Potter up, Sauer down


After a poor performance yesterday in a 4-3 loss to Pittsburgh (-2 in 1:59), Michael Sauer was sent back to Hartford and Corey Potter has been brought up to replace defenseman Michal Rozival, out for another week or so with a “lower body” injury.

Practice was pushed back to 11:45 today, and I’m at the training facility now. I’ll report back on what is said after a roadtrip to nowhere. And if Torts has another 30-second presser, you’ll hear every moment.

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  1. HAHA, YEAH! Finally! Tomorrow night’s game is HUGE!!! Both teams are going to be out for something to prove. The Rangers more than the Devils. The Rangers need this win more than the Devils do. I have a feeling that we will know how this game is going to go by 10 minutes in to it. If we can stay out of the box, (we should be able to pull out a win, against a team that has been losing but it still dangerous), at home. I really hope we win.

  2. sam (not the great Weinman) on

    glad to hear an update on roszival. you’re never going to get one with those scumbags on MSG, you’ll hear about Ryan Miller, that lowly bum.

  3. Jane…
    “After a poor performance yesterday…”

    As I wrote in the previous post, I went over the tape, I didn´t see any fault from Sauer at the first two Pens Goals…

    But as it was the case, you simply look for someone who is responsible for the loss, and that is simply the wrong guy because he is the weakest point in the building….

  4. sam (not the great Weinman) on

    maybe henrik will practice from 11;45 till 11;45 at night, and actually adjust for once.

  5. Agreed that Sauer is not at fault for the goals. Mara got lit up on one of them. But still, -2 in 2 minutes of ice time? Sorry dude, that isn’t cutting it. Get Potter up here and see how he fits in the Torts system. He has a few NHL games under his belt, but none with the new team. It would be worth it to get him up here just to see how he responds compared to Sauer.

  6. Well guys, we have in german a very popular saying and that especially fits with the Rangers …..

    The fish starts stinking from the head first !

  7. Too bad for Sauer. He looked good in the first game, decent in the second, and last night that first goal was bad, he let Talbot go right by him, but like i said, he’s a rookie, it’s his third game, Mara should think twice aboot leaving him all alone, so i blame him just as much for the goal. Hopefully Sauer learns from his mistakes, and plays even better down in Hartford and fights for a spot on the team next season.

    Right now, Nyr is in a scary position that they put themselves in. Al of a sudden, the Panthers, and Habs are winning, home ice is out of the question, and we have the toughest remaining schedule out of any team in the NHL, going up against the Devs, Bruins, Habs, Flyers, and Canes. And we’re two points away from 9th. It’s almost unfair, but that is what happens, when you’re “leaders” don’t show up, and blow games.

    A week ago, i thought this was a playoff team, right now, id be lying if i stood by that statement. The way other teams are battling, compared to Nyr, i don’t know.

    Anyway, im a Blues fan right now, im realy hoping they make the playoffs, i love their team, and JD is the fuggin man. He’s doing a great job over there. All of the injuries that they’re dealing with, and they’re tied for 8th. They have another game against the Jackets today so hopefully they win that.

    Jackets, Blues, and Hawks in the playoffs would just be awesome. Makes the playoffs a lot different than the last few years.

  8. Buff the same could be said for redden if he’s sent down. he cant fix his -50 if he’s not out there :) lol, even i laughed at this

  9. Orr its wrong..Talbot got by Mara not by Sauer..it wasn´t his fault but anyway, there are other things wrong…

  10. It is just funny when somebody would use the words ” lower body injury” over here, they would just laughing here…

    There is no way you can use it..!!! That is just a laughable mandate by the League, come on…!!!

  11. The more I watch the Crosby goal the more I think Morris is to blame as much as Redden. Everyone in building knows that Redden can be beat to the side with speed, but if Morris bodied up Crosby, it would have slowed him down enough for Redden to finish the job even if Crosby was able to get by. Instead, both defensemen avoid body contact, miss the puck with the stick, and allow Crosby to carry a full head of steam through the center of the ice.

    If Redden had half a brain, he would have hooked/slashed/clothes-lined Crosby on the way by and let him take a penalty shot. Hank is one of the best in the league in the SO and Crosby is only 3/10.

    Honestly, I bet Hank was surprised by it. From his perspective, he probably saw a 1 on 2, and didn’t totally prepare for Crosby to get through both defenders, which he shouldn’t have. It’s like a triple failure. The lack of courage from Redden and Morris is maddening.

  12. Joe in DE

    Yeah but the way the refs were calling the game, Morris was probably worried about getting a penalty.

  13. No, Mara pinched in, couldn´t hold on to Talbot and Sauer was on the other side committed to another forward…

    The only you can blame that he was maybe a little late to help his partner but the original fault was by Mara

    But anyway it is not the point at all, the Rangers need to improve because next games are more than important..

  14. Joe in DE, you are absolutely right about Redden and Morris, I see it the same way

    “If Redden had half a brain, he would have hooked/slashed/clothes-lined Crosby”

    That is exactly what I thought what I watched the tape !!!

  15. yesterdays loss was do to being outplayed, granted there was extra stress on the defence, but lets face it for this team to win the goaltending has to be near impeccable.

  16. “The lack of courage from Redden and Morris is maddening.”

    Yeah, but they sent Sauer down…!!!

  17. just think, Sather could have signed Mark Streit (16 goals)for less money and shorter term than Redden, and had a real PP point man.

    they would probably be at least a minimum 3 wins better than they are right now, and would be comfortably in a playoff spot

    but no, as usual, Sather goes for the big name for Broadway, even though he has been washed up for the last 2 years, as anybody who had watched the Sens games could have told him.

  18. What’s done is done, Torts lashes out at rookies – that’s what he does. Let’s just hope that it doesn’t ruin Sauer’s confidence too badly. The kid played well, much better than his partner yesterday and miles better than Redden, who must have nudie pictures of Dolan’s wife or something. There is no possible explanation why he is getting so many minutes, especially on the power play when he can’t contribute offensively and is an outright liability defensively.

  19. Jane,

    I am a little bit impatient ony my part or is it that Torts`presser took 35 seconds ?????????

  20. perkins just remembered to change his name back, on

    hey orr- i know that our sched is tough, but id rather them face the adversity now to get them to the playoffs feeling really confident, than playin dud teams and then have to face a good team that will wipe the floor with us. in other words, this is the playoffs, and if they can beat the top teams remaining, id feel alot better goin into the playoffs then if we had easier opponents. but i see your point that we still need points and all, but then what we did in atlanta, well, that was easy points, and so they deserve what they get now. and henrik, this is time to shut it down!! no more softies baby

  21. Streit has 16 goals, 39 assts, 55 pts and is PLUS +9 on a bad team.

    he has 10 PP goals, 19 PP assts

    Redden has 3 g, 22 a, 25 pts, and is MINUS -7

    Redden has only 2 PP g, and only 6 asst on the PP

  22. It is pretty hilarious how the Rangers site had a cover story on how well Sauer played in his first game and now he’s being sent back down.

    Regardless of how you feel about Rozsival, you have to admit that the Rangers need him in the lineup: rotating four defenseman is not going to work no matter how young and energetic Staal and Girardi are. You can’t go from averaging 19 minutes to 31 minutes in a day.

    Hopefully the refs call a fair game on Monday. If Avery can disrupt New Jersey (just like he did in the second game of the home-and-home with Philly), the Rangers can steal one at the Rock.

    And here’s something to get everybody pumped for Monday’s fireworks:


  23. You know what guys ????

    Rangers need to have their own TV which covers practices, interviews and pressers, which is common sense in other parts of the world

    Jane is doing a good job, but that´s not satisfying our hunger for news..!!!!

    No I am just kidding:):):)

  24. ZZ that´s the reason I am saying you cant take them serious…
    everything is ruled from above and the Ruler is out of time now for a number of years…..

    you dont need to be an expert to see that his moves over the last couple of years are not smart, and it worked only well the last two years because the new cba prevented him just to shed even more money…

  25. Dubi or not Dubi on

    I’m a bit frustrated with this move. Potter is not an NHL prospect, he’s just the most experienced career minor leaguer we have on D. Playoff race or not, the Crosby goal was far worse defense by two guys making over $10 mil this year than anything Mara and Sauer (For under $2 mil) did. How can two NHL defensemen let any player skate right past them one at a time? Maybe we should have them watch the replay with Sam and Joe calling it so they can hear how nauseating it is to listen to those to jerks praise anything and everything Crosby does.

    Bottom line is that we cannot have a coaching staff that demotes a young guy every time he makes a mistake. I’m a big Torts fan, but if he treats young guys like that I’ll be turning on him in a hurry. I’m already concerned with the amount of ice time he gives the worst captain and most overrated player in the NHL today, I don’t need to add something else.

  26. On the Crosby goal… as much as it may pain some of you… can we give credit to the skill he showed once he received the pass? In two strides he was two steps passed and threw in a lightning-quick deke that looked fast even in slow-mo. It’s easy to say Morris or Redden should have done something different when we’re watching on TV or the announcers are up in the booth…

    Say what you want about ‘the kid’, he played a good game yesterday… and for the most part, we kept him in check. Malkin too for that matter.


  27. perkins just remembered to change his name back, on

    scotty hockey- thats what i dont get. when torts was brought in, i thought for sure, redden, naslund, drury, rozy, would all see less icetime and redden be benched. not only does he get more time, but offensively inept drury and gomez are takin shootouts over zherdev. idk but besides the more goals per game, there isnt much differnce and were also giving up more goals per game. i said from day one, just because torts gets hissy fits and tells it how it is, it still doesnt change the fact that we are still losing. now if the team came out flying after that horrible atlanta game, id say ok, he got their attention, but no, they started off lousy. i do believe that torts needs more time to get this team to fully get into his system and the players are gonna have to adjust, so im reserving most of my judgement on him till next year, and also he came in to sathers mess, so for that, i give him some time. but just think about if we hadnt goten antro, avery, and morris at the deadline, wed be screwed! antro has scored like 6-7 goals already, averys got 4 goals 5 or 6 assists, and morris is an upgrade defensively over kalinin witha hard shot that i really like. he doesnt take long to get it off like redden or rozy. i like torts, but if he puts dru and especially gomer in the shootout again im gonna kill somebody. and no more benchin rookies and zherdev.

  28. perkins just remembered to change his name back, on

    zz- i think tommorows a home game. at least thats what it said on the rangers website


    That’s a great point. Maybe it will bring them to a whole new level come playoff time, and they’ll surprise a team. But if they play like they did in the Thrashers game, and Hank plays like he did yesterday, then they wont go past 5 games in my opinion.


    Obviously he could have. I find it hard to believe that Streit would choose the ISLANDERS, over Nyr. They’re both New York teams, an the only difference is one os a playoff team, and the other is not. Slats screwed up on that one, badly.

  30. Lovely Jane,

    I dont want to rush you, it´s just I am just so impatient, and I really like to apologize…

    no its just I just wanna be the first one to make a comment on the post…:)

    I hope you are not afraid about me :)

  31. perkins just remembered to change his name back, on

    yea streit wouldve been perfect. sather just for that alone, should be fired. and orr, i live in iowa now so the only hockey i get to watch on tv besides rangers when theyre on versus or nothin but crosby network, is fsn midwest which shows blues hockey. i am starting to become a fan of theirs as well. ive gotten to see them play alot and i like t.j oshie, berglund,backes, on offense their all young and damn good too. oshie reminds me of cally a little. i watched a game versus the flames a few weeeks ago, and they came back to win 3-2 while down 2-1 with only a few minutes left. i think mclement and mckee scored. idk they dont have any real offensive star but they play hard and im becoming a fan. well, i will always love the rangers, but i guess you could say their my”west coast team” i’ll be rootin for them to get in the playoffs.

  32. perkins just remembered to change his name back, on

    so who voted on janes new poll? i voted a one and done. how bout you orr, or anyone else?

  33. “After a poor performance”… I would love it if even one of the writers that get paid to cover this team could actually provide some useful insight and analysis and explain exactly what it is that Sauer did in 1:59 of playing time yesterday that was bad enough to earn the label “poor performance” instead of spewing garbage assumptions based on Torts erratic behavior and decision-making.

  34. Sauer’s banishment is yet another example of Tortorella’s erratic and often knee-jerk coaching style. And while it’s unlikely that he’ll be canned at the end of the year, we can only hope he doesn’t last as long as his predecessor.

  35. bad performance by Sauer!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    What are you talking about he played 2 minutes.. One goal for sure was Mara’s fault from leaving his position….

    Take what the experts take with a grain of salt, your eyes do not lie…………

  36. perkins just remembered to change his name back, on

    phil- i’m givin torts till next season, but hes been the coach for a little over a month now, and were still, just about a .500 hockey team. i think the guys shouldnt be gassed in the 3rd by now, with exception to yesterday because of the penalties. theyve been playin his system for awhile now, and its what they wanted. the players wanted to play uptempo fast paced games. it seems now that they are, they arent skilled enough or arent conditioned well enough to play the style. either way, its still better than rennys system, and i will give torts till next year and reserve judgement after some changes are made to the team. im hoping redden and naslund especially can be traded or bought out. something!! maybe dump vally and get a goalie in here than can maybe challenge hank a little more for playing time. because i think hes a little too comfy knowin vally isnt a threat to him. the 1 thing that really pisses me off about torts is his press conference antics. its funny once in awhile, but we want answers. i hated rennys pressers too because he absolutely instilled zero confidence in his players or us fans. he was way too passive with the refs too. i just hope we can get rid of some deadwood next year so we can not only resign antro doobs, cally, and staal, but maybe get aa up here and sangs for the pp.

  37. perkins just remembered to change his name back, on

    yea i cant believe sauer was benched the whole rest of the game. so what happened to mara? his eye got hurt?

  38. when you are playing D in the pinch forecheck system, and your partner pinches, you must immediately and concurrently drop back to “center field”, ie, into mid-ice, so that if the opponent does get by the high forward, you are then back to at least have one man back to defend a rush.

    Redden didn’t do it properly on the Crosby winning goal, and Sauer did not do it properly on the first goal.

    that does not excuse the bad reads in the first place by Mara and Morris, it just states what the other dman is responsible to do.

    it also does not excuse the bad reads by the high forward in each of those situations, which is just as bad.

    bottom line though is that it is much easier to implement this type of system during a training camp from the beginning. doing it in mid-season is tough and results in mistakes that have not been covered up by HL recently as he has not been sharp on breakaways and 2-on-1’s.

    you can get away with it against teams like Minn, but not offensively skilled teams like Pitt

    they should be equally upset with the 3rd forward who is supposed to be high and in position to pick up for the pinching dman when he gets beat, but too often the forward has been lazy or not mentally sharp

    bottom line, the D will have to play conservative if they don’t want it to keep happening, and that will bring it back to 2-1 games again, with a try not to lose mentality.

  39. Perkins, I agree with a lot of what you said, but I would rather not have Tortorella here next season presiding over the development of the youngsters in our system. Not after the way he’s proven to have two different standards for veterans and younger players.

    Young players need a coach who is patient and has calm and assertive demeanor. Tortorella is the antithesis of that.

  40. Mako, agreed that Morris was probably concerned about hitting Crosby and taking a penalty at a critical juncture. But there are good penalties and bad penalties. Offensive zone penalties are bad. Penalties when you’re about to get torched and let the league’s 3rd highest scorer in on a break-away aren’t good, but understandable, especially when you have the leauge’s best PK. Let them go to work and regroup after 2 minutes.

    Phil, when Torts started as head coach of TB, Vinny L was a promising young player with an offensive upside. Torts turned him into a superstar. He didn’t do it by coddling him, he did it to him by force-feeding his work ethic and high standards down his throat. Did it piss off Vinny and likely other teammates, and lead to tension? Sure, the stories are out there. But in the end, their names are on the cup and there is a mutual respect among them.

    Torts doesn’t have a problem with youth, he has a problem with youth playing badly. Cally has flourished, and seemingly so has Dubinsky so far. Need I remind you guys how bad this team was under Renney?

  41. Did anyone watch Saeur? He got torched yesterday. He is simply not ready yet for this type of play, which is normal when u jump up. On one goal in particular he just got pushed behind the net like he was 100 pounds and the forward who did it scored the goal so YES he was responsible.

  42. Joe, you definitely don’t need to remind me of how bad this team was under Renney. I was consistently calling for his firing since the Devils swept us in round one of the 06 playoffs.

    As for Lecavalier, he was much more than a “promising young player with an offensive upside”. He was a 1st overall pick that was putting up impressive numbers from the get-go. It wouldn’t have mattered who his coach was and, frankly, by looking at his career numbers, you have to wonder if he’s really played his best hockey yet.

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