooklyn 17 years ago… and i just don’t see myself anywhere else but here.


  19. and now i need to enter my info in again.
    on the new page.

    i cant sit here and watch this website become this prehistoric.
    there are soooooooo many better “plug ins” than this.

  20. I like new comments first.

    I don’t like having the comments split up into pages. Makes it difficult to respond to older comments.

  21. Longtime Lurker on

    Although I’m a relatively new poster, may I suggest if possible, to have the comments sections structure more like a message board format, where the replies to a certain post (comment that is) can be threaded?

  22. CARP!

    I don’t thing changes you guys made is what i call “improving” the blog!! This is very awkward and just takes the feeling away from the blog! i definitely not liking this at all!! LEAVE THE BLOG BE!
    What’s with entering the “name” and required email every time you want to post something?? COMPLETE TURN OFF!

  23. I dont like having the newest posts on the top. On every messageboard there is, the newest posts go at the bottom. Pages are fine, but I dont like having the new posts first.

  24. I dont like this signing in stuff every post….its like I went from pretending to be Kaspar every so often to pretending every 5 minutes….I feel like a liar

  25. CCCP

    I know when I move away it will be simply because I can’t afford to live here… unless things change…

    Carp there definitely needs to be more than thirty on a page… this blog moves to fast whole pages will be missed…

  26. Yo CCCP,
    I moved to AZ in 1981 with my family to be closer to my Dad before he passed away. We got to spend some quality time with him & he got to see his grand kids grow up. We liked it here & our kids where comfortable in schools.
    I visit at least twice a year (during hockey season)& miss the city & the people.
    People spot me a mile away, they saw I talk funny (?)


  27. I was Staal Wart but now I’m damnit because…its easier to type…lol
    Carp, tell your boys to switch back to the old system,
    it worked.

  28. This new format is so bad it defies belief —- why? There is a Renney-like aroma of stupidity at work here.

  29. Kaspar

    you want to tell me that you are not the real Darius? This day just keeps getting better and better…

  30. CCCP

    No no I am Kaspar…it was Rick and his crazy blog changes on the eve of the playoffs that confused me!!…

    Why does he do these things to us?? !!!

  31. Tony, first I hope you don’t have impure thoughts about me now.

    To all, and Tony, this isn’t my idea. It’s an effort to keep the blog from freezing up or crashing or slowing. I don’t know if this is experimental or what.

    But PLEASE, PLEASE, keep your thoughts coming on this because I think (hope) our tech dept, will be sensitive to what you prefer.

  32. No one in the world reads from the bottom up. I don’t mind pages every 50 comments, though. Keep up the good work and slap whoever came up with the idea for the changes for me, will you?

  33. You mean we’re dealing with the IT dept?

    Oh no….

    All thos people do is create crashes and problems to substantiate changes and upgrades!!!

    Its like hiring a QC guy
    he has to find problems or guess what?
    Who needs a QC guy

    ooops…hope they dont delete/ban me now

    Just kidding IT guys!
    The world cannot spin on its axis without you!

  34. Carp,
    Personally I don’t mind the pages, but reading from the bottom up, and entering my name each time I post is just plain annoying. If it stays like this I could potentially see alot less comments

  35. Speed Ranger on

    Yes – 50 comments per page OK w/ me.
    No – reading from bottom to top is awkward and cumbersome.

  36. onecupin69+years on

    I don’t know? I think after sunday this blog will see more action than the rangers will.

  37. Carp

    The tech dept has no choice but to be sensitive to what WE want! This blog is for US and US not liking this bullsh!t at all! This is the best sport blog on the net… and these changes are a great way to turn ppl away from here. I KNOW IM TURNED OFF!!


  38. onecupin69+years on

    Its (sdrawkcab) Backwards like a chinese and hebrew book, they read from the back to the front,no it sucks,sucks.

  39. this is actually better because, working in the IT field, you get to know how stupid computers really are and some of them are too stupid to download the whole page and allow scrolling 500 comments down. adding these pages are good

  40. This sounds like a quick-band-aid fix. Not good. Very annoying. If you’re gonna make a change, then do it right with a complete over-hall and model it after the TSN.CA comments pages. I like the idea of being able to vote on people’s comments…

  41. …adding an automatic refresh on the page might be good too, i see myself forgettin to press the refresh button to see if there are new comments and such. i’m probably just lazy

  42. lets now fix the name thing so we dont have to type it all the time… and all will be good again

  43. CARP-

    this is not good
    tell your tech dept to get in touch w/ me

    this is an old method to fix a website if it was 1990
    there are way better “plug-ins” for this blogging platform than this plug-in you are using now.

    this will only cause an increase in your bandwidth cause when you click on the next comment page it loads the whole page AGAIN


    Please don’t blame me for this. I am part of the “us” I guess, but really I knew about this about 30 seconds before you did.

  45. im quite possibly the only one who can get this frustrated over a website design taking a drastic step backwards like this.

  46. i know its not you carp. you dont strike me as the type of person who would know how to code in php.

    as it is your tech guys are WAY behind on the wordpress train.

    come on guys
    wordpress has made it sooo much easier for you to update the database. instead you let it sit as an older version and add crap plug ins on top of it.

    are you guys hiring?


  48. Reading botton to top = bad idea. Who does that?

    Reentering name each time you post = annoying!

    Multipe comment pages = not user friendly!

    Remember, lohud’s goal is to increase pageviews. Creating multiple pages to view comments may seem like a way to synthetically create more pageviews, but in the real world it is a usability killer.

    Ability to comment thread = A GREAT IDEA!

    Ability to search comments, or sort by poster = A GREAT IDEA!

    Auto refresh = A GREAT IDEA!

  49. Need to have oldest posts on top.

    Linking to multiple pages is a pain; keep all comments on one page.

    Have everyone set up an account before posting to weed out troublemakers. And give us the ability to have an avatar.

  50. Either one works better for me. I have an iPhone and scrolling through hundreds of posts to the most recent is a pain in the ass! Pages with limited posts on each would work. I would be content with newest posts on top though.

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