Montreal, check. Now Philly


The Rangers can clinch with a win over Philly on Thursday. The 3-1 win over Montreal and an assist from the Flyers with a 2-1 win over Florida means the Rangers just need one out of the next two games to mathematically eliminate the Panthers.

Here are some post game quotes.

John Tortorella on Ryan Callahan (below accepting the Steven McDonald award)…

“He is a guy we seem to talk about a lot here. We have shifted him over to that line (and) I think he makes that line. Just little plays like that, he is involved in stuff like that all night long. Some plays that people don’t even notice. That is his foundation. That is why he is such a good player. That is why he ends up with more offensive chances because he knows how to play away from the puck, do the little things. I thought he and Chris (Drury) were outstanding, and (Markus) Naslund. Naslund played a good game.”

Henrik Lundqvist on tonight’s game…

“We are going to go for it Thursday. It is a big game again. We have a great opportunity to play great now and go into the playoffs feeling really good. If we take care of business and do our job here on Thursday that (will be) the case. Rest tonight, have a good practice tomorrow and then get ready for a big battle. Playing Philly here is going to be great, a good atmosphere. The last home game before the playoffs hopefully. I am looking forward to it. It is a fun time of the year. It is exciting, it is intense. That is the key for us as well – to try to enjoy it even though it is a lot of pressure. You have to have fun.”


Henrik Lundqvist on Chris Drury…

“He has been really sharp lately. We all know it. When it comes down to big games, he always steps up. That is why he is one of the best players. He knows where to be and knows what to work on. When the game gets more important, that is the way he is.”

Chris Drury on tonight’s game…


“I thought we had a good consistent effort. Obviously, we know where we’re at and how big each game is. We needed this one. Guys responded. I think we were in their zone quite a bit, so it limits them. (We had) a good offense and a good defense.”

And lastly, here’s a little Paul Mara snippit, he says they’ll be ready on Thursday, and they’ll win.


Update: Here’s the link to the game recap on The fabulous Carp will be out at practice this morning and have something for you all later. If you want to check out the video chat we did yesterday you can still find it archived here, or check out any of the chats done all season including those conducted by the Great Sam Weinman. He by the way is at the Masters this week, at a golfing event he alleges to be a “sport.”

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  1. Ripped from hockeyrodent

    Rangers odds for playoff seed spot

    0.0% first
    0.0% second
    0.0% third
    0.0% fourth
    0.0% fifth
    0.0% sixth
    30.8% seventh
    60.1% eighth
    8.5% ninth
    0.7% tenth

  2. I am so happy right now. I have not been this happy since the times when I used to fart w/o messing up my pants. Eh, good old times… (:


    and don’t forget that Redden will score the Cup clinching goal in double overtime in game 5! And Mark Messiers Legacy will be wiped off!

  3. Sean Avery, 2009 Bill Masterton Award Winner (awarded annually to the National Hockey League player who best exemplifies the qualities of perseverance, sportsmanship, and dedication to ice hockey).

    Kid is getting no respect, no respect at all, from ANYONE.

  4. Repost for some of you jokers

    HUUUUGE win tonight.
    I would LOVE if everyone here could scroll up and read through the posts.
    Seriously shows how fickle 85% of the fans are on this board, and I like to think the fans here are more intelligent that most Rangers fans
    In one single, well played, Rangers VICTORY, people have:
    Made Drury out to be a savior because of 1 game
    Thrown Dubi under the bus for taking a TWO MINUTE minor
    Called Lundqvist a hack and suggested trading him
    Saying Redden’s 14mph shots on goal are an improvement
    Almost getting upset at Callahan for one play
    Seriously, stop being such fairweather fans. Its one thing to demand a certain level of play from your big guns. Its another to turn into Red Sox fans. Get a hold of yourselves and act like youve been a New York fan for more than a month you hacks.

  5. CCCP…

    Ofcourse, and then there will be people on this blog posting for years stuff like…

    “Yeaaah boyyy, I told ya Pearn knew his shizzle when he begged to bring Redden over”

    “Redden is the man…A good buddy of mine met him at a NYC club in 2009 and he was the coolest guy ever and Redden knows how to party big time…makes him play better”

    “Told you that all Redden needed was a change of scenery….I have been saying that all year….anyone who doubted him is not a real Rangers fan”

  6. Jive

    Good post. You’re right — the kvetching and queefing of many on a minute to minute, day to day basis is often an embarrassment.

    The fact that a lot of people here were calling out HL for a shpt he never saw that banked in off the post —– while ignoring a great number of huge saves he made throughout —– does not speak well for their hockey IQs.

  7. Thanks Rig

    I mean, clearly a 93%+ save percentage tonight with a 1.00 GAA is not good enough for our Blueshirts. Lets swap Henrik for Prucha and Montoya.

  8. Jive April 7th, 2009 at 11:33 pm

    Thanks Rig

    I mean, clearly a 93%+ save percentage tonight with a 1.00 GAA is not good enough for our Blueshirts. Lets swap Henrik for Prucha and Montoya.

    you forgot that Hank is responsible for the 1-0 loss on Sunday.

    Seems some morons here would rather go back to the Mike Duhnam/ thinking Kevin Weekes is our #1 days.


  9. I was at the game tonight and trust me, those Stupid Subway logos were not really on the glass like that! I am so glad I didnt have to watch the entire game with those dumb things up there. This could ruin hockey for me.

  10. good win. need 1 more. please do it on thursday so Sunday mean jack.

    Drury is a good 25 or so goal scorer the problem is people want him to score 40, and that is not happening.

    Naslund looked the best he has in a while…

    Korpedo looked fine…..

  11. Jane,

    Thanks for being on top of things again and getting these audio clips up so quickly after the game. Saw that you guys were using and Apple in the video preview…Go Mac!

    Solid effort from the Rangers tonite. They need to put it away on Thursday at home against Philly.

    And Sather HAS to find a way to keep Antropov–he’s the only guy on the team that’s semi-Jagr like, in that he’s just a huge lug that can’t be taken down without 2 guys hanging off of him. And to boot, he’s got great hands, as good or better than Zherdev, who isn’t strong on the puck at all, and gets knocked off too easily.

    I’d rather Slats keep Antropov versus Zherdev, if he can’t keep both.

    Go Rangers!!

  12. Liquid:

    I would love Washington. I know this sounds crazy since they are a freaking scoring threat from all angles, but since they are so poised offensively, I think we have a chance to forecheck them and keep them off of their game. Also, I feel we can rely on hank for some great goaltending and turning play the other way for alot of break out goals.

    Boston on the other hand has Thomas and he’s the NHL’s cinderella story. Everyone loves him. They also come with a great group of supporting cast at every position. But the most important reason they are better than washington is that they are win a game 8-7 and they can grind out a 1-0 OT5 thriller. I always noticed that the one seed in hockey starts to get pressured more and more as they slip into the playoffs. EX: buffalo where we totally slowed them down to allow ottawa to take advantage and last year where the habs were worn down by the bruins to be destroyed by the flyers in the next round.

    but hey, we are moving up to 6th right? screw the devils! haha

  13. LIQUID: Boston or Washington?

    I think the Rangers match up better against Washington, who don’t have much high level playoff experience–other than Federov.

    Even though the Blueshirts did pretty well over the season series against Boston, I think the Bruins are too tough right now. Though I think the Rangers could take them, it might take too much gas out of them for a deep run–which I don’t really expect anyway.

    The Rangers’ best bet to get at least into the 2nd round would to be if they somehow met the Devils in the first round…ah, Avery vs “Fatso”, Round 2?! Priceless!!

  14. Jive – I never said Drury was a savior i’m saying hes not that bad

    why is that going over everyone’s head?

  15. Actually, this was one of the best games that the Rangers have played, as a totally integrated team effort this season. Most of the other games that they’ve won have been a combination of either a single line, or a few players who have excelled, combined with a spectacular effort by Lundqvist,( and a few lucky breaks.)

    The game last night was exemplified by typical Callahan all over the ice mania that absolutely has opponents going crazy trying to keep track of him. He is so relentless that they are often surprised to see him under their armpits when they least expect him to be there, and he’s scored some key goals by doing this. There no other forechecker I can think of that has this quality.

    If anything – he is sorely unapprecaited in the league.

  16. LIQUID – Those are not odds, those are percentage chances. Only horse players appreciate and understand the difference.

  17. Kind of got a chuckle out of Larry Brooks this morning.

    “The Canadiens are hurting, forced to play without defensemen Andrei
    Markov and Mathieu Schneider. Of course the Rangers are forced to play
    with Wade Redden, so that makes things kind of even.”…usp_163482.htm

  18. Hey deja

    Wasnt singling you out, not at all. In fact, I like Drury. Think hes a solid 2nd line center. Not sure how I feel about him as Captain/vocal leader, but I do not mind him being on the team at all.

    I think I would prefer Boston to Washington. I know the old phrase “defense wins championships” but I think Boston can be rattled easier. I think the Avery incident will carry over into the playoffs, and I think as a #1 seed with so many young players they might not be ready for the pressure/expectations that the Bruins fans/media are going to put on them.

    Tim Thomas is having a great year but I do not see him being able to take over an entire series. I CAN, however, see Ovechkin taking over a series on his own. Washington just feels like they are ready to move out of the first round this year. I dont get the same feeling from Boston. I know they have the better record and better goaltending, but I dont see them shutting out the Blueshirts anymore than they already have.

  19. if the SJO fits on

    I wouldn’t mind playing Boston in the first round. Both teams play close games against eachother, and this time around Avery will be on the minds of those players EVEN MORE.

  20. Jane:

    Shop talk question for you (from another journalist who covers Wall Street): What recording device do you use? The quality is very good.

  21. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    deja- i loved that we won last night and that drury finally did something captain like and won us a game we really needed to. antro got the game winner, but drury and cally just played great. dru couldve had another 2 goals with some of his scoring chances. i hope this isnt a fluke,and maybe it will set him up for the playoffs now. getting 2 big goals should really help get him goin. naslund did good too. i think torts mustve demanded they start performing or next season they are gone. but, its only 1 game. so we shall see if they can keep it goin with a win over philly. i really wanna like drury. i want him to be a good captain and leader. hes not vocal, so he has to make the big plays that captains do when theyre needed. but like i said its 1 game, im not gonna forget all the time he coasted thru the season. but if he and naslund can play like this the rest of the way, i’ll be happy. redden- there might be no hope for this guythough

  22. Blaze – that was a funny line, although i thought Redden was OK last night: some good passes and simple plays and has seemed to be keener to shoot from the point recently – still not worthy of his contract though.

    I thought Drury was very good, Cally was great, Avery and Gomez were seemingly everywhere at times and the rest of them played solidly apart from an invisible Zherdev.
    As for the Habs, they look a bit lost without their top 2 defensemen and i don’t fancy their chances if Price plays like that again – we might even snatch 7th off them.

  23. If there is any group of people who are not going to exaggerate what one win means its the people on this blog…

    Most of whom were crucified for getting on the past coach, being called non-fans because we dared question Ranger management even as they won one…and lost one…all year

    yeah…we know what one win is…its one win

    But if you are not going to celebrate a two goal performance by the captain at this time of year…in a game we won by two goals…then you’ll never be positive…

    Big win!!
    Lets do it again

  24. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Chris Drury stepped up! Woohoo! Our Captain!

    Ok, i’ll save the pleasantries because I still don’t think he’s that good. But I am DAMN happy he did his job and stepped up.

    That said, if he doesn’t score those two goals he KNOWS all he hears this summer are questions about that one point ruining his “CHRIS”tmas. He needed to score to avoid the scrutiny.

    Sarcasm aside, good for him.

  25. Cakewalk, thanks for clarifying that….Who do you like in the Derby next month : )

  26. I only got to watch the highlights last night, so a few thoughts:

    That play from Avery to Antropov was pretty awesome. The way that we usually try to forecheck and press the D on the other team makes me think that we would be better suited to face Washington than Boston. Does that make me crazy?

    It makes me sick to hear Giannone in Jane’s audio clips ask about Drury’s goals in context with the time of year because it is *soooooooo clutch*.

    I was impressed with Avery just skating away after that big hit on him. He did not look for retirbution at all at that time as he was needed to skate back to the zone to play defense. I did hear that Antropov did a bit of damage, though.

    Those Subway ads in the third were slightly hideous, but I feel like I would begin to ignore them if I saw them there for a while. I feel like I have seen the ads like that some time before, but I can’t quite put my finger on it.

    I laughed out loud when I saw that the Islanders were beaten 9-0 by the Hurricanes, and the Islanders were only able to get 12 shots while they gave up 57. Is Erik Cole really that big of a difference for the ‘Canes?

  27. Whoever was around the area of Section 330 last night, that was great what had happened toward the end of the 3rd period. I was by Section 302 and I was hearing @sshole chants from Section 330 next thing I see is I believe a Canadian fan flings his beer at everyone around him and gets the @ss kicking of a lifetime from everyone at Section 330.

  28. I love to see them get the 7th spot to avoid Boston in the 1st round. Montreal has Boston and Pittsburgh and the Rangers have home and home with Philly. Getting 7th would actually setup a matchup for Boston and Montreal which has always had history.

  29. Ever since last nights 3rd period I’ve had a sudden crave for SUBWAY…. mmmmmmm SUBWAY

  30. I had center-ice on last nite so every break I’d surf thru the other games…I didnt see these subway commercials…I did see the subway signs on the glass behing each goal however during the game…are those really there? or are they like the fake colored lines that football networks show you

  31. By the way…i heard that the Islanders used up their entire bullpen in last nights debacle

  32. From my understaning, Garth Snow was going to suit up as a 3rd backup however by the time he got by the bench the game was over.

  33. From my understanding, Garth Snow was going to suit up as a 3rd backup however by the time he got by the bench the game was over.

  34. Second best game of the season (Blanking the Debbies was the other)

    Gomer was flying
    Drury was THE CAPTAIN
    Cally – what mroe can we say
    Hank – Solid
    Antro, Avery – excellent
    NAslund – When did he wake up? Guess he’s been “saving” himslef for the stretch into the playoffs?
    I even liked Dubi boarding the le Douche player face first.

    So happy this morning!!


    And thanks Philthy for beating the panthers

  35. NYRanger4Life on

    I was at the game last night, maybe one of the better performances I have seen from them all year. One more win and that will do it. Hopefully REDDEN wont fick it up! Him and Morris tried their hardest last night to turn the pill over in our zone.

    One quick story on how I now think MONTREAL fans are the biggest scumbags on earth:

    A marine and his son are sitting in front of my brother and I. He noticed we were drinking, and kindly asked us not to curse, b/c he was with his 5 yr old. No problem I told him…but I did say to him that I BOO Redden whenever he has the puck. (naturally)
    Anyway, little did he (and I) know that sitting next to me, were the biggest bunch of trashbag Canadian fans in the world. THey didnt stop dropping (screaming) F-bombs and anti-gay comments about the Rangers AND Canadians. To make matters worse, every time Koivu touched the puck they would scream Cancer. I’ve never witnessed such low class in the 20 yrs i’ve been going to games. Everyone around was telling them to STFU, but to no avail. Forget the fishstick fans and Philly fans – there is now a new barometer for douche.

  36. I think we’re much better off against Boston than Caps.

    As for Drury, he really did have a solid game, but take a look around. He’s been invisible all year…again…and he is a huge reason we are clawing for a playoff spot…again.

    Say he FINALLY showed up and had a good game, don’t say that he’s synonymous with the word “clutch”. Anyone who’s been watching knows that is _utter bullsh1t_. The guy is an embarrassment to American hockey.

    I’ve also never seen someone flipflop on a subject as much as mike in iowa perkins. jeezus.

  37. Those Subway were terribly distracting!


    Why? Why?

    I’m off for a $5 footlong.

  38. CARP,

    Do you think Callahan can be a consistent 30 goal scorer in this league? What do you think the ceiling is for him? Can you post something on this.

    How do you see Dubinsky developing. Do you think he stays at center or moves to wing. I feel his stock has fallen and has been overtaken by Callahan. Should be interesting to see how they are compensated in the off-season as RFA’s.


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