Devils at Rangers game thread


Starting at 7 on Versus, the Devils (47-24-4) take on Sean Avery and the Rangers (39-28-9)! (Actually, borrowing from NBC’s hockey coverage in that lead-in.)

Before tonight’s game Rangers coach John Tortorella was asked if this is a must-win game for his team, and he said he just couldn’t put it in those kinds of terms. If he did, he asked, what would he say to them after a loss?


Tortorella also said the Rangers were having a hard time protecting the middle of the ice, and used as an example Pittsburgh’s go-ahead goal. I don’t want to describe it in too much detail because I know some of you have delicate stomachs, and between that and the Versus coverage… Anyway, here’s Torts.


I think it’s interesting that he says the system just can’t be installed this quickly. I’m wondering if that means something for the rest of this season. Enjoy the game!

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  1. Devils lost three straight on the road and are 0-3-1 in last four…

    Someone is going to lose tonight… I know that for a fact!

  2. not time to pick on our team, or get down on them, or be worried because the Debbies are in town

    Avery’s going to knock Brodeur off his game, I expect the D to be fired up to make up for the performance in Pitt, Henrik isnt going to let his great streak vs NJ slide anymore, and we are going to get 2 points tonight.


  3. LETS GO RANGERS!!!! I’ll be checking in on my phone. Man if there was a game that I would love to be on here for it would be this one. We’ll see!!


    prediction Rangers win 4-3.
    Drury, Zherdev, Avery & Gomez will score :)

    (keeping fingers crossed)

  4. Very interesting listening to what Torts said. I am wondering what he means exactly by that. “Not enough time this year for his system, and that they are going to pull back from it a bit.” Maybe not those words exactly, buy along those lines. I hope he is not going to go back to a Renney style of play. We all know how that is going to end up if we do. We need to win games, and we need to score goals to do that. If Hank was in early season form, we win the last couple of games that we lost. I am not throwing Hank under the bus, but he definitely needs to be sharper if we are going to play Torts hockey.

  5. Let’s Go Rangers! Nothing much else to say.

    Carp-How weird is it passing by the NY Airports and seeing Citi Field and the empty lot that used to hold NY’s favorite Starship Shea?

  6. jerkins perkins(carps nephew) on

    kaspar- the guy you were thinkin about from espn was gary thorne. i always wondered where he is too because he does the commentary for the ea nhl series videogame.

  7. jerkins perkins(carps nephew) on

    but gary thorne always had his own wierd way of pronouncing names. especially tom poti. he said it like “tom potty” or somethin like thaT. wierd guy

  8. jerkins perkins(carps nephew) on

    lol cccp- man youre good. i never thought about it like that. so who do you think loses? lol

  9. It´s interesting to hear what Torts said:

    Mara made a couple of bad reads, and he didn´t mention Sauer !
    So why he was really sent down ???

    Do they have the same lineup as on Saturday…
    Redden-Morris ?????

  10. jerkins perkins(carps nephew) on

    so 14 people here actually voted that we will win the cup! wow. gimme some of that good stuff i want some

  11. jerkins perkins(carps nephew) on

    i want avery to piss brodeur and the devils off so bad tonight, that theres an all out brawl, and torts beats the crap out of elmer fudd, and sam n joe jump over to doc n chicos side and start chokeslamming them and then sam can take off one of his sweaty black dress socks and gives chico mr socko right in in his mouth!!

  12. Is there any reading between the lines:

    “We don´t have enough times to teach the players the system we want to play, so we to back off a little bit”

    What does that really say ? Did he given up on the chance to reach the playoffs ? He is saying that they are not able to close the middle despite not pinching in as much as he wants that they should be ???

    He talked about the winning goal by Crosby as those both veterans Derek Morris and Wade Redden were not possible to shut the door on Crosby !
    Isn´t it precarious that those two are not able to learn to close the middle ???

  13. jerkins perkins(carps nephew) on

    wow i just listened to the audio again and i dont really get a confident feeling from torts. thanks again jane for it its really cool for me and guys that cant get msg. but yea, i hope he doesnt start pullin the guys back. i measn i realize that we are giving up alot of chances and all, but i think its gotta be one or the other. you cant have an agressive style and have your d not pinch, maybe you can to an extent, but it doesnt seem like he has confidence in our d makin the right play and that cause some breakdowns tonight. everybodys gotta be on the same page

  14. jerkins perkins(carps nephew) on

    *that can cause breakdowns tonight. also i think he shouldnt change the style at all. i think its gonna confuse some guys instincts and might screw em up. but yea im not a head coach, not even close so i wont judge his statements until the game is underway

  15. jerkins perkins(carps nephew) on

    buff, in no way do i think torts has given up on the playoffs. hell no man, but it does say something about the personnel we have on the ice and maybe theyre not cut out for the style he wants. i think next season we will get a better more organized version of the system he wants. but yea theres no way you ever give up on tryin for the playoffs

  16. jerkins,
    Torts prob. isn’t confident because of the crap team Sather managed to put on ice

  17. jerkins perkins(carps nephew) on

    staal, yea exactly. i kinda said that in my last post about the personnel on the ice. yup, we improved at the deadline, but not nearly enough for a run. and maybe if torts was hired sooner, this might not even be an issue right now.

  18. jerkins perkins(carps nephew) on

    dude, we keep mirroring each other in our posts. u got espn or something? lol

  19. jerkins

    I think we will win tonight, which will make Devils the losers.

    I could count those 14 people who voted for winning the Cup
    Beer Me!, Renney, Perry Pearn, Voros, Slats, Dolan, Rachunek, Ozolinsh, Fritsche, Rismiller, Prucha, Dawes, Kalinin, and the Zamboni guy… I think I got them all :)

  20. Hey guys and gal-Antro will be at the NHL Store tomorrow. If I didn’t have work I’d go meet him and take a goofy pic kinda like I did with Cally.

    jerkins-Nice WWF(E) references. After Sam gives them Mr. Socco a masked man comes in and hits everyone over the head with a chair, spray paints W.H.O. on everyone takes off his make and reveals it Pat Verbeek wearing a Whalers jersey and leader of the Whalers World Order..on Thursday Ron Francis takes out Paul Maurice and joins the W.H.O.

  21. jerkins perkins(carps nephew) on

    cccp- on the last post someone posted a link showing the rangers 94 stats. beukeboom had 8 goals that year! 5 more than 6.5 million dreaden! and zubov was our leading scorer!! how could smith trade him????? what surprised me was that matteau was only 24 years old. what happened to him? i dont know where he went after the rangers? anybody know?

  22. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Rules !! says Greg L. on

    WIN WIN WIN boys …let’s do it!!! Yeah I voted Rangers to win the cup…yeah 15 now , I ain’t here to see them miss the playoffs and lose in finals!!!

    Let’s get it right this time ..beat the Devils and regain some confidence back. We are a fragile team and a win vs NJ would help our playoff push!!!

    Is Vally sent down to the minors yet?

  23. jerkins perkins(carps nephew) on

    verbeek?? lol remember koko b. ware? is he really george laraque? or how bout boink the clown? and bruno sammartino. thats goin back far. in my day it was tito santana and hulk, andre, the million dollar man, lol. damn there were so many of them.

  24. Staal Wart

    i think this is the problem exactly. Technically this is Renneys team still (personnel wise)and Torts is trying to build a building with bricks but no cement… this is why it will be very interesting offseason…we will see how much influence the coach has over who’s coming and who’s going. Maybe we will even see a GM change as well…


  25. jerkins perkins(carps nephew) on

    oh yea, when i was a kid living on long island, i met the honkey tonk man in the coram video store! lol.

    staal, yea man, its esp or somethin

  26. Wow I can’t type as per my last post.

    jerkins-Matteau who was always a favorite of Mike Keenan and was traded for Mike Eastwood I think when the Rangers needed a Betts like center (face offs, PK, checker). He played for the Blues and Panthers post-94 and had a few other stops.

    He was boyhood friends with Pierre Turgeon and was always overshadowed by him so when he scored those two OT goals in 94, he finally got some press.

    Zubov was the man. Smith traded him because they thought he was soft, couldn’t win one on one battles in the defensive end, and thought he couldn’t deal with the clutching and grabbing that was coming into the league. Also Campbell hated Russians. He had a really bad round 2 series in 95 I think it was against Pitt (and 96 was the Flyers or maybe it was the other way around) which kinda dumbly sealed his fate.

    Wade Redden-The only man to get paid $6.5 million for his amazing breakout pass.

  27. jerkins perkins(carps nephew) on

    ccccp- well didnt torts influence slats to get antro? torts was sayin we needed size and i think he had alot to do with getting antro. slats couldnt be that smart could he?

  28. Hmmm, so Torts is gonna back off a bit on the attack…guess he is starting to realize what I think Renney knew all along…this team doesn’t have the offensive weapons to play like that all the time nor the defensive corps to back them up.

    I still prefer Torts system thought…if you are gonna lose, go down fighting and trying.

  29. Haha, I just watched The Complete Self Destruction of The Ultimate Warrior on youtube yesterday. He was my favorite.

    I remember all those dudes old skool WWF. I hated Honky Tonk and was going nuts when Warrior crushed him at Summer Slam for the IC Title.

    LOL, I’ve got to meet a lot of those WWF/ECW guys over the years (I used to run into them all the time in either Westchester or DC) like Mick Foley, Jerry Lynn, Kurt Angle, Tommy Dreamer, etc. Bubba Ray Dudley was one of the nicest.

  30. jerkins perkins(carps nephew) on

    superfly jimmy snuka. he was great. ohh crap. hockeys on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Rules !! says Greg L. on

    Brodeur says he never misses a Ranger game…hmmm maybe ol fatso might start to …COME ON AVERY , skate by him and say “fatso” , fast and quik and often!!

  32. jerkins perkins(carps nephew) on

    hey mikeA, i forgot but what happened to the ultimate warrior?

  33. Purinton4Captain on

    i tried getting into the channel on ustream and its asking for a password. screw. anyone know where to watch?

  34. jerkins perkins(carps nephew) on

    im good i got versus thanks. so what site is showing?, just for future reference if gamecenter craps on me

  35. jerkins perkins(carps nephew) on

    drury needs to score tonight. he needs to start being clutch loike he was when he played us in 07. last seasons playoffs he was invisible. time to start earnin ya money chris

  36. God does Versus coverage suck quality wise – I can’t for the life of me understand why it should look any different from the MSG feed. Isn’t the world digital these days??

  37. jerkins perkins(carps nephew) on


  38. That game looks like it’s being played on fast forward.

    Picture is better than it was last week but it still sucks compared to MSG/MSG+/NBC.

  39. i know i’m a bit late but…

    LETS FREAKIN GO RANGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Smart hockey boys…and knock bubble butt on his ass legally!!

  40. i’m gonna go out on a limb and say Aves scores tonight! you just KNOW he’s been waiting for this since he came back!!!

  41. jerkins perkins(carps nephew) on

    he said waffleboard guys!!! u called it. i havent heard anyone say waffleboard since i played as a kid in the early 90’s!

  42. jerkins perkins(carps nephew) on

    oh u know i love the z man. he just drives ya crazy sometimes though

  43. ok if I only lose sound during commercials I don’t care (actually I don’t mind not listening to the announcers either) but is this really not happening to anyone else? sound is back now

  44. wassup bro! the ‘italian’ connection is active tonight!!

    Where’s Sally and her lucky beers!!!! Hiya agravaine, and the entire awesomely wacky crew!

    did anyone squirrel or pitchfork yet??? i so hope i didnt miss those auditory gems!

  45. Gomez is buzzing and has been for the past two games, he needs to put a few in tonight.

  46. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Rules !! says Greg L. on

    yeah , I knowwwww but he has so many points!!! He and Antro ..both crazy …crazy creatively creative .

  47. its funny though… on TV i see Fat-deur is getting ready before the faceoff… and on the radio they say “Avery is screening Fat-deur, then he takes his skates off and lets fat-deur smell his sock”… or something like that

  48. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Rules !! says Greg L. on

    Rangers are out shooting the Devils and are really trying to take it to them.

  49. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Rules !! says Greg L. on

    Anro and Zherdev are on the same line tonight …Fat-deur is is really focused tonight.

  50. well while I am the only one in the chat room no reason not to keep waiting for the reload here… come on boys…. Morris looking solid right now… mauybe trying to make up for that Crosby goal he has had solid positioning moslty…

    come on get it out boys!!

  51. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Rules !! says Greg L. on

    big save from fatty off of a Ranger 3 on 2..Naslund had a nice shot in which the goalie looked shaky on it. ALL Rangers here untill a weak effort by the Devils in our zone.
    Holik and all the midgets?…can’t believe we don’t beat these idiots more often…Fatso is the star of the game so far. He won’t see Antro’s goal coming …

  52. Chuck, i made sure i crossed my eyes when i typed that!!!!

    Why does Versus always cut away when things get ‘interesting’. Damn amateurs!!!

  53. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Rules !! says Greg L. on

    Shanahan takes a shot …makes a big hit!!!…gets the puck and passes to a teamate setting up for the shot …Devil show spurts of offense but al in all …Rangers are sharp and even with a hot Fatty in net for the Devils…I can’t see our team letting up . Brodeur can NOT save ’em all !! We are “liting the lamp” soon cuz I see marty getting tired…

  54. “brodeur fantastic”. yeah sure, Emrick. give him a big kiss while you’re at it.

    let’s go Rangers !

    beat fatso.

  55. okay.
    just got in with 5 minutes to play.
    hopefully, i’ve been missed.

    looks like a playoff game.

  56. For those who don’t want to watch the VS dog and pony show between periods, Seinfeld is on TBS between first and second; The Godfather is on AMC starting at 8. Maybe Kaspar can see Abe Vigoda and his nightmare can be complete.

    My God, every play around the net finishes with a skirmish, and every single time VS is in a closeup of somebody not involved in the skirmish. Damn amateurs.

  57. how’s Potter been doing?
    anything good things to report other than Staal’s hit just now?

  58. Doc
    the New York Times’ editorial policy refers
    to EVERYONE in a formal manner!! Mr. Mrs. Ms.
    he should know that!

  59. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Rules !! says Greg L. on

    Potter is invisable and Avery is …being Avery ..”new Avery” that is.

  60. NY Rangers Examiner on

    Question, who is this moron with Emrick?

    He’s so pro Devils it’s ridiculously annoying

  61. Greg…Martys gonna head into the locker room and have some dunkin donuts boston cremes and get ready for the 2nd.

    LMAO @ all the Abe Vigoda comments!


  62. thanks Agravaine

    i was actually worried that the opposite might happen
    and i get drummed outta here.

    damn, how i hate how hockey can make people so superstitious!
    (me included)

  63. UESBlueshirt on

    Linda I called that earlier today!

    March 30th, 2009 at 11:31 am
    “X player skates the puck very deliberately from his own end”
    “And that puck is pitchforked into the Rangers zone”
    “some mention of the time left in the period or a PP that is more complicated than saying what the time left on the clock actually is”.

  64. jerkins perkins(carps nephew) on

    lol hey uncle matteo amc is the best channel! they got ass kickin movies 24/7

  65. I don’t have a problem with Emrick, he knows the game and I think, genuinely excited to watch good hockey. I can’t say I find him overly biased, if at all.

    The color guy tonight though is horrible. Complete donkey playing the Avery angle for all it’s worth. I’d rather have Olczyk any day.

  66. Potter did have that nice pass on the powerplay? that Avery didn’t one time and Brodeur stopped.

  67. yea! jpg’s here!!

    Examiner, I was wondering the same thing earlier. Could the booth be any more tilted? LMAO

    I’m sure you’ve all seen those pics of CarrotTop all jacked up…well, I’m thinkin Staal might look like that under the jersey because that is one solid, strong guy, and he doesnt really look it! He’s gonna be a monster, and lucky for us, we get to watch him daily!

  68. lol jpg… I know the feeling I’ve been blamed for losses by entering or exiting chat rooms… silliness I always knock on wood at any possible jinx!!

    yea who is this other moron Doc is actually the objective one…

  69. LMAO @ Mr. Loaf, thats freakin classic!!

    Teehee@ Englom blasting the boa constrictor trap!!!

    Was i hearing wrong or did Doc actually say, at the end of the period, that the Devils had 20 shots and the Rangers had 10, when its the other way around?? I could be wrong, but i swear thats what he said!

  70. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Rules !! says Greg L. on

    Dunkin donuts eh ..we gots Tim Hortons here ..mmm tims coffee is goood . If the rangers keep peppering good ol BroDUH and if he loses 25 pounds because of all the action he will still be called fatty/fatso because of his big fat head . If OUR goalie had a HEAD like marty , we have a wayyyyy better goals against average because good ‘ol hendrick loves to do headers!!

  71. cccp, docs wife forces him to wear depends now because she was getting sick and tired of washing 8 pairs of ‘slacks’ after every game!!

    They’ve been showing this freakin Sabres commercial for like two damned weeks now!!! I dont remember seeing a Rangers Wild one ;-)

  72. NY Rangers Examiner on

    Doc can be very biased towards the Devils, but most of the time he is good. I do enjoy listening to his commentary on occasion b/c like you said JJP, Doc seems to be genuinely excited to see good hockey.

    This other fool in the booth tonight is terrible though. I thought Versus was supposed to be a neutral broadcast. From the way the broadcast was done in that first, it wouldn’t seem the Rangers were the dominant team at all.

  73. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Rules !! says Greg L. on

    now there’s a comercial during intermition for all those bloggers who can’t be watching the game on my tv…

  74. Emrick was getting more excited though when the Debbies got some zone time and a couple shots. he just uses the Rangers shots as praise-marty opportunities

    anyone who has ever listened to debbies telecasts knows there is nothing neutral about Emrick

  75. UESBlueshirt on

    Wow, VS period summary just said the Rangers and Devils both went 0 for 4 on the PP.

  76. Rick,

    Seinfeld in between the 1st and 2nd is my routine, though the episode on Fox tonight was better than the one on TBS.

  77. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Rules !! says Greg L. on

    The guys on here are all saying the Devils defense is crappy now…20 shots against so far sure proves it..

  78. UESBlueshirt on

    Man for man the Devils D isn’t that spectacular. They play well as a unit but pit them against a player like OV or those two guys from Pitt and I’m sure over the course of a best of 7 series they’ll get burned.

  79. We HAVE to stay out of the box. The longer this game goes scoreless, I can just see us taking a penalty and Rolston blasting one in from the point. BARF!!! I hope I’m wrong.

    Maybe I should have my last Chimay during the second period. Mmmm.

  80. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Rules !! says Greg L. on

    Agrivane , now that you here …ya came across as a spokes man for RN …you seem to be plugging that place alot. I went there because of you last year and It really was too exciting…The BB is now an informercial and I can’t stand to go there and let 2 guys opinions rule everything…GO RANGERS!!!!!!11

  81. I’m not saying Emrick isn’t a Devils fan but overall he’s pretty fair. I wouldn’t want to listen him every night but it’s not horrible – there are much worse, clueless guys out there. I wouldn’t have mistaken JD for being an unbiased Ranger’s announcer but he certainly did a good job being unbiased during national telecasts, I think Emrick is similar.

  82. lol ZZ

    I am a moderator on the forum at Ranger Nation. I really like most of the people that post there and such its a good time and the guy who made the sort loves hockey so much, especially the Rangers obviously.

    I only plug it because I really believe it…

    the forum there is like the blog here, really good conversation a lot of the time…

  83. friends of mine were in a band and were driving him nuts by calling him Mr. Loaf.

    they used urinal traps to promote themselves.

  84. man I wish Naslund would get his game on!! Not only do I have him in my hockey pool, but I think he is the Rangers most gifted goal scorer. (perhaps in time, zherdev will be better)

    He had some real low minutes that first period, zero pp.

    Maybe thats why we are getting run down by the third…betts/orr/korp had 1 minute of ice time…

    I expect better things from Nasland…he needs to get back to his “western conference play off stretch” form…..He can be way more effective!

    I hope Torts is getting a better feel/expectation level for all his players….

  85. Redden couldnt handle the speedy Abe Vigoda either!!! WOW, dude was just hearin the boos… Please do something about this guy in the offseason!!

  86. Nasty 1

    which Chimay would you recommend for someone that never had it before? im looking at the few different ones here online…

  87. okay. i’m waiting for a score for our side.
    i’ve got my coca cola poured. have the remote in the
    “good” spot…and it’s not what you think…sickos.
    ummm….maybe i need to stand rather than sit.
    worked in ’94

  88. jpg stand one period sit the other… whichever one is better you must do for the rest of the season…. and the post season…


  90. i will literally scream even louder if our man Aves scores!

    That goal was for Sally and her cats!

  91. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Rules !! says Greg L. on

    Passion CARP …thats what we are seeing , beats skill my friend ..everytime!!!!!!!

  92. UESBlueshirt
    March 30th, 2009 at 8:10 pm
    Haha, Gomez against Holik

    would THAT be considered a mismatch :-)

  93. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Rules !! says Greg L. on

    This crowd is what ive been waiting for!!! NOW THIS IS A CROWD!!


    YEA BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!GIRARDI!!

  95. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Rules !! says Greg L. on

    I see another goal ….and soon!! The Devils are screwed!!!!

  96. good Mr Burns chuck!

    ooo ee a power play!!! MAKE IT HAPPEN!!!!!

    i think brodeur will try the apple fritter between the 2nd and 3rd

  97. man, i was just about to celebrate the first goal
    and all these computer books attacked me!
    didn’t hit my glass of liquid
    but knocked the can over which was located elsewhere.

  98. hey Matt!!

    i think we need to get to the dreaded 3 goal lead!!, maybe even 4 .. the more the merrier!!!

  99. The Focus of Martin Brodeur

    what happened to me?
    you left once we started going to the net. finally.

  100. The Focus of Martin Brodeur
    March 30th, 2009 at 8:05 pm
    hey doogie- it isnt 2001-02, Naslund sucks.

    Wow what a great break out pass, nice work down low by Markus Naslund…2009

    Double Wow…did you all see that fatso MB flailing around the ice….

    Triple Woow…nice!!

  101. “Are you saying ‘Boo!’ or ‘Boo-urns!’?”
    “…I was saying Boo-urns.”

  102. Screw 3 or 4, i want 7 or 8. Hey, i want Marty to get pulled. Hey…lets make him want to retire. Avery Hat-trick baby!

  103. NY Rangers Examiner on

    Agravaine, I’ll have to check out Ranger Nation

    I go on the forums at and talk ranger hockey. There’s only a small amount of posters, but the ppl there always have something good to say. And keep everyone updated as much as possible.

  104. NY Rangers Examiner on

    lol matt, that would be a good drinking game. You can also play that with Cindy Crosby too. You wouldn’t be able to walk after the game though

  105. oh damn the black hole known as Wade Redden is on the ice!

    Matt, i dont think i’d have enough milk for that, brand new gallon would last about 30 seconds with the way this guy whines. You’d think he was a 13 year old girl who couldnt get jonas brothers tickets

  106. Examiner… I’m a moderator so I’m biased… but I became a moderator becuase I enjoyed it so much… next to this site its my favorite honest

    and its almos tliek this one becuase we all reference Carp and Jane (we give credit for everything) every day

  107. Chimay Red is by far my favorite. Sample them all and make your choice as to which will be your “go to”. It is not an all the time beer, but I always like to start off my night with one when I am drinking.

    I want a 2 goal lead going in to the third.

  108. If i were a little kid watching this game, i’d instantly love hockey. To bad Bettman is to retarded to have ESPN broadcast games where little kids are exposed. I mean seriously..what little kid watches Versus? They all watch ESPN and sportscenter. Seriously.

  109. UESBlueshirt on

    Somewhere Chico Resch is filming his “What’s in Chico’s fat mouth segment” and silently weeping.

  110. yeah. i’m on it.
    drenched a dozen cdrs.
    sad just sad
    but hey
    we got a goal.
    i’ll live with it.

  111. were a Ranger for what..2 years? All they can get is Tie Domi? Messier and Graves and at like every rivalry game. Seriously Versus..your dropping the ball.

  112. Domi definitely got his moneys worth with his teeth… those things are as white as you get.

  113. UESBlueshirt
    March 30th, 2009 at 8:22 pm
    Somewhere Chico Resch is filming his “What’s in Chico’s fat mouth segment” and silently weeping.


    maybe its brodeurs donuts!

    Sutter looks like he hasnt seen the sun in about 10 years

  114. i like the idea that Tortorella uses the time out rather than “saves” em for another day.

  115. i really appreciate the way they are fighting for the puck tonight, they just look like they want it more

  116. Hank makes me nervous when he does that — a crowd around yet
    he’ll keep the puck alive with a purposeful rebound

  117. Did emrick just call Orr a strong 2 way player? Yeah, he’s only go at 2 things. Checking and breaking people’s faces.


    i absofreakin LUTELY LOVE THIS KID!!!!!!!

    Colton Orr the human eclipse,… awesome!

  119. well, it felt like a playoff game and right now i wish it was a playoff game.
    nice song during the GOAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  120. Smell blood boys, please rip out the jugular and just chew on it. Please, for once this season.

  121. nice save hank!!!

    oh no the quizporn commercial…

    wow where were these guys saturday!?

  122. Torts: 8 goals and i’ll let you step on the logo tomorrow
    Team: Really?
    Torts: No, now stfu, play hard and i won’t send your *** to Hartford
    Team: YES, SIR!

  123. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Rules !! says Greg L. on

    Yip , another goaaaaal…see ya guys i have to goto my buddies and watch the 3rd period on HD …he lives 5 min away!!sweeet…Go Rangersss go go gog ogogoo go!!

  124. We do not train to be merciful here. Mercy is for the weak. Here, in the streets, in competition: A man confronts you, he is the enemy. An enemy deserves no mercy.

  125. oh im still a pru fan. kinda hopin we bring him back. he’s playing nicely in my nhl2k dynasty :)

  126. I think on the last goal, every one went to Avery in front and just let Cally fire that laser. Ha. Watch it again, that is definitely what happened.

  127. Let them keep concentrating on Avery, thats where he’s most effective, especially with this team and goalie!!!

    Now if only he could score, that’d be fantastic

  128. Matt K.!!!!!!!!!!!

    that was FANTASTIC!!!

    would hope that that’s what the players just heard on the bench from Tortorella.

  129. they have to come up with a good strong 3rd period this time. that means no goals allowed, certainly no more than one. don’t sit back, but don’t get caught pinching either.

  130. jerkins perkins(carps nephew) on

    hank has been a wall in net tonight. we aint losin this one. this is a preview of round 1 baby!

  131. great 2nd period boys!!!! Now keep it going and make us all happy so we can get to 500 posts after a win ;-)

  132. jerkins perkins(carps nephew) on

    ues- this is the rangers best period all year. from scoring to our goaltending!

  133. They better not pull this “Prevent Defense” crap. You win by playing HARD, and playing HARD all the time. Give it all, or go home.

  134. yea mike, hanks been solid tonight. Hopefully this is the “return” of the Hank we love!!

    I gotta agree with UES, that was a great period!! Now they just gotta keep it going…60 minutes tonight baby!! That’d be freakin awesome!

  135. Sauer Grapes on


  136. What a great period. We need this game badly. Kill these losers !!!!!

    Hank is doing great, hopefully he has another period left in him to show he is ready for the playoffs !!

    Keep the goals coming !!! Destroy FAT ASS !

  137. NY Rangers Examiner on

    I don’t think you will see the Rangers sit back in the third. They will keep the attack going under Torts…hopefully.

  138. Sutter always looks like he just walked in on his brothers in the sack with his wife. Miserable looking guy. That being said, I would not be surprised or have a problem with him winning coach of the year. I mean you have to give credit where credit is due.

  139. jerkins perkins(carps nephew) on

    interesting on sutter saying players not trusting their teammate. thats telling, especially when someone like redden is your d partner. maybe thats why all his linemates suffer

  140. I really hope they keep it up in the 3rd. I’m so frustrated by the last few games that I want blood in this one. I want complete destruction. I want Marty pulled.

  141. these guys in the beer closet are out of control.

    how many dives for Krispy Kreme Brodeur in the 3rd?

  142. jerkins perkins(carps nephew) on

    orr- hank is playin the best of this season in my eyes. he looks ready.
    jason- great quote. great movie too

  143. I’m sorry, I mistakenly wrote “Marty” in my last post. Please substitute that with “Fatso.” Thanks.

  144. They were looking a little tired at the end of the 2nd. They need red bull and whatever Redden has in the inside “secret” zipper pocket inside the normal pocket, that is in his jacket. Whatever it takes to win. Doc Gooden, Daryl Strawberry, LT, do it baby. Cocaine:For the good of the team. Haha. That is the slogan for everyone’s favorite powdery treat. Put it on the donuts and in the baby powder bottle. EVERYWHERE!!!!!! No sleeping in the 3rd. Pedal to the metal and balls to the wall.

  145. whenever someone says/types/writes balls to the wall… all i can think of is udo dirkschneider (SP) and accept….wow i am old!

  146. jerkins perkins(carps nephew) on

    kph- i want utter annihilation baby!!!!! get them ready for the devils in the playoffs, who were mnost likely gonna face.

    linda-it was funny on the 2nd goal when they said brodiva was mad cause he was run into. and they show the replay, and nobody is even near him. he had his celebration this year. now its our turn!!

  147. My favorite part of that period was when Drury went for the rebound, the puck came out to Girardi, Fatso dove to try to get a call, Girardi scored and Fatso waves his arms up in the air looking for the call.

  148. great minds = mike and jason

    you all know how i dislike whiny men, and wow, this ‘dude’ just carries on. video proves noone is near him, i think the refs are watchin to see if avery is in the crease, and they are noticing half the time brodooor cries, noones near him… man i’d love to see a diving/unsportsmanlike on him tonight!

  149. lmao @ lundqvist being the owner of a couple of shutouts already this season…with like 5 games left..too funny

    wheres voros in his pirate outfit

  150. Wooo! Just got home! Watched the first 2 periods at Uncle Joe’s downtown (homemade blue cheese). Now I’m cozy and dipping into the new supply of lucky pbr…

    Did I miss anything exciting here?


  151. jerkins perkins(carps nephew) on

    orr is hilarious!! u see his eyes??? hes freakin possessed!!!!

  152. Wow — not bad, getting a PP out of that scrum. Thought for sure there would be offsetting penalties.

  153. sally!!!!!!!!!! i dedicated dubis goal to you and dubi and gomez! get the lucky beers girl and settle in!!!

    thanks mike aka bro

  154. what was Morris thinking? the puck was still in the zone and he took it all the way back.

  155. jerkins perkins(carps nephew) on

    2 irishmen fightin? nothin wrong wit that! callys a young lion. shanny would lose

  156. holy crap orr’s got psycho eyes!!! I LOVE IT he’s got those crazy eyes, and that evil grin, and the menacing chuckle!! He’s great

  157. Thanks Linda! I’m pretty sure I scared everyone at Uncle Joe’s with my celebratory goal dances…


  158. Nasty 1
    March 30th, 2009 at 9:02 pm
    Our PP is the most embarrassing thing to ever happen in the world. EVER!!!

    moreso than the snuggie and ashlee simpson?

  159. what would be better

    avery scoring outright, or midol marty puttin the puck in his own net after averys the last ranger to touch it???

  160. thanks mike, i like to make you guys ( and ladies) laugh, because you all crack me up on a daily basis….

    Shanny and Shoooooooooo…what an odd pairing!

  161. jerkins perkins(carps nephew) on

    both but if i had to chose, it would be avery scoring, then martina mcbrodiva midol man gettin pissed and starting a fight with aves, and then aves beats the uterus out of him

  162. Matt K.
    March 30th, 2009 at 9:06 pm
    avery scoring a hat-trick on just marty putting it in his own net.


    wonder how many replays of THAT versus or even the NHL would show!! That’s a great vision though

  163. close….almost 4.

    i’d just want a solid 3rd.
    i know it’s not rubbing it in but with this team
    you gotta start simple and blossom from there.

  164. LMFAO @ beat the uterus out of him!! OMG i scared the cat again!!!

    voros in a snuggie with a bucket of crisco… in some places down here that’d be a helluva night lol

  165. Does anyone know if Boston U and Minnesota still go at it? I know back in the Brooks eva, they used to go at it all the time which is why the 1980 Olympic hockey team was great, 2 rivals coming together and beating those comy bastards.

  166. what the hell?!?!?!?!
    that was as much of a hook on Avery as Z gave.
    i guess there wasn’t that talk to bettman and collie

  167. dont like how hank turned back to check on that one, he might tweak his neck there and we need him!


  168. Okay, Avery impressed me VERY MUCH with his self constraint…

    I want to see Orr destroy somebody now, either Rupp or Clarkson

  169. UESBlueshirt on

    I can’t believe the refs let him get away with that, I know you got to let them go but jesus if that was almost any other player they would have stepped in.

  170. Can anyone detail the Avery-Clarkson situation for those of us who don’t have Versus?

  171. it looked like he was sayin he wasnt gonna go… and then that freakin living abortion tosses him down twice?? i bet avery gets an instigator for dropping his glove

  172. Putting them on their back = 3, more then 5 seconds, = 4, more then 10 = 5, flat on their back with shoulders pinned down for 3 = pin.

  173. jerkins perkins(carps nephew) on

    if aves draws a pp then hell yea but i woulda messed clarkfag up

  174. well, folks
    looks like the refs are going to still hate Avery
    and let whatever happen happen.
    again, because he wasn’t a good Canadian boy and paralyzed someone by punching ’em in the back of the neck or committed adultery with his sis-in-law or elbowed a guys face off…..

  175. maybe we should send picture of Elisha Cuthbert to
    NHL home office
    inscribed with the line
    “Why do you hate the Man who used to date me?”

  176. AVERY = GENIUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! he showed a lot there, he tied their hands!!! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE HIM

  177. this is one of those power plays that Tortorella refers to as more important than an overall average.

  178. you know he’s just gotta be BUSTING to go freakin nuts!!! But he freakin knows if he just bides his time, he’ll get an advantage for his team!! Now lets see Orr level Rupp into next June!

  179. I love when it’s Rangers – Devils, the Potvin Sucks chants increase. It’s not even an Islander game but the blue seats don’t care. It’s like their cult slogan.


    lmao @ clarkson gone for the rest of the game!!! BRILLIANT!!! One less goon for Orr to have to destroy tonight lol

  181. Hey Linda! How’s the lucky 2% tonight? Did you guys get any tornadoes the other day?

  182. cant drink the milk while watchin Rangers Devs…it curdles!!! Too much agita!!!

    No tornado activity the other day, but man it scary when the weather radio goes off at like 3 in the morning!

  183. this game is out of control!!!


  184. Hank Haters shhhhhhhh on

    Where are all those Henrik haters from Saturday? The King put the team on his back yet again

  185. i know how you feel Linda.

    tornados hit my area in Ohio years ago
    luckily it skipped my home and many of my relatives.
    still did a good deal of damage.

    you make yourself extra aware when stuff like hail or a weird humid night pops up.

  186. Love hearing the Avery praise on the radio, on this board, anywhere. I’m a Kings fan and an Avery fan and it’s really great to see him finally getting the respect he deserves.

  187. Hank Haters…. this is quite possibly his best game of the season!!! He is so focused and really spot on! I give him all the credit in the world. This is how he needs to play every game if the team is gonna do anything in the playoffs!

  188. jerkins perkins(carps nephew) on

    why does someone have to ruin it by saying wheres all the hank haters???? like anyone hates hank. dumb

  189. I’m feeling like a Devs 1st round match up would be a really great thing right about now…

  190. Liza,

    I’m happy to see Sean shut up and just play the game! He is a very good talent but his mouth takes away from his game. It looks like and hopefully he has learned his lesson.

  191. Liza, really? Dustin Brown is from my hometown. (Sorry, I have to mention that at every chance I get.)

  192. wow… this is quite possibly their first 60 minute game of the season!!!! WOW WOW WOW WOW!!!

  193. great job tonight. very good effort.

    now, let’s go get ’em in Carolina a hell of a lot better than last time.


    Buzzer to buzzer masterpiece!

  195. LMAO @ RUPP gettin a penalty!! LOVE YOU AVES!!!

    MASTERPIECE all the way around!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  196. jerkins perkins(carps nephew) on


  197. Did i just see Redden look up at the scoreboard? I think he was checking if they won.

  198. sam (not the great Weinman) on

    a couple notes,

    a bit unbiased from the versus guys 2nite.

    Henrik being a king!!!!! We need the King of tonight!!!!!! Maybe, just maybe, Hank wants the Cup!!

  199. Best game of the season

    Final tally
    Lundqvist 37 pucks deflect wide off of him, or bounce off him, or go wide after hitting him…… and 1 save

  200. lmao jpg!!!!

    Outside of Messier, Reggie Jackson, and Joe Namath, has there been one athlete who has oozed I LOVE PLAYING IN NEW YORK more than Sean Avery??????

    jpg….last year my car got some pretty crazy hail damage on it. It’s pretty scary, especially at night when you can’t tell if the sky is brown or green.. Like a typical New Yorker, the first 5 warnings we had, I was outside takin pictures of the sky, watchin hail…. my fiancee thinks i’m nuts.

    The complex we live in, was hit pretty bad in 89, 5 buildings leveled. Seen pictures, it was unreal

  201. UESBlueshirt on

    I wonder if Devils playoff tix went on sale yet? Last year I played the odds and bought them before the seedings were decided but I had a good idea it would be Rangers v Devils.

  202. Mikey McD!CK on

    what a game! i guess we all know who we want our 1st round opponents to be.


  203. lol cccp, sally, and kaspar.. .good stuff there


    wow, what a freakin game, i’m out of breathe! can’t wait for the man to get home lol ;-)

  204. My cable just went out, apparently it couldn’t handle the awesomeness either.

    Kaspar, how many pucks did stop with his head?

  205. i’ve got a Newfie who is afraid of using the steps to the basement.
    luckily, it hasn’t come to the point where i either have to decide whether to carry him, push him down there or give him a hug and wish him well.

  206. Sally
    One shot “ping ponged” off his head
    another 4-5 went wide after hitting him ( Emrick just cannoy bring himself to say “save Lundqvist”

  207. oh, give me a break
    comparing Avery with what happened between
    the Red Wings and Avs.

    besides, if it they would have paid attention, originally,
    they would have seen the cheap play by Kozlov of Detroit that started the bad blood.

  208. did you seriously lose your cable???

    I gotta say it again AVERY=GENIUS!

    Can you imagine what freakin crazy hockey a first round series between these 2 would be. NHL would be DROOLING for that match up!!!!!

  209. onecupin69years on

    The she devils played like a bunch of menopausal women letting their emotions get the best of them , fighting over Sean Avery.
    The rangers simply kept their composure and won, very simple.

    Listening to the game it was like overhearing two gays on a date at MSG, crappy telecast.
    I’d rather watch the game in sign language than listen to dead people announce the game. What game were they watching with all the bantering?

  210. Thanks Kaspar. How awesome is it that he does that? Man I feel good right now! I’m gonna go tp my nozy neighbor’s lawn.

  211. were those the Ranger defensmen playing tonight?

    hitting everything in sight, protecting the front of the net, never once “bumbling” a puck

    anyone miss Rozival? just asking

  212. Linda I really did! It was out for about 5 min but is back in time for me to watch the end of Intervention.

    Also, Gomez wanted me to tell you that it’s his 1st bday on Wednesday :)

  213. jpg… just get a big piece of plywood, get him on there and push him in the basement…ya just cant hug him and wish him well!!!

    Damn, one hour til the man gets home!!! Wonder how long this adrenaline rush will last! Best game of the season!!!
    Does anyone know who got the 3 stars? It would have to be Hank, and maybe Girardi with 2 points

  214. that game was awesome

    I didn’t want Avery back I was afraid of what he would do… but he just seriously showed me something there and I am glad to admit I was wrong and he has learned self control!!!!!!

    that was a bogus penalty call on him. I want ot hear Torts… VS better play his press conference…

  215. jerkins perkins(carps nephew) on

    i feel like cozyin up to my sexy neighbor right now!!, but my girl, whos a cop, would probably mace me and beat my a$$. damn iowwa girls!

  216. jerkins perkins(carps nephew) on

    aggie- of course not, theyre talkin to cam ward!!!!! why????? who cares?? its ny. we dont care about north crapalacka

  217. Excellent game. I love how the three goal scorers were homegrowns.

    Gomez was great. I liked Potter’s game a lot too. Quiet yet efficient and he made some nice passes in the O-Zone. That’s what you want from a 3rd pair.

    Jerkins-The Ultimate Warrior is going around Universities doing political and motivational speaking. I don’t want to get political here but he has said some very disturbing things about homosexuality and paralyzed/crippled people. The man is nuts. He also legally changed his name to Warrior to show that is his way of life and to rub it into Vince McMahon that Vince doesn’t own him.

    If you youtube him you’ll find lots of stuff on him nowadays.

  218. This is the NHL writeup of the Avery situation

    There was no drama between Rangers agitator Sean Avery and Devils goalie Martin Brodeur, longtime adversaries, but Avery did annoy David Clarkson enough in the third period to get the New Jersey enforcer off the ice.

    The two were locked up in the Rangers zone, with Clarkson tugging on Avery, who chose not to drop the gloves. Clarkson kept pulling until Avery fell to the ice face first. Clarkson got a double penalty for roughing plus a misconduct, while Avery was given only two minutes for roughing.

    Orr controversy last game… Avery controversy here…

  219. UESBlueshirt on

    Just showed my fiancee a youtube clip of Wings vs Avs in 97, no way that would happen in today’s NHL.

  220. lol mike…. still have your crush on the nhl commercial girl??

    dan ld… wish i could get my hands on a copy of this game and just watch it over and over… pure awesomeness. and its soooooooo great to see midol marty pissed off!!

  221. jerkins perkins(carps nephew) on

    damn linda. u scare me. u watch too much desperate housewives!!! id be scared to be your husband

  222. I was watching online tonite so I wasnt bloggin…I’m sure some of pals here mentioned the continuing horrible hockey coverage by Versus…my god its as if they were hired by the NHL to make people watch basketball

  223. Jason – Absolutely. He was still a blast in Los Angeles, though he ultimately was a very different player there just because it’s a different team. I’ve been a huge fan of his since the trade that brought him to LA in 2003 so it’s been great to watch his progression.

    jerkins perkins – Thanks! It’s my second time around (the Kings are my number one but I support Avery on whatever team he goes to) but I do have some love for this team even without him! It’s nice to have someone to root for in the playoffs honestly.

    Sally – Ithaca right?! He’s great.

  224. My three stars would’ve been 1. Henrik 2. Avery 3. Cally but it’s all good they got the two points.

    For anyone who wants to see Prucha/Dawes and even Kalinin the Coyotes vs. Stars is on in 20 minutes. I’ll take a peak.

  225. MIKE A

    I noticed that too…they showed the three goal scorers and I said those are all ranger boys,…no UFAs…bring up Ansimov now…LOL

  226. jerkins perkins(carps nephew) on

    mikeA- wow so ultimate warrior is an ultimate loser huh. i am not gay but i have gay friends and that aint cool.

  227. sorry I was quiet for the whole second half of the game… doing stats research finding the d on ice for 4 on 4 goals against… we have allowed nine this season and I only found 8… which mean I have to do through the whole season again… and I don’t feel like it at all…

  228. Leetch is the Man on

    Great game all around from the Rangers. Avery really has smartened up and you can see his skill flourish more when he plays like that. I seioudly think Redden sucks and no other defenseman on this team makes as many stupid errors as he does. Even if he made league min I wouldnt want him. On a better note that was a well deserved 2 points.

  229. Liza, yup! He’s pretty awesome. Me and his wife were friends in 1st grade… my claim to fame! Hehe!

  230. much thanks agravaine, i nailed two of em..not too shabby!!

    Interesting post MikeA. I had heard he legally changed his name to Warrior (as Test added that to his name) might have to check that out.

    Potter- nice game. Made some good plays, seemed to fit nicely with Paul Bunyan Mara.

    Man I just can’t get over how great they were tonight!

  231. jerkins perkins(carps nephew) on

    im watchin phoenix too, wish they were in the playoffs though.

  232. And Superstar Billy Graham legally changed his name to Bill Graham and tried to re-open Filmore East

  233. I’m out of here…
    cathc ya on the flip side…

    can’t wait to check the audio clip from Jane of the press conference..

    PS does anyone else want to actually see the guy crash on the gecco?

  234. UESBlueshirt on

    Sally, did you graduate from Ithaca HS? If so my roommate from college went there as well (class of 98, I won’t ask when you grad because that’s impolite). His name is John Baker. Anyway, he was telling me about Dustin Brown for years before he made a name for himself. My friend’s not much of a hockey guy but he says that Dustin was one of the bigger names to come out of upstate NY in the past decade or so.

  235. hellzzzz no mike i dont watch that crap!!! Prison Break, Fringe and Deadliest Catch are pretty much the only shows I watch (not counting hockey, football and baseball)

    Redden is a shell of his former self, both athletically and humanly. His eyes look dead, sometimes I wonder if he really is a zombie


  236. UES, it was obvious early on that Brown was a big fish in a tiny pond here.

    I don’t think I know your friend. I went to the smaller high school and he’s a few years older than me. Yay townies!

    On another Ithaca note, stupid Bemidji Beavers!!!!!!!!!!!!

  237. Rick…LMAO!!!

    I just went back and read it…had to try and stomach versus tonite..its really bothering me why Emrick cant just say “save Lundqvist”…whats the deal with that?

    My son keeps seeing Abe Vigoda on Conan Obrien…the guy looks the same as when he was in the Godfather….old

  238. Linda! Do you think it’s possible that Brind’amour bit Redden somewhere along the way and they zombie hockey corps are growing??????

  239. Jerkins you remember Superstar Graham? he’d point at his arms and say…”You see these bitheps”

  240. yea i saw that mike, it was like 2 days before my daughters bday! We used to watch religiously back in the mid=late 90s. Her and my son in law are still huge fans lol! We met Chris Jericho at the Rangers skills comp/charity game. and Mankind actually lived by us so we’d see him all the time. My daughter used to work at place called sports plus (had rides, games, ice rink) and would play with his kids when he brought them in. We’d see Dee Snider a lot too!!

    Agravaine, I would have picked one of the same 3 you mentioned! Good call!

  241. NY Rangers record over last 4 years

    2008-2009 40 28 0 9 89
    2007-2008 42 27 0 13 97
    2006-2007 42 30 0 10 94
    2005-2006 44 26 0 12 100

  242. Superstar Billy Graham is pretty messed up from roids. He’s had like 6-7 hip surgeries. Kaspar have you been to Irving Plaza recently? They have renamed it to the Filmore at Irving Plaza…nice try….

    R.I.P. Test; 34 is waaaay too young.

    And Kaspar again-yeah bring him up! LOL. I can wait till next season. I’d be down for drafting that Kukilov dman if he’s still available. Russian posse!

  243. LMAO @ Rod the bod biting Redden!!!!!!!!!!! Canadian zombies overtakin the NHL. Doing the bidding of their leader Count Bettman

  244. Sally – Not sure if you care at all but his wife actually just had their second child in February! Mason Cole Brown. Born about six weeks early but I think he just went home so everything seems good.

  245. my fiancee doesnt want to have kids… so when I get my asskickin dog, his name will be SEAN AVERY

  246. braaaaaaaaaaains braaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaains!!!

    I bet Sather is tryin to work a deal for Rod the Zombie Bod as we speak!!! So, does it work like vampires? Is the zombie who turned you into a zombie your mentor??

  247. MikeA,

    I didnt know about it being renamed

    Last trip to Irving was Oct 2001 to see Joe Strummer and the Mescaleros…like 3-4 weeks after 9/11

    Spooky trip, sad trip…national guard at the tunnels…no traffic…left from Hempstead at 5PM to NYC parked at a garage around the block from irving, walked to a diner and was sitting with my son eating at 5:50…NYC was empty

  248. we need to send rick and jane some aqua net to protect their brains when they are around Redden!! It worked for Kerry Frazier all those years!

  249. Wow… I’m amazed at how quickly I the convo can turn from hockey and zombies to babies and puppies. Oops.

    No, zombies are cooler than vampires. They don’t have mentors. There aren’t really that many set rules about zombies other than the fact that they eat brains… look out, Carp!

  250. Kaspar, I went to NYC a week after 9/11 and took my daughter in a week later (didnt want her to be afraid of taking the LIRR). It was the strangest feeling both times, how quiet it was. and so sad seeing all those flyers. NG in Penn Station, pretty surreal. Sad how it seems so many people forgot.

  251. lol sally, some of the most random things come up in this blog, i think that’s why its so awesome….that and Rick and Jane and everyone who posts.

  252. jerkins perkins

    no, i’m just an effed up Dude
    who’s done too many Dead shows….hey!! there’s the red white and blue connection??!!?!?
    just write whatever evilness pops out of my head sometimes. iz there a problem??

  253. To say this win was huge would be oxymoronic. You would love to see this team bottle this wonderful 60 minute effort and take it to the end of the season and in the playoffs. They battled supported each other and drew off of the electric crowd and Avery. The Devils had 38 shots but I thought the Rangers defense kept the Devils to the outside(for the most part) and cleared out the rebounds(that a very sharp Hank didn’t gooble up) Staal and Girardi were fantastic while matched up against Parise. Girardi’s offense had dried up for 40 games and now all of a sudden he’s got five points in the last 4 games. It seems like he’s regained his confidence and now his offense while playing with Staal. That could be an elite top pair for a long time. Hank was fantastic tonight(coming off a shaky outing on Saturday)He stayed on his feet more cut down his angles well and seemed more agressive and not as deep in his net net. What can you say about Avery? He has been every bit the revelation that he was his first time here. He didn’t really have any battles with Marty but he battled everyone else. He threw some massive hits, battled with Mottau all game long and was good at agitating that Rupp and Clarkson tried to take his head off. Somehow Avery got a penalty for being thrown down twice.He also made a nice pass and drove to the net9drawing a dman) on Cally’s goal. Gomez was excellent vs the Devs as he almost always has since coming here. He used his speed to create all mkinds of offense. Cally was once again fantastic. Torts is the perfect coach(and has the perfect system) for Cally. Cally just does everything. He backchecks harder than anyone he hits he drives to the net and gets his shot off quickly. He’ll score 30 goals next year I’d bet. Dubi was really solid too. He and Sjostrom have nice chemistry. Antropov was good again using his body and making nice little passes (including his snazzy little play on Girardi’s goal)Would like to see more from a guy like Zherdev but his non existant game didn’t hurt tonight. Pretty quitely effective game by Drury and Potter looked really solid and poised tonight.They need to get up and play much the same against a white hot Canes team.

  254. kaspar

    The VS coverage was one of the worst! it was dark as if they were playing in the cave! I remember some time ago Jim Dowd on NHL Live! was defending VS saying that it’s a new network …and they learning still…and that when ESPN came about the network wasn’t great right away too and crap like that….

    … and I thought to myself… when ESPN first started out they probably had two cameras for the entire network! And even then I bet they had better telecast. There is absolutely no excuse for this horrible and unprofessional joke of a network.

  255. Hey, all of you having a big love-in about Dustin Brown, I’m from the same hometown as Hugh Jessiman. Does that mean everyone wants to kick the crap out of me?

    Actually, it makes me wanna kick the crap out of me.

    But I too am a Big Red fan – too bad they ran out of gas against Bemidji State last night.

  256. Jane …

    That second audio clip is awesome. I think that is exactly what the Rangers need to do to tweak their game.

    We dont have “Game-Breaking” Defensemen. They need to concentrate on playing D and not worry about about pinching in and being overly aggressive.

    Playing a 2-1-2 type game fits this team. We have aggressive wingers in Callahan, Korpi, Zherdev, Orr, and Sjo and responsible enough centers to control the neutral zone and support our offensive-less Defense.

    Great Win Tonight …. LETS GO RANGERS !!!

  257. I just got back from the game… What a fun one. I am just SO happy to see Hank really step up his game. He was seeing the puck great tonight, you could really tell. Very patient and never out of position. Thats what we need the rest of the way. I love coming back and checking out all the chatting on the blog and seeing everyone’s response to the goals. I just hate that there’s no Rangers in 60 cause of crap VS. Im feeling good… gonna go smoke a joint and enjoy the evening. Maybe watch NHL on the Fly six times or something. LGR!!!

  258. Linda-if you want to talk about a real zombie you gotta go with Glen Hanlon. I just shouted out “Mmmmm brains” one day during a Rangers-Caps games and some of my friends still bring it up today.

    That guy went from looking like a stockbroker yuppie from the Wallstreet movie when he was a goalie with the Rangers to looking like a zombie when he coached the Caps.

    Kaspar-Yeah dude, I remember NYC that time. I was in DC but came home the weekend after 9/11 and again opening night as I was at a 311 concert and it was just a sad, grey, nervous time.

    And Zherdev was good tonight and Redden did ok too.

  259. Fruity Cupcake on

    Just back from the game–hope you could hear us through all the VS crap. It was LOUD and proud!!! Fantastic that OUR King shutout their shutout king :-) Keep ’em coming Hank! And yeah, CALLY. THERE’s your Steven McDonald Extra Effort Award winner!

    Sweet dreams, Ranger fans!

  260. great post cally, funny post Raider!!!

    Hank tonight was solid as ever, this is how we need him to be from here on in. Best game of the season for him, and the team as a whole. If they could play like this consistently, who KNOWS the possibilities!!! Everyone stepped up tonight, they played UP to the competition and that’s what they need to continue to do. No more soft games, fighting for their playoff lives!! Last 2 games of the season are going to be absolute gladiatorfests!

  261. Fruity Cupcake on

    hope you could hear us through all the VS crap. It was LOUD and proud!!! Fantastic that OUR King shutout their shutout king :-)

    (Don’t know why that came out crossed out!)

  262. MikeA thats too funny. Sutter is looking that way now. Man must have a serious vitamin d deficiency, as i said earlier, it doesnt look like he’s seen the sun in a decade. A lot of em seem to get that dead in the eyes, paler than milk look as they get older lol.

    Speakin of old Rangers goalies, you gotta give Eddie Mio props on having a decent pornstache

  263. Rick, why do those cross outs happen?

    Cupcake, we certainly did hear ya! It was definitely fans at playoff decibel levels!! Good job

  264. they played like someone posted a couple days ago, when he said that the Rangers would have to play their dmen more conservative to prevent the 2-on-1’s and breakaways, while still using the forwards to play the Torts forecheck system without so much pinching by Dmen

    it worked to a T

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