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It couldn’t have fallen any better for the Rangers than it has. They have won one of their last five games and yet they can still make the playoffs — still, even, finish seventh.

But the losing must stop tonight. It must.

Seventh-place Montreal lost to Ottawa last night. Not only that, but the Habs’ Mathieu Schneider and Andrei Markov are out for the season. And goalie Carey Price is battling the flu. And the Canadiens come to MSG tonight having played last night, and three in four nights, while the Blueshirts have been off and rested since Saturday afternoon.

The only downside for the Rangers is that two-time Ranger Alex Kovalev is smokin’ hot (8-8-16 in his last seven games) and we all know that, when he wants to play, he’s as dangerous as any player in the league. And he always wants to play against the Rangers.

But the Rangers can close to within one of the Habs with a win tonight, and maybe put some distance between themselves and the Panthers who are at Philadelphia.

Flip side: If the Rangers lose, they can kiss seventh goodbye, and they might have to sweep the Flyers Thursday and Sunday, and get help, to make the playoffs.

Here are two other bonuses for the Rangers: 1) Buffalo lost last night and pretty much removed itself from the proceedings; 2) The Habs play a style opposite of the Boston system that stifled the Rangers’ pop-gun offense Saturday, so this should be a skating, attacking game, one perhaps, dare we say, in which there could be seven goals or more scored.


ONE FINAL REMINDER: Jane and I will do a live video chat today at 1 p.m. You can access it here.

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Just wanted to add that this is probably the best sports week of the whole year: NCAA championship game (yawner that it was), Opening Days, the Masters and the last week of the NHL’s wild playoff races.

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  1. BIG WIN TONIGHT!!! W000000000000000000!!!
    Avery should at least be an assistant captain next season.
    Carp, how much cap space does the team have to make any offseason acquisitions? if any at all?

  2. Kris, well, it’s complicated. They have $42 million plus committed for next season, and the cap it expected to be in the $52-$54 million range … but they only have 10 players under contract for next season. They have a whole bunch of free agents, including Mara, Dubinsky, Callahan, Zherdev and Antropov. In other words, they don’t have much room at all, if any.

    Look for yourself at:

  3. Thanks for the quick reply Carp. Basically we as fans are looking at the same cast of characters for the next few years?!

  4. onecupin69 +years on

    With the awful season they are having and the terrible job Sather did constructing this team, they deserve not to make the playoffs.

  5. On the up side of things, if the Rangers do win tonight, win one against the Cheesesteaks and play well in the other, they will have a “hot streak” going into the playoffs. C’mon men…you can do it!

  6. I think the Rangers can actually take a Bruins team in the playoffs. It will work ala Avery against the Thrashers and Devils in the first round of the previous two post seasons.

  7. onecupin69 +years on

    First Fire sather.
    Let Mara , zerhdev and andro walk, resign Dubi and callahan, then try to trade redden with Dubi as bait.
    Trade hank, he’s got value .
    Start cleaning house again, but sather will stay and they’ll over pay UFA and off they go again.

  8. As flawed as this team is, we’ve come this far. Rooting against them making the playoffs is not an option. As long as there are games left to be played, there’s always a chance right? But man, do the big-ticket guys need to step up tonight and this week, or what?! I’m looking at you, Drury…

    I will be at the Garden tonight and I’m really excited. It’ll be my last game of the year, and I have a good feeling going into it. The Habs are stumbling a little bit, and I think the Rangers will be energized by the home crowd tonight and Thursday and put two great games forward. We shall see.

  9. Jack– I hope they make it but even if they win the last 3, winning 4 out of 9 isn’t the hot streak that I hoped for going to the playoffs. I can see Pit and Carolina doing something as they have been playing really well heading into the playoffs. Everybody is falling down, can these guys tough it up and take care of business this week?

    Kris– thank you for not doing the FIRST!!!! thing.

  10. There is no way that all 4 of Rozy-Redden-Gomez and Drury are with this team next year

  11. onecupin69 +years on

    Rob and Rob C is the a real “C” like Drury’s?

    I’m not rooting against these chumps but I’m not rooting for them either,they are what they are, awful , inconsistent and stagnant, they aren’t growing and going nowhere but down.

    While other teams grow and get better.
    Trade hank ? Why not for the right players?
    You have to give something to get something, no one is going to take Redden and Drury straight up with their salaries and bad seasons. But you need a new GM.

  12. NYRanger4Life on

    Just picked up tickets for the game tonight. Section 95, best seats I’ve had all season, and for a reasonable rate too.

    This is arguably the most important regular season game (I can recall) the blueshirts have played in the last 5 years.


  13. Rob (the second) on

    who is going to take the net when lundqvist is gone you retard?

    vezina nominee for his first 3 seasons

    first goalie to get 30 wins in his first 4 seasons

    brought us to the playoffs 3 times out of 4 so far, and honestly, probably a 4th this year – he got us through the first quarter of the season with more than stellar play

    and you’re calling him out?

    get out of here.

  14. Rob-section 309 tonight…….hope the place is rocking like it did last monday…..dubi step up his game tonight with two goals…..cmon blueshirts!

    i know we dont want to talk offseason yet but Rick who do you think goes….i think zherdev, mara, antropov, are definitely gonzo……dubi and callahan are the future got to get them signed

  15. onecupin69 +years on

    Rob the second , why get personal with me because I voice an opinion that you don’t like?
    There is a goalie other than Hank , with less numbers than Hank who will win the cup this year.

    You don’t need Hank to win a cup, get that through your brain, its all business, they still lose with hank 1-0 where’s the scoring, I’d trade hank in a minute for a 40 goal man, there’s goalies out there.

  16. Rob (the second) on

    what goalies are out there? please list a few that are possible acquisitions?

  17. Rob (the second) on

    ps – i want the rangers to try to hold onto antropov – he can be a 30+ scorer next year

  18. onecup, trading Hank would be a mistake. He’s really the only piece of the puzzle that fits. If it’s not broken don’t fix it.

  19. Seth…

    The future?

    Zherdev has more raw talent and skill than Dubinsky and Callahan have in their left testicle.

    Zherdev will be resigned guaranteed.

  20. Don’t forget about the NCAA Frozen Four Thursday night! Bemidji St. vs. Miami (Ohio) & Boston University vs. Vermont

  21. oh man how great would it be if Pitt Flopped here….for those attending the game make sure you have your blackberries handy because dont count on MSG showing the scores of the tb pitt game or the flyers panters games-during the second intermission they will probably show the garden faithful that the flyers are panthers are tied 0-0 two minutes into the first period!!

  22. Dick- he may have more talent and better hands then dubi or callahan but he doesnt compete night in and night out…..i would take dubi and callahan in a heartbeat over zherdev-he wont even enter the trenches to battle for most loose pucks-his backchecking/defensive effort is pathetic and torts knows it…i wouldnt guarantee him coming back at all…

  23. Kaspar
    April 7th, 2009 at 10:14 am
    There is no way that all 4 of Rozy-Redden-Gomez and Drury are with this team next year

    My gosh I hope you are right. I know Redden isnt going anywhere. Out of the 4 I’d really like to Drury gone. Roszi would be a plus too that’s a good $12mm off the cap =D

  24. onecupin69 +years on

    Would anyone trade Hank for iginla? Or lacavalier?
    I would.

    Zherdev is walking, I don’t see him resigning here after these benchings and he’ll get better offers elsewhere.

  25. And this one will last a lifetime on

    Once again, the glass if half full.
    Like Carp said, we completely tank the last few games, and we still control our destiny with only three to play, and the outside chance that the last two will be against a team with not much on the line.

    And we get the tired batterred and bruised Habs badly in need of some rest and chicken soup.

    If Henrik does not play like one of the top 5 or 10 goalies in the world, what’s the difference?

    Come on boys, lets git er done!

  26. would anyone trade hank for iginla or lecavalier?


    i mean if your not willing to trade hank for a top 5 player in the league than your just not being rationale at all….can you imagine iginla wearing the C at MSG-that is Captain……Hank is very very good but Iginla/Vincent well there is a fine line between very very good and a centerpiece for building a franchise….

  27. Zherdev is by far the best player on the team when you look at potential superstar upside and 30g 45a + type years. I was watching highlight reels of his days in columbus, russia, etc and WOW just like his fellow top 10 russian players. Not sure why he hasnt pull that in NY. O Wait, I do…Renney likes to win or lose 2-1 and Torts likes to blame him for the fault of the other 20guys on the team. Gonna be sad when he signs with someone else and plays with like a Crosby and puts up 40g 55a years.

  28. Boss

    Did you see his end to end rush when they were down a goal against the Hawks? That was one amazing goal. They went on to score in OT I think to win the game too :)

  29. And to everyone even mentioning trading Hank… please STFU.
    And to anyone thinking we have a shot at a 30g+ scorer through a trade or signing, not happening for next 5years so also STFU. Realization is that our Big paid guys (Gomez, Captain, Naslund) will be our role players (at best) and we have to hope our role players (Cally, Dubi, Korpi) will become some sort of stars and atleast one (most likely Cally) will be a 30g guy.

  30. I hope Zherdev signs a HUGE offer sheet with a non-rival like Atlanta and we get 4 lottery picks! ahahahahahahaha

  31. Carp… say hello to me and answer, what do you, and others think the lines will be if Antro plays?
    Basically im saying KEEP Z ON THE 1st Line!!! Binkkk

  32. Boss:”Zherdev is by far the best player on the team when you look at potential superstar upside and 30g 45a + type years. I was watching highlight reels of his days in columbus, russia, etc and WOW just like his fellow top 10 russian players. Not sure why he hasnt pull that in NY. O Wait, I do…Renney likes to win or lose 2-1 and Torts likes to blame him for the fault of the other 20guys on the team. Gonna be sad when he signs with someone else and plays with like a Crosby and puts up 40g 55a years.”

    Couldn’t have said it better myself Boss. Nikolai has superstar potential and is still very young. He is an untapped resource but with a little coaxing he can surely be a consistant 30-40 goal scorer.

  33. Boss-

    I am a huge fan of HANK–I AM trust me…..but ur just not being fair if your not taking a top 5 player in the league for hank….hank is probably top 5 goalies in the league but for a 31year old iginla or a 29 year old lecavilier the TRADE IS DONE…….i am not saying even to trade hank but for a top 5 player YES it has to get done…..this is the problem with NY we overrate our players way way too much….i agree with your second comment-we need dubi korpi and callahan to score somewhere btw 60-75 goals next year….korpi probably has one of the best wrist shots on the team and is a big guy with decent skill but i dont think he has had a total of 2 minutes of PP time all season long…..i think he skates well, plays very good defense-i dont know why we dont roll out a line of dubi-cally-korpi on the pp-i mean nothing has even come close to working so far this year—its tough to put callahan on the point now with such little practice but naslund sit him on the bench during the PP……

  34. bull dog line on

    i think a lot of the people on here dont understand where you are coming from on Hank. he has alot of value, trading him could open cap space and bring you back a hefty return in players. you could reshape the team in one shot. maybe you force the team that wants him to eat one of our bad contracts in any trade as well. i am not sure i would do it, but it definitely has merit.

  35. Trade Hank? Only if it gets you Malkin. Sather needs to dump a big contract and the only one that is remotely tradeable is Rozsival… Redden/Drury/Gomez are here until the end or if they go LTIR.

  36. Henrik Lundqvist will be a career NY Ranger. Get over it and stop discussing it. The only player in the running for Lundqvist would be Ovechkin.

    Iginla? Lecavalier? Please…

  37. One cup

    I completely understand the logic….he is our only valueable assett…as such will we win a cup with him in the next few years?

    The dirty-rotten-GD shame of it all is it wouldnt have to be even thought about if not for contracts given to the Fab Four

    they need to do something…I hope it doesnt come to that…shoot I’d AHL Redden and Rozi first…theres $11M

  38. One Cup….I usually like your postings and more often then not I agree with you.

    But I draw the line on the “Trade Hank” statement. I cannot think of any person with hockey knowledge or brains who would agree with you. Now if you said, “Do whatever you can to dump Redden,” or “See if you can lose Gomer or Drury for something,” or anything near those type statements I would not call you out. You are entitled to your opinion. But when that opinion turns out to be either a grenade intended to start fires or is just a “I am entitled to my opinion no matter how ludicrous it is,” then I have to take you to task.

    Trading Hank? That has to be one of the silliest hockey analyses I ever heard. This is his 4th season? He has been a Vezina nominee 3x I think? He has 30 wins per year in 4 seasons? He won a gold for Sweden in the Olympics. And we should trade him because franchise goalies are a dime-a-dozen? Do me a favor, name more than one team that has won a Cup in the last 30 yrs without a marquee goalie. I say name more than one because maybe, MAYBE there was a Cam Ward-type guy who managed to get hot.

    And this year Hank’s stats are decent (he has had some boner games, no doubt) but for Pete’s sake he is playing with Redden and Roszival in front of him as his #2 and #3 D-men. Give me a break. He is the reason we are still in the playoff hunt. I wish someone had the stats on # of oddman rushes we have given up this year and how many were thwarted by Hank. Also, how about the SHG we have given up? Usually those are breakaways and those are due to boneheaded plays by our skaters.

    Picture this….no Hank in the nets next year but Vinny L here instead. So we have Rosy, Redden, Girardi, and whatever marginal D-men next to Staal and some sieve like Wiikman in the nets. Thank God we have Vinny L…he will score 50 goals and 100 assists so we will have a real contender…with no goalie. Yeah, right.

    D wins Cups. Goalies win Cups. One superstar marquee player doesn’t. Even Ovechkin cannot do it himself. Washington’s biggest hole is their goaltending. Look at the Pens with Cindy, Malkinstein, Gonchar, etc etc…..without Fleury they will go NOWHERE.

    One Cup, I am as frustrated as the next guy. I have had season tix since the 70s. And there are about 8 players I would think about purging from this team including just f-ing waiving Redden goodbye. (Guys am I right that if we waive him we have to pay him but it DOESN’T count against the cap??) But there are a few untouchables on this team and Hank has to be one. Sorry. Goalies like him don’t come along that often.

    He and Staal are the two you build this team around. I would throw Cally in there too. I might throw Dubi as its only really his 2nd season but I wish he had not stagnated so soon.

    But trading Hank….that one is just too far out there.

  39. Ovechkin also has the monster, Green, helping him. Green has 70 points!!.. Jurcina, the next highest scoring d-man for the Caps has 14!!!!!!!!

  40. Best way to clear some kind of space next year is to dump Wade Redden and purge him from the NHL where he clearly can’t play anymore (and worse…doesn’t even WANT to play). Then look for a team still stupid enough to believe the myth that is Chris Drury and tell him he either accepts a trade or he’ll be waived and sent down to Hartford.

    Gomez can still be effective with the right wingers. Drury has shown little to nothing this season. Especially the “little things” he’s supposed to be so good at. Get rid of him and end his little fantasy camp experience here in NY.

    Imagine if we could shed just those two salaries alone. We can pick up a midget third liner to replace Drury and a pylon to replace Redden.

    Biggest game in years tonight. Why do have a sinking feeling the Rangers will be outworked by a tired Montreal team? I’m trying to remain optimistic…but this team gives you very little to be optimistic about.

    That said…LET’S GO RANGERS

    And Drury, choke on your mouthpiece…if you don’t show up tonight, please choke on it.

  41. Trading Henrik Lundqvist would be the death-knell for this franchise for the foreseeable future. You build from the goaltender out. Right now, the Rangers have a marquee goalie, two solid young defensemen in Girardi and Staal, and a few prospects on their way up as well. I actually think that if the Redden-esque signings stop (they probably won’t as long as Sather is in charge), the Rangers will be in decent shape.

    But the whole point is this: you already have one of the most important pieces of the puzzle: the elite goaltender. You don’t trade him.

  42. Who knows
    maybe next year will eb the year some of you get oyur wish with more than one HArtford player making the roster to fill out the spots of guys we couldnt or would resign

    Anisimov, Potter Byers if he’s healthy and whoever else.

    And no Trading Hank. Forget it. thats the ONE thing Sather actually did right, he’s our centerpiece. Building around an all star goaltender is way easier than building around a superstar forward and with better success (Look at Atlanta)
    Kovalchuck amazing, carries the team for msot games, but with crappy goaltending,you still lose.

    Whatever we MUST WIN TONIHGT


  43. bull dog line on

    i will name a few goalies that have won the cup that are not franchise goalies.
    Ward is one. the Bulin wall is another, Chris Osgood, Bill Ranford, and Mike Vernon who is borderline franchise, but i will throw him in as well.

  44. Ward caught fire at the right time (Staal also had a 100 point season)… as for Osgood…. he had Zetterberg, Franzen, Datsyuk, Lidstrom, Holmstrom, Rafalski, etc.. and now they have HOSSA!?

  45. Trading our FRANCHISE goaltender makes NO sense what-so-ever. We had this conversation before. Unless its Ovechkin, Malkin, Kovalchuk – getting anything less would be a loss. You have to think of the position you fill. That is a HUGE hole to fill. Where do you think the Caps would be if they had a Nabakov, Lundqvist, Kipper or Luongo in net? Where would the Wings be in LQ was their starter? The pool of good goalies is VERY thin… These are once in a lifetime players that you build the organization around. Im tired of the Rangers looking for some one’s else’s star to make it their own. We have a star goalie and I dont want him going anywhere.

    You also have to think of what this team has done most of the season. Lundqvist had to be PERFECT in those 1-0, 2-1 games to get any kind of win. The offense wasnt working at all!!!! Lundqvist isnt the problem on this team. The defense is VERY flawed and if Redden didnt have this killer of a contract they would have been able to tweak the team in the off season and fill some holes. Zherdev isnt the problem either. The team gets their character from their coach and captain and for the last 2 years who has been their coach Mr. 2-1 and Mr. Sleepy for our Captain. At least one was changed. Even if they miss the playoffs (which I hope they dont) there has been SOME change. I do believe Torts is the right coach for them, I think he can get the best out of almost every player he has. I think Redden is the only player who isnt salvageable…

  46. Cally = Torts favorite player. Richards was Torts favorite player on Tampa. Richards played the point, Cally will play the point. If not this year then certainly next.
    Our PP is basically missing a point man, other than that its not bad if strucutured ok. Gomez can pass, Z can be the sniper, Antro infront of the net is MONSTER, Cally has a sickkkkk shot now, idk what he has done but our best chances of direct shots the past month has been a Cally blast. Put someone whos not an idiot Dman (maybe Staal cause he shown ability to rush up the ice) and its not as terrible as it has been. Someone make Torts do this.

  47. Rob (the second) on

    osgood isn’t a franchise goalie? i forgot he’s played for so many other teams outside of the red wings…

  48. * correction. Jagr was a perfect fit for NY and he wanted to come here from the PENS. But they traded him to the Caps.

  49. i will be there sec 115
    i hope the playoff atmosphere will be in the garden both in the stands, but especially on the ice.

  50. Boss

    I think after the season is over and when/if they make any moves. Torts will have a solid idea of what he is dealing with. Renney had 4 years and he was still effing clueless about the team he had.

  51. bull dog line on

    How many round in the playoffs has Luongo won? Or Nabokov. Maybe you take a shot and revamp your team with one good trade (i know Sather will be making the trade). there are always goalies out there. Guys that haven’t had the chance yet to do it. Scott Clemenson won 25 games this year, there are guys.

  52. agreeed on callahan-great shot he just needs more exposure to the point position and as bad as the PP has been all season I think for the next three games get callahan PP time but not on the point unless we start 0-4 again and then torts has to send a message to those scrub dman who show no urgency (ie see REDDEN MARA ROSZIVAL)…..but i agree i think next year we go 4 forwards on the PP…..

    no one said we want to trade hank but for a top 5 player i would pull the trigger in my opinion…. i know goalies are vital i know he is by far our best player i understand all that….do any of you watch lecavilier or iginla night in or night out-my point is they are studs-top 5 players, i realize iginla is 31 but he is one hell uva Captain (no disrepect to the KING I LOVE HIM he stands on his head night in and night out)

  53. Any opinions on Gaborik being a top 10 forward in the league? I say he DEF IS!!! Dude has 7g 3a in 7games back scoring in everygame but 1, on a downswinging original Renney coached team, where the best player is Owen Nolan, lol. I would actually say he would be a PERFECT FIT with Gomez and Cally on a top line. I know he will be pricey, but Sather as dumb and fat as he is, knows how to manuver out of bad situations. Bink!!! Our only shot at a 40g scorer in the next 5years, gogogoogoggoog

  54. In my view there are only two real options to revamp this team during the offseason by freeing up cap dollars –

    1) Bite the financial bullet and put Redden on waivers
    2) Trade Drury or Gomez in a package with a Korpikoski/Dubinsky plus a prospect

    Neither scenario is likely.

  55. Either Gomez is traded ( I think he has trade value ) or Redden is sent to Hartford ( I think he has negative trade value ).

    That will put us in position to keep better value guys.

    The key to the cap is to fill the roster with good value players. We have a lot of bad value players right now.

  56. Contrary to the opinions of a lot of the bloggers here. Glen Sather is not completely brain dead, and he would have to be to trade Hank any time soon. Dispite having the odd bad game,Hank is still one of the top five goalies in the league. This team will only go as far as Hank can take them. If he gets hot the Rangers are going to be hard to beat. So lets hope he gets hot, and Torts figgers out the power play.

  57. Ease off on the trading/sending down of Drury. He has a “no-movement” clause in his contract which means he can’t be traded or sent to the minors without his consent. The best you are going to get is an Avery-type situation where he clears waivers and another team claims him at the NHL minimum with the Rangers on the hook for the rest – and that salary is on the Rangers cap.

    I am not sure what the story is if the Rangers want to buy him out. I know there are age restrictions (35, IIRC) and other salary cap issues that have to be taken into account IF (and it is a big if) the Rangers would like to buy out Drury or any of the other big-ticket busts. Off the top of my head, the only player who runs into the age restrictions is Naslund.

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