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Keep scrolling down to read Carp’s post about what is at stake tonight against visiting Montreal, but there was a little news off of this morning’s optional skate at the Rangers practice facility. Nik Antropov skated and will probably play tonight although neither he nor coach John Tortorella explicitly said as much.

But Antropov did say the left knee felt “all right” and, given the way Tortorella brough Michal Rozsival back pretty quickly from his knee injury, seems inclined to play his best players as the playoffs are on the line in the last three games of the season.

At the optional skate: Antropov, Sean Avery, Colton Orr, Brandon Dubinsky, Lauri Korpikoski, Aaron Voros, Fredrik Sjostrom, Steve Valliquette, Dan Girardi, Chris Drury and Blair Betts.

Tortorella had some interesting things to say about the Rangers lacking confidence and scoring, which reminded me of what he said right after he arrived. He addresses that in the clip below. He also said there were some players in the lineup tonight who he wouldn’t be playing if it were earlier in the season. Seems he meant performance, but it might’ve been fatigue. Guesses? Anyone?


“What if we win tonight?” Tortorella said. “The whole thing changes again.”

And don’s forget our video chat today at 1! www.lohud.com/rangersreportlive

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  1. It is there that I wish Torts mentioned names. I wish he would say Drury, Redden, and Naslund.

  2. Any opinions on Gaborik being a top 10 forward in the league? I say he DEF IS!!! Dude has 7g 3a in 7games back scoring in everygame but 1, on a downswinging original Renney coached team, where the best player is Owen Nolan, lol. I would actually say he would be a PERFECT FIT with Gomez and Cally on a top line. I know he will be pricey, but Sather as dumb and fat as he is, knows how to manuver out of bad situations. Bink!!! Our only shot at a 40g scorer in the next 5years, gogogoogoggoog

  3. I’d rather sign Hossa than Gaborik. Gabo is a one dimensional player with groin problems. Hossa is a great two-way player who just scored his 39th and 40th goals last night.

  4. We would have to shed some major salary for Gaborik. His past injuries worry me. The guy is like Mr. Glass.

  5. Between last year in the playoffs and this year in Detroit, Hossa has proved A LOT to me. He could have been EXACTLY what Gomez needed to have a good year.

  6. Redden is healthy, never really exudes any energy… I never hear him at optional skates?

  7. You know good ol’ Redden. He is such a smooth skating dman.

    Ok, finished

    Smooth skating is a nice way of saying gliding.

    He might be good at curling.

  8. Btw, quick non hockey Ranger story for anyone who cares and wants to laugh. The night after we beat the Isles 4-2 (when Renney was still coach, not the game after the deadline). A bunch of them went to Pink Elephant to celebrate. I rolled with a promoter friend of mine and they got a table across from us, bla bla. I tried seeing if Redden was doig coke, but he didnt(Prob went to the bathroom to do so). Ive seen the Rangers out numerous times all season, normally at Tenjune or 1oak. I left Pink @ around 2:30am to go to 1oak (cause its the illlest party late) and I see Voros by the bar chillen alone drinking pretty heavy. I was twisted, and I told him “dude your team is @ Pink, why arent you there with them.” And hes like “Oh they are, I didnt know”.

  9. The Esteemed Doodie Machetto on

    Is it possible to do an audio recording of the live chat like a podcast? I can’t watch it at work today, and would like to listen to it on my way home or while I’m at the gym. Is that possible?

  10. Just wondering why there hasn’t been any news regarding an Avery suspension? People seemed so sure that his world would come crashing down after the love tap on Thomas’ helmet on Saturday.

    Anyways, the Garden has been ridiculously rocking the last couple of home games. No reason to think it won’t be that x2 tonight with so much at stake. Hopefully Gomez doesn’t take 4 hooking penalties in the first period and silence everybody.


  11. I’ll take Gaborik for 35 games a season than any other “elite forward” on this team for 80.

    Besides, he’ll have the same amount of points in 50 less games.

  12. Today is one of those days that I get real religious. You know the kind of day where I promise never to do any thing bad again if we win tonight !
    Let’s go Rangers !

  13. Rangers win 5-1.

    Flyers win 3-2 in the shootout.

    Tonight is the biggest game of the year, we NEED two points, and we NEED our idiot rivals to do us a fuggin favor unlike the stupid ass Pens. Although i did enjoy watching Malin get hip checked to hell n back, and Crybaby trying to act like a tough guy, doing what ever he can to take down Ballard, while Ballard popped him some shots to the face, while Guerin watched, hahaha.

    If we beat the Habs tonight, they gotta go up against the Bruins, and the Flyers. Umm, please, lose three straight and miss the playoffs !!! I want Nyr, and Florida in the playoffs !! No Habs !!

    Go Rangers !! I just bought a Megan Fox shirt, so im feeling pretty fuggin lucky today.


    they deserve where they are today…
    they win? Thats great!
    they lose?…too bad

    They’re battling for like 16th to 18th place in the league..

    Not exactly a pennant race we’re seeing here

  15. “Hossa is staying in Detroit and will offer a hometown discount.”

    Lidstrom retires and someone else maybe they can keep him?

  16. One of my favorite things that happens here is how we run out of town cup winning HOF’s and hope to so with a couple more soon…because they’re expensive and we don’t win with them….

    and then every day people list the Kovalchuks and Gabronik as the guys we should “go out and get!…and how “great they are”….

    They’re always great when you look at their ststs or see them a few times a year…dont you understand that all they’ll be here is the next guys we’re screaming to get rid of and god forbid they get in the way of….hmm hmm…our kids

  17. Orr, Montreal has to play Pit not the Flyers in their final game. Phily has got the Islanders the Saturday night before they play the Rangers.

    Huge game tonight. My feeling about the game is they MUST win in regulation. If we CAN win, Montreal does have a tough final two games to pull out. That is IF we can apply some pressure with a win tonight.

    I would also rather see Florida IN instead of Montreal. Mainly because I live 5 minutes from their arena and am dying to see what that building is like during a playoff game. And who knows? Maybe they could meet up with the Rangers in a Conference final? HA! Can’t a guy dream bit?

  18. agree with noonan…no way hossa comes to the NYR. the NYR are cashed strapped for the foreseable, have at best a number 2 center (sorry i dont consider gomez a number 1 center) and a bumbling GM and owner.

    seriously, if you are a great UFA why are you going to come to NYR? the answer, $$$$$. sather is a joke and everyone in the NHL knows it. he cant build a winner, he has failed in a market with little money (EDM), failed in a big market with money (the NYR before the cap was instituted), and failed in a big market in the current salary cap system. since the NYR have little money to offer any big UFA in the upcoming seasons…who is coming besides retreads looking for their retirement package?

    hossa will stay in DET, continue to put up big numbers playing with two of the best players in the NHL(datysuk and zetterberg), continue to be under a very savvy GM and owner and have a legit shot to win the cup every single season. with their roster, DET isnt going anywhere anytime soon.

  19. Mission Impossible:
    Sunday April 5th 2009

    Could not watch the Penguin-Panther game and root for Penguins…even though it was my duty to do so

    Turn game off and watch Tombstone….again

  20. Rangers win tonight, 3-1. flyers beat Fla. 4-2, and that means a win over flyers on thurs will clinch a playoff spot.

  21. Yeah, I don’t think the Rangers should take the risk with Gaborik. Look what happened when they got Pavel Bure! haha Not, but seriously, I would much rather see them get Hossa. he would sit perfectly on a line with Gomez. Gomez is the type of player that needs a pure goal scorer like Hossa or Kovalchuk. If the Rangers could ever get either of those guys, they would help Gomez a ton! I think that might be what Drury needs too. He needs a pure goal scorer that will relieve some of the goal scoring pressure off his shoulders.

    I don’t know here, just speculating, but who knows?

    Also, we need to SOMEHOW package Redden and Voros for a draft pick or something.

  22. Great job Carp and Jane. First time viewer of Video Chat. Very insightful. Carp, your spot on with what may happen to the Rangers.

  23. Mission Impossible#2
    Tuesday April 7th 2009

    Finding someone stupid enough to trade for Wade Redden (without packaging Staal or Hank with him)

    Buy him out and have 2M+ on thr cap for “ten” years or
    send him to the AHL

  24. Kaspar, you have no idea! I got cheap tickets at the last minute to go see the Panthers-Pens game. I went there knowing I should root for the Pens to help the Rangers, but I just couldn’t do it. I found rooting for the demise of sid and company much more satisfying.

  25. Rob(the first) on

    Exactly what Torts said today is what I have suspected all along. Forget about seeing a milder version of Avery this year, I think we have been seeing a milder version of Torts. He normally would not put up with such crap from his players, but has no choice right now. What until the offseason, I think we buy out Dredden, trade Nasi, I also think we trade Dubi, sign Antro, let Z walk, then we stack the team with a 1st line scorer PP D, and net clearing goon D. The we kick ass.

  26. And this one will last a lifetime on

    Kaspar , you are wrong. Your description makes it exactly like a pennant race.

    playoffs, I like your prediction.

    Tonight would be the best time for Henrik to get hot (like Ward has been lately and Thomas has been all year)

    and how about going 2 for 4 on the PP

    Lets Go Rangers! clap – clap , clapclapclap

  27. Kasper, I felt the same way. It was impossible and once Malkin got dumped I was a Panther fan. Everytime I see Pitt on the ice I replay Mara’s post game inverview after game four. It was a classic!

  28. quit dreaming. Hossa’s agent is currently in negotiations with GM Ken Holland to remain in Det with a hometown discount, and so is Franzen. they will be signed in the near future, before even becoming free agents.

    that means they will have to let go of Hudler and Filpulla etc. but they will keep all their core stars

  29. Mission Impossible#3
    Tuesday April 7th 2009

    Marion Hossa gives anyone outside of Bratislava a “home town” discount…

    Play in a city more than a year or two; put some roots down

  30. This team has flaws for sure, but lately they are not a bad team most of the time. They just played a really good team and lost 1-0 and the goal was a fluke. They had some really good scoring chances, as many or more than Boston. A lot of it is just plain bad luck, a good bounce here and there the Rangers win. The way i see it with a good solid effort and Hank is hot they can beat anybody any given day, and thats all it takes.

  31. Rob(the first)
    We can’t just buy out Redden. We would be penalized on our cap for double the length of his remaining contract. I think it is 2/3 of salary for 2X the number of years remaining on contract. So we would be throwing away enough money to get a very decent player… now if you argued that this was preferable to keeping Redden on board, that would be a different story…

    Also who the heck is going to trade for Naslund? He is a perimeter 20 goal guy who never shows up, even in games he scores in. Good luck with that. Still, we only have him for one more year.

    If you let Z walk, you’d have traded Tyutin for nothing. That seems like perfect Sather logic, actually. Not that I like Z, but he’s only a kid. Give him a year or two with Torts before we bail on him, a?

  32. Santos
    if you let Z “walk” you get draft pix based on what he signs for

    Ex: Penner got $4M a year after one 29 G season; i think Ananahiem got 4 pix, all #1 and #2

  33. here are tonight’s lines accdg. to Zipay





  34. Kaspar,

    Yes, based on the amount he is signed for. You think Z is worth 4 mil after this season? It’s great for the Rangers if he gets that offer. Still, if he is offered less (and more than about 2.9mil) we can get a 1st and a 3rd for him. That’s acceptable, but Z is a talented player. There’s no guarantee you replace him.

    Just remember who is doing the drafting.

  35. This table is a year old, so the dollar figures might change this offseason:

    Compensation Due

    $863,156 or less

    $863,156 – $1,307,812
    3rd round pick

    $1,307,812 – $2,615,625
    2nd round pick

    $2,615,623 – $3,923,437
    1st and 3rd round pick

    $3,923,437 – $5,231,249
    1st, 2nd, and 3rd round pick

    $5,231,249 – $6,539,062
    Two 1st’s, one 2nd, one 3rd round pick

    $6,539,062 or more
    Four 1st round picks

    Lets be honest. Zherdev is going to get about 3.5 – 3.99 million per year. He will get a raise, albeit small, but his points are not the highest theyve been as a couple years ago. Teams will make sure not to offer more than 4mm per year to avoid giving up lots of picks. We would get a 1st and a 3rd round pick if he walks.

    The Rangers are going to re-sign him and let Antro walk. Which I agree 100% with.

  36. Oh, and the Ducks got 3 picks for Penner. Since it was 4mm a year, it was a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. Zherdev isnt getting up to 29 goals, and given the state of the economy, you can guarantee he gets less than 4mm. Compare contracts relative to our “superstars”, paying our leading scorer 3.8mm a year isnt a bad deal.

  37. Jive,

    Thanks for the table. You’re right that the $$ will change somewhat this season. Remains to be seen how much.

    So how much will Antro sign for?

  38. Not sure what Antro gets. However, in order to be eligible for the draft pick compensation, you have to tender an offer right? So we would have to offer Antro a contract to be eligible for the compensation. And I also think there is a certain % raise you need to offer (i.e. a 10% salary raise over his current pay.)

    Am I right or are we eligible for the picks even if we do NOT offer him a contract?

  39. kaspar do not usually agree with you but do on this one. ps you are not nearly as funny as you thnk you are

    April 7th, 2009 at 1:14 pm
    One of my favorite things that happens here is how we run out of town cup winning HOF’s and hope to so with a couple more soon…because they’re expensive and we don’t win with them….

    and then every day people list the Kovalchuks and Gabronik as the guys we should “go out and get!…and how “great they are”….

    They’re always great when you look at their ststs or see them a few times a year…dont you understand that all they’ll be here is the next guys we’re screaming to get rid of and god forbid they get in the way of….hmm hmm…our kids

  40. From what I understand, when a player is making over $1mil there is no requirement for a raise, so we could qualify Antro at his current salary and see where he would go and for how much.

    He makes $2.15mil. Surely he’s worth that much?

  41. i’m really torn between keeping zherdev and keeping antro…i kinda would like to keep them both, but i know that would be tough

    i like antro a lot more than a lot of you people seem to like him…his productivity per game played is much better than anyone else

  42. the disappointing thing about Gomez, Dubi, and Z are that they all can deftly carry the puck into the zone, but they do not drive hard to the net with the puck. instead, they veer to the perimeter and look for a pass, or take a bad angle perimeter soft shot. if they drove hard to the net, they would draw penalties or score some goals or create some havoc in the crease for a teammate to tap in the rebound.

    I am sure that is what Torts is looking for them to do more of.

    Dubi is still learning, and gives the most hope to adjust his game. the other 2 seem unwilling to change, and that is really disappointing

    of course, then you have guys like Drury and Naslund, who are just lost causes. all you can hope from them is that they get to the net for rebounds, for that is all they are good for.

  43. Dump Roszival, Redden and Drury (via trade or minors) and we have cap space for Antrosoft and Zhervalev.


  44. antropov can be soft all he wants…he’s still a big presence in front of the net and has a great shot and good hands

    zherdev can be like kovalev all he wants…just try to keep it like kovalev in his past 8 games, or kovalev in his early years lol

  45. Great to see Naslund ahead of Z on the depth charts. Well earned, he will do alot. Feel bad for Cally, playing so well and stuck with Captain Clown and Old man Sweden. Interesting 1st line… can Antro keep up with Avery and Gomer? I would LOVE to see Naslund thrown to the 4th line, build a top 6 of Gomez, Dubi, Avery, Z, Antro, Cally. And a 3rd line for checking purposes of Drury Korpido and Shooz.

  46. I am down on Antro after the past few games. his defensive coverage has been abysmal, and he has not been driving to the net offensively as hard either.

    he could still go either way as far as wanting him around. it all depends on whether he helps them make the playoffs and how he performs in them.

    but, if he continues like he played the past few games, I say let him go.

  47. Hopefully someone will overpay for Dubi as well, so AA can get his shot next year. I would let Zherdev walk for draft picks and Cally is a must re-sign. The Rangers need talent, not 3rd, 4th line players that are currently on the roster. But then again this is what Sather excels at, signing players that are past there prime and wasting draft picks on players who suck (exception Marc Staal, Cally). Keep Antro, let Zherdev walk.

  48. We will not put any of our top contracts in Hartford in my opinion. I think it will send a message to free agents that if you have an off year, they will put you in the AHL. It will either drive the cost of us signing future FA’s way up in the stratosphere, or just take us out of the bidding altogether.

    Granted, our free agent signings have been awful so maybe that’d be a good thing, I do not see it as a likely scenario long-term.

  49. And Zherdev was a #4 overall pick. I really dont think its a smart trade to lose him for just a 1st and a 3rd rounder.

  50. Jive,

    What if that first rounder is from a team like Atlanta, or some other 26-30 team. That’s essentially a free lottery pick.

  51. Wow IM A GENIUS!!! Rereading my post it all makes sense and we wouldnt look half bad. If we did this:
    Avery – Gomez – Antro
    Cally – Dubi – Zherdev
    Sjos – Drury – Korpi
    Orr – Betts – Naslund

    Staal – Girardi
    Redden – Morris
    Roszi – Mara

    PP1: Zherdev – Gomez – Antro – Rozi – Cally
    PP2: Naslund – Drury – Avery – Morris – Mara

    PK: Keep



  52. Did anyone besides myself watch the Montreal game last night? If you noticed whenever Kovalev was on the ice Ruutu was right there in his face. If we want to win tonight aside from scoring some goals, Torts should tell Avery to get in Kovalevs face and take him mentally out of the game. Also to be sure Avery keeps his composure and not take a dumb penalty. I think if you do that then the Rangers win. Guilleme and Koivu were getting bumped hard and often and as a result, didn’t look like anything special.Montreal’s defense was nothing to brag about especially for the minute in which Heatley decided it was time to take over and score 2 goals.

    I truly think if the Rangers come to play the same way they did when the devils were at the Garden then they can win tonight.

    Montreals goal tending hasn’t been lights out this season either.

  53. BOSS April 7th, 2009 at 2:50 pm

    Wow IM A GENIUS!!! Rereading my post it all makes sense and we wouldnt look half bad. If we did this:
    Avery – Gomez – Antro
    Cally – Dubi – Zherdev
    Sjos – Drury – Korpi
    Orr – Betts – Naslund

    Staal – Girardi
    Redden – Morris
    Roszi – Mara

    PP1: Zherdev – Gomez – Antro – Rozi – Cally
    PP2: Antro – Drury – Avery – Morris – Mara

    PK: Keep



    I would even consider double shifting Antro and tell him to plant his ass in front of Price throughout the duration of the PP.


  55. I like Torts, but he gives Dreary too much ice time. Dubi is playing better than him, he should be on that second line. Dreary pretty much played a full two minute PP in the last game i think, and was on every time there was a PP, and got the majority of the time.

    This guy has four goals in his last 33 games i was reading. Obviously he’s doing nothing, so treat him like a 3rd liner, cause that’s how he’s playing.

    I hate Dreary. Do something for the team already, and i don’t mean once every 10+ games. He plays a great game against one of the worst teams in the league, that’s it. Every since that horrible Trashers game he’s been a god damn ghost. Loser !!

  56. Great Job Carp and Jane!!

    And Jane is that a Gray streak in your hair? Very hot!!


  57. I watched the habs play last night, They played a good game considering they are down their two best D men, Price is also sick so he won’t play, the other guy let a soft one in last night but between price and him there hasn’t been much differance. Niether has be great. The Rangers allways have their problems with the habs, but if there ever was a good time to beat them tonight would ideal. Oh yes this is back to back for the habs so they should be tired. Hopefully!!

  58. Sorry if I’m repeating, but the only way you get compensation for an RFA “walking” is if you make him a qualifying offer. If you just let him “walk”….he walks.

    If you want compensation, you have to take the risk that he signs the qualifying offer.

    Don’t worry, slats will F*ck it up. Bad.

  59. “Today is one of those days that I get real religious. You know the kind of day where I promise never to do any thing bad again if we win tonight !”

    Tony from AZ

    I thought you were going to be NICE???

  60. I love leaving work and seeing all the blue shirts walking to the Garden. LOL awesome!

  61. UESBlueshirt on

    Going to tonight’s game, hopefully it turns out like the last time I went to a game, the 6-1 drubbing of the Avalanche. Hopefully playing at home will minimize the “phantom” penalties the Rangers seem to get assessed whenever they play the Habs. At this point regulation or extra time wins don’t concern me, just get 2 points.

    I agree with everyone that has said regardless of the result of this season (playoffs or not) this team needs fundamental changes for next season. Even if by some miracle they win the Stanley Cup, they’re more likely to be like the Carolina team of 2006 than a Red Wings type perennial contender.

    Last week during the Carolina game I was recounting with my friend about all the wasted drafts the Rangers have had in the past decade. It’s somewhat ironic however that the Rangers have a ton of former 1st and 2nd round picks on their team right now:

    Gomez (1998, 1st)
    Dubinsky (2004, 2nd)
    Korpikoski (2004, 1st)
    Naslund (1991, 1st)
    Antropov (1998, 1st)
    Sjostrom (2001, 1st)
    Zherdev (2003, 1st)
    Mara (1997, 1st)
    Morris (1996, 1st)
    Redden (1995, 1st)
    Staal (2005, 1st)

    I think this demonstrates two things. First is that no 1st round pick, even lottery picks are a guarantee of stardom. Second is, despite some of these players being disappointing vis a vis their draft positioning what does that say about the Rangers who are taking other teams draft busts?

  62. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    I know Chris Drury loves his holidays, we all know that.

    With that in mind, would it be prudent to ask him if the Rangers only got one point tonight, would it ruin his Good Friday? I would bet not, but i’m curious.

    That’s the consumate winner! He doesn’t let anything get him down!

  63. If I got 7 big ones a year….every froday would be a good friday and nothing could ever ruin one

  64. Drury won’t let anything ruin his day. He’s the consummate “Play hard for the contract…coast afterwards” player we rip to pieces.

    He’s brought it on himself with his shitty play, poor leadership, and asinine quotes.

    Two years in, he’s only getting worse.

  65. Orr,

    Couldn’t agree more… The “Captain” needs to sit. He turns the puck over way to much in the neutral zone in key situations these days.

    I’d double shift Dubinsky in the crunch. He creates and has the size/speed to open up the offensive zone.

    Chris Drury can’t even shine Blair Betts’ shoes.

  66. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    tony- lol they should be wearing cotton. no more seinfeld references!!!!!

  67. i was just watching highlights on youtube from rangers thrashers game 3 a few years ago

    does anyone else kinda miss nylander? he isn’t doing much on washington…it feels like it’d be kinda nice to have him back

  68. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    brandon- no way man. the capitan doesnt sit ever!!!! you know that hes gonna get his 3rd game winning goal tonight!!!!!!!!! and afterwards, he’ll say how the 1 point we got against the craps was the deciding factor in us making the playoffs and he will be a hero in this city for the next millenium!!!!!! also, hes gonna score the game tying goal in the 2012 home opener against the kansas city islanders!!!. cmon man, and that 1 point will get us into 8th place that year!!!!!!!!!


  70. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    yes rob- i do miss michael highlander!! he actually skated circles around everyone and then dished to jags for a sweet goal!! problem is, theres no way we couldve kept him and gotten chris drury at the same time. and you know who made out good on that deal!!!! oh yea matt cullen too. everyone thought he was a bad 2nd line center but actually it was shanny who couldnt keep up with him.

  71. Give Blair Betts Drury’s ice time and linemates you’d probably have the same offensive production. And certainly wouldn’t give up the puck nearly as much…and then retreat to the bench oblivious to the action on the ice behind him.

    It’s shocking on a daily basis to watch Drury on the ice and think how little he contributes to this team’s success.

  72. GardenFaithfulinFLA on

    Got a chuckle on the way home. Saw a license plate on a car sitting in the turn lane that actually said Potvin. Needless to say, I did yell Potvin Sucks on the way by! They couldn’t miss the Ranger magnets on my car!

  73. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    ues- gomez, naslund, dubinsky, zherdev, redden and staal arent busts. redden, naslund, shoe, have been busts with the rangers, but have had great careers, besides shoe. doobs is a bust this season and is destined to be a 3rd line center but ya never know. could be a soph slump.

  74. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    cjp- no, sry, chris drury is better than betts. betts is a good pk’er. thats it. drury at least has good pk skills and can contribute on offense. lol j/k !! UR RIGHT!

  75. bull dog line on

    enough with this Blair Betts crap. he is a 4th liner who will produce nothing on O no matter who his linemates are.

  76. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    hey bulldog, leave betts alone man, hes doin his job, at least

  77. bull dog line on

    Sorry Mike,
    your are right, Betts does do his job. just get tired of hearing how wonderful he is and how wonderful he could be with better linemates.

  78. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    blair betts and shoestring are the main reason we have a great pk. chris drury who spends 2 minutes parking his fat ass in front of the net on the pp, is 10 x more useless than betts is concerning his role on the team and the amount of money he gets paid for doin it.

  79. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    bulldog- i hear ya, i know betts is nothing but a 4th liner, who is all heart, no talent, but i like the guy. he reminds me of a new yorker. he has the work ethic and sacrifices everything for the good of the team. he has hardly any penalty minutes, but spends half the game killing them bailing out our lazy “stars”

  80. Drury actually has 10 Powerplay goals.

    Statistic surprised me considering I didnt think we had 10 PPG as a TEAM.

  81. bull dog line on

    you might have gotten an argument out of me on Drury before the season started. But it is obvious that Drury, Redden, Naslund and to an extent Gomez are the main reason the season and this team has been bad.

  82. Betts at least earns his salary…Drury isn’t worth a fifth of his salary.

    I’ll say it again because I keep hoping if I rip him enough the stiff will actually come through for once.

    MYTH – Chris Drury is a proven winner, a born leader, a tenacious penalty killer and an outstanding defensive player while also strong on the puck.

    REALITY – Chris Drury is a very small player who shows little to no leadership on the ice, consistently coughs up the puck, is knocked off the puck very easily and is often uninvolved in what’s happening on the ice.

    EARN YOUR FREAKIN SALARY YOU BUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Okay…I feel better….Go Rangers!!

  83. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    bulldog- i actually was very optimistic about the season and thought who better a captain than drury. i seen him yell and get fired up during the exhibition game in bern and said ok, hes taken this team as his own and is showing some passion and commitment to the rangers. he actually scored 2 pps and got us the win. before that, all of ourt preseason games were disappointments. so i said ok, hes gonna be a halfway decent replacement for jagr. and with more icetime and leadership role, i thought hed be thriving on this team. and even when torts topok over i said ok, now maybe he can get his game goin, but he hasnt,. i doubt he will be here in 2 years. maybe 1. he just isnt the same player that he was earlier this season and in his career.

  84. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    cjp- one thing that really gets me about dru is that he never ever has a good position to shoot. he is always taking bad angle shots. he is too small to be in front of the net, but he tries playing like ryan smith and isnt as fast and isnt as good in close. he gets lucky tip ins that amount to half his goal production. and the 10 ppgs he has, thats all well and good, but 5 on 5 he has 10. 10 all year!!!!

  85. “Drury actually has 10 Powerplay goals.

    Statistic surprised me considering I didnt think we had 10 PPG as a TEAM.”

    -I laughed, then sort of cried at the fact that if we knew how to score pp goals we might be #1 in the east not 9th

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