Who’s on D? (updated)


I got to thinking the other day when a bunch of you guys were rattling off all the bad defensemen in recent Rangers history. How many good ones have they had? Not many. Not many at all.

So I thought of it this way: You’d probably take all or any of the seven of the defensemen on the ’94 team on this team right now: Brian Leetch, Jeff Beukeboom, Sergei Zubov, Kevin Lowe, Jay Wells, Alex Karpovtsev and Doug Lidster.

So let’s exclude them.

Then let’s exclude the current group, just for the heck of it.

How many good to decent defensemen have the Rangers had over the last 20 years? These are the best I could name, and I included some who had promise here but were traded away, and some who ultimately were busts here, but played pretty well at some point. And there aren’t many at all.

Here are the best defensemen in that group the last 20 years:

James Patrick.
Mathieu Schneider.
Ulf Samuelsson.
Kim Johnsson.
Sylvain Lefebvre.
Vladimir Malakhov.
Mattias Norstrom.
Tomas Kloucek.
Darius Kasparaitis.
Fedor Tyutin.

How many of those would you like to have for these last three games?


Meanwhile, remember this. The first tiebreaker, victories, means that the Rangers are, in effect, ahead of the Panthers. Florida must do one-point better than the Rangers these last three games, or the Rangers get in. If the Rangers win two of three, they’re going to get in unless Florida can get five points out of its last three games. If the Rangers win one of three, Florida has to get three points.



Nik Antropov did not skate but said there is no structural damage in his lower body *(left knee). He plans to skate tomorrow morning, and coach John Tortorella expects that he may play tomorrow night against the Habs, according to both Steve Zipay’s and Andrew Gross’s blogs.

Also, borrowing from Andrew, these were the lines minus Antropov today:

Sean Avery-Scott Gomez-Nikolai Zherdev
Markus Naslund-Chris Drury-Ryan Callahan
Fredrik Sjostrom-Brandon Dubinsky-Lauri Korpikoski
Aaron Voros-Blair Betts-Colton Orr

Also, don’t forget our live web chat Tuesday at 1 p.m. Get your questions and comments ready.

UPDATE FROM JANE: Both games this week have moved to MSG Plus.

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  1. Sorry, had to get that out of the way.

    Carp, I cannot believe Tomas Pock or Tom Poti didnt make your list…obviously, Im kidding about Pock, but Poti def made more of a mark for himself with Washington than with us.

  2. i’d say 3…. Tyutin, Kasparitis, and Nordstrom. Hell I’d even take Kloucek over Redden and Roszival. But then again,what do I know, I’m just a girl :-)

  3. Kim Johnsson — liked his game a lot – one of the better late round picks the Rangers had
    Mattias Norstrom — Hated that we traded him for McSorley!!
    Alex Karpovtsev — liked his game a lot – safe D
    Tomas Kloucek — hated that his career was ruined by the knee injury
    Fedor Tyutin — liked his game a lot – safe D

  4. Rick,

    You forgot tom poti and i really am not trying to be sarcastic here-die hard ranger fan for the last 20 years and i think he would really help the PP….call me crazy but i would definitely take him over redden, mara, and probably roszival at this point….i was dead wrong i thought redden would have a great year and i thought roszy as a number 2 dman would be fabulous but the hip surgery did something because he is awfully slow these days….One thing torts figured out that renney obv didnt is that mara is pretty bad-i know he took less money to stay here and is physical but he is terrible……boy do we miss tyutin-underrated dman who played his game night in and night out…..so my lineup for what is a very interesting week would be as follows:


  5. If Zherdev doesn’t pan out….the Tyuten trade will go down as one of our worst ever…that guy is playing great in Columbus…he is out for all PPs, PKs and always gets played on double shifts during the last minutes of games….

  6. Eh I didnt think Schneider was all that great. I knew Kim Johnsson was gonna be good. But like the upper management never has patience with their young players.

    I would take Ulfie in a heart beat, Kaspar when he was nasty, Patrick in his prime & Tyutin. The rest were so-so.

  7. Kaspar

    Zubov trade – that was the worst. I still have faith in what Z can bring to the team.

  8. Drury's A Joke on

    I haven’t played in like 6 years, but I could have probably played better than Redden this season.

  9. Agreed. I could have had Poti on that list. He would easily be the best PP QB on the current team. I thought Schneider was really solid, and great on the PP, and surprisingly tough, when he was here. Of course, he became a free agent when the new GM arrived and wasn’t even considered. So they went out and overpaid Malakhov instead.

  10. Katerina Witt could have had a better year then Redden….

    When you think about it…it really came down to Jagr or Redden right…..eeesh

  11. Ulf. There are 3-4 D in the entire league (if that many) that can play like Ulf. He had no offense really, but no one can deny the Phenuef, Kronwall, (who else?) hits he put on people. I wish we had Ulf and even Kaspar right now instead of these gutless pukes cashing their checks on Broadway now.

  12. Pretty sure you are wrong on Tiebreakers. The Panthers can get in on a tiebreaker if they get one more win than the Rangers. So if the Rangers lose twice in Ot/SO, and the Panthers win once, they would have equal wins, and the Panthers have the next tiebreaker of head to head.

  13. Schneider was Sather’s first mistake in taking the reigns of this team. He had a little bit of everything. And an attitude to match. . . . which is also missing at MSG now.

  14. Defence is such a difficult position to play in the post lock out NHL. Go back a few years and you could get away with a lot more. Now it’s extremly hard to take the guy out without taking a penalty these days. Also mistakes are so often costly in your end of the rink. Every screw up stays in the minds of the critical fan. I am sure Mr. Softie wade Redden will agree with everything I just said. Seriously though it has to be very hard for a defenceman not to take panalty after penalty in the NHL now. as far as the best Ranger defenceman most have been named, I allways liked Barry Beck, maybe to far back though.

  15. seriously redden better watch his back come the offseason….i mean seriously he gets the puck takes two strides and moves the puck immediately and is than caught flat footed every night-it is digusting

  16. Mo, that’s what I said. The first tiebreaker is wins. The Panthers have to at least tie the Rangers in points and wins. If they are tied and the Rangers have one more win, they’re in.

  17. I’d take Patrick, Samuelsson and Johnsson right now. Kim Johnsson was one of my favorite Rangers when he was here. He was always solid and had decent instincts. Patrick was a natural leader, and trustworthy. Also popped in some goals on the power play. And Samuelsson would fulfill the need for a bruising, crease-clearing defenseman. If the current defense consisted of Staal, Girardi, Morris, Johnsson, Samuelsson and Patrick, I think the Rangers would be in good shape.

  18. Samuelson for the punishment he used to hand out, Kasparitis, likewise, before his head went south, and Tyutin, not flashy, but steady.

    Honorable mentions: Norstrom, Schneider, and Karpotsev.

    I think we should start a collection to buy out Redden’s contract before next season now in anticipation of Dolan’s not doing so.

  19. i’ll take Patrick Back and Rootin Tyutin. We miss Tyts pretty badly and he is excelling in Columbus this year.
    Patrick was an unapriciated Dman in this league that played until he was 40 yrs old. He is one of my alltime favorite Rangers

  20. Rob (the second) on

    i think leetch should be on both lists regardless of the rules set forth by carp

  21. Old Fogey
    April 6th, 2009 at 11:40 am
    Samuelson for the punishment he used to hand out, Kasparitis, likewise, before his head went south, and Tyutin, not flashy, but steady.

    Honorable mentions: Norstrom, Schneider, and Karpotsev.

    I think we should start a collection to buy out Redden’s contract before next season now in anticipation of Dolan’s not doing so.


    where do i send the check????

  22. Tyutin is one of the most overrated defenseman in recent NHL history. The guy was turning into a Kasparitis then he started to suck, big time.

    He’s the best d-man in Columbus, big whoop. They have no one. The only thing I miss about Tyutin is his 200+ hits last season.. but not all the times he let by an odd man rush when he took himself out of play with a failed hip check.

  23. Old Fogey-while we ship redden out, dont forget drury, mara, orr, naslund, zherdev….seat prices better not be going up regardless if we make the playoffs

  24. The Esteemed Doodie Machetto on

    After adding Poti, as pointed by others above, I would also add Marek Zidlicky to that list and put him well ahead of a lot of the players there. LeFebrve? Maladog? Seriously? Why not put Ozolinsh on there while you’re at it.

    And who could forget the other famous defenseman named Marek!? He’s a good player that you can’t easily replace. -Paraphrasing Tom Renney.

    I’m gonna think of some others.

  25. i don’t think zidlicky ever played for nyr, did he?

    i didn’t think much of malakhov, either. but i’d put him on the point ahead of any of the current d-men.

  26. Malakhov????
    Malakhov….. really? lol.

    Id take Rozi over Malkhov, Kasparitus, and Tyutin, at the very least.

    Only reason Toots is on the list is because he isnt playing for us anymore. If he was, people would be complaining about him like they are about every other dman on our club.

  27. Marek Zidlicky never played for the Rangers


    Draft: 2001 – 6th round (176th overall) by the New York Rangers

  28. Thanks for including Tyutin in the list. I really liked him on the Rangers.

    As for worst trade ever–we had to get rid of soft overpriced Backmann somehow.

  29. Oddly enough, Bruce Driver, other than Shanahan, was probably the only Devil that panned out for us. Still have the Holik bobble-head. Man, does time fly.

  30. CJP
    April 6th, 2009 at 12:20 pm
    Wade Redden was signed by the Rangers…never played for them.


    THAT IS HYSTERICAL! So funny because its true!!

  31. You think these guys can beat MTL or Philly let alone both in the same week? Dream on.

    Season over… after starting 10-2…


    It’s so pathetic I’m not even pissed… it’s just funny.

  32. One of my all time favorites- Larry Melnyk, a journeyman D-man, not big only around 6 ft. 190 but played like a junk yard dog and took on some big guys and did well, Dave Brown and Chris Nilan two that come to mind.

  33. This topic is definitely interesting. And it made me wonder about a few things….

    Is the current talent level in the NHL as good as it was from lets say 1980-2000 ?

    Maybe the NHL is not marketed that great, or the players, but I cant really think of that many star players like I could from the 80’s-90’s……

  34. Actually, I could probably answer my own thoughts…

    I would say that expansion has watered down the NHL

  35. CJP, LMAO.

    When they drafted Zidlicky I knew a writer from the Czech who kept telling me how talented this guy was … and tough, too. I haven’t seen enough of him in the NHL to really know how it panned out, but I think he was traded for Dunham, right? Yikes.

    Larry “Bud” Melnyk (named after the old stooge on the Letterman show) was one of the toughest, team-first guys ever. But he was prior to the “last 20 years” set forth in the post. There were lots more legit D-men from that era.

  36. Just heard Schneider and Markov are out tonight vs Ottawa, unknown about tomorrow. Reported on NHL live

  37. Liquid-great point on the watered down league-expansion is obviously a factor and i think people are staying close to home to play as well…ie the russian league definitely has players that can play in the nhl…but specifically since we are talking about dman i think it is kinda like watered down middle relief-i feel like at a young age more people attempt to play center or forward just because defense in general is a little less respected…maybe im way off but one thing for certain is i am never confident when the rangers pass the puck back on to the blueline i always fear the lateral pass which can cause a breakaway…..or the fear of the puck hoping over someones stick- i used to feel more confident in general-none of the dman we have now are confident in that role……..

  38. The Esteemed Doodie Machetto on

    Artie-last twenty years excludes Barry and Huber.

    Are we talking about what they did over their careers or as Rangers? For instance, we’ve had LOADS of defensemen who have come here to die (Hatcher, Driver, McSorley, Redden, etc.), and LOADS of defenseman who didn’t do much here/weren’t here long enough to do anything but have had good careers elsewhere after leaving (Norstrom, Zidlicky, A.Ward), and we’ve had one or two defensemen that played pretty well as Rangers, but crappy everywhere else (I’m sure there has to be one or two, but unfortunately for our franchise this list is quite short while the others are voluminous).

    So what are we talking here?

    Also, from that ’94 list, I wouldn’t take Wells or Lidster over anyone on our D right now.

    I’d take Karpovstev over Redden. Lowe and Beuks I would take over every defenseman but Staal and maybe Girardi when he’s playing his best. Zubov I would take over every player on the roster except Staal and Hank. And Leetch I would take over anyone on the entire roster, including Staal and Hank.

  39. I got two. How about Rudy Poesheck and Norman Rochefort. Hahahaha. They would fit in well with this system.

  40. Good post Paul. Remember Melnyk well and could use him now. Considering what Zherdev is doing Fedor Tyutin wouldn’t hurt in these final three games.

  41. Hey Carp,

    Not sure if this was covered above, but what would happen if the Rangers finish 0-1-2 and the Panthers finish 1-2-0, and both teams would have 91 points with 40 wins?

  42. GardenFaithfulinFLA on

    April 6th, 2009 at 12:20 pm
    Wade Redden was signed by the Rangers…never played for them.

  43. The Esteemed Doodie Machetto on

    Carp, I wouldn’t take Maladog over any of our D-men right now. Even Dreadden. But certainly not Staal, Girardi, Mara, Morris, or Rozsival. I still think Rozsi and Redden have the tools to be very good defensemen, but they need to learn to put it all together. In Redden’s case, he needs to REMEMBER how to put them all together.

    Why not throw Boris Mironov and Stephane Quintal out there while you’re at it?

  44. SEC 327-if that happens get the golf clubs out….florida is 3-0-1 against us….we beat them in a SO in florida, then lost to them in a shootout in florida, got smoked at home 4-0 and then about a month ago choked, gave up 2 goals with about 9 minutes to play and lost 2-1 in regulation-that game will go down as the biggest game of the season if we are golfing with the islanders at bethpage come next week at this time…we better stay out of the box tomorrow night…section 309 tomorrow night will be rotating btw “Redden sucks, drury sucks and mara sucks” so stay tuned for entertainment before Larry comes alive in the third when we are down 3-2

  45. How sad is it that one of the better players on the ice for the Rangers vs the Bruins was Redden.;0)

  46. Last year, when the Rangers signed both Drury & Gomez…..wasnt Sheldon Souray also in that crop of UFA’s ?

    He signed a contract for 5 years for $27 million with the Oilers.

    THis year Souray has 22 goals and 28 helpers….and has always been a force on the Power Play

  47. I am sure the Rangers will get Souray right around the end of his career when he should be put down like an old pet

  48. I love how Ulfie used to push the forwards helmet over their eyes so they couldn’t see the puck.

  49. What a bunch of fair-weather pansies! This thing isn’t over! It isn’t even close to being over! (Was it over when Hitler bombed Pearl Harbor?? No!) The Rangers will beat MTL and PHI soundly and the last game in Philly won’t matter!

    Everyone was so cheerful and rosy after the Devils game. Now? A little adversity? “Waa-waa, we’re dead, we blow, waa-waa.” Well, mark my words: I’m keeping a list of all you yellow-stainers who bailed out of the fox hole before the battle ended, so don’t even think about jumping back on the bandwagon if this team makes its stand!

    All right …. dismissed!

  50. Doodie,

    Pass what your smoking..Rozy sucks and Redden really sucks. The only thing they can put together are sick bank accounts.

    Redden is cashing out and Rozy resigned because he knew no else would give him that kind of money.

    I’d bring back Shane Charla and make him a defensemen…you want to talk about heart…guy fought Stu Grimson when his face was already broken…and seeing Domi in the stands breaks my heart..how fortunate the Leafs were to have him all of those years.

  51. Chris Tamer ( who’s slap shot to Mike Richter’s mask had caused the concussion that ended Ricky’s career)

  52. The Esteemed Doodie Machetto on

    ” “Redden sucks, drury sucks and mara sucks”

    First of all, what is saying the players suck while they are playing going to accomplish? It’ll only make them worse. You want to talk about how much they suck, that’s fine, but cheering it during a game? How is that going to improve the team’s chances of winning? If you want to chant something to show your dissatisfaction with the team’s performance, it has gotta be “Fire Sather” or “Dolan sucks.”

    That said, Mara? Really? Out of all the people you could jeer, you’re going to pick Paul Mara? I don’t think he would even make the top 10 players I would jeer on this team. Which gets me thinking…

    .5) Voros (if he’s playing)
    1) Redden
    2) Drury
    3) Naslund
    3.5) Valliquette (if he’s playing)
    4) Rozsival
    5) Zherdev
    6) Morris (he has really done absolutely nothing since coming here)
    7) Gomez (If I did this a month ago, he’d be a lot higher)
    8) Antropov (by far the slowest player on the team)
    9) Mara

    Ok, he’s in my top 10, barely. I’d actually have Sjostrom above Mara if it wasn’t for his penalty killing, but his ES play is terrible. I’d also put in the Korpedo and Orr above Mara if they ever got any ice time anymore, which they don’t, which makes Orr useless since he won’t be able to goad anyone into fighting if he’s not on the ice.

    I’d probably have Dubinsky next, although I think his failures are a matter of circumstance. Then Girardi. The remaining players (Avery, Betts, Hank, Staal, and Callahan, in that order from worst to best) I wouldn’t jeer. Although I might jeer Avery for being classless, but his play has been excellent.

  53. David Shaw. He was Leetch’s partner for his first three years. Guy was steady and could fight!

  54. don’t even bring up Malik, that piece of garbage. no one wanted him. he was unsigned all the way into the season until the worst team in the league at the time got injuries on the back line and signed that pos pylon Malik.

  55. I was CLAMORING for Souray on the blogs, but was ridiculed as insane. . . . .

    Can you think of any free agent that Sather passed on that could be more useful right now?*

    * Exclude Savard and Chara. I KNOW for a fact that they both were Sather targets before he was outbid by Boston for their services.

  56. dubi? dubi has probably been a top five player all year…..i know he struggled on the score sheet but dubi is a keeper-he is a solid two way player…yes mara, he is brutal to watch, f– slow, cant handle a pass, cant come close to hitting the net…..

    my top ten

    1) Redden
    2) Drury
    3) Mara
    4) Naslund
    5) VOROS (USELESS but has more skill and a better shot than ORR)
    6) ORR (USELESS)
    7) Zherdev (plays at 60% EVERY NIGHT)
    8) Roszival

    those would be my top 8….sjostrom hussles i like his play and could be a decent third/fourth line guy….totally agree fire sather is a healthy popular chant as well but look at some of these guys-redden drury zherdev-they have telent they do, redden was top ten dman a few years ago-you dont just totally lose your whole game-the thing about these three games that is similar is that they dont skate/play at 100% they really dont, they dont show urgency they dont hussle at critical times, see drury with 15 seconds left on sat-ok chances are bleak we are shorthanded but dont go at the puck half azz–skate ur f–azz off and show some heart……but yes regarding mara torts realizes the guy is wood because look at that amount of minutes he has plyed per game since torts took over-granted morris is a much better play and that did some damage to mara-i understand he could be a leader in the locker room but watch this guy game in and game out and its brutal……but true atleast he shows effort

  57. turcottelives on

    i agree, devries was good for the rangers. driver wasn’t terrible when he was here either, certainly not a liability.

  58. The Esteemed Doodie Machetto on

    Jack, I said they have the tools.

    We all know Rozsi has a blistering slap shot. Problem is he doesn’t know when to use it. He’s got good size to him, but doesn’t use it. He can also make a decent first pass. Problem is, he usually doesn’t.


    Redden as shown that he has a great slapper (that laser in Toronto after Torts took over is proof), but instead just takes (limp)wrist shots. He joins the rush now pretty effectively, although he just won’t shoot off the pass to save his life. His defense is mediocre at best, but it always has been. And over his career he definitely has had GREAT first passes. The guy is only 30. He still has those tools, he’s just gotta remember them.


    Now, I’m not saying that either of these guys, even at their best, would be worth the contracts they received. But they both can be, and have been, MUCH better than they’ve been this season. If only they could just take the pieces that they have and put them together on a regular basis. It’s a tall order, I know, but we’re going to have to hope and pray that they can because we’re stuck with them for the better half of a decade.

  59. “It’s not for sure that I’ll be in the lineup, I’ll take it a day at a time and we’ll go from there.”

    that is what is wrong with today’s pampered millionaires. did he say something like ‘this is a big game for us, of course I’ll play’.? no, he acts like he’s playing hard to get, like it’s another exhibition game that he can just blow off.

    do NOT sign him this summer

  60. Easy on Malik. He was very solid until the end. Don’t forget: Malik’s shoot out goal is the most exciting play this team has seen since Richter stuffed Bure in the ’94 finals.

  61. Linda:

    “I think we should start a collection to buy out Redden’s contract before next season now in anticipation of Dolan’s not doing so.”

    Count me in for $50 (cheaper than a seat at MSG for a playoff game!). Now we just need $6 gazillion more and we’ll be all set.

    Come on boys (and girls)…put your $$ where your mouth is!!

  62. reginald dunlop on

    gresch and curt “peg” giles, how about sheldon kanageiser and larry sacheruk…….all looking pretty good right now

  63. The bad signings are one thing … but I don’t think the Rangers are going to be a real cup contender unless they start drafting better.

    I love the Rangers, but all they are is the highest paid mediocre team.

    Still whoever they have, I hope they make the playoffs and I hope I am wrong and they win. If the power play could somehow get hot, I’d give them a chance in the east.

  64. My favorite Ranger, Greschner, retired in 90 so he makes the last 20 years.

    Can we bring Ulfie to practice to show the D how to grow a pair?

  65. cwgatti..that is sad from an organizational standpoint.

    doodie..you know who else had all the tools…Daigle, Brendl, Lundmark, etc…but when u lack heart…all else is wasted.

    this is what i wanted the rangers to do this past offseason.

    Sign Mike Commodore and Jim Vandermeer.

    Our defense would have looked like this:


    Seth, I was with you until u put Orr on your list…he is top 5 in the league in what he does…it is not his fault that Torts doesn’t play him.

  66. How come it’s in vogue to do a play on words for players that we don’t like? Dredden? Maladog? What exactly is clever about this? Do people spend time actually thinking up these things? Also, why am I even posting about this?

  67. I have an update from practice concerning Antrop..
    Yeah I am the best, nothing better than this..

    Nik Antropov didn’t practice but said an MRI revealed no structural damage in his left knee and would skate Tuesday morning. If nothing is amiss, it seems likely that the big left wing will play against the Canadiens.

    “I was concerned about it in Boston,” said coach John Tortorella. “He’s a very important guy for us. He had a better day today. I think he’ll be able to play.”

    As reported here after the game, Antropov’s injury from the blindside knee-on-knee from Milan Lucic did not appear very severe and he said today that he was pleased but not surprised with the medical diagnosis.

    “I didn’t think it was going to be too serious,” Antropov said. “He could’ve killed me if he wanted to; I didn’t see him at all. I went on the bench and didn’t really feel anything, but when I went out (on the ice) I had to go back. It’s not for sure that I’ll be in the lineup, I’ll take it a day at a time and we’ll go from there.”

    Sean Avery declined comment on the head tap he gave to Tim Thomas during a TV timeout in Boston, an incident that caused Thomas to charge him from behind and trigger two penalties. “I’m just worried about Montreal,” he said. “We just have to play hard…It’s our biggest game.” He altered that a bit later, saying, “Three games left, they’re all big. This is one of the biggest….We had a good practice. We’ll have our work boots on for sure.”

    Uncle Carp will praise me :)

  68. Malik had flashes of brilliance. The shootout goal, even the goal he hammered home in the 7-0 rout of ATL in the playoffs in 07. He was a decent puck moving D man, but he got caught flat-footed a lot and made some really glaring mistakes. Kinda like Redden…except at 1/3 of the price.

  69. What a bunch of fair-weather pansies! This thing isn’t over! It isn’t even close to being over! *(Was it over when Hitler bombed Pearl Harbor?? No!)* The Rangers will beat MTL and PHI soundly and the last game in Philly won’t matter!


    Um I hope you were joking about that right?

  70. re: ORR i understand he does fit his role-he fights but in the new nhl you cannot afford a guy like him, how many pts does he have this year-honestly, 2 goals maybe 3 assists….i think in the “new nhl” you have a guy like mara that can fight and than as one of the twelve starters up front you have to be tough but with toughness have some kinda skill-you cannot have minor league hands and a high school shot-your just not cut out to be a top twelve guy then….i think betts-sjos and korpi all season long would have produced a lot more goals then say with orr…im not saying sit orr everygame i understand we need him when say we play philly/boston, etc but when we play say montreal insert korpedo in there….im not playing monday am QB yet and i am a fan of torts but by rolling three lines that has definitely been a huge issue down the stretch here-the players r tired and that is a huge reason for the recent failure in the third period-gomez, callahan and dubi might be the only well conditioned rangers…sorry to be a little negative here, trust me im praying the rangers can make the playoffs and extend the hockey season, i bleed blue as much as some of you, i hope this team makes it interesting here in april…..there really is no dominant team in the east this year-boston is very very good but we might have taken out two of their dman over the weekend,,,,i would be scared of the pens because when the games are on nbc the refs are no doubt a major edge for them….

  71. In a heartbeaty….I would donate $1,000.00 to that Dreaden fund. Anything to not see him play in NYR uniform ever again.

  72. looks like Markov and Schneider will not be playing D tomorrow night for Habs. they are out tonight, and reportedly will not travel to NY either.

    that is a break. let’s go Rangers

  73. Riguere, Ummm. I’m pretty sure it was Japan that bombed Pearl Harbor …

    Wright, Delgado and Beltran all failed to get Reyes home after he led off the season with an infield hit. And I could almost hear the Mets fans booing from their living rooms.

  74. That makes Josh Gorges starting on Defense. We better beat those visor wearing stiffs.

  75. Rick,

    honestly-speaking as objectively as possible…..do you think there is a chance the rangers just outright cut redden or atleast send him to hartford

  76. What happens if Antropov cannot go? Does that mean Aaron Voros gets the nod? If so, we are done.

    Siriously what happens?

  77. Seth, NO.

    Buff, where did you steal that info? You have to give credit. Was it another blog?

    I’ll give credit: It was Steve Zipay’s fine blog. I mean, if the guy does the work and goes to practice, give him his props.

  78. # Rick Carpiniello April 6th, 2009 at 1:42 pm

    Riguere, Ummm. I’m pretty sure it was Japan that bombed Pearl Harbor …

    Wright, Delgado and Beltran all failed to get Reyes home after he led off the season with an infield hit. And I could almost hear the Mets fans booing from their living rooms.

    Mets suck!!!!! LET’S GO BLUEJAYS, LET’S GO BLUEJAYS!!!!!

  79. Seth,

    Please watch Mara fight and then tell me if you think he can fight.

    Listen, look at Boston’s lineup and then tell me there is no role for guys like Orr in the league.

    They have Shawn Thornton, Bryon Bitz, Shane Hnidy, Zdeno Chara, Milan Lucic, Andrew Ferenece, Mark Stuart and the number rated team in hockey.

    They blend skill, size, heart, grit and determination.

    We blend crap with crap…take out the 1.5 months of the season and we are under .500…we suck.

    Goalie PG…we have plenty of talent in our draft pools..there are 5-6 in Hartford alone that should be playing with the Rangers…but we have Redden, Rozy and the Kalinin(thank god he is gone) blocking them.

  80. Yeah, you are right…

    I wasn´t able to be there in person because I just around 3600 miles away…

    but anyway, you see nothing is impossible these days :)


  81. Rob (the second) on

    anyone that doesn’t get the hitler/pearl harbor comment has never seen a certain movie…

  82. Here’s what’s in our paper today for tie-breaking scenarios…. because of course, my pathetic team needs help….

    • A 93-point tie between the Sabres, Rangers and/or Panthers would give Buffalo the final playoff spot.

    The first tiebreaker is victories. The Sabres would have 42, the Rangers would have no more than 42, and Florida would have no more than 41. That knocks out the Panthers.

    The second tiebreaker is points earned in head-to-head meetings. The Sabres picked up six of eight against New York, eliminating the Rangers.

    • No one can coast.

    The Rangers host Montreal and end the year with a home-and- home series against Philadelphia. The seventh-place Canadiens and fourth-place Flyers are a combined 83-52-21 this season. The Rangers are 2-2 against Philly and 1-2 against Montreal.

    The Panthers, who beat Pittsburgh on Sunday, close the season at Philly and Atlanta before returning home to host Washington. The combined record of those three is 124-87-25. Florida is 2-3 against Washington, 3-2 against Atlanta and 2-0-1 against Philadelphia.

    Those scenarios favoring the Sabres involve one key component: the Sabres winning out and the Rangers and Panthers losing at least once. If New York doesn’t lose, it doesn’t matter what the Sabres do.

  83. Rob (the second), Riguere, sorry … I should have caught the reference.

    jack, I told Dolan you want him fired. His reaction: “He works for us?”

    Kaspar, the proper name is “Boneheads.”

  84. OK, love the war stories and Rig you sound like you’ve been watching Patton. But seriously Carp and others, could we not ruin a great hockey blog by lacing it with baseball references! Please!!!
    As for playing defense give me Tanya Harding over Katrina; but only on the ice.

  85. Another one who abuses our legend Katarina!

    I can´t let to happen to us..
    What a crap, mentioning Pearl Harbour on a hockey blog..

    Stupid stuff at all..!!!

  86. What do you think they might be saying about us poor Ranger fans. I’m not sure if we still even have the glass

  87. Michael Sauer injured once again as he was a last minute scratch in The Pack’s 4-3 loss to The Lowell Devils. Even with the win…the Dvils were mathematically eliminated from the playoffs.

    Other Pack injuries:
    P.A. Parenteau,Greg Moore & Brandon Sugden. Tommy Pyatt is back home attending funeral services for his brother’s fiancée.

    1. Zharkov (11) 2:27
    2. Rissmiller (12) (Crowder, Sanguinetti) 4:24
    2. Ruggeri (2) (Halischuk, Davis) 9:21 (PP)
    2. Potter (10) (Crowder, Sanguinetti) 10:43 (PP)
    2. Rheaume (11) (DiSalvatore, Tallackson) 14:51 (PP)
    3. DiSalvatore (20) (Bergfors, Magnan) 3:51 (PP)
    3. Owens (12) (Ouellette) 10:05 (SH)

  88. don't discount the sabres on

    sabres go 4-0 and the rangers and florida go 2-1 they’re in.

    sabres go 3-1 and the others go 1-2 they’re in

    signed a disgusted rangers fan

  89. The Esteemed Doodie Machetto on

    “This thing isn’t over! It isn’t even close to being over! (Was it over when Hitler bombed Pearl Harbor?? No!)”

    The quote is the Germans, not Hitler.


    “doodie..you know who else had all the tools…Daigle, Brendl, Lundmark, etc…but when u lack heart…all else is wasted.”

    Touche, although I would say that Lundmark never actually had the tools. I would also say that Redden had them put together really nicely up until last season. And I would also say that Rozsi has shown his flashes a lot more often then either Daigle or Brendl ever did.

    “They have Shawn Thornton, Bryon Bitz, Shane Hnidy, Zdeno Chara, Milan Lucic, Andrew Ferenece, Mark Stuart and the number rated team in hockey.”

    First of all, Hnidy, Chara, Lucic, Ference, and Stuart can all play. I’d take everyone of those defensemen over everyone of ours except Staal. And if Chara were a couple of years younger, I’d take him over Staal too. They aren’t there just to be tough. Orr is there just to be tough, and that was the point that Seth was making. Bitz has played in 31 games, which is the exact point that Seth is making: Orr isn’t needed every game.

    Thornton, while there mostly to fight, at least can play A LITTLE BIT when not fightiing.

    Orr, now with the little bit of icetime he gets, is useless.

    I REALLY don’t like how Torts is splitting the icetimes. If he wants to roll 3 lines, I’d put Betts-Sjostrom-Korpikoski as a fourth line, resting them for penalty kills, and call up Anisimov to play on the third line, sitting Orr.

    Also, I understand he wants to lean on his top 4 defensemen, especially top 2, but he’s gotta roll the pairs a little bit more earlier in the game so they have something in the tank at the end.

    Next season he wants to train them hard and work them like crazy, fine. But right now he has to see that the team just isn’t fit enough for what he wants.

  90. NICDIP, but that’s the point and that’s the difference. Mets fans are pessimists on opening day. Rangers fans are thinking Cup parade until they are almost mathematically eliminated.

  91. “Rangers fans are thinking Cup parade until they are almost mathematically eliminated.”

    We do?

  92. Thanks disgusted rangers fan, but I am not far behind you. The sickening part is looking at the lost points to loser teams at the start of the season, like Tampa, Islanders, Ottawa (at the start of the year anyway), Columbus (who yes, is coming on but losers at the start of the season)…. our year will go down the toilet because of sub .500 teams they couldn’t beat, rather than the tight contests lost against better teams.

  93. hate to be a stick in the Bettman-Mudd but I dont buy into the artificial excitement of watching a bunch of teams that basically can’t get out of their own way; and win one/ lose one all year long jostle for a playoff spot….

    They all lose as much as they win….its like who’s gonna lose one less game makes it…..

    This aint the ’78 Yankee-Redsox race I can tell you!

  94. looks like we may see the return of old crisco and ben and jerrys boy tomorrow night! Did any of you think we’d see him play in the last 3 games of the season, the games that will determine our playoff fate?

    It may take me a bit, but I’ll toss a grand into the Redden ‘get outta town’ fund! Maybe even toss in another 50 to get rid of Voros too!

  95. Buff GAL…..our season goes down the toliet with these fun ones

    1) 5-4 Washington in OT at MSG Christmas Week-Up 4-0 halfway through the game and i cannot recall drury’s quote but oh man that one really irked me
    2) 5-2 Toronto nov 2…up 2-0 with 7 minutes to go and the wheels fell off-bombarded with 5 goals against in that span
    3) 2-1 Florida last month-9 minutes to go at home-a critical game and the panthers score two goals in 1+ minute
    4) 8-5 NJ….our best come back of the year that lasted all of thirty seconds-thank the lord it was a friday night so i had a few beers in me…..from 5-1 to 5-5 only to give up a goal on the next shift
    5)5-4 Thrashers (OT)….brutal brutal,,,i dont want to hear about the SO, hold a three goal lead

  96. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    drurys a joke- when u said u havent played in 6 years and u could prob play better than redden, i started remembering my glory days playing d. i know i wasnt close to being an nhl’er but some of the things redden does, makes me wonder if i had devoted more time and stopped smokin, i could be doin what he does, and better too. im not sayin i could be a pro hockey player, but sometimes i watch and say, damn at least make an effort. im sure potter and sauer would both be up on the big team by now if he wasnt here. and we couldve used the money to get a real top line 30-35 goal winger.

  97. Christ Naslund is in the second line?? Is Renney giving Tortorella advice? Why can’t he play on the third and move Sjostrom up?

  98. im surprise no one remembers Greg de Vries and his amazing stretch of 53 games and 15 points with the Rangers!

    My picks:
    Kasparaitis Samuelsson
    Malakhov Tyutin
    Kloucek Schneider

  99. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    seth, yep, those 5 games, had we won, wed be in 4th right now. its those games that really make you wanna just kill some of these guys, and if we lose out on the playoffs by 1 point, i sure as hell hope someone reminds drury of the washington debacle that when he said, “hey that could be the point that gets us in the playoffs” and sticks it in his face to remember his famous most uncaptainlike quote ive ever heard

  100. If it’s any consolation, you can watch the Sabres come apart at the seams tonight at home against the Red Wings…. I think it’s the Versus game. Thing could be looking up for you Rangers after tonight’s debacle I am predicting!

  101. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    that quote by drury is really gonna haunt him if we lose out on the playoffs this year and should be reason enough to strip the c from him.

  102. I take it back, they’ll beat the Red Wings, but blow a 4 goal lead against the Toronto Maple Laffs… that’s we lovingly call our neighbors to the north….ugh.

  103. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    buff gal- buffs already done lol. we want the panthers to lose now! hey see if your gm will trade us vanek and you guys can get your clutch captain back!

  104. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    noonan- i think its just for practice but in all honesty, naslund has better chance of scoring even if he cant keep up. his shot is a lot better than shoes.

  105. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    hey linda- besides the philly games id rather have freecredit report.com aaron doughboy voros on the 4th line. his big fat butt has deflected more goals than orr and betts have scored on their sticks combined! in about a 3rd of the games played!

  106. Hey, we had no problem with your captain…. buyer’s remorse I guess. We should have shed the other dead weight around here at that time rather than him… Afinogenov, Hecht, Lydman, Peters, and our ancient defenseman, Teppo Numminen. Alas, hindsight is 20/20… we may both be watching the Panthers at #8… We’re waiting to see if our owner eats his microphone, as he promised at the start of the season, if this team didn’t make the playoffs…. we wonder if it will taste like chicken…

  107. Hey BufGAl, according to all the malarky BS that Versus has been feeding us in their promos Buffalo has THE most passionate fans in the NHL. What happened to you?!? LOL

    Hey no sweat…..we feel your pain…..

  108. Um, Doodie the Picker of Nits Extraordinaire

    Grow up. And by the way the Chicago GM is Dale Tallon, not Dave (as you had it last week.)

  109. Oh, we have passion…. unfortunately, it never goes anywhere except off the pier into Lake Erie behind the HSBC Arena…

  110. Prior to Orr playing every game…Jagr was run all the time..once Orr was inserted Jagr was more at ease.

    It was the punch heard around the world.

    It is not Orr’s fault that nobody run’s Drury, Rozy, Redden and Gomez because they suck and there is no need to run them.

    The last Rangers-Devils game Rupp was taking runs at Staal..Torts is too stubborn to roll the 4th line out there because he only needs 3..but Carp said there is a code…but I am all for bashing skulls.

    Until the Rangers understand the need for drafting and signing Free Agents who can do both…then Orr is an absolute must.

    Bitz was called up mid year…pretty sure he has played the majority of the games he has been up…

  111. Are the Bruins the real deal?
    They haven’t looked all that great against the Rangers have they?
    Yet…they are #1 in defense and #2 in offense

  112. ORR!!

    I’m totally with you on that one. I lost ALL respect for him when he said that… his respect has dropped further since.

  113. Two C’s, two D’s and an F. That’s a 1.2. Congratulations, Kroger. You’re at the top of the Delta pledge class.

  114. Christ. Seven years of college down the drain. Might as well join the flippin’ Peace Corps.

  115. BuffaloGal

    Sure, down in Buffalo aside from “the most passionate fans” in hockey and Lake Erie… Drury’s pants have never been so tight in his entire life… Playing in New York my dear will do that to u…

    at least Buffalos owner promises something… Rangers owner doesn’t care enough to even shows us a middle finger.

  116. Glen Sather to all us Ranger fans; in the garage after the season crashed and was destroyed:

    “You F***ed up -You trusted us”

  117. we really are tortured….drury 23 months ago-he of all people smokes us….comes to NY, wears the C and smokes us again……i honestly think he is a decent player he just cannot play on broadway-he is so tight every night…..this year much more than last-he has been tight since he fanned on the opening one timer against Tampa in Prague……

    VERSUS is brutal but it is heaven on earth compared to the Nothing But Crosby network…….Pierre McGuire I dislike him as much as Wade Redden…..

  118. Regardless of who has a ‘better chance at scoring’, I’d still rather him not keep up on the 4th line than have a chance to get a goal and go -1/-2 on the second/third line. Why let him bring down Cally or any other player for that matter

  119. “Obviously, we know where we’re at and how important every game is. We’ve got to let go of this one and get ready for Tuesday (against Montreal).”—Captain Chris Drury, after the Rangers’ playoff hopes took another hit in a 1-0 loss Saturday at Boston.

    This is really what I dislike about Drury.

    Dont give the PC answer, give an honest answer

    Were pissed off we lost
    we played good but not good enough to win, its unacceptable
    Im going to play my ass off the next game and everyone else better get on board cause its a win or were done.
    I have to be a better captain!

    Even just a semblance of any of the above would be better than his answer

    LEt it go, yeah let it go out your ass

    I must be a masocist, because being a ranger fan is like getting whipped by a dominatrix in stilletos;
    You think she’s hot, and your going to get lucky, but no, she just whips your ass till it bleeds, makes you feel like a idiot and sends you home early after paying all this money to see her.

    anyway, LETS GO RANGERS!!

  120. Torts is Dean Wormer
    Redden thinks he’s Otter
    Gomez thinks he’s Boone
    Mara is D-day
    Staal is Spaz
    Orr is Bluto
    Avery is Otis Day
    Rozival is Mrs Wormer

  121. “You think she’s hot, and your going to get lucky, but no, she just whips your ass till it bleeds, makes you feel like a idiot and sends you home early after paying all this money to see her.”

    Not that there’s anything wrong with it

  122. But Delta’s already on probation. They are? Well, as of this moment, they’re on DOUBLE SECRET PROBATION!


  124. Riguere

    Yes, Doodie is a stickler. He got all over me one night a few months ago for typing “Wayne” instead of “Wade” as the first name of everyone’s favorite defenseman.

    To find out he was apparently guilty of the same sort of nothing error with Dale Tallon is amusing — he should call himself out!

  125. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    cccp- per joos was a ranger d man in the 80’s i think or the early 90’s

  126. Thank god the games have been moved from the dreadful MSG 2, non HD channels to Msg Plus. I was going to complain to MSG.

    Hopefully we can watch them win a few games at home in HD.

  127. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    who cares if u call him wayne. call him wayne, willy, williger, wrothgar, wimpy, wombat, wynona, wanda, wally, wilbur, wendell, werner, weenie, weeblewobble etc…

  128. “UPDATE FROM JANE: Both games this week have moved to MSG Plus.”

    I flooded Cablevision and MSG net all weekend with email regarding this. I want to think that I actually had something to do with them switching, who knows. But it was only common sense to move it right?

    Bob, again from the middle of Long Island Sound in the rain on my laptop…

  129. thank god i thought i was going to have to watch the game in non-HD which is worthless. and i blew too much money in the city these past three weekends to go out to a bar and watch :P

  130. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    pavel- i have nhl gamecenter!!! i dont care as long as i can watch. its better than when i had direct tv and had to wait for rangers in 60 because they blacked out live games. hd or not, i dont care. as long as i get to watch the live game.

  131. Haha KAspar exactly

    So lets hope Les Douches have those two guys out for our game tomorrow ngiht and PRice sucks is big time

    This is a huge game for Hank as well. I thinkhe knows he has to stand on his head for this one.
    Lets hope he delivers!!

    See you all 2 moro!

  132. Wow what a news today and defnitely not to be missed:

    Rick Carpiniello will be on the Rangers Radio Broadcast tommorrow in the second period to explain, why it is so easy to score on the powerplay and why the Rangers are not able to put someone in front to distract the goalies awareness to face a difficult shot…!!!

  133. Well at least Blowmez lived up to his contract and took out Miller.. best thing he did all season

  134. Buff, once again, you CANNOT steal a whole story like that from a news source and not give credit. If you want to post something like that, simply say, “this is from …” or whatever. You can’t just post it as your own. Or I will have to delete it, as I did in this case.

    Per Djoos (pronounced nearly like Pear Juice) was dealt to Detroit in the Joey Kocur trade.

  135. What the HECK on

    The stages of death…

    1)Denial-I’ve denied that the Rangers will not make the playoffs. I’ve been saying that with the recent trades they could do it.

    2)Anger-I’ve been getting overly angry with this team and thought that I would break something after the Boston game. And I almost punched this B’s fan sitting next to me in the face. Needless to say, it was my dad so I didn’t

    3)Bargaining-I bargained watching the Penguins game yesterday. I told my good Penguins fan that Malkin could have the MVP and I would call Cindy Sidney from now on, only if they would beat the Panthers.

    Soon to come… my prediction

    4)Depression-Ill probably drink myself to sleep for a while (not that thats a problem), and I will watch the playoffs with a pissed off attitude

    5)Acceptance-I’ll finally get over it and realize the good in the season…AKA remembering that in 7 years Redden, Gomez, Drury, Brodeur, and Rozi will hopefully all be gone.

  136. Doodie Machetto on

    “To find out he was apparently guilty of the same sort of nothing error with Dale Tallon is amusing—he should call himself out!”

    Did I really call him Dave? If so, it is my mistake. Dale Tallon is his name.

  137. Yeah, freaking MSG+

    We dont get it in Phillipsburg, NJ either….this sucks. And NHL.com gamecenter gets blacked out….

  138. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Your first problem isn’t that you don’t get MSG+, it’s that you live NJ! Get out! Save yourself!

    * calhob
    Yeah, freaking MSG+. We dont get it in Phillipsburg, NJ either….this sucks. And NHL.com gamecenter gets blacked out….

  139. i may be trying to manufacture some hope here with the Rangers situation being what it is and the Yankees getting..well their butts handed to him but i just noticed the number on my prescription bottle is #1940

  140. deja….hopefully thats a Rx for Zoloft, as things may get worse over the next 6 days

  141. Got a question about Captain Capitulate, Mumbles Dreary

    We’ve all heard far and wide over the past two years how “Captain Clutch” is always there when you need him. How when the game is on the line he’s the man you want on your team.

    When the legend becomes fact, print the legend indeed.

    But my question is, other than that goal he scored against the Rangers in the playoffs…exactly what has he built this belief on? I’m not asking because I despise him as a player and a captain and faux leader…i’m just curious how such a ridiculous rumor caught on so much for a man who won one Cup with a stacked team 9 years ago.

    Back to your regularly scheduled bleeding ulcer…anybody wanna bet the Rangers play down to the tired, hurt Montreal team tomorrow night?

  142. Last but not least should we forget the one eyed d-man the Rangers had c`mon remember

  143. hey does anyone want to flood MSG’s mailbox and tell them to get games period in HD on Fios?

  144. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    calhob- the reason gamecenter gets blacked out for you is because you live in the local area that the rangers get coverage in. i live in bumfu@#% iowa and it doesnt black out for me

  145. CraigWeather on

    But wait… there’s more!!!

    Lindy Ruff… and my personal favorite…. Mark Hardy ;-)

  146. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    bryan played for us during the 9-11 days right?

    deja- get a rx for xanex! i did and now im a happier guy. you will probably live longer as will I being a ranger fan has probably knocked 5 years off our lifespans. actually its based on fact that diehard sports fanatics usually die faster than non sports fanatics or casual fans. listen to me girl!! get the xanex!!

  147. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    im probably the only person. there are humanoids, mutants, freaks, weirdos,dweebies, etc… ya know what the principles secretary in ferris bueller said. its like a whole ‘nother planet out here im tellin ya. but the girls are easy!!

  148. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    calhob- i’ll tell ya at first i hated it. the food sucks, theres no diversity in people. boring country, cornfields, and this accent that people have that just aggravates the hell outta you. “would you like a cup of caffee?” i say no id like a cup of coughee please, lol. i certainly miss the long island and city girls. but i actually have gotten used to it now a little. no hockey fans though. they love nascar and football. ive converted a few co-workers to hockey, and got them to go see an iowa chops hockey game. but man girls here either have 10 kids by the time theyre 20 or get married as soon as they turn 18. its sickening! they have no life so they just breed. they never heard of birth control out here.

  149. http://www.tsn.ca/nhl/story/?id=274015


    “The defence corps for the Montreal Canadiens took a major hit Monday, as TSN learned that the Habs will be without leading scorer Andrei Markov for three weeks and Mathieu Schneider’s season is over.

    Both players underwent x-rays and MRI’s earlier in the day after being injured during Saturday’s victory over the Toronto Maple Leafs. RDS is reporting that Schneider will likely have to undergo season-ending shoulder surgery while Markov, who is suffering an injury to his left knee, would likely return by the end of the month.

    It would be a major hit for a Montreal team that has suddenly rounded into form after struggling earlier in the year. Markov, who suffered the injury in the third period Saturday when he was drilled by Leafs’ forward Mikhail Grabovski, leads the team with 64 points, while Schneider was the Habs big acquisition prior to the NHL trade deadline.

    The Candiens face the Senators Monday night in search of their fourth straight victory. The team currently sit seventh in the Eatern Conference, three points ahead of the New York Rangers and Florida Panthers. Montreal is also just one point back of idle Pittsburgh for the East’s sixth spot.”

    Not sure if it was posted. I just got back from work.

  150. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    both. theyre are some cuties though. and even the married ones are freaks!

  151. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    pavel thats the best news ive heard all week, or month, or maybe year!!!!

  152. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    great game on versus guys. buffalo playin good too. wings better win though!


    Watching it now on Center Ice. LETS GO SENS!

    Spetza just hit the post! Damm

  154. the most memorable thing about Dale Purinton was that dope Gary Thorne calling him Dale Pure-ING-ton all the time.

  155. Rick,

    Can you update us on practice today? Anything new on the PP? Did callahan get more PP time on the point? anything? any emphasis from schonny to tell these dman to shoot the puck low….

  156. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    thomthum- gary thorne butchered alot of hockey names. my favorite was when he would say tom potty as in where little kids take a dump instead of tom poti.

  157. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    wow- really tight game in buffalo. seems like the first team that scores is gonna win. miller playin good too

  158. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    cccp- yea it would be buttmans next expansion team location, except all the crazed hockey fans in compton demanded they get a hockey team first!

  159. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    and the millions of hockey fans in hawaii demanded their own team too. so iowa will have to wait. i feel bad if buttman actually put a team in hawaii. the pacific conference will have 1 hell of a travel schedule!!

  160. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    one good thing about putting a hockey team in some island a few thousand miles away would be then buttman could send mike milbury and pierre head mcguire down there to dazzle the natives with their hockey expertise and love affair and have milbury as gm and mcguire as head coach!

  161. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    wings look like they are goin half speed and buff still cant score on them

  162. yeah watching wings buffalo as well……wow penalty shot interesting…Cmon on Detroit get it done…GO SENS GO

  163. Price has the flu- may or may not start tomorrow for the Habs
    0-0 after first
    They are very short on D-men
    They called up 2 from the minors

  164. if antropov doesnt go do we see these lines tomorrow….i dont like zherdev and gomez together……i rather try dubi-gomez-callahan and then try naslund drury avery……why is korpi on torts shit list>

  165. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    yea they had georges of the jungle laraque playin in kovys spot on the pp while kovy played point! they blew a 5 on 3 too. and a pen. shot

  166. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    buffalos stupid. just took another penalty to nullify theirs

  167. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    somebody on ottawa just pulled a gomez and missed a wide open net.

  168. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    man why couldnt versus show the habs game? much better than buffalo

  169. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    well, with markov and shneider out, we should win handily tommorow. even without them being injured, we are home and i believe we’ll win. i think chris drury will score the game winner too!!!!! naw, cally will lol

  170. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    i think i just broke a record of consecutive posts on a blog

  171. Markov, and Schneider injured, is the best news ive heard all day. Go Sens !!!

    Who knows, maybe if Nyr beats them tomorrow, they could potentially miss the playoffs. They have Boston, and Pissburgh after us. Lets go Rangers, and Panthers !

  172. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    shoryuken, well maybe he did but i remember him playing left wing.

  173. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    oh, i just checked the link ur right he played wing and d. well then were both right. we split the winnings!

  174. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    yea we need to watch kovy tommorow. we really have no business losing to them though. they just lost their 2 best d men, they will be playing their 3rd in 4 nights, and were at home. we better win or ,. or.. or i’ll do nothing!, but i’ll be mad though!!!

  175. sathermustdie on

    eddie Olyck worst color guy in the league..blathers on constantly with no cogent analysis ever..makes you fall asleep..miss rick jenerette calling the sabres tonight!

  176. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    Shoryuken, who would u rather have redden or malik. or redden or backman?

  177. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    id rather have malik, at least he scored that cool shootout goal!

  178. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    yea shoryuken!!!!!! take that!!!. he was a winger!!! i win!!

  179. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    yea but shoryuken were talkin about ranger d men. so he doesnt qualify

  180. Mike in IA – Haha its a Im sick i was in the hospital last week so its not anything as fun as xanex and thank you for realizing im a girl.

  181. and the Buffalos season ends tonight…

    Valtteri Filppula from Detroit is making $2 mil this season and is due to make $2.5 mil next year… his numbers are almost identical to Dubinsky’s numbers…

    Dubinsky 79 11 28 39

    Filppula 76 11 27 38

    so, is it safe to say that Brandon will be looking for something in a ballpark of 2 million a year?

  182. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    yea same here. hed probably have more goals than redden too. if only malik would hit and use his big body to clear the crease he wouldve still been here

  183. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    yea no way doobs will get more than that or should be. i think zherdev will get maybe a little more because he has more than double the goals and like 20 more points but he doesnt deserve much more either. to be honest i could care less if zherdev resigned. id take the draft picks and sign antro

  184. Rangers media guide lists, in its all-time player register: Bill Berg, LW, 1995-96 — 1997-98. He played wing on that team that went to the conference final, and even played some wing with The Great One.

  185. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    struds was slow but he was ok. nah id take redden over all of them if he didnt make so much. if he made 4mill, itd still be 2 million too much. but i’d take redden over all of them if he was cheap. i think thats why we get on him so much. but he could and should at bleast play better in his own end if hes not gonna be our qb

  186. bull dog line on

    bill berg played left wing. don’t really care what that site has to say it is wrong.

  187. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    deja- sure thing. i remember a few months ago u said something that hinted towards your femininity. didnt make a big deal about it but i think orr was like DEJA YOUR A GIRL??!!!! LOL

  188. bull dog line on

    a couple more D men that have not been mentioned. Michelle Petit, and Randy Moller, would have to be in that top 20.

  189. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    shoryuken- that link u posted, i cant believe sundstrom was pretty good. i dont remember him getting that many points. savard was 20, but only had 1 goal and 5 points in almost 30 games. so who knew about him. but that was smith who traded him. smith was worse than sather!!!

  190. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    shoryuken, i watched all those games and even though i dont remember every detail, i can tell u berg never played d. at least not on the rangers. maybe he was like a thomas pock who played d early on and switched back and forth, but not on the rangers.

  191. As someone who is bigtime into Fantasy sports (I am one of the top money earners in high-stakes fantasy football…shameless self tout)…..I always wondered why teams don’t follow some of the drafting/systems philosophies employed in the NFL.

    For example, lets say you have a solid goaltender….like a Henrik Lundqvist….I would like to see a team build itself from the goalie on out…and that means by having a sick defense with all of the elements, while having a hard working offense to convert on chances…

    Power play QB, puck rusher (Mike Green, Sheldon Souray) (hopefully Bobby Sangs or MDZ)

    Shutdown, smart two way defenseman (Marc Staal, Phaneuf, Jay Bo)

    Big bruiser type with skill (Chara, Komisarek)

    I guess what I am thinking is like how some NFL teams are built on Defense (Ravens, Steelers, Bears, Bucs)….and some MLB teams have great pitching rotations….

    is it possible to win with a great defensive built team in the NHL which combines all of the elements of a great Defense as listed above??

  192. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    hha the most passionate fans! how could versus say such a dumbass thing. i mean im sure they have some great fans, but even if they were you dont say that on national tv!!!. and the funny thing is they really dont have nearly the most passionate fans. all the original six teams they bypass and say buffalo??? versus is really pathetic

  193. wow… we really got no money to give to anyone in the off-season…

    Gomez – $8 mil 16 g 57 p Hossa – $7.450 mil 38g 68p
    Drury – $7.1 mil 20 g 52 p Datsyuk – $6.700 mil 32g 95p!

    SIGH…REDDEN (AGE 31) – $8 mil!!! – 3 g 25 p minus 7

    Lidstrom (AGE 38) – $7.450 14g 56p plus 30!

    I know that redden and Lidstrom cannot be compared but… Reddens salary says that YOU CAN!

    …i need go lay down!

  194. Rochefort is getting a bum rap here. He played many good games as a Ranger.

    (Vive la Belle Province!)

  195. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    liquid, i have no clue why the drafting is different but im sure it is for a reason. i think the gms just go for the best player available in hockey and then trade for guys that they might be lacking in.

  196. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    and liquid, sry if my explanation seems kinda obvious but i just think thats the main reason

  197. Mike in Iowa…Let me explain further…

    Lets say the Rangers didnt sign Drury & Gomez last year,,and they didnt sign Redden this season…Or resign Mara and Roszival.

    Instead, they sign Mark Streit for $4MM per….and then this offseason they sign guys like JayBo & Komisarek…@ 7MM and 5MM per,,,,

    2009-2010 Defense
    Marc Staal
    Mark Streit
    Jay Bouwmeister
    Mike Komisarek
    Dan Girardi
    Bobby Sangs or Michael Del Zotto (who ever is more ready)

    With Henrik in net….

    My question is, would you take this defense sans Gomez and Drury….and not so many big names on offense

  198. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    well we beat habs tommorow we can def get in 7th. they gotta be deflated after this loss but rangers have to win no matter how mad montreal is. no ot either. we gotta put them away

  199. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Rules !! says Greg L. on

    NA NA NA NA , NA NA NA NA HEY HEYYYY bye BUFFALOOOOOOO!!! Losers anywayz!!

  200. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    liquid, no even though that d is awesome, u gotta have some balance. but hey, ya never know but i think wed win alot of tom renny type games if we had a no offense and all defense team. it would definitely be interesting but id have to go with a more balanced team.

  201. the Sens did a great job. they not only won, but they also played a very physical game, and wore down the Habs for tomorrow night too.

    let’s hope the Rangers take early advantage of it, and come out smokin’ for a couple early goals.

  202. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    and it would allow us to bring up artie, grachev, weisse, moore, byers, paranteau, and let them be led by doobs, cally, zherdev, avery, betts, shoe. hey maybe it would work. but ya gotta have that big time scorer on offense though liquid

  203. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Rules !! says Greg L. on


  204. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    so we get a 2nd rounder for compensation for cherry right? so is that this season or next season? because we traded our 2nd for antro. how would it work out that way, then in the 2nd round there would be 31 picks instead of 30. anyone follow what im sayin?

  205. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    im gettin blitzed tommorow and im wearing my lucky underwear too!! have no fear blogmates!!!

  206. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    watch out greg, the worlds most passionate hockey fans might come lookin for you!!

  207. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    goodnight guys. lets all say a prayer tonight before we get in our jammies and go beddy bye

  208. Wow, Hossa is good. Can we dump 2-3 big contracts and throw the bank at 81? lol

    Can MTL still miss the playoffs??? I’d love for them to lose out!

  209. Mike…how about if we swap out Girardi for Souray…with Gomez, Drury, Redden, Mara, Rozy, Naslund not on the team…

    Staal – entry level contract up in 2010
    Souray – $5MM
    JayBo – $7MM
    Streit – $4MM
    Kamisarek – $5MM
    Del Zotto or Sangs – league minimum for 3 years

    Henrik – $6.8MM

    Deduct Drury $7MM, Gomez $7MM, Rozy $5MM, Naslund $4MM, Mara $2MM

    Would have like $4MM in change to spend on some offensive help

  210. Montreal has lost Markov and Shneider for the season and they had a tough loss tonight.
    If Rangers don’t win tomorrow under these circumstances, not only they don’t belong to play-offs, they don’t belong to NHL.

  211. yea if we get 7th we play washington (most likely), id honestly rather play washington with AO and others rather than boston.

  212. Mike, like I said…I am trying to see if a team who stacks Defense, via draft, trade, UFA……and plays a defense first system with a great goalie (defense first not like Renney, but shutdown D with lots of Offensive weapons)…

    would it be like a NFL team like Raven, Bears, Bucs, Giants)….or like a MLB team with a great pitching staff

    Would be interesting…and very fun to watch too

  213. Sather already bet on the Redden contract…

    * He freakin went ALL IN and flopped a 2 and an 8 off suit

  214. lets just win and stop worrying about who we would play.

    have you seen us lately.

    we suck.

  215. how can we get rid of Drury, Redden, Naslund, etc after they lift up the Stanley Cup in June?

    hahaha !

  216. What’s all this whining about? If we get to the playoffs you bet I’ll be there with that C on my chest, mouthpiece half-chewed, stick slung over my shoulder! That’s when I show up. And if we lose game 7 in double over-time, i’m not going to let it ruin my summer! Hell, i have 7.1million reasons why it won’t ruin my summer! Haha.

  217. because unlike some people i remain positive, and really do believe we will make playoffs.

  218. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    liquid- that 10.5 we could use to either get gabby or maybe kovalchuk and resign antro. wed be a great 1 line team!!

  219. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    drury reminds me almost of a hockey player. not quite, but he could pass a hockey player. not a good one though.

  220. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    k im goin back to bed. thanks for the info on the draft pick situation, but it still means there are 31 picks in the 2nd round. i guess idk how it plays out, but its kinda wierd since we traded ours to t.o.

  221. Great one line team with a sick dynamic defense that would open that ice up big timeeeeeeeeeee!

  222. Lev…im with you comrade! :)

    i really hope Drury will live up to his reputation in playoffs and score big goals for us! Then everyone will love him …again. lol

  223. mike in iowa yes there will be 31 picks in the second round and the rangers were awarded the 17th i believe so they will have that 48th overall pick plus their normal pick.. but dont worry sather will it all up

  224. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Salty! Dude, i hope you read this.

    So Drury’s son IS NOT named Drew. How much more I would hate the guy if that’s true. His sons names are Dylan and Luke.

    However, Drury did marry a woman who’s name rhymes with his last! *Rory Drury!* That’s his freakin’ wife’s name!!! hahahahahahahahaha.

    That’s priceless. What a clown this guy is.

  225. “I won’t let it ruin my christmas”

    Anybody else get the feeling Captain Capitulate’s words are gonna seal our doom when they miss the playoffs by a single point? A point they handed to the Caps that night in a historic collapse that didn’t bother our captain in the least?

    Mark Messier, 1994 – “We Will Win Tonight”

    Chris Drury, 2008 – “I Won’t Let It Ruin My Christmas”

    I’d love it, too if Chris Drury would start scoring big goals for us…but it’s been two years and pretty much all we’ve seen is a small player who plays small and talks smaller.

  226. From hockeyrodent

    NY RANGERS 59.2% playoffs

    0.0% first 35.1% ninth
    0.0% second 5.7% tenth
    0.0% third 0.0% eleventh
    0.0% fourth 0.0% twelfth
    0.1% fifth 0.0% thirteenth
    1.5% sixth 0.0% fourteenth
    13.6% seventh 0.0% fifteenth
    44.0% eighth


    59.2% chance to make playoffs

    0.0% first
    0.0% second
    0.0% third
    0.0% fourth
    0.1% fifth
    1.5% sixth
    13.6% seventh
    44.0% eighth
    35.1% ninth
    5.7% tenth
    0.0% eleventh
    0.0% twelfth
    0.0% thirteenth
    0.0% fourteenth
    0.0% fifteenth

  228. Is this game really on “overflow” for those in NYC with TWC? I see that the Islanders are on MSG+ (even though it says the Rangers are on this channel- when you go to MSG.com it says the Rangers will be on channel 51 (the TV Guide channel- whose programming says it will be “The Cast of Beverly Hills 90210, Where Are They Now?”

    Aside from it being absurd that the Islanders would get billing over the Rangers whilst they are out of playoff contention, can anyone confirm whether or not this is true?

  229. awesome to see the highlights of Montreal losing. i know they are going to choke but if the Rangers end up choking with all the chances they’ve been given, it’s on all of them.

    Aside from the Penguins, Montreal has to be near the top of my list for most hated teams. Their fans are so annoying. I hope we get to mockingly chant OLE OLE OLE OLE OLE and spank them badly. Try and burn your city to the ground after your team wins a playoff round LOL

  230. Hate to sound pessimistic cuz im not, I still believe we are making it.. But not sure if anyone mentioned this but florida doesn’t necessarily have to get 5 points if we get 4… if we got our 4 pts by going 1-0-2, and florida went 2-1-0, they would win bc of the head to head tiebreaker that they have the upper hand in. As much as I will hate doing it I will be a huge Flyer fan tuesday night, as well as a die hard ranger fan as usual, that will mean that we could clinch thursday night with a win over the broadstreet bullies if we won & philly on tues. That would be a great way to finish out the reg season home games, with 2 wins vs mtl&philly. Also if that happened, Montreal will be at Boston thursday night, and if Montreal lost in regulation we would be in 7th 1 pt ahead of MTL at that point, going into Philly for our last game, and Montreal would be playing home vs. Pitt their last game. So 7th place is attainable if all goes well tues/thurs.. and wouldnt it be great to see NJ hop washington and have us play them round 1… Watchin Boston/NYR play is like watching paint dry i dont want that boring BS hockey.

    by the way FEDOR TYUTIN by far would love to have right now, followed by Kim Johnsson & Mattias Norstrom.
    Antropov better playyy cant bare to see Voros in uniform tues night.

  231. Oh and great seeing somebody posting under the name NOONAN, whether its in honor of Brian the great Ranger or the best caddy at Bushwood Country Club: Danny

  232. Defenseman Peter Fiorentino comes to mind. He was a rough, fan favorite in Binghamton (AHL) & played one game with the Rangers in 1991-92, putting him well ahead of Redden & Kalinin on the Rangers best D-man list.

  233. Are people really starting to make fun of Drury’s wife’s name?

    Get some perspective people. Like him or not, what he names his children or what his mother/father-in-law named his wife is completely, totally irrelevant.

  234. 11 hrs to gametime people….show some heart TRUEBLUE……stay out of the damn box, stop stick checking and move those legs show some TRUE BLUE HEART…..lets go rangers lets go rangers lets go rangers

  235. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    rob m- i have a feeling that we will most likely go 1-1-1. i think florida will go 2-1 too.i dont know but the montreal game is handed to them on a silver platter, so they should get that one. depending on the standings when the rangers play their last game. i really wish it couldve been at home too, but i think dependin on the standings they could easily just get 3 points instead of 4 or5. florida will most likely beat atlanta and actually washington too. washington will be fighting with jersey but dont think they’ll play as hard as florida. philly will be tougher for us to beat twice. idk i just have a bad feeling that were gonna lose by tiebreaker like u said. i say we win tonight, and florida loses theres, we get in. i think we could get in 7th too. i would love for montreal to be out.tonight, we win, we have much better chance but its gonna be a crazy race between these 3 teams. gotta love it though right??

  236. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    wow, i just read what i posted and im laughing. wow, i just woke up, and made no sense just now, let me have my coffee first, lol

  237. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    ok, rob- i think we lose tonight, we could easily go 1-1-1 and fla gets in. we win and florida wins, montreal will be out.i think florida will prob win their last 2 and that could put them in 7th and us in 8th. awwwww screw it just win tonight rangers!!!!!!!!!!!!

  238. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    this whole hypothetical situations are rackin my brain, we just gotta play our best and win at least 2 and we should be in thats it!!!!!!!

  239. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    jive- i agree, as long as he starts acting like a captain and start leading this team into the playoffs i dont care anything about the man or his wife and kids, we shouldnt bring his family into it. but rory drury is kinda funny u gotta admit

  240. if the SJO fits on

    what time is the game on sunday? im having trouble getting on other sites

  241. would it be too much trouble to have a 3 game winstreak against the other “middle of the pack” 40 win teams??

  242. mike what the hell is wrong with you? the Rangers win tonight. you are a negative nancy, the last thing we need today (aside from a middle-aged mother making personal calls near me today. thank god she works part time. she’s talking about baking cookies.)

  243. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    “If we don’t win today, there’s always next Christmas”

    -Captain Chris Drury

  244. Redden scores 1 and assists on 3
    Gomez sets up a pair
    Cally scores twice
    Drury nets the winner on a deflection off his foot (breaking an ankle)

    But we win 7-3

  245. I’m litening to Montreal radio all morning

    they are nervous….
    goaltending has been shakey
    Schnieder and Markov are out tonite; schnieder for the season

    Schnieder arrived and Habs PP went from 27th to 15th in league

    last night they played Laraque and he was slow and stupid…they’re afraid he’ll play again tonite because of Orr and Avery…

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