Not a good night for your Rangers


Montreal is up big against Toronto.

Carolina beat Pittsburgh in OT, so points all around.

The best news: Florida didn’t play, and has to play the Penguins tomorrow.

The standings will look like this:

5. Carolina 95 points, three games left.

6. Pitt 93 points, four left.

7. Montreal 92 points, four left.

8. Rangers 89 points, three left.

9. Florida 87 points, four left.

10. Buffalo lost to the Devils and is just about done.

The Habs could be five up on the Rangers by the time they arrive at MSG Tuesday, but will be no worse than three up.

So it could come down to the Rangers and Panthers for the final spot, and with the game-in-hand and the Rangers’ reeling, Florida might be in good shape. And if the Cats beat the Penguins tomorrow, they’ll be tied with three to play.

Here are today’s official game summary and event summary.

Sleep well.

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  1. great success lol :)))))))))) i think we get in for 8th spot, lose to boston in 6. is there a chance we still play capitals? devils?

  2. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    yea since u put it that way, were basically up against the imean the cats, and we will most likely win our home games. lets just say if we dont win tuesday, we are done. i dont see us beating philly twice. so the habs might be tired with the 3rd in 4 nights and we at home! go rangers! you condoit!!!

  3. Just so my question doesn’t get lost at the bottom of the earlier post….

    Should Torts give it to the team in practice tomorrow or is the team better off if he “stays positive”?

    Carp – being that you’re around the team more than any of us are, how do you think Torts will handle todays piss-poor showing?

  4. ok all things considered.

    if we do get in God willing.

    I think we can hold our own against Boston and give them a run.

  5. probably stay positive, considering he keeps saying “we did a lot of good things today/tonight”

  6. aa yea i didnt realize boston clicnehd top spot today, ok yea so boston it is i guess.

  7. Goldie … first of all, Torts didn’t think it was that bad, and I agree with him. The effort wasn’t terrible. They lost because of their built-in fault: They have no scorers and no power play. They played a really good team on the road, to a 1-0 decision on a goofy goal.

    So there’s no use in punishing them at this point. But they have two-plus days to put in a gameplan to win their most important game of the year Tuesday. So I think he will stay positive … although he may have some animated, private, “get your tail in gear” discussions with some individuals. Unfortunately for Tortorella and the Rangers, and you guys, there’s not much that he can say at this point that will turn Drury or Gomez into scorers again.

  8. btw- I hope I am wrong.

    but I said, if Renny is still coach after the all star break they would fall too far and miss out on the playoffs.

  9. Carp

    I agree they played fine in their own zone, but they looked sluggish as hell out there. Seemed like there was no urgency until the last 5 minutes, sloppy passing all over the ice, lost battles in every corner, and working the puck back deeper and deeper into their own zone while the Bruins were changing lines. Its tough to score goals when you don’t go to the net and aren’t willing to do the dirty work in the corner, with or without an Ovy-like wristshot.

  10. onecupin69 +years on

    I didn’t expect good things from this team this year.

    It’s hard to, with the history of this franchise and currently under Sather, winning never comes easy.

    Knicks ,Rangers , mets and Jets all share the same losing genetics.

  11. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    carp- i know he cant just say something to make dru and gomer turn into scorers but enoughs enough, these guys arent leading this team to anything but a future victoria cup against the 14 yr old russian girls league. next season maybe he can bench them, scratch them, strip their letters, anything to hopefully make them wanna be traded. i cannot stand how they are totally useless on the outcomes of the games., dru more than gomer. i think gomez is ok and has some skill. dru is just a 3rd liner who really has not done a damn thing in 2 years in ny. absolutely invisible last playoffs and this whole season. i at least want him demoted from captain taken off the pp.

  12. I would be a bit worried about the Canadians, particularly with Kovalev in top form. He had 4 points tonight and has 15 points in the past 6 games.

  13. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    hey chris- i know renny had lost the team but we now see that whoever runs the pp, it makes no difference. we also see that all the guys who wanted an uptempo attack style, either cant handle it, or are just that bad that they cant produce either way. the more the team goes on, the more it is apparent that the coaching was definitely part of the problem, but certainly not the biggest. i could say that maybe the talent level on the team is the biggest, and thats sathers fault.

  14. LMAO did u see that, Sutter gets a “T” on Hockey Night Live, im still laughing, what does that translate into??

  15. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    jcl- thats what a leader on a team does when his team is fighting for their playoff lives. thats why i cant stand drury. he might as well take every game off the rest of the season and playofs if we get there. he has absolutely no effect or outcome on the games.

  16. mike in iowa(perkins alter ego) on

    carp- honestly, how long do u really think redden will stay a ranger? i cannot see him staying here more than next season tops if he doesnt improve alot.

  17. in basketball its a technical foul, so tehy showed sutter after period ended players went to lockerroom and sutter walks on ice and starts yelling at refs and linesmen,m after yelling at two, he passes another one who signals the “T” as refs do in NBA when they give a player a technical, so the MSG guys were hysterical about it and so was i. wondering if anyone knows what taht translated into, maybe a unsportmanlike conduct or soemthing for 2 min on the bench?

  18. I just checked nhl and there is no record of that sort of penalty, so maybe they were either threatening Sutter to chill out or they would give him one, or perhaps they were just signaling “timeout,” to let them speak or something. I dont really know.

  19. don't discount the sabres on

    rangers go 2-1 sabres get in with 4-0
    rangers go 1-2 sabres get in with 3-1 unless florida gets 5 or more points.

    buffalo wins tomorrow they are still very much in it. they have the tiebreak over the other two

  20. No Country For Old Rangers on

    NYR is still very much alive and if FLA loses tomorrow then NYR has a good shot.

    Tuesday is gonna be f*cking crazy man with FLA playing in PHI

  21. At this point, I don’t even give a S if the Rangers make the playoffs or not.

    Does anyone think that given their recent performances that even if they make the playoffs that they’ll put up any kind of a fight against one of the conference’s top teams?? It’ll be 4-0 or 4-1 and out. Why do we need to even see that? I say end the misery now.

  22. Reginald Dunlop on

    I mean we can change the rules at anytime as evidenced in last year’s playoffs….avery rule 1.2???????




  24. eric

    and what if we win at least one game out of the remaining three games… how should we mark your words then? :)

  25. eric,

    Did you remeber the 9 years of no playoffs? I would enjoy any…. playoff games! I know it might be hard but I would rather go through a 4 game sweep with Tort’s than nothing. I think a full year under him with these 4 games will help us out more than bowing now. I really don’t want to hold my judgement on a few of them until after 4/15.

  26. our team is a mess. as bad i as i want them to make the playoffs, they dont have a chance of winning a round. sather screwed this team for a long time. we need to get rid of Redden, Rozival, Zherdev, Drury. If rangers miss the playoffs we better fire sather and hire messier.

  27. sam (not the great Weinman) on

    what needs to happen for this rangers team to go anywhere… is for them to face the bruins in the 1st round, then… stand up and say to themselves, were not gonna take this anymore, we are going to be the team that we have the talent to be. we need to play a knock em down drag em out street fight with the bruins, throw colton orr in there to take a couple cheap shots at tim thomas/milan lucic, kill off a couple 5 minute majors and show them weve got our , just like the giants dline pounding those cheating and poor excuse for a father tummy brady. we need to go through boston if we’re going to win, so i say, bring em on!!

  28. At least Montoya has finally come down to earth tonight. It was a bit disconcerting seeing him post a shutout and have two wins in his first two NHL games.

  29. Chris re Prucha, just a tidbit to consider. Without boring you with all the math Prucha has played a total of 43 games (28 Rangers, 15 Yotes) and approx. 560 total minutes of which almost 1/2 are with the Yotes and as we know many of the Ranger minutes were with such a stellar player as Voros or with not the best complement of linemates. He has 6G, 13A, 19 Points. Dubinsky has played 79 Games, approx 1350 minutes and has 11G, 28A, 39 Points. If you apply the per cent of ice time that Dubinsky has to Prucha’s totals he would have at this time 14G,31A,45 Points and I think it is fair to say that would be higher if he played all season with the linemates he has now.
    Before you pounce, this is just for thought, but you have to say it was fun watching his energy day in and day out.

  30. Dubinsky is 200 + pounds and 22 yrs old and a much better 2 way player then prucha..

    prucha was used incorrectly with the rangers but prucha will be lucky ot be in the league in 3 yrs…

    let the Prucha screw up rest he is not a game changer…

    rangers cannot score; there high priced talent is not worth the freight costs, that is the bottom line….

    henrik has been far from the top 2 goalie people say he is. he has been top 10 not top 2 or 3…this team needs stellar goaltending not just good goal tending…redden is the worst D man they have played so many minutes I have seen in a long time…

  31. Penguins @ Florida Panthers
    Sunday, 5pm EST

    This game is huge as far as the Rangers making the playoffs.

    Penguins are 2-1-0-0 in season series, Florida are 1-1-0-1

    3 teams fighting for the 4th seed, which has the benefit of home ice attached to it for Playoffs Round 1 (Carolina, Philly, Penguins)

  32. Stuart Agree with you completely. Henrik needs to be 100% perfect every game for this talent-less team to win. Not to agree with Renney as coach but he understood early that this team had very little talent and played a defensive type of game utilizing four lines and Betts more often. This team cannot play an all out aggressive game because we’re not good enough.

  33. Next year keep Staal, Callahan, Henrik, Dubie, Girardi, Korpi. Zherndev, Betts, Shoestring, Avery & Orr and have a fire sale with the rest of the team and start from scratch. Deep six Sather and maybe have Shoenfeld, Messier and Sather run the team. Redden needs to go even if we eat his contract. What a freeken waste. Develop some of the young talent in the farm system and obtain some key star free agents. There’s no coach in the world that could motivate a team with this little talent. Renney did not do that bad with the little he had.

  34. These Prucha cult fans should give it up already. Give me a break. He was Jagr’s gofer.

  35. onecupin69 +years on

    What really screws this team is that the only person capable of carrying the rangers is Hank.

    He gave up a bad goal as do most goalies in the NHL.

    How many 1 goal games do the rangers continually lose because of the lack of scoring?

    This team lacks the horse that can score and carry a team,the scoring is spread to thin.
    The other night Potter and Girardi score, 2 d men,and they lost,usually when your D men score, you win because the forwards usually score as well .

    So, I guess Sather is hoping that they make the playoffs this year and next year Drury 20g, Gomez 16 goals, Redden 3g, Dibinsky 11g, naslund23g,Calahan 21g, Andro 7 g with ny, and whomever will all have 30 goal years.
    These really aren’t bad numbers, but collectively on this team they reek.

    Some people say that these guys are having sub par years, but maybe what you see is what you’re going to get with they’re best in the past.

    I think what have this year, you’ll have next year as far as scoring goes until they get a Horse.

  36. Dubi or not Dubi on

    Reg, I was going to make your point about Avery Rule 2, you beat me to it!

    What’s with the renewed Prucha disdain? He’s got 10 points in 16 games, which over a course of a season would be pro-rated to 50-51 points. That would put him fifth on the Rangers. Is he a game changer? Maybe not every night, but let me tell you something, if the Rangers had a team full of Prucha’s and Callahan’s, I would actually be PROUD to be a Rangers fan.

  37. CARP
    please enough with posting about the standings with the pens carolina montreal phil. we have no shot of catching them because we suck.

    how about a new post of how the panthers will sneak in.

    i hate this team right now.

  38. onecupin69 +years on

    Drury has the Rangers only hat trick this year in addition to 2 -2goal games.
    Zherdev has 2- 2 goal games
    roszival 1-2g
    avery 1-2g
    voros-2 -2g
    callahan 2 -2goal

    scoring is too thin.

  39. The goal is for the Rangers to miss the playoffs..the Dolan’s wake up from the coma they are in and realize Sather is nothing more then a glorified Isiah Thomas.

    He throws money after washed players who would have never seen the money thrown at them by Sather.

    Redden does nothing good..everything is done half arse and with no emotion.

    Drury sucks.

    Rangers suck.

    I am questioning whether Torts is a good coach.

    Game lacked fire…get Orr out there and let him start a fight.

    Please..I almost feel asleep watching that game.

  40. TSN Has A Crosboner on

    As much as I want the Rangers to make the playoffs, and believe me I’m losing my mind over Tuesday’s game…At this point the only way I think the team/franchise will learn anything is if they don’t.

    If they make the playoffs and say lose in 7 in the 1st round, i think the franchise will still think it was an okay season, and not make anything drastic.

    Otherwise, its just another year.

  41. The Rangers pay top dollar to Redden, Gomez, Henke, and Drury. Not one of them is a “go to guy”. Not one of them can be counted on to make a big play or steal a game. I thought the day Jagr left, that we would be right back to where we were before they signed Jagr: a perennial 9th place team. Jagr’s numbers were down? Yes, because he was playing with stiffs. Not to mention that he was being, hooked, cross-checked, held, and interfered with on every single shift the last 2 years.

    I think losing Jagr was much bigger than anyone wants to admit.

  42. Zigmund…Whats the problem Glen
    Sather…Maybe you can fix my friend Sean here
    Zigmund…No it’s to late for him. What about You?
    Sather..I dream I wonder in a vast ice land every night, and i wake up tired and depressed.
    Zigmund….You just care to much Glen.
    Jim Dolan teary eyed….I knew it Glen it’s not your fault, Ticket sales are up.
    Zigmund….Where am I? who are you people? What are you doing here?

  43. Hockeymon, nicely done!

    Do you think Redden has that ‘worried/concerned’ look when he’s playing golf? Or driving a car, or anything that involves motion?

  44. Lowtide10

    I think Redden will have that worried look all the time, the way things are giong in Rangerville.

  45. As many people said in July, losing Jagr was a huge mistake. Renney admitted it after he lost his job. Yet many others, including Sather, reacted like typical American consumers — they wanted the newer model, even though the old one brought them to the playoffs for the first time in years. Well, enjoy the newer model of Drury, Gomez and Redden — too bad they’re lemons. The only positive is that the current clunkers might get Sather fired — finally. Or he can retire — whatever.

  46. I likely missed it but I didn’t see anyone’s posting on the call on Averys stick slap to the back off Thomas’s head. It looked to me like the ref’s got it off the replay on the big screen. I guess it may have been the linesman told them. If it was off the replay, what does that say for hockey now? I don’t think I’ve heard or read anything about that. Is that OK?

  47. Good morning to everybody from a nice sunny afternoon overseas…

    We are having over here a tv com running in which Lenin is asked by Che Guevara ” Is it time for another revolution”?
    …and Lenin answers ” Yeah, Che but it should help the little man!”

    What does that mean in the case of the Rangers ???? Is it time for a revoulution having another guy in charge of running things at Madison Square Garden ??? How about boycotting a whole game at the Garden, when the arena is empty ???

    Would that help the litte fan from the street or otherwise he must suffer through some more boring seasons, when some other overpaid veterans just performing just an averge seasons ????

    Think about it….

  48. We are saying over here ” The fish always stinks from the head on”

    Who is responsible for the staff including staff and players ??? Who is responsible for the way a franchise is going in a specific direction ??? Is there another market in the world, who someone in charge feel so few pressure in producing results like in the Case of a hockey team based in downtown Manhattan. ???

    In every other place in the world, something would change….

  49. Sabres have Detroit, Toronto, Carolina and Boston left- No cakewalk for them. Cats have Pens, Philly, Atlanta and
    Washington. I like our chances. GO RANGERS! And to all you people who say “So what? What are we gonna do if we get in the playoffs?” You can’t tell me you don’t want to see a few playoff games that include our boys. And if you do you are piss poor fans!

  50. Just back from watching Thats Hockey on TSN. All those guys seem to think the league will come down on Avery big time for the head stick slap. They are talking 5 game suspension.

  51. Anyone else notice the fall-off in Zherdev’s game since Torts’ idiotic decision not to use him in the shootout against Atlanta (will we be doomed to remember the point that wasn’t!)? Pretty sure he was first star in two previous Ranger wins at MSG, but since then, nothing. He doesn’t even get out for the late 4-on-3 yesterday. Torts deserves lots of credit for changing the team’s approach, but with Z he’s failing miserably, and there’s not enough offense on this team to surmount that failure.

  52. GardenFaithfulinFLA on

    “That could be the point that gets us home-ice advantage,” Drury said. “I’m certainly not going to let it ruin my Christmas and I don’t think anyone here is going to let it ruin their break, either.

    “There are 24 others teams in this league who would be dying to have our record, with all the points we’ve accumulated over a tough schedule. It’s certainly not a good way to get a point. But it’s over and done with. It’s already in the garbage can as far as I’m concerned.” – Chris Drury – December 23, 2008

  53. I wonder if the league can even verify if what Avery did was on purpose or accidental. Avery did a pretty decent job masking the fact that it was on purpose.

    So will the NHL take into account the type of person he is or the type of player he is…..

    Call me crazy, but Avery is not a dirty player by any stretch of the imagination.

  54. Some of you THINK Dolan will care or change his ways if we miss the playoffs?

    Then your as special adn retarded as he is.

    Glen is here until he retires, period so get over it.
    And Dolan could give a rats ass, even with missing the playoffs. You think he’ll fire someone? keep dreaming.

    And I hope and pray we make the playoffs for two reasons:

    1.) gives all the youth more experience at it, and will only make Staal, Dubi, cally, Z, etc more all around players
    2.) ANYTHING can happen. We have held Boston to 1 goal games what three times this year? We can beat them as we have with this team, so you never know.

    Agan, Today and Tuesday will decide our season respectably.


    And Dallas is officially out, even wiht there winlast night. OUCH!!

  55. Put a fork in the rangers, there done!!!! I don’t see them winning the remaining games. Thanks Sather for your stupidly and signing mediocre players for big bucks in a cap era. The future doesn’t look good since the rangers will be cap strapped.

  56. I think the league should have called the Avery rule, “the Avery rules” because they are definitly going to have their own rules for Avery.

  57. “I’m not going to let our lack of participation ruin my NHL playoffs.”
    Captain Crutch

  58. Would the team have fared better with Jagr still here? Maybe. But he can’t play forever. At some point you can’t use Jagr as an excuse… he’s gone and those that are here are NOT doing their job.

    The PP was almost as terrible last year with Jagr holding the puck in the corner and just standing there with his ass aimed at the slot.

  59. The Rangers still have a good chance. They have a couple of home games and one in Philly. All they have to do is win. Despite the loss yesterday, They played a very good physical team to a i nil loss. They had a few great chances, and a goal post, If Thomas isn’t as good and lucky that day it’s a Ranger win.

  60. I hope the Rangers miss the playoffs by one point…so every Rangers fan can remember full well how Captain Clutch didn’t let it ruin his day when the team coughed up that valuable point.

    I think I hate Chris Drury more than any Ranger in some time…especially whenever I see that special on him where they have to spend half the show on his little league baseball career.

    Why not do a Gretzky special on how good he was at playing Stratego as kid?

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