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I just got back from a pleasure trip. Took my mother-in-law to the airport. Ba-dum-bum.

No kidding. I just took my mother-in-law to the airport.

I don’t normally venture out into morning rush hour traffic, but I had no choice, and I want to tell you, it’s frightening out there with all the nut-jobs driving 85 mph on the parkway, zigging from lane to lane, not to mention that 80 percent of people seem to be on the phone. Also saw a few people texting while they drove, and one lady — I swear to God — reading a magazine she had propped up against the steering wheel.

And, with the stream of Lexus, Mercedes, Range Rover and BMW SUVs I saw, I have this question: is there really a recession going on?

I know, this is a Rangers blog, and we’re supposed to talk about the Rangers. But, you know, unless you have something nice to say, you shouldn’t say anything at all. At least that’s what some of you said when you jumped on me for being a tad negative after that nice, nice loss in Atlanta Thursday. So following Saturday’s loss in Pitt, I bit my tongue. Don’t want to get anybody annoyed by pointing out some deficiencies the playoff-bubble Rangers might be showing (again).

Not to mention that we had some 600 comments on the thread for that game, and, well, after the game got away the ones who weren’t complaining about the awful officiating were saying pretty much the same things I said after Atlanta.

By the way, one of our loyal blog members — it may have been Perkins, but I apologize if it was somebody else — earlier pointed out that if the Rangers had found ways to win in places like Atlanta, they wouldn;t have to go into a building like the Igloo for a must-win (which they lost, also). Great point!

I will say this: I am a bit befuddled by all the people kicking John Tortorella and Henrik Lundqvist to the curb. Neither has had a very good little stretch here, but geez. Are you tired of ragging on the usual suspects?

I want to discuss that topic later on.

First there is this little matter of the only home game in this five-game stretch, tonight against the winningest goalie in NHL history, who will be re-introduced to his old nemesis on Garden ice. Time for the Rangers to show us something, isn’t it? Time to make the playoffs or get the golf clubs out. Every cliche in the book: Do or die, backs against the wall, men or mice. All of that.

Be prepared for the worst from Versus, though.


Jane here with the update off the morning skate. Michal Rozsival (left knee) was working out on the bike today and coach John Tortorella said he would skate tomorrow and possibly practice with the team on Wednesday.

Rozsival was unaware of those plans, but eager to get back on the ice. “I’m going to push a little bit harder today and see how it goes tomorrow,” the defenseman said.

Speaking for the first time since being injured in the Ottawa game, Rozsival said it was hard to sit out this time of year, but was relieved it wasn’t something worse. “When I left the game I felt something was wrong but after the MRI and they told me it was not that bad, I felt OK about it,” he said.

There were 11 of players out there today; Morris, Valiquette, Betts, Orr, Girardi, Mara, Voros, Potter (No. 38), Avery, Korpikoski, Sjostrom.

Blair Betts is the Rangers’ Bill Masterton Memorial Trophy candidate. He seemed a little underwhelmed, and said it was an honor but that he owed it to his teammates to be focused on tonight’s game.

I’ll be at the game tonight, so more then.



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  1. Are you tired of ragging on the usual suspects?


    Yes. I can only bash Redden so much. Blozsival is injured so I have to call Hank overpaid and Drury a crappy captain. XD

  2. Time for the Rangers to sh*t or get off the pot. If you can’t get fired up for a game against the Devils at this time of the year, we don’t belong anywhere near the playoffs.

  3. Tortorella is the wrong guy for the job. Good heavens is he stubborn or what??

    Talk about pounding the square peg into the round hole.

    The last two games – FOUR points were lost by Tororella. Zherdev is “Renney’s Prucha”.

    I gave him a fair trial period. Hoping for the best but so far, not impressed. His arrogance is bigger than the team earning standings points. That is very sad.

  4. Prediction for tonight…

    We will see the Avery/Marty video replay from last year’s playoffs more in total that we see any other replay from tonight’s game.

  5. Rick…

    Good morning

    Whats all this about negativity?

    The end of the last post was a virtual love fest for this blog.

    Dont worry about being critical…anyone who doesnt like criticizing hasn’t been on this blog for long

  6. Pavel – He should have been 2nd in the shootout vs Atlanta. He was not in the SO because Tortorella has a wild hairy bug up his butt when it comes to Z. He cost the team a point then and there.

  7. jerkins perkins Esquire of Rohan on

    sweet!! thanks for acknowledging me in your post carp. and yea it was me that said it, but im sure most of us were all thinking it too. and like i said last post, i did kinda jump on torts a bit, and hank, but i guess it just got to me when sid scored the game winner. i cannot stand him. he whines, he gets all the calls, and i really wanted hank to stop that shot. i am not mad at hank for that goal because it was a breakaway and sids a good player, it just sucks that it had to be him, and it happened right after we killed off the 9th pp!!!! the refs killed all our flow in the 3rd. if we wouldve gotten a point in ot from it, id be ok because we battled hard and tied it up 3 times and were so close to getting that needed point or even the 2nd point. but 1 wouldve made it seem much better for the adversity that we battled through. i was mad at torts for storming off during the press conference in atlanta and not using zherdev in the shootout. and he also made amistake even renny might not have done, which is not put a player in the box to serve the penalty. that was bad. lol. even after the 3 minute pp was over we still only had 4 guys!!! well, because of the 2 losses, we are in must win situations and i hope torts can get these guys fired up and if for some reason we are leading in the 3rd, i wanna see them hold the lead!!! and win!!! no ot!!! ok, im done ranting


    If the cool thing about BB s that it inks all the other articles several sites do that. Between the coverage and discussions of the Rangers here plus the articles, links and discussions of the Rangers at the NYRNation.com main page and forum I am generally pretty set with my info. Updates eithe in this blog or the forum of Ranger Nation include whatever may be missing. And most of the time the forum at RN is like the blog here, a really cool group of folks who know a lot about hockey (not just Rangers) and manage to not be asses all the time.
    I never got into BB I saw people mention it but never saw what was so great

    SO its here and Ranger Nation for me…

    isn’t there a home game against the Flyers coming up as well??

    I don’t know if its throwing Hank under the bus, most people are saying he’s been good lately but we need him to be great, thats not throwing under the bus thats maybe expecting too much out of him (perhaps like the unfair seeming benching of Z with Torts) I don’t know but we all need all the guys to play 100% and if it isn’t happening…

    and the complaining about the officiating focused on the Orr penalty and another poster did a comparison with a buffalo game and a hit form behind that was two minutes… Orr.. and if Avery had been the recipient and that poster was dead on… it seems

  9. jerkins perkins Esquire of Rohan on

    kaspar- i agree. hey carp, i dont mind you tellin it how it is. screw em if they dont like it. its your blog, and you basically reflected alot of how we felt after that pathetic game.

  10. What are the odds they don’t have a PP clock on the TV tonight? Or that graphics for advertising shows that have nothing to do with hockey block action at inappropriate times?

    If Torts is going to lose his cool on camera let it be during those stupid on the bench interviews that VS and NBC love to do. Maybe if laces into an expletive tirade tonight they’ll stop doing it.

  11. Agravaine, Yes, next week they are home vs. Montreal and Philly. I was talking about the current five-game stretch, four on the road (two already played).

    I’m not saying Hank was thrown under the bus, but some people sound as if they think he’s the worst goalie in the league. He certainly hasn’t been the best goalie in the league lately. Tortorella has messed up, too, with the shootout, with not having the guy in the penalty box, and I’ll give you another one … playing four defensemen in that second and third period in Pitt, especially with all the penalties. Redden and Morris may have been torched by Crosby anyway, but they were sure out of gas by then.

  12. jerkins perkins Esquire of Rohan on

    i said in the last post about cally bein the future captain or alternate with doobs as captain. whattya guys think. we should have either an informal poll here or maybe jane or carp can post 1 on the side. and staal too.

  13. I am actually going to that last home game of the season against Philly. I have been very excited about it for a while now. I was starting to think we would have secured a playoff spot by then. Now, I don’t know what to think. I have this awful feeling that we are going to be going in to that game HAVING to win and also HAVING to have someone else lose, or something like that. I hope we can win tonight and go on a nice little run here, but who knows.

  14. There is a rumour that after upsetting losses not only does Torts curse out reporters, players and trainers but he locks himself in his office and curses out himself; then defends himself to himself with more vulgarities…then after a while he cools down, apologizes to himself first; awaits his own acceptance then calmy deals with trainers, players and reporters the following day…until he loses

  15. I could definitely see Cally and Dubi both being either a captain or alternate captain. I wish they would both get to wear an A right now.

  16. jerkins perkins Esquire of Rohan on

    yea carp the barbershop quartet d corps from the pitts game was dumb too, didnt remember that. hey carp, dont take offense from this, but obviously your italian, and so am i, but you look almost exactly like my uncle matteo. lol.

  17. Maybe if all three shooters in the Atlanta game didn’t try the SAME move, the outcome would be different?… that or not blowing a 3 goal lead against a JOKE of a franchise.

  18. Oh Lord, here we go. Torts sucks blah blah blah, Lundqvist sucks blah blah blah.

    At least the man ADMITS WHEN HE IS WRONG.

  19. Pavel – sure. But it is not just that. It is his tactics. I know Rick just said this but I was already writing the same thing. How you can play vs. the offensively minded Pitt. with four defensemen for the bulk of the game? Is this a wise coaching decision? Or lack thereof? If these decisions continue, there is no chance they make the playoffs. If that happens, it will be entirely on Tortorella because it is not like they had no chance since he was hired. It will be because while he tries to create this macho identity in the locker room, he is failing to see that the results are a net negative.

  20. jerkins perkins Esquire of Rohan on

    kaspar- lmao. is torts gollum from lord of the rings?! my precious!!!! ahhhhhhh!!!!, my stanley cup ring!!!! my precious stanley cup ring!!!!

  21. MAKO

    the best thing about Torts is that it only takes two or three games for him to irkle some bones…

    It seemed like two years before Reney did that….

  22. As I said in the post, I want to get into that Tortorella-Lundqvist thing later, because I feel it’s foolhardy to think Tortorella was a mistake or that Lundqvist is a bum. Tortorella will be the best thing that’s happened to this franchise since Jagr and the lockout. No matter what happens the next six games.

    jerkins, you can call me Uncle Matteo if you like.

  23. jerkins perkins Esquire of Rohan on

    hey mako- torts doesnt suck, i think he has done alot of good things for this team. hes still just trying to get the guys to execute the way he wants, and they are maybe 80% at playing his style efficently. i am gonna give him till next season to really reserve judgement on him, its just that he has done a few questionable things in the last few games that leave me scratchin my head. but i have more faith in him and his system than i did with renny.

  24. jerkins perkins Esquire of Rohan on

    hey uncle matteo,(matt-ey-o)!!!!! hows florida??? lol he, like most ny’ers retired to florida. im definitely movin there when im retired!, i hate corn and i hate the cold winters, and i dont wanna die in a tornado!!!

  25. Last year’s Captain and Alternates were Jagr, Straka and Shanahan. Shanahan is definitely going to the playoffs this year in a good position, and Jagr & Straka both led their respective teams in Europe to at least the second round. Meanwhile, back in NY, the woeful Drury, Gomez and Naslund will be lucky if they can even lead us to the playoffs at all. Thanks, Glen.

  26. Never mind Lundqvist, all the lovefest with Zherdev from alot of people.Its time for him to step up , the stage is set the next 2 weeks to show if he has what it takes. I am not a fan of his but i will root for him to change my tune on him.

  27. jerkins perkins(carps nephew) on

    so nasty, who would u choose for captain though, doobs or cally, or even staal if you had to pick a capo and too alternates out of those 3. me, im still not sure about in the future, but as of right now, cally as capn, doobs and staal as A’s. but its hard because both are already becoming leaders, while staal might be a leetch type leader.

  28. SO twelve points up for grabs between tonight and the last game against Philthy

    Carp I dont think anyone minds the criticism, but were all Rangers fans, and we have to BELEIVE we WILL get into the playoffs

    That was my gripe with the negativity anyway.

    I think two things can happen:

    We will either go on a tear and win 3 or 4 in a row

    Or it will be a Win, Loss, Win the rest of the way, which should still get us in.
    And once we are in ANYTHING Can happen

    Basically we need to have a minimum of 3 wins to hopefully get in, 4 or 5 would clinch it for us

    And I hope Clarkson tries to start tonight and Avery keeps his cool. Those two jsust hate each other.


  29. The Esteemed Doodie Machetto on

    “Be prepared for the worst from Versus, though.”

    UGH. Didn’t realize it was on versus. I need to get a cross word puzzle or something to do during the intermissions so I dont have to listen to their terrible “insight.”

    I just hope the play by play guy isn’t the cliche machine Joe Beninati. I have to figure it’s Doc Emrick since it’s the Debbies, which is world’s better, whiny voice and all.

  30. jerkins perkins(carps nephew) on

    jason- tornadoes are much more dangerous and deadly even though theyre more localized and not spread out over a large area. but yea, u got a point. but id rather see the beach and palm trees. id rather take my chances with a hurricane

  31. Jerkins,

    I don’t blame you. Really anywhere you go, you run the risk of something, guess you’re just picking your poison.

  32. jerkins perkins(carps nephew) on

    doodie- the “cliche machine” lol. yea uncle matteo
    (carp) pointed that out a few months ago and ever since then, whenever i hear his play by play, i listen for the cliches and omg it drives me nuts!!! “frame” “tally” “helpers” etc… i forgot if he says anything in place of penalty but its so annoying!

  33. At this point, I just want them to make the playoffs. Look at the Edmonton 05/06.. we’re much better than they were (skill wise), but that team has exponentially more heart than any of these overpaid clowns (other than Cally).

  34. The Esteemed Doodie Machetto on

    “Carp I dont think anyone minds the criticism, but were all Rangers fans, and we have to BELEIVE we WILL get into the playoffs

    That was my gripe with the negativity anyway.”

    We don’t have to believe anything. I WANT the team to win the Cup, but I don’t BELIEVE there is a chance in hell that they do. I WANT the team to have home ice advantage in the first round, but I don’t BELIEVE they will.

    Honestly, I don’t believe they will make the playoffs until the last 2 games of the season, if at all.

    But just because I don’t believe that this team is good enough to make the playoffs or make any noise once they’re there doesn’t mean that I won’t cheer for them until my voice is gone or they are mathematically eliminated.

    That’s what I don’t understand about people who get upset when someone says something negative. It’s not like we aren’t hoping for them to win. We just don’t think that they can. I hope Wade Redden rebounds next year and wins the Norris. Do I think that there is a chance of that happening? Absolutely not. That doesn’t mean I won’t support him while he’s playing though.

    Some people need to separate expectations from support. Just because from the beginning of the season through now I have expected the Rangers to miss the playoffs or barely sneak in doesn’t mean that I don’t SUPPORT them wholeheartedly.

  35. jerkins perkins(carps nephew) on

    id honestly like to die either having a heartattack while gettin it on with jessica albaor olga kurylenko from the movie hitman and max payne, or having heart attack after the rangers win the cup. i mean if they win it again while im in my 70’s or 80’s. not 5 years from now lol.

  36. I believe I will meet Anna K in a billiard hall in Bratislava; she will have a mustache and mens clothing on to keep the other maggots away; she will see me and we will leave together for a cafe where I believe she will take off her disguise and be Anna K…

    But probably turn out to be Abe Vigoda…

  37. Lets not forget people that Torts is only trying to salvage this season as Renneys Sloppy seconds…. Cant blame him one bit as he had no input onto the personnel on this team. The acquisitions over the summer, which he will hopefully have input on, then next year he is on the hook and I think it will be a much more fair representation…

  38. jerkins

    I wasnt saying Torts sucks. But Im getting a whaft of stench that ppl are saying about him on here. Like Rick said, other than Jagr he is one of the best things to happen to the Rangers in QUITE some time. I hope he found himself a home here in NY. I would really like to see him a full season with slightly different roster. They had 4 years of Renney with the last two seasons probably the worst that effected this team. You have to give the man a chance on EVERY level.

    If we all can survive 4 years of Renney then sticking it out with Torts no matter what he does or how this team does in last 6 games should have any effect on how we all receive him as a coach and or “kick him to the curb” so soon.

  39. bull dog line on

    i have come around to that you may be right about the Ranger overall talent. Tortorella is certainly getting more out the O then Renney, but it is not enough. the NHL is about super stars, and the Rangers have none. I think when Sather traded for Zherdev he felt he was a star in the making. there is still time for him, but it is looking like he is just a very good player.

  40. i’m thinking ’tilt’ instead of game…oh man that really irritates me!!! ;-)

    lotsa great posts as usual, thanks for catchin me up!

  41. jerkins perkins(carps nephew) on

    uggghhhh abe vigoda!!! that guy was like 200 years old when he was in godfather!, hes gotta be like 250 by now!, thats funny kasp.

  42. The Esteemed Doodie Machetto on

    twig, biscuit [in the basket], lumber, sin bin, dangle, light the lamp

  43. Jerkins,

    You can call Carp Uncle Matteo…the rest of us will call Brodeur Uncle Daddy.

  44. Waffle boarded away

    end of 1st period Brodeaur has 12 saves but…

    Emrick has said “save Brodear” 26 times….

  45. The Esteemed Doodie Machetto on

    Congrats to Blair Betts on his Masterson nomination.

    Thanks for the update, Jane.

  46. “X player skates the puck very deliberately from his own end”

    “And that puck is pitchforked into the Rangers zone”

    “some mention of the time left in the period or a PP that is more complicated than saying what the time left on the clock actually is”.

  47. Let the man coach the team. He’s not here to win popularity contests.

    Lundquist has to be better than average if the boys in blue are going to make some noise this year. Right now he is far from an elite goalie.

  48. “he squirrels a pass back to the point”

    ” he is the best saucer passer in the league today”

    “I have a toothache in my ear’

    “There’s never a cop around when you need one”

    “When will somebody say boogie boogie?”

  49. Carpy,

    I chuckled at your “drive mother in law to airport” comment since I will be doing the same thing in about an hour….taking my two arch enemies back to JFK airport….

    Let me tell you, I cant wait for my in laws to leave….They stayed with us for 5 days and the Rangers were 0-2 during this time, and I completely blame the Rangers woes on my in laws invading my space including my beloved Pioneer Kuro Elite 60″ tv which is only worthy for sports, and not their Quincy and Trapper John MD re-runs…

    Once they are gone today, the Rangers can resume winning, which is ideal since we have a big game vs NJD tonight!

    Let’s go Rangers!!! Goodbye annoying mother in law!!!

  50. Right, congratulations to Blair Betts for his nomination. And spit in Rangers management’s face for blocking Anisimov’s first year in the NHL with a plugger like Betts. Anisimov, Sauer, Parenteau and others have STAR QUALITY. I would not get so carried away by a Bill Masterton candidate nominee who plays like, well,journeyman Bill Masterton did. No disrepect to him, but if he had not tragically died, no one would remember him.

    Rather we had used this season to get Anisimov into the Calder Trophy voting, but of course, the Rangers are always a step behind the rest of the league when it comes to player promotion.

    Development, yes, man can we develop prospects with the best of them. Promotion,no – bet Slats can’t even spell the word on a typical 10 cups of spiked coffee day in the office.

  51. “Tortorella will be the best thing that’s happened to this franchise since Jagr and the lockout”

    Can you give us some reasons to think that way, Rick ???

    Or do you want to write a whole new post later the day ?

    Hopefully it is not so late because….
    I still haven´t decided yet to watch the game live at 1am or in full length as taped version around 5.00 am local time over here, fall asleep around 21 hours..!:)

  52. first off, RICK

    it’s your blog! say what you want!
    i enjoy your insights on non-hockey stuff including
    free eggplant and chicken parm when you were out of town and, even, today’s run=in with the rush hour crowd.
    as far as
    the Rangers…..
    this is why i try not to go to the comments section too much
    because it’s either the Absolutely Negative Crowd
    or the Absolutely Positive Crowd….with some in between who actually make sense. hey! it’s kinda like day-to-day life!
    (i’ve got to stop with exclamation points!)

    while i think it was a mistake not to use Z or Sjo in the shootout, the game NEVER should have gone that far.
    still, unless someone is being sarcastic and calling for Tortorella to be canned, then they’re the same type who can’t understand why the economy hasn’t turned around in a 100 days and why their weight hasn’t changed even though they ate one less donut the other day.

    as far as Hank…..i don’t have the stats in front of me and, frankly, i don’t need ’em. Hank goes through periods where he’s not focussed (i.e. around December after he’s wiped out from saving our butts over the first two months of the season)
    for a Vezina nominee and one of the top goalies in the league, he needs to not only step it up more than he has shown since the allstar break but correct some of his deficiencies such as being too far in the crease. he hasn’t been the same on breakaways and 2 on 1s in a looooong time. at one point it was almost a given that the shot would be stopped. now. not so much.
    do i think he sux and is mediocre and we should trade him for (pick flavor of the month Fantasy player’s name here)?
    but, in spite of his recent illness he and Valley need to step it up….same as the entire team.

  53. I think we all need to show a little compassion for a team that’s going nowhere in the playoffs. So what if we lose a game or two. I think it’s time to look forward to next year. Maybe we’ll even miss the playoffs and have a better chance in the draft. Not that our luck (or decision-making (or luck)) has ever been good in the recent past.

    Maybe we get into the playoffs. But so what? Then we lose an embarrassing series, possibly to a division rival and then we’re worse off than we were before. The only real benefit I see in making the playoffs in the experience for some of the younger guys on our roster. We’re stuck with the team we have for a few years, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be looking forward to making it better.

    To clarify: I’m not saying the Rangers should throw games. I’m not. I’m saying we should give our guys a break for not being as good as the Red Wings or the Sharks. We’re not. The management has made sure of that by bringing in the personnel that they have and no amount of whining is going to make the players that we have play better.

    Bring on the love!

  54. Broadway Blue on

    The King has uncharacteristically been unable to carry the rest of the team in the last few games. But, think about it, I guarantee everyone that ono other goalie has faced as many shots as he has when there is no teammate between the guy with the puck & him. Maybe fans have been spoiled by his performances the last 2 springs when he carried the team to the playoffs. This is the 1st stretch when Hendrik has been “only average”.
    Team as been horrible on the road, winning only 6 of 22 or 23 games in 2009. Therefore, winning 3 remaining home games is a must. How’s this for a stat: in their last 15 games in Pittsburgh, NYR is 0-13-2. How come Rangers can never have a streak like that at MSG?

  55. Other than because of injury can anyone name the last time they saw a coach use just four defensemen for essentially an entire game?

    Lundqvist’s numbers since Tortorella 2.2 GAA and a .92 save %….. pretty good actually.

  56. I agree with jeff honestly as far as looking forward to next year. I am all for the Rangers making the playoffs as a fan, and I’d never root for them to lose, but being honest, them making the playoffs validates what is really a BADLY put together team, and probably lessens the chances of it being taken apart and put together better this summer. I’m not for a full on fire sale and getting rid of everyone, but I think the team needs to be honestly looked at by Sather AND Torts, and evaulated on apiece by piece basis, and I think them having much success this year just means Sather will think he made all the right moves and not do that.

  57. jerkins perkins(carps nephew) on

    lol doodie, you got it all covered man!. the esteemed cliche master!

  58. jerkins perkins(carps nephew) on

    hahahah mako- 167 clicks left!! thats the best one yet. even doc emrick says instead 2 minutes left, he’ll say 120 seconds to go. or 90 seconds left if its a minute and a half left.

  59. jerkins perkins(carps nephew) on

    dannyc- yea i agree that even though makin the playoffs is always the main goal, it would actually benefit in the long run to miss out and maybe sather will have to do something about his awful signings. but still, even though were not likely to even get past the 1st round or 2nd, ya never know dude and thats why we play the games. anything can happen. but i agree on your pov on the status of beinga mediocre team and makin the playoffs just barely will most likely mean that sather wont be pressured to make changes and keep things status quo

  60. And Rick, on that note, be as negative as you want. Part of the problem if you ask me is the media being afraid to blatantly call out and EMBARRASS the Rangers organization. Forget Sather even, embarrass everyone from Dolan on down, hold them all accountable day in and day out. Fire away please, anyone who doesn’t want to hear it is afraid of the truth, which is one thing I have come to appreciate since you took this blog over. I don’t post every day, or multiple times a day like some of the other regulars here but I certainly do read EVERY day, even over the summers, and even though I don’t always agree with you, I’m glad you say it, someone has to.

  61. Holik passes ro Shanahan while Benanati hogs up the cliche booth; he gets stun gunned out by the Foster Hewitt award winner, but scampers back inside while Chico eats another hotdog, SaVe Brodeaur!

  62. Hugh Jessiman may finally get a chance to play in the NHL.

    Nashville now has lost Erat to go along with Legwand, Arnott (concussion) and Belak.

    On the short list for a callup are Jessiman and Ortmeyer.

  63. Kaspar, are you saying Ol’ Abe isn’t an attractive fellow?

    “They have one of those old-fashioned toilets with the box and chain. We might be able to tape the gun behind it.”

    “Tell Mike I always liked him. It was only business.”

    “Tom, can you get me off the hook, for old time’s sake?”

  64. No thoughts from everyone on Larry Brook’s article Sunday regarding the officiating? Why is it that when you play the Penn’s you start 1.5 goals down because of the Chosen One and 2 goals down if you have Sean Avery on your team. Sunday’s game was a joke-I don’t fault the Rangers, they were dead from being a man down all game. The Orr Game misconduct, the Antropov noncall trip at center ice, Avery getting killed all over the place with no call? I’d say it’s just one game but the same damm thing happened in the playoffs last year. The league ain’t on the level. Carp and Jane- aren’t the players bitching about this?

  65. I am listening right now to the guys from NHL live, Don La Greca and E.J. Hradek, funny guys but it is all around the NHL…

    Nice entertainment, a lot of information and a lot of interviews with some interesting people…

  66. I would pick Cally as captain and Staal and Dubi as alternates. In terms of for the future. I am not very big on having young players as captains. I like an experienced player there. I wish they would have names Gomez captain over Drury. I want a vocal captain.

  67. DanNYC
    March 30th, 2009 at 12:02 pm
    “And Rick, on that note, be as negative as you want. Part of the problem if you ask me is the media being afraid to blatantly call out and EMBARRASS the Rangers organization. Forget Sather even, embarrass everyone from Dolan on down, ”

    Dan you make a good point but I can’t help but think of the link Sam Weinman put up a couple of years ago about the Knicks reporter who was very critical of the team. MSG mgmt decided that this reporter had to be escorted by MSG Gestepo from the time that he entered the building. They tried to intimidate him and made everything very uncomfortable for him. Remember why Marv Albert was canned? It wasn’t for the panties thing.

  68. they talkin all around the NHL…the first segment they had a kind of preview of tonights game especially what to exspect from Brodeur-Avery confrontation again..

    Right now they have Bob Mckenzie from TSN in an interview..you can see it as well when you click on nhl.com and go to video and click on livewire…!!!

    It is a live stream….!!!

  69. funny you should mention NHL Live Nasty1

    they’re talking to Bob McKenzie of TSN
    and he mentioned the 3 big hits over the weekend
    Ott on Campbell
    Lapierre on Koluta (sorry if spelling is off)
    Orr on the pen

    he said that out of the 3, the Orr hit was the lesser one
    and yet it got more of a penalty.
    he seemed more offended by the hit by Canadian player which, i believe, did not receive any penalty.

  70. Shoryuken on Wade Redden on

    Doc: “Pitchforked into the zone by Gomez, shovel shot from Antropov….SAVE BRODEUR!”

    Chico: “Whoa, Marty kicked that puck wide on purpose to start a 3 on 2, only Marty has that kind of awareness.”

    7 hours into the future.

  71. Carp and Jane,

    Is it me or are the Versus gang preparing to tear apart the Rangers and praise Brodeur and the Devils during every moment of the telecast? I wonder why that is when one of their employees is a man nicknamed, Doc.

    On second thought I think you need to play Avery’s line against the Parise line and have Sean get in Zach’s face the entire game. I hope we get a couple of breaks because this is a game the Rangers need to win…

  72. I was watching the Sedin twins work their magic last night and I couldn’t help but remember that a couple of my fellow writers would start signing: “I would walk 500 miles and I would walk 500 more …”

    If you don’t remember, it was an oddball song by an oddball pair of brothers in a really weird video years ago when MTV actually had videos.

  73. Jay G, at least it will probably be Eddie O on the color. He still roots for the Rangers.

    My favorite Doc-ism: “Stevens and Daneyko, like the lions at the library.”

    Pavel, close, but you helped me remember: the Proclaimers.

  74. This is to Lenny from the last post: Lenny I agree 100% with you about BB,I too have been denied posting rights by god I mean dubi.The best part he banned me for something i wrote on another site now thats really thinking you are the man,dubi your not ! I too was attacked and rediculed by jess no talent. SoI agree with you and am against the one distractor that you had.
    Now about tonight .I hope Avery shoves it right up fatso’s butt lol. Whatever happens it should be entertaining.

  75. if the SJO fits on

    I’m gonna have to go out on a limb right now by saying that if the Rangers don’t win tonight, they’re not making the playoffs.

  76. GardenFaithfulinFLA on

    jerkins perkins
    Jerkins you won’t have to worry about dying in a tornado – just dodge hurricanes from June to November (unless it’s a hurricane spawned tornado!) lol

  77. “Forgive me godfather, but with you gone, me and Pete will come under Barzini’s thumb sooner or later”

  78. jagrforpresident on

    I can’t believe you guys missed this classic Docism:


    I hate Doc.

    He is the only announce who is weirder looking than Sam (The Nose) Rosen.

  79. VinceA, you can´t question the great writer from BB Dubi the best writer on the beat..:)

    He said that he was the only writer who traveled overseas for those games in Switzerland and Prague, he was the only source for all Rangers stuff..

    and when Jess is filled in when Dubi was off, you could really exspect to be called stupid at least once during a day of comments.. he banged regularly with his guys there and once in a while it was funny fo follow it…!!!!
    But after a time it got ridicolous, so I left….

    I really admit that I once had subscribed for the magazine, but it was always late when it arrived and had stuff which was two or three weeks ago, so I wasn´t interested any more and stuff, I wasn´t really interested in…

    When I just think back, those were tough crueling times:):):)

  80. I was looking at the players stats from the 1994 Rangers. They had seven guys with at least 20 goals. Adam graves had 52 goals, Leetch had 23, Messier 26. It was a very inpressive lineup. with leaders like Messier, and Leetch, and Mike Richter in goal. I can remember back then about this time of year, feeling very good about the team’s playoff changes. I haven’t felt the same way since, not even close.

  81. this is the only official comment form the NHL.com writeups about the penalties… nice spin…

    “Pittsburgh survived an 0-for-9 performance on the power play and improved to 14-2-3 since Dan Bylsma took over as coach when Michel Therrien was fired.”

    I’m glad they were able to survive having nine powerplays… that would really worry me…

  82. Now with Avery back with the Rangers and this is indeed the first time since the no handshake at the end of last playoffs series, maybe we can get some “FAT-SO” chants for Brodeur

  83. E.J. Hradek is the biggest showman of the universe…unbelievable…

    You are going to lose you ears, when you listening to those two guys for a lit longer time :):):)

  84. Rick

    Is there any word on Torts talking to the “people” he was going to talk to about the officiating during the Pens game. Or was that for dramatic effect?

  85. I don’t think Orr deserved a penalty let alone a suspension, but I think he will likely get a game. The way I saw it , it just looked looked a hit to me. I think the guy hit his nose on the top of the boards when he went down, but he turned his back to Orr just as he was about to get hit.

  86. I thought Torts said he was not going to talk to the league about Avery not being given a fair shake by the refs. But he thought maybe Sather would.

  87. Did the Don or EJ talk about the officiating in the Pitt game at all so far?

    They always dodge those questions because they’re in love with crosby and in bed with Buttman

  88. How can you not be negative about these guys? I’m sorry but they haven’t done much all year to warrant anything else.

    They lose big games, they lose games they take for granted, they lose games they are dominating 4-0 or 4-1, they lose games 10-2. Am I missing anything?

  89. Mako… I’ve always joked that interference is the call for playing hockey.. but this call was a whole new level on interference..

  90. Hartford Whalerpack on

    I love this site after losses. Over 500 comments when they lose and a quarter of that when they win. What does that tell you about the disposition of the fans that read this blog.

  91. Has Walkom made a comment about why the refs gave Orr 5M for interference? Still cannot believe that warranted a game misconduct. If Eaton was wearing a shield, his nose wouldn’t have drawn blood.

  92. I’m in a bitter mood, so here’s the hope that Avery knocks over fatso and gives him a concussion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  93. Agravaine
    March 30th, 2009 at 1:26 pm
    Mako… I’ve always joked that interference is the call for playing hockey.. but this call was a whole new level on interference..


    Did they say the linesmen made that call and discussed it with the refs? They knew they made a mistake because they called that weak call against Staal to balance it out.

  94. The NHL is only 1/2 step ahead of WWE when it comes to refereeing.. it’s Dan A. Bysmal

    Anybody remember the old MTV commercials with the Yuka brothers?

    I think I just saw them outside of the K-Mart

  95. Agravaine, you came up huge with that video. I love the way they say “thousand” and I like it when they say, “When I heave up” and the way the lead (Sedin) twin plays the tambourine. But now I have that darn song stuck in my brain.

    Hockeymon, I imagine that when Mike Murphy and the boys reviewed the play up in Toronto, they probably laughed at the idea of suspending a guy for interference. That would be a first. I will say this in defense of the linesman who called it … in real speed, and if he had a bad angle, I could see how he thought Orr drove the guys head into the wall. But with a good angle and in slow-mo, it was an awful call. Not even a minor penalty.

  96. hockeymon
    March 30th, 2009 at 1:21 pm
    “I thought Torts said he was not going to talk to the league about Avery not being given a fair shake by the refs. But he thought maybe Sather would.”

    Silly, silly, silly. Sather doesn’t talk to anybody.

  97. rangers take a beating from a good team and organization.
    i call it 5-2 devils, why because mr sather has handcuffed his team by the contracts he or we are paying for people who produce much less than their salary.

  98. no, evitage, you are not alone. I would prefer Joe B. to that pos Emrick. a debbie tool who says “knifed the puck” instead of pokechecked, who says “ran him into the ditch” instead of bodycheck, who says “shovel shot” instead of wrist shot.

    and Emrick’s whiny voice and nerdy yet smarmy delivery are just too much to have to bear

    and Eddie O is annoying when he feels he has to chuckle at unfunny sarcastic snide remarks by Emrick

    no, why would I as a Ranger fan want the opposing team’s announcer shill to call the game? hell no

  99. Carp

    just noticed the update… did someone seriously contact the blog and complain about what she wrote or are you being facetious…?

  100. hockeymon March 30th, 2009 at 1:09 pm

    I was looking at the players stats from the 1994 Rangers. They had seven guys with at least 20 goals. Adam graves had 52 goals, Leetch had 23, Messier 26. It was a very inpressive lineup. with leaders like Messier, and Leetch, and Mike Richter in goal. I can remember back then about this time of year, feeling very good about the team’s playoff changes. I haven’t felt the same way since, not even close.

    What about the year with Gretzky when they lost to a bigger and stronger Lindros led Flyers team.

  101. in defense of Doc…

    Jersey selld 10$ tickets but you have to line up very early becuase they limit them. As a result my sister and I would go into Jersey around the time of the morning skate, see the guys going in and out of the skate (and wish them all good luck) and then we would go to the line for the tickets. We would be up near the front and by the Devils Den so when it was open we could easily go inside to warm up. But it still dind’t open for awhiel. SO we and the others on line would be sitting in the cold waiting for the tickets.

    One time Emrick came by, he looked at the line while he went past. A short while later he came over with four large Dunkin Donuts coffees. He looked at us and said we looked cold and he just hapened to have four extra coffees. Two were blakc and two had milk. He gave them to the four at the front of the line and went inside (there were actually five of us on line, I hadnt been there when he went by the first time my sister had been holding my spot.

    He could clearly see my sister was a Ranger fan, he was just being a nice person. Of al the Devils announcers he annoys me by far the least. just thought I’d give a nice anecdote for him…

  102. Carp
    Gartener had 28 goals 24 helpers and Amonte had 16 with 38, I think they both had played 71 or 72 games.

  103. I have never ever ever felt good about the Rangers playoff chances…

    I have been a fan thru all this:

    Hadfield laughing in penalty box as Game 7 vs philly is coming to an end 1974

    I just sit down for a nice long OT and Parise Beats us in 11 seconds 1975

    I’m in an Islander bar ( Littl4e Lounge in Massapequa) watch maloney tie game 5 only for F***ing Morrow beats us in 1984
    Not Potvin, not gillies, bossy, trots..no….Morrow

    Roy 96

    Penguins 92

    almost died 5 times in 94

    Flyers 95 and 97

    Penguins 96

    Jagrs shoulder and 13 PP’s for Devils in game 1 2006

    Drury w/ 7 seconds to go ( jagr playing checking role WTF!!!) 2007

    3-0 lead vs pens in 2008

    Yeah…here we go Rangers here we go!

  104. in ’94, Gartner also had 28 before Keenan forced him out, and Amonte only had 16 because of all of Keenan’s mind-games.

    and, yes, I was being facetious. nobody called about the lower body injury.

    I was listening to one of the updates on the radio today and they said Devils vs. Rangers at the Meadowlands. Even if it wasn’t at MSG it wouldn’t be at the Meadowlands. And that’s the Devils’ station.

  105. Kaspar, I feel your pain. I barely remember the 72 finals, but that is when I became a Rangers fan. I graduated HS in 84, so I had to hear from the Islanders a holes, every year. But it’s our fault, we keep coming back every year for more.

    Ag- I met Doc after game 4 vs Pitt last year as we walked out of MSG. Nice guy, told me I was dedicated after all these years.

    I’m working late so I miss another game but if the Rangers don’t come out and dominate, not win a shootout but DOMINATE, no playoffs this year. The schedule is too tough.

  106. I am really not a Keenan fan but he really had that team playing well just at playoff time. I guess thats why I felt so good about their chances. Although I’m not sure if they ended up in first place over all.

  107. Rangers in 94, 28-8-6 at home. 24-16-2 on road. 14 game unbeaten streak. 20 shorthanded goals, #1 power play. Seems like a long time ago.

  108. I’ve been a ranger fan longer than I care to mention, but I am fortunate I have a short memory, so most of the stuff good or bad has long left the memory bank, and what is there runs together.

  109. # Rick Carpiniello March 30th, 2009 at 2:17 pm

    in ‘94, Gartner also had 28 before Keenan forced him out, and Amonte only had 16 because of all of Keenan’s mind-games.

    and, yes, I was being facetious. nobody called about the lower body injury.

    I was listening to one of the updates on the radio today and they said Devils vs. Rangers at the Meadowlands. Even if it wasn’t at MSG it wouldn’t be at the Meadowlands. And that’s the Devils’ station.

    Was it Joe Recko’s 20/20?

  110. Carp,

    Citi Field whatnot… I’m still going to be calling it Shea as is my sister (and she is a Yankee fan not Met) so I can understand if the guy made a slip of the tongue… although when speaking on the radio one ought to be way more careful…

  111. I was away all weekend (the KGB BBQ , sshhhhh…) and I watched the Saturdays game just now. And now I’ve decided… I am going to become NHL Official! How hard can it be? All I need is a pen and paper and I’m in!! I’m going to sign up for Don Koharski camp… for only $325 Canadian dollars I can be a referee! Watch out Pittsburgh…Rangers fan referee is coming to town!!

    No bur seriously, didn’t it feel as if there were 9 Penguins’ players against 5 of the Rangers? Don’t these people have any integrity?!! Wide open discrimination… These mofos don’t even hide it anymore… so disgusting!

    P.S. If anyone sees Drury, tell him there is a hockey game tonight…

  112. For those of you who remember the greatest Radio analyst the Rangers ever hired, Sal “Red Light” Messina. He turned 70 on March 19th. I just want to wish him a happy and healthy belated since I don’t think there was any recognition. He definitely made listening to the radio enjoyable during the 80’s, 90’s up until 2002 when he retired.

  113. tony from AZ
    March 30th, 2009 at 3:05 pm
    I hope the Rangers are as fired up as I am.

    Tony…can you play tonight??

  114. so Emrick is a “nice guy”. that is the same thing that they said about Renney, to cover up his deficiencies

    it is about his on-air work, not his off-air schmoozing

  115. Emrick forays into being a nice guy but then gets hearded back into the nuetral zone and occasionally bolts in on the attack before perching himself on the goal mouth

  116. Good look at the 94 stats. I think the funniest thing is that, on a team with Messier, Leetch, Graves, Tikk, Gartner, etc., the leading scorer was Sergei Zubov, of all people. Dude had 12g-77a-89p.

  117. Thanks, Spider.

    Here’s something some of you might like about Emrick. He came up as a broadcaster for Fort Wayne, and as such he is a big fan of the fights. He keeps track of how many fights each guy has, and against whom, and instigators, and all that stuff. And he very subtly makes remarks that let you know he likes the tough guys and that aspect of the game, without coming right out and saying it.
    Here’s another. He is even more subtle when he bashes a ref. He’ll just say, for example, “Jones is taken down … and play continues.”

  118. Kaspar- 1 to shuffleboard it, 1 to waffleboard it, 1 to knife it, 1 to tally it, 1 to tilt it, and 1 helper. That’s 6 total.

  119. SCX and CCCP

    Very nice

    Hockey and Rodeo on the same channel… ESPN; with thier strong men and skateboards has nothing on these clowns

  120. ““Jones is taken down … and play continues”

    Hey Carp!
    All announcers do that…at least for their home teams…you gotta hear the Sabres guys…” and NOOOOOOOO Calllllllll!!!!!”….

  121. Emrick is one of the biggest Brodeur sycophants on earth, so I don’t want him describing tonight’s Avery-Fatso battles

  122. Rick,

    Here’s another. He is even more subtle when he bashes a ref. He’ll just say, for example, “Jones is taken down … and play continues.”

    Tonight it will be, “Avery is decapitated at center ice…play continues.”

  123. A few years ago while I was teaching the little Kaspars the finer points of the game ( 3 breaks per period to run into kitchen and get beverages etc..)

    One little kaspar said “I thought you said only goals and saves count as shots”

    I said “that is correct little one”

    “then why do the rangers have 8 shots and no goals but the guy announcing said ‘save Brodaeur” every two seconds”

    this is a true story…this is where the count the saves game began to be played at my home

    Every time a Devils game is played Emrick says “save” twice as much as there are saves

    lately he has taken to not calling saves by the oppennents saves…he says “the shot is deflected wide” or the shot “shimmies into the corner’…never “Save Lundqvist!”

    He is a funny guy

  124. haha Kaspar if I remember I will have to count it up to see… in fairness our announcers do the same thing (maybe not as much bit maybe but they do…)

  125. Carp,
    One time on the West Side Highway going down to a Rangers game I saw a guy playing the trumpet while driving. Now that’s skill :).

  126. NY Rangers Examiner on

    I think Joe Mic shows the most bias out of anyone on the Rangers broadcast.

  127. I’m at work so I’m kinda busy but I cant think of one announcer I actually like…besides Jim Gordon and Bill Chadwick ( and thats only cause Chads was senile and Gordon Ruled!)

    I used to like the guy who did play by play on ESPN….not bill “Tilt” Clement

  128. the rangers have a very good record over the last few years agaisnt pitt at home look it up…

  129. Anthony
    was the trumpet player any good?

    I mean anyone can blow spit into one… but was he any good?

  130. Kaspar, you couldn’t beat the late great Jim Gordon’s 2 “Score” calls, 1 for the Rangers and 1 for the opponent. I think I read that the Big Whistle is still alive.

  131. UESBlueshirt on

    But the Canadiens used to play in an arena named the Molsen Centre.

    They’ve never gotten on that NJ franchise for promoting Satan worship.

  132. NY Rangers Examiner
    March 30th, 2009 at 4:03 pm
    I miss JD
    The Blues are the only team I like other than the Rangers. They are in eighth right now. Hope they make it to the playoffs.

  133. Neeeeeeeeeeeeeeidermeyer with a drive on

    … that gets waffleboarded away by the opposition’s net-defender standing infront of the iron and twine, with 1,435 ticks left in this tilt until a victor is declared when the buzzer sounds….

  134. I remember years ago, listening to Foster Hewet from Toronto. The game could be 0-0 but he would be calling the most exciting game, there was never a boring game back then , unless you were there. Oh the good old days before TV.

  135. “Kaspar, you couldn’t beat the late great Jim Gordon’s 2 “Score” calls, 1 for the Rangers and 1 for the opponent. I think I read that the Big Whistle is still alive.”


    I had a friend who used to go around doing Chadwick impersonations…I swear! He’d talk to bartenders and cab drivers like he was Chadwick

    Favorite Chadwick moemnt…me and three friends are watching the 75-76 or 76-77 rangers vs caps…the Caps were terrible; one of worst expansion teams ever.. and the Rangers come out like gang busters and score a goal…
    Chadwick screams “the Rangers are making the caps look like they are skating in sand Jim!!”

    The Caps score three times in about 1 minute and go on to win 7-1…these were the Caps that won like 20 games their first two seasons combine!!

    Gordon says to him after three goals “that sand seems to have glazed over” Chadwick laughs and chokes/coughs

  136. We had hockey night in Canada mostly from Montreal with Dick Irving and Danny Galavan with their cantalating drive, and the Sevardian spinerama

  137. 75-76 seasons? I was a little baby back then… kaspar… pushing in age eh?
    I got a good medical supply place… let me know if anything : P

    I mean nothing but respect for a comrade!

  138. anyone remember Rogie Ducet?

    he used to sing Oh canada at the forum…unbelieveable version

    i still remember it today whenever I hear someone else doing it..it just dont compare

  139. 2.15 until to the game at 1 am or fall asleep and watch the taped version (in full length!!) around 5 am ?

    I still haven´t decided yet !!!

  140. AHHAHAHAH Great story Kaspar.

    That was hysterical. I remember when I was younger my father and I used to say that all the time NNNNNNEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEIERMEYER!!!

  141. Kaspar
    March 30th, 2009 at 4:40 pm




    by anything i meant orthopedic shoes :)

  142. inhankwetrust on

    great catch, carp- we wouldn’t wanna lose jane just yet…

    huge game.

    playoffs, if they haven’t started already, definitely start tonight. we control our own destiny and we have to show that if we can’t beat the bad teams in the league, we can atleast play with the good ones.

  143. inhankwetrust on


    also, whats the over/under on the amount of times emrick says ricochet tonight?

  144. bad in what way Pavel?

    bad like – “it’s raining and i don’t have an umbrella”
    or bad like – “it’s raining and my shoes are not waterproof” ?

  145. alex b (the poster formely known as czechthemout!!!!) on

    I normally don’t ever make predicitions btut I think we take it by a 4-2 score!!!

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