Gamer: NYR-Carolina


I forgot to mention earlier that the Hurricanes have also won nine in a row at home, which ties the franchise record set in their Stanley Cup year — I still can’t believe I lived to write, one day, that the Carolina Hurricanes won the Stanley Cup.

The Canes have outscored opponents 35-13 at during the home-ice winning streak. Here’s a quick game preview.

I wanted to give you guys a new post and a blank canvas because the game threads have had so much traffic lately. So here you go.

Shot 89 today. That’s better than average for me, and really good for the first time out. It can only go downhill from there.

Hope you guys have as good a night.

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  1. Carp, you promising me a good game for me and huge win makes it worth to be up until to 1 am ?????

    I am looking for someone to blame on, when it goes the wrong way :)

  2. Yeah Carp-A good night depends on if they play well and get results.

    That 06 Canes team was fun though. Whatever got Doug Weight a Stanley Cup works for me.

    But now 6 is 9 and these guys are the bad guys so…..


  3. Carp…The first round of the year is usually the top 5 scores of your whole golf season. Here’s why: You are not thinking about anything too golf related. Your expectations are low. You don’t try and overthink. You don’t kill it cuz your attitude is, “First round of the year, what do I care.”

    Once you head out for round #2 you already are thinking, “Gee, I shot 89 on day 1, this year I am breaking 80.” Therein starts the beginning of the overthinking.

    Good luck.

  4. hey guys! we are having some severe weather issues here in Huntsville so I may be losing power on and off through the night! but you know me…tornado possibility or not, I’m in front of my windows, at my computer watching our boys!!

    LETS GO RANGERS!!!!!!!!!!!

    Koharski and Kozari, how interesting lol.

  5. deja, are you ok?

    this is the first time since I’ve been coming to this blog that it is very quite during such big game as this one!

  6. yeah i have a bad sinus infection and i hadnt eaten in days cause it hurt too much so i was dehydrated i hate doctors but it was time to go cause i was having trouble breathing.

    and lundy is down and so are our playoff hopes

  7. deja! how are you??? whats this hospital talk?

    Damn screen froze…brb!

    CCCP…it is very thin in here right now…i’m sure it’ll pick up in the next few minutes

  8. why does it always seem like we are out numbered on our power plays

    Linda i explained it up top

  9. only down a goal on a seeing-eye shot by staal. Hank looks OK and the goal wasn’t his fault. all’s not lost yet

  10. The rangers power play is brutal. If they had a average PP they be at least tied in this game.

  11. pavel this is actually the refs trying to hurt us…they know we wont score on the power play.

  12. Doodie Machetto on

    Our PP has been moving well, but no good shots. If we lose it’ll be this unused 8 minutes. And who is that sitting behind Tortorella?!?

  13. what a f*cking can tell the ref was waiting for the first cane to fall in the defensive zone to call a makeup penalty

  14. did z really just skate back to the bench to make a change there we could have had an odd man chance…

    here comes 2-0

    im sick so im going to be bitter cranky the sky is falling fan today

  15. jerkins perkins(carps nephew) on

    torts runs the pp. if these clowns cant get a goal in 500 chances, then maybe its time to reward betts and orr with pp time. lol, cmon torts, get orr on the point, hed probably score a big slapper. whens the last time our d took a hard slapshot from the point and scored? oh it was morris with avery deflecting it. more like a shot-pass. how long ago was that??? cmon redden this is what youre paid to do so freakin do it!!!!!! i cant stand u passive, soft, weak defenseman.

  16. 4 powerplays. How many hard slapshots from the point? when we had it down low, how many times did our D break in down the center?

  17. jerkins perkins(carps nephew) on

    montreals already got a 1-0 lead. we have to win this. no bs ot loss, so loss. 2 points!!! 4 pps and nothing!!! potter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Part of me wants that to be Potter’s 1st NHL goal.. the other part of me wants Avery to put it in the fans’ faces.

  19. sorry for that deja…major issues here with connection, not being able to get video working of game, and tornado sirens. hope you feel better soon. From what I can tell from all your posts, game isn’t going too well yet…grrrrr!

    Gonna try to bring the game up again…wish me luck!

  20. the rangers want at ruutu which is understandable, but they need to tone it down or they’re going to be shorthanded a lot

  21. come the f on naslund, you’re freaking senile you old bastard…STOP BEING CARELESS

  22. jerkins perkins(carps nephew) on

    u suck naslund! an offensive zone penalty. dude i seriously hope hes done as ranger after this year

  23. jerkins perkins(carps nephew) on

    i missed the first 10 minutes of the game, was stals goal a pp goal?

  24. we can’t say the refs are screwing this game up. There are an abundance of penalties handed out so far, virtually all of them legit calls. Rangers will need to play more disciplined

  25. jerkins – he got slammed into the post early on during the game and was down for awhile he flexed his shoulder a lot

  26. Habs up 2-0 on Isles, so Rangers MUST win this game

    both Habs and Fla have easy schedules compared to Rangers, so don’t expect any help from those games.

    Carp, you shot 89? how’d you do on the back nine?

  27. Wooo I finally made it home after a 10 hour workday! Beer is so delicious!

    Deja, you alright buddy?

    Linda, stay safe!


  28. jerkins perkins(carps nephew) on

    yea we need a reg. win tonight. no bs ot or shootout. i cant take the stress. no team is perfect, we can win this if we play like we did the other night. and hank, if hes injured, wouldve been gone by now right? i doubt hed risk further injury.

  29. Couple observations:

    1. Already Micheletti is 0 for 2 – The first was on Ruutu’s “bit of a dive”. Are you kidding me – how do you call that a penalty? And 2) saying that Lundqvist hurting his knee when clearly it was his shoulder and head

    2. Powerplay. You get the feeling that the Rangers can have 50 pp’s and still they won’t score. Pathetic!

    3. Naslund – I think this guy really needs to hang up his skates. His is two strides behind everyone else for a ling time now.

    4. Who the F is that hot chick in the first row behind the Rangers bench? Can we get more cameras on the Rangers bench please

  30. hey sally, i left a birthday wish for dubi in one of yesterdays posts!

    STILL trying to get the game in…soooo freakin frustrated

  31. sally – i think we should stay away from the brandimour zombie comparisons considering what happened last time.

  32. Thanks Linda! It was actually Gomez’s 1st and he says thank you! He’s such an attention whore.

    Haha Deja, I’ll try but no promises.

  33. jerkins perkins(carps nephew) on

    morris just needs to just rip one in the net on this pp. cmon morris use that shot

  34. Hater Of All Things Naslund on

    I often ask myself, “what the f is redden doing?” and the answer invariably comes back: i don’t know

  35. Doodie Machetto on

    “3. Naslund – I think this guy really needs to hang up his skates. His is two strides behind everyone else for a ling time now.

    Lots of people bashing Naslund. Naslund was leading the team in goals until they got Antropov. So, what does that say about the other guys on the team?

    He’s this year’s Shanahan. Pretty good for 2/3s of the season, no gas at the end and into the playoffs. Even makes a similar salary.

    Carp, do your journalistic duty and find out who is sitting behind the bench!

  36. jerkins perkins(carps nephew) on

    again, zherdev dipsy do move in the zone and loses the puck for the 2 millionth time this season

  37. This is pathetic. How was that not off sides? And the story of this game is our frigin PP.

  38. jerkins perkins(carps nephew) on

    deja, after going o for 5 on the pp, carolina has what 5 shots and theyre winning? looks like it could be over buddy

  39. where is our 7million dollar defensive dynamo drury..

    thats his line

    where was he?

  40. No Country For Old Rangers on

    I love that THIS is how they respond to a MUST WIN situation.

  41. jerkins perkins(carps nephew) on

    messiavery, those c@@# are makin henrik look like a lil bitch. and our d. our pp is bad, but i have never seen a team suck so much at it, it has to be fixed. we will never do anything in the playoffs or next season, or anytime in the future with a pp like this. how does torts, an offensive minded coach, allow this? id be benchin people after that

  42. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Chris, was LaRose Drury’s man? I was trying to figure out who let off their coverage.

  43. larose was open because gomez turned the puck over and glided to the bench…that’s on gomez, not drury

  44. No Country For Old Rangers
    April 2nd, 2009 at 8:16 pm
    I love that THIS is how they respond to a MUST WIN situation.


    Hell yes. I cant believe the way they are playing.

  45. jerkins perkins(carps nephew) on

    rob- hank hasnt faced that many shots so far has he? i know it was only 3 in the 1st. but yea definitely not gonna win with him being flaky

  46. No Country For Old Rangers on

    MAKO did you make it to the Claypool/Secret Cheifs/Odeath/ show

  47. jerkins perkins(carps nephew) on

    how many shots do we take that end up being wide??? too many it seems. hit the damn net!!!

  48. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Rob, someone was covering him 15 feet from the net but then decided not to stay with him… I don’t know who that was, but some player just didn’t cover LaRose even though they stood right next to him.

    * Rob
    April 2nd, 2009 at 8:19 pm
    larose was open because gomez turned the puck over and glided to the bench…that’s on gomez, not drury

  49. I love Derek Morris. Always shoots…almost always hits the net. Let’s keep this guy.

  50. jerkins perkins(carps nephew) on

    morris can rip it!! i like this guy, please redden, cant you just play like him?

  51. jerkins perkins(carps nephew) on

    cmon guys please tie it!! what are they doing?/?? freakin score im goin crazy

  52. scores!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! powerplay goal

    i just yelled and omg did my throat hurt but its okay!!!!

  53. No Country For Old Rangers on

    Hank looks shaky man. I feel like any second a soft one is gonna slip through.

  54. jerkins perkins(carps nephew) on

    did anyone just themselves when corvo had the breakaway?!! i did, a little. lol

  55. No Country For Old Rangers on

    he missed the net, if that was on goal it probably goes in because that’s the way it usually goes

  56. Sauer Grapes on

    This is reminiscent of the first 15 or so games of the year, when all our production seemed to come from the back end.

  57. jerkins perkins(carps nephew) on

    yea hank doesnt look good i noticed that too. just shaky. i hope hes alright, we need him badly

  58. Pavel its even mroe insulting when you have Fios and theres no reason for the lack of MSG HD other than dolans a giant shlong

  59. what is it with other teams fans taking Rangers chants?? first it was “Marrttyy” chant last night in Pittsburgh…now “Potvin Sucks” !! How should we feel about this?

  60. Next thing you know LA king fans are gonna be chanting “Let’s Go Rangers!”

  61. Oh no, Shoenfeld and Koharski are back together again, and Torts is pissed. HAVE ANOTHER DO-NUT Part 2.

  62. Didn’t Girardi score against the Devils? Why do they keep saying this is his 1st in 54 games?

  63. Mikey McD!CK on

    wow didnt girardi score agaisnt the devils? sam and joe just said girardi’s goal was the first in 53 games….

  64. jerkins perkins(carps nephew) on

    deja- weve had alot of calls go our way but avery deserved that one.

  65. hahha another trivia win for deja they should let my vote count as the fans vote and we’d actually get some points

  66. Sauer Grapes on

    Jeez, some of you. That was a penalty on just Avery every time. It didn’t warrant anything on the Canes.

  67. jerkins perkins(carps nephew) on

    nasty and mcdick, they credited that goal to dru against jersey. idk y because dru sure as hell didnt touch it

  68. Whether the penalty is stupid on Avery’s part will depend on whether Carolina spends the next period trying to kill him instead of playing

  69. jerkins – i know he deserved it but before avery swatted at wards head one of the hurricanes punched at averys face. even torts was saying that it should have been 4×4

  70. jerkins perkins(carps nephew) on

    matt, whats with shoney and doughnuts? i keep hearing about it whats up with that?

  71. Stupid play by Avery. The ref was gonna let it go until the second grab.

    Anyone who thinks that wasn’t a penalty or was a bad call. If someone grabs Hanks mask during play in a scrum in front of the net, what would you be saying?

  72. just got in from work

    maybe we can ask if this is the Avery Rule(s)
    (no calls on the canes for a punch to the face of BamBam and crosscheck to Avery)
    Click here: National Hockey League: Information and Much More from

    National Hockey League
    1251 Avenue of the Americas, 47th Fl.
    New York, NY 10020
    NY Tel. 212-789-2000
    Fax 212-789-2020

  73. Anybody notice the blonde chick behind Torts in the 1st, and the brunette behind Torts in the 2nd. Both Ranger fans….ummmm i think i want to visit Carolina !!!

    As for this game. It’s making me sick, BS calls, BS non calls, like Antro getting punched in the face, while Aves gets thrown to the ice, and rubs on Ward, and gets a roughing. Lol, stupid fuggin idiots. Here we go again with the refs. Same old story.

    They better get a slap shot to the face, and leave the game. That would make me very happy.

    Good for Potter, just for scoring that goal, he should be on the PP instead of that useless moron Dreary. And im glad Danny G got a goal too, i had no idea that they changed his goal to Dreary.

    They better step up this period. We NEED a point in this game, and hopefully the extra, in regulation, but it doesn’t seem like that’s gonna happen. Habs are gonna win, obviously, so that’s that. We need points !!

    Go Rangers, and Blues.

  74. jerkins perkins(carps nephew) on

    i wouldve been pissed if we had scored and it was disallowed because of it thats for sure. nice try though aves. lol

  75. The Pens’ fan in the center ice commercial (where he builds the boards/glass) sounds like a total retard. It annoys me. “Yeeeaaaaaaaaduurrrr”.

  76. HEY EVERYONE!!!!

    please send warm thoughts, prayers, good vibes
    this way for my “boy”, my best buddy
    my Golden Retriever
    Shugarie Blue Ranger

    got a very bad prognosis from the vet the other day
    and i’d like to have one of my best friends around with
    me for more than just several more months….
    (going to another vet tomorrow to see what can be done)

  77. somebody should have gotten voros these gracie combat videos maybe he would have won a fight once

  78. Hank is not focusing like he used to, two goals on 14 shots are what you expect from an AHL goalie.

  79. “Anyone who thinks that wasn’t a penalty or was a bad call. If someone grabs Hanks mask during play in a scrum in front of the net, what would you be saying?”

    Well basically, if you’re allowed to punch someone in the face for doing absolutely nothing but standing in front of your goalie, then Aves should not have been called.

    Buttman refuses to admit it. Avery is a target, not just by the players. It makes me sick.

    These refs need to step into Heatley’s car, and go for a fuggin ride. Buttman can join them.

  80. jerkins perkins(carps nephew) on

    wow somebody punch larose!!! but ya gotta admit, the makeup and handbag joke was pretty funny.

  81. Guys and gals, CLEAN IT UP!!!!!

    CLEAN IT THE %$@&! UP!!!!!

    I’m serious. My nephews and neices read this thing. We give you a lot of lattitude. You know the short list of words you shouldn’t use here. CLEAN IT THE F UP. I’M SERIOUS!

    And, no, that 89 was for all 18 holes. I wish I had a smart comeback. I don’t.

    As for the donut remarks, you youngsters: In 1988, Schoenfeld was the coach of the Devils and he was suspended from a playoff game for hollering at ref Don Koharski, “Have another donut, you fat pig.”

    And, yes, that’s a penalty on Avery. Not a reputation penalty. Not a “refs have it in for him” penalty. Just a penalty.

  82. Doodie Machetto on

    Complain all you want about how Avery gets treated, but it’s for nothing. Everyone should have known that he would be getting calls against him like crazy. Picking up off of waivers included that as a caveat.

  83. jerkins perkins(carps nephew) on

    lol cccp- when was that clip taken in the 80’s? i saw that a while ago but totally forgot about it!

  84. jpg

    Prayers for your best buddy !!! Hope everything works out for him and that what’s ever going on isnt serious!!!

  85. shoulda been 4 on 4 with a minor given to Avery and also a minor given to the Canes Dman who punched him in the face and then rubbed his glove in his mugg.

    NHL is such a double standard…The refs blow….that is a huge problem….

    question is….has their ever been a good ref in the NHL? Maybe Kerry Fraser pre-helmet with the Aqua net wind tunnel tested hair-do ?

  86. 89 isn’t bad Carp… we’re not as young as we used to be bro…

    Lemme know if you’ll be around for the Barclays… I’ll be up there for that.

  87. jpg-

    I hope your best friend feels better….As an owner of a Bernese Mountain Dog, who will be 8 years old in exactly 2 weeks, I know its tough when the bigger doggies get up their in the age with the potential of bad stuff that can happen….

    I hope your doggie does a complete 180 and feels better!

  88. Doodie Machetto on

    “Doodie, if I could find out that info, I don’t think I’d share it.”

    Carp, that may be the best thin you’ve ever said. Cheers pal.

  89. thanks CARP!!!

    it’s like sometimes i feel a little silly
    but then again
    when i see friends and family with tears in their eyes
    i know i’m not that crazy.

  90. as far as Avery. he deserved a penalty. just the idea of him being crosschecked should have evened things up. that’s all.

  91. 1988 against the Bruins, Schoenfeld was coaching the Devils and i think it was Game 5? (Look it up) Schony was getting pissed because the Bruins were getting all the calls. Well, Schoenfeld followed Koharski into the tunnel after the game and starting screaming at him. Koharski tripped, insisting that Schoenfeld pushed him and started yelling back “You’ll never coach another ****ing (i starred it out Rick :]) game” Schoenfeld having to have the fight broken up starting shouting back “Your crazy, your crazy, you fell you fat pig and you know it. Have Another Donut! Have another Donut!” the league didn’t suspend Schoenfeld, the refs protested the next game, they had to have replacement refs and finally the league fined Schoenfeld and suspended him for a few games.

  92. jpg- i hope your dog pulls through

    can we have some prayers for my throat while were at it so i can finally eat again

  93. jerkins perkins(carps nephew) on

    i was 7 in 1988 carp. lol but i do remember seeing the clip a few years ago

  94. Doodie Machetto on

    Thank God Cullen is out. This game would be 10-2, and Cullen would have a hat trick and 5 assists. SUCH a ranger killer.

  95. deja (Carps sister not blood sister convent type sister) on

    is it too soon to start playing for the shootout?

  96. this is a game that orr has no business being on the ice

    legit voros would be a better fit on the 4th line for carolina. orr isnt fighting anyone on carolina

  97. jerkins perkins(carps nephew) on

    yea were lucky to get a point right now. they look befuddled out there

  98. deja (Carps sister not blood sister convent type sister) on

    sigh betcha carolina scores here

  99. Instead of “Buy a Porsche, Potvin, Buy a Porsche” we should update to modern days into “Break His Face, Colton, Break His Face!”

  100. deja (Carps sister not blood sister convent type sister) on

    im loving the carp names brings me back to that time long years ago when we did the st pats names.

  101. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Who was Drury passing to? A blind spin-o-rama? Thank god the canes were offsides. But seriously, wtf?

    Carp, I like it! A little feistiness. We never got any of that from Weinman. We’ll call it your inner Avery!

  102. jerkins perkins(carps nephew) on

    matt k do u fiugure the canes fans are that stupid that they think that ranger fans like potvin??

  103. blueshirt April 2nd, 2009 at 9:12 pm

    Wasnt it buy a Porsche Hextall?

    Yeah, originally when Pelle first died it was Potvin..then when Hextall brought the Flyers back to the playoffs, they changed it.

  104. probably jerkins perkins. I mean they won the cup and they were like “Yeah, wait..what’s hockey?”

  105. deja (Carps sister not blood sister convent type sister) on

    wasnt it beat your wife potvin beat your wife

    and god damnit no playoffs this year we had a good run

  106. Typically Carolina Fan: “When Michael Jordan played Hockey for the Yankees, i swear he would score so many touchdowns i thought we were going to win the PGA tour every year.”

  107. deja (Carps sister not blood sister convent type sister) on

    hahha really? really another one really?

  108. How the hell does a guy who has 2 defenseman around him deflect a shot. No one ties him up? Takes him out? This team is not making the playoffs.

  109. deja (Carps sister not blood sister convent type sister) on

    this is one of the few times i turn the game off in disgust

  110. Hey Rick

    Would you want to ask Torts if he wants to rethink this quote?

    “If we have to motivate our players now for them to be ready to play hard then we have the wrong bunch of guys here — which I know we don’t,” Tortorella said. “They’ll be ready to play.”

  111. Sally (no relation) on

    Wait there’s still 6 minutes to go!!! It’s not over!!! Lets go Rangers!!! Come on gu– oh I give up.

  112. jerkins perkins(carps nephew) on

    renny, torts, god, buddha, nothing can save this team!

    k, now im out. goodnight all

  113. Typically Carolina Fan: “Dale Earnhardt was the greatest astronaut ever made.!”

  114. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    I love the blind people watching the game. No Country! Jerkins! It was freakin’ deflected!!

  115. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Salty, i didn’t see the first one but the second was a defensman’s fault. The last was a screen/deflection. The third was a defensive cluster-F off a rebound. I don’t know, the three I saw weren’t terrible goals.

  116. jerkins perkins(carps nephew) on

    true- were still gonna lose, hank still sucked, our guys cannot keep up with other teams anymore late in games. this is like a daily thing now for them. they blow the 3rd period.

  117. deja (Carps sister not blood sister convent type sister) on

    im going to watch this special on yankee stadium on the baseball network it has more heart than this team

  118. jerkins perkins(carps nephew) on

    u notice how only until after they get scored on, they start playing hard again?

  119. deja (Carps sister not blood sister convent type sister) on

    because drury is our leading scorer on the power play?

  120. No Country For Old Rangers on

    So what if it was deflected, this guy cant make a timely save anymore. he used to able to and then he stopped

  121. I feel bad for the guys who actually come out to play every game; Cally, Dubi….and more. But its just painful watching Redden and Zherdev blatantly not care. Its just sad.

  122. sam (not the great Weinman) on

    again, these two faggots sam and joe, why cant football season start so this loser sam can go and do football games. i swear these are the most worthless losers ever.

  123. Rangers are like a broken record. Have a great game and dominate followed up with a game where they have neutral zone turnovers, no one back checking resulting in 2 goals and the DREADFUL PP.


  124. jerkins perkins(carps nephew) on

    no country, lol, it sure does! but they gave up the whole 3rd period. nobody did anything. our d, our forwards, our goalie didnt make 1 hard save. the whole team gave up thinkin they could coast into ot. hmmm, so do they really deserve the playoffs?? you gotta go for the win, they just sit back every single 3rd period until they get scored on.

  125. The finalists for the Steven McDonald extra effort award should be Staal, Girardi and Cally. The only rangers who bring it 110% every shift.

  126. deja (Carps sister not blood sister convent type sister) on

    where did zherdevs hands go there?

  127. Glen Sather: “Hello”
    *somebody answers the phone
    ???? “Yeah?”
    Glen Sather: “Dan, this is Glen Sather, has your shoulder healed yet?”
    Dan Blackburn: “……..”
    *phone disconnects*

  128. Zherdev has a full net to shoot at… he shoots it over the glass.

    I hate Zherdev, I want him gone. Another lazy Russian.

  129. Good night ladies and gents. Until we bitch and moan tomorrow. Im disgusted… about tonight.

  130. The fact that Zherdev just missed the puck by shooting it 40 ft north of the cross bar should be the reason for us not resigning him.

  131. jerkins perkins(carps nephew) on

    lol cccp. this is the rangers with an average goalie. and a really lousy captain

  132. Jay G, Girardi’s been hot lately, but he’s been playing rough this entire season. Not what we had hoped after a promising last year.

    As soon as he starts though, our other players turn off….

  133. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    No Country For Old Rangers
    April 2nd, 2009 at 9:24 pm
    So what if it was deflected, this guy cant make a timely save anymore. he used to able to and then he stopped

    Yea dude, I want him to stop 5 on 0’s and just keep all 5 Rangers in the neutral zone while Hank feeds him passes… but Hank hasn’t been good enough to do that either! Damn it, he’s losing it!

    All his fault we can’t score goals either!!

  134. I’ll wipe that smirk off Tortorella’s face. Give him a Domi elbow. Ask Neidermeyer about those.

  135. Callahan – Captain
    Dubinsky – Assistant
    Staal – Assistant

    Until Girardi starts playing better consistently he doesn’t deserve a letter.

  136. jerkins perkins(carps nephew) on

    hahaha jay g. yea he was supposed to jagrs replacement!!!! even at age 75 jagr would still score more than zherdev, or the whole team for that matter. so where was our clutch captain tonight? he is just unreal man. we could put betts in his spot and get the same production. hes pathetic and so is sather for givin him 7 million.

  137. Can Scott Stevens still play?

    *Crosby skates up ice with head down*
    *Stevens looks over*
    *Elbow/Shoulder to face*
    *Crosby’s face = broken*

    “Holy **** scott, ya broke his face!”

  138. Matt T. He did score his first goal in 50+ games but he is a stalwart on the blue line. He does the little things that get unnoticed.

  139. The most pressing question coming out of this game tonight is: Who was the blond sitting behind the Rangers Bench?

    Maybe a reporter will ask Torts in the postgame.

  140. big contracts on

    Drury and Redden still suck. they are useless. it is either buyouts for them or goodbye Rangers for years to come.

  141. sam (not the great Weinman) on

    Did anybody know Carolina was a skating team and Gomez was skating tonight. Somebody, please be stupid enough to throw your life away and MuRDER JOE MICHELETTI!!!!

  142. jerkins perkins(carps nephew) on

    matt k- that was hilarious!!! dan blackburn! he was actually damn good. poor guy huh?

  143. ThisYearsModel on

    Another collapse. Another night where we close to double the shots of the opponents and lose. We get a late PP, pull the goalie and 6 guys get outworked by 4 Hurricanes. We need more players that can play and have the desire to play.

  144. I’m out folks…

    as popeye said… “That’s all I can stand… I can’t stand no more.”


    Call me a bad fan… a fairweather… a frontrunner… lame… whatever.

    20 years.

    I give up.

    I’m out. See you in July-ish.





  146. jerkins perkins(carps nephew) on

    sam- i didnt know that certain hockey teams were “skating teams”. who wouldve thought that a hockey team would skate? wow, thanks joe m for some really intelligent analysis

  147. This team sucks, they never step up against the big teams. They eat a Bruins team that was struggling at the time, and they beat a Devils team that is struggling. This team blows. Nobody even tried to avenge Hank.

    Team full of wimps, team full of losers, Dru still sucks, Redden is still a drug addicted moron, and they just suck.

    Honestly, in my opinion. The seasons over. They’re gonna need a miracle to beat the Habs, B’s, and Flyers, in these last four games.

    Great job guys. The only part of this game that was enjoyable was the blonde chick. Her bf looked like a fuggin bum. He must be rich, cause i don’t know how else he can get a chick like that.

  148. RichtersGirl on

    umm why the hell is everyone in here blaming Lundqvist?! did you see the game at all?! Our defenseman looked like lost little puppies. Lundqvist had no shot on those goals, what a bad defensive game, especially by Staal.

  149. Honestly everyone, after the Pittsburgh game I went to that concert with O’Death and Les Claypool and drank this season away with my friends so que sera, sera. I’m not even upset after this game, they suck (except Cally/Staal etc.)

    Drury sucks but everyone knows I’m gonna say that. I usualyl like Antro but he couldn’t skate with the Canes.

    They need to go 4-0 or 3-1 and say a lot of prayers.

    They didn’t do anything too stupid on deadline day so that was a win, if the Pack win their division that was a win, and if I’m gonna take crap at work from all the Ranger haters if they miss the playoffs, at least a lot of these idiots will be off the team next year.

    Naslund was useless, he’s out of gas.

    If Orr isn’t gonna play, I’d rather Paranteau be a 4th liner.

  150. onecupin69years on

    In football its 3rd down conversions
    baseball -runners left in scoring position
    basketball-miss free throws
    Hockey -power play

    Screw it up and you lose.

    But ,I wonder how the ineffective power play gets into the heads of the players at full strength.
    They always seem to play from behind, bad PP, getting behind on the scoreboard,leads to defensive mistakes, which leads to more goals.

  151. jerkins perkins(carps nephew) on

    riche, ur not a fairweatherfan dude. unless you have no emotions about this loss and arent pissed, then you are a true ranger fan.



    “The hurricane fans think this is a play-off game”

    F*CK YOU JOE!!!

    F*CK YOU!!!

    Ban my sorry A$$

    who cares.

  153. sam (not the great Weinman) on

    im the first to blame lundqvist, but this game wasnt his fault.

  154. jerkins-He didn’t say it very eloquently but I got what Joe meant; they’re a speed team that out skates people, not a trap, cycle, dump and chase, etc.

    I’m a dump and chase fan myself.

  155. onecupin69years on

    This teams has prove s that..its not all the coaches fault.

    They just don’t have the skills .

  156. I think this game pretty much cemented that although we all love Mara, Torts is not gonna have him come back.

    Derek Morris is a jynx; he’s only played in 4 playoff games in his entire NHL career and that’s saying something.

    Can Torts please strip Drury of the C in the offseason?

  157. Leetch is the Man on

    Torts shouldve called a time out before the 3rd goal when they were being dominated in their own end. This game cudve cost us the season. And to a team that nobody gives a about. Who watches hockey in Carolina. Send them to Canada.

  158. jerkins perkins(carps nephew) on

    richtersgirl, we badly outshot them, and as usual, hank gives up late goals that he wouldve stopped last year in his sleep. but youre right, the whole team blew the 3rd, got tired, whatever, idk, but besides the devils game, hank isnt doin good this season. maybe in the beginning he was. but no, the team needs to stop blowing leads and stop giving up late in games. but honestly, did u really think hank played good?

  159. I swear…just thinking that we’re stuck with Redden for another 5 ******* years really gets me sick to my stomach. What on earth can we do with this mental midget? How do we rid ourselves of this disaster with the least amount of damage????>????

  160. You gals/guys remember how in the movie Major League for every game the Indians won the manager took off a piece of the cardboard cut out of the attractive lady owner?

    They should put a card board cut out of Jim Dolan naked in the Rangers dressing room and for every game they win they get to put a piece of clothing back on it. They’d go 4-0 and probably sweep every playoff series.

  161. Decline all the penalties and get rid of Redden please,this guy s***s,does he ever pick anyone up in front and if he does he lets them park there and have coffee.




  163. Jerkins-most of the shots were garbage. They didn’t get enough high quality chances.

    Carp and Jane-This game proves that the game against the Devils was not because the Rangers were good, but more because the Devils were flat. Sorry but that’s the truth.

  164. F**k this team ! I hope they will not make playoffs. Cause I honestly do not see any team that they can beat 4 times.

  165. jerkins perkins(carps nephew) on

    mike a- ohh i dont know i dont get msg i watch on gamecenter. i was just replying to a post about joe saying that theyre a skating team, and i just made fun

  166. ThisYearsModel on

    We will miss the playoffs, and the Panthers will draft the better player because Slats is a moron.

  167. RichtersGirl on

    Redden too?! I mean i know Redden is the scapegoat and all this year but i think he was one of the better defensemen tonight! If you are going to talk about any defensemen being bad tonight you gotta talk about staal. He had a bad bad game tonight.

    And jerkins…I agree that i don’t think Lundqvist had to be stellar with most of the shots but the ones that went in he had no shot on. the third goal was a really nice deflection in front when 3 passes got through our whole team somehow, 4th goal was a bunch of terrible passes by the Rangers. First goal Lundqvist didn’t even see. the team has to be much much much better in front of him. Its easy to always blame the goalie but that should not be the case tonight

  168. Jerkins-Haha nice.

    Ok so i looked at Florida’s schedule; PITT, ATL x2, Phi, and Wash.

    Suddenly not as threatening.

    A little bit of hope left.

  169. No Country For Old Rangers on

    I’m sick of you Lundqvist apologists. The man has clearly lost a step. Sure he’s not the only one to blame for the loss but he hasn’t kept us in games like he used to as recently as earlier this season

  170. wow, there needs to be a complete overhaul of this organization starting at the top. Sather hands out huge contracts without a plan. No excuse for Hanks big contract when he never won a thing. Hank is regressing at a fast rate and needs a push next year. I still say the whole team should be waived ala Emile Francis and start next year with many Hartford players, they play like they give a damn unlike these clowns.

  171. jerkins perkins(carps nephew) on

    hey, its kinda wierd how torts was sayin the other day,i cant call it a must win because what if we lose, what do i tell the guys then? about the devils game. and guess what, we won, but this game, really killed us. we are so bad on the road this season. i bet even if we do make the playoffs, that we might win our home games, but lose every road game.

  172. Antrpov is a flake, on Larose 2nd goal why was he (I hate to quote Milbury) flicking his stick like a pansy at Chad instead of using his body to his advantage. In other words. If Antro bodies LaRose, his stick doesn’t swat the puck into the net. There were 2 goals that LaRose scored where the D man didn’t pick up the open man in front of the net.

  173. RichtersGirl on

    Hey No Country Fro Old Rangers….I’m sick of you Lundqvist blamers….i understand the games he gives up a soft goal to look at him and question it…I will not hesitate to say when Lundqvist should have stopped goals….but he had no shot on these goals tonight. Which goal should he have stopped tonight??

  174. jj-People need to be waived, beaten, whatever, this team needs an overhaul like you said.

    Naslund needs to get waived if he won’t accept a trade, Redden needs to go for a career change, and Drury needs to show some sort of emotion if he’s gonna wear a C.

  175. No Country For Old Rangers on

    Nice move letting the best player we ever had go to Russia and “replace” him with a heartless fancy boy

  176. jerkins perkins(carps nephew) on

    i agree no country, its not like he had 40 shots against and he had to make 15 great saves, he was ok, but when the game was on the line, he lets in 2 quickies. its the same story on most nights. he has played great a bunch of times this year, but most of the time, he doesnt.

  177. sam (not the great Weinman) on


    this is probably my anger talking, but youre a loser.

    he says every game that the teams are really skating or so and so is really skating. it gets tiring to hear the same rhetoric as well as asssucking of every other teams players.

  178. No Country-In all fairness, the Rangers were not gonna win a Cup with Jagr so Sather tried something different; i don’t falt him for that. I do for the horrible contract to Redden.

    In case anyone cares that Kulikov DMan is now ranked #9 overall according to Hockey’s Future so the Rangers wouldn’t get a chance to pick him.

    And here’s an interview with Akim Aliu who Sather should have picked

  179. No Country For Old Rangers on

    i’m not saying he should have stopped any of those goals, i’m saying HE FREAKING SUCKS NOW. he gets so many accolades and for what? we fell in love with hank because we were deeply goalie starved for years and he played his ass off and it was amazing. I considered him my favorite ranger for a long time but I cant say that anymore because everytime the game is on the line he lets in a piece of dogsh*t goal

  180. sam (not Weinman)-I’ve been called many things in my life so whatever…remember karma though buddy. I’m too old to start internet fights and we’re better here than that anyways.

    I know Joe isn’t JD but hr’s still pretty damn good; look I lived in DC for 3.5 years; you should hear the Caps announcers dude.

    Nobody takes the Rangers more seriously than me (two of my ex-g/fs have told me that) so if I’m chill, be cool.

  181. jerkins perkins(carps nephew) on

    mikeA- yea nazzys done, hes really lost it the last few months. he will be gone next year. but drury wont. he’ll be here as long as our young prospects are suffocated and stuck in the minors. and until theyre about 26-27 probably. zherdev is just way too sloppy, not a hard worker, and has a good shot, and is fancy, but this is the nhl, not europe. he hasnt adjusted too well. he’ll be 24 or 25 next season, so if he doesnt get better, hes just gonna be another prucha in a few years, and we wont trade him until his value is so low, we can only get back a late rnd pick. redden wont be gone either. unless sather gets told from dolan. damn after such a huge win and big game from everyone, we come out and just stink up the place. so inconsistent. playoffs are probably a 50-50 shot now, and if they get there, will they win a road game? torts will get these guys ready for next season hopefully, and maybe can influence sather to dump some of these losers

  182. No Country For Old Rangers on

    Drury’s a joke man. Remember when that guy used to be good? What was the deal with that.

  183. No Country-Everyone was ready to behead Richter after the Francis goal and then there was the dismal 92-93 season and the mob couldn’t wait to chase him out of town and then look.

    I’m not saying Henrik has been great this year but the guy’s tired and it’s showing between the games played and the stomach problems and the knee issues from the beginning of the season. They need a real backup goalie who can play 25 games next year, someone like a Kolzig (not him though!)

  184. Jerkins-Zherdev is still a kid so I’m willing to give him a few more years. Let him play with Anisimov next year. A 3rd line of Zherdev/AA/Dubi does that seem so bad to try?

    Torts is gonna cut some dead weight so next year’s team will look different which is good.

    I don’t think the Devils game was as good as it seemed. As Carp said, Sutter might get canned if they lose some more.

  185. jerkins perkins(carps nephew) on

    shoryuken, are u thinking of chris simpson from versus? chris campoli??? christian backwoman??? u lost me on the clutch part

  186. Shoryuken-Drury being clutch is all hype of the media (no offense and not directed to Carp or Jane of course); he’s not that good.

    Him being clutch is the same myth that brussel sprouts taste bad and that Kid Rock is a good songwriter; once you actually think about it for more than 3 seconds you realize it’s not true.

  187. Seriously though, does he have tape on his blade? Why do so many passes bounce off him? Reminds me of the drill from the original Mighty Ducks where Emilio Estevez makes the kids pass eggs to learn how to receive passes.

  188. jerkins perkins(carps nephew) on

    mikA- i agree that zherdev is young still, and does have his moments, but doesnt seem to play hard enough. hes kinda soft too. too fancy. so much so that he gives up the puck multiple times a game, and doesnt have the ability to make up for it with any good defensive play, and for all his skill, still only has 23 goals. i figured in torts system, hed be in the mid 30’s by now.

  189. The Rangers failed to show up in that third period. They really seemed fatigued and sloppy.

    Gotta be worried now after this loss and slipping into the 8th spot. Met the Hurricanes at the wrong time. They really are hot right now.

  190. jerkins-That thing you said
    “i agree that zherdev is young still, and does have his moments, but doesnt seem to play hard enough. hes kinda soft too. too fancy. so much so that he gives up the puck multiple times a game, and doesnt have the ability to make up for it with any good defensive play, and for all his skill, still only has 23 goals”

    Sounds like Vinny L before Torts got to Tampa.

  191. Antro looks like one of those metal head kids from Eastern Europe who I knew in high school.

    Anyone catch that play where the Cane shot over Redden and hit the post when it looked like a simple man on man? Vintage Redden.

  192. jerkins perkins(carps nephew) on

    shoryuken, no i had the same dream!!! i think his last name was droopy or or somethin like that. drooly?? idk. but yea in my dream, he scores a goal with 7 seconds left to beat the rangers in the playoffs. whoaa, now if we had a clutch guy like that on our team, wed be unstoppable!!!!!!

  193. Jay G-If that was the 3rd line to start next season; I’ll take it.

    Peace out and I quote Galaxy Qurst; Never give up, never surrender!

  194. Certainly not surprised by tonight’s game…some things are just painfully clear with this team:

    1. Wade Redden CAN’T play in the NHL anymore. Not even close.

    2. Chris Drury is at best a third line player who has been exposed. No leadership whatsoever, no clutch goals, nothing but play we could get from someone making a tenth of his salary. He loves the Rangers? Is that why they had to outbid California? Watch Drury carefully on the ice…he’s just simply not that good of a player.

    3. The Rangers come out dead tired EVERY THIRD PERIOD. Is their conditioning THAT BAD? Considering the Rangers are blessed with a weak travel sched and the best training facilities around you’d think they wouldn’t dog it so much.

    4. Callahan, Dubinsky, Staal, Avery…bringing it every night. Drury, Naslund, Zherdev, Redden…doing almost nothing every night.

    5. Hank hasn’t made a big save in months. Months. And I’m right about that. I’m not blaming him for the game, but when the Rangers need that big stop he’s simply not doing it for them and hasn’t for quite some time.

    No playoffs for this team. They simply don’t deserve it. Too much dead wood to cut away before next season.

  195. jerkins perkins(carps nephew) on

    mikA- good point. maybe torts can do something with him. dont know that any player can just be turned into a superstar, but hey, the last 2 guys that coached him were defensive guys, so maybe torts can get him to score more

  196. big contracts on

    the Rangers are out of shape in the 3rd periods, and that is Renney’s fault. he had them play trapping hangback hockey for months, and they are winded in the 3rd periods now because they had not been playing honest, 60 min, 200 feet hockey for months.

  197. The Rangers were just bad in the 3rd period. I don’t know what it is with them, because they’ve been awful in the third since Tortorella took over. That’s a problem he’s gotta solve in the next four games.

    Look, we’re not out of it yet. With 4 games to go, destiny is still in the Rangers’ hands. It won’t be easy. They do need to get 6 out of the available 8 points they have left…maybe 5 will do it.

    Tonight was really hard to stomach. One of the tougher losses all year. And I think Lundqvist was/is hurt. He didn’t look right all game after the collision with Ruutu. Just bad luck piled on top of the rest of this team’s issues. ::Long exasperated SIGH::

  198. So, after a walk and a slice of pizza, I feel I’ve been given some perspective on this game. We (just like Pitt) held serve with a very very hot team and then fell short in the third. I DO NOT blame Hank. The first 3rd period goal was great puck work by them and terrible D by us and then the 2nd was a deflection. Nothing he could do. So let’s see what this looks like…

    Lets say we can get 2 of the next 4 which we should be able to. That puts us with 93 points and forces FLA to go at least 3-1-1. We have the tiebreaker so essentially we have a 3 pt lead on them. They still have to beat Washington, Philly, and Pitt and thats not necessarily an easy task. Keep the faith guys. Keep the faith.

    Im not saying we are gonna do a god damn thing when we get to the playoffs but I don’t really care. I love playoff hockey. I love knowing that if for some freak reason we got hot at the right moment it could make for a fun month or two (see: Giants 2007.) I know that beating Marty in the first round we make me happy. So lets just get there. Big loss tonight but the season aint over.

  199. Outplayed on the road in the third period against a “good” team is no crime…but Henrik has to be better…tell the truth,you knew he wasn’t going to come up with the huge save that was going to be needed… he’s the key…actually it’s amazing they stillhave a shot at the playoffs with just average goaltending down the stretch.

  200. jerkins perkins(carps nephew) on

    3. The Rangers come out dead tired EVERY THIRD PERIOD. Is their conditioning THAT BAD? Considering the Rangers are blessed with a weak travel sched and the best training facilities around you’d think they wouldn’t dog it so much.

    cjp- thats the main reason why they arent goin anywhere this season. i dont understand how they could be that out of shape, that every team badly outworks them in every 3rd period torts has been the coach. its not like theyre playing triple ot in the playoffs. and they really didnt go all out in the 1st 2 periods tonight. and they just had 2 days off!! yea and henrik has been exposed too. i said this a few days ago, that maybe we need a goalie who can challenge henrik for the number 1 spot. give him so competition so he earns the games he plays in. vally is not gonna push hank out, so we need to get a beter goalie in there to make things interesting. but just as hjank gave up 2 quickies, it was because the rangers stopped playing. so its not just hanks fault. and torts has to call a timeout when theyre playin like that.

  201. Aah Wade…we keep waiting for you to prove us wrong, and it just proves how wrong we are.

  202. Tough break on Canes 3rd goal, Henrik didnt have a chance…

    The pass from side of the net to LaRose in front was actually a perfectly rolling puck on its side. So when LaRose swatted at the puck with his stick, the puck projected straight up like a golf ball right over Henrik and into the top shelf of the net.

    In regard to the play leading up to the back breaking 3rd goal….

    Antropov had the puck 10 feet from blue line in his own zone….towards the center of the rink….He sees Drury to his left and slides the puck to Drurys feet and puck gets turned over right there….Drury immediately turns to the bench, and Dubi hops over but doesnt have enough time to cover Canes player at side of net who shipped the puck right in front to a charging LaRose….

    Ofcourse, Wade Redden was in front like a zombie, watching everything unfold with that stupid look on his face.

  203. Every team has as much, or more, zip than the Rangers. Crazy scary to think they are tired. I sure hope not. I sure do not blame Tortorella for their stinky third period performances.

    Sorry, I like Henrik. But to say he is elite is bullshit.

  204. Hey LIQUID
    That stupid look on Wade’s face is no act, no accident. They guy is a liability. Every night, the Rangers pay the price for having him on the ice.

  205. jerkins perkins(carps nephew) on

    Im not saying we are gonna do a god damn thing when we get to the playoffs but I don’t really care. I love playoff hockey. I love knowing that if for some freak reason we got hot at the right moment it could make for a fun month or two (see: Giants 2007.) I know that beating Marty in the first round we make me happy. So lets just get there. Big loss tonight but the season aint over.

    raider- youre damn right. thats why i hate seeing them lose a game that they were in the whole time up until halfway into the 3rd. they just killed a penalty and were lookin like they could push it to ot at lest. thats the problem right now, they at least shouldve gotten a point in pitt and tonight. in fact, this was almost exactly like the pitt game. they gotta be better if they wanna make it. and our goaltending has to be better. but if we get in, it can all change, so thats y i never give up on them.

  206. GardenFaithfulinFLA on

    For the most part I’ve been enjoying this team and think they’ve been playing better. I’ve seen more desire and passion. Again-or yet-consistency is an issue along with a few others that we’ve all discussed many times over.

    Actually the youth that seemed stifled earlier in the season appear to be building their confidence and game sa they should have been all along. Callahan has been just rock steady for this team all season long. He’s a keeper!

    I believe they will make it. Didn’t it take the final game to put them in last year? Where it goes after that, who knows. Hey, stranger things have been known to happen.

  207. I was doing a little due diligence on Redden the other day because I really didnt know much about him when he was considered a quality dmen for the Ottawa organization….

    Apparently, a few seasons ago, his mom passed away after battling cancer. I am not a shrink by any stretch of the imagination, but maybe the guy is emotionless and heartbroken….who the heck knows… he was always rumored to battling demons with substance abuse…

    At any rate, we are stuck with the guy for a long time. I dont care that he makes alot of $$ as long as he earns it.

    As mentioned, we are waiting for Redden to put on a cape, especially at the crucial portion of the season. It seems that is not gonna happen…

  208. Reginald Dunlop on

    Not bad shooting an 89, what did you get on the back nine???
    have a feeling that you will get plenty of practice time to bring the score down in about 10 days….great effort by the captain, when is someone going to hold him accountable for his lazy play, always seems to be changing at the poorest times…. captain??? where’s kelly kisio when you need him?

  209. Has anyone noticed how atrocious this team is on the road. Since the all-star break they have been 3-10-3 and one of those wins was in a shootout. how can we expect them to make the playoffs when they are such a doormat on the road? how can we expect them to beat boston and/or philly on the road over the last four games? this is the #2 reason that they are on the verge of falling out of the playoff picture behind the putrid power-play. when the going got tough they certainly did not get going. no goals from any forwards tonight in a game that they needed to have.

  210. your boy Malik on

    Omigod…..I’m going to the last home game ….I dunno – will it actually mean anything – I’m very sad tonight…..this third period meltdown thing is disturbing…

  211. redden is so bad the yare trying callahan on the point.

    henrik outplayed again… ward has carried the canes to the playoffs.

    just not good enough, they play hard, but there PP is so bad it kills them every game..

  212. enough fighting it… redden is an absolute negative on the blue line.. he is soft, a horrible defender and provides a minimal upgrade on offense from ANYONE else on the blue line at even strenth and/or on the PP ..

    ..yes, we are stuck with him, but the quickest way to get him off the team must be enacted. he is one of those guys the other (younger) players needs to emcourage him and hois 6.5 mil per.. awful.

    btw, I like the way he has played on offense so far, but has derek morris thrown ONE body since he has been here???

  213. Might as well keep trying a forward on the powerplay, and I would say keep trying it. As long as it is a speedy forward.

    I’m still looking for ways to blame Renney and Pearn for this, but I think my argument is getting weak.

  214. drury looked decent at the point.. cally did not (despite another all around reallyu strong game)… sather stinks at GM-ing

  215. I thought Scotty Gomez played a decent game tonight…Looked very determined to win.

    On the other hand, Drury is such an enigma. I am sure he wants to win. That is part of his genetic makeup….The question obviously is, does he have the talent level and skill? Drury does some things well. But unfortunately we are stuck with a marginal 2nd line center, and most fittingly a good 3rd line center.

    Betts, Korpedo, and Orr….Obviously, we cannot count on them be the offensive threat, but I wouldnt mind seeing a goal every blue moon…Next year I think Torts will strip that line down to youngsters with some more offensive skill set. I cant believe that Korpedo was a first rounder…Craaazyyyyyy

    Next year, signed Dmen are Staal, Girardi, Redden (zoinks!) and Rosizval. I think the Rangers cannot afford Morris and Mara and will keep Potter and maybe get a cheapie free agent dmen, or possibly sign Mara to a similar 1 year contract like he currently has this year.

  216. When will the architect of this disaster on ice be held accountable? Does Dolan not see in a shorter time frame the Bruins have become a powerhouse? Sather is a fraud and needs to be replaced if the Rangers are to become anything more than a mediocre, crap team. this is what Boston has done in 3years with Peter Chiarelli as the gm:

    2006 29-37-8-8 74pts

    2007 35-41-6 76pts

    2008 77 games 50-17-10 110pts

    compare this to Sathers record. Dolan hired the wrong guy.

  217. gomez (and line) played well.. I would re-sign mara – but is he a “torts guy”??.. redden and drury will be the albatrosses (sp?) for the next 5 years… at least keep orr so we dont lose AND get out butts kicked…

  218. This season was lost last June, when Sather did not resign Jagr.
    Lundqvist is Mike Liut reincarnated. He never leaves his crease and always goes down. Teams may have figured him out like they did with Liut.
    When we need big saves this year he is not there – not all his fault but you can not win many games giving up 4

    I would say that miricles are possible, but then again these are the Rangers

  219. Scott Gomez has played very well.
    When I talked about Renney/Pearn, I was referring to the powerplay in particular. Maybe it will take another year for the team to learn how to do the power play.
    Weird, with all that talent. Are there freelance, mercenary powerplay specialists out there that NYR could hire? There must be an answer to this. Obviously, telling the players to keep moving has not worked, regardless of who is telling them.

  220. constanza,

    I like Colton Orr. I think he worked very hard to improve his game. And he is definitely top 5 in the league in the fisticuffs department.

    The only thing I dislike is that he is skating for every single game this year. I dunno, if this was fantasy hockey and I was the coach, I would replace Orr in a game vs. a goonless fast skating Carolina team with a player that can bury the puck into the net more often. Fugg, I would even like to see PA Parenteau play in a game like tonight.

    Torts likes to roll the hot lines, and does shorten the bench. But look @ a system like the Wings employed forever….U dont see a goon on that squad, u see guys who know their rolls and thats why they are successful….

    Naslund, boy ….where the fugg do u start with him? He is a goal scorer, yes…..But he is not an Eastern Conference, John Tortorella protypical player…..

    Sometimes I ponder if I would rather have the 2007-2008 Martin Straka or the 2008-2009 Markus Naslund on this current team…..I think Straka woulda been better,,,,who the heck knows

  221. keep the faith everybody even if u hate what happend as we all do……just keep the faith dont turn on em now after game 77 we’ve got four more here 2-1-1 or 2-0-2 should do it we just gotta keep going and be positive if you care for or about this team at all just dont turn on them now,believe we will make it…..if your true fans and care about your team thats what you’ll do,just be poisitive and LETS GO RANGERS !!! CMON BOYS.

  222. Liquid
    maybe you can’t blame Lundqvist for goal #3 but
    he sat back in the crease , did not try to poke at the puck comming and let the man walk into his area without even touching him. We need the King to be King, not a bystander

  223. tonight was tough! I hope Henrik is ok, I honestly like everybodys game but drury for FUCK sake he IS a Captain of oryginal six team and he HAS to step it up, no excuses!!!! I can’t even make myself watch him getting so much icetime and not getting anything, he’s not leading by ANYTHING, some people say players lead by example ok I get it but come on where is our captain????? someone should ask some questions I mean 7 mil per year and NOTHING?????

  224. we will make it here no way im hiding in the closet and quitting on them these last 4 games,lets all be positive about this and see what happends,if you believe they will get in they about we all come together and try and rally them a bit and be positive(even though at most times it really is hard to really pull and root for this team) instead of ragging on them like no other.

  225. how about steping up as a captain of oryginal 6 and working for your money that we are paying them? how about some pride from our “LEADERS” you sound like slats that blamed fans for loosing….

  226. Liquid, I totally agree with you agree on orr – he does not need to play every game, but we need him on the roster as there is no one else on the team to take on another squad’s heavy or even middleweight (see philly)…

    Naslund is the under-rated drag on the cap..”salts” gave him money that NO other GM would consider in the league,, Sather sucks at GM-ing

  227. Well, this season hinges on the Ranger team playing the next 4 games to make the playoffs,,,,They control their own destiny because 4-0 the rest of the way would get them in no matter what Florida or Buffalo do….

    Rangers play @ Boston, then home vs Habs, then Philly and @ Philly end of year. All tough games….

    The Bruins need one more win to clinch Eastern conference…they can do that on Saturday….So they may come out and play big,,

    Hockeyrodent has the Rangers @ 66% chance of making playoffs after tonights game. With 40% of that chance being 8th seed, 20% being 7th and 6% coming in 6th seeding.

    Even if we make playoffs, it looks like it would be against the Bruins or the Caps. Yikezzzzzzz

    I figure that 2-1-0-1 and 94 total points put the Rangers in the 8th seed.

  228. slats suck there’s no question but players have to take some responsibility, I mean gomez, drury sign as FA they knew what they’re getting into, drury accepted captaincy after JJ left and said this is his and gomez team, where is he? I want to see him working for the money. I can’t believe people are not really calling for accauntability am I only one blue C worker here that have to deliver every day just to take care of the family??? can’t look at drury makeing soooo much and not careing at all.

  229. costanza…I guy like Orr is needed in the East…no doubt about it…..but honestly, what stars do we have that need to be protected….hehe

    Orr is cheap on the cap, I think 650 grand….

  230. I really don’t understand the focus on Naslund. I would never say that he is a guy who you expect to lead your team. But I keep seeing people saying he cost $4 mil, well that’s over two years. So, give him less ice time if he is not producing, and I think Tortorella has done that, right?
    Sure, he is not the Markus of two or three years ago, and I would never miss him if he left, but he is not a real problem on the team. I think he is exactly what should have been expected, and I don’t think he loafed around.

    I just think he is what he is, and he is better than a guy I thought I would lead this team this year.

  231. great point! no stars to protect, yet no room under the cap ~sigh~ ..maybe lundqvist…

    orr-godard fights are really good…keep him for that at 900k!

  232. You guys are not gonna believe what I just saw on MTV2… Elisha Cuthbert and Sean Avery got PUNK’D! LOL

    Somehow they get involved in a baby drama… some lady left her baby in the back of some pick-up track and left… the owners of the truck show up and Cuthbert and Avery parked right next to that truck… So drama evolves whose baby that is and the other couple is trying to make Cuthbert to take the baby with all sorts of guilt trips! Avery is on background looking lost and somewhat scared! So Cuthbert is at the point where she is just like “F*ck it… we’ll take the baby.” Avery almost fall down through the ground when he heard that… he was like “ARE YOU F*CKING KIDDING ME? NO WAY!!” LOOL Cuthbert called the cops…they came … baby mother appeared…the cops arrested the baby mama for leaving the baby… Cuthbert has no clue what’s going on… and then Kutcher showed up and that was it! I laughed so hard!

  233. To break it down a little further, it is clearly evident that the Rangers are basically fighting for a playoff spot with the Florida Panthers….and to a less extent, the Sabres.

    The Sabres, have 6 games remaining, 83 points, 2games in hand and play 3 tough games in 4 nights, starting tomorrow….

    @ Washington (who are looking to get 2nd seed for home ice deeper into playoffs)
    vs Debbies (who need a freakin win to try to right their ship ASAP)
    vs Detroit (who are trying to catch San Jose for 1st seed in West)

    2 loses here for Buffalo and they can say goodbye to any shot.

    So basically its Rangers & Florida for 8th seed.

    Florida is 2 pts behind Rangers with 87 points and even a win tomorrow the Rangers would still hold 8th seed still due to Rangers having more wins.

    Florida plays ATL, PITT (who will play hard for the 4th seed and home ice in round 1) , Philly, ATL, and Washington (this game scares me because Washington will be playing for NOTHING since they prolly wrapped up 2nd overall unless the Debbies start to challenge them)

    That is it in a nutshell…

    I just wanna see John Amirante and that road kill toupee atleast one time @ MSG, for Round 1 Home Game1…And hopefully the series vs Boston is split 1-1 at that time!

  234. Orr-Godard tilts are pretty good….Orr has somewhat owned Godard except in that last game where Orr was TKO’d by a big right hand….Godard has that jackrabbit quick fist…..He is one of the top 5 fighters in NHL right now with Orr

  235. yep.. not a lotta heavies in the league anymore..godard/cote/orr/parros is as good as it gets (I liked when godard was on the isles).. saw godard beat up hartford a couple games in a row when he was at bridgeprot – he has a hammer…

    ..would love some toughness in the top 3 lines..esp with avery lighting thing up…

  236. liquid… i wouldnt count the habs in just yet. especially since the rangers get a chance to play them in few weeks. theyre only a point up on the rangers w/ one game in hand.i see it more like 3 teams competing for 2 spots.

  237. if the Rangers go 2-2, and Fla goes 3-2, the Rangers are in

    let’s hope they can at least do that and squeak in.

  238. “I still can’t believe I lived to write, one day, that the Carolina Hurricanes won the Stanley Cup.”

    I know exactly what you mean! That’s the way a lot of us felt about the Rangers’ win in ’94 (by that I mean us fans!). Thinking about it I don’t know if your comment was sarcastic, but I hope not. TBH I get sick of all the crap about “nontraditional” teams. Who cares, if you like hockey & support it how can it be a bad thing, no matter where you live. I dislike the “elitist attitude” of some media, fans etc.

  239. Billy C – I think the Habs will be there. I think the Rangers will be in there too. Perhaps the better minds say that the second round is not likely. But who cares. If NYR get to the dance, then we will enjoy it. Playoffs are exciting. I would be so pissed off if NYR does not make the playoffs.

    I’m the ultimate optimist, so I always believe the Rangers can do some damage in the playoffs. They’ve done it before.

  240. No Country For Old Rangers on

    I just woke up in a cold sweat…Is Redden really on the Rangers? Has Lundqvist really started to suck and blow games? Was the best player in Rangers history really not re-signed?

  241. The rangers had a nice little run but of course Darth Sather had to go back to his old habbits. The future not looking so good.

  242. also I haven’t seen much of a difference from pre-renney to pro-torts. The power play still stinks, they can’t score and redden is the worse contract ever signed. Thank you you ugly
    rodent (Darth sather).

  243. I haven’t checked the blog since the end of the game last night, and I don’t know if this has already been said, but:

    We pretty much are in as long as we win both of our home games, which I think is doable. Can we win in Boston and in Philly? Sure. Will we? It is really a coin toss. I don’t like us on the road this year. The last few years we have been good on the road for the most part, but this year we are just so/so.

    If we go 2 and 2 to finish the season, that would mean the Panthers would have to go 3-1-1 in their last 5.

    I am pretty sure about this, but feel free to correct me if I am wrong.

  244. Most of us on this blog love the Rangers and bleed blue, however is there really anyone here, including the biggest optimist who think the Rangers will win the Cup this year? While we’d like them to make the playoffs what’s the difference if they do or don’t? They will be out before we can blink. Start concentrating on next year and attempt to get rid of Sather and his blundering signings.

  245. Here is the thing too. At this point, I don’t think there is any reason for us to NOT want to make the playoffs. We would not finish nearly bad enough to have a top pick. They need to play their hearts out and with pride and just do the best they can. The best might not be much, but you know what I mean. I don’t see any reason why we can’t go 2 and 2 in these last 4 games.

  246. We have the advantage over Florida in terms of wins – but i think we are going to need at least 5 points to secure a place – winning the 2 home games would be great (especially as one is the Habs) but an OTL in one of the other games would help take the pressure off a little.
    Pitt and Philly can easily be drawn into the fight as all the teams have to play each other. However, we don’t have an “easy” game against the Isles, Leafs, Thrashers or Lightning. (We should all cheer the Leafs and Thrashers tonight).

    Luckily the Rangers game is on my european cable channel so i can DVR it and watch it when my little boy and pregnant wife have gone to bed (mostly thanks to the Final Four not starting till later) so i won’t have to try and watch it on the web like a few recent games.

    Go Rangers!

  247. The Rangers come out tired in the 3rd because of:

    New aggressive forecheck system (gogogo)

    4th line diminished icetime (these guys have been seeing less than 5 minutes a game).

    Z was on his 3rd shift with 8 minutes left in the 3rd. Stuff like this is typical. I believe in rewarding performance and punishing lack of hustle and stupidity, but now is not the time to ‘make a statement’.

    That being said, Rangers 4th line was being used all season under Renney, so the rest of the lines were better rested.

  248. From Rick: “Shot 89 today. That’s better than average for me, and really good for the first time out. It can only go downhill from there.”

    That’s nice Rick, why don’t you tell everybody it was 6 holes? The ranger had to ask your party to move it along since you were holding up everybody with your “ahem” play.

    Now don’t go deserting us because of your new love for golf. Did Sam have anything to do with this?

    Anyway, the way the Rangers are playing, you may get a lot more time on the golf course.

    Keep us posted on your….scores. :~)

  249. The problem with last night was two things. Back checking and taking away the neutral ice. On a number of plays the Canes were able to make this hail mary type passes to the forward or d (Corvo’s situation). The third period has been a problem with the Rangers for some reason all year. In the past it’s normally been the dreaded 2nd that has been detriment to the Rangers game.

    I think for next game, you start your big guys on a line (doesn’t matter who) and Torts tells them to hit them hard and frequent. Then have Dubie fight Lucic and pick up the tempo from there.

  250. NAsty Liquid and Raider – Great posts, accurate, and sum up what HAS to be done to secure a spot

    Everyone else, your all crying like Debbie fans.

    Did you all think it was going to be a 5-0 sweep these last games?

    Were up on FL, even if they win tonight were still in 8th place. And we need to get points in three out of the last 5 games, period.
    The ship hasnt sunk yet. Alot of negative Nancyies around here.

    And do I think we’ll win the cup, No. Although we could be an upset to a higher seeded team and make it past the first round.

    Hell once you get into the playoffs, ANYTHIGN can happen, and it has in the past.

    The loss sucked, we know this, but were still in a position to control our own destiny.

    And lets not forget Hank almost got his arm ripped off last ngiht, and still played fairly well.

    Redden wasnt horrible last night either. It was all our offense that wasn’t good.

    Gomer was flying all night so he wasnt the problem
    Cally, Dubi, Staal – played well

    Drury, NAslund, invisible

    4 games left/8 points to be had

    And whoever said they’d rather us miss the playoffs entirely:
    Retarded statement. I rather us get in again, even if were bounced in the first round. ITs only going to give our youth more experience. THey need playoff time under there belts.


  251. Lundqvist is the most overrated player in the National Hockey League; if the dude treated big saves like a well tailored suit, he’d win the Vezina, but the dude is the biggest snow job since roman chechmanek. Rangers are dunzo unless they call up Matt Zaba or someone from the minors to play goal.

  252. The shame of it; our cap killing players not even showing up to play & Lunqvist not even having an average night. I love the Rangers but we’re just not good enough.

  253. For those of you following the OHL Playoffs like myself. Evgeny Grachev had a goal and an assist in Bramptons 3 0 win over St. Mikes. That gives in 5 goals and 5 assists in 7 games.

    I think with the salary cap coming down next year he will either be on the Rangers full time or they will have him play 10 games to get a look and then send him back to Brampton kind of like what the Flyers did with Sbisa (he scored the game winner for Lethbridge two nights ago, now their on to Calgary in round 2)

  254. Anyone else think Torts knew EXACTLY what he was saying with that comment about “if they can’t get up and play hard this time of year then we have the wrong guys here?” or whatever it was? To me, that sounds like both an ultimatum to his players AND a message to Sather all wrapped into one

  255. Lilly, I don’t think I was being elitist when I wrote that I can’t believe the Carolina Hurricanes won the Stanley Cup … I can’t believe there are Carolina Hurricanes. Or Tampa Bay Lightnings, or Nashville Predators. OK, maybe I am being elitist. But I was at games when the Canes first arrived from Hartford, in Greensboro, N.C. I would not have believed they’d ever survive as a franchise, much less be champions.

    lenny, I totally blame Sam Weinman.

    New post coming shortly.

  256. After we pounded struggling Devils everyone was ready to hand the Cup to the Rangers… but after last night… I guess all our hopes were crashed! (sarcasm) I really want to be positive at this point of the season… Canes are the hottest team in the league right now… we played them very well… so I give our team a lot of credit for that… if the 4th goal doesn’t go in, the game could’ve been different. Some adjustments must be made… Torts is wearing the team out…third periods are a disaster! That and the miserable PP… when will it get any results? Or will it ever get any results? It is absolutely painful to watch… No PP… no deep playoffs run.

    I am all for making the playoffs… i am for the young players to get experience and I am definitely all for prolonging Rangers hockey as much as possible. And if someone comes on here, roots for the team and then says “Oh, I hope they won’t make it in”… especially at this point of the season… then maybe it’s time to find another team to root for…

    P.S. and now we want for the fourth line to play more… SIGH

  257. Carp,

    If Raleigh wasn’t in the plans and Greensboro were there full time home, they wouldn’t have survived. The only time that place was ever full in the first 2 years was when Gretzky and the Rangers were in town and even then it was Green Acres. Great seats for cheap though all the time.

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