Avery Rule 2


So apparently referees and linesmen can call penalties from video replay. Actually, they can’t by rule or bylaw. But it appears that is exactly what they did when Sean Avery tapped Tim Thomas in the back of the hat Saturday in Boston.

And apparently, rules apply to Avery, but when they don’t, the NHL can just change them.

I still think it was stupid — mindlessly so — and selfish for Avery to risk a penalty at that stage of a 1-0 game. Nevertheless, if the refs don’t see it, they shouldn’t be allowed to call it.

Another thing, unrelated to a degree — I was at Boston’s Bailout Garden for a Celtics-Cavaliers game last month, sitting in upper-deck seats that some ticket agency jacked up to $100. There was a flagrant foul on the court and led to a near brawl in which Glen Davis was ejected and LeBron James, among others, were given technical fouls. From where I was, I could barely see it. But they didn’t show the replay. Wonder if it was because a Boston player committed the foul? Wonder if it had been King James, would they have shown it? Or if it were Avery?

Some follow-up thoughts:

1) If I were John Tortorella, with no games from Saturday afternoon until Tuesday night, I’d work on the power play, and not stop until they get it right. Not stop until they figure how to get shots from the point, how to get somebody in front of the net, how to at least make it somewhat difficult for the penalty killers and the goalie. Because they can say they had chances. But they really don’t get very many chances of any quality, and even if you don’t have much top-level or skill, you have five against four. You should be able to create something once in a while.

2) Tim Thomas’s best save Saturday was Ryan Callahan’s shot that hit his noggin.

3) For weeks, if not months, Callahan has been the Rangers best player, far and away. Avery is second. They play on the No. 1 line for the New York Rangers with Scott Gomez, who has been better, but still not nearly as good as the Rangers need him to be. On Detroit or Boston or San Jose, that’s a nice second line. And there you have the Rangers’ problem in a nutshell. If that’s your No. 1, all due respect to all three players, you’re not winning anything.

4) So I’ll repeat a question from a couple months ago: Tell me which 10 teams have worse front-line skill and talent than the NYR? They are definitely lower-half of the league, and I maintain it might be lower third.

5) Callahan’s empty-net goal is the only goal the Rangers have scored in the third period of their last NINE games.

6) To fix the problem, maybe Glen Sather can go out and sign some really expensive B-list free agents this summer.

7) I’ve really had it with those annoying Geico commercials, with the money with the eyeballs. It’s not even a little funny or cute.


Another reminder, Jane and I will do a live video chat Tuesday at 1, before the critical game against Montreal — after which (barring overtime) the Rangers will trail the Habs by 1, 3, 5 or 7 points. Before then, Florida plays Pitt tonight, the Habs play Ottawa tomorrow.


UPDATE, 11:54 a.m.: There are no tests scheduled for today, and no update, on Nik Antropov’s left knee inj …. ooops …. I mean lower-body injury.

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  1. You nailed it with #3 and #7. Geico money and eyeballs are downright creepy.

    Oh, Ill add to that list #8 – Why is Gomez still always smiling? He does realize he makes my face angry when he is on the ice, seeing him not score AND smile is just aggravating

  2. Yeah of course I am first GardenfaithfulinFla….

    Uncle Carp will honor my skills !:)

    Carp, when they haven´t learn yet to score on the powerplay, they probable won´t learn it now from Sunday to Tuesday !:)

    I really find it funny that something occurs like Avery call on a replay from the video wall can only happen, where they have invented the intervene by a video replay:)

  3. BringBackJags on

    They did the same thing last night during the Toronto-Montreal game. Called a 4 minute high stick based off the video the arena showed of the play–no refs saw it.

    I’ve never seen this happen before, and then twice in one day??? wtf?

  4. I don´know if you rEad my posts from the previous entry…

    And I say it now with full conviction as it is high noon now;


  5. I miss the 78-79 NY Rangers (formerly Prucha25) on

    7) I’ve really had it with those annoying Geico commercials, with the money with the eyeballs. It’s not even a little funny or cute.””

    I agree! Every time I see those stupid things I have to shake my head! I don’t get it, either!

    NOT funny!! I wish they’d just use the gekko ones.

  6. Guys, I am going to be out today, but I just wanted to say, and I really believe, that we are not a very good team, we have been mediocre or lousy all season. With that said, we are going to make the playoffs. I think we are a mediocre team that IS going to make the playoffs, and not because we really deserve to make it, but because the teams chasing us are just not going to pass us. Call me crazy, or overly optimistic, which I definitely am not. I think we are going to win because other teams are on a mediocre tier 1 and we are on a mediocre tier 2. Ha. Kind of a pathetic way to explain my feelings here, but that is what they are. I want to make the playoffs because I just LOVE this team and Hockey and want to extend the season as far as it can go. Many of you won’t agree and some will. But it is what it is.

  7. I miss the 78-79 NY Rangers (formerly Prucha25) on


    The one where the woman is eating in the restaurant and flirting with it, I want to smack her off the chair.

  8. I’ve seen refs look at video before penalizing people a couple times before this season and wondered if it was ‘by the rules’ or whatever.

    Was @ the new Yankee stadium yesterday and it is the bomb. Food and drink prices weren’t jacked either.

    but screw baseball the playoffs are about to start!

  9. Back to Ted Linsey hockey says I. Real hockey before the Jumbo screen, and the like. When Tomas might have gotten a full two hander for his trouble. Just kidding, I wasn’t impressed with Avery at all on that move, but hey like Carp says no big screen replay no penalty. Or I think he said that, thats what I got anyway. Maybe the gardens will learn from this.

  10. BringBackJags

    this is why it happened twice in one day…

    when the league suspends Avery for what he did, and Avery will try to make his case that refs cannot make a call based on the video replay… the league will say:

    “hey, look… it happened in Toronto-Montreal game, so it is legit! Now Sean, you get 5 games suspension and 40 lashes to the butt with Gary Bettmans tongue” …its that simple

  11. Jesus Avery is getting suspended for this you’re saying?? From the replay I saw it looked like he barely touched him just wanted to irritate him… but then again this is the NHL and Avery is the double-standard.

  12. If I never see another Viagra/Gieco/Cialis/Optimum Triple Play/Take Five commercial ever again, I’ll be a real happy guy.

    Rangers forwards are non-competitive and abysmal compared to any of the other top 16 (even Minnesota, with Gaborik back, is better) teams in the league and the bottom dwellers even have better talent (Ottawa, Toronto, TB). Their starting 6 “D” are decent, the goalie is good, we just can’t score.

  13. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    no darrel, i really dont think gomez realizes that he makes you angry. im sure if you told him about it, he might try a little harder.

  14. Carp, I don’t agree with your headline last night. you said “Not a good night for your Rangers”

    why? the only thing that matters now, standings-wise, is staying in front of Fla and Buff

    and Buff lost, and the Rangers kept their 2 and 4 pt leads over those 2 teams.

    so, while losing that game in Boston was disappointing, the goal of making the playoffs is in no worse shape than before yesterday started.

  15. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    bringbackjags- obviously the penalty to avery is bettman tellin the refs if he does anything out of line, do whatever you want to him, no matter how you reach the conclusion

  16. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    playoffs- we lost. only 3 games left. it wasnt a good night i’ll tell u that

  17. if Fla loses to Pens today, then the Rangers will have a 2 pt lead PLUS the first tiebreaker in their favor with 3 games to go.

  18. How many times has the NHL changed rules in mid-stream because of ONE PLAYER? Why is the game officiated differently for ONE PLAYER?

    I’m still figuring out the penalty from the other nice “#16 New York…2 minutes for being passive”.

    He might not be anywhere among the elite players in the NHL, but you gotta give him his props for changing the game….at least changing the games HE plays in. He’s an original and as Carp pointed out like it or not he’s been one of the best players on the Rangers since he got back….unfortunately.

    Jeezums…someone with that amount of “gravitas” should have a place in the HOF, don’tcha think? He’s gotta be a true pioneer of the game!

  19. The Rangers know and Avery should know that powers that be are just waiting for a chance to penalize him. When Torts told him to lay off that crap he should have. What he did was really stupid but it’s all about Avery. For a smart guy like that it’s mind boggeling that he can be so stupid.

  20. What Avery did turned into a 4 on 4 that resulted in a 4 on 3 power play. Too bad the team couldn’t convert when they needed it most.

    It may have been a dumb antic, but it worked, Avery continues to create opportunities for the Rangers and the team continues to squander them….

  21. Speed Ranger on

    re: Avery

    It’s been my experience that when anyone is treated like Avery is – it’s out of jealousy, or fear, or resentment.

    The refs KNOW they can’t call a penalty from video replay. The technicians in Boston KNOW they aren’t supposed to show replays. These aren’t secrets.

    If Avery weren’t powerful, weren’t dangerous, weren’t a top contender, no one would bother to break rules to get to him.

  22. good riddance to him on

    I find this brinbackjags crap really laughable. talk about poor memory. Jagr scored the same # of goals as craptastic Drury last year, 25. and craptastic Naslund has 23 now.

    that gives you an idea of how pisspoor jagr was last year

  23. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    well the top 3 guys on the team, not based on pay, are hank, staal, and cally. weve got a good goalie, we have an ok defense, not spectacular, not horrible, and we have an offense that half is filled with hustle it out grind type of players, and the other half, are either skilled and lazy, or just lazy. the guys that we need to be stepping up and scoring, making the big plays are not, and the guys who are, are not skilled enough to get it done consistently. chris drury, as weve seen for 2 straight seasons, is not good enough to be the captain of the rangers, and wouldve been traded already if it wasnt for the ungodly amount of money sather pays him and a few others. until sather is in a nursing home, where he should be already, we will have bad decisions being made to further screw up the team. ur captain should be someone would want to emulate and look up to. when we see him play, do any of us think the young guys on the team are inspired by him? i know torts is a coach who wont take any bs, but like tom renny, he inherited a team full of 2nd and 3rd liners. like carp said our 1st line would make a good 2nd line on any other team.

  24. good riddance to him April 5th, 2009 at 12:36 pm

    I find this brinbackjags crap really laughable. talk about poor memory. Jagr scored the same # of goals as craptastic Drury last year, 25. and craptastic Naslund has 23 now.

    that gives you an idea of how pisspoor jagr was last year

    Umm, check out how many points Jagr scored the last month of the season, and then check how dominant he was in the playoffs (it certainly wasnt his fault the Rangers were eliminated in the playoffs). The guy had the ability to take it up a notch for the Rangers, he brought his best when it counted most. In a perfect world you want a player to play their best all the time, but I’d rather have a player like Jagr that takes some of the season off and then really brings it come playoff time than the opposite.

    As for Drury, Gomez, and Naslund. None of those players have the ability to be dominant and if we make the playoffs, let’s see how they perform? My money is on their disappearing act.

  25. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    yea maybe renny had some influence on the roster but pearn suggested redden!!!! damn you pearn to the end of time!

  26. onecupin69 +years on

    The nhl officiating and rule changes are a joke. What about the board of governers and gm’s ,who votes on these rule changes?

    Where the player association?

    Avery always self destructs..imagine if this was the playoffs.

    And practice the P/P? if they don’t have it right by now, they’ll never get it.

    Yes they suck, the NAMES look good on a ROSTER but on the ice they suck.

    And if the rangers don’t make the playoffs, why keep torts? The team sank further under him.

  27. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    jcl- every player in the nhl to a certain extent takes nights off, or doesnt give it their all every night. jagr just made the mistake of being honest about it. theyre human,. just like everyone else. no doubt you and I have dogged it at work before

  28. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    onecup- yea at this point if they havent gotten better at the pp, whats to make them be better now, but hey, id rather them practice the pp, than just about anything else they could be practicing. in almost every game we won, it was a pp goal that almost always either tied the game or won it.

  29. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    onecup- u might as well get a jumpstart on your name and change it to onecupin 70 and counting

  30. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    onecup- hell no, they gotta keep torts. you gotta give him till at least next season to get them ready to play his style. they are out of shape bigtime. 1 goal in the 3rd poeriod in 9 straihght games!!! thats why we are losing.

  31. the PP is too dependent on 60 ft slapshots. they would be better off moving the puck behind the net, then crowding into the slot as the opponents turn to face the ranger puckhandler behind the goal line. it is much easier for an opponent goalie and dmen to play facing the blueline than having to turn around to look for the puck, thus taking their eye off their man for a second.

  32. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    jcl- if cally was on the wings or sharks hed be a 30 goal scorer already. yea he might be a 3rd liner for them, but he wouldnt stay a 3rd liner for very long

  33. Carp…

    No I have an update of injuries…

    Poster Buff suffer an upper body injury after colliding with one of his computer in his living rooms..

  34. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    pp- yea our point men on the pp suck. they play hot potato and none of them get a good shot off quickly enough besides morris. redden has a great shot, but he doesnt use it. he could have 10 goals or more if he just let em rip like he did in toronto. and our 3 forwards up front are always stationary. its like nobody on the pp unit wants to take control of it. they all wait to see a shot from the point and then scramble to get rebounds but the forwards on the other team are very aggressive and take alot of the shots away. and thats when we have posession, which is about 40-45 seconds tops on most of our pps.

  35. good riddance to him on

    Drury had 12 PP goals to 7 for jagr. 7 game winners to 5 for jagr. and I hate Drury, but that gives you an idea of how crappy jagr was. and I’m not going to applaud anyone who takes 5 months off and then plays hard for one in a selfish salary drive, which is what it was, all about his next contract

  36. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    some of you guys have said that mara is not a “torts guy”. what does that mean? i would think that redden and rozy are not torts guys. maras been pretty good, just not on the pp. but he wasnt brought in for his scoring, he was brought in for nastiness and to hit. protect hank in front. he does have a hard shot but very innacurate

  37. I miss the 78-79 NY Rangers (formerly Prucha25) on

    onecupin69 +years April 5th, 2009 at 1:04 pm

    Maybe the Rangers gave up winning for Lent?””


    Thanks for the laugh. I needed it.

  38. Anyone who thinks Jagr was not a difference maker, has no clue at all about sports.
    Teams would have to change their game plans just to try off-set Jagr. He was a force, and goal scroing treat every time on the ice. He did not score a lot last season, mainly because of Renny’s crapy system! Yes, he did take it easy at times but, look at the results in the playoffs 15 pts in 10 games. He almost took us to the Semis by himself.
    Sather’s worst mistake this year was not resigning him.

  39. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    goodriddance- id rather have a washed up jagr to drury anyday bud. at least when he wasnt scoring he drew at least 2 guys on him freeing up space for guys like dubinsky, who u can see clearly struggles without playing with jagr. and jagr couldve easily gotten the 85 or whatever amount of points neccesary for a contract extension.

  40. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    carcards- exactly. and no matter who we played, i always felt like we had a chance because of him. drury might as well not play and i dont think id even notice.

  41. good riddance to him on

    yeah, he was so much a difference maker, so much a playoff force that NO NHL TEAM wanted to sign him. and only a couple even bothered to call him at all. that says plenty

  42. There are two main problems with our pp that have remained consistent under both the clueless Tom Renney and now the washed up, over-hyped John Tortorella:

    1) The right players aren’t on the ice to start the pp, particularly on the point, and

    2) There is no emphasis on the one-timer.

    The first one is a no brainer. At a glance, Tortorella, despite his depleted coaching skills, was able to figure out that Voros skates like and has hands of stone. You would think he’d be able to see the same in a defenseman who skates even worse and has no hands whatsoever. Indeed, for a guy who is in his early 30’s, Redden has the skating stride of a 50 year old playing in a senior beer league. (Actually, I play with 50 year olds who have a better stride than him.) Our powerplay has been in the toilet all year because almost every time we’re awarded a pp, the coach decides to put that slow, dump-in-the-pants atrocity on the ice.

    And as if having Redden on the pp wasn’t bad enough, the rest of the guys on the ice are rarely in a position to shoot.

    Strangely, the players down low are almost always shooting from the off-wing, while the defensemen might have one off-wing shooter (which makes it easy for the opposition to isolate).

    How does that make sense?

    Are we supposed to count on the forwards down low to make (saucer) passes to one another through the myriad of opposition sticks, while the defenseman stand around waiting for a big rebound to come out to them? Or should it be the other way around, where the defensemen tee-up the one-timers to one another and the forwards down low (like captain so-called clutch) pick up the rebounds? Just seems like everything about our pp makes no sense.

    The simplest way to improve the pp would be to get the best right handed defenseman on the left point, and the best left handed defenseman on the right point, have a big body (Antro, when he returns) or pesky forward (Avery) in front of the net, with two snipers (say Zherdev and Cally) on either circle. But again, the emphasis must be on getting the shots off as quickly as possible to prevent shots from getting blocked and goalies from setting in his creases.

    Regarding the Geico commercials, I’m really glad someone else noticed just how awful they are. Like you said Carps, they’re not cute, they’re not funny. In my opinion, they’re just plain stupid, which I guess is consistent with their equally vapid caveman commercials.

  43. I guess I didnt miss much. I was out all day yesterday, with morbid curiosity looking at the scores on my phone. When I say 1-0 in the 2nd. I knew they were going to lose. Well they have 3 more games and as much as I love and REALLLLY try to say positive with this team I get more and more disappointed. Florida lost – Thank God!!!!

    Oh and Darrell

    Wouldnt you always smile if you were getting $80,000 a game for doing nothing most of the year? I think we all would :/

  44. carcards
    April 5th, 2009 at 1:08 pm
    Anyone who thinks Jagr was not a difference maker, has no clue at all about sports.
    Teams would have to change their game plans just to try off-set Jagr. He was a force, and goal scroing treat every time on the ice. He did not score a lot last season, mainly because of Renny’s crapy system! Yes, he did take it easy at times but, look at the results in the playoffs 15 pts in 10 games. He almost took us to the Semis by himself.
    Sather’s worst mistake this year was not resigning him.


    YES YES YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. I think if Torts was the coach last year I swear he would have told Sather not to sign Redden.

  46. Johnny LaRue on

    I’m convinced that Jagr did not want to hit his points threshold that would have triggered the automatic contract extension because he did not like playing Renney’s defensive system. Jagr made sure that the team got into the playoffs last year, and then he went all out, which doesn’t excuse him from being clearly self centered. But in his mind, I suppose he thought that if they got into the playoffs then anything could happen.

    Sather waited a year too long to fire Renney. If Tortorella was brought in last year we would have seen a completely different season out of JJ.

  47. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Anyone who says Drury is/was/Ever will be better than Jagr just doesn’t get it (i’m talking to you “GOOD RIDDANCE”). Jagr had 71 points to Drury’s 58 last year. Jagr had a +8 to Mr.Two-way center’s minus-3. Jagr had *15 playoff points* to Drury’s *six points.*

    In Jagr’s worst career season he blew Drury’s season (which was average, in Drury’s career) away! Drury is a hack. Jagr could be a game-changer. Drury is a pitiful Captain and for all the things I wish Jagr did better or differently, he still didn’t screw it up half as bad as your man crush.

  48. I hope the Rangers don’t make the playoff’s. I don’t get the point of squeezing in.

  49. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    “I’m not going to let it ruin my Christmas”

    I despise all you fools here who loved on Drury’s signing! There’s alot of you clowns, more than just one good riddance. I hate it because other people like myself (in particular SALTY!) have been bashing this guy for years. To mention a few, JJP, LI Joe, Beer Me have all supported Drury at times. Carp *and Weinman* don’t get off easy either. No offense to them, I think they do/did a great job. But the media in general is just blinded by this hack. He’s an incredibly talented guy when it comes to making people think he’s talented… because he’s not! He really is a GOOD 3rd line player who benefited from immense talent and a great system in Buffalo. But all you jag-offs here loved on him for his 7 GWG last year. Half of which didn’t make a difference because they were scored during games the team was leading anyway! And if that’s the case, how about Dubinsky this year… 7 GWG!

    Captain Nobody. 2 GWG. Minus… 12? 13 now? I can’t even keep track anymore. And 3 more years! ahhh.

    Btw: All you who supported him until the last couple weeks, thanks for joining the party. A couple have been here already, you just took the long, expensive route on the short bus to get here.

  50. Johnny LaRue on

    Surprisingly, I find myself not really caring if they make the playoffs or not. The team this year has been nothing more than frustrating, which I can see continuing into the playoffs. It’s really hard to get behind a team that seems to react to their mediocre play with such a ho-hum attitude.

    As for Tortorella, he feels no pressure because his attitude is that he just got thrust into this mess and he needs a full season to really turn things around.

    I don’t know. Anything can happen in the playoffs, but it almost seems like they don’t deserve to be there.

  51. good riddance to him on

    apparently you need reading comp, tf. I said I hate drury. he is an overpaid third liner bum and a terrible captain. i used the comparison with drury to demonstrate how crappy jagr was. nice try distorting what I said.

  52. When it comes to the playoffs in is in. How they get I don’t much care. A new beginning I say, someone could get hot. Sometimes guys that never score just start scoreing,. The puck bounces in off their skate or off their head ect. You never know what will happen in the playoffs.

  53. folks, there ain’t a whole lot of difference in squeezing in or finishing a few pts higher in 7th. either way, they have to pull an upset in round one

    you know what missing the playoffs will mean? it won’t mean firing Sather. it will mean even more stupid UFA signings like Drury

  54. A rule was not created folks.

    32.4 General Duties – It shall be the duty of the Referees to impose such penalties as are prescribed by the rules for infractions thereof and they shall give the final decision in matters of disputed goals. The Referees may consult with the Linesmen, Goal Judge or Video Goal Judge before making their decision

  55. Im not gonna lie, and say i hate Dreary, and always have. I liked the signing, i wasn’t happy with the amount he got, but he came off a career year, and i thought he would be a good fit with this team. Last season, he wasn’t that great, but he showed up in the final two months, and the first round, but disappeared in the second. With that said, this year he is absolutely pathetic. Total embarrassment to this team, and this organization. He’s probably the worst Captain in the league. It’s pretty sad when 20 year old Captains are more of a leader than you, not just offensively, but defensively.

    Everything this guy does pisses me off. I cant stand him, and im so pissed that he’s a part of this team and will be for the next couple of seasons.

    Id rather have Danny Briere. Yeah, he’s another overpaid center, but he puts up good points, he did last year with Philly, and would have this year if he was healthy. He could have helped our PP out probably a lot more than Dreary, and Gomez.

    Or maybe he would have sucked, and Nyr is cursed with trying to buy talent. You never know.

    This teams going nowhere with this group, unfortunately. Unlike when Renney was still with this team, ill continue to root for them and hope for the best. But thinking they can get past the first round is wishful thinking. It’s gonna be another long depressing summer. Im sure getting eliminated wont ruin Dreary’s summer, but it certainly will ruin mine, as always.

    Go Pens, Go Sharks !

  56. Fruity Cupcake on

    Drury is probably feeling the pressure of having been labeled Captain Clutch for all those years. It seems to me that if he were so clutch, the Rangers would have a few more goals in recent third periods and God knows what kind of better record if they could rally before facing OT. MSG should probably stop airing the #23 ProFile which just harps and harps on his championship life. That said, I’m not ready to give up on what he CAN bring to the team. Just no reason to expect it this week.

    My take on lucky take five:
    Dumb luck: Wade Redden
    Born lucky: Marc Staal
    Beginner’s luck: Corey Potter
    Tough luck: John Tortorella
    Ran out of luck: Henrik Lundqvist

  57. that has NOTHING to do with what happened. the refs made their minor penalty decision by being influenced by a video replay, which is NOT consulting with the linesmen, but taking the goal replays of the war room to the level of penalty calling too. the war room CANNOT call penalties from video replay, and neither can the refs or linesmen.

  58. It’s funny that the refs get to watch video replay to see what happens, and call a penalty, while they don’t use that when Zherdev got tripped, or when Avery got elbowed, etc.

    This games really hard to watch, it pisses me off all the time. The refs need to get a swirly in the toilet.

  59. My take on lucky take five:
    Dumb luck: Wade Redden
    Born lucky: Marc Staal
    Beginner’s luck: Corey Potter
    Tough luck: John Tortorella
    Ran out of luck: Henrik Lundqvist

    Haha Ran out of Luck, that’s so perfect for Hank, cause it sure as hell seems that way. Maybe Redden should be lucky two fingers, cause those are the two fingers he uses to rub the cocaine all over his gums !!! He needs to OD, and take the rest of the year off, do us the favor !!!

  60. i think one of the main reasons why Jagr didnt play hard all season is because he didnt want that optional year to kick in when his point total hit 81. I dont blame him for doing that… he couldn’t stand Renney and his paralyzing hockey! The only way he saw for him to stay is to get more money to play under that idiotic system! and again…i dont blame him for that… you have to get paid insane amount of money to play under Renney and his undying believe in broken system. Maybe it also explains why sather threw so much money on the new guys… other wise nobody wanted to be here. And who the hell is any of us to claim that no other team in the NHL wanted Jagr? Bullsh!t… for any and all teams it would be privilege to have Jagr on the team… at 40 years of age Jagr will be better than Drury and Gomez and Naslund put together at any point of their careers. Also, Jagr was better leader and better captain than Captain America… people couldn’t see it because they were too busy hating on the big fella.

  61. when your eyes Redden, and your cheeks are Rozy, you just know that there is no defense. you feel Dreary.

  62. I’m sorry, I should have also included this:

    32.2 Disputes – The Referees shall have general supervision of the game and shall have full control of all game officials and players during the game, including stoppages; and in case of any dispute, their decision shall be final.

    32.4 General Duties – It shall be the duty of the Referees to impose such penalties as are prescribed by the RULES FOR INFRACTIONS thereof AND they shall give the final decision in matters of disputed goals.

    Now, if you think that this was okay, are you telling me that during each TV timeout every player who is not being watched by a referee or linesman is fair game? That attacking a goalie who is stretching would be okay as long as it hasn’t been seen by the officials? If that were the case and the game was actually going on, I’d be pissed, but agree with you. But not in this case.

    I’m having a hard time finding a rule that says that a penalty may only be called during a TV timeout if someone saw it.

    Does everyone here know for sure that no one saw it?

  63. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Orr, props for manning up. I agree on the Briere comment too! I didn’t think Briere was going to be as good a signing as he’s been for Philly either. I know he’s been hurt, but he had around 90 points last year I think.

    No suspension handed down yet for Avery?! Kinda weird. I thought it would have been done already. He may only get a fine.

    And for anyone saying Avery has “priors.” Well, that’s sorta true. This may shock some of you! But Avery has NEVER been suspended for anything he’s done on the ice! EVER! He’s been fined many times and he’s got the 6 game “sloppy seconds” thing, but never actually had an on-ice play that warranted suspension for injuring or inent to injure. It will be interesting to see what the league does.

    What the ref’s did to review the play was also outside of the rulebook, Mr. post a rule here that doesn’t apply… thank you very much!

  64. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    There is no rule which allows officials to go watch a replay or look at the scoreboard replay to hand down a suspension! It’s not in there man. The ref’s going to the replay and watching the big-screen was a screw-up! According to Sam and Joe, the arena isn’t even allowed to show a past play until the puck is dropped for the next play so as to avoid this exact problem! A lot of people made mistakes on the play!

    That said, what Avery did was stupid. But the Rangers are even dumber for not scoring on the ensuing 4 on 3. Had they scored, it would have been genius! Had Thomas gotten the only penalty and the Rangers scored, then Avery would be a God! At least Avery gives a crap. The same can be said for Shjoestrom who jumped in fast, along with Gomez, Cally, and Dubi throwing their bodies around. Did you see Redden, Drury, Zherdev and Naslund doing anything to start the team up?

  65. No one has taken Carp up on #4???

    In no particular order, 10 teams I think have worst front line talent than the Rangers – Phoenix, Islanders, LA, Minnesota, Toronto, Colorado, Florida, Nashville, Columbus, Edmonton.

  66. onecupin69 +years
    April 5th, 2009 at 1:04 pm
    Maybe the Rangers gave up winning for Lent?

    I think they gave up on scoring for lent

  67. If he gets suspended for that, then the NHL needs to get a life. They are so focused on Avery meanwhile they are more serious goons & instigators in the NHL such as Clarkson, the Jarkko Ruutu as well as his brother Tuomo who ran into Lundqvist twice, lets not forget Maxim Lapierre, heck half the Flyers team as well as the Penguins, Come on. Leave SEAN AVERY ALONE!!!!

  68. I’m rooting for Cindy and slew foot Mockingbird today. the Pens must beat Fla., and no OT would be preferable

  69. Would it be too much to ask for Tortorella to stop watching Drury’s highlight reel and recognize him for the 3rd line talent he truly is?

    Chris Drury doesn’t belong on the top two lines…and certainly not on the PP. I’d give the ice time to Dubinsky well ahead of Captain Capitulate

  70. Hm… I was reading the part where they talked about an infraction occurring, but you might be right it only applies to the goals that did or didn’t go in. Apologies.

    That said, is there a rule stating that during a stoppage the refs may NOT use video replay? I know that they may not while the play is going on, but this was a timeout so… they used what they had. Did they use the screen replay, or the little screen that they have behind the glass? (I’m truly asking – I don’t know and am curious to know how everyone else does). It seems to me that the only people complaining about it are Rangers fans. If it were an issue with the league, someone in the Rangers club or the MSM would’ve jumped on it. No one has. All Torts has said was that he thought Thomas should have gotten an extra two.

  71. What’s with all the douche’s shouting FIRST! at the top of the post. It just show’s you sit on here all day waiting for Carp to post something new. Go outside, its nice!

    BBQ is almost ready!!

  72. The fact that Avery brought this on himself is what burns me the most. It was a completely bone headed, selfish thing to do. Hockey is a team sport, and I guess Avery is not a team guy. He has been very good since his return, no one should dispute that fact. Should he get suspended for this, he will have put the Rangers in a bad situation while battling for a playoff spot. Just because he wanted to show off like a spoiled kid. I hate to think of the options. Can anyone say Voros.

  73. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    The only provision of using video review is for goals. That’s the only thing in the rulebook. It’s not that officials are allowed to go watch the video during TV timeouts, it’s that they’re ONLY allowed to refer to a video goal judge when questioning a goal. The arena messed up showing the big-screen play during the stoppage. The linesman messed up by watching it and going over to the main ref’s to tell them. I had the Boston feed and they showed the linesman watching the big screen. Other’s watching the MSG feed may be able to confirm what other replays were used by officials during the stoppage.

  74. carcards
    April 5th, 2009 at 1:08 pm
    Anyone who thinks Jagr was not a difference maker, has no clue at all about sports.
    Teams would have to change their game plans just to try off-set Jagr. He was a force, and goal scroing treat every time on the ice. He did not score a lot last season, mainly because of Renny’s crapy system! Yes, he did take it easy at times but, look at the results in the playoffs 15 pts in 10 games. He almost took us to the Semis by himself.
    Sather’s worst mistake this year was not resigning him.


    YES YES YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  75. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    I disagree with you to some degree. Avery didn’t do it to show off, he did it to get in the goalie’s head. We’ve seen it with Brodeur who didn’t play in the world cup last summer because, and I para-phrase, that Sean Avery took away his desire to continue playing through the summer. Avery is very good at getting into people’s heads and I can’t fault a guy who was trying to give his team an edge. He didn’t injure anyone. He shouldn’t have even gotten a penalty.

    Was it dumb? YES! Was it the right thing? NO! Was it selfish?! Actually, I don’t think so. Everyone here said it was selfish, but I think Avery did it because they were down 1-0 with 5 minutes left in a game that the Rangers could have REALLY used to clinch the playoffs. Add to that, what if the Rangers make the playoffs in 8th place… hello mind games and Tim Thomas! It wasn’t a wise move, but it wasn’t as selfish or wreckless as you all think.

    I feel like many here forget that Sidney Crosby dives, every game! Ruutu elbows guys in the face, FOR FUN! Guys take sticks to the heads of other players! Players butt-end spear each other all the team during checks! And Avery gets you all riled up this much! And by doing that he’s actually acheived his goal yet again.


    He had 71 points, but really helped out the Flyers PP, and had 14 PP goals, and 31 goals total i think. Which was a lot better than Dreary. Same amount of points as Gomer. Only negative aboot him was he was a minus 22.

  77. True Fans Bleed RW&B
    I realize Avery is a pest and getting into peoples head is part of his game. Watching Avery play suggests to me that he is a very bright indivual. Smart enough to know any excuse and they are ready to pounce, right or wrong. I’m sure he knew that but he did it anyway. Thats why I said it was selfish and stupid. It’s a team sport he puts the team in a bad situation by doing it.

  78. I’ve been saying all season that Callahan was the Rangers best player. It’s not because of his superior skill, it’s because he gives 100% every night, every shift. Are you listening, Drury, Gomez, Naslun, REDDEN, etc…

    You’re right about those stupid Geico commercials! The other ones I’m sick of are the New York Lottery “Little Bit Of Luck.” Over and over and over…aaarrrggghhh

  79. BringBackJags on

    People can say whatever about Jagr’s leadership abilities but comparing him to Drury? Seriously?? No one who watched yesterdays game can tell me with a straight face that Chris Drury is a captain. Jagr was quiet but he led by doing. At the end of last season he was skating possessed. Drury is invisible, useless, lifeless, ridiculous, suckulous.

    I hope he and Redden fall out of the plane on the way back to NY.

  80. BringBackJags on

    And the Avery thing was SMART but he should have done it sooner in the game–it woke the team up more than anything anybody else did!!!

  81. Rick –

    Is there a beter PP quarterback in the minors than Bobby Sanguinetti? Sauer up and back, Potter up and back, so many others up and back. How would it kill this team to give Sanguinetti a shot for a couple games, a couple games they will lose anyway, the way the power play is not working. And how could Sanguinetti’s even-strengh D be worse than that of Redden and those departed slew-footed cretins Backman, Strudwick, and Kalinin?

    Sangs was awful the first half of the season, but is actually in plus territory in the second half. He should be the next call up, and soon, given this PP crisis which has not gone away for two years, with and without Jagr.

  82. Phil –

    Re Torts vs. Renney being a saw-off, when did Renney win a Stanley Cup. Awaiting your reply.

  83. Dubi or not Dubi on

    Remember how people were trying to compare Avery to Messier yesterday? I love Avery, but there is obviously no comparison.

    So why are people (One person) comparing Drury to Jagr? Jagr is one of the top 10 NHL players of all time while Drury has never even been an all star! I mean, Jagr didn’t even use a mouthpiece, let-alone spend more time chewing on it than playing hockey!?

    So please think before you speak. Lots of us have our opinions and we may disagree a lot, but at least thought goes into what most of us say.

  84. Rangers are minus 133, Fla is plus 7

    and since the ranger PP also sucks, and since Henrik has not been at his top form, they are in a playoff spot thru smoke and mirrors right now.

  85. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    I’ve never seen a bigger idiot skate around chewing his mouth-piece with his stick resting over his shoulder, at the bench, while his team’s getting assessed a 5-minute major interference penalty after a play. Can the guy go over and at least ask them what it’s about? Hell, i’d be fine if he went over and asked how their christmases were!

    * Jagr didn’t even use a mouthpiece, let-alone spend more time chewing on it than playing hockey!?

  86. What Avery did was great! Old time hockey a la the Hansons! They came in here and called us names! Called us names!

  87. Ballard threw a tremendous hip check on Malkin, sending him head over teakettle. Crosby then fought Ballard. unfortunately, it woke up Fla, and they got the next goal.

    now 2-1 Fla after 1 period.

  88. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Shots are 2 to 1 in favor of Penguins. I’m not watching it, but it would seem Vokoun’s holding down the fort!

  89. Phil


  90. The playoff standings are interesting, I’m not sure I’ve ever seen where a 4th seed like Philly not clinch a playoff spot but a 5th seed (Carolina has). I guess it’s because the Hurricanes own the tie breaker on the Rangers should the Rangers win all the rest of their games and they lose the rest of theirs.

    3-1 Florida leading Pitt heading into the 3rd

  91. i’m in the finals of my fantasy hockey league and today is the last day for scoring..and the ONLY way i can lose if if mason gets columbus a shutout…10 mins left in the third..he’s going to F me. i can’t believe this.

    sorry, just needed to vent to hockey fans.

  92. Caspar europe on

    only time i wish the babies to win, and they lose…where the is the super crazy good cindy when u want?

  93. The Panthers are playing desperate hockey, they look like a team that wants to make the playoffs badly. So far they have outplayed the Pens the 2nd half of the game.

    It’s fun watching a team like that battle for a playoff spot. Perhaps the Rangers should watch all other teams battling for spots, and then perhaps they will realize how they should be playing.

  94. Fruity Cupcake on

    You’re right–Redden IS lucky two fingers: That’s how he peels off his benjamins :-) Maybe dumb luck is smiley Scott Gomez.

  95. Fruity Cupcake on

    You’re right. Orr! Redden IS lucky two fingers: That’s how he peels off his benjamins :-) Maybe dumb luck is smiley Scott Gomez. Or Colton Orr! (No offense big guy…)

  96. RichtersGirl on

    Florida wins today they are tied with us with same amount of games left. rangers destiny is in their own hands…we just have to win more of the last 3 than Florida does…if we can’t do that we don’t deserve to be in the playoffs anyway!

  97. Notice how all the panthers play like Callahan, Full Out!

    They deserve to be in the playoffs over the Rangers’ uninspiring bunch of misfits.

  98. Rick (not the great Carp) formerly sam (not the great Weinman) on


    you are the greatest! I will never doubt you again. You have overtaken Sam Weinman, i love the 1st 3 paragraphs. Everything about Boston, they know what theyre doing, the replay operators, the time operators, even the janitors (Peter Gammons) know how to clean their own teams’ players’ bums.

  99. Why is he an idiot? If they are going to play the same way they are now, they won’t win a game and we will be even more pissed off.

  100. because the playoffs are a crapshoot. no one knows who will do what in the playoffs. NObody, and I mean NObody, thought that the Canes were going to win the cup in ’06, and when they lost the first 2 games at home in their first series, they were deader than a doorknob. except they came back, won 16 games and hoisted the cup.

    are the Rangers likely to win it? no. but I hope they get as far as possible. I don’t want to watch the crappy Panthers playing in round 1 instead of my team.

  101. onecupin69 +years on

    Sorry about the last 2 posts, I was trying to post a photo, Can these be deleted?

  102. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    ohh crap just woke up, seen the panthers won. it says were still in 8th though. man tuesday is gotta be the biggest of the season unless were still tied by the last game at philly and thats a road game. man how it can change so quick. we better come out and whip the habs butts tuesday!!! cmon rangers youcondoit!!!!!!!

  103. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    but damn of all days to end a hot streak, why did the pens have to lose tonight????? but still, it makes for an interesting battle now and the drama is at it highest besides the finals game 7. it’ll all be worth it if we get in though

  104. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    onecup- u took a picture of a truck on the fdr???? haha weird

  105. Like anyone else, I would like to see some playoff hockey. But if it doesn’t happen, I am at peace with that outcome. The essential thing that happened this season was the excision of incompetent bench personnel, and the hiring of a non-Yes Man whose aim is not to also-run but to win Stanley Cups.

    Sather is lazy and inept —- I hope and pray that he is given the pink slip. But reality says Dolan the Chimp will plod along the same path, oblivious. So I am counting on Tort’s decisive, no-nonsense approach and input to roster-building in the off-season to at the very least begin to fit sanity and discipline into the question of who plays for this team moving forward.

    And I am glad Florida won tonight! It is in this group’s hands to decide their fate — and they should grab the chance as opposed to having it handed to them. So be it.

  106. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    April 5th, 2009 at 1:42 pm
    I hope the Rangers don’t make the playoff’s. I don’t get the point of squeezing in.

    nelson- what dont u get about squeezing in? u lost me man. do u think that if the rangers get in 7th, its somehow much better than 8th and that they should only try to get in if they get in 7th or above? how could you say u rather them not get in unless theyre not gonna squeeze in. u made no sense.

  107. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    ford- in a way im glad florida won because now were gonna get to see how the rangers respond and play their hearts out the next few games. if florida loses, maybe they dont play as desperate and i wanna see them earn this spot. so yea i agree with ya about that.

  108. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    could be the guys last name because theres so many damn people in ny theres gotta be a few maliks runnin around!! but hey, he could be from the czech republic or somethin, but why malik??? id think jagr, straka, nedvd, rucinsky, hlavac, even rozy lol

  109. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    sergei nemchinov had more goals in 94 than drury and gomer have this season.

  110. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    and i garauntee you dru has played at least twice as many minutes than sergei did in 94

  111. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    and probably triple the shots taken too

    so about antro, what happened to him? i had a meeting for work yesterday afternoon and couldnt finish the game. his knee is hurt?? how long is he out? and if he is out for awhile thats gonna hurt our offense. hes scored like 6-7 goals already since comin here

  112. Malik 2…I think that driver was a Ranger fan expressing his opinion….which most of us share.

    I mean we all know what a “Number 2” is, right?

  113. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Malik 2! Classic. That’s phenominal work!

    I think i need to wash this season away with a few brews. Where’s Sandis Ozolinsh these days?

  114. yeah florida deserves the playoffs. the team is outshot everygame but have 2 crap goalies with lke the best save % in hockey.

    the rangers gave them a 2 to 1 win when the king let in a joke backhand from booth in a game the rangers(brciklayers) outshot florida by 23 shots on goal..

    the rangers are top 5 in SOG but 3rd worse offense in hockey how is that???????????????

  115. Just to throw a little gas on the fire – how do all the guys on this board who absolutely hated Renney justify Tortorella’s consistent playing of Drury and Redden?

    The big sell on Tortorella was that he was going to hold veterans accountable, seems like only Zherdev (Renney, Hitchcock) and to a certain extent Naslund have experienced being held accountable. Tortorella keeps throwing Drury and Redden out there, where is the accountability you all so highly touted? Is it possible that Tortorella recognizes that these two guys are the best he’s got on the roster?

    The other big knock against Renney was the powerplay. Has it improved under Tortorella? Not at all. Not even with the addition of two guys who will go to the net in Avery/Antropov and the addition of Morris on the point.

    The end result with both coaches seem to be the same to me – the Rangers don’t score enough goals and don’t appear to show up to play every night.

  116. I miss the 78-79 NY Rangers (formerly Prucha25) on

    JJP, I’m VERY disappointed in Torts, too, if that makes you feel any better.

  117. I miss the 78-79 NY Rangers (formerly Prucha25) on

    Rick Carpiniello April 5th, 2009 at 9:24 pm

    Not to mention that Drury made more money this year than Messier did in ‘94. Probably Messier and Leetch combined.””

    Carp, you just made me nauseous.

  118. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    jjp- u have to realize that while the team isnt that much better, who is torts gonna put in drurys place? i can see redden, but drury is our captain. if torts benches the captain, the team might turn on him. i just think hes trying to get the most out of them while not messing with the chemistry that much. i know it sounds as if im justifying drury not being benched or limited ice time, but as of right now, i think by torts benching drury, at this point in the season, could be worse for the team. now redden, you gotta at least give him till next season, same with zherdev. its not like its that easy to undo sathers hugetastic mistakes. i think the season is gonna end in the way we all expect and torts really has no other options. whats he gonna do bring in artie? maybe if we had no chance of the playoffs yea, but we do, so hes gonna play dru and redden. redden has been better i think anyway. not good, but better. dru is just idk hes a mystery. ev en though he does some good things out there he just is the exact opposite of what a captain should be, and hasnt done anything clutch since he got here. but yea, torts is gonna ride this one out, we’ll definitely see changes next season though

  119. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    and the pp, well it got better for a few games, but the team is just lacking a true qb. thats it, the guys we are using arent good enough to do it. and we also are way too predictable. theres no confidence onb the team while were on the pp. we hardly ever have possession in their zone, and when we do, they are too scared too do anything creative because they have given up so many shorties and odd man rushes this season. so they dump it in and it gets dumped right back out, or gomez carries it in, because hes basically the only capable one of doing that, and then it gets dropped back to our pointmen who usually flip a floater on net. the problem is, its so predictable that the other teams forwards attack our d because they know they are scared to give up odd man rushes and so they play hot potato for a minute.

  120. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    What’s up bro? Let’s do this…

    The result is the same to you, huh?
    Let’s see. Renney finished his career with the Rangers at 2 – 9 – 2. That includes a shootout win over the Caps and a win over the Isles. 6 of those losses came to teams that WON’T be making the playoffs (including losses 10-2 to Dallas, to St. Louis)! That’s alot of lost points.

    Torterella is now 9 – 6 – 2 in his tenure while the only non-playoff team the Rangers played and didn’t earn points against was Ottawa on 3/22. Huge difference.

    As far as the PP…
    In Torterell’s 17 games it’s gone 13.5%. In Renney’s last 17 games it went 13.3% but most of those were scored in the 2 earliest games of that streak! If you look at Renney’s last 15 games the PP was 9.1%.

    Torterella has this team playing better than they did under Renney. The PP is still bad, but it is better.

    As far as Torterella loving Drury, I can’t help but say he has the same taste in men as you and Tom Renney have. You all love Chris Drury. I don’t get it. I know he’s a bum and a waste of PP time because he’s a human turnover. But all three of you love the guy, maybe its the crazy hook -jew- nose? Who knows?

    But I agree, he overplays Drury and I hope he realizes that error.

  121. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    truefans- like i said, i think torts is just playing drury to either get him goin and show him he has confidence in him or he doesnt wanna sit him while the playoffs are on the line. i think next season there most likely will be something done about it if he doesnt improve.

  122. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    iowa mike,
    I told my buddy that today too. I feel that Torterella is trying to show Drury he supports him and I felt that way especially after the loss to Carolina when he called Drury out for a lazy backcheck and a bad line change. I think Torts feels he spoke to Drury about it and that Drury will work harder and will “get confidence” to get out of the funk. The worst part is that I don’t think this is a funk. I think Drury is terrible.

    Drury has 28 points against the bottom 10 teams in the NHL. That means he only has 24 points against the top 2/3rds of the NhL! The GOOD 2/3rds of the NHL. Much less than 50% of Drury’s points against the opponents we need those ‘clutch’ points against. Someone said earlier just against the Islanders he has like 12 points and between ATL NYI and TB its’ close to 20 points! Yikes!

  123. JJP-nice. I was never a Renney basher but those who were are awfuly silent now. I like torts, I like his passion but he is playing with the same deck that Renney was with the addition of a few wild cards. A shi++y hand is still a shi**y hand whether you are playing it or Doyle Brunsen is.

  124. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Ummmmm…. there were 4 replies disagreeing with JJP and re-bashing Renney. Please re-define ‘awfully silent’ because your interpretation and Websters seem to differ.

    * JJP-nice. I was never a Renney basher but those who were are awfuly silent now. I like torts, I like his passion but he is playing with the same deck that Renney was with the addition of a few wild cards. A shi++y hand is still a shi**y hand whether you are playing it or Doyle Brunsen is.

  125. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    truefans- drury also got a bunch of his goals against bad backup goalies and he got like 4 on the islanders, and a few on weak lucky shots like in l.a. and anaheim. alot of his goals are tip ins too. like he just stands there and gets lucky that it hits his stick. the goal against jersey, looked like it was girardi. but then they said it hit drus stick. he has a decent shot but he alkways hits the goalies chest or straiht into the glove

  126. Gomez reminds me of that kid from the Mighty Ducks movies that is all speed and nothing else, the one that cant stop. Basically, Gomez is a one trick pony. He gets a majority of his assists from his speed but my god, his stick handling is so poor a lot of the time and his shot is even worse.

    Well, at least we have another few more years of Gomez being a comedian between periods and invigorating quotes from Drury.

    Save for the Boston game which was relatively boring i think a huge difference these days are that the games are actually watchable. The last couple weeks with Renney I couldnt even watch, the play was so putrid it put me to sleep.

  127. Hartford Whalerpack on

    Anyone watch the Panthers vs. Penguins game? There was team that wanted it…Panthers had way more spark and determination hence scoring four against them in a decisive win.

  128. No Country For Old Rangers on

    Thanks Joe Mac Ghost

    yeah we might b f*cked but you never know, if NYR beats MTL tues night we could even end up with the 7 seed. However, I probably rather face BOS than WAS if we are lucky enough to get in.

  129. If we can win our 2 home games then we should be safe, but its going to be tight and we won’t be anywhere but 8th or 9th. I reckon the MSG ticket office will be tentatively printing tickets for a series against Boston right now.

    As for the roster, the GM screwed it by paying top dollar for borderline top line talent or top pairing D. If we’d payed £5m to Dru and Gomer,$5m to Redden and $4m to Roszival that would have left him with another $5m+ to throw at a proper top liner instead of $4m a year for an aging 25 goal a year winger (and it pains me to say that because Nas and I are the same age!!). It also makes you wonder if Darth Sather has any knowledge of what is “down on the farm” – would you have signed two centermen if you knew that AA and Dubi were pretty much NHL-ready? Having just drafted Del Z and with Sanguinetti, Potter, Sauer ready would you sign 2 D-men to such big contracts?

    I think we are still in with a shout because of the play of Cally, Staal, Girardi, Dubi, Z, Antro and Hank and despite Redden, Roszi, Gomer, Dru and Nas not living up to their billing. If Torts can’t get the best out of the big money guys next year then Slats has to swallow his pride and trade them for whatever he can get or waive or buy-out some of them.

  130. How ironic it is when the NHL makes these schedules, for the Rangers they have 3 games left (1 game vs non division team Montreal & 2 games vs. a division team Philly) and for Florida (1 game vs. a non division team Philly and 2 games vs. a division team Atlanta & Washington). Its like they know the outcome already.

  131. I was a Renney supporter, but hiring Torts was the right call. If there is any blame here it belongs to Sather, and the guys he overpaid for. If fat ass Redden, Drury, and Gomez have the audacity to hold their hands out for that crazy money, they owe the team and fans 100 percent effort. Maybe not Gomez so much, but Drury and Redden are stiffs. There was a good article recently about the captaincy. There was a time when captains guaranteed victories. Not this bull*hit lip service. . . .not to mention going to the bench when he couldn’t receive a pass that led to a goal against.


  132. Domi
    Thanks for the links…Brooks is a houndog

    is battling for the 8th and final playoff spot enough of a backward step to replace Sather? Or…do they need to miss the playoffs, lose playoff $$$, for Sather to either get fired or get bumped up and away?

    I’ve been watching a lot of the Blue Jax this year…and Rick Nash is a glaring reminder of how much we miss Jaromir Jagr..a big lug who controls the puck, takes on all pressure like a sponge, skates all around the ice for an offensively challenged team.

    I always liked Jags but I wasn’t screaming for him to stay either…I took the pill that we were re-building with youth…and then watched Redden and Rozi get signed for life

    Big miscalculation on my part in not thinking Jags staying was that important…and on Renney/Sathers’ parts….

  133. BillyDeeWilliams on

    Can we drop the Renney talk? He’s gone. I can’t believe everyone is still talking about him like it matters.

    Playoffs or not, there are far more interesting and pressing matters with this team than tortorella vs. renney.

  134. One thing i noticed that Antropov was doing at the weekend before he was kneed by Lucic was how he used his size and skills to skate with the puck while it seemed guys were climbing all over him, very Jagr-esque. Unfortunately he’s not able to sustain that sort of play. We’re definately a better team with him, Aves and Morris but we also can’t afford all of them for a full season, so this year is maybe the best chance we have to challenge for the cup until we can lose a big contract and sign what we need.

    For the record i would love for the guys already here to live up to the billing (Redden, Dru, Gomer, Roszi) but unless Torts can work some magic in the summer they are just taking up unnecessary cap space that could have been used on a true superstar (Vinny L, Kovalchuk, Hossa, Nash).

  135. Drury's A Joke on

    7 million dollars per season for 5 years.

    Say it over and over. See how many times you can say it until you throw up.

  136. 3 games left. Destiny in our hands. I gotta say though, I am hopeful but not confident.

    We have said from the very beginning of this season that we had too many 3rd and 4th liners on this team and our D was mediocre at best.

    Fast forward to game 79…Ryan Callahan has been the team’s unsung MVP. He was thick in the middle of the 3rd and 4th line grouping. Now he is firmly in the top 6. Hats off to him. For the rest of the team though, mostly disappointment and the reality that they are just not that good.

    Naslund…ineffective. And if you ask me, got more tired as the season went on. He is an old man. He cannot keep up w/ Torts’ system. He should be gone.

    Dubi…still nothing more than a 3rd liner. He is just incomplete everywhere. A good physical guy, not a great one. A good puck carrier, not a great one. A weak finisher. I hope he continues to progress, but you could argue that he stagnated this season.

    Drury…a 3rd liner. Nothing more.

    Gomer…either the guy has no one to pass to or he has no vision. Not sure which, but he’s been a real disappointment.

    Zherdev…some nights (mostly when he plays against other countrymen I think) he plays possessed. Other nights he plays like he is playing pond hockey.

    Avery has been very good. But this is a career 3rd (maybe 2nd) liner on our #1 line. So I will say this guy has been outperforming his peers.

    Antro…looks good but he is a rental.

    Korpi…good speed and decent physical play but he has no linemates. 3rd or 4th liner.

    Betts has been steady. Done what is asked. 3rd or 4th liner.

    Sjo has been alright. Good speed and physicality. But again, a 3rd or 4th liner.

    So overall, our offense has been almost exactly what we expected. Not so talented, no real defined top 6 grouping, and too bottom heavy.

    Given the lack of success on the PP, I would almost argue that we don’t have a true top line. We have 6 2nd liners and 6 3rd or 4th liners. Nothing new. We have been saying this for the whole season. I remember these discussions from last September.

    There’s a reason our GPG is like the worst in the league (or bottom 5, whatever).

    Defensively…Staal is our #1 D-man. After that, a few others are a #4 or, at best, a #3 D-man. Girardi is OK. Mara is OK. Morris is OK. Rosy is OK. Redden sucks donkey dong.

    Goaltending…Hank has been brilliant some nights and not great too many other nights. I would say this has been his least impressive season though.

    Put it all together and is there any surprise why we are tied for 8th with 3 to play?

    I guess us guys on this blog trying to be positive have been trying to make chicken salad out of chicken poop. We’ll see how it all pans out but all I can say is that I am not suprised by where we are or what we’ve done. Disappointed, yes. Surprised, no.

    If we were in the top 4 right now, I’d be surprised. If we were in the bottom 4 right now, I’d be very disappointed and surprised. But we are right about where the overall talent level on this team should be. Definitely not a Tier 1 team and at least not a Tier 3 team.

    I am a trend follower. I think we’ll be playing golf next Monday. Sorry fellas. I hope I am wrong and would be the first to be happy to eat my words.

  137. I love how these other teams take their hi-priced/under performing stars and sit them out a game or two to make a point but we cant do that…FLA just sat Vokoun a couple, the Habs did it with Kovalev…we will watch Drury and Redden play every game…and get big minutes and all the inportant minutes..

    If I were Torts today; looking ahead..I’d be leaning on Staal,Girardi, callahan and even Dubi and Korpi..young guys who bring it every night, they may not be stars and they all have holes in their games but effort not only needs to be rewarded but under these circumstances utilised for what it means…these guys still care and leave something out there

  138. This team lacks talent upfront. It is obvious since 2 coaches, cannot get the right line combos to get any scoring. Sure they have been more fun to watch under Torts, but the real problem is the roster, the power play and Sather and until he goes the Rangers will continue to struggle to make the playoffs. I am shocked that Torts has given so much ice time to Gomez, Drury, and Redden. Everyone was bitching when Renney was doing this, but when Torts does this people seem to be okay with it, with the exception of a few on here, JJP. Then when Harry Potter plays well, they bring in Rosi, who blows and is as grossly overpaid as other Rangers.
    The only RFA I would sign at this point is Callahan, let Dubi and Zherdev walk for some draft picks, only if Sather doesnt get to draft though.

  139. There has been a great improvement under Torts. The team is more aggressive and controls the flow…. it’s the defensive lapses (Redden) and lack of consistent scoring (everyone) that’s killing us.

    Get rid of everyone but Hank, Staal, Callahan and Dubi, and replace as needed with the $ left.

  140. I understand that sather isn’t going anywhere but as long as this dope is the rangers GM the rangers will never smell a cup. At best the rangers will always be a mediocre team that could possibly get to the 1st or second round. This team is done for this year. It wouldn’t surprise me if they don’t win another game.

  141. “I guess us guys on this blog trying to be positive have been trying to make chicken salad out of chicken poop”

    Newman – BEST line of the day!!

    Your spot on with your entire post.
    Are we suprised were here? no not at all.

    OUr fantastic start is history, were tied for 8th with 3 games left, and in a shitty situation where we have to win at least 2 if not 3 out of 3 to make the playoffs.

    Im as optimistic as any Ranger fan, and I hope we get in, but the team and Sather brought this upon themselves.

    At the very least its interesting and down to wire, though for all of us does nothing but make us all bite our nails and have high blood pressure.

    But, as always I have faith, maybe these last three games is what we truly need to make the playoffs and be a threat.

    Either the ENTIRE team comes together and plays some balls to the wall hockey, or they don’t and get bashed all summer long.

    I have faith.
    Come on Rangers, WIN THE LAST 3 FREAKING GAMES!!!

  142. Cakewalk April 5th, 2009 at 4:38 pm

    Phil –
    Re Torts vs. Renney being a saw-off, when did Renney win a Stanley Cup. Awaiting your reply.


    I acknowledged that Tortorella, for the most part, is a better coach than Renney. Where I think he may be worse though, is in the way he inconsistently holds players accountable, and his arrogance tends to be a liability as well.

    When Tortorella is eventually fired–which I believe will happen early next season–I hope Slats is able to find a happy medium between Renney’s personality and Tortorella’s. Although, given his track record in hiring coaches, I don’t have much confidence that he will.

  143. I don’t think Torts will go any time soon, he should be given at least 2 full seasons – the only catch is unless our GM likes humble pie we aren’t going to be feasting at the free agent table for anything other than a slice of cold pizza – with the contracts we have in place and other GM’s reluctant to take them on (and the CBA preventing us from sharing a cap hit) we better hope that we can find some steals in the draft or that Dubi, AA, Grachev and Cally can fill some pretty big holes up front.

  144. ack – I still think the gf has those surprise b-day tickets for me for the philthy game on the 9th. I think its gonna come down to that game unfortunately.

    Newman –

    Perfect sum up of the team.

  145. Why are we hoping to make the playoffs? Is this what has become of us, let’s pray we make the playoffs, just to get ousted in the 1st or 2nd round.

    This is the problem, Dolan knows we will settle for just a playoff bound team and are willing to pay big bucks for it.

    Dolan only worries about one thing and that is making money. If people stopped paying these crazy prices and stopped going to games, he will have no choice but clean house. Where is the motivation for him to do such a thing?

    This team is swiss cheese and there is no way to fill in all the holes. Some bash Renney (myself included) but he knew what he had to deal with and thought the only way to win games is playing conservative hockey. I think he was 100% right, this team cannot score the big goals and it starts with Sather. He has had 9 years to construct a winning team and has failed. He has in such cap trouble, we are going to end up losing productive players, while retaining overpaid underwhelming players. I have heard that the cap may actually drop next season, what do we do if that is the case?

    Sorry for the rant, but I am at my boiling point and really disgusted by what I have been seeing on the ice.

  146. FranklinofDanville on

    All professional athletes are uncaring about we fans. I am still tired of this situation. Rangers fan 51 years; Dodgers fan 61 years; Jets fan 45 years. I have felt this way since Andy Messersmith changed the world.

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