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That is easily the best game the Rangers have played since I’ve been on this blog, which goes back to Jan. 29, and some of you have said that it may have been their best game all year.

Since I’ve been around, whatever game is second best isn’t even close.

And it could not have come at a better time, because the Rangers not only desperately needed both points, but they needed to get a lot of things straightened out — offense, defense, goaltending, coaching, holding a lead, using some smarts, discipline. To do it against such a formidable opponent (even though the Devils are struggling, they were cranked up for this game) is very impressive.

Now comes the challenging part. Do it again. The Rangers have had flashes, though none as bright as this, during the John Tortorella era. But they’ve usually followed up with something less than stellar, sometimes downright bad. Consistency has been a problem, and you need look no further than Atlanta last Thursday for proof. The Rangers need consistency to go anywhere in the playoffs, assuming they get there, and they need a couple more games like this, at least, to get there.

1) Sean Avery was genius. Pure genius. (“The Godfather” was on TV on at the same time as the game and Avery used the Corleone logic: Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.) To be that aggravating and disciplined at the same time, well, you can’t teach that. He didn’t even deserve the minor penalty he got when he suckered Clarkson into taking a double-minor and a misconduct.

2) Tortorella realized he had to pull back a bit on the go-go-go pressure, and it worked. That’s a pretty good adjustment to make this late in the game.

3) Hank’s back. Tortorella has said he’s the best goalie in the league, but for a while now he has not been that. He hasn’t been in the uppermost tier of goalies. He has to be that, and he was against the Devils and Marty Brodeur, whom he owns.

4) Curses Versus. How bad can a telecast get? How about Versus starting out of the gate, and repeating throughout, the promo about Buffalo having the most passionate fans in the NHL. Yeah, all the other fans want to hear that, right? 

5) I love that Heineken ad with the guys in the walk-in refrigerator full of beer.

Now your boys go back on the road … with no room for slipping back at all.

Here are the official game summary and event summary.


NOON UPDATE: No new info, but I just wanted to remind you all that Montreal has two games in hand and Florida one. The Cats and Canadiens both play tonight. The Rangers-Habs game next Tuesday could be the deciding game in terms of playoff berth for either team. Of course, if the Rangers can get three or four points out of Carolina and Boston Thursday and Saturday, they could be in really good position by then. Or, on the half-empty side … if they only get two, or one, or no points out of those two road games, that could be the game that knocks them out.

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  1. That heinekin commercial is one of the best beer comercials i seen in a while. Besides that, your absolutely right about versus. They need to put their heads on right. Since the announcers don’t watch the rangers every game they keep saying wrong info. One of the announcers said, “Lundqvist blew a big lead Thursday night in Atlanta” hey buddy check your record books it was Vally in net. Versus should just take an announcer from each team to broadcast the game so at least they know about the team. Also it looks like that Anger Management classes really helped Avery. It’s like they hypnotized him or something.

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  3. Carp,

    I was really confused about the Buffalo commercials as well. What’s the deal there? Did Buffalo pay to have that spot? Very weird. Especially since they played it so many time throughout the course of the game.

  4. Jeff, they’ve been running that Buffalo commercial for two weeks!!!! I dont recall seeing a Rangers vs. Wild commercial two weeks ago. Maybe because it’s versus last regular season telecast before they butcher our playoff coverage along with the other minions of Satan, NBC.

  5. last night was a great win and a solid team effort but that doesn’t leave me thinking we could best the devils in the first round. that series would absolutely annihilate both teams. even if the rangers did find a way to win a series against the devils, they’d be gassed heading into the second round.

    +1 to ryan callahan for having a breakout year. 30 goals next year?
    +1 to sean avery who is once again becoming my favorite player on the team.

    these next few are going to be tough.

  6. Thank you Jane and Rick for all that you do.

    I feel like Im walking on air after that fantastic win last night. And I will add like everyone else said. “Why cant they play like this all year?”

  7. Do you know what guys ???

    Sean Avery is almost turned around since he was in this anger counseling management ! The whole NHL try to banging him around almost for sixty minutes, but Avery is not giving any kind of response and always smiling, when opposing players walking to the sin bin ….

    Even when you hear interviews from him, you realize that the sound of his voice has changed, he never replies in his previous typical defiant mode…

    I may need the telefon number of this place in California, because I have a very short fuss once in a while and they can cure me as well..:)

  8. Amusing to see that someone else has put such notice to the Heineken commercial. I find it the best (American) commercial I’ve seen in a long time. Yeah, I live in Sweden.

    Every time I see it, I just grin.

    And oh, Avery + NYR = Mutual love.

  9. whats your location ag? if there are a couple in the area, you might try them all… I’m going to pick mine up soon

  10. Salty, get me one with extra pepperoni. If you’re going to be in Port Chester anyway, stop by Pat’s Hubba Hubba. Nothing washes down a pizza like a couple of chili-cheese dogs.

  11. Clearly the Rangers played an amazing game, but I don’t know how much was caused by our relentless, disciplined, & intelligent effort, & how much was due to the poor recent play of the Devils, which continued in this game.
    Too often, we as fans get caught up looking at a performance in myoptic terms, as if everything that happens is solely caused by OUR team’s performance, without consideration for what the opponent is, or is not doing.
    NJ has been poor defensively of late, giving up tons of shots & scoring chances, which we certainly took great advantage of.
    Before we pronounce that we have turned a corner, let’s see if we can string some back to back efforts like this, or if this was just more a reflection of a weak effort by NJ.
    In any case, it was a joy to see such a performance in spite of a good effort by Marty. No weak goals, some great saves, just some good finishing at last.

  12. The Esteemed Doodie Machetto on

    Carp, I’m with you on the Buffalo commercial, especially since it’s just patently false.

    My fiancee is with you on the Heineken commercial, as she said the same thign after seeing it last night.

    Great game all around last night. Avery was indeed fantastic. He and Hank own the Devils.

    My one negative takeaway from last night is that it just made it clear to me how much Antropov doesn’t fit on this team. He’s MUCH too slow. Yesterday the whole team was zipping up and down the ice, getting involved, banging hard, working the corners, except Antropov, who seemed to always be finally showing up just as the play turned the other way. Remember when the team said Immonen was a little too slow? Antropov is MUCH slower than him. Who cares how big you are if you’re too slow to ever be involved in the play?

    It’s definitely going to be Antropov or Zherdev this summer (possibly neither, but definitely not both), and I would much rather have Zherdev (who was excellent last night), although I think the team will take Antropov, and that’s just a mistake.

  13. Seriously, the NHL needs to crackdown on the stick action Brodeur was doing to Avery. If Avery were to sneeze on Fatso Brodeur, he would of been penalized.

  14. Guys… and gals… The Heineken commercial is great. But does it really beat the Conan Bud Light commercial? Vroom Vroom Pahrty Staharter!!! (Yes the H’s are there for accent)

    Buff… Good point about Avery. He seems to have matured as a human being. That in turn has improved him as a player too.

    Rick and Jane… Thanx again for all the hard work!

  15. Salty Long Island… and I didn’t get to pick a location I typed in my zip coded and it found a place, when I put in the coupon code it said it didn’t recognize it…

  16. As Avery will be happy to tell anyone, he understands marketing. And he definitely understands that it’s even better for him to be getting picked on by the refs — that’s only helping him and keeps him in the news, even in a loss. He doesn’t miss the irony of the NHL basically banning him from hockey for a few months, and then using him for ratings and advertising non-stop once he came back. Too bad no one in the NHL is capable of marketing the sport the way it deserves to be marketed.

  17. Doddie

    As long as Antro has that wicked shot and he hangs around the net and scores. I dont care how he lumbers back & fourth on the ice – as long as he is in position :)

  18. kc

    Fantastic point!! How they bash Avery and his mouth – practically kick him out of the league. Yet, they use him to “sell” games “Sean Avery and the NY Rangers” God how I HATE BETTMAN!!!!

  19. Ag, depending on how much you really want, you can try broadening your search results…. although I don’t know how prevalent Dominos is in LI… on mine it gave me the option to choose a few stores, the closest one to me seemed to work…


    Pat’s is a FREQUENT stop for me. If only they had the Pat’s chili topping.

  20. The Esteemed Doodie Machetto on

    “As long as Antro has that wicked shot and he hangs around the net and scores. I dont care how he lumbers back & fourth on the ice – as long as he is in position :)”

    my point is he trails the rush so much that by the time he gets in position the puck is already headed the other way.

  21. The Esteemed Doodie Machetto on

    “Seriously can we lock up Callahan and Dubinsky already?”

    hell yeah.

  22. yea Salty not worth it unfortunately .. I could have gone for some Dominos… haven’t had it since I was in college…

    re marketing Avery… how about the league selling official Avery RUles tee shirts?? did they even think before doing that one…

  23. shesends, let’s not go overboard here. You are going to have to play the best team(s) at some point in the playoffs.

  24. Pizza Peperoni mixed with chili cheese causes diarrh…and acid refl.. especially when it´s for free…..:)

  25. I still don’t get the ‘first’ nonsense … are my fellow blueshirt fans a bunch of drunk 5 year olds?

    First!! Holy s-it, we get it, grow the F up.

  26. Regarding the “Avery Rules” t-shirts — Bettman canceled league plans to sell them — conflict of interest maybe? But they were sold by an independent t-shirt company anyway.
    There was a link on this site last year to the t-shirts. Apparently Rangers fans have to market their team to themselves, since the NHL seems incapable of it.

  27. The Esteemed Doodie Machetto on

    I’ve served Domino’s thin crust pizza as appetizers at parties and people tear it to shreds. It comes diced up into squares, so I just arrange them on plates. And it’s not like the other things I’ve served were crap. I’m a good cook. But that thin crust pizza is actually really tasty as a snack, so long as you don’t realize it’s Domino’s.

  28. Anyone notice that Dubi was 6-0 on faceoff wins last night. And Z had another 100% FO win game last night. Ok so he only took one; but I’ve noticed that whenever he does take any he wins them. The kid is definitely a keeper.
    As for Antropov, when you’re 6’6″ anything you do on skates looks like “lumbering” i.e Chara. The important thing is he (Antro) finishes plays. Goals & assists that’s how you measure his contributions.

  29. Locking up Cally and Dubi? 10 years, 65 million… EACH! LoL. OK, i’m just playing.

    Cally, yea lock him up. He’s progressed very nicely this year. 21 goals is great and he’s playing even better with the arrival of his mentor (Avery).

    Dubi, i’m not sure he should be locked up yet. How much will he want? What will others offer (in terms of RFA sheets) and where else could the money be spent? 2 goals in 2 games, great, but after 23 games without a goal?! Ummm, I don’t know about him yet.

  30. GardenFaithfulinFLA on

    All this talk about Hubba Hubba’s, I’m going to have to get my daughter to bring some down her next trip instead of Park Deli stuff!

  31. My favorite thing of the VS broadcast last night was them giving Dubi’s goal to Gomez…. who wasn’t on the ice, nor does Dubi look like him in any way

  32. To continue from the last post Linda, when WASN’T the SmithHaven mall gangsta and guido ville? It certainly was 10 years ago when I was in high school and took the bus there so my friend Mike could steal me cd’s from Sam Goody

  33. Z has more points than our $7.3m “star” center and $7m third line center… $5m is a minimum of what he’d take.

    If the kid tried he’d be a 40 goal scorer… I just hope it’s not a rival team that snags him.

  34. Z getting 5 million dollar offer sheet = us getting 3 1st round picks. I’m fine with letting him walk for that reason alone.

  35. “Prucha busts out with three-pointer: Coyotes C Petr Prucha scored once and added two assists in Monday’s win over the Stars. He has only 18 points this season, but six in his last five games.
    Prucha has been a better player since leaving New York. That’s primarily because he was hardly a factor in the game plan and now is logging top-six time with the ‘Yotes.”

  36. Pavel,

    The statement you just made is why I wouldn’t want Zhedrev back for anything over $3 mil. “IF he tried.” He should always try, there are too many mental lapses in his game.

  37. I hate they have to play Carolina the next game.

    They Rangers should have signed Dubinsky when he was slumping so they wouldnt have to pay him much, but like Glenn does will probably take them to all to arby’s LOL

  38. DanNYC
    That miscall by Emeric was funny, especially from him. He doesn’t do that often. To his credit though, he noted the mistake on the replay and they made light of it. They didn’t just blow it off like the idiot crew on NBC would. I also give him credit for calling a pretty straight game inspite of being a Devils announcer. He is soooo much better without Chico in the booth next to him.

  39. I consider Emrick among the best play-by-play guys in hockey, but he was absolutely dreadful last night. On Dubi’s goal, he was convinced it was Gomez and didn’t say “Dubinsky” until the players were headed back to center ice for the next faceoff. There were other times when he kept saying “Sjostrom” when it was clear as day that it was Korpikoski on the ice.

  40. I don’t see Z taking many nights off with Torts as coach. He knows he’ll get sat down real quick and he lives for ice time. And let’s face it, we watch games to be entertained, and he is the most entertaining player talentwise (Avery get’s it for gamesmanship) on the team.

  41. The Esteemed Doodie Machetto on

    “My favorite thing of the VS broadcast last night was them giving Dubi’s goal to Gomez…. who wasn’t on the ice, nor does Dubi look like him in any way”

    Emrick corrected himself. I think he was probably doing it by jersey number. They both have doofy looking faces too. Not the worst mistake.

    As for those offer sheet numbers, in your and their dreams. Zherdev gets 4 million, tops. Cally will get 2.5, Dubinsky 1.5. Those are their ceilings.

    Zherdev has talent and pretty good numbers, but he also has consistency issues and all of his coaches have seemed to take issue with him at times. That doesn’t equate to 5 million per. And no team offers that because of the 1st, 2nd, and third round picks they would also have to give up. In fact, no team would give up a 1st and a 3rd round pick (the compensation beneath that level) either. I think he goes for 3-3.5 million.

    One 20 goal season doesn’t earn you 3.5 million, even with all of his hitting. He’s a RFA, and he’ll get a raise, but they won’t go crazy with him. 2.5 million, absolute maximum. Likely closer to 2.

    Dubinsky won’t get much of a raise at all. His numbers have dropped, and without that hot start to the season that he had, his scoring is almost nonexistent. 1.5 million.

  42. Yeah… Gomez and Dubi are like twins… sooooooo similar. Cut him a break will ya. lol

  43. quit kissing the ass of Emrick. that is like kissing the ass of Brodeur, who btw Emrick called “fantastic” last night.

    Henrik is 14-2-4 vs fatso.


    btw, just by size alone he is an idiot if he confuses Gomez, who played for many years in front of Emrick, for Dubi

  44. GardenFaithful, you have to go to Pat’s for the atmosphere, though.
    Just kidding. It’s a real dive, just the place you want to go when you’ve spent many hours in a bar, after midnight. But the chili dogs are pretty good. And the chili fries (with cheese, an option).

  45. Doodie, I gotta disagree. I dont think it is that terrible that he comes late. Seems like Most of the Rangers are too far ahead and on the perimeter. Too many times the puck goes through the slot with nobody there..Antro gets there. I agree he looks slow, but i haven’t seen him skate live so it might be the size throwing it off. I can go either way on Z, not as much skill as Kovelev, worse in his own zone…and Kovelev wore down my patience.

  46. Gomez is a damn hunchback…dubinsky is like the scarecrow…how can you mix them up???

    Doodie…stop sticking up for Beeker (Emrick)

  47. callahan is not getting $3.5 mill a yr. Pavel you throw money around like it is nothing.

  48. 19 looks like 17 on a jersey, get over it – Emrick corrected the color guy on the first replay.

  49. czechthemout..... on


    Dubinsky’s #’s have not gone down. He is only 1 point away from his totals from last year with 5 games to play.
    And remember, he played with Jagr last year. Despite some of his struggles,I can easily make the case that his play this year is overall better than last year.
    Don’t forget who his coach was last year and most of this year.

  50. Boris Karloff on

    “Gomez is a damn hunchback”


    he looks like Frankenstein’s helper, Igor

  51. Without a doubt, last night was the best game the Rangers played this year. Henrik was at his absolute best as was everyone on the team. They played 100% of their capability. Now here’s the problem; can they do this every night? Without any star players to carry this team when they don’t perform as well it could be very difficult to go beyond the 1st round, assuming we make the playoffs. The habs, also, have (2) games in hand. Maybe Torts and a very compassionate team could pull it off.

  52. I can’t believe some of you would think that we would not over pay on Cally. Can anyone say Redden, Gomez, Drury, Holik….need I say more???

  53. I hope Cally gets the raise he deserves, but we’re in cap hell.

    $43m in 10 players and the cap is going DOWN to $52ish.

  54. good logic Jor71 overpay Cally because you overpay everyone else. They will give Cally a fair offer and a nice raise and we will see how he continues to develop.

    Dubi does everything well but score. He is young and should improve in scoring. He possibly one day can be come a 30 goal scorer and if so he will be a centerpirce of the team. the guy is 22 so the future is unknown but he should continue to improve for years….

  55. yeah, right now let’s lock dubinsky and cally up for 3 – 4 years each, then give em raises if they show they can be consistent which I think they will — Cally goal scorer at every level before the NHL, and seems to have found his touch in the NHL.

  56. Patrick, Thanks for that. Sounds like a tall tale. Or a long tale. Or maybe not as long as they claim.

    But, gee, I sure didn’t see this coming. Couldn’t imagine they really don’t work. Could you?


  58. Hey guys,

    Figuring someone here might want them. I have a pair of prostock RBK 5K Team USA gloves (red white and blue) that I’m looking to get rid of. Only wore them for 1 season and they are in great condition, only has a puck mark on the cuff of the right glove. If anyone wants them. Let me know.

  59. So I guess Clarkson is home free for throwing Avery around like a ragdoll… no suspension… no anger management…no straightjacket… no leash and muzzle… cool

    As long as Avery got 2 minutes for roughing just for being Avery, all is good then.

  60. NY Rangers Examiner on

    Carp, you hit the nail on the head with the bad broadcast of Versus, but you forgot to mention also how biased the commentators were towards the Devils last night.

    Emrick was his typical self, but his partner Elliot was by far worse (maybe he was trying to impress Doc?) and it was sickening to listen to.

  61. Right at the end of the game Orr should have been sent out to throw around any Devil at all….see what happened then

  62. Great game last night, i agree it was one of the best of the season, along with that Avs beat down for Torts’ first win.

    Anybody see Pruuuuuuuuuuuu-CHA score the OT winner against the Stars last night. Good for him.

    Clarkson is a loser, Aves did his job, there was no need to give the Devils what they wanted. Good for him, but of course the refs give him a penalty, lol fuggin idiots.

    Did anyone hear Orr call Rupp a c*ck sucker last night ? You could hear it perfectly. It was funny.

    Go Hawks, Go Panthers, Go Blues !

  63. I saw that Prucha goal last night, very nice. Good for him!! That game was crazy in the 3rd.

    Dan, i didnt know what was scarier, the oil slicked hair and girlie lips, or the orange tan!!!

  64. I’m not gonna link any here but if you guys want some real fun go to youtube and watch sesame street mupptes doing movie lines…

    They have an old ernie and bert skit overdubbed to Joe Pesci(ernie) and Robert Dinero (Burt) from casino…

    The count singing a song where the word “count” gets bleeped out and it gives you the idea he’s saying……err…a bad word..

  65. I was at the game and couldn’t believe why Avery was penalized, but after seeing the replay, I think Avery got the 2 min because he dropped his right glove off while Clarkson had him rapped up. This was probably just a precaution in case he needed to throw a punch. Had he kept his glove on, he may not have gotten it. Fortunately for us, his cooler head prevailed and we still got a power play.

  66. Then again, if we were playing the penguins, Avery would have gotten a 5 min major for interference.

  67. I predicted the rangers would lose 5-2,
    i am happy i was wrong, will we see this effort again?

  68. ctrain016

    I think you’re right…I just saw the glove drop off
    drop the gloves you get something
    probably should have been a 5 and 2 for Clarkson and a 2 on Aves

  69. GardenFaithfulinFLA on

    I remember when it was Texas! Spent many a 4:00 am there! Don’t remember them but I was there!

  70. Speaking of the Brodeur/Avery incident. I watched the game that night but did not notice the wack Brodeur gave Avery to start the ball rolling until I saw a video recently.
    No one every mentions that, only that Avery got in his face.
    The wack I didn’t see last night sounded similar.
    Quite honestly I wish I got Versus. I would be glad to watch the game with the sound off like I do when I watch Emerick on NBC. Pitchfork that.

  71. clarkson sure looked like a “…jerk…” beating on avery while he wasn’t even fighting back. i was sitting next to a big group of devils fans who kept calling him homosexual slurs for not fighting back. fact of the matter is that clarkson sat the rest of the game out, and avery took 2 minutes because he’s sean avery (i mean really how do you get a roughing penalty when you don’t even rough someone)

  72. Shoryuken on Wade Redden on

    Lmao on a Devils blog there’s people calling for Lamoriello and Sutter’s heads. People say we’re bad.

    I was there last night, plenty of fights in the 400s as usual for a Devils matchup.

    I’m just pissed I missed VS. telecast. Surely it was as awesome as usual?

  73. it looks like Schony was able to convince Torts to scale back on the Dmen pinching, after the debacle in Pitt. THAT was a key in the NJ game too, the fact that the Rangers did not give up lots of 2-on-1’s and breakaways. keeping the dmen covering the middle of the ice more than the boards on opponents breakouts helps reduce outnumbered situations.

    I posted about it on Sun afternoon, and was happy to see they were thinking the same way.

  74. e.m.

    yes Torts talked about it but in that radio interview someone else linked here he said that wasn’t what happened in Pitts he said the d men were just brain dead on the play…

    shooryuken… what specifically are the Devs fans complaining about? I mean are they upset they are in third place without their franchise goalie for so long?

  75. Shoryuken on Wade Redden on


    They’re basically saying that the team has quit on Sutter 2 years in a row at this time, and that all the teams around them got better while they only added Havelid. But they hate losing to us, I think that’s what it is. Their whole franchise is based upon hating us it seems.

  76. jerkins perkins(carps nephew) on

    carp- haha i agree. i love that hiney comercial.

    linda- yea i left long island in 05 and i hated goin to the smithhaven mall. way too many freakin people, and yea too many little gangster wannabes or preppy rich kids. hated that scene.

    dannyc- cool man, i thought linda commented on sports plus, but thanks for the info. and there used to be a ballys gym on the other side of 25 a long time ago. it was by the burlingtom coat factory and across from the pc richards i think. i still miss ny badly though. miss the pizza and theres no carvels around here! just dairy queen. but yea i left long island, it was becoming a ghetto. too many damn people from the city started movin out there. dont miss the traffic on the l.i.e. either. i guess im closer to minny than chicago, so until 2 years when i go visit some friends, im not gonna see a ranger game unless they play the wild next season. hey, one of these days we all should meet up for a game. i know it sounds corny, but it would be fun to meet some blogmates!

  77. right, Agravaine. Torts system takes quick reacting and mobile dmen. that did not happen correctly in Pitt, so he made it easier on them by allowing them to do less pinching, thus less chance of mistakes.

  78. lol jerkins we tried to have a little meet up at the first game of the season but only Jo, nasty and myself showed up…

    wasn’t there talk once of trying a get together at like ESPN zone…?

    it would be fun to meet blogmates

    gotta say though I like DQ better than Carvel most of the time (whenever I go south or west I stop at DQ if I can) but I guess sometimes Carvel is all that will do… Sonics though is gross…

  79. never been to the Smithhaven Mall… as much as I can recall… its the Broadway (Hicksville) Mall for me… if needed then Roosevelt Field but its a mess over there with the parking and traffic….

  80. jerkins perkins(carps nephew) on

    ohh and i watched the yotes stars game last night. man dallas has like every star player on their team except ribiero, modano, and erickson out. no wonder they suck. but i watched the game up until ot. i missed pruchas goal, but im very happy for him. he was havin a good game and his line mustve scored at least 3 goals last night. he was on the pp makin some good plays. i really hope that sather knows what hes doin as far as resigning some guys. because he got rid of 3 cheap players andf got antro who is due for aty least 4 mill next year and morris too. he should get like 3 right? i hope less but doesnt he make 3 now? we wont be able to afford morris if redden or rozy are till here. i think either rozy or morris goes. but as long as we sign antro or zherdev i’ll be happy. id prefer zherdev because of his age and potential, but damn antros size and great shot are such a huge improvement for us.

  81. jerkins perkins(carps nephew) on

    shoryuken, hell yea uncle carp pays!!! j/k carp.

    aggie, i remember when u guys were gonna do that. wasnt there considerably less bloggers here then though? over the summer i cant recall too many posters. i had just started reading this blog last summer too. i didnt start posting until the season started. i guess it would be hard to organize it and how would we know each other. itd be kinda weird to go up to someone and say, hi im jerkins perkins, and you are? lol.

  82. Shoryuken on Wade Redden on

    On Prucha’s OT goal he did the same thing he did for us when he got PP time, went to the front of the net and got good position. That’s why it drove me nuts when he didn’t get time in favor of stone hands Drury.

  83. jerkins perkins(carps nephew) on

    its government propaganda shoryuken! tailor made to keep its people scared and submissive!!!

  84. jerkins perkins(carps nephew) on

    aggie, im on myspace, just search carman. thats my myspace name

  85. jerkins perkins(carps nephew) on

    guys just imagine if antro had the speed and tenacity of prucha. hed be a 40 goal scorer!

  86. jerkins perkins(carps nephew) on

    hey shoryuken, at least drury has a charming personality and is captain built for a city like new york!!! lol. hes more like a captain built for the transylvania national hockey team!

  87. wow Prucha could have ended the Stars season haha! well maybe it was already over but you know.

  88. jerkins perkins(carps nephew) on

    hey guys, i found this on about the masterton trophy nominees from each division. blair betts was nominated for the rangers. i copied it. here it is.

    New York Rangers: Blair Betts — Since coming to the team from Calgary on March 6, 2004, 29-year-old center Blair Betts has played through shoulder, facial and foot surgeries to become one of the League’s most reliable fourth-line checkers and penalty killers. Through 75 games, Betts has recorded five goals, four assists and 16 penalty minutes. Relentless in his pursuit of the puck and fearless about throwing his body into the path of opposing slap shots, Betts usually is one of the first two forwards sent onto the ice for a Rangers penalty-killing unit that has led the League through much of the season.

    pretty good stuff about betts. id hate to see him go but he probably has to with AA probably makin the team next season.

  89. Shoryuken on Wade Redden on

    He’s more fit to captain a chess team I think. He’d keep their emotions from boiling over during a heated rivalry match.

  90. Shoreyuken and nephew Jerkins: Huh? Tickets? I’m so broke I can’t even pay attention.
    GardenFaithful, if you’re anywhere close to my age, then I probably saw you at Texas in the wee hours one or two mornings. Probably saw two of you, actually.

  91. jerkins

    well Jo and I kind of knew what Nasty looked like from last seasons beard competition… and Jo and I are twins so we stand out at times… oh and there were tons of posters becuase it was the start of the season yea during the summer it dies down, but thats when you find out who the crazies… I mean who your friends are…

    yes but it would be fun… one time I was by Penn station and someone yelled out Agravaine form way down the block… she recognized me from pics on myspace… I felt both weird to be adressed in real life by my screenname but damn proud to have been recognized at the Garden… lol…

    haha Carp

    yea good on Betts he deserves it… I hope he gets it but he won’t… he is constantly voted the most underappreciated player in the league… which I think winning that is by necessity a contradiction…

  92. Shoryuken on Wade Redden on

    Haha did you hear Doc on the VS replay? Holy Waffleboards, Edzo! They’re booing Redden!

  93. Reminder everyone; the balloting for the Steven McDonald Extra Effort Award ends tonight at midnight so everyone make sure to vote for Cally…I mean uhhhhh….vote as many times for the hardest working Ranger in your opinion.

    Good stuff on Betts. I’ve really liked him since early in 05-06 and I hope they can keep him and have AA play 3rd line with Dubi and Z (Cally’s pretty much officially a top 6 winger with Torts) but we shall see. I still think some team like Chicago, Colo, or even Flo-rida (especially when J Bo bolts) who is very weak at center will basically double his salary and that will be too much for Sather.

    Also, I’m not too worried about Cally and Dubi as no team is gonna give up multiple high picks for each one and they may do what Henrik did, sign one year deals, and then do this whole thing over again next summer which is fine by me.

  94. Hey, what kind of reception did Shanny get when he appeared – boos or cheers? No clue of seeing anything on that on Versus.

  95. Shoryuken on Wade Redden on


    Couple people in my section booed, but for the most part it was pretty apathetic.

  96. Shanny was just kind of “there” last night. I didn’t notice him too much. Same with Naslund.

    Also, I know we go back and forth on the great Naslund debate and I love the guy however in all honesty (thank you Dave Maloney) he isn’t noticeable anymore and isn’t a difference maker. He’s just kinda…there, which is not good. He doesn’t really rush up the ice too well and his patented wrist shot hasn’t looked very lethal. I’m not mad at the guy or anything, I just don’t think he should be brought back next year even with his no trade clause. As Mr. Spock said, there are always possibilities.

  97. I’m watching the Versus replay and I’m trying to figure out on the second goal where Marty thinks he was interfered with.. I rewound it several times and still never saw it.

  98. Shoryuken, thanks. I thought the fans would give him a nice cheer for what he did over 2 years with us. I’ll never forget the fight he had with Brashear – Great Leadership there!

  99. Nas did the best of many under Renney’s system but he can’t keep up with Tort’s

    and I voted for Cally already it was betweeen him and Betts as far as I was concerned

  100. no, I know. It’s just lame that he thought he could even make that claim. Drury skated through a bit of the crease and that was it. Man I regret selling the tickets for this game but we just couldn’t make it last night.

  101. Jo really wanted to get in (I don’t know how many people here right now know who I mean Jorek but she hasn’t posted for quite a while)

    anyway she wanted to go in to see Shanny cause she looooooooooooooooves him!!! ;) but we couldn’t do it… :( stoopid economy and ticket prices…

  102. some idiot Rangers fan just yelled into the camera while Domi was interviewed… i would die if Domi knocked his lights out for yelling in his face like that! lol

  103. Wow, Tortorella actually made a smart adjustment to his *whole* gameplan, unlike our former coach. I am looking forward to seeing the Avery incident coming up on the Versus replay of the game (which takes too many commercials, so the whole game can’t fit in two hours. This was a good game.

    I’m going to try out Salty’s Dominos suggestion later when my roommate gets home. :)

  104. I’m guessing Avery got that roughing minor because he was engaged with Clarkson and did shake one of his gloves off of his hand. Bailout free pizza is not working for me! :(

  105. Blue Seat thnx for sharing the link

    Hey Torts

    It is our absolute privilege to have you as a coach of the New York Rangers! Keep doing a good job!

  106. GardenFaithfulinFLA on

    We’re floating around the same time-frame so I’m sure we stumbled into one another a time or two. So, you mean to tell me that Texas wasn’t actually as crowded as I thought it was – I was just seeing two of everyone?

  107. Carp,

    I thinks should have put out Orr more in the last ten minutes…Rupp was taking runs at everyone…one way to get him off the ice is to have Orr fight him or keep more at bay.

    The Rangers need a legit middleweight. If they can shed some of the bloated contracts..they should make a real run at Neil.

    Then when a team lacks a real enforcer..Orr(and he is one of my favorite players) can sit and your 4th line can be more dynamic.

    The Clarkson, Carcillo and Ashams need to be address.

    If Avery had a guy who could take care of them he would be an even bigger A hole..which is what he does best.

  108. It’s like a boxer, GardenFaithful. You’d spend all night working the head, then go to Texas for the body shot. Makes for a wonderful next morning.

    Remember the old lady who’d stir that big vat of chili with the cigarette in her mouth and the ashes dangerously hanging over the chili?

  109. jack, a new unwritten rule has been circulating among NHL coaches and heavyweights … you don’t oblige these guys and fight when you’re comfortably ahead. That annoys the losing team and the losing team’s fighter and the losing team’s coach even more.

    And I think the Rangers have a legit middleweight: Avery.

  110. A random point, but nevertheless one worth making: I am out of town on business and ended up going to the hawks-canucks game the other night in chicago. Nucks won 4-0. I can honestly say that the rangers are a better team than both those teams (4th and 5th in the west). And i didn’t even see the devs game.

  111. The Rangers have a few guys in their system like Byers/Soryal/Weisse/Dowzak who can fight too so it’s not essential to spend on a middleweight when one might be playing 4th line next year either with/to replace Orr.

  112. Carp,
    The announcers complained about Avery “turtling” there and the interview with the Fan in TO kind of also had the hint of insult when the fellow asked Torts about what he thought of Avery not fighting…

    personally of course Aves shouldn’t have fought there… first of all he probably wuold have been suspended again had he fought… and secondly if he did lose the fight there the Devs would have been able to claim some small victory and we couldn’t have that :)

  113. I wish it would be Soryal..but Mitch from Howlings said he thinks Byers has a more legit shot…Orr is irreplaceable.

    Carp..Avery is my favorite player but he is smaller then most guys…guys like Clarkson and Asham would give him trouble.

    If I had a say..this is what my defense of the future would look like:

    Giradi-Bobby S.
    Del Z- Dowzak

    meat and potatos with fine wine.

  114. habs and panthers up 3-0 3-1.

    we might have to win out with there schedules being easy.

    we are in trouble

  115. As usual, the scoreboard hurting the blueshirts. Looks like no one is gonna hand the playoffs to us. Gotta take it by the jugular.

  116. Agravaine, the people complaining about him “turtling” probably hate him and wanted to see him get his butt kicked. Or they don’t understand the new code that you don’t give the losers the satisfaction of fighting them.

    I think he’s fine as a middleweight. What would you consider Dubinsky? I think they have plenty of toughness without forcing a guy into the lineup just for his fighting.

    Jack, you forgot Redden. He’s only here for five more years. meat, potatoes, fine wine and, what? dog food?

  117. Carp,

    That is worse then dog food…he is not a bad 5th-6th dman…he should be what Morris is but his salary has him in Lidstrom/Pronger/Chara land.

    Can you pull Dolan aside and tell him I am requesting they fire Sather and make Schoney GM.

  118. If only we didn’t blow games against Toronto, Florida, Atlanta and Washingon… that’d be about 8 more points!

  119. Shoryuken on Wade Redden on

    Redden is more like a bagel with cream cheese that someone left out in the sun for too long

  120. LOL,


    Dubi is tough as nails…but do you remember what happened to hit against Richardson.

    He is way to valuable..let him beat up on ll and soon enough Richards but keep him away for the legit guys.

    One other thing..u take Orr out of this organization..who do replace him with.

  121. jerkins perkins(carps nephew) on

    hey aggrivaine, i voted for cally like 3 times, but then felt bad so i voted for shoe and then mara. imo, shoe has also been extra noticeable under torts system, maybe because he got bumped up a line, but his speed really helps. even if he doesnt score too often, he at least works hard and is pretty good in the corners. if anything, he maybe gets some energy back on our side and some momentum. and obviously the tandem of him and betts on the pk is also a good reason why were in the playoffs. i know hank is our best pker and it always is the goalie, they have done so mny of the little things to help get wins. just imagine if our pk was as bad as our pp. just imagine if some our top 6 forwards had the energy and work ethic of shoe and betts. i think cally, gomez and doobs are the closest

  122. jerkins perkins(carps nephew) on

    actually, cally is in the same category with them as far as work ethic. and aves too.

    roc- nothing ever comes easy does ith of them lost tonight. wed be tied for 8th with fla if we lost last night

  123. jerkins perkins(carps nephew) on

    hey go colombus though right? gotta be good for their fans. its good to see some different teams battling for playoffs this year. even florida too. wish phoenix was in though. just imagine a game 7 rangers vs colombus and backman scores the game winner in ot. o boy! or game 7, rangers vs coyotes, and kalinin scores in ot with assist from prucha. wanna see how fast sather leaves the country for somewhere secluded like northern siberia

  124. Pavel
    March 31st, 2009 at 9:46 pm
    If only we didn’t blow games against Toronto, Florida, Atlanta and Washingon… that’d be about 8 more points!


    or if we had at least 3 more games against TBL…that’s like extra 6 points for free! :)

  125. jerkins perkins(carps nephew) on

    jrg- chicago is pretty bad right now, they have only won 4 of their last 13, but theyre still very young team, and are much better than last year. i watched the last 10 minutes of tonights game on versus and they looked like dog sh@@. the nucks are pretty good though man. they whooped our butts at the garden and chased hank. i know those were the renny days, but how would you see the rangers fitting in the western conference? its a little bit tougher i think.

  126. jerkins perkins(carps nephew) on

    “i knew it was you fredo”!!! smooch!!!!!!! hey carp godfather 2 is on!

  127. We’re gonna have to do it ourselves. Of course Ottawa plays like garbage tonight.

    I need a good luck beer like I had for the last couple stretch runs, last year it was Sam Adams, any ideas?

  128. jerkins perkins(carps nephew) on

    give sather an offer sheet he cant refuse! hopefully not for cally or doobs.

  129. jerkins,

    I am not a Western Conf. guru. I am not comparing Nyr to SJ-Det, but i am just saying I was surprised at the level of play between chi-van. It was really nothing great. A few soft goals, lots of individual rushes….I was expecting more. I think chicago is/will be a great team given their youth, but the game confirmed to me that nyr can compete with their talent up front + lundqvist. I have not been that positive al l year, but watching a couple other teams in an important game put some perspective on it.

  130. Why would Sean Avery give a crap about a code? As if he woudld read some guy’s book about a code, and care. Code…Shmode.
    Leaders don’t subscribe to stuff by rote. Sean Avery is a contrarian, he loves nothing more than to give people what they don’t want or expect. It unsettles his opponents, like the big stupid Clarkson, too dumb to know how dumb he is.
    Then Sean can laugh, knowing he embarrassed them.
    Works for me !!

    I love contrarians.

  131. This play-off race is going to be a very tight one. We have by far the hardest run-in of the 4-9 position teams (all 5 remaining games against play-off position teams) and with wins for the Habs and Cats last night we are now much closer to dropping out, although at the moment we have the advantage on wins if we’re tied on points with either of them.

    I expect Pitt to move up to 4th tonight by beating the Debbies in the Igloo, and then the pressure is on us to beat the teams around us (@ Car, vs Mtl)and get at least a point out of Boston. That would give us 94 points with a home and home with Philly left.

    One advantage that can’t be discounted is that we play our last game a day later than our rivals (albeit against one of our rivals)
    94 points was enough for 8th last season, it looks like 95 would definately be enough, maybe even 94.

  132. I BLEED TRUE BLUE—- MY NEW NYR BLOG—- Written by Rangers fans, for Rangers fans. Updated daily with commentary, video, and scores.

  133. One thing I have not heard about the Devils game:

    If Shanny is such a great “leader” and such a great influence on the team, why couldn’t he tell his teammates NOT to get caught up in the Avery act?!?!?! No one knows Avery better than Shanny. Could it be that Shanny is just showing up for paychecks (just like he did on Broadway)? Could it be he is just continuing his legacy in order to ultimately become the NHL commissioner?!?!

    I saw right through Shanny. I saw it all along.

  134. jerkins perkins(carps nephew) on

    cwgatti- u saw through shanny? what are u talkin about? so are u gonna foil his plot to overthrow king bettman?? actually i would rathr shanny be the commissioner!

  135. jerkins perkins(carps nephew) on

    mako- we play the canes tommorow, no? at least thats what it showed on the calender

  136. jerkins perkins(carps nephew) on

    we play thursday i think mako. but yea youre right. theyre a hot team right now. i think hank is in the zone though and he is (when he is on his game) the superior goalie between him and ward, even though ward has won a cup. i actually think they could be the hardest opponent for us in the next few games. last time we were there we lost 3-0. bostons got a better record but dont seem as threatening as they were before, montreal is pretty weak at goal, and philly i think we will at least win our home game against them

  137. jerkins perkins(carps nephew) on

    damn dont u just love who maks the schedule for the rangers?!! they must hate ny!!!!!

  138. Clarkson to Shanny “Should I go get avery after what he did to Marty?”

    Shanny to Clarkson “no stupid..that would be playing right into his game…however…he did say something about your Momma”

  139. Carp

    Yeah. Even my wife liked that Heineken comemrcial, she said “isn’t that just like the men”, but she couldn’t help laughing.

    As a matter of fact I think that all the beer commercials are the best things on TV.

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