Rangers blank Devils 3-0


Rangers get a big win tonight and put three points between their seventh-place spot and Montreal in eighth. Hard not to talk about the playoffs this time of year.

“We don’t have a playoff spot,” John Tortorella said. “We are in the playoffs but we are still fighting for our lives. We are just trying to find a way to get points. I thought we played really well in Pittsburgh.

“We let a point get away in Atlanta. We played well enough in Pittsburgh to at least get a point but we didn’t come up with a big play, they did. Tonight, we started the first half, I thought we were solid just with our fore-checking getting through that neutral zone. We are just taking it a game at a time. I know playoffs is a subject, but we want to just get in and we are going to take it a game at a time to give ourselves a chance to get in there.”

Henrik Lundqvist addressed the question of whether he would like to meet the Devils in the playoffs and he said Whoa Nelly, or the Scandanavian equivalent.


The game was the main event, but the history between Rangers left wing Sean Avery and Devils goalie Martin Brodeur made for an interesting sideshow. Avery took it to a referee when Brodeur popped him with his stick after being screened.

It was a technique reminiscient of the move that generated The Avery Rule, but Brodeur said Avery didn’t bother him, and the shove would’ve been applied to anyone trying to block him.

“That’s his job,” Brodeur said, “and that’s my job to try to see so it doesn’t matter who was there.”


With the 3-0 lead in hand in the third period, David Clarkson grabbed a passive Avery and threw him to the ground — twice  — before an official stepped in. Somehow, Avery was given two minutes for roughing even as Clarkson drew two roughing minors and a major misconduct.

“It was a 3-0 game at that point and I didn’t think there’s anything to be gained (from fighting back) at that point,” Avery said. “You fight for your team and you fight for your teammates. At that point I didn’t need to fight for either of them so there was really no point.”


“That’s the new Sean,” Lundqvist said. He’s been very focused since he got here.”

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    second in line………….

    but a VERY nice win.
    it was one of those, “Why can’t you do that ALL the time?” kind of wins

  2. Avery is a player. He is key to this team. Nice clean check on Oduya, Emrick almost had a coronary on that one..

  3. I would really like to hear the ref’s explanation as to why Avery received 2 minutes for roughing. This is just another sign that he will NEVER get the benefit of the doubt: the guy basically went limp and allowed Clarkson to toss him around TWICE to prove to the refs that he wasn’t doing anything and he still was put in the box.

    Also, just wondering, is Markus Naslund still on this team? When was the last time he did anything of value? At this point Torts might as well put him on the 4th line and give Korpikoski some more minutes since he plays the up-tempo game that fits this system.

  4. I was at the game tonite, and that was hands down the best game i’ve been at all season…crowd was great. Most fun i’ve had since the playoffs last year.

    Only thing missing was Colton Orr beatin the crap out of someone.

    That Avery hit was ill.

  5. Once again the referees are HORRIFIC… Avery was staring down that one zebra when Clarkson was using him as a ragdoll and he STILL got a penalty!

  6. Great win, smart Avery, great Hank! What a nice win. Life is better now! ;) No one to complain? hahahhahaa

  7. Disregard my nonsense posts from earlier in the day. I am a dolt, but I am working to correct the situation.

    cc: Beer Me, Timbo, Gargoyle, Tomg, Sean, Lobster, Mhurley, TRenney, etc, etc….

  8. Wrong. I do NOT have a Tortorella voodoo doll which is stuck with eight hundred and eleven painful pins designed to maximize distress and woe on all who cross his path.

    What I DO have is a “Tortorella Acupuncture Get-Better-Fast Doll” So eff off, haters.

    P.S. We’re a 2-1 team. Aaron Voros is Adam Graves. Perry Pearn wears Army boots.

  9. well…. what a game.. one of the best I have been at especially in a long time

    serious now…

    this summers focus figuring out why the NY Rangers are permanently brain dead on the power play

  10. Tex's Rangers on

    jane nice reportin with that brodeur clip

    what a D-bag he is

    but really with tonights game, sutter aint stupid, if you think the devils really brought it tonight then youre just crazy, he knows that his team could be playin the blueshirts in the first round, sacrifice the game now to win a series later, lets ease back with the elation

  11. Tex's Rangers on



    holy crap i have a mancrush

    nothing wrong with a bromance

  12. So I know you guys don’t care about Prucha anymore, but Pruuuuu just scored the OT winner for the Coyotes.

  13. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Rules !! says Greg L. on

    yeah Prucha finnaly scored an OT goal , too bad it was for a different team …Petr prucha play is perfect. Now only if petr prucha could pick a peck of pickle peppers.

  14. I’m happy as hell for that guy. The dude was all heart, played 110% all the time, he should reap the rewards. I may need to buy a Phoenix jersey.


  15. Tex’s Rangers,

    I don’t theen so, bro. Sutter’s team is now winless in 5, and he is stressing. I agree with you that the Rangers need not schedule a parade anytime soon just because they won tonight. But the Devils are not playing well at all down the stretch, and their coach Count Chocula is majorly angst-worried, with reason.

  16. Yes, if Petr Prucha picked a peck of pickled peppers for the Coyotes, why didn’t the Rangers let Petr Prucha pick a peck…aah…etc…

    Petr never got to pick that peck of pickled peppers in New York, even though pickled peppers were just waiting for him. Had he simply had the opportunity to get at the cornucopia of pickled peppers…who knows??

    I’m a motivational speaker by profession, in case you were wondering, as if it is not already obvious ;-)

  17. Would be interesting to see if Clarkson gets two games or so…wasn’t the league cracking down on instigating etc.?

    whatever, Hank seems to own Fatso- so that’s great…

  18. I agree with whoever said… “why can’t you do that all the time?”

    Callahan’s goal was spectacular. Avery was great all game and the King was better than solid. But the whole friggin team played great in front of him.

    Potter looked very good and crist, even Redden didn’t look awful… he had a few moments but so did Girardi (defensively) that scared me but not many. Drury looked good too.

  19. Yes, Redden looked much less awful tonight, I have to agree.
    No, it’s just that I have been through the ‘Redden good’ ‘Redden bad’ topsy turvy thing so much. He is mostly bad, though.

    Tonight – Redden good
    said in a ‘Unk’ neanderthal kind of voice

  20. As a fan, that was probably the best game i’ve watched all season. I have season’s in 422 and have been to at least 20 games and not once this season has the garden been as loud and into the game, a complete contrast of the Wild game last weekend.

    The team played their most complete game in months. Skating hard and always in on the forecheck (i especially noticed Naslund and Gomez applying a ton of pressure tonight). Potter had a few really nice feeds on the PP, especailly that one on the shot by avery and looked all around solid tonight. Avery drew lots of attention and played his usual effective game all while keeping his cool. If they play every game down the stretch like this they will be going very deep.

  21. Calad – Nice to hear your report. I never really noticed everybody enough to comment, but I actually did see Naslund turn the jets on a couple of times. I was actually surprised by his burst of speed, but I did not pay attention after that.
    Gomez does seem to be a different players under Tortorella. Way more direct, less bullshit.

  22. Actually, surprise…I am NOT a motivational speaker at all. I’m an IT guy and I push buttons.

  23. I’m gutted i missed that last night, Avery and Hank shoving a big donut down Fatso and the Devils throat..!!
    My bloody cable channel went with the SJ/Flames game…b****rds!

    I notice a few of you were saying Redden looks “less awful” recently. I agree, he’s made some good plays and been a bit more reliable, but still is falling short of a #1 d-man. Lets hope he can get it together and be an offensive whiz and PP QB because i don’t think he has the tools to be a reliable shutdown guy, he can take a hit to make a pass but he just doesn’t dish it out enough. Maybe Torts can sit him down and explain what we need from him next year and give him the off-season to lose the “rabbit in the headlights” look that seems to be on his face a lot.

  24. A little tidbit for everyone concerning redden. 2 seasons ago (remember that dreadful series with Buffalo? Yeah, that one) Redden ,who was playing in his first year without Chara in many years, was an intricate part of Ottawa’s ridiculous run to the cup finals. 3G 7A over 20 games (and his playoff season before that was even better, 2G 8A in 9 games) shows he has the ability to produce when its crunch time. This is not to say that he won’t be his same mediocre self, but a bit of a glimmer of hope for all of the fans who think his 6.5million a year contract is worthless

  25. What bothered me most about last night’s game was the early part of that 3rd period. They simply stopped skating. They were dumping the puck and drifting back defensively and letting the Devs come at them. I thought for a few minutes that the ghost of Renney had crept back on to the bench. Fortunately they snapped out of it before it became fatal. Good win last night, and LQ looked better than I’ve seen him in weeks. He at least wasn’t going down on both knees on every shot, and he was securely sealing the side pipes. that’s what it take..still gives up too many rebounds, but hey – nobody’s perfect.

  26. Well, “Shanny” lovers, not much mention here of your boy, and for good reason. I see he is minus 2, with five goals in 28 games, and seven assists, with a crap 9% shooting percentage. Basically your run-of-the-mill stumblebum, playing out the string, journeyman stats.

    No one despises Sather more than I do, but, trying to be objective once in a Blue Moon, the results are in and Ole Slats was right on the money on the decision to let Shanahan walk. He is the Devils equivalent of Betts, or Sjostrom, or Naslund now. We can be thankful Slats didn’t give Shanahan a two-year, cost-crazy deal.

    Ok, now tell me I’m wrong and that I am bypassing mentioning “leadership” and “clubhouse mentoring” and all the rest of the bull manure that goes with it.

  27. jerkins perkins(carps nephew) on

    cake- gret point about shanny. i was one who lobbied for him because we werent getting leadership it seemed, and i thought shanny would help our pp. at the same time, t could be different if he was a ranger. he couldve maybe gotten us a few gamewinners or even maybe gotten on the guys about not finishing games and blowing leads. i think shannys a dinosaur, he would probably have the same amount of production here, but i’d still take his leadership , experience, and the pp help and with half a season, i thought hed be fresh for the playoffs. but yea we did good but we still have a shanny type deadwood on the team that doesnt evenhave leadership. chris drury!!!

  28. jerkins perkins(carps nephew) on

    and markus naslund who has basicaly been stuck in the low 20 goal mark for about a month now. he looks kinda gassed too

  29. jerkins perkins(carps nephew) on

    but yea now that you mention it cake, im happy slats passed on the shannasauras rex

  30. jerkins perkins(carps nephew) on

    to linda- from last night u said something about workin at sports plus. i remember that place it was a little teenybopper arcade and skate rink. i used to iceskate there once in awhile, but man there was so many lil punks in there i had to go up to the bar upstairs and get drunk, then go skate! yea it was next to the smithhaven mall. it closed up didnt it?

  31. Richtersgirl on

    Avery got that penalty last night becuase he was grabbing on to Clarkson and he dropped his glove. I personally don’t think anything should be called on that but he made it look like he was going to fight by dropping his gloves and continuing to grab on to Clarkson. Either way, good restraint by Avery and great game by the Rangers. Keep it up in carolina! they will play much better than the Devils did last night.

  32. Cakewalk – your forgetting all the leadership and clubhouse mentoring Shanny is obviously doing. (Joke)

    I do think people are unnecessarily hard on Naslund though, he’s done what he’s been doing for the last few years – about 25 goals a year. I know when he was signed there was this hope he’d get 30+ in a different system than he was in in Vancouver but he’s done exactly what it said on the tin.

    Calad i hope you’re right about Redden, if he steps up during the play-offs then we can at least hope for better things next year. Maybe Torts encouraging him to jump into the play more often will help him get his game back? (Although there will be the odd goal like the Pitt game the more our D do that)

  33. Re: Shanny

    Torts takes care of the leadership/respect that Renney never had…

    Give him the games and minutes and first line play of Naslund he’d be better that Naz right now; and maybe just one step slower than Naslund if such a thing is possible

  34. jerkins perkins(carps nephew) on

    i hear msg is gonna have a wade reden /chris drury zombification camp next season.

  35. jerkins perkins(carps nephew) on

    oh jpg- no i dont have a problem with u. im effed up myself!

    k off to work. chat with u guys later

  36. It’s nice to finally have some personality back on the team with Avery — loved the “I go to a happy place” comment. And it’s enjoyable to see Sutter so angry. Otherwise, there don’t seem to be many exciting stories in the NHL this season — Avery occupied the media for a while, and then the media fussed about Ovechkin’s celebrations for a while, but it seems like something is missing this year. The rivalries are weak, there are no interesting player stories, every team is only so-so — what’s the problem? Did the NHL change their PR person? And why did MSG stop doing their “Inside the Rangers” shows and “MSG,NY” shows — budget cuts? They can’t even promote their own team?

  37. …and by comparing Shanny to Naz I’m not jumping all over Naz…he is what he is; a 25 goal scorer…dont forget he was coached by a white knuckled coach for 60 games too!

    I actually think by playin less he seems have a little more jump when he does get to the ice…last night he flew in one time and I thought it was Korpi

  38. “i hear msg is gonna have a wade reden /chris drury zombification camp next season.”

    Yea…hosted by Ben Stein

  39. hey Jane

    can u ask avery about his bar, warren 77. id like to know when he plans on opening it.

  40. Most complete game the Rangers have played all season, period.

    And I was a supporter of bringing back Shanny for half the year, but I have to admit, I rather have sjoestrom out there killing penalties and on our team.

    LOVE that Hank shut the Debbies out

    I think everyone was noticeable last night, and yes even Naslund.

  41. Well, I was working, and I was expecting the worst. It was great to turn on my TV to see a minute left and the Rangers up 3-0. What a great turn out for this team! Maybe the Debbies should play Clemmenson against us like we play vallquette against the criers. Nevertheless, I am just excited about how much Marty against bothered by Avery.

  42. Kaspar –

    That’s an excellent point, Torts providing the leadership, rendering Shanny a dinosaur.

  43. and by the way, out west, the entire central division is in the playoffs right now! I would not believe that would happen to any division, let alone that one. Out west, it’ll definately be a nice change of scenery with the match-ups.

  44. Finally a game that we’ve been waiting for. A 60 min performance that was great. Hank out played martyyyyyy and the Rangers dominated from start to finish.The only thing missing were some good beat down’s by Orr and co.
    What is going on with the refs? Marty hacks Avery between the legs then interferes with him and nothing. Then Brokeback mountain attacks Avery and Avery to his credit did nothing and he still gets 2 min,for what being abused?It is way out of hand what the refs and the NHL are doing. They are losing the little credability they had.Well buttman never had any.LOL
    Now lets hope the team can play like that the rest of the way. Go Rangers!

  45. Awesome effort last night. It’s definitely one of those games where you wonder why the Rangers can’t play like that every night, but for the most part, the Rangers have stepped up their game against the Devils pretty consistently over the past 4 seasons. It’s the other games you worry about. Can they come out with same intensity against Carolina on Thursday? They need to. In my opinion, even though they’ve been better under Tortorella, neither he nor Renney have been able to motivate the team to play well against lesser opponents.

    In any case, last night proved that the Rangers can be a good playoff team, no matter where they finish. They are dangerous when Lundqvist is on his game and when they get timely goals like they did. They’re also capable of playing solid physical hockey, which is something I questioned most of the year. But there are no excuses now…the effort over the last 5 games has to match what it was last night. Should be awesome.

  46. Kaspar,

    I’m glad someone put up that comparision (Shanny v Nazy)… I’d add that Shanny would come wayyyyyyyyyyyy cheaper than Naslund. He may be a bit slower but for that cap hit I’d probably switch them out.

    Especially given the issues we’re about to have next season.

  47. I only hope these wrestling referees dont wind up costing the Rangers a game a playoff spot or a series with that crap.

    If you ever watch a game with a non-hockey fan or a casual fan its embarrassing…you see head hunting right in front of a ref who skates away…there is no consistency

  48. It’s mornings like these I have to laugh at myself, feeling all good with a positive Ranger outlook on the day. When only a short time ago I was sure the Rangers wouldn’t make the playoffs, and I was telling myself it won’t bother me one bit I am so used to it. Great game last night awesome goaltending, everyone played well, even poor old Marcus played as well as he can. I don’t think he is able to play this tough system, the old checking system was more his cup of tea I think. This team will be as good as the goaltending, if the King plays this good for a while. They will be hard to beat.

  49. flippedturtle on

    I liked the close up on VS last night of Colton Orr telling Rupp “don’t F*ck with Staal” when he challenged Mark along the boards.

    I have been really loving the physical play of Staal it seems shooey has really helped Mark’s all around game he has been playing with a nasty edge the last 10 or so games and laying out nice hits. I also think he skates the puck out pretty good and has a great first pass I’m so happy we get to watch this kid play for us the next few years.

  50. I liked the closeup of Orr becuase his eyes are insane…. I don’t think he blinked once and if someone were looking at me like that I’d listen to him…

  51. Naslund looked good last night. much quicker then recently.

    gomez has been playing well for a while..

  52. Orr definitely had the crazy eyes going last night. I bet he said to Rupp, “I knocked you out last time we met up, do you really want to dance again?” Ha.

  53. I have a question for everyone that has a BlackBerry and posts here on it. Are there times that you just can’t post a message? Sometimes I will try and post and it just doesn’t work.

  54. Kaspar, enjoy! Now go to http://www.beastieboys.com and order the remastered versions of the Beastie Boy’s Paul’s Boutique and Check Your Head. Both are excellent. I am listening to the check your head bonus stuff right now. It is great! Definitely worth it.

  55. Nasty,

    Jo has a blackberry and when there are too many replies some times this page just won’t load…

    I will ask her if she has trouble posting though…

  56. The league has to give up on this Avery banishment and let the guy play because he can play unlike Clarkson and Rupp who are worthless garbage on the ice and a waste of space.
    The league has to be more fair in what they are doing,Avery is not M.Vick,Pacman Jones etc. give it a break already, it is way to obvious.

  57. Have to add, WAY TO GO MARTY,NOT.
    Please Torts keep Rosival on the bench and out of the lineup.

  58. I grew up on LI jerkins, and yes Sports Plus is gone now, I went out to visit my mom and she dragged me to the Mall with her this past weekend, I believe she said it’s going to be a Bally fitness or something now but I was only half listening, still in the “Why the F do I have to go to the damned smithhaven mall” coma

  59. If I were the Rangers I would LOVE to face the Devils in Round 1. It’s practically a 7 game home series, and the Devils are like Sean Avery’s late night booty call. They are Sean Avery’s bitc*es. This guy gets in their heads like Hanibal Lecther. Unbelievable. Sean Avery turns Marty from a HOF goalie to a whinny little schoolgirl just by skating on the ice.

    Sure, there is a spot reserved in hell for Sean Avery. But he isn’t my friend or relative. As long as he is a Ranger and as effective as he is, that is just fine with me.

  60. little green men on

    Instead of MARTY I tried to get people to chant FATSO last night. I don’t know if you could hear it though.

  61. I dont know if it was the Versus audio being better than the standard MSG sound but the Garden crowd seemed louder last night than any game this season…

  62. czechthemout..... on

    Great win! Everyone played well except Redden.He was awfull. I can’t
    Believe this guy was signed for the money that he got.

  63. Yes Mike, sportsplus closed a few years ago, and Dan is right, its supposed to be some kind of gym. The Smith Haven Mall has turned into ‘gangsta and guido ville’. Last time I was there, I was embarrassed for the boys of Long Island because their hair looks like oil slicks and they purse their lips more than girls do, and their orange fake tans are insane..very sad.

    Agravaine, our tea party is in the parking lot of the arena of our hockey team. I may be going to it, sounds pretty interesting!

    I am still thrilled as to how these guys played last night! What a great win!!!! And people can say what they want/will about Avery, but I’m sure if their lives were exposed, there’d be some skeletons in their closets too. Sure, the guy may have went looking to make a comment, but the NHL has NO PROBLEM using him to promote games now. Double standard. And if Clarkson doesn’t get at least a game off, that’d be really hypocritical.

  64. OMG what a GAME!!!! Finally an almost perfect TEAM effort. All except that hiccup in the beginning of the 3rd. BUT WOW!!!!!!!!!

    RE: Orr. Did you guys watching hear Orr call Rupp a c*cks*cker? I laughed my a$$ of when I heard that.

  65. Hate to state the obvious but the VS telecast is horrendous.

    Redden misplayed a few pucks, wouldn’t say he played decent. I guess by decent, we mean the other didn’t score on his giveaways.

    Dubi and Callahan played great.

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