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I don’t have to spell out the remaining schedule, or the standings, or what Montreal and Florida have left (although they both have games in hand). It’s grim now.

But, as Nasty pointed out in the previous post, if the Rangers win their two home games, that should be enough.

 “If we go 2 and 2 to finish the season, that would mean the Panthers would have to go 3-1-1 in their last 5.” — Nasty.

And if they can get a point or two out of Boston tomorrow (uh, oh, afternoon game), that would be even better … not just for their point totals but also for their confidence heading into the most important game of the year Tuesday.

Some thoughts on the third-period Hurricane.

1) A lot of you are down on Lundqvist, but I have to ask you this: Did you think it was the end of the world when you saw Hank writhing in pain in his net? Because if he gets hurt, it is the end of the world. He is, and remains, the best player the Rangers have.

2) Ruutu, just like his brother, did same thing Avery does. He takes the bump and uses it to take out the goalie. He out-Avery’d Avery.

3) Just for a moment, I thought, what a great move by John Tortorella to call up Harry Potter (or as Ron Duguay called the coach, “Torelli”).

4) Is there any question that Naslund has been the worst Ranger since Torelli took over?

5) What you saw from Antropov in Raleigh is why he’s always been underwhelming, and why Toronto had no interest in trying to re-sign him. He’s a big, long, tall pile of potential that may never be realized.

6) I hate to say this, but the Rangers power play misses Michal Rozsival (lower body injury). Of the six D, he’s the best in that spot, which isn’t saying much.

7) Still not convinced that the Rangers’ talent level is too low? In a huge game they got goals from Dan Girardi (first in 55) and Harry Potter (first ever). Where were the multi-millionaires?


The Rangers stayed in Raleigh for practice today, and then go straight to Boston for the matinee tomorrow.

Jane and I will do another live video chat Tuesday, leading into the Montreal game. Please stop by with questions and comments and the usual entertaining banter.

Here are the official game summary and event summary.

Me? I’m headed to Bailout Ballpark for the Mets-Red Sox exhibition. Sorry. I go where I’m told.



Like a poof of smoke, Harry Potter is gone. So now Dan Girardi has to score ALL the goals. Here’s the official release, which means Rozsival is going to play in Boston:


            New York, April 3, 2009 – New York Rangers President and General Manager Glen Sather announced today that defenseman Corey Potter has been assigned to the Hartford Wolf Pack of the American Hockey League (AHL).

Potter, 25, has registered one goal and one assist for two points in five games with the Rangers this season.  He made his NHL debut on December 7 vs. Calgary.  Potter recorded his first career point with an assist on December 27 vs. New Jersey, and tallied his first NHL goal yesterday at Carolina.  The 6-3, 200-pounder has skated in 62 games with Hartford this season, recording nine goals and 20 assists for 29 points, along with 82 penalty minutes.  He returns to Hartford leading all Wolf Pack defensemen in goals (nine), and ranked second in assists (20) and points (29).  He also ranks first among Hartford defensemen with four power play goals.  Potter has posted an AHL career-high, eight multiple-point contests this season, including a three-point effort (two goals and one assist) on February 13vs. Lake Erie.

The Lansing, Michigan native was originally the Rangers’ third selection, 122nd overall, in the 2003 NHL Entry Draft.

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  1. Carp, I agree with point #1 BIG TIME!

    Everyone on here was all nervous when Hank went down. There were many, “gulps, oh no’s, season overs, game overs, and other things.”

    It is easy to throw the goalie under the bus. But the fact is this. Hank has saved the Rangers so many times, especiall in the beginning of the season. So how about the big name players step up and save him every once and a while.

  2. It’s a shame how close this team is to being great. They have all of the correct pieces except for the replacement of 2 elite contract forwards with too very underwhelming forwards.

  3. We all thought, “Oh no, the season’s over” when Henrik stayed down. And I think the more educated, realistic Ranger bloggers realize HL is our best player. Having said that, you have to also say that he hasn’t had a typical Hank season!! There have been more than a few big games this year that Henrik was outplayed by the opposing goalie. Yet, he is our #1 guy and he has to steal points for this under-achieving collection of 3rd liners!!!! We all know the cap problems and the insane contracts this team has and we all know next year isn’t going to be any better, esp. with Darth Sather making the decisions. So, let’s all root our arses off these last 4 games so we can at least experience some playoff action!! It doesn’t get any better than playoff hockey!!!! “We’ll get there Pop. We’ll get there”

  4. Well at least we averted disaster (Hank going down…but thankfully getting up) I’m not sure if he was 100% after that Ruutu collision. 4 powerplays in the 1st and no goals? BIG PROBLEM. Carolina practically handed the Rangers a gift wrapped ‘please win this game’ box, and the Rangers decided they weren’t really interested in nailing the coffin shut. They get up to play Marty and Jersey… but look dis-interested against a fellow playoff contender with alot on the line?? Frustrating isn’t the word.

    As a fan this playoff push is nerve wracking, frustrating, my nails are jagged from the biting, and my blood pressure could use some regulation… but isn’t that what being a FAN is all about?? Hate ’em when they lose, love them when they win….tough job huh??
    1. Hank IS the Rangers heart. We live and die with him.
    2. Our 2 best defensemen DON’T make $6.5 mil a year. Combined.
    3. Avery will NEVER get the benefeit of the doubt, or have a call go his way. That roughing call is a prime example. He gets 2 for hands to the face of Cam Ward, AND gets cross-checks for his troubles, and Avery is the only one who sits.
    4. Antropov is probably here to stay, at least for another half season, so get used to it.
    5. If Glen Sather made decisions even half as fast as most ‘fans’ do, our Roster would be different EVERY GAME.
    6. Patience is a virtue. Everyone wants to win… even the underperformers on the ice. Try to remember that.

  5. Hank is 5 away from a 40 win season. I am not so sure he is having as bad a season as many of us are saying. That being said, he could be playing much better.

  6. I’m willing to give Antropov a pass on his first “bad” game as a Ranger, but you’re right, Naslund (and Zherdev) have been horrible and Redden is just as bad. I still can’t believe how bad Redden is.

    What amazes me, though, is how bad the power play can be for two straight seasons, under two coaches and with quite different personnel. It can’t even be lack of a true PP quarterback, because when it was good after the lockout, there was no quarterback then either. As of last night, the PP ranked second to last; even if it was ranked middle of the pack, the Rangers would basically have a playoff spot locked up.

  7. shame, what team are you watching? There isn’t an elite D-man on the team (Staal may be in the future) not one first-line center, not one real goal scorer, nobody with power play skills, especially on the points. It’s a team of second-, third- and fourth-line players.

    Artie, great line at the end.

  8. Mike D (#96) on

    So if we don’t make the playoffs altogether, how long until heads roll? And by heads, I mean Naslund.

    Get that dude out of there. Can we please please please get someone on this
    roster who can score over 35 goals a season and could potentially score 40+? This is becoming embarassing.

  9. This is from memory (so it may not be right exaclty I got it form the Agatha Christie book which I read in grade school or early high school can’t recall which one so its been awhile) and inspired by Carp’s title… can we match something to each of the lines?

    ten little indians going out to dine
    one choked his little self and then there were nine —choke… hmmm captain clutch

    nine little indians staying up late
    one overslept himself and then there were eight — Redden sleeping on coverage

    eight little indians traveling in Devon
    one said hed stay and then there were seven — Z rathe be somewhere else

    seven little indians chopping up sticks
    one chopped himself in halves and then there were six —our d being split

    six little indians playing with a hive
    a big bee stung one and then there wer five– the pp or third periods stung by Renney and conditioning

    five little indians in trouble with the law
    one fell in chancery adn then there were four —Avery with the refs and Orr with that misconduct

    four little indians walking by the sea
    a red hering swallowed one and then there were three —Antro, we all had such hopes for him and he is helping but not enough

    three little indians out at the zoo
    a bear hugged one and then there were two —Doaln embracing Sather (I’m stretching sorry)

    two little indians sitting in the sun
    one shriveled up and then there was one — Scott Turnover Gomez and Nas who (except the Devil game) have become invisible

    one little indian sitting all alone
    hung himself and then there were none. —Hank because he is so stressed about having to stop everything, just like our PP is messed with mind games…

    anyone else other suggestions?

    Pavel I have FIOS and have had nothing but crazy fees, broken promises and problems… go with Directv I am switching back as soon as my contract runs out…

    Carp’s right can’t blame Hank totally because we wouldnt be where we are without him… and I know I panicked when Nasty told me he was hurt… that said he needs to play like he can… the guys shielded him for the first period pretty well (3 SOG) Torts said there were something like 9 chances against all game?


  10. Adam…

    Zherdev happens to lead the Rangers in points. If you say he is horrible, what do you think of the rest of the team. Nevermind… I can probably fill in the blanks.

  11. Re: Harry Potter. The Rangers could certainly use a Seeker on the power play, as they can’t seem to locate theirs.

  12. Carp – Great Entry

    #7 stung a bit because it is so true – especially in a game like this hanging on for a playoff spot. Where were they??

  13. Rick,

    let me know how Citifield is? I am going there on sunday and Im very excited. thanks

  14. I think Atropov has done more since he arrived than Zherdev. YEah he’s not super fast, but has great hands and at least gets in fron tof the net, ALOT

    Nasty, couldnt agree more, four 30 win seasons in a row, especially this year, not too shabby with who has played in front of him for almost the entire year.

    4 games, 8 points

    And Boston vs Rangers as a first round match up –
    That would be a hell of a series. and woudlnt you think the pressure would be on Boston to not disgrace themselves and lose to the 8th seed in the opening round after leading the league in points for alomost the entire season? I think the Blueshirts would be the ones with way less pressue and jsut happy to be at the dance.

    Could be a great upset, as long as we get there!

    we can do it!!!


  15. the pp two years ago was set up exactly as Jagr wanted it… he called his players and he played pretty much the whole two minutes almost every time

    last year it was split with Renney picking players for the second half of the pp or trying to make Jagr play with certain payers on his pp and it didn’t work as well…

    its goign to take time…

    but as to the conditioning… this is the same team that won a double overtime game in the playoffs (goal by Michal Rozsival) why is their conditioning so bad now…

  16. MikeyNJ….I do like your optimistic outlook on the NY Rangers…

    We are two idiots cut from the same cloth….lol

  17. my sister is getting harassed by an Isle fan at work (like he has any right to) about whether or not the Rangers are in the playoff hunt or getting ready to play golf… he ought to be careful she is the only one that is nice to him as it is and he is literally skating on thin ice with her now…

  18. 2 wins for us, 2 losses for FLA… thats all it takes. That doesn’t sound so scary does it?

  19. Here’s two questions for you guys..

    What selection order will our 2009 1st rounder be if we miss the playoffs?

    What selection order will our 2009 1st rounder be if we are a first round exit?

  20. Hey Jane and Rick,

    Tell these Rangers to make the playoffs. I may be in parts of the world without any cable for the next 2 years so I would like to see a playoff game before 2011-2012.

    However, I will be cool with it if lebron james and dywane wade are both playing for the new york knicks when I get back!

  21. The big question is forget if the Rangers make the playoffs or miss, is how to fix this mess before next season.

  22. Yes Carp, good stuff!
    I am sick of Drury-no show, the so called “Mr. Clutch”
    I am sick of Redden- who may go down as one of the worst signings in Rangers history.
    I am sick of Naslund who clearly does not factor in to Torts pressure system
    I am sick of the patch up jobs Sather continues to try. Right out the lock out we were “rebuilding” youth and all that crap…well somewhere along the line that ball was dropped and we are left somewhere in the middle. At least we used to sign High Priced superstars who just didn’t perform…Now we sign mediocre players for the same money and get nothing. I’m so sick of this…
    I this where my team…I would bite the bullet and do what I could to unload, Drury, Gomez, Naslund, Redden, Rozi.
    I would keep…
    Staal, Girardi, Dubinski, Callahan, Avery, Hank, Morris, Korpedo

    I don’t care what happens to…AnTropov or Zherdev though I have a sneeking suspicion Sather will find a way to sign them for assinine amounts of money.

  23. Derek Morris has been disappointing and i would let him walk after season. He has no offensive game and his defense is average at best. Sauer or Sags could fill that spot next year.

  24. I don’t Hank is playing badly honestly, sure he has let in a weak goal here and there, but as a goalie, I look at ALL 4 goals last night and say “No Chance”…. a monumental screen he had NO look at on the first goal, the second goal he makes a good save on a player who had escaped his defender, and in doing so was down and out, and then ANOTHER player escapes his defender and hammers it home, that’s 2 failed coverages on one play, third goal is a complete defensive breakdown within 5 feet of the net, that many passes allowed would require him to be everywhere all at once to have a chance at it, 4th goal was a deflection shot that changed directions on him, none show any real “goaltender error”… He hasn’t been stealing games for us, so I see the point there, but how can you blame a guy for not stealing EVERY game for his team? When was the last time the rest of the Rangers stole a game for HIM? Speaking from experience, when you’re expected to steal EVERY game, you end up stealing none

  25. How many years does Jagr have left on his KHL contract?? Pair him with Zherdev, you probably get 40 goals from each!!

  26. Paul, that’s about the best point I have seen on this blog.

    Agravaine, you might have a little too much time on your hands, bud. Great job with the Ten Little Indians!!!
    I must point to my pet grammatic peeve: “Literally skating on thin ice …” means she is actually out skating on thin ice.

    Matt, I’ll give you a little review … but it’s going to be Bailout Ballpark here on the blog. In the paper they may make me use the real name, but here at Rangers Report, it’s Bailout Ballpark.

  27. And unfortunately Paul, the answer to that question will be throw a ridiculous contract at Gaborik and give Redden and Drury more minutes next year

  28. Rick…Agravaine is a lady….Maybe you knew that but you called her “bud”….lol

  29. Staal, the key to that will be convincing Obama that since the Rangers wear red, white, and blue, their success is directly tied to the morale of the american people

  30. Our power play has been awful for more than 2 years!!!! I don’t have exact stats, but even with Jagr, it was horrible. Pearn was the PP guru but he must have guru’d over the worst power play than trying to be the best!!!! We all remember Rosi deferring to Jagr rather than shooting the puck!! And remember how the Great Jagr would sit on the half boards, ward off the opponents with his butt and then get no shot!!! It had flashes of success with Nylander but there were only flashes plus it was very predicatble and easy to defend. PP has cost us a lot of points!!!

    Carp- love trading lines from The Godfather; it’s a sick talent! “Well, think about it while your drivin’. I wanna hit New York sometime ‘dis munt. And watch out for the kids while your backin’ out”

  31. BroadwayBlue on

    Carp- any insights as to why NYR has become so inept on the road? They have only won 6 of their 22 away games in calendar 2009. Also, any explanation as to futility at certain arenas? They 0-13-2 in Pittsburgh & 2-8-0 in Carolina. Can’t think of any team they dominate at MSG? This is a reason, even if they back into the playoffs, they’ll be eliminated in 5 games in the 1st round- by any other team. They will lose all 3 on the road & split at MSG.

  32. Dreary indeed, slow at work, nothing to be happy about in Ranger-land. 4 games left – dont feel too good about them either. Im sorry, I really want to be positive. But they showed me last night that they cant bombard a team when they need to and they really needed to in the 3rd pd.

    Where was the team that DOMINATED SJ in the 3rd pd? That’s what team should have showed up last night.


    Interesting link about draft picks,

    Iceholes are in good shape….I would like their situation for the Rangers if we had Henrik, Staal, Callahan, Dubi, Avery on the roster and some of the guys who are developing like Sangs, MDZ, Grachev, AA, and a few others…

    Unfortunately, we have Redden, Rozi, Naslund, Drury, and Gomez


  34. Here’s what I want to know. Does Wade Redden have pictures of Glen Sather and the Rangers announcers for that matter, sleeping with a goat or something? How the hell is this guy STILL getting power play time let alone all the time he gets without the power play….

  35. Shoney to Torts when the season ends:

    Shoney: It’s not your fault.

    Torts: (Softly) Yeah, I know.

    Shoney: No you don’t. It’s not your fault.

    Torts: I know.

    Shoney: No, Listen to me John, it’s not your fault.

    Torts: I know that.

    Shoney: It’s not your fault.

    Torts: (silent with eyes closed)

    Shoney: It’s not your fault.

    Torts: (Torts eyes open, misty already) Don’t “F” with me Shoney, not you.

    Shoney: It’s not your fault.

    Torts: [Tort shoves Shoney back, and then, hands trembling, buries his face in his hands. Torts begins sobbing. Shoney puts his hands on Torts’ shoulders, and Torts grabs him and holds him close, crying]

    Torts: Oh my God! I’m so sorry! I’m so sorry Shoney!

    Annnnnnnnnd Scene!


  36. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Drury has been the worst Ranger since Torterella has taken over. I don’t care if he has 5 points in 5 games (or whatever it is). Drury has been the worst Ranger this season followed closely by Redden and Rozsival. Naslund is probably 4th on that list. But Naslund makes LESS money than those other 3.

    Great point about Lundqvist. I don’t know which of the 4 goals people wanted him to stop, but he is the best player on this team without question.

    To say the Rangers lack talent. True.
    To say the Rangers ‘millionaires’ suck. True.
    To say the Rangers are a bottom-feeding NHL team because their millionaires suck… ehhhh. Somewhat True but it doesn’t 100% correlate when you have a goalie like Hank and guys like Avery, Callahan (21 goals, quite productive year), Staal who’s been fantastic until the last 2 games (same can be said for Mara), along with the recent aquisition of the Antroid. As a team, they’re probably 14th in the NHL in talent. On overall dollar effectiveness (in terms of investment in big players) they have to be 29th if not 30th in the league.

  37. Godfather eh??

    Too bad Sather didn’t indebt himself to Don Corleone… or it could have went something like this… ” Someday Glen, and that day may never come… I may call upon you to do a service for me. But until that day, take this powerplay quarterback, and stud 1st line center, as a gift on my daughter’s wedding day.”

  38. haha Carp oh and I should have known better about the literally thing… I meant figuratively but it doesn’t matter…

    retyping the ten little indians thing took very little time as I did it from memory, had I tried to look it up….

  39. Shouldn't Make Playoffs on

    Though it may seem farfetched, the Sabres are essentially only a game back of us, too. Of course, that would require them to sweep the the @Washington/New Jersey back-to-back this weekend, but I’ve seen crazier things, say nothing of how bad the Devils look on the road of late. Buffalo is 3-0-1 in their last four and have taken 5 of 6 pts since Miller came back (still think Scotty Gomez isn’t our MVP right about now?). This is a lot of “if’s” but if we lose to Boston on Sunday (conceivable), Florida splits their weekend games against Atlanta and Pittsburgh (conceivable), and Buffalo takes both games (possible), here’s how the standings look Monday morning:

    Rangers (89)
    Panthers (89)
    Sabres (87)

    Buffalo would also have a game in-hand against us. And, oh by the way, Buffalo beats us in pretty much every conceivable tiebreak scenario.

  40. So i think this is true…though i had a hard time fact-checking… Before the cup year of 94, the last time the Rangers appeared in the Stanley Cup finals was 1979, making it 15 years in between.

    By that numerology… fast forward 15 years from 94, and you get 2009!!! Obscure sure…. streching… haha ok i’ll admit it… but i’ll take anything at this point!!

  41. Fischler's Ghost on

    I hate all this postgame talk about how the Rangers did “a lot of good things during the game”. The only “good thing” to do these days is get two points and secure a playoff spot. Moral victories are for training camp and exhibition games.

    Was there anything worse than that game last night? I should have had my landlord kick me in the junk — it would have saved me 2 hours of my life.

  42. Is there any doubt that Redden is the worst/laziest player on the team? For the tie-breaking goal last night he was right in front of Lundqvist, and stood there doing nothing, as the Carolina players swarmed the front of the net. Why does he get so much ice time? HE SUCKS!

  43. Sam: wow did you see that incredible play by Redden he actually iced the puck in a crucial situation when no one was pressuring him.

    Joe: yes Sam and he did it without SH*&ing himself,ooops I spoke too soon, oh well….

  44. I can’t believe nobody even “kind of” laughed at my Good Will Hunting bit. So sad.

  45. The team looked lost in the third when they were suppose to step up like playoff teams do.It is looking mighty scarey for them to not make it and that sucks! Sather waited way to long before getting rid of renney.
    The team still isn’t playing I got your back hockey. When Hank was run into there should have been 3 guys all over Ruutu but know just talk and that diesn’t get it done. I watched alittle of Boston game and a ruutu ran into there goalie and it was a melee,now thats a team who gets it not that hey don’t do that or else just jump him and make sure everyone knows not to do it.
    The usal suspect sucked again deadden and he was joined by morris,antro,nasland,drury.When do they get sat for playing rotten? Once again the PP sucked and PK was good. Rangers please get your together andpretend the rest of the games are against marty and the devils!!
    They need to waive deadden and rosy this summer and just pay them off .We can let rosy go home and play like they did with Kasper.I’m lost onwhat to do with drury ,I can’t see anyone wanting him and that contract.Let Morris walk he’s done nothing. Antro and Z who knows they can be killers out there,game killers if they play like there talent or team killers if they continue to play with there heads up in the clouds.Oh one final thingFIRE THAT INCOMPETENT AHOLE CIGAR PUSS!!!!! Thats my opinion.

  46. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    IN his post-game press conference, Torterella said the 3rd goal was a product of a “turnover, poor badcheck, and bad line-change.” On that play there were 2 turnovers, Drury in the offensive zone and Antro in the defensive zone. But the back-check was ALL Drury and the line-change was Drury leaving the ice (when he should have been playing defense) for Dubinsky.

    Thanks Captain!
    Torts knows too.

  47. Skylar: What if I said I wouldn’t have sex with you again ’til I got to meet your friends; what would you say?
    Will: I’d say it’s 4:30 in the morning; they’re probably up.

    Good Will Hunting is a fantastic movie.

  48. One thing is for damn sure, and that is the bench needs to be MUCH MUCH MUCH better managed next year.

  49. Carp,
    First I thought about making a funny rant about last nights event ( always needing a special treatment after these over night games like these oil-thai massage..just great !!:)then I read your real evaluation of the team of the Rangers…

    “There isn’t an elite D-man on the team (Staal may be in the future) not one first-line center, not one real goal scorer !!!!!!!!!!!, nobody with power play skills, especially on the points. It’s a team of second-, third- and fourth-line players.

    and I simply have to say and everybody would blame me for it and I will get very unlikeable

    As tough as it really is a fan of the Rangers…When you just watch some other games with elite teams, well there´s a difference….

    Have fun at the Ballpark..I have no idea about baseball:):):)

  50. Jane,

    New picture = thumbs up!

    I’ll consent to an interview at any time you name. ;)

  51. Yea Carp have fun… I got a friend going there but she insists its going to be rained out… has anyone looked at ticket prices to Shea (aka CitiField) is it real bad… I want to get tix to one game this year at least…

  52. This teams doomed. Good luck trying to beat the B’s, and the Habs. Then there’s the Flowers.

    Im hoping the Pens play the Canes in the first round. Those are the two teams that can come out of the East, so it’s better if one of them gets dumped in the first round. Go Canes.

    Im hoping for the Devils, i just cant see us playing the B’s, and Craps, or the Pens, Flyers, and Canes. We don’t stand a chance.

    This team blows. It’s gonna come down to the point that we blew in both the Caps game, and Trashers game.

  53. Agravaine, please accept my apologies … I’m still trying to sort out who’s who, never mind trying to figure out genders. But I really did enjoy the Little Indians.

  54. Carp did a great job summing up the game; I think he’s spot on.

    – No big goals from any “big” players
    – (where we disagree) Once again, no “big” save from our goalie. Hank was, once again, very average.

    He hasn’t “stolen” a game since October, and it seems, night in and night out, we play against other goalies making half the salary who are indeed stealing games from us. No need to list them out, we all know who they are, and half of them are back-ups, allegedly.

    – I think we need to win 3/4 to get in; 2-2 may not cut it.

    – Harry Potter (I know, it’s Cory) is terrible. I really dont care if he scored or not, he’s just not NHL caliber.

    – Antropov > Zherdev

    – Callahan, Dubinsky, Avery and Gomez are carrying this offense on their backs. Naslund and Drury have both been invisible.

  55. Liquid & Agrravaine: Thanks boys
    Gots to be idiotically optimistic!!

    Also, unrelated, but I forgot to mention this:

    Last night the wife actually decied to watch a game with me. She is a fan, but not as crazy as me.

    So the game ends, Im pissed of course. Then Sam Moron and Joe idiot come on in there Hockey night live interview.

    She asks me how old they both are
    I say I think Joe Idiot is in his 50’s Rosen prob 60ish.

    She goes to look up there ages, find Joe M’s (55) but cant find Rosen’s anywhere

    She deduces he HAS to be in his 60’s

    Then turns to me and says “Are these guys seriously that pathetic that there dying there hair at there age? Do they think it makes them look younger? It makes them look insecure and pathetic” at which point i started laughing (Me being 33 and graying since I was 20)

    I honestly never thought about it before she said something

    Both of them, one in his 50’s the other in his 60’s still dying there hair and one with the worst come over I’ve ever seen.

    Im only bringing this up becasue it cracked me up, and because both of them have been really pissing me off lately.

    I dont like Doc and Chico AT ALL, but I wouldnt mind our broadcasters being a little more biased in favor of the team that employs them. I mean they both say they have to be fair give balanced broadcasts. F&#K THAT!
    BE biased, Hate the other team, be a Ranger Fan, which I’m still not quite sure Joe Isiot even is.

    Anyway, lets go Rangers!!

  56. Mikey,

    I completely disagree. I hate homer commentators. I’m a big boy, if my team sucks and everyone knows it, what is the sense sugar coating it?

    I’m not sticking up for Sam and Joe. Sam has lost a few steps and I detest Joe but Chico is on another planet with things he says.

    Do you really want commentators like those of the White Sox who, when their team is coming up to bat, says something like “The good guys are up next.” It’s ridiculous.

  57. in Zipay’s column today, Torts really calls out the high paid vets on the team, both in the media and on the ice.

    “In an animated recap of the Carolina loss, Tortorella named names and admitted that he had addressed the problems. But if they aren’t corrected, “we’re done.”

    “We had full control of the puck for their last two goals, Your big-time players have to make key plays…There were breakdowns right on through. It’s goaltending, it’s coverages, it’s back checking. It’s everything. We’re there, we get beat to the net, it starts on a bad change, Dubinsky doesn’t do a good enough job on our coverage, Redden is in no-man’s land, but Nik (Antropov) loses Larose and he scores.” Note: Antropov also lost his man on the fourth goal.

    “On the fourth goal, it wasn’t a great pass to Dru, but Dru’s gotta get it, and then he can’t go off the ice, then it’s a soft pass from Shoe (Sjostrom) to Mara, who doesn’t get it done on the wall and it ends up going in off Paul. That’s a mental toughness; against Jersey we were dead-on with our details, playing face to face, hard, for 60. And we’re gonna have to find a way to do that.”

  58. No not THAT biased, but its always liek ther pointing out everything thats wrong with our team and missing the actualy GOOD plays they make.

    And I cant ake the criticism as good as anyone, its just every time they do a game, ther constantly blowing crosdby, Eric Staal, Malkin, etec etc.

    I swear if I counted how many times there talking about nonsense or a memebr of the oppoisng team while the Rangers get a scoring opportunity it would be in the thousands.

    The Shittsburgh game was absolutely one of there worst all year

  59. Well as bad a situation as the rangers are right now. When you step back and take a look at the big picture for years to come. you will find we are royally screwed and will be for some time.

  60. MikeyNJ

    Listen to Joe closely whenever the Rangers play the Islanders. The guy has to constantly bite his tongue to stop himself from praising the Fishsticks. Silly.

  61. For the millionth time — Stop blaming Jagr for the power play problems and look at the stats! In 2005/06 and 2006/07 the Rangers were 8th in the league on the power play. In 2007/08 they fell to 22nd and this year they are 29th. Obviously, the problem is having Gomez and Drury on the power play since last year, and without Jagr at all the power play, it is even worse! Numbers don’t lie.
    And if Jagr controlled the puck the entire power play, even if they didn’t score, that is actually a good thing, meaning the opposing team would be exhausted. Get your facts straight.

  62. Carp,

    well in figuring out genders my screen name is certainly no help, so I understand fully when people get it wrong.

    I agree with your assessment of the team as well. This blog has been a pleasure since you took over (not a knock to Sam, he was great, but with the way you and Jane respond and the audio clips and such… its taking it to another level in conversation and dedication)

    so thank you.

    I look forward to when Staal is an elite d man, becuase he will be… I just hope he is still on our team and the players making tons (Redden, Drury, Gomez, Rozi, Naslund) haven’t crippled our ability to keep Staal, Cally, Dubi and Girardi…

    I think come hook or crook Rozi and/or Nas will be on other teams in the off season (they seem the most likely to be taken off our hands being the shorter cheaper contracts) and I wonder if Redden might not be buried in the minors like a certain handsome Lithuanian was once upon a time… I jsut don’t know enough about our kids and their development to know who can be fighting for spots… I hear different things on Bobby S, Del Z, AA, Grachev… I look forward to them all fighting for spots maybe and see who gets them under Torts.

    And thats not to say I am giving up on this season yet, because I think the Rangers can make the playoffs… though I wouldn’t have bet my beer on it…

  63. The only thing I look forward to is the day that Wade Redden is no longer a New York Ranger… only 5 years left. Kill me please.

  64. Im looking forward more to the day Dru i no longer a Ranger. At least Redden might end his career with his cocaine problem. Dru is clean, sober, and just a flat out puss, he’s here to stay. Three more horrible years.

    Ugh, give me Jagr, Straka, and yes, even Malik back, over Drury, Naslund, and Redden.

    I miss last years team so fuggin much. I really hope somehow, someway we can get Jagr back. The guy can still play hockey.

    Even if he’s not playing for Nyr, i just wanna see him in the NHL. It pisses me off seeing those old fogies playing 4th line roles, doing absolutely nothing, while he, a Hall of Famer is playing in Russia, when he can still put up 25-30 goals 50-60 points.

    Go Jagr ! Hate the Drury !

  65. the Panthers would have been out of it, but their backup goalie, Craig Anderson, rescued them with 3 straight wins after Vokoun looked like crap in blowing several games in a row.

    that is why Henrik has to step up and play better these last 4 games. the Rangers made the playoffs because of Henrik the past 3 seasons. he gets the credit, so he has to also get the criticism when he does not get it done.

    his performance has been too inconsistent and average in recent weeks. he must do better and get back to top form or goodbye playoffs

  66. broadway blue the rangers are very good at home. they beat the canes twice and pitt 3 times in NY..

    WHy are they so bad on the road and Henrik so bad on the road????

  67. Hey Agravaine

    I was just on your youtube site…very nice; found it by accident; a friend sent me a Munson clip and your captain oh captain was linked….

    Nice work

  68. Look I don’t think any of us are asking for much. We just want our team to win the cup.
    Is that too much to ask for?
    Pay this months mortgage,buy a gallon of milk,hope to get paid this week and watch millionaires play a game and suck at it because they have no CONFIDENCE on the power play.
    I think I’ll go back to my Hennigans and because it has no odor it’ll be my little secret

  69. Hank got hurt last night, so i cant put too much blame on him, although if he actually wasn’t hurt, then yeah, he was bad, AGAIN.

    This team is doomed. They just cant play against these tough teams. They just cant, not with Hank playing this way.

    Seasons over. Id honestly be surprised if they made the playoffs, which is sad to say.

  70. Torts “It’s that someone has to take it in the third period and show us the way in the details of the game. That has to come from our top guys”

    We had a guy to do that but Sather thought it was better to let him go. I really love the atmosphere at a playoff game and hope that they make it. BUT, a little part of me wants them to not make it and kick Dolan in the wallet, which is between the legs for ordinary people. MAybe that would make him move Sather further upstairs and bring in a young GM who cares about the cap.

    I’m glad Torts is naming names in public. We all get called out when we screw up, let these guys deal with it too.

    Should we really be excited about Rozi coming back?

    Hey hun, don’t forget the coffee.

  71. Obviously, Sather needs to go. They should blow this team up. Get rid of ALL expensive long term contracts even if it will cost against the cap. Just get rid of them (Drury, Gomez, Redden, Rosy & Nazzy. Whatever it takes…kick them to the curb. Pick up where we left of in the rebuilding process from 4-5 years ago. Go 100% youth oriented. Stockpile draft picks galore. In 3 – 4 years we could look like the Flyers or Black Hawks….and still have Hank in net.

    For heaven’s sake…look at what the Flyers did to their roster in the last year or 2. Not only that… they have some serious depth with-in the organization. I know they may have some cap problems if the cap goes down…but hey I’d more than welcome that problem having an abundance of top 6 forwards. They drafted Claude Giroux 22nd overall in 2006 (NYR picked Sanguinetti 21st) & the Flyers still have James vanRiemsdyk in the pipe-line.

    NYR can still salvage the rebuilding they started back before the lock-out. They would still have young stable players to build with in Dubi, Cally, Staal, Giardi, Zherdev, Korpedo, Potter, Sauer, Anisimov, Grachev,Kundratek, Stepan, Del Zotto & Sanguinetti.

  72. BLAZE

    They did a way better job at drafting than Nyr, that’s why they are where they are. Plus they made smarter moves. It’ll take 2-3, maybe even 4 years to get there. Put Lundqvist on their team, they might be a hell of a lot better, im not sold, an never will be sold on Biron.

    Slats is here to stay, and so are Redden, Drury, and maybe even Rozi. It’s gonna be a long couple of years.

    Look at the Blues, they got talented youth, with some vets, and they’re fighting for 7th, and 8th, and might even get to 6th. They have Mason who’s half way decent, but nowhere near Hank’s level of talent.

    This team needs players with heart, players that actually care aboot winning, and not aboot the paycheck they’re expecting. Unfortunately half the team is like that. It’s sickening.

  73. I was watching the game with my buddies last night, and outside of the nice cans sitting behind the bench, there wasn’t much to watch. We refer to Redden and Drury as the “Undead” or the “Zombies” (Naslund too). Or “Rotting corpses in Redden, Drury, & Naslund sweaters.

  74. Go all out for the future. I can’t take being a middle of the pack team for too much longer. 3 -4 years straight of getting the 20th pick in the entry draft is just not cutting it. We need to draft players who can make an impact in 1 – 2 years. Leave the 5 year projects to the later rounds.

    I’m going to be really pissed if the Islanders rebuilding efforts puts them over the top in the next few years while we still languish at 20th.

  75. Its the truth
    Gomez is actually filled with life ( not 7 million dollars worth but…)he’s moving the puck and trying to make things ahppen

    The other guys are paid like stars and this is the time stars shine…they’re going dim

    What “i like about it’ is that with Renney coaching you could never be sure whether it was them or the fraidy-cat coach

    With several guys it was the coach ( Gomer-Cally-Dubi)
    with the guys metioned above…its them

    The problem with Drury is if he got paid $1M a year he’d be a great 4th line guy who can kill penaties,check, block shots and score a little…we could trade Betts and people will want him ( #1 PK in league)

    Redden-Nas and Rozi should all be gone…by sat’day

  76. Are we being serious here with worrying about what draft pick we will get??? This organization flat out has no clue on first and second rounders. Aside from Staal….. the only promising 1st rounder is unfortunately dead.
    It took Korpedo(1st round) 5 years in the minors to crack the 4th line with a few 3rd line minutes, Sanguinetti(1st round) looks like the d-man version of Pat “please don’t check me” Rissmiller, Anisimov(2nd round) plays hard but probably never more than a 3rd liner, Baranka(2nd round)knew he was never getting promoted so he left for the KHL, Del Zotto(1st round) and Grachev (3rd round) are talked about all the time on this blog yet nobody knows enough about them since they haven’t cracked the AHL yet…… and need I even mention the unspeakable word….. Jessimen ??!!!!
    It takes time to develop players, yes….. but we need to start drafting the right players and not going by the CBS Sportsline projected draft order !!!
    But as we have seen…. our management doesn’t put much thought on our trades and FA signings either.
    But that being said….. no matter what the team looks like, my playoff invoice is paid and I will be in my seats screaming Let’s Go Rangers for every game we play when we squeak into the postseason !!!

  77. kc – Will respectfully disagree with you about Jags and the power play. I could be dead wrong throughout his tenure as a Ranger, but my short term memory clearly sees Jagr & Straka & Rozi & Nylander circling the offensive zone for a minute & 30, without taking a shot, looking for that perfect opportunity!! And then losing it to the PK!!!! And the tiring out the opponent is no reason to not take a freakin’ shot on a PP!!! The stats are the stats and I’m not a stats guy, but the PP has been awful for years!!! And that includes when your man crush, Jagr, was the focal point!!! Let’s agree that it was maddeningly inconsistent with Jagr & Rosi & Straka!!! It showed flashes, like it did when Torts took over, but it’s just bad again!

    Torts to the PP at this mornings practice – “And a man in my position can’t afford to be made to look ridiculous!! Now you get the hell outta here”

  78. PP has been ineffective for two full seasons…maybe not 29th last year but this is all a “second year” problem

    The offense went south along with the PP last year

    2005-06/06-07 it was a strenth and a good way to punish teams for playing it rough…each year we had two guys between 15-20 PP goals…i think our leader this year is Drury with ten

  79. Tony from AZ … my favorite part of that scene is that they go through the whole charade of giving Carlo an actual airplane tickets and a packed suitcase just to get him into the car so Clemenza can strangle him. Why not march him to the car at gunpoint? Save the $100 or so a plane ticket must have cost back then, not to mention that somebody probably had to drive to the airport to get it. No internet in those days.

    Soryuken, LMAO.

    Agravaine, Shef should be a ball of laughs with all the outfield nooks at the new ballpark. Not to mention his sunny disposition.

  80. PP easy enough to check btw…

    05/06 8th 18.9% (would be 17th this year)
    06/07 8th 18.5% (would be 18th this year)
    07/08 23rd 16.5% (would be 25th this year)
    08/09 29th 14%

  81. I don’t care how,But Nasland,Drury,Redden,Rozi,Zherdev all gotta go next year.

  82. Potter sent down after he scores a goal, isn’t that a bit backwards? No wonder Redden never puts one in, it’s his way of staying on the team.

  83. Carp, I’m a Godfather fanatic! Both GD1 & GD2 are my favorite movies. I was in Italy last year & in Sicily I visited the Church & courtyard Michael got married in while he was hiding after killing the cop & the Turk. I also visited the bar that Abalonia’s father owned.
    The town is so small, but they have a Godfather gift shop in the middle of nowhere.

    “Leave the gun. Take the cannoli.”

  84. Jagr-Straka-Nylander combined for over 600 pts in two years of playing together. And I know they used to score on the PP in bunches. Im too lazy to look it up. LOL

  85. Ct_Ranger_Fan_Go_Jon_Quick on

    Attention Carp-
    We need your help. At least I do. Please, I beg you, use whatever media pull you have—
    Why oh Why would Cablevision have the Knicks, who are on the road mind you, be on MSG on Tues. night and they push the home Ranger game to the “overflow” channels, which are terrible quality. (I know, very long sentence, but I am in the Coast Guard and cannot write like you).
    I hate channel 414, and the potential biggest game of the year is on there, as of now.
    Please say something to someone! I emailed them last night but I doubt if anyone will read it.
    Yours Truly,
    Bob from the middle of Long Island Sound on my laptop in the rain :-(

  86. agra
    good work

    middle of the pack PP is good enough so that teams think twice about taking out your goalie, taking other liberties….

    25-30th gives teams liscense to obstruct on dee and play offense with that extra edge

    same can be said for overall inept offense…25th last year…28th?? this year

    they go hand in hand

    when was last time a bad offensive team had a good PP??

  87. CCCP
    Sorry about the leader-drury combo

    here are some more:
    Atlanta Thrashers arena—-crowd

  88. I know our cap situation is bleak, but it isn’t hopeless. What IS required (assuming Slats isn’t fired – ohplease ohplease), is for Slats to learn how to negotiate, and show some backbone in contract talks. The second thing is, one of the big LT contracts HAS to be shed – trade, waivers, it almost doesn’t matter. Just get at least one of Rozi, Redden, Gomez, Drury off the books. My solution, if possible trade Rozi and waive Redden – problem solved.

    Our FA signings – for instance, I’d keep Antro – he’s only making $2mm this year at age 29! We all know why – unrealized potential to date. Offer him up to $3mm per, but no more. He’s a 50 – 60 point guy with size, and guys around the league with his prodution warrant a $2.5mm – $3.0mm salary.

    Zherdev – as much as I love his skills, another guy who hasn’t put it together yet. I get the feeling, if he played with another elite player, his production would increase significantly. OTOH, those elite players are expensive and hard to get, and he didn’t exactly flourish with Nash on his team. Anyway, I’d offer him around $3mm per as well, a slight cut from his $3.25 current salary. If someone wants to offer him more, let him go.

    Morris – Another $2.75mm – $3mm offer – he’s a solid 2nd pair Dman, and worth that expense. If he leaves, we have an assortment of CHEAP 2nd and 3rd pair Dmen in Hartford we could plug in next year.

    Some of the other guys who are restricted, Sather has to use the system to his benefit and qualify some of these guys, especially the lower priced ones, rather than just throw money at them. Can he learn? Probably not – you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, right?

  89. and some more…

    Renney – Offense
    Sather – Prophet
    Dolan – Moron (sorry, nothing else came to mind)

  90. FWIW – my thoughts on Potter – a pretty solid, capable 3rd pair NHL defenseman. Slow, but with decent hockey sense and stick skills. Not a difference maker. Interchangeable with a bunch of other guys we already have.

    We need another draft year this year like last year apparently was, with 3-4 solid prospects coming out of it. One guy HAS to be a tough, crease clearing Dman.

  91. i’m kind of disappointed in tort’s lack of’s basically the same as renney’s, except renney hated prucha and torts hates zherdev…..

    sit redden for a game…i liked potter, even without his goal…his puck movement in the defensive zone was very good and he was quiet, which is great if you’re a rangers defenseman

  92. i agree with ORR. this season is all over. florida will take care of atlanta twice and beat wash the last game of the year in a game that will mean nothing to the caps. i see florida going 4-1 in there last 5. losing at phil on tues. 95 pts. we go 2-2 and have 93.

    the ottawa loss at home this late is miserable. florida beat them this past week.

  93. I don’t mind if we lose the playoffs. It puts more pressure on Sather to dump some contracts.

    We could probably move up in the draft if Slats packages the 1st rounder with let’s say, Rozsival.

  94. Pavel
    Dead on buddy

    Sauer and Potter in and Redden and Rozi goodbye…right now

    and we’re right back where we were on Renney…except now its on Slats

    Are we better off missing playoffs and having him get the ax? or making it and he’s a hero for saving the season by getting Torts and Aves???

  95. i’d go with the ax… although playoffs are so close! but i think we stock with Sather for few more empty years … with or w/o making into the postseason…

  96. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Rules !! says Greg L. on

    ALRIGHT now …

    Rangers lose and pull the goalie with way over 2 min left .Desperate times

    Torts is soo tough , when he says “New system” everyone switches places like musical chairs and looks like Naslund is the odd man out.

    GOOD point Mr Rick Carpiniello It looks like Naslund has missed the train /boat. I kinda have a bone to pick with you (Carp) …you keep saying and mentioning that our talent level is too low. You have flat out stated it a number of times. You can’t judge anything by that game against Carolina. The hurricanes are playing pritty good and they are not head over heels above us in talent.Are they? Is Carolina so good because they are so talented? No they are not and that my friend proves you wrong that talent is n’t everything because I believe heart, chemistry , coaching and alot of passion will win you the cup.

    (Orr) Jagr playing with Antro and Zherdev on the PP …sweeet!! Don’t blame ya at all for missing Jagr . I knew we were privilaged to have him and every game he played I was glued to watching him. Jagr come back to the NHL , times running out big guy.

    (Antro80) nice new name man , this guy is good and I could care less how slow he is. The guys entertaining and in his short time here has potted some beuties!!

    If we lose these last few games then we really don’t deserve to be in the playoffs as bad as that would be would be devastating if we could n’t watch the Rangers come playoff time!!

    Hank let in a few softies but luckly he is not hurt because with Vally in net …we are screwed. Unless we play like we play with out a goalie then who knows.

    Mr Rick Carpiniello with a goalie like Hank and the snipers we have and the young energy , don’t you think Talent is n’t really an issue here?

  97. I’d rather miss the playoffs than be swept (or lose in 5), and the final game is called by Pierre McGuire.

  98. Thanks Liquid…..
    There are a lot of excellent posts on here….. a lot of good comedy as well !!! As a die hard and someone who pays a good chunk of change to sit up in section 314 all year, I love to hear other people’s thoughts on the games and moves etc.
    I have the luxury of going to Hartford often for business so I wind up catching a few games up there and although it’s cool getting to see young talent, it also shows the glaring weakness in our farm…….. drafting can be a crap shoot, but we still need to start doing more research come draft time !!

  99. I would love Sather to be fired, but I feel it is not a reality…..

    With that being said, here my ultimate scenario….

    Rangers open up in Boston on April 15th, and they lose close game.

    Game #2, the Rangers play hard, make some adjustments and beat Boston 3-1…..Now the series is tied 1-1, and heads back to Madison Square Garden…..

    I am now sitting in my seat, its April 19th, Sunday Evening……John Amirante steps out onto the ice for the Star Spangled Banner, and right towards the end, when he spans the arena for the big close…..

    Chants of “LETS GO RANGERS” reign down at deafening levels…..

    as red, white and blue balloons empty out from Section 407 onto the heads of the fans sitting in Section 312

    Then it would only be 3 months till football…no matter what happens……I got my small taste of that “what if” feeling that us suffering Rangers fans have endured for decades!

  100. Yeah… I am a little disappointed about Torts and his lack of accountability… it also seems as if he has hard-on for Drury. With Redden … I think Torts knows that there is no hope either way…sit him or not… he wont get better. I sort of thought about it and I see that with Torts the only two players that held responsible are Naslund and Z… who are European players… and Captain America gets all the playing time in the world… weird (or not)

  101. I really don’t understand when people say “I’d rather miss the playoffs”
    Do you really think Sather is gonna get fired if we miss the playoffs ????
    I say , let’s make the damn playoff & see what happens !

    “Fredo, you’re my older brother, and I love you. But don’t ever take sides with anyone against the family again. Ever.”

  102. What is this thing where everyone believes that Sather can never be fired?

    Did this cold blooded snake Dolan all of a sudden develop a conscious? He’ll screw everyone out of every nickel but he’ll keep a GM who couldn’t get Playoff games at the Garden for 2/3 of his term? Can’t get past the second round?
    What is Dolan trying to one up the Wang-Milbury comedy team

    Is Sather Isiah Thomas or something?

    tell me!

  103. Liquid

    My thougts exactly
    We keep and hold 8th spot, play Boston in the opening round
    Then whatever happens, happens.

    As bad and inconsistent as we’ve been al year, were still better than alot of other teams, and if we haul ass for these last 4 games, we deserve a ticket to the dance.

    “Your my kid brother Michael and I was skipped over! I’m smart, I can take care of things!” – Fredo Corleone at Lake Tahoe

  104. jerkins perkins(carps nephew) on

    but as to the conditioning… this is the same team that won a double overtime game in the playoffs (goal by Michal Rozsival) why is their conditioning so bad now…

    agravaine- i said this last night. i said how could they be so tired after 2 days off and they were on the pp alot for most of the 1st half of the game. its not like they were in triple ot. understandable that the different style has them playing harder, but they still have no business tiring out in games like that. if thats the case, they wont make the playoffs. they gotta learn to win games on the road. if we face boston in the 1st, were gonna go home 0-2, most likely. unless they can beat them tommorow. because they need some confidence in winning on the road

  105. I’d rather finish 6th & play the Debbies, that way I can fly into NY & catch a game in NJ! I did that last year, good seats always available in NJ !!
    But, I’ll take any spot as long as we make the playoffs.

    You sonofabitch, do you know who I am? I’m Moe Greene! I made my bones when you were going out with cheerleaders

  106. jerkins perkins(carps nephew) on

    also- i thinktorts shouldnt be runnin 3 lines anymore. hes gotta give the 4th some more ice. get orr out and put voros in once in awhile. he at least has a better chance at scoring than korpi or orr. im sorry if i offend korpi faans, but as a 1st round pick, hes pretty disappointing so far.

  107. No Country For Old Rangers on

    it’s frustrating because you just know FLA is gonna kick ATLs ass tonight

  108. jerkins perkins(carps nephew) on

    “your father did business with hymen roth, your father respected hymen roth, but he never trusted hymen roth”!!!

  109. “Don Corleone, I am honored and grateful that you have invited me to your home on the wedding day of your daughter. May their first child be a masculine child.”

  110. Versus — Emmy.
    Orr (ours and Colton) — pacifist.
    Power play — man advantage.
    Redden, Rozsival, Morris — Leetch.
    Shootouts — legitimate way to decide games.
    Chicken Salad– Tuna Salad (I will do the opposite).
    Kaspar’s dream — Abe Vigoda.
    Stanley Cup — realistic goal.

  111. jerkins perkins(carps nephew) on

    (luca brazi rehearsing) “godfather, i am honored to be here at your daughters wedding, blah blah, and let their first child, be a masculine child”

    kay- “michael, why is that man talkin to himself?

  112. Kaspar,

    Its more the lack of faith in Dolan, I think. He’s a “kid” handed the keys to the Garden by his father, and has shown zero competence or ability to hold his employees accountable. Case in point? Isiah Thomas – took how many consecutive losing seasons plus 2(?) lawsuits to get fired? What hope do we have of getting rid of Sather then?

  113. jerkins perkins(carps nephew) on

    tony- lol i couldnt remember exactly what luca said but it was funny. how bout, mr wolz the producer- u go back there and tell him i aint no band leader, u tell all those guinea wop greaseball goombas that fontaine never gets that part!!!

    hagen- im german irish, wolz- ok my kraut mick friend, blah blah!! forgot the rest

  114. CT Ranger fan … on the laptop in the rain … are you sure that isn’t an MSG game. They almost always have the home game on the main MSG because they do all the pre- and post-game stuff from the studios, etc. I’d be shocked if they don’t have Tuesday’s game on MSG and the Knicks on Plus or whatever they call it. But I’ll try to check.

  115. I don’t know about putting in Voros, but definitely use Betts and Korpi more often to spell the tiring forwards. I think the threat of Orr is good to have. I think Korpi does more things right than Voros, and if he is a disappointment as a first round pick he is still not hurting us by starting fights that give the other team energy and put us in the box…

  116. Atlanta wins tonight 4-3,to bad it’s in overtime and Florida gets a point.
    Oh ya and forget benching Redden,RELEASE HIM,NOW!!!!!!

  117. “Now listen: I want somebody good — and I mean very good — to plant that gun. I don’t want my brother coming out of that toilet with just his dick in his hands”

  118. “Versus—Emmy.
    Orr (ours and Colton)—pacifist.
    Power play—man advantage.
    Redden, Rozsival, Morris—Leetch.
    Shootouts—legitimate way to decide games.
    Chicken Salad—Tuna Salad (I will do the opposite).
    Kaspar’s dream—Abe Vigoda.
    Stanley Cup—realistic goal.”

    you forgot that Abe has to be dressed in an Anna K tennis outfit…not that it helped her tennis any….

  119. You know Kaspar…

    After missing 4 straight playoffs… after getting rid of true Rangers players (see Graves and Leetch and of course Kasparitis)… after bringing in washed-up Lindroses, Holiks, Bures, Ozolinches etc. after hiring Trottier over other better qualified candidates… after refusing to pay to Nylander and breaking apart Jagr, Straka, Nylander line (which was very exciting and very dangerous, which also kind of brought the rangers back to respectability) after many miserable draft choices… after letting Jagr walk and giving his money to Redden… and after really f*cking our future… it is hard to be optimistic here :)

    * What is this thing where everyone believes that Sather can never be fired?

    Did this cold blooded snake Dolan all of a sudden develop a conscious? He’ll screw everyone out of every nickel but he’ll keep a GM who couldn’t get Playoff games at the Garden for 2/3 of his term? Can’t get past the second round?
    What is Dolan trying to one up the Wang-Milbury comedy team

    Is Sather Isiah Thomas or something?

    tell me!

  120. Carp

    I just checked but he’s right The Knicks at Bulls game starts at 8 on MSG and the Rnagers v Canadiens start at 7 on MSG2

    and apparently on MSG + the Isles start at 7 at the Canes then at 8 starts the Fight Sports World Class Champion Boxing and then at 9:30 is the scheduled Isle post game show… so it could be worse than being shoveled to a secondary channel;

  121. what that fat guy say in the Godfather after they killed the guy in the swampland

    “Leave the gun…take the Canolis”

    something like that

  122. jerkins perkins(carps nephew) on

    fontaine- i’ll never get that part godfather. this producer wolz said i’ll never get it(cryin like a woman), what can i do godfather?? don corleone- you can act like a man damnit!!!! wahhh wahhhh !!!! imitating him.

  123. “She was beautiful! She was young. She was innocent. She was the greatest piece of ass I ever had, and I’ve had’em all over the world!”

  124. jerkins perkins(carps nephew) on

    yup kaspar, exactly. take the canolis, she’ll be mad if i forget the canolis or somethin like that

  125. jerkins perkins(carps nephew) on

    then here comes fontaine with his olive oil voice and guinea charm, took her away and turned her into a junkie! or somethin like that.

  126. Sonny to Michael :
    Whataya think this is, the Army, where you shoot ’em a mile away? You gotta get up close like this… badaBING! you blow their brains all over your nice Ivy League suit. C’mere… you’re taking this very personal.

  127. jerkins perkins(carps nephew) on

    michael to fredo- ur dead to me now, i dont wanna see you again, when u come see mom, i want you to call in a day in advance so i wont be there, mikey, im ya big brother and youre takin care of me??? i gotta run some hole in the wall nightclub? jonny ola said there was somethin in it fopr me!! for me mike!!

  128. Five times,They shot him five times and the old man is still alive. Well that’s good luck for him,and bad luck for you if you don’t get me that deal with Sonny.

  129. Don Corleone to Sather: What’s the matter with you. Is this how you turned out? A Hollywood finocchio that cries like a woman.

  130. Hi Guys and all Rangers worshippers !

    Couple of minutes ago I lost connection to the internet, and therefore I checked my computer for some interesting stuff to do before coming back.

    And I found a very interesting gloss about the Rangers with the name

    Madison Square Garden’s other team

    Do you guys want to read this and maybe someone knows about this storY????

  131. Buff give us a link…

    and I thought I felt left out when y’all did the Seinfeld quotes… now I got to go watch the Godfather movies so I can keep up with my hockey blog…

  132. Yeah, Drury needs to find a new place to play this summer. Time to waive the nono.

    His line brings nothing to the ice. We need to unload his contract.

    That still doesn’t help the fact we have no scorers in the system.

    Grachev is a big stretch, his skating is what will hold him back, least that’s the knock on him.

    We will have to trade either Del Zotto, Staal, Sangs or Girardi to get back a top line scorer.

    We have to hope AA, Callahan, Dubinsky, Avery and Zherdev can be our scoring next season

  133. Artie, I think we can agree that the Rangers 29th in the league power play this season is truly terrible. But to say it was the same in the past is untrue. If, as you claim, your memory is of Jagr controlling the puck for 1:30 of a power play, why is that somehow a bad thing? Good power plays control the offensive zone. Being 8th in the league on the PP 2 seasons in a row is considered good. Certainly the current team’s knack for incompetent shooting, slow movement, misconnected passes and zero cycling ability is worse than 2 years ago. The obvious problem is the arrival of Drury and Gomez — they have destroyed the power play. They’ve had almost 2 seasons of power play time and statistics show that it’s only getting worse — no matter who the coach is.

  134. Remember how Nylander especially would have a great chance and he’d pass and you’d curse at him? Then it would find Jagr with an empty net? So you’d be like “f*****g shoot it, Nyland…YEEEEEEEEAAAAAAHHHH!” Those were the days, I miss him.

  135. Anybody see Taylor Pyatt’s fiancee died. Car crash in Jamaica. Poor guy, i wonder if he’ll return this season, or just take the rest of the year off.

    Anyway, i say the Panthers win tonight, 3-1. Horton scores two, and Frolik scores an empty netter. White scores for the Trashers.

    If they win tonight, who wins the tie break between Nyr and Florida ?

  136. Carp, I like to post it here because I have no link only a word map…It is very long so I hope it is working and the computer will get it here on this post…

    This is on an off night and it is interesting to read and how nice it is to be a Rangersfan:

    will be posted at 6pm…!!!!

  137. kc

    I recall Jagr controlling the puck 1:30 of the time, and even more than that…and furthermore I recall him controlling it for numerous power plays. Unfortunately that’s about all he did – Control it! The object is to put it in the net, and that was rarely done. I recall counting 18 passes made by his crew during PP’s and not get even a single shot on goal.

    I confess that I have no patience – not with the team but with Jagrphiles. He was a self centered highly talented guy who outlived his NHL value. ( If not why is he over in Roosia?)

    Madison Square Garden’s other team
    By Dave Hollander
    I’ve never met a casual Rangers fan. I don’t think you have either. And if you know this to be true, then you know there is no such thing as “just another Rangers game.”

    But maybe you don’t know. Maybe you see one sporting event a year, and that’s just to humor a friend. Either way, let me tell you something: If you buy only one ticket all year to one New York sports event, make it a New York Rangers game at Madison Square Garden. What happens in that building for that team—each night they play—is what is supposed to happen at a sporting event in New York.

    Take a typical game from the third week of the season: The Rangers host their 20-minutes-away rival, the New Jersey Devils. This is their first meeting since the Devils embarrassed the Rangers with a 4-0 elimination during the opening round of last season’s playoffs. The Rangers are ailing, coming off three straight losses after winning their first two games of the season. Defense is the problem. The fans are edgy and vengeful. They remember well what happened in the playoffs.

    We rise for the national anthem sung by a “recording artist” nobody has heard of. She barely gets through the first line of “Oh say can you see …” when she’s interrupted by disparate shouts of “Let’s go Rangers!” They can’t wait. By the time she gets to “Oh say does that star-spangled …” the place is in an uproar. Hoots, hollers and a blow-dried blonde doing that two-fingers-in-the-mouth whistle. This is no disrespect to the flag, mind you. This is passion refusing to be throttled. They want combat. They want blood. They want victory.

    Palpable energy at a sporting event can’t be manufactured with loud music and a JumboTron. It comes solely from real fans who commit their bodies and throats. Rangers fans fill the Garden with that kind of intensity. You feel it as soon as you walk in the building.
    Rangers fans are throwbacks to a time when sports fans were all about the live game and nothing else. They reflect the genuine toughness and common man work ethic of the athletes they support. I saw no Rangers fans dining at Nick and Stef’s, the steakhouse embedded in the 33rd Street side of the Garden. Even the popular Garden area watering hole Mustang Harry’s might be a little too genteel for them. No, you have to go a block east on 33rd Street. There you’ll see them spilling out of less complicated joints like Stout, Blarney Rock Pub and Hickey 139.

    How do you know they’re Rangers fans? It’s easy. They’re wearing Rangers jerseys. By my unofficial poll, over 70 percent of Rangers fans wear Rangers jerseys to games. New players, old players—doesn’t matter. They come dressed to the party. I also noted two Henrik Lundqvist Team Sweden jerseys. And, of course, there was an obligatory Charlestown Chiefs jersey. One young man with progressive sartorial tastes donned a custom made Rangers jersey with the words “Devils Suck” stitched in place of a player’s name.

    Real Rangers fans identify themselves with colors and accoutrements. They release whomever they were before the game to become someone else—part of something else. It’s no different than a Dead concert, Parrotheads for Jimmy Buffet or even a Rachael Ray book signing. You must understand. When you go see the Rangers, you’re not just attending a hockey game. You’re immersing yourself in a distinct anthropology.

    “Rangers fans have a happier attitude,” says Giovanni, a 30-something Garden waitress who’s been serving drinks with a smile at the floor and mezzanine levels for the past four years. “And they definitely buy more drinks.”
    What about Knicks fans? “Knicks fans eat more,” she tells me. “Even when they’re winning, they have serious, scrunched-up faces. He-e-e-y, there’s my favorite fan!” Giovanni waves to a red-faced man in his mid-to-late forties wearing a Mark Messier jersey. He comes down to see if everything is all right. Assured that it is, he puts his arm around Giovanni and offers to buy me a drink.
    It’s true. I attend numerous Knicks games during the course of a season and the Garden is a much happier place when the Rangers play. The building becomes smaller, more accessible and more communal.

    It’s also true that there’s more drinking. But “drinking” is different than “drunken.” Unlike Giants or Jets games, Rangers fans don’t drink to discover their manhood. Rather, they’re men and women who drink while enjoying their game. You won’t find any of that tailgate-machismo, chest bump, high-five crap at a Rangers game. And, at Rangers games, you never want to fight the fan next to you—you want to join him.

    Rowdy? Sure. But they’re also extremely intelligent hockey fans. They’ll cheer some action (or non-action) that you might think insignificant. But it’s not. It’s subtle. Carl, a 38-year old season ticket holder from Forest Hills, lectured me on the virtues of “puck management” for a good 15 minutes.

    I call it informed cheering. That night against the Devils, intimidating Rangers defenseman Darius Kasparaitis made his season debut. He missed the first five games, deemed out of shape by coach Tom Renney. But the defense performed so poorly in the last three losses that Renney had no choice. Less than two minutes into the first period, Kasparaitis checks Devils center Patrik Elias hard into the glass just as he crosses the center line. The place goes wild. Four minutes later Kasparaitis blatantly smashes his stick under the chin of Devils right-winger Cam Janssen, earning a two-minute “interference” penalty. The boos come, but there’s a choral quality to them. Like tears of joy, these are boos of joy. Unlike other sports, they’re not booing the result or indulging in bratty A-Rod booing. They boo in support of Kasparaitis. The fans know the defense is back. More importantly, they know the Devils know it too.
    Rangers fan devotion borders on religious. To the extent they’re permitted, fans live the game experience with their team. As soon as the Garden doors open—one hour before game time—400 Rangers fans run full speed down to the glass to watch their team warm up. As soon as the game ends, a throng of fans camps outside 8 Penn Plaza dispersing only when the very last Ranger exits the building.

    Very intense and very loyal. On opening night Oct. 5, 2006, the Rangers reported a season ticket renewal rate of more than 95 percent (the highest in seven seasons) and a season ticket waiting list of more than 3,000 people (the first such waiting list in eight seasons). They aren’t all bandwagon fans either. 30 percent of season subscribers have a tenure of more than 30 years, with 14 accounts remaining with the organization for more than 50 years. This year, they signed up 4,000 new season ticket subscriptions.

    And why not? It’s a great time to be a Rangers fan. They’re an excellent team. In the first three minutes against the Devils, second year Swedish phenom goalie Henrik Lundqvist deflects a heart-stopping flurry of six shots on goal. The crowd erupts as the puck travels away from the Rangers goal toward the other end of the ice. Lundqvist had hit a rough patch the week before, but the star goaltender is clearly back. He ends up with 34 saves on the night in a 4-2 victory over the hated Devils. Not exactly the pound of flesh all Rangers fans were looking for, but they affectionately applaud tonight’s return to form. Brendan Shanahan, who leads the league in goals scored, scores again tonight. The 37-year-old Shanahan, one of the top 15 goal scorers of all time, has chosen to end his Hall of Fame career with the Rangers. He’s become a vocal leader who makes it very clear he thinks this team is championship caliber. Shanahan works as the perfect complement on and off the ice to another sure-fire Hall of Famer, Jaromir Jagr. Jagr, the proud, silent stud, carried the Rangers on his back last year while setting the team’s single season record for goals (54) and winning his third Lester B. Pearson Award (voted the league’s MVP by other NHL players).

    Attend a Rangers game and what you will see is an NHL elite team contending for the Stanley Cup. For all the public tar and feathering of owner James L. Dolan, this franchise has enjoyed a stunning turnaround on his oft broken watch.
    The history of the Rangers is the story of brief, glorious feasts and long, extended famines. Led by the legendary Mark Messier and the canonized Mike Richter, the Rangers won the Stanley Cup in 1994 and the hearts of New York sports fans along with it. Before 1994, the Rangers hadn’t won a Stanley Cup since 1940. After 1994, things slid precipitously downhill.

    From 1998 to 2004, the Rangers did not make the playoffs at all. That’s quite a defeat considering over half the teams in the NHL qualify for postseason play. The plight of the post-1994 Rangers was even worse than their record indicated. From 2002 to 2003, the Rangers failed to make for the playoffs for the sixth consecutive year—a franchise record—despite having the highest payroll in the history of hockey ($69,177,085). From 2003 to 2004, the Rangers payroll ballooned to $77 million—and they missed the playoffs yet again.

    The lockout and cancellation of the 2004 to 2005 NHL season was actually a blessing for the Rangers, who became poster children for a distressed league dying from reckless expansion, bloated payrolls, dwindling television interest and (to some) a boring product.
    Salary caps, profit sharing, free agency and a slew of rule changes designed to showcase “skilled” players revived the NHL for an impressive return last season. The Rangers epitomized that revival. The “Broadway Blues,” as they are often called, shed many expensive but unproductive stars from their roster. With a mix of youth, veterans and savvy acquisitions, the “Blueshirts” (another local Rangers nickname) surprised the league with premier play all last season, commanding first place in their Atlantic Division for long stretches. If not for key injuries late in the season, especially to Jaromir Jagr, the Rangers might have gone much further in the postseason.

    When you watch the Rangers today, you’re not only watching a storied franchise on the upswing, but an entire league at a compelling point of transition. The NHL is on trial for its life every night of the season. NHL players have a real stake in the league’s success—a 54 percent stake in all revenues, to be exact. Incredibly, the players with the league and the owners jointly approve all marketing materials right down to scripts for television spots.
    Unlike NBA, NFL or MLB stars, NHL players know that their league’s future and their concomitant personal financial futures are far from secure. Accordingly, they play as if their future depends on it. They give nothing less than their best effort every moment on ice. Never has there been a more exciting time to sit in an NHL arena.

    “We love sports that are highly competitive, demanding and grueling,” says Gavin Harvey, CEO of Versus Network (formerly OLN) who spent a reported $135 million for the television rights to 54 NHL games, gambling his own network’s future largely on the integrity of the NHL product and its athletes. “The NHL isn’t about the payday but the biggest heart,” says Harvey. He sees great value in the anti-diva appeal of NHL stars. “[The NHL] isn’t an oversaturated bling, gossip or celebrity culture. It’s about the heart of hard working athletes. It’s about the game. No whiners in hockey.”

    He’s right. Of the hundreds of athletes I’ve interviewed, none are as down to earth, funny and self-deprecating as hockey players. I see it in these New York Rangers. They’re regular, hardworking guys. The team’s biggest stars—Jagr, Lundqvist, Shanahan and Petr Prucha—all live in 1-bedrooms on the Upper West Side. They ride the subway to work. Turn around, you could be standing next to one of the greatest hockey players in the world—maybe he’s even getting ready to fight it out on the ice in a few hours—for himself, for his team and for his league. This whole ethos of a league on trial, fan-player connectedness and sincere, competitive athletes fills Madison Square Garden with an enormous sense of shared thrill whenever the Rangers play there. The excitement manifests externally—chanting, cheering, wearing jerseys—but the feeling is visceral.
    You leave a Rangers game transformed. You exit Madison Square Garden and walk among the empty faces of the New York night. Only now people are looking at you differently, and you look at them differently. You are on a totally higher energy plane than everyone else. It shows. You’re bug-eyed with stimulation. Maybe you join friends somewhere later, at a bar or a party. “Where were you?” somebody asks. You were just at a Rangers game. It’s not something you can just turn off.
    I’ve seen this time and again with fans leaving Rangers games. If you leave a Knicks, Mets, Yankees, Jets or Giants game—you may or may not feel affected. Rangers games consistently produce exhilaration. And isn’t that what you want from a live sporting event?
    But, perhaps the thing I like most about a Rangers game is that it continues to be the same experience it’s been for years. The Garden still rocks like you’ve heard and read it did in its glory days. The fans are old-school. In a city shedding its authenticity every day, the Rangers remain one of the last authentic things.
    Oh, and if the crowd chants “Potvin Sucks” even though nobody named Potvin is in the game or in the building, don’t worry: You’re in the right place.

  139. Couple big problems (among many), I suppose

    1. Naslund – This guy has taken over for Houdini Drury – he is tow steps behind everyone else. I have never seen a player more done than him.

    2. I admit to being the biggest Redden bashr around, but some of you guys continue to kill him, yet his play hasn’t gotten any worse. In fact, it may have gotten a little better, though I know that is not saying much.

    3. I actually thought Andropov was pretty good last night. I don’t know what some have you have seen last night. OK he didn’t score, but he was clearly visible all game last night. Not to mention that he has put up points ever since he came to the Rangers.

    4. Does anyone shoot into the skates of opposing players more than Gomez????

  140. BTW was anyone surprise last night that Blowszival did not play? This guy has absoultely no guts whatsoever. He definitely needs to strap on a pair.

  141. Rozsival has a knee problem and its not his call, its the coaches call and he gets the advice from the doctor… hes playing tomorrow and he will help, he gets bashed undeservedly he has had an off year but he is still solid, and was very underrated and underappreciated the prior two years

  142. Oh and he played the entire playoffs last year with that torn hip or whatever he had wrong with it.. yea the guy has no guts at all right

  143. Vogs,

    Careful about Grachev. I read, probably on Prospect Park, that his second place time in the Fastest Skater contest at the OHL (I think) All-Star game was still faster than the winning time at the NHL Fastest Skater competition. I don’t think skating speed, at least, will be a problem with him.

  144. Jelly Belli – I dont even know why im responding to someone that goes by the name of jelly belli, but Derek Morris has been disappointing? I feel like some people just bring up the stat sheet and decide whether someone has done anything or not, he is a defenseman that is always in position and gets shots through to the net from the point on the PP, he has a heavy shot and is a smart player, makes good passes.. of the afforementioned things, dmitri kalinin did none of, plus morris has probably been the 3rd best d-man behind girardi & staal since he got here.. i just dont understand what people watch if they even do watch the games. I can fit the bad plays he has made on one hand of fingers, and also remember who he is stuck playing next to every shift and still has managed a +2 rating in 14 games

  145. Wow, do you know which is my favourite….
    Nothing better than MSG!!!

    You leave a Rangers game transformed. You exit Madison Square Garden and walk among the empty faces of the New York night. Only now people are looking at you differently, and you look at them differently. You are on a totally higher energy plane than everyone else. It shows. You’re bug-eyed with stimulation. Maybe you join friends somewhere later, at a bar or a party. “Where were you?” somebody asks. You were just at a Rangers game. It’s not something you can just turn off.

  146. rob M.. I remember it being most of the second half of the season that he was actually injured…

    and as for Jagr’s controlling the puck here are some numbers (I am going to the top five unless I need to go further for the top d man out of fairness to pp components)

    *** means higher than this years leader… and I might add most of those *** were on the line with Jagr controlling the puck… so by controlling the puck he was doing something right on the pp… and that was drawing players to him hence his high assists…

    when he shows up he is tops in assists but not necessarily goals because he fed the puck off after dealing with two defenders while they were already shorthanded…

    most people complained to no end about Jagr… he is finally getting his over due praise… its just sad some people have to lose someone to know what they lost (and I’m not necessarily talking about people on this blog… in fact the person in mind specifically does not post here)

    o8/09 PP
    Drury 10 G 10 A 20 pts ***
    Antro 8 G 9 A 17 pts
    Nas 8 G 6A 14 pts
    Z 4G 6A 10 pts
    Gomez 3G 14A 17 pts
    Rozi 3G11A 14 pts

    Dru 12 G 17A 29 pts***
    Shanny 11G 8A 19 pts**
    Jagr 7G 22A 29 pts**
    Gomez 7G 22A 29 pts**
    Rozi 6 G 12 A 18 pts

    Nyl 14G 23 A 37 pts***
    Shanny 14G 17A 31 pts***
    Straka 8G 20A 20pts***
    Prucha 8G 8A 16 pts
    Jagr 7G 34A 41 pts***
    Rozi 7G 13A 20 pts ***

    Jagr 24 G 28A 52pts ***
    Prucha 16G 6A 22***
    Sykora 8G 14A 22pts ***
    Nyl 6G 11A 17pts
    Straka 4G 29A 33pts***

    8. Tyutin 4 G 8A 12pts

  147. Yeah ok Rob Blowszival has been great. The guy doesn’t move on the ice, doesn’t shoot unless he has a perfect pass, he doesn’t check anyone (unbelievable for a hockey player, much less for a defeseman, and the coaches only make suggestions, it is up to the player if he plays or not. Do you think that Callhan would say, “no”? Also, you say he was underrated the last couple years, to lay off him – I don’t give a shi$#&* what he did the last couple years, do we base the success of a team on what he did in the past or what he’s doing right now? I don’t know what game you’ve been watching!

  148. Speaking of who Derek Morris gets stuck playing with on every even-strength shift…

    Eddie – “Here’s what I want to know. Does Wade Redden have pictures of Glen Sather and the Rangers announcers for that matter, sleeping with a goat or something? How the hell is this guy STILL getting power play time let alone all the time he gets without the power play….”

    Ranger Rick – “Is there any doubt that Redden is the worst/laziest player on the team? For the tie-breaking goal last night he was right in front of Lundqvist, and stood there doing nothing, as the Carolina players swarmed the front of the net. Why does he get so much ice time? HE SUCKS!”

  149. I HATE when rangers fans have to find someone to bash each year, but Marek Malik – deserved it, and Wade Redden deserves it as well… I tried to keep having confidence in him throughout the year, but its just not there. Just look at the guy, look at his face in the game, On a level from 1-10, 10 being the highest, is intensity level is ZERO, he is so effortless, and in the bad way, not effortless in the positive way that ovechkin is when he burns a defenseman with a nice little move, effortless in the way that he DOESNT TRY and DOESNT CARE. He was at his worst in the first 2/3s of the season, we had the coaching change and he really seemed to play a bit better the first 5 games or so, but it wasnt a drastic improvement, and since then i think it has just about gotten back to the way it was for the beginning of the season, maybe the littlest bit better now that he throws a check once or twice a game. The third goal he is standing in front of Henrik, while his winger Jokinen is drifting to the circle, he is staring at the puck and puckholder the entire time, something u r taught NOT to do when you are about 12years old. Then he throws one of his signature weak pokechecks at a man that is already being defended, where the pass then gets by his stick goes to jokinen, who makes the pass to larose who was let go by antropov. But as Eddie says, how does this guy continue to get the premium PP time, he never keeps the puck in the zone, whether it be a bouncing puck on the boards or an easy dump around the boards on the ice that he will not skate hard enough to, watching it pass over the blueline by the time he gets to it. Everyone wants him gone, obviously, but he’s going to play the rest of the season at the very minimum, but why keep giving him theses chances on the PP, let him get very limited PP time if any at all, and hopefully we get through his shifts with morris carrying him at even strength.

  150. totally agree Rob M. Morris is a solid vet dman who can be on the second pair, play in all situations, play big minutes, be a team guy, and give a reliable performance most nights.

  151. True Fans Bleed RW & B – “IN his post-game press conference, Torterella said the 3rd goal was a product of a “turnover, poor badcheck, and bad line-change.” On that play there were 2 turnovers, Drury in the offensive zone and Antro in the defensive zone. But the back-check was ALL Drury and the line-change was Drury leaving the ice (when he should have been playing defense) for Dubinsky.

    I feel that Drury should have caught that pass from antropov from our zone to the neutral zone, though it was a shaky pass that wasnt on the stick, still shoudlnt have gone completely by drury. Drury then made a bad line change, but u have to give other blame on that goal to redden/antropov. Drury hasnt produced offensively the way we needed him to but hes not a 90-100pt guy, even though he still is underachieving bc he should be in the 60-70s range. People have to realize him and Gomez were signed to be the go to guys in the playoffs, and hopefully they will get the chance to prove that in a week and a half. Drury is great at faceoffs, PK, getting back defensively and being smart and responsible on the ice, and i believe he will start scoring in these crucial games and in the playoffs as well. Him and gomez have both gone on hiatuses at times this year with their play, but everyone just wants to throw them away it makes me sick. You live and die with the players you have, you cant get rid of 6 players that are under contract, if we got rid of redden period that would make me happy enough this offseason, but you know he will get at least another year or so to prove himself and that $ amount.

  152. well if its what have you done for me lately…

    top three d men in points
    Rozi 30
    Redden 25
    Dan 22

    Rozi 8 (2 GWG Giraridi and Staal ea have 1)
    Mara 5
    Morris 5

    Rozi 22
    Redden 22
    Dan 18

    Rozi 22:33
    Redden 22:33
    Dan 21:32

    Blocked SHots
    Morris 116
    Rozi 106
    Redden 95

    Girardi 39
    Rozi 36
    Staal 36

    Shooting Percentage
    Rozi 6.8
    Mara 5
    Morris 4.3

    Rozi .42
    redden .32
    Mara .29

    PP points
    Rozi 14
    Mara 11
    Redden 8

    SH points
    Rozi 2
    Morris 1
    Staal 1

    Dan 198
    Staal 180
    Mara 121

    So as far as d men go he doesn’t lead in one category and he is the worst?? He doesn’t deserve what he is getting but lets make it clear Redden is the bigger waste of space here..

  153. Blaze – “Obviously, Sather needs to go. They should blow this team up. Get rid of ALL expensive long term contracts even if it will cost against the cap. Just get rid of them (Drury, Gomez, Redden, Rosy & Nazzy. Whatever it takes…kick them to the curb. Pick up where we left of in the rebuilding process from 4-5 years ago. Go 100% youth oriented. Stockpile draft picks galore. In 3 – 4 years we could look like the Flyers or Black Hawks….and still have Hank in net.
    For heaven’s sake…look at what the Flyers did to their roster in the last year or 2. Not only that… they have some serious depth with-in the organization. I know they may have some cap problems if the cap goes down…but hey I’d more than welcome that problem having an abundance of top 6 forwards. They drafted Claude Giroux 22nd overall in 2006 (NYR picked Sanguinetti 21st) & the Flyers still have James vanRiemsdyk in the pipe-line.”

    First of all, how are you going to GET RID of all lengthy expensive contracts, that stuff just doesnt happen so easily. Naslund is not a first liner man, its 2009 not 2000.. he is probly not even a second liner bc he is not too quick anymore, he can be a really good 3rd liner though, and ill sign the papers for 23 goals and 20 assists for next year right now. did you really expect him to score 35 goals or something?
    Get rid of Drury and Gomez? The core of the team? yea def gona happen man, definitely…
    Rozsival gets a bad rap, he is solid as i mentioned before, just didnt deserve the 4 mill he got this offseason
    Redden i obviously will not defend

  154. If you don’t expect too much from Morris, he won’t disappoint. Doesn’t hit, doesn’t score a lot, isn’t a great PP guy (but not terrible; not the worst they have). But he defends pretty well, makes a good first pass, has a decent shot, is usually in good position.

  155. Hey Carp, when you post updates can you put what time you are posting them? It makes it easier to scroll to the area of the comments section where the conversation on the updates starts.

  156. Ryan, I’m confused about that.

    Just want you guys and gals to know, I’m at Bailout Ballpark and in the top of the third inning somebody just whistled the “Potvin” song. So the place is officially open for business.

  157. Morris is a good shot blocker too, and I think hes a good 2nd Unit PP D-Man.. Hopefully if Staal gets the chance in the upcoming years he can be our 1st Unit PP D-Man bc i really think he has high offensive skills on top of his great defensive skills

  158. Blaze, how can you say “Look at what the flyers did”
    From 06-07 to 07-08, the years in which they went from worst in East to East Conf. Finals, they still had Gagne, Carter, Richards, Umberger, Knuble, Upshall, Kapanen.. they added Timonen, Briere and Lupul.. you act like they turned over their whole roster.. they basically stuck with the CORE guys they had and look what happened, they turned it around after having that awful season. they LIVED AND DIED with what they had, and made a few additions/subtractions. you sit here and say you want to get rid of drury, gomez, etc. its nuts, i just dont understand some people, if one of them scores tomorrow you will be jumping up and down yeling “Yea Drury!” or “Yea Gomez” such bandwagon BS i cant take it root for your team and stop whining

  159. Someone mentioned that Antropov is slow, first of all hes huge, and for a guy that size he is damn quick, anybody watch the game vs. philly where he outskated Simon Gagne to a loose puck where he beat him from just about the length of the rink and ended up burying it for a goal, he aint slow and he has a great shot, aside from being able to set up in front to get goals.. he likes NY, try to sign him for reasonable $, his size is key

  160. Tony from AZ – “I really don’t understand when people say “I’d rather miss the playoffs”
    Do you really think Sather is gonna get fired if we miss the playoffs ????
    I say , let’s make the damn playoff & see what happens !”

    Through all the negative BS ive read on this page for the last hour, this is by far the BEST Post of all of them, Im with you Tony. If someone rather miss the playoffs when you hav a guy like Lundqvist in net who can ride a team to a playoff run, then you should probably be shot for thinking that. Does anyone watch hockey? The Edmonton OILERS made the cup finals 3 years ago, are you kidding me? Like they had a real dominant player>? they had Ryan Smyth and the guy was their only 30G scorer, anything can happen in the playoffs, if you rather miss the playoffs then dont bother wearing the RW & B or attending a game at the garden ever again, just put on an islander jersey cuz u sound like an idiot

  161. I say this:

    The Rangers have always had trouble with Carolina, especially in their building. Let’s face it, that team is hot, especially at home.

    Boston is in the playoffs, has the best record in the east locked up and is preparing for the playoffs. The Rangers should be much more “up” for this game and should be able to win this game, Boston doesn’t have much to play for and the Rangers won the last afternoon game in Boston. Rangers need these two points.

    Montreal always plays the Rangers tough at MSG.

    If the Rangers continue to play the way they have in the last couple weeks, they should make the playoffs. But if they use last nights loss as an excuse to get away from their game, then they will be in trouble.

    Either way, they lack a consistent PP to go far in the playoffs, but could beat Boston, but not Washington.

  162. ???? War and peace was with..I forgot Rock Hudson and Audrey Hepburn, no it was Sophia Loren, Telly I forgot:)

    I announced not to have a link, there was no denial from you so i just post it… it is a great story isn´t it ???

    No I had a link to this artice but I just copied it and deleted the link, yu understand….????

    watching Florida vs Atlanta still 0-0!!!

  163. Mel Ferrer, Henry Fonda and Audrey Hepburn !

    How is it at the Ballpark?…Baseball is so interested than fishing or softball !!!:)

  164. nothing going on this game 0-0 !

    That would be a shame if the Rangers would miss the playoffs cause of the Panthers ! I haven´t seen any kind of scoring chances from both teams….!!!!

  165. The Caps PP is sick….they just rocked two goals past Ryan Miller to take a 3-2 lead over the Buffalo Chips….

    Which brings me to talk about the NY Rangers PP enigma…

    The bottom line is, the current Rangers DO NOT have one good point man on the PP. We were spoiled with guys like Leetch & Zubov, which seems like a 100 years ago.

    The Caps have a guy like Mike Green…and watching him closely, you see that he has the ability to open up the ice and stretch the opponentd coverage when on the PP….Green is so damn quick footed and gets into open space by stepping up or straddling the blue line…..

    watch Rozsival, Redden, Mara, Morris , Girardi at the point…..they are really sub par.

    We better pray hard that guys like Bobby Sangs and/or Michael Del Zotto become the Godfather of the Rangers PP in a few years….

    Any one who has seen these play (Sangs / MDZ)….do they possess any of the qualities of what may have the slight resemblance of a PP QB????

  166. vogs, much agreed…

    the Rangers can battle Boston but the Craps would make visions of John Druce and Peter Bondra seem like they were pee wee players…

    I still wouldnt mind going to Round1 Home Game 1 @ MSG with Rangers and caps tied in series 1-1…

    Basically, I just wanna see playoff hockey this year @ MSG….no matter who the heck we play

  167. Bottom line is now good night to everybody…

    Rick, I am going to blame for promising me a good game last night and it was just a shocking loss…

    not even I was sleepless, I sufferred a lumbago, bending down und up between the screen of the game and the computer with those posts floating on your post…

    There is no way you can do it good again…

    Sweet dreams


  168. Man, the Thrashers announcers are such hacks

    I know Sam Rosen & Joe OCD Micheletti are often annoying, especially when they a$$ lick the Rangers opponents….

    but they are leaps and bounds better than a large majority of the rest of the leagues announcers

  169. deja (Carps sister not blood sister convent type sister) on

    1-1 in the atlanta/florida game

  170. The panthers are swarming now too….

    cmon Kovalchuk, you motor boatin’ sumfabeetch you….

    step upppppp

  171. im not sure what happened to weekes, i was watching the yankee game and switched during commercial and i see motteau and someone else helping him off the ice, couldnt bend the knee thats what i think. 3-2 devils now…

  172. deja (Carps sister not blood sister convent type sister) on

    end of the second period in the florida game

  173. deja (Carps sister not blood sister convent type sister) on

    i didnt think that anyone could be more annoying than john sterling at calling a game but i think i found the hockey equivalent in this radio announcer for florida

  174. Moose Hedberg having a good game in net for the Thrash

    I hope I didnt just jinx him


  175. Carp, like above when you posted “Afternoon Update:” could you say “Afternoon Update, xx:xx PM:”. Not a big deal. Just makes it easier to read what you post and then scroll to the part of the comments section where conversation about the update starts.

  176. well according to Nastys logic they had to go 3-1-1…

    so now they would have to go 3-0-1 right?

  177. what a break ! the Atlanta Thrashers just did the Rangers a huge favor

    now, let’s go Rangers, beat the Bruins tomorrow, and get a 4 pt lead over Fla

  178. Rangers go 1-3 then they would have 41 wins and 91 total points….

    The Panthers would need 5 points (currently with 87) to finish with 92 points. and yes, that would be 2-1-0-1

  179. we got so so so so so so so so so so so so so so lucky….

    hopefully that luck finds its way to my mega millions tickets for tonight

  180. Ryan, you mean in the original post, just put a time for the update. Like: AFTERNOON UPDATE, 1:03 p.m: Harry Potter disappears …?
    We can do that. As long as Jane and I remember.

  181. If Panthers go 2-2 in that scenario, they would have 91 points, but only 40 wins to the Rangers 41

  182. LIQUID … what about Buffalo? Sorry, I’m trying to pay attention to a rain-delayed, long, useless exhibition baseball game that should have been stopped hours ago.

  183. Chris, forget about the Mega Millions, its 175MM to 1 odds

    Better off playing NY lotto tomorrow @ 45MM to 1 odds… one has won lotto since Jan 3rd of this year….$29 mill to the winner


  184. # Rick Carpiniello April 3rd, 2009 at 4:57 pm

    CT Ranger fan … on the laptop in the rain … are you sure that isn’t an MSG game. They almost always have the home game on the main MSG because they do all the pre- and post-game stuff from the studios, etc. I’d be shocked if they don’t have Tuesday’s game on MSG and the Knicks on Plus or whatever they call it. But I’ll try to check.

    Yes Rick C. please check because as of right now it is still status que- the Ranger game takes the back yard- no HD. I don’t get it. The Rags are HOME in a very important game and you would think they would get the ratings over the Knickerbockers in this situation.

    Bob back on deck

  185. Yeah, that’d be awesome. Then I would be able to scroll to 1:03pm in the comments section and read what people are saying about whatever was posted in the update.

  186. Buffalo has 85 total points, with 5 games remaining

    If they go 3-2 they will finish with 91 points

    Assuming Rangers go 1-3 in final four games, and also have 91 pts….

    the Rangers and Sabres would have 41 total wins…

    so it goes to the next tie breaker, I think head to head

  187. the yankees pushed through the rain is it really coming down that much harder in queens?

  188. no way. Buffalo still can get 95 pts. and Fla can get 95 also if they both win out. 91 will NOT be enough to get a spot, and 93 may do it, but not for certain.

    Rangers need at least 2 wins minimum

  189. list the teams currently in playoff picture you’d want rangers to face based on confiendece level, from greatest to least. mine:


  190. debbies

    the team i most worried about beating the rangers in the playoffs is themselves

  191. The only consolation to the Craps losing to Buffalo tonight is the Devils winning tonight…

    Devils play Buffalo tomorrow night @ 7pm, and are 2 points behind the Craps for 2nd place in Eastern Conf

  192. Shoryuken…are you referring to Randy Moller? Another dman that came to the Rangers who sucked along with guys like Huber, Petit, Rochefort,Larry Melnyk, David Shaw, Ozonlish, Poti, Malek and some dude named Wade Redden

    * (insert crying emoticon here)

  193. Hey, just noticed that Buffalo’s schedule at least isnt good at all:

    Red Wings
    Maple Leags

    Panthers isnt a breeze either:

  194. Shoryruken….yes , its Randy Moller….

    I think he is funny actually…

    he said something about the Muppet Show last week after a Panthers goal…made me chuckle

  195. Carp

    When a man helps you out, you don’t repay him in dried fruit. At least get him one of those expensive cheeses in a basket that no one ever eats. I think my father has one of those from like Christmas 1984 maybe.

  196. liquid, Gusarov, Karpa (no relation), Kevin Hatcher, Malakhov (“the best defenseman we have,” Sather said), I’ll come up with some others, no doubt.

    Randy Moller, I must tell you, is one of the funniest men in all of hockey. And he was good as an analyst. Now he’s doing play by play.

    Kjell Samuelsson, known as the Swedish Tripod (a name given to him by Mark Everson at the Post). Turned out to be a pretty good player for Philly, though. Think he went in the Bob Froese trade.

  197. Kovalsuck was pathetic in that game. talk about not trying, talk about dogging it, he was the biggest detriment to the Thrashers in that game.

  198. No Country For Old Rangers on

    As far as the NYR go, I think it will shake out like this.

    NYR are playing a Boston team who has won 5 in a row, 7 out of the last 9. Playing in their house in the afternoon. I’d love to think we can get a point here but it wont happen. LOSS

    NYR are fortunate to play MTL at Garden on Tuesday. It will be their 3rd in 4 nights and they play an OTT team who has been playing. I feel confident they will prevail against les habitants. WIN.

    Then I think they will win both Flyers games. NYR usually plays the Flyers hard at home and you gotta think they will pull out a big effort that night. WIN

    That leaves the Sunday game in PHI. In addition to playing the previous afternoon on the island. The FLYERS will have a spot locked up in all likelihood. NYR may too but if they don’t, they will probably end up playing a backup and will hopefully want it more if a spot is on the line. WIN

    Pure speculation of course and the NYR have the uncanny ability to disappoint and break hearts.


  199. Carpy, Joe Cirella and Mark Hardy…..

    I will give Dougy Lidster a free pass because

    1) He won a Cup with the Rangers
    2) He looks like your boy Seinfield : )

  200. No Country For Old Rangers on

    Man think of how many points we gave away throughout the course of the season.

    I know there is a well documented Drury quote about points or was it a single point.

    Hard to believe NYR are actually in this position. At least they control their own destiny

  201. Doug Lidster played some huge game for the Rangers in 94; remember that goal he scored to start game 2 of the finals? And he was out there in game 7 in the 3rd period paired with Leetch when Beuk was hurt.

    Yuo want crappy Rangers dmen of the past: Cirella, Per Djoos, Petr Smerk, Miro Horova, Norman Rochefort, Rich Pilon, Stan Neckar (won a Cup with TB though haha), Jason Moore, and hows about…Glenn Featherstone!

    Can the Rangers pull a win out of their derriere in like 12-13 hours? Please?

  202. No Country-

    Rangers lost to the Caps in OT on Dec 23rd, they were up 4-0….

    After the game, Drury said that the lost 1 point is not going to ruin his Christmas.

    It may ruin our Easter/ Passover though

  203. No Country, here’s the quote…

    “I’m certainly not going to let it ruin my Christmas and I don’t think anyone here is going to let it ruin their break, either.” – inspiring words from our “Captain” after blowing a 4-0 lead at home and losing to the Caps

    Dreary = almost as big a waste of money as Redden, and that’s saying something

  204. Mike A. – Good list…

    Not sure how far u go back…but lets not forget about Larry Patey #6

    He was the Rangers Dmen that didnt clear the zone in 1983 playoffs vs Iceholes leading to the heartbreaking goal by Ken Morrow…..

  205. No Country For Old Rangers on

    Unbelievable. The guy can’t even be bothered to pretend to care.

  206. “After the game, Drury said that the lost 1 point is not going to ruin his Christmas.”

    of course not. he can go home and roll around in millions of dollars in cash.

  207. Larry Patey was actually a Center…I did not know that or must have forgotten it about 20 years ago

  208. One thing I do give credit to guys like Hardy, Petit, David Shaw, Jay Wells, Randy Moller for…..

    is their willingness to drop the gloves, they were all involved in a decent amount of fights as Rangers Dmen….

    Yesterday, Ruutuu runs over Henrik, and it has happened in the past 3 years as well with NONE of the Rangers Dmen doing anything,,,,,,,,

    On the back line….Paul Mara is the only one who stands up for his team mates…..To a lesser extent Girardi, he did go after Mike Richards after he plastered Z

  209. how did we fail to mention backman, bouchard. de vries jason doig so so so many useless dmen over the years

  210. ““After the game, Drury said that the lost 1 point is not going to ruin his Christmas.”

    of course not. he can go home and roll around in millions of dollars in cash.”


    I hope Drury’s wife is fat.

  211. Gary Buttman in June –

    “With the 14th pick in the 2009 NHL Draft, the New York Rangers select HANS BENSON…..hahaha”

    Sather with cigar in mouth turns to Shoeny and says, “this lil ogre is good, we will put him on the Power play to screen the goalie”

  212. Shot…save Pang…..rebound, Zelepukin, shoots, he scores

    Please let this not be revisited 20 years later come April 12th

  213. Actually I think it was Johhny McLean who scored on Pang to end the Rangers hopes at playoffs….

    I dunno, its lateeeeeee

  214. Jive…..arent there two brothers ? Matt and Zach?>

    I have no idea…I was just looking earlier at what i thought was the June 2009 entry draft prospect list

  215. Jive, you are right…Matt Cassian is on the Houston Aeros….lol

    u know your shiate!

  216. And Hans Benson is on the Springfield Falcons….

    I musta been reading a list that is a few years old!

  217. I’m giving Hardy a pass for a couple of reasons:
    1) He helped Leetch a lot when Leetch was young.
    2) In a playoff series with Washington, he beat the crap out of Geoff Courtnall in one of those synchronized fights at center ice, while Kris King was pounding Nick Kypreos.
    3) Plus he was another really good guy.

    Per Djoos, Rob Whistle, Joby Messier, Barry Richter, Eric Cairns, Bill Baker, Chris Tamer (who later broke Mike Richter’s skull), Jeff Bloemberg, Peter Laviolette, Mike Hurlbut.

    Now I’m going to bed.

  218. NORMAN ROCHEFORT was an All-Star defenseman, big & strong and a big hitter like Beukeboom
    too bad he got hurt

    Hardy was a very solid defenseman

    you want to add to the bad defenseman list:
    Dale Rolfe “couldn’t put the puck in the ocean, if he was standing at the edge of a pier” Bill Chadwick quote
    Tom Poti, Boris Mironov, Ales Pisa, Sandis Ozolinsh, Tim Bothwell, Willie Huber, Peter popovic, Rumun Ndur & believe it or not, I hated James Patrick – would always take a bad penality late in the game

  219. Rick; why do you “hate to say” we miss Rozsival? The guy works his ass off and has been our best dman for the better part of four years. The only people who attack him are the same guys whos favorite player is Colton Orr. That sort of intelligence level.

  220. Thank you Atlanta. Big game tomorrow, I won’t be able to catch it since I’m playing in a charity softball tournament to prevent domestic violence. Team “Tough Love” is ready to kick some ass! Hopefully we can pull at least a point out of Boston.

  221. Hey Carp,

    I have just slept for almost eight or nine hours now, after the last two night throughout watching NHL, and there is another one coming up because there´s the Leafs-Canadiens coming up with the huge playoffs implications and I am not only a Rangers worshipper as I am huge hockey fan overall:)

    I am kidding as well as you have never promised a good game as you can´t do these in these days with the instability of the Rangers…

    But in these days I feel when a lot of things are very serious, you need to make a joke once in a while…:)

    I know you guys are sleeping right now but there´s a huge Saturday coming up with a lot of soccer and hockey with a beautiful weather out there and that is really very good;)

  222. Fitzy
    April 4th, 2009 at 2:22 am
    Rick; why do you “hate to say” we miss Rozsival? The guy works his ass off and has been our best dman for the better part of four years. The only people who attack him are the same guys whos favorite player is Colton Orr. That sort of intelligence level.

    Thank you, Rozsival is valuable i dont care what any of the naysayers say.

    Ill take Zherdev before Backman anyday.. but I loved Tyutin but you have to give to get.. we have Girardi Staal and young players at D, Tyutin is turning into PP asset and i root for Columbus every night solely because of him.

    Martin Brodeur is a mutt, he cheated on his wife that he had 4 kids with, with her sister, aka his sister in law, and then ended up going with her, yea hes a great guy on AND OFF the ice.. im sick of the BS hearing about how he is such a GREAT guy and GREAT person off the ice.. yet nobody mentions is alimony situation… hes a douche and people who talk NHL shouls acknowledge it, no sane human being does that, concerning the sister stuff, its sickening.

    We (The Rangers) are getting two points tomorrow just watch…

  223. For those folks who keep repeating that IF Rangers can just two of their final four games, then such and such happens to insure them making it.

    How often has this team played .500 hockey for any significant stretch?

    Isn’t this asking a lot of them? BTW – Florida tanked last night against the birds.

    So let’s see – all Rangers have to do now is beat the Bruins, then the Canadiens, and they can afford being swept by the Phils?

  224. I’m at breakfast with Ag before going to give blood. And I think the Rangers can win today!

  225. Rick asked:
    CT Ranger fan … on the laptop in the rain … are you sure that isn’t an MSG game. They almost always have the home game on the main MSG because they do all the pre- and post-game stuff from the studios, etc. I’d be shocked if they don’t have Tuesday’s game on MSG and the Knicks on Plus or whatever they call it. But I’ll try to check.

    Well Rick, it is going to be a “Ranger broadcast” with the pre and post-game stuff, but they are pushing it off to the overflow channels which can be found here for your area:
    Just hard to believe how they would not change this considering the situation. I know they make this schedule before the season starts but I would hope they can tweak it as they go, as NBC does when a bigger game may come up and they change at the “last minute”.

  226. And actually it looks like the Devils game is getting bumped to overflow Tues. night also.

  227. ….and the battle for 16th place continues!!
    How exciting to watch all these win one/lose one teams jockey for a shot at post season play

    3 division winners and next best 3 would be fine with me…2 byes in first round…

  228. Pavel,

    I’m pretty sure Danny Briere’s wife is bigger than he is. Granted that’s not saying a lot, but still. Riley Cote’s wife is a sexy piece fo sho. One of my good friends hooked up with Jeff Carter in a club in Philly last year. She said he’s not that good looking in person. I said his 5 million dollar a year extension makes up for that.

    Redden’s wife is good to go, judging by those wedding photos. I heard Prucha has some unreal Russian model gf, and Orr has some chick that looks like a porn star. If that is true, outstanding. We all know Avery had Elisa Cuthbert, which makes him a near deity.

  229. I thought I had put Ulanov in with Gusarov … but I see I forgot him. And Ozolinsh should have been first on the list.

    The reason I say “I hate to say this” about Rozsival is I know the level of contempt for him here. I think he’s decent, better than decent actually. But he will never live up to his contract, and he will never be good enough to run a good PP.

    New post coming soon.

  230. Shouldn't Make Playoffs on

    Hate to get everyone’s day off to a bad start, but if the Rangers lose at Boston and the Sabres win at home against the Devils (who have been just awful on the road lately), the Rangers no longer control their own destiny. Buffalo would control their own destiny because, if they ran the table, they could finish with 95 pts. Buffalo beats both the Rangers and Florida on the tiebreaks (unless something ridiculous happens and they go 3-0-2 and tie the Rangers at 93 pts, in which case the Rangers would have more wins).

    The silver lining, relative to Buffalo, would be that Buffalo’s game in hand is Monday night vs Detroit. That will be their third game in four nights and fourth in six nights.

    Less than 93 pts isn’t going to get it done. To be safe, I think the Rangers need 94 pts (2-1-1). Big advantage for Buffalo that the Rangers play the B’s when they have something to play for (they can clinch the conference with a point today), while Buffalo plays them in their final game of the season when the B’s will likely have nothing to play for.

  231. No Country For Old Rangers on

    Center Ice not carring MSG again and I have to watch on crappy NESN…an indication of how garbage the broadcast is: they play U2’s “Desire” over the opening montage of the bruins kicking ass. Terrible.

  232. To “Shouldn’t make the playoffs” – Love your optimistic outlook man, the Buffalo Sabres are NOT running the table, i understand they CAN, but thats alot to ask for, 93 pts will be enough, but you know what we may get more than 93. The NEW YORK RANGERS ARE MAKING THE PLAYOFFS. GET OVER IT.

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