Numbers don’t lie … we think


With Florida’s loss to Atlanta and Buffalo’s win last night, here’s the deal (and please correct me if I’m wrong, because it seems I usually foul up something when I play with numbers … I’m like a six-year-old playing with matches):

If the Rangers go 3-1 for 95 points, they’re in unless Buffalo goes 5-0.

If the Rangers go 2-2 for 93 points and 42 wins, Florida would have to go 3-0-1 or 4-0 to pass them (if the Cats go 3-1 they get to 93 points but only 41 wins). But Buffalo could knock the Rangers out by going 4-1 for 93 points and 42 wins and the head-to-head tiebreaker.

If the Rangers go 1-3, pray.

The next-to-last Saturday of the season is a big one. Eastern teams 4 through 8 all play today:

Carolina vs. Pitt.

Philly at Ottawa.

Montreal at T.O.

and Your NYR at Boston.

Plus, your friends in New Jersey can really help in a big way against No. 10 Buffalo.

And looking ahead to the BIGGEST GAME OF THE YEAR, Tuesday at the World’s Most Famous: Keep in mind that the Habs play Ottawa on Monday night — those inter-province games can be pretty draining, seriously — and should come in tired, while the Rangers ought to be fully rested and ready to rumble at home. Just a thought.


John Tortorella had some interesting remarks in Raleigh yesterday, and Larry Brooks summed them up in his story today. Unfortunately I can’t locate the link on the Post web site. But here’s the meat. The headline said, “Tortorella: Rangers must man up, now!” 

Here were the telling quotes:

“We have to find the way to be stronger in our mental toughness and in the details of the game. If we don’t in the next week, we’re done.”

And: “When there is a play to be made at a big time, our top players have to make them. They have to lead the way. If they don’t, we’re going to be done.”


For those who might care, here’s my column today on Bailout Ballpark.

I want to add that the outfield wall is a strange nod to the New York Giants — a black wall with an orange home-run stripe that looked oddly out of place. A faithful blog reader and Rangers diehard also pointed out that there is very little link to the Mets’ past — the ’69 and ’86 championships, or the Seavers and Goodens — in the ballpark.

I noticed something about the New Yankee Palace. The clubhouse floor is covered with NY logos — a huge one in the middle, and many, many small ones all over the XXXXXL-sized room. What would Tortorella have to say about that? Keep off the $%@&’n carpet?


Another reminder that Jane and I will do a live video chat Tuesday afternoon at 1 p.m, leading into THE BIGGEST GAME OF THE YEAR. The more response we get, the more we can do these things … and the more people realize how important this blog is, thus the more time Jane and I are allowed to spend on it. I know we can’t get to every question, but still, good response helps us and it helps you.

Enjoy the game.

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  1. The Sabres play NJ, Redwings, Toronto, Carolina and Boston in last 5 games

    If they win 4 of 5 in that stretch they deserve a playoff spot

  2. This morning The Hockey News projects:

    Montreal and Florida IN
    Rangers and Buffalo OUT

  3. UESBlueshirt on

    Just have Jack Parker (Drury’s BU coach give him a motivational talk) or tell him to picture himself playing in the Beanpot, whatever it takes to get him sparked.

  4. Clearly the Hockey News doesn’t like NY teams.

    Hey, the Wolfpack destroyed the Providence Bruins last night 6-0; is it much to ask for a similar result today?

  5. My favourite soccer team just lost 5-1 away in a very pivotal game around the championships and I hope it is not a bad sign for the Rangers…

    I have seen the first two periods last night from the Atlanta-Florida game, I really cant see that Florida should beat the Blueshirts for the final playoff spot…It was a boring kind of uneventful game…

    I have a huge evening coming up with some huge sports events like Barca at Valldolid, followed by the Rangers in Boston,( taped full version, becaust its the same time then Barca !!) and the whole HNIC including the Canadiens at Boston…

    I have slept more than 10 hours last night and I should be ready to go :)

  6. MLB The Show is a lot of fun. Very detailed. My only only complaint is I wish they would have put more classic stadiums in it like Ebbets Field, Polo Grounds, old Commiskey, Tiger, Astrodome, etc. if they could do that in Triple Play 97, why not in a 2009 game?

    Honestly if the Rangers don’t show up today other than the Callahans, Staals, Dubinksys who always do then as Torts said these are the wrong kind of players (Redden, Drury, etc.) and they don’t deserve to wear a Rangers jersey or have us as fans support them and pay their salaries.

  7. If the Rangers cant win 3 out of 4, they don’t deserve to get it. I can see Torts having them play really well today. LGR!!


  8. We’ve played the B’s tough this year, hopefully we can edge it out today.


    I remember Triple Play ’98, where you could see numbers on the players backs and you were like “ooooohhhhh”

  9. Shoryuken
    Thats fine…I think I remember Valerega making some kind of a magical Uefa cup run in late 90’s no?

    Cosmos!!..I had them as a “classic” team on one of the FIFA games years ago…they had them in “black” uniforms

    Back to Rangers
    Last two games I thought all goalscorers were the Ranger kids…when did they switch Girardi’s goal to Drury against the Devs??

  10. Caspar europe on

    HAHA. LOL! I’m wacthing the rangers on demand and scrolling back to the clips from the beginning of the season and just laughing my ass off. Stan Fischlers predictions:”The rangers will finish 1st in the east; they got everything, Lundqvist, nice solid defence with the addition of Wade Redden(!!!!!?) etc, etc, etc….beutiful balance..

    Also it’s so fun watching the postgame interviews, Captain Clutch has been the same boring
    captain all season long, he doesnt show anything at all, never, ever….

    Hes our captain…really.

  11. Gomez did not do a thorough enough job on Miller. he came back and now the damn Sabres are a problem for the Rangers again.

  12. Doodie Machetto on

    “And looking ahead to the BIGGEST GAME OF THE YEAR, Tuesday at the World’s Most Famous: Keep in mind that the Habs play Ottawa on Monday night—those inter-province games can be pretty draining, seriously—and should come in tired, while the Rangers ought to be fully rested and ready to rumble at home. Just a thought.”

    Yeah, if it were any other Canadian teams or if the Canadiens were playing any team other than the Rangers the next day I would agree, but the Canadiens have a notable exception for the Rangers: Kovalev. He’s going to coast through the Ottawa game, and then singlehandedly destroy us on Tuesday.

    He is the alltime greatest former Ranger-Ranger Killer.

  13. its Bayern München.and they were blown out by Wolfsburg today four goals in 12 Minutes against and highlight reel kick by Graffite…oh man that is tough to swallow with problaby the next massacre coming up with a game at Barca on Wednesday in the Champions League…

    Itß s a shame I can´t fly to Barcelona Wednesday when my favourite teams clashes but i wont get off from work…

    Hopefully Rangers doin´better today ;)

  14. Barca is best right in the world with Messi, Henry and Etoo in attack as a team would have Ovechkin, Crosby, and Lecavalier on one line :)

  15. Doodie Machetto on

    Buff, let’s revisit your statement about Barca AFTER the champion’s league.

  16. You guys have a good game today at Boston…I have a highlight show now from German Bundesliga followed live Barca at Valladolid at 2pm (cant tape it so therefor is Rangers at Boston at 4pm taped..


  17. Doodie and Buff
    Newcastle is facing relegation….
    I also have soft spots for,Rangers (sco) Hertha (Ger) Panathinaikos (Gre) and Lens (fra) first year I had soccer on foxsports channel Lens, Rangers and Pana teams won championships or cups..I think Lens is in second division now…

    Favorite player ever was Batistuta

  18. Barca are probably the most enjoyable team to watch.

    I just wonder if Boston will, on some level, not be as into the game as the Rangers. It’s only natural that they wouldn’t play with the same intensity.

  19. Doodie…Barca has also Xavi and Iniesta in midfield the heart of Spaíns National team winner of Euro 2008 !

    I am watching a lot of soccer as well from the Premier League but neither the italian giants Inter, AC or even big english teams like Chelsea or ManU play as constant as Barca…!!!

  20. Kaspar

    I like Rangers too because I loved Tore Andre Flo, I used to follow the Norwegian players and that’s how I became a United fan, they had Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, Henning Berg, and Ronny Johnsen.

  21. just seconds ago saw the goals from Newcaste-Chelsea 0-2 in german TV, facing relegation…!!!

  22. No Country For Old Rangers on

    Somewhere in Russia, Jaromir Jagr is screwing a hot girl and laughing at us

  23. Doodie Machetto on

    I know, it’s a bad year. Shearer as manager is too little too late. This whole year has just been a total disaster.

    It just makes me drink more of the beer. Maybe that was the plan all along….

  24. Shoryuken
    “Barca are probably the most enjoyable team to watch.”
    thumbs up..
    I am a gourmet and this really wonderful!
    See ya

  25. Shoryuken
    I chose Rangers FC because of the NY Rangers…(funny I didnt think to do that with the baseball team in Texas though)
    But I followed them on TV late 90’s into the 2000’s
    I remember Flo and my favorite was Brian Laudrup-i think he left in like 98, 99??

    I remember when they signed Marco Negri and all their fans were upset that he gave the catholic sign of the cross after scoring….they forgave him after he scored like 25 goals one year

    In Spain I always liked Bilboa….do they still only sign Basque players??? Just wondering

  26. “Somewhere in Russia, Jaromir Jagr is screwing a hot girl and laughing at us”

    No country…LMAO!!

  27. Guys, Carp will becoming angry if you just discussing soccer instead of Rangers in front of a pivotal game at the Banknorth Garden…

  28. right…
    It is still unwritten rule that they just sign basque players..
    In Spain they are very proud of their states, as there is also a catalonian nationa team existing which is part of Spain, and the capital is Barcelona…

    But thats it for now, maybe join you tonight….

  29. GardenFaithfulinFLA on

    Okay everybody – click your heals three times and say:
    We will win this game, we will win this game, we will win this game.
    Let’s Go Rangers!

  30. outscored 8-1 in third periods of last 7 games. THAT is what must change more than anything else.

  31. I’ll be shocked if the rangers won this game today. I still think they won’t make the playoffs. I hope I’m wrong but I don’t see them making the playoffs.

  32. When you look at this team, except the up tempo style which is more exciting than renny’s system, not much has changed. There power play is awful and they still can’t score goals and lundqvist is good for a few soft goals a game.

  33. Sally (no relation) on

    I think the Rangers have a shot at winning this one. The old Rangers beat Boston and, despite their shortcomings, Rangers 2.0 are a better team.

  34. tony from AZ,
    sorry man, it’s not like I don’t want the rangers to make the playoffs. I’ve watch most of there games the past month or so and I feel the rangers aren’t good enough. I really hope I’m wrong.

  35. today should be exciting as i get a little exercise switching back and forth between the yankees and rangers.

    ps my throat hurts :(

    lets go rangers!

  36. Dubi or not Dubi on

    Let’s hope Tort’s plays my boy Dubi more than captain worthless today. Let’s also hope that he doesn’t mix up the lines a la Renney…

  37. No Country For Old Rangers on

    Center Ice not carrying MSG again and I have to watch on crappy NESN…an indication of how garbage the broadcast is: they play U2’s “Desire” over the opening montage of the bruins kicking ass. Terrible.

    haha they have Ward a trophy.

  38. Carp-
    “I noticed something about the New Yankee Palace. The clubhouse floor is covered with NY logos—a huge one in the middle, and many, many small ones all over the XXXXXL-sized room. What would Tortorella have to say about that? Keep off the $%@&’n carpet?”

    what would your niece and nephew think of a joke like that?

  39. No Country For Old Rangers on

    this is so self-congratulatory and masturbatory. the epic movie music in the background? jeez. is msg showing this little award ceremony?

  40. jerkins perkins(carps nephew) on

    so this is where we find out who won the ottawa d man sweepstakes. chara or redden!!!!!!!!

  41. jerkins perkins(carps nephew) on

    sally- this is rangers 1.5 lol not quite 2.0 yet. now if hank can get his stuff together, then we’ll be 2.0

  42. Yeah, we played an awful Fernandez last time. Thomas is much better. This will be a much harder team to win against today.

  43. jerkins perkins(carps nephew) on

    they just look pathetic already. cmon guys want to win!!!!!

  44. jerkins perkins(carps nephew) on

    thomas couldnt control calls shot. we need to pepper him and find a way to get by their d. thomas isnt as good as everyone thinks

  45. jerkins perkins(carps nephew) on

    gomez missed a great oppurtunity, then antro doesnt shoot because hes a skyscraper and needs his super magnying spectacles to look down to find the puck. but the guys look a little nervous in the offensive zone. also, bruins d are ver aggressive

  46. Oh poo, the Mets are off to a poopy start against Boston too… (is that kid-friendly enough, Carp?)

  47. no, he’s just leading the league in save % and GAA. like hell he’s not good

  48. hahah first shot on goal they score…hello yankee game

    last game they had a goal in their first two shots as well this is bs put in vally

  49. ThisYearsModel on

    Will someone please send a wake up call to Henrik? Unscreened 50 footer? Cripes.

  50. jerkins perkins(carps nephew) on

    when torts said or best players ned to step up, was hank paying attention?

  51. Brutal truth: Hank needs to become a franchise player, not just a player with the potential to be one. He still has too much mental b.s. that leads to unreliable play at least a few times a game (and stretches each season).

  52. jerkins perkins(carps nephew) on

    gomez didnt get the memo either. another bad droppass. wtf is wrong with them?

  53. It’s not Hank’s best year ever, but when we all thought he was hurt on Thurs I don’t think any of you were too happy about it…

  54. jerkins perkins(carps nephew) on

    this is gonna be an uphill struggle today. we might get a point. probably not though. hanks a litle shaky and hes good for another 2 more softies. the 1st was absolutely pathetic. if this is how hes gonna play, were done.

  55. haha oh well. the person broadcasting the game apparently didn’t shut off his screen saver. I got about 15% of the screen where I can actually see the game. oh well….back to the radio..

  56. WTF no screen- King has to stop that one. Maybe it will give him extra adrenalin for the rest of the game.

  57. jerkins perkins(carps nephew) on

    well, sally, when vally is the backup, who wouldnt be scared. but thats just because of hanks past performance over the years. at this point, vally might be just as good(or bad) as hank

  58. jerkins perkins(carps nephew) on

    so far this doesnt look any more of an offensive pressure game than rennys

  59. ThisYearsModel on

    What the hell is Sjostrom doing on the top lines? Get Korpikoski up there for crying out loud.

  60. jerkins perkins(carps nephew) on

    examiner- cmon man stop makin excuses for hank. its getting pitiful. hes just not feelin it this year.

  61. jenkins, might be becasue we are playing the best team in hockey.

    are you still upset about prucha or something too?

  62. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Since when does Chara falling on Naslund and taking him down not constitute a tripping penalty?

  63. Jerkins, Vally’s had some good games, but he’s also been awful, awful, awful at times. Even if he’s not the King, I’d keep Henrik.

    Also, did you hear about the crazy line brawl in Des Moines last night? Way to go out in style, Bucs…

  64. jerkins perkins(carps nephew) on

    lol staal carries the puck in better than our forwards. andf rozy and redden!

  65. Zhergay and Shaky Hank on

    Naslund, Lundqvist: Eurotrash

    Drury, Gomez: White Trash

    Redden: Canadian Trash

    Zherdev: Communist

  66. jerkins perkins(carps nephew) on

    sally, no doubt id take hank over vally, but sometimes he has a hard time handling the pressure.

  67. I’m not making excuses, just calling it how it is. The deflection was impossible to stop. That’s all I said.

    Lundqvist needs to be at his best if the Rangers are to make the playoffs, lately he hasn’t been.

  68. jerkins perkins(carps nephew) on

    lotta bad angle shots. only nazzy had a good shot in front

  69. jerkins perkins(carps nephew) on

    i agree deflections are very tricky but not impossible to stop

  70. jerkins perkins(carps nephew) on

    lol yea no country, he is very good at that. idk how he does it!

  71. jerkins perkins(carps nephew) on

    well, at least its only 1-0. the chances they had it couldve been 3 or 4

  72. Boring period. If we manage to make the playoffs, this is what we’ll watch. Nyr getting shut out in four games.

    Pathetic. We’re gonna have to hope the Panthers lose again, cause Nyr will probaby get shut out.

  73. This is the NHL. If a goalie’s positioning can’t protect him against most deflections, he’s not a premiere goalie. Sorry. The HOF isn’t filled with guys who coudln’t shut down the opposing team, wacky minor deflections or not.

    And, yes, I think Hank is an incredible goalie and my expectations are HOF and silverware.

  74. That was a baby deflection on that goal, it wasn’t much. Hank isn’t fuggin 40, he could have followed that and stopped it. His heads not in the game. He got lucky that Ryder missed on that breakaway.

    And what the fugg, does Redden lose EVERY battle along the boards ? Where’s that cocaine strength ? Loser ! Him and Dreary need to go do a couple of lines and get lost in Mexico.

  75. jerkins perkins(carps nephew) on

    wow blake wheeler, who we shouldve got, has more goals than our captain. drury needs to score today. hes probably saving up all his goals for the playoffs, which we wont get there because drury doesnt wanna use up his alotted 2 goals a month

  76. jerkins perkins(carps nephew) on

    thank u orr, its not like somebody screened him and it didnt deflect 1 footy in front of him, and it didnt deflect that much.

  77. jerkins perkins(carps nephew) on

    yea and rozy made some stupid plays too. worse than redden

  78. No Country For Old Rangers on

    Orr you crack me up every time.

    I agree Redden should be doing bumps on the bench just to keep him going. Or torts could motivate him by dangling an 8ball in front of him

  79. jerkins perkins(carps nephew) on

    orr- callys stole redden and dru’s stash, thats why hes been on a tear and they are jonesin

  80. Tough period of hockey. Boston displayed why they are atop the Eastern Conference; and I don’t think they were even close to being at their best in that period.

    The only way the Rangers win this game is if they play more aggressive to create space in the middle of the ice…that means driving the net and throwing the body. Thomas is going to stop 100% of the shots from the outside; NYR needs more traffic…force him to make tough saves.


    Elite goalie you say? He hasn’t been elite since the first two months of the season. As a matter in fact I could count about 7 goalies in this league that I would take ahead of him, and one of them is on the ice now. Simply put, he lets in too many soft goals, and doesn’t make the spectacular saves anymore. Anyone that thinks that the goal was a tough one to save don’t know . No screen, 90 ft. shot, that may have gotten ticked nowhere near Lundqvist has got to be saved. He has been average atbest for a long time now.

    Also, Blowmez couldn’t score with a string attached to the puck! This is exactly what we don’t need. When given the chance our “good” players need to bury that.

    I am so down on these guys right now

  82. No Country For Old Rangers on

    Ever wonder why they suck on Saturday and Sunday matinees?

    Maybe it’s because they were up doing lines until like 5 a.m. at Redden’s, talking about like Empire Strikes Back and playing NHL 2002

  83. Saw the replay again, wasn’t as significant of a deflection as I really thought, but a deflection nonetheless.

    Lund probably should have stopped it, but reality is he didn’t so down by one instead of tied.

  84. It would not bother me if Zherdev is not on team next year! Same with Naslund. Unfortunatley we are stuck with Redden and Blowzival forever!

  85. “Saw the replay again, wasn’t as significant of a deflection as I really thought, but a deflection nonetheless.

    Lund probably should have stopped it, but reality is he didn’t so down by one instead of tied”

    Hey NYR Examiner, thanks for that ubelievable analysis 45 minutes after most of us made it an about 3 seconds!

  86. Doodie Machetto on

    How I covet Lucic and Wheeler… and Kessel… and Krejci… and Chara… and Wideman… and Thomas… and Savard… and Kobasew… and Ryder… and even Bergeron, egg shell skull and all.

  87. Doodie Machetto on

    God, this game is terrible. I thought we fired Renney a month and half ago. The only way I can tell he isn’t coaching is that Betts hasn’t seen too much icetime.

  88. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Doodie, you covet Thomas? haha.
    Did you covet Cechmanek, Bouchier, Carey, and every other one-hit wonder we’ve seen the last 15 years?

  89. Doodie Machetto on

    There’s two: not covetting your neighbor’s wife, and not covetting your neighbor’s stuff. It says nothing about not covetting your neighbor’s hockey players.

  90. I’m so mad that Gomez and Drury have proved all the doubters right. They suck.This team needs talent bad.

  91. Doodie Machetto on

    OK, I’ll give you Thomas. That was more frustration with how bad Hank has been.

  92. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Doodie, i’m not going to argue that Hank isn’t playing the way this team (defense and offense) need him to be in order to beat the top teams. That said, i’ll never covet Tim Thomas.

  93. Doodie Machetto on

    How could they tell if Antropov hurt his leg? It’s not like he can skate any slower.

    Sjostrom just went in front of a Chara shot and got up slow. Hope he’s OK.

  94. No Country For Old Rangers on

    It’s amazing.

    I never thought I would rather have Callahan out there in virtually any situation over Drury, Gomez, Naslund, Zherdev, and the rest of the lazy trash heap.

    It’s so weird to see a Rangers forward trying.

    No Antro makes me very nervous

  95. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Antropov, Drury, Gomez, Zherdev, Naslund…

    And our best offensive player looks like Ryan freakin’ Callahan!!

  96. Doodie Machetto on

    True Fans, I knew what you were saying. What I was saying was mentioning Thomas was just an overreaction to Hank’s bad play. I don’t covet him.

  97. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Word, Doodie. I got that correction and I was saying even in my frustration I couldn’t say, not even in jest, that I covet Thomas.

    No Country, different words but we made exactly the same point.

  98. No Country For Old Rangers on

    yeah true fans, at virtually the exact same time, if you were a hot blonde i would suggest we are soul mates

  99. Doodie Machetto on

    I bet Renney thinks this game is GREAT, and could only be made better with more Betts

  100. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Forgetting something?


    * Doodie Machetto
    I bet Renney thinks this game is GREAT, and could only be made better with more Betts

  101. jerkins perkins(carps nephew) on

    another bad play by zherdev. i hope he gets picked up by another team next year

  102. We’ve played a great 40 minutes so far. Our forwards have been sound defensively and our pk looks great. Chris is once again leading by example with his steadfast, defense first mentality. We’ve really given the Bruins something to think about here so far. If we can chip one in on our deadly power play, I think we have a good chance of coming away with a point this afternoon.

  103. Doodie Machetto on

    Funny that Sam called Naslund Nilsson because I’d rather have Nilsson than Naslund at this point.

  104. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Redden? Good play!
    Hank, Glove save?!

    What is going on in this crazy world!!!

  105. ThisYearsModel on

    Why is it OK for Zherdev to be taken down in front when the puck is behind the goal?

  106. jerkins perkins(carps nephew) on

    drury sucks, get him off. bench him, double shift gomers line

  107. Antropov80 (formerly Prucha25) on

    The Devils will make sure that Buffalo wins tonight. They live to make life miserable for NY Rangers.

  108. Tom, I’m working on the powerplay right now. I don’t know if you heard during my intermission interview, but we’re going to keep pressing. I think we did some good things there. I also think we may need to use Redden a little more. We snorted a few lines before the game so I KNOW he’s ready for the extra work.

  109. come on avery, whats this ole sh*t with one hand trying to get by the best Dman in the league?

  110. jerkins perkins(carps nephew) on

    we gotta score cmon. this 3rd period we better at least tie it and get a point outta this. better effort but we gotta bury one

  111. No Cocaine For Old Reddens on

    Any word of Antropov? They havent even mentioned him being out on the NESN broadcast

  112. Last we saw on Antropov is he walked off on his own. Didn’t look too bad the way he was walking. I would bet he will be back for the third

  113. Embarrassing.

    This team is so pathetic, and now Antro is hurt. Perfect. How was that not a penalty, it was KNEE ON KNEE, Mich thinks “Lucic let him off the hook”, lol you drunken fool.

    They better score on this PP, or else it’s over, and the seasons potentially over. They need points, if you wanna lose this fuggin game, what ever, just pick up a god damn point.

    And why cant Redden get injured ? Most normal NHL players get injured when they block the puck with their hand. But i guess his cocaine strength kicked in. Unbelievable.

  114. Doodie Machetto on

    Hey Rangers defense (especially Wade Redden), ever hear of a one-timer??

    LOVE that Mara was going at his former teammate.

  115. Drury and Redden are terrible every time they touch the puck I throw up on myself.

    Zherdev is a punk, typical European player, get rid of him with his stupid attitude.

  116. Woo! Just found out I was awarded a full scholarship for grad school! I’m feeling lucky now so… LETS GO RANGERS!!!

  117. Sally, pray for me I submitted my application a week ago and take the GMAT may 2nd.

  118. why would you put it back behind the net and not shoot it

    and morris just took out wideman

  119. Thanks Agra and Raider.

    Good luck Chris! Where did you apply to?

    No more little Widemans?

  120. antro is a pansy. i have no respect for a guy who can still walk fine, only slightly hurt, just ducking out on his team in a crucial game.

  121. Wade Redden will go down as the worst free agent signing in NHL history by a wide margin….But Chris Drury is running a VERY close second.

    Two years running and he hasn’t done one single damn thing in a Rangers uniform. No, I’m not expecting 35-40 goals…but I’d like to see 1/3 of what he supposedly brings on the ice.

    I see an overpaid midget who’s milking money from a couple of lucky goals and couldn’t lead a dog on a leash, let alone a hockey team.

    I’m waiting for the day we’re finally through with watching that mouthpiece sucking puke stink it up in a Rangers jersey.

    No way are we coming back in this game…only way we get in the playoffs is if we back into it and then we’ll get swept as badly as the Islanders were in ’94.

  122. if i were boston id let us win so that that they could have an easy first round sweep of us

  123. jerkins perkins(carps nephew) on

    we really need a pp or somethin. lol anything to get a goal

  124. if you sign a player 35 or over and want to pay him off the whole thing counts againt the cap??? how old is frickin Redden?

  125. goldbrick,

    Have you ever played hockey? Walking and skating, skating hard at that are two completely different things. Get a clue.

  126. sally- applied to Wagner College, might also apply to St. Johns in the city.

    I am currently in a class with the director of the grad program here so hopefully that helps

  127. There was the big save ya’ll whining about Lundqvist wanted.

    How about some goals now?

  128. ThisYearsModel on

    Antropov has a good seat for this period. Rangers need to stay away from Thomas’ glove.

  129. Chris, that should help! Good luck!

    Maybe there’s a gas leak in my house, but I think the Rangers can still get a point out of this.

  130. decline the penalty, boys.

    Thomas has made, what, three saves today? And the best one was Callahan’s shot that hit him in the head. Just got beat again, but post!

  131. I’m sorry, but I want to miss the playoffs. I want all the pressure on Sather. Dolan doesn’t like losing money, especially in this economy.

  132. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    The announcers just said, basically, it won’t matter if the Bruins give the Rangers a PP because the Rangers PP is that bad! haha. Pleasssse prove them wrong!

  133. I hate Zherdev, he’s lazy. He’s being held up on the wall behind the Bruins net, if he keeps his legs moving, he’s going to draw the penalty, but instead he stops skating and waits for the guy to let him go. What a waste.

  134. if avery goes to the box its
    omfg this is incredible this happens millions of f^#$ing times and they never call it a review on a penalty are you for real!

  135. Oh I didn’t know the refs could make calls now based on replays. cool this must mean officiating will greatly improve league wide!

  136. deja… people don’t get hit in the back of the head with a stick while play is stopped a million times…

    I agree its silly that they called it form the video but he deserved it

  137. I think Avery will be suspended. If we score on this 4 on 4 and he’s not suspended, Torts will give him a hug.

  138. aves made a great play. the only chance is to get at least a 4-on-4 and get thomas off his game.

  139. now im mad how many times has shenanigans go on while no one is looking and its clearly shown on the replay but a penalty is never called. cause its avery.

    yes avery should get a penalty but the way it was called is bs

  140. I am watching the Bruins broadcast, and they are right: the Bruins should have a power play from this. Avry will be at least fined.

  141. play was stopped
    Avery skated towards the bench while Thomas was kneeling on the ice
    Avery looked around saw no one was looking and hit him in the back of the head while skating past
    then thomas chased Avery and he ducked and ran

  142. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Why was that penalty reviewable?
    Please ask the NHL that one because, to my knowledge, penalties are non-reviewable plays!

  143. Doodie Machetto on

    Savard took a penalty as part of a defensive strategy of Boston: Get the lead, and then turn it over to the Rangers powerplay.

  144. Doodie Machetto on

    “Gomez = John Turturro from Mr. Deeds… sneaky!”

    I think you underestimate the sneakiness

  145. I’ve never seen a team try so hard to NOT make the playoffs… what a joke

  146. First of all, Avery took a huge chance doing that, even though he looked to see if the refs were watching. Selfish.

    Second, the refs should be suspended for using video replay to call a penalty, even if they were correct. They obviously saw the attack by Thomas. He should have gotten the only penalty. You cannot call a penalty by video replay. It’s just not in the rules. The refs were toally, totally wrong. They should be penalized.

    And the Rangers should go nuts with league HQ over that. … although Avery might get himself suspended because you can suspend off replay.


  148. deutschrangers on

    Drury, Gomez, Redden… etc…. no one has earned their contracts! and this game proves it! argghhh

  149. Doodie Machetto on

    Carp, I agree with your post entirely, the refs should be disciplined for making that call. Also, I am certain Avery is going to get suspended for that. The fact that he looked around first to see if anyone was watching shows how premeditated it was. Combine that with the way the league is out to get him, and he’s suspended for the rest of the regular season.

  150. Dear Sather

    Please waive Redden, Drury, Rosival, the cap hit for waiving them is like paying one of them regularly yet we dont have to deal with them on the ice.

    Pissed off Ranger fan

  151. I really, really hope this team does not make the playoffs.
    The only way Dolass will feel anything is if he gets no playoff revenue…
    And how could anyone argue that this team deserves to make the playoffs…they just don’t!

  152. Doodie Machetto on

    The best play Gomez made all season was slew-footing Miller.

    That’s the only reason why we aren’t in 9th place right now.

  153. Will Avery be suspended? I say he misses the biggest game of the year on Tuesday with a one game suspension.

  154. ThisYearsModel on

    CARP—I saw that too. ONLY AVERY could have a penalty called on him as a result of replay, and the NHL sanction it. The refs will probably get a bonus from the league. No way that is worth a suspension. The uncalled elbow from Chara to Avery’s head is more worthy of a suspension than that.

  155. this was the most frustrating game I’ve watched all year I think.

    So you think they looked like they wanted to make the playoffs out there on the ice today??

    Looked like exhibition hockey if you ask me.

  156. Dubi or not Dubi on

    Chris, you can sign my name right below yours…

    But can we add Sam and Joe to that list? They have become intolerable to listen to, see “This is Tortorella’s home country, Massachusetts is where he is from”.

    Lastly, what exactly is with Torts’s love affair with Drury and Morris?

  157. i missed this avery penalty cause i had a client can someone please explain cause there are a lot of comments on here right now.

  158. As I said earlier, if the Rangers show up; another heartless game by all the usuals. Redden was horrible, Gomez was giving the puck away, Chris Drury is a waste.

    Questions guys and gals; If Antro is out, can we please finally see Anisimov take his spot? He’s been playing wing down in the minors a little bit and has 35 goals now. He can go back and help Hartford in the playoffs if need be.

    Why does Torts have Gomez/Drury out on the PP? On a 4 on 3 you want Zherdev or someone who can actually shoot besides Morris. Drury is useless. He’s not even as good as Kelly Kisio let alone Mess or Jagr.

  159. This guy is bad news folks. After growing up watching Graves, Larmer, Leetch, Messier, this guy is embarassing.

  160. Dr. Ogrodnick on

    This team can’t show the slightest desperation in a game they have to have. They don’t deserve to make the playoffs, and they won’t.

  161. Antropov80 (formerly Prucha25) on

    # Pavel April 4th, 2009 at 3:14 pm

    I’m sorry, but I want to miss the playoffs. I want all the pressure on Sather. Dolan doesn’t like losing money, especially in this economy.<<<<<

    Good point, Pavel. I agree.

  162. captain Chris Drury on

    ” we played hard. we just didn’t get the breaks. but I’m not going to let it spoil my Easter”

  163. Season over.

    Avery is the only thing that is fun aboot this team. I love Avery !! That was hilarious, and the best part of this game. The refs are pathetic for calling a penalty when they didn’t see it. What a bunch of scumbag pieces of crap. I hope they fall down a flight of stairs and crack their heads in half.

    Dreary SUCKS, he does NOTHING, and is NOT a leader, and he ruins this team along with the other garbage players this team has.

    This team sucks. IF they make the playoffs, like i said before, they’re getting shut out in all four games, and getting swept.

    It’s a real shame we’re not in the bottom of the league, cause it would be nice to have a shot at getting a player like Tavares or Hedman.

  164. Antropov80 (formerly Prucha25) on

    Wolfpacker April 4th, 2009 at 3:41 pm

    This guy is bad news folks. After growing up watching Graves, Larmer, Leetch, Messier, this guy is embarassing.””

    What guy?

  165. I don’t think Avery will be fined. It wasn’t even much of anything. If he is he is, but I don’t think he will. Just fined maybe. I wonder more, how that is going to sit with Torts. That is something that I don’t think he is going to be happy with.

    Either way, that was not nearly enough of an effort today. Way too passive and Renney like hockey. If you know your season is on the line, and you have to win games, you play your hearts out. We DON’T have the players to formulate a cup winning team. You can’t blame Hank for this one. Aside from the goal, he played a good game.

    Gets even more interesting now. I am going to say that we HAVE to go 2-1 to make it to the dance now. Let’s hope we can win our two home games and then say a prayer.

  166. Doodie Machetto on

    Dear Pissed Off Ranger Fan,

    If they waive those guys, they come off the books entirely. If you buy them out during the offseason, it will be 2/3s of their contracts over double the length. I’d rather just be terrible for the next 5 years instead of the next 10.

    The Esteemed Doodie Machetto

  167. Dr. Ogrodnick on

    It also won’t surprise me at all if we don’t have Avery for the Montreal game thanks to his antics.

  168. Sather should be shot for the way he compiled this roster devoid of any real scoring ability. What a waste of a season and with the Rangers choker of a salary cap there’s no help in sight.

  169. Yeah, Lundqvist blew another one for this team. Thomas had no problem stopping some deflections. He only gave up one goal, but that one goal was soft as always. Ridiculous.

    But to be fair, the whole team sucked, so he’s not alone.

    As for Aves, who gives a crap aboot what he did. He’ll either get a one game suspension, or he’ll get fined. Who cares.

  170. avery with a really stupid play… total classless.

    any suprise the PP failed?



  171. Dubi or not Dubi on

    Only Avery can get a penalty after the refs watch the replay, nobody else. Since it’s him and he didn’t hurt anybody, he’ll probably be suspended for the rest of the season, no joke. Even though the elbow from Chara and the board from Savard on Gomez could have caused injuries, Avery can’t be allowed to do anything that will solely annoy somebody!

  172. Doodie Machetto on

    “” we played hard. we just didn’t get the breaks. but I’m not going to let it spoil my Easter” ”

    HA! awesome.

  173. Lundqvist had better work on his slapshot. If he can be blamed for giving up one goal when his team gets zero (again) he can certainly take the blame for just about anything.

  174. I miss the 78-79 NY Rangers (formerly Prucha25) on

    Lundqvist should have had that one goal. We might have gotten a point out of this but the fact that they played with NO intensity whatsoever is the most disturbing thing about today’s game. They really don’t deserve to make the playoffs.

  175. This completely sucks after the lockout we were set up in terms of cap and needed development to build this right. Then we blowup the cap in two offseasons. Sather is a clown. You get the feeling he just mails it in. His drafting has been awful. Already had Henry in the system and wastes #1 picks on Montoya and Blackburn and the Jessiman pick was even worse.

  176. COLIN

    During the commercial break, Thomas was on one knee, and Avery skated behind him and gave him a baby tap on the back of the head with his stick, and played it off as an accident, and Thomas ran after him, and then Shoes pushed him, and Thomas punched Shoes. The refs didn’t see it, but they saw the replay of it, and called it a penalty which was BS.

    ” we played hard. we just didn’t get the breaks. but I’m not going to let it spoil my Easter”

    Hahaha, i bet that’s what he’s thinking.

  177. I hope they don’t make the playoffs..
    it would ammo to fire Sather.
    If they don’t make the playoffs ,shame on torts.. they were in playoffs position when he came aboard.. fire him too.

    But they will make the playoffs, and give sather new life, and they will exit early.

    The only player on the roster I would keep is Staal, all others are trade bait, even hank..

  178. avery should be suspended if not by the nhl then by rangers.
    he is embarassment to the organization.

  179. We worked hard tonight, boys. It was a tough one, but we have some things we’re going to do in practice. Now that wouldn’t be tomorrow, because I’ve given the boys off. They really stepped up to the challenge today. They played hard and almost got that coveted 0-0 shootout win we play every game for.

    You all didn’t know this, but i’m also rooting for the Blues. I told you we gave them something to think about! And now they might squeak into 8th place!

    Let’s go Blues!

  180. I miss the 78-79 NY Rangers (formerly Prucha25) on

    Doodie Machetto April 4th, 2009 at 3:44 pm

    Dear Pissed Off Ranger Fan,

    If they waive those guys, they come off the books entirely. If you buy them out during the offseason, it will be 2/3s of their contracts over double the length. I’d rather just be terrible for the next 5 years instead of the next 10.

    The Esteemed Doodie Machetto””

    Can they be waived with a no-movement clause? I hope so.

  181. Doodie Machetto on

    “the board from Savard on Gomez could have caused injuries”

    the elbow was bad, but the penalty Savard took on Gomez? The only injury there should be Gomez’s pride from what a terrible dive it was.

  182. NYRanger4Life on


    Tuesdays game at the garden will make or break their playoff hopes. If they lose to the Habs – these no talent ass clowns have proven they wont show for the final 2 big games against philly.

    On another note, I still believe this is Sathers final season, and that he will step aside after the season. He’s been completely exposed for the cocknuckle he is.


  183. anon-Nice 25th Hour rant but that was harsh on Gomez, racism isn’t cool.

    If Avery gets suspended, so what? Yeah he’s fun and plays his ass off but I’m more interested in seeing if any of these Pack kids like Anisimov, Owens, etc. can add a little life to these underachieving apathetic bums; except Cally, he showed up, always does.

  184. WOLF

    You cant blame him for Montoya. Nobody knew Hank would be what he is today. Kinda funny though, Monty’s last two games in the NHL is better than Hank’s last two games. He only gave up 1 goal in two games, and has two wins, and Hank has given up five goals in two losses.

    Ill give you Jessiwoman though.

    This team blows, it’s gonna be a long summer. A long depressing summer.

  185. cup94 get a life.

    This team should have scored atleast one goal with the “superstars” we hve

  186. I don’t know what everyone’s complaining about!

    I’m still enjoying my Christmas!

  187. We have to hope that Buffalo and Florida suck as much as we do. Let’s go Toronto, NJ, Senators, and Pens or Hurricanes? Maybe Hurricanes since I hate Crosby’s face.

  188. captain Chris Drury on

    they asked Drury if the refs made that call before seeing a replay, and he replied “I don’t know. both Gomez and were over there, so I did not think it was necessary for me to go over there”

    what a joke. he did not even care about the call that was so important.

  189. onecupin69 +years on

    I said signing Avery was a mistake, when a player walks from an organization ,you lose all respect by resigning them, even Messier.

    I bet they bring back a washed up Jagr next year.

  190. Did you hear that? I think the fat lady just sang.
    Totally disgusting season, every one associated with the Ranger organization should be fired.
    Totally unacceptable.

  191. Dubi or not Dubi on

    It’s kind of pathetic that anybody is blaming Lundqvist. I’m sorry, but that shot was deflected by poostrom, who can’t deflect anything in the offensive zone. Also, he let up ONE GOAL! Are you joking?! A team with a pair of forwards making over $7 mil should be able to score A SINGLE GOAL in a big game. I do not expect shutouts from Hank for every game, but I DO expect my joke of a team to score at least ONE GOAL!

  192. CUP94

    Lol, yeah, and what’s Dreary, Redden, and the rest of the losers.

    Avery’s the god of this team. Aves, Cally, Staal. Right now they’re the only reason to watch. I cant stand this team, id prefer to tank next season, just to rebuild. They’re going nowhere with these losers. Trade all of them, and if they don’t want to get traded, then don’t play them, or send them to Hartford.

  193. Doodie- are you sure? I thought you had to pay part of the salary against the cap if you waive a player with that big of a contract

  194. Thomas should have gotten an additional penalty because you cannot hit someone with your blocker, from the nhl rule book:
    51.3 Match Penalty – If, in the judgment of the Referee, a goalkeeper uses his blocking glove to punch an opponent in the head or face in an attempt to or to deliberately injure an opponent, a match penalty must be assessed.

    Either way, turn out the lights this parties over….maybe next year.

  195. Whats funny is Avery may get suspended/ fined…but nothing will happen to Thomas for essentially hitting Sjo in the face with a 2×4

  196. ORR

    thank you
    thats fuc|<in weak

    theres a first time for everything i suppose and when its avery anything is possible.

  197. DUBI

    That ONE GOAL, he SHOULD HAVE STOPPED. He’s supposed to be the best in the league, why cant he stop a baby deflection. It was barely a god damn deflection. The team blew the game, and he blew it just as much.

    He stepped up late, making some big saves, but he couldn’t stop that small shot. That defines Hank’s season, stopping the big shots, but not the little shots. Pathetic.

  198. Avery has made this team better. I don’t care what anyone on here says about him. So many people have been blowing the Avery trumpet up until right now. Piss off to each of you now who all of a sudden have a “shame on him” attitude because we lost the game. Sleep it off.

  199. ThisYearsModel on

    Well, there is a commercial break, Avery pulld his stunt and nobody sees it. He is sitting on the bench. The refs know they have to give Thomas a penalty for punching Sjostrom. The rink shows the replay, the refs see it and they pull Avery off the bench and penalize him. This treatment he gets is truly silly. Was it a dumb move by Avery? Only of you get caught. He didn’t, until the refs consulted the replay. Another new Avery rule. How can the players association not step in to address this? Of course, that is not the reason we lost. We lost because our multi-millionaire 3 musketeers suck. It is going to be a long offseason.

  200. As I said yesterday, the Rangers power play has completely deteriorated since the arrival of Drury and Gomez. And yet, they are still taking up space on crucial power play opportunities — they’ve had two years of chances on this power play and can’t succeed with anyone. They are a serious problem. Losing Antropov doesn’t help.

  201. Dubi or not Dubi on

    Doodie, Esteemed one; I’m not saying they should be suspended, but those plays were a whole lot more likely to hurt someone than Avery’s antics. The NHL will never be a legit league when THEY get agitated by him!





  203. And why, since they went to the replay, didn’t they penalize Thomas for throwing a punch with his stick hand? It was as clear as day.

  204. nasty- your right, avery isnt the reason we lost today

    orr- lundqvist isnt the reason we lost today

    the reason we lost is because captain clutch and gomez coudlnt muster up a single point between the their 14million dollars combined

  205. Dr. Ogrodnick on

    except for the stick incident, Avery has been just as invisible as his 7 million dollar peers the last 2 games

  206. Doodie Machetto on

    Chris, I’m sure. You have to PAY the entire contract, but it doesn’t hit your cap.

    So, suppose they waive Redden. Dolan has to pay Redden 6.5 million, but Redden’s 6.5 million comes off the cap.

    If they buy him out, it’s ~4.16 million for the next 10 years on our cap.

  207. Losing Antropov was a huge blow… Boston played well… but that doesn’t excuse the Rangers inability to show up for the big game like this one!

    If they miss the postseason, is Torts to blame?

  208. Lobster.. you clearly dont understand hockey if you think
    Lundqvist is the reason we lost today

  209. Remember what Bobby Heenan said “it ain’t cheating if you don’t get caught”. That was pretty funny by Avery although stupid. Will Torts bench him? Who knows.

    Sure you can send guys to the minors with bad contracts, just waive them. Look at Miro Satan or Kyle McClaren. I’d waive Redden, Drury, and Voros to Hartford and even pay for their house and film a tv show about it.

  210. NYRanger4Life on

    Avery is the heart and soul of this team. Who cares if he left last offseason at this point. The problem is this: When Avery is one of the TWO best offensive threats you have on your team, your in trouble.

    Without Hank covering up – we’d be the islanders, but worse.

  211. Doodie

    Ill accept a 50cent-$1 increase in ticket prices over the next few years if it means getting rid of these useless players and Dolan just pays them off

  212. blowmez trying to force the pass to Morris with a guy right between them on the 4-on-3 was just pathetic

    it was 3-on-2 down low, and he tries to force it to a covered man. some playmaker

  213. Doc, I will agree with you, but let me ask you this. There are very few players in the league that are VISIBLE every single night. That is what shows that we have a flawed team. Because when some players are invisible, others need to step up and be visible. We don’t really have that on this team. From time to time it happens, but not on a nightly basis. When Hank is hot, the team sucks, and when the team is hot Hank sucks. Very rarely has this team fired on all cylinders, and that is why we are where we are. End of story, case closed, Happy Easter and Passover.

  214. Doodie-It may take one more season but Redden will get Marbury treatment very soon.

    I hope the Garden crowd shows some love for the underachieving Musketeers of Suck-ti-tude on Tues night.

    I hope Torts strips Drury of the C next season. The Devils did it. Rangers should stop being such a nice franchise.

  215. Lobster,
    this team is totally random. What evidence do we have to think any thought was put into assembling this team

    and if Drury and Gomez both make 7 mil a year…
    that means today they made $85365.85 each to play in this game…

  216. I loved on the 4-3 when Drury takes a slapshot from the top of the circle and he manages to shoot it straight up into the mess. That PP was pathetic.

    More pathetic is that we have two forwards making over 7 million…yet this team doesnt have a single player with 60 points, or 25 goals (except for Antro who scored almost all of his with Toronto). The Rangers forward corp is almost as weak as their defensive.

  217. Dubi or not Dubi on

    He had a clear view at it and didn’t expect the deflection. Sjostrom and his wonderful hockey sense decided to reach out, since there was no traffic, I’m pretty sure he didn’t expect his teammate to reach out and tip it. He’d be in a much tighter position if there was traffic in front. The non-goalies are to blame, not the goalie. Another pathetic game from the big forwards and defensemen are to blame for this game… Again.

  218. No chance Avery gets suspended for what he did. Maybe a small fine at the most. There was zero intent to injury but a hell of a lot intent to aggravate: isn’t that his job? It was a complete punk move but that is why he is booed at 29 other arenas and beloved at MSG. Also, for those of you who want to freak out that Avery is going to be suspended, the NHL will have to also take action on Thomas throwing multiple punches at Sjostrom while wearing his blocker.

    And I really don’t understand why everybody is so down on Gomez. He is one of our few players who can break through the neutral zone with speed. Would you rather try and watch Drury or Naslund lug the puck up ice? I didn’t think so.

    Also, is MSG kidding me by playing the biggest game of the season on MSG2? What is on MSG and MSG+? The Knicks and Islanders? Disgusting.

  219. Rick we can hope

    Mike- if Mara stays he should be the Captain. Dubinski should have an A and Callahan should have an A as well

    Those are the only 3 players save for Staal and Avery who play like they give a shit

  220. it is NOT on the cap if you buy out a player. the 2/3 is the amount you have to pay him.

  221. So here we go…
    We have at least a few members in the “fire Torts” club…
    haha what a flippin joke?

  222. Doodie Machetto on

    dubi, first of all, my point to you was that Savard didn’t do anything wrong. Gomez dove, big time.

    Second, you don’t need to injure someone to suspend them. That play by Avery was, short of deliberate intent to injure plays, the most classless thing I’ve ever seen during a hockey game. The fact that he looked over his shoulders first to see if anyone was looking? An absolute disgrace. If they suspended him for 6 games for the “sloppy seconds” comment, you think he’s not gettingat least 3 for something that happened on the ice?

    You have to remember, when the league (aka Colin Campbell) suspends someone, they take their past conduct into account. Sean’s rep will be taken into account when that gets reviewed. He’s getting suspended, end of story.

  223. So whose gonna be with me at Bailout Ballpark on April 13th drinking away the Rangers season? Anyone?

    There’s still a little hope…very little….:(

  224. So, I pose this question to you all. Assuming, and yes I know what it does to me and you, that Antropov and Avery are both out for Tuesdays game. Who comes up from Hartford? Does Voros, the human pylon, play?

    Even if Antropov or Avery play but not both, do they go with Voros or call someone up who can actually play the game?

  225. Whatever happens this year, I am expecting a much better season next year with Torts here from the start.

  226. Buy outs are 2/3…the total CAP hit can be spread out to twice the amount of years you buy out…Yashin is and will be a $2M cap hit for the Islanders..for years to come

  227. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Consider Staal for a letter too next season, Chris.

    Where’s salty! We called it brotha! We called it. Drury’s a waste of space. What a pathetic 3rd liner he is.

    Where’s JJP, LI Joe, Beer Me?! Other Drury lova’s now…?! Captain Hack.

  228. Chris-There’s no way Mara comes back next year. He’s not a Torts guy as evidence by his lack of PP time.

    I want him back but it ain’t gonna happen.

    Buyouts do count against the cap which is why the Islanders are still paying for Yashin.

    Gomez made some horrendous passes today. I like the guy but he gotta stop with the drop passes; he’s not playing with Mogilny anymore.

  229. ZZ,

    Avery got suspended for comments that he made that weren’t intended to injure. His actions today were as very much calculated as those comments he made that got him suspended BUT they took place on the ice, were bush league, selfish and incited a “gathering” after the play, in which his actions were well after the play was over.

    He’s a clown. I’ve said it last year, I’ve said it earlier this year and I’m saying it now.

  230. As i said yesterday, Torts has a hard-on for Captain America Drury…and only punishes the euro players (see Naslund and Z)

    why Z or Naslund or even freaking two left hands Rozi didnt see any time on that 4-3 PP??? And why did Redden was on the ice for almost the entire first Rangers PP of the game? Torts is a good coach… but last few games he made some questionable decisions.

  231. Staal Wart – good point!

    Chris – never said that Lund was the reason we lost this game. I said he should have made that save, the same as he should have made many saves over the last few months. He wasn’t even tested today. I said HE SUCKS!

    So does the rest of this team – except Cally, Staal, girardi…everyone else F ’em – especially Blowmez and Captain Clutch..uh, I mean Captain Invisible

  232. Jason-I said earlier that Anisimov probably gets the call with his 35 goals and 43 assists. He’s been playing wing in Hartford a little bit too.

    The other guys have to go through waivers. I’m a Jordan Owens fan but he’s signed to a contract by the Pack and not the Rangers so he won’t get a crack until next year.

  233. Dubi or not Dubi on

    Doodie, I’m saying that I think Avery will be suspended for the rest of the season. Of course the league only takes past suspensions into account for some players, remember Chris Pronger getting 2 separate 1 game suspensions in the Conference and Stanley Cup Finals for injuring the opposition with headshots? It’s only some players…

    Chris, Mara will be gone next year, he and Torts don’t see eye to eye. He has legitimately been the only guy who stands up for anybody on this team all year.

    Vinrock, forgot to give you kudos for pulling out the rulebook on the blocker thing!

  234. Another late season collapse by the Rangers…there’s just no way this team is gonna be doing anything but playing golf very shortly. They shouldn’t make the playoffs, and would only back in at this point if they do because they certainly don’t deserve it.

    As for Captain Clutch, the man is a complete waste on the ice and off it. His hockey skills are average on his best days. He gets knocked off the puck easier than Prucha, coughs it up as bad as anyone on the team, shows very little interest in what’s going on around him other than his mouthpiece.

    As for Hank, he only let in one goal today…but the truth be told, he should have stopped it.

    But let’s not blame him. If this team had a semblance of a clue on the PP we wouldn’t be having these problems. Gomez’s puck handling on the 4 on 3 was ECHL worthy.

    This team is done. And I think Tortorella knows it. There’s just way too much dead weight on this team…and it starts with the highest paid players who are absolute dogs on the ice.

    All I want for christmas is Sather to get fired and Drury, Redden and Naslund gone Gone GONE

  235. It’s really amusing to watch people jump on and off the Avery bandwagon. When the Rangers were playing well and he was flying all over the ice, he was a savior. Now that he’s up to his old antics, he is Satan reincarnated.

    The guy is a jackass, nobody is debating that. But you clearly are naive if you don’t think that everything he does on the ice has a purpose. Since you can’t afford to put your 4th line on the ice in the last 10 minutes of a 1-0 game, Orr can’t try and spark the team by dropping the gloves. So Avery does something stupid during a commercial break, everybody gets riled up, maybe Thomas gets thrown off his game.

    I’m still saying it: no way he gets suspended.

  236. The old saying is “Close but no cigar.”

    But the story of the New York Rangers is, “Close but a cigar.”

    If you don’t know what I mean, think about it for a few. Should be obvious.

  237. Doodie Machetto on


    If one of them can play, I think they put Voros in, but he gets put in Korp’s spot and they give Korpedo more ice time.

    If two, I don’t know what they do. I imagine Voros and Anisimov get in, but I don’t know who gets more icetime.

    MikeA, I agree with you, Mara is done.

    Shoryuken, there is no solution to the mess. No quick one at least. The only solution is for our high paid players to play well (ain’t happening), or just suffer until all of those contracts expire.

  238. I hope Avery doesn’t get suspended. If he were to, then the league should look at Thomas’ antics too (his reaction). You can’t punch someone with your blocker still on. C’mon now.

    The league can’t punish one player in this situation and not the other.

  239. Doodie Machetto on

    I figured out how Thomas got so good: He traded his upper lip for goaltending skill

  240. Thanks Doodie. I didn’t expect to win this game, but I am so bummed right now. Anyone else feel that way? I don’t think many of us expected to win this one, but it hurts a lot more than you expected it to.

  241. So they suspend Thomas and Avery?
    So what-they’re in
    They’ll be resting Thomas for playoffs anyway…\

    By Tuesday we’ll be outside looking in

  242. Drury & Gomez…both in over their heads taking on the leadership of this team. One is a glorified third liner & the other is a 2nd line center. Nothing more, nothing less.

  243. Doodie Machetto on

    “The league can’t punish one player in this situation and not the other.”

    They can. Everyone forgets that they take past behavior into account when making those decisions. Thomas has no history, he gets a fine. Avery is enemy #1. He’s getting suspended, period.

  244. Ha, yeah man, but I think he had a dip in. I have seen many a European dip, or pack in something called Snus, and they put in on the inside of the upper lip. I think he definitely had one in. Nice example to set for the kiddies watching.

  245. brutal loss with no effort? anyone on here still think we have a chance? i just dont know…..

  246. Nasty 1
    Every year around this time I repeat my mantra:

    Mediocre teams make the playoffs every year…and every year we are mediocre;we might get beat out by a better mediocre team…I dont cry for 17th place teams

  247. Thomas is a great story; kinda like Rudy. I used to be real hard on him but he’s a very good goalie.

    How can you give Voros more ice time than Anisimov? Voros hasn’t played in forever and AA has much more skill. You need the size up there and AA can shoot, win battles, pass, and goes to the freaking net!

    “sigh” I wish I could take over this franchise and run them like Tom Coughlin.

  248. People stop kidding yourselves. This ranger team is not that good, fans got there coach (torts) and nothing has changed. The power play still stinks, they can’t score period. lundqvist is good for a soft goal a game and because Darth Sather went back to his old tricks over paying players that are past there prime or are not that good. The future was looking good a few years ago until Darth Sather went back to his old tricks. The future does not look promising. I bet you the rangers don’t win another game this year and don’t make the playoffs. If that doesn’t get Darth Sather fired than he never will get fired.

  249. Last thing I say today; if the Ranger make the playoffs they could go on a 1986 style run.

    They have two home games and the Panthers are playing both PA teams.

  250. “Close, But a Cigar: The Story of the 07-09 New York Rangers” By Nasty 1
    Illustrations By Doodie Machetto

    Available at bookstores everywhere. Get your copy today.

  251. sather never will get fired by Dolan, who loves him. at the most Sather would be kicked upstairs to pres. only. but then he is still in a position of influence and decision making, so nothing has really changed, even with a new GM, who will be a sather hire.

  252. Dumb move by Avery. 5 minutes left in a 1-0 game and you go take yourself out of the game like that. I don’t mind him being an agitator, but that was just dumb and uncalled for.

  253. Doodie – I missed the game today because I had to run some errands. What was your assessment of the game?

  254. Carp is right. the refs cannot make a minor penalty call by watching a replay. but the league will cover it up with b.s., and then punish Avery, and let Thomas off easy

  255. Doodie Machetto on

    ““Close, But a Cigar: The Story of the 07-09 New York Rangers” By Nasty 1
    Illustrations By Doodie Machetto ”

    Hope you like badly drawn stick figures.

    Alright folks, I’m off to have a beer and take a nap.

    Other than this game, good Saturday.

  256. Chris, what makes anybody think Mara will want to come back, when he will be unrestricted and there will be plenty of better teams interested in paying him more money than the Rangers can afford?

    Nasty and Doodie, can I get a free “review” copy of that book? I’ll put an excerpt on the Festivus Blog.

    Jonny, exactly.
    Dolan, exactly.

  257. The teams that make the playoffs deserve to be there. Merit is the key. This collection of wanabees and hasbeens just don’t deserve to be in the playoffs. They have no pride, no courage, no balls and definitely no desire. Its not their god given right to make the playoffs. Sather must be held accountable for this fraud of a team. Toe Blake couldn’t make this group do any better. They are where they deserve to be.

  258. Doodie Machetto on


    You missed the game? Just remember what the last 1-0 game was against Boston when Rask was in net. Switch some of the players to match the lineups today, and it was pretty much the exact same thing.

    Trust me, you didn’t miss anything except the Avery thing. Other than that, this game was a complete Renneyfest.

    See you guys in a couple of days.

  259. Rick, I just hope that Mara for some reason wants to stay again.

    If he does he should be the Captain

  260. can the Rangers win the last 3 and make it? yes, it’s possible

    will they? highly unlikely

    are they a playoff darkhorse? no, more like a stalking horse

  261. Way to go Sather. Trade a guy like Prucha who busts his ass every shift and pick up a moron like Avery who pulls a selfish stunt with 5 minutes to go in a 1 goal game. If those are the type of people you want on this team, fine. Maybe I’ll just pretend pre-season baseball is more important than the pathetic team you have put out there.

  262. Doodie. Sounds like I didn’t miss much. I had some family obligations. See you at the Garden on Tuesday night.

  263. playoffs, they don’t have to win all three … They might not even need to win two if they beat Montreal because then it might be the Habs looking back at Fla., not the Rangers.

    DCloutier … real baseball is almost here … you know, in case you’ve really given up.

  264. Rangers fans in 07-08:

    Get rid of Jagr! Let Drury and Gomez lead this team!



  265. I have no problem whatsoever with what Avery did to Thomas….He will not get auspended either. It was brilliant in my book.

  266. Why is Mark Messier revered in the NHL for his infamous elbow shots, yet Sean Avery is “classless” for his minor, unpainful antics? If Avery hurts feelings or somehow “crosses the line”, then he is evil, yet Messier’s head shots with his elbow are fine, and announcers always talk about him with admiration. Avery is annoying; Messier is gritty. Please explain the difference, because it just seems hypocritical to me.

  267. Rick Carpiniello April 4th, 2009 at 5:10 pm

    difference also is that in a 1-0 must-win game you don’t risk a minor penalty for something as stupid as that.



  268. A 1-0 game where the Rangers had zero going for them…

    no forecheck, no pressure, no hitting, a horrible PP

    Avery rolling the dice, it was a GREAT move

    Hopefully we play the B’s in Round 1 of playoffs so this becomes a big deal and the B’s can think of ways to kill Avery, hence throwing their game off.

  269. Carp

    But what if that Avery move worked in our favor? What if it got us a goal? what if we got at least a point out of this “must” win game? then what? Would Avery become even more of a living legend than he is already to a lot of the Rangers fans?

  270. he should have gone down the bench like in the movie “Slapshot” hitting all the ranger overpaid vets in the head, trying to wake up the dead.

  271. CCCP

    Yup, there you go. The fact is, yeah it was a risk but it in the end, it didn’t hurt us, and not only that it put us on a 4 ON 3. The move went OUR way. If one of these pieces of garbage scored on the PP, Aves name would be praised on this blog until the end of time, of the weekend.

    Bad move, good move. He must have thought, either he would piss off Thomas and throw him off his game and get away with it, or he would do it, and Thomas would react, and teams would skate 4 on 4 with no PP’s. Although if that’s what he thought, then that’s dumb, cause he is Sean Avery, and things the refs always screw him, like they did earlier in the game.

    Avery Rules, he’s more of a Ranger than most of the losers on this team.

  272. Dubi or not Dubi on

    Uh, why the Avery hatred? He was trying to get Thomas off his game after he shut them out for 55 minutes? Had the refs not cheated and looked at the replay, it would have been a power play for the rangers AND Thomas would have been steamed. Had the captain decided to show up to a game, maybe he would have provided a spark, but Avery is on this team to create havoc and spark the team. He did his job and did it well, he didn’t put the team shorthanded, and it took the refs to CHEAT, you know, BREAK THE RULES to call a penalty on him.

  273. LIQUID,

    You don’t watch the Bruins much then if you really think Avery will get them off their game. They thrive on taking the body and fighting people. Some players will worry about trying to destroy Avery, like Lucic and Hnidy and guys like that, and the rest of the team will be worried about scoring goals.

    They are no fluke. They move up and down ice as a unit of 5, something the Rangers haven’t done since the 1st few weeks of the season, which has been the huge difference since they started tanking.

  274. I don’t argue that I’d rather at this point have Avery than Drury or Gomez or Redden … but if one of those guys took a selfish minor penalty late in a 1-0 game at this stage of the season, you guys would be ready to put them in front of a firing squad. C’mon, it was stupid, selfish and useless, and terribly risky to a team that needs every point.

    And that all said, the refs should not have been allowed to make that call.

  275. Johnny D,

    U are absolutely correct….the Bruins do play as a package of 5…..

    But with Drury and Naslund up front, and Redden & Rozsival as our top paid Dmen…

    I wouldnt have minded if Avery went as far as pulling a monkey wrench or a Taser gun out of his hockey shorts to rattle Tim Thomas….

    Just rooting for Buffalo & Montreal to lose tonight…

    nothing gained , nothing lost

  276. Rick, how about a selfish lack of inspired play by Drury & Redden? These are two of the older players on the team who are supposed to lead by example….

    What Avery did is TOTALLY fine by me….

    someone mentioned that he shoulda did it to the Rangers bench instead…..I agree with that as well

  277. kc,

    The reason was that Messier won 6 cups, scored over 100 points in 6 times in his career, is 2nd all time in points, stood up for his teammates, didn’t turtle when someone went after him for something he had done.

    Avery hasn’t made it past the 2nd round in his career, has never had more than 18 goals in any given season, acts as though he is bigger than the team and he consistently turtles when he is approached for a response for anything he does.

    That is why. The fact that you even asked that question is puzzling.

  278. …and another thing;Gomez is probably our most important offensive player and yet I constantly see him take stupid-frustration type penalties where all he does is yap and get laughed at by the other team…Avery…at the very least will throw the other team off their game more often than not…you gotta look at the whole symphony…not just one note…

    or something

  279. Carp, not necessarily, if drury redden or gomez would of shown at least half of that “effort” we’d actually probably praise them for at least caring.

  280. Carp you are right. If Drury or Gomez did the same exact thing people would be calling for their head. Avery gets defended by most Ranger fans way to much

  281. jerkins perkins(carps nephew) on

    Tom Renney
    April 4th, 2009 at 3:49 pm
    We worked hard tonight, boys. It was a tough one, but we have some things we’re going to do in practice. Now that wouldn’t be tomorrow, because I’ve given the boys off. They really stepped up to the challenge today. They played hard and almost got that coveted 0-0 shootout win we play every game for.

    You all didn’t know this, but i’m also rooting for the Blues. I told you we gave them something to think about! And now they might squeak into 8th place!

    Let’s go Blues!

    hey tom renny- if u didnt notice, john tortarella is now the head coach. and guess whst, we still suck. say what u want about renny, but hes long gone and this team is still the same bunch of crap. sather got torts to shut us all up and take heat off himself. so blame renny, but torts cant get it done either.

  282. jerkins perkins(carps nephew) on

    avery hasnt done much of anything since the philly game. hes gotten a few assists, but yea hes a guy that like tortarella, sather got to make us fans happy, ohh cuz we love his stupid antics.

  283. jerkins perkins(carps nephew) on

    if we had to pay his whole salary, hed definitely not worth it. simple fact here. so how come nobody is stating our win loss record with aves in the lineup anymore? lol. hmmm, cuz we lose now maybe???

  284. If the PP does its job and scores on the 4-3 that came immediately after the Avery-antics then its all apart of Avery’s genius…

    Stop flippin and floppin here

    Anyone remember Messier nailing Modano in the head in like 92 or 93…..Modano layed on the ice in agony….
    Complete cheap shot to an unsuspecting player w/o the puck

    Messier is the Messiah
    Avery is a jerk

  285. I don’t dislike Messier, and good for him that he won 6 cups, but that shouldn’t entitle any player to play under different standards. Unfortunately, in the NHL, equal treatment seems to be a myth. Of course Avery is a jerk, but he’s also entertaining, and that’s the point. Players like Ruutu and Avery and Claude Lemieux add spice to the game. Was it a selfish penalty? Maybe. Maybe not, if it had worked. You can criticize players for most penalties they take. The real reason the Rangers aren’t winning is because the team leadership is made up of mediocre players. Avery is on the team to add some skill and a lot of entertainment value, and those qualities are being provided by him. And Drury and Gomez should be grateful to him for taking the heat off of their pathetic play.

  286. If Redden or Drury actually showed enough emotion to do something to rile up the opposing goaltender, I think this blog would spontaneously combust.

    Watch the replay: Avery does a quick scan to see if any of the refs are watching, then he skates by Thomas and taps him on the back of the helmet with his stick, making it look like an accident (when everybody knows it wasn’t). People are acting like Avery hacked Thomas in the back of the head (a la Marty McSorley) while all eyes were on him.

    The bottom line is this: If the refs did not go outside of the rule book, the Rangers would have been on a power play with 5 minutes to go in a 1-0 game. I know that’s not saying much considering how abysmal their PP is, but at least Avery is doing SOMETHING to wake this team up and give it a chance to win. Because God knows Chris Drury’s non-deflected slapshots from the top of the circle which hit the mesh netting ABOVE THE GLASS aren’t going to get it done.

  287. jerkins perkins(carps nephew) on

    yea kaspar- sorry but theres no comparison between avery and messier. none at all. and kc- entertainment value?? sorry but i could care less about his entertainment.

  288. mike in iowa on

    ok, i do think avery is an important piece of the teams success, but he is not half the player mess was. i think the only reason we have him is because drury and naslund and redden are seriously lacking any emotion and any leadership. there not to fault for their huge paychecks. sather is. and avery, at his whole salary, would not be worth it. he is great at agitating, but everyone knows he has a bullseye on him by the refs. no matter what good things he does for us, they will always find a way to screw us with him being the scapegoat.

  289. KASPAR

    Did you see what happened after that ? They put him on a stretcher, and carried him off the ice, then they dropped him by accident. Hahaha, it’s on youtube, it’s one of my fav clips ever.

    Poor guy, he didn’t even know what was going on.

  290. I hate EA !! Everytime i play NHL 09 online, and im kicking someone’s ass, they always quit. What a bunch of losers. I hate this game, you shouldn’t be allowed to quit in the middle of a game. Take it like a man !

    Eight times in a row this happened. Id like to go Chris Simon on these morons.

  291. 0-1 is better than 1-5!!!: but a loss is a loss..but anyway
    HNIC and two further games coming up…

    Holding the curse of the Maraton until 6.30 am in the morning..!!!

  292. Orr, I agree. Happened to me 3 times today. I scored with Z with 2 seconds left to tie it, then one with Z in OT to complete the hat trick on my fourth game though. It was such a great come back. Ha.

    Orr, PS3 or XBox 360?

  293. Drury is a MERCENARY – why should he care about calls that don’t go our way? He came here for MONEY, not for Stanley Cup glory. He makes the CPA’s of the world seem personable and warm.

  294. Toronto destroyed the Habs the last time the teams met. I think they can come back.

  295. Boooo!!! Canadiens up 2 zip. I guess we really should only care about the Sabres and Panthers, but I would love to get the 5, 6, or 7 spot.

  296. How do you compare one of the great team players in the history of sports knocking another superstar out of a game with a body check (even if was an eblow) in the course of a mid-season game … to whacking a goalie in the back of the hat during a stoppage late in the third period of a 1-0 game you have to win to get into the playoffs, completely needlessly? How?
    You guys have too many man-crushes on Avery. I love what the guy has done since he’s been here and give him all the credit in the world, and he’s probably been their second best player behind Callahan (that’s sad, but that’s another story). But what he did today was stupid and selfish and the risk far outweighed any possible reward.

  297. mike in iowa on

    i actually think we’ll miss the playoffs now. i dont think we can beat philly. maybe the habs, but i think philly will destroy us

  298. mike in iowa on

    so carp- do u think torts is gonna maybe convince slats to waive some of these clowns next season and bring up the pack? i mean naslund, drury and redden mainly

  299. Hey Carp,
    If Tikkanen is better than Avery, which I agree, would also make him better than Drury?
    And he got paid a hell of alot less…

  300. mike in iowa on

    i would give my left shmestical to see drury and redden waived. naz could just be scratched until he demands a trade. and gomez can be given a winger who can score. i know gomer turns the puck over alot, but the fact that he can at least create offense, is worth keepin him.

  301. mike in iowa on

    staal- everyone except redden and naslund are better than drury on this team

  302. mike in iowa on

    tell him you’ll call on him to do a favor and if not you can call on your loyal lohud footsoldiers to rub him out

  303. Am I the only one left who thinks this team will make the playoffs and win a round or two?

  304. mike in iowa on

    someone pointed out that captain clutch has 2 gwg this season. i just hope next season sather can please just realize his mistakes and suck it up, and get rid of them. were the new york rangers damnit!!!!! were the best city in the world!!!!!! we deserve a good team for all the devotion and money and time spent on this franchise. boston hasnt even sold out half of their home games, while we suffer through sather and dolans dictatorship and still sell out every game!!! i screwed up 2 relationships because of my rangers love affair

  305. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    rob- im just hopin that they win their next game. even if we win our 2 remaining home games, which can be just as hard, because other teams that are jockeying for position and are already in the playoffs are playing harder and more desperate than we are, we still will be most likely facing boston. they were without phil kessel today and only scored 1 goal and we couldnt even get it to ot. so i doubt we make it, but if we do, it just gives sather a little more breathing room. he can hide behind the fact that even though this team is very flawed, we still made the playoffs and keeps dolan happy. idk right now i think maybe for the future wed be better served not makin it. although i really wish we make tyhe playoffs, because anything can happen, i think its probably best if we dont and maybe sather will be forced to seriously reshpe the team, or maybe even dolan fires him

  306. Shoryuken-You want a plan on how to fix this? Listen up! No one here wants to read my posts or respond…it’s fine (not whining but I’m being honest) but listen up. Here’s a logical plan

    Step 1. Accountability-Regardless of playoffs or no playoffs the players and management must acknowledge they goofed up this year. Be a man. And this starts with Sather and everyone from Schoeny (who I admire) to the Captain Drury. There needs to be an honesty and trust from the organization to the people who pay their salaries; us.

    If Drury can’t handle the C as he’s been the worst Ranger captain since Leetch (who I love but wasn’t a natural leader) give it up to someone more vocal. If he can’t handle NY then be a man and give up your no trade clause.

    Redden needs to explain his play to everyone and owes an apology on the official website.

    Step 2. Trades/Waivers-I know what Carp said but it is imperative to next year to clear up some cap room. $9 million can be saved by trading Rozi and either forcing Naslund to waive his no trade clause or waive him to Hartford. Voros should also be in the minors, he’s added nothing other than his hot-October. He did his best Brian Savage impersonation. Rozi can be traded, his salary is reasonable. Even if they have to give up a 2nd round pick which i would hate; they need the cap room.

    Step 3. RFAs-Resign Dubi/Cally/Zherdev/Korpi and Antro if he’ll accept a reasonable deal. Don’t give up on Zherdev yet, he’s still a kid. Everyone else and I mean EVERYONE else goodbye; Mara, Morris, Sjo, Betts, Orr see ya. What good does Orr have in this system playing 2 minutes a night? What good does a great PK have if you can’t score any goals?

    Step 4. Cheap Alternatives-Remember in 05-06 when it was Jagr, a few of his friends, and a bunch of young kids who WANTED to be here? Anisimov should be up. There’s a kid named Jordan Owens in Hartford who is a dynamic penalty killer and speedy, he’s a perfect role player. You want toughness? How about Dane Byers/Brodie Dupont/Dale Weisse? I’m sure they can handle 5 minutes a night. Give Grachev a chance to make the team.

    On D; if Sangs can’t play defense then use him as a 7th dman to QB the PP. It’s not like Torts uses 4 lines anyway. It’s time that Sauer and Potter become NHLers.

    Step 5. ABSOLUTELY no more big name free agents-no pretty ponies, no names, no nothing. If the player isn’t right for Torts system, he has no business being here. This is how good team run business. There are only two exceptions which would be a veteran dman like a Strudwick-type to help mentor kids and I’d take Gaborik for a one year for a reasonable amount. He’s in no position to make any demands.

    Step 6-Draft well-no more drafting Rangers fans because they were Rangers fans. This draft should be concentrated on scoring wingers and a goalie as the system is very thin with them. Trust Gordie Clark and Christor Rockstrom and the dude in Russia who found AA and Grachev. This team doesn’t need anymore centers or Dmen, the one exception is if that Dmitri Kulikov (defenseman Drummonville OHL) kid somehow slips into the Rangers hands. Other than that, this is the plan.

    So there you go.

    Let’s get some feedback. I’m mad as hell, and not gonna take stupid management anymore.

  307. Actually, I didn’t really even care about Avery coming back. But on this team of excrutiatingly mediocre and personality-less players, yes, he has added some entertainment. The same way Matthew Barnaby provided entertainment. And of course, great goal scoring is the best entertainment of all. As to Messier, and there is apparently never an end to hearing about his incredible leadership, it’s still unclear why the rules wouldn’t apply to him. Rules are supposed to be rules.
    Regardless, the point is that all the Avery hype, whether you like him or not, just helps to hide the disaster that is Drury, Gomez, Redden, Naslund.

  308. Dubi or not Dubi on

    Okay Carp, I’ll admit that I do have a bit of a man-crush on Avery, but I’d hardly say that he “Whacked” Thomas in the head; I think we can say that he “Strategically tapped” him. It would have worked had the refs not cheated!

    …Of course by working I actually mean backfiring, because we all know that power plays are synonymous with momentum killer for this team! Silly Sean!

  309. NASTY

    PS3. There’s an annoying glitch for the PS3, if you press X, and press the left anolog stick up really fast, it takes you to the PS3 main page, and freezes for a second or two. It’s annoying, it happened to me when i was on a breakaway, and couldn’t recover in time.

    Plus my internet connection isn’t that great so every now and then ill get some horrible lagging. The 360 online play is better from what i hear. I might get a 360 just for the hell of it.

  310. Mike A

    I think you forget that this team is still pretty small. Although I would love Gaborik(and hes not big) I think we need some more strength and size.

    Not Voros lumbering size, but players who arent afraid to get dirty.

  311. Chirs-You keep Antro (6 ft 6 in) and bring up Anisimov (6 ft 4 in) and add in guys like Weisse/Byers/Dupont who are all 6 ft 2 in or over and there’s some size. These guys all go to the crease and will fight. Grachev is also 6 ft 5 and only 18 for down the road, he could add another inch or two.

    If you really want more size and grit for cheap with a little experience then Travis Moen who now plays for San Jose will be UFA and can be a cheap role playing grinder who goes to the ent and is good on the PK.

    Jane-Hello, my name is Mike, I’ve been a Rangers fan since 1989 (everyone on this board goes “Hello Mike”)….

  312. I, for one, think what Avery did was classic in a hockey sense, not in the Buttman Charades. Avery looked around, saw nobody was watching, and gave a tap. Just a tap. Nothing more. No worse than a guy getting a facial or a bump behind the play.

    If Scott Gomez and Chris Drury were even close to being the players they are supposed to be they would have converted that PP and we’d be singing Avery’s praises for managing to get under the Bruins’ skin at a key moment.

    But the refs, of course, have a different set of rules when it comes to Sean Avery. So up yours, Buttman.

    Three games from now the Rangers will be out of a playoff spot and I’m sure our illustrious captain will say something to the effect of “I’m not going to let it ruin my summer”

    For the love of God, please don’t compare Chris Drury to Brian Leetch. That’s an insult and a slap in the face of Brian Leetch. He inherited the captaincy at the worst possible time…but he still brought it as much as he could with a shitty team and a horrific coach in Schmuckler.

    And, Leetch wore the “C” after already having done it all in a Rangers uniform. His respect was EARNED wearing a Rangers sweater.

    Chris Drury won a little league baseball title, lucked into a Stanley Cup with a stacked team that would have won without him and scored a couple of lucky goals.

    He’s shown during his tenure in New York that he has ZERO leadership abilities…he has ZERO clutch abilities…and actually isn’t all that good of a hockey player.

    He’s the worst Captain the Rangers have had in a LONG time…but Leetch was still head and shoulders above this midget mercenary who dreams at night about his beloved mouthpiece….

  313. if Pens win in Fla sun., and det wins in Buff on Mon., both very possible, then Rangers will still be 2 pts ahead of Panthers and 4 pts ahead of Sabres on tues, with 3 games left

  314. playoffs, the rangers need to worry about smacking around montreal and philly not about other teams losing.

  315. It stuns me how lifeless a team can look in such an important game, especially with a coach like Torts behind the bench. At this point in the season, is it better to “give it to them” in practice tomorrow or “stay positive” ?

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